Johns Visit


Hi!  My name is Tina, and I accidentally stumbled onto your website, but found it quite interesting.  I have a  unique, but very true "happening" to tell you both about.  On September 5, 2004, my brother John was shot in the back and killed.  This left my mother and I truly devastated.  about 6 months after John was killed, my mother bought a brand new digital camera, and was taking pictures around the house, curious to see if she could find any of  "orbs".  The brand new digital camera had never been connected to a computer....  However, on the LCD screen her brand new camera, the very last photo that was taken of John alive showed up.   The picture was taken with a camera phone by John's friend, and e-mailed to me after he died.  Keep in mind, the camera had never been connected to the computer, so there is no way the picture could have gotten on the camera by that means.  She started screaming at me from her room downstairs "IT'S JOHN!!!! HE'S HERE" She and I both started crying out of happines and shock.... We think this is John's way of letting us know he's here with us... he doesn't like seeing her in pain all the time.... "Mom, it's me... I'm better than any orb!"



I live in the suburb of LaGrange, IL. Not to far from Chicago. I'm not really a believer of ghost, I am the type of person who needs to see to believe. but I do have a story of paranormal activities.
My sisters ex-boyfriend lives in a house that has been around since the 1800's. Him and his family members have been telling me stories about their house and how they have seen and heard things. I have been there quite a few times and never seen or heard anything. But here is where it gets kind of weird. First he told me that one day he was asleep upstairs in his bedroom, it was very early in the morning probably around 2:00 am. He told me he woke up just out of nowhere having a weird feeling. he looked out by the foot of his bed and swore he saw a lady dressed in a maids outfit. He thought he was imagining things because when he sat up to get a better look she disappeared. I was like okay whatever. Next his mom had a "Vision" as well. She said that she was in the basement doing laundry one day, they have a little bathroom in the corner and she said that she saw something in the corner of her eye, she said she saw a man dressed nicely almost like a butler standing in the dark bathroom staring at her. she kind of freaked then looked back and he was gone. I was still in denial and was laughing at it. Then one day I was talking with him and he told me that his older brother was helping remodel the basement. they had knocked down a wall and found an old envelope, inside was a couple of coins from the early 1900's, a work schedule, a love letter from a man to a women, and two playing cards from a deck that showed a picture (Get This) of a BUTLER and a MAID. I had to see this for myself and sure enough there it was everything he said. I was kind of freaked out. it was pretty weird.
Here is my encounter:
The family all decided to spend the weekend at their farmhouse that they own just outside of LaGrange. He stayed behind because of work. One night he told me he wanted me to spend the night cause he didn't like being there alone. let me tell you that everyone was gone even the dogs they had it was only me him and his little kitten. anyway we were hanging around and watching tv downstairs when we decided to hit the sack. he shut the tv off and we headed upstairs. we just barely began to sleep when he wakes me up. he said he heard something downstairs, I was like whatever your just trying to creep me out. but sure enough I heard something downstairs too. so we walked down the stairs into the living room and the tv was on. I thought that moron was playing a prank and told him off, he said how could he if he was with me the whole time. I thought he put a timer on the tv but it's a really old one so it didn't have that feature. then his kitten was by the parents bedroom. the bedroom is downstairs by the living room. the door was locked and there was no way in. we were standing there looking at the cat. he was in front of the door kind of crouched down and moving side to side as if following someone's moving side to side. we were trying to get him to come but he wouldn't budge. so we both moved towards the door to see if we can hear anything. I pressed my ear against the door when all of a sudden BANG! BANG! BANG! it was as if someone on the other end of the door pounded it really hard. that scared the living crap out of me and we both ran upstairs got our stuff and left the house.
I still never really saw anything but as far as hearing, that event was enough to make me a semi believer. I mean I was so doubtful about all this ghost nonsense but this really did happen and writing about it now gives me the chills. now I kind of want to see or hear more.



I've read your stories and like a lot of the people who have sent them in am not sure if this registers as a true ghost story.  I have lived in my rented house for a year, but about three months after moving in my partner and I went shopping, whilst we were out we had an argument and he stormed off. After walking home he realised he had no keys, so resiegned himself to laying on the ramp leading to the back door of the house.
After about ten minutes of laying there he felt movement as though someone small(childlike) was running from one end of the house to another (we have two children who were both with me at this time). After a few minutes of this he gets up to investigate only to hear it periodically stop once he tries to peer in the windows.
This goes on for about half an hour before I pull in the driveway to see him straining to see in the windows. After the children are playing he relays this to me, and be a spiritual person from birth, ( I have always had prophetic dreams concerning myself and astral travelled from as long as I can remember ), I did not doubt him but thought nothing more of until two nights later...
It was about 7pm and my partner was due home from work. I was sitting on the toilet purposely to have a cigarette ( no smoking in the house) when as usual my (at the time ) one year old son Jasper came to the toilet door crying. Just then I heard and felt  the front screen door unlock and hevy footsteps walk into my kitchen proceeded by an indistinguishal male cough. At this sound my son stops crying and I hear and feel him run to the kitchen. He stops turns and runs back to the toilet door and proceeds to cry.
My immediate reaction is to dump my cigarette in the toilet pick up my son and I have a mouthful ready for my partner for not picking up Jasper while I finish my cigarette. When I get out there there is no-one there. At first I walk around the house checking to see if he is there but when I look outside the car is not there and my eight year old daughter is on the computer with the door closed and has heard nothing. I immediately called my younger sister to tell her what had happened and by the end of the conversation we could not for the life of us explain my sons reaction. The footsteps and the cough and the lock turn in the door were freaky enough, but whatever my son saw or felt was enough to convince me.

Can Planes be Haunted???

By: RyanCurtis@DPA.CA.GOV

Ok I don’t know if this story will make it on the sight because it sounds dumb…. But I hope it does because I believed something was on that Flight
Ok so the story is as follows: I was on a flight from Sacramento, CA to Hawaii. Anyways since it was a 5 HOUR flight refreshments were served. As a result I had to go to
the bathroom several times the first time I went everything was fine….. but the second time was when the incident happened. After I went to the bathroom I looked in the mirror that is when I saw a bloodied up pilot in the mirror… of course I instinctively turned around only to find nothing there.  After this I quickly excited the bathroom and didn’t go in it again.  I also want to note that the plane was obviously old and purchased from another airlines that did not want it anymore. I don’t know if the pilot that I saw once served on that plane or something but the experience was scary…………..



