Some Czech Ghosts


I was vacationing in Prague last year and gathered some interesting ghost stories about the city. The first tale is of a Templer Knight who rides through the streets of the Jewish Quarter with his head tucked under his shoulder. He was decapitated by a butcher during a progam in order to drive out the Jews from the city. Another tale tells of a man with lots of hair who was ridiculed by his neighbors. After awile, he started to strangle people to death, including small childrean. To this day, people have reported hairy hands trying to choke them and repulsive odors coming from noware. A more friendly ghost is of a beautiful lady in white who haunts the garden near Prague Castle. No one knows who she was, but some people think she's the spirit of a woman who hanged herself after her child died from the plague. Now for more gruesome stuff, the ghost of a turk who carries the head of a young woman haunts a s!

treet near Tyr's Church. He killed her in a fit of jelousy and took her head so he could take it back to Turkey with him. But soon, he heard vocies telling him to bury her head with her body, so he did. However, the gruesome sight of the murderous turk still haunts the street of this brutal murder. Last is a more recent haunting in the city. During the 1970's, the Communists ordered the destruction of a graveyard for an apartment building. Soon, residents reported tales of skeletons and specters walking through their rooms and evan a vampire who lurks in the building. The Communists dismissed this as nonsence and some people got arrested for their beliefs. After the collapse of Communism in Czechloslovakia in 1989, a group of gypsies performed a seance in the building. They say it's an evil place and from thatday on, nobody lives in the building. Some people stil think the ghost still haunt the site and will only rest when the building is demolished.

Ghost Story


When I first married my husband, I thought I was marrying into a strange family when they told me about the ghost of their beloved dead. My sister-in-law, A, confirmed this story after moving in with them years later. She has never heard of this story, and the family don't talk about it much. The only reason they told me is my husband spilled the beans.It happened to him when he was 4 yrs.old. He was at his great-grandmother's house, I will call her V. He asked V. who was that strange man in the living room, V. assured my husband that it was nothing to worry about, he just checks on her ever so offend.My husband decribed the man to a tee. My mother-in-law, G., has seen the ghost too while she was there helping out with the ironing, he apperaed to her, she became frightened and threw the iron at it. The ghost as it turned out, was V.'s deseased husband, who died before my husband was born. After my husband's father died of cancer in his home , the room he spent his final days in was only used for storage. This is where my sister-in-law, A, comes in. She tells me that she sees my father-in-law walking down the hall late at night and he isn't alone. She wanted to know who the white-haired lady was. That was V. who died when my husband was 9 yrs. old. She was full-blooded Cherokee so her hair turned white in stead of gray. And she was the only one in the family with Indian blood in her veins.The ghosts don't harm anyone they just show up every once -in-a-while to see if everyone is o.k. Have I ever seen these ghost ? No I haven't. I don't spend the night there either. I have never seen a ghost in my life and I don't plan to either!

Unrestful Slumber Party


My story begins back home in El Paso, Texas, when I went to vist a house

where several of my friends rented a house and lived as roommates. I was

told the history of the house, but I didn't really want to believe the

stories. The stories were typical of ghost stories where a figure of elder

woman was seen walking around the corner, a telephone cord swinging on it'

s own, animated dolls, a face present in a lit fireplace, and so on.

The basis for this story is that an elderly woman was killed by an intruder

and was discovered a while after. It was said that the chalk outline of

the body was left to be covered by carpet along with other markings typical

of a murder scene. I was a little uneasy being left alone in that room,

because I was afraid of seeing or feeling something.

One day I decided to take up an offer to spend the night with my friends

because the majority of us worked at a movie theater and decided to carpool

to work the next morning. The night seemed all right as long as the lights

stayed on and everybody hung around and watched the television. That night

would bring the things I didn't want to know.

We got settled to get ready for bed and we decided to sleep in the room

where "she" was murdered. The first thing we heard was a slow rapping on

the side door and the neighbors dog was crying mournfully. The first we

did was look at each other, pick up our sleeping bags, and sleep in the

next room which was the entry room. Four of us slept in front of the

couch, one slept on one couch, and one on the other.

We heard the coffee table creaking as if someone was sitting on it while a

knocking sound came from the wall. I made the mistake of speaking first

telling this being I wanted sleep because I had to open the next day and

didn't want to be disturbed.

While I was facing the room we had just run from, I heard a Christmas

ornament being yanked off the tree while the TV guide flew off the table

and landed on one the guys. He put the guide back on the table, only to be

hit by a coaster. Then the girl laying in front of me yelled at me because

she thought I had kicked the back of her knee. My knee was bent behind

hers, but I would know if I had kicked her. Meanwhile, the creaking and

knocking continued.

I was afraid to face the dining room so I stayed facing the abondoned room

and I continued to see things fly off the coffee table. After about an

hour of disruptions and my threatening we decided to see if we could

recreate the sounds with what we thought was the cause.

We found a extra Christmas tree pole behind one sofa, sat it straight up

and let it drop against the wall. When the sound resembled what we had

been hearing, we screamed and ran into the girl's room.

Everyone got tucked into bed and I turned the lights off and as soon as I

got into bed we heard a loud thud. I got out of bed and turned the lights

back on only to discover an address book onthe floor. It had been thrown

from a dresser and against the door. I then turned off the light and laid

down when I was hit on the head. Now I thought someone had thrown it, but

it came from direction of the ceiling and no one could have gotten up quick

enough to hit me as soon as I turned off the lights. Cursing, I got up and

turned the lights to find a Disney figure from a Happy Meal in our bed. I

turned off the light, threw the figure straight ahead, and was about to

cover my head when I hit in the mouth very hard with something. This time

I was scared and angry and everyone knew I had been hurt because I had

screamed very loud. I once again turned on the light and found the figure

in the bed and the head had been turned around. I knew I had a welt on my

lip because it strung and it felt like it sticking out pretty far. I threw

the doll in the closet and packed up my bag, because I had enough of this.

Everyone else decided to follow me into the guy's room and once again we

got ready for bed.

