Meeting The Grimm Reaper


I was living with my grandmother and mom and 2 sisters while we were looking for a new house in a different state. I was in the 4 grade when this happend. It was snowing out side and the school bell rang as I left the building and headed towards the bike racks I got a very sickening feeling in my stomach and immediately l knew that something bad was going to happen. As I rode my bike out into the middle of nowhere and on the long dirt road that lead upt o my grandmother's house the feeling got worse. I was really freaked by the time I got to her house and I discovered that I was at the house alone. I had a million things running through my mind as I entered the house, the main thing that was running through my mind was "when will gramma get home?" I picked up the telephone and called my grandma at her store. She said that she would not be home until the 2 hours after the sore closed which would be around 8-9 O'clock in the evening. My mom and baby sis were with her and they had to wait to go home with her. My uncle and other sis were spending the night at friend's houses. And my grandpa was at his job and he wouldn't be ariving home util 8:30 that evening. So I asked my grandma if my friend Nikki could come over. She said it was okay so I hung up and called her. She told me that she could but I would have to meet her halfway down the main paved road that goes alll the way through the little town my gramma lives in. So I left. It was still snowing when I met up with her. She said " I don't feel right. I feel like something bad is going to happen. Do you feel that way too?" I said "yes. I'm really scared." We rode up the long dirt road to my gramma's. As we pulled into the diveway the snow got thicker. We propped our bikes against the tree next the doorway to my gramma's door way. We went into the garage and gave my uncle's dog Blondie and doggie treat. When we came ut we shut the garage door behind us. My Gramma's garage door is temramental and it will come up again. So we stood there freezing cold waiting for 5 min. to see if it was gonna go up again. After 5 min. we went inside because it wasn't gonna goup again. We put in "Grumpy Old Men" to get that ill feeling of danger to go away. At funniest part in the movie I got this sudden thirt which isn't unusuall for me, so I asked my friend what flavor of crystal light she wanted. I went into the kitchen and got out the lime flavor and starrted making it. By this point in time I had forgotten all about the sick felling. All of the sudden the sick feeling whoosed over so fast I almost threw up all over. I shook it of to the point where I could stand it and continued to make the drink. My friend cried out "oh my god what was that!!??" She startled me by using that kind of language I turned to her and said " What!?" She replied " I don't know but it was running very fast and it was really tall. " I said, " Don't try to scare me you know how I'm feeling!" She said, " I'm not trying to scare you." We kind of brushed it off and for about 5 min. everything was fine. Then I got another whoosh of the feeling over me. She Squeeled and said or more like shrill whispered, " What the HELL it that???!!!!!" I turned and looked at her and turn my head bak to my drink and looked up at the window in front of me just in time to see a rather tall man runn by the window. I said " Holy GOD WHAT WAS THAT!?" I immediately dropped to the floor in fear of whatever it wa that wa running round would see me. I told her to drop on all fours. She did as I said and I crawled over to her and picked up the phone and called my gramma at the store. She said that she would send some one over to check on us. Shaking uncontrollably I hung up the phone. Almost 2 seconds after I hung up a loud bang was heard coming from the door. I terrified crawled over to the door to see what it was. The figure was banging on the door with the handle part of a hatchet axe. The blinds were bounceing wildly around from the harsh banging. I told my friend to start crawling up my uncle's stairs that lead up to his room. I crawled over to the door to see the face of the guy so I could give a description later. I saw the face and crawled frantically to the stairs. Nikki was crawling up the stairs between bounces of the blinds so the guy could'nt se us. As soon as we got into my uncle's room we turned on the light in his closet and went inside it and locked the closet door behind us. As soon as we were in the closet we hugged each other and shook. We could still hear the banging on the door. Then I noticed that I was still clutching to the phone. It rang. I aswered it. It was her grandpa calling to check on us. I told him what was happening. He said he would be right over. We waited for about 2 more minuets hte banging had subsided. All of the sudden we heard our names being called we were still terrified to come out be we did anyway. As soon as we left the house her grampa surrounded us with huggs. We told him what happened and I don't think he beleived us. The funny thing is the snow had stopped falling and there were no footprints in the freshly fallen snow, 8-10 diffent dents in the door that weren't there before, and the garage door was open. I truly beleive it was death coming after us.

Who Let the Dog Out?


In 1986 my wife and I moved into a small house in Oneida, NY.

At the time we had a 2 year cat and a 6 month old Siberian Husky.

One night we went out to dinner and left the dog in a cage in the house.

The cage was secure and the dog was used to it.

When we returned, we could tell that something was wrong. The curtains

were down and there was stuff all over. The cat was cowering in the spare

room and the dog was running all over the place.