It was a dark night.I was studying alone in my room at my hostel. My roomates were slept. Suddenly I heard a footstep outside my room. The sound keep continuing for almost 15 minutes.I wondered who was walking around.It was almost 2.00 a.m. It might be a warden,I think.I just ignoring that sound and continued doing my homework.While I was doing my homework, my friend's ghost story keep calling in my mind.But I make my self ignore it because I never believe on ghost.I tried to find where the sound comes. It seem came nearest my room.I opened the door to saw if there is someone walking around outside but i found nobody outside and the sound was disappeared.
The sound came again when i started to continued my homework.It become lauder and lauder. I can hear stepfoot clearly next to the door.Suddenly the door knocked. My heart started pounding faster.I asked is someone outside.But my question didn't answered. After a while, I decide to opened the door.Suprisingly i saw a lady with a long hair outside,she stared at me with the red eye.I shut the door and went to a bed quickly.I told the warden what i had seen that night.She explained to me two years ago,there is a lady was suicide in the room that i leave in.It's makes me got a fever for two week.

Harrisburg Haunting


I have submitted a few encounters before on your wonderful site, and was reminded of this one at a family reunion this year.
I had graduated from of high school and was soon to go into the Marine Corps, when my mom had a bit of bad luck and we had to move into the city of Harrisburg Pa. into a row home  on S. 13th street. It was a three story home with basement in a row of 10 homes on the block, commonly known as a block burner, If one burns, they all burn!
The house was HUGE inside 13 foot ceilings on the 1st. floors and 10 ft. ceilings on the 2nd and third floors, with three bedrooms and a bath on the 2nd. floor and 2 bedrooms on the 3rd. floor. There was a staircase from the front of the living room to the second floor that ended at a landing on the second floor and approaching the other side of the landing went down again into the kitchen, so that if you chose to, you could walk up the front staircase to the second floor and then down the rear staircase to the kitchen, (which I Loved to do!).
We had moved from a small home, that we had moved to from the projects, so this Huge home was beyond my experience, and though it was in a semi- bad neighborhood, it wasn't any worse than the projects were, I just had to adjust to some new cultures, those being, Spanish, Vietnamese, and some others. I'm a people watcher and not introverted, so I got along with everyone within a few weeks.
The only thing I couldn't deal with was my pending date with basic training, and that house.
I had apparently had dealings with the 'other side' when I was younger and in typical all boy manner, had completely ignored these events. (I'm told now, another story.) I always have instinctively known and avoided 'bad' places and situations, It is always like a gentle 'pushing away' from a situation or person, and continues to this day. This house literally Shoved me away and didn't stop 'till I left for boot camp, and I left For Parris Island with relief!
I had not seen the house 'till we were moving in. I and my mom's boyfriend backed the truck up to the door and on first entry, I felt as if something was forcing me back out the door, like someone was pushing me out with a mattress, or flat foam, but nothing was there. I put it off as a strong breeze thru the house, (doors and windows closed and locked. Duh!), and back to work we got. Another load later we were done and setting up beds and stuff, We all decided to take a break for the day and start over in the morning. Once we sat back and ate and relaxed, I noticed that the place felt weird, kind of oppressive, but I was tired and I went up to my bedroom to get some sleep. I've always been a light sleeper, out of necessity (living in the projects), But that night I slept like the dead, and woke up at the top of the steps with my arm hanging over the top step and down the run. I got up and showered and when my mom came down and I told her where I woke up, she said that she didn't sleep well either but she didn't elaborate further.
We Never had any luck in that house. We fought with each other, My sister threw Knives at me when we always got along before. We all got rid of our Signifigant Others within a month of moving in, leaving us to vent on each other, all in all, a fun time was had by all.
The house had some quirks too. The basement only I could go into. The women physically could not pass what was at the top of the stairs to the basement. I watched my mother projectile vomit the one time she made it past the landing and halfway down the steps to come see what I was doing 'down there'. Whatever was there never bothered me. 'Till later on.
There was a bedroom on the third floor that was painted a very loud purple, and the floor black. I repainted this room with a primer known as Killz, that was to cover any stain or paint and seal it so there was no bleed through. I painted the room three times, all three times the next morning the room was the same shade of purple. I gave up. I took an old dresser up there to store it and scratched the floor. The paint was peeling off the floor so I got going with a scraper and peeled the Whole floor. This was the third floor, in june, in Pa., 80 degrees. and I don't remember taking a break till I was done. I didn't remember the pentagram that was painted on the floor, or the ouija board painted in the center of the pentagram either until my mom went up to see what I was doing all day and very loudly started cursing me out.  My mom claimed I had done it (which I hadn't, it was under the black paint I guess, as there was NO black, blue or red paint in the house, only white), and when I told her it must have been there the whole time she went pale and said she had to go see Miss Margaret, a Good friend of my mom, whom was the most gifted 'seer' I have ever known. She refused to even walk in the door, and started to shake. At this point I started to worry something was wrong. This woman had stood off 4 armed thugs by herself with just her mouth and curses and absolutely had no fear of Anything I had ever seen, and here she was about to Pee herself in fear in the vestibule of the house I lived in.
She told us this house was Evil The spirits in the house were evil and were trying to get us to harm each other, and that we must move, now, now that we know that the spirits were attacking us, and that it will be a full on attack from now on.  She even asked us to stay with her 'till we could get out, But Mom, who also never feared any man, woman or animal, Who would go toe to toe with any of her boyfriends or anyone that tried her, Decided nothing was going to chase her out of her house. So we stayed.
A few years later after I got out of the Marines, Miss Margaret told me that whatever was in the house Had called her by name and was trying to pull her IN the house, and was laughing at her the whole time, and the large Black man was standing at the top of the stairs on the landing, grinning at her.
I wish she had said something then!
After I peeled the paint off the floor upstairs, All Hell broke loose. I worked nights at that point and when I came in to the house it felt like I had 40 pounds of weight set on my shoulders and head. I saw black fog like areas on the stairways to the third floor and basement, to the point that I would check to see if the kitchen was on fire, but no smell, I was Moody to the point of violence, but only in the house, as was every one else. My sister tells me now that she used to see this large dark skinned black man in a dark purple three piece suit and red, bugging, bloodshot eyes standing at mom's bedroom door watching her sleep, and a frail looking young, light skinned lady in a bathrobe sitting on the side of the tub behind her in the bathroom
mirror in the mornings. When she turned around, she wasn't there. She said she got used to her. This about the time she took to throwing knives at me.
I had my own 'visit' with the man and until my sister spoke of him I didn't even remember seeing him. It was in the basement, I was working on a bicycle for a neighbor kid, and I turned to go to the back of the basement, where the boiler was,
and from around the back of the boiler stepped the man in the purple suit. Thinking he was a prowler, I immediately went into fight mode and charged him, (this was a Looong basement, at least 60 ft.), and as I got near him, he smiled and said ' Oh ya..You'll do" in a carribean accent.I ran right through him and bounced off of the oil tank and fell over the other junk in the basement skinning up my knuckles and arms.
For some reason I didn't remember this incident 'till my sister mentioned seeing the man. Weird.
We would smell candle wax, hear voices in the heater vents chanting, see flitting shadows dart around doors, bad, bad smells, we would go to the store and put the meat in the freezer and the meat was always rotten when we thawed it out. Even hotdogs!
My Mom had two preachers come over to bless the house one night when I was at work and When I came home my mom was pale, shaking, chain smoking and calling about apartments. I was leaving for basic in a week and I spent the last weekend of freedom I had moving my family out of that house into the projects. I never saw my mother happier. I was never happier to get on a bus either!
In the late 80's the house next door to our old place burned up and took the places next to it with it. A developer bought the end units including the burnt out buildings and rebuilt them to the corner and made apartments out of them.
the only information I ever got about the place was that no one lived there for more than 6 months at a time, and the place was empty when it burned. We stayed 2 months and it literally took years to mend the fences in our relationships after that place. Up 'till my mom died, she wouldn't talk about what happened to her in that house other than to say she should have burned the place down when we left. That’s it . Contact me if you feel the need. Thanks for the forum, and keep up the great work......

