My Sisters Story


I was messing around on the internet and came across your website.  After reading some of the stories of other peoples happenings I sent an email sharing my story to Tina.  I have another story I would like to share with you.  This is actually my sisters story.  She is a 42 year old single mom and lives on a VFW campus as part of a program for single mothers whose husbands had served in a foreign war.  Anyway, the house she was living in was built in the 1920's and was completely empty when she moved in.  She did a complete walk through with one of the workers to make sure nothing was wrong with the house and to see if anything needed repaired that was broken before she moved in.  About 3-4 months ago she started noticing a rancid smell in her basement that she described as rotten eggs and it got increasingly worse each day.  She had the maintenance crew come in to check it out and they couldn't find anything wrong.  About a week after that it got worse again so the same maintenance guy came in again and in the basement in a room that my sister never used they found playdough all over the floor, old metal hot wheels cars and one childs boot - none of these things were dusty and were not there when she moved in.  Due to some health issues she has since moved into a different house on campus.

Are You OK?


hi my name is cathy, when i was 10   we had moved down from maine, an we had rented a house and the first few nites we were there  every thing was ok but this one nite,my brother and i were sent off to bed as normal fell a sleep , somthing startled me someone had hit me so hard at the top of my head. i covered my head up shaking with fear i could not move then after a while i peaked over my covers and i could not believe what i saw this shadow like figuire on the wall, then it disapeared, i was afraid to go back to sleep, i had told my mother about it she said that i imagined it, but it never happened again.    then i found out later on that , now this happened in the 60s  now this was 20 years later that it was an old woman she was not well like, by other people she died in that house  she was not seen very much she had con fined herself to the house she would chase kids off her property, ithink thats why she hit me. i will never forget that as long as i live.  the next time was when my grandmother passed , i was like 18 about a few days after her barriel , i went to bed one nite and just started to fall as i turned over there was my gram sittting at the end of my bed she was there for about 15 sec, and i was talking to her i was not afraid of her  then she disapeard . ilove my gramand we were close i think she came tosee if iwas ok because i took her death very hard. so here are my exspearinces

My Visitor


      Hello my name is Laura. I'm 25 years old and I have 3 small children. I have a lot of stories, but I will relay the ones that have affected me the most. The first story happened when I was 16. I was eating at a restaurant with some friends of mine and I started choking on some food. While I probably was only doing so for less than a minute it seemed like much longer. Someone preformed the Heimlich and dislodged the food, I started violently coughing and my friend grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bathroom were I started vomiting into the sink. Now here's were it gets strange. I remember leaning over the sink and a woman asking my friend if I was ok. She told the woman that I had been choking and I heard the woman say "poor baby" she wet a paper towel and placed it on the back of my neck. I looked up into the mirror and A very tall black woman was smiling at me she had glasses on the style that was popular in the 80's and her hair was in an up do. I smiled back at her and then she left. I went home and tried to forget the incident. Well the next day when I was discussing the kind stranger with my friend we came to the subject of her appearance. When I described her my friend was looking at me like I was insane. She then informed me that the woman was a small Hispanic lady with long hair pulled back. She also told me that no one else was in the bathroom and after the woman left no one came in. Well I have no idea who she was but I know what I saw. The other one happened with the same friend. She was driving me  home late one night and I was dozing a little in the passenger side. We were coming to this dark little three way when her headlights caught two people walking across the street. One was a woman, she had dark hair and was wearing a light green coat. The other was a man walking behind her. He was blonde and wearing a black hat with a bulky black coat. They got to the other side of the street just before we passed them, and When I looked over There was only the woman. "what happened to the guy" I asked. And again the funny look from my friend. What guy she asks. The guy that was walking behind the woman. Well I made her turn around and we asked her if there was a man walking behind her and she said no one was on the street but her and us when we drove by. At this point I feel really over whelmed with grief and I feel so lost and I can't just leave until I tell her what I saw. So I describe the man that I saw walking and the woman first got angry and me and said I was just trying to play a joke on her. But we assured her that we had happened to see her walking on our way home.  She broke down and told us that her brother had been killed in a car crash and had died  the day before he was supposed to see her for the first time in 3 years. That that was what he was wearing when he died. He was following her. I could feel his grief at not being able to tell her that he was there. It was so sad yet so touching that he was there and that she didn't know that. But again saw him. And after  a few years of this my friend just sort of got used to it. Well one more thing. Since I've had kids I haven't seen any thing of the other side. I don't know if its because I'm afraid now or if it just went away but its been awhile. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I think its great that you have this site that's serous about letting people tell their stories with out the fear and ridicule that some who don't understand like to say of others.