The door to the cage was still secured. The only thing that was different

was that one top corner of the cage was lifted up about 1 inch. The cage

was still upright.

This was the beginning of a strange period in our lives. After this the cat

remained upstairs except to eat, my wife felt cold spots, the TV would come

on or change channels, and the topper was when the gas oven blewup in

my wife's face. All during this time the cat was also terrified of the dog.

Shortly after the oven incident we moved to another house. The day we moved

we watched in amazement as the cat walked up to the dog and brushed

up against her chin. (They've been best of friends since.)

Protector Spirit?


I was always willing to discredit "strange" occurrences until a hand I couldn't see tried to ram me through my bed....

Before I married my husband Ray, in 1993, he lived in a small two bedroom house on the east side of Wonder Lake, IL. During that time, he had been keeping company with a girl named "Cindy". They had just ended their relationship and she had returned all the little mementos that lovers swap in a large manila clasp envelope. Ray had laid the envelope horizontally on the top of the encyclopedia's on the wooden book case in the bedroom. The next morning when he awoke, he saw that the envelope was standing vertically upright on the shelf with no support. The bottom of the envelope was bellowed out. In checking, he found that the bottom two inches of the envelope was filled with water. The water had not leaked out onto the bookcase and no books were wet. There are no water pipes in the bedroom and no conceivable way for the water to have gotten there.

A month later, Ray visited me in Tennessee where I was attending college. We eventually got married there but since I was in the middle of the semester, I couldn't move back to Illinois until June. Approximately three weeks after we married, I flew to Illinois to help shop for a new house (as the one he had was too small). During the two weeks I was in Illinois, Ray had to work the afternoon shift (he is a Sheriff's deputy). On the second night I was there, Ray had gone to work and I was alone in the house in the basement doing laundry. I heard footsteps overhead that walked from our bedroom, through the living room, into the kitchen where the steps were distinctly heard on the tiled floor. I thought Ray had come home for something and I yelled up the stairs that I was in the basement. When I got no answer, I came upstairs to find no one there. I naturally assumed that he had gotten a call and that he had left. A couple of nights later, I was taking a bath when I heard the footsteps walk past the bathroom door and into the kitchen (the bath is off the living room). Again I yelled out to Ray but, not getting any answer, I opened the bathroom door and peeked out. There was no one there but I could still hear the steps in the kitchen. Again, I assumed it was Ray slipping in to get a Coke or something.

In the bathroom on the sink counter, Ray kept a glass ashtray. One night he came home and we were sitting in the living room talking when we heard a loud cracking sound coming from the bathroom. We both went in to see what had broken and found the glass ashtray was broken in half but still sitting on the counter. It had not shattered but had clean break lines right down the middle of it. The ashtray was clean, nothing was near it that could have fallen on it, nor did the heat blow on it.

When I moved back to Illinois on June 10th, we had to stay in the little house for five weeks until we closed on the new one. During this time, every time I went into the bathroom, the toilet seat was up. Now I didn't really pay any attention to it because I assumed that since Ray had been a bachelor for so long, he just forgot to put it down. I would put the seat down and the next time I went in there it was up again. Ray came home from work one night and went to the bathroom. About twenty minutes later, he went back in there and came right back out with his face ashen. He asked me if I had gone into the bathroom since he had come home. He knew I hadn't because we had both been sitting in the living room the entire time. When I told him that I hadn't, he said that the toilet seat was up. I told him that the bloody thing was always up. He said he never leaves it up but always makes a point of putting it back down. I went back into the bathroom with him and watched him put it back down. Ten minutes later we checked and the seat was back up.

A week before we moved to our new house, I was sleeping when Ray got home. He wakened me getting into bed and I had to use the bathroom. The lights were off and as I was groggily trying to get out of bed, I found my right foot was tangled in the sheet. My left foot was on the floor and I was up on my right knee trying to pull the sheet off. I had just gotten untangled when I looked over by the dresser next to my bed. I saw a "haze" but thought that it was moonlight coming in through the window. I had almost stood up when I felt a hand on my chest that pushed me backwards onto the bed so hard that I thought that I would go through the bottom of the mattress. I was so terrified that I couldn't move. Ray was yelling at me for almost falling onto him and when I told him what had happened, he made me get up to "face it" or I would always be afraid in that house. After many minutes, I finally got up enough courage to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. And, as always, the toilet seat was up.

Since Ray had never felt threatened by any of the bizarre things that occurred, he invited whatever was there to go with us to our new house. She stayed behind, however (I always think of "It" as a "her" as it seemed that it was a protector spirit for him). We did not tell the new owner, a single guy, about her and I have often wondered if she takes good care of him.

