Ghosts of Alabama


while i was in the army i was stationed at redstone arsenal in huntsville, alabama and that was in 1964 to 1966. but i believe that this happened to me in 1965. a girl that i was going with at the time picked me up at my barracks in her car and a friend of mine came along too for a night on the town. that night it was raining and the wind was blowing and my lady friend suggested that we go see the ghost of a woman that had jumped off a bridge and had drowned in a tributary of the tennesse river which i immediately scoffed at and made fun. this bridge was out in the country from huntsville which i would not remember how to get back to. we parked about 25 yards from the bridge and waited because she had said that the ghost was supposed to appear at midnight. it was still raining and the wind was blowing and there was no lights whatsoever just complete darkness and no cars at all on that gravel road. at approximately midnight my lady friend in a startled voice said look and what i saw was a bluish form of a woman on the bridge and it was transparent. so i told my friends that i was going to walk up to the bridge to get a better look. so i got out of the car and started walking up to bridge and about that time my lady friend started screaming for me not to go and when she did that it scared me so i got back in the car and we started the engine and turned on the lights and whatever it was was not there anymore. i doubt myself to this day as to what i saw but i know i saw something. does that sense? i am a believer now. have you heard of this story before. please write back. p.s. the guy that was with us did not see anything. how crazy is that?

Goodwill Hauntings


I worked at the goodwill on George St as a night watchman for 2 years. I did hear and see some wierd things such as; alarms going off in the middle of the night. The alarm company would phone me informing me of movement in the area and there would be no one there. The spooky part about it is that it would not only be one alarm going off it would be 2 or 3 going off one after the other as if some one was walking around tripping  alarms. On other occasions i would be sitting at the front desk, were us security gaurds would chill out, and the phone would ring in middle of the night and on the call display ,it would say cafeteria, i would pick it up and no one would be there. This happened about 3 or 4 times in 2 years i was there. I finally clued in on the 3rd time that was a little wierd considering it was 3am and no one was in the buiding.On one occasion i was doing these patrols called 'diester patrols'its were you walk around the whole building with a electrcal divice and scan bar codes all around the complex.This one night i was performing these diester patrols and i thought to my self i feel good not tiried or sleepy i had my glasses on i then came to a door leading to one of the sorting areas, i opened it, then i looked up,seen a women in a old ,what looked like olds maids uniform, she then looked up at me and disapeaered. i took note at the time that i was wearing my glasses and was wide awake at the time. When i started at this place i was a none believer of this type of thing but now , well you be the judge, i believe a little more in the after life and hauntings in genaral. I have alot more stories but it is late at night and my spelling and story telling of this place are probley not what they should be but if you want to hear more shot me an email. I do have alot more to tell.

Grandparents Home


south east of coon rapids my grandparents had a farm . my mom and i both saw a man believed to be her grandfather and my greatgrandfather. i saw a man walk by the house in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. he was wearing a flannel shirt with suspenders and carrying an old fashioned lantern. my mom saw her grandfathers ghost walk out of the barn and across the driveway. her grandfather and my grandfather died in the same bedroom 40+years apart of massive heart attacks.they even fell down dead on the same bed. also when were kids none of us kids would go outside after dark. my brother and i both saw a black cat with orangish looking eyes-this was at mom said when she would stay at the farmhouse(burned down in 1986) she could hear people talking and laughing. this farm was in my family for over a 100 yrs

Haunted Houses


The house that we owned and lived in for 3 years on Park street in the famous jungle district was built in 1926, and was said to belong to one of Al Copones cohorts they used to visit the jungle grotto down the street from the house it was a notorious restaurant, bar, house of ill repute, and gambling house in the area at the time. It is still standing. .It is the site of Saffron's restaurant, and several other small businesses and some apartments now. That site has many amazing stories. 
The house is a bugalow type with a large front porch, and windows all around, In the day that it was built it was open to the gulf and built so that the breezes could flow right through it.
it is still standing. It is on a very historic neighborhood. The property is on the Gulf.  My house 320 Park St  was in those days an unusual house. The large freestanding garage had many, many electrical outlets in it ??? in a day when that was very unusual.
The upstairs and attic area frightened me so much I was never able to stay up there for more than a very short while. I couldn't shake .the feeling of being watched.and the fearful feeling no matter how hard I tried.
My family witnessed items flying across the room, unusual noises, a table was moved right in front of my eyes, and my husbands eyes. Plants were thrown out of window sills clear across the room., while the windows were closed!   My daughter  saw an old man and an old women standing by her bed and was so frightened that she moved out!
A little boy appeared at my door one day and asked me if I had ever had unusual experiences there. I asked him what he meant, and I only listened as he told me,{ this house is haunted you know}. He said that he used to live there and described the same occurrences and the same old man and old women in the same place that my daughter had seen them. He wasn't afraid it seemed.  As far as I know nothing bad ever happened to anyone that experienced the things that went on there
.It was an all together unusual experience. This is totally true and accurate and made a believer out of my very skeptical husband, and some of the people who visited the house. everyone seemed to want to stay away.We began to accept the almost daily happenings as just the norm, while we lived there and did not move because of them.
I felt that the spirits were happy with me because I loved the house so much I worked very hard on it and brought it back to life in so many ways, but still they never seemed to want me upstairs.

