Taylorsville Suicide

By: jeremiasjr@peoplepc.com

I Was curruently at taylorsville for Rotc and as i was passing in the central hall of school i fel this great coldness and nausious and the eager of just going crazy, i felt so horrible that i had run outside and get out because i was so scared and when i got outside i saw two of my other friends and i asked them why they came running out like if they were in danger , and they told me that they felt what exactly what i felt but actually feeling a cold air breeze right thrue them and they thaught they were feeling followed .. we were so scared we left home ... how sad is that

Sacred Heart, Bloomfield Hills haunting


I have attended the Academy of the Sacred Heart since the 6th grade, and have heard the story about the boys playing by the statue before. I'm sorry to say that it's not true. The hands of the statue did fall off, but it was during a senior prank in which the seniors put a tutu around the statues waist. The hands fell off because it was a fragile statue. The school was planning on replacing the statue later that year anyway.
However, the school is haunted. There used to be a residence for nuns on the fourth floor, which is now the boys middle school, and teachers who stay to work late at night have seen the figures moving around the hallways, sometimes full figures gliding into the room, stopping and watching the teacher at work, and then disappearing right before their eyes. The scariest ghost that I've heard of is the nun who wears a habit so that it you cannot see her face, just black. Doors will open and shut on their own in the middle of classes, and footsteps are heard in the chapel late at night. Anyone who has spent the night at the school can tell you that the organ in the choir loft plays on its own around midnight or one o'clock in the morning. Some people have seen a figure in black playing, but some people say that its no one at all. There did used to be a nun who lived here that loved to play the organ.... but no one knows for sure.
I hope that I was able to clear a few things up for you.

London Central High School

By: jessicap@coxkliewer.com

When I was 15 I was sent to London Central High School. LCHS is a dodd school and anybody who is military should know what I mean when I say that.
LCHS is a boarding school located on a British Air Force base on a hill in a small town called High Wycombe. It was a mix of American students who either dormed there or were stationed in England, I was a dormie. Anyways while I attended school there, weird things would happen. Never anything threatening, just playful. We used to joke around about the little boy with the ball (our resident ghost). It was a coed school although the dorms were not. The boys dorm was directly across from the girls dormitory. Each dorm was set up the same way, three floors with a hallway on either side of the stairwell lined with rooms. Along with the bedrooms each floor had a computer room, a tv room, the guidance counselors office, a laundry room, and two bathrooms one in each hall. At the end of each hallway the was a glass fire escape door leading out to the stairs in case of emergencies.
Now, I don't know if this actually pertains to my tale, or if it is even true, but I had heard that the reason the school was called London Central was because it used to be located in the central London area and that in the early seventies it had caught fire and was moved to High Wycombe. Anyways back to my story, because we were not completely filled with dormies many of us got our own rooms instead of having to share unless we wanted to (which some did). For some reason this little boy only liked to play pranks on the girls, because the boys dorms never had any strange happenings like we did.
Many times girls would go into the bathroom and hear someone call their name and giggle, and nobody would be in the bathroom at the time. One time one of the girls was taking a shower on the third floor when she said that she was washing her hair when she realized that she could not fell the shower curtain behind her (we could always feel the shower curtain because the pressure from the shower head would cause the curtain to stick to your back, it was really annoying). Because she had soap in her eyes she reached her arm back behind her to grab the curtain or whomever was pulling on it. She still couldn't feel it. Trying to get the shampoo out of her eyes and getting really frustrated (she thought someone was playing a joke on her) she called for whoever was doing it to stop. Just when she got all the shampoo out of her eyes she opened them just in time to see the curtain falling from the ceiling back into place. As if someone had pulled the bottom of the curtain all the way up against the ceiling without pulling it off the hooks. Terrified she ran out of the shower and look around the bathroom to see if anybody else was in there, nobody was. She didn't her the door close (it was a big wooden door which made a thud when it closed), so she thought it was the wind. The bathroom windows were a line of I think four or five small windows at the top of the wall (hard to open if you didn't stand on something) and they only pushed open a little bit. When she looked up they were all closed. Needless to say she refused to go in that bathroom again especially not alone. One personal story involved the ball as I mentioned before. Every week day night we had study hall every student unless you had a certain GPA had to be in their room studying for one hour, unless you had to use the computer for studies. I hated study hall so I snuck out and was playing around in the computer room (which was directly across from my room) when suddenly I heard my neighbor pounding on my door and telling me to "knock off the noise." Confused I went out into the hall and asked her what the problem was. She looked confused as well and asked if anyone else was in my room. I said no and told her that I had been in the computer room the whole time.  When I opened the door nobody was in there just as I had thought considering that our door locked automatically once closed and had to be opened with a key to get in. She said that she was studying when she kept hearing a thud on the wall like someone was bouncing a ball on it. Just then we all heard it coming from her room this time.
Everyone including  my guidance counselor who came in when she noticed all the commotion, heard it. My neighbor then ran to her room and nobody was in there either. My guidance counselor said it was probably just the pipes and to ignore it. I probably would have left it at that except for an event that occurred a few weeks later that substantiated that happening. We had a new girl transfer from Italy into the dorms she would later become my best friend. It was her first night there and to make her feel welcome a couple friends and myself went to her room to meet her. Her room was at the opposite end of the hall right next to the emergency exit door. When it was time to go to our rooms my friends and I left (they were spending the night in my room). About an hour or two later I got in trouble with my counselor and they had to go back to their own rooms. I was mad about my friends being sent upstairs so I couldn't sleep and stayed up listening to the radio, when suddenly I heard someone frantically knocking on my door. I thought it was my friends sneaking back down (we often snuck around once the counselors were gone) when I opened my door I saw that it was the new girl, she was pail white and crying hysterically, so bad that she couldn't even talk. I eventually got her to calm down and tell me what happened. In between gasps for air she told me that she was laying in bed and trying to sleep she was still awake but at that point when your eyes are slowly closing and opening attempting to stay awake no matter how hard you are trying to sleep. She said she suddenly opened her eyes to see a hand in her face, startled she sat up quickly and pulled her covers up to her chin. She said that the figure backed up slowing and came more into focus. She described the figure as a little boy wearing jeans and a white t-shirt she also said that he had a big red ball under his arm against his side. And then she said he spoke to her "HI" with a little giggle. Short but sweet and then he disappeared. As soon as he did she ran down to my room, the only person she knew. After a little bit of coaxing I talked her into going back to her room to get her pillow so she could stay in my room for the night. She said okay but wouldn't go alone. When we got to her room she opened the door and almost fainted. I asked her what was wrong this time, again crying she said that when she ran out of the room, her lights were off her radio was on and her window was open. Everything was the opposite when we opened the door. The next day she moved to my end of the hall and for the rest of the year unless she absolutely had to she never went to that end of the hall. Nobody believed her, but I did she was absolutely terrified and nobody had told her the story of the little boy and the ball. On other occasions girls claimed to see a young girl crying in the corner by the fire escape thinking it was one of the dormies would walk over to her and she would just disappear. I don't know how to explain all those things that happened but I know what I believe. Every now and then I miss living there and sometimes I miss the little boy even though I never personally saw him I would often get the feeling he was around just planning another silly prank to play and revealing himself to the new girls just to say "HI".

