Haunted House My Encounter

By: sarajane123000@yahoo.com

My friends and I Live in Dinuba, and were driving around one day and saw an old 2 story house that was burned down. So, we decided to go in. I had a tape recorder with me (only for voice) and so I decided to record anything that happened. So we were walking around the house and as we got to the stairs, we heard music. It sounded like old 50’s carousel music. Then, it stopped abruptly. So we all left. This was all recorded on the tape. The next day, we went back and I had my recorder again, but this time, we couldn’t hear anything at the time, only on the recorder. We had stood in the house for about 5 minutes, waiting for something to happen. But suddenly we all got a horrible feeling and ran out of the house and to my friend’s car and drove away. We pulled over to the side of the road and listened to the tape. On it, you can hear the music again, and then, right before we all ran outside, you can hear a person whisper, (not sure if it is male or female) “Go, Don’t Talk-Run”. And right after you hear that, that’s when we all started running to the car. And as were getting in the car, you can hear about 3 little girls laughing, and one asking us if we are alright, and you hear one of us reply yes. 
We tried to research this house, but couldn’t find anything, only that part of it had burned down. This all happened around November 2005. Now, too many people had been breaking into the house to do drugs, so the city burned the whole house down.
One day, I hid the recorder in my dresser drawer, and about a month later, I looked, and it wasn’t in there. I have yet to find it.

My Experience


I come from the small town of Durant, Oklahoma.  This is a true story.  When I was 15 my mother had passed away in January, 2004.  That summer I worked on a youth program and chose to work at the library like I've done in the past.  Only this time it was different.  Everyone always set me up in the juvenile section, that hasn't changed, lol.  There's this one section by the windows that I always loved to sit down in the floor and read on my breaks.  My first day when I walked into that section, the hair on my arms and neck stood on end.  I payed no attention to it, I walked in further.  I felt someone watching me.  At this point I felt totally uncomfortable, like the presence of someone angry at me, wanting to strike out at me.  I ran out of there and I thought I heard someone following me all the way.
The next day I made sure I stayed clear of that area and worked a few sections over.  About that time whispers were behind my back.  I couldn't make them out.  I spun around and they stopped.  I turned back around and they started again.  It was like that all week.
The very next week I was told to work in that one section that I called, 'Demon's Corridor.'  I sat myself down and starting putting books on the shelf when I saw out of the corner of my eye a shadow standing at the end watching me.  I quickly turned my head and saw a retreating shadow.  I leapt up and ran to the opposite side and followed the path hoping to see a kid.  I saw nothing.  I ran back into the adult section where my co-workers were and accused them of scaring me.  They said that they haven't been in my section all day.  They told me I might've seen kid seeing as that WAS the juvenile section.  I looked up at the clock.  It was 8:30.  The library doors did's open until 9:00.  There is NO way in the library without a key or someone to hold the door open for you.  Shaken up, I returned to my work.
I felt worse and worse everyday.  One night I went home and sat down in my room to watch some tv when I hear my door knob rattle.  I think, "my sister is trying to get in my room."  And I laugh it off as my door WAS locked.  Then the beatings on the door became violent and the rattling wouldn't stop.  I jumped up and jerked the door open about to tell my sister off.  There was nothing there.  I ran into the living room and told my grandma to tell Rebecca to stop pounding my door.  She said my sister left with my grandpa hours ago.  I was VERY afraid now.  Whatever it was at the library, had followed me home.
Weeks into the job, books started falling off the shelves.  Huge shelves came toppling down when no one was there to push it.  I even had to file an injury report because a whole stack of thick books fell out on me while I was putting them up.  The whispers behind my back became more frequent.  Shadows were everywhere.  Books fell out of the shelves.  I felt uncomfortable locked in my room at night.  I was being watched.  I was scared out of my mind.  I talked with my grandpa and he told me that momma always loved to read.  He said maybe it was mom's spirit reaching out to me.  But why?
One day after work was over and nearly everyone left, I stood in the library and said outloud.  "I don't like this.  Whoever you are, stop doing this to me.  Stop it now."  The next day, nothing happened.  The shadows vanished.  The whispers stopped.  Books remained where they were.  Shelves remained on the floor.  Then I realized it may not have been momma.  As I was walking down the sidewalk to my ride, I turned and saw that the building next to the library was Coffey's Funeral and Cremation Services.
And that's it.  True I swear!

Haunted Apartment

By: lisasal1229@yahoo.com

My boyfirend lives in a house that is very old, and has now been converted into two apartments.  He occupies the top 2 floors with his roomate.  Anytime anyone is alone in the apartment it always sounds like somebody is walking around in the kitchen , and getting a glass of water.  But the freakiest thing happened to us last friday night...Oct. 20th, my boyfriend and I were watching the discovery channel, and they had a family on telling the story about their house being haunted.  The ghosts in their house would always set the smoke detectors off, making them beep briefly then stop.  Literally 2 seconds later it cut to commercial... all of a sudden, th smoke detector in my boyfriends kitchen started bEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP 4 times , then it abruptly stopped.  FREAKY!  It hs not happened since, but other things have.

Woodbury Cemetery Experience

By: Sbigblock@aol.com

Good morning. I enjoyed your website. I have one expirence to add to the woodbury cemetary listing. About 7 or 8 years ago my mother stood on the backside of the cemetary to take a picture of a tree. Now we were on a side road and not really facing the cemetary. Yet when she went home and tried to print out the pictures she couldn't. They were filled with a fog like thing and some how we lost them on the computer. Now my family all lived in woodbury our whole lives. My sister, brother and I have gone in there as a shortcut from the park to main street and there is definetly something following you. If you walk fast you hear someone behind you walking just as fast. I don't know what was in those pictures but I do know that it is such an eerie feeling and extremely unpleasant to be around there. They are actually doing a halloween tour on the 28 and 29 this year. Just wanted to share my little expirence.

The Orange Foot Stool

By: flattslovr156@yahoo.com

It's been a couple months since this has happened, but i remember it clearly. My grandma Vaunie on my dad's side of the family died about a year or two ago, and my papa (her husband) died when I was one year old. Their house was left to my dad, but he gave it to his sister (my aunt) as long as she gave him half the price when she sold it. My dad, my stepmom, my aunt and I were at the house getting the rest of his possesions from the house. they were all in the livingroom and I was in the kitchen looking through an orange foot stool that opened on top. There were cabbage patch dolls, barbies, coloring books, and gift wrapping papers. I was looking at the cabbage patch doll when I saw my granny and papa through her eyes. I also felt a presence in the room with me. Suddenly I felt a hand on each of my shoulders. One hand was small like a woman's. The other hand was big, rough and calloused, like a man's. I was too surprised to look behind me. when the hands were gone, and my granny and papa were gone from the dolls eyes I ran in the livingroom and told my dad. He said " your granny and papa ain't gonna hurt you." I knew that but it was still scary. I still felt the presence, but this time it was more comfortable. I was actually sad when we left.

