A Small Frightening Encounter


By: VampiressSlayer@aol.com



I really don't like reliving this moment in my life but I saw the site and decided to tell about it, mainly because I needed to get it off my chest. Back about 6 years ago when me and my dad lived in a town house like home I had a weird thing happen to me. I was only around 10 or 11 at the time and it was about 2 in the morning when it happened. Ever since I was little I've always had sleeping problems so I'm up all hours of the night, or at least that's how my dad put it. I was getting ready to go to sleep and I turned the lights off in my room and went over to lay down in my bed. As soon as I turned over facing my closet I noticed something strange. I had one of those closets with the sliding doors and I had left one of the doors open, well as I looked closer at the strange thing that caught my eye I squinted a bit more and noticed it was a eyes staring back at me, but they were a dark red color. I tried to get up from my bed to run into my dads room but I couldn't move because I was scared that if I did whatever it was would get me. So I closed my eyes and when I opened them back up it was still there, at that point I didn't know what else to do so I screamed and about 2 minutes later my dad ran into the room and turned the lights on, on his way in. I told my dad about it and he says I was seeing things, however I know I wasn't seeing things, I saw what I saw. Ever since that night I've never went to sleep or even turned the lights off in my room before my closet doors were shut. Now me and my dad have moved a few times but I still can't sleep with the closet doors open. Just the memory of that night gives me the chills.



Family Members


By: Emma.Lehman@bunge.com



From the time my son was able to look around and until he was about 3

1/1 to 4 years old, he saw people and animals that no one else could see.  Many times he would play with someone that no one else could see.  One evening, we were all in the den (my husband, my son and myself) and my son was playing and talking to someone in the corner of the room.  For some unknown reason that night, it really bugged me that he was playing with someone that no one else could see.  I asked him who he was playing with and was told that he was playing with "Paw-paw".  "Paw-paw" was my name for my grandfather that had been dead for several years.  I looked over to the corner of the room and challenged my grandfather to prove it if he was really there.  "Paw-paw" used to love to act like his nose was running and then he would make a big production of wiping the back of his hand across his nose and then dry his hand on whoever happened to be closest to him.  J (my son) tried his best to do the same thing after he received some instruction from his playmate.  Then J had some further whispered conversation with his playmate.  He came over to me, hugged and kissed me and then said "From him."  I knew that he was relaying a message from my grandfather about how much he loved me.  A couple of years later, my aunt (my dad's sister) and my grandmother (my mom's mother) died within a week of each other.  I had a really hard time getting over those events.  As a religious person, I had a hard time trying to understand why God allowed to such good women to die so close together.  My aunt always loved to sew.

One of the things that she always did was to put the pattern pieces as close as possible together when you are cutting out a pattern - to make the scraps as large as possible, in case you want to use them for something else later on.  I have never been very good at cutting out material and didn't like putting the pieces too close together.  One evening I was cutting some material out in the floor of our living room.  J was playing in the den (right next door).  I wasn't paying much attention to what he was doing when he came up to the gate I had put across the doorway between the two rooms.  He told me that it wasn't right.  I asked him what wasn't right.  He stepped back from the doorway and spoke to someone - like he was getting directions on what to say.  Then he looked me straight in the eye (I was down on my hands and knees crawling around in the floor) and told me that the pieces weren't close enough.  You have to understand that this was coming from a child who had just turned two - he probably had never seen anyone to anything like, since I hadn't sewed in several years and my aunt had been totally disabled before he was born.  It was a great comfort to me to know that she was looking over me.  I have heard people say that anything paranormal or from the spirit realm is of "the devil".  I have to totally disagree.  All of the paranormal experiences I have had in my life have been of great comfort to me - like when my aunt came back and told me how to cut out material.  I don't understand why some people are allowed by God to come for visits, but I know that it happens.




Guardian Angel



By: emmyh2o@msn.com


This is my friends' story, really. But I couldn't even get her to talk about it anymore.

So I'll tell it myself.

Once my friend and me were outside, playing, and we were in her yard. She has a tree in her yard and she likes to do a hand stand like, right in front of the tree, and then she lands her feet on it. We call it the flippy-thingy, because we're kids. Well, I could never do the flippy-thingy, because I was too chicken. So I just sat beside her and watched. Once, while she was upside-down, she got really scared and flipped back down. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she saw a man in a black suit walking down the road, and when she flipped off the tree, he was gone. That was last year, and she still won't talk about it to this day.

We started talking about our experiences with ghosts after that. She believes that what she saw was her guardian angel. I believe that, too. I don't believe in ghosts, and her experience doesn't change my mind. I don't know if it changed her mind about it, but she seemed pretty freaked out. She is my neighbor and close friend. We have been friends for over 4 years and I believed her because of the way she was acting. She was definitely scared.

I won't believe in ghosts until I see one. My mother has also seen one, but I will save that for another time.




More Than One Account



By: ashleyflores2004@yahoo.com



Ok first of all my name is Ashley. I live in California I've had encounters with 4 ghost. The fist time I had an encounter I was only 9 or 10. I was sitting up late one night, getting ready for bed when this black shadow entered my room. I only had a night light, so I thought it was my father coming to tuck me in and say goodnight. Well this shadow walked to my closet and disappered. I never told a soul untill right now. The second time I was a sleep, I felt this heavy feeling laying on top off my chest. I tried to wake up but my eyes would'nt open. I could hear a voice tell me "go back to sleep it's okay" but I knew some how I must wake up that I have to open up my eyes. Now Im not all that in to religion, but I do believe in God. I started to pray asking for help. Then as soon as it started it stopped. The following night I had a dream atleast I think it was a dream. I dreamed I was standing in the light  washing dish'es and beyond where my couch was it was pitched black I felt that I had to stay in the light. I dont know why but it felt safe, A voice with no body was trying to trick me trying to get me to agree with it. I remember tell it no that it has to leave.  It wanted something from me I cant recall I told it in the Lords name it must leave and never bother me again. I woke up that morning feeling like this weight was lifted of my shoulder. Like there was this bounce in my walk that was never there before. That second night it return as a nightmare it trapped me in a old house with a gate for a door. I couldnt get out it was chasing me through the whole house I remember being in the middle of the house near some stairs it was dark and I was scared it had a black hood coat and I couldnt see it's face. I remember asking God for help again. The windows in my dream flew open and this thing ran in to the darkest part of the house away from the light. It never visited me again.