I was hit on the head with a quarter and had my sleeping yanked over my

head, but after that evening nothing bothered us again. I ended with a few

hours sleep and was very grumpy.

I never saw a being, but I knew that someone had dome those things to me.

There was no way for my friends to hit me because of the timing and the

direction the object came from. I had learned my lesson never to stay in

house that is haunted because I may not enjoy my stay there.

The Man


Well to begin I have finally felt the relief of knowing by coming to this site that what has happened to me and my family isnt as rare or unheard of as I had once thought..

We were all very scared and spoke to no one about any of this for fear of people finding us absolutely insane or a joke.About ten years ago my family was going through some financial difficulties and realized we had to find a more affordable home to live in. So my parents and my younger brother and sister and I went around and looked at many different homes.We were all starting to feel a bit discouraged because the homes we were seeing in our price range were all very small and cramped.We had one more home to see that day and the owner had told us over the phone to feel free to stop by and look at the home and let him know of our decision.

When we arrived we at first thought that it had been the wrong house because of its enormous size and the price the owner wanted for rent.We all went in very excited at the room and the 4 levels of this home and decided that this was the ONE..So the next few weeks were spent on the normal moving in and all the excitement that comes with a new beginning.I picked for my room the 4th level of the house which seemed to an attic converted into one large bedroom..At my age at the time which was 14 I figured I could have all the privacy I wanted away from my parents because it was a level all to itself.My first memory of this room was opening the door that led up to the stairway and feeling a very cold air hit me as soon as it was opened.I figure the house was vacant for awhile and there would be no reason for it to feel any different.I went on to unpack the boxes and set up my room in my own little world until about 900 that evening every single light in the house had went out.My father had reset the breaker twice that night and spoke to the landlord in the morning about it..He said he would have an electrician come out in the morning.But as luck would have it the electrician found no problems and we chalked it up to just one of those things.The second night in that home we were all awakened about 3 o'clock in the morning by the blaring sound of the first floor stereo on full blast. I remember running down the steps and seeing my father with a furious look on his face thinking one of us were up at that hour. But we all got downstairs and we realized we had all been sound asleep until this minute.We then shut it off and we all went back to bed and about 1 hour later the exact same thing happened which my father than ripped the plug out of the wall and stamped back into bed.In the morning we were all talking about the broken sleep and how strange that had been.Well that day wore on setting up some more things and all seemed fine until late afternoon my brother hightailed it down the stairs screaming and we were all yelling in unison "WHATS WRONG?" I had never seen my brother look so pale and so shaken in all my life and I started to get really worried.He finally told us he was fiddleing around in his room putting up some posters when he realized some man was standing in his doorway.My brother said "who are you?" and man came towards him at a very fast pace and slapped him so hard across the face that he still had a red mark on the right side of his face.My father than ran up the stairs seaching for this intruder and found nothing.My mother called the police and they didnt seem to believe one word of what we were saying but they offered to make a report of it..OH great some comfort in that!! We were all very shaken up and my brother decided to take his sleeping bag and bunk in my room that night.I was grateful for the company.In the middle of the night we were awoken by mother screaming for my father and we all ran down to her.My mother had went down for a glass of water and found a man staring at her through the kitchen window over the sink.At this point my father flung open the back door screaming various obcenites looking for this guy and found nothing.I dont think any of us got any sleep that night. My father spoke to the police and the landlord again and they could offer no relief or explanation.And now as I come to this next account I feel absolute terror just remembering the details.Later that day I had went to take a shower.I stepped into the bath and started the normal routine of washing.I had just started lathering up my hair and tilting my head back with my eyes closed under the shower head when all of the sudden I felt this gripping feeling around my neck.I coundnt move, I couldnt scream and the grip was getting tighter and tighter. The hot water came on full blast and burned the entire back of my body.I dont know how long in actual time I was standing there being chocked and burned but I felt like I was going to die.In one instant it stopped and I let out the most gut wrenching scream I had ever heard come from my own mouth.It seemed everyone was in the bathroom in seconds pulling me from a crounched position in the shower begging me for an explanation.My mother than saw the hand prints on my neck in deep red marks. Over and over she asked what happened.I couldnt utter a word.My mom started crying and yelling at the top of her lungs WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS HOUSE??? I remember her holding me and rocking me as we both sat there and cried for what felt like hours.

Well I cant remember how long in between it took for the next occurance but in the meantime I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown.I would not take a shower without my sister sitting on the toilet until I was done.I would never sleep the same way again.Every sound made me jump and my nerves were absolutely frazzeled.I didnt want to be there,none of us did. We had no expalnation and who could we turn to? Six more months went by in that house with various things happening which would take a novel to explain in detail.Lights turning off and on,doors slamming open and closed sounds of someone walking up and down the stairs when we were in bed.My family was coming apart.My mom and dad started to fight constantly.My mom begging him to leave and him screaming in frustration we had no money to move.We made sure no one was alone in that house ever.We were all scared to do normal things alone in a house which most people took for granted such as take a shower ,get a glass of water anything which entailed no ones usual assisstance. My dad finally figured out a way we could save some money and leave.He just plain out stopped paying for the rent and we had enough to leave before we were taken to court.

Well we found another home and life seemed to get back to normal.I cant tell you how awful life was for us until we left that house.We were all deeply changed forever and it will never leave the back of our minds that it could happen again.I dont know what happened to that house ,if another family moved in and so on and frankly I dont care.None of us ever will drive down that street again or utter a word about it until me today writing this.Im not sure how my family would feel knowing I shared this story but being that no names were mentioned I guess this could never come back to us.That is my story.That was our living hell .

