These are My Experiences




i'm actually a psychic and can sense and see an entity. when i was in my freshman year in college i experienced a chilling sensation when a ghost placed his hands on my shoulder, and i knew he was a ghost for my back was leaning on a window. another was when i was reading my notes for an exam. i saw this girl.

she was wearing white and it was bloodied. she ran towards the balcony of the third floor lobby, looked at me and jumped, landing on the second floor lobby. i knew she was a ghost the minute i checked the second floor lobby from the balcony of the third floor. at first she was lying, facedown on the floor in a pool of blood. then she vanished. another instance, was when i was having my on the job training in one of the busiest areas of manila (i'm from the philippines). i was on the 14th floor, and i was busy combing my hair, near the office where i'm doing my practicum, when i saw this girl by the mirror. there was a reflection but no one near the mirror. no one was at the corridor because it was lunch time.


Saratoga Battlefield Haunting




Hello there.  My cousin and I one evening went for a walk on the Wilkinson trail at the Saratoga Battlefield.  It happened to the Veteran's Day weekend, which I claim as significant.  Anyway, it was a beautiful night with a full moon.  It was dark by the time we got about a quarter of a mile out on the trail.  My cousin was on the phone when I started to hear gunshots.  I at first attributed it to neighboring houses.  But after she got off the phone and we listened, we relized they werent coming from the neighbors at all.  The shots became more rapid and closer together. Some sounding as if they were coming from the bushes right next to us.  This went on for a couple of minutes before we heard what sounded like a dozen horses galloping toward us through mud!  That only lasted about 15 seconds.  But it was at that point that we decided to turn back.  We didnt run back, worried we'd miss out on something more.  And the whole walk back we would hear an occasional gunshot from the bushes nearby!  We declared it a haunting!



The Ghost I call "Buck-eye"





About 5 months ago, it was discovered that there is a ghost at my ex-boyfriend's house.

The first encounter was when they (he, his mother and stepfather) returned from a family trip and as they walked in the door, his mother noticed that the fireplace poker, instead of hanging, was suspended horizontally in the air--then fell.  This caused the dog to start barking.  Ever since then, the hauntings have gotten worse.

Because a few weeks later, his stepfather said he saw a shadowy figure coming up from the basement steps.  Then, a couple of days later, his mother said that she saw the same shadowy figure in the same area.  She said that she sensed that it was a male spirit.

Then a few weeks after this, during a visiting, I was in the bathroom taking a shower when I heard the bathroom door open then close.  I also had the sensation of being watched.  So I hurriedly got out of the shower and out of the bathroom.  And as I was running to his room, I turned around and slowly shut his bedroom door but before I closed it, I saw a shadowy silhouette of a man with no head and huge, black, deer eyes that had a glossy appearance.  That’s when I slammed the door and hopped into the bed and covered my head with the blanket.

All this time, my ex-boyfriend said he had never seen the ghost.  That was up until yesterday (April 20, 2006).

During our phone conversation, he stopped in mid sentence, gasped, and said, “Holy ****, you are right, it does have deer eyes!”  He had just seen the ghost standing in front of the basement fireplace.

In conclusion I just want to say that it seems to favor the fireplaces in the home.



The Haunted Summerhouse




My girlfriend, Lunas family has had a summerhouse on the danish isle of Fanoe since 1931, and travels over there every once in a while. Recently i went with her and her family to spend the easter there. M y girlfriend and i, were always the last to go to bed, and would often stay up until 1 or two in the night.the first night, my girlfriends mother had just gone to sleep, and me and Luna was watching tv. Suddenly the sound of someone eating, started coming from the livingroom/kitchen. It was the sound of a fork and knife against a plate. I thought Lunas mother had gotten up to have a late snack, but was surprised to find out that the room was empty. The sounds immediatly stopped when i entered the room. Both me and Luna was frightened, and went to bed. Next night, everybody else had gone to bed, and Luna was afraid of hearing the spooky sound again, so she went to bed. I wanted to watch some tv, and stayed up alone. It started out fine, but after a while, i got an eerie feeling of someone being in the livingroom. I checked, and it was empty. I decided to stay up and ignore it, since i was watching a good movie. But then the sound of slow, heavy footsteps, like the one of an elderly person, started coming from the livingroom. I started feeling very uncomfortable, and went to bed. Next morning, we were all eating breakfast, and Lunas grandma, who owns the house, tells that when her husband was alive, he would go to bed early, and she would stay up. But she always ended up rushing in to her husband, since she had the feeling of someone being in the livingroom and hearing footsteps. I was very surprised, cause i had not told them about my experince the night before. But after hearing her story, i told her that i had fealt the same. Anyway, on our way home from the trip, Lunas father picked us up at the main railway station in Copenhagen. We talked about it, and it turned out that he had experienced the same. I do not know who it is visiting my girlfriends summerhouse, but i dont think it is anyone with evil in mind.




The Old Man's Home




Hello, I've been enjoying your website for a few years , and have just not gotten around to sharing my experiences till now.When I was little we lived in an old house in Lincoln Nebraska- probably built around 1900.It was a cool house by today's standards, craftsman era... etc.. with all the appropriate nooks and crannies . The other oldest home in the neighborhood was right next door to ours and it had a flat roof on one side with french doors leading out onto the roof top.My earliest memory of something "different" was remarkable mostly because of its ordinariness, if that makes any sense at all.I remember it was a spring day, I was alone in the side yard, and I looked up onto the flat roof next door.There I saw a young man and a young woman(probably 18 to 20 years old) they were dressed in clothes from another time.., I would say the 1920"s though I didnt realize that till  much later. they were kind of gliding across the roof top.They smiled at me and waved to me and I smiled back. that was it. The old man who lived there lived alone though.I NEVER saw those people again.

Anyhow, in our house , I used to see a bluish haze, sometimes at the top of the stairs leading to, you guessed it, my room! I always got the distinct feeling that this "hazy thing" could see me. Other times I would notice it in my room, over my bed , etc....One of the oddest things I recall from that house was the  time my brother , sister and I all decided to play a game of tag in the  totally darkened living  room , a game which we called ghost.we were playing and at one point my brother and I were facing the huge fireplace standing side by side with my sister about ten feet behind us.Suddenly the interior of the fireplace became lit up with multiple glowing moving "lights"which appeared almost in the shape of  bubbles which were made only of light. r a split second I felt as if I were floating toward the ceiling, then it was all over. Well, we turned on the lights immmediatly and never played that game again. My sister said she saw the lights too,this was all so long ago , it's kind of easy to discount it, but I know what I saw.I also have quite a few photos with very bizarre streaks of white though them, taken at different times with different cameras in vastly different locales. I'm talking about streaks of white which seem to be three dimensional with a shadowy side to them and sometimes a sort of zooming almost puffy appearance. They look like photos you guys have on your site, not sure what to make of them.  In print these experiences pale next to most of the others, but  they were definitely enough for me. Thanks for letting me post...



Unexplained Occurrences




I have read many of your encounters with ghosts and I guess you can say that I feel I'm finally comfortable enough to share mine. For some time now, I have tried to force my expereiences with the unexplained out of my memories. But recently I have decided that it is best to cope with it and share what I have been through to help others into not thinking they have either gone crazy or are alone in the world. I can remember the first time I started believing in ghosts. I was 4 years old and living in a house in Wheaton, IL with my parents, 2 sisters, and older brother. Since it only had 3 bedrooms, my sisters and I had to share a room that happened to be on the opposite side of the house from the other two bedrooms. In our room we had an abundance to toys (like most children do), a couple dressers, a bunk-bed that my sisters slept on, and then my bed. Every night before we went to bed, my mother would make us pick up our toys. After she was satisfied and tucked us into bed, I soon fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone rummaging through the toys in the closet. Thinking it was one of my sisters, I sat up and peered into the closet that was a few feet away from the foot of my bed. My eyes had become adjusted to the darkness but I couldn't see anyone in there. I figured that whichever one of my sisters it was, had noticed that they'd woken me up and was trying to be quiet so I would go back to sleep. I layed back down on my bed and was about to drift off to sleep when I heard the noise again of toys hitting other toys. I sat up and again and this time I yelled for whoever it was to be quiet. When the noise didn't stop, I got out of bed and walked to the closet door. When I got there, I saw a little girl, about my age, sitting on the floor and she was going through a small toy chest that we kept in there. I got really mad and hollared for her to be quiet or I was going to go and get my mother. Whe the little girl didn't stop but just kept digging into all the toys, I got so mad that I just slammed the closet door shut and marched back to my bed. When I layed back down, I noticed that the noise had stopped and looked over to the bunkbed to see if the noise, or myself, had woken up my other sister. That's when I began to get scared because I could see in the darkness that BOTH of my sisters were sleeping soundly in their beds. I even got up to check and make sure that they were really there sleeping before I climbed back into my bed and fell asleep. I never mentioned anything to any of my family memebers and it wasn't long before my parents divorced and we moved out of that house. A couple of years later the house was torn down. I'll tell one more encounter that I had and I'll try to keep this one a little shorter than the last. The rest of them I'll share at a later time. This one happened at a house in Walworth, WI where my family (my father had remarried and I had another sister) lived for 16 years. I went through some pretty scarey things there that I STILL to this very day, have not shared with any of my family memebers.  But one thing sticks out the most in memory as that scariest that happened. I believe I was either 12 or 13 years old at the time and had just gotten my own room on the upstairs of the house. The house was built in the early 1900's but that is all that I know of the history of it. But anyways, I had shared the room with my new sister for years and never had any problems. But one night, I had a friend stay over and we decided to play truth or dare. Now the basement to this house is creapy. I mean, spiderwebs everywhere, dust, this place was scarey. It reminded me of eithr a tomb, or a tunnel from an Indiana Jones movie. There was a door that led downstairs to it, but during the remodeling of it my parents decided to take out the door and cut the stairs short. Instead, they placed a floor board over the stairs to get into it. I know that probably doesn't make alot of sense, t just imagine walking into a room and having to lift a square piece of the flooring up to see a set of stairs leading down to a dark basement. With that said, it was my turn and my friend dared me to go down to the basement and stay there in the dark for 10 minutes. It was late and everyone was in bed so nobody heard us leave my room and make our way downstairs and head towards the small room where the stairs to the basement were. I tried to act all big and bad about it, like nothing would bother me and I wasn't scared at all. But as soon as that flooring closed over my bed, let me tell you I could feel my heart racing so hard it felt like it would beat right out of my chest! I started breathing hard and goosebumps completely covered my body. I didn't venture down any farther than the one step I was sitting on, and I waited impatiently for the 10 minutes to be up. It was the longest 10 minutes of my life! With nothing but darkness around me, I started to become petrafied when I heard something being dragged on the other side of the basement. It happened to quickly that I just sat there and didn't breathe in fear that whatever it was would notice me. When the dragging stopped, I could hear footsteps slowly making their way along the wall of the basement towards the stairs. I was still holding my breath and looking towards where the sounds were coming from. Out of the darkness, I swear to you, I saw a pair of yellow cat-eyes coming towards the stairs and when they stopped there they looked up at me. At first I couldn't move, but when I heard the footsteps again coming up the stairs where I was sitting and the cat-eyes got closer I pushed the floor board up above me and practically jumped, instead of climbed, out of the basement. I bolted like I was on fire out of the room and up the stairs to my bedroom. I don't remember seeing my friend when I left because the only thing on my mine was getting out of there..and fast. I'm sorry that this was so long but I'll try and make the next ones shorter. Thank-you for king the time to read this.