The Little Boy

By: michelle.connolly@promptcare.net

Six Years ago I moved into a townhouse with my dad and stepmom. I had lived in my previous house for 11 years and grew up frightened of the dark, mainly from silly childhood imagination. I always listened and found many things were attributed to the house settling and common noises. When I started hearing noises in the townhouse, I figured I wasn’t use to its normal noises. I would pay attention to floor boards and the noises as a walked the house. Many nights I would be upstairs and hear creaking downstairs and the same vice versa. Finally after a few months I asked my stepmom if she heard the same. She told me not to mention anything to my father because he wouldn’t believe, and began to tell me her experiences when she and my dad had first moved in. She was under the distinct impression that it was a spirit of a little boy. She had gone as far as to ask neighbors the history of the house. It had been unused for 2 years and neighbors say nothing bad had happened and they didn’t recall a young boy living here. My room was a spare bedroom and the room next to mine is my dads office. I often used the computer in his office and felt out of nowhere, ice cold chills thru my entire body. Sometimes, along with the chills Id feel their was someone standing behind me that wanted me out of the room, at which time Id run into my room and shut the door. One day I was home all alone in the room and on the computer. I heard a bang downstairs so loud that I got up to see why one of my parents had come home. I checked out the window to the garage and no car had pulled up. I went downstairs to see if something had fallen and everything was in its place. I started working part time at the grocery store and when I would come home from school Id go into my bathroom which was across from the office to freshen up. Everyday for 2 weeks I felt I was being watched as if something was in the door frame a few feet from where I was standing. The feeling was very hard for me to ignore and many times I ran out of the house. I always kept in mind my stepmom saying that she never felt harmed by it, and I felt uneasy having things happen so often. After 2 years of the small mishaps I tried to ignore the feeling of being singled out, until the door to my bedroom started opening on its own. For about a month I would come upstairs to my room and shut the door behind me. Each time only a moment later my door would open half way and then stop. The wall to my closet is to the right and I wouldn’t be able to see out into the hallway. Finally when I came up to my room one night I decided to turn around and look as I was shutting my door. There in the doorway to the office, was the face of a boy with blond hair! His face almost looked shocked that I had seen him and disappeared immediately. I told my stepmom and my dad overheard. He said hed try to fix my door and he did, but it still open for a few days after. My stepmom was getting concerned, especially since she would hear the noises the most in the stairwell. One Valentines day she heard footsteps walk into her room halfway and then walk back out. I had never heard anything in my room and always felt safe in there. Every year my parents go on Vacation in October. I finally took one of those nights, sat in my living room, watched a movie that scared the crap out of me and decided to do a test. I turned off all the lights in the house and sat in the living room frightened. I said outloud “okay this is a perfect time for my mind to play tricks on me and I am genuinely scared” I waited in the dark for almost an hour and heard nothing. No one creak or sound. For awhile the noises were less frequent and my stepmom said she hadn’t heard anything in a long time. Few things still occurred. One time I was sitting alone while my parents were out and the cat suddenly looked up and was staring directly next to the space where I was sitting and at the same moment I felt something was there with us. I reached my hand out in the spot and felt cold. I moved my hand all around it and they were normal temperature and the same spot was cold. What had also scared me was when I was sitting in the same chair one night I heard what sounded like a gust of wind go clear across the upstairs floor. When I went outside the air was still and no sign of wind. Looking back many of the incidents were in broad daylight. After about four years I started to get use to it and sometimes get annoyed. One night I was leaving to grab a bite to eat before heading to a friends house. I decided to stop home again first to eat when I heard a loud bang upstairs. I continued to eat and went upstairs to shut the computer off and I heard the same loud bang downstairs. I then said to the cat “good luck here tonight” and spent the night at my friends house. I really started hearing it more often again in the past year and my stepmom hadn’t. A few months ago I was reading about spirits and decided to try something a girl said would work. I asked my stepmom if she would mind walking thru the house with me. We both walked around to each room and said outloud and firmly “ there is nothing for you here. Move into the light” and since then I haven’t heard much or paid attention to what I have heard. Ive found the best way is to not give it my fear. Six years is more than enough.

The Imps

By: chiara_moscardini@hotmail.com

I'm not really sure why, because for years I have been avoiding anything to do with ghosts or the supernatural because it terrifies me, but last night I decided to run a search on real life ghost stories to see other people's experiences and find out if anyone else's were similar to mine.
When I was a little girl my family always used to say I had an overactive imagination, I refused to sleep with the light off and always had to have my bedroom door closed, up until I left to stay with my gran when I was 16 I would sometimes run through to sleep in my parents bed. At these times I didn't see things, but I felt them there. It was out in the hall which was why I had to have the door closed and at times if I could feel it out there I would crouch behind my door crying, too scared to go outside and across the hall to my parents bedroom. Sometimes I would wonder myself if it was my imagination, when I was very young I used to hear a woman calling my name but there was never anyone there or no one had called me. I would hear this voice at different times of the day in different places and it never scared me though eventually i heard it less and less until it stopped.
I can remember vividly the first night I actually saw something. I was 16 and on a school trip to Rome, I shared a hotel room with 3 other girls from my year. In the middle of the night I woke up, I could see one of the girls standing at the corner of the double bed the 2 other girls were sharing and staring at them, her head was down slightly so I couldn't see her face as her hair covered it. I called out to her asking what she was doing, but she didn't reply so I called out her name, Lauren, It was then I realised that I could see Lauren sleeping in her bed and that the person i could see wasn't her. It didn't feel dangerous or evil but I was still terrified, too scared to even reach out and turn on the light. I rolled over to face the wall, closed my eyes and waited for morning to come.
The next night I woke up during the night again and the same thing was there only this time there was something else. The thing that scared me most about this one was the feeling that it gave me, it was very small and dark and was rushing around the room. I rolled over again but could still sense it moving in the room behind me, I rolled round to face the room, wanting to turn on the light but when I turned over it was right there, in front off my face. I was so scared I couldn't move, I just cried and eventually covered my head with the sheet and cried until I fell asleep.
The next night I refused to sleep in the room and went to sleep with my friends in another room where i woke everybody up during the night due to me screaming in my sleep, which I had never done before.
What really freaked me out was that the imp things that you described in your story sound exactly like the thing that I saw that was moving round the room.
Another time that I was staying in an appartment in Magaluf, as I was trying to get to sleep I felt something pass my bed, I opened my eyes and saw a tall figure passing through my room, I can't remember if I called out to it or just watched it but it turned to look at me and carried on walking until it was out of the room.
I have not seen anything since these incidents but there are still many nights that I get a bad vibe or feel a presence about the room and so I will sleep somewhere else or with the light on. Sometimes i wake my boyfriend up because I get a feeling that there's something there but I don't want to open my eyes to see it.
Maybe the things i think I feel or sense in a room are just my imagination but I know that those t things that I saw were there, it's hard finding people that believe though because everyone's always thinks that I'm just imagining it.
Sometimes I'm not sure whether to believe my own mind or not.