The third time I've had an encounter I just got back from out of state, I had no where to go so I stayed in a sheleter. Well from what I can recall a man over dosed and had died. He was found 7 days later decompsing. Well that night I was talking to a couple of people we startes talking about the nights mishaps event. When a girl started joking around that he was going to haunt all the rooms. Now me being 20 something and not scared of anything said " Let him visit me I dont believing Ghost" well he visited me and he was all mad as hell. I was laying down and I felt this hand very lightly touch me on my side I was not asleep I was wide awake staring at the wall. I turned around to look at the neighbor girl to see if she wanted something to my surprise she was asleep, I brushed it of as my mind playing tricks from me being so tired. So I closed my eye's and try to get some sleep, but I kept hearing this voice. I turned to look around but no one was awake , just  then the door swing open . I saw this head only the head of the man who was suppose to be dead peeping behind the wall that leads in the other room where 4 other girls sleep. I screamed waking up everyone in the room. I couldnt sleep that night to scared and to ashamed that I pee all over myself.

The fourth and last time I ever felt a prensece was when I was working at a Animal Hospital out in Conga Park. I was the last one in the kennel where the big dogs where kept when I got this strange feeling like dread come over me, but I just kept working. Now all the dog's were quiet cause I only had one light on. But then all of a sudden they jumped up and some started to howl and other growled not thinking any thing of it I just kept working rolling up the hose checking the water pipes making sure everything was shut off for the night when this 5 pound metal pooper scooper flew by my. I stop when I was doing stood up then felt real dizzy. I could hear some one giggling so me pissed of asumed it was one of my co-worker playing a prank. Turns out  I was the only one in the kennel while the others where up front or out back smoking. I quit a few days later after a girl strangled herself by having a leasing around  her neck and getting caught on a cage door that didnt open at all. Some strange things happen but hey thats life were not the only was on this earth.     




Cold Spots among Other Signs


By: geordiegirl3000@hotmail.co.uk


This is not the first time I've told some one this, normally people don't believe me because I'm only fourteen.  But I swear that everything I'm about to say is the honest truth.

My first experience happened six years ago, my friend was sleeping over at mine.  We couldn't sleep, so we were just talking in the dark, well it wasn't that dark because I had the curtains open.  I remember it being a few minutes past midnight, I also remember thinking my friend had stood up because there was a shadow on the wall opposite us, but she was still lying down, but she too had seen the shadow, it no features and was only head and shoulders, it was where my light switch was, we both looked outside to see if any one was there, nothing.  So we started to really freak out and closed the curtains as quick as possible, and when we reopened them a few seconds later it was gone.  I have no explanation for this, I defiantly wasn’t dreaming and neither of us had imagined it.

Later on that year I was alone in the house watching a video, I stopped the video to get some thing to eat down stairs, when I came back the video had been took out from my video player and was on my bed.

My next experience happened about five maybe four years ago, I was on the computer, and I was the only one in the house as my brother was out and my mum and dad were out working, I didn’t have any music on at the time, and the TV wasn’t on either, basically things were silent.  I heard this voice, coming from down stairs calling my name, it was defiantly a woman’s voice, maybe in her late twenty’s I wasn’t sure at the time.  I really started freaking out, it lasted for round about five minutes then stopped, the next couple of times I heard it really scared me, the last time I heard it was I was home alone again, the TV was on mute and I was on the computer again. 

The voice came from right next to me, it shouted my name in to my ear, it shocked me so badly that I actually screamed so loud that the people next door heard me.  Since then I haven’t heard it, but recently I’ve been hearing music playing in and out side of my house.

Also recently things keep happening in my room, like I keep feeling cold spots, and a lot of the time I feel like I’m not the only one in the room, it’s really scary.  Plus my TV has been put on mute or changed channels when I’m no where near the remote it scares me a lot, it’s shook me up s bad that I hate being alone in the house.



Shadows and Little White Man


By: cmburgess@zamnet.zm


Hello from sunny Zambia. 

I think the title of your website suites my 'experiences', though some, you might find a little bizarre.  It actually began here in Lusaka the capital of Zambia back in 1983 when I was a young girl of 5.  For some reason I always woke at 3am on the dot whilst living in our home at the time and found myself walking down the hallway.  We had security lights in the garden therefore shadows would play off trees, bushes and windows onto the interior walls of the house like a russian puppet show.  With a security guard present each night I would think the shadowy shape of a man appearing and disappearing suddenly was simply that, our guard doing his rounds.  It wasn't until one final night after my usual check of the house I was walking back to my room when I just felt something behind me.  Wish I hadn't because the shadowy figure of a man was right behind me, away from the walls and lights but very distinctive.  I was scared but to be honest looking back now cannot remember any feeling of evil.  Just curiosity.  A few months after I started experiencing 'visions'/'dreams'.  I would start having a dream of a little funny white man standing in my doorway looking at me with a mean little grin on his face.  then he would walk off in the direction of my brother's room whereby I once woke up to hear my brother screaming for our mum saying there was something in his room.  This experience happened only once but the dreams of the little man continued.  When we moved to the UK in '86 my final experience with this little man occured one night.  I heard my name being called from downstairs but when I reached the top of the stairs from my bedroom looking down into pitch black and feeling utter malevolence directed at me.  I couldn't see anything but it was the same sensation I had when dreaming of the little white man.  Lets say at the age of 11 I had the good sense not to investigate.  After that I stopped experiencing the little white man but feel I became susceptible to other 'things' from then on.  Our house in the UK is set on what was once the BeanOak Estate farm.  It is said that a mass grave of 1800's cholera victims lies within the vicinity of our estate which could explain the experiences and not just from me.  Our cat would get spooked and my mother was terrified one night. 

