At the end of May this year I saw one of my best friends at a Doctors .appointment I was taking my son to She was there to have a cat scan done .She was diagnosed with cancer last year and we hadn't seen much of each other. I almost didn't recognize her .She had hurt herself last year  breaking her pelvic bone  and something else I think . That was where the cancer had began. A month later she was bed ridden I stopped by or  called  almost every day or every other day to make sure her and her sister had all that they needed . I got a call one morning from Caps sister telling me they were at the emergency room .Cap had gotten sick and at that time they were running more test .The results came back she had cancer through her entire torso.The hospital sent her home to die. A nurse came in and administered nerve blockers and pain killers to take her out of the pain. the last two weeks of her life she was incoherent . Her sister and I had many discussions about where Cap was at in her head during those last days .One night I was laying on my living room floor and had fallen asleep. I  was  on my stomach when  I had nodded out. I was awakened by three pushes on my back just above my butt . I flipped around to look behind me thinking my husband had maybe come home  . There was no one there .I went into my sons room just to make sure , even though there was not enough time for him to run back into his room and get back into bed, he was sound asleep. I immediately new it was Cap and laughed out see earlier that same day I had stopped by to check on her .I had helped her sister and nurse change the sheets or something like that and was helping move   Cap around on the bed. I had put my hand just above her butt and made the comment out loud that I was touching her butt .  A few days later my friend lost her battle to cancer .We had a potluck in her memory at the park .a few weeks later It was on a Saturday .The next day Caps sister and Caps boyfriend called and wanted to come out and play  Fuse ball {table soccer] which we were all avid players of .Spending many an hour playing, laughing , and having fun. Cap and I used to team up and heckle who ever was on the other team.When they got here they rang the doorbell and I answered it As soon as they came in and closed the door   the doorbell rang again I asked them who else they had brought and they replied  know one I opened the door and know one was there I walked directly out  the door and walked around every vehicle  and everything knowing there was not enough time for someone to ring it and take off without being seen. We all knew at that  time it was Cap  Even my husband who is convinced that there is no such thing as ghosts said and I quote[I would have never believed it had I not  been standing here]

Jerry Garcia


This site is the best!  As I was going over Illinois again, I noticed the two cemeteries near my home in Evergreen Park, St. Mary's and Evergreen Cemetery.  We live 5 houses down (south) from St. Mary's on Trumbull Ave. 
When my son came home from Iraq, we had a party in the garage, and when the pictures were developed, there is a very clear image that looks identical to Jerry Garcia.  Many people have commented it looks like Jesus.  There are also two lights that come on when there is a cool presence. Then the dart board likes to turn itself on at the same time and score.  Our friends always get the willies.
Personally, I am not afraid of ghosts, I think they are just trapped here, just lost souls.  One patted my shoulder in the house a few years ago.  Pictues always falling and phone ringing with static.
Thanks for listening, and I really enjoy this site!



This is my stories of just some of my hauntings and experiences.  I have never had a dull moment where I don’t have contact with the ethereal plain. 
My dad’s side of the family has always been “sensitive”.  I can feel things and I can hear voices at times at other I can see people “in my minds eye”.  I’m not sure how else to describe what I see when I see things other than in my minds eye.  
In 1991 my family had moved from Portsmouth, Virginia to the family home in Greene, Iowa.  This house is a century home and built in the style of English Queen Anne style.  My great great grandfather bought it off a banker back when and we have all the documentation to go with it.  We have pictures of the family standing in front of the house.  My sister and I were the first ones back since we had to start school with everyone else.  As a surprise for my parents my paternal grandmother came and got us and took us for a camp out and a cleaning party at the new house.  During the night I kept hearing knocking and what sounded like foot steps.  I just brushed it off as the house settling.  After we settled in us girls decided mid-night snack runs.  So for about 3 weeks we did this and it tapered off.  One night after the runs quit I woke up from a dead sleep to the sound of foot steps running down the steps and chairs moving in the kitchen.  Thinking that I was being left out I went down stairs to join in the run and I was down stairs by myself.  Later in my senior year when we had taken the front porch off to repair it since the original was still on from when the house was built.  While it was down I could hear rocking on the front porch.  I told my mom I could hear rocking and I showed her were.  Where I was hearing the rocking was where my great grandpa used to sit in his rocker smoking his pipe and crack black walnuts open.  That is also where he sat down to rest and “went to sleep” in his favorite rocking chair.  My freshman year of college I was getting up and ready to leave for classes.  I opened my bedroom door and walked into a cloud of pipe smoke.  No one smoked pipe in the house except my Great grandpa.  I woke up that summer to an old lady standing at the foot of my bed looking very stern at me.  Later at the family reunion there were copies of the great great greats and there was the old lady was in the one picture.   Last year my father passed away from complications of leukemia.  About 30 minuets after I got the call I had to call the funeral home. After hanging up I promptly broke down and cried.  My son who was 4 ½ at the time asked what was wrong when I told him he looked a little confused.  He said that he just talked to my dad outside.  He said “Grandpa said he was going on a trip and he wasn’t hurting anymore and couldn’t wait to go fishing.”  He told my dad good bye and tried to give him a hug.  He said “mommy my arms went right through him.”  My youngest niece also got to see him again right after he passed.  You see my son and youngest niece had (have) a special connection with my dad that no one can understand.  That Saturday after he passed we were at the family farm for a bon fire.  I looked up from the fire and there stood my dad in his Blue fire rescue t shirt new blue jeans and white shoes.   
I have one more story that I experience away from my parents home. 
Every year my mom and I go and decorate the family graves at the local cemeteries.  Out at the old Catholic Cemetery there is an old tree with one limb that sticks out at a 90 degree angle.  Every year since we came back to Iowa, when we go out there I get the feeling that there is a young man sitting on that limb watching us and laughing like he is finding something entertaining.  In my minds eye I can even tell you what he looks like. 
I love the legacy my father taught me and left me and what I can teach my son and hand down. 

