Looking Through Wavy Glass

By: midwestmusic@hotmail.com

Where do I begin, which story do I tell first, there are so many that we have learned to deal with over the years, swept under the rug, never to bring up again. I will start with the most recent. While caring for my grandchildren, changing a diaper, dashing from one room to the other, I saw a full figure of a man, he was leaning against the wall in a relaxed stance, startled as was I he quickly disappeared, I was stunned because I didn't think this would happen. Let me back up a bit, the man I saw was my beloved Father in law, departed a year before. Where he was standing was his natural place to watch The Young and Restless soap opera we watched together for years. The reason I didn't think I would ever see him this way is because the night he passed away in my house was the most restful sleep and the most peaceful night I had ever spent in this house, I say it was a gift from him. He loved the grandchildren and I thought they may have been experiencing some type of visit from him from their actions but shrugged it off. He was the most loving person I have ever known and would not frighten anyone. I was at ease with the sighting but had to take a moment for it's abruptness. it was like looking through wavy glass or under water. This is the least scary, but true story I have to tell.

Big Beautiful Haunted Home

By: allene13@earthlink.net

Me and my mom moved too  Weddington North Carolina  in with her brother, wife and three children Patrick was around six and twin brothers one year old mat and Jason. It was a big beautiful home with a rape around porch and the front two rooms coming in the main doors were two large formal dinining entertaing   rooms which i loved to play in because there was no furniture ever put in there.The upstairs had three bed rooms a sewing room and small roomfor i would say reading priivicy. i was 13 i got blamed for throwing silver ware in the trash turning lights and water on in the sinks at night and many things. some times at night may fan would cut off and i would cut it back on it would happen agian. I realy don't  why i told i am now 44

The Jolly Drunk On Carson Street - Steubenville, Ohio


Note: I'm changing the names to keep privacy and the street name, because it's private property and the second house is now inhabitated by my other Uncle again well as the one where my other Uncle died.
I have a few strange stories in the city of Steubenville Ohio,  these stories pertain to a house that my Uncle Bill lived in with his wife Jeanne.
My uncle Bill was a heavy alcohol drinker, he drank with his brothers and buddies on many occassions, he lived in the house across the street from his brother Dale at the time of his death.
No one was ever sure what happened to Bill, they chalked it up to too much alcohol, he was found upstairs between the first room when you hit the top and the bathroom, bleeding out the back of his head in a pool of blood and a alcohol bottle near him.
Many of our family members have speculated that his wife killed him, thinking he may have been verbally or psychically abusive toward her (No one ever noticed anything though),  no real autopsy was done to show why he was bleeding the way he was, they ended up saying he mixed it with pills but it just seems so unlikely that he'd commit suicide with the kind of man he was, jolly, amusing and just a good ol drunk. Always had something funny to say or do.
My cousin Dale Jr. was very close to his Uncle Bill, and apparently after the funeral when he was younger, Uncle Bill came upstairs to his room solid and plain as day telling Little Dale that everything was alright and he shouldn't be sad, mind you they lived right across the street from one another. My uncle Dale and his wife Dina also reported seeing Uncle Bill standing over their bed, but it seemed like he only stopped by to check on them as he had Dale Jr. they said he said that everything would be alright, watch over little Dale. (If you're thinking what I thought, Yeah I thought It was their grief playing tricks on them but I changed my mind a few years later.)
After that, Bill's brothers' house also had a very strange feeling about it...especially after the Dale and his wife moved to another residence and my family moved in there, my little brother, sister and I hated our mother's room and hardly ever went in there, there felt like there was a dark presence there, we've also noted noises running up and down the stairs sometimes; my sister is a listener of Rap, and Bill never liked that crap, she's noted along with my cousin Paula in the past that anytime it's on, the stereos change to any country station it can find out of the blue. Anytime I would play country or rock music, the volume would turn up.
Now the more freakier thing is, my Uncle Bill's old house just across the street.
Since his death, there have been at least sixteen families that have moved inside there and never stayed, ever. It is the most moved in and out of house in the uptown area. People have reported a stain of blood in the corner of the living just above the spot where he died, and alot of these people had no idea that anyone died there at all, they have seen a heavyset man roaming the hallways and have reported the strong smell of jack daniels through out the house, well as having things gone missing only to return to them very obviously in places they can find them. I doubt my uncle would be a maleviolent spirit by any means and it would seem like him to play pranks on others.
I got to stay in the house one night, because I befriended a girl named Mary who ended up living there with her mother, I only got to note that the upstairs at night got really cold even though it was hot and humid outside in the summer, I also seen the bloodstain in the corner where they had just recently not only moved in but painted over, several times.
I also noted when I lived across the street, figures in the upstairs windows when no one would be home or just staring out at me with a alcohol bottle in their hand, I never felt scared for some reason; it was just like someone was checking to see who I was, watching over me.
But since then, three other families have moved into his house and my Uncle right back across the street. Haven't asked him if anything strange still goes on there, and people really can't seem to keep rooted to my Uncle's old house ever.

Hudson Hills Manor

By: nazcarbuddy8@yahoo.com

This is in reference to your story about the ghost of a little girl,tuning on televisions, opening cabinets, and talking to the kids. Myself and my 3 children lived there on the second street from  9/2/97-7/1/01, my son was almost 2 when we moved in, and was 5 when we left.It all srarted when I would here him talking in the middle of the night, and when I would ask him who are you talking to ? He would tell me the little girl , I always thought he had an over active imagination, boy was I wrong.His toys would end up all over his room in the middle of the night, and he said it was her[Ashley]she was a blonde haired little girl about 8 or 9 years old she would tell him her daddy was mean to her.On another occasion my sister was about16 she would spend the night at our apartment and always slept by my son,well she woke up because she heard talking and thought it was my son, when she looked over at him he was sound asleep so she rolled over and standing right next to the bed was a little girl, she had a black eye.as time went by things started to progress, my boyfriends brother was taking a nap in my sons room and he saw her to.I would wake up to every television in the house on in the middle of the night and the cabinets opening and closing it was crazy.I woke up one time to a bunch of noise and my boyfriend [Josh]  and myself ran to his room and could not get in, he pushed the door as hard as he could and it opened the dresser was in front of the door, there is no way my son could have moved it, he told us ashley got mad at him because he wouldn't do what she wanted him to do.There's little things that would happen here and there, but the worst was when I heard pounding on the floor upstairs and i ran up there and Josh was laying on the floor with the kids watching tv and he said all of a sudden he couldn't move, couldn' scream, it was like something jumped in him and paralyzed him well I made fun of him,he use to take alot of pills so I was like go eat some more pills, I didn't believe him,well I wish I would have! A couple of weeks later was going to sleep and sure enough I felt something come in the room it got darker and all of a sudden I couldn't move it was almost like electricity going through my body, I could feel the hair on my arms stand up, I tried to scream and I couldn't ot was so scary, it happened a couple times.One time I actually saw a mans figure, it was a glassy blob, I always felt that there were 2 of them the little girl wasn't bad but whatever came into my room was bad, maybe it was the dad.There was a guy I think his name was mark, he was sitting on the couch i had just met him and out of the blue he asked me if i saw her, I said what are you talking about, he said the little girl he had lived there as a child with his mother and sister and he saw her back then come down the stairs and walk right through the wall,after we moved the girl behind me said at night she saw someone standing in the window every night and the apartment was empty, I just thought i should write and tell you about this alot of people joke and don't believe it , so I was so glad to find what you had posted about it, thank you. You can write back if you want to.                                                                 TAMMY DOUGLAS