Haunted Residence


I have knowledge of a haunted house in North Fairfield.  I lived there for several years.  It is not haunted by an unfriendly ghost by any means.
The house was built in 1865, so it's seen alot of people over it's years.
A man, Mr. Sutherland, haunts it I believe.  He and his wife were unable to have any children.  They ran a rather large farm by themselves.  They would take in troubled boys in the area to help them.  At night, the boys would sneak out.  Mr. Sutherland started walking upstairs several times during the night to check to see they were all in their beds.
While I lived there, you could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and going to the doorway of one of the bedrooms several times a night.
There was also a time when my family went away and the dogs were tied outside.  When we got home, the dogs were inside the house.

House on Middletown Road in Media Haunted


The house I am referring to is now longer there now, it was torn down, but used to stand right next the, I believe it is the Middletown Baptist Church?  I grew up in the house which its address was 32 South Middletown Road. I am 31 now and living in Virginia and my family and I will still sit around and talk about all the strange and scary things that happened in that house. I've tired to do research online, to find out who had lived there previous to my family but have had no luck. My family moved into the house in 1975 the year I was born. I know that Riddle Memorial Hospital own the house and my parents rented it from them. There where 5 of us kids, myself the youngest, I had 3 older brothers and 1 older sister, and I can tell you that we all had things happen to us. To start it off, Mom told me that when they first moved in, she was putting away groceries in the kitchen, she opened the double door to the pantry and the previous owners apparently, left a bottle of bourbon with a note attached to it that said Good Luck.  I can tell you that as clear as if it happened yesterday I can remember being about 5 years old, and I always hated sleeping in my room by myself because I would always here someone walking around in my room playing with my toys. This one night as crazy as it may sound, I remember laying in my bed trying to go to sleep, and as I drifted off to sleep (whether this was a dream or not) I began to feel myself levitate and float into each of the bedrooms upstairs, I remember while doing this looking down and seeing my sister laying in her bed sleeping, my brothers slept in the same room with a set of bunk beds and a separate bed, and I can remember floating into their rooms and seeing them, then floating into my parents rooms and seeing them sleeping, then I came back into my room, came back down into my body and immediately woke up. Now I know this all sounds crazy, but again I had to have been about five, not on drugs nor any family members. When I woke up I ran out of bed and went into my parents room and woke my Mom up and asked to her to come stay in my bed until I fell asleep. I remember her, half asleep coming into my bed, laying down and she fell back to sleep. I snuggled up against her still scared to death about what I just experienced, and while laying there, I could hear someone walking around in my room and while walking it was like they where shuffling their feet pushing my toys out of the way with each step.  I just pushed myself closer to my Mom under the covers and made myself fall asleep, 
I can also remember, and everyone has said they have had the same feeling, but there where two flights of stairs leading to the 2nd floor. There was one set of stairs then a landing and then a second set. Everytime we would be upstairs and start to walk down, you would get such a strong eerie feeling that someone was right behind you watching, so much that we all would get about four steps down and jump to the landing and run down the second flight.  My one brother when he reached his teen years decided he wanted to make one of the rooms located downstairs off of the living room his own bedroom.  Now you have to know my brother, he is the type that nothing scares him and he's not afraid of anything, but even recently while talking about the old house, he told us how on many nights when he would be trying to go to sleep, he would hear people walking and talking across the front porch of our house which was right outside his window, he said he would get so scared he would just hide under the covers.  My mom said that one night while waiting up for my dad to come home from work, she was in the living room watching tv, all of us kids where in bed upstairs, (now before I tell you this part, there was a fireplace in the living room and on the mantel above she used to keep little ceramic animals, little deer figurines, a raccoon, rabbit etc. The one night she was sitting there watching tv and she said all of the sudden the porcelain raccoon flew off the mantel came shooting across the room went right passed her head and landed on the floor behind the couch. I can tell you that many nights I can remember laying in bed upstairs trying to sleep and downstairs in the dining room I could hear dishes clanging and silverware, like someone was setting the dining room table up for dinner and you could hear people talking but could never figure out what they where saying. Mom said that once all of us would go off to school and she would be by herself in the house she would always hear the back door open and close as if someone had just came in, she would get up to look and no one would be there, this happened frequently. She would also hear someone call her name or call her mom and she would think that one of us came home sick from school or something and when she would get up to check, again no one would be there.