The Beast

By: giddyupgirl216@aol.com

My mom used to tell me these stories about a house she used to live in.  She moved in just after the birth of my older brother.  Since she couldn't afford it on her own, her sister moved in with her.  At the time my mom and dad were just dating so he didnt live there with them.  Soon after moving my mom and aunt were experiancing all kinds of things.  1st encounter:  My mom threw a tupperware party and as people were leaving she walked outside with them.  One woman turned around and said "WOW, you cat has some very green eyes" my mom confused turned around and saw that in the upstairs bedroom there were two green eyes glowing in the window.  my mom turned to the lady and said "well thats strange because i just saw Sam (the cat) in the kitchen"  My mom then went back into the house to find Sam still eating her food where she had been just minutes before.  What was in the bedroom???  My mom then rushed upstars to find nothing that could have possibly have made that sort of reflection appear.  2nd encounter:  On many many occasions small things would happen such as faucets turning on and off, light flickering, banging noises and other oddities.  One thing that happened a lot was my two older siblings Katie and Russell would come screaming down the stairs saying "its coming its coming!!!!"  so they were seeing something no one else did.  But on one strange occasion my mom found my brother and sister in the same crib which they had been in seperate ones to begin with and they were mumbling to some weighted balloons that had somehow mysteriously floated up stairs into my brothers crib.  who could they have been talking to?   Many of my mom and aunts friends didn't believe these stories so when they would disagree they would always get alittle surprise like a picture falling off the wall into their lap or a very distinct vibration in the floor.  My mom and aunt were never bothered by these things since the ghost was causing no harm to them.  That was until one night ...........  The final straw for my mom started on a night like any other.  My dad had stopped over for dinner as usual.  Well for some reason or another my mom and dad got into a fight and my mom doesnt fight in front of us so she kicked him out until he calmed down.  Well, in the house they lived in the back door didn't lock so she had to hold it so he couldn't come back in.  So she put a chair under the door handle and waited for my dad to go away.  Finally he did and she watched him get into his truck and take off.  she then took the chair away from the door incase my aunt was to come home.  After the long fight she was tired so she layed on the couch facing the back of it (there for hindering her sight as to what was behind her)  as soon as she got comfortable she heard the back door slowly creak open and then slam again.  She figured Dad had to of come back knowing no one would be keeping the door shut.  She heard him come through the kithchen slowly and then all the way to the living room and stand behind her just breathing.  My mom kept her eyes shut so it would appear as though she was asleep and maybe he would go away.  Then there was a growling coming from behind her.  It wasnt human, and it wasnt animal.  It was a sound that she had never heard before in her life, and it was so loud.  My mom knew she had to turn over and look but she was so frightened that as she turned over she kept her eyes shut until she finally made it all the way around.  then she took a deep breath and opened her eyes.  There was nothing there.  Needless to say they were out by the next week!

Seeing is Believing

By: ExileRider1@aol.com

I am 34 years old and I have been a Peace Officer for 16 years now.  I have seen and experienced many things to truly understand that there is more then what just lies in front of us to plainly see.  What I saw at the age of 3 years old has made me a believer and very open minded my entire life.
When I was approx. 3 years old, my mother and I lived with my Grandfather and my Grandmother in a home that my Grandfather had built in the early 1950's.  My mother was 19 years old at the time, the year was either, 1974 or 1975.  My mother and I lived in that home with my grandparents for the first 4 years of my life.  It was a single story home  with a one car garage built below the front living room.  It is a 3 bedroom, one bath home still located in unincorporated South Vallejo, Solano County Ca. 
My mother and I shared the front room.  I plainly remember the floor plan of that room.  As you walked in directly to your left there was the sliding door closet.  Then to the right was our bed so when you lay in it you would directly be facing the closet.  Next to the bed was the window which faced out towards the front of the house. 
Early one morning I laid awake with the moon light shining into the room.  My mother was sleeping next to me and I was looking towards the closet.  I plainly saw a man, wearing a black wide brimmed hat and long black coat standing in the closet against my mothers cloths.  As he stood he swayed from side to side.  I could not make out his face, it was dark, with only slight moon light lighting the room.  I looked to my right over to the window, thinking that this man was standing out side of our window with the moon light against his back, and it was perhaps a shadow reflecting into the room.  That was not the case, our bedroom window was approx. 6 feet high off of the ground.  I looked back and there he stood in the closet.  In complete fear I pulled the covers over my head.  I was even too afraid to make a sound to wake my mother, in fear of what would happen to us if she awoke.
The next morning I told my grand father, terrified and I remember him pushing the cloths from side to side showing me there was no one inside the closet.  When I grew up and I was in High School I spoke to my mother about the man I had seen.  I thought that the sighting was merely my young imagination, the common "boogeyman" syndrome of a young child.  She told me that when she was a little girl at the age of approx. 6 years old she too had seen the man with the large black brimmed hat and black trench coat standing in the back yard of the house, out side of my grandparents bedroom.  It struck a cold fear in her that remains to this day as it does with me.  I realized that perhaps I had actually been fortunate enough to see something that I find scary, but yet amazing.
My grandparents sold that house around 1977 when I was 5 years old.
When my grandmother passed away in 2001, after the funeral, My mother and I along with my female cousin Kathy, who is 8 years older then me drove the 3 miles from the funeral service to the old house which has remained abandoned and has been for many years now.  It is the only abandoned house on the street.  We walked through the house which had changed very much and was so run down.  The three of us sat on the front porch and recalled the many good memories of the old house. 
I then brought up the story of the man with the Black hat.  My cousin looked at me and her mouth opened slightly and a look of fear but relief appeared to flow across her face.  Kathy began to tell her story of the man she had also seen.  She told us that she was about 5 years old and was standing in the lower garage looking out the side window.  Kathy told us that she saw a man standing outside the garage wearing a black trench coat and a large black brimmed hat.  She said that she saw what looked like large holes through his body as if he had been shot.  It scared her and she had blocked the memory from her mind.  When I told my story it all came back to her.  My mother then told my cousin of her sighting of the man.  All three of us had seen the same man, Ghost, if you will, when we were around the same ages of less then 6 years old.
To this day the old house stands abandoned, for sale, with no takers.
Seeing is believing.     

School Stories

By: babygirl032296@cox.net

My name is Lydia and my sister whose name is Ashley and I both went to Christiansburg Middle School and we both have had separate experiences in that middle school. Mine was in the library, that’s where people have heard babies crying. In the library there are a number of small wooden doors that lead to old bleachers. I was in the library one day and I was near one of the wooden doors and I heard a baby cry, then a few weeks later I was in the library again doing research and I was sitting at a table with a friend of mine and I felt someone breathe on my neck, and there was no one around. We were not sitting under any air vents.
Ashley’s experience happened in the girl’s bathroom that is another place that is “haunted”. She was in the bathroom alone and she heard a toilet flush by itself. And the bathrooms didn’t have the automatic toilets.  Every time I went into the bathroom alone I got the feeling that someone watching me. No one I knew would go anywhere in that school alone, mainly in the girl’s bathroom.
We now live in CT but we will never forget what happened to us in toughs walls of that school. I hope this helps some people who want to go to see if this middle school is truly haunted. One more thing the teachers and other members of the staff and faculty told the students that it was not haunted but we knew otherwise.