By: A. L. (Tony) Wilcox


The year was 1954, it was summer time in Portland, Oregon.  That is the year I moved into the leadbetter Castle.  I would turn nineteen later that year, anyway I had applied for a job as a parking valet at the Vista St Clair apartment house which was on a hill in the expensive part of town. Well I did not get the job there, but did get a job a few blocks down from there at a parking garage, worked swing shift mostly.  After I was there for a couple of weeks Mr. Fitzgerald the Manager of the Vista St Clair apartment house came in to pick up his MG, he was glad I had found a job and then asked me where I was living, I told him me and a buddy were sharing an apartment on the other side of town.  He then asked if I would like to move over closer to work, he said he needed someone to mow a lawn and take care of the shrubs, and he would provide them room and board so I asked my boss if I could take off for about an hour, and off we went in his MG man you could have blew me away when he pulled into this huge castle, I mean all stone, three stories high with a huge entryway.  Anyway he gave me a tour and said I could have any room I wanted, and that there were only two others living there besides him, Lars who was the manager of the Mt Hood ski lodge, and Bob who was a buyer for Olds and King department store.  Well, naturally I said yes and the next week I moved into the place.  They had beds, dressers, and all kind of extra furniture in the basement.  Anyway I decided to move into the Library on the first floor, all paneled with mahogany shelving, and  glass doors awesome room, but did not stay in that room long as to far to walk to a bathroom.  Then I moved up to the second landing where all the other guys were staying , of course the three suites were taken but had three other single rooms that shared a bath, but did not stay there to long ether, as after I had explored the entire castle I found a suite with it’s own bathroom on the third floor. The other rooms up there were servants quarters.  I Did not have to walk up the stairs as the place had an elevator.  >From the day I moved everything I wanted into this suite of rooms I  felt as if someone were watching me, but as an eighteen year old did not think much about it.   They had converted the pantry into a small dining room and kitchen so that’s where we ate the big dining room was empty, but probably could have seated 100 easy.  The main floor had a Living area with a huge fireplace that was probably ten feet tall at least, and if you looked up you could see the railing running around the second floor where all the suites were located, also next to the dining room was a huge ballroom, and oh yes the Main dining room had a dumbwaiter as the big kitchen was in the basement...the place was so big that it is hard to describe.  I was told that the Castle had been brought over from England brick by brick in the late 1800s, and electricity added around 1920.  It had a unloading door where horse and carriage brought visitors they would step right out of the carriage into an atrium.  Bob the buyer for Olds and King got married while I lived there and I drove Lars up to MT Hood when winter showed up...He had someone try to teach me to ski, but that was a laugh could hardly stand on them. 

Anyway before that happened I saw my very first ghost and only one of two that I ever saw in three dimension and in color.  I had got off of work about eight PM had taken a bath, and was standing in front of the mirror shaving, when I saw a woman in the bathtub smiling at me, at first I thought that the other guys living there who were always pulling jokes on me had sent her up and somehow she had sneaked by me and got into the tub, but when I turned around to look directly at her she was still smiling at me and then she just vanished.  I think every hair on me was standing straight up and I have to say I was more then a little frightened.  Funny thing is I can still see her in my mind today, she had red hair and  green eyes and was stunning.  I know she was wearing something but cannot remember that as I was staring into her eyes almost the entire time, that was probably no more then 30 seconds. 




A Motherly Ghost


By: Anonymous


A few years ago, I was teaching at a small private school in Charlotte, NC.

Each year the board of directors sent the entire faculty on a working retreat.  These trips were really quite fun and helped us bond, I always looked forward to them.  One year we traveled to the foothills of NC and stayed at a lovely historic inn.  There was really very little to do outside the inn and conference center.  We had classes each day, our meals were taken as a group.  After our first day and evening, my roommate and I were very tired and decided to go to bed instead of staying up with our fellow (and much younger) faculty members.  We got ready for bed and turned up the heat in the room, because it was a very cool evening and our room seemed to be unheated.  Late that night I woke up because I was very cold.  As I started to reach for the cover, I felt the bedspread being pulled up and over my shoulders.  It was a very sweet and comforting feeling.  I assumed my roommate had gotten up to  turn up the heat or go to the bathroom, so I turned over to thank her for being motherly, and to my utter astonishment, she was across the room in her bed, sound asleep.  I looked around the room, but didn't see anything.  The room suddenly felt warmer, and though a bit startled I did not have any feelings of fear.  I rolled back over and went back to sleep.  The next morning, I asked my roommate if she had gotten up the night before, but she said she had not.  I decided not to mention my experience.  At breakfast, the owner of the inn spoke to our group about the history of the area and the inn.  She laughingly said she had been surprised that nobody in our group had said anything about ghosts.  Seems the inn has quite a reputation as a ghostly place.  I never mentioned my experience to anyone at my school.  I did tell my story to my husband and parents.  They all seemed to think I had imagined or dreamed the event, but I KNOW I was awake and I did have a visitor of some sort that night.  Again, it was not a frightening experience...just odd.  If I had seen something or someone, my feelings might be different.






A strange Haunting in North Carolina





Hello. I've written before about strange hauntings that have occured to me throughout my life. Most of the stories have taken place in various houses I have lived in for some time, but this story is about my Boyfriend's Mother's House, in Elizabeth City, NC.

Unfornatly back in the beginning of 2004, my BF's mother got very sick and passed away. The family and myself where with her (and that's another story of it's own - let's say her late husband came back to get her that morning).

Afterwards, when all was said and done, my BF was cleaning out some of his possesions (they kicked us out of the house - his sister is not a nice person), we where their late one evening. This would be the last time I felt comfortable in this house.

I had my car in the driveway and he was inside going through boxes in the living room.  I was moving things around in the backseat & trunck to make more space when the passenger front door closed by itself. I thought nothing about it and just re-opened the door and went inside. Since the house is out in the counrty side, I left all 4 doors and trunck open.

I found my BF sitting in the living room, cleaning out some boxes and sat down with him. All of a sudden I heard a sound, like a music box, faintly playing somewhere. I went dead still and my BF noticed and asked me what was wrong. I asked him if he heard the music. He gave me a strange look and told me no. We went back to cleaning and finally got another load to go out in my car. We headed out and I noticed that the doors where half closed on my car and the trunck was almost shut. I made note of it, but we just packed the car. My BF went back inside while I adjusted things and again, the doors partialy closed. At this point I knew it wasn't the wind, the trees (and there are ALOT of trees around there) were not rustling. I walked around the car and stopped.

I felt like there was someone standing behind me, less than a foot back. I was motionless for about 30 seconds then took off toward the house. As I crossed the threshold, I felt whatever was following me stop, haulted by the door. Who/what ever it was, was very angry at me for going back inside, I could just feel the emotion being aimed at me from inside the house.  My BF noticed how scaried I looked and came over. At this point, I told him about the car doors and the "person" who is standing outside the front door, pissed as all heavens.

He sorta stared at me for a second then told me that him mother sometimes felt that someone had tried to get into the house before. That and she ways saw "shadow people". He always caulked it up to her parnoia, but now he was wondering if it was something more. He spent a couple of mintues calming me down then went back to work.

We finished cleaning and got ready to leave, I could hear the music-box music again. I turned to see if I could pin-point it and saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I screamed and dashed out of the house, running to the car. BIG MISTAKE. The "person" who had followed me before, was back, right at my heels. I was scared silly. I got in the car, started it and told my BF to get inisde the car NOW!

He came out, locked up and got in. I tore out of the driveway like the devil himself was on my tail. My BF was trying to get me to slow down, but I took off down the backroad, doing close to 55. I could feel that "person's" angre and rage, and how it wanted to get at me. About 2 miles down the road, I stopped feeling it and slowed down. We went to his brother's house and chilled for awhile.

On the way home, we had to pass by the house. It was dark now, so you coulnd't see much as this was the counrty and there weren't many street lamps. As we got nearer that house, I got more frightened than I ever have in my life. Passing the house didn't cause anything new to happen, but I swore to myself that I would NEVER go back in that house again.