Something My Grandma Saw


Ok this might seem kinda scary. My grandma is Ukrainian, and she doesn't speak english very well, and she said that nobody would believe her story. This story takes place at a HUGE graveyard. My moms godmother died of cancer in maybe April. (we all call her the aunt) Well anyway. My grandma said that she was visiting her on memorial day. She said she saw a man, and he was talking to her. She told me that he was very white. He was very nice, and he was smiling. He said he knew the aunt. My grandma said that she couldn't ask him how he knew the aunt. He was very far away from her. After she was praying at the grave of the aunt, the man started to talk to her about his family. It was a big graveyard and she didn't know how to make it back to the road, so she asked the man. The man told her how to leave. She thanked him and left. While she was leaveing she looked back and the man wasn't there. But she felt that she knew him somehow. She discribed him as white, very pale, dressed in nice clothes. Thank you for reading this.

My Father


The story I am about to tell happened to me when I was 12 and 13. I am now 33 and still wonder if what I saw was real. Well, first I want to tell you what happened. When I was about 3 yrs old back in October 1976 my father committed suicide. Although I was only 3 I still have some memory of my father. I was his first born and the apple of his eye. In his eyes I could do no wrong. My mother couldn't even discipline me. He was always my protector.
Well, about 3 nights in a row I had wierd dreams that he was trying to say he was sorry that he did what he did. It was the same dream but just went further and further. Then one night I had just gotten into bed and my bed at the time was against the wall and I always slept facing the wall. Then I all of a sudden felt really cold, but I thought that my mom probably just turned the air on but I didn't hear anything. Then I got that feeling that someone was watching me and I automatically thought well, it was my mother coming in to check on me, so I decided to turn and look to see if she was there.  Well, it certainly wasn't her. I was my father sitting next to my bed in my desk chair just staring at me with a smile and he also use to be in the coast guard so he had on his uniform. It really freaked me out so I pulled the covers over my head quick and yelled leave me alone, leave me alone. Then I decided to look again and he was gone. Well, now I am 33 yrs old and to this day I will not sleep in the dark and I haven't experienced anything like that again. I just wonder if I would talk to him if that happened now that I am older. The house that he killed hisself in and where I saw him we rent that house out now and to this day when i walk into it I get a weird feeling and nobody ever stays in it really long. It makes me wonder if he is still there. Well, I guess I will never know.

Arlington High School Ghost


I wrote to you once before about an experience that I had at a haunted warehouse in Grand Prairie, Texas.
I noticed that on your website on the haunted index register under the state of Texas it shows that Arlington High School is haunted.  I graduated from Arlington High School in 1993, and I know that is is haunted.  I will  share my encounter with the ghost as follows.
On January 18, 1985 a drama student by the name of James Austin Stailey shot himself in the head with a sawed-off 410 guage shotgun in the drama room of the high school.
I had my encounter with the ghost of James Stailey one night during my senior year.  I was a band student.  We played at the football games every Friday night during football season.  Once every year we would go to Burleson, Texas to play at the football game there.  We would end up getting back to Arlington High after 1:00am.  I woulld always go to my locker after football games on Friday nights to get my books in order to do my homework over the weekend.  The night that I experienced the ghost was no different. 
I went up to the second floor to go to my locker.  It was in a hallway that was just down the hall from the drama room where James had committed suicide.  I got my books out of my locker and was going to go down some back stairs in the darkened hallway that I always took to go to the band hall. 
There was one light on in the hallway and the back hall that I took had the lights turned out.  As I walked towards the darkness, which never bothered me before, I sensed a presence in front of me.  I felt a strong feeling of dread and despair.  The air was heavy.  I actually spoke to the ghost and told it that i was going the other way.  I turned to go the other way and felt as if the ghost were following me.  I went down the stairwell by the drama room.  When I got to the stairwell, I looked back and saw nothing, but felt that he was still there wanting me to leave.  I walked down the stairwell as fast as I could and flew past the band hall and out to my car.
I just wanted to share my experience with this ghost with you since I was actually a student at Arlington High School.