Little Boy Following Me

By: alauracastaneda@sbcglobal.net

Hi. this experience happened in laredo in 1902 frost apt 3  at the side of the bed there was a little boy just looking over us and we thought at first it was our 5 year old and we would tell him to go to bed until one night i got up he was there and i told him lets go back to bed but when i got there he was in bed fast asleep i returned to my bed and he was gone. from then on i would ask him to tell me what he needed or wanted but never got a response.
In Laredo in 1202 louisiana its a two story house all the bed rooms are upstairs so we would all sleep up there. there was only 1 room, kitchen, living, dining, and den downstairs. the room we used it as a play room. the tv would turn on in the middle of the night by itself, i checked it to see if it had a timer and it didnt we thought again it was our child well we played several "traps" for him but it was never him the tv would be on when we would come home from work and school, always on cartoon channels. the play room we would fix it before going to bed and in the morning it would be messed up, same thing when we would get home, also we would find toys on the stairs and you could hear footsteps coming up and down. also in the balcony you could hear someone walking on it late at night, in the foyer as well upstairs i thought my husband had come home and i waited for a while until i would look out my room or even when the door was open and no one would be there... one night we went to sleep and in the morning the tree we had upfront just collapsed with root and everything, it was healthy we would water it so there was no reason for it collapsing... after we moved out the owners told us we had stayed the longest ever because people couldnt stand it hearing all those things and going through that, they said they bought the house and lived in it about 2 months before they moved and rented it out, we stayed almost the two years because we did our own "investigation" until we found out it wasnt our child.

Ghost Experience

By: Anonymous

I thought I would relate a rather interesting experience I had as a college student.  During the summer of 1987 my friend Jeff and I were driving around the small town of Columbia, PA.  Columbia is located in Lancaster, PA.  Lancaster is an old colonial era city with a fantastic history in the forming of America and in as much is filled with wonderful ghost stories.
Jeff and I decided that it would be interesting to drive to the top of the hill over looking Columbia and see what we could see.  As we made our way to the hill Jeff told me that there was an old grave yard at the top.  I suggested we drive through it.  As we were driving a summer evening thunderstorm was making its way toward town.  The higher up the hill the more the wind increase.  It was the type of storm you can feel approaching.  Lightening began to flash and a slight rain was beginning.  The graveyard entrance was at the top of a blind hill in the road.  as we crested the hill, there was a brilliant flash of lightening and a tremendous clap of thunder.  The lightening must have been very close as there was no perceivable delay between the flash and the thunder.  In the flash of the lightening, I saw a man standing by a large obelisk shaped tombstone.  He was tall, probably 6', with a paste white, gaunt face.  He wore a long black coat and a stovepipe hat.  His dress was very reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln style.  I screamed and practically climbed out of my seat belt.  Jeff slammed on the breaks asking what had happened.  In a panic I told him.  We drove to the head stone where I saw the man.  The stone marked the grave of a man and the date on the stone was early 1800's.
Apparently, these kind of sightings and occurrences are not uncommon in Columbia.

A Couple of stories

By: coolv43@hotmail.com

I have no pictures, I brought a camra to the cemetary and all the pictures came out blurry. but, I do have stories.
my first encounter: I was laying on my bed one night, trying to go to sleep. when all of a sudden I sensed someone standing above me, believe this or not, but as I turned around a girl with long black hair and an 80's nightgown on, stood over me, with a knife, she told "leave, leave now you don’t belong here" I couldn’t move, all I could was stare, and I definatly couldn’t talk. Finally, she disapeared. I did hear from her again, she's never held a knife to me. thank you Goddess.
I live up the street from a cemetary, I love the cemetary, its absolustley beautiful. I heard its mostly soldiers from the civil war, and most likely immagrants that died of diseases. back in the 1800's I believe. the cemetary is falling apart and people move thr graves around, but everytime I go in there, I see new flags for the american soldiers.  but I know who it is, no its not a ghost. but I am thankfull someone cares about the old cemetary.
so, I went on a walk around 8pm. and I found myself standing in the cemetary and afraid of some thing. spirits, and gaurdians of the cemetary. it got jet black in the cemetary, and wicked cold. but I continued to walk. something, or someone told me to leave. but I kept telling her that I meant her no harm. I couldn’t see much and I didn’t want to go back too far. so I stopped. looked around and the next thing I noticed was a girl, standing in front of me. she had long red, hair and piercing black eyes, her body mangled, large gashes I noticed. she held the tip of the knife to my throat, looked directly at me and said "I told you to leave, you disobeyed me, this is my place" she drew the knife back, and before she could hit me, I was out of there. I call her Miyoko, shes a beautiful whome was killed, by her mother. her mother dispised her, hated her for who she was, and so she left her at the cemetary... shes not a bad spirit, I think she was just having a bad night. but I know shes happy now.
you ever get an e-mail, call or whatever about a possession? an excsorsist or someone being possessed? or someone's friend or someone else having an evil spirit or another kind in their body? well, heres a story for you.
it just a few months ago me and my friend were talking about a man that was evil. I was 16 at the time but I had no idea that this man who was a demon (or more so that we believed) would possess me. until a night, on a half moon, I sensed a spirit outside. now im not the one to let an evil spirit that is 253 years old in my house, but that’s what happened. every became quiet and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor, and my friend was trying to get me pinned down so stop what ever was happening, happening. my friend is much smaller then me and didn’t have much controll. so, the spirit ended up getting up, pushing my friend off of me and pinning her down. I remember breathing hard, as I fell out of my own mind. but still fighting for it to get out. the demon growling and moaning through my mouth, as my body thrashed on the floor to get it out. "get it out! it hurts so bad.." I kept repeating.."get it out!" my voice was deep, and my friend stayed strong. I knew it wasn't me I could feel the spirit tranfer his blood in mine, it felt like pressuring on my body, like someone was curmpling up my body and using it as a basketball. the  spirit did pass through, and the spirit stayed I believe for 3 days. the hardest part was trying to get it out, all though it didn’t work so good.
I hope that this was a good enough story for you, I hope you enjoyed it and have a good halloween.