A Lifetime of Visions


Ever since I can remember I've been able to see and feel things that

nobody else could. My mother says I have an old soul because when I was

barely old enough to talk I would tell her stories about things that I

had done...things that I couldn't have even known about. When I was

very young I was playing in one of those little plastic Wal-Mart

swimming pools at my cousin's house in Texas. I heard someone behind so

I looked up and saw an angel plain as day...the angel stood there and

smiled at me, she said something to me, but I have never been able to

remember what it was. The whole family was out in the yard at the time

but nobody saw anything. I've always known what people and places where

"bad", meaning that they had negative energy surrounding them. I'm so

sensitive that everytime we drive by this one house I start to cry

uncontrollably. Needless to say that we try very hard not to go that

way. When I was 16 I went with my friends to a place in the ozark

foothills in Arkansas called Dover Lights. It got its name because

according to legend, Spanish Conquistadors (sp?) buried their gold in

the valley and their ghosts came back to look for it. The lights are

the lanterns that they carry. I don't know how much of this is true,

but I know that spanish ghosts aren't the only thing up there. Let me

give you a little layout info so you can understand the rest of the

story better. To get to the Dover Lights you have to drive up a steep

curvy dirt road for several miles. It's not really a mountain, but it's

close enought for the locals. Dover Light's itself is really just a

parking spot on top of this hill that overlooks the valley of the

legend. The drop from the spot is several hundred feet almost straight

down. There is a railing at the edge of the "cliff" so people don't make

a fatal mistake and keep driving. We went up there during the day at

first to get a glimpse of the beautiful view. There was another car

there, but it was empty. Around midnight we went back up there to see

the "lights", the car was gone and the railing was smashed through.

Several of the other people I was with had been up there before and had

seen the lights, but this was my first time and I found it interesting.

I immediatly didn't like the place at was evil if ever there

was a such thing. I mean the PLACE was evil, like it was a doorway or

something. The first thing I noticed was the dark shapes in the

treeline. Then I started feeling something moving closer. I told my

friends, two of whom were as or more sensitive than me, that we had to

get the hell out of here now or we might not ever make it. They all

agreed and we jumped in the car and took off as fast as possible down

the dirt road. The chase was on. There are different levels of demons,

strengths and sizes I mean. At first the things coming out of the

treeline after the car were small, land bound creatures that really

weren't very fast. Then bigger and faster. Finally the most terrifying

thing I could possibly imagine was on our tail. It was huge and it was

flying. I could hear it behind us. I could also hear it in my head.

Not words so much as images and violent emotion. One of my friends in

the front seat told us not to look back. The guy sitting next to me

thought we were all crazy and said we were just trying to scare him, so

he immediatly looked behind us and lapsed into some sort of trance. He

passed out and we could not wake him up for anything. I was slapping

him, beating him, pinching him, yelling at him and nothing happened.

Then the mental beating I was going through got worse. I started being

able to hear actual words. It wasn't english, but I understood anyway.

It hated us. It wanted to get to us because we had invaded it's home

and because we knew it was there. I heard it say things that terrified

me beyond belief, but I was trying very hard not to show my fear. We

finally got off the mountain but it kept chasing us. Finally, when we

got into the city limits it stopped. We stopped at a gas station in the

middle of town because all of us had to calm down. The guy who had been

sitting next to me came to and said he didn't remember anything after he

looked back, though the look on his face said otherwise. My other two

friends and I sat on the car and talked about what we had just seen. I

was trying to forget the things that I had "heard" but when my friends

got to that part they looked at me. I asked them what they had heard.

It was the same thing. The creature, I know it's name but choose not to

mention it here, said that it would have my first born child because it

could not have me. I don't know what it was that made it unable to get

to me. All I know is that about two weeks later I found out I was about

a month and a half pregnant. A month later I miscarried. I have never

been able to make sense of the whole thing. But I moved to Wisconsin

almost immediatly after my miscarriage hoping to put enough distance

between me and it. Everytime I go home I feel it. It knows when I'm

close, but I've never been back to the lights. I try to stay as far

away from that mountain as possible. If you have any comments or

suggestions I would love to hear them. I have another story about the

area around Dover, Arkansas if you would like it, but it's not a

personal experience, it's just folklore as far as I know.

The Boy in the Kitchen

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check back later

Texas Stories


I have two stories to tell you about. Both are in Texas. Only one have I

seen the other I heard about as a child and saw later on a paranormal tv

show. The first is located in Galveston TX. at the Texas Medical Center.

There is a small 3 or 4 story building which I believe to be a trauma

center. Located on the side of this building just above a side entrance is

a "picture" of a face that is about 7 to 8 feet tall. The story I heard

sayes that the former owner willed the property to his grandaugther on the

condition that it stay in the family. As soon as she got the deed upon his

death she sold the property to the TMC. And the trauma building now stands

approximatly where his house used to be. I have even heard that some of

the nurses inside have seen an older gentalman wondering the halls late at


The other place is a set of railroad tracks in San Antonio where a

school bus full of children was hit by a train. That is documented in the

local paper as fact. The funny thing is that if you were to sprinkel some

flour on the back of your car and stop on the tracks placing your car in

netrual it will be "pushed" of the tracks. And upon reaching "safety" get

out and look at the back of the car and there are several little hand

prints in the flour. Eventhough I only saw that part on tv it still gave

me chills because of hearing about it from a family member so many years


The "face" in Galveston is visible 24hrs a day so you can see it for

verification purposes anytime you want. Providing they will let you in. It

is not visable from the street but there is a large hole in the fence where

I hear some people like to sneek in late at night to view the face.

If you have any questions or would just like to contact me my e-mail


The Shadow in the Hall


well i was abou 13 when we moved into the new apartment.

We had been there a week when I thought I would explore the whole


Well I had gone over the whole thing when I noticed a door in the dining

room closet ceiling,just big enough for a person to climb through.

I am going to take a look I thought to myself.

So i took a flashlght and went up to look.

Well I got my head in and had the flashlight on and was just starting to

look around when I felt this cold breeze on the back of my head.

I felt like some one was breathing on my neck(this was in the middle of

summer ,a attic crawl space should be HOT!)

Well I felt a feeling of extreme terror and practically fell out of the

opening ,dropping my flashlight as I came down.

It took me almost an hour to get enough courage to close the opening

back up again.

Well a week past and I started to see things out of the corner of my

eye.First it was just sudden glimpses,but then it happened more often.

I finaly realized I would only see these strange things when the door to

the opening was OPEN!

I told my mom to please keep it closed,she never asked why she just said

she would.

