Grandma Mercedes


I just read the story you have listed, Mr. M and Pepper. It reminded me of my grandmother who died in 1977. She was 82 years old and in the hospital and a bit senile (or so we thought). One day my Aunt got a phone call that my grandmother¹s best friend Provi had passed away. She was afraid to upset her with the information, but when she went to the hospital and was trying to get up the nerve my grandmother told her that Provi came to visit her the night before. My Aunt then told her that was impossible because Provi had past away. My grandmother calmly said I know, she came to say goodbye.

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The Baby


One night me and my friend sat up telling eachother ghost stories. My dad has told me of many things that had happened to him and I told Emma (my friend) all of these. Emma's cousins Tom and Louise kept on knocking on the door and just being really irritating. Emma's Grandad had just died the week before and she decided to tell me a story which he had told her when she was younger. Her grandad was about 5 years old when his mother died giving birth to his brother. The baby survived and went home to their house where the family took care of it. After about a week of the baby coming home, Emma's grandad was standing at the bottom of the stairs when he saw his mum at the top of the staircase. He shouted `mummy' but she just seemed to hover there before looking down to him and saying `it's okay sweetheart, I've just come for the baby'. The baby died the same day. After Emma told me that story, we got talking about other things when we saw a torch light shining onto the wall. Emma shouted `Louise! I'm gonna come after you in a minute!'. The light then disappeared but we never heard any footsteps. Emma looked out of the window and her Aunty's car had gone so it couldn't have been her cousin. Her dad was outside in the garage and her mum was sat downstairs watching TV!

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The Stickney House


For you people that do not belive I hope that my story will convince you. I am a chief of police for a small village in northern Illinois.My office is located in a old two story brick farm house that was built back in 1834. The house was built with round corners inside and out. the people of that time belived that they could talk to the dead better with round corners and that evil could not hide there. I was also on the NBC program the other side talking about this house. It was shown on January 31, 1995. I have had locked doors unlocked and opened I had two weeks ago my office door knob turn before my eyes and watched the door fly open. I have heard pounding in the walls, Foot steps down the stairs and across the ballroom floor. I have heard things being dragged across the floor. We have had lights turned on and off. Rooms go cold and blasts of wind go by. I have heard only once a human voice groan, and the burglar alarm gos off all the time but it is only the motion detectors. I have not been the only one who has seen and felt these things my other officers and clerk have had there own sightings. With in the six months Iam having chicago land ghost hunter Richard Crowe come to my office to try to figure these things out.

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Another USS Forrestal sighting


Dearest Sir, I write you today regarding your ghost story about the USS Forrestal. I was stationed within a Fighter squadron VF-74 onboard this very ship. I made 2 Mediteranean cruises on this ship. I was in the Naval airwing, thus our birthing space was just below the flight deck. I can't even begin to tell you all the experience's I had! I really never realized the ship was haunted. I too was only 18 years old at the time, and very naive as well. This was in 1982. On numerous occasion's I would see a sailor, like myself walk into an area that was just a plain old bulkhead. He would completely dissapear? I would try and find where he went, but absolutely nothing. I attributed these visit's to exhaustion. On other occasions I would hear voices in the night crying for help, only to awaken thinking I dreamt it. I also had many experiences while working 2 mos TAD, "temporary assigned duty" In the ships galley. My shift was from 1900 to 0700 the following day. I had an overwhelming feeling when entering the reefers, and store room's of the ship. I too have seen the dissapearing Khaki clad chief. It all makes perfect sence to me now. I jutified everthing by claiming it was just an illusion. Funny, I read an article about a year ago pertaining to the ships haunting. It seems i slept in the exact area numerous sailors burned to death in thier sleep. If you should be interested in additional details, please feel free to contact me. Thanks, TimMadrid

