My Cat Bud


In August of 2004, I had the unfortunate task of putting my 16 year-old cat, Bud, to sleep. He had lost his health and quality of life to kidney failure. I am still very saddened by the loss – after all, he had been my baby since he was six weeks old. A couple of weeks later, I was seated on the end of my couch next to the “arm” which was to my left, and I heard what sounded like a cat jumping off the floor up onto something. Suddenly, I felt a strong presence right next to me on my left side that I can only describe as strong energy. It lasted for about 10 seconds. I believe that was Bud coming to say good-bye for the last time.

My Supernatural Experience


I was in my room trying to fall asleep. I thought my family was already asleep until I heard my door squeak. I looked up and noticed my door opened a ruler length long as I thought was normal when a shadow just appeared through the gap. It was so real, I thought it was my brother.  I said, "Luke I can see you...Luke...Ok, I'm trying to get some sleep, get out of my room.... Get Out!" As I was yelling at him, he was slowly walking closer to me and the last yell get out... He bobbed to the ground and wouldn't move. I was about to get up and hit him when my mother entered the room and switched on the light. He disappeared. I was so confused but I went back too sleep. The very next morning my mother and brother were talking about his bed rocking and that he was terrified. My mother said to him that the funny thing was after She went into my brothers room from hearing all the noise. She herd me yelling get out. What I realised at that moment was, I remember what happened that night, but I don't remember hearing my brother or even my mother getting up, since my brothers bedroom was just next door too me. Every night since then, I get visited by a spirit that is no longer visible to me, but I feel climbing up to my top bunk bed and lying on feet. It was always hard for me too sleep so I asked for them to show themselves too me but, if they scared me, I didn't want too hurt their feelings, so I just asked them to please leave me alone. I sense them here and there but since that night, I hardly see them at all.
We lived there about 3 years and neither of them ment us any harm.
P.S. There were other experiences in that house for everyone including me, but this one experience was probably the closest to me.

My Loving Father's Visit


My wonderful and loving father passed on to the next world, July 30, 2005.  He had had a severe stroke.  It was the 2nd stroke in 12 years.  It took him 5 days to finally have the courage to just let go of this world.  It took even more courage from his wife, my three older sisters, myself and my kid sister, to summon up the strength to let his soul go.
Well, a few DAYS after he had passed away, he came to visit all of us!  He was a busy spirit that week!  It's not a scary story, more of a "Ok, now I'm a believer" kind of story.
I had my best friend staying with me.  I had to go to work one day, and she was home by herself.  She had been sitting on the couch, watching television.  My desk sits in the NW corner of the apartment, and I had my favorite Harley-Davidson throw, laing over the chair.
She stated, "I was just sitting here and I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye (to her left).  When I lookd, the blanket fluffed up on it's own, the chair turned, and your CD case that was on the floor just rolled by itself!"  Then it was gone, whatever it was.
My hunch was my father coming by to let me know he was there.  A few months later, I was sitting on the couch getting ready for work again.  I'm on the phone with my mom, and then I notice shadows dancing on my northeast wall of the hallway!  This is a one bedroom apratment mind you.  Even though I have a mirrored dresser (mirror is attached to the dresser), there was no WAY any reflection could have come from the room.  I'm sort of freaked out at this point and I'm alone... or so I thought.  I go into my bedroom, only to find my television was turned on and the channels flipping by themselves!!
My heart is just racing and I calmly said, "Please, do not touch my things!"  I turned off the tv, went back to doing what I was doing.  When I got home that night, my girlfriend asked me if I had left the tv in the bedroom on when I left for work.  I stated that I had not.  She said it was on when she got home from work and heard a woman's voice in my room saying, "It's my tv!" 
Well, I had to laugh because the only person that would have said something like that was the original owner - my maternal grandmother.  She had passed away in 2000 and I inherited all of her furniture.  That would be the logical explanation why she is still here with me. 
There have been strange things that happened to my friend while she was here.  But she's like a magnet to ghosts and spirits. 
She scared me to a chill in my bones when she asked if I knew any guys that were about 6ft 160lbs, and had long hair and wore a leather jacket.   I was shaking at this point because there was only one person that I know that fits that description and he killed himself when I was 7.   She said she saw him the night before, but only the back of him.    And the night before that, she was already alseep on the couch when I got home.  I went straight to my room and off to lala land.  She said someone gently grabbed her wrist and lifted her arm up.  She took a swing, thinking it was me, only to hit air!  She got up that night and didn't go back to sleep until daylight.   Whoever it was, scared the beegeeses out of her!  And that does NOT happen.    She has some interesting stories to tell too. 
But ever since she moved out, it's been quite here. Can't say that for her.