Westren State Hospital Washington State

By: matt_medley6988@hotmail.com

last summer me and some friends went up to the hill ward 5 or 6 times.  the first time we went up there we had no idea where we were going.  so as we are walking down the long dark gravel road we think we hear someone.  so we slow up our walk and turn on our flashlights and look around.  nothing. we just thought it was our imaginations running wild or something.  so as soon as we turn off out flashlights and start walking again i notice a figure in front of us walking. so i shout at the figure, "Is this the way to the ruins?"  and ther was no responce.  so i shout, "dont worry, we arnt the cops, we just want to know where the building is."
so i turn on my flashlight and point it at the dark figure, nothing, no one in sight... my hair started to stand up.  so i turn off the flash light again and once again i see the figure walking in front of us... so no i am interested, and i start to pick up my pace, i wanted to catch up to the figure... so i start walking faster and faster, and the figure has not changed his motions, but is getting further and further away, and so i get almost to a run and i start catching up to him... and as i get closer and closer something is telling me to get back but i just kept going... and right as i was about 10 feet away from the figure i turn alittle corner and there was the hospitle and the figure was gone.

2 Stories

By: Stephanie.Rowland@law.arizona.edu

I have two interesting stories that happened to me:
Story one:
My father is a retired Marine, when I was in high school we lived on Camp Lejeune, a Marine base in NC.  We lived in the house for about 4 years, but I never saw anything until the last year we lived there.  (before this my dog would freak out and chase something, etc. but nothing else happened).  Anyway, I used to wake up at the same time EVERY night.  It was like 3:27 am, I can't remember exactly.  But the EXACT same time EVERY night for months on end.  Then one night I heard singing outside my window.  Kind of weird because my bedroom was on the second floor.  I wrote it off as a loud party and maybe the sound traveled.  Anyway, the NEXT night I woke up at my usual time and there was a transparent child with sort of a bluish glow sitting in the chair beside my bed looking at me.  I reached out for him (her?) and my hand went right through it.  It wasn't really scary, just odd.  My parents to this day think I was dreaming.  But I was most definitely awake. 
Story two:
A few years ago my Nana died.  She was a wonderful woman and she absolutely loved my son.  He was her only great-grandchild and she just loved children.  Anyway, a few nights after her funeral, my son and I were eating dinner. My son looked across the table at the empty chair and said "Hi Nana!!!"  Mind you, my son was not yet three years old and I told him NOTHING about her death.  I think she was saying goodbye to her "little guy." 

True Ghost Stories

By: startreker@sbcglobal.net

I am a 47 year old woman who has lived in Indianapolis, Indiana for most of my adult life. About 8 years ago I began working for Video Update on Arlington Ave. When I first stated there I worked the day shift and nothing out of the ordinary ever happened . It was only after I was promoted up and transferred out to other stores and eventually transferred back as General Manager that my ghost story starts.
I was asked to go back to this location because for some reason the store was not only losing money but they could not seem to keep a manager past 6 months. Seeing as to how I had started as a regular employee at that local and was a troubleshooter. They wanted to see if I could fix the problem.
I was putting somewhere around 50 to 60 hours a week and was tired a lot of the time time so when things started happening I shrugged it off as imagination. When there late at night alone I would here footsteps in the store and no one was there but me .Out of the corner of my eyes I would see movies move from one shelf to the other one across from it and when I checked they would be flip flopped exactly across from each other on the shelf's.
When the district manager showed up for a inspection ( after 2 Months of my being in charge) I joking said that I thought that the building was haunted. You could imagine my surprise when she said " Did you see him?"
Now after this she confessed that the last two male managers would not ever come back to this store because of the weird stuff that went on at this store.
Here are just some of the things which occurred in the 2 years that I worked at this location.
The toilets would flush late at night and the lights would go on. Motion sensors would go off and the alarm company would wake me up to check that there was not a break in. Movie cover boxes flew off the window ledges as if knocked off by invisible hands. I might add that this happened right in front of me while standing with in 10 feet and that the boxes flew far enough from the ledge to land on my shoes. It seems he did not like any messes. When working late at night at my desk I would feel like someone was blowing on my neck.Yet the air vent in the office is closed .
One of the regular customers out of the blue felt like she had to tell me that the presence in the stores name was Charlie and that he had died during the construction of the building. She also stated that he didn't care for the male managers but that he liked me and was sorry for freaking me out at times. She said that whenever it really bothered me to just talk to him like I would an employee and that he would stop.
I have to say that when there late at night I did do just that. When leaving clutter in the window ledges or on the counters I would say : Now Charlie I have to open in the morning and if you make a mess of all this it is going to take me longer to get rid of the mess. And you guess it nothing would be disturbed. I also used to say to him not to move things after I leave because I would like to get a full nights sleep and not be woke up by the alarm company. And I would get a full nights sleep. But if I forgot then I would have to come back because of the motion sensors.
I have since left not because of Charlie but because of armed robberies but kept in touch with the new manager(male). The store again started losing money and he only lasted 6 months . The company decided to close the store down . With in 6 months after that a CiCi Pizza went in. I talked to the new ( male) manager and asked him if he has noticed any thing happening. He said no. But the CiCi Pizza only lasted 5 months and now the building is empty again.
Makes me wonder if Charlie hasn't run them off
Please don't think that I am making this up. Everything is the absolute truth.

Phone Call

By: brosepark@bellsouth.net

Hello my name is Brose I live in Huntingdon,TN. Ive never actually saw a ghost that I know of but I have a few good friends some family that have. I have though had a couple of what I think were supernatural experiences in the fall and early winter of 2004. One afternoon in december me and one of my kids went to see my mother who lives close by. My wife told me to call as soon as we got there cause there was snow and ice at the time. Anyway I didnt call when we got there but after about an hour I decided to call home. Me and my son werw in the kithen Mom had went another room. I picked up the phone and could hear talk from the receiver. I figured Mom was on another line. As I started to hang up I distinctively heard my wifes voice saying ''I told him to call as soon as he got there'' I thought her and my mom were talking so I hung up. Mom came back in the kitchen and didnt have the cordless phone with her,also there is no other line on that side of the house. I picked the phone then and called home I immeadeately asked my wife if she had tried to call. She had not,''
Sometimmes people pick up befofe a phone rings and might talking to someone in the house while not realizing that someone is already on the other end.'' ,or vice versa. I asked had she just told my daughter or anyone that I was supposed to call? She had not.. How did I hear her voice so clearly? There was no one else in my moms house but me, my son and Mom.And there is NO party phone line there. Is that a form of doppleganger experience?? I will save my other experience for another installation. Please feel free to email me for your idea, advice, or similar experiences.

Story about a Haunting Maybe...