It never failed .I could always tell when the door was open.One night I

was sitting in the living room (in the dark) talking to one of my

friends on the phone when I saw something look out of my bedroom right

in the direction of the chair I was sitting in.right away I dropped the

phone and ran into the dinning room where my mom and her boyfriend were

sitting and slammed the door to the attic closed.I even yelled at her to

"keep the damn door closed,PLEASE".when I went back ,it was gone and as

long as the door was closed I never saw IT again.

We have moved now and I dont see things out of the corner of my eye

anymore.But thinking of that place still gives me the creeps!

Unexplained Events


My stories relate to things dissappearing in my home and light bulbs burning out.

when I purchased my first condo, in No. Calif., a friend gave me a hand made a simple basket with pink flowers as a housewarming gift. About 1 yr. later I was transferred to So. calif. In my new condo, that I was renting, I put this hand-made basket on my kitchen counter. Less than a yr later, I came home from work one day, turned on the tv and was standing in the kitchen fixing something to eat, when I realized something was not right. Then I noticed that I cound see the tv screen, from the kitchen, un-obstructed. The simple/nothing flower basket was gone. Noramally, I would have to slide the basket to one side of the counter to view the tv in the living room. I searched and I search the entire, small, condo for the basket, but never did find it. I was living in a security bld. located on the 2nd floor. Nothing else was missing. Also, while living in that condo, I awoke in the middle of the night and saw a man standing in my bedroom doorway, and then in my bathroom sitting on the shower door watching me. I thought it was a dream, but now when I think about it, I don't think I dreamed it. However, I remember being in a dream like state. About 4 years went without incident, for the most part.

In 1995 I was relocated back to No. Calif. and purchased a, brand new, condo. Then about 2 yrs. later, another strange thing occured. The lighting fixtures, in both bathrooms, has 8 25watt lightbulbs, across the top of the mirror, on a medal frame. For some reason, the lightbulbs in my master bathroom are constantly burning out. True this bathroom gets the most use, but it seems about every couple of weeks two lightbulbs will burn out. I thought this was a little excessive, but did not give it much thought. Until one day I was getting out of the shower, and for some reason, something made me look-up at the track of lightbulbs, one of them was flickering and then burnt out. Although I was getting tired of replacing the lightbulbs, I still did not give much thought to the event. Then about 3 days later, while in my spare bedroom working on my computer, I went into my bathroom turned on the lights, and again something made me look up at the lightsbulbs The light bulb that had burned out a few days prior was gone. The socket that you screw the lightbulb into was empty.

I just stared at the empty socket in disbelief. I live along, no one had been over, no one else has a key to my condo and I know that I did not remove that lightbulb. For one, I would have put in a new lightbulb, and for two, I'm only 5'1'' so I would have had to stand on the toliet set lid to reach the light fixture. Since it is a production for me to change the lightbulbs, I think I would have rememberd doing so. I now think there is something more involved and causing the frequent event of the lightbulbs to burn out.

Excatly what is involved here, I do not know but it's something.

I have started to keep a log, by lightbulb socket# 1-8, of which lightbulb burns out and the date a new bulb is added. I started the log on, Oct 1, 1997. Since then, I have changed the lightbulb in socket# 5 two times. Socket #'s 1,2,3,4,7,8 I have changed the lightbulb 1 time each, and for socket #6 I have not changed the lightbulb at all. (at least not since keeping a log) It seems, for some reason, that when 1 lightbulb burns out, a second lightbulb will also burn out with in a few days. So for that reason, I'm usually changing the lightbulbs in pairs.

Two lightbulbs on 10/1/97. Two on 11/6/97. Two on 12/8/97. Two on 1/27/98.

These lightbulbs are the round clear fat lightbulbs, and they are expensive.

If anyone out there has any input as to what is going on here, please by-all-means, drop me an email.

My tv remote control has also mysteriously disappeared as well, and I have never lost a tv remote control before. In reading some of the other stories submitted here, there's seems to be alot of experiences or situations surrounding energy sources such as electric lights, tv's, stereos, small appliances and battery operated flash lights.

I have become very sensitive, and if I'm not totally pre-occupied by other events, I get a tingling (static electricty feeling) sensation whenever another energy presence is in the room or house.

I have also experienced the feeling of some one getting into my bed and lying on-top of me. This seems to occur when you are in the last stage before going into a deep sleep.

although it seems to be extremely diffucult to come out of this paralized state/stage of sleep, I now force myself to wake completely and say out loud, "get off of me and go away". (or I ask my decease mother or grandmother to intervene).

Grandmother's Lights


I have seen your site....and think it is wonderful....I would like to

tell a story of my own...ever since I was very little, odd things have

always happened to me...the story I would like to tell is about my

grandmother's funeral. She died in the spring of 1997. My family and

whatever relatives that live in San Antonio Tx were attending the

service. The pastor did not know her, but was saying the usual things

about what a nice person she was and blah, blah, blah. Towards the end

of the memorial when this guy is winding up, he talked about life

ever-lasting and how the soul never dies. There were like two lamp posts

on each side of her coffin with flowers and pictures in between them.

Anyway when he get towards the end of the sermon, one of the lights

flickers when he is talking about how the soul goes on forever, then the

darn thing goes out completely for about 15 seconds. Before the light

began to act funny, the hair on my arms and neck are standing straight

up like I'm sticking my finger in an electric socket! Not trying to be

too my head I start hearing the theme to "Twilght Zone". She

was a huge fan of the program. I have a son who is 21 years old and a

daughter who is 17...they too say they had this experience...but no one

else did. In fact they asked me about it before I could question them. I

do know for a fact there were at least 20 others in the church with us

and we did ask if any one else had seen anything out of the

ordinary....but no! I personaly think she was trying to tell who ever

could "hear" that yes, she was still alive only not in the physical

body. That we do survive death! Who Knows for sure?