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Strange Visions


It wasn't until the last month that I found out that I actually had a story to tell. I mean, we've all seen things and sure, I've seen little black things out of the corner of my eye follow me on the way to school. I didn't think they were real. Just some figment of my imagination, dredged up from reading too many Steven King books, right? Then, one night I saw one in plain sight, though it looked like a black cat, i knew we had no black cats in the house. It ran across my mother's bedroom and under her bed, but never came out. Ever. Every now and then I would just get this feeling, like the night wasn't the friendlist place to be in, and when I did, I got the hell in doors and into the light...away from shadows. When I was very young, I remeber waking up to a white figure floating above my bed, more comical looking and friendly than scary, and in one blink it was gone. All this was many years ago, and as I moved out of one house and into another, everything stopped for awhile. But then, I would get the feeling that something was in my room, footsteps would fall on my plush carpet with no feet to leave them. My stereo would come on for no reason, would not turn off, and then just as mysteriously go off again. When I moved to college, everything was peaceful once again. But one night in my girlfriend's backyard, I saw what I thought was one of her sisters hiding under her dad's (big) truck. While her sisters have done that before, it seemed strange that one of them would have such a maniacal smile on her face. We went inside, only to find all of her sisters had been in the whole time, and then the same feeling hit me again...the night was not to be ventured in that night. But I filed all of this away, dismissing it on an overactive imagination. But they've come back. Or maybe it's not the same ones, I don't know. But when my wife is in class in the morning and I'm sleeping in, I often awake to find a female shape standing at the foot of the bed, sometimes looking similiar to my wife, sometimes black with stringy hair. Once, and I pray to God I am wrong, it looked like it carried a decapitated head. More recently, I looked on our living room floor from another room and thought I saw my wife lying on the floor, smiling up at me. My wife was at work that night. As with all the other images, it lasted a brief second, and then it was gone. And then last night, I was on the phone with my friend, Curtis at 2:00am (both of us our nightowls, him more than me, but lately I developed this strange insomnia that won't let me go to sleep until 4 or 5 in the morning...), and I could feel somebody looking over my shoulder all the time, a precense beyond normal senses. I could move to another place, but would it really help? Tonight, I think they\it are\is back. And God forgive me, I don't know what to do about it, and I'm scared.

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The White Man


When I was about 10 years old and my brother 8years old we lived in a house on 3 acres of wooded land where we used to play hide and seek with our friends. One day we were just playing outside as usual in the late afternoon with our next door neighbour friends and my brother was trying to find us. I could hear him calling my name from a little ways away & he sounded a little scared so I decided to see what was the matter. I came upon him in this little clearing under the canopy of trees and in the middle of this clearing was the weirdest 'thing' we had ever seen. We were mezmerized for a moment because it looked to a huge, white man. It looked to be about 10 feet tall to us kids. As quick as we saw was gone. It just sort of seemed to 'zip' through the trees and we tried to follow it but it was going too was almost floating. We managed to follow it across the street and down to the creek...and then lost sight of it. Of course we were a bit shaken by this event and ran inside to tell our mum and dad and of course they didn't believe us and suggested that maybe in fact what we saw was a 'big white dog' or something. We were very adamant about the fact that it was not a dog, but a big, white glowing man....that just sort of disappeared. We didn't feel scared at all when we saw it.... and we never saw it again. this day we both know that we did in fact see something. We have speculated that it may have been a ghost from one of the many old cars that we found on our property. But who knows......

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Flying Pictures


When I was in college I lived in an old house that had been made into an apartment. The upstairs and downstairs two seperate living quarters. Odd things happened that I'd never really tried to think about except when I was home. Doors swung open with no wind and no one behind them. Things disappeared that we set down only to re-appear days, weeks, or months later in the middle of the floor or in places where they could not have been missed. One night my roommate went out and I was home alone. I'd gone to bed and fell into a deep sleep only to be woken up not more than a couple hours later. There were three pounds so hard I thought I felt the wall shake, then the sound of breaking glass. There were a couple seconds of silence, then three pounds and the sound of breaking glass again. I'd never been so scared. I thought someone was breaking in. But then there was silence. I laid in that position for over an hour waiting for my roommate to come home. No one could have gotten around the house without me hearing them, the floorboards were in such bad shape there was no possible way to be unheard if you were walking around. But I could not move and I didn't hear any noise. I heard my room mate come in finally. I listened to her walk into her room, then heard the steps coming back out. I crept into the kitchen which was between our rooms and she looked at me, I must have been completely white. She looked at me wide eyed and said "What happened to my room???" I started crying and she hugged me. I told her what I'd heard and how long I'd waited for her to come home. She told me to follow her and we went into her room. She'd had three pictures on her far wall hung next to each other. The farthest picture had flown entirely across the room and had I think hit the wall, bounced down and was laying face up. The middle picture had flown STRAIGHT down, so hard bending the nail down into the wall. The last picture had flown off and out to the right, broken into her suitcase - (the suitcases with the hard outsides, it had cut right into it) and was laying in an ackward position on it. We searched the house. The door had been locked when she came home, nothing had broken or touched it. The windows were closed and locked, and the plastic enclosing the deck was still stapled from the inside and untouched. I refused to stay in the apartment alone after that. I always made arrangements to have someone with me or to be somewhere else if there was the possibility of being alone. My roommate and I dug into the history of the house after that incident. We'd talked to as many people as we could. She finally found out that the building had been a butcher shop before it was ket up as a house. I don't know if it's related and I'm not sure that I care anymore. But I will never forget that night.