"The House on Milton Street, Part 2."


About three years ago, I sent in a story about how I went to stay at my relatives haunted house for the holidays. Shortly after I left to come home a lot more scary things happened. For three years I've been saying to myself
"Yeah, I'll tell my story again soon..." or "I'll do it next week!" So after
two years of pushing it back I've parked my self infront of the computer with a cup of coffee and I'm ready to tell more ghostly stories! To recap on
my other story, my two older cousins and their parents had been living in their house for about 6 years without anything ever happening. After they re-renovated, strange but non-threatening activity started up.
After I left my relatives house having a few of my own experiences, I gave my cousin a call and asked her if there had been any creepy experiences since I left. What she told me sent shivers down my spine. I will not use her real name but we will call her Jessica. Keep in mind that during this time both her parents were in Australia, although her younger brother was home with her. Jess told me that one night, she got into bed, turned out the
light, and went to sleep. She had the strangest dream she was in a very old building, like a school. She was walking up an old stairway with a friend of
hers. Her friend said "Okay, this is the scary part." Once they reached the top of the staircase their was a glass door. Beyond that glass door was a dark figure moving. My cousin awoke to hear something very strange in her room. Her blankets were on the floor. Either she had kicked them off of they
had been pulled off. Anyway, she could hear the sound of footsteps in the darkness around her bed. It was like they were looking for something. It scared the Hell out of her. She said to herself "Okay, shut your eyes as tight as you can, count to three, bend down pick up your blankets and throw them over you." So when she reached three, with her eyes shut tightly she threw he blankets over her and started counting. She counted for so long the
sun began to come up. When her room was light enough she got up and ran out of the room. When her parents arrived home a few days later she told her mum
her story and also said she was never going to sleep in that room again and made her parents swap rooms with her. She told me the energy in the room felt completely different after she changed rooms. I had the dream analysed by a dream interpreter and they said the dream was a premonition of what would happen when she woke up. I got hold of her again a few weeks later and
asked if anything else strange had happened. She told me that she was on the
phone talking to her friend, then once the conversation had ended to stuck the phone in the pocket of her jacket and started talking to her mother. Her
mother asked her for the phone so Jess reached into her pockets only to find wasn't there...They searched all over the house and found it on her parents bed. Extremely strange how the phone somehow ended up there when
my cousin never went anywhere near there and it somehow 'teleported' out of her pocket. This next experience of hers is the last. One night she had a very strange dream. She dreamt she was in her bedroom when the ghost of a little girl walked into her room. The girl had some strange abnormality about her head. Ever a birth defect or a really bad burn. When my cousin looked into her eyes, the defect went away and she was a normal pretty looking girl. My cousin took her into a room and the little girl was crying,
telling Jess she couldn't pass on. Jess told her everything was going to be okay and to go towards the light. My cousin Jess awoke the next morning thinking "Wow! What a strange dream..."
From then on, nothing ever happened in the house again. I found this odd because I know I saw the black shadow of a man in the middle of the hallway.
Perhaps when the little girl passed on she took this man with her? Or maybe the man was a spirit that returned to the house every now and then to help the little girl pass over but was unsuccessful in his attempts? About two months after my cousins dream they moved houses. Remember this all took place about three years ago. The forces we not remotely harmful, but kind spirits. The house has new owners and I've always wondered in they have experienced anything paranormal. I doubt it because it seems the little girl
has crossed over. We couldn't dig up any past information on the house.
There was really no point because the previous owners built the house and no
one ever died in it!
I would now like to tell you about a haunted theatre here in my home town of
Wellington, New Zealand. This theatre is called 'The St. James' and is occupied by two ghosts, one friendly ghost called Yuri, the other called 'The Wailing Woman' or 'Woman in Red' who is a some-what nasty entity. A psychic entered the theatre during the 70s' and revealed that Yuri was pushed to his death from the cat walk. Yuri has saved the life of a
few people who have worked there. A woman holding her baby was pushed out of
the way of a falling beam that would have killed them both. Someone who works there was up on the cat walk when the lights in the theatre went out.
(not something supernatural but something that commonly happened there) He was surrounded in darkness and tried walking fowards. He felt a very cold hand pushing his chest. The lights in the theatre went back on and in front of this man was a 30 foot drop which would have killed him if this force hadn't have stopped him. The Wailing Woman in the ghost of an actress who performed in the theatre during the 40s' and tried to make a comeback.
Unfortunately, she was booed off stage. She was so upset that she went back to her dressing room and committed suicide by cutting her wrists. People working at the theatre claim to hear a woman crying in a dressing room aswell as screaming and somebody flooding the basement. Police dogs will not
venture into some parts of the theatre and strange accidents have happened to actors or singers performing. Everytime I walk past this theatre I'm desperate to sneak in and have a look around. It is not abandoned and still houses many plays to this day, and the ghosts still wander the halls.
I hope you have enjoyed my stories, they have all been 100% true. The paranormal has interested me greatly and I 100% believe in ghosts. One day I
hope to be a paranormal investigater.
P.S: I apologise if there are any spelling mistakes in my story!

