Haunted House from 1828

By: helloghostkitty@yahoo.com

I have been reading the stories on your website and decided to share my own experiences.  My family home was built in 1828, originally as a log cabin with a cellar but converted in the 1800's into a "saltbox" design with two stories.  One other family owned it directly before we did, and before that it had always been in the family of the people who built it; their direct descendant now lives up the hill from us. 
The only reason I believe in ghosts and the supernatural is that I grew up in that house; otherwise, I would be a skeptic.  A number of things have happened in that house over the years, many of which are similar to experiences others on this site have had.  When I was a child, the most common thing that occurred was that we would hear voices talking, though they were so low and muffled that you could never make out what they were saying.  The nearest neighbors were too far away for the noises to have been their radios or their own conversations.  We also would hear a very distinct sound of footsteps, both at night and during the day.  Our cats would often watch "something" that we could not see walking or moving across the room.
Growing up in that house, I always felt that something was watching me or standing behind me.  I thought that it was normal to feel afraid or apprehensive when going up the stairs and, therefore, to RUN up the stairs as fast as I could go.  It was only when I went to college and then moved into a house of my own at this time that I realized that feeling like this going up the stairs was actually not normal! 
My parents and cats and I were not the only ones to feel something or hear something in that house.  My paternal grandfather refused to spend the night there because of the strange voices. 
We never felt that the ghosts were evil, though they did scare us a bit because they are the "unknown."  They seem to have a definite sense of humor and to enjoy giving us a little fright once in awhile.  Sometimes they would take objects (mostly books, though sometimes my father's glasses and other small items) and hide them, only to give them back days or weeks later, putting them in places where we couldn't have missed them; I was fascinated to see that other people on this website have had the same experience! 
A more recent occurrence (within the last ten years or so) has been the appearance of "ghost cats."  I've never seen or felt these, and they seem to center around my father, who's very fond of cats.  He is also an extremely sensible, and skeptical, man, so if he says this happened, then you can be sure it did.  Usually the cat or cats will come to him at night and jump up on the bed and lie down next to him, just like his real cat does.  The ghost cat will feel just like a real cat, but when he reaches down to pet it, thinking that it is the live animal, there is nothing there. 
Much of the haunting aside from this has centered around my father too; he also has some psychic abilities, although he doesn't like to talk about that or think about it, so perhaps he is sensitive to such things.  Recently, my parents were thinking seriously about moving to a different house, since my mother is disabled and they are both in their 60's - 70's.  The haunting incidents really went into overdrive at this time, though we'd not experienced much of anything for a few years before that.  My theory was that the ghosts did not want my parents to leave (they have been in the house for over 30 years and have done a lot to renovate and improve it).  Though we have to this day never seen a ghost, during the time that my parents were thinking of moving the ghosts made their presence known physically more than they had before.  They would move things in the house (small items) and began touching my father on the shoulder, "sitting" or leaning into his bed at night, etc., and more than once left small items which did not belong in the house in plain sight.  The interesting thing is that once my parents decided they didn't want to move after all, the haunting occurrences died down again.
I'll end with the most frightening thing that happened to me, personally.  My parents were away in Europe for a vacation a few years ago, and I was at their home watching the cat and dog while they were gone.  One night, I went down into the basement to do laundry, and I smelled the unmistakable dank, musty smell of the old cellar room, the door of which is always kept closed.  This is the original cellar of the old cabin, and the rest of the basement was added a few decades later.  From as far back as I can remember, I always called this cellar room "witchy's room," and none of us has ever gone into it unless we absolutely had to (I'm not sure why, but all of us just get the creeps from that room).  Well, that night, when I was there alone for the week, "someone" had opened up that room.  I grabbed a broom and slammed the door shut tight with the end of the broomhandle and then asked the ghosts to please not do that sort of thing to me because I knew they were there already and they were just scaring the heck out of me!  To their credit, they didn't do anything else while I was there; like I said, they seem to be totally benevolent, though they do have a sense of humor and like scaring people.

Helpful Ghost In My Apartment

By: MathPunk21@aol.com

Hi.  I thought that I might share my own (extremely tame) story.  I used to live in a duplex that was built in 1920.  I lived on the second floor.  The place was very nice…bright, inviting, friendly.  I never felt threatened or uncomfortable in all 8 years that I lived there.  I did, however, feel that there was somebody there with me.  Not threatening, not comforting, just there.  My one and only experience happened about 10 years ago.  I am a teacher, and on the morning in question, I was running very late.  We were going on a field trip that day, and I was running about looking for my checklist.  I was responsible for a group of children and I had their names all written on a list along with other important information for the day.  I could not find my list anywhere in my apartment.  After looking around for a bit, I said “Screw it, I’ll get another at school” and went to take my shower.  I lived alone, so talking aloud to myself was a normal occurrence.  I jumped in the bathroom to take a quick shower.  I stepped out of the shower, dried myself off and opened the door to head for my bedroom.  There on the floor, directly in front of the bathroom door (placed square to the door…not just casually thrown there) was my folded up list.  I knew what it was without even picking it up. It seems that somebody was listening in on my little conversations with myself.  I must have stared at that paper for a solid minute without moving.  I don’t recall being frightened as much as awestruck.  Incredulous.  I got dressed, picked up my paper and went for the door.  On my way out, I (somewhat sheepishly) thanked my unseen helper.

My Own True Story

By: Tigergirl2252@Hotmail.com

Well, it all began when My husband and I moved into our new house in Texas. I happen to have a six sense to where I can feel things around me or hear things no one else can hear. The first night we moved into our house. I was setting up the bathroom when I heard heavy breathing behind me. I thought it was my husband Jared and asked him why he was breathing so heavy. I heard no reply from anyone and I turned around to find no one in the bathroom with me. I wasn't scared at first until my husband later told me he heard the same thing when he was fixing up the garage. After a couple months, things didn't really happen or at least not to me because I tend not to realize whats going around me. Jared said at night when he is home alone he would hear someone turning the water on and off in the bathrooms. He would feel someone tugging on the sheets when I wasn't at home at night. One morning when Jared would leave for work, I could hear laughing upsets in the attic. My mother in law would ask me why I'm laughing. I asked her if she heard someone laughing upstairs and she thought it was me and I told her no. Than things started to get more accurate. The day my husband and I had off, I went to the store to get a few things. I came back and went into the kitchen and I saw Jared at the sink washing dishes. I notice that someone or something was playing with his hair causing it to fluff up as if someone was grooming his hair. I asked him what are you doing and he quickly turned around and saw me and his eyes went big. He got scared and dropped the plat and flew over by me. He thought it was me playing with his hair and it turns out that no one that I could see was behind him. After that, things like someone tugging on the covers and sounds of someone walking down the stairs and up where always happening. Two years after we moved out of the house, we later found out that a man and a woman who were happily married were murdered in that house.