Previous Owner

By: Zachmelj@aol.com

The previous owner of my house committed suicide about 2 years prior to our purchasing the house.
When my husband and i met with the owner's daughter regarding the purchase of the house she told us that her father was standing behind us and had shook his head yes that we were the people he wanted in the house. 
At first, my husband and I thought she was a little bonkers.  However, we started to notice certain things in the house.  Our alarm would go off for no reason.  Little brick--a-brack i have in the kitchen would start swinging back and forth. Our hall light would go off. Not just the light bulb, the switch would be turned to the off position.
One morning my husband woke up and went to open the front door to find it already opened as far as it could be with the chain on it.  I woke up one morning to find the blinds on the sliding glass doors half way open.  when i mentioned it to my husband, he informed me that he was not in the den that morning as he was running late for work and basically got dressed and ran out the door.
We have seen the black outline of a man walking past the windows. 
Since then, I ocassionally seen the spirit of my dog in the house.  We also have several orbs located around the house.
However,none of them are violent or nasty beings.  In many ways they are protective of my husband, myself and my other two dogs.


By: dcalhoun3@stny.rr.com

We lived in a house for 32 years that we had a local contractor build.  Raised 2 children and assortment of cats and dogs.  From the first few nights we were in the house we experienced many times ghostly activity.  I have documented most of it.  It began with a lot of racket in the middle of the night waking myself and our then 5 year old son up.  My husband said it was the new house "settling"  One night it was louder than usual and woke him up.  He sat up and hollered "what the heck is going on?"   I said nothing, just the house settling.  I went to the area it seemed to be coming from and had a frank discussion with the spirit.  I told it we were not going to leave and that he/she ( I felt it was a he) needed to stop the noise so we could sleep.   Guess what, the noise stopped right then.  But the haunting began during the day.  Over the years we heard him, I saw him, my daughter and I saw a halo type of light where his head would be on 2 occasions, our dog reacted to him but not the cats, I bumped into him, I felt his fear and unbelievable loneliness and I knew he did not stay in the house but came in and out as he wished. 
Once I asked my daughter why she never seemed to have bad dreams and call me during the night.  She said she did have bad dreams but the nice man would come and sit on her bed and tell her it was okay so she didn't have to call me.  After she left for college the haunting stopped.  I asked the ghost if he was still there to let me know and a large art piece came crashing off the wall.  So I assumed he was still there.  I have a lot of detailed stories to tell about him but I don't know where to start.  He would turn the TV on sometimes at night and he would turn on a music box that played Stardust.  He would swipe articles and maybe a year or lots  later return them.  Our family thought of him as part of our lives although we seldom spoke to anyone about it.  If the subject came up we would.  Anyway my mom said I should pray for his soul and I did.  The last few years we lived there I believe he was gone.  All in all it was a rewarding experience that reinforced our faith in the afterlife.

Another Baby Story

By: snag16@hotmail.com

when i read the title "the baby" it sparked my memory back to what my mother told me when i was younger.
i remember her telling me a story about her aunt,  before my mom was even born, this story was passed down from my great grandparents. and now on to me as well.
i remember that mom was telling me how her grandmother had had a child and it died upon bitrh. This not being sad enough my mother and her sisters and brothers used to play around the clothes line.. but only one side, one day my great grandmother asked them why this was so and they looked at her as if to give the matter of fact expression and said simply, "because when we play around the other side we wake the baby up and it cries the whole time we play." and then they left for home. My mother came to find out later on in life that her aunt/ my great aunt was burried under the tree that the clothes line was connected to.

The Girl

By: mm1143ws@bellsouth.net

I was a sceptic when it came to the paranormal,I thought that people were crazy,and that they needed to be locked up, but that all changed when I had a visit from a little girl.My grandparents were getting old in age and my mother wanted to be closer to them, so when the old homeplace came up for sale, they jumped at the chance and bought it.I never liked the house,and I wasn,t happy when we moved.It was a old,farmhouse, that had been built back in the late eighteen hundreds,and it was in terrible shape.The rooms were huge and drafty and there wasn,t a whole lot of light but I couldn,t change the situation so I decided to keep my opinions to myself. My bedroom was located on the third floor of the house,that overlooked the tobacco fields.In my bedroom ,there was a small,closet door that had been nailed shut.I asked my parents if I could open it ,and they said that they didn,t mind,so I opened it.What I found was facinating. There were old , medicine bottles, ancient, quilts and small childrens clothes, cloth nightgowns to be exact.I took the things that I had found to my grandmothers house across the field,so proud of what I had found.My grandmother was furious when she saw the treasures that I had discovered.She told me that I shouldn,t have touched them, and to put them back where I had found them,so I did but I didn,t nail the door back together.That Winter, the weather was so cold and relentless, that I thought that I would freeze to death.We bundled up in blankets and drank cups of Hot Chocolate to keep warm.It was on a frigid ,December night that I saw the little girl.I was sleeping and suddenly I woke up.The room was freezing cold, but at the same time warm, if that makes sense, but that is the only way that  I can describe it.I looked over toward the staircase and I saw her,a small girl, she looked to be about five or six years old.She had long ,blond,hair parted in the middle,she wore a white nightgown,and in her arm,she held a teddy bear.The girl appeared to be very curious and stared at me.I was so scared,and I tried to scream but I couldn,t,it was as if she held me spell bound and I couldn,t function.Her body was blurry but I could see her clearly.I threw the blanket back over my head and prayed that she would be gone when I looked again.I waited a few minutes,and then I dared to look again,she was gone.I told no body of this encounter,thinking that they would think that I was insane,but mama finally asked me why that I was sleeping in the guest room and not my own room,so I told her.She told me that it was just a bad dream and that there was no such thing as ghost,so I gathered my courage and went back to my room.Two weeks later, on Christmas Eve night,we were eating dinner at my great-grandmothers house, and mama told everybody about my so called dream,I was mortified and so embarrased that I left the table.My great-grand mother came and found me and told me that she had something to tell me.She told me that the little girl wasn,t a dream ,that she had appeared,and that the reason that she knew it was because the same girl had appeared to her when she lived in the farm house as a teenager.She said that the girl appeared to her  while she was doing her sewing in the parlour,and that it had scared her so bad that she had ran out of the house and wouldn,t go back in until her father came home.She told her father what she had seen and he told her that she had been visited by Anna-Belle.He explained to her that around the turn of the century , the farm house had once been an old,Tobacco barn and that his grandfather had converted it into a house.It was a autumn afternoon that Anna-Belle was walking home from school and was taken by a man, who killed her and left her in a shack by the road,he said that she had been haunting the homeplace ever since.I have recently found out that I and my great-grandmother are not the only ones that have seen her.Some people say that they see her skipping down the old,dirt,road as the twilight comes and that she dissappears into the trees.I was once a sceptic but I,m not any more.