A Warm House


This is my story of an event that happened to me and my older brother when i lived in his house 3 years ago. One night i was awakened by a "warmth", it was winter time about 30 degrees or so outside. I found myself sweating with nothing on but my under wear, i checked the thermometer and it said 65 dgrees. I woke my brother up and he too was sweating and burning up. I managed to fall asleep later, but was awakened at approximately 4:35 am by a sick feeling. I looked around my darkened room and noticed some movement. I saw a small pale (about 3 1/2 feet) figure moving towards my bed, i jumped in a fearful reaction . The small thing was aware that i had awaken and moved swiftly towards the window where it disapeared , it went into the window. i turned on the light to find no trace of anything, it simply went into the window. The strangest thing was , after this thing disapeared the heat was gone also. I woke my brother who was quite disturbed by the whole incident. I never saw the "thing" that was in my room that night again. Strangely enough , the house had 3 more times in the following 2 months where the temperature was very hot, on one of those ocassions my brother awoke the next morning at 9:00 am late for work. He was unusually tired and his alarm had been turned off. if anyone else has had or read or heard of similar expierience`s please e-mail me.

Scared Awake


First of all, I would like to say that I have always believed in ghost

and have an interest in the unknown. I guess because my mother passed

away when I was so young might have something to do with it. Anyway I

have always loved horror movies, stories, tails etc. Well my story

starts out with my cousin telling me of a really cool movie. I don't

remember the name of the movie. I never saw it. I think it was called

the Entity???? My cousin tells me that in the movie this women gets

raped by ghost and it's suppose to be a true story. I was sixteen at

the time with hormones kicking and thought it would be neat to be

intimate with a ghost. I'm going to keep this clean don't worry.

Anyway one night I was in bed and kind of thinking about it and went to

sleep not really thinking anything would happen. Well while I was

sleeping my covers kind of slipped off of my shoulders and I pulled them

up back under my chin where I always keep them when I sleep. Then real

fast, my covers were ripped totally off of me. It scared me so bad, I

sat straight up in the bed. I pulled my covers back on top of me and

when I looked up I saw 3 women and they were dressed like little house

on the prarie type closes with bonnets etc. Two women were at the foot

of my bed and the other one moved slowly up the side of the bed to were

I was at. They were gray and I couldn't really make out any features.

It was kind of like looking at an old black and white photo. Well I

thought I must me dreaming this can't be happening so I rubbed my eyes

and when I looked up they were still there and then I sunk under my

covers and rubbed my eyes again and they were gone. By this time I was

wide awake and so scared that I went down the hall to sleep with my mom.

By the way my mom sleeps in another room other then my dad because he

snores so bad. When I opened the door a man jumped up from the bed and

stood straight up real fast as if I scared him. I thought that it was

my dad of course and I had disturbed them. One reason was because my

moms legs were up. Knees bent where the feet are flat against the bed.

Well I stood still a minute and he didn't say anything. I was dark and

I tried hard to see him. He had a crew cut and was wearing a white

under shirt. I went around the other side of the bed and climbed in. I

was trying to act as if I were asleep, but still trying to see the

figure to see if he would walk out the door. Well he never did. He

disappered right before my eyes and that's when I knew it was a ghost

and not my dad. Well I'm 28 and still remember it very well. I used to

think the women that came in my room were mean and trying to get me.

Now that I'm older, I think they were trying to scare me awake so I

would go to my moms room. I had invited that ghost in my house and the

women knew it and were trying to stop it. I still could have been

dreaming I guess, but It was very real. My parents house is not haunted

and I have never seen any other ghost.

The House


Let me start by saying, up until the summer of '89 I was very skeptical of anything "paranormal". In the summer of '89, after of town was completely torn apart from a tornado, my girlfriend and her family moved to an old house that had set vacant for a few months. When we first started to move their belongings in is when the first, of what would seem to be an endless amount of paranormal activity, began. Upon entering the old house the scary feelings began. Her brother who was 15 at the time, three years my junior, said almost jokingly," I could have sworn I seen a shadow pass me by in the hall." Now you must understand that being from our small town in Texas we just did not even give a second thought to the idea of some sort of strange happenings going on, YET! It all started out slowly with small things coming up missing and doors closing by themselves. As time wore on and after about a month of residence a presence made itself known to all of us. While sitting watching movies on night we heard what sounded like my girlfriends youngest brother running up and down the hallway. As impossible as it was because he was sitting with us. Now mind you the hallway was, maybe, two foot from where I was sitting. As the small lad ran by the entrance door to the living room you could actually hear him run into the entrance door of the house. That took place at least two or three times a week. And the boy was not bashful to do it if front of whoever was there at the time. Many of folks have hea