 I had moved my stuff into my sisters room which was where the attic door was located and I can remember laying in bed hearing footsteps upstairs in the attic, sometimes you would hear a bang as if someone was up there and had dropped something, but everyone would be in bed or downstairs.   I can remember one night I was upstairs getting ready for bed and while getting changed I felt someone or something flip the back of my hair up, as if someone took their hand put it on the back of your neck under your hair and just flipped it up. The wild thing about this is one night we where watching some haunted places show, and they where talking about a haunted Toys R Us, I forget where it was, but this one cashier they where interviewing about what happened to her said that while standing at the register she felt someone take their hand and flip her hair up in the air. I was freaking out, because sometimes you did go through moments where you would begin to think you where just freaking yourself out or imagining things because you where so scared, but when I saw that show I couldn't believe it.
We lived in that house until I was about 13 then we moved to Bucks County, I cant remember how many years went by after we moved that they tore the house down, but you can still see where the driveway was, I think there is a rope going across it now where it used to be.  But it used to stand right beside that church.  Like I said in the beginning, I have tried to do research to see who lived in the house before and if something bad or tragic happened, because there was definitely something in that house, there was and still is no doubt in my mind as well as everyone else in my family. I was reading the different places you have listed on  your site and one that stood out was about Williamson Trade School. The reason is because, we had about 1-2 acres with this house, all the way in the back yard the woods started which we used to make trails through and ride our bikes, especially in the fall with all the leaves, at the end of the woods on the otherside was the fire trail, which I think now they have built a nursing home back there, anyway, my brother and I used to right our bike back through the wood, across the fire trail and we would ride all the way back to where Williamson Trade School was, I remember this because we where never supposed to ride that far and we where always afraid someone from the school would see us and we would get in trouble. Anyway, when I read about the hauntings at the school I wondered if there was some kind of connection with who had maybe haunted or lived in our house. You talked about soldiers who had went to the school to recover. I dont know if there would be any connection but you never know. I thought since the hospital owned the house I would be able to find someone on it, but online Ive had no luck.  I have thought about taking a trip up there and going to the media courthouse or library to try to look up the deeds and see if there's any records on the house, I think that is going to be the only way to find out anything, but finding the time to do so is another story. My oldest brother still lives there, in fact just right down the street on Mt Alverno road. Whenever my husband and myself go up to visit I always make him drive me by where the house used to stand. Even though it was the scariest house we have all ever lived in, we all grew up there and had some great and good memories too. I still have dreams about the house to this day, nothing bad just being in the house or dreams of playing in the back yard.  The picture of the inside of the house, the back yard, everything is so vivid in my mind, its hard to believe its been like 20 yrs ago. I dont mean to ramble on and on, but to read your stories and see so many places close to our house that where haunted or had unexplained things happen brought back memories. I also remember the infamous house on Rose Tree Road that you wrote about. My school but used to drive by that house everyday on the way to Springton Lake Middle School. I remember when the house caught on fire and watching on the local news. Anyway, thought you might be interested in my story of our house and the things that happened. My mom has pictures of the house if you are interested and if by chance you do any research I would love to know what you find out. Again, theres no doubt in my mind that house was definitely haunted.  Its kind of funny because the one side of the house, which you could never see from the road do the huge holly tree  and other trees blocking it, but we always said that side of the house looked like the house from The Amityville Horror, with the half moon shaped attic windows, etc. Anyway, I not crazy, not making this up and if you would like more info I would be glad to share it. Thanks for reading.