There is so much for me to tell, but this time I will only tell of the one time I knew without a doubt that my experiences aren't my imagination.  Last night (Fri., April 14, 2006) my brother and I went to two local cemetaries to record EVP and take some pictures with my digital camera.  I took 31 total pictures.  All but one or two had "orbs" in them.  Some had just 3-4 but most had at least 15.  I know they aren't always orbs.  Not much happened at the first cemetary as far as EVP.  There was one instance where I said something like, "There's only two." My brother replied with a  "hmm".  Over his voice was a man saying "seven".  Toward the end of our short visit there, I turned to look behind me for some reason.  As I did so, I saw a shadow zip by.  It didn't really have shape.  It was just there.  The second cemetary is one we have visited several times.  It's like we feel drawn to it.  This was my first time recording EVP.  Two minutes into the recording I asked, "Wh is your name?"  All was quiet for about 15 seconds then I got an answer.  A female whispered, "Annie" plain as day.  There was nothing for two minutes after then she whispered it again.  Several minutes went by and I said I was about to turn off the recorder so if anyone had anything to say to do so then.  A few seconds later, as I opened my mouth to say goodbye, a male whispered something that sounded like, "secrets".  On my brother's microcassette recorder two voices could be faintly heard.  It sounded like a man and woman talking.  Hearing the famale say "Annie" freaked us both out a bit.  We have always believed in the paranormal.  It's just that when you see a shadow or something you may wonder if it's your mind or eyes playing tricks.  With this EVP, there's no doubting what happened.










We moved into this townhome in Sept 2004 for additional space.

On the walls in the basement are weird paintings of The Eye and Greek and Egyptian characters and I suspect some occultish type stuff. These are a little creepy but painted over with white paint so we thought it was just some previous tenant being stupid.

From the day we moved in until the day we moved out it seemed like our cat was constantly charging all over the house. He was constantly spooked by something. He would run up and down the stairs, hide under the covers, race all over the place.

About 7 months into our occupancy I was standing at the top of the stairs and felt 2 hands try and push me down the stairs. I grabbed at the handrail to prevent myself from falling. I turned and no one was there. I went downstairs and everyone was downstairs and there was no other way up except the stairway I was using. This freaked me a little because the pressure was such that I felt the finger marks on my back for quite a few minutes.

Then we bought a new house and prepared to move out. Then things REALLY got weird. The cat got more spooked and was almost hyperventilating. We had the game TV downstairs and it was switching itself on and off. My step sons bedroom light was off when they were not there. I came home one day to find the light on. I mentioned it to my husband and we thought the boys had called by for something yet we later confirmed they hadn't been NEAR the place because they were staying at respective friend's places. The maintenance people had not been in or they would have left a note. Noises form downstairs, banging etc.

This made my husband say that he was real glad we were moving.

The day we moved into the new house the cat has been just fine. No crazy behavior. And no spooky lights turning on and off our TV's.

The strange thing was the cat was spooked at my husband's previous apartment as well but not as much. One night my husband woke to see a little black girl and boy beside his bed. He turned on the light and they were gone. In the morning his son (without prompting) mentioned that 2 black kids were in his room the previous night.





Being Left Alone




I am the youngest of three children and I was at one time 'babysitted' by an older brother and sister.  Since I've grown and they are married and moved away, I am usually the one that is alone on weekends to fend for myself or in the evenings.  I do not like being alone at all in the house. When I had someone with me it was ok, but now I am hearing and seeing alot of strange things.....I never told my family what I see or hear. I just don't think they'll believe me at all. I usually get yelled at alot during the evenings because I will have every light burning in the house...THERE IS A VERY GOOD REASON YOU KNOW...I am not trying to up the electric bill or anything!!! But there are instances where I was freaked out to the point I had to leave...I even have witnesses, who are old friends, to back me up on this.

The first instance was when my friend, Denise, and I were at my house and we were completely alone. We were talking in the kitchen and getting something to drink when I heard the voice of my brother's girlfriend now his wife, Lynn, say "Taylor?" I didn't think anything of it till Denise said to me first, "Did Lynn come home already?" I said, "She must have." And proceeded to say "We're in the kitchen Lynn." After a couple of minutes when she did not appear, Denise walked into the family room and yelled, "Lynn?" She came back and said, "Taylor she's not here." We walked through my whole house and was calling for her but she wasn't there AT ALL. Then we heard her voice AGAIN, it sounded like she was clearing her throat, and it came from the room we just walked out of. We went back in that room again....and there was no one there. Her car wasn't in the driveway and usually my dogs will alert the family if there is someone at the door. It was total silence from my dogs that day. I brought this up to Lynn later that evening. "Lynn, did you stop by today?"  And she said, "No, I was at work all day."  I got goosebumps when she said that...because if she never came to our house....then just who or what impersonated her voice??

The second instance was when I was completely alone. My mother loves to hang pictures of us on the walls...and she has a very cute drawing of my niece and nephew that was drawn at an amusement park a few years back. She has that hanging just outside her bedroom at the end of the hall. And she has placed right underneath it a shelf with statues on it....the tallest statue being of the Virgin Mary.  Again I was in the kitchen, studying for a test, and it was completely quiet because everyone was working that afternoon. Suddenly I hear, CRASH! I thought to myself, "What the heck was that?" And I walked down the hallway. There was the pic of my niece and nephew, it appreared that it was picked up and THROWN across the hall and was laying FACE UP on the floor. That is completely impossible, because if it had fallen on it's own, it would have either knocked down several of my mothers statues or the whole shelf itself.  NOTHING WAS TOUCHED. Not even the Virgin Mary. Again the goosebumps. I quickly packed up all my books, I did not touch the drawing at all, just left it lying on the floor, and I went to my friends house that afternoon.

Maybe there is a good reason for both of those incidents.  If you know, please by all means tell me! It has been very quiet around my house lately but at night, when I'm alone, (I live in the country where there are woods all around my house) I just get a creepy feeling. Like I'm being watched.  But it doesn't feel like it is coming from the outside, I can walk outside at night and be just fine (Thank God I'm a country girl). The feeling is coming from the inside of my house. I try to make as much noise and turn on as much lights as's not so bad when both the tv and the radio is blasting.  And even when there is someone at the house with me, I'm ok.  But when I'm left alone




Cry Baby Bridge Lima, OH





Hello, there

My name is Fred, and I just wanted to share an experience that has kinda haunted me for years.  You see, I used to live in Lima, OH, which as you know is the location of one of the many bridges in this nation labled Cry Baby Bridge.  I used to think that Lima was unique in that one aspect, but tonight, almost ten years after my experience, I find myself sitting at my computer looking up all I can to learn the real legend behind that road, only to find that Lima, OH isn't the only place with a Cry Baby Bridge.  I've already found reference to two different ones, besides Lima, in Ohio alone.  That isn't even counting all the others spread across the country.  Well, I can't vouch for the others, but the one in Lima truly exists, and isn't just a legend.  I wish to share my account of what happened to me nearly ten years ago on that road, plus some of the other stories I've heard about the surrounding area.

First of all, I can't really remember what year it was, only that I was between the ages of fifteen and seventeen and I'm currently twenty six.  This would place it right around ten years ago, but my memory of the evening is still vivid in my memory; including the feelings surrou ing my experience.

I grew up in Lima, OH, and heard stories all my life about supernatural occurances on Greely Chapel Rd.  The road, by all accounts, seemed to be a sort of lightning rod for ghostly presences, and its appearance certainly lends credence to such claims.  One night my friends and I decided to check out what everyone refered to as Cry Baby Bridge.  We all piled into a friend's truck and headed out for the road.

As I said above, the road has many stories surrounding it.  I can't personally validate all of the stories, but I would like to share them all anyway.  Before we set out that night, we got to talking about the road.  Someone mentioned a house that you pass right as you turn onto the road.  Apparently this house had been abandoned for nearly a decade, the power had been shut off long ago, but the porch light was always on.  When we passed this house, sure enough the porch light was on, but none of us had the courage to go and find out if it was deserted.  Another piece of superstitious nonsense that we talked about was the classic story of the headless motorcyclist.  You know, the story about the motorcyclist who wrecked his bike and was decapitated on a stop sign, and, supposedly, if you shine your breaklights on the stop sign you'll see a ghostly image of his blood pouring down from it.  Once again, not validated by me, so we'll move on to what I DID experience.

There's a story of a truck, a BIG truck, with lights all around it that prowls the road.  This truck is not natural by any means.  I'm not sure about its backstory, but supposedly, if you drive down Greely Chapel Rd. with any intention other that getting from point A to point B, this truck will try to run you off the road.  There's also a story of a man in a farm house who commited suicide by shooting himself under the chin with a shotgun.  The man in the story s described as having a long, white beard and wearing denim overalls.  Finally was the story about the bridge itself.  The actual bridge, it was said, is not actually on Greely Chapel Rd., but the stream that the original bridge crossed over intersects with it.  If you drive over this bridge at night (doesn't matter what time, trust me), there is a board on it that creaks and sounds exactly like a baby crying.  The actual bridge is way back in the woods located at the end of the road and can only be reached by foot.  It was said that a cabin stood back there in the 1800's, and that a woman lived there by herself.  She had a child shortly after her husband had been killed and was forced to raise the baby alone.  One night the baby's crying became too much for her to handle so she drowned it in the stream outside of her cabin.  She then went back into the cabin and killed herself.  You better watch yourself if you try to travel back there, however, since the story also tells of the man with the shotgun in the overalls chasing away anybody who tries to make the trek.

Now for the actual account of what happened that night some ten odd years ago.