High School

By: legendndamaking_22@yahoo.com

hey,i was looking up hauntings in houston,tx and i saw cy springs high school.I attend cy springs high school and i just wanted to verify that yes it is haunted.One time i was in the bathroom by the mens locker room and i was in there by my self cause everyone was outside doin there drills for football .this was during the summer too so no one was really in the school.and as i was there i heard the sink go off.so i looked thru the crack in the stall n saw nothin.then it went off then i heard like someone talkin to there self like they were just goin on with there business like they were in there house or somethin..it sounded  like an older man.i dont think it would have been a coach..but yea it was really weird i wasnt so much scared cause i was tired from drills but it just kinda freaked me out ...no one was near i just heard the sink go on and that guy talkin....o and about that update about the audotorium bein haunted  i think it might be from the old choir teacher there ...he died in an automobile accident about a block away from the school..he loved all his students he was a good man he loved the choir...they had lots of concerts there in the audotorium so i think it might b him in there but ive never experienced anything in there i go in the audotorium alot backstage to help set up the shells n risors but never really heard or seen anything  all though it is pretty cold back there...but yea thanks for reading and please right back thank you!

Life Unlike Others

By: abateman@telus.net

I am 26 now and have had a life unlike any other, I have been told by phycics that I am what they call a sensitive.  The first time that I can remember having an experience with the paranormal I was four years old, this event was not scary but comforting.  I have to start off by saying that my grandparents helped my mom allot when I was a baby and toddler, as she was a single mother.  So needless to say I was really close with my grandparents especially grandpa.  I was lying in bed that night I could not sleep, I remember lying there looking at my door, it was dark as my mom was long since in bed.  As I looked at my door an orb of light appeared at the top and exploded out into my room, I could see rows upon rows of gray faceless figures, I could hear what sounded like a church song, out of the light stepped my grandpa, he was dressed in his burial clothes.  I sat up in bed confused wondering why my gramps was in my room.  He walked towards me and sat on my bed, he started to talk to me, without moving his lips, he told me not to be sad, that he was in a better place and was no longer in pain, he also expressed his love for me and told me that he would always be there to protect me, upset and confused about what was being said I started to cry, he simply put his hand on my back as he always did when I was upset, at that point I felt at ease and I laid back down and watched as he got up from his place on my bed walked back into the light from which he came, turned and smiled at me then as fast as it had appeared it imploded and was gone.  The next morning I woke up went out to the living room where my mom was sitting crying, I asked her what was wrong she told me that my grandpa had died the night before.  I didn't speak to anyone for three weeks after.  My life went on and nothing happened for about three or four years, it started again at the age of  7 or 8.  We were living in a basement suite with my mom, step dad and new baby sister.  It was late and again I could not sleep, I got up and went to the bathroom got a drink and then went back to bed, I was lying there trying to sleep when I heard a faint baby crying, thinking it was my sister I got up and peeked in her crib she was fast asleep.  I got back into bed covering my head with blankets, it got louder and louder until it sounded like it was right next to my ear, I pulled the covers down to look for myself but saw nothing, scared I ran out into the hallway, where again it got louder, I ran for my moms door, when I got there it was stuck I tried and tried but could not move the doorknob, becoming more and more terrified I turned back to go to my room, at the end of the hallway just after my bedroom there was a box slightly gray blue and transparent in color.  As I approached the box the crying became softer, I looked in over the top of the box and saw a newborn baby inside, I turned and ran back to my moms room and opened the door, I woke her up and told her what I had seen she gave me a blanket and let me sleep by the foot of her bed.  We moved out a short time later, the next year I remember watching the news with my step dad, when I saw the house that we used to live in, the man on the news reported that a baby had been found in the alley outside the house, that the lady had given birth in the bath tub and in fear of her boyfriend (the babies father) had wrapped the baby in sheets put it in a box and left it in the alley for someone to find it, only no one found it in time, the garbage man found it two days later frozen to death.  I got chills.  My family moved once again.  When I was nine I was visited yet again, my mom and stepdad who was an incredibly violent and mean man where fighting, he decided that he was going to make an example of my mother and beat her in front of me while she was holding my then 2 1/2 year old sister. He beat on her for hours in front of us, when he finally tired of that he want and sat in the living room, we were sent to bed not that we could sleep, as I lay there listening to my mom sobbing in the other room I felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort and love I rolled over and again saw my grandpa sitting on the edge of my bed, he smiled a smile of pity and again started to speak without moving his lips.  He told me that he loved me and that he had been watching out for me and informed me that it would all be over soon.  That was in June by august my mom had filed for divorce and we were on our own.  I have seen other things all my life, I can hear people speaking to me just before I go to sleep sometimes, although I can never figure out what they are saying, I have not had an experience in a long time, I am glad as I have asked not to receive anymore, they have tried but I always tell them to leave.  I don't want to have to worry about seeing these things with my kids around, I believe my daughter who is named after my grandpa has seen him before, although not able to tell me.  When she was a baby she would smile at nothing or something just behind me, I always felt that it was him.
Thanks for letting me tell my story!