Our cat:  Tosto, our cat would suddenly sit up and stair at a corner of the room, or the doorway or an armchair and suddenly start to growl and raise his hackles.  Then he would move his head as though watching something walk through the room.  It frightened me one night when he sat up from my lap and dug his claws into my thighs.  The growling reached a crescendo as though he was going into battle with another tom.  I got so spooked I left the room and went upstairs.  Tosto had left via the catflap into the night.  He wouldn't come back in till the morning.  What really spooked me most was this also happened during the day one february morning.  I can handle nighttime frights because of the sense of normality when the sun rises, but when you are invaded during the day all your security is shattered.

My brother and I both experienced what is now termed sleep paralysis at exactly the same time one night.  Both of us also witnessed just before a sudden flash of brilliant blue.  For two people of differing sexes to experience at exactly the same time is disturbing and we still discuss it today.  My other experience of sleep paralysis was when I was fully awake.  Lying on my tummy reading a book on my bed I suddenly had the overwhelming terror swamp me from my feet upwards and couldn't move.  Then at the foot of my bed I could feel as though someone was taking a step onto the mattress between both feet.  When I could finally move I turned around to see an indentation of a foot where the sensation was.  ?

Thank you for taking your time to read my experiences for that is all I can call them.  I did have one other experience but it is too terrifying to write down and causes me fear even to this day.


Shrouded Shadow


By: ebauer@premiercarriagetrade.com


This occurred roughly 20 years ago when I was 19 or 20, and I was sleeping over at my boyfriends apartment in Spring Valley, Ca. My boyfriend left for work by 4 a.m., and I was alone in the apartment.

This one morning after he left, I awoke on my back to a heaviness in the room. It was still dark but becoming dawn. I looked to my right, and standing next to me by the bed was this tall black shrouded shadow entity. I was terrified. I could feel its presence surrounding me.

Then it spoke. I was lying there wide eyed and in shock. I am still not sure how I heard it. Was it audible, or just in my head? The voice was deep, and gruff. It asked, "What are you doing here?"

I am familiar with some experiences with the paranormal, just never had it been so terrifying. I closed my eyes and began the "Lords Prayer". By the last words, "deliver me from evil, amen.", the room had cleared. I felt the change immediately and when I reopened my eyes, all was normal again.

I told my boyfriend later that day, and he thought it was his deceased grandfather being curious. My boyfriends grandma was recently staying with him, and she would tell him stories of the grandfather visiting her.

Possible, I guess, but I still wonder what this black shrouded entity was and what it's intentions were?






The 3 Most Horrifying Nights of My Life


By: u_happy_yet@yahoo.com


Hi. I was browsing thru your site and decided to share one of my experiences with you. It was sometime during the 2nd semester of ' 04 that I had been waking up at exactly 3am every night for about 2 weeks. I remember one day I was really angry and was cussin my head off. That night I woke up at 3am as usual, but this time I heard whispers, I couldnt make out what they were saying but it scared the hell outta me. I said a quick Our Father and Hail Mary, and they went away. The next night I again woke up at 3am, and i heard the same whispers only talking alittle louder ( but i still couldnt make out what they were saying) Then i figured  it was the devil trying to bother me again, so i started to say another Hail Mary. But as I was prayin the voices got louder and louder to the point where i couldnt hear myself prayin. I started crying because I was soo scared! I quickly turned the lights on and grabbed a rosary and a picture of Jesus; i felt a whole lot better. Then the next night i woke up at the same time, and i heard the same whispers but with an extra voice, a menacing laughter. Before I went to bed I thought about how I was going to deal with the voices if it happened again. I told myself that God was with me and that I shouldnt be afraid. And so i wasnt as scared but the laughter did creep me out. Then I said f*** off! Yea I shouldnt have done that, because right after that the evil voice laughed so much louder and crazier than before, he was practicly screaming in my ear! I got up and started crying real loud. My dad came in and asked what was wrong, I told him about it. We prayed a rosary and afterwards he asked if I wanted to go to confession and I said yea. Me and my family went that day and since then i never heard voices or woke up at 3.




Old Farmhouse



By: Heatherwstr@aol.com


marshallville ohio  the old farm house I used to live in has had many ghostly adventures from objects flying in the air to lights coming on at night tractors in barn starting up spinning wheel spinning by self talking finding things in odd places strong odor of burning when nothing was burning cold very cold small areas at different times music boxes playing tunes loudly like volume was turned up moaning voices reflections in TV of old man with beard TV not on at time many other to numerous to talk about I lived there for 41 years



Touched by Ghosts


By: p_hall_143@yahoo.com


Hi, my name is Patty and I live in Kentucky.

I have been touched by ghosts back in 1976. I had only been married for about 2 months when I had my first notice of ghosts.

You see I never believed in ghosts till then.

It was around 6:30 am and I had been waken with someone walking down the hallway of our doublewide. I opened the bedroom door and there was no one there, so I went back to bed. The walking started again and I thought it was my husbands cousin. He was an alcoholic, and he sometimes just walked into our home.

So I had told him to go back home, the footsteps walked away.

The footsteps had came back again, this time tried to open the door, then walked away, this went on 3 more times, the 3rd time, the door swung open and this wind started going around the bed, I threw the covers over my head, and clung on. I was very scared by then, I felt tugging on the covers, I was not letting up on my hold.

All of a sudden the wind stopped and I let go of the covers, just then the covers went off my head and I felt something pull back my hair, I felt calm then.

My 2nd time I heard ghosts, was around 2am and my dogs were howling, some woman was banging on the door yelling for help, I got up and went to the door and there was no one there, just then the banging started on the front door, at the same time my step son had gotten up and got a pot of water to throw on the dogs to shut them up, as I had opened the front door. I had asked him if he heard the banging, he stated that it happens about that time every year.

but it only happened that one time.

Our cats at the time would be looking down the hallway and growling with their hair on ends and hissing then running out the door.

Then in 1990, I had remarried in Al. I had my mothers mirror hanging up in the hallway of our home, and I and my daughter used to feel some sort of presence in the house. We used to hear footsteps but never seen anything.

I hid the mirror and didn't hear the footsteps any longer.

I moved back to Ky. in 1999, and moved in with my father to help him after my step mother had died. I started hearing old bluegrass country music being played, sounding like it was on a old record player.

I was working 2nd shift and I didn't get home until 11:20 pm, after I had gone to bed I would hear this music, I would go to sleep with it.