We piled into a friend's truck and headed for Greely Chapel Rd.  As soon as we saw the beat up white picket fence that marks the entrance to the road, I felt a chill run the length of my spine and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck (I can't look at white picket fences without getting that feeling to this day).  We traveled the length of the road to the point where the stream intersects with it and turned off the radio.  Just to increase the silence so we could hear better, we pulled up to the bridge and put the truck in neutral to let it roll over the bridge and rolled down the windows.  Sure enough, we heard the sound of a baby crying as it ran over a certain board.  I'm certain that it was just the creak of the board that made this ound, but the resemblance to a baby's cry was too unmistakeable to dismiss.  My friend, the one who owned the truck we were in, suggested that we go to the end of the road and travel back into the woods to find the actual location where it was said the woman drowned her baby.  When we got to where the road curves off into a different direction, we got out of the truck.  I immediately noticed an extremely run down barn right by the entrance to the woods.  I could have turned and run right there, but I didn't really feel like doing so on this particular road while my friends kept on going, so I went with them.  We didn't even get into the woods when we heard a gunshot coming from the barn.  We turned to look and a man with a white beard wearing overalls came charging from the barn with a shotgun.  We hopped in the truck and headed back in the direction we came from.  We thought we were alright and that it was all over.  However, when we started nearing the beginning of the road, I and my other friend in the seat beside me noticed that there was a really bright light coming from behind us that kept getting brighter.  When we turned to look there was a huge truck directly behind us, almost touching our rear bumper.  The lights on the truck were so bright we couldn't even see inside of it, despite how close it was.  And the size of this truck was amazing.  It dwarfed the one we were in.  As our driver accelerated, so did the truck behind us.  It might have run us off the road if we had had to stay on it for very much longer.  As we neared the entrance to the road we looked back and the truck was just gone.  Now, I would have thought nothing of this if it weren't for the fact that there were NO places that it could have turned off to between where I had last looked at it and when it suddenly disappeared.  It just vanished.  Adrenaline pumping, we went back to my friend's house in silence.  None of us have spoken of he incident since then, but if I'm still freaked out about it after ten years then I know they both still are.

I don't know how much this helps you in verifying your information about the road.  Nor do I even know if anybody will read this whole thing, after all, it has been rather long winded.  All I know is that I feel a hell of a lot better finally telling this story to somebody who will hopefully believe me and not roll their eyes.  If you're ever in Lima, OH, look the bridge up, just don't linger there too long.  For all I know, it could have been our collective imaginations running wild.  The guy in the overalls could have been just a local hick farmer trying to run trespassers off his land.  The truck could have been him trying to make sure we didn't come back.  There could have even been a side road or trail I failed to notice that he turned onto when he saw that we were leaving.  The more I think about it, though, the more vividly it all comes back to me, and I don't think any of that was the case.  When I was there, I got a clear sense in the back of my mind that I was desecrating something unholy just by being there.  I believe that what I experienced that night was real.

Thank you for your time,





Current Residence




A story of the house I live in now.

I have always been hesitant to use the word “haunted” in description of a place because of the negative connotations that have been attached to the word.  It seems especially wrong in this case.  Our house is cozy and pretty new.  There is nothing uncomfortable about it.  No one feels watched or scared or unnerved, which makes it a bit stranger even.

We moved in at the beginning of September 2005.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  It was several weeks before anything happened. 

We were still in the unpacking/decorating phase.  I have 3 roommates, Betty, Ann and Shannon.  Only two of us were home at the time.  Betty and I were standing on the stairs to the second floor, talking about what we could hang where when we heard the door knob rattle.  We thought nothing of it because we were expecting Ann home from work at any minute.  I guess it didn’t dawn on us that she had never come in until several minutes later when we heard the locked knob rattle again.  You can see the front door from the stairs and we looked down at it and I saw it being jiggled from the outside.  Betty laughed and said, “She can’t get the door unlocked.” So she went down to let Ann in.  She unlocked the door and swung it open for our other roommate to enter, but all either of us saw was the empty street.  Huh. Weird, but we went back to what we were doing.  Sometime later I was sitting on the ottoman in front of the TV (still within view of the front door).  The Betty and I were still the only ones home.  It had been at least an hour since the last knob rattle.  It happened again.  I looked and watched it move. (Betty was on the couch and could not see.)  I said, “If Ann doesn’t walk through that door this time, I might worry.”

She didn’t come home for another 45 minutes.

We let this go, but not without wondering what was outside.  Several days later I was sitting in the living room with a friend.  Suddenly there was a loud knocking that was distinctively on glass.  It came from the kitchen, so I got up to check it out.  Once in the kitchen I heard it again, it was on the kitchen window (the closest window to where we had been from the front of our townhouse).  I looked and there was no one there.  I went over to the window and looked down, but nothing but our shrubs… and a reminder that it was impossible for anyone to reach the window from outside; it was far too high.

We started to realize that something was outside and wanted to come in.  We tried to come up with ways to keep it out, but when my cats started behaving strangely, I knew it was too late.

I live in the basement by myself (all three of the others are on the second floor) and I started to notice the cats watching something that wasn’t there.  Soon they seemed to be petted and played with by someone I couldn’t see.  I was hesitant to tell my roommates because, although I didn’t feel threatened at all, I didn’t want to scare them.  Soon however, TVs turning off and doors opening and closing told them for me.  This kind of activity continued through the fall, but faded in winter and now things seem quiet again.  About a week ago, Shannon was home alone and later told us she had heard someone at the door… I wonder if this could go in cycles?





Flash Of Light




Hi my name is Rachael and i have scary story for you lets begin.

My friend lives right next to a haunted house i didn't relize this until we had a sleepover. In the night we heard scary sound i asked her what it was but she said she didn't know. We looked outside just as we heard a scream coming from the house right next to us i was so scared but i said to my friend that it was problaby just the wind but i knew it wasn't. but just as i turned around i saw something black run into the haunted house i turned back to my friend and said (ok im scared and you should be to!) we looked out the window and saw the black figure in the house it was doing something but i didn't know what BUT THEN THERE WAS A FLASH OF LIGHT IN THE HOUSE i ran into my sleeping bag and freaked out. WHen i finally fell asleep i had a dream about the ghost and it was the person that lived there and who died.

The next morning i woke up and went down for breakfeast and went home but i swore that i would never go to her home for a sleepover again that was for sure.







Wanted to share my experience in the hopes of finding someone who has had a similiar one.

>From 1996 to 2003, my family lived in a house in

central MS in a suburban area around a large lake and river.  The entire time we lived in the house, I always felt a presence there - especially in 2 rooms - the kitchen and master bedroom.

When alone in the house, I would often feel the presence of someone and the room would get very cold.

This was a fairly regular occurrence.

Occasionally, strange noises would wake my family in the night - pots and pans banging, strange scraping noises in the hallway, bumps in the living room - all when everyone was asleep.

One night, my 5 year old daughter came to sleep with me in the master bedroom.  She woke me up early in the night saying there were two shadows standing beside the bed staring at her and talking to each other - although she couldn't hear what they were saying.  She said they looked like a man and a woman, but she couldn't tell who they were.  I dismissed it and she left to sleep in her own bed.  She wouldn't ever sleep with me in that room again.

Several months after that (we had been in the house about 4 years at that point), I was awakened from a deep sleep by what felt like an electrical shock starting at my foot and going all the way up through my body.  I immediately sat up in bed totally freaked out.  There was no one there, but I felt a very strong presence.  It took me a while to go back to sleep and I was so freaked that I actually sat there and read the Bible aloud for a while until I felt I was alone again.

A few months later, the same thing happened again.  I was awaken in the middle of the night by an electric shock.  Again, I sat up in bed and looked around to find no one.  Again, I read the Bible aloud for quite some time before I went back to sleep.

After the second occurrence, I began "talking" to the spirits whenever I felt a presence in the room.  I felt stupid, but it made me feel better and made the presence seem less intimidating to me.  I continued to do this until we moved in late 2003.  I never had another electric shock.





Greenfield Village in Michigan




Until reading the haunted places on your site, I never knew there were supposed hauntings at Greenfield Village. It wasn't until after visiting there and having a weird experience did I check the internet and found out about it.

Anyway, it was the summer of 2005 and I'd gone there by myself to see an Imax movie at Henry Ford museum.

Now I took my camera with me and that's another strange story, but I wanted to get some cool pictures so i went from house to house in the village.

Nothing unusual happened for a while and then I got to the Noah Webster house.

The house itself isn't unusual. It's your typical 2 story house that'd you'd expect someone in Webster's time period to live in. There weren't any weird feelings or anything.

So anyway a group of us were in the upstairs hall and Webster's bedroom was locked from the public - we couldn't get in there. We checked out the bedroom directly in front of his. Only minutes after getting there, the doorknob to Websters bedroom started rattling and we heard this weird moaning noise coming from the other side.

My first thought was "it's a spirit". Everyone else pretty much ignored it, except this kid who looked through the keyhold of the door. He didn't say anything, just kind of smiled like it was a joke.

I then went downstairs to let someone know to check out the room, but the girl who worked there blew it off like it was a common thing.

It stayed on my mind until coming home and then I checked out internet and found out that house is supposed to be haunted by Webster's angry ghost.

As for my camera, I snapped pictures of the entire village and as I was leaving found out that there wasn't any film in the camera. That's never happened to me in 20 years of taking pictures. But it could just be a mistake..!






Haunted Coal Mine





I don't know if this qualifies as a ghost story, but here it goes. A few years a go, I was visiting a friend in a small Virginia town. He had took me up to an old coal mine that had closed down years ago, due to a massive explosion at the bottom of the shaft. While we were there, we heard a hellish scream. Please excuse my language. The type of scream one would expect to hear from someone who is slowly being tortured and killed. It rose through octave after octave. Finally reaching a blood curdling point. Hung in the air for a few seconds and finally stopped. Followed by what sounded like lunitical laughter. He finally told me that twenty men perished there in the mine.  I Believe that what we heard was a spirit telling us to leave the area and leave their final resting place in piece. We left the mine in a hurry, never to return to the mine again.






Hospital Haunts





I was talking to one of my friends I knew when I worked for NIH in DC, and he reminded me of an old incident I try to forget.

I was really sick in 1999, I was transferred from Holy Cross hospital to Georgetown hospital in DC. It's a old run down hospital but they had great doctors. Anyway I was scheduled for a CAT scan, this particular day. Well, it was night when they took me down for it. I think they do that because the Scanners are more available.

Well the CAT scan was performed, and the Radiologist wheeled me out to the waiting area, which at that time of night is dark and deserted. So, I was sitting there waiting for him to finish what he was doing, so he could call an escort to get me back to my room. Then, all the sudden a man in a brown hospital gown ran past me down the hallway and around the bend. I yelled, "HEY!", but the guy kept running. I had however, caught the attention of the radiologist. He came out and said, "What's wrong?" I told him about the guy running down the hallway in the hospital gown. The radiologist told me that no one could get in this area this is a secured area. I assumed he was wrong and someone slipped through. It was downtown DC.