My Family's House

By: celeste@destone.co.za

I have been spending hours reading stories on your web site and I think it is time that I told my own experiences.I live in South-Africa and my story begins in my great grandmothers house (It is still in my family my grandfather still owns the property and stays on it as well in a house build 23 year ago ( my age) on the same property. Let me stop boring you with the details and get to my story it is a long one.
The 1st people to stay in the house as I have been told was called Bloem the whole area is called Bloempark as I understand this was the first house to actually be build in the area. The Bloem's sold to my great grandparents.
When my great grandfather died (long before I was born) my great grandmother stayed on alone on the property and as years went by her health was not very good any more and my grandfather build a house for him and my grandmother on the property about 150 meters away form the original house.
The first occurrence told by my grandmother : My mom was a baby and my grandparents were visiting my great grandparents - They slept over because they lived far away.My mom as I understand about 3 months old.She slept between my grandmother and grandfather on a double bed. My grandmother woke up in the morning to find my mom missing.She found her wrapped in her blanket peacefully asleep on a carpet (made of some skin) in front of the bed.
Years went by and..
My mom was expecting me and she and my grandma was on their way to my great grandmother house. This happened during the day. My mom and grandma saw a little old lady dressed like the old "voortrekkers" by the dam. This scared them because during that time there was mostly grass and corn lands everywhere and just a dirt road leading to the plot and they did not know the little old lady( A plot is a bit smaller than a farm) They ran and my dad and grandpa went to investigate but found nothing. This is impossible because there is nowhere to hide or run especially for an old lady.
My great grandmother was a loving person and we were all very fond of her.A couple of years after she passed away my family ( My mom,dad and me) moved into the house. During that time the house was already passed 100 years old.Again she was expecting ( my brother) and she was home alone ( Grandparents basically living next door) she was sitting in the TV room and she saw a door open by it self and she saw the figure (dark outlined  shadow)of a big man standing there and walking away peacefully -She still thinks to this day that it was my great grandfather checking up on her because she was sick at the time. All the men in my family are big men and she says that it fits my great grandfathers description.
Years went by and this is were I come in.Let me say first that I am not scared of that house because I believe it is my family keeping an eye over us ,even though I had a bad experiences in a other house we use to live.I never actually saw anything but heard it.The TV would go on and off by itself in the middle of the night or the stereo would go on on top volume playing a cd in the middle of the night and wake us al up etc. and I had a experience in my room where I felt a presence I was cold could not breath or move one knight and felt a presence that was not very friendly. Then we moved to my great grandmothers house...
One night I was working on a school assignment (very late) and saw a figure pass right by me (a dark shadow)between the couch and dining room table where I was sitting. -the room was dark just the TV was on and I was doing last minute touch up's on my assignment.I went into the kitchen where this person had to go-turned on the light and there was no one.I woke my parents asking if one of them went to the kitchen.They replied that the hadn't and my dad got up to check it out.Nothing-He thought it was my imagination.Months later I found out from a friend of the family that slept over one night-he was lying on he couch watching TV and saw the same thing pass behind the couch walking into the kitchen.He also checked it out and found nothing.
My room was big and always cold. I never thought it ought until I read some of the stories on your site.I thought my room was just cold because it did not get enough sun or something ,but when I thought about it  I had BIG windows in my room.I never really saw any thing again but felt a presence often especially when I was sad or scared for some reasons.However I did wake up one morning and had a big hand print (smudge but very clear) on my cupboard mirror.. (The house does not have build in cupboards) Onto this day I am so mad at myself for not taking a picture (did not have cell phone with cameras during that time) The house was cleaned during the day by the girl that worked for us and she wiped the mirror clean.The hand print was about twice my hand size and looked like a skeleton print. I could see the bones especially the thumb clearly.Somebody wanted to say hello and I would like to think it was my great grandfather because I never met him,and I suspected something I think he just confirmed his presence.My close friend (we were always together) slept with me in my room whenever he stayed over-he just said that the house scared him but would not elaborate. We moved to town and later my uncle and his wife moved in. His wife was terrified of the house and they moved away soon ,she would also not tell why she was so scared, she thought of all reasons to tell everybody but I think I know the real answer.
The house is being rented out to other people at the moment and I haven't heard them complain.I will be visiting the property this weekend and I will go down to that old house that I sometimes miss so much just to see if the feeling is still in my room.It was always stronger when I was sad or upset.
Well this is my story I hope you enjoyed it