Late Night


I live in Letcher (near harlan county), Kentucky, have been here all of my life. I have always had strange and unexplained things happen with me since I was a small child as far as spirits being around me. I finally started looking into ghost hunting about 2 in a half years ago and some people I know were interested in searching and doing investigations. There is a lot of places around here that I have either experienced or seen strange paranomial sightings. I want to share them all with you; however, I  have one in particular that I would like to share at this time...
My grandmother owns a place in Linefork, its a really old home but before it was built there was a cabin that was built there in the late 1800's and then her home was built around this cabin (So this cabin still stands). The family decided the home needs to be remodel, so they done so about 3 years ago. Now keep in mind, I was pretty much raised in this house all my life and never really heard nothing unusually until this one night. My grandmother is about 87 years old and the family we would always take turns spending the night with her to make sure she didn't fall or anything. My aunt stayed with me on this night. We sat up and talked until about 12:30 at night before we actually laid down to rest. While we were sitting in this room, I just glanced into the kitchen where I seen what looked to be a black shadow figure of a man that resembled my grandfather, I just blew it off and thought I was just seeing things from being so sleepy. So here we are in the bed, it's very dark, and at 1:30 no sooner than we dozed off we are both awakened by this extremely loud pounding on the ceiling which meant it was coming from the attic. Okay, I'm getting chills thinking about this. However, we went back to sleep hoping that was this end.. No, about 20 minutes later its starts again and continues at a slow pace of about each thump of 5 -10 seconds apart. I start feeling my heart pounding in my chest... and looking around the room I see above the foot of our bed we were in about 4 inch around ball (orb) not very bright but visible, and then it just shoots away into the wall.. Ok, thinking again, its over.. we go to sleep again and this time we are awaken by the same sound in the other bedroom across the house, where my grandmother was sleeping, we are quietly laying there and it stops, next its papers being shuffled through.. so we figured my grandmother has gotten up wondering around... we get up.. walk to the kitchen where there was a door to the outside, standing wide open ( I personal shut and locked the door, I was the last one in)... My grandmother was snoring asleep... back to bed we go... the noise stops until the next morning around 7:30 my aunt is cooking breakfast and I am sitting down watching her... I hear from behind me in the next room a young child talking and talking... I said ok, I am sorry but my nerves can't take anymore.. and I left..
Just thought that my story would interest you.. I have experienced a lot of bizarre things... but that had to be the worse.. I don't understand it though.. Thanks

My Story

hi my name i maria and i have a story about an experience i had/have with a ghost.
2 yrs ago i had run away from home to a place that helps teens. while i was there i felt a weird presence around me. and one night i had a dream (i think it was) of a guy sittin in a chair next to my bed. he was surrounded by light. and the whole time he was there i could here a faint dog barking in the backround. but all he did was watch me. wen i woke up the next morning the chair in my room was sitting next to my bed. i thought it was weird. and i could remember the whole thing. and every day i felt like someone was watching me. so one night i sat on my bed all night waiting for him. he finally showed himself. and i asked him why he was following me and watching me. he told me a story about how that house used o be his. and that he lived here all his life. he told me i looked like his sister that had disappeared along time ago. and that all he wanted to do was protect me. he told me that after his sister disappeared that he had looked for her with no luck. finally he got so depressed he died. he was stuck in the house and couldnt leave. he said he needed to find his sister. and when i left that house he was able to follow me. i asked him his name. he said his name was joe. he is still with me today. he is like my guardian angel. and sometimes i can still see him. but i always feel him around me. and sometimes i can feel him touch me. like a time i almost fell off the rof of my car. i felt someone grab me and pull me back up. but when i looked nobody was there. i knew it was him. thats all i have of the story so far.

Santa Cruz, CA


I resided for a short period last summer at a Motel on in Santa Cruz, an unsavory area of Santa Cruz where drug addicts, prostitutes and basically whatever you may possibly want is for sale for a price.
I saw the apparition of a man, in period dress from the early to mid-1800's hanging in the closet. I even got a name in my head. When I asked a neighbor that had lived there for years if the name meant anything to her, she told me that her son's best friend who hung himself, two years previously to the day, was named that. Although, this was not the apparition that I had seen, there is a connection there and all other tenants that resided there at Hidden Court Motel agreed that they had seen, heard, smelled, etc. unexplainable events, etc.
I experienced several and I do mean several different strange occurrances here. I think it should be well as the Soquel Library, where there was a woman in "period" dress and the books were brand new. When I asked her of the cemetary down the street, the woman replied that there had never been a cemetery in the vicinity. When I went back to the library, the books were old as they had been on my prior visit to seeing the woman in period dress, etc.
Santa Cruz County is filled to capacity with those from the "otherside" and if you ask the right people, you will get more information than you ever could've imagined.


Manchester Haunting


In a duplex-style apartment home we lived in Manchester, NH, there was an old woman's ghost who haunted the upstairs apartment. She had hung herself 10 years prior to us moving in, and in the attic, all her possessions remain untouched. On one of the rafters, a rope, tied and cut, still remains--presumably from her hanging. When we first moved in, the previous tenants had left all their furnishings and carpets (they were in a hurry to leave). My father asked me to remove a carpet in front of our apartment door, and underneath it was a dried spot of blood about ten inches in diameter. The whole house is dark and gives you an eerie feeling, like you're never alone. The whole family slept in the living room, because we couldnt bear to split up at night. The tenants downstairs would tell us that they heard someone walking heavily with a cane in our apartment when we were gone during the day. The old woman did in fact have a cane, and several of them were still left hanging in the attic. One morning, an intense moaning came from the kitchen. Not knowing what to do, I hesitantly approached the entrance, and the moaning became louder and more fierce with every step I took. When I finally crossed the threshold, the moaning was right above my head. It then ended abruptly, and I was drained of all energy and collapsed on the floor. I slept for the rest of the day.
Several other smaller hauntings happened: the water in the kitchen sink would turn on in the middle of the night when everyone was in their rooms; my younger sister would wake up with scratches all over her face; things would be moved around after you just put them down, but no one else would be home; and of course, seeing tall white figures out of the corner of your eye. We were eager to leave the house, but sometimes we drive past the old building for a thrill. The mere sight of the place will chill you to the bone.