A Trip


A friend of mine and myself have gotten into going out to haunted places to see if we are able to find anything.  Recently We went to a few places in one night hoping to catch something.  The first place that we went to is called Collville Bridge right outside of Cynthianna, Ky,  This night we took two guys with us that aren't really into this but that will change later.  When we got out there we didn't give them any background on the place. But I done some research and found out that back years ago there was a guy and a girl that were going to prom  he lost control of the car and landed in the creek below.   According to the locals there have been several rapes and murders out there.  Well when we got out there my friend and I got out of the car and started to talk to whom or whatever was out there.  One of the guys we will call him "Johnson" got out of the car and stood there and the other guy we will call him "Andrew" sat in the car and never got out.  My friend and I took some pictures and got some EVPs when we got back in the car to get ready to leave "Andrew"  said that he seen a guy about 6'7 at the end of the bridge just standing there.  And "Johnson"  said that he seen a girl in a dress pacing at the end of the bridge like she was waiting for somebody.  Well after I told the guys some of the stories that some of the locals had told me they kinda freaked out and wanted to go home.  I talked them into staying.  After we left there we went to an old cemetery that I had never been to before.  When we got there I started to look around and taking pictures.  I wanted to drive further back and look around some more.  When we got to the back I started to get heavy chested and sick.  I didn't like that feeling so we left.  The pictures that we got from that night showed shadows, orbs and we even got a few faces in the flash of the camera.  Even though I am just a beginner I am hooked and I cant stop.    

It Started with the Dolls


This story actually happend to my sister, but oh well.
And it happened when I was like 4 or 5 years old.
So my sister and her friend were playing with dolls and a doll house. The dolls
had hinged knees so the couldn't stand up on their own. So they were playing when they decided to have a snack. So they left the dolls and doll house scattered on the floor. And came and had a snack with me. After the had finished their snack they wentr back upstairs. When they got there the doll house was on the bed and the dolls were standing up on their own ( remember they have hinged knees). No one had been up stairs to put them on the bed. My sister and her friend got so scared and they pushed the doll house of the bed and ran down stairs.
The next day after that happened me and my sister wanted to see if it would happen again. So we put a stuffed animal from my bed and put it in the center of the room. And we made sure that if someone went upstairs they didn't go into our room.No one did. So alittle later we went upstairs to see if it had moved. Sure enough instead of being on the floor it was on the bureau. Every day we woud try that and the object we would set down would move. After a couple of weeks it stopped. I haven't tried it again since then.

Kingdom Arizona

By: Kingman Arizona

Here's something we experienced on Route 66 in Kingman, AZ.
The Hilltop Motel, in Kingman Arizona, overlooking the eastern part of Kingman on Route 66, claims to have the "Best View in Kingman."   It's a fine example of an well maintained motor court, with lots of neon, an atomic age style marque, cypress trees and vintage motor court furniture.  Apparantly, Timothy McVeigh, who carried out the 1995 terrorist bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, was a regular at this motel as well the Imperial Motel across the street, during the planning stages of his deadly plot which claimed the lives of 168 people.
While we were yet unaware of this detail, my wife and I stayed at the Hilltop Motel in the summer of 2004 -- in room 119.   Facing the swimming pool, room 119 does indeed offer a great view of the mother road (renamed Andy Devine Avenue) , as it heads west into downtown Kingman, and east towards the Interstate 40 juction.   As soon as we checked in, my wife felt uncomfortable in the room, like something, or someone was watching her.  She made me cover the mirror in the room with a towel just to be safe. 
I experienced a nightmare in the middle of the night -- I dreampt I was reading a magazine in bed, and an angry presence knocked the magazine that I was reading out of my hands.  I shouted "Hey, I was reading that!"   My wife heard me shout in the middle of my sleep, and tried to wake me, but I had sunk into a deeper sleep and couldn't be wakened. It was shortly after this, that my wife was riveted to her side of the bed by something that she describes as a black shadow that surrounded her.  She claims that it sent electric shock waves pulsating through her body, and she could not breath, speak, or move.  This seizure like experience lasted for what seemed to her to be several minutes.  My wife has no other description or explanation of what occured, but insists that whatever it was, it was intent on hurting her.   The next day, we poked around and discovered mysterious brown stains embedded in the linoleum of the bathroom floor.  The room was clean enough, but behind the bureau were more stains in a splatter pattern.  Small holes, like bullet holes, were missing from parts of the concrete block wall at random intervals.  Perhaps there are logical explanations, but we didn't mention anything about it to the proprieter who asked us as we were leaving, "if everything was alright during our stay."  After breakfast, we headed up to Las Vegas.  Throughout the day, my wife complained of soreness in her joints, and diminished symptoms of what she had felt so strongly the night before.  We are both young, in good health, and travel often.  We have yet to experience anything like this again.   

Bama Theatre Ghost


There is an old theatre in my hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL. It is called the Bama Theatre. It was built in 1938, and was part movie house, part City Hall. Then it was converted into primarily a performing arts theatre, and the City Hall building bacame the headquarters for the Arts Council. For years I have heard stories of ghosts in the Bama, but the only one I heard more than once was the story of the bullet holes in the wall of an upstairs dressing room. I don't know if they really are there, the dressing room in question had been completely renovated by the time I went up there for the first time. I had been dancing in recitals at the Bama ever since I was four, but I had never been in the left wings until I was 12, and I was in a show there.
My first experience with the ghost came 2 years later, when I was in another show there. It was our school show, and the director had promised to tell some of the younger girls the ghost story of the Bama Theatre, but he forgot about it. So in rehearsal one day, there were about six of us waiting in the left wing a few characters were reworking a dance. It was going to take a whilr so the younger girls asked me to tell them the story of the ghost. My story was the basic one that I had heard all of my life with a little bit of it made up by yours truly. Seeing that they were scared, I finished with a, "I don't believe in ghosts though, it's probably not even true." They scampered off giggling at the story and I was left standing there. There were seven other people on that side of the stage and I could see all of them from where I was standing. I was further back than anyone else, and my back was to an old spiral staircase, if you go up it, that's where the bulletholes are supposedly, but no one could go up there because they were being renovated. All of a sudden, I felt hands on my waist like someone was trying to scare me, I tried to brush the hands away, but there were no real hands there. I turned around, still feeling hands on my waist, but there was no one behind me. My friends all believed me, because they said I looked like I was about to faint, I turned so pale. I still don't go anywhere in the theatre alone.
Now, this year, we had our school musical at the Bama again and the ghost made itself known to more people than me. This year there were three incidents. The first one, there were a lot of us crowding around about to go on stage. I was in the back, with two other girls, when Charlie turned around and said "Who tapped me?" Now I know for a fact that no one tapped him. I didn't, and Ashley and Renita were playing a clapping game, no one else could have either. Then, about an hour before the first show started, the director found me and Will, to show us how we needed to get to the back of the house. It was raining, so we couldn't go outside like we had been, so he wanted us to go through the Arts Council building. I knew how to get there, but Will didn't so I showed him. No one could find the light switch so we had to find our way in the dark. Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled about that. We ran up a flight of stairs and when we turned to go down the hall, we saw the hazy outline of a person, it looked like a woman in a black dress. She was about twenty feet ahead of us and she turned the corner before we did. By the time we got to the corner, she was gone. We were so scared we ran back down the flight of stairs so fast that we fell down and tumbled down the last flight. The next night we, meaning Ashley, Renita, Houston and I, were waiting in the gallery, at about the same spot where Will and I had seen the lady in the black dress the nght before. We couldn't go down to our places, because there were still people in lobby. Houston, who was playing Sarah Brown, (we were doing Guys and Dolls), was very nervous. She started singing, "I'll Know when my Love Comes Along". When she finished, we heard a voice from the balcony sing the exact same thing, except she sang it a little bit higher than Houston did. We all ran into the balcony, only to find that the only person in the balcony was Mr. von Redlich, the director, and he hadn't heard anything.
As to the identity of the ghost, I don't know. My father wrote a story on the theatre for the magazine he publishes. I told him my story, and he called to ask the theatre manager about it. The manager says that there is no ghost, but I know what happened to me, and I hope you believe me.