Sara's Spirit


Hi! I have a personal experience to share!!
I have lived in Alpha, NJ for many years, and ever since I have been here my family and I have experienced strange things. A little girl named Sara is our local ghost, and she plays games with my family and others who live here on 7th Avenue. She whispers in our ears, peers into our windows from outside, and leaves little chalk messages on our patios and porches. We do not mind her at all, and almost feel like she is a part of our community! Some people leave little toys and gifts for her where she died, and others light candles and say a prayer for her. It is sad how she died - she had fallen in the woods but no one knew until it was too late and she had lost too much blood. Teenagers who come looking for ghosts like to say that they saw little Sara in the woods, covered in blood and wearing a tattered dress. I don't know if that is true. To me she seems like a happy little girl who wants to play and be loved.

Weird Things


I have a lot of stories to share with you. So I'll try to break them down so they're not so long. The house I grew up in was built in the early 1900's. I recently found out is used to be a boarding house run by a woman named Mary. I was 5 when we moved in (I'm now 23) and nothing out of the ordinary happened until after we remodeled it a year later. To give you an idea of what the house looked like, I'll briefly explain some of it to you. The last story I wrote talked about the basement (which you could only enter by lifting a piece of the floor boards). In it, you can see that the house has 2 foundations, 1 made of brick and stones. It's said that a 1-room house used to sit there before someone decided to build over it. On the first floor of the house there was your standard living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, etc. Before we remodeled there use to be 2 staircases leading to the 2nd floor; one on each side of the house. Upstairs was just a long hallway with 5 rooms. Located in one of the rooms (hidden in the back of a closet) is the attic door. A lot of creepy things happened in there as well. Now after the remodeling, we had only one staircase and the upstairs was changed so that there were only 2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom with a full bath. The downstairs pretty much stayed the same. Only a couple things were different. I switched rooms often with my other sisters and no matter where I slept, I still experienced odd things. One of my rooms was located where the top landing used to be of the 2nd staircase. I would be getting ready for bed and all the sudden hear footsteps that sounded like they were coming up and through the floor. In another room, if I listened to the radio too loud someone (or something) would pound on the wall. When I'd investigate either everybody was sound asleep or nobody admitted to doing it and claimed they didn't hear a thing. The creepiest things happened when I was home alone (surprise surprise.) A couple of times I'd be watching TV in the living room and hear footsteps in the room above me. After a while, I learned to ignore it instead of checking it out. One night, I was tired and headed to my room to crash but my door wouldn't open. It was locked from the inside (which took me by surprise since the lock never worked on my door.) I went into the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife to see if I could pry it open but when I returned my door was wide open. I checked to see if there was something wrong with it but it worked just fine (all except for the lock still didn't work for me.) I'll tell one more experience before I go. I was about 10 at the time when this happened and playing outside by myself on our swing set. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a boy who looked to be about the same age as my brother (17) and resembled him too. But when I turned to get a better look he had vanished. Growing up I never told my siblings about the things I'd witnessed. It wasn't until a couple years ago when I finally told them about a couple of things. I was relieved when they had their own stories to tell about the things that went on in that house when they were alone. Perhaps I can get them to share those stories with you sometime.