Valley Oaks Elementary School

By: selena_lewis@qbsol.com

I too, went to Valley Oaks Elm School back in 1982. Mr. Byrd was the principal then. This school is indeed haunted!  A group of my friends and I were in the third grade girls restroom playing around, when one of my friends decided to call Bloody Mary.  Being that I was sensitive to seeing ghost, I stood by the door and refused to participate.  As the girls continue to call Bloody Mary the lights went out and all four toilets began to flush repeatedly.  We all screamed and the girls came running my way to get out the door. The door would not give, not even with the weight of six girls pushing on it.  A nearby teacher heard our screams and ran to open the door.  Mrs. Weins swore that the door was not locked, but we knew better!
I have also noticed the merry-go-round spin around a half turn and coming to a stop on its own.  There is also a presence of an older person in the cafeteria on stage.
I was in a forth grade pioneer play when I felt a cold spot on the back of my neck.  I was afraid to move until another student bumped into me.
I’ve moved out of the area to make sure that my daughter never goes to that school.
I’m glad that I’m not the only person to experience this phenomenal.
I will write back soon.  I have so many true life stories to tell.  They can all be research and proven true.
I’ve seen ghost my whole life and have had them try to communicate with me.
What can I say? They like me. I’m an open doorway!

St Thomas Church in Thomaston, Ct.

By: puck5801@bellsouth.net

Hello. My name is Laura Grenier. I was messing around looking at differant web-sites during Halloween and stumbled upon your site. I was born and raised in Thomaston, CT. I now live in Tennessee with my husband and daughter. Of course everyone in Thomaston has known about the Opera House hauntings.  I was amased to see that the St. Thomas church and school was on the hauntings list. However, I am not surprised. My older sister and I both attended St. Thomas school back in the 1970's. I distinctly remember going to services and functions at St. Thomas Church very often. As a child I can remember the basement of the church. Even at 5 years of age it was a place that felt erie. There were instances in the basement that went unexplained. One instance I can remember is the presence of water in the old basement kitchen. Church workers would always talk about the "kitchen creek". There were no busted pipes or leaky faucets. However, once in a while there would be a pool of water on the floor with no explaination where it came from. I can remember my mother, whom was an active church member of St. Thomas, not allowing my sister or I in the basement. She would often discuss with my father how lights would go off by themselves leaving the basement in complete darkness (there were no windows in the basement only floresent lighting). We all knew there was something or someone in the church itself but we never discussed it (catholics seldom do).
It was not until I came upon your site that I asked my sister and parents about what happen in the basement. My sister, who now resides in St. Augustine FL., remembered about as much as I did. A feeling of "you are not alone" or being followed. My sister recalled seeing lights turn off and energy lights (orbs) in the room before someone flipped the light switch. My mom did recall the water in the kitchen and others telling how they would be in the basement and things would happen or be seen. A strong sense of being followed was also an erie feeling.
My mother distinctly remembered the basement doors being locked or locking all the time when you were the only one there. There were two ways into the basement. One through the main church and the other was a side door on the east side of the church. My mother recalled her last instance with the church. She advised she was working in the basement, bringing in food for the sunday brunch after church. She advised every time she went back to the car to get more stuff the basement door would be locked when she returned. She advised this happen several times. The last time being when she dropped off the last load at the front table in the basement, turned back around, and the door was locked from the inside again. My sister and I attended St Thomas school from approx 1973 till 1982. I have never heard of any "stories" of whom or why this haunting is happening. But it definately exists.
I thought this would be an interesting story for you. Most of Thomaston's buildings were built on cemetary's were the bodies have been moved to the old part of Hill Cemetary. Perhaps this explains some of the activity in the town.


The Records of a Family Forgotten

By: havlatka@chartermi.net

Many years ago my sisters and I were in a small deserted house in Acme, Michigan.  We loved old items and since this old place was open and with no signs warning about entering it, we decided to take a look to see what we could find.
One of my sisters discovered a large wooden trunk buried in the floor in a small room in front of the house. The house had only a sand or dirt floor.
Considering ourselves lucky for this great find we took all we could out of the trunk and went back to the cottages we were renting on a nearby lake..
It took us a long time as we spent the rest of our vacation reading letters, checking out facts, etc. and we were able to make up a family tree complete with pictures and living locations.
The letters read very interesting, taking us completely back to the late
1800s and early 1900s.   We read about Christmas trees being cut and
decorated, fishing for dinner, love affairs and even asking advice for
committing suicide.   The family we discovered and read about was a brother
and two sisters.  The brother never married and moved to Chicago where he
was a member of the Chicago Tribune (I think) Typesetters union.   From the
letter discribing his pains and growing weakness, we came to the conclusion
that he died of cancer.   He lived in a rooming house and his landlady kept
the sisters informed.  . The two girls both married and had many children between them.  All but one died in very early age of comsumption or something like that, never heard of today.
The one surviving child went to school and eventually became a teacher in
Acme.   She was the last to live in the house.  Don't know if she married,
but if she did it was quite late in life and she had no children..
The cemetery where the family was buried is still standing and sit next to the Grand Traverse Resort.  The house was burned down and was gone the next
year when we went up for our vacation.    A golf course took it's place.
Now for the lasting effects this discovery had on our lives.    After
bringing this treasure home and keeping  it stored in my home, my children
started seeing figures at night.   We heard footsteps without seeing
anybody.  My neighbors quit visiting us because of the things they heard and
my girls had no more sleepovers because nobody would come.   Their friends
would go home in the middle of the night because of this apparition making it's appearances.
My husband and I moved twice more and naturally the stuff and spirits came with us.
Three of our daughters came home to visit without their husbands and
children this last summer in July.   Apparently their being here aggravated
this ghost because he did all he could to upset them and their time here.
My girls live from coast to coast and see one another only on special
occasions like this one.   Cameras wouldn't work, so no pictures to look
back on.   The last night here they spent the night cuddled together on the
front room sofa, nobody could sleep.  They definitely could feel this presence in the room and the house.
After this I decided to donate the boxes of stuff to a Traverse City museum
and even called them to make sure they wanted it.   They did.  .But days
before getting if out of my home, another daughter living in California and unable to be here in July called me and asked if she could have the letters, pictures, etc..  I tried to talk her out of it but ended up mailing all of
it to her.    Her purpose was to write a book about this family, the time
and the location in Michigan's northern lower peninsula.
We haven't talked about it, but I hope she accomplishes her mission.   I
always felt it would be a shame to put this very interesting family's story in a museum to get dusty sitting on a shelf and forgotten about.
We are still visited by someone. Two times lately I've seen the complete
man, and with the clothes he wears, he comes from that era.   He was
aggravated the last time he came and shook his fists at me.    I admit I was
scared and decided then that this was more then I wanted to deal with.
Hence I got rid of the boxes.   One time while reading in the den late at
night I saw only his legs walking across the floor going to the computer
room.   I spend time in my computer room at night and feel his presence
around me.   Seems I can be catching up with email and all of a sudden feel
someone behind me.  Very loud noises make my husband and I jump while watching tv in the evening.
I have since found a little book of Tennyson's poetry that belonged to one of the family, was put in my library and forgotten..  This precious book has babies names, their deaths, pieces of clothing, pieces of hair, newspaper
obits, inside the jacket of the book.   I decided to keep this book as it is
beautiful to me.
This is my story spanning a good 35 to 40 years.  All of it true.
Surprising enough I feel honored to have shared a small portion of their lives.