King's Tavern


My family and I ate dinner at the King's Tavern resturant last night and
something strange happened to my daughter Brandi who is 8. We had to pick my
husband up at the airport in Shrevepor LA the night before this and stayed the
night in Monroe LA. On the way home to Eupora MS we decided to spend the day
in Natchez sightseeing. My husband mentioned he had never been to Natchez and
always wanted to see it, so began the day of sightseeing in Natchez. We passed
the King's Tavern and I told my husband I had seen it on television as being
haunted. He asked if we wanted to eat there for dinner later when we were done
sightseeing and we all said yes except for Brandi. She was not thrilled about
it at all. In our family majority rules so we went to dinner later that night
about six o'clock. We assured Brandi that it was not a place where people
would be jumping out to scare her. She said she would go, but if someone
jumped out she was going to sit in the car. When we got there the lady greeted
us by saying that this was an authentic haunted resturant and I looked at
Brandi just waiting for her to run back out the door! She didn't. The lady
then told us that a lady named Madiline was killed there and haunted the place
along with a few other ghost. On the wall in the front as you walk in is a
picture of Madiline. She is a pretty young girl, but in the picture her eyes
are very strange to look at. We sat down and we were given some things to read
about the place. It is a very nice place inside and Brandi said she liked the
way it looked inside. We we sitting at a table that is in the middle of the
resturant and was positioned up against a wide thick brick pillar. The back of
Brandi's chair was up against the pillar kind of at an angle so that her back
was almost up against it. We were told that we could at anytime go upstairs
and check out the second and third floor. Sightings of different things have
been seen upstairs as well as by the fireplace where we were eating. King's
Tavern was dated back before 1789. Madiline was the mistress of the owner and
his wife found out and had her killed and stuck her body in the fireplace and
burned it. When they renovated the place in 1930 3 sets of skeletal remains
were found. One of them a young female and two males. So anyway we're eating
and of course Dustin my 10 year old wanted to go up asap. We told him after
dinner we would. Well dinner was great even the kids enjoyed thiers which was
shocking because unless it's fast food they don't really like to eat out. My
husband, Dustin and Brandi went upstairs and I waited until they came back to
go up. Brandi didn't want to go back up with me, but Dustin did. I got as far
as the second floor and told Dustin go get your dad to go up with me, he
laughed at me and went to get my husband. Well he never came up. I waited and
finally another person came up and I went upstairs. WOW! I stayed a minute and
went back down. I asked my husband why he didn't come up and he said Brandi
wouldn't let him. I asked Brandi why and she said she didn't want to sit
downstairs by herself because someone kept knocking on her chair. I looked at
my husband and told him he needed to quit trying to scare her. He said he
didn't. I asked Brandi where they were knocking on the chair and she said the
back of it. She asked me if I could hear it and I looked and my husband and he
said I swear I did not touch here chair. We were waiting for our check and
Brandi said mama did you hear that and I said no what? She said someone
knocked on my chair again. There was no way my husband could have done it
without me seeing him do it. We were seated in the middle of the place with an
isle to the left and right of us with Brandi's chair backed up almost to the
brick pillar. Oh yeah they had lit the fireplace and right after that is when
Brandi heard someone knocking on her chair. Now, I know we were all excited
about going here to eat, but Brandi was not. She is after all only 8. She
didn't think anything of the knocking other than wondering why we couldn't hear
it. It didn't occur to her it could be something else, so we kind of just said
maybe the waitress did it. Unless that waitress was 2 inches wide and walked
in between me and Brandi there was no way a waitress did it, of course Brandi
accepted this excuse and we left. I am not sure what was knocking on the back
on Brandi's chair, but my skeptical husband is not so much a skeptic anymore!

History Of Ghostly Encounters


For some reason, my family has had a history of ghostly encounters.  Here is one told to me by my mother. The second is my own account.
When my mother was a child, she often stayed at her grandparents house along with her sister and two brothers.  Now, the house my great-grandmother lived in was alongside the Mississippi River and had been standing there for almost 250 years.  My mother and my aunts and uncles swear to their being a ghost of a dead pirate there.  Even my stoic great-grandmother admitted a cold chill whenever she went to the basement.  But according to my mother, the ghost used to deliver letters from one room to another.  The children would write a letter and slip under their closed door, only to have it mysteriously appear in a separate room where someone else waited for it.  And they never thought anything of it!  The story is rather fragmented, but that was over 40 years ago when it occurred, and I wasn’t personally there myself.
My second story is my own account.  A week before I joined the Coast Guard, my beloved grandmother passed away.  It hit the family pretty hard, because she was such an animated woman and her death was rather sudden.  A year after this happened, I was stationed in Seattle when I noticed some odd things happening.  My mother had given my wife boxes of items that once belonged to my grandmother.  Mostly they were ceramic knick-knacks, books and pictures.  But for some reason, they never wanted to stay put.  We would have a vase moved across the room when we were out of the house.  Or the books on our bookshelf would be rearranged, which was off because my wife had a compulsiveness to put them in a specific order.  But none of this ever really surprised me or scared me in the slightest.  I knew who was doing it.  I told my mother about this, and she laughed and said that it sounded exactly like my grandmother.  And ever since I told her, the strange things have stopped.  I think my grandmother knew I got the joke
This may not be as scary as some of the other stories, but its all completely true. 