My Fathers Experience


Hello, I just thought I would write and share the experiences my Father had while working overnight in an old school.
Many of his experiences are incredible, as are those of his co-workers. One time, him and another woamn were sitting in the break room waiting for another of their workers to show up. It was late and this guy, Art, wasn't there yet. They sat around for a while when suddenly they heard very loud and violent noises coming from the locker room which is right next to the break room. They said it sounded like someone was in there tearing the room apart, and they actually though Art was there taking his anger out on the lockers. But the only way into the locker room was through the break room where my Dad and his co-worker sat. No one had entered the room because they would have surely seen them if they had. It creeped them out very much, to say the least, when they peekd into the room and saw nothing destroyed and no one at all inside who could have caused such a ruckus.
Another time, when my Dad was standing in the schools gym, he felt someone come up behind him and tap him on the shoulder. He thought it was one of the other overnight workers, but when he turned around, nobody was there. Art had also said he actually felt someone breathing down his neck before in the gym.
One of my Dads other co-workers told one of the strangest stories of all.
She cleaned the auditorium regularly, and she would always see two seats down, always both of them side by side. If she put them up, she would leave and return shortly after, and two more seats would be down again, and like before they would be side by side. They were not always in the same areas either, but they were always side by side, as if two sentient beings were sitting there expecting to watch a play on the auditorium stage.
There are many other strange goings on he experienced in his two decade employment at the school. Everything from shadows moving at the end of one of the hallways (not explainable by logical means, as I had been there as a child and remember the place very well), to the sound of someone sliding along the side of the brick wall right next to my Dad, to a sturdy chair falling over on its own, as if pushed by a hand of some sort, to strange presences following him around in one area of the building, the list can go on and on really.
I believe my Dad about all of these happenings, and I questioned him thoroughly before I decided that his cases where truly paranormal and very much beyond what we might call normal logic. I wholeheartedly believe in ghosts and spirits and what-not, but I do know that things must be approached logically and attempted to be explained by natural means before the term paranormal is attached to them. But these expereinces take the cake. There was something in that school with my Dad and his co-workers all those years, and it wasn't part of the natural "living" world, at least not anymore.
Thank you for the opportunity to share these strange and awesome experiences.

My Nightmare....


Here's something that happened to me when I was about 14 or 15.  I used to buy these comic strip-type novels at the corner store about a demon who disguised as a handsome prince took a beautiful young girl and impregnated her - she had a son.  These were a running series and ever week I would rush over to get the next chapter.  The setting was medieval times and I remember there was a "righteous" man who was after the "demon" or devil - whichever.  Anyway, one day my mom forbade me to buy them any more....she said it was not good reading for a young teenage girl.  You see, my mom was what  you would call a religious fanatic.  I said to her, "Come on,'s harmless......fiction for entertainment.....what's the big deal?"  She still forbade me so I started sneaking them.
One night this is what I was told happened, though I have no memory of it:  I jumped out of my bed screaming to my sisters, "There he is....RUN!!!  There's the devil!!  COME ON....RUN!!! HE'LL GET YOU!!!!"  
They told me I kept repeating this over and over and pointing to a corner in my room.  My sisters woke up and were freaked out of course.  This house had a history of unexplained noises and my sisters were always claiming to hear things at night, especially someone walking up the stairs when they both knew everyone in the house was in bed for the night.  One night I was up late with them and we were giggling and acting silly the whole time, all in the dark.  We suddenly heard a really loud thud, like an iron hitting the floor.  All 3 of us girls froze.  I mean, everyone was in bed, we were also in our beds, just sitting carrying on, not walking or running.  The noise sounded like it came from downstairs and none of us were going to check it out. 
Anyway, my  mother and stepfather woke up and they came to our room.  My mother crossed herself when she heard what I was saying and the look on my face.  She grabbed me and started praying the Our Father and Hail Mary while making the sign of the cross on my forehead, until I calmed down and went back to sleep.  Now, I know what some of you may be thinking.....they made this up to SCARE me into giving up the novels.  And, you know what?  You could be right.  But my sisters aren't good at pretending and I can assure you that if that had been the case, at some point down the road, they would have told me.  My mother seemed genuinely freaked by it too and mind you, she didn't know I was sneaking the sisters and I didn't rat each other out, if you know what I mean.   
So, what I believe happened may be that my conscious got the best of me.  But, what I don't understand is why would it have manifested itself that way???  I don't have a history of sleep walking or talking - I'm now married 22 years and my husband has NEVER once told me I sleep walk or sleep talk, so who knows.  And, before that night I never had anything remotely close to that experience. 
But, I'll tell you what.  I ran back up to my room after breakfast that morning and pulled out those novels from under my mattress and threw them out!  I was convinced something happened that night and that was good enough for me.  OH!  One more "unexplainable" thing that happened while we lived in that house.  It was the late 70's ('78 or '79) and I went and chopped of my had been down to my waist.  For those that are my age...remember the "DA" hair style and how it was popular with both guys and gals?  Well I cut my hair into a "DA" and it was a drastic difference.....people said I looked much older.   I had this neighbor that I was extremely close with and I spend a lot of my free time in her house, chit chatting and drinking coffee.  One day (weeks after cutting my hair) I came to her door and she gave me the weirdest look.  I asked what was wrong?  She told me that morning she had seen me looking out the window and she waved to me.  The weird thing:  the girl she saw had long dark hair, like I used to.  My neighbor knew that the girl she saw was not me - and I had cut my hair weeks ago!  Neither one of my sisters had long hair either.   When she saw me that morning it suddenly hit her and she was a little freaked.  So was I.
Anyway, just weird stuff.  As I read stories on this site, I find myself remembering little things from when I lived in that house.  I sent in a story about this house previously.   Supposedly someone had performed some witchcraft or whathave you and weird things happened every once in a while, but not much directly to me.  Mostly my sisters.  I think spirits feel sorry for me...they know I would probably have a heartattack if I saw one!!!....(LOL!!)