Coming Home


I’ve been visiting your site for years and read almost all stories. And I just have to say - I do not think every story here is actually true, but there are a lot of convincing, touching stories that can intrigue even a sceptic. So I decided to finally tell my stories too. This one is not big, it’s not scary, but it is true.
First of all, it happened in Croatia. (That explains my English, bear with me.) I was travellling as a passenger in a car and that gave me an opportunity to watch the scenery freely as we drove down the long, wide, straight highway. And frankly, this part of country can be boring: fields, flat and green, a little bit of forest here and there, and fields again. Nice but boring. Naturally, nobody was out there. And then I spotted a man, in the middle of one of those fields, walking. His path was straight, parallel with highway. It was a little unusual, but no big deal. As we came closer, it got more than just unusual. He was walking slowly, looking down, dressed in World War I uniform. Not some costume type, but real, quite ragged, dirty, worn-out uniform. Definitively WWI, Austro-Hungarian. “Do you see him? That man in the field?” I asked my friend who sat with me in the back seat of the car. “Yes, I see him. What is he doing there? Is that a WWI uniform?” my friend replied. The car was already near enough to him I could see his unshaved, pale, sad face. At that moment he looked at me, but our car was zooming west, passing by him quickly, so he just hanged his head again and continued his slow march east. I kept my eyes on him. The car was speeding but we should have been able to see him for a while. Yet I could not see him anymore. He disapeared. Not suddenly vannished, more like he dissolved and melted with the field.
“Where is he? Can you see him?”
“Well, he has to be there. And that clothes?”
“No, I don’t see him. Probably some lunatic.”
“Alone in a field, in that uniform? It is a small country, don’t you think we would know about somebody who dresses up like Austro-Hungarian soldier and walks the fields by the highway? And where did he go? In a hole in the ground?”
“There you go.”
But my sceptic friend didn’t sound like he’s sure about his ”some lunatic in a hole” theory. So I tried again:
“He looked kind of different, not just clothes… like he had less color.”
I saw my friend is about to agree, but then he did what most people do: ”It just looked that way from a car, it’s some lunatic.”
Right. Have you noticed how things have less color if you look at them from a car? I haven’t. And everything around except that man looked absolutely normal.
I dropped the subject, but couldn’t stop thinking about that lonely man. It was in the early 90’s, by the end of the war. (Most of you probably heard we had a war here.) Maybe this new war somehow wake that lost soul and he finally went home? Then how come he overslept the WWII? Or maybe he walked the fields than too? In more than 10 years after that I went down this highway many times, although never saw him again, I always remember that lonely, sad man.


My Dad's Last Goodbye


I was on your site tonight and read some of the stories when I thought I should tell A story that happened to my little girl 6 years ago.
My dad ( her grandpa ) passed away and was very close to her. The day of the funeral my son and two daughters where at my sisters house and didnʼt go to the funeral home. Alyssa was 4 years old at the time , and my wife and I thought she was to young to understand the whole thing,
so needless to say she didnʼt get to say goodbye to him. When we got back to the house SHE let me know she was very upset about it. On the way home Alyssa started to cry uncontrollable and screaming very loud ( I WANT MY GRANDPA, I WANT MY GRANDPA) when we finally got home and got the kids in, my wife tried to clam alyssa down ( who was still screaming ). We put the kids to bed and went out to the living room. About 1 hour later alyssa woke up and started yelling for me-( if you have kids you know how to tell somethingʼs wrong in there voice )- so my wife and I ran to her room, she was sitting up in bed crying. When I asked what the problem was she pointed to the end of her bed. When I looked I saw nothing. So I asked again, thatʼs when she said -( HE WONT TALK TO ME)- thatʼs when I got the feeling someone else was there. I asked her who wouldnʼt talk to her ( she said grandpa ). I told her she must have had A dream - thatʼs when she stopped me by saying NO DAD HEʼS STANDING RIGHT THERE JUST LOOKING AT ME, BUT HE WONT TALK. Now if she was older I would say it was her imagination , but when you look into the eyes of a 4 year old you can tell.
I believe her and think it was hie way of saying goodbye one last time