By: dnpl16@yahoo.com

I have a good story... you may not think it's real great, but I was little, and it was happening to my whole family.  When I lived in Baldwinsville, we lived in this little green house, and the landlord's wife worked at a cemetary.  Our stairs leading to our front door were also tombstones, that were never used.  After a while of living there, I would wake up and have horrible nightmares of skeletons that were trying to get me.  I would then wake up and look down at the floor to see a glowing skeleton rising, so then out of fright I would put my blankets over my face and about an hour later, I would finally get back to sleep.  I told my mom and dad about what was going on, and they didn't believe me at first, they thought I was just making it up.  Soon after, my mom was cleaning the bathroom, and I happened to lift up the rug around the toilet and find a black and red toy casket.  How strange.  About a month later, my mom started to see white orb like things swishing across our living room, she told my dad, and he then started to see them.  About a week later, we had to evacuate our home, because our carbon monoxide detectors were going off.  We had carbon monoxide coming in our house from our vents.  Maybe you know what is going on, maybe it was just nothing, but we thought it as haunted so we packed and moved out of there. 

Personal Haunting and The Charlemont Inn

By: timmydoomsqueaks@gmail.com

I lived in this house for about four years, and it never felt "right." Often, I would feel like I was being watched - particularly when sitting in the living room at night. The house was relatively young, having been built in the mid-sixties. Vials and flasks found in the basement upon moving in were evidence of possible drug production or experiments by the previous owners. My worst experiences were in my bedroom (the first on the right, upstairs). I had recently begun dabbling in the spiritual, and was attempting to contact my 'spirit guide' via what one might call a "homemade Ouija board." Despite warnings from my mother about such things, I did it anyway, and did it alone. WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT SUCH A THING ALONE! I was sitting on the floor of my closet, asking spirits questions, asking them what they wanted of me. They said, "We want you to die." The tap-light across my room began flickering violently on and off. Previous experiences with the tap-light going from bright to dim in my presence are also notable. The spirits were ANGRY, and proceeded to haunt me. After I felt a cold breath on my neck and ears every night, despite being under layers of blankets (one of them electric). Hazy figures could be seen in the room at night. Even alone in the office (across the hall, wall has a tapestry), I felt touched all over by invisible entities. The house is currently occupied, do NOT attempt to trespass.
The Inn is said to be haunted by a the ghost of a woman, nicknamed "Elizabeth." Shattered glasses have been repaired, objects move and fly through the kitchen. Feelings of being watched are also noted throughout the building. The Inn is a historical piece of property, and dates back to the founding of the town. Elizabeth is said to haunt one room in particular. She's been caught as a white figure in various pictures taken in said room. One story says that a mother and child were in the room, when the door started shaking violently, as though someone were trying to open it and it was locked. The mother kept telling the daughter to stop, not seeing that the girl wasn't touching it. Upon realizing that she wasn't, the woman said, "Stop it, Elizabeth." The ghost is nonviolent, and generally responds to such commands. She is social, and can often be felt brushing past patrons standing in the lobby and the banquet room.

Novato, California

By: dercoach@cableone.net

House is occupied by 2 men, a woman, and the ghost of a cat that kneads the carpets at night.
Hugo Parpart passed away in the front room, family room. His heavy footsetps can be heard walking the floors. When alive, he drank quite profusely. Sometimes while he's walking down the hallway towards the master bedroom, he can be heard brushing up against the walls as if he's staggering. Also you can hear the sound of his heavy ring hitting the wall as if he's steadying himself.
His wife Cecelia passed away 10 years before him. She likes to turn on lights. Especially bedroom lights. The lights will go on, and the switch willl make the normal "click" but the toggle never moves. She too can be heard walking the main hallway going to and from the master bedrooom.
Day and night there are cold spots that appear and vanish. These cold spots also move. The cold spots, believed to be associated with Cecelia, are most common in the bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom which served as her painting studio after her eldest son Steven moved out.
After inheriting the house, Steven died when the house burned in 1999. He was found by firefighters in the family room. Lying in the same exact place where Hugo passed away in 1994.
There is no known activity directly associated with Steven.
Finally there's Snoopy. Snoopy was a Russian Blue cat. He was the family pet and died of old age at 15. At night, Snoopy used to sleep with the youngest son Peter in his bedroom. Snoopy and Peter were the same age and grew up together. They were very close. After Snoopy passed on, the sound of cats claws kneading the carpet could be heard in Peters bedroom very frequently. When he was living, this tomcat would go out doing his tomcat thing. When he would come inside in the early morning hours,(usually around 2am), he regulary went into Peter's room to sleep at the foot of the bed. He would announce his intentions by purring loudly and kneading the floor for a few minutes before jumping up on the bed.
This manifestation is by far the most common, occurring more nights than not.
The Parpart Family; Hugo, Cecelia, Steven and Peter were the original owners of the house moving in directly after completion in 1967. It is believed that it was one of the very first houses to be completed on San Carlos Way. The house is currently occupied by Steven's widow Sharon.
The only surviving member of the Parpart family is me, Peter, and I did witness all of these things first hand.
I lived in the house from the time of my birth in 1968 until I moved away in 1994. I knew all of the homes idiosyncracies. I knew which windows creaked when the wind blew, every creaky floorboard, etc. After all those years living in the same home, it was easy to tell when there was someone in the house, and where they were.
None of the entities were ever malicious, though sometimes they were a bit startling.

New Century Air Haunting

By: cosmicpal@comcast.net

I came across an article in the local independent paper (Westword), here in Denver, Colorado.  The article mentioned your shadowlands.net site and I can't begin to tell you how interesting it is.  But, I was pleasantly surprised to notice you had a listing for a couple of places I was very familiar with when I was living in the Greater Kansas City area. 
The first area of interest is the New Century Air Center (formerly known as Johnson County Industrial Airport) in Olathe, Kansas.  I used to work for Executive Beechcraft located onsite back in the early 90's.  I worked there for 3 years. 
Up until that time, I never believed in ghosts.  The first couple of years working there, I heard strange happenings all the time.  I always ignored them or blamed them on the winds, stray animals, and an old, creaky building (the abandoned hangar on the west side of the airfield).  I used to hear stories about a few pilots who crashed during, as far back as WWII, but there was always one that was the most interesting to my fellow co-workers and resident pilots- I've forgotten the name he was given, but he did miss the runway and crashed into the now abandoned hangar.  I believe he's the ghost. 
A couple of times, guys would mention how the place was haunted and I would laugh and make fun of their beliefs.  But, then came the night- then night I'll never forget as long as I live.  It was late at night, in the middle of summer.  It was still very humid outside.  The temperature was still in the 80's.  Since we are 30 miles southwest of Kansas City, the darkness outside was deep and dotted with a million stars.  I was fueling one of the jet fuel trucks and peering up at the night sky.  I was on top of the truck while it was being fueled when I hear a noise like someone was walking toward me.  When I looked in the direction, the sound stopped.  So, as usual, I blamed the sound on something the wind would make. 
But, the noise then grew closer and heavier.  I then figured it was a co-worker or two playing games.  And then it spoke.  I couldn't understand what it said, but it was a hurting voice, a painful voice, a dying voice.  My heart raced.  And then it felt like someone was standing next to me, but I couldn't see them.  In that very moment, the air around me chilled me to the bones.  It was frigid!  I immediately ceased the fueling process, and hopped in the truck, and drove as fast as I could out of there. 
I don't know what it was, but that moment made me a believer.  Some of the co-workers and myself went to a bar an hour later- and I was still shaking from the experience.  I couldn't hold my beer bottle straight.  They were all concerned, so I told them what had happened.  From then on- we would have two guys go as a team to fuel the trucks. 
The second place of interest happens to be another place I used to work at:  Kemper Arena, Kansas City Missouri.  However, the site says the WWF wrestler fell from the ceiling 3 years ago.  What year this was posted on the website, I have no idea.  The intersting thing here is- I used to work for a professional soccer team and minor league hockey based in the arena in 1995.  My office during the day was in Kemper Arena, and at nights, I worked the games.  During the halftime shows, I used to climb up to the catwalks and drop minature soccer balls for a local store's promotion.  So, I've been everywhere in that arena, and I can tell you this- I've never experienced anything out of the ordinary.  Particularly, since I met my first encounter at the airport before working at Kemper Arena. 
Again, I don't know when that "3 years ago" is, and the only thing scary then was being on the catwalk and afraid it would give way.  ;-) 
Anyways, I thought you and your staff would be interested in hearing those tales from someone who's been there. 
Happy Halloween,