So he went back to finish his work and he told me it will be a couple minutes he was having some equipment problems. So I waited, what else could I do? I couldn't move. I was hooked up to all these tubes and poles and everything. A minute later the same guy is running down the hallway the same direction looking back in fear, at this time I could see he was a guy about in his mid 30s. This sent a shiver down my spine, but I was drugged up and though what ever. Then another couple minutes later, the guy ran by again in the same direction, like it was a tape loop. He was looking back in fear again, but as he past me, he looked right at me and I heard a sigh. The tingle in my spine rose up out of my mouth, and I screamed like I never did before.

The Radiologist ran out and screamed "WHAT?". I told him about the guy passing two more times and in the same direction. I told him I didn't think it was a person as we know one. I'm a skeptic, besides living in the city a ghost is the last thing you should worry about. The radiologist didn't believe me I think, well I was on a morphine drip. So he called the hospital escorts to pick me up. Then we heard a crash in the room where they do the CAT scan. He went back to pick up the stuff and came out to check on me. I told him "YOU SEE!!". He ignored me, then a second later an IV pole dropped over behind us in the hallway. These poles were on a wide four wheel base, it couldn't have fallen on its own. The Radiologist finally agreed with me and we left that area.

The following evening that same radiologist called me and said they have to do another Scan. There was a problem with the last one there was a face like image overlaid on my scan. I went back down to do the scan but I had family and friends with me. I told them I wouldn't do it alone. To this day I don't care if I'm dying, I'm not going into that hospital again.





I Never Used to Believe in Ghosts





I never really did believe in ghosts, or totally disbelieve in them either when I was growing up.  I guess I was somewhat "neutral" on the subject -- but as I began to think back, there have been some unexplainable things that have happened to me over the years that were kind of strange.  I didn't include all of them -- but here's a few:

The Man on the Lawn:

My parents moved to a new house when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  We had a nice pool in the backyard, and some of our friends from the old neighborhood came over to swim.  I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water from the faucet in the sink, and I looked up to see a man just standing right in our front yard.  To me, he looked just like the old guy who was a Mechanic and owned a gas station near our old house called "Smith's Service" -- he had the same hallowed cheeks, and was wearing a work uniform and a cap.  I turned and yelled out, "I just saw Mr.Smith!"

Everyone came upstairs into the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about, but when I turned my head back the image was gone.  My parents dismissed it as "overactive imagination."  I seriously doubt that it was the ghost of Mr. Smith (why would he be there of all places?!!) but it certainly was somebody or something that looked somewhat like him.  Regardless or who or what it was, I still can remember seeing him standing there just as clear as day.

The Thing on the Railroad Tracks:

Some years later when I was a teenager, I decided to take a walk on the railroad tracks that were about a mile or so away from our house.  The railway bridges were built in the 1930's and had the year marked on them.  It was still winter, partly sunny but freezing cold.  As I was walking down one side of the double set of tracks that passed near where the old train station was I saw something up ahead.  My first impression was that it was a black dog on the tracks walking a bit farther up front of me, kind of hopping and trotting slightly sideways like dogs often do.  I stopped, not wanting to attract the dog's attention (I was attacked by a dog not long after we moved into our new house, and I still had somewhat of a fear of them for some years afterwards)

When I stopped, it stopped.  When I moved it moved.  I then just stood still and stared at it.  It wasn't a dog, it was some kind of black shape -- not a mirage, or a heat reflection, just an upright black shape.  The weird thing was that it appeared to be moving almost violently while standing still, not going farther away or coming closer, but almost a weird blur of motion in place.  "This is crazy -- there has to be some explanation...."

I felt the tracks with my bare hands and they were ice cold.  The ground was frozen solid, and the sun was getting low and weak.  There was no way it was a reflection of some kind.  I waited for long while not knowing what to do.  As I stood there it crossed over both sets of tracks to the dirt path on the opposite side.  I just stood and stared for a long time at it trying to figure out what it was.  I had spent plenty of time playing on these tracks over the years and had seen the shimmering mirages that the heat could produce -- but this was something very different.  After a while I heard the sound of an approaching train in the distance and stepped off the tracks, when the train had finally passed the strange black figure was gone. 

The Haunted Mansion:

(Part I) Back in 1991 quite by accident I was reunited with some college buddies who had rented a beautiful old house that had been a large horse farm at one time (those in the Rochester Hills, MI area would recognize it instantly!) but now the surrounding land was being developed into new housing subdivisions.  The place looked just like an old Southern Plantation home, with magnificent pillars in the front (we nicknamed it the "Mansion")  Coincidentally, I was looking for a place to new place to live, and they were looking for a 3rd roommate to share expenses - I moved in and had almost a whole wing to call my own, with two bedrooms and a bathroom connecting them all to myself! 

Not long after I had moved in, I was the only one home for some reason -- it was a sunny afternoon and everyone was someplace else enjoying the nice weather.  I was lying on my bed reading, when I heard a female voice as clear as a bell come from downstairs in the kitchen calling, "Chris?" (just outside my bedroom door was the top of a narrow servant's staircase that led right to the kitchen -- but we mostly used the elaborate main staircase that was in the middle of the wing that emptied out into the living room).

My first thought was that it was the girlfriend of one of my roommates (there were always people stopping by) so I figured I'd play a joke on her.  I leapt off the bed, and jumped almost completely down the first long flight of stairs of the servant's staircase while supporting my weight on the hand railing.  I hit the with landing with both feet and then sprang out into the kitchen.  To my utter amazement, there was no one standing there. 

No problem, she's probably in the den I thought.  I walked through the kitchen, into the dining room, through the living room and into the small den at the far end of the ground floor where our TV set and one of the fireplaces was.  No one was there.  As big as the house was, there was only one way to go through it.  I walked back through the living room, into the dining room, and into the kitchen and looked outside -- no cars were parked in the driveway, and the 2 dogs we had were fast asleep under their tree in the front lawn (they barked at EVERYTHING that came up to the house)!

Puzzled, I looked outside in back near our garage and nothing was there, either.  No car, nobody.  I walked around the whole downstairs again, and went upstairs using the main staircase, and back down on the servant's staircase, calling out "Hello? Hello?".  After about 20 minutes of searching, I gave up -- there was absolutely no one there!

(Part II) A few months later, I had come home from work and was in my room again.  I was usually the first one home (as my office was just about only a mile away) and the other two roommates would straggle in sometime later.  I had been there long enough to recognize the "Creaks and Groans" of the old house and could tell just where someone was standing in the hallway or where they were coming up the stairs just by the way the floorboards creaked.

Surprisingly, I heard someone coming up the main staircase.  "Whoever it was must have pulled in the driveway almost right after I did"  I thought.  I could hear the creak of the footsteps at the bottom of the staircase, the creak at the part in the middle landing, again at the top (at this point if someone turns and goes towards the West Wing, there is another set of creaks as they walk up the smaller stairs to the right, if they turn left and come down my hallway there is a major creaky board that everybody hits on the other side of the wall right next to where my bed is)

The footsteps went towards the right, and the creaking of the smaller stairs was just as expected -- it was obviously my roommate that lived in the West Wing, home very early for some reason.  Unexpectedly, I heard the radio in his room suddenly blare out loud -- like you'd hear if you were trying to change the station, but accidentally turned the volume knob up all the way instead!)  The sound lasted just a second, and went quiet.  I expected to hear a string of loud swear words follow, but instead I heard the footsteps proceed again farther down the hallway towards the room at the very end where we had a bar with a fish tank, a drum set, and a few electric guitars.  In just about the time that you'd expect it to take someone to walk there, I heard a soft but very distinct "Ting!" as if someone had flicked one of the cymbals on the drumset with their finger nail. 

I walked out of my room into my hallway, across the main staircase landing, and into the other wing calling my roommate's name.  No answer.  "Yeah, that's real funny, dude"  I stuck my head into the first room -- empty. I walked to the room on the end.  No one at all!  There was no way out of the end room except past where I had just come from!  I felt the chills go down my spine -- this was way too creepy. 

I think I left the house, if I recall correctly.  I came back the either later that night or the next day (more likely I think) when everyone was home -- and told my story.  The one roommate that lived in the West Wing had his share of "ghost stories" to tell as well, apparently he'd had some strange experiences, too.  A couple of months later, during a huge Thanksgiving dinner with everybody's relatives over we decided to tell a few of the stories.  Apparently, somebody's Aunt and Uncle that were there overheard, and went upstairs.  When they came down, they said, "Yep, she's in there"

We looked at each other, "Who ?" They replied, "The old woman in the room with the gold wallpaper" The funny thing was that when I told the story I never mentioned which room it was -- but they sure picked the right one!

Philippines Ghost Story:

Just last year I was in the Philippines visiting my girlfriend whom I've known for a few years now.  She has an apartment that she shares with her sister-in-law that is fairly small, with two bedrooms upstairs, and a small living room, kitchen and bathroom downstairs.  My girlfriend was asleep in her room, and I was watching their small TV in living room.  I heard her call for me from the kitchen saying, "Hon? Hon?" and I answered, "What?" 

No reply.  So I asked again, "What, Hon?"  Still no reply.  I got up and went into the kitchen -- and no one was there.  I looked in the small bathroom and it was empty.  It was her voice -- plain as day!  I went upstairs and she was still asleep.  When I sat down on the bed, she woke up and I asked her if she had wanted anything.  She said "No" and asked why.  I told her that I heard her in the kitchen calling my name. 

Her reply floored me -- she no, she had been upstairs asleep, but there was a "small creature" in the apartment that could imitate other people's voices and sometimes would call out the name of whoever was home.  Her sister-in-law and cousin both agreed, they'd heard the creature as well, they'd often thought one of them was calling their name when they were in another room, but neither one had said anything.  The voices always came from the same part of the kitchen near the bathroom. 