Old Farm House

By: kittyluvchuck@msn.com

Hi. My name is Robin and when I was about 9 I lived in a house in Ottsville, Pa. I had many things happen there and on two occasions saw two different ghosts. First let me tell you the history of the house and the layout so you can kind of get a picture. Im not really sure of the year the house was built the year is engraved in the house but I just can't remember I think it was like 1400 or something. At one time the house was a hospital and there was a second addition to the house so the main house was where the doctors slept and the other part was where the sick ppl where. In time they knocked down back half of the house so just the main house stood and later it became a school the teachers stayed in which is now the bedrooms and the teachers taught in what is now the attic. So now you know a little of the history so let me tell you a little of the layout then I will get to the good stuff lol. When you walk in right in front are the stairs to the left was a dining room to the right was a living room and it went in a circle so next to the living room was a sitting room then you went to the kitchen and it connected to the dining room next to the kitchen was a door that led to the cellar which was cold and made of cement it also had a door down there which was wine cellar. Upstairs there was a huge open hallway to the left was my parents bedroom which has a sitting area and a full bathroom connected to it. To the right of the stair and up one step was a full bath room to the right of the bathroom was my brothers room and down another long hallway was a room I shared with my sister and next to my room was the door to the attic. Now our attic was huge you could ride a bike up there in the attic was a door it was the door that connected the hospital to the house it was only wide enough that one person could walk though unless you went in sideways. Ok now for the good part. I don't remember really when it started little things happened first like my mom would put things down and come back for them and they wouldn't be there she would look all over and she would check the same spot and they would be there. Sometimes the tv or lights would turn on and off. My mom never told me any of this stuff untill one day when I was older and told her that the house was haunted so I know it wasn’t just my imagination. My mom told me that when she was in her bedroom she felt as if she was being watched and when she was in the sitting area she got this intence feeling that someone was in the room with her and she would just leave. At night I would hear ppl walking back and forth in the attic. Then one night I was in bed sound a sleep when I just woke up and at the end of my bed there was this women at first I thought it was my mom. She was wearing this white gown it kind of looked like a nightgown I couldt really make out any facial features but her hair was dark and short a wavy. Like I said I thought it was my mom so I said "MOM" weird thing I just layed back down and went to sleep. The next morning I asked my mom if she was in my room and she said no. That was the only time I saw her I also saw a little boy around the age of 6 or 7 in the attic window. I was playing hide and seek outside in the corn field with my brother and sister and our rule was you couldn't leave the field to hide. So I was the one seeking and for some reason I looked up and saw this boy sitting in the window of the attic I thought it was my brother cause I couldn't make out the features due to him being so high up and far away. So I ran in the house and up there stairs and in the attic yelling your not supposed to be up here that’s cheating but when I reached the top of the stairs no one was there I searched the whole attic still thinking it was my brother. I Looked out the window and saw my brother in the corn field there was no way he could have left the attic with out me seeing him or passing him along the way. One more thing then I will go cause this is getting kind of long in the attic the passage I told you about early well one day my mom sent me and my brother up to go get some papers she had her own buissness and used it to store files. My brother and I were in the back when all of a sudden the door slammed closed and we heard giggling like a little kid we were screaming cause the door wouldn’t open the I heard my mom running up the stairs and the door just popped open. That was the only scary thing that happened I think that it was prob the little boy just having fun. So that’s my story the house is still standing by the way I wonder if the other owners had anythiing happen.