My Haunting Story

By: fozzybear2@adelphia.net

I've only had one haunting so far and yes I don't mind telling you that I do believe in ghosts. This is my story:
This took place January 27th 1987, we were living in a home that my father had built during the late 1970's. My mother's parents had aged to a point where the were no longer able to live at the family farm and had moved into a house in the small town of New Richmond WI. Grandpa had, had a stroke a couple of years prior and Grandma's persistent health problems had led to the move. One day my Grandma became so ill that she was taken to the local hospital where she spent several weeks in a dementia like state. Her short term memory had became about five minutes long and she barely knew anybody or what was going on. Shortly after she was taken to the hospital, my grandfather who up to that time had been relatively healthy except for some minor deficits in the use of one arm and problems with balance decided one day that he wasn't going to eat, talk, or even get out of bed for the matter. The family shipped him to the same hospital that his wife had been in. I guess we all expected Grandma who was much worse on to pass first but this was not the case.
One day after grandpa had been admitted he walked over to his wifes beside told her goodbye and then got back into his own bed and went to sleep never to awaken. Grandma remained in the hospital until they finally transfered her to a nursing home saying that she wasn't ever going to get any better that it was only just a matter of time. My mother had brought grandma a small battery operated alarm clock to use while she was in the hospital. When grandma was transfered mom brought the clock home, removed the battery's which where dead and set it down in the laundry room on the built-in clothes folding station that was located next to the washer and dryer. There the clock up there on the folding station for about a month while grandma continued to hold on.
The day finally came when my mother received a phone call from the nursing home to let her know that my Grandma was finally passing and that she should go. Mom left that morning and the rest of stayed at home as Mom had eight children in her family and that there wouldn't be much room in grandma's tiny room for anymore people then that. Maybe two hours had gone by after my mother had left and I'd gone into the laundry room to fold a load of clothes. I guess anything to keep myself busy as we waited for the call from my mom saying that she had passed on. As I was folding grandma's alarm clock suddenly went off. I remember giving an exasperated sigh as the noise seemed to intrude on my otherwise somber mood. Without thinking I picked up the clock and searched for the button to turn if off. It was then that something felt off because the clock was much lighter then it should have been. It kept ringing and wouldn't stop so finally frustrated with the thing I tipped it over and removed the battery cover. It was my intention to remove the battery's thinking that something was wrong with the clock. Much to my surprise the space where the battery's should have been was empty and then just as suddenly the clock stopped buzzing and then the phone rang. I put the clock down where I found it and ran out to the kitchen to answer the phone and it was my mother stating that my Grandma had just died.
Have I had anything weird happen since, no...maybe it was grandma telling me that she was passing away and her time was up in her own way.
She was a good person and I think she must have met up with grandpa and they both passed into the light together. They where very much in love and I think that grandpa must have known that his life partner wasn't ever coming back and couldn't stand to sit by and watch her suffer so he passed on so that he could wait for her on the other side.

My House was Haunted Growing up

By: NolasMermaid@aol.com

I grew up in a 3 bedroom home in a small neighborhood of Virginia Beach , VA
In early 80's . I started seeing strange things in the house from the age of 8
my stepfather saw many horrible things.  A black Smokey figure of a person
hovering over the bed of my pregnant mother. I saw eyes always looking at me in the
window of my bedroom at night and sometime in the kitchen. My mother saw them once
as well. I believe it was when I turned 10 years old I began to hear screams of women
and children in the kitchen at night - I would get so scared I had to sleep with my older
sister or parents. I also had the weirdest dreams in that house, that I was frozen in
my bed and couldn't move I was so afraid to even breathe. I tried with the force of everything I had to crawl out of bed -- crawl to the front door. My parents would find me asleep by the front door a few times. I saw a green light fly across the living room - one night when it was
very dark and all the nights were off in my home. My mother believed this home was dammed and we had to move.  We found out later while living there that is home
was  huge in the news in the 70's. A man killed his whole family there and hid there bodies in the garage. The garage was my bedroom after family before us bought the home. They rehabbed it a bit . ... Scary to look back on that after all these years.
I lived in another home alone in a bad neighborhood in New Orleans - the same thing happened to me there. I being so scared when sleeping I could moved but
used every force I had to  crawl to the door .. hahhaha I guess that's my sign now
that I say hey (it's time to move)

My Ghost to The Rescue

By: skatefire9214@yahoo.com
Hey this is Amy. I recently just read almost  all of the stories on here. Ive always been facinated with the idea of supernatural beings being on earth. Well when I was about 5 years old I lived in a house built in the 1960's. My grandparents lived next door. My grandfather told me about an old couple who died in the house a while back and of a man who fell in the huge space of 100ft of water under the house. Anyways back to my encounter. The house was old and needed to be heated with a kerosene heater. At the time only my dad, my brother, and I was there. Well sometime in the middle of night the kerosene heater went out some disfunctions made it blow dangerously smoke all over the house. It was enough to kill you if in it to long. Well, my dad and brother, at the time my brother was 3 years old fell asleep in the living area. I was in my own room being a big girl and all. We were all sound asleep when something nudged me as if someone waking you up. I woke up not knowing why my vision was blurred. I woke my dad up and he realized what the heater had done. He cleaned me and my brother up as there was gray ash all over us. All I can say is what ever woke me up I have to thank for my life. This is not very scary but is very true. Thanks

My Ghost Cat

By: lclkerl@msn.com

The house I bought five years ago was built in 1880.  It has a good feeling to it; nothing horrible every happened here.
But the man who owned my house for most of the 20th Century kept cats, lots of cats.  It is said that he buried most of them in the back yard, as they met their demise.  And a deep depression in my back yard, under a tree, is said to be where most of them are buried.
I had only lived in the house about a week, when on going to bed, I felt a cat jump in the bed and settle down next to my legs.  I have two cats, but I always lock them out of my bedroom at night.  I thought one of them had somehow gotten "trapped" in the room with me, so, resignedly, I turned on the light, intent on getting up and letting him out.  There was nothing there.
Many times since, when both my cats are comfortably curled up in the living room, I feel my bed move and the warm body of a cat settle down next to me.  I've named him Harvey.