Ghosts can Touch You


Some people say ghosts can't touch people, and if they do they'll pass right through you. I'm not so sure thats true. When i was little i had trouble sleeping when i was sent to bed so i would do numerous things to entertain myself. ( i don't remember this expreince much but i do rember this) I was sitting on the top bunk of my bunk bed faceing the wall, i was kneeling not doing anything really when i feel somone grab me under the arms. it tryed to lift me and half suceeded until i wriggled away and jumped out of bed.
barely catching a glimpse of a black shadow dispearing into the opposit wall. I sat in the hallway terrifed out of my mind becuae this was one of my first exprences ( i had many more afterwards) my mother said she found me in the hallways and i told her somone had tryed to lift me out of bed. She said it wasen't her becuase she was asleep until she heard me crying. it coudlen't have been my father becuase he was at work at the time. and my brother was still to short to reach the top bun, let alone pick somone out of it. From then on when i was up late sometimes i would see the shadow of a man materialize in this spot on my wall. He always appear in the same spot.
always. once i saw him sitting in the chair in my room. sometimes he would appear and take a few steps around the room and be gone. after a while i learnd not to be afraid of the man. after all he never tryed to harm me. and the way he attempted picked me up was malichouse he was simply trying to lift me up. I acutlly called him chicken-coop man for a while becuase my father had told me there used to be a chicken coop on the property and a man lived in it. So i just called him chicken coop man. We'v since moved out of that house, and i kind of miss chicken coop man. yea he would scare me when i wasen't expecting him but i had grown accustom to his pressance.

A Story For You


I've got a story for you...  When I was less than 6 months old my parents rented a house in Bonne Terre, MO....  My mother at the time had a Yorkie whom wouldn't even enter the house.  The dog was a very loving dog but when forced into the house would go crazy and run out the door to my grandparents house that was one Jackson St.  Just a few blocks away.  Things got so bad in the house that my mother refused to live in it any longer..  She said that every time she would go down the stairs there was a presence of a woman that would walk down them behind you in a hurry. People still talk about how it sounded like someone wearing high heels was walking quickly up and down the stairs.  When they would place a pacifier down it would vanish only to be found after we moved in a taped shut box that had been tapped before we moved into this house.  They found over 8 pacifiers in that box.  My grandmother asked my mother who the woman was staying with us , that she had seen her in the up stairs window, only to be told that there was no one else in the house but her and I.  When my mom was finally at her wits end she went to a priest whom told her a story about the house that scared her to this day...  A few years before a couple had split up , the woman in a desperate move over dosed herself and called husband/ boyfriend as a attempted for him to save her.  He got held up in meetings and never got the message.  She was found dead in the bath tub...  My mother found a friend of the woman in the area and she told her that the woman hated the ST. Francis county and never wanted to be there in the first place..  Her mother had her buried there against her daughters wishes.  I have been told only from asking that I never slept in that house my mother told me that I was up and crying constantly and when they would go to visit someone I'd sleep like I hadn't slept in months..  As a young child being taht my grandparents lived only a few blocks from the house we would walk and drive by it and I would talk about the pretty thin dark headed lady in the window, no one else knew what I was talking about. My grandparents said that my mother hardly slept & was constintlely complaning about the fact taht my nursery door wouldn't remain open it would slma as soon as she turned her back to go out into the hallway of the second floor.  Still to this day if you ask my dad about it he refuses to talk, my mother told me that even after they moved out he had horrific and odd dreams that all seemed to take place in that house.  The house still stands I'm not sure if it is vacant, but two years ago when driving by my 3 year old asked who the woman in the window was......  I'm in my late 20's now & my parents still refuse to talk about what all happened in hat house.  The preist that told my mother the story also asked her before she told him her address if she lived in the house that is actually on the same block just down the rode,  he told her he had heard horrible stories about it.....   