My First House

By: clipscomb@caseyarchitects.com

When I was 23 I bought my first house. It was/is a 1925 bungalow on the edge of a historic part of town. I got a really good deal on it since it had been on the market for over a year. (Should have been my first clue- houses in this area at that time normally sold in about 20 days) I bought it from a man whose job had been relocated out-of-town and really needed to sell. This house had been his rental property and he lived in another home he owned a few blocks away. (The other house had sold immediately) I thought that the fact that it had been a rental was strange, because it was in really good shape. I found out that the guy I bought it from had only owned it a couple of years and had purchased the house from the original owner.
I spent the first few evenings (after work) removing the carpets to expose the hardwood floors, lining cupboards, cleaning, etc. Essentially getting ready to move in. During this time I experienced feelings that I could only explain as strange at the time- like I was in someone else's home the whole time I was there. I just attributed this to the fact that I had only just purchased it and none of my stuff was there. After my cat and I moved in, odd things began to occur. The first thing I remember was coming home from work one afternoon and finding all of the bathroom drawers standing open. (I hadn't yet moved my stuff into the drawers) I knew that I hadn't left the drawers like that, my cat was unable to even open a door that was partially open to let herself in a room so I knew it wasn't her. (Plus, the top drawer was out of her reach and they were all pulled all-of-the-way out of the
cabinet- any further and they would have fallen completely out of the cabinet and onto the floor.) I shut all of the drawers and called my brother-in-law to change all of the locks. (he owns a hardware store) There were a few other instances of this but never all of the drawers. Every other time it happened, it was one or two drawers and always ones that I hardly used.
About this same time I would notice that small things were not in the same location that I had left them. Pieces of paper, glasses, mail, etc. It was always stuff that I had just set down and was going to get back to later. It was really never anything that was permanently in the house- photos, vases, stuff like that, it was always insignificant things that I was not 100% positive had been moved, but, they seemed like they had been. The house just always felt "different" when I would come home from work. Sometimes magazines would simply be rotated 90 degrees- little stuff like that.
 I put the cat litter box in the guest bedroom due to the fact that I didn't want her going into the basement. It was concrete and clean but one end opened to the crawl space that was the last 10 feet of the house's depth. The only problem with her litter being in the guest room was that it was difficult to keep the door to that room open. It would spontaneously shut on it's own. I put a basket of books in front of the opened door to help hold it open. I figured that there was something wrong with the hinges.
This seemed to work until one day I came home to find the door shut again.
As I pushed the door open I noticed that it would only open about half way due to the fact that the basket of books was still in position! Somehow the door had shut around the basket that was holding it open.
While all of this was happening I simply never felt alone in the house- ever. Every time I took a shower I felt like there was a man in the corner of the bathroom watching me. This was a really overwhelming feeling and happened every day until one day I had had enough and said out loud "please don't watch me anymore while I shower". After that, I never had that feeling again (while showering). He would still watch me in other parts of the house and especially while I was brushing my teeth.
At least once a week I would come home to the toilet seat up (this lasted for years-even after I confronted the ghost- which I'll tell you about in a minute). This was really strange considering I am a female (lived alone) and always leave the seat down. But, sure enough I would come home and the seat would be up like a guy had been there. In the first year that I lived in that house I had the locks changed 3 separate times. Every time I would change the locks only me and my parents would have a copy.
There were a few nights (before I had central air conditioning installed) that I would sleep out on the sofa- there was a window A/C unit in the living room and one in the dining room- they would pretty much keep the house cool. Actually, the house's normal state was pretty cool but it gets into the low 100's for about a week every summer and it would be stuffy in my bedroom. So, the first few times I moved out onto the sofa to sleep.
Every time I did this I had a strong feeling that I shouldn't be out there- that something in the house didn't want me to sleep anywhere but in my bedroom. One night, while sleeping on the sofa to be cooler, I woke up to find my TV armoire doors opening and shutting on their own. I got up and went back to the bedroom- never to sleep on the sofa again. (I installed central air before the next summer started).
Another night while sleeping in bed I awoke very startled. I sat straight up in bed and saw this strange light in the hallway. The light was creating a silhouette of a man on the opposite wall. He was really tall around 6'3"
or 6'4", broad shouldered, had curly hair, was really big- but not fat, and was walking toward the bathroom. That was the night that I confronted him and told him I had bought the house and it was mine. He needed to move on and leave me and my cat alone. (I would have these random thoughts through-out the day- while at work- that my cat was being chased around the house by something) I told him that we didn't want to see him or his antics anymore. The hall was in the very center of the house- with no windows into it so there is no way any outside light was shining in the hallway. Plus, our street did not have street lights on it so it was very dark in the neighborhood at night. Things sort of slowed down after that. Except I knew that he was still there because I could still feel his presence and him watching me.
No one was allowed to talk about "the ghost" in the house. If they did stuff would immediately start happening. Sometimes stuff would start happening even while the person who had brought it up was still there. One night I had a few friends over. A woman asked me about my ghost and the toilet started flushing over and over and over again. Normally, however, if someone brought it up it would just mean that for the next few days I would find the toilet seat up and things moved from their normal location more frequently. One night, I came home a little later than normal and noticed that the toilet seat was up again. While I was going to the bathroom I muttered to myself that "you are going to have to do better than this if you are going to scare me". The next morning, while getting ready for work, I couldn't find my comb. I am a really organized person and everything has its place. My comb was always in a basket in the bathroom. I searched the entire house and couldn't find it. I ended up buying a new one on the way home from work that day and somewhat forgot about the missing comb. Two weeks later the toilet started flushing on its own over and over again. I lifted the lid off of the tank- not an easy task. The tank hung on the wall and you had to slip it out from under some trim then lift it off of the tank to look inside. When I looked inside my "missing" comb was floating in the water. I guess that "he" had gotten upset that I seemed to forget about the missing comb and wanted to show me where it was. I want to also point out here that those were the only two times in the entire seven years I lived in that house that the toilet flushed on its own. In both cases, as soon as it was noticed that the toilet was indeed flushing on it's own- it would immediately stop flushing and begin working normally again without any other action (like fixing any part of the toilet) taking place. The rest of the seven years it always functioned normally.
(this is long- I'm sorry, but stuff happened all of the time)
Every time I would walk down the basement stairs I found myself thinking "don't you dare push me" over and over and over again in my mind. For some reason I never thought of this as strange, and for the longest time I didn't even realize I did it. It was just something in my subconscious saying it.
On one trip to the basement as soon as I stepped onto the concrete floor "he" poked me in the back- really hard. I turned and went upstairs. It was a few weeks before I would go back down there.
About this same time I started really redecorating the house, painting every room- really intense colors- everything was white before, I changed out all of the light fixtures to new reproductions, changed out kitchen counter tops, sink, faucets, had built-in cabinets made in the dining room.
New roof, new privacy fence at the back yard, new siding on the house, changed out the shutters, the storm doors and windows, painted the front door. Ripped all of the wallpaper out of the bathroom and painted it- almost every finish material in the house was different. All of the changes to the house REALLY seemed to slow down the strange occurrences. I would still catch a glimpse of a tall dark shadow moving toward me in the basement while doing laundry and I still never really felt alone, but, I really don't remember any episodes after the remodel. Maybe I just had gotten used to things in my "fun house" and ignored most of it. Who knows?
After finishing up all of the remodeling, I got married and my husband and our dog moved in. Things really slowed down after that except that we would be woken up in the middle of the night a lot. We would both say we had heard the same thing, but couldn't ever find a source for any of the sounds. It was normally banging, or breaking glass, or a loud screech. Oh, that reminds
me- I also heard voices talking in the middle of the night when I first moved into the house. I always attributed it to the neighbors (which is odd because I never heard any of the neighbors during the day) I was pretty good at rationalizing stuff to myself so that I wouldn't be scared. Until there was about a 9 month span that both of the rental houses on either side of me were empty- I still heard the voices in the middle of the night. They were definitely coming from my house. Usually they would stop after I woke up so I got pretty good at completely ignoring them. (which is probably why I forgot to write about them before now).
After about two years of marriage we decided to buy a bigger house. We showed our house to a few "friends of friends" before we went on the market with a realtor. One Sunday (during this time of showing it to friend's of
friend's) I noticed a car with a man and woman sitting in it in front of our house. We didn't have a for sale sign up yet so I figured that one of our friends had sent them to look at the house. I asked my husband if he knew of anyone coming to see the house that day. He didn't, so I ignored them. They were still out there about 20 minutes later so my husband went out to see if they needed help. The woman said that they were in from out-of-town to visit her mother and she was just bringing her husband by to show him her grandmother's old house. (our house- her grandmother had been the original owner from 1925-1996.) I asked her if she wanted to see inside. Normally I would never offer a tour of my home to strangers but we had been showing it to people anyway and were about to go on the real estate market so I figured why not? She jumped at the chance and they came in. She was explaining to her husband exactly how it used to look. (Her memories were exactly what the house looked like when I moved in 7 years prior to this and before all of the remodeling). I showed her the living room, dining room, and kitchen.
When we went into the kitchen she explained that when her grandmother lived there the kitchen always smelled like Fig Newton's. (it still smelled like that after I moved in-two years after her grandmother had moved out). They stayed for about 15 minutes. On her way out of the house, I had this overwhelming feeling to ask her if she had ever known anyone to pass away in the house. She looked at me and went stark white. She said her grandfather had died in the house. She went on to tell me about how horrible of a man he
was- how he used to verbally and physically abuse her grandmother and her mother. She went on and on about how horrible he was. I told her that I was sorry that he was so terrible and that I believed he was still in the house.
Then she told me that he had died before she was born and wanted to call her mom to see if he had really died in the house.
She called her mom, told her mom where she was and then started asking her questions. When she got off of the phone she told me that in 1972 her grandfather had a terrible stroke. He then had a dream that God came to him and told him he was going to die on a certain day in October of that same year and to be ready. Well, that day in October came and he died of a massive heart attack in the bathroom of the house. Her mother had asked her to ask me if he slammed doors in my face. I told her that he shut doors a
lot- but never slammed them in my face. She went on to say that her grandmother went on living in the house for 24 years-until one day she "fell" down the stairs to the basement and broke her hip. (I didn't tell
her- but I am positive he pushed her down the stairs- my subconscious had always known he was capable of that). After braking her hip, she moved to a nursing home and they sold the house to the man that I had bought it from.
My ghost's name was Lloyd Wimmer. I asked her if he had been a big man and described the silhouette I had seen in the hallway years before. She freaked out and started digging through her purse and said that was EXACTLY what he had looked like and said she had a photo of him and her grandmother in her purse. I told her that was okay, I really didn't want to see a photo of him!
The next few weeks I was really tense. All of my suspicions had been confirmed. I had known it was a man, I knew he had died in the bathroom, and I had known that he felt superior to women. (I think that I really threw him off track because I am a very strong and independent woman) I went to the neighbors house across the street that night. She and I were pretty good friends (having lived across the street from each other for 7 years- she had lived in her house for 10 years) I told what I had just found out about Lloyd. She got this look of astonishment on her face and said "so, THAT'S why he couldn't keep a renter in that house for more than a month!" She was talking about the guy I had bought the house from- which explained to me why it didn't "look" like a rental when I had bought it- no one lived in it for
very long between the original owner and me.     We sold the house- (in 14 days
this time) and moved into our new house (about a mile away and in the middle of the historic district). Our new house is actually older than the first one, but it is 'clean'. There is no presence there. Matter-of-fact the first week we were there, my husband was out back with the dog (my cat had total kidney failure at 17 years old and we had had to put her to sleep right before we moved) My husband and dog were in the backyard at the new house. I was upstairs in the guest room making the guest bed and putting pictures up when it hit me. I felt alone. Totally alone. No one was watching me from the corner. It was the first time in 7 years that I had been alone in my own home and actually felt alone. Before we left the old house I told Lloyd that he was not to follow or come with us.
Since then I have met some friends that go on ghost hunts (along with
professionals) and actually have their own EVP equipment. On one hand I kind of wish that I had known them while we still lived in the house. On the other, I am glad I didn't. If Lloyd was so horrible that his granddaughter, who had never even met him, thought so badly of him I don't think that I want to know what he was saying to me all of those years!