Haunted Home in Mpls., MN.


I grew up in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a predominantly Polish neighborhood-My mother, older sister, and I lived in an old house converted to a duplex.  This house was built in 1887 or 1892-I cannot remember which- and we had moved in back in 1981-82, when I was 5 years old.  The house had a full basement with unusual foundations, built very thick-about 2 1/2 times thicker than usual-and towards the front of the building, back of the basement, were two coal rooms, one with the required coal shute, bricked up in the '70's.  The first floor was our living space, and wasn't unusual in any real way(due to my mother, I'm sure).  The second floor was similar to the first architectually, but had it's own non-paying residents(we rented it out often)hanging about.  Then there was the Attic, my favorite hiding place growing up....
As a little girl, I had often had reasons to hide in the attic, even in the winter, when the heat didn't reach so high.  One reason was my mother, the other reason was that my friend Emily lived there.  There was also the kindly Old Man With a Cane and another girl too.  It wasn't until I was maybe 10 years old that I realized that those three people in the Attic were....unusual-meaning I had thought that it was normal to be....well, normal with ghosts.  The second floor apartment had two brothers as permanent, heard, yet unseen, residents.  These two were the ghostly version of The Odd Couple, and we assumed, after some history checking with the older neighbors, the former owners of the house.  Nearly every night for about 21 years, at about 1:30 am(after bar close), my mother would hear stumbling footsteps going up the front stairs to the 2nd floor.  Whenever I slept upstairs(when we didn't have any renters or when my sister resided there), I would awaken at 2 am to the smells of cooking food and the clashing and clanging of pots and pans and dishes.  After that, the night would be silent again.
Overall, most of the unseen residents were harmless and went their way, as we went ours.  Except for the basement.  My mother has told my sister and I that she's never felt any disturbances down there, but my sister(older than I by six years)and I were terrified to go down to do laundry or for Tornado warnings....and so were our dogs.  None of our various cats over the years had any issues, however.  If you watched the cats, though, especially in the basement, you could see that they were aware of a presence we humans couldn't see.  The first presence, and I know how cliché this is, was underneath the stairs leading up to the rest of the house....  All I can tell you is what my sister and I (along with a few others who were unaware of any history) experienced over the years of venturing into the basement alone to do laundry....the steps were wooden and open-backed, so that when going up, you could see the dark area beneath the stairs.  Sometimes I heard....panting.  A large animal panting.  We never saw anything, but that....feeling.  It was acutely physical, starting from the high back of the neck and spreading down the spine, the feeling that something big was behind us, staring....then, no matter what tricks we tried to stop ourselves, we would panic and start running up the stairs as fast as we could.  I know my sister and I agreed that there was the sensation of being chased, of malice, an animal hostility, yet I don't know if she ever heard the scrabbling of claws on the stairs behind her as she ran....I know I did.
The other 'thing' in the basement was the one the cats could see, back towards the coal rooms, in the back of the basement, front of the house.  I was the only one dumb enough to go back there, but we had a 'sensitive' go back there once.  She said it was definitely an animal, a very territorial one.  I'd have to agree.  Nothing would happen unless I got too close to the coal cribs, and then I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising and if I went closer, I would hear a deep rumbling growl, so deep, I could feel it in my chest.  I always hated the basement.
My mother sold the house and moved out of the cities a few years ago.  When she was fixing up the house to sell it, the 'permanent residents' went slightly..wild.  They weren't happy, for sure.  I guess they weren't happy the house was moving into strange hands.  It wasn't too bad, but still a bit destructive.  Apparently my childhood escapades weren't as secret as I'd once thought, for both my sister and my mother pulled me aside, without the other's knowledge, and asked me to speak to the Spirits and ask them to either move on or to stay, but to 'Please leave us be!' 
I still miss 'Emily'.  She used to hang about in the form of a cat.  Non-believers have even seen her and felt her.  But I know she's gone to where she belongs.  The others?  I don't know.  Maybe they're still there, in the house on Adams Street.

Strange Things Have Made Me a Believer


Hi and thanks for your website...all stories should be heard as everyone's experience is unique and unbelievable at one time or another.  I had never experienced anything weird until the Fall of 2003.  But I am a believer.  Just as God and goodness is present; so is the Devil and evil.  A few years ago I would have laughed at anyone who believed they'd experienced anything supernatural and I would have also laughed at someone "holy."  Here's how my story goes:  I worked in a building that used to house the original police station in our small city.  My employer had leased the building after the police department had their new facility built.  The building I was in still had two jail cells intact on the uppermost floor and  as is the case with old buildings, it also had a lot of rubbage and dirt, etc.  We were only allowed on the bottom floors anyway so this floor was seldom entered or disturbed.  Many, many nights I worked past my 5:30 p.m. schedule.  I often stayed until 7 pm or so.  During that time, the cleaning people would come in (a young married couple and the father-n-law).  I always heard the cleaning, the doors opening and closing, chairs moving, etc. during that time of the evening.  It wasn't until one evening that I happened to look out my office door to ask if anyone wanted a soda as I was going to the soda machine, when I looked out my door, I noticed there was no one in the hallway.  I walked down the aisle around behind my office and it was turns out that the cleaning people worked on the top floor offices and made their way down.  The noises I heard, they said, were not made by them.  Needless to say, I ignored the noises from that moment on but I did make sure not to stay late any longer unless it was necessary.  Later that Fall I found out that on the basement floor, there was a co-worker who had indeed seen the apparition of a drunken man jailed many years earlier who had apparently died in the jail cell.  She was quoted as having seen the apparition on more than one occasion and that he seemed scary but playful.  Well the first and last time I worked on a Saturday in the building I heard a co-worker in the office behind mine...she was turning on and off her radio, opening her desk drawer looking for something she couldn't find and was constanting moving her chair.  I got up to let her know I was present in the building as I had been told there would only be five of us that day.  I turned the corner down the hallway and found it to be dark; no office lights, no sounds; no co-worker.  I went back to my office wondering "what the heck?"  I phoned the supervisor who had also come in that day to tell her the co-worker had apparently left.  She then proceeded to tell me that there werre only three people in the building at that moment including the two of us and another co-worker working in the office across hers.  She told me that it was impossible that anyone else could have come in without her knowing as the alarm had been set after we entered that  morning.  I could not believe my ears.  I  immediately became frightened and realized that my office was directly below the jail cell where it had also been rumored that a jailed man had hung himself decades earlier.  I never stayed late again nor did I ever work on weekend again.  Soon afterwards I changed positions so I left that building and I haven't been back since.  Do I believe what I heard was supernatural?  yes.  I happen to be a Catholic with a very strong faith and try to live my life as such every day.  One early morning in the Fall of 2005, I was praying with great intensity the must have been about 5:30 a.m. or so.  Behind where I was sitting, there is a bedroom with a heavy drape in place of a door.  My oldest daughter was asleep in there and the light was off.  suddenly, the drape was whipped in such a way that it made a loud noise and right over my head, in the crawl space in our ceiling I heard loud noises like someone was rolling across it.  I turned in time to see the drape stop moving...I checked on my daughter and she was sound asleep; undisturbed.  I checked the other bedrooms; all was fine.  I did not allow myself to get scared and proceeded to recite my rosary.  I don't know what all this means but I do know that since my faith in God has increased, so has the unusual experiences in this home of ours.  My husband has had his crucifix hanging on a double knotted leather rope untied from his neck at least once this year.  I have had to wake him from nightmares in which I have heard him mumbling the Hail Mary...he tells me those are dreams with demons in them.  My mother has felt someone nudging her in her sleep and something placing a strong grip on her ankles on more than one occasion.  This past Friday evening, I was falling asleep on the couch while praying the rosary when I distinctly heard the almost inaudible laughing of something or someone evil?  I got up and decided to ignore and continued praying...what I didn't know was that my daughter was experiencing frightening noises in the hotel room in Laredo, Texas that same night.  She was performing with an orchestra group the next evening and had been unable to sleep that entire night.  She told me that she heard feet dragging on the carpet in her hotel room and right next to her bed.  She also heard knocking on her headboard and glanced repeatedly at her roommates to make sure they weren't fooling with her.  They were sound asleep.  She told me started hearing the noises after she began reciting the rosary.  Your website allows me to overcome my fears by realizing that there is evil out there and we all have  find ways to protect ourselves.  Acknowledge the evil but don't allow it to overcome your faith.  thanks.