True Ghost Story


First off, I really love your site.  I spend much a late night reading up on ghost stories [and then have a hard time falling asleep :P].
But here's my story:
For the first 16 years of my life, I lived in the house my grandfather built in a small town in Central Jersey.  Before my grandpa built the house, there had only been a barn in the back of the property and one other house on the street [owned by one of my grandpa's sister-in-laws].  By the time I was born, the barn was gone and all that was left was a rather large fireplace in the backyard.  I really always hated playing in the backyard, mostly because I always felt someone was watching me.  And never, never would I play near that fireplace, mostly because it always freaked me out.
The thing that really set me off about the house was when I was around 6 and I was sleeping in my mom's bed [I always did this].  I woke up in the middle of the night, which was not abnormal for me, but what I saw then was abnormal.  There was a man standing in the doorway, staring at me.  He was wearing overalls with a white collared t-shirt underneath them, with a hat but I don't really remember what it looked like.  He just kept staring at me, so I finally asked him who he was.  Instead of answering my question, he simply told me to get out in a low, scratchy voice.  Being a little kid, I immediately lay back down and pulled the blanket over my head, waiting a few minutes, and then woke my mom.  By that time, he was gone.  Years later, I brought it up to my mom, asking her if she really thought I just had a bad dream, which had been her explanation at the time.  She became slightly anxious and then finally told me she was sure I had seen a ghost because of one of her own experiences.  Apparently, many nights she felt like some one would slip into bed with her.  She would just think it was me, but when she turned over to ask me if I was okay, she would find no one there.  Eventually, she stopped sleeping in her room, and it stopped.
We moved when I was 16.  My mom taught at the town's high school, and eventually we discovered that the reason why our house was for sale when it was was because the previous owner's daughter had died in the house.  And the place she died?  Well, my bedroom, of course!  The girl had just went to sleep one night and never woke up.  Every morning, I would wake up and go down into the basement to go on the computer, and I would find the TV on.  I thought maybe my mom had left it on, but every time it would be on the Spanish Language channel.  Now, mom and I aren't Spanish, nor do we know it, so there would be no point to us watching it.  I decided to do some digging, asking some people in the high school who knew the girl who had died, and apparently she had taken every level of Spanish available in the high school and had planned to go to college so she could teach Spanish.  Lets just say I was a little scared.  The next morning, I went down and the TV was on again, and I politely said that if she wanted attention, this was not the way to do it, and that I would just prefer her to leave me alone.  After that, nothing again.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  It just feels good to actually tell someone.