Sorry this was so long, but I wanted to share these strange experiences!



Oregon Home




I have had a personal experience in Tigard, OR,

When I was 9 I used to live in a very big house. The master bedroom had french doors. At night we would leave the windows open to keep the house nice and cool becasue we didn't have air conditioning. I woke up at 21:30 to go use the facilities and there was a big gust of wind blowing the french doors open but there was no hangers on the door. So I just opened the bathroom door, went inside, and closed the door to go to the bathroom. When I was done I went to check and see if my brother was sleeping (He stayed in the master bedroom) the doors had two hangers on them and my brother was still at work. I went in the room to see if my little sister was playing a trick on me but all I saw was a shadowy figure and heard moaning noises. I ran into my parents room and told them what I saw but of course they didn't believe me.










My name is John. I have a ghost story to tell. When  I was 10 or 11 two friends and I lived  in a village called  Lingfield in Surrey England.  One late Saturday afternoon on gloriously sunny late summer’s day my friends and I, looking for a bit of excitement to relieve the boredom of a long school holiday, decided to explore the old church yard . The medieval parish church was  typical of the period: Old, dank, gloomy and atmospherically creepy. The church yard was just across the road from the church, it was an old church yard, old gravestones cluttered the unkempt cemetery, moss and ivy grew  over the much neglected gravestones the lettering worn with age, naming people long forgotten. Weeds and tall uncut grass provided a gloomy retreat in the cool of the late afternoon shade. We had not been particularly looking for ghost as you might be thinking but the setting did bring such thoughts to mind. Looking around tense at every sound we saw the crypt door ajar, a chink of dark penetrating gloom. With some trepidation we ventured down the steep steps into the damp and musty vault.  Pushing open the door  we nervously stepped inside. A coffin lay upturned on the floor, as our eyes become accustomed to the gloom we saw  the remains of a skeleton laying partly on the floor, long since disturbed from its resting place. Two passages led of in different directions, we peered into the dark seeing nothing down the pitch black passages which led to who knows where. Before we could think about further exploration we felt chill, penetrating, icy cold. We heard a strange moaning noise emanating from one of the passages. A white figure emerged the apparition of an elderly lady with long a flowing gown and trailing  thin white hair.

Unlike stereotypical ghosts of popular fiction and myth the apparition seemed substantial yet floated a few inches above the ground. She glided towards my friends and I her arms outstretched as though to embrace us. I am not a timid person and felt no fear. My friends however were more apprehensive, indeed panic stricken. We all fled out in more haste than we entered racing breathlessly up the stairs and out of the door without looking back relieved to once again be outside in the sunlight. Many people do not really believe me thinking perhaps that this was a childhood fantasy or was a false memory obscured and embellished by the passing of time. But be assured this account is true, the experience was no figment of my imagination and the incident remains fresh in my mind as clear as the day it happened nearly fifty years ago.

My mother who has had many experience herself said that the lady was just being friendly. My mother like me seemed to take this incident all in her stride as though it was an everyday occurrence - who knows perhaps it was for many other people have seen the ghost of this lady. Who she was sadly I do not know.





Little Girl and Lady in the Bathroom




I have a ghost in my bedroom.  it's a little girl with an old fashioned victorian age dress.  She has a blue hat, and is transparent.  Since I met her, weird things have been happening. 

First of all, i met her when i was seven.  I didn't tell my parents about this experience.  That day, my friends came over to play.  But we all had an interesting thing to share.  All of us had some kind of toy that we were missing.  And in place, we all had these weird lego bushes.  The exact same ones.  I've never figured out what that was about.  A couple days later, the little girl (who was my age at that time) actually brought a camera with her.  For all the times I've met her, she never speaks.  No sound is ever made, either.  She motioned for me to take a photo of the both of us.  It was simple enough that i could work it, so i did.  Then, she waved goodbye. 

Unfortunately, the photo disappeared.  I have no physical proof that it ever happened.  The little girl didn't show up for another three years.  When I was ten, she came back, same age and appearence as before.  I asked her where she went, but she didn't react at all.  She just smiled.  Whenever I'm with her, I feel at ease and happy, not frightened at all.  I tried telling my dad, and he's totally skeptical, so of course he didn't believe me.  But my turns out that she has had her own ghostly experience.

When my mom was six, she went to a party just a couple weeks after her grandmother's death.  She was really sad and upset that she wasn't having fun like everyone else.  She went to the bathroom for a little bit and was washing her hands, when she saw a lady behind her in the mirror.  She turned around, not at all frightened.  There was a woman with a black coat and a big black purse.  She smiled warmly and offered candy to my mom.  But my mom said no, because she had always been taught to never take candy from strangers.  The woman gave her candy anyway, and my mom thanked her and went back to the party, suddenly feeling happier. 

Later, she went to talk to her aunt to tell her about the woman in the bathroom.  Her aunt freaked out when she described the woman and her big black purse with candy.  My mom's grandma looked just like that. 



Living Next to a Cemetery




Through my mother's side of the family there has been quite a few instances which you may call psychic. For example my grandmother predicted a car crash and my mother had a strange feeling that her friend's grandmother would die, a month later she did. When I was about three I was over at a friend of my parents' house. I was playing outside and saw a man hanging in a tree in their backyard, i told my mum and she listened, obviously thinking it was my overactive imagination and joked about it to her friends. strangely though, they seemed a bit freaked out and told her that the previous owner had committed suicide by hanging himself in one of the trees in the garden.

i used to live in a terrace when i was about 3 or 4. it was two stories high and used to be one house, although they removed the stairs in the hallway so that they could rent it to two different families. some nights i would get out of bed so i could sleep in my parents bed (hey, i was only little) but one night i found myself walking the wrong way and looking up, i saw a staircase. i don't know if there is such thing as a ghost staircase, but it is one of the most vivid memories i have. it couldn't have been a dream, because i woke up in my parents' bed the next morning.

My sister and i used to sleep in the same room. one night i heard footsteps coming down the hallway and into our room. i couldn't see what or who it was, but somehow i could tell that it was standing just above my sister's bed. My sister screamed and ran out, but i just assumed it was my dad coming to check on us. the next morning i realised that the footsteps sounded as if the person was wearing shoes, we never wear shoes in our house, especially in the middle of the night. my dad heard the footsteps too, but my sister didn't remember screaming and running from her bed. We live next to a cemetery and i haven't heard anything since.




My Cousin's House




I was at my cousin Whitney's dad's house. I was staying the week with them. The week was great and i was having lots of fun. Until Wensday i was walking down to the basement and the lights where off except for the faint glow of the computer. I was reaching for the light when i saw a black cat with a collar around it's neck. I had been told they got a new cat, and since i hadnt seen it yet i assumed that was the cat. I looked at the cat then my step cousin maddy came down stairs and told me we where about to go boating and to get ready. I told her what i saw and her eyes got real wide. She then told me that they "used" to have a black cat but it had died because her dad had left anti freeze out and the cat had drank it. She then told me that their new cat was upstairs in the living room playing with the baby.



My Haunted House





My name is Laura, im nineteen years old and iv lived in the same house in the north east of England all my life. Its a normal, three bedroom semi, in the suburbs of a a fairly large city near the sea. The houses were built during the second world war and only one other couple have lived their before my parents bought it thirty years ago. Anyway, we have had many spooky experiences in this house, so many I will probably miss loads of them out.

First of all, when my parents first moved in, my aunty, who was only a teenager at the time, would often stay over at weekends. However, she hated staying in the house on her own and would often open all the doors and windows in case she needed to escape quickly, after a while she refused to stay in the house because of the odd feelings she had when she was in it.

In my parents room there used to be a pull light with a long piece of string hanging from the ceiling. On many of occasions my parents would wake up to see the string swinging so much that it would actually hit off the ceiling!

The strangest thing about my house is the ticking noise. It can be heard in every room upstairs. In my room (which I share with my younger sister) it comes from under my sisters bed, in my mum's room it comes from her wardrobe, and in my sisters room it comes from inside her wardrobe. It doesn’t happen every night but sometimes it is really loud, others you have to strain to hear it. Also, sometimes it is very fast and other times slow. But the strange thing about it is if we tell it to be quiet it will stop. Normally, the sound id accompanied by a strong smell of tobacco smoke.

I recently decorated my bedroom and moved my bed into the corner of the room. Since then a lot of weird things have started happening and it all comes from under my bed. First of all, I could hear a whispering sound coming from under the pillow whenever I put my head down on it. Then one night I had left a plastic carrier bag next to my bed, just as I was starting to go to sleep it started to make a noise as if someone was moving it. I ignored it for a few mins but it carried on and got louder. I assumed one of my cats had gotten into my room and was playing with the bag but when I moved it there was nothing to b found. I lay back down but again, just as I was starting to sleep, it began to move, this time even more than before. On many occasions my bed as actually moved while iv been lying in it, it has been lifted up as if someone is pushing it from underneath. I told my mam about what had been happening and she decided to spend a night in my bed to see if it was true or just my imagination and sure enough, she could not sleep for all the noises and movements from under my bed.

My brother has now left home but when he was younger he used to deliver papers early on a Sunday morning. One day he got up and was getting ready down stairs. Everyone else in house was in bed asleep but he heard a mans voice loud and clear telling him to be quiet.

My younger sister on two occasions has heard heavy breathing right in her ear. And just last week my mum was sitting in the living room when she heard a man whisper her name twice, yet she was alone in the house. At the time, all three of our cats were in the room and they all looked spooked as well.

On two occasions people have actually seen a ghost in my house. One morning my brother was sitting putting his shoes on in the living room. In our house the sofa is against a wall next to door leading to the hallway. Our TV is directly opposite the sofa. Because my brother was going out, he had switched off the tele. Once he had finished putting on his shoes he looked up and in the reflection of the TV screen he could see a tall man standing in the doorway. He was wearing a long dark coat and a hat, as my brother turner round he saw the man walk into the hallway. He followed the man up stairs and he vanished into my room.