Two Ghost tells from Japan

First experiance
I was stationed at kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. While there I lived I was in some old H style dorms (diffrent one from the other Kadena dorm haunting story on this site) until they moved us into some newly built ones. I had been there for a few months before I had my experiance.
One night I was waken up by my phone ringing. I was use to my mom calling at 4 in the morning because of the time diffrence. So I answer the phone and hear loud static and some male voice speaking japanesse to me. I told the person on the other end that I do not understand them and that I was going to hang up... I kept repeating that I was going to hang up thinking that if it was a friend back from the states messing with me that they would stop playing around. So after repeating that I was going to hang up and the man just kept rambling in japanesse to me I hung up. Immediatly after I hung up, like that very instance, the phone rang again. This time I decided to let the answering machine take it. This time it was still static with a male voice speaking english. He kept repeating "Jack are you there? Pick up." he repeated that phrase 5 times before the voice hung up.
By this time I was a little spooked but decided to go back to sleep. What happened next put doubt in my mind that it was a phone prank. I had laid back down and the bed started shaking. Now I've been through earthquakes there and had the whole bed shake like that, but this time I swear it felt like someone was at the foot of my bed shaking it. It was like someone was pushing on the mattress violently. After that I proceded to reverting back to a 5 year old and hiding under my covers and falling alseep like that.
When I woke I called my parents and my freind from back home to see if anyone of them called. No one called. That was the only thing that happened in the dorms.
Second experiance
I worked in the propulsion back shop, in other words I worked on aircraft jet enigine. I worked swing shift (4 p.m. - midnight or later). On several occasions I would see something out of my eye, like someone walking by. It was always just a black siloutte. I would look but wouldn't see anyone. I fiqured that they just walked behind one of the bins or something and I would continue to go about my buisness.
Then I started noticeing that the figure would right by the engine and I would look and watch to see who it was and saw no one. I told others about what I saw and they thought I was playing around. I conitued to see them and would tell the others that I worked with. But as always, they thought I was messing with them.
One night we were sitting in the office and our supervisor was out on the floor by himself. He came in kind of hastly, like he was spooked, but he had a nervous grin. Someone asked what was up. Sure enough he saw what I had been talking about. Looked like someone was walking by the jet engine and they should have popped out around it because there was nowhere else to go. He looked to see who it was and no one was there. Nothing ever really happened as in physical movement of things or anything. You would just see someone that wasn't there. I guess it should be noted that the shop sits on what used to be a school during the war that was destroyed. There is a marker outside telling about it out front.
That was one thing about Okinawa, a lot of things happened there during the war. even before U.S. troops got there, such as suicde cliffs, where it is said that women took there children over the cliffs because they were told that the U.S. troops were going to bad things to them and their children.



I had the strange and often terrifying pleasure of growing up in a VERY haunted house.Poltergiest activies occured on a nearly daily(nightly) basis.Bazaare,frightened,and tortured voices could often be heard.Apparitions would sometimes appear of a veiled woman in 19th century dress.An excorcism was performed and details emerged about several deaths in the Hills family who "deeded themselves" the last remaining wildlands that the Wauchaug Indians(a tribe that somehow survived , hunted, and gathered up until the mid-eighteen hundreds - 200 years after every Native person in the Connecticutt River Valley had been slaughtered or driven up river into Canada)...Anyway,nothing but bad luck occured to the Hills family finally resulting in the death of the last survivor,Lucy Hills ,who let herself die of grief.Names,dates,and places were all detailed onto a tape recording during the excorcism which later were all confirmed afterwards in nearby graveyards and town records.we moved out in 1976 but since then subsequent owners have also reported incidents in this once rural farmhouse.

Old Man


When I was about 8, we lived in a 3 room house, 1 bedroom. Every night  my bother and I would be on the floor watching T.V. with the rest of the family, and there would be a shadow of a man with an old coal bucket in hand, old railroad hat, coming from the bedroom going around the corner going to the basement, no one else could see this except my brother and I. We were never afraid, it was just like it was a part of the evening to see this, Mom and Dad could never see it.  Dad only could come up with the old man that lived in the house before us died, and it was his ghost, he had a coal furnace when we moved in.  When dad got a new furnace, my brother and I never seen him again.