Queen Mary


Back in the mid eighties I was living in Los Angeles, and a friend of mine from the Bay Area came into town on business. His firm had secured lodgings for him aboard the Queen Mary and my friend contacted me and suggested that we meet there for dinner and drinks. I wish to point out that, at that time, neither of us had ever heard any of the stories of the haunting aboard the Queen Mary
We had a nice dinner at the Capstan Room, and a couple of cocktails in the Art Deco lounge, and decided to go exploring on the ship. Two inexplicable incidents occurred while we were poking around the old ship.
The first occurred when we went on the engine room tour, which basically is just a trip with a tour guide down a ramp and onto a platform above a portion of the engine room, and shows very little of the actual extent of the area. We were in the back of a large group of people and noticed an unlocked gateway off to one side with a sign that said "no admittance". We looked at each other and nodded, and slipped through the gate and ducked out of sight around a corner. The engine room is a cavernous place, something that you might not realize if you just took the tour, and we were both eager to explore the whole thing, since we share an interest and fascination with nautical artifacts. We had been exploring for some time, climbing catwalks and ladders up, down, across and all around the area known as "shaft alley", where the main propeller shaft passes through the engine room. Suddenly, we both looked across the 'alley' and saw a man standing there on a catwalk, perhaps 40 feet away. He appeared to be in his early twenties, wearing brown trousers and a jacket. We thought maybe someone else had sneaked away from the group, and we just sort of smiled and waved, saying "hi how are you..." or something to that effect. The man did not react at all, just stood there with his hand holding a railing above him and staring at us. My friend and I looked at each other, thinking "what's this guy's deal?" When we looked back, the man was gone. There is no way he could have moved off or concealed himself without us seeing what he was doing...he simply was not there any longer. My friend and I left the area hastily, and didn't comment on it until we were well clear of the engine room.
The second incident occurred perhaps an hour later, in another unused and perhaps off-limits part of the ship, this time in a hallway that runs behind what appeared to be a theater stage. The stage itself appeared to be under restoration, although there were no workmen present at this time, being a Saturday evening. While looking around this stage we noticed a hatchway off to one side and decided to see where it led. The hallway we entered was very dimly lit and completely covered in a thick layer of undisturbed dust. We followed this hallway for perhaps 30 to 40 yards, until we came upon a newspaper laying in the middle of the hall under the dust. I picked this newspaper up and swept away the dust, finding a date on it that was prior to WWII. My friend and I were preoccupied with looking at this paper when it suddenly became icy cold and our breath was visible in the dim light. We turned around to look back the way we had come. Looking down we saw the tracks that we had each left in the dust, and a third set of tracks in the dust between them. The tracks were darker and a smaller size than the ones we had left, and ended right behind the place we had stopped. I stooped down to touch one of the tracks and realized that these tracks were wet, and they had been made by bare feet of a child no more than 10 or 12 years of age. They did not return back down the hallway...they simply ended right there. Needless to say, my friend and I once again beat a hasty retreat and did no further exploring that night aboard the Queen Mary.
I swear that this is a true account.



You guys have a Great web-site.  I only have one book on the ghosts of Lincoln, Ne.  I want to buy more of the other ones, well anyway...... The house that my Mom and Step-Dad had in Red Cloud was definitely haunted.
They told me it was...guess I just thought they were bull-shitting me. 
I had moved back to this state, and had to stay with them for a little while.  I got up one morning and they were already at work, so I was there alone.  I was sitting at the dining room table, across from the table are stairs that go upstairs, and an opening to the front room.  The door was open to the stairs, and someone was walking either up or down them, they were hitting each step, but no one was there but me.  I was at the store in about 30 seconds flat, freaking out, asking "What the hell was going on in their house?"  Needless to say they thought it was funny, and preceded to tell me about the 2 old spinster sisters that use to live
in the house.   There would be times I would be visiting them, and we
would all be in the front room, and you could hear someone walking across the floor upstairs.  That was pretty common, you just get use to it.
That wasn't my first encounter.   I do Believe in ghosts, I've never had
to deal with a mean one though.

A Story of A Visited Scout

I am a Scout in my Scout Troop. The short account of paranormal activity that I am about to tell you took place after the planning of my Pinewood Derby Racecar. (The Pinewood Derby is an annual race held by BSA. It involves cutting a miniature scale car and racing it against others.)
My Father and I had been working on it together, and he told me of a design that he and his Father had used when he was a Scout. I decided to go with that, in honor of my late Grandfather, who had helped design my Father's car.
When I got home from planning my car at the Scout meeting, I got on my computer. After an hour or so, I feel a sharp tap on my uniform (I hadn't changed my into my nightclothes yet). It wasn't in the least bit painful, just a strong tap. I looked to my left (where the tap had been), and I saw nothing. I just felt a prescence. A good one, in a way. The tap was on my Troop Number.
I think this was my Grandfather telling me that he's proud of me. He died before I ever got to meet him.