White Wisp and Dark Shadow People


I live in an old house in Omaha , NE. The previous owner was named Alice,She lived there after her husband died, of a fall down some very steep stairs that go to the basement. Alice was a house keeper of one of the local  catholic priest, After the priest retired, he moved in with Alice ,where she continued to be his house keeper. After a few years Alice died in her sleep in the small bedroom right off the kitchen, the priest had the larger one next to the living room.Alice willed the house to the priest.
The priest also all most died of a fall down these steps. He later died of old age 1 month after I bought it. After I moved in ,I noticed things would be moved around, there would be unexplained noises coming from the kitchen sometimes, some times you could hear a knocking  sound, Sitting in the living room you can see down the hall to the kitchen, Every once in awhile you would catch a glimpse of a white wisp moving from the small bedroom off the kitchen into the kitchen. then on other occasions, you could catch a glimpse of a dark shadow moving around a corner, I have even seen both the white wisp and the dark shadow out side near the house while I was sitting oin a covered area next to the house. I have never been able to take a picture in this house with out having an orb in one of the photo's, in one photo of my girl friend on the stair to the basement, we counted over 20 orbs and some light beans. the activity is not to regular but often enough you notice it.

Regarding Sleep Paralysis

By: ''

I just wanted to comment and say that I have had this experience. I was
laying on my back the 5 times it has happened to me. It seemed so real like
I was awake. I woke up to some sort of presence around me and when I opened
my eyes, I felt paralyzed. I could only breathe and move my eyes.  I looked
up towards the ceiling and saw demons flying in a circle and a couple giving
me eye contact. When I attempted to scream or move, some force was holding
me from doing so. As I became more afraid, I tried closing my eyes and
praying to God. After repeating prayers and trying to scream and closing my
eyes...some seconds after, the feeling went away. Maybe it is all
psychological based on my strong faith in God that made the feeling and
images disappear. I do believe it is a mystery and it was interesting to
have someone relate to it.

Strange Tale


When I was about five years old, my parents and I went to a bed-and-breakfast in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We stayed there for one night and that night, I had a dream that a little boy had died in a fire in that inn and he had a sister who had been badly injured.
The next day, the inkeeper asked my parents how we had slept, and then informed us that the room we were in had been reported as being haunted!
My parents took a picture of me sitting on the bed in our room. Behind me, there were two faces of a man and a boy looking into the window. We were on the second floor, and no ladders were against the building at all. That picture has since disappeared.
That day, my mother went to a cemetery to take some pictures for a college class. On the way out of the cemetery, she said "God bless everyone" twice, and then she felt as though she had been pushed! She landed on her rear, but on her foot there was a very deep cut. It nearly turned gangrene and took several months to heal. The report that she wrote for her class vanished, along with the pictures. To this day, we do not know what happened to it.
Eleven years after this experience, I related the dream to my mother. She told me, "Someone wanted to see the pictures of our stay in Sturbridge Village. His son died in a fire in the inn we stayed at."
This was only my first paranormal experience.

Maumee - Miami Childrens Home


I can verify the happenings form the Miami Childrens Center, due to the fact I lived there for approximately 4 years.  The main entrance attic area was a favorite place to hide and there were things moved on a daily basis.  These were carefully placed and hidden things that I didn't tell or show anyone.  I have heard childrens laughter and figured it was a child that had died there and still wanted someone to play with.  Not many of the kids went up there and were scared to venture to far into basement.  The farthest building all the way back to the right on the river side was the "Receiving Room".  This was for the kids that newly arrived and not placed yet.  We were kept in there sometimes for over a year if there wasn't any openings in the girls or boys halls.  The basement was where the washer and dryer were kept and it was a punishment to be given that chore.  I kind of liked the solitude and the "events" that I saw weren't too scary.  The only bad part ws the tunnels that led from all the buildings under ground.  They were attached from all the buildings for easy transfers that didn't want to be detected or publicly seen.  The barred doors were kept locked on most of them when I was there, but many times I could hear screaming down the long dark tunnels and cries for help.  I was kept in the teen girls hall for over 2 years due to my situation, and saw quite a bit and heard even more.  Nothing bad ever happened to me from a haunting, just in real life.  The sensing of someone else in the room was often, and I would just talk to them as if there was another person in the room. (Kind of made me look crazy), but I found it comforting and it was almost like a friend.  There was also a barbers chair in the basement where I would cut the pre-teen boys hair.  There were a few times that I went down there and heard music and the chair was twirling around when there was nobody there.  In another room was something like a dentist chair.  That room I didn't like and heard screams every now and then when I knew that nobody was in there. Everyone was afraid of being in that room. 
If you want more experiences,- I'd be glad to share them.