I later bought a dog, and she would sleep with my dad, one night she had come running to my bed, running around my head and whining. I had grabbed her and told what ever it was to leave her alone, I was trying to sleep.

About 2 months later, my dad and I had gone to my uncles house for dinner, my dad wanted to stay there, so I went back home. I decided to sleep in his bed that night due to the fact he had air conditioner in his room, and it was hot. I had got woken up to someone walking in the kitchen, I got up and there was no one in the house, so I went back to bed, next thing I know the walking started up again, I shut off the ac and went back to my bed, and went to sleep with the country music.

When my step brother and his wife moved in with us, they had to sleep in the livingroom, (where my music was coming from) the music had stopped.

I don't have the exciting ghosts storied that most people have, but this has happened and it has made me believe.

When I had moved in with my fiance in 2003, we lived in a home that was over 100 yrs old. We both had seen different sightings of ghosts, so we knew they lived there, I believed they were his brother who had died there back in the 70's and his father that had died there in 2002.

But we used to see footprints in our carpet heading to the wall, the floor would look wet, but it was dry.

They never bothered us, we built our home in 2004 and moved out of the old house, everytime I went to that house to get more of our stuff, I would feel such sadness.

I would tell him(my husband by now) the house is sad.

He had to tear the house down last year, so I don't know what became of the ghosts.

Thank you for letting me write my story




The Other Cat


By: Emma.Lehman@bunge.com



For many years, I had a gray cat named Kitty.  Kitty didn't like many people - she mainly only liked me.  She always slept up against my legs at night - on the outside of the covers.  She loved to be close to me.  After she died, I was absolutely miserable.  I missed her so much.  After a few days, I started getting a glimpse of her walking aroung the house out of the corner of my eye.  I didn't say anything to anyone for a while.  One day, my aunt said that she didn't realize that we had gotten another cat after Kitty had died.  I told her that we didn't have any cats or any other pets for that matter.  She was absolutely convinced that she had seen a cat walk across the doorway in our living room.  One night just as I was going to sleep, I felt Kitty jump up onto the bed and cuddle up against me.  I could feel her pressing against my legs.  I tried my best to convince myself that it was just my imagination, but my husband felt her jump up onto the bed also.  Over the years, she has gradually stopped coming around us so much.  She still shows up whenever I am upset or sick.  I guess she just comes to comfort me, just like she did when she was alive.







The Mound Guardian



By: laura5905@hotmail.com


I would like to share a supernatural experience that happened at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul, Minnesota.

About Indian Mounds Park:

This park is on Daytons Bluff in St. Paul and has a fascinating history dating back to the Hopewellian period. At least 16 burial mounds originally sat on the high bluff. 19 more were located further down the bluff above Carver's Cave. Today there are only 6 Mounds close to the edge of the bluff with a Scenic Overlook area. In two of the Indian mounds were 8 stone cists.

Human bones were found in each cist and were accompanied by grave offerings, including shells, perforated bear teeth, copper ornaments, and a piece of hammered sheet copper, as well as the usual number of projectile points.

Among the more startling discoveries was a skull covered with red clay.

Nothing similar to this "death mask" had ever been found by archaeologists in mounds or ancient graves.

When my husband and I first met we didn’t have any money for entertainment so we would often go to the Mounds Park Scenic Overlook to watch the Eagles over the Mississippi River and look at the Downtown St. Paul skyline. 

Sometimes we would meet friends there at night and have a bonfire. It was at Mounds Park my husband first told me he loved me.

The night of our supernatural experience was in the summer of 1992. It was really hot out so we decided to go to Mounds after midnight, we brought a blanket and sat at the scenic overlook as usual.

We laid there and talked some, mostly just looked at the stars, and enjoyed the night. As we had just met, and were young, we were rather touchy-feely, and one thing led to another…..

About 2:30 a.m. we both began to doze when the breeze started, not strong, but enough to rustle the leaves on the trees, waking us up. I felt compelled to look to the right toward the 1st Mound at the trees and bushes that line the cliff. I pointed to the brush about 4 feet away from us and said “Look”.

In the rustling leaves a very tall figure formed, first the outline, the leaves moving and creating more and more definition slowly to materialize into an Indian man made of leaves!

This Indian had many layers of clothing leggings, and a blanket over his shoulders. On his head there was a hood or something that resembled an animal, maybe a wolf or bear. He was holding something in his right hand that was very long.

His face was perfectly defined, and was looking directly at us with very serious eyes.

We stared at the green leaf Indian while he stared at us until we couldn’t stand it. There was a rising feeling in both of us, like an energy..… It felt like something was about to happen…..

My husband broke the tension and said “we should go”,  I said “I think he’s the Guard of The Mounds”.

While we were leaving we kept an eye on the Leaf Indian who shifted and turned his head to watch us until we were out of site.

We still go to Indian Mounds Park, but have never again gone alone after Midnight.




The Mound Guardian



By: laura5905@hotmail.com


I would like to share a supernatural experience that happened at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul, Minnesota.

About Indian Mounds Park:

This park is on Daytons Bluff in St. Paul and has a fascinating history dating back to the Hopewellian period. At least 16 burial mounds originally sat on the high bluff. 19 more were located further down the bluff above Carver's Cave. Today there are only 6 Mounds close to the edge of the bluff with a Scenic Overlook area. In two of the Indian mounds were 8 stone cists.

Human bones were found in each cist and were accompanied by grave offerings, including shells, perforated bear teeth, copper ornaments, and a piece of hammered sheet copper, as well as the usual number of projectile points.

Among the more startling discoveries was a skull covered with red clay.

Nothing similar to this "death mask" had ever been found by archaeologists in mounds or ancient graves.

When my husband and I first met we didn’t have any money for entertainment so we would often go to the Mounds Park Scenic Overlook to watch the Eagles over the Mississippi River and look at the Downtown St. Paul skyline. 

Sometimes we would meet friends there at night and have a bonfire. It was at Mounds Park my husband first told me he loved me.

The night of our supernatural experience was in the summer of 1992. It was really hot out so we decided to go to Mounds after midnight, we brought a blanket and sat at the scenic overlook as usual.