My Story of Something Outside and a Haunted School


some times when iam in the computer or doing something in my room i hear some one of some thing walking in the front yard and this happens alot acuple of months ago i heard it the first timei told my mom that someone was outside walking she told my dad and at the time my dad opened the door it stoped and u can hear when some one is outside walking because we have rock in the front yard and u can hear when u are really quite you can hear something out side and when I peek out side there was nobody there Tucson Az(SOME TIMES I SEE A MAN IN MY DOOR WAY BUT THROUGH THE CORNER OF MY EYE AND WHENI TRUN TO SEE HIM HE IS NOT THERE)

My Story, The beginning of my knowledge


I have a story for the Real Stories and Experiences section.
My story starts in 1992 when I was 10. My family and I had just moved to Kentucky on a military assignment. I had been quite used to moving at this point, but the day that we looked at the house we later moved into, I felt uneasy. All seemed normal until the next year, looking back there were times when I was in the lower level of our home and had felt like I was being watched, but never thought much of it.  My little brother was born that year and so my Dad refinished the garage to make half of it a bedroom for me.
That's when my problems started. Immediatly, there was something about my closet that scared me to my core. My bedroom was set up so that you walked into my room which was longer than it was wide, the closet was immediatly on the right and my bed was on the far wall. I couldnt explain it, I would get so scared walking past my closet, I would be in tears at times. I started hearing noises, not voices but things moving. I had a toy that when you press rather hard against its belly it would start laughing and say "I love you", one night when I was laying in bed reading the toy started going off, over and over. And my room got really cold. I finally gathered the courage to grab the toy and run it upstairs. My mom was sitting on the couch and I think the sheer terror on my face scared her into believing me. It went off once more in the trash can where it had been quickly thrown and my dad took the bag to the trash bin immediatly.
One night I had some friends over for a sleep over and we had a curtain set up in the door way of the downstairs living room so that we had some privacy. We all awoke late that night to sharp growling noises. I had looked over at the curtain out of instinct, and about shrieked. It looked like someone was sitting up against the opposite side, you could clearly make out the shape of a back leaning against it. It moved a few times, and the growling persisted. We finally got up the courage to throw something at it and after making contact with it we heard a low hiss and it moved. It took us probably a good 10 minutes to regain our breath and go move the curtain.
The house doors were still locked and everyone upstairs were sound asleep.
We didnt sleep a wink that night.
I kept finding things moved or missing in my room. One day I had a neighbor over and we were watching tv while we waited for my family to come back home. Suddenly the tv started flickering and then went off. No sooner had we stood up to go see what was wrong than my bedroom door slammed shut. We both screamed and dove for the couch.  She looked over at me and started nervously laughing, then my bedroom door creaked a little and slammed shut even harder this time, then it did that over and over again many times repeatedly. It finally stopped and we were in tears at this point. I finally got my breath back and slowly took the stairs to my room. The windows were all closed and there was no draft or movement of air. I even closed the door to check the handle to see if maybe that was the problem. But it closed fine and didnt give when I pushed against it.
One night while I was laying in bed watching the closet door, I had a habit of that now, I saw the dark partially transparent form of an older woman.
She had very long thin fingers, thats what I remember most. I ended up burying my head and trying not to make any sounds.
The day we finally moved out of that house, my dad and I were alone and packing the last few things up. I heard my dad call out when I was in the bathroom. I rushed into the kitchen that faced the stairway downstairs to find him shaken. He looked at me like someone was playing a horrible trick on him. He asked me if I had let anyone into the house without his knowledge. I told him no. I thought he was going to collapse right then. He told me that while cleaning the fridge he had caught some movement out of the corner of his eye and had looked towards the stairs, and saw an elderly lady, clear as day walking hunched-over down the stair way and then towards my bedroom.  I freaked out and told him I had recently seen the form of an old lady in my closet. We started talking about it and he told me, with much regret, that he had sensed an evil presence in my brothers room which was directly over my room, and had banished it from that bedroom. Having sent it straight down into my room.
I was very glad to leave that house, and have realized my "sensitivity"
towards spirits now.