Scary Basement

By: finkd@sbcglobal.net

My friend lives in an old house, maybe 50 years old. It doesn't look scary on the outside or upstairs but their basement is scary.
One time a while ago, my friend had a sleepover in her basement. We were all crazy and scaring ourselves. Her basement has this blocked off area where you have to climb over a pool table to get to it, and there's a toy basket behind there, then a bathroom next to it. Well, we were in the living room spot (not at all close to the pool table) and all of a sudden I see this purple monkey laying on the couch. I asked anyone if they had seen it on the couch before or if they had moved it to scare us. No one did and they weren't lying. I was watching that spot the whole time.
Another time my friend told me (and she wasn't lying. The only time she lies is when she has a joking voice) her dad was in the basement with her and he had washed his hands, turned the water off, and left. Then they heard the water turn on. My friend turned off the water and left, but the water turned on again. They were freaked!
She told me some stories too. A lady had died on Halloween and she was old and mean. These other people had weird experiences. There was this mirror in her basement that a guy would see spirits in. The people who had lived there moved out as fast as they could.
I have felt akward in her house. I have tingling feelings sometimes. Her basement is cold when they have the heat on. I think there are ghosts down there.

Personal Experience

By: annare@delranbuilders.com

Back in 1973 I lived at  in Philadelphia, PA. Early one morning, right after my husband left for work, I was sitting reading at the kitchen table when I suddenly got splashed with water!  There was no one else in the room, there was no water running, and the doors and windows were closed. I was so scared that I ran out the back door to my neighbor’s house and couldn’t stop shaking. Another time, in the same house, after my husband went to work, I felt someone get into bed with me! The bed springs creaked and I felt the mattress shift. I thought my heart would go through my chest! My daughter used to tell me she heard strange things too. Needless to say, I was glad to move in 1978.

Older Home

By: suebrinc@yahoo.com

Many say that my 100 year old home is haunted by spirits of the past  .
I've never checked the records for any terribly unfortunate deaths or anything though .
Some people are very uncomfortable when they visit describing it as somewhat creepy  and yet others say they love it's comfy feeling .
Guests have ask me where the music is comming from and I am unable to tell them.
It sounds somewhat old fashioned ...sort of sounds like  violins and /or banjo , and occasionally it sounds like someone is giving a speech or perhaps a sermon or something but it's intelligable.
Sometimes you see short glimpses of someone hurrying by .
And sometimes you smell damn good old fashioned cooking when I've not cooked in days ......fresh cookies , mouth watering pot roast , bacon and eggs ,etc .
Haunted sounds like such a harsh word.......I prefer " inhabited ".
And they have caused no grief to my family or I in over 20 years , so I say it's a good thing.
My husband passed away in this house almost 10 years ago , but I know it's not him.
I would guess that you would have prefered a scary story and this just isn't so..but I thought I'd share anyway.


By: kathleenlang@comcast.net

In 1960 my Uncle built a house next door to us.  It was nice having family close to visit and just have get togethers.  We were always running back and forth between the houses.  One night  in  September with a full moon, my father couldn't sleep so he got up to have a cigarette.  He would walk around our house  with no lights on and you'd see his lit cigarette traveling from room to room.  This night he looked out the window into his Brother in laws back yard and noticed someone walking around.  Appeared to be a female figure with white hair, dressed in white.  She walked to the back of the property placed something in the ground, and walked away.   He didn't think too much about it until the next day he realized no one next door had white hair.  My aunt had Jet Black hair,  her kids were brunette and so was Uncle.  Dad was a little nervous, but shrugged it off, probably was his imagination.   Now let's skip ahead to 1999.  We're still living in the same house,  Uncle is retired but still lives next door.
Around 10 pm I looked out the window and saw a little old lady (I thought) with white hair in a nightgown.  She was trying to walk up the driveway next door, but stopped and started to pace back and forth.     Since my Mother now had white hair,  I said is that her?  I ran downstairs and there she was asleep in bed.  I walked next door and the lady was gone,  My cousin came down the front stairs and said,  'Did you see a lady with white hair?'  Yes I did,  but where did she go?  She appeared on his security camera, as he walked to the door and opened it she was gone.
Who she is or if she's from the other side,  we'll never know.  I told my cousin what my father saw in 1960 and he shuttered.   He checks his security camera alot more now. 
If she comes back, we'll let you know.


By: wanderingfaerie2000@yahoo.com

I was reading the stories on the website, and it brought to mind one of my own.
In February of 2005, my dog Jasmine passed away from internal bleeding, the direct result of a rupture in her spleen. This came after she had been suffering from arthritis for about four years. She was part of our family for eleven years, so understandably her death really hit us hard. It was especially difficult for me, because we raised her from the time she was a puppy, when I was 8 years old, and I was 19 when she passed. She was also the first dog I was told I could have after finding out that my allergy to dog fur had gone away.
We adopted a new dog, whom I named Bijou, from a shelter near my home in April of that same year. It had only been two months, but we felt that the house was just far too quiet without a dog to keep us company.
On a hot day in July, Bijou was taking a nap in the den, and my boyfriend Jason and I were in my room. My room is in the central part of the house, with the kitchen running parallel to it. The kitchen has a linoleum floor, so any sounds made on it can be heard clearly.  All of a sudden, Jason and I heard what sounded like a dog's nails walking around, and we assumed it was Bijou. I walked out of my room and to the den not a moment later, and I found Bijou still sleeping on the floor in there. I came back and told Jason this, and we concluded that it obviously wasn't Bijou walking around...so we walked all around the house to see what might have made that noise. When we found no plausible solution, we returned to my room, perplexed.
Then Jason mentioned that it must have been Jasmine's spirit.[He has had some experiences of his own with the paranormal, so I knew he wasn't pulling this out of the sky.] I told him that that made sense to me, because she had led such a happy life in our home and loved us all dearly. I still miss her to this day.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