My Own Experience


dear shadows i don't know if this counts as a "ghostly" experience but

it certainly was scary.when i was about 14 yrs old or so i joined a

youth club at our local church (Christ Church, The Church of England)

and started attending the sunday services as well. Soon i became a

staunch christian attending bible studies as well. My best friend, Naomi

was the person that introdeced me to the youth club.Her father was a

minister that dealt with people that approached the church with

"problems" like possessions & hauntings.Anyway one night i was just

about to doze off when a strange humming sound started at my head behind

me , i had a headboard with a built in light and i thought perhaps it

was an electrical fault with the bulb.As soon as i moved to check it the

humming stopped. i ignored it then went to sleep.The next night the same

noise started again. i ignored it but the noise came closer and it was

more of a vibration now it "came over" my head and as soon as that

happened i could not move.I found that my body felt like concrete and i

could not even bend my pinky finger. I had this feeling though that if i

could just move the tiniest bit or speak

then this thing would go away. i fought it mentally ,just willing it to

go away . this story goes on for about 2 years so I'll condense it

slightly. As time went by i became more afraid this was becoming more

severe it felt like something slipped into me and held me prisoner and i

could not move. i began sleeping with bibles in my bed to protect me and

i found that if i was touching something living it seemed to have

trouble taking me over.(i must emphasise i never saw anything & it never

made me do anything but it was just a strong presence)for this reason i

would let my maltese dog sleep on the bed and would grab onto her when i

felt the vibrations.I told my friend Naomi about it & she was not sure

what it was,she wanted me to speak to her father but i felt silly & did

not want to. One night i thought

what if this isn't a bad presence but a good one? perhaps my fear is

stopping me from an incredibly divine experience so i decided i would

not fight it that night. when the vibrations started i tried to relax

and be calm. i didn't fight it (remember once it is over me i cannot

move or speak)i let it come over me with no struggle , seconds later i

definately felt that this was a bad,bad thing. Nothing good would have

let me feel so afraid.I had to fight really hard to make it go away. By

this stage after months of fighting this thing off every night i was

exhausted every day and my teachers were starting to ask me if i was

alright.Naomi was the only one that knew what was wrong.she said perhaps

because i was a "good" person "bad" forces were attacking me.after about

2 years this happened less frequently but still scared me . I am 27 now

and although it almost never happens it occasionally does,i have moved

several times so it is not dependant on the place, it follows me around.

I can find no pattern as to my emotional state, or time of year,or

country or any pattern whatsovever and although more than a decade has

gone by if someone can explain what that was that terrified me for years

i would appreciate it. you can mail me on

A Few Stories


I have had quite a few little experiences in my sixteen years of life,

but I will only relate the ones that really seem important. A few years

back, before I moved in with my grandparents, I was baby-sitting my two

little sisters, my little brother, and one of their friends. It got

really boring, but they wanted me to do something with them, so I pulled

out a big box of "censored by my parents" books that I kept hidden.

These books were mostly R.L. Stine books and those sort. I started

reading one of them to the kids, and one of my sisters went into the

kitchen (adjecent to the living room where I was). About two minutes

later we heard an ear-shattering crash. I ran into the kitchen and

there was my sister, paralyzed by the shock, standing in front of our

icebox (just a shelving unit of some sort, about three feet high.) The

icebox had a sheet of glass on top of it, about two inches thick that

protected the icebox from scratches. It had shattered. I'm not talking

cracked, or broken, I'm talking split into a million pieces and had

flown everywhere in the room, but miraculously not touching my sister.

We stood in shock for about five minutes, then I asked my sister what

she had done to the glass. She began crying hysterically and said that

she'd only touched it with a plastic bag in passing. Now, my sister was

about five or six years old at this time, and although I know she has a

tendency to lie, there was no way that she could have produced the

hysterics that she was having if she was lying. I suppose she could

have touched a pressure point on the glass, but I still highly doubt

that the glass would have flown to every corner in the room.

This experience comes from my mom, who used to be involved in the

occult during college (I should take a moment here to say that I've

considered myself Wiccan for the past year and a half, so I have no

problem with what she says she did.) She was in to astrology and stuff

like that. She tells me that on one of her vacations home, she was in a

back bedroom with her little brother (my uncle) and they were the only

ones home when the bathroom (just a bit down the hall from the bedroom)

light began flickering on and off, not electrical because they could

hear the light switch clicking up and down. Not too long after that,

she was lying in bed listening to the radio, and I forget what song was

playing, but it was a popular New Age song, and the radio dial began

turning, like someone was trying to change the station, but the same

song kept playing, without interruption.

The final event I will tell you involves my own personal ghost. I

have lived with my grandparents for about four and a half years, and I

never noticed anything odd about my room except for the fact that it was

always colder than the rest of the house. (I'm going to give a little

history on the house and the room just to clear up any suspicions. The

house was built in the early seventies, but the people who built it

moved out after six months for what seemed to be financial reasons. My

grandparents bought it soon after and have been living here ever since.

My grandfather's grandmother came to live with them before I was born,

and she was quite a cranky old lady, although she loved me to death when

I was born. She never got along with my grandmother, feeling that my

grandpa deserved better. Anyway, Nena (my grandpa's grandmother) lived

in what is now my room for a long time, having a small bathroom

installed the closet and having her own hospital bed. She was moved to

a nursing home when I was two or three, due to her increasingly

worsening mental and physical condition. She died when I was about

five. The room she had occupied was then transformed into a playroom

for myself and my younger sister. When I moved in with my grandparents,

I claimed the room and turned it into my own.) When I began to get

involved with Wicca and other "different" things such as ghosts, I began

to notice that I could feel a presence in my room at different times. I

knew that it was male, but I never heard it or saw it. It would mostly

stay in my room, but occasionally it would follow me around the house.

The most unusual thing about this ghost was that whenever I was really

tense or upset, I would feel ice-cold sensations on my back and neck,

like he was giving me a backrub. I loved these. I could sense him

strongest when I would come into my room from the shower, wearing only a

towel, but I could always tell that he would turn away when I was

dressing. On one occasion, I was changing in my grandmother's room, and

out of the corner of my eye I saw a man, perhaps six feet tall, in his

twenties, wearing a blue shirt, standing in the doorway. My heart

stopped, and I froze where I was, too scared to turn and look. I

finally did, and there was nothing there. On returning to my room, I

heard him for the first time. I didn't hear it as I would hear someone

talking, but it was more like he was communicating with me

telepathically. He told me that his name was Ralph. He became a

constant companion to me, keeping me company on many lonely nights. I

only told one person, my best friend, about Ralph, and she believed me.