Pleasant Grove Experience

A few of my friends and i have been into ghost hunting for quite some time now.  About 3 months ago a friend of a friend knew of a good place to look with some good history behind it.  A barn in some very disturbing backroads was caught on fire and the barn burned down, along with the house that was attached to it.  A girl small girl, probably about 5-7 years of age, perished in this fire.  A few years later, the barn was rebuilt but without the house.  It is supposedly haunted by the little girl.  The guy who told us about the barn had a friend who went there broke a wooden step that leads from the bottom part of the barn(where cows were kept) and died a few months later.  When my friends and I arrived here my one friend also broke one of these steps and passed away recently. There is also a rope that hangs in the main part of the barn that swings back and forth constantly, almost looking like somebody hung themselves there.  Close to the rope there is a ladder leading up to a balcony like thing, and one of my friends was in the process of climbing this ladder and he heard a noise from up above and quickly retreated back down to the main floor.  After a bit more wandering around, we again returned to the site of the rope and the ladder and a stick or something was thrown from the balcony and hit the side of the barn.  After that happened we were a bit shaken up until it happened a second time, almost like a spirit did not want us around the barn.  After this happened twice, we left the barn but plan to return in the near future and i will have updates about it. 

The Bouncing Ball


In the month of November, 2000 I experience one of the most fighting apparitions I have ever witnessed. It had been a cold night so I was heavily covered with two thick fluffy blankets, and was surrounded by about 4 pillows. One under my head, one that I hugged, one that I hugged with my legs (I sleep on my side), and one that holds my back for support all on a queen size bed. I had fallen asleep early, since the days are shorter in the winter, and had been sleeping peacefully, when suddenly my head bounced! I woke up, and felt as if I was on the edge on my bed. I had no since of direction, whether I was facing up or down or sideways. At first I was paralyzed, but I know this paralysis was from the sudden wakeful state so I waited a bit till I was able to move again. I was still on my side like I had fallen asleep. But I felt I was on the edge of the bed, as if I moved an inch I would fall. I was also aware of the felling of a presence standing at my side. Even though I was still on my side I also realized none of the pillows I had fallen asleep with were at my side. I rolled to my back and hit the wall. I was still where I had fallen asleep at! I hadn’t moved! So I reached out to grab my pillow, but it wasn’t there. I slowly made my way grasping and groping for my pillows, until I hit the edge. That’s when I realized something was weird. I remembered my head had bounced as if someone had suddenly pulled the pillow from under my head! When I put my hand on the floor that’s when the noise started. It was an eerie bouncing right outside on the corner of my bedroom! It sounded like one of those red balls from grade school bouncing on cement. But here’s the weird thing. I live in a trailer in the desert; there is no cement on the side where the bouncing was coming from! I grabbed my pillow which was at the other end of the room and jumped into bed. I covered myself from head to toe with my blankets; even though my head was covered I could still hear the bouncing very clearly. I fallowed the sounds path all along the side of the trailer from one end to the other and throw the driveway and towards my grandma’s house. When I thought it was gone I uncover my head and realized it went throw the air conditioning unit, and the extra room we had just built! If I thought this was a hoax before, I quickly realized it was the real deal. But just as I realized it was real, the sound came back starting at the other end of the trailer and working its way back to me!!! I grabbed my blanket and ran down the dark narrow hall into my mom’s room, where my mom and niece were sleeping. When my mom woke up and asked what was wrong I explained what happened, and walked into the living room where I saw my dad sitting on the sofa looking out the window. I didn’t have to ask him if he heard anything, I knew by the look on his face that he had heard and possibly seen it happen.

Red Eyes


hey I thought this website was pretty cool and decided to share an experience.
It was at my grandmothers house we were all down stairs eating dessert when we heard something walking around upstairs me my brother dustin and cousins domonic and nicki went up the stairs to see what all the noise was,when we reached the top of the stairs we all saw red eyes staring out of a hole in the wall we stared a minute or two and then saw the red eyes blink scared to death my cousin nicki went down the stairs,we stared at it for awhile not knowing what it was going to do next until we heard something creaking upstairs we thought maybe it was a ghost we saw a black figure and found out it was nicki again when we looked back at the wall we saw nothing just the same old hole in the wall but nothing else.ever since then we thought it was the ghost of our great great grandma trying to talk to us or comfort us we then stopped seeing the red eyes but,still heard footsteps all I know is that we all loved the presence of our grandmother and will see her one day in heaven.