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Aunt & Uncle's house


In early 1986 (I was sixteen), my Aunt and Uncle moved from Queens to New

Rochelle. They bought a fairly decent house, which needed alot of fixing.

For most of the summer, my parents and I went up on weekends to help out.

When it was done, the fixer-upper had become a spectacular home.

In December of that year, my Aunt and Uncle asked my mom to watch my cousins

while they went to a company Christmas party. I tagged along, eager to spend

a night staying up late and fooling around with my cousins.

Around 2 a.m., I woke to hear the sounds of my Aunt and Uncle coming home. I

heard someone moving around downstairs, and then begin to come up the steps.

So I got out of the bed, and went to greet them. Of course, there was no one

there. No one on the steps, and no one else in the house. I quickly

retunred to my room. A little while later, I began to hear sounds coming

from the attic. Again, it sounded like footsteps. After a while of being

frightened out of my mind, they went away.

The next morning, when I discovered my Aunt and Uncle had not gotten home

till later in the morning, I told everyone what happened. Naturally, they

laughed and said I dreamt it....that it was the product of my overactive

imagination. After a while, I agreed with them, and discarded the whole


About a month later, I was back at my cousin's house. My younger cousin and

I were in the basement, playing with his video games.

Not knowing why, I turned my head and looked behind me, just in time to see a

white mist move around the corner. I very calmly put my joystick down, and

told my cousin to come upstairs with me.

This time, I didn't tell anyone.

Not too long after that, my mom told me she had spoken to my aunt. My little

cousin had taken up a strange habit. For some reason, at around the same

time every night, had started gong around the house, making sure that the

doors were locked and bolted. When asked why, he had no answer. After a few

months, this stopped.

Things quieted down until 1989, when my Unlce proceeded to tell us he no

longer doubted my ghost story. It seems he was out in the backyard, doing

some gardening. My aunt and the kids had gone out for the day. He took a

break for a moment and looked up to see a woman come around the side of the

house, walk up the steps to the back door, and walk in. My Uncle called out,

thinking it was the neighbor who didn't see him in the yard. He ran into the

house after her, and found no one. He stated there was no way the person

could have gone out the back without coming back his way, and no way she

could have gone out the front, as the door was bolted shut from the inside.

Since then, there hasn't been any other occurances, and I've been to their

house dozens of times. I often wonder if the presence of a new family, and

all the ruckus that was made when the house was being remodeled annoyed

"something" in the house, and whatever it was decided to make itself known.

Maybe after the family settled into its daily routine, whatever it was calmed

down. I'm just waiting to see what happens when they remodel their kitchen.

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Figments of imagination ?

by m12@ATCON.COM

I would say that it started about three months ago. Little things

that you wouldn't expect. For instance, the doors were always closing. Even

when there was no wind. If you opened a door, somewhere else in my house, a

door would close. Also, almost every night, you could hear a car coming in

the driveway. But everytime I went to see who it was, there would be no car.

I know it was my driveway because we live in a small subdivision, and my

house was the only one that had gravel in it. There were always bumps and

creaks coming from the side if the house. At first, I thought it was just a

racoon, but after it continuing every night, I began to get alittle worried.

Probably the most " spooky" things though, was the fact that every

time I was downstairs, all alone in the house, I could hear people upstairs.

People walking and talking. I would go upstairs, my heart pounding ( Because

I knew that there was no one else in the house) to see who or what it was.

The upstairs was always empty. Also, I told you about the closing doors.

Well downstairs we have a small wall fan that you can turn on by a little

latch in the back. Anyway, you usually don't want to close that downstairs

door. Because when you do, the fan automatically comes on. This happenned a

couple of days ago. The door suddenly closed, and I could hear the fan come

on. I went downstairs to turn it off, but stopped dead in my tracks when the

fan was on, and the dial said off.

This might just be my imagination. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but when

I'm alone in my house, I feel an eerie presence all around me. Something I

never feel when my family is home, or if I'm out with my friends. This

coldness, and strange thoughts come in my mind. It could be bright daylight,

little kids running around in the neighbors backyard, and I could be sitting

on the couch, eyes not moving, scared to breathe, feeling the presence I

told you about earlier.

I told my best friend about it. She was alittle shook up about it,

but then she reassured me that it was all just a figment of my imagination.

But, is it?

As I said before, this is probably just my imagination playing games

with my good judgement. Also, no one else in my house ever had a problem

with anything, but, even as I'm writing this, the door has just closed about

five seconds ago, there is no one in the house but me, and the fan just

turned on. People may call me crazy, but I know what I see and hear. There

is a presence in this house that I'm not sure of. This page gave me some

relief, because after seeing it, I realized that I'm not alone.