My Gran

By: Bigdaverox1@aol.com

My gran died when I was three. Since then I have seen her three times. The first time was about a couple of months after she passed away, when I was four. I can't actually remember this happening, but my mum can. She says I came into her room, really scared, saying I saw my gran. Since I was only four and very scared, she told me that ghosts didn't exist and that it was probably a dream.
The second time it happened I think I was six. Though i'm not sure whether it was actually a ghost this time, i'm not sure. But I was still terrified. I think I saw a figure standing at the end of my bed. As I said, I'm not sure if this was my gran or even a ghost, but it's worth thinking about nonetheless.
The third time it happened, was only last year, when I was thirteen. It was the anniversary of her death. I woke up and I saw a figure standing at my door. Since it wasn't a threatening presence and it was the anniversary of my grans death, I assumed it was her. I sat upright but at that moment, she disappeared
I never knew my granddad, he died before I was born. But I have seen pictures of him before. anyway, once I was sitting in the back of a car, staring into the sky, just daydreaming. I snap out of my daydream when I see a cloud formed in a perfect image of my granddad and his two dogs. I know it seems cheesy and very ridiculous but it does seem like quite a coincidence that the clouds formed like that.
And still to this day, I still see shapes and lights out of the corner of my eye. I'm not scared of them because now I know they're not trying to scare me and I know I shouldn't scared.

My Scary Summer

By: Keltillett@aol.com

I know this may sound weird but here goes..................
 Well it was a very hot summer day while i was at camp when there was a blackout. as i was wandering the halls, i saw a  lady in an old fashioned polka dot dress walking down the hallway.I said hi and she kept walking. i turned around an then looked back & she was gone. she was in the middle of a long hallway and she was wearing heels so i would've heard her running.As i thought about it, found she was very pale.For the rest of the time i went to that school i have never seen her again..................  