My Personal Haunt


This experience happened about two months ago.
One night, I was hovering into sleep and I had my legs spread slightly under the covers. I was somewhat concious of something crawling on my bed toward my stomach. I thought it was my cat because she always likes to come at night. Then it stopped. I looked up, to see nothing.
About a week later, after I had forgotten the incident I was sitting on my bed. My cat came in and stalked around like a cat does. I heard scratching and turned to see my cat pouncing and clawing at something in a corner. I stood up and saw nothing. She then raced out the door. I just shrugged. (This happened again later many times, in which the cat would look around, her eyes darting here and there.)
A few days later, I was lying in bed one night and about to fall asleep when I felt pressure on the side of my leg. I jerked up and saw a dark figure hunched over in the shadows, sitting right beside me. I wrestled free from my blankets but by the time I looked again it was gone. Since then, many things have spooked me, but nothing like the figure sitting beside me.

My Old House


I lived in a haunted house in california in the san fernando valley for the first 12 years of life. i have had lots of exps. at that house. Anyways when i was little i was playing nerf basketball( plastic hoop you put on bedroom door w/ little sponge type ball).  and the ball got stuck in the corner of the hoop. i was about 6 at the time so of coarse i was not the size of the door. all I remember was reaching up for the ball the next thing i knew i was hanging with my neck and head through the hoop and was kicking the door while hanging my dad came just in time to take me down. the next exp. i was in my bedroom and i saw a shadow of a person in the fetal position on the floor and it swirled away after about a minute.
another time i was in my parents room by myself and the buuny ear t.v. antennas starting turning 360 slowly until i ran out the room. i remember also another time i was to scared to sleep in my room so i slept on the floor of my parents room and was kicked awake by something and i looked at the door and saw a black shadow leaning on the door looking at me i screamed my parents woke up turned the light on and the shadow evaporated slowly almost melting. also my family and myself saw footprints walking out the pool.
the history of the house wasn't told to my parents until about 1 year after moving in, in the late 1960s it was home to 3 hippies who liked to have parties and sell drugs one time at a party in the 60s a man walked in with a shotgun and killed 3 out of the 3 hippies one killed in the dining room (the pellets of the shotgun still in the wall)  the other in the swimming pool. the third in my old room. i have other exps. at that house and a few times other places. i' ve written to much already i'll share my others at a later date.

My Supernatural Experiences


I want to start off by saying that I love your site. It is very refreshing to see others who have had supernatural encounters. I have had a few experiences and I wanted to share three or four of them. The first one was when I was younger and my mom and I lived in this small house in our hometown. I am not sure of any history of the place, but it is in DeRidder, LA. It happened one night while I was lying in my bed reading, my cats were all lying on the bed with me. All of a sudden the cat nearest me hissed and ran away. I was alittle confused seeing as nothing had happened to make her hiss. Thats when I started to feel like someone was watching me. So I lowered my book to look around my room and thats when it felt like someone laid down beside me on the bed. I was alittle freaked out needless to say, and also alittle amazed at what had just happened. Now that I think of it, I didn't even think to notice to see if I could see an imprint of a body. As I was lying there thinking about what that could have been I started getting interested in my book once again. All of a sudden I felt as if someone had laid their hand on my shoulder. Thats when I really got frightened because someone had just touched me and there was no one there. I screamed for my mom and she ran in and comforted me. Needless to say I slept with her that night. My second was in the same house, not very long after I had the first. My mom and I were lying in my bed talking because it was early in the morning and she had just woke me up for school when all of a sudden we heard this very loud knocking on the side of the house. The only thing is that it was by the attic window, and that was easily 13-17 feet off the ground. In other words no way someone would have been able to do that unless with a ladder, and there was no one there. That definitely scared both of us. My third was at my grandmother's house when I was very very small. I believe about 3-4 years of age. I had a dream about something called the "Door Knockers" , they were supposed to be these small dwarf like monsters who came and ate children. Before they attacked the child though, the would knock their bedroom door against the wall. Well one night I was alseep and was having this dream and I woke up suddenly. I swear I saw little dwarf looking people-monster things standing in my door way knocking my door against my bedroom wall. I screamed horribly and my grandmother came running into my room saving me as far as I'm concerned. I was so scared that for about 8-10 months I would not sleep alone. My fourth experience is like a dream also except my grandmother had just died and I was feeling very depressed and sad. She was my best friend in the entire world, the only person to understand me. Long story short I was extremely close to her. Anyway, I had been crying and I had fallen alseep. I dreamed I was at her old house and I was asleep in her bed, all of a sudden I had woken up to see this bright white light coming down the hall toward the bedroom door. I sort of sat up in the bed and was looking at the door and I think I was trying to scream or something, but when I noticed the light had the shape of my grandmother I started to cry and to tell her that I miss her and so on. She hugged me and told me that she missed me too, but that she had to leave. She told me that everything was going to be ok and that she loved me. Then she turned around and walked back down the hall with the bright white light going with her. I woke up immediately and I had the most overwhelming feeling of calm. I have felt better about her passing away since that night. I believe it was really her who came to me to console me and to tell me that everything was going to be ok and that I would have a happy life. Thats what I like to think anyway. I hope and pray that I am right. Well those are my experiences and I hope that this wasn't too terribly long. If anyone would like to talk more about my experiences you are welcome to email me at Thanks so much.