My Little Ghostly Experience


first of all, i'd like to thank those people who shared their stories on this website. after reading some of the stories posted here by other people, i'm much less afraid of the dark and supernatural things as i used to be. i've always believed that there's another world beside our own, but before, i was always quite afraid of the dark, of being alone in any room/house - any area at all where i was by myself, so fearful that something ghostly would appear.
anyway, i'd like to share my own experience which didn't cause a lot of fear but definitely unnatural. about 10 years ago, while i was attending a very large, well-known public university in southern california, i shared an apartment very close to school with 2 other female students. this apartment was located inside a large apartment complex at least 50 years old. one late afternoon, i was waking up from a nap in my bedroom when i heard a couple of knocks on the door. thinking it was one of my roomates, i just kind of waited for them to come in, but after a while, no one came in. normally you could hear the floor creaking if someone was walking around but i didn't remember hearing the floor creaking at all that time. later on that evening, i asked if any of my roommates came home around that time, and none did. so i dismissed the incident thinking perhaps i had heard wrong.
a few months later, i had a different experience in this same apartment. one morning i was waking up from my sleep and felt i couldn't move any part of my body. i thought i was dreaming, so i looked around the room to validate myself. i also briefly felt afraid as if i wasn't alone in that room. anyway, i became more scared when i realized that both of my roommates had earlier classes and i was home alone at that time. this lasted for what must have been a couple of minutes. so i said a prayer in my head and was able to get up out of bed.
a few months later, i was lying on the couch in the living room in the evening reading my book (my roommates were home this time). well, i must have drifted off to sleep somehow because i woke up (i was laying on my back) and saw a person on my right side with her body bent over my abdomen but her face was turned toward my feet. i wasn't able to see the face but she had long dark brown or reddish hair. for some reason i was able to see only the top half of this person's body. i first thought it was my roommate but i realized i couldn't move again. then i somehow drifted back to sleep and woke up normally again.
one of my roommates also told me that she woke up one morning and saw the back side of a female figure take her alarm clock and walked/moved away from her toward the door. none of us ever did anything like that on that morning.
during the time i was renting this apartment, i would occasionally go home on the weekend to visit my parents who lived an hour away from campus. one morning when i was home, my sister who had her own room told me that during the previous night, she was waken by the sensation that one end of her bed was raised. she got scared and ran toward the door to turn on the light switch, but as hard as she tried, she couldn't find the light switch at all. so maybe whatever it was followed me home. but ever since i moved out of that apartment, i stopped having those weird experiences.

Victorian House


When I was a young child (I am now 14 years of age), I used to live in a victorian house which housed a large bedroom upstairs whish used to feel very cold and I never felt safe in it by myself. Lo and behold, that was my bedroom. Lucky me.
Anyone who entered by bedroom would always comment on how creepy it was. The aura of the room was very depressing and I never liked that house because of it. I used to be very scared of the dark and always had to have a teddy watch the room for me, because I was scared that ''it'' was going to get me.
I dont know what the ''it'' was.. but there always seemed to be a presence in the room with me.
I had never heard or had a sightings/sounds of a ghost of any sort, up untill I was about 11 years old. I was asleep one night, and did the usual ritual of putting my teddy next to my bed to watch over for me. I fell asleep as normal, and I awoke in the middle of the night to get a drink, and when I looked up from my glass, I was astounded see a large black figure (It wasnt translucent, it was solid black with no features) stood in the corner of my room. It wasnt moving, it was just stood there, staring. I let out a large scream and rubbed my eyes to see if I was dreaming. But it was still there. My mum ran in, and at that exact moment it dissapeared, it was a case of blink and you'll miss it. The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds, but it has been cemented in my mind since.
Also, I used to hear footsteps across the hallway. The floor didnt usually creak, but when I heard these footsteps it creaked really loud. It was really scary, because they seemed to come towards my room and get louder and louder.. then stop.
About 6 months after the sighting of the black figure, I moved out of that house into a more modern house and my whole mood changed. I was no longer afraid of the dark and I didnt need a teddy to watch over me. I didnt feel threatened anymore.
A few years later (A few months ago to be exact) I told my mum about the way I felt about my old room and the noises I used to hear. I was shocked to hear that the previous owner of our old house had died in the house. She didnt know which room it had happened, but I was sure it was mine. It scared me a little, as I had always thought that it had been my imagination.
I know its not the caliber of a lot of the stories on this website (Which, by the way, I think is amazing) but I thought id share my ''experiences''.



Me and my wife brought our house in 1994, The former residents the wife died in the house of cancer and the husband killed himself in the house. We have had things move in the middle of the night , we can see sillowetts of the man . Our neighbors son can see the man and talks to him. One day i was pouring coffee into cups for me and my neighbour and the cups rose off the counter about 1 foot and moved to the right about 1 foot. My neighbour and i jumbed back and his son said its only Don the man who had owned the house before us. I have taken many pictures and orbs show up in them. I have also taken pictures and white and red like stars show up with the faces of the man and woman in them. A lot has happened to much to explain on hear






Chico California, we lived in a rental.  After we went to bed maybe 5mins the T.V turned on full blast and then it turned down to low.  We heard heavy foot steps going through the house.  My husband jumped up at that time and checked the doors, they were locked, the windows were locked and the kids were in bed.  At that time the ash tray was knocked over on the floor.  No one in the house.
Two nights later the shower turned on, NO ONE in the bathroom.
We have always had ghosts in our home, this was normal and we learn to live with them. I have all kinds of stories of ghosts.