Regarding Real Ghost Experiences

By: dollyluver@msn.com

I live in a first floor apartment in Harrow in the U.K, and I have lived here all my life. (I'm 17.) The place was built pre-World War II, I believe in the early 1930's. The experiences here have mainly happened to my mother, and she is a very reliable source as she is an athiest and doesn't really believe in the afterlife. When she and my father first moved in (he has never seen anything) she was making her way down the stairs to the front door and she missed her footing and would have fallen, had it not been for our "spirit", who she felt pushing her back. This happened a couple of times. Other times she would be doing everyday chores and feel exactly like someone had come up right behind her and was just standing observing her.
She also had (and still has) a thing about the staircase. We have a curtain which is pulled across in winter to prevent the cold coming up the stairs, and my mother always swore there was someone sitting on the stairs. My dad laughed it off, saying, "Yeah, it was me!" Only the occurences happened whist he was working.  In the end it gave her the creeps and she bought a crucifix and hung it over the stairs, as it was the only thing she could think of doing. And for a time, it seemed to work - the occurences stopped, and she hoped the spirit had found his peace (she was sure it was a man).
Nothing much happened until I was about 13 or 14. My father was vacuuming in our lounge, and I and my mum were sitting on her bed watching TV and fooling around. We shut up to watch the TV for a moment, and distinctly heard someone go into our tiny kitchen, take a glass, and fill it with water from the tap. Now we knew it couldn't be my father as the lounge is next door to the main bedroom and he would have had to walk in front of the door to get in the kitchen. My mum shouted, "Did you knock a glass over or something?"
My dad immediately got irate and said, "Of course not, I'm still vacuuming!"
When I went into the kitchen to investigate, the glass was on the draining board, still full of water. We were a bit startled but not really frightened. Our most common occurence is mainly of someone coming in the front door. It's usually in the evening. Sometimes I hear it, other times it's just my mum. Usually I dismissed it as background noise, but one evening there was no denying it. My mum was drifting in and out of sleep and I was next to her in the lounge, reading. We both heard the  front door slam hard and the sound of keys. Taking a crutch (my mum is disabled) as a weapon, I thoroughly searched the entire apartment, heart racing, only to find no-one there. As my father was outside working in the shed, my mum opened one eye and said, "I'll kill your father. I wish he'd tell us when it's him going in and out the door so we don't think it's a burglar." When he came in a few hours later, he swore he'd never been near the door since he'd walked out of it earlier that day. These things didn't really bother us as such, and my best friend who loves anything paranormal finds these stories fabulous! The only time our ghost nearly got us in trouble was about
2 weeks ago, from July 5th to July 10th, 2006. My mum had an envelope which she kept spare money in as things are tight. It was kept in a draw with my underwear (hey hey!) and was always perched on the top of the clothes when I went in the drawer. One day i was told to fetch it and it wasn't there. We turned the flat UPSIDE DOWN every day. We took every single drawer out of the unit, emptied out the clothes and searched at least twice. Every cupboard, drawer, purse and room was thoroughly searched. In the end my mother resorted to asking my dad if he'd borrowed it for petrol, which he denied. On the following Monday I went to the drawer, wondering if I could have possibly missed it. When I opened the drawer it was neatly folded and placed carefully on top of the clothes. I opened up the envelope to find the exact same £20 note that was there before. I could identify it as this note had been signed by an accountant at some point - the signature was there. I said to my mum, "You found the money then?" She looked at me as if I was mad. She said, "We haven't found it. I've been looking again this morning."
I said,  "It's in the drawer." She said, "You're joking." I went and got the envelope, and showed her the note, signature and all. We just cannot explain it. Other things have also gone missing, only to turn up days later, exactly where we left them.
I have a few other things to tell, but I'll leave it for another time! Sorry this was so long!
If you have any questions or just want to talk about the paranormal, email me at dollyluver@msn.com. Thanks!


Same story as the Indian at Grandma's House

By: janatmsn@verizon.net

There was a person who wrote the Indian at Grandma's House. I had the exact same experience. I live in a small apartment complex and another woman said the same thing only at first I didn't put it together. There was a woman living in our apartments who came out of her apartment screaming that a man just walked by her window-The sliding glass doors but nobody really paid too much attention to her-they thought she saw something outside but why would she run out side in her pajamas if that were true-she was hysterical. Most people blamed it on the fact that she was recently divorced and was upset so therefore they concluded that she imagined this or made it sound worse than it was. I also had the same experience I was reading on the couch and all of a sudden from the corner of my eye I saw a man appear from the bottom up like someone lifted a shade-he walked across the room never turning to look at me and when he approached the table and the end of the couch he disappeared. He was very tall and had long hair and he was dressed like an Indian and He looked Indian. There is an Indian graveyard not too far from where I live and a shopping area was constructed there. It seems like everyone in this area has some sort of experience. The person who lived upstairs from me was awoke in the middle of the night by a plant falling off of the windowsill but the window wasn't open. The thing she remarked about was the fact that it fell but not a speck or dirt was on the ground because it landed flat (kind of like it was taken off of the sill and just dropped straight down) I have noticed that this person shows up before people move. The lady in the apartment that ran out in her pajamas moved shortly after that. And I moved from one apartment to another. I guess if you live in the United States you are bound to have this type of experience because this was all Indian land at one time and who knows where the burial grounds were. The Indian that walked through the house looked like a phantom rather than a ghost. The one thing I noticed is that he had a muscle in his upper leg that we do not have because I could see it move up and down as he walked through the house. Please don't print my email address
Thank you

Starla the Haunted Doll

By: yorkie218@yahoo.com

i was walking at a yard sale of this totally creepy house,and i was looking on one of the tables and saw a very pretty doll with auburn curly hair.
i asked the woman how much this doll was and she said,you can have it for free.i was thinking to myself,why would she want to sell such a doll for free?and then she continiued,the dolls name is starla,take care of her.ok i said.she gave us her number if we have any questions,in my head i was thinking alrightly then.....but then when we got home,the weird stuff started happening.lights would flicker,i would hear a little girls voice,and i saw a girl with brown hair,and a blue dress on running,so i called that woman and she gave me information on the doll"starla is a haunted doll,a spirit is inside of her,and this woman named sally had the doll but gave it to the institute because it was creeping her out,she had a sister but she's sad because she didn't get sold with her sister and she is partly responsible for the institute buring down,and she died in a fire." wow is all i could say.so the voices,and the girl kept haunting our house,she hasn't done anything super horrible yet,but when i dont pay attention to her she gets mad.so is this spirit good or bad?we will never know.