Ever since I was a little chiled I have had strange things happen to me. From pulling people into my dreams to save me from death to having ghost follow me were ever i go. I guess you can call me a expert in the supernatural. There is not a day in my life that something weard dose not happen to me. I am use to it now and i am no longer scared of the things that happen. In fact I help people with the ghost that are evil or just plain scaring the pants off of others. So i am going to tell you guys some of the things that has happend to me.
When i was 14 years old my mother put me in faster care. I moved from one home to another. At the age of 16 I moved into yet another faster home. It was a big house that i like and at the time my faster mother was the kind person. Everything was fine for about a week or two then it started yet again. Late at night I could hear people walking in the hall out side my bedroom door. Kids playing and having fun. At first I thought it was my faster moms kids playing. That is untill they spent the weekend with their father. No young kids were in the house but yet I was awaken to children playing in the hall. Being use to this kind of thing i went back to sleep.
Two days later we got a new girl. One Saterday afternoon we were both in the living room. let me tell u the was it looks so that u can get an idea of what happend. There is another room behind the living room that i like to call the reading room. The reading room had wood doors that pulled shut. About halfway into the door way the chouch was. There was still room to walk into the reading room and the doors were opend. I was reading a book that i could not get my nose out of when i heard a rocking chair rocking back and forth. There was no rocking chair in the reading room. My faster sister and I turned of course we saw nothing, but when we turned the rocking got louder and faster. I then got off the couch and went to see if someting eals in the reading room was making the noise. I could see nothing. I decied to go in the reading room and just as i set my foot on the  the floor the rocking stoped. She screamed wich made me scream. My faster mom ran in ask asked us what was going on  we told her. She said that that was weared nothing had happend in the house for over 10 years.
My next story is when i had a friend over for the night we were going on a chmping trip the next morning and had to get up early. We slept in the same bed. In the middle of the night I felt a hand on my arm I asked her what was wrong. She shook me I then rolled over to see what was wrong. As soon as I rolled over I saw a dark man with red glowing eyes that was glearing at us. I told her stay still and not move untill it went away. We stayed like that for about 10 mimunts before he left.
That was not the only time that I have seen the dark man. I am now 19 years old living with my boyfriend of 2 years. The dark man has followed me along with others that have chose to be near me. It has gotten to the point that he is so use to it that when someting happens he acts like its apart of life. Our friends have seen some of the things that happen to us, and ask how can we live like this. Jordands repaly is "After living with Kat for a year u get use to it."

My Haunted House in Barnegat


Dear Shadowlands, I live in an old house in Barnegat, NJ. At one time my home stood next to the railroad station.It served the town as a general store, a pharmacy and finally a bank before it was moved to its present location. After moving in, small things would disappear only to return in the exact spot they went missing, plates would fall from the wall in one specific spot while the ones surrounding them would remain intact and a tall, dark presence could be detected in the upper hall. I always thought these phenomena were attributable to a sea captain who lived in the house. After contacting the local historical society I learned that a pharmacist, Mr Dilks, committed suicide in my home. Although there had been no recent activity, that very night a small child's desk in the living room tipped itself over. I was in the room alone at the time. I must have had some type of forewarning because just before it happened I gave a yell that sent my son running from his bedroom just in time to be a witness. We have never been afraid, no malice has ever been intended. We simply feel sorry for this poor, sad soul. There are many haunted houses in Barnegat. At our last town yard sale we walked around asking the neighbors, "So, who is your ghost?" We heard many stories!