We would be without Ralph for a few days, then he would come in and we

would tease him about being out at a ghost bar drinking and picking up

ghost chicks. At the time I felt I knew him well enough to tease him,

but every time that we or I would tease him, I would feel his friendly

presence turn angry. During the summer, I would often sleep in the

guest room because that's where our computer was. I never felt Ralph in

that room until one night when I had just laid down to sleep, around two

or three in the morning. I was just drifting off to sleep when I felt

Ralph's presence, along with another unfamiliar presence. I greeted

Ralph warmly, and joked again about him having been out at a ghost bar.

I went to turn over to get more comfortable, and found that I couldn't

move anything except for my head, which I could turn slightly. I began

to get very scared, and I begged for Ralph to let me up. To this day, I

don't know if it was Ralph or the other presence that held me down.

Anyway, I was basically paralyzed for about five minutes, and during

that time, I could hear in my mind two men, sounding drunk, laughing and

joking about me. Finally I was able to move, and I just layed in bed

for the rest of the night, trying to put the experience off to

imagination or exhaustion. I couldn't. The next night I did a blessing

of my house and told any beings present that they were to leave. I did

not encounter Ralph again until about two months ago, when a couple

friends and I (one of them being the one I had told about Ralph) were

playing with a Ouija board. She asked if I would mind bringing Ralph

back. I reluctently agreed, and we asked him to come back. I told him

he could stay with me if he never pulled what he had pulled again, and

he agreed. He stayed with me for a couple of nights, but then left to


Grandpa, Guiding Spirit, and the Purple Hyacinth


This is the story of my first "ghost" sighting. This occurred when I

was in sixth grade right after my grandfather's death. My grandfather's

funeral was held in his home. I was quite upset over his death.

Unwilling to see him dead in his own home, I chose to stay home while my

family went to pay respects.

Around dusk, I went upstairs to my room to get something. After turning

the corner of the stairwell, I saw my grandfather standing in the door

of my bedroom. He was dressed in funeral garb, a black suit and I

specifically remember how shiny his shoes were. After he scowled at me

I ran screaming down the stairs. I had a feeling that if I turned on

all the lights, the tv, and the stereo, I would be protected from him.

After this occurrence, I was afraid to sleep alone in my room for many



This next occurence happened when I was in 11th grade. My sister was

away at college and my mother was the only other female besides me

living in our house at the time. On a school night I fell asleep on our

downstairs living room sofa. I was awakened to the sound of the

basement door opening. A glowing white woman emerged from the basement

with her long and very blond hair streaming behind her. She had on a

flowing white dress and spoke with a very soft, light, and peaceful


She came to where I was lying and told me to go to my room. She said

that it was a school night and that I needed to set my alarm in order to

wake up the next morning. I was quite confused and convinced myself

that she was my mother and I got up. I was quite wobbly and unsteady as

I made my way to the stairwell.

As I started up the stairs, I was so sleepy that I thought I would fall

and almost did. I felt hands on my lower back protecting me from a

fall. I looked behind me (I could still feel the hands on me) but I

couldn't see anyone behind me. When I woke up the next morning I was

quite perplexed that I was in my own bed. I asked my mother why she

woke me up the night before and she denied any involvement. To this

day, I have no idea who the apparition was.


My next strange tale occurred in November of 1991 after I had moved to

Boston. I was living in an old abandoned distillery in South Boston.

The entire building housed artists. I met three artist neighbors, one

of whom was a practicing wiccan. They held a welcoming ceremony for me

as I had just moved in.

The ceremony was rather wiccan in nature and included the circle of

candles with the offerings to the spirits. After we closed the circle

we went upstairs to the kitchen to have some drinks. This woman lived

in a huge loft space with three floors. Her basement, which is where we

held the ceremony, was on the sixth floor of the distillery. The wiccan

woman went back to the basement to get something.

A few minutes later, she came running up the stairs with an offering for

me which she said she found in the middle of where our circle had been

drawn. She held in her hands a purple hyacinth, my favorite flower.

Now as I mentioned previously, it was winter, we were on the sixth

floor, and no windows were open. I took this as a sign that A) the

spirits were pleased that I had decided to move to Boston, or B) she was

forcing bulbs quite early in the season. I chose option A. If anyone

has any comments feel free to send some mail. Sincerely S

Grandpa's Good-bye


This happend over five years ago, but everything your going to read is true.I was living in Maryland at the time. While I was giving my daughter a bath my husband recieved a phone call. It was my mom. Her dad had died that afternoon. I was very upset. We were a close family. Everyone else was in another state,New York. But after I cried myself to sleep that night, I woke up. It was around 3 or 4 in the morning. And there was my husband sitting on the bed with his head down. I told him to go to bed get some sleep. And he patted me on my leg and got up. The next morning when I got up. I was the first on up. I went down stairs to find my husband sleeping on the couch. When he got up I told him he didn't have to sit up with me last night. He said he didn't. He was tired and fell asleep on the couch. He never went upstairs that night. Well I just put it off to being upset and all. Well when we went home for the funeral I got taking to my mom. And she had a similar story about seeing someone that night. Well after talking to other people in the family everyone had a story about that night. I guess Grandpa wanted to say good-bye to everyone that night. And till this day, I can still smell his pipe.

Cheshire Ghost


This happened to my friend. She comes from Crewe, in Cheshire, England.

An old man and his grandson were murdered in a council house by

burglars. After the funerals, new people moved in. These new tenants

reported strange flapping sounds, radio interference, unexplained cold

spots and ghosts seen. This also happened to the next-door neighbour's.