Schroeder Incident


Historical Marker- Father Baragass' Cross
I heard that he was a missionary to the tribes in that region, and he use to canoe up and down the shore with supplies for the local tribes. But one day he tipped over and drowned and they found his body washed up on the shore. I don't know if the memorial was resurrected near the spot that he was found or not, but that would only make sense if that was the case...well my Aunt and Uncle use to own a house about 100 yards or so from the memorial. Well my brothers and I use to play down on the big rocks that you only find on the shore of Superior(we were from the cities;), and of course we played around and on Father Baragass' Cross too...only because we didn't know any better back then. Well time passed by and in '81 I was at the house for a visit (I was11years old at the time). And during this stay I slept downstairs in my cousins room. His room was  pretty cramped with two twin beds hugged to the walls with a small walking isle between one night after falling asleep I woke up because my "sixth sense" was tingling and it felt as if someone was either staring at me or too close for I reluctantly looked to my right (because to the left  was a wall;) and wouldn't you know it there was a face looking right back at me, but at first I thought it was my cousin being an A-hole, so I said; Jack-knock it off!! Well as I was repeating this four or five times, each time the volume and panic levels were rising as I noticed that it wasn't Jack's face staring back at me- for the simple reasons that it had no hair (or very little), and that it seemed to have a wound or blood on the right side of his forehead...and the entire time that my volume was rising because I was taking this all in...the face never change it's expression...just deadpan the entire time.
I get back home and told the story to my family and my middle brother came back with that had happened to him also.  Strange.
Then later down the road when I was 23.
I visited my relatives and this time I stayed upstairs (by choice;) the room directly above the one where all the "fun" happened...
A wouldn't you know it...every night I woke up with that same feeling around 3:13 am...every night. Needless to say I didn't wake up and scan the entire room looking for my old friend.
In fact, it got to where I would wake up with that stinkin' feeling, and with my eyes closed I would reach up for the reading light, turn it on, and then wait for things to me it was just a little strange.
 I have a few more personal stories to tell, but they all happened to and around me while I was stationed in Upper Heyford, England...maybe someday I will pass a few on if your interested.

Spook Light Hill


In mid march of 2006, me and my girlfriend went to spook light. We drove north from Brazil on 59 N to Clay/Parke county line and turned left. We came to the fork in the road, went left and got to the open field where u turn around and stop at the big oak tree, close to the 2ND telephone pole from the turn around. There, i turned my car off, flicked my lights 3 times and sat back. A minute later i told her it should take like 10 minutes to see anything. As soon as I said that, like about 10 seconds, up ahead a little under the horizon a glowing ball of neon green went from he left side of the road and swiftly to the other side and briefly saw it as it disappear. A minute later, while i was wondering if i saw something or not, right then, some red lights began gliding swiftly across the road, side to side coming closer, but not too close it seemed. then the lights got faster, and it lasted about 10 minutes. Now the green glowing ball, it was i have to say, about 10 feet in diameter. The red lights were like tail lights, but there are no roads there and it couldn't be a lazer light, we would've seen he lazer line throught the trees. anyways after 10 minutes of it i started my car up and drove very fast to see if anyone was messing around with us and there were no cars or trucks or reflections or any signs that could've been mistaken for what we saw. A green street sign does not glow and walk across a road! even tho the street signs were out of veiw from where u should be watching from. And SR 59 is not at all in view. Now, if the red lights were tail lights, then there woud've been head lights. And that a vehicle could'nt of done it with no headlights because the lights were going too fast and we heard no vehicles at all. So basically, i saw what u are supposed to see, plus, a green object. Now about the swamp gas, that area does not have a lot of deteroriating wood or and very swampy areas to produce a sight as we've seen.

The Music

By: anonymous

Growing up, my grandmother always had an uncanny sense about when a sick or aging person was going to pass away.  I can always remember how people joked about it but I never really understood it until I drove her to see her last remaining aunt who was dreadfully ill.  She was eat up with cancer and going in and out of herself when I heard my grandmother say, "Aunt Hazel, it won't be long now, I can hear the music."  It was the first thing that Aunt Hazel had recognized in days.  Thinking it was something she said to calm her, I paid little attention and felt like I had eavesdropped on a very personal moment.  My great aunt Hazel died within 12 hours.  I heard her say it again to her mother just 12 hours before she passed away as well.  When her ex-husband was in ICU after a horrible bout with cancer,  she uttered those words again.  Like each time before, the hearer would pass away within 12 hours.  Finally, I had to ask her about the music.  She told me that as a child, her grandmother was always able to tell when someone's time on Earth was nearing it's end because she could hear the music.  Sometimes the music was from Heaven and sometimes it was from a place much further south.  She smiled at me and told me not to think too much of it, that after she was gone, I would understand.  In 2003, my grandmother passed away.  During the last week of her life, I stayed at her house; sleeping little while I waited.  One night, I heard the faint sound of music playing.  Thinking it was a neighbor's radio playing some lovely classical music, I ignored it and went to sleep.  A few nights later, I was stirred from my sleep thinking that someone had left the radio on and it was going to wake my grandmother.  Futile, I searched the entire house trying to find the source of this music.  Another night, I was startled awake; the music sounded like the orchestra was surrounding my bed.  Each time I heard the music, it was louder and more beautiful.  On the last day of my grandmother's life, I snuck into her room, kissed her on the forehead and said, "Granny, it won't be long now.  I've been hearing the music."  She smiled at me kissed my hand and I knew that she was going to be okay.  Ever since her passing, there have been times when I have heard the music.  Some is definitely from Heaven and some from a little further south.   