The Man in the WWII Army Clothes

By: boat84@frontiernet.net

This might sound a little wierd but i swear that i saw ''him''...true story
Well it all started when i moved into this house in Lake Havasu City,AZ.When i first moved in i felt like something kept watching me but i just ignored it like alot of things i feel, but this one kept coming back.The first time i saw ''him'' was when i was laying in my bed watching t.v. and i thought that i saw someone walking down the hallway(the hallway goes right past my room into the kitchen) and i figured that it was my mom or something.Than it came back past my room and it stoped in my doorway and i looked at it.I noticed that ''he'' was wearing world war 2 army clothes and i thought about my grandpa,he was in world war 2,and ''he'' looked like my grandpa.So i wasnt scared at all the only way i could go to sleep was to see him and he stayed there untill i went to sleep...i felt safe.Well this went on for awhile and didn't really care anymore untill i met my best friend,Amanda, she was cool and we did every thing together. I thought that it was finally the time for her to spend the night so she did.It was about 10:00pm and we decided to play a board game(i cant sleep unless my door is open).When all of a sudden ''he'' was there and i smiled at him and went back to the game than Amanda started to freak out and asked me who the man standing in my door way was and i said that ''you can see ''him'' too!''Than sfter that i didn't really see him any more untill the night before my grandma passed away.That was a weird night cause i was  at my friends birthday party and it was a sleep over so when i saw ''him'' i called my mom and she said that everything was fine .When i went home the next day she told me that grandma passed away but i wasn't suprised at all.My name is Brianna Thompson and i have lived in the same house and he comes around every once in awhile.By the way all of this happened in 5th grade.Thanks for reading.

The Old Tavern Haunting

By: kribor@bigpond.com.au

I have been a fan of your site for some years now.  I have had some experiences myself but I want to share one with you that happened recently.  It is not a really big deal, but it still gave me quite a "buzz". 
My husband and myself were in an old tavern that is in the Adelaide area (South Australia) and it is a place that was built somewhere between the 1840s and 1850s.  It is reputed to be haunted and they even have a name for the ghost.  For the purposes of this story, I will call the ghost "Harry".  The owners and staff are quite adamant the place is haunted and there are stories of the place being locked up overnight only for the owners to return the next morning and find things moved around.  I am talking about major movements in the bar area.  Pictures being moved, furniture, etc. 
Well, my husband was standing in the doorway between the bistro, which was closed and in darkness, and the bar, which curves around in an L shape sort of.  We were just minding our own business, watching a band, chatting with other people.  Next thing he tells me that he felt someone touch him on his back.  Now, he would have had to feel quite a definite touch as he was wearing a thick suede jacket, as it was a cold night.  I didn't really think much of it. 
Well, later on I was standing in the same spot and my husband had gone around the corner to get a drink, the poor girl behind the bar had to work the whole area, so he went around to her.  I was just standing there at the bar casually when I felt someone touch me on the back also.  Now, I was also wearing a thick suede jacket, so it was a definite touch. 
What I had neglected to mention earlier was that there was absolutely no-one in the bistro, anywhere behind where my husband had been standing or where I stood later on.  There was no-one there, nothing nearby, nothing to attribute the "touch" to and the area was definitely in darkness, deserted, etc, etc. 
Suffice to say, we now believe we have had contact with "Harry" and that he had heard us asking about him (we had asked the girl behind the bar about the stories earlier on) and that he had let us know he was there and was real.  Perhaps we were also standing in his favourite spot at the bar and maybe he was asking us to move out of his space?!
Hope the story isn't too tame for you. 

There with Me

By: alan_duquette2000@yahoo.ca

Hello I read some of the stories that is on the Shadowlands Website and some of them are creepy and some of the pictures that you have on it are just outright scary, like the pic of the ghost in the picture of Christ, that is just plain evil.
Well heres my ghost experience, This all happened about a month after my grandpa passed away, and i was in my 2nd year of highschool,and I was the only one home at the time mom and grandma went out. I was just about to fall asleep so i wrapped myself up in my blanket, because it was cold in the house and all the sudden my blankets were literally ripped off my bed and placed infront of my door. When that happened, I stayed awake the rest of the night. I told my mom and Grandma about it and they just looked at me, Grandma said that it could have been my grandpa saying he was there with me.

Towngate Theatre

By: MandyJ312@aol.com

In Wheeling, WV...there is an old church that was made into a theatre. I was in the cast for a play there and during the shows, anyone who is not on stage is downstairs. During one of the shows, anyone standing by a certin door could smell some kind of mens cologne. The guy who smelled it first walked around smelling everyone and found out that no one was wearing it. We all just let it past as someone sprayed it before anyone came and had left all ready.
Today, I was the only person besides a director who was upstairs. I smelled the cologne the second I walked by the door, but didn't think anything of it. I then was fixing my hair in a mirror right by the door when I looked down to find something in my purse. When I looked back up I saw a man, about 5 foot 7, standing a few feet behind me. He was white and looked around 65. When I blinked he was gone. Not only 1 minute later I heard footsteps but saw no one. After asking the director if he had walked downstairs and if any one else was in the builing, he repled no, and asked why. I told him and he said a few people had smelled colonge and heard footsteps before. I then stayed outside untill someone else came.