My Own Experiences

By: ldbruce@olypen.com

I do remember a time when I lived in Enumclaw Washington of a few experiences I had. I know of a restaurant on Highway 410 by the fairgrounds that has a back room for dinner parties. I noticed these lights on the ceiling that hang down and there is always this on light that always swings in a circle in always the same direction. It is always the same light and the only one that is moving in the room. I found that to be very odd. Now I can't remember the address of the place but I know where this place is. If you need to talk with me you can email me at blueharmony30@yahoo.com.
The other experience I had was at a house I lived in with a friend. It was a house my friend grew up in and is also located in Enumclaw Washington. I remember one morning waking up to the noise of someone walking down the hallway past my room. Thinking it was one of my roommates I opened my door to see who was up. As soon as I did the footstep noise suddenly stopped and it seemed everyone was still in their rooms asleep. Just thinking I was just hearing things I closed my door to go back to sleep. Very soon after shutting the door the footstep noise started again. I quickly opened the door and the noise instantly stopped. I had to get up. It was freaking me out.

My Childhood ESP

By: kouryuu_no_sakura@yahoo.com

When I was a kid, I had the ability to feel the presence of unknown 'existence'. I would suddenly feel scared and frightened to death when I was in a certain place even with many people around. I often went to my father's hometown where there are many old buildings from hundreds years ago with war filled historical background and suddenly felt a chill in my back or frightened every time I passed a big old landmark building which I found out later as a place that's surrounded by many ghost stories.  But the most interesting experience I had is when I was in the elementary school (about in the 5th or 6th grade).
My school arranged a field trip to a historical monument known as the "Lubang Buaya" (Crocodile Hole in English) area. It's a historical ground where some of the national heroes were murdered by communist group(s). At that time I didn't know anything about the place or the history and felt no fear at all before we arrived at the site. But when I first laid my feet off from the bus I suddenly felt so scared as there was something very evil surrounding the historical site. My heart beat like crazy despite the excitement of my classmates and the teachers. I couldn't enjoy myself being there.
We then went to the main site where I learnt about the history of the place. Some military officials were kidnapped and murdered and six of their bodies were dumped in a 12 meter deep, narrow well (which now the historical site is located) back in 1965. This was known as the September 30th Communist Party Movement. When my friends were enjoying the excitement of learning from the site, I felt very nauseous after looking inside the hole (which had a lamp in it and no longer a 12 meter deep well). I felt very scared and I wanted to cry. I was really, really scared that even looking at the diorama statues in the site freaked me out. I couldn't speak or anything. Later on we went to the museum located in front of the site of the hole. I clutched to my teacher's arm and I felt a very dark feeling coming from the museum's building. I was the only kid who trembles and after spending some times in the museum I went to go back to the bus with other people who entered the museum earlier than my group.
I did not dare to visit the part of the museum where they keep blood-smeared clothes of our national heroes. After arrived at the bus, I still felt very scared. I went to the toilet with my friend and I thought I felt someone was present outside the restroom's door, though when I peeked outside from the bottom of the door I saw no people's feet. After came back home from my field trip I couldn't sleep at all at night. I kept my mom and my auntie up all night and I did not speak any words for three days. I never went back to the site again. But then again I remembered I always felt very, very scared whenever I had a field trip to museums or historical sites, and yes, my country's history is filled with bloodshed. Luckily for me, after went to junior high school I somehow become very brave and do not easily frightened of ghost stories (but I still believe them though).


By: tday1973@sbcglobal.net

In 1972 my mom shot herself. She still haunts the house. She was a neat freak and will clean up the house if it is dirty. If shoes or clothes are strewn on the floor, she will pick them up and put them away. My youngest daughter spent the night there with one of her friends in the late eighties and she said a woman sat down beside her on the bed and told her 'she was sorry'. My daughter said that she looked so sad. I showed her a picture of her grandmother and she paled. She told me, "that was the woman, mom I thought she was a real person sitting next to me". She isn't a bad spirit, just sad for taking her life and missing out. She doesn't hurt anyone but she does keep the house clean.

Was it Real?

By: Arment24@comcast.net

My mother passed away at home on May 13, 1997.  She was well loved by alot of people and it was hard for the people in my family to deal with the loss.  This was the begining of the next 11 months of hell as my family had lost not only my mother, but 4 MORE members of my immediate family.  My mother was found at home about 4 hours after she had passed away outside the backdoor of her house by our next door neighbor (who I had found when he passed away).
A few days after her passing, I went to her place of employment to gather her personal belongings and as I walked into the employees door of where she worked, I had my head down looking at the ground.  I walked probably about 10 to 15 feet into the door and when I picked my head up, I saw my mother standing at the opposite end of the hall looking at me.  She was wearing her eyeglasses around her neck like she always wore them.  She had her brown curly hair (shoulder lenght) and I froze right where I was standing.
I stared back for about 30 seconds and then she walked down the very last isle in the warehouse.  This was a pretty long warehouse so when she walked away, I ran to the isle and it probably only took a matter of 30 to 45 seconds to get there but as I rounded the corner, she was gone.  I walked up and down every isle in the warehouse looking for anybody who I may had mistaken her for but nobody even was remotely wearing the same clothes that I had just saw my mother wearing a few seconds before.  I didn't know if what I had seen was real or if my mind was playing a trick on me.
My brother had moved into her house after she passed away to prevent people from breaking into her house because she had lived alone and he had told me that while he was home, he had heard the doorbell ring and when he went to answer it, there was nobody there.
When my wife and I had our 3rd child in November of 2002, we had decided to use my mothers first name, as our new daughters MIDDLE name (Irene).  Well, as my wife was giving birth to our new baby daughter, my wife told me that she had seen my mother standing in the corner of the delivery room and that had made my wife relax as our new child came into the world.
I used to be very skeptical of ghost stories because they seemed too "far-fetched" to be for real until this happened to me.