We laid there and talked some, mostly just looked at the stars, and enjoyed the night. As we had just met, and were young, we were rather touchy-feely, and one thing led to another…..

About 2:30 a.m. we both began to doze when the breeze started, not strong, but enough to rustle the leaves on the trees, waking us up. I felt compelled to look to the right toward the 1st Mound at the trees and bushes that line the cliff. I pointed to the brush about 4 feet away from us and said “Look”.

In the rustling leaves a very tall figure formed, first the outline, the leaves moving and creating more and more definition slowly to materialize into an Indian man made of leaves!

This Indian had many layers of clothing leggings, and a blanket over his shoulders. On his head there was a hood or something that resembled an animal, maybe a wolf or bear. He was holding something in his right hand that was very long.

His face was perfectly defined, and was looking directly at us with very serious eyes.

We stared at the green leaf Indian while he stared at us until we couldn’t stand it. There was a rising feeling in both of us, like an energy..… It felt like something was about to happen…..

My husband broke the tension and said “we should go”,  I said “I think he’s the Guard of The Mounds”.

While we were leaving we kept an eye on the Leaf Indian who shifted and turned his head to watch us until we were out of site.

We still go to Indian Mounds Park, but have never again gone alone after Midnight.



Grandma's Story


By: redbaron1995@msn.com


I live in Ft. Wayne,IN. I never saw a spirt,or had so much of an encounter with one, but my grandmother has told me about her brothers.It was a long time ago,(i don't know the exact date)and it was a small time after her mother's death. Her 2 brothers Art and Kenny both saw a spirt of their mother.They each had a diffrent story.Kenny's was that it was right after they(art&kenny)have been playing in mud(Art's face was muddy.)they went inside.He needed to use the restroom and so he went upstairs to the bathroom my grandma said his face was white and he was very cold. He was scarred. When they asked why, he said "i saw mom." They went upstairs to look, and found nothing, but a hung up towel, Art would NEVER hang anything up. They were suprised. The second one might be a little more scarry. Kenny was walking to the star case, when he saw a figure. It was in the window. It was a woman, as he got closer, he saw it was his mom. The mother moved her head toward Kenny, she began talking. She never told me the words of what she said, but I do belive that they saw her. I find ghosts(or spirts)strangly neat, because they are said to take more than one form.





Marian Center.Milwaukee, Wi


By: oneangel@wi.rr.com


I went to what was then St. Mary's Academy my freshman thru senior years and I graduated form St. Mary's. There are 2 buildings. The newer building which I think was built in the 50's and is on the south end of the property closest to the parking lot we refered to as the "new building" and the other to the North and closer to Oklahoma Ave. we refered to as the "old building" which I believe if  my memeory serves me was built in the late 1800's and the school was once a boarding school. When we were there at night the entire "old building" as we referred to it, just was not right. At a spring concert one May, we saw a light moving up the staircase in the "old building" like someone was holding a lantern. There was not supposed to be anyone in that building at the time. We were viewing this form the "haunted" theatre, which you have on the website I am viewing. That same night we (there were 3 of us) went down to what was the cafeteria, located in the old building, and we were at the soda machine when we heard footsteps coming toward us. We thought for certain we were going to get caught(as we were not supposed to be there) when the footsteps just stopped, about 4 feet from the doorway to the soda machine room. All 3 of us poked our heads out from the soda machine room after a time as there had been no additional movement and there was no one there. We looked at one another, took our high heels off and ran like hell back to the new building. In the basement of the new building there is said to be an entrance to a set of tunnels that were used during the Underground Railroad movement during the Civil War. During my time there, which was the late 80's,early 90's, the basement to the school was chained and locked off to us girls due to "safety reasons". At the time the girls who had been at the school the year prior to my arrival, which included my cousin, used lockers in the basement and there were so many unexplained things happening such as footsteps, locker's being open that were closed the night before, etc. that that is why the basement was closed off. If you walk in the small "connecter"/"hallway" between the old and new buildings you can clearly hear it is hollow underneath the floor. It is on my list of things to do to find out as much as I can about the property, and I would love to go back to my old highschool and be free to explore. The education and the staff at the school were absoultey first rate and I have the highest regard for the school. It is a shame it was shut down. As I sit here there are more stories and personal expirences that come to mind. The 3rd floor of the old building is of interest. The entire "old building" is interesting. There was a chapel on the 3rd floor and as I said before tthe school used to be a dormatory also, and there was talk of a boarding student who died there. If you would like further information please contact me. Also if you were to gain permission from the Marian Center to do an investigation I would very much like to be a part of it. I have so many unanswered questions. That school affected me deeply and to this day I still have dreams about the school. I guess someday I was meant to go back there.






That Cemetery


By: scojowoods@comcast.net


For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the cemetary even though I pass it often. Its located in South Walpole Massachusetts. I have a friend buried there. I used to go there in the middle of the night to visit him.

Well, his grave of course. One night, in 1993, I was there about 2 am. I was talking to his grave when I heard leaves rustling. (It abuts woodlands) I looked up and saw this neon green "thing"....It had no shape, but it was running towards me. Every step I took back it took two forward. I ran to my car and locked the doors, my ex husband was still standing in the same spot, not able to move. I put my fingers in my ears pretty sure this was the end of things. After what seemed like ages, my ex hopped in the car, we drove home and never, ever spoke about it again. Of course I havent been back. I am considering taking a drive out this afternoon just to get the name of the cemetary, but even the thought of it makes my stomache turn...........




My Friends are with Me



By: swordplays@yahoo.com


Like a lot of people I have had friends and family members pass away.One of my best friends was John, who died from pancreatic cancer while still in his early thirties.

Many years later,I started a habit while praying. I ask God to help me to always remember my friends and family who have passed away, who influenced me,and who were a big part of my life. Then I think of their names and say them silently in prayer. About a year ago our friend and family priest passed away,and I attended the funeral mass. As I was kneeling in the pews, I felt someone beside me. I looked to my right and there as plain as day was John! He was there for only 2,maybe 3 seconds and then disappeared, and where I saw him it looked as if there were stars falling.I shook my head and looked again, but he was gone.I had not thought about John at all that day,and I may never know why he decided to show himself. I know that God puts people into your life for a reason, and now I know that even after they are gone they are always with you.I love you Brother! Thanks for the visit!