A Nice House

By: ulujm@hotmail.com

I was 30 years old from France when I decided to go in USA for a job related to the automotive industry. First I went alone, my wife (Sophie) and my 2 kids (Julie, 8 years old and Helene, 10 years old) will come later once I found a house for all of us. This was in June 1998.
My boss found an apartment close to Detroit to give me the time to find the House.
After a month I finally choose a nice 3 bedrooms house in the country side close to a city called Royal Oak. I wanted to buy a house since I was going to stay in USA for at least 5 years. My wife saw the house by internet and came for 2 weeks to be sure the house was her taste. The house was not that big but charming with a nice cheminee and a nice basement when I could put all my red wine. Few weeks later my wife and my 2 girls came to join me. The winter was coming, we didn’t know what to expect since so many people told us that the winter is pretty cold here.
I remember the snow start around November. It was a lot of snow!
The winter was indeed pretty cold but fun with the girls making snow man….
One night I was talking with my wife front of a warm fire with a glass of wine that I brought from France. It was delicious and peaceful. My wife went to bed and I stay a little longer to finish my wine and just listening the sound of the flame eating the wood.
After few second it was very quiet and I could feel a cold air coming from my back.
I turn around get up and check the door and window to be sure nothing was open. But everything was close and no wind outside. I was not sure what it was? But then I went to bed.
A week later I was front of my computer at night when I heard a voice coming from the kitchen. My first reaction was what the kids doing in the kitchen in the middle of the night. So I went quickly in the kitchen but nobody. I was going to check their bedroom upstairs when I hear the same voice again from the kitchen. I turn around but nobody! The room was cold! I went right away to bed. The next morning I asked my wife if she didn’t go to the kitchen last night around midnight. She didn’t.
I told her what happened. But her answer was, maybe I drunk too much wine that night.
I felt something was not right.  And I wanted to know what the voice was saying but I could not remember. The thing is I was certain it was not in my head.
So the next night I decided to stay in the living room longer but nothing happen.
The spring was coming and we start to have outdoor fun with the kids.
I didn’t hear any voice since few months.
On a Friday night I was alone at home around 6pm. My wife and girls were out for shopping.
I was reading a book about the life of Napoleon when I heard a voice from the kitchen again. This time I went slowly to the kitchen and try to look at it, as a spy. The voice was telling something like “I like this house” when I start to look inside the kitchen at first, I didn’t see anything but in fact something was fogy or milky.
The voice was deeper coming front the ceiling and then in a second being close to my hear telling my name “Jean-Pierre”, I step backward and was very surprise and scared.
I went to the living room and took the peace of iron stick from the cheminee.
I went back to the kitchen and then I saw a whole milky female body well define.
I was paralysed I didn’t know what to do. The woman was looking at me in a peaceful manner. She starts to move toward the living room and then disappears.
I was so shocked that I stay without any reactions for a few seconds which was like an hour for me.
I went in the kitchen and start to prepare the lunch looking every second around me.
I was cutting the onions to prepare veal with a sauce normande, when I saw on the corner on my eyes a glass floating in the air. I turn around and 5 glasses was floating around and the cabinet’s doors were open. I was petrified. I slowly reach a glass with my hand and put it on the table.
Since nothing seems armful I did that with other glasses.
Then I panic and start to run outside of the house. A minute later my wife arrived with the kids and saw me outside looking at the house.
She came to me quickly and asked me what I was doing.  I told her that something weird happened but I’ll tell more when the kids will be to bed.
Later my wife was intrigued by what I just told her.
She told me that she believed me but she need to witness these things also.
Well I have no idea when these things will happen again.
So we decided that we will try to stay together in any room of the house.
3 days later after saying goodnight to the kids we were going downstairs when we heard something falling on the floor coming from the kitchen. I look at Sophie telling her with my hand not to talk. We went on the kitchen and there the fogy milky thing was there. On the floor a broken glass. My wife could see it. We stand there front of this things; I know Sophie was very scared by holding and crunching my hand.
The Voice start again telling us that was her home “it’s my home”.
One plate from our lunch starts to float in the air and then come back to the original place.
Then the room became very cold, I could see my breath coming from my mouth.
I start to speak load to this thing telling this not her house anymore this is our house and she has to leave.
After a minute everything was back to normal.
We look each other completely shocked.
I could not believe I talked to this thing.
My wife start to cry but then she became calm and quiet. We went to the living room. I went to pick up 2 glasses with Grand Marnier and black chocolate from Belgium.
We start to talk about the whole thing from the beginning.
We didn’t know what to do. Should we move? Is this thing dangerous? How can we get rid of it?
I was trying to figure out what could be a rational explanation for this.
I am very skeptic about these ghost stories but I have to admit that was a very strange thing that we witness.
I was also kind of happy that my wife could see it. I was not the only one.
After an hour we decided to go on internet and see if we can find something about this kind of stuff. We could fine some information but nothing which could make us more comfortable.
Next day I left earlier form work and join Sophie to the local library to look at the books.
One book was pretty interesting “how to live with Ghost”. In this book I could read that it’s good to be strong and show to the ghost that I am the boss and I should tell him that it’s my house and he has to leave. I realized I just did that when we saw the ghost.
Since, we didn’t get any dramatic experiences, sometime cold spot or noise coming from nowhere.
We still live in this house in 2006 and are very happy, even we may have an extra guest time to time.

Here is one of my Experiences

By: HotandSassy31@wmconnect.com
My name is Frankie, I live in Harlan KY...ok here goes..Me & 3 friends were walking,it was about dusky dark their is a old church in walking distance from were we all live keep in mind it's a very old church..there is a graveyard behind it on a hill.we were on the bridge in front of the church and i looked up at the graveyard and they was a dark figure at the top of the graveyard,,i told my friends to look and they saw it to...we just thought the was someone up there.we keep looking and it was gone and then it reapeared in the middle of the graveyard ,it done it again and was at the bottom of the graveyard.....we left then,we went back home and never talked about it again......


By: Aallbritten@wmconnect.com
Kentucky The little brown house sits on the right hand side and has been said for many years to be haunted. While living there, many family members have reported things being thrown down the attic stairs, a cold feeling of being watched by something hostile, heard their name called by an unseen being, and have been touched on the shoulder. Children have been reported to stand in their cribs in the bedroom, crying and pointing to the window. People who were not family members have reported items being moved and reappearing later in the original place they were left. Dogs bark at the house after dark and sometimes lights are seen reflected in the attic windows, although there is no longer electricity to the house. Renters have experienced hostile feelings and no one ever stays. It seems that every renter who stays for a length of time will experience the dissolution of his/her relationship and violent feelings/actions towards their loved one. Meaning: The feeling in the house is one of hostility that eventually affects the people living there, turning them on each other until they move away. In the surrounding fields, green lights are reported which occur in the Fall and the Spring of the year. If you get into your car and try to reach the lights, they disappear before you can get close to them. In the house across the street from the brown house, the owner reports that she can stand on her deck and see the lights and the dogs will bark and howl at them. When a car comes towards the lights, they descend and disappear. Also, in the house across the street, heavy bootsteps have been heard walking down the hallway. The owners' cat reacted to the sounds and followed them down the hall to the bathroom. Also, in the house across the street, feeling of being touched, being smacked on the leg, hearing noises all through the house, dogs barking each night after sundown and growling on the porches at nothing. Voices heard whispering into your ear while you are sleeping, waking you up from a dead sleep. WARNING: Private Property/Guard Dogs.