The tenants and neighbours moved out, and the house was boarded up, but

Carol tells me that once, when passing the house at night, she witnessed

a pair of wings, flapping at the upstairs windows.It was not a bird, as

the wings were not birdlike. No windows were open and the roof was in

good repair. Both houses remain boarded up to my knowledge, as nobody in

Crewe will inhabit the houses, and even vagrants shun them. This

happened about this time last year (Feb. 97).

Haunted Piano


This tale concerns a haunted piano, rather than a haunted house.

Some years ago, a friend of mine bought a small piano. This was a

second-hand piano and the two ladies who sold it to him, seemed glad to

be rid of it. After only one week, notes on the piano began to play

during the night and day, when nobody was in the same room. My friend's

sister also experienced strange events at this time - curtains blowing

when no windows were open and doors opening and closing under their own

steam. The piano also began to slam its cover down whenever it was

played and the music lectern moved of its own volition, witnessed by all

members of the household. Not surprisingly, once the piano was re-sold,

all supernatural events surrounding it, stopped. This happened in an

ordinary house in Hanwell, West London.

My Only "ghost" Story


I'm not sure if this can be considered a ghost story. But here goes:

When I was much younger, around maybe 5 or 6, something strange but not

entirely bad happened to me. I was very, very prone to nose bleeds

during my childhood. Some would last for up to almost 3 hours and my

parents, not having much else to do, simply instructed me to lay down.

This would of course result in blood slowly trickling down my throat,

which in turn, resulted in some more (ahem) gruesome events because my

stomach wouldn't hold it. Often in my sleep, my nose bled and I wouldn't

even be aware of it, until I woke up with a horribly stained pillow. One

night in particular, when my parents had to unexpectedly leave, they

left me alone in the house, right after putting me to bed. I awoke

coughing and choking on blood. It was pitch dark and I instantly sat up

when I felt someone sit down next to me on the bed. Well, I was just a

kid, so I automatically assumed it was my mother, home early, or

something. A large clot of blood had formed on my tongue and I couldn't

even speak. So my first reaction was to spit into my hand and ask my

mother for a tissue. But before I could spit into my raised hand, she

gently put her hand on mine and used a wad of tissue to wipe off my

tongue. Then she got up and left my room and I just laid back down and

went to sleep. Later, the next day, I thought it strange that my mother

hadn't turned on the lights (both my parents knew I was terrified of the

dark), hadn't said a word, and hadn't brought me a cup of water to wash

out my mouth. So, I asked her and she said that she didn't even go into

my room the night before. She said she and my father had come home with

my brother and they talked at the dinner table for a while before

turning in for the night. She said no one had gone into my room and

suggested it was all a dream, but that doesn't explain the traces of

blood still left in my mouth that morning. We have since moved from that

house, in Stafford, VA, but after that one event from my childhood,

there were more occurrences in the same house. None of them were bad and

mostly happend during the night. As I said, I was and admittingly still

am, terrified of the dark. And many times when I woke up at night and

tried to find my way to my parents' room in the dark, I would feel

something constantly at my side, softly nudging me until I reached their

door. I never told anyone because I felt like this was MY friend and no

one else in the house ever spoke of strange things happening to them, so

I just thought I'd be chastised for an overractive imagination. Thanks

for giving me the chance to talk about it now, because ever since we

left that house, I've found myself missing that comforting presence most


Hell and Back


In 1971 my parents bought a house in Syracuse, NY. My family was the first to live in this house that were not of the house's bloodline. After my parents paid fully for the house they obtained the deed. In it were the names of the entire family that had lived there prior to us, dating back to 1832. I think that the original family is still there.

Among many things that happened to us (doors opening and closing, someone walking up and down the stairs every night) I have see the good and the bad of these spirits.

When I was 11 years old I finally got my own room. Being the youngest of four this was a very big deal to a right of passage. I was placed in the smallest room of the house. But I loved it, until that night.

I woke up at 4:12 am and I heard the most horrible noise. It was like someone being tortured. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. I ended up down stairs on the couch. The next night I tried again. And again at 4:12 am I was up. This went on for about two years before I got sick. I found out when I was 14 that I had a very serious case of psoriasis. It may not sound bad but even the doctor I had (and I had many) said that that they had never seen anything like it. This problem made me look like a monster. I was head to toe in it. There were very large patches on my face and back, they were painful. Also it only took a total of three weeks for it to start and grow. I didn't leave the house for months thinking that I looked like a burn victim. I stayed in my room though and every night at 4:12 am I got woken up by the horrible noise.

My parents got very worried by my behavior and they wanted to seek help for me. I just wanted to get to a library and find out what was in my room.

So it came to me one day to look at the deed. It seems that a young girl about my age was burned, almost to death in my room in 1892. (I obtained this information by the family of the previous owners.) The young girl was in the care of her aunts at the time. They fixed the room after the fire and hid her there like a dirty secret. The girl lived there in that one room for ten years before she committed suicide.

I wasn't ready to wait ten years for it to stop. But as it turns out I didn't have to. One night I sat up all night. I just wanted to talk to her and see if I could help. Obviously a girl like that didn't have many friends and now either did I. I knew that she had something to do with me being like that. I needed answers. 4:12 am came and the screaming started like clockwork. I locked my door and left a note for my parents that whatever they hear they were NOT allowed to open the door. I heard her scream and I started to scream with her. Suddenly she stopped. But I kept screaming. I began to beg her to help me and told her that I know how she feels. I stopped screaming and cried the rest of the night.

The following morning I returned once again to my doctor. He noticed that the marks on my back were fading and that a very large mark on my forehead had gotten smaller and lost some of it's color. Within three months my skin was as clear as it was before the screaming started.

The noises at 4:12 am stopped. I never heard them again. Maybe this is just in my head but I believe that if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have gotten those marks and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have lost them. She did save my life, my fate was close to what hers was. Taking my life wouldn't have been a problem for me then...I had no life to live.

There is only one other thing that was strange about this story. When I looked at the deed I found the girls name, Sarah. The same as mine.

Do you think that this is possible? I no longer live in the house and have no problems with psoriasis. I am happily married and have a beautiful little girl. Sometimes at night I do wake up at 4:12 am but this time I feel more of a sense of peace than hurt. I don't hear screaming but it is just a feeling that Sarah is finally at rest.