Dearborn Player's Guild


Now keep in mind that I don't REALLY believe in such things, but I have seen wierdness that I can't explain. Having said that...
If you are an actor in a show at the Dearborn Player's Guild (DBG), you use the door that takes you down stairs to the dressing rooms. If you are going onto the stage, you use the door to the immediate left of that door, which takes you up 4 or 5 stairs to stage left.
If you are going into the theater proper, you go through the doors on the wall to the left of THAT door, which takes you to the front of the stage.
In simpler terms, if you are going onto the stage or into the dressing room areas, you have to walk past the door that leads into the theater.
MANY times, as I was doing that, I could see a shadow move across the wall of Stage Right, where those 'heavy breathing" noises come from. I have never heard the breathing, but I HAVE seen the shadow...and keep in mind, there is a bare bulb between me and the shadow, so it is definately not my own shadow.
Just a couple of weeks ago, the cast of the Christmas show was sitting in the Green Room chatting and we decided to go out to eat. Two of us went downstairs to get our coats and we heard crying noises, like 3 or 4 little girls sobbing and wailing. We were talking at the time and my friend said "What is that?" but as soon as we stopped talking it stopped too. I said I didn't know and thought maybe it was a cell phone in one of our castmates coat pockets. But, as soon as we started talking again, it started too, and we both shut up and listened to it for almost a minute, maybe more. It was not a cell phone. I even walked toward it past the coat rack and it sounded like it was coming from right in front of me, even though there is nothing there but a cinderblock wall.
We were horrified and creeped out and amused all at the same time.
One time soon after I had to go there alone to pick up something left behind that I needed, and I didn't think anything of it. But when I was in there, suddenly I got a HORRIBLE feeling I was being watched. I ran out, and made sure NOT to look through the door into the dark theater! If I had seen that shadow, there alone, I would have literally died. And then I would have had to be a ghost there! No thanks! LOL
That last incident, being a skeptic, I write off as totally my imagination, but the shadow? I have seen it. And the crying voices? Maybe the wind in the furnace ducts? Well, I can tell you that it didn't sound like that; it was several distinct voices all at once.

The king's Tavern Natchez MS


While eating at the resturant my 8 year old daughter kept getting angry that we could not hear the knocking on the back of her chair. We had a hard time getting her to go in because she thought it was going to be like a spook house and someone was going to jump out at her and scare her.  After she seen it was just a resturant she was okay to go in and eat. Thankfully she didn't put it together about the knocking on her chair. She just kept getting angry that we could not hear it.  She was sitting in between me and my husband and I accused him at first, until she said "hear it mama!" while i was talking to my husband as he was eating his cheesecake. The chairs were high backed and the spot she kept pointing to was in the middle of the chair at the top and I would have seen my husbands arm reaching to knock on it. I guess had it been my husband or my 10 year old son I never would have believed it, but my 8 year old daughter was terrified to even go in the place to begin with AND she is 8 and never put even thought about it being Madiline because if she had she would have been screaming to get out of there.  anyway it was a nice place to eat good food and the atmosphere was just what you'd expect in a place dated back before 1789, creepy! thanks for reading about our experience.