rd him. One afternoon I stopped by to see my girlfriend on break from work and found her in tears in the living room. As I reached out to touch her I felt how cold and clammy she was. I asked her what was wrong and she said," Can't you hear that humming?" Which at first I did not hear. Upon investigation I could hear what sounded like humming coming from the kitchen. The closer I got to the kitchen the louder the humming got. As I opened the swinging door into the kitchen it just went quiet and all that could be heard was the echo of the door opening. This did go on for some time and never did go without notice. We were told that dogs could pick up on E.S.P. and such as that so we got a small puppy we called Sampson. We called him Sammy for short. One night while watching TV the small pup walked out into the hallway as he had never done before and started to bark we all laughed at how cute he sounded until we heard the boyish soft voice say," It's alright Sammy, I'm not gonna hurt you." With that it brought our laughs to a stop. We all heard it and just stared at each other in amazement. Towards the end of our stay things started to become more and more scary. The final happening that made them make the move was when we entered the house after returning from the grocery store. The oldest of the brothers was in front of me and we both had a handful of groceries and upon entering the kitchen the door seemed to lock itself behind us. The door was a swinging door with no lock or such as that, which is what made it so weird. When the door finally opened we seen a shadow run right past us and run straight through the rear door of the house causing it to fling open and literally rip it off the hinges. It was at that point in time that we relocated and left the house for the proper proprietors. A f different families moved in after we and everyone ended up leaving after a short time lapse. Everyone that lived there all had the same comments about the house that it had ghosts or something that none wanted any part of. And that the longer you stayed the worse it got.

Marvel Cave Ghost


I have been told at least two different stories concerning Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City. They were first told to me by my uncle who was a tour guide there a few years. They were confirmed by another tour guide who has worked there for at least 25 years.

When you enter the cave you're standing at the top of a metal tower in the Cathedral room. This room is large enough to fit the Statue of Liberty inside with only her torch sticking out of the sink hole. It is extremely impressive. The tower stands on top of a huge pile of debris (mud, rocks, and leaves) that have fallen throught the hole over the years. The legend is that people standing at the bottom of the debris and looking up at the top of the tower witness a woman in a white dress looking back at them. The tour guide at the bottom radioed the guide at the top about her. He never saw her, but as he turned around he felt a hand on his shoulder.

The other story concerns my uncle and his personal experience with the cave ghost. When he was still new part of his job was to clean the walk ways. This job consists of being completely alone in a huge cave. He was finishing up on the tower, his mind full of the stories his associates had told him about the spirit. rather than worry about the spirit he decided to put his mind at rest once and for all. He stood up and looked out at the vast Cathedral room.

"If you're here, do something now and get it over with." he said loudly. Nothing happened so he went back to his work. Suddenly a roar echoed throught the room. My uncle grabbed his stuff and high tailed it out of the cave. Part way up the stairs he realized what the sound was. There is a formation in the room called the Liberty Bell. It is any of thousands of years old. To help with cleaning there was a drain behind the formation. It was installed to keep the dirty water away from the formations. The roar was the water going down the drain. This story is important because of what happened later.

One day he was working down one of the off passages that are closed to the public. There is no electricity there so he brought his miners helmet. deep into the passage his cord snagged on an outcropping of rock and his light was gone. The passage was instantly plunged into total darkness. He realized he was going to have to get on his knees and feel his way out. Once on his knees lights came on in the passage. he cautiously made his way to an area with light so he could fix his helmet. Once there he turned to the passage and said,"thank you." with that the lights went out.

Later he told this to one of the other guides and was informed that although there were lights in that area, there hadn't been electricity running there for years. He then was told that the cave had accepted him beacause of what he said at the drain incident.

I have yet to see the apparition on the tower or felt the presence in there. I believe it because I cannot go in there outside of a tour. I do believe in them though and hope someday I'll look up at the tower and see the cave's spirit looking back.

A Few Personal Experiences

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Ghost story in Pullman, Washington


The haunting that I experienced took place over a period of about two and

a half years. I was attending classes at Washington State University in

Pullman, Washington, and I moved into an apartment with two friends of mine

after my sophomore year. The strange noises started almost as soon as

everyone settled down in their respective rooms. My room was off of the

back hallway next to the bathroom, so it was very common to hear my room

mates walking by at all hours of the day and night. I even became able to

tell who was walking by just by the sound of their footfalls. After a

while, I started hearing someone walking by with a very cautious, slow, and

deliberate stride. I knew that this was neither of my room mates, so I

went out to investigate. Nobody was there. Sometimes I would even hear

the footsteps in my room while I was there. They would usually only be

heard at night, especially after I went to bed. It was all very weird, but

not that frightening. After all, nothing of a physical nature had really

happened, there was just some noise.