I purchased a house Tx. in 1999 and lived there until 2003. Being new to the area, I knew no-one. After answering a knock on my door 3 times with nobody there, I thought the kids were playing a game. The next day, I went to city hall, since the town was only 6 blocks by 6 blocks, it was in view and asked the town clerk, Mary and the water dept manager, Luis Contreras, if messing with new folk would end soon.
After telling them what happened, Luis said "We thought the retired border patrol officer you bought the place from was nuts! He would come to city hall, peek out the windows and swear he was going to catch those kids and prosecute them." Turns out that he was getting knocking on the floors, walls, windows and doors, and nobody could be seen.
This caused him to build a 6' high wood fence around the place that a jackrabbit could not get through. He also hand piled river rocks around the entire foundation so they could not get under the house. Neighbors were thinking he was crazy. it finally drove him to sell to an unsuspecting out-of-towner, me.
I was told that Maggie, her husband and her run the local citco station, lived in the house as a girl and her mother owned the place till she passed. Maggie smiled when I asked her about the place and said "Mom would always call us over because somebody was trying to get in the house"
This is a small 2 bedroom old house on a corner lot next to a church on 1 side and the Catechism teaching bldg on the other. I have had someone sit on the bed next to me, and when my cousin came to visit, I was told about the rude neighbors that were knocking on the window all night. My questions to my cousins Debra and Freddy Rodriquez were: was the fence locked because of the pit bulls they traveled with were in the yard all night and did you hear them bark? They looked at each other and after I told them the place was haunted, they left and would not come back.
I went on the internet to the Yahoo chat rooms involving Ghosts, hauntings...etc. The room I selected had a warning not to ask for a reading. If the people in the room got anything, they would let you know. I sat and waited.....Two-Kettles said she was a tribal shaman in Kansas and after describing my house with the oversized fence, piled rocks and the religious bladings on each side, had my attention. Here is what she said: I see 3 spirits there, an elderly Hispanic male wearing a pin-striped suit, a young girl, about 5 years old and a cat. I am a retired corrections officer from a federal prison, so alternate realities have been fairly foreign to me. She was laughing and said they liked me because I was ok with them being there and I did the dishes! She also said they had so much fun with the old man that was there before me and what he did to try and stop them.
All I have said can be backed up by the townsfolk, Maggie and Victor still run the station and live local as does Luis Contreras, whose wife Brenda manages the office at Balmorhea State Park, run by Friend Tom Johnson. If the town stories interest you, there is a legend I was told of involving the big hill just north of town with the cross on it. Seems local women were seen there 1 night dancing with a creature with cloven hooves. The large shrine is located across the road where this supposedly happened and can be viewed on the internet.
Love the site and thank you for the place to put this out to.

Ghost Experience at River Ridge Castle


I read stories on here alot, but I didn't expect to be posting one! I've been interested in the supernatural for a long time, but never had any experiences.
Last weekend ( 01.12 - 01.14) I stayed up at the River Ridge Castle in Franklin, PA on a retreat with my youth group. The castle is very big, old and full of history. There's just hallway upon hallway, door after door, staircase after staircase, it's like a big maze. I finally figured out how to get to my room without help on the last day. =D 
Anyway, there are actually two towers there, but you can only get into one of them--the other one is closed off. A few friends of mine and I decided to go up there, it was really cold. I mean, it really wasn't that cold outside, but it was freezing in the tower and there was lots of condensation on the walls. So we were in there being hyper and taking random pictures. We took a particularly funny one and all gathered around the camera to look at it when I calmly pointed out that there was an orb in the picture. I guess my friends weren't as cool with that as I was, 'cause they freaked out and bolted out of there. I followed them, and we ran and told my friend *S,* who informed us she's sensitive to the supernatural and wanted to come check it out. We went back up, all of my friends were huddled on the steps while my friend *C* and I watched *S.* She told us to be quiet, and after a moment's deliberation she told us that there was definitely something up there. So we sprinted out and went back to my friends' rooms. We zoomed in and examined the pictures more closely, the orb was very big and had a shape which resembled a swan inside. There was also a smaller orb near the floor we hadn't noticed.
I thought it was exciting the castle was haunted, my friends: not so much.
Later that night I was with some of my other friends, *K* and *E* in my room, we were staying up late and talking. We were the only group in the whole castle still awake, you see all the other groups were sleeping in the same room as their leaders, but my group was divided up into smaller rooms and my leaders were at the end of the hall. We took advantage of that. ;] But we kept hearing loud thuds and people walking around. It was rather creepy. I also saw odd lights on the main floor (no one was sleeping there--girls slept on the second floor, guys slept in the basement "dungeon.")
The next day, I noticed that in the larger bathroom in our hall, whenever I went past quickly I saw a whitish figure in there out of the corner of my eye. Every time. Needless to say, I always went past it quickly. =]
The only other significant thing that happened was when we left. We had cleared out our stuff from the room, and everyone was downstairs getting loaded into buses/vans. I ran upstairs to get my blanket and camera which I had almost forgotten, and I glanced around the empty room and said "Goodbye." As I closed the door, I heard the muffled sound of a girl crying.
After I got home, I looked up the castle on Google and found out that Joseph Sibley, it's original owner, had died there. You can find an article in Wikipedia  on him. My friend *S* later said she dug up more information and found out his daughter, Celia, died there too, and there was a fire there sometime in the last century. The castle now belongs to Life Ministries and is used for retreats and such. 
One last thing--all the pictures I've seen of the place have an seemingly supernatural anomaly somewhere in them. Even in the postcards the castle sells there's an odd face--in the window of the closed off tower!
Anyway, all in all, it was a great weekend. =]