House on Denton Rd Canton, MI

By: onepaintrider@peoplepc.com

When my husband and I were first married in 1986, we rented an old farm house on Denton Rd.  close to the Denton Bridge.  Although we saw alot of kids trying to get the "Ghosts"  to come out on the bridge we ourselfs never saw any there.  We did however have experiences in the house we rented.  For instance, One night as we were setting out to go to dinner with firends we got into a little tiff about if we should leave the ligths on in the kitchen for when we came home.  I said yes because the house was so remote and dark at night, My husband said no it waste electrity.  When eneded up only turning on the outside light.  When we returned after dinner, Every light in the house was on, even the ones in the closets that you have to turn on by pulling a little chain!  We could set itmes doen and they were moved to other places.  Strange noises came form the basement well.  I would hear voices talking when there was no one there.  I would smell lilacs in the middle of winter.  My husband who is a total non believer to this day says there was something in that house.  They were never mean, just kinda pranksters.  The road has changed and the bridge is gone but the house is still there, I have always wondered if the new people living there ever had such occurances.

Hotel at Williams Railroad Station

By: LStark@nep.benfranklin.org
We spent two nights at this hotel.  The first night was fine.  The second night I decided to take pictures of the beautiful lobby.  The picture I took had a strange “smoke” from above a woman’s head (this area is non-smoking).  When I went back to the room, I joked to my husband that I got a picture of a ghost in my picture.
That night I woke up when I felt someone sit on the other side of my bed.  I thought “Why is my husband coming into my bed?”  It was then that I looked over to the other bed and my husband was snoring softly in that bed.  The “person” sighed and laid down next to me and put his arm around me.  I was petrified and couldn’t move or speak.  I tried to call out my husband’s name, but the words just wouldn’t come.  Finally, I got my arm out from the blankets and picked up the “arm” and moved it off of me.  The arm was skinny and hairless.  I was then able to call my husband to come over to my bed to sleep with me.  When he did, nothing else happened that night. 
It took me three days to tell my husband what happened.  I had a hard time believing it myself and wanted to think about it before I told my husband.
I won’t stay there again!

Story from 1920's

My name is raymond  I was born  in harlingen texas my story goes back from what my family can remember. Around the 1920s my grandmother had just fought with her mother and cursed at her. My grandma was around 12 or so at the time.  My grandma ran to a pile of wood and after sitting there for a few minutes she felt the wood tremble and a undescrible moan came from the pile and threw her off the pile.  My grandma then ran to her mom and apologized for everything and asked for forgiveness.  About 10-15 years Later for reasons unknown to my family she seeked help from a family supposedly able to assist people in supernatural affairs.  They banished her from their house because she had some curse on her and her family.  When my mother was younger she had her own stories to tell but the most memorable things happened to my sisters and I.  My older sister when she was about 15 had a strange encounter with a beast like creature staring at her from a mirror.  My little sister had a creature constantly visiting her in the night and making her do things unnormal like peeing in the hallway or screaming while she slept.  I had visitations while I was about to sleep when my bed would suddendly be pressed down next to me.  The things that happened to me only happened after my grandmother died we were very close.  The night that she died she visited me in a dream saying that she had to leave but she couldn't take me with her.  When I awoke the next morning my mom told me she died.  That's when I experienced the supernatural like being held down while I slept trying to get up or even open my eyes and not able to.  Only when I in my mind does the experience stop.  Also feeling sensations of other beings or manifestations around me when I no one is there.  There is too many stories to recall right now but if you can tell me I am not crazy I would appreciate it.  Thanks Ray

My House is Haunted

By: angeleena_m_c@hotmail.com

I've posted my stories before, and I have a new experiance.
My house in my opinion is haunted. . . well I'm not scared by any means. I've become used to them, and they've apperated to me more than once. I feel safe, thats for sure. Okay I get creeped out but here's my exspirance.
I was sitting on my bed on a Saturday night, I was typing on my computer. I usually medetate, but I really don't get a chance much, so I'll usually try to talk to the ghosts, but its hard. Well as I sat typing my remote next to the table across the room. My TV was off and I was very focused. I had a paper do the next morning. Well from the corner of my eye I noticed my remote fly off the counter and into the wall. I spazed. Then my TV turned on and started flipping through channels, until it got to a certain channel that I watch a paranormal show like clock work and had decided my paper was to important.
I was more in shock then anything as I felt pressure on the side of my bed and a cold presance next to me, as if it was trying to talk. My laptops energy drained and went off. I coul hear a whisper in my ear, but I couldn't really hear what it was saying. A few minutes past and with the TV still on, the thing got off the bed and I felt it leave the room. But when I turned off the TV, it came on again. This went on until I yelled for them to stop and then I kind of felt that it sat on the other bed in my room, and it laid down. I saw pressure in the bed and then it was gone.

Ghosts and My Family

By: turtled80@yahoo.com

This is NO JOKE.  My family and I being almost all including wife and daughter have seen unnatural things putting it lightly. I dont know how to explain any of it. When i was about 13 yrs old my parents and I lived in a house that would have things happen all the time. Mainly at night of course. In this house every night at 11pm the dead bolt to the front door would lock. None of every actually never seen it lock but would here the noise. Also one night I had seen to figures glowing in a green tint in front of my bedroom door. They were both males dressed like the time of President Lincoln. One had top hat the other was balding. It scared me to the point that I couldnt sceam. The next mournig I had over heard my Mom and Dad talking. My Mom was telling my Dad that she had seen two ghosts last night. Before she could tell her story I was already in the living room. I then told my mom and dad what I had seen. They were shocked especially my mom. As the story was told she would finish my sentences. WOW. I freaked out thinking it was all true. It was...
Later in life my daughter was screaming at the top of her lungs. My wife I ran to her room. She was standing on her bed (crib) screaming at her shut closet door. This door was left open for a night light. I freaked out open the door, the light was off and I turned it back on. Nothing was in there except clothes and stuff. At this point (Ooo chills) I remembered my past.
A couple of years later I had seen more things like moving shadows etc. Things that I will be able to explain. I know that the dead live among us. Thats my only explanation.
Well thanks for reading my story all though I had to cut a lot of things out to make this letter short.
Please if you would like to reply we can tell our exp. together.
My wife and I was a top a hill over looking a old house (that has been destroyed) as we talked we both had seen a man between us in the rear view mirror. The image we had was very grosome. It scared the crap out of us both. I peeled off in a hury, scared to death to say the least. We did however return to the area within a week or so. Not to get to graffic but we were making out and stuff, LOL. As this was happening my wife freaked out. I had no idea what was going on. I then felt a strange bad fealing in side. She had told me in a flash that the roof of my truck had lifted up. She said "The seat sucked me in". I again freaked out thinking of my past experiences with ghosts and unnatural things.To let you I felt at the same time a pulling sensation that was not right. I then left the area never to return.
 My wife and I had moved away from this town two or three years later. Then we had our daughter and thats were my last story starts. Leaving parts and years out of course. We now live in the city we left finding that the house that we had once over looked has been destroyed like had said. Know a road passes through the area and you would never find me using that road.
 Another experieince that my wife and I had encountered was in the basement of my parents. At the time we were broke and needed help to get back on track. I will tell you this story another time due to the chills and how freaked out I am at this time.