Polite Ghost / Cody

By: torino1975@comcast.net

I have sent in 2 things that have happened to me, and it depends on the day if I am not scared or amused by whatever it is or whomever it is trying to get my attention.  This one little remembrance makes me smile sort of…and it happened in 1997-98.  My parents, my brother and his then wife, my husband, and my 3 children all went out to eat at this really nice place (not too fancy or pricey) place in my little home town.  We did not get seated in the “nice dining room” and were sitting in the “lunch area” near the salad bar.  Everyone had gotten up to get their salads and that left me, my mum, and my 3 children still at the table (my mum and I would assist my children after the others were seated).  Well, I am sitting there and holding a good conversation with my mum (she was sort of facing me to my right, our table was round) and suddenly I felt this warm, firm pressure on my back as if someone was trying to get by.  I immediately scooted forward, leaned in and said, “Excuse me” and my mum goes, “Pardon?”  I looked and there was no one there! I looked back to see where this “person” had come from and there were no tables or booths behind us, just windows overlooking the river.  I got “that feeling” again and shivered and said, “Someone just put their hand on the middle of my back and gently pushed forward as if to go by.”  My mum only smiled and said, “Polite ol’ thing, huh?” 
I’ll never forget that.  The hand felt so real  and  warm.  I did not have that “dreaded” feeling with this “occurrence” like I had with the others I have shared in the past on this forum.
One other thing…the house we lived in when we moved to this state in 1992 had this family that lived next door to us on the corner.  The first day we were moving in, their beautiful Cocker Spaniel was sitting in our driveway.  The houses were so close together that we could stand in our driveway and talk to our neighbors while they stood on their front porch.  Anyway…my son bent down to pet the dog and as he withdrew his hand, the dog jumped up at him, snarling and trying to bite him.  He screamed and I ran to him and the owners came running out of the house.  (It was early Sept. and still warm to have windows/doors open). They had heard my son scream and they said, ‘We’re so sorry, but he is so persnickety…he’ll let you pet him but for some reason when you take your hand away is when he tries to attack.”  I wasn’t too happy to learn this and instructed my 3 children to not touch that dog for any reason.  To make matters worse, we all noticed that dang dog chose the pole near my driveway (our fence was 1 ½ feet on my neighbor’s property so in all actuality he was still on his property) to sit and stare at us when we came home.  We’d have to park our vehicle and then cut across the front yard instead of walking up near the fence to get in the house and of course the driver would have to get out and walk to the left rear and cut across to get in the house so not to disturb or tick off the dang dog.  I ran a home daycare back then and the parents would always complain about that dog and the owners would try to keep it up, but for some reason or another it was always out.  As long as you didn’t try to pet it, you were fine, the dog wouldn’t bother you, but I still didn’t trust it.
A year before we move to where we are now (2002) I came home late from class one night and that dog was sitting near the GATE.  I was like, “You’re getting awful ballsy moving more on my property and closer to my front porch Cody.”  So I had to quickly get out of the car, go to the driver’s rear, scoot across the driveway and part of my front yard and then up onto my front porch and into the house.  I told my husband that Cody was almost to the porch (we had two ways to get on the porch, one step from the driveway and 2 steps from the front walk) and he got angry and said, “I’m putting a stop to this.  We’ve put up with that dog for too long and now it is just getting closer and closer.”  The next day I saw Barbie outside (a lady in her late 50’s, real cool & nice) and I explained to her that her dog was now encroaching himself closer to our front door to where we were all uneasy.  She looked at me and said, “We had Cody put down last weekend because he was eaten up with cancer.”  I got angry and said, “I saw Cody right here….” I stomped over to the spot and said, “He was right here looking at me!  My headlights picked up his eyeballs (how a dog’s eyes will glow white in headlights) when I pulled in the driveway!”  She shook her head (I told you she was a sweetie) and said, “Come here…”  I walked to her back yard, behind their red shed (which was even with my dog kennels in my yard) and there was a fresh mound of dirt with a little marker that said “Cody.”  I couldn’t see it from my yard due to the fig tree between the grave and my fence. She smiled and said, “I told Jimmy I saw Cody sitting out by the pool and again near the bus stop waiting for the crossing guard but he said I was insane.  I have seen Cody in the mud room, looking at me, too.”  I kindly smiled and walked away knowing darn well I saw A LIVE Cody sitting by my gate the night before. I guess I just chalk that up to one of those things like “oh-oh, another one to file away in my “unexplained” file in my memory.

Ramsey's House

By: lorrieyork@yahoo.com

I lived in a farm house while growing up, and again as an adult. Alot of doors opening, noises, water running by itself, music playing and enity's sitting on the bed with you.  It was frightening. There was someone stomping up and down the basement stairs and wiggling the doorknob so loud one night, we has the police come out to find nothing. My mother stood at the basement door with a gun until they arrived.The house is owned by Ramsey's. Big farmers of most of the land in Milligan. I moved back into the house as an adult. Not before blessing the perimeter of the yard and every threshold. It was more peaceful then but I could feel ghosts there still.  My research revealed a woman committed suicide in the house and a farmhand had hung himself in the barn 100 years ago. The barn burned down when I lived there as an adult. I have taken people out there over the years who didn't believe until they visited. The house was empty alot. The last time I was there, I figured no one would ever live there again with the condition of the place. As I drive by, someone is indeed living there and I haven't had the chance to stop and see how it looks.  I was so frightened as a teenager in that house. Couldn't stay alone, even in daylight. Since then I have been drawn to the house. My family and friend could not believe I wanted to live there as an adult (with two small children)  I can't believe I wanted to either. But it always pulls me back.

Purchase a Home

By: ozziefudd@comcast.net
We purchase a home in Randallstown the end of 1981. At settlement, one of the owners said, “I’m so glad a happy, young family is moving into that sad house.” No explanation was given.
After moving in New Years Day of 1982, we soon noticed it was difficult to cross through the living room without an “eerie” feeling and every once in a while you could smell an odor of cold ashes in there. We thought it might be the fireplace in the next room, but found it wasn’t. Years later a neighbor shared that someone had burned to death in a fire in the living room.
It wasn’t long after finding out about the death that my children started reporting the appearance of a tall, dark haired man with a beard who would appear at their bedroom doors. They said though he didn’t actually do anything, he was a threatening presence and they were very afraid of him. We haven’t learned who this presence might be.
After more than 20 years in this house, we have “imprinted” it with our presence and there are no eerie feelings or apparitions visiting anymore.

Two Personal Stories

By: anonymous

I'll call the first story My Brother-in-Law's Farewell.  About 30 years ago my wife's oldest brother was killed in an accident at age 23.  The days following were a blur of shock and grief.  On the second night neither of us could sleep, so we sat up in bed holding each other.  I finally drifted off for a while but was awakened by the strong sense of someone else in the bedroom.  I glanced at the clock, saw that it was a few minutes after 2 a.m., then saw a bluish-white light coming from the opposite corner of the room.  It was oblong in shape, about 5 feet high and maybe a foot or so off the floor. It had no particular human characteristics except its general size.  Then a voice inside my head said very clearly, "It's all right. 
Everything's OK.  Please take care of her."  A sense of peace came over me and I slept soundly until the next morning.
When we sat down to breakfast I wasn't sure what to do.  I clearly remembered what happened but couldn't decide whether it was a dream or possibly a hallucination brought on by stress and lack of sleep.  My wife and I both have advanced degrees in the sciences and we're not given to fantastical explanations of events, so I decided not to say anything to her.
  However, part-way through the meal she stopped and asked if anything strange had happened during the night.  Yes, I said, but did not go into any further explanation.  Then she quietly told me, "A little after two I saw a bright light and heard the words 'It's all right. Everything's OK' "...
The story doesn't end there, however.  Her younger brother had temporarily moved into the deceased brother's apartment to help deal with packing and other necessary tasks.  That weekend he came home and told us that the same night we saw the white light, he had been awakened by footsteps going from the front door into the spare bedroom where the older brother (an electrical
engineer) had set up his workshop.  Some pieces of equipment suddenly were switched on, operated for a few seconds, and then just as suddenly shut off.
  The footsteps then reversed from the workshop to the front door and faded
away.   The next morning her younger brother checked the doors and windows -
everything was securely locked.
The only thing I can conclude is that all of us had been paid one last visit to say good-bye.
The second story I'll title The Ghostly Pug.  When I was in middle school my
parents bought a pug dog as a pet.  He quickly established himself as Chief
Dog of the House, with the special responsibility of making sure that no one
overslept each morning.  In my case he accomplished that task by nosing open
the door to my bedroom, running across the floor and making a flying leap
onto the bed. He would then lick my face until I was either awake enough or
frustrated enough to get moving.
The years eventually took their toll, and by the time I was in graduate
school he was crippled by arthritis and other infirmities.  My parents and I
finally had to make the heartbreaking decision to release our pet - our
friend - from his pain.   A few mornings afterwards I was in that halfway
stage between slumber and consciousness, trying to decide whether to get up
or sleep some more.  Then I heard the bedroom door open slightly, followed
by the sound of little feet running across the rug.  Something - not a
20-lb. pug, but more like a light pillow - landed on the bed.  I felt puffs
of air against my face as if something were trying to make contact without
quite succeeding.
After what seemed like perhaps 15 seconds or so, I heard a voice, in the
same sort of way I heard my brother-in-law's voice, say "I'm sorry, but he
has to go now."  The puffs of air stopped and the slight weight disappeared
from the bed.  I don't know what made me turn my head towards the wall, but
when I did I saw an image as if in a window: green fields, a spring day, and
a young and limber pug dog running happily through the grass.  A few more
seconds and the scene faded back into a plain wall.  It took me much longer
to stop crying, but I knew our little pug was happy forever.