The Story of Demon House


I have had slight hauntings all my life. Just little things that I'm sure mostly everyone has had happen to them. That is until my family moved into a home in DePere, WI. The home is in an area rich with History. It is supposedly where the "Lost Dauphine" was found. I have heard stories from other people whom lived in this area, and a lot of them have problems with their homes as well. Here is my story. We moved into the home when I was about 13 years old. At first we loved the house & how big it was. But in the first few minutes of running through it, I could almost sense something was really odd about the house. It was just a spooky feeling that I had when entering some of the rooms. Our dog would freak out a lot, and bark at imaginary things, and would refuse to enter some rooms. Our friends would refuse to spend the night, because they felt something evil in the home, and some claimed to see demons & shadowpoeple. I came home once to find my best friend sitting on my porch shaking & crying. She told me that she was in my bedroom, and heard my mother's bedroom door slam shut. She went to investigate, and found that there was no reason for the door to slam like it did. So she opened the door and set a heavy clothesbasket in between the door frame and the door itself. She left the area, only to heard the door slam shut 5 seconds later. She want back and found the clothes basket had been flung inside of the room. We also had an unusual fire that should have killed all of us, but for some reason I woke up to discover it.TV's would flip on & off by themselves also. Alarm clocks would never keep the correct time either. I almost feel like the house had a good/evil battle going on with it, and we were caught in the crossfire.My sister & her friends would here moaning noises alot too. We finally told our mother that we needed to move, and she did not put up a fight. They day we moved out, she confessed to us that when she was sleeping she would wake up to feeling like someone was sitting on her & strangling her. She even felt the fingers once! When we got to our new house, the new neighbors came over to greet us. They asked where we had just moved from. We gave them the address, and they all got very pale & told us that they too had lived in that same home, and asked us if we had any problems living there. We compared stories, and almost everything was the same. The home is almost always for sale or rent. It just seems nobody wants to stay in it for very long. I did meet the current owner once, and he told me he has had no problems with the home, but I'm sure that he either is not noticing it, or maybe the demons have finally left. It just seems like every home I live in has some little haunting type things with it.Or, I'm just sensitive to that kind of energy. (Which I could live without). I have many things I could post here, but some I'm not ready to share yet. When the time comes, I will send it to Shadowlands.

Frightening Shadow


I am a fan of your site and have been reading for years. I thought I would share a personal experience that
still haunts me to this day, I am 33 years old now. This was in Santa Ana, CA and I was 5 years old at the time.
My older sister was up late watching TV with my younger brother on her lap, I was sitting across from her. My
little brother started pointing to the front door which was hard wood and he was trying to talk and let us know
he was seeing something at the door. As soon as my sister looked over there was a black shadow that came through
the door, my sister was so scared she could not scream. The shadow was very tall and had the outline of a top hat and cape,
pitch black. It floated around our entire house as if looking for something. We were both terrified, I was more scared because I was noticing my sister's reactions. The shadow floated passed my mom's china cabinet that had dishes that would rattle at the slightest step, however there was no sound. It finally ended up in my older brother's room, where it just stood
looking at my brother. The shadow eventually came out of the room and dropped down through the floor through one of our heater exhaust vent. I do not know what it was looking for, and have always wondered why it went down through the vent.
To this day we still talk about it and it gives us chills. Thank you for posting this true event.