Haunted Story

By: Smthheath2@aol.com

I remember when I was about 12years old, and I lived in an old 3 story house in bonneylake washington, and I have 3 siblings that lived with me at the time..well I had my own room with 2 single beds..my sister had her room across from me down the hall..well my 5year old niece was spending the night and she stayed in my spare bed..it was about 2:00am and the lights were out but the door was open..so you could still see a little bit of light..well i woke up to this very chilling feeling like it was winter and the window was open, but the thing is it was summer and my window was shut, anyways I looked up and saw a little girl sitting on the other bed looking at me, where my niece was sleeping.. thinking it was my sister I told her to go back to her room and stop bothering me..at that time she would'nt move nore say anything I remember that the girl had very long hair, and my niece or my sister had short hair ..well I got out of bed and turned the light on, and the girl disapeared, then I ran into my sisters room and she was fast asleep..I know it was'nt her playing a prank cuse she would have started laughing..that was only one of the minor things I have encountered in my life..the other stuff would freak you out..

Hackworth House, Tuscumbia, AL

By: lfclutts@peoplepc.com

My family bought this house in the 1970's and had it remodel and updated.  One morning, about 3:00 AM, in the morning, I saw someone pass by my bedroom doorr,  Mother had been ill the night before and I stayed awake to see if she was OK, but she didn't go back to bed. I looked all through the house and couldn't find anyone.  She said that she had not been up in the night.  Right after that we started hearing noises.  The front door unlocking and relocking and no one there.  The front porch swong, would swing and no one was there, then stop as if someone stood up.  My little dog would stand and bark at an empty corner or door where there was no there.   We started talking to Mrs. Hackworth.  When we would leave, we would tell her to look after the house.  Not one piece of paper, box, anything was ever missing from the outside of the house.  i do not know if the people that live there now has ever seen her but I sorta think that she is there just looking after that house.  I am the only one that saw her but we all heard her.

Ghostly Sightings in Montague MI.

By: knappar1@yahoo.com

The following story is of great interest and takes place north of the small town of Montague, MI. in a very old place known as Mouth Cemetary (Montague's Mouth Cemetary is listed in your directory; I discovered this three years after my own sighting). Mouth Cemetary is one of the oldest known cemetaries in the area. It is known to be a very haunted place, and therefore attracts those interested in the paranormal. Myself with several friends went out to this place about three years ago on devils night. We went out there to get a good Halloween scare. The cemetary is surrounded by a black iron gate. In front of the cemetary is a two-track and a small clearing in the forest ideal for parking two or three cars. So my friends and I parked our cars in this small clearing. Two of my friends got out and were walking in the forest behind the cars because they thought they heard something. I got out of my car with my friend Tony, we were standing in front of our cars facing the cemetary entrance. Tony and I were talking, when he nudged my arm and pointed out toward the cemetary. He said, "looks like someone is out there holding a candle". I look up to see what appears to be a candle circling around a particular grave marker. Out of curiosity, the two of us walk toward the entrance. When we got closer, we could see a baseball-sized ball or "orb" of orange light revolving around this one grave marker. It was not a candle, and no one was holding it up-it just hovered in mid-air. It kept circling around the marker; we also noticed that it lit up the ground underneath it. My friend said, "lets walk toward it to see what it does". Having reservations about this but not wanting to look cowardly, I obliged. We walked toward the grave marker near a tree in the front. When we got within thirty feet of the grave, the orb quit circling and hovered to the right of the grave. As we approached, the orb floated away. We walked faster, it floated away faster. It would not let us get closer to it. Toward the back of this cemetary there is a small hill that descends downward into a treeline. This orb went over the side of the hill. We stood at the top of the hill and watched as the ball of light disappeared into the treeline toward Old Channel Rd. Never seen anything like it. My friend and I still talk about it to this day. Just last week I found the shadowlands website, looked up Michigan and found Montague. Mouth cemetary was mentioned. It then mentioned orbs, which I found rather interesting. It also helped corroborate my own tale. In addition to ghostly sightings, there is also a local legend handed down over the years about a haunted chair known as Sadoney's chair. Local legend has it that on certain nights one can see his ghost sitting in the chair over looking the lake.

Weird Story

By: racer541@yahoo.com

Well, this one is a weird one I tell ya.  I live in Coos Bay, OR and one night my friends and I were coming home from the beach.  It was a clear night around 45 degrees at 11:30 PM at night.  We were driving on a road near Charleston, OR just south of Coos Bay called Libby Road.  Libby Road is a curvy and winding road with a 30 mph speed limit and increasing to about 55 mph.  This 6-7 mile road had many traffic accidents and deaths since the opening of the road.  This one night we had 3 cars going back to our meeting spot in Downtown in Coos Bay.  We were about 2 miles until the end of Libby Road when my friend in front of me all of a sudden slowed down.  We had walkie talkies on and were talking to each other.  All of a sudden my walkie talkie gets a lot of static as my friend in front started slowing down.  Just before we slowed down a mile down the road I saw a mist of fog roll across my car.  I was kinda weirded out by that cause it was a clear night.  So after my friend slowed down we went to our spot and of course my walkie talkie started working again.  We all got out of our cars and I asked my friend why he slowed down.  He said that he saw a figure of a child standing on the side of the road.  I was getting kinda spooked.  I said that it was 11:30 at night and all kids are in bed.  He said that the figure had blondish hair and was dark looking.  I asked him what color was his eyes and he told me that he could not see them.  He also told me that the driveway where the child was near was dark and had no lights in the driveway.  So we were talking and my friend told me that one of his childhood friend's had died there from a drunk driving father who had crashed his car and his friend had died.  Had all the same features that were described.  I told him that when he saw the "ghost" that my walkie talkie was getting static.  So my friend that was in front of me also had his 2 year old child with his girlfriend in the car.  I asked him if it was a reflection of his child but he said no it couldnt cause there was no oncoming traffic.  I was travelling right behind him when he slowed down and he asked me if I saw anything and I told him that I didnt see anything but the fog that rolled across my car.  So we were wanting to go back and see if he was still there.  But we freaked out.  So we decided to tell ghost stories of things that have happened in our town.  So if anyone wants to see some paranormal stuff, come to Coos Bay/North Bend/Charleston, Oregon.  We have the Tioga Hotel, the Charleston Bridge, McCollough Bridge, and other places that are haunted here.