*A Few Experiences*


I have been reading many of the stories on your website over the last few weeks and find it very intriguing. I have a few short stories I would like to share which happened either to me or to someone I know.....
The first experience was one in which I experienced with a friend when I was about 8 years old. My friend and I were in her upstairs bedroom playing (it was nighttime, and she lived in an old house on a lot of land) when we both saw two (almost ghoulish looking) faces appear in the window. We freaked out and ran to another room in the house and saw the same "faces" in another room's window. We then ran back to her room and never saw them again but swear to this day that we both saw them - we're both 28 years old now so it's pretty wild that we would both remember such an event so vividly.
Another experience that I had was when I was in like 9th grade. My friend and I used to attend a nightly bible study once a week. Our church had recently added a huge new sanctuary but still kept the old chapel next door to it for other meeting purposes. About 10 years earlier, a young boy (my parents even knew his parents) had died in a car accident. Apparantly he used to love to play on the piano after church when the chapel had cleared out on Sundays before he died. It was rumored that after dark, one could often hear the tapping on the piano in the old chapel even though no one would be seen there. So my friend and I decided to check it out one night. We snuck into the back room (where the minister would wait before walking out) and never told anyone what we were planning to do. Before we could even open the door into the church, we heard a light tapping on the piano - when I cracked the door, the noise stopped and you could see no none. Talk about spooky! (And sad, too, I suppose.)
Another occurence happened to a friend of mine. He was part of a crew of people who would set up a popular haunted house in what actually WAS the oldest standing house (it was completely rickety and old as heck) in our town every Halloween. Apparantly the house had two ghosts still in it that were brothers. Wayne is a very nice, honest guy and I know he wouldn't have lied about this. He was in the old house by himself (no one else had arrived to help yet). He was in one room painting a wall when he had to walk into another room for a second to grab something. No less than a minute later, he walked back into the room to find the ladder he had been using placed against the completely opposite side of the room. After investigating, Wayne realized that he was the only person there and booked it out of there until he could have some other people there to meet him! Scary!
Another experience happened to a lady in my sociology class in college. She ran an old bed and breakfast in town which was once owned by an old traveling medicine man from the early part of the century named Dr. Bell - I think he had actually commited suicide in this house. It was said to be haunted but the lady who was running the place at the time(in my class) said she didn't believe in that stuff until one day when she was in the kitchen making some pie. All of a sudden, she turned to walk out when there in front of her stood this see- through, yet crystal clear, image of Dr. Bell standing there. She dropped her pie, looked up, and he vanished. She said that from that point on, she was a believer. (I would be, too!)
The last experience I would like to share happened to my friend's aunt and uncle. (They were even featured on Oprah for it several years back on some Angels and Miracles episode.) The two of them were hiking  along a place here in GA called Tallulah Gorge, where there is a huge drop off. Her aunt lost her footing, grabbed her uncle, and the two of them fell off the cliff. No one would normally survive a fall like that being that there were no ledges or anything below where they fell from to break the fall. They were both knocked out for a while, but then her aunt awoke to find that she and her husband were lying safely on a ledge, far from where they had fallen. Not one bruise on either of them, and no one else around to see what had happened. When she looked up, she saw (I believe it was a childlike figure - but I haven't heard this story in years so bare with me) an image that she swears to this day was their guardian angel. I believe in angels - so does my mom. Back in 1982ish, my grandfather had his first heart attack. My mom is very close to her dad and was about to have a panic attack waiting in the hospital room for the news about my grandfather to arrive when suddenly she said she felt what felt like someone hugging her and a voice tell her "it's ok - everything is going to be ok" - she said she felt instantly calmed, not scared. Moments later the doctor arrived to tell her that her father was going to live. How awesome is that!
 I definitely belive in spirits and angels. I wanted to share some of these short stories with you. Thank you for your time.:)

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