Revolutionary War Ghost



By: LMADELYN7@aol.com



Hello - I grew up in an old apartment building in the Fordham Hill section of the Bronx. When I was about 14 years old, I was speaking on the telephone to my best friend, who lived upstairs on the fifth floor of the building. My apartment was on the second floor. my friend said that she was going to come down to my apartment in a few minutes. As soon as I hung up the telephone, there was a knock on the door. I wondered how my friend could have possibly made it down three flights of stairs so quickly, as we hung up the phones that second. I went to the door and looked out of the "peekhole" to see if it was her. There at the door stood a tall, young looking man, wearing a ruffled white shirt, a thick black belt, black pants and black boots that went almost to his knees. Hanging from the side of his belt was a sword or saber. As I stared at him, it appeared as though he was looking right at me with peircing blue eyes, even though the door was between us. I then noticed that I could see the number on the apartment door across from mine through his shirt. I quickly ran from the door realizing what I had seen, thouroughly frightened and called my friend asking her to hurry and come down as I was alone in the house. I will never forget it as long as I live. I did some research and learned that there were revolutionary war battles on and aroung Fordham hill. I came to the conclusion that the ghost was a revolutionary war soldier, probably British from the clothing. I only wish I could learn more, nothing occurred for the rest of the time that I lived in that apartment. Thanks for having a great site where people can share their experiences!




The Ghost of Barclay Road


By: mariad@fdfirm.com


When my parents first moved to Oregon, they bought a house from a recently widowed woman. She needed a smaller place. But apparently, her husband had no intention of leaving his house to strangers. By the time I joined them a year later, they were aware that they were not alone. Things would be found in odd places, out of place, for no reason. One morning I got up to find that every single glass lampshade had been turned upside down. (They were dusty, but there were no fingerprints or marks in the dust at all.) Things would go bump in the night. Chandeliers would swing. Doors would rattle.

One time I was standing in the hall talking with my dad. There was a sliding door to the laudry room, which was tiny, from which there was another door to the garage. There was a cat flap from the garage to the outside. We had 2 cats, and sometimes they'd get stuck in the laudry room. Suddenly, the sliding door to the laundry room started rattling violently. I jumped, and my dad said, "It's just one of the cats." When he opened the door, there was no one there.

Whenever I was the only one home, I never felt alone. I felt OK in my bedroom, but I avoided the kitchen and living room at night. Sometimes I felt like someone was standing very close behind me, and it gave me the creeps. It was a family joke, we'd tease each other about being scared in that place. I never told my boyfriend about it. He found out for himself one night...But I'll tell you about that in a minute.

Our ghost went from playful to menacing. One night my mom had just climbed back into bed after using the bathroom. Suddenly, someone very close to her ear said, "SHHHHHHHHHHH!" She jumped up, thinking my dad was playing with her, but he was sound asleep. She made the sign of the cross and didn't close her eyes the rest of the night.

One night my boyfriend spent the night on the living room couch. (My parents were home.) In the middle of the night, his pillow was violently wrenched from under his head, as he heard someone say, "Get out of my house!" Disoriented, he thought it was my dad gone nuts, but there was no one there. Everyone was asleep. When he told me about that the next morning, I told him about our ghost. He said, "I prefer the ghost in my mom's trailer. She just ignores us and goes on about her business in the kitchen, like we're not even there."




Vacation Visitor


By: charmedone@hughes.net.


Hi, my names amy. let me just first start out by saying although im not totally sure i believe in ghosts and spirits, im open to the idea, and im very interested in the subject anyway. i have a story i'd like to share, i'm actually not sure if this was paranormal or not, but i feel i need to share it anway. a few weeks ago i went on vacation to Kennebunkport, Maine with my parents. we stayed in kind of a different kind of hotel. it wasn's just like one big building with hotel rooms, there were only a couple rooms, and all of the doors to them were from the outside, im not sure if that makes sense, its hard to explain, but ill get on with the story. the room we stayed in was connected to an art gallery that was owned by the owner of the hotel. and somewhere around there in the same building supposedly him and his daughter lived there. there was a door inside my hotel room, i never opened it, but i think it led to the art gallery. but anyway, a couple of nights while i was there i heard weird noises. one night i could barely sleep cause i kept hearing banging in the kitchen. i thought it was my mom, she usually gets up in the middle of the night and snacks, but every time i looked nobody was there. and i kept hearing noises, it went on for about 2 hours maybe. my dad suggested it was the people who owned the hotel next door. but it seems a little weird to me they'd be up at 2 in the morning which was when i heard these noises, and the noises sounded like they were in the room, it sounded like pots and pans banging together. the room had two stories and my parents slept upstairs, so maybe thats why they didnt hear anything. and one more thing, a couple of times while i was taking a shower i thought i heard someone in there, moving stuff around or something, every time i looked nobody was there. like i said, im not sure if this was paranormal or not. i just wanted to share it because it was odd, and i believe in the possibility that it was supernatural.





My Own Experiences


By: mistress_gunslinger@hotmail.com


I've been reading a few of the personal accounts on the Shadowlands site, and thought I'd share some of my own.

I've always considered myself a little more sensitive than most when it comes to spirits.  I've always seen shadowy figures others don't notice, heard voices when there was no one else around, and always had odd feelings about certain places that no one else seemed to understand.  The odd thing is, there have only been 3 occasions where I have experienced things in places people told me were "haunted", and on only one of those occasions did I actually see what was supposed to reside there. All the other figures I've sensed, heard, or seen were in places no one ever considered to be haunted.

My experiences started very early, about age 3 or 4.  The front yard at my Dad's house was very large, and although there was only 2 or 3 large trees, there were about 3 large bushes and 7 or 8 small ones, but nothing you could really hide behind.  I always remember playing in the yard and seeing dark figures watching me from behind the bushes.  They were always shaped like people, usually a tall man, and like a dark shadow. Often, I would hear someone talking to me when no one was around, actually calling my name on several occasions.  I didn't find out till 8 or 9 that my Dad's house actually had been haunted at one time, but all the activity seemed to have stopped when certain furniture was moved from the house, which had all belonged to someone who had died, but I'm not sure if they had died in the house.