Early the next school year, things changed a little. One warm September

day, my room mates and I were sitting around watching t.v. and hoping for a

little air circulation to help cool off the place. The air was dead calm

and stilfing. Even keeping the door propped open didn't help matters.

Then all of a sudden the door, which was propped open with a small block of

wood, swung shut with a slam. There was still no wind that could have

blown it closed, and the piece of wood propping it open moved to the side

as though someone forcibly removed it. My room mates and I shared a very

surprised look. I think that all of us had had some experiences with the

strange footsteps but hadn't given it too much thought. We all started

shouting "Hello! How are you doing!" to our invisible guest and and tried

to laugh off the experience. Afterwards, not much more than the walking

sounds persisted. Maybe the spirit just wanted a little recognition and

was satisfied for a while with our greetings.

The same patterns of noise persisted through the rest of the second year

at the apartment and part way into the following semester, which would be

my fifth and last in the apartment. Late that semester, we got a new room

mate. The level of noise caused by the spirit had slowly increased as the

semester had gone on, and now things started to get pretty hairy. A few

days after moving in, my new room mate asked me if I knew that the

apartment had a ghost. Neither my old room mate nor I had mentioned this

to her, so I was pretty surprised to hear her ask this but also relieved to

know that I wasn't slowly loosing my mind. She told me that the previous

night that when she turned off her lamp to go to bed that her stereo had

turned on by itself. The stereo was on the opposite side of the room from

where her lamp was, so an accident was out of the question. She later told

me that she and her family had had a history of dealing with hauntings

where they lived. Perhaps the increase in activity was somehow tied to

her. Not that I'm accusing her of anything. I'm just exploring the


Things came pretty much to a head on my last night in the apartment. I

had just completed my last final exam and was going to bed early since I

had to get up very early the next morning to get ready for the long drive

home for Christmas. When I climbed into bed, I was the only one in the

apartment. One of my room mates was already on vacation, and my new room

mate was gone for a final exam. As I lay in bed, I could hear a faint

rattling, clanking sound. As the noise grew louder, I realized that

something what shaking the silverware drawers. It grew so violent that I

could hear the drawers sliding out and being slammed home. I jumped out of

bed and ran to the kitchen. No one was there and nothing seemed very out

of place. I looked in the silverware drawer and saw that things had been

thrown all around into chaos in the drawer. I usually kept things very

neat, so I knew that something had been going on. I hadn't been just

hearing things. I went back to bed and the noise resumed almost

immediately with a renewed vigor and fury. I was downright afraid to go

back out because I didn't have the faintest idea of what might have been

out there. I laid awake for about half an hour listening to the growing

racket when my room mate came back for her final. All of the noise stopped

instantly. The relief I felt at not being alone in there allowed me to

unwind enough so that my fatigue could overcome me and let me sleep.

My room mate said that she was going to cleanse the apartment when I was

gone, and I don't doubt that she did just that. I only went back in there

once, and that was to pack up my things for my move to where I was going to

student teach. I hope things went well for my room mates after I left, but

I wasn't going to stick around to see. I was more than a little relieved

to be out of there after that last night.

I know that Washington State University has something of a reputation for

being a party school, and I did more than my fair share, but let me

reassure you that I was completely in control of my faculties when I had

the experiences I listed above, other than being scared out of my wits by

the last incident. Everything that I described really happened as I

described them here. I was a little skeptical about hauntings before, but

after this, I am a true believer.

Civil War Soldier


The year was 1971, Delmar Md. I was playing in the kitchen floor when I was

2 and a half years old. We were living in a 200 year old house, built

before the Civil War. I was playing with my toys and blocks. A man wearing

a Civil War uniform of the Confederacy came and sat down in front of me and

started playing with me. We played for quite a while, as my mom told me I

was there for about an hour. My mom came down the stairs and stopped just

before she got into the kitchen. She was stunned and horrified by the sight

of me playing with the apparition of a soldier. She watched and couldn't

move. After a while, the apparition got up and walked through the chimney

where there once used to be a door. We found out later the man was a

relative. He was my great great (?) grandfather. He was killed in the war

with a bullet through the heart. We had his uniform, but it disappeared

just like he did. Since then, the house has been torn down and another

building now stands where it was. This story is that of a friend of mine who

dictated it to me as I typed.