Guardian Angel Friend


I am unsure if this qualifies as a ghost experience or not.  I am still unsure as to what I belive after this event, but I do know that the person that it concerns, although deceased, is still with me in some way.
In June of 2005, I finished my overnight patrol shift with my partner, Todd, at 06:00 am.  As was our habit, we sat around finishing up the night's reports, packaging evidence and greeting the next shift.  We departed ways laughing and on my way home, I still had my patrol radio on approximately fifteen minutes later when I heard my major call to dispatch and request that they attempt to contact Todd's wife. He then called me over the radio and told me to turn around and respond to the scene of an accident that Todd had been involved in. Dread began to fill my heart when I heard the radio traffic that began to follow.  Before I got to the scene, I already knew in my heart that Todd had been killed, but I held it together for 6 more hours until the fatal accident investigation team could finish up and I could take possession of Todd's personal effects that were scattered across the road from the impact of the wreck.  After visiting the hospital and saying  goodbye to my partner and friend, I went home to rest after being up  for 32 hours. Although emotionally drained,  I still had to report for duty that night until we could get enough surrounding agencies to donate manpower so that we could have time to grieve and deal with Todd's death. After a few hours, my husband came to wake me and was gently stroking my arm and calling my name as I came to.  When I opened my eyes, it was Todd's face and voice that I heard waking me.  I could see him smiling as he always did and telling me to wake up because it was time to go to work.  His face eventually faded away and I realized that my husband was there asking if I was okay.  I brushed it off as me being extraordinarily tired and as my mind wanting some indication that Todd had made it to heaven and was ok.  After awhile, I told my husband what I had obsereved, and he smiled gently and told me that it was very possible because I looked as if I was in disbelief when I had awakened.  I still dismissed it as being all in my mind until later that night. I was sitting on a bridge over a creek where Todd used to sit in his patrol car when the call volume would slow down. I pondered his death and tried to hold back tears.  I looked up at the sky and cried out, "Oh, God, Todd...I miss you so much!".  At that moment, a shooting star appeared in the sky, and a calm seemed to settle me, and in my mind, I could hear Todd telling me in his own Todd way to "ease up on my clutch".  I am not one to link supernatural and the events of  mother nature together, but I do firmly believe that whether it was coincidence or not, Todd was reaching me and telling me not to be sad. I think my mind takes a certain comfort in feeling that Todd sent me a message twice to tell me he's okay.  I have often thought that I have seen him out of the corner of my eye.  Approximately three months later, I was on a traffic stop with another officer with a bad reputation and that I did not particularly care for. I already felt that the stop was going downhill based on the other officer's behavoir.  As I bent over to help the other officer search a vehicle,  I felt the distinct impression of someone reaching into my back pants pocket and jerking out my notepad.  Alarmed, I immediately turned around and was ready to defend myself against attack or to smack the fool out of the other officer for thinking that he could touch me like that.  No one was there.  I picked up my notebook, shoved it back down into my back pants pocket, I turned back around and began to search again, when less than 30 seconds later, I felt the same pressure of something that felt like a hand in  my back pants pocket and my notebook being jerked out and tossed on the ground.  I stood up again just in time to see the other officer heading back to his car approximately 10yards off from me and no one around me.  I looked skyward and said, "You're right, Todd, it's time for me to get out of here before this traffic stop gets any worse".   I replayed my video tape and laughed as I watched myself jump back twice into fighting mode.  On the second instance, I could see my notebook coming out of my pocket, but it just appeared to be popping out by itself into the air on the video tape.  I have felt Todd's presence on other stops as well, especially when guns or drugs were involved. It seems that he is my Guardian Angel.  I kept this to myself until recently when one of my other co-workers, Todd's best friend, confided that he knows that Todd is riding with him from time to time and that on a morning not long after Todd's death, his wife saw a shadow leaning against the patrol car in the driveway of their home in the same manner that Todd used to when he was waiting for the two of them to go to work.  Todd has also been felt in the car watching over my co-worker.   Whether it is Todd's ghost or just our minds providing comfort, we are glad and proud to have him riding with us because he was such a wonderful person, friend and officer.  Again, I am unsure if this counts as a ghost experience, but I appreciate the opportunity to post this.