My parent's divorced when I was young, so I lived with my mother, and this is where I reside now, except when I am at school.  We live very close to a major state hi-way, as in, it's right outside our front door. Luckily we have a good sized back yard.  Not as large as my Dad's yard, but good enough to have many adventures in.  We live in a small house with a garage off to the side about 10 feet from the south side of the house.  I remember once when I was 7 or 8, I was walking inside from playing in the yard, going between the house and the garage go around the corner of the house and get to the front door.  It was about 6 or 7 pm in the middle of the summer.  When I was about 5 feet or so from the corner of the house, a big black figure ran past the front of the house and garage.  After it passed, I ran up to see where it had gone, but saw nothing unusual.  I can only describe it as something like the Hound of the Baskervilles: A large black dog, about the size of a Great Dane, red eyes, and long sharp teeth.  I immediately ran inside, terrified, and told my mom about what I saw. 

Nothing eventful really happened again until my junior year in high school.  I was driving home from my boyfriend's at the time, at about 10 pm. My radio was blaring in my little S-10 pickup, and with my hi-beams on, I had just reached the intersection of SR 124 and SR 13, which was less than a quarter mile from my house.  There was usually a county police officer stationed at a little gravel drive beside this intersection, so I stopped to look even thought I was the only car for miles.  I looked both ways, and  when I turned back to the road in front of me, a black dog was moseying diagonally across the intersection in the path of my hi-beams.  It looked solid, but somehow I knew it wasn't a living dog.  It sniffed at the road as it walked, and only glanced at me once, and just before it left the light of my headlights, faded into nothingness.

I saw the dog 5 more times after that, 3 more times near that same intersection at night, once on the way to nearby Peru, Indiana in the afternoon, and once chasing a car at the city park at night.  He never seemed to be doing the same thing.  Along with the dog, I started seeing the shadowy people from my childhood again, but in the oddest places.  Often I was driving when I saw them, and they were crossing the street or just walking by, although one seemed to crouch behind a parked car and jump out in front of me, but thankfully I knew it wasn't a pedestrian or anything.  I also saw a small girl crouched in the girl's bathroom at my high school during passing period between classes one day, a black shadow like all the rest. 

This is also about the time I saw the girl who supposedly haunted a wooded trail behind a local elementary school.  The story goes that the girl had been led back into the woods one night, raped, and killed, and now haunted the place, usually playing mind games with any male that stepped foot deep in the woods at night, but usually leaving the females alone.  My boyfriend, a mutual friend and I had decided to walk the trail one evening.  They told me how they had come out here one night with a few others to play paintball, and had all at one point heard a girl calling there names, except it had sounded as if it was inside there head.  The three of us walked to about the middle of the asphalt trail, just before it curved, facing a small hill.  I suddenly got an odd feeling and told my boyfriend I wanted to go back.  I wasn't necessarily scared, just nervous.  Sure enough, I looked over at the hill, and a girl's face was poking over the crest, smiling but looking curious.  I flipped out for some reason, and buried my face in my boyfriend's shoulder.  Neither he nor our friend saw or felt anything unusual.

I haven't seen the black dog again since I started school at Ball State.  Both me and my roommate, however, have seen a girl in the bathroom.  To me she has long hair, and to my roommate, shorter, curly hair. There was also an incident involving the supposedly haunted Elliot Hall, where a door kept opening and closing of its own accord during the annual Elliot Haunted House during Halloween.

I'm now getting ready for my sophomore year in college, with the same roommate I had before, and were actually moving into Elliot Hall, living just a floor below the 4th floor haunted library, where a student reportedly hung himself from the rafters post-WWII. I haven't a clue whether or not my roommate and I will still see things, but I actually hope it all continues, and hope that maybe the black dog wanders back.



An Old House


By: pnkomaha@yahoo.com



I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a little girl, not until I moved into an old house had I ever experience anything.  It was about 3 years ago in North Platte, NE, my fiance and I moved into this apartment, well actually it was originally a 4 bedroom house but someone had converted it into 2 apartments, we moved into the front half and the back half was empty.  Our half still had all the original woodwork and everything, but the back half was all new with a new staircase and remodeled floors and everything.  Well our agreement with the landlord was we would refinish (sanding, and staining) all the floors, stairs, banister and kitchen for rent, the whole house had wood floors.  Anyways the first incident we had, we were in the living room and we started to hear footsteps like someone was upstairs, so we went upstairs in our apt. and looked around and didn't find anyone,  then we heard it again a few moments later only this time it sounded as if it was coming from the other apt, we had access to the back apt and went in and looked around still finding nothing out of the ordinary, even checked down in the basement and nothing, so we just brushed it off thinking that it was the house just creaking as it was old.  The last incident was while we were sanding the staircase and banister, my fiance was on the middle landing and I was just a couple of steps below him, we had two electric hand sanders on and all of a sudden I heard a man's voice yell, "GET OUT!" It sounded as if someone was standing right next to me and yelled it right in my ear!  It was so loud that I even jumped a little.  As soon as I heard it I stopped sanding and so did my fiance, I asked him if he said anything and he said no, then he asked me if I said anything and I told him no, we both looked at eachother in awe, we got up, left everything where it was and ran out of the house.  Needless to say we didn't go back for a couple of days and only to get our stuff out when we did return.  I had always had a weird feeling when I was in the house alone, like I was being watched, and the living room was always cold, it was the middle of summer and the house did not have any A/C installed.  I never got any history on the house or what if anything ever happened there, but it's still standing and it's been totally remodeled except for the outside.  Well that's my one and only story, Happy Reading!



Apartment Ghost


By: mskz@sympatico.ca


Brampton, Ontario, there are 3 known ghosts who have been seen.

The first is the "man in the black cape".  He first appeared to me when we first moved into our apartment.  At first I thought it was just shadows, but one night, several months later, my husband and I were watching a hockey game on TV when he said that he had just seen a man in a black cape go up the hall.  I had never mentioned this to him - ever, as I thought I was just seeing shadows and getting used to our new place.