Pop Pop


I have been living with my grandfather, or Pop Pop's, ghost for two years now. In 1996 my Pop Pop passed away. He and I were very close (even though I was young). In December 2002 I caught a glimpse of a very shocking sight. At the back desk in the basement, I saw Pop Pop sitting there like he did everyday when he was alive. It looked like he was just having a casual day. It lasted for about 4-5 seconds then it was gone. I passed it off as a figment of my imagination. For the next 2 years everything was fine. Until December 2004 when I witnessed the same thing. It was unbelievable.  After that I studied the paranormal intensly. I had to find out everything about ghosts. Now, I have seen a great many things of my Pop Pop. I was putting on a button-up shirt while looking in the mirror, and right next to my face was the outline of a face. It was almost like the head of a shadow person. I awoke one night feeling extremely cold to look up at my ceiling and instead of seeing the ceiling I saw another shadowy head. My television remote has been slpped out of my hand, a birthday gift was lying on the inside of my door a month before my birthday signed with scribbles, My friends saw a hand going alongside them while walking down the staircase that leads to the basement, I have seen shadows move from one room to another, and everyone feels uncomfortable at that back desk. The list goes on and on. Of all the things that have happened nothing has been really negative. My friends and I believe it to be a residual haunt. But we're not sure. You never really can be. We have recently, after researching extensivley, done a few ghost hunts in my basement, in my friend Pat's house, and in my friend Conor's dad's house. We have caught voices on EVP, and during the most recent in Conor's dad's house, found a solid orb. We hope to catch greater evidence and extend our ghost group.

The Silent Soul


I have this family friend named Sheila, And  one time while visiting her house she had told me about Blair, her nephew who had died about six years ago at the age around nine years old. She had said that not to long ago her father whom was blairs grandfather would never come out of his room because he was depressed about what had happened. many of times the grandfather would say that he sees Blair and that Blair talks to him. None of them believed him until Sheila said she needed to open up a chest that she had put some stuff in previous years before and could not find the key anywhere and that she couldn't  get the glass top to open. For several weeks they tried every way possible to open the thing put couldn't. Until one morning when the grandfather came out of the room, went to the glass light case without looking anywhere else in an instant pulled the latch upwards without hesitation and the dang thing opened. She said she looked at him in silence not believing what she saw because first of all the grandfather didn't even know they were having trouble with the light case. When walking out of the room she followed him and said how did you know how to open it he had said that in his dream Blair hopped onto his bed and said grandpa you have to lift the latch upwards and to use some kind of solution to make it open, and that Blair said the key was under the sink way in the back. Sheila told me she was so shocked that she was for the first time speechless, which that woman is never short for words. When she went to look under the sink it was right there where the grandfather said Blair said it was.

True Ghost Story


this is a true story, i live in the suburbs of NYC, and my house is over 100 years old, and when it was first built, it was a doctors home/office. My sister is 6 years old. Sometimes in the middle of the night she just starts screaming. When we go in there to see whats wrong, she just says "i dont know" or she wont answer you and go back to sleep. i was home alone with my sister on 6/6/06 (which is said to be the devils day). We were sitting by the back door. the back door has a big window in it so you can see outside. all of a sudden my sister looked at me and said "who is that?" and i was said "what are you talking about?". She said, "the person that just opened the door." The door didnt open and there was no one outside. If the door opened, i would have seen it, since i was closer to the door anyway. "Theres no one out there," i said. "Yes there was. Some one just opened the door." The weird thing was that she was completely calm. She acted as if this had happened to her before. A few days later i told my mom about this. She also acted as if this was normal. All she said to me was "Maybe she can see things you cant."

Bannock Montana


I was looking up your haunted places index, and noticed Bannock Montana listed.  I have been there several times, back in the early to mid 90s when I lived in Montana.  First, let me just say that I am an emotional empath......with a strong gift for precognition as well.  That doesnt really come into play here, but the empathic ability does.  The very first time I visited this place, I was pregnant with my oldest daughter.  It would have been autumn of 1991. 
As we approached the area the town sits in, I felt a very heavy feeling of grief.  The nearest I can come to describing was as if the TOWN itself was grieving.  There was such a feeling of desolation that came over me I almost cried.  Once we arrived (I was with my parents and two younger brothers)  I got out and began to wander around.  Most of the buildings you can actually go inside and wander around freely, there are only a couple that are kept locked up.  There were strong emotional emanations from ALL the buildings, but there was one in particular..........I could almost HEAR the sound of children was like an echo almost, and the feeling of pain in that building was unbearable.  This is the same house mentioned in your index.........the building where so many children died.  That first time I wasn't aware of the history of that house.........In the hotel there, which is also listed in your index, I didn't feel the presence of the woman mentioned, but I did feel that there was SOMETHING there, and actually followed a shadow up the grand staircase and into one of the rooms.  When I got to the door of the room the shadow darted into, there was nothing there.  As I went back down the staircase, there is a point about halfway down where you can see out windows across the little main street.  There is a pond out across the street..........I had a vision at that moment of a young womans body being drug out of the pond......she had fallen in and drowned.  As I recall later I went to the little office located at the entrance to the town, and looked at some of the little guides they had........there was a mention of a young woman drowning in that pond under some tragic circumstances.......unfortunately, I cannot remember now what the story behind it was.  I do believe though, that she was a teenager........the age that seems to come to mind is 27, but I cannot be sure.  One other thing that happened to me one of the houses towards the beginning of the town..........I was standing in the main room of the house, and all of a sudden I got a chill up my spine, and heard a mans voice say "May I?"  I felt no threat and just said yes........then I felt a hand touch my stomach and press that moment my daughter began kicking and rolling very strongly.  Then the same voice saying "thank you''.......then "its a girl, you know".  I smiled and said I know........and then I "felt" that the man was smiling so I said goodbye, and walked out the front to head to the next building.  Thats the only time I've ever been "touched", but it wasn't at all was very comforting, and not just for me, but for the man, whoever he was in life, as well.  You could just feel his pleasure.  Im smiling now even thinking about it. 
Sorry this was so long.........

Hall School

By: Anonymous

I would rather not say my name. But one day I was up on the 3rd floor in the girls bathroom when all the stall doors were closed. Well it felt kind of weird in there. It felt like I needed to leave when the fourth stall swung open and slammed shut. No-one was in the room at the time. I walked to the stall and opened the door although it was still bouncing back and forth where it had slammed. When I took a look inside, nothing was in there. Ever since then I have been very suspicious about that place. I have never went to the bathroom alone in that school since. I usually have a friend of  mine come with me.