My ghost story occured 2 weeks after my grandmother died. I was 6 at the time. I was just waking up when I saw a bright shape. I also remember a very distinct feeling of safety. The the shape moved over to my bed andembraced me. I felt very happy and i wasn't sad abpout my grandmother passing anymore. I then ran to my mother's room and told her what happened. The same experience happened to her! I was overjoyed and we both decided that it was my grandmother just saying Goodbye.

Craft Store Ghost


About eleven years ago, my mother worked at a small town craft store,

owned by my aunt. The shop had once been someone's home but that was at

least forty or more years ago. I used to hang out at the store after

school. It was my job at closing time to shut off all the lights and

lock the doors while my mother tallied up the day's sales. It was

always a pain finding the lights switches in the seven cramped rooms

because they (the switches) were in such strange places, most often

behind things, but I made it a game to find them every night. One night

when we were closing up, I was in one of the rooms and was reaching for

the light switch when it clicked itself off. I thought that was strange

so I tried to turn it on again, but before I could, it clicked itself

back on, switch and all. Figuring that my mother had shut the light off

some other way, I called out to her that it wasn't fair to click the

light off for me. As I said that, the switch clicked itself off.

Completely unnerved, I ran back out to the main room and told my mother

what had happened but she only laughed and said that the lighting in old

houses can be very strange. I knew about faulty lighting in old houses,

but that didn't account for the switch itself moving too! As we were

leaving, we did a quick walk though (as we did every night) to make sure

things were ready for the morning. It was then that we noticed the

light was on in the same room in which I'd had my scare. My mother

scolded me for leaving the light on, and as soon as she finished the

scolding, the light clicked off. Feeling brave, I yelled something like

"stop that!" and to our amazement the light switch started clicking on

and off again and finally stayed on. We quickly moved to click the

light off again (which it did for us) and left the building as quickly

as possible. Thinking this was strange; we mentioned it to my aunt the

next day. She said she wasn't surprised, often as she was closing, the

string of sleigh bells on the main door would jingle like someone was

coming in but when she looked, the door had not, or was not moving.

She'd had other strange things happen too. I should also mention that

before this, my cousins and I were often told to occupy ourselves in the

storage room as we had a habit of getting underfoot. Theoretically,

this was an ideal place for us to be as there was a fridge, a table, a

TV and a ton of junk to look at. What was strange was that we always

had the feeling that we were not alone. The room had a kind of an

unhappy feeling to it that we could never quite explain. I remember

that my cousins and I avoided that room at all cost. Needless to say,

we had always figured it was our imaginations until my aunt and my

mother admitted much later that they too never felt comfortable in that

room. To this day I still don't know why all of those strange things

occurred. My aunt sold the business about eight years ago and since

then, it has been home to at least three other businesses. She told us

several years later that legend had it (but it's best not to believe

small town legends) that a woman had once lived in the house and had

hung herself in the backroom, but as I said, it probably isn't true. It

certainly would explain a lot if it were true thought

Toys R Us Revisited


Years ago I was in Brooks Camera in Sunnyvale, CA picking up pictures

that I had taken in the house I was renting in Mtn View, CA where some strange things had

been happening. I took the pictures out to look at them in the store

and my sister and I were surprised to see weird formations and colors in some of the pictures

that were taken in the dining/living room. Another girl in the store told us that they

looked like we had captured ghosts on our pictures.

She proceeded to tell us that she had worked at the Toys R Us in

Sunnyvale (we had heard the stories that it was haunted before but never knew anyone who

had personally experienced the haunting there). She said she was in a stall

in the bathroom (believing she was all alone in the bathroom) when she heard the water

start running. Like many of us she started to talk to whoever was in the bathroom but

did not get any response. Alarmed she began asking who was there and no one answered.

The water kept running, when she opened the door to the stall the water stopped.

She said that she never heard anyone either enter or leave the bathroom!

Is the Navy Base Haunted?


I'm a writer-editor for a Navy newspaper at the Naval Air Station on

Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, Wash. I came across the following story while

soliciting a ghost story for our Halloween issue last October. While

talking with Navy photographers on base about it, they had this story to

tell me about their own facility which was built in the mid-1940s as a

dispensary and used for that purpose until the early 70s.(This was verified

by original Public Works drawings of the building.)