My Ghost Story

By: res6l970@verizon.net

So you would like to hear a Ghost story? Well I’ll tell you mine, if I may. Very few people have heard this story and I think it may rest some troubled thoughts I get from time to time. In the year 1970, some friends and I shared an interest in the paranormal. The famed Ghost Hunter Hans Holtzer was big then and my friends and I devoured his books and came to the conclusion we would like to try our hand at such things and perhaps encounter something along these lines ourselves. Now Mr. Holtzer, mind you, prefers to use Trance Mediums in his work to use as a means to locate any entities he may be seeking out. We had no Trance Mediums at our disposal and were wary of any we may have access to as we had no way of confirming their abilities so we decided to pursue any and all of the local legendary hauntings in the area ourselves. We went through many of these items at our gatherings and one in particular caught our attention. It was on a lonely stretch of road that had a sordid past and it had reports of women screaming and the proverbial spectral hitch hiker but one thing caught my attention quickly. There were reports of a glowing sphere (an orb as they are called now) chasing after cars down this road. We decided to track down this report first to see if we could find any reliable witness to this phenomenon and at first met with no luck whatsoever. One of my friends had an uncle who worked as a County Detective for many years and one day her and I were at her moms house when he happened by. The conversation drifted to our interest and, to our surprise and delight, he knew of this road and it’s history. The road, it seemed, indeed had a sordid past and he filled us in on it’s rather dark and depressing history. Murders, suicides and the like had occurred on this road and he himself had been involved in some of those investigations thus lending some credence to the legends we were hearing. We then talked about the various reports of Ghostly phenomenon and he had also heard of these. I then asked him if he had heard of the Orb and indeed he had and knew a person who had told him he had seen it himself. I then asked him if he believed this person and he replied he did indeed believe them and apparently gave him the impression I was skeptical about what he was telling us because he picked up the phone and called this person. He then put me on the phone with this lady, who worked at the County Sheriffs office with him and she told me her story. She and her boyfriend had been on that road some fifteen years before and were parked by a set of railroad tracks that bisected the road and were in the habit of using this as a place a make out place due to its remoteness. They had seen the Orb, and yes it did end up chasing them off. That did it for me, and my friends and I resolved to stake this place out and see what we may. We began to visit the place on the road near the tracks and with all four of us in one of our friends window van drive out there about twice a week and just sit and observe.
We probably went out there three weeks running and saw nothing but our patience was eventually rewarded, if you would care to call it that. First I must describe the area we were in. We were stopped on the road with the railroad tracks in front of us that crossed the road at about a 30 degree angle. To our left there was a clearing that extended back about 40 feet to a tree line that cut into a woods that surrounded this part of the road and added to its seclusion. Behind this tree line was a marshy area with some sparse trees and bushes back there. On the night of our first encounter all was dark as there was no moon out to speak of and suddenly there appeared a yellow glow behind that tree line. It seemed to be floating about three feet off the groung and was just sort of drifting about back there. The really weird thing was it didn’t seem to cast any sort of illumination around it as it moved. In other words it wasn’t lighting up the area it was in it was just glowing out there like a big firefly. Soon it just vanished and we sat a while longer to see if it would return but when it became apparent it was gone we left. I was skeptical at this point and wondered if it was the proverbial swamp gas or something along those lines so further investigation was needed which was agreed upon. Our next trip turned up nothing but we were persistent by this time and upon our next visit it appeared again. When it appeared this time it was seen to be more active. It was again floating about three feet above the ground but was like dancing, for lack of a better description. It stayed much longer this time also staying for some ten minutes before vanishing again. We returned two nights later and, to our amazement, it was already there when we pulled up. We killed the lights on the van and turned off the engine and there it was, floating about back there. After about five minutes of this I said out loud something to the effect that I wondered if there was someone out there with a light of some sort trying to make fools out of us. Now I have a long history of saying things out loud that I want to immediately take back and this quickly became one of those times. The Orb suddenly stopped moving and began to appear to glow brighter. It then began to make sudden, jerky, movements. My friend, who was driving the van said to me that it seemed as though I had pissed it off. This also seemed to have a reaction on it as it became even more agitated and the glow became even brighter. Suddenly, it burst through the trees and into the clearing, affording us a clear view of it which I still dream of occasionally. It was about two feet in diameter and the yellow glow was quite bright now and again I noticed it cast no reflective aura on the ground beneath it. It hovered there for a few seconds and then rapidly moved towards us about ten feet or so. We were mesmerized by this and sat there which seemed to really piss it off as it came again about ten feet toward us and stopped. When this happened we began to feel it. It projected malevolence and fear which hit us all at the same time.
It then advanced another ten feet which put it at about that distance from the van at which point I, and everyone else, wanted to leave, now. As the driver fumbled for the keys it began to make a few jerky, side to side movements and then dropped close to the ground. I then saw a piece of what looked to be a railroad tie that was laying on the ground beneath it and it rose suddenly and when it did it flung this rather large piece of wood at us and it hit the side of the van with a loud bang. This prompted the driver into action and he slammed the van into drive and we fled as fast as we could. I turned around and behind us was the Orb, chasing us down the road as was reported by others before us. Eventually it broke off the chase and the last I saw of it, it shot across the road and out of sight. Needless to say we were freaking out and went to a local drive in and got something to drink. We never returned to that road after that as we were all badly shaken and it was some time before we even talked about it. It was apparent this thing was a powerful, malevolent, entity that meant us harm and we saw no need to further provoke it again. Thirty years passed and two of those friends of mine had passed away and the other married and had kids and the like. I still see her once in a while and she is well. I was out with my wife and was sitting in a tavern with her, having a drink after work when I noticed a younger man at the table next to us. He was wearing a shirt with a logo on it from a local Ghost Hunting group that has since disbanded. He seemed knowledgeable and he inquired about my thoughts on the subject. I told him I was indeed interested in things paranormal and had been for quite some time. He told me then he was having a hunt coming up and wondered if I would be interested in joining him. To my amazement when I enquired where they were going he told me they were headed out on that road. I promptly declined which seemed to surprise him. I then told him I had a very bad experience out there and had no intention of ever going out there which really set him off. He wanted to know more and I told him this story which really floored my wife as I never told her of this. He told me to wait and ran out to his car and brought back a briefcase. In it he had several photos. These were taken a few days before on that damn road. The road is closed now and overgrown with weeds and such as it has been bought by the State to be used as prairie land and they had went out there on foot. I gave him directions to where this all happened down by the railroad tracks and all, and also gave him my E-MAIL address and bade him good hunting