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Attacked by a Ghost


I am writing this in reference to what I believe was an attack on

me by a ghost. When I was young, about 7 or 8, I stayed home from

school one day. My family lived in a house in Holbrook,

Massachusettes and this is where the aforementioned occured. My

father was in the military and as such my family oftened moved

around from state to state. During my youth, I probably have

attended at least 6 schools and have lived in even more houses.

This particular house in MA, was the only place that this occured

and it only happened one time.

Like I said before, I stayed home from school that day. I

remeber going into my parents room as they were getting ready for

work and falling asleep in their waterbed. After everyone had

gone, I was awaken because I felt a sense of danger. As I woke up,

I rember my heart racing and I grabbed for the padded rails on the

side of the bed. I then saw a grey figure above me and I started

to feel that it was very hard to breath (I dont have asthma or any

allergies or other medical problems). I was very scared and I

struggled with the figure although I couldnt feel it physically or

even see myself struggling. I knew that I was putting up a fight

though. Within a few seconds, the grey mist dissapeared and I

could breathe again. I jumped out of the bed and ran into the

living room and sat their all day until my parents came home. I

told them what had happened and they told me it was just my

imagination. This is what I started to believe myself. I knew

that I wasnt dreaming because I grabbed the beds side rails and

felt them and knew I was awake, the only other explanations were my

imagination or I was attacked by a very fast grey person, or what I

believe now, that I was attacked by a ghost or spirit. I diddnt

have invisible friends growing up and I was never an outcast type

of person. I am and have always been a normal healthy reasonable

person who does not have an overactive imagination. That was the

only time and the only place that anything like that had ever

happened to me, I have never seen a ghost since and I have never

had an unexplained thing happen to me. This has been the only

unreasonable, unexplainable thing to ever happen to me.

I am now 21 and in college getting decent grades. I have a

lot of friends from all walks of life and I would not consider

myself to be mentally troubled. I think about what happened every

now and then but it doesnt scare me as much as it did when I was

younger. I just wish I knew why the ghost wanted to hurt me.

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Chased by a Ghost

by for the story......

driving from a friends hous I happened to look through my rear view

mirror.about 50 ft. behind me is a figure that is about 6'4" male

muscular and vaguely transparent.....the spirit proceeded to run after

my car order not to crash I had to look forward but when I did

look again it was gone.....a couple of minutes go by and I am at my

house.....what do I see running across the steet to my side is this

figure again....

now normally Im very intrigued by the paranormal/supernatual but this

felt very wrong....a month goes by and I forget about the occurance...I

return to my friends house and she tells me that she has been meaning to

speak to me of something she has seen......I know right off what sheis

going to tell me.....I tell her nothing and let her proceed seems

she too has seen this thing on the same curiosity is now

on overload.....I go to a place called the eye of the cat months later

and ask a employee of they have ever heard of such an occurence this

lady say no......odd thing is that a lady on the other side of the store

who cannot her me later tells me it was a form of death .....great I say

and leave....

the best part of this one subject is when my best friend a skeptic of

things I have experiences and told him comes to me and recites this

occurence of a black thing running after his car......I didnt telll him

of my experience...I began to get tired of the your seeing thing

remarks...nice to know the skeptics can also get shooken up.....well the

question I have for you is this have you ever heard of this experience

happening.....thankyou for your time MP

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Grandma's Story


I'm still hoping to have my own peaceable spirit encounter sometime in my

life, but

until then I submit a story related to me by my grandmother. Back in the

1950's (long

before I was around) my grandparents, who live in suburban Chicago, were

driving to

dinner along a tree-lined, two-lane road. It was a dark, clear winter

evening. As they

drove my grandfather noticed a man walking slowly along the side of the road

in grey

clothing. As they approached, my grandmother noticed his clothes appeared to

be that of

a Civil War soldier, complete with hat and markings. There were no

enactments going on

(especially in the dead of winter) where he could have come from. As they

came closer,

the man looked over his shoulder, stared them both in the face, and the car

sped past.

Upon looking back, they said they only saw him for a brief second before


engulfed him (that, or he disappeared). Curious and spooked, my grandfather

turned the

car around almost immediately and they drove back, but the man in grey was no

where to

be found.

25 years later I was spending an afternoon with a Chicago-area ghost hunter

on a video

documentary shoot. As we travelled around Chicago filming haunted locations,

I told him

of this experience my grandmother told me about. He said others reported

seeing the

Civil War Ghost as well, and upon doing research he discovered that there was

a prisoner

camp in the area during the Civil War. Now, this is second-hand and I have

not had the

opportunity to investigate for myself, but the story was told with such

conviction, and

cooraborated 25 years later, that it makes you wonder.