It seems the Fleet Imaging Center on base is haunted. Several of the

photographers I interviewed had compelling stories.They often hear strange

footsteps throughout the tiled hallway when they're by themselves after

hours. One Sailor, who has the only key beside the officer in charge, finds

equipment turned on like radios blaring full blast the next morning. He

thought it strange that one day the computer was on, when he knew he turned

it off the night before, and the Xerox wasn't since they were both on the

same power strip. Another Sailor said he felt overcome by strange feelings

in one particular room he thinks was a formal operating room.

This following story was really strange. One Navy photographer had the

night duty and was called at home around 2 a.m. on his beeper by the base

Security patrolman who said he had seen a light on in their facility while

out on patrol and a shadow looking out the window. The patrolman asked him

to come in and open the facility to search the place. The photographer was

met at the facility by the patrolman and his highly-trained military

working dog. The room inside the facility that the police saw the light on

earlier was locked and it was evident the light was off from the space

between the floor and door. The Sailor opened the door and pushed the

barking dog inside. The dog immediately came running out. Again, the dog

was pushed inside, and again he came out and this time, hid behind the

patrolman, who pulled out his gun, turned on the light and searched the

room. But nothing was there.

Another Sailor told me his experience while working one Saturday by himself

in the early afternoon. He had been cleaning out a storeroom, one of

several rooms off the long, wide hallway. He had heard the door open

between the front office and hallway and someone coming down the hallway.

He yelled out that he was in the storeroom and came out to see who was

there...but he saw no more.

Are there former patients walking the hallway to the old building? No one

knows. Thought you might find this story interesting.

Thanks for letting me share it.

It Liked the Corvette


Years ago I lived in West Mifflin, PA. (a suburb of Pittsburgh) on a

long road that ran down through a deep valley toward the river. There

were two entrances to this road - - - one was at the top of the valley,

off a busy four-lane street. My townhouse sat a few hundred yards from

this intersection, and this was the one I always used. The other

entrance lay three miles from our house at the bottom of the valle,

joining a two lane road following the bank of the river. About half a

mile from this intersection there was an enormous tunnel - - - a place

where the valley had literally been filled in with earth to allow the

train tracks to cross. A two lane tunnel, cement, finished with a

bricked floor and cement curbs carried the road beneath the railroad.

The first time I saw it, the tunnel made an impression because it seemed

so odd and out of place. The road itself was very small and narrow,

turning to the pavement falling apart and actually turning to dirt on

the other side of the tunnel. It took me a while to get spooked. The

first few times we drove through, we were in our old Volkswagen beetle,

and nothing unusual happened. (Or maybe nothing happened because we

didn't stop then. We just drove through.) Eventually, though, my

husband got the brilliant idea to drive down there in his 1973 Corvette

and try out the "sound effects" in the tunnel. Before long, he wanted

to go down there every time we went out in the car, and he wanted to

stop in the middle of the tunnel to rev the engine and listen to the

echoes. Every time he did this, I almost went out of my mind. There

was something in that tunnel - - - something dead, evil, and mean. And

when we stopped, I could feel it trying to get inside the car. My

husband would just laugh, telling me I was silly. He didn't feel

anything strange in there. But it got to the point where I finally

refused point-blank to go into that tunnel. (A couple of times I

actually jumped out of the car when it was still moving, and started to

walk back the other way. You couldn't drive fast enough on that surface

to sustain serious injury, and it worked. Before long, he gave up his


I didn't go near the tunnel again, and didn't think any more about

it until a couple of years later, when a traffic accident closed the

upper intersection. I had to go to work, so I gritted my teeth, got

into my Volkswagen, and prepared to face the infamous tunnel. When I

got there, I decided maybe I had been a little silly. So I stopped

inside the tunnel, gunned my engine, waited for the thing to make its

presence known. It didn't. Courageous, I later went back there in the

Corvette, stopped in the tunnel, and almost immediately felt a palm and

five wet, clammy fingers close around my upper arm.

I set the land speed record getting out of there. I've never been

able to find out what was in that tunnel, what happened to put it there,

or what it wanted. I only know that it was very, very fond of

sportscars. And the people who drive them.


by mnmoisant@CSUPomona.Edu

There was a time when my sister and I were teased and tormented by

the ghosts in our house. I remember one night quite vividly:

I was up late talking on the phone with a "boyfriend" and my

sister was lying in bed next to me(although she is 8 years older than me,

she was too scared to sleep by herself because of earlier frightening

experiences.)Just as I was getting off the phone, my sister claimed that

she heard someone calling her name. I said that I didn't hear anything,

because I hadn't. Then as I lay ther trying to get some sleep I heard

someone call my name. I thought it was my sister since it was so close to

my ear, but it wasn't her. I then heard various other voices calling out

to both me and my sister. There were mens voices and womens voices and

there were little kid voices. Then the voices got harsh and they began to

speak profanities about my sister and I. This of course frightened us,

but we were to scared to get up. While the voices were berating us, there

began to be thumpings on the wall. They were at one minute over our

headboard, then the next they'd be on the other side of the room by the

window. We heard rustlings in the closet, and the closet doors were

shaking, and still we were to scared to get up. The two of us were

hugging eachother in the middle of the bed. As night drew on, we began to

see looming black figures, surrounding the bed. It was as if they were

performing a ritual of sorts. There were shadows blacker than black

dancing on the walls, and flying over our heads. The floor boards creaked

as if someone walked on them, but there was no one there to do so. At one

horrid point in the night, shining orbs and rays of light came shooting

out of the walls at our heads. They were just missing our heads. And

still all the while, the voices and black figures remained, the black

figures had no faces, but I knew they were watching us. I could feel them

leaning over me and staring into my face. As daylight came, there was a

tapping at our window(second floor), we finally worked up the courage to

leave or room, and as we hastily exited there was a figure of a man

standing at the bottom of our stairs. He slowly disappeared and we ran

out of the house. When we returned, the tapping on our window also

returned, but there was no one outside throwing rocks. I have to say this

was one of my most frightening experiences among the many i have

experieced in my house.

Ghostly Experience


I myself believed to have been haunted by a ghost, when I was around

four till seven years old. My family lived in Vancouver then, and I

still have faint recollections of some of the experiences. One of the

first things I remember was waking up in the middle of the night and I

felt an unusual presence. I looked over my shoulder and I saw this

figure. The figure had a white outline, and no face. I quickly turned

over, and then without hesitation I turned back, and nothing was there.

The next supernatural event that happened, occurred once again during

the night. I had the coat rack in the shape of a clown in my room. I

remember getting up from bed, and going to the bathroom. When I went

back to my room, the coat rack was in the middle of the hallway. The

clown's face looked scarier then it usually did. I ran to my parent s

room, and when my mom escorted me back, the coat rack was back in my

room. We got rid of the coat rack, but that didn't stop whatever it

was. The last occurrence I remember was several pokes on my back, while

I was sleeping. The poking on my back continued until I was seven when

we sold the house, and moved. I'm almost twenty now, and to this day

I'm pretty sure that it was more then just a child's active imagination.

Ghostly Wreck


About 5 years ago, my then boyfriend and I were back in my native East Tennessee to visit a girlfriend from college. We were out for a drive one evening about dusk on a two lane secondary road that has since been widened to four lane due to extreme growth in West Knoxville. We approached a blind curve that separates two hills with a dip into a valley. As we got to the top of the first hill, we saw what appeared to be a very bad wreck complete with police cruisers blocking the road with their lights on, an ambulance, and tow trucks. Since this looked like a pretty bad wreck and the road was blocked we decided to turn around in an apartment complex parking lot and take another route. Well, when we came back to the entrance of the complex where we had turned around, the wreck was GONE! Completely! Not so much as a policeman writing up a report or a tow truck driving away. Now, mind you, it took maybe 45 seconds for us to pull into the complex and turn around and there was NO WAY, based on the severity of the wreck that it could have been cleared that quickly. We even drove down to the area where we saw the wreck and there were no skid marks, no glass, nothing.

All I know is that we all three saw it as we discussed waiting for it to clear or turning around and we are all sane, college educated adults.Do you have any clues? I thought about perhaps checking old public records about any fatal wrecks that may have occurred in the past during August, when we "saw" the wreck.

Ghost Sighting?

by name withheld by request

While on patrol in February 1988, I was dispatched to a call of a

suspicious person on the east end of the Orange Avenue Bridge. I

approached from the west and just as I was about to come off the bridge,

I noticed a woman sitting on the south rail in her nightgown. When I

looked in the rear-view mirror, she was miraculously on the other side.

Believing the woman to be intoxicated, I turned the car around and

approached slowly around the curve. When I got to where the woman was,

she was gone. Jumped? Not likely, but I checked anyway. I was already

out of the car, peering over the north rail with a spotlight, when I

noticed a woman standing in the yard of a house located on the northeast

corner of the approach. A faint glow seemed to surround her and when I

directed my spotlight toward her, she disappeared in the light. It

wasn't until a couple of years later that another police officer

mentioned that other strange happenings were afoot in that locale.

Almost all sightings were of a woman seen in the upper rooms of the

house, but never outside. I have always told this story as an I still am quite skeptical. Some dismiss the happenings

as sqirrels reflecting the streetlights; some dismiss them as chance,

and others like myself explain them as "my mind playing tricks on me."

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