Another time, my mum was sitting in the dining room when she felt something behind her, she looked round and there was a white figure in the doorway, it stayed for a few seconds then vanished.

One night, my brother and his girlfriend were in our living room, they were the only two in the house. They were changing the batteries on the back of the TV remote and had removed the cover and placed it on the coffee table. when they came to put it back on it was no longer on the table. They searched the room but it wasn’t anywhere. They later went into the kitchen (the door to the kitchen had been shut the whole time) and the cover was on the kitchen floor. On the same night they were sitting watching TV when they heard a knocking coming from the wall behind them, the wall divides the living room and hallway and there was nothing in the hallway when they checked.

So that’s a few of the strange things that have happened in my house, I hope you have enjoyed reading it



Have You Heard Similiar Stories?




I wanted to share an experience that I had, I dont know what it mean's exactly, but I came to my own inclussion of why the event happened.

I'm guessing my experience had to do with a car accident that involved several teen's driving drunk after they had just left Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida. They had left the beach intoxicated, found themselves eventually driving on Alt. 19, also known as Pinellas Ave. when they struck another vehicle of a family ( I think it was a family of 4). To my understanding every one in both vehicles was killed, except for one girl. The surviving girl however, lost her sister in that accident. My own sister was friends with the girls in school, not real close, but friends.

 Well approxiamately one year after the accident, I'm guessing, which was about 16 years ago,  I was looking for something to do. I think it was late spring or early summer. I had my two young children with me about 2 and 3 years old at that time. I also had one of my sisters with me, which was about 16 or 17 years old.

 It was overcast that day, but I kept hoping the sun would come out, I wanted to go to the beach. The sun kept peeking in and out so I decided to chance it. I chose to head out to Sunset Beach with my children and sister.

I liked Sunset Beach because it was nice, quiet, and not crowded like the Fred Howard Beach which was only 5 minutes down the street. Sunset Beach was a place that young teens liked to hang out and drink in the late afternoons. I know, because I used to hang out there too when I was a teen.

Well, as we started to approach the short stretch of causeway, at that very moment it started to sprinkle, I remember feeling so bummed out. I continued to drive down that short causeway, which had rocks lined on both sides. As I continued on, I could not believe what I saw, Black cats were everywhere. There must have been two-three hundred of them, the most scary looking black cats with,  I think green or orange eyes. I dont remember which it was, there eyes were almost glowing, no joking. They were walking on the rocks, along the beach water, which I could hardly believe (dont cats hate the water?) And, they all seemed to be heading towards the picnic table which I used to hang out at with my teen friends.

 I remember they starred at us as we drove by. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. I knew this wasn't right. I thought even if this was some kind of joke, where and how could any one find so many Black cats at any one moment. And, how would they get them there?

And, as I remember not one single soul was there at the Beach, that is unusual even for an overcast day. As, I circled around to leave the beach, I had to look again. I was shaking my head in disbelief that I could have really seen that. Me and my sister never looked at each other once, all I remember saying to her was " do you see that, she answered yea. We were absolutely speachless at that moment. I wished that I had gotten out of the car or something, I dont know why I feel that way, maybe to have found an answer to why.

The whole way home I thought about what we had just seen, I started thinking about my other sisters friends that were in that accident. So, I called her as soon as I got home and asked her about how long ago that happened, had it been quite a year. She answered yes, I think so, about that. I started thinking maybe it was the teen's year anniversary since they died. Maybe, they were still there at the beach in their own minds, not realizing they are not really amongst the living. I dont know, but, I wonder what it all means. I wonder if any one else saw what I saw that day.

Have you had any other stories like mine or similar?




Nuns in South Texas





I grew up in a very small town called Hebbronville, TX.

I went to pre-school called 'Little Flower School' there.  Right next to the school was an old white 3 story building which was always locked up and a fence built around it to keep us children away.  Our playground area is directly in front of this building. 

I remember everyday during recess as I played I would always see a lady at a window(which at the time I didn't know was a Nun), and I was always trying to get her attention.  Sometimes I succeeded and got a smile and a wave, other times I would get a cold quiet stare from her.  You see as children we were never allowed to go into the building.  But to me I thought she was a teacher and I was always trying to ask permission to go inside with her and be the first kid to see the inside of that building.

I have memories of her sweeping and even lighting an oil lamp for light.  The one memory that scares me the most was when I actually got permission from her to go upstairs where she was.  I yelled out to her and said if I could help her with anything.  She nodded and beckoned me to come up to where she was.  I was so excited and I ran through the gate up to the doors and yanked it open.  I went inside and looked around for stairs.  As I was making my way through the room to the stairway I could hear my school teachers running across the playground screaming for me to get out.  I was stepping over old chalk boards and overturned childrens desks.  The place was completely gray with dust.  As I was walking up the stairway something was telling me to stop.  I froze in terror.  My teacher reached the entrance and looked up at me and yelled at me to get out now.  I was so scared to move and I noticed she didn't want to come in to get me.  Finally I managed to walk back to her.  She started asking me why I went inside.  I told her I had gotten permission.  She said from who.  I said from the teacher upstairs.  She looked confused and said what teacher, show me.  I stood outside and pointed up to the window but nobody was there.  She asked me how I opened the door if it was bolted shut.  I couldn't explain.  I just said it opened. 

Every teacher wanted to hear my story.  I repeated it about a thousand times. 

I thought I was in trouble for sure and wasn't surprised when they took my father aside after school when he came to pick me up. 

I didn't get a scolding that day or ever about that. 

Only later did I find out from my father that the old building was once a school with Nuns as teachers.  And that the lady I would see and call to everyday wasn't just any lady.  She was a ghost.




Our 1906 house in Tacoma





My daughter had many confrontations with numerous ghosts in this house. One night she woke from her sleep to see a soldier in her closet glaring at her with a slight glow on him.She saw him slowly move  in her direction. She noticed his boots were off the floor.  My girl screamed her way to my room. Other hauntings were the clear sound of some ones foot steps going up the stairway, down the hall to the front bedroom, there, they would stop. My teenage daughters would lose jewelry, nail polish and pretty hair accessories. When I was cleaning in a room we did'nt use, I found a loose floor board and pried it up. Under- neath

I found not only some of their missing things, but I found child's ball (which was hard like concrete)  ; an old letter dated 1909-reporting the child's progress at school; some old photos of a man;  an old tin can; and a spelling test. Voices were heard calling two of  my daughters' names .My ex husbands father died in that house on his own daughters birthday.She said he had gone upstairs   that morning to sing happy birthday to her. He stopped just outside of the front bedroom door. As for the soldier,my ex-husbands brother had been in the military , he was killed in a terrible car accident one year prior to his father's death. And the room my younger daughter had  was his when he lived at home. Also, in the beginning of the 1900's the house was owned by a podiatrist whose wife was very ill.My daughters heard old muffled music. On a cold rainy day we were in the dining room doing homework, when the kitchen door opened up and slowly started to shut . The lights of the chandelier blew up on more then one occasion.My youngest daughter would reach to turn on or off a light and the switch would spark. The micro wave oven blew up Many more things happened here and around the entire neighborhood. At first I didn't see or hear the things my girls and my ex were  ,but, it didn't take long after the footsteps came DOWN the steps ....when my girls  were all gone for the night. Also, there was an awful odor in the house that I could not get rid of.



Trailer Haunts




Great site you have, I have been reading it for several years. I thought I would contribute one of my experiences.

My family and I were living in Sioux Falls, SD in 2002-2004 in a trailer. It started out of the blue. I would see a dark fog like apparition coming out of my wife’s closet regardless of whether the lights were on or not. I didn’t tell my wife about this due to the fact she is scared easily and I was usually at work until 2 am. More and more we began to hear footsteps but I attributed it to the trailer settling. After a while I asked my wife if she had noticed anything out of the ordinary. She said she had and described the black fog that would be in our room from time to time. A few weeks later I was returning from the main bathroom when I looked into the bedroom and noticed a full size black specter, just a littler taller than myself. After staring at it for a few seconds it moved itself to the right and was no longer in my view. A little panicked I went to my computer to listen to some music and play counter-strike. As time went on things would randomly go missing, but only my things such as medicine bottles and my right shoe would disappear for days at a time. My wife and I have a mutual friend that has National Guard Drill once a month and she was staying with us that night and noticed the black fog once again; things started getting stranger with doors opening and closing and odd chills. One night I heard my two daughters talking to someone in there room. Later I asked who they were talking to. My oldest daughter Caitlin replied “It’s our baby brother” (this term was for pretty much any male child younger than their ages of 4 and 3) I asked my daughters what he looked like. Samantha, my youngest replied “He has brown hair and white eyes” A thought popped into my head at that moment. My middle sister Stacy was pregnant; perhaps it is the spirit of her unborn child. . After that we just realized we had a ghost and we would speak to it if we didn’t like it doing something, say hi etc. and after a while the incidents stopped. As it turns out about 3 months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, brown hair included



Spirit Story




Shortly after my parents, my sister and I moved to Arkansas from Washington, my father's youngest brother was killed in a gunshot accident. That summer my father's family had a family reunion. This was an event that lasted over a week. At one point during the week, my cousin and I had had enough of all of the people and the pool. We were sitting in the living room watching the television when we heard the organ in the back room playing. No one else had come in the house while we were in there. So, we walked to the back of the house to see who it was. First of all, the only two people in the family that knew how to play the organ in the back room were my grandmother (whom we could clearly hear out on the patio) and my recently deceased uncle. When we got to the door of the room, the playing stopped. We went in the room and the organ was infact on. We checked the closet, under the bed, behind the curtains and the lock on the window. There was no one in the room and the window was locked. We turned off the organ and walked out of the room. Before we got down the hall to the living room, the organ started playing again. We decided that it was our uncle and just sat in the living room and listened to it in the background as we watched T.V.