Ghost Farmer


I live in a rural area on the island of Cape Breton in the province of Nova

Scotia, Canada. In my barn, I have a Jersey cow, a Holstein bull, a goat,

two Standardbred horses, two Clydesdale horses, and a ghost farmer.

My farm is built on the site of what used to be a farm around the turn of

the century. Maybe what I have is someone who didn't want to leave.

Anyway, one day I went down to my barn, and everything was locked up as I

always make sure it is every night. All the windows and doors were bolted.

But my Clydesdale mare, Bev, who was locked in the barn the night before,

was outside. No way she could get out unless she unlocked all the doors and

then re-locked them.

Other times I've gone down and found Bev's mane braided. I've also

discovered that my older mare, Carrie, had had her tail trimmed, and once

her mane was feathered - a complex job that I can't even do, and that takes

a competent horse person more than an hour to accomplish. Recently Carrie

and Bev's tails have been trimmed. The ghost farmer seems to have a real

interest in draft horses.

Other times I've found the lights on when I know I've turned them off, or

the door to the haymow open when I know it was closed. Sometimes the radio

I had turned off is on, or it's tuned to a different station than the one I

usually have it on. The ghost farmer seems to prefer country and western.

I know that it's not a neighbor playing a joke, because I have about 400

collective pounds of doberman here who raise a ruckus when a leaf falls, let

alone when someone comes around.

All of this has been going on for about 4 years, ever since I started

keeping horses. The ghost farmer means no harm. In fact, I think he saved

one of my horses. A couple of years ago, Bev got sick. Really, really sick.

Dying sick. But it was an ailment that no one could have seen just by

looking at the horse. Something kept nagging at me, saying, "Call the vet

for Bev. Do it. Do it NOW." I fought the feeling for a couple of days, then

called the vet on nothing more than that feeling. And the vet told me if I'd

waited another day, Bev would have been dead from a still undiagnosed blood

ailment, and he was just amazed that I'd called based on nothing more than a

feeling. Well, of course I called. Thanks, ghost farmer. Whoever you are,

you can stay. Just stop leaving the haymow door open, please.

Real Life Story

by name withheld by request

when i was about 11 years old we rented out a house at this place called

lake side at lake erie.well i was aboused when i was younger. one day i had

gotten new shoes for my birthday and my dad told me not to get them wet(we

were on vacation on this time) well i was standing on these rocks and i

accidently got my shoes wet. i ran to the cottage or hoouse we rented out

and started to dry my shoes with a hairdrier. my father came home and saw me

doing this and told me to get up. he hit me so i ran upstairs and he threw

me on the ground and started hitting my head in the the backround

i heared this guy wwith a brooklynn accent saying "kill her, kill her" over

and over again when my dad got up i layed on the ground for a couple of

minuets and the same person was standing there he was roughly 6 foot had

greased back har and wore a pin striped 30's suit. i looked up and he sayed

non caringly "he really should have killed you" and turned up the stairs and

disapperd. throughout the years ive had dreams of this guy. sometimes he's

he to kill me and sometimes hes there to help. my dad has stopped abusing me

for about 5 years now. but one night last month me and my parents got in

this huge fight and that night i heard the phone ring i got up and the

person at hte other side sayed" if you want me to i can kill them now" and

hung up. an hour later i had fallen asleep and woke all at once i walked

into our kitchen the wierd thing is i wasnt afraid at all. i went in further

and there he was sitting on my kitchen table and playing with our steak

knives. he sayed to me" if you want me to i can kill them now" i sayed in a

puzziling voice "who are you?" he sayed "that is erellovent" and i sayed

tell me one thing why is it some times when your in my dreams you help me

other times you come to hurt me and he sayed "you remined me of my lover i

once had we couldnt be to gather because of my wife she killed me and i

vowed to haunt her for the rest of her life. after she died 10 years ago ive

been haunting the house you always get and i promice il be here for the rest

of your life too. he smiled and fadded away now whenever i have a bad dream

he always saves me sometimes i think he came down to guared me.

2 Stories

by name withheld by request

Well, here are two other quick ghost stories that actually happened to me.

About two years ago my mother and law whom is a therapist took on the task of becoming a live in therapist to one of her very ill patients. This woman was 52 and her mother had died in the house a year earlier.

It was around Christmas time and I was in the kitchen making Starbucks coffee for my husband and his mother and Claudia when they returned. Claudia was my mother in laws patient. My husband and I were staying with them for the holidays to help out and visit. Besides my mother in law needed other sane people to talk to because Claudia is not exactly what you'd call a very sane person.

Everyone was gone shopping. I was staying with my dog, and Claudia's two dogs. After I finished making the coffee I took my dog out for a walk.

I was outside standing 3 feet from the livingroom window when I noticed someone in the house. I looked and got closer. I was standing a foot away from the window watching Claudia's dead mother taking Christmas ortaments off the tree and placing them on the piano. Shock is not the word. I wanted to run screaming down the street. Instead I just stood, scared out of my mind watching her until every Christmas ortament was off the tree and on the piano. I ran in the house with my dog in tow. Claudia's mom looked up at me like she was scared out of her mind and shrunk into the wall. When my mother and law and my husband and Claudia got back they asked me what happened. I reluctantly took my mother in law to the side and told her exactly what had happened.

I thought she would tell me I was absolutely full of it but she didn't. She told me that one night she was asleep in the bedroom, Claudia's mother had died in and she saw a human form take shape under the covers in the other twin bed beside her. She went and touched it and it fell flat again. She also told me that she was in the den meditating one night and she opened her eyes and Claudia's mother was watching her. When she stared right back at her, Claudia's mom dissapeared.

One night my mother and law was asleep and Claudia's mother and father came in the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed staring at my mother in law telling her to leave this house that she wasn't welcome and to leave there daughter alone.

We ended up cleansing the house with Sage and everytime after that that we felt the presence we told it to leave, that it wasn't their house anymore. It worked but they ended up moving last year anyway.

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