Ghost Stories

By: nikkistone_77@yahoo.com

First of all I to say that I really enjoy your site. . .The ShadowLands is excellent. . .
To my story where do I need to begin is the question for me. . .
Well when I was three years old my family and I lived in a rented brick house. . .that had a huge pecan grove behind it (since then I believe the pecan grove is now gone). . I remember very well I did not like this pecan grove something evil lurked in that area. . the utility room always stayed bone chilling cold no matter what the season was. . the people we rented from were a little strange as well. . .I didn't want to be around there kids at all and I surely did not trust the man (our land lord). . .
One night, at the time my sister was just a baby and she slept in a crib near my parents bed and I slept in another room, well anyways my mom was awakened by something touching her leg. . .as she looked over at my sisters bed she realized that there was something small but very defined standing on the end of her baby bed. . My mother being a Christian automatically knew what she was looking at. . .this spirit was not a good spirit whatsoever. . .so she called out in the name of Jesus for this thing to leave and it did. . .I have often wondered what ever happened to it because I was left alone in my own room. . .
This by far was not the only experiences I have to share. . .but the most recent one happened back in 1999. . .
I was still living with my parents at the time and we lived in a house next to a church where my father preached. . .well one night I was sound asleep (I am a very hard sleeper no joke I could sleep through hell itself) well that night something shook me awake and I rolled over to my left side where there was a window where a outside night light was shining through and there in my room by the window stood a small black lady wearing a pair of glasses from the old days. . .she had on a yellow flowered dress and a bible in her hand. . .she smiled. . .by this time in my life I was not to easily to be startled by such because well most of my life I have had to deal with such rather I wanted to or not. . .but nevertheless as I looked at her I said "God if this is of you thank you if not in the name of Jesus Christ leave me alone"  I rolled back over and went to sleep that night with not an ounce of fear. . .later on I told my father about this and he told me that some of the local church members had told him that years and years ago there was a black settlement there and the whites runned them off or something of that extent I have a feeling it was horrible whatever happened. . .any how several other people have seen this woman as well. . .
Well just thought I would compliment you on your site and share just the tip of the iceburg about my life and the spirit world. . .

The Beach House

By: florenciaduran@yahoo.com

Ten years ago a large group of friends and I went to this friend's house at the beach.
There were many rooms in the house and many people, but we were all the same age (around 19).
The night we arrived two of my friends went to their room to get some coats, and were surprised to find a grown man going through their backpacks. They looked at each other not knowing what to say, and when they looked back at their backpacks no one was there. They told me this story many years after it happened, when I told them my experience in the house during that same trip.
I had woken up very early one morning (everyone else was asleep) and had decided to take a tour of the house. I was looking at a map which was hanging on a wall. Suddenly I sensed that there was someone watching me, and from the corner of my eye I saw a man leaning against a table, kind of checking me out. The house and street were totally silent, so I would totally have heard anyone moving close to me.
My heart was pounding fast, and my feet and hands got very cold and my mouth went dry. I gathered courage, closed my eyes for a split second and turned to face the man. There was no one there!
I was right next to the front door, so I went out into the garden to gather my breath and get some sunlight, because I was shivering.
I stayed outside, in my pijamas, until others woke up and started to circulate.
I later found out that the man who had built the house had also died there, and that many people had seen him and not even my friends who were boys liked to sleep alone in the rooms or spend time by themselves in the house.

Funny Spirits

By: irisheyeslabs@yahoo.com

Hello. I have  lived here all my life in this small town of Godley. My parents brought this land years ago,since then we have had numereous tales to speak of. In my trailer, which Dont think its the actual trailer thats haunted as the spot. We have old coal mines all around our area. The spirits have been described as a old fisherman as little kids described.From hearing people walking in the hallways. My tv gets the channel changed all the time,which anymore I just laugh at it. My sister lives next door in a trailer also and has had different things happening. and where I grew up in my mom and dads house,use to hear walking at night when no one was awake. I dont feel afraid with these or this spirit, I just say hello to them and aknowledge that they are around. I dont know if its possibly a old coal miner from years past or some passed on relatives.

Florida Home

By: sandnsun508@hotmail.com

This is a house we rented  in Lynn Haven Florida.
We lived there for approximately 2 years.  Over that time we had many encounters.
The house was built in the 1920's and we discovered had suffered a fire at one time.
It began with hearing two men talking, their voices were muffled like they were far away.  We checked outside to see if neignbors were talking at first, but all was quite outside and only three of us lived in the house.  My son and I heard on several nights what sounded like a ball bouncing off the roof. There would be three bumps on the roof and it would happen over and over, when no one was outside our house.  My husband felt the present of two cold presences brush against him one night in the master bedroom.  One of the more interesting incidents was I was in the bathroom brushing my hair with the bathroom door open and my husband was sitting on the bed.  Our closet door opened, a clothes hanger flew out of the closet barely missing my husband and landed at his feet.  A friend of my son's stayed one night and he told my son quiet shaken that their was an "old man" standing in the hallway. I have several dreamsickles (little angels) in a locked curio we would often find them turned around facing backward.  The final encounter was my husband was in bed early one morning, and I had left for work.  He felt someone roll off of the bed, sit up and then get up off the bed, he thought nothing of it at first think it was me, until he realized I had left over an hour before for work.  He was ready to move at that time.

Diablo and Un-known Voice.

By: CRgunnyA@aol.com

On Feb. 23, 1999, while working on the house  that we bought in Kitchen's Mills, SC..and moving dirt, I was nearly killed after leaving the driver's seat of my Back-Hoe-Front- Loader and run over. My family and I  were living in AZ at the time and came to SC about twice a year to visit friends and spend time in our home town. We bought this house to have a place to come to.
I remember hitting something, probably a root, while moving a large pile of dirt. I left the tractor seat and came to myself on the ground with my right leg caught in the chassis of the tractor, broken just above the ankle joint. I tried but failed to get myself loose. ( It was like you see in the movies everything slowed down and I had time to evaluate the situation and I try to get loose, but I could not.) I then tried to move with the forward motion of the tractor, to no avail.
I evaluated the situation and came to the conclusion that I was going to be run over, although this all happened in a few seconds, it seemed like a long time, I even had time to try to avoid the hydraulic stabilizer foot that were coming for my chest. It all happened in slow Motion.
Accepting the fact that I was about to possibly die, I asked God to please help me through this ordeal and he did.
I watched as the large rear tire and the hydraulic stabilizer came over me, crushing and dislocating  my left hip and breaking several ribs, crushing my pelvis and destroying my de-sending colon, dislocating my right hip and essentially pulling my right foot off.
The tractor ran into a large cedar tree and shut it's self down. ( now comes the good Part. ) I never lost consciousness, looking back at the pile of dirt I saw a middle aged man with black straight hair and dark olive skin. He had what looked like a two or three day growth of black beard and wore a black and red flannel shirt with thin yellow striped between the large black and red squares.
There was no verbal conversation between him and me, It was mental, He said to me,"God would not let me kill you but look at all of the pain that you are in." I then remembered what my daughter had asked of God when she was injured while giving birth to my grandson Richie, "Dear Lord please take away enough pain that I can bare this ordeal."
The pain level dropped to a point of tolerability and then he was gone.( I get some strange looks when I share this experience.)
I laid flat on my back for over six months in the Augusta, Georgia Veterans Hospital and I was the only person that didn't think that I was going to die.
The next incidence happened about two years later in the summer of 2001.
I was in the back of this same house putting away tools at dusk dark. I heard from behind me, A Strong Caucasian voice say,"GOOD EVENING," I turned and said, "good evening," no one was there. Talk about getting spooked? I was.
I went into the house and asked my wife Rachel if she had heard anything, she said,"no she had not heard a thing". I called the Aiken county sheriff's office and when the officer came out we explained what had happened, there were no foot prints etc., The officer told us to keep an eye and ear out and left.
Many people say that I am a very lucky man, I say I am a very blessed man.