Granny"s House

By: tech_36_2000@sbcglobal.net

When I was 2 yrs old, my father (David ) and my uncle Tommy (his brother) were killed in a trucking accident in 1958. They were the only children my grandparents had.  My grandparent lived in a tiny town in Arkansas called Winthrop.  Where David and Tommy are buried. My mom eventually remarried and we moved to Oklahoma. Occassionally we would visit our grandparents in Winthrop, spending a week at a time there. 
Set the scene:
Granny's house was really old. It had 15ft high ceilings. Screened in front porch, with another exterior porch added on later. In the living room, there was a big potbellied stove used for heat. The house did not have a bathroom in it.  No hot water heater, all water was drawn from the well in the back yard.  To bathe, you had to boil water on the stove,  and pour it in the wash tub. The bathroom (so to speak) was the outhouse in the back yard, where no one went after dark. There were no locks on the front and rear doors. There was simply a piece of wood with a nail driven thru it. You would turn the piece of wood sideways to lock the door.
The house consisted of a living room,  to the right of the living room, was the master bedroom, beyond that was the dining room which led to the kitchen,  then back to the living room. One big square. There was one extra bedroom next to the master bedroom
but it was big enough for 3 little girls to share.
Just beyond the house was a forest that surrounded the house on three sides. There were no neighbors within 1/2 mile of the house.  Just creepy woods with wild animals that howl at night.
I was always afraid of staying at granny's house. During the day it was great, but at night it was different.
The Ghosts:
Rumor has it that the lady that used to live in granny's house, fell dead in the front doorway one afternoon, and her body was stuffed in the attic. There was never any proof of that. But I always wondered about it.
One night we were up for a visit and my parents and grandparents decided to take a drive to Texarkana and leave the kids home alone.  On this trip, we brought my sister's friend Pauline with us.  There were six of us kids left home alone.  Me, my 2 sisters, Pauline, and my 2 brothers who were infants.
We had put my brothers to bed and the four of us were sitting in the living room chatting, watching tv, and doing girl stuff.  Now from my vantage point,  I could see directly into the kitchen from the living room sofa.  I could see the window above the sink which looked out over the backyard. As we were sitting there chatting,  I happened to look up at the window and I saw a man's face staring back at me. There was no neck, or shoulders,  just a transparent head with piercing eyes staring at me with a sinister smile on his face. I screamed and dove over the sofa. My sisters saw it too.
So we gathered up or courage and decided to check the house. Two girls go thru the kitchen then into the dining room. The other two will go thru the master bedroom, check on the boys and meet up in the dining room.  Once we got in the dining room, we saw that the backdoor was standing open so we closed it and "locked" in.   My sister proped a chair under the door knob as an extra brace. Then we all huddled in the living room scared to death.  The face in the window is still watching us with an evil grin. Suddenly the walls start to shake, the windows start to rattle, the front door flew open. There's a loud crash in the dining room.  Screams are coming from every direction outside the house. We ran to the bedroom to protect the babies who were sound asleep.  Suddenly all is quiet. Deathly quiet. The face in the window is gone.
The back door is standing open. The chair we placed against the back door is on the other side of the room. Never disturbing anything in it's path. The "lock" is turned straight up and down.  We slammed the back door, placed the chair up against it. Took the shovel from the pot bellied stove, shoved it in the jam of the front door.  We gathered  butcher knives, iron skillets,  anything we could find and sat on the floor of the living room in a huddle, scared to death.
Suddenly the front door flew open with a loud crash. Screams and moaning coming from everywhere. Windows rattling, walls shaking, the back door flew open. The face is back in the window, watching........  staring at you.
This went on for what seemed like hours.  Finally we heard a knock at the front door. We all got in a huddle and moved slowly toward the door. Pulled the curtain back and there our parents were. We told them of our ordeal, they laughed as though they didn't believe us.
Later that same night:
After everyone is gone to bed. The house is dark, all is quiet........ or so you think.
Remember this house has no indoor bathroom.  I'll be damn if I'm going to the outhouse after a night like this. Not even with a flashlight !!   That only left one option.
Take a bucket out on the front porch and do your business. Off in the distance, in the field on the left side of the house, there is a blue mist in the shape of a man floating toward me. I was terrified and went running back inside.  My older sister went out next. She also saw what appeard to be a ghost floating toward the house, but this time it was even closer.  Finally my other sister went outside, but she didn't see the blue mist in the distance. It apparently vanished.  Suddenly, the mist comes up from under the porch slats and completely surrounds her. She's so frightened, she can't move, with tears streaming down her face. After a few minutes, the mist disappeard, we grabbed my sister and went running for cover under the blankets. We had had enough for one night.  We all huddled in our bed until daylight. 
The next morning...  there was never any evidence of what had happened that night in granny's house. But we know it did.
In the early 1970's, my grandfather died and I had to return to that old house for the funeral. I guess some families still believe in old customs. Instead of using a funeral home, they brought my grandfather's body home for the wake, and placed his casket in the living room. The funeral was scheduled for the next day.  Forgive me, but I just could not sleep in that old house one more night, all the while knowing my grandfather is dead in the next room.