My Ghostly Experience


It was back in the Philippines.  I was in my early teens.  I now reside in West Palm Beach, Florida and I am now in my early thirties.  Anyway, I shared a room and a bed with my older brother.  Our bed was positioned that one side was against the wall.  Of course, my brother who was also a scaredy cat used to tell me that ghosts would come out of the wall to get me.  My siblings and I love to scare each other lol!  I believed him so I slept on the outer side of the bed.  As scared as I was I sure didn't want some ghost grabbing me through the wall!!  It was late night and we were all in bed.  My house had three bedrooms.  The middle room was my parent's.  I had to put this in so you would know why this is sorta important to the story.  My room and my brother is the only room with a bathroom so the other two rooms had to go out to the second bathroom.  To go back to my story, I woke up and saw this huge man staring at me.  He was so big that he pretty much covered the whole door.  We always had the door open.  I tried to scream but not even a whisper came out of my mouth.  I tried to move but my whole body seemed to be paralyzed (with fear???)  I was struggling to do whatever to wake up my brother.  That huge thing standing by the door just kept staring at me.  I couldn't see any eyes just a black shadow or maybe because he was standing in the dark and he had no features.  All the sudden, I heard my  parents' door open.  My dad had to use to bathroom.  As soon as I heard my dad, the thing just disappeared.  I was so scared that I grabbed my blanket and just slept through the night.  The next morning I told my siblings about it and they all just laughed.  I swear that it was real but I could be wrong.  I did hear my dad.  The second experience was with my older sister.  This happened in their room.  At this time, I already left for the States.  She woke up and had this transparent lady crying to her.  The lady kept telling her that my sister was her daughter.  My sister kept telling her no you are not.  I didn't really get the whole story from my sister but she did say after her experience that they had a priest come by and bless the house.  We had a neighbor who lived in the area before they developed it.  They said that the area had always been a very scary place until houses were built on it.

My House was Haunted


I grew up in Valley Forge Subdivision from 1978 to 1996.  It was not until later in the my residency that my mother welcomed a spirit into the house.  One morning she heard a knock at the door so she went to see who it was, naturally.  Upon her surprise there was no one there.  She thought it was her imagination so she went on with her morning routine.  Very shortly after this she heard the knock again and again she checked the front door only to find no one again.  She proceeded to check the other entrances thinking they were at another door and still found nothing.  Since she believes in life after death she said the spirit could come in, but it was not to hurt any one.  She then sat down to drink her morning coffee and the basement door opened.  Now the door closes when the heat comes on, but it never opens by itself.
After this event I would always see things out of the corner of my eye.  It was if someone walked by a doorway or opening and you only saw it with your peripheral vision.  I always thought I was seeing things, but several of my friends, who knew nothing of the incident with my mother, saw the same thing I did.  I never felt fearful of the presence, because we felt it was the spirit of my grandfather watching over us.

A Haunted House in Garden Grove California and one in Hawaii


I was a child (4-5 years old) when these events occurred.
1.. Every night, we would hear running up and down the halls
2.. My sister (6 years old) used to sleep walk. She would get up and my mom and dad would pick her up and put her back in bed. One night, my parents heard noises in the living room. They get up and see my sister walking toward the refrigerator. They walk over to pick her up and she vanishes. They were all freaked out. They ran to my sisters’ room, and she was sound asleep.
3.. One Sunday afternoon my mom and grandma were resting in the bedroom. They hear the voice of a man in the living room and a child crying. My mother, startled, ran out to the living room and said “who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house???” The man turned to her and asked, “Have you seen Martha?” My mom said “NO! What are you doing in here??” He and the boy walked into the wall and vanished.
4.. One another night, my parents were woken up by a sound In the bathroom. During the 70’s, (no laughing!) we had decorative beads on the outside of the shower curtain. On this night the beads were swooshing violently back and forth. Half-asleep, my parents stood there and stared at it. My mom then pushed past it to close the window which, of course, was already closed. My parents decided it was time to move. Me moved to Hawaii to…. You guessed it, another haunted house!!!
I was 10-12 when these events occurred:
1.. Every night, I would hear knocking on the walls. No joke. Three knocks in perfect succession. No believed me at first because no on else heard it. I heard it for two years!! I had a friend sleep over who finally heard it. We had the house blessed three times after that. Still had the knocks though.
2.. I get home from fishing on day to see my mom sitting at the table. She said that she wanted to talk to me. She told me that she met a “woman” who was living in our house. She say it was a Hawaiian woman who long ago owned the land we live on. She said that she is happy that we are living there, taking care of the property and land (I had helped plant every fruit tree imaginable). She also apologized for the knocking. She said that she was asking permission to “enter”. The knocks stop. To this day I sleep with the TV on…..
Side note, since your side has no stories about the Hawaiian Island of Kauai:
3.. In Hawaii, (Kauai High School to be exact) Our high school gym was completely haunted. We would leave the school from practice and hear basketballs bouncing, lights flickering on and off, screams of fans, etc… One time we saw a car drive by with all of the doors opening and closing and no one in it. Seriously.
4.. The Tree Tunnel: Located on the way to Koloa, a tunnel lined with trees, about two miles long. The trees meet at the top to form a tunnel. My best friends mother was driving through it late and night when her van konks out. She had meat in the van (steaks and whatnot). The legend has it that an offering must be made. She took a piece of steak, through it out there, van started and she was on her way.
5.. Woman in the white dress: hitchhiker killed in the same tree tunnel. She is seen hitchhiking and about ½ mile away she is seen again.
I hope this is published for all to enjoy.

Bloody Knuckles


When my daughter was about 14 she slept in the room adjacent to mine, head boards would be against each other separated by a wall. If there were any screaming or pounding I would have heard it, so I thought. She woke in the morning with bloody knuckles and a sore throat from as she says screaming all night and pounding and clawing at the spirits that were holding her down in her bed while a small figure perched at the foot of the bed. She is or never was one for exaggeration and is a straight forward thinking logical person. Very intelligent, I mean every award including state awards for the highest grade point average and the academic achievement award as well, so you see not one that would dream this and not even admit to it.  I believe because I saw her hands and heard her voice. She was terrorized all night by several spirits while one rather small and mangled creature watched in a guard like stance. We changed rooms with her that day. Later in life she dated a man who she would call husband now. He drew all kinds of things, one in which he showed her in a book of his work, he said he saw this creature when he was younger on his bed and he was frightened of it so badly he felt compelled to draw it. It was a demon he said. This was the same in every way that she had described to me what was perched on the foot of her bed. Happenstance?  My husband experienced a rise off the bed and a hard drop, the orb shooting through his body and the sonic boom he heard was enough to move into another bedroom and close the room off permanently! But that's another story, isn't it. 