Ball Cemetery

By: ginnygreco@hotmail.com

My friends and i are intimately familiar with Ball cemetary... On a previous visit my friends and i being skeptical ventured out there... it is very eerie and gloomy, day or night. As we proceeded into the grave yard nothing appeared and we took it as a joke, but as we proceeded out there was a severe shaking that overcame the car, side ot side... nothing like a flat tire but as if someone were rocking the car back and forth. We pulled over to investigate and the car was in superb condition, but in the dust covering the vehicle were the handprints of small children... Most people dont belive us, But i went out with another group of people to see if it would happen again and no such rocking occurred, however the next morning my friend who was driving was washing her rims off, and looked up and saw handprints all over the glass... We never told her about the first incident... Also we have heard from people if you walk the four corners you can see orbs and spirits rise and swirl... But it is indeed a very chilling place

A Guardian Angel

By: i_am_the_one_in_ten@hotmail.com

Hello whoever's reading this. i am not a skeptic, but rather someone who tries to look at a situation from every possible angle. ever since a was a child i have believed in 'spirits' and with good reason. i have encountered many occurances in 3 of the 4 houses i have lived in (I say 3 because i was too young to remember my first home), voices, bumps in th night, object and appliances moving and turning themselves on. one time when i was very young i woke up one morning, walked onto my landing and saw to green eyes, clear as day, staring at me from the shadows. instantly something clicked in my mind and i realised what they belonged to . before i could move they started moving towards and i saw that they actually belonged to a rather thick set dog. all the time i knew that this wasnt 'freindly' and wanted to escape allthough i was to scared to move. the dog was the same colour as the dobermans that i had owned but had died and the one that was currently sleeping in my mothers room. at first i thought it was my dog but as i stared i noticed it was more like a rotweiller as it was so chunky. it sped up as it approached me and finaly broke out snarling and barking as it leaped through the air at me. god knows how but i managed to run into my mothers room and hide beneath the duvet covers. Now..... here comes the logic, this happened many ears ago so long ago infact that i have started to doubt whether or not it actualy occured. the fact that i knew exactly where the dog was going to move leads me to beleive that it could have been a lucid dream, but ive never had a lucid dream before let a lone one so real and this feeling of knowing what is coming next is one that i often get either with these 'encounters' or just say spilling a drink. it could be something similar to the what people mean when they say that accidents are in slow motion. and finaly it is just so clear i remember every detail and i always have. this was actualy my second house and every body from my grandfather to my skeptical step father experienced things, then i moved and things quietened down. eventualy i started getting a similar feeling of presences and things and even thought i saw a tall dark hooded figure watching me, standing directly above me as i sat in my living room. one day i came home from school feeling worse for wear, my head hurt and i felt dizzy so decided to nap on the coach in the living room and wait for my mother to come home from work. we had been have then kithcen wich joined onto the room done out and so the door was just proped against the hole also we were using the kitchen door as our main entrance. so i lay sleeping on the couch and suddenly am woken by the noise of the front kitchen (back) door being opened, to my deberman who barks at any noise or voices who arent me or my mother, starts running around the room wagging its tail and jumping at the proped up door. so i assume my mother must be homeand start calling to her 'hello mum' to which i get no reply just the continuing shufflin and banging around in the kitchen. then i decided to wait fo he to come in because she obviousy couldnt hear me, the next thing i knew i was waking up on the couch, 'god' i thought ' i drifted off' so i got up and started to find my mum but could not see here any where, i searched the whole house buut no one was home and everthing was where i left it and the dog had gone back to bed. She must have gone out again so i sat and waited some more.
eventualy she came through the door in her work uniform and saying hello, when i saked why she had gone out agin she told me she had nver been home.
once again all logic and my state leads me to beleive this event didnt happen, but it was so real. after wards when i told my mother she told a story about her which was quite similar and which i will put below for any body who would like to read it. after this i beleived that the presence must have caught up with us or i was having very real dreams which i never have.
later my girlfreind would tell me that when she was sleeping in one of our spare rooms she had been woken during the night by what she thought to be my mother getting the dirty washing. she soon realised that i couldnt have been my mother shuffling around next to her because it was the middle of the night and mum was in bed she quickly turned around to see nothing there. my mother as often told me of a person who quite frequently visits her during te night and sits on her bed. so has my grand mother, she also told me that shortly that after her mother died she was cleaning her house and saw her mother walking down the street to her house, she ran to put the kettle on for her but realised she had passes away. she was instantly over come with a feeling of calm and reassurance and has never felt upset towards her mother since.
there have been times when me and my freinds have been forced to sleep with the light on because we can hear something moving around in the other empty bedrroms in the house. since then we have moved and hae experienced only on thing. my girlfreind described seeing a tall dark hooded figur standing over her bed. i had not told her of the one i had seen. my mother as spoken of how she believes that it is a gaurdian watching over us because she has never felt threatened by it and also because a very reliable fortune teller descibed and old irish woman who watches over us. i dont know what to think as i have felt both threatened (due partly to being slapped on the head by
something) and also comfortable with the presence. things have happened that i could quite easily explain, a curtain swinging on its own for example which turned out to be the hot air rising up from a radiator below it, and other things have been harder to understand like a toy gun firin at me without being touched. draw your own conclusions.
For anybody else who would like to hear my mothers story.....
she was babysitting with a freind one evening. the child was in bed and my mtothers freind had gone to the shops for some reason or another leaving my mum alone. my mother locked the door behind her freind and left the key in, she then watched television for half an hour but was interupted by her freind banging on the door. she walked over and tried turning the key which was stuck for some reason. ' hold on ' she told her freing whos banging was becoming more and more frantic. my mother really began to panic as she treid to get thedoor unlocked but failed. she urged her freind to stay calm and hold on but the banging persisted. she started asking her freind if she was ok but recieved no answer, she asked for he freind to say anything but got no reply. she told her freind that she wouldnt open the door until she got an answer but the only answer she got was more banging. all of a sudent the rappingstopped and the flat was calm. 'hello?' my mum asked but still got no rply, she checked the child and then went back to the television, after a few minutes there was another banging at the door but it was accompanied by her freing quite calming asking her to open up. my mother walked over and had another attempt at truning the key. it tuned smoothly and the dor opened with out a problem, he freind came in, they locked the door again and my mother bgan to tell my freind all about what had hapened.

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