The second is the "little girl".  Rumour has it that there was a little girl who was murdered in this building somewhere.  I was awoken one night from my sleep, with a feeling that someone was staring at me.  When I looked into the hall, I saw a young girl, approximately 10 years old.  At first I thought it was my daughter, who was about the same age, however, when I called to her, thinking it was my daughter, and I stared, I realized that this was not my daughter, but the ghost of a little girl, with long, curly blonde hair and dressed in a nightgown.

The third spirit I have recently seen is that of an old woman.  After doing my laundry in the basement laundry room, I came out of the room and turned right to go to the elevators.  I suddenly stopped and gasped, as I saw the white, ghostly spirit of an old woman standing at the end of the hallway, just outside of the management door.  Just as suddenly as I saw her, she was gone.

Over the 10 years of living here, we have heard dolls sing (they were battery operated and you had to hold their hands to do this).  There were 3 dolls who could sing different nursery rhymes and they all sang at exactly the same time.  The little girl seems to be attached to me and one morning while I was making the lunches for the family, she tapped me on the shoulder, like someone playing tag, and ran into our storage closet in the kitchen.  The touch was cold and icy and gave me quite a chill.  One day, while home alone on the computer, a cupboard door in the dining room suddenly started to open by itself, very, very slowly and it was creaking.  Something that since, both my husband and myself have tried to duplicate and cannot do.  The door was shut and someone had to have pulled it open to have this occur.  We have seen lids lift, toys move, things disappear and will suddenly re-appear in the exact same place it should be within hours of it being missing.  I sometimes have the feeling of being watched, or of someone being in the room with me  (I am a homemaker) and when I turn around, I will sometimes see either the ghost of the man in the black cape or the little girl, still in her nightgown.  I often sense the little girl is wanting a "mother" to take care of her and perhaps she sees my own kids and wants me to take care of her as well.  Perhaps she has seen my daughter at sometime and perhaps that is what has brought her here.  I have heard knocking at the door and when I look, nobody is there...no kids in the stairs, nobody at all.  There have been knock/scratching noises at the door as well, but these noises come from the inside, not the outside hallway.  Again, like the little girl may be playing games.

There are rumours of a man being stabbed in the building years ago.  (along with the little girl who is reported to have been murdered but I don't know by whom or how she died).  There have been many old ladies who have died of natural causes as well in the building.  The murders took place before we ever  moved in here, so I have no proof of that.  However, the strange and unnatural things we experience in our apartment is sometimes very creepy.  There are many nights that people above and below us and even beside...from the first floor up to the 15th floor, will all hear the same noises at the exact same time.  Sometimes it sounds like someone hammering or building, other times it is more like marbles rolling around on the floor above or beside.  Tenants are complaining constantly about their neighbors above, below and beside, blaming each other for making these noises, usually they are all heard just before and around 11:00 p.m. 

If there are ghosts in this building, they are all very friendly.  Never anything evil and never anything destructive.  This is something that we have come to live with, if there was any sense of danger, we would have moved out.  We all seem to live happily in here, however the old lady has only been seen in the basement, she has not come here to us - yet!!!





Atkin-Colby Halls Illinois State University



By: cage771@insightbb.com


Last night I had several odd experiences and wanted to share them with you due to to the fact that it happens to be listed in your Haunted Places Index.

For the past few days, I  have been finishing a large job for Illinois State in four of their resident halls (Hamilton-Whitten / Atkin-Colby).

In all four buildings, I had to go from the 11th floor (elevator equipment/mechanical rooms) to the basement. The ISU building mechanic and I had no problems until we got to Atkin. We started on the 11th, and from the moment we walked through the doorway, we felt like we were being watched. It was easy to pass off....there were two of us. But we both became rather anxious and upset rather quickly. And then we started hearing noises. Sounds of half full paint cans being tipped over, doors opening, and low whispers. We tried to explain it off as sounds from outside, I could tell by the guys face that he really didn't buy it. I sure didn't! After about 20 minutes of this, we were done and made our way out. Walking out of that door felt as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Until we got to the basement, everything went fine. 20 or 25 minutes per floor, joking around, no pressure, trying to make the best of being in a building with the A/C turned off and temps sitting around 100 plus humidity. And then we hit the basement. Every time I turned around, I felt as if the other guy was going to be walking out of a room either in front of me or behind me. But it would always be that he was no where close to me..or those rooms. This had never happened to me in the other three buildings, but in this one, the same anxious and angry feeling came over me. I tried to pass it off on being tired, or hungry, or dehydrated, but none were the case.

Well, it finally got the point where we had one room left down there. I purposely passed it over when I walked by it. Just walking by this room made me sick to my stomach and gave me a nasty chill. It was a balmy 91 degrees down in that basement, but I still had goose bumps. The building mechanic came over and mentioned that he had passed it by also and did not seem to enthused to open it for me. We were about to just fake the paperwork when a call came over the radio asking about it. So he opened the door and a terrible oder came rushing out. In the darkness, we saw a human figure shaped something move. It wasn't a shadow. This dark something "ate" the light that was poring in. I could see shadows and other dark objects, but the density of this obscured our vision. We reached in and flipped the light on. Incinerator/Trash room. OK...that might explain the smell even though the only things that should be coming down the trash chute would be paper and other non-food stuffs. We could even explain the slight breeze off as coming through the trash chute even though the door to it was secured shut. But even we couldn't explain the cold. The same cold I've experienced in documented haunted places. For the entire minute and a half that we spent in that room, we both felt cold and sick to our stomachs. As we were leaving the room, without touching the light switched, the light bulbs (all 8 of them) died. And I was shutting the door behind me, thankful to be out of there, the last 4 inches of the door travel was forced shut. There is no door closer on that door.

Upon reaching the lobby, although I felt much better, I still couldn't shake that feeling. Even my co-worker noticed it thinking I was sick or dehydrated.

There is something full of malice in that building. Maybe an old employee. I don't know. I sure wish I had my cameras with me though!!

Well...thanks for reading my tale. It gives a bit more credence to your index. Although I don't want to ever go back there, I have to in a few weeks. I will be bringing some gear with me. Hopefully and can catch something good....

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