Couple of Stories


A few weeks ago, me and my boyfriend and a couple of friends were driving around town to look at all the huge houses. Kerry, one of our friends told us that we have to see this house for a certain reason. As we were driving towards it she told us that some girl must have hung herself, or so the storey goes that way, and that whenever you drove past the house they hanging girl was in a different window. On the outside of the house on the top floor, there were 3 average sized windows. As we drove past we all noticed a figure of a hanging girl in the right window. We were all like "WOAH!" Then we drove up the road and drove back down to see if it was in the same spot..We were wrong. It was now in the middle window. The girl looked similar to a mannequien...But it had a more real look to it...Very creepy!!!
When my mother was about 19 years old, unfortunatly her mother had passed away from a terrible asthma attack in our living room. This happend a week after Christmas. Usually around Christmas time, I always get a very strange feeling in my living room, and at night too. We have a rocking chair in there, and a few years ago I was having a sleepover with an old friend and she woke up in the middle of the night to use the washroom. We were downstairs in the wreckroom. And went upstairs and as she was walking through the kitchen and into the living room she saw the rocking chair rocking back and forth very violently, but there was no noise at all. So she decided that she didnt need the bathroom anymore ( Who would after seeing that! ) And went back downstairs for the night. The next morning she told me what happend.
That same Christmas, I was sitting downstairs watching the television. The chair I was sitting in was close to the tv, and in my basement at the time, we had bead-like curtains hanging from the sitting area, to the storage/freezer area of the basement. On the other side of the basement we have a hunting trophie of a deers head that my dad refuses to take down, and my mom always puts the wrapping stuff on the other side on the far right. That night as I was watching tv, I was home alone and suddenly, somthing hit the beads. When I looked to see what it was, it was a red Christmas bow you stick on the top of gifts...Weird because I was no where near the wrapping stuff! It was as if it flew across the room and hit the beads..I was so scared..I know I shouldnt be because she is my grandmother and she was a very nice woman. I have never known her though.
Even now as I am sitting, writing this all out, I feel a presence around me...Makes me have a safe, but unwating feeling.

Madison Story


My friend/roommate, Ryan, and I were sitting in our living room late one evening, when we experienced some odd things happening around the house.  These things were not really all that out of the norm for Ryan, but they would just distract from the story, I think.  After deciding that we had had enough of the odd things that had been going on for approximately an hour, we decided to call it a night and head to our respective bedrooms.  I was walking to my bedroom (at the end of small hallway), when I stopped at my doorway.  My room has two windows in it and there's always a sufficient amount of light shining through the windows from a street light.  But, this time, there was absolutely no light, even though the street light was working.  The room, just past the door frame was a void.  I couldn't see any furniture or even define where the walls were.  And in the upper "corner" of the room I could at first sense, and eventually vaguely see some sort of a creature.  It almost looked like it had a mask on (but that may just have been it's face).  It was laughing at me and I could sense that it wanted me to walk into my room.  Also, the left "wall" of my room was now some weird fluid portal. 
I turned around and went back into Ryan's room.  I asked him if I could spend the night in there.  He thought I was being a baby.  So, I told him if he could walk into my room, I wouldn't bother him and would go back to my room.  He walked to my room, but as soon as he came within five feet of my doorway, he turned on his heals and briskly walked past me into his room.  On his way by me, he told me that I could sleep in his room.
I asked him why he had changed his mind.  He said that my room just wasn't right.  That there was something in there, and that if he had walked into my room, it's likely that he would have gone crazy; and that all anyone would find of him would be a jabbering lunatic curled up on the floor next to my bed. 
Since that night, there haven't been any problems involving my room.

My Experiences


I'm an 18-year-old girl and I live in Denmark.
Of what I can recall I've had three supernatural experiences - I've actually had many moments where I felt something inexplicable, as though there was another presence, and sometimes a piercingly evil presence, but only actually SEEN or HEARD it twice.
The first time I might have been 6-7 years old. I was sleeping in my room and having a very vivid dream in which someone pinched my hand - it hurt so much that I awoke in my been and saw a hand comming from the corner in my room (my bed was near that place, so someone could have hid there) and stangely enough I was scared and I started pulling the hand, I wanted to see to whom it belonged. But the person or thing was stronger than I, and when the arm and the hand had disappeared into the opening between my bed and my brother's, I just stared at the placed until I came to my senses and screamed.
Since then sometimes I've felt someone pinch my toe if the blanket hadn't been covering it or if my hand had been hanging outside the bed, it was pinched now, I have to be completely covered by the blanket when I go to sleep..
The second time I was 11 years old. I was sound asleep in my room as I (While dreaming still) heard a wonderfully beautiful woman's voice humming or half singing into my ear. There was such a gentleness in her voice, so beautiful that it could only be either an otherworldly being or a dream. I slowly awoke, however, and coming to my senses I realized what was happening
- I was alone in my room and some woman (I was in my single father's house) was in my room, humming into my ear.
Although there was nothing frightening about the voice or the strangely beautiful melody, it was thoroughly bizarre and I started screaming until my dad stormed into my room and I dared looking - there was nothing.
The second experience was when I was 17 approximately. I was driving with my older brother in his car. I was sitting the passenger's seat and he was driving, when all of the sudden I see a man in front of us - wearing white-washed jeans and a shirt, and I tell my brother to slow down, and he did, because he saw him too. But when we looked closer there was nobody. My brother likes to scare me, but this time he wasn't laughing, there was no mischivous look on his face...There had doubtlessly been SOMEONE there.