San Pedro

By: hardrocker13@msn.com

Hello my name is Brian, one night me and some friends went to San Pedro. To the Sunken City (a place where a city sunk into the ocen and hundreds died), we were there at about 2a.m. My friend was standing on a rock looking down at the ocean, when suddenly his shoulders and head flew back than his legs as if he was pushed I caught him, he came at me with great force. he was freaked out he lifted his shirt and had two hand prints on his chest/collar.
So we were a little cautious after that. We looked down and seen a blueish glowing man who walked across the rocks quite fast, the rocks are very slippery might i add. He just paced back and forth. So we went down to check it out on the way down i had slipped and almost fell but i felt something holding me up pushing on my chest. I continued down to find no one down there. so we returned up. While climbing up we all felt as if we had gained about 20lbs. when i got to the top someone/something grapped my leg and pulled it. i yanked it lose and found a hand print on my leg and where the fingernails would be i was cut as if they dug their nails into me. walking out there is this tree we passed a small girl, looked about three years old long black hair, and a brownish dress walked out of the tree looked at us, we said "hello" and she stepped back into the tree. i've been there about five times sence and had no other sightings. although my brother claims to have seen the same little girl in the tree. i have photos but unfortunatly there is nothing on them just the trees and rocks. if you would like to see them you can email me at Hardrocker13@msn.com

Chapel piece in antique mall

By: jennesa_@hotmail.com

I’ve had a few experiences with paranormal activities….Doors swinging open, soda cans moving on there own before my very eyes, heard something like what I think and Angel would sound like.  We were camping in the middle of no where, thought it was the tooth fairy but I didn’t have any missing teeth. I didn’t open my eyes b/c I didn’t want to see it.  Maybe it would have been mad that there weren’t any teeth.  Logic of a 5 year old child.  Also have had my covers hold me down  unable to move at all.  All this things happened in different locations and different times in my life over a span of many years.  My latest,  I don’t really call paranormal but more that I’m in tune with this sensitivity.  I’ve shared my stories with my Mother but I never get the feeling she believes any of them.  Anyway, she was in town for the weekend, and we went to a local antique mall.  Now this antique mall has had an unusual things.  Once there was an old wooden hospital operating bed that you could see where blood had seeped into the aging cracks of the woods.  Strange huh?  Creepy.  Well the day my mother and I went to see what was new.. there was this piece from a Catholic church in Spain.  I didn’t know what it was but was unusually attracted to it.   Looked like where maybe you would have went to pray.   As I got closer to it I felt this energy that tickled my body.  That’s the best way I can describe the feeling.  I didn’t say anything to my Mom about it, just asked her to come closer and look at it.  When she got as close as I was I asked how she felt.  She said she felt like there was some type of energy coming from this furniture.  As we moved away the energy would go away, as we got closer it came back. Really strange. 

Missouri Residence Tale

By: Anonymous

We bought a house in the southern part of St. Louis County when we moved here in 1998 (we still live in it) - a normal, suburban subdivision home.
It was built in 1987.  Nothing remarkable about it at all.  We had probably lived in it for about 6 months when the "occurrence" happened.  I was standing in the kitchen having a conversation with my wife, and the kids were playing in their rooms.  In the middle of a sentence, I got the worst case of heebie-jeebies I've ever had.  It felt like someone was behind me, and then had walked right through me.  My wife was right in front of me.
While she didn't see or feel anything, she saw me turn white, jump sideways and turn - all in the space of about 1 bazillionth of a second!  Right in mid sentence.  Forgot what we'd been talking about afterwards.
We had purchased the home from a widowed woman.  A few months later we learned from our neighbors that her husband had been terminally ill, and had died in the home under hospice care a few years earlier.  Don't know if it was him or not - and nobody has experienced anything else "supernatural"
here since.  It was definitely the most creeped out I have ever been.

Growing Up in a Haunted House


 My name is Beth Holmes and I had grown up in a house build in 1900. My mom's parents had owned the house
when she grew up, they later sold it to another party. After my mother married about 3 years later they happened to rent the same house then owned by a railroad company. The first time I had seen something I was only 6 or 7
years old. I had gone to bed and started to say my night prayer (I was raised Catholic). When I started saying it
a figure of a head appeared before me and was saying the prayer along with me, when the prayer was done he
vanished. I had actually thought it was Jesus being that young I did not realize it was someone else.
Later while I was in  High School my mother happened to notice I was started reading about ghost stories and  parapsychology, she asked me if I had seen the man who dressed like a monk wandering around. She told me of his visits he makes to her late at night when she would wake up and have him stare right into her face being inches
away and then he would straighten up turn and walk right through the wall into the next bedroom. I then asked her what he looked like, she described him being bald with the crown of hair around his head and wearing the brown traditional robe with the rope tie around his waist and the hood would sometimes be up. I then told her about my evening prayer when I was younger and I had thought his course hair looked like a crown of thorns making me think
it was Jesus. I was excited! Occasionally the house had strange noises like walking up stairs and the lights would
turn on and off by themselves. One time the Stereo turned on by itself and the dial would move back and forth like trying to find a good station. My friend and myself would shut if off and try figure out how the button could be pulled out by itself. The power switch is one you had to pull to turn on and push to turn off. Some years later (1981) my brother was lying on his bed @ 4pm while it was still light outside listening to his radio when he     noticed his Album cover on the wall started flapping and tore itself off the wall and it was flying around the room like a tornado, he then noticed had a cloaked figure standing at the foot of his bed pointing at him while the cover was still circling the room. My mother and I were upstairs in her room which was down the hall when suddenly we heard him scream. I was the closest to the doorway and had seen a shadow of the figure, then it vanished while my brother had jumped up from the bed and ran out of the room. He was hysterical and yelling about the ghost scaring him. apparentlly the monk didn't like the Album cover on the wall (it was Meatloaf Bat out of Hell).
When my parents moved the house was vacant when the a brothers girlfriend was trying to find my brother and thought he mentioned he was going to the vacant house to check it because he still had a key and the company
who then owned it was going to tear it down. She was calling his name from the outside front and heard
someone yelling from the inside saying "I'm in here" so she went to the back door and entered the enclosed
porch and had seen a man inside coming to the backdoor at the same time saying "come on in"
when he approached the door he disappeared. We think a monk and his housekeeper had lived in the house
around the time it was built. The St. Paul Cathedral 5 to 6 blocks not sure if he was there or not.
The housekeeper was seen outside tending to the bushes outside in the front of the house and friends
had commented they could see right though her.

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