Personal Expedriences

By: helterskelterhippie@hotmail.com

I think I've had some kind of connection with spooks all my life. I don't know quite what it is, though.
When I was little, we lived in Ohio. My mom and dad would drop off my brother and I at Grandma's house for the day. Our cousins would be there, too. There was always something mildly creepy about Grandma's bedroom. The rest of the house was really cool--filled with photographs, an entire room for toys, and a room with yard-sale scores, and I always loved exploring the rest of the house. But God help me, her room always frightened me. It was the most normal-looking room of all. Something always felt off, though, and just once, I think I saw some odd shadow dart across the wall in the broad daylight, when we were supposed to be napping. This led me to scream for Gram and my brother, who, from that day forth, would have to sit and keep an eye on me until I finally went to bed.
Gram also said that the house next door was haunted by a man named Leroy, but I don't know whether this is true or not.
Gram died about 8 years ago in the house, and my uncle moved his family in.
They spiffed it up--no more room full of yard-sale score and stuffed animals. Instead, my cousins decorated their rooms in a typical teenage-girl way, and Gram's old bedroom was changed into a game room, with a pool table, darts, and a closet with a fridge full of liquor. I haven't been to my uncle's in years, but one incident stands out with me. I was attempting to play pool by myself (because of my wild claims of seeing things all over, I never managed to make many friends) and felt someone watching over my shoulder. I turned around, expecting to see my cousin Amber fiddling around with my pool cue, because she would do that when Dad was trying to line up a shot. But nobody was there at all. This time, the room didn't feel as evil as it once did. It felt a little mischievous, but not really evil. Perhaps it was Grandma, keeping an eye on things.
We moved down to North Carolina and nothing really happened for awhile. I was relieved. Maybe if I stopped making these claims of seeing and feeling odd things, I could make some friends. And I did. But we hopped from house to house, finally settling in a newly-built quiet suburban neighborhood across the street from some woods. This house always felt like it had something cheerful following us around, although nobody ever said anything, and my parents and brother dismissed it as me having an overactive imagination. Sometimes the dogs would start barking furiously or growling at absolutely nothing--they still do that today, in fact. Although our house went up in flames a few months ago, my stepmother, father, and the dogs moved in next door and they still bark at nothing.
I once spent the night over at a friend's on Halloween. This place always felt uneasy. She told me--dead seriously--that it was haunted. I believed her! I always felt like something nasty was just around the corner at that house--not merely mischievous, but outright NASTY. So I don't know WHAT possessed me to spend the night at her house on Halloween! Anyway, we sat down and watched cartoons on TV rather uneventfully. The motion-detector witch-in-a-rocking-chair decoration was getting on our nerves, so we took the batteries out and tossed them. Keep that in mind--absolutely no batteries, no power source. My friend reached out for a handful of candy from our grand haul and the witch started rocking back and forth, cackling!
As if it still had batteries! It was midnight outside, but both of us STILL bolted outside and spent a good deal of the night in the front yard in lawn-chairs.
My friend also said that she had seen her grandfather's glasses moving around--floating above the table--one day while she was making a package of ramen noodles in the kitchen. She knew that something wasn't right about that house. We rarely stayed inside to play. We would either wander around the neighborhood, walk to the playground, or stay outside in the swimming pool area.
And now I've moved once more to a newly-built quiet suburban neighborhood, and my entire family is pretty sure there's something about this house...
even though it was newly built and everything. My stepsister says she's heard things scurrying about the ceiling, knocking as if they were at the door, footsteps, or scratching on inside walls. My mother says she's seen some stuff seemingly move across the counter as her back was turned and nobody else was around. There are some random cold spots in the hall, den, my room, and my other stepsister's room. And sometimes the furniture seems to shake underneath you. We call this "thing"--whatever it is--James Stern, because sometimes, for no real reason, lots of junk mail is delivered to a man by that name, although nobody by that name ever lived here.
There's another kind of thing around here, too, that makes no noise, but it seems to be a slightly more touchy-feely ghost. Sometimes you'll be sitting on the couch and you'll feel like someone is leaning over your shoulder, like they're trying to see what you're doing--it does it whenever I'm writing or typing, when my stepfather is working on his work stuff, or when my stepsiblings are trying to pick a movie to watch. I call it the Nosy Ghost, in the most affectionate way. But I'd be glad to share what I'm writing with it--it seems friendly enough by just being around and not causing any real trouble. Sometimes, just prior to this feeling, you'll smell something incredibly sweet, almost like honeysuckle, and it'll stick around for awhile. We don't grow honeysuckle, we don't have scented candles (they make my grandma and stepfather sneeze), and my stepsisters don't own any honeysuckle perfume, so I'm pretty sure it's not them.
So there you have it--my 18 entire years of slightly odd happenings and goings-on. I've only "seen" a ghost twice--the odd shadow darting across Gram's room and whatever moved Kristen's motion-detector on Halloween--but I'm pretty sure they're around some places, and I'm pretty sure James Stern and the Nosy Ghost are hanging around here.

St. Gertrude Church in St. Clair Shores

By: Ma5339@aol.com

I happened across this web site last night and when I read the piece about St. Gertrude Church it gave me chills. I used to live in a small apartment complex next door to the church. From day one strange things happened, including all of my circuit breakers snapping off simultaneously, small objects disappearing that never resurfaced, and waking up in the middle of the night having heard my name called (I lived alone) paralyzed with fear feeling a presence in the room. These are just a few of the things I experienced while living there, and I would always try to rationalize the things that happened even though I knew something was not quite right about the place. Now, after reading the St. Gertrude story, I know that there was definitely some haunting going on.

In the Frame.

By: mymanson666@yahoo.com

I have lived in old houses my entire life. My mother and I have never lived in a house under the age of 150 years old. The newest house that we moved into is 163 years old and is made of white stucco.We moved out 9 months ago. We have lived in the same area for years and we do know that our house as well as many others built on the blocks surrounding us are built over what was once the underground railroad. Since moving in there have been creaks and weird sounds but nothing until about 7 to 8 months after living there.
One nite me and my freind has come home around 1:30 am and no one was home. We went into the front room to watch tv. It is a small room with a window looking out into the front porch outside. As we sat watching tv we heard the screen on the window rapping like wind was shaking it. It was 75 degrees out even during the nite and there was no wind. We watched the screen move slightly and then gasped as the whole screen slid down the window calmly as if someone was sliding it down.
Me and my friend were horrified. Needless to say she spent the nite. The next day my mom put the screen back up. The very next nite I came home by myself around the same time. I was extremely hungry and made a meal and sat down by myself to watch TV. Once again I started to hear the screen slide down the window and slammed to the ground. Why at this time right as I sit down would it come down? We removed the screen indefinitely. About two weeks after this happend I was getting ready to go out around 9. Me and my friend were there together. My radio unexpetantly went out, my room being on the first floor is right next to the front tv room were the screen had kept falling down.
Thats when we heard a bunch of crashed and glass breaking. Scared we went to the front room all the frames in the room were on the floor and 3 our of 7 of them had all the glass shattered. We left immediately.
When my mom got pregnant our neighbor started insisting that we get our house blessed. When my mom pushed her for further information she told her that
36 years ago an older man lived in our house with his wife and two daughters. Soon his wife and daighters just up and left. She then revealed that soon after his wife and children left him our neighbors daughter was raped by that man in his basement. He moved out one week later and was killed in an automobile accident. We have since moved and I can say we are a little more nervous about the thought of thise who have inhabited houses before us.

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