Boyne City, MI


At the end of Leroy street is formally beautiful home not falling into disrepair. When I first  first moved here I used to take my dog for a daily walk. The house fascinated me and since it appeared to be deserted I began to snoop. I was soon surprised by a young girl in a yellow dress looking out of the upstairs window at me. I quickly left. I later found out that indeed it is deserted but that a young girl had died there years earlier. I have heard other stories about strange noises and relatives that would not spend the night when the house was still occupied. A ladder still sits against the roof where someone started to re shingle the place and was frightened away. I still drive by and am saddened as it falls further into disrepair but I no longer trespass.

Ghost Experiences


Here are some ghostly events my family had experienced in Sweden. Excuse me for my defective English; it’s not my native langue!
One night about ten years ago we were on our way home from our grandparents.
My father drove the car. We were just little children at the time. Both we and our mother slept. My father was the only awake. He drove on the way past a Manor house. It is really creepy there after the twilight.
Suddenly he saw something over the edge of a ditch. It was dark at that time, but he had the car lights on. He saw a strange figure with a monk’s cowl, dancing around about twenty centimetres over the ditch. My father got frightened, the figure just looked strange and unnatural, and it floated over the ground. It just went on spinning while he was driving.
A couple of year’s lather we found out that there had been a monk – monastery at that place. Evidently the place is haunted by much different kind of ghosts, like children, monks and even animals.
Both me and my mother works at an old people's home. Many people have been experience strange things here. For example, one of our work – mate have seen the shadow of a man with his arms raised to the roof. The emergency alarm has started in an empty, looked room.
I have seen something flickering, like transparent see-through fabric, float in a corridor. My mother has seen a shadow running in the corridor, and her hair raised (?) in the back of her neck. It’s happening especially in the nights.
This is some of the real things that we had experience. Thank u for an interesting page!

House in Nottinghamshore England


hi, i've been reading the stories on your website for a while now, and i thought i'd share my own story about the house i'm shortly moving out of.
i moved into my friend's house at the start of the summer, when she left to work in spain for a while.  the house is a typical english terrace, nothing to make it any different from the others on the street.  i've known my friend for 6 years and know the about the spirit, and have house sat for her before, but nothing like as long as this time.
two nights after i moved in (my friend had left for spain on the sunday), i was sat watching tv.  it was just starting to get dark, and i had thoughts of putting the light on, when a picture of chief sitting bull (my friend is mad on american indians) slid down the wall, which made me jump. i got up to hang the picture back up, but i got a shock, as the nail was still in the wall.  i've heard the sound of footsteps upstairs, when i'm the only person in the house.  one time a friend came to visit, and i don't think the spirit liked her, as there were lots of bangs and crashes, the sound of someone stomping heavily on the stairs, and the handle on the stairs door was jumping up and down like mad.  that's a regular occurance but not as violent as that! needless to say, my friend declined to stay the night.  a couple of weekends ago a friend i haven't seen for a while came to stay... i told her about the disturbances and offered my bed up but she said she was fine on the sofa.
i came downstairs the next morning, and asked how she'd slept.  she sat up and said 'i know you said there was a little girl here but you didn't say her family was, too!' my friend heard lots of movement in the night, people walking up and down stairs, and through the living room.
my friend, whose house it is, told me that there is the spirit of a little girl there.  she obviously doesn't mind me, as the only disturbances i've experienced are the door handle and steps on the stairs, but i won't miss the attic bedroom; it petrifies me when i have to walk up there in the middle of the night!

The Black and White Cat


The whole family was playing around in bed telling silly stories before bed time one night. My five year old daughter started to tell us a story. She said "the kids at school all saw a cat get hit by a bus". I gasped and said "did you see it" she said
"no!" then started to laugh. I got quite mad that her teacher did not write a note saying the cat had been hit and the kids saw it in our parent teacher notebook. I still was curious why my daughter had said this so as we lay in bed. I ask "what did the kitty look like? what color was it?" She laughed and said "black and white". Then giggles "Just kidding!". I ask again "did you see the cat at the school" and she said "no". I drifted off to sleep quite disturbed about the image of kids seeing a cat get hit by a school bus.
Then two or so months went by uneventful. No talks of cats being hit by buses just of new friends at school. I wake up to get our daughter ready for school for my husband to drive her the short distance to the school before work. I give her kisses and say goodbye. I honestly usually crawl back in bed for a couple more hours after she heads out to school. But, today I saw that it was trash day and I had some to put out before they came. I was going to leave it for my husband to bring out when he returned from the school to take his work van.
I said "oh I will just do it". I walked outside and bring the trash out. I picked up a bottle that someone had thrown on the curb of our very busy street. Then on walking up my driveway I see a black and white cat. He is a good looking healthy cat with big eyes. He is just staring at me and not moving sitting up looking at me. I walk closer and say "hello", and closer "I hope they did not leave you behind. The family next door moved the weekend before. I had never seen this cat however in the months they lived there. I say "I hope they did not leave you behind". The cat is still just staring at me not moving an inch. I say to myself "oh, well" and walk inside my house.
I shut the door and think. "well, I better call animal control because he is just going to get hit with that street outside". My husband pulls into the driveway a few minutes later. I say "I think the people who moved left a cat". My husband and I walk outside so I can show him this  cat.
We look all over and can not find him. He honestly had no place to go in that short time except my yard. The street too busy with morning commuters for the animal to try to cross. Then a fence he would have to climb.
Then my husband said "well, I saw a cat dead in the road on 10th street." I think how horrible and ask "what color?" He said "it was black and white". I ask "more black or more white?" he said "more white". I think "oh, this one was more black". He said "Well, I was driving the car and it was in the road!".
We head inside after looking for a couple minutes. I then say to my husband about our daughter talking about a black and white cat getting hit by a bus and how it was weird she joked of such a thing.
I talk about how my Grandmother saw auras and was quite odd and maybe our daughter had a vision. I suggest the idea it was a ghost cat! He said "maybe". Then I went on to say how it did not move or even blink and had a strange look to its eyes like it was staring at me. Maybe perhaps from another world the animal was looking at me from.
The as I kiss my husband goodbye for the day. I say "hey if you see that cat there just tell me" as he walks to the van. He then did something odd. He walked around the side of the house and got in his van. I think he too thought it strange and just wanted to be sure.
The things small children say are innocent and have meaning. My daughter never talked of morbid things and made jokes of it. She did tell of a black and white cat getting hit by a bus. Then months later a black and white cat visits me then disappears in just minutes later with no trace in almost impossible time. The same day my husband sees a black and white dead cat in the road just up the street. I will never know if today I was visited by a ghost cat that my daughter talked about.

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