well, my grandfather died about 7 months ago. But then, about 4 months ao, my house started to have these eerie things going on. One, at night and ONLY at night, NONE of the lights in the house would go off. Though if we tried dimming the light it would work. Then, in the morning and afternoon the lights would start working again. And my mom, she swears to God, she heard my grandfather talking to her saying something in a low muffled voice, but this was with no televisions on at the time. Ever since that "encounter between my mom and my grandfather", we've not had any other light troubles in the house. At first, I thought it was just some malfunctions in the lights, but then I started to think a bit more about the situation.

My mother Peggy (a ghost story)


Hello, I would like to share with you a different kind of ghost story.  For years my mother suffered from a disease called COPD.  It is a lung disease caused by smoking.  In August  2005 she was admitted to ICU after complications from bowel surgery and after she recovered she stayed in a rehabilitation center until her death in October.  She was hooked up to a respirator so long that her lungs could not function without it and she slowly lost the battle with her poor lungs.  In September my father was diagnosed with lung cancer but he chose not to tell my mother until she was better as not to get her upset in her own recovery.  It was on my birthday that he was diagnosed.  After my mother died my father was devastated.  He had just started Chemotherapy the week before.  Two days after her death my father was sleeping in his recliner in the livingroom (it was the only place he could sleep because of the pain of the cancer).  He woke about 2am to find my mother sitting in the recliner caticorner to him and she was smiling.  Then she slowly disappeared.  Some think my father was hallucinating, some think he actually saw her.  I believe he saw her because on the evening of her death I felt her prescense (we were very close and shared some psychic stuff in the past).
Sadly my father passed away October 2006, almost exactly a year after my mother.  But I find comfort in knowing they are together again.

My Uncles House



Story about my Nephew


I have family members who have also had things happen to them. My story is true it happened to me.
My brother was killed in a drinking and driving accident when he was 31, he left behind two sons, my nephews (7) and (5). They were like my own kids. They stayed with me all the time I took them everywhere. The youngest was 29 at the time and had three kids, 1 son and 2 daughters. He was driving to the store with his 3 year old son in the car and had a accident, he hit a tree the road was wet and he couldn't stop. His son was killed, the doctors told me that he died instantly but my nephew told me that his son spoke to him at the accident and ask him was he going to be ok. The docotors said that he could not have spoke but I believed my nephew. Three months later his brother was drinking with their mother in the car, he had an accident and their mother was killed.  These accidents happened in 1996 and 2000 my nephew that was driving when his son was killed, killed himself. He use to live me with and he stayed with me a week before he died. Shortly after he died I started having things happen in the apartment that I had lived in for 10 years. My water would turn on at the kitchen sick in the middle of the night, my bedroom light would cut on. I woke up about 2 in the moring and my candle was burning. My TV would cut on and off so I decided to talk to my nephew who died and I ask him was this him in my apartment. I told him to leave me a sign, to flash a smiley face on my wall on somwhere for me to see. I took a cab to work every morning for about 5 years and the next day after I ask for my smiley face I opened the cab door and the first thing I saw was a smiley face on the floor of the cab right by the door.  I cried for days after that.  To this day nothing else has happened.
One night in Kentucky my grandmother was talking about my Aunt who passed away from giving birth to my cousin, my grandmother said that she seen my Aunt all the time and would feel her get into bed with her. That night I went to bed and my mom slept in the same room so she finally got into bed and later we heard something fall so my mom got up to see what it was because I was to scared, it was my aunts picture it had fallen on the floor. The weird part of this is that the picture was old and hanging on a nail and the nail was still there and the rope on the picture frame was not broken. My mom always told me it was my aunt letting us know she knew they were talking about her. My mother told me that my Dad would not sleep without a gun by his bed because of the things they heard.
My family has so many stories they could write a book.  

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