Walking High Heels and Screaming Branches

By: egyptiankitten1@yahoo.com

One time, my cousins, Sukie and Katie and I had a sleep over at my house. Of course, they were not very scared during the night. They had no reason to be. They knew of my said 'ghost' that I both named and heard his name was Tom.
I pretty much thought that he was the only ghost I had. I have bin proven wrong.
One day, like I said, Sukie and Katie spent the night at my house. It was very late. Maybe 12 or 1 at night. Me and Katie were asleep, till Sukie woke me up, telling me she heard something. I sat up and we both listened. We couch hear high heels walking from in my living room where the main door was, all the way to my small hallway that lead to both the bathroom, my room, and my brother's room then it stopped. Sadly, I was stupid enough to have closed the door before going to sleep. Me and her, being scared at the moment, quickly woke up my cousin Katie. When she did we told her to listen. But she heard nothing. All the sounds had stopped. We ventured out of my room and looked around. The doors were all locked and my parents and brother were sound asleep.
Maybe three or so months later, my cousin Sukie spent the night at my house again. But only her. We had bin talking about the situation and I learned she had heard the high heels walking up from the concrete path outside, to my porch. then stopped. That was when she woke me up.
I was surprised. Never before had that happened.
Either way, the next day we went out into my backyard to play a bit of Frisbee.  We tossed the Frisbee back and forth seeing who would make the Frisbee drop first. Then Sukie stopped suddenly. Her face paled a bit. "Did you hear that?" she asked me.
I listened closely, and then my dog, Blacky, stood up and growled at the tree that was in the middle of the yard.
After a while Blacky stopped and curled up and fell asleep and me and Sukie continued our game.
It was maybe five or ten minutes later when Blacky woke up. She growled at the tree and then went under the house in fear I supposed.
A scream and branches breaking was heard and me and Sukie rushed away from the tree. We didn't see anything fall out from it though. We went up to the tree and looked up. Everything was the same. We turned to each other with big eyes before leaving the backyard.

Why Me?

By: freebird_46349@yahoo.com

In the early 90's I lived in Cedar Lake, Indiana with my best friend at the time.  We were living in her boyfriend's grandmother's house.  She and her husband had both died.  My friend's daughter Heather was about
3 yrs. old at the time.  She and I shared a room and my friend and her other child slept in the other room.
 Heather frequently woke during the night crying and saying the lady woke her up.
I never thought much of it until one day around 11 in the morning I was sitting in the livingroom on the couch.  The livingroom had a wide open archway into the kitchen.  The kitchen had an arched doorway which entered a small hall.  To the left was the laundry room, to the right the exit to the back yard.  Right in front of the archway was the bathroom door.
My friend was in the laundry room doing laundry and we were talking back and forth.  I thought she was coming out of the laundry room, but when I looked up I saw an old woman walk from the laundry room, past the doorway in front of the bathroom, and head for the back yard.
I was flabbergasted to say the least.  Although she appeared transparent, I could see the fine details of her appearance and her clothing, right down to the colors. (purples) We went up the street to talk to the deceased woman's daughter-in-law and told her the story.  When I described the woman who I had never seen before she told me that her husband, the deceased woman's son had seen her tending to her flower beds before also.  When she showed me a picture I could of passed out.  It was indeed the same woman.
I sincerely believe that she was looking out for Heather, my friend's daughter, and was the woman waking her up.  My friend was in a terrible relationship with Heather's father, the deceased woman's grandson.  He was a violent alcoholic.

My Few Happenings

By: zer0drag0nx@yahoo.com

Hello, my name is Derrick and I have been visiting this website for about a yeatr or more now and I thought that I should share some stories that happened to me.
It all started when I was 12 years old and I was sleeping in my old house that didn't seem haunted at all untill one night i was in the middle of sleeping when all of a sudden I woke up and could hear children all around my bed laughing like a playing laughter, and I crawled around my bed dizzy looking off the edge of my bed trying to see who all was laughing but I never saw anything but children's laughter is all that was heard.  I everntually went back to sleep and awoke the next morning very sick with a fever and ever since that night in the very same house I have seen black shadows peer in and out of my bedroom door and I have been able to see the figure of a partially invisable person whenever it is dark and when I look for it and I like to believe that I can see ghosts because of these figures that I see whenever I look for them, they are either flying around the room that I am in or they are either standing in one spot in the room either floating in the air or standing. Also in the very same house my older brother told me that one night he was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night dizzy and could see a shadowy figure in the shape of a child standing next to his bed and my brother told me that the next morning when he woke up that he had a red mark on his arm.  Another thing that has happened to me in that same house is one day I was in my bedroom and I like to listen to my music with my head phones plugged into it so that my parents wouldn't hear my music and complain, but anyways I was listening to a cd on my stero and all of a sudden in the middle of my song I heard a older woman's voice say help me and I freaked out and ran upstairs and told my parents but they didn't believe me (the song was a kidrock song from his second album).  Another smll thing that happened in that house was that I walked by my sister's room and in her room she had a Rug Rats doll of Tommy sitting on one of her chairs in her room and anyways I walked by her room and I heard the doll say something to me as I walked by but I don't remember what it had said but the voice sounded just like the character off the t.v. sounded like and the voice was a clear sound too.  In the house that I live at now I have only had a few things happen to me lately that I can remember and one of them was when I was blow drying my hair in my parents room something would always fall in there and I would have to get up and leave.  Another thing that has happened to me in this house is that one of my dad's friends stayed for a few months at our house and my dad's friend and I were hanging out in the living room talking when all of a sudden we heard form another room close to the living room in the house a baby yawn and we both looked at each other shocked and I got up off the couch and ran to that rom only to find nothing.  The strangest thing that has happened to me in the house that I live at now was one night I had my cousin spend the night and me and him were in my computer room and we were throwing a ball back and forth to each other from both sides of the room and in that room there is a fire place and in front of the fire place there is a small statue of a deer standing up and anyways my cousin and I were throwing a ball back and forth to each other when at the time we saw two deer statues standing in front of the fire place and I threw the ball back to my cousin and he didn't catch it and it bounced off him and hit one of the deer and made the deer that was hit, turn and look like it was sniffing the other deer's butt, and we both looked at each other and started laughing and we both look back at the deer and one of them was missing and we never could find it.  Other smalls things that have happened in this house is well some of them were in my computer room and I would be back there sometimes and either it would be freezing cold in there and there would be in the middle of the night when I was back there a loud sound of what sounded like somewhere hitting the side of the house and things would move around and shuffle around in there.  Well that was alot but this is all of the things that have happened to me that I can remember at the moment and if anything else happens to me or if I remember anything else I will be sure to post some.

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