The Banshee




This happened over 10 years ago but I remember it like yesterday! I was visiting my mom's village and my grandparents owned a tin calbin there with a blackish tree beside. Anway one day I was in there at night time playing with my doll when I heard a girl crying. Then the lights went out, and I saw a girl who looked really pretty! Then I saw this black horse beside her, then the horse came close to me and I was about to touch it when my mom open the door in a hurry and then the girl was gone. When I told my mom what happened she told me to describe "the girl" and I did, then my mom got this werid look on her like she was scared, but she just told me to stop copying my great grandfather's story! Which to me made no sense until I heard the story from my cousin!  :

One day when my g. grandfather was coming from his job as a security guard (it was 1 am) he heard crying, when he followed it, it led him to the Blackish tree (beside the tin calbin) , he saw a pretty girl with a black horse on top of the tree! He assked if she needed help and she wanted to get down, and as a kind man he offered to help, just before he touched her hand the sun began to come up and when he looked back at her she was gone! Then 2 days later his 2nd daughter died!

So first I think she was just kidding cause she may have heard about me but then (if I remembered correctly) I never told my mom about the black horse so how can she know about it? Then after 2 days my grandma dies. But the werid thing is that I saw her again but this time she had red eyes and blood all around her! This happened a year ago, and I even can still her how she moaned and now it just scares me! Good thing my mom belived me this time (But I think she belived me a long time ago) cause she told my grandpa to cut down the tree and today the "tin calbin" is now my calbin whenever I visit here and the good thing is that the girl never came back!  But when I told my friend she said that she also saw her and calls her a banshee cause banshees' only appear when someone dies and after that my friend had a car accident and was pronouced dead on the spot! I will always wonder if it was a banshee or was it just a ghost....




The Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables




I was there with my rainbow group in 2001, we stayed on the 3rd floor, the 4th and 5th floors were being renovated at the time. We stayed at the end of the hall., which was told to be the hall they shot the film the shining, but who knows right,. Well the room was old, the windows had no locks. I remember it like it was yesterday, there was a staircase right behind our room, and at night we would here footsteps above on the ceiling, coming from the 4th floor.  Which was being redone so noone should be up there especially at about 12, or 1 in the mornign and then the second night we were there, I was laying in bed, and smething banged on the wall right next to my head, and I fell of out bed. We looked out in the staricase and nothing was there, no door closing or nothing, so we went back into the room and about 15mins later it happened again,. That was just the first encounter. Sometimes when we first got there, we would put our stuff in the closet and when we cmae back the stuff was moved and the closet door was open. And then we got so scared after the second night we stayed in our advisors room, but stuff kept on happening, the 4th night, it rained and we can see across to our rooms, from our advisors room, and when it lighting and lit up the sky, we saw a persons face on the 4th floor above our room, and then later that night, we had the fan off, and it just started moving, and then would stop out of nowhere. The next day we left.  Just wanted to share my story with you. It was interesting, scray but interesting




The Old Cape Hospital





I spent half of my childhood and a good many years of my adulthood in Cape Girardeau. The old hospital on Morgan Oak is one of the spookiest places I've ever been, and I worked at the Winchester Mystery House. First of all, the name of the hospital was the old St. Francis Hospital. I went in there back in 2000,  before they tore it down, and I went in there with an old girlfriend. We found a pentagram engraved in the basement floor, dark stains on the floor, which we could only guess at. We heard footsteps, things falling to the floor making loud metallic noises, cold spots where my long hair would stand on end, and I even felt my hair being pulled.  The only spookier place I ever went in Cape Girardeau was an old hotel that had been closed for years (I think the name was the Marimont Hotel).

I went in there with the same ex-girlfriend, and heard footsteps, cold spots, moaning, real hot spots, things thrown against walls and just a general feeling of being watched and followed. We went to every floor, including the basement, and there was no sign of life at all. We even had to climb in from the neighboring building rooftop, walking along a catwalk and slip in through a broken window. The basement was the worst feeling, especially in the boiler room. I felt a pure evil presence down there and had to leave the building. My girlfriend convinced me to stay a little longer, since we hadn't gone to the roof yet. We made our way to the roof (difficult since the top 2 or 3 floors were heavily damaged due to a fire), and the entire time, I felt as if we were being followed. When we got to the roof, something began pelting us with pebbles that were found on the roof floor. We got out of the building as soon as possible, and when we were across the street, more pebbles began hitting us even harder that before, in fact denting a metal sliding door.

The following day, we went back into the hotel, and went immediately to the roof. I picked up a handful of pebbles, and threw them at the metal door across the street. Not a single one hit the door, and I have a pretty good arm on me. Other world strength? I don't know, but the experience scared the hell out of me. Just thought you'd like to hear this.



The Story of my Dogs Toy





My name is Margaret and about a year ago I lived in Columbia, SC. My husband was then stationed at the military base Ft. Jackson and we lived off base about 15 minutes away. Toward the end of his term, he was on duty for 2 weeks and had to sleep in the barracks on base, so every night at 6:00 I would leave the house to stay with him. I have two dogs and before I left my routine was to lock them in the kitchen with a baby gate and then I would put my dogs favorite toy in there with them. After I stayed on base with my husband I would arrive back home at 9:00 in the morning and on the second morning I found the dog toy that I had put in the kitchen in the hallway. This was a position that no person could even throw it to. Well, to say the least I thought that I had just forgotten to put in the kitchen. So that night I made sure that the toy went with my dog and then left the house. The next morning I found it in the same place in the hallway. I thought I was going crazy so I never mentioned it to my husband. For the next few nights it kept happening and the last time I found it I called my husband at work. I told him the whole story and how weird it was and how also I've seen dark spots in the hallway out of the corner of my eye the whole time we've lived there. He said there is no such thing as ghosts and I was probably playing tricks on myself. We kept arguing and I told him there was a ghost in this house, I wasn't afraid but I was right. After I spoke about it out loud in the house it stopped, until a few weeks later when a some things were moved around. I have witnesses for that, because before we left my friends and I moved a laptop to a secure spot so it wouldn't fall and when we came back it was on the top of the couch. There are things that we don't understand in this world and I've experienced the evidence.




The Swing in the Park





My friend and I Jeffrey were walking through the local park when the swing next to us started to move rapidly by its self. I had noticed it then I told Jeffrey. We had to run out of the park. I stopped and turned around and the swings had stopped but I saw a strange figure on the horizon and it looked like if it was watching us. We were realy freaked by this so we kept on running. I was staying at Jeffrey’s house that night, neither of us could get to sleep,the figure of the man was still was still my head. We tried to use different roots avoiding even seeing the park. On Friday 26 of April we decided to give it a shot and go through the park strangely the swingshad been taken down but it wasn’t the swings I was worried about it was the figure. We were half way through the park when I looked up to see the figure again, my heart was pounding.

Strangely Jeffery had just collapsed to the ground. I was really scared and bent down to see if he was ok. When I looked back up the figure had disappeared. He finally had got up and we couldn’t belive what had happened and couldn’t wait to tell everybody about this mysterious event. We never went back to the park and our story stays true.




The Haunted House I Lived In




I moved in with a friend in a house in Moreno Valley, Ca it was an older ranch property with 3 houses and a barn on 2 acres. The house was the main house on the property.  It was a long style ranch house. When you entered into the front door it was into a large long front room that went into the dining room. The main bedroom door came directly off the living room the bathroom was right next to the bedroom both doors were just before the dining room. The kitchen had an open doorway that was at the end of the dining room behind the kitchen was a small area that originally was on office area behind that came the second bedroom. Standing in the front door you could see all the way to the second bedroom. The rooms were long and large. I moved in with a friend who moved out a month after I moved in. I rented the second room to my sister in laws mother. The first time I experienced anything I was alone in the house. I was asleep. When I woke up it was about 2 in the morning  I heard steps on the wooden floor they were walking towards my bed I could not see anyone even though the neighbors security light lit my room up annoyingly bright. The steps continued towards my bed. Stopped at the end of my bed and then it seemed as though someone had sat on the end of my water bed the water moved me as if someone had actually sat. I then heard a loud sighing sound as if someone was very exhausted. This kept me up until my phone rang with a friend asking me to come help him with a load of hay I threw my jeans and shirt on in bed and tore out of the house. Two days later the spoons started. When ever I walked through the kitchen the washed spoons would fly across the kitchen as if someone had hit the tip of the face up spoon sending it across the kitchen. My roommate asked me if I had a problem with clean spoons. I replied I wasn’t talking about the spoons and if she left them on the floor that was fine with me. I never touched another spoon the whole time I lived in that house. The spoons did this regardless of anyone being in the house or not. The next thing that happened I was alone in the house it was early evening when it started. A few days earlier my niece was visiting her grandma they were in her room that was at the other end of the house with the door shut they were playing as every few minutes my niece would run out giggling and laughing that grandma was going to tickle her. A few nights after my niece went home I was alone in the house when I started to hear feet running on the wooden floor in a voice similar to my niece who was at home in Anaheim the voice started saying the part of the conversation between my niece and her grandmother that they had in the shut room. “Grandmas going to get you better run. Laughter and giggling” There was no way I could have heard this part of the conversation as it was at the other end of the house behind a closed door.  I tore out of the house and went to my moms. A week after my roommate moved out leaving me and my 2 year old son in the house. Less than a week later I was in the bath tub when it became ice cold the mirror became clear of all steam. And the feeling was terrifying by this time I had put a chord long enough to go into every room in the house on my phone, I called a friend told him I had enough and to come and get me. He did and we moved me lock stock and barrel out of that house one other time I lived in a newly built apartment it was built (Unknown to me at the time) on Indian burial grounds. The things that went on became so terrifying that I carried and slept with my bible at all times before I moved out of there. The second time the instant I felt that terrifying feeling I was out of there. .  Two years later I was speaking to a friend about haunted houses, she told me about a house her sister lived next door to for about twelve years before they had torn it down for some track houses. She told me that after the power and water boxes had been removed the lights and sprinklers would come on and she could see someone through the window dancing and moving... The house was empty for several years and but there was always a feeling of someone being there. As well as lights being on and water running I soon realized that we were speaking of the same house that I had these things happen to me in.

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