Personal Experiences


I'm writing to tell you about experiences that I've had at two very "notorious" places when it comes to being haunted.
The first experience that I ever had with something that I didn't understand was when I was an employee at Central State Hospital in Louisville, KY.  I worked in the "new" building because the "old" building had been shut down.  No one was actually allowed over in any of the old buildings, but another girl and I were able to talk three of the security guards into taking us over and showing us around.
We went to the administrative building first, which had been built in the late 1800's.  My friend and I were both switchboard operators so the guards took us to the switchboard first, to show us that the original board was a "pull peg" type of board, which I had never seen.  When one of the guards tried to open the door, he couldn't.  He took his key and unlocked the door, and still couldn't open it.  He put his shoulder into it, and was still unable to budge the door.  He apologized to me and said he was sorry that he wasn't able to get the door opened for me to look around.  Disappointed, I told him it was okay.  As they were explaining the former uses of the area outside the switchboard area, I leaned against the switchboard door and put my hand on the doorknob.  When I did, the knob turned and the door swung open.  I put forth no effort to open the door, it just opened. 
After this, we visited several other areas of that same building, including the canteen.  There was no electricity in the building and we were in an interior part, a hallway, which obviously meant there was little light in that area.  The guards were using flashlights even though it was about 2:00p in the afternoon.  I decided to bring up the rear because I was enjoying the scenery.  When one of the guards turned around to ask me a question, he stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes got big and his mouth dropped.  I asked him what was the matter, and he couldn't even speak.  He waited a second then turned around and ran away and never looked back.  He called the other two on his walkie talkie after he was safely out of the building and said that he was NOT coming back in.  Everyone else turned around and looked at me and had similar reactions, but didn't run away.  When I turned around, I didn't see anything.  I asked them all what they were looking at, and they said that there was a figure behind me, with no definite form, but illuminated, that looked to stand over six feet in height.  They said it was so close to me that they didn't know how it was that I couldn't feel it or see it. 
After that, we went to what was called the ballroom or activities center.  We walked into the building and up some steps to a landing with a closet.  When I stood in front of the closet (which was now missing a door), a terribly cold breeze went through me, and I got chill bumps (goose bumps).  Again, there was no electricity in this building it was mid August - in Kentucky - which meant it was hot outside.
We continued on up the steps into the main room.  We were told that this was where they held dances and activities, much as in the dance in the movie "The Snake Pit".  I looked around, and noticed a small room off to the side with a cot, a chair, and a window.  I asked about this room.  I was told it was where patients were restrained if they acted up during an activity.  Just as the guard was going to show me the room, the door slammed shut in his face.  There was no breeze and the window in the room was shut and in tact with no breaks.
At that point, I told them that that was about all the unexplained activity I could handle for one day and we left the grounds.
I didn't have another experience with anything unexplained until I took a tour of Waverly Hills Sanitorium in 2005.  I went on a 10:30pm tour of Waverly Hills led by Dale Clark, the secretary of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society.  The building is amazing.  Just walking in there knowing that over 60,000 people died there is overwhelming.  Anyway, while we were at the beginning of the tour, Mr. Clark was kind enough to show us something at the end of the hallway.  He shone his flashlight down the hallway, which was empty.  He turned it off, and we literally saw approximately four figures walk out into the hallway crossing from one door and going into another.
We continued on with the tour, and when we got to the fifth floor and the infamous Room 502, Mr. Clark told us the history of Room 502.  A young nurse on staff discovered that she was pregnant by a married doctor at the hospital and, as this was improper for the time, she hanged herself in the bathroom.
When I entered the room, I immediately got a sour stomach feeling, which intensified as I stepped into the shower area where she had done it.  I had to end up walking out of the room.
We went to the fourth floor next, which we were told had the highest level of "shadow people" activity in the hospital.  We were asked to line the hallway and Mr. Clark asked that no one use their flashlights.  He turned off his flashlight and then told us to look down the hallway.  As my eyes adjusted to the light (or rather dark) I saw a figure form at the end of the hallway on the opposite side of the hall from me.  It came slowly up the hall and stopped right in front of a girl across the hall from me, who was a member of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, acting as a "caboose" for the tour, making sure everyone was accounted for and that no one lagged behind.  When it got right in front of her, it put up a "hand" right in front of her face.  She used a laser pen light and shined on it, and the light did not penetrate it.  As soon as she did this, it "crawled" up the wall and disappeared into the wall/ceiling.
Next, I looked back down the hall and another figure was coming right toward the person in front of me.  It stopped in front of her, then breezed past her and went, literally, right through me.  I'm a hot natured person, and during the tour, in mid August, it was approximately 80 degrees, even at that late hour.  I had been sweating profusely during this whole time.  My shirt was even wet all around my neckline.  But after this form went through me, I went completely cold, got goose bumps and there was not a drop of sweat on me.  I also experienced an overwhelming feeling of sadness - so strong that it brought tears to my eyes.  I'll never forget it as long as I live.

The Black Cloaked Ghost


It creeps me out to tell this story but i'll tell u. ok where to begin how about when i moved here. well when we moved to clinton i thought there was somthing strang of course i was only 5. but then the next year i was sleeping when there was a loud bump i got up and there in front of me was a tall black cloaked man. i ran back to my bed thinking it was a dream. then when i was 9 i went down staires to help my dad then i saw him the tall black cloaked ghost when i yelled "DAD!!!!!" he told me that i was tired it was 9:00a.m then when i was ten i saw him and a tall lady in a white dress along with a small kid that was the last time i saw him. WAIT THERE HE IS for real shhhh o god its the kid with a knife. i just heard a mans and womans scream the kid murdered the parents well thank u bye

Paranormal Even


Saturday, July 17, 1996 around 130 a.m.  My wife called me on the graveyard shift.  I had been dozing
She said did you hear about the airplane accident.  Immediately, I saw a big ball of flame an airplane
exploding.  Flt 800 had gone down about 830 pm.  I said I know - they are all dead.  She said it is not nice to make a joke about it.  I guess I mentioned what I was seeing to her then and maybe a couple times over the years.
For more than two weeks, I got images that I was flying behind Flt 800 and a tremendous explosion
at the left wing at the body of the plane broke the plane in two with the left wing breaking off and the plane rolling over and plummeting exactly as the airplane damages would indicate.
For three weeks or so I saw these images over and over again.  Then, it came to me.  The Mossad did it, and then there was calm.  I think they were after somebody or somebodies on that plane more so than to stage an event to blame on Arabs just prior to the Olympics.
After two years and no satisfaction by the FAA, I wrote a letter to the FBI and to the school and to someone else.  Within days, the FAA suddenly opened up.  Anonymously.
More time goes by and there was a tragic event that my son should have been at and the people
of Montoursville comforted those families.   Two more letters sent to Montoursville.   More then comes out about Flt 800.    It needs to be put to rest.  The passenger list needs to be gone over to see who the Mossad wanted to take out.  
The FAA's explanation of the explosion does not match the explosion as no iginition could occur in
that confined space.  A bomb went off.

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