Haunted House in Rutledge

I am Claire and I am the ownerof a large home on the bluff overlooking the section of Rutledge Pike just west of town known as Daniel's Straight.  The original section of our house was built before the Civil War, and the bricks that originally composed the fireplaces were said to be hand made in a field nearby by slaves before the war.  There are still shards of brick in the field where this is said to have happened.  We took the chimneys down, and I had them laid as sidewalks to the front entrance of the house.
I have often seen people in our house, when I know I'm alone in the house. 
We have a large iron gate at the front of our driveway, so no autos can get in without the gate being opened, but we often hear cars drive up, the doors close, and footsteps come to the front door across the wooden porch.  When we look, there's no one there.
The door bells often ring, and no one is there.  We just refer to it as 'Casper'.
When we first moved in, we had added a door facing the barn from the dining room.  Because we felt secure, we often did not lock the door at night.  If left unlocked, someone or something would open the door and slam it hard to make us aware that the door was not locked.  After we would lock it, the noise would cease.
My husband is not 'sensitive' to spirits, but he has often heard the same sounds I have, and it alarms him.  I'm here alone so much that I'm accustomed to them.
Often, when we have visitors, they will hear the sounds, and ask what the noises are.  I just smile and tell them it's 'Casper'.  These unseen people often alarm my cat, who does not like company.  The fish in an aquarium will often watch 'something' walk past.  The 'porch' cats (all 12 of them) will often look as if they're following motion of something on the back porch.
When we were restoring the original part of the house, the builders often would run from the building, and some reported feeling that they felt they were being watched, and sometimes felt threatened.  Friends who came to see our progress on the house said they could see people who they knew wern't there.  My husband will not spend the night alone in our house, as he says he knows he's being 'watched'.  While building, he would often stay behind to complete a project, but he always left soon after I did, saying he 'felt things' in our house.  In his haste to leave, he would often leave the lights on to burn all night.
There are several unmarked graves of the Watson family near the front gate of our property.  Not even the Watsons know who is buried there.  I don't feel that our 'visitors' are the Watsons, though, but other 'people'.  Our house was owned by an older couple who lived here and didn't want any changes made to the property.  A son told me that his parents finally allowed him to paint the house after he came home from World War II, but most of the paint had been beaten off by the weather by the time we bought the house.  It had stood derelict for many years.
Our water from our well is often 'interrupted' in it's flow for no apparent reason.  The power is on, and we have a large pressure tank, which should assure constant flow and delivery.
The former owner told me that when he was a boy, he would have friends come to play here, and he would tell them that large, stacked columns of stones in the woods on the back of our property had been burial mounds of indians, who wanted to 'come out' of them.  He said the children would be afraid and run away, often crying.
These occurences do not seem malevolent, but just seem to be wanting to make us aware of their presence.

Haunts in The House


Ever since i was very little, i have been able to see spirits and sometimes if i get lucky i get to communicate with them. heres a story that happened a few months ago. one time, when i was cleaning around the house, doing the usual things when i do my chores. when i went to the restroom with my puppy to take out the trash, my puppy squealed  and ranned off. i had no idea what was wrong with her. but when i was about to walk out, i heard a man's voice say "go leave". i was so terrified at the voice that i ranned off from the restroom, crying. at my house, i dont have brothers or a father so it's a mystery who that was. another time when i was outside sitting in the porch, i heard a voice comming from the window. it was the same voice from the time when i was in the restroom. i finally came up with the thought to go to  the room and see who it was. when i went in, i felt a GREAT pressure pushing me in the room. so i started to scream and cry, then it stopped. my mother came in and asked what was wrong but i said that its nothing. before that event, i had very creepy encounters with spirits, entities and one time i almost encountered a demon. but ever since i have heard that man, i have wondered who it was. since then, i always feel like i'm being watched when i'm alone in a room. i think hearing a spirit is more frightning than seeing them, right?

My First Encounter


My name is Brian. I am 17 years old and yesterday I encountered my first ghost. I was doing the laundry in the basement when I had the feeling of being watched. I turned to look under this doorway ( apparently ghosts like doors ) when i seen a figure stop to turn and look at me, we both made contact, then he took a step and disappeared. I have seen this man before when i was about 11 in the exact doorway but at that age I thought i was playing tricks on myself. This time though i was certain. It amazes me though about how i was able to see this ghost. I came to realize that my brain seen the ghost but not necessarily my eyes. Sort of like subliminal images, back in the early days of  films when they would put a slide that may have read  "drink coke" during a movie. Your mind can comprehend it but your eyes cannot. That is what i think caused me to see this ghost. for some reason my mind picked up what was standing there. I couldn't make out anything really. i couldn't see a left arm because of the way he was standing but i seen the  outline of both legs the right arm ( he was up and to the left of me ) and a facial outline the left arm must have been covered. My mom tells me what i have seen was a Shadow Man. It could very possibly be but i am certain of what i saw yesterday. This is truly an amazing experience for me.
I also have a video i recorded of a UFO  I'm just not sure how to upload it on a computer.  




One of Many Stories


i have been intrested in the paranormal for as long as i can remeber growing up it was always my favorite thing learn about that's what led me to find the pagan religon. i have always known the women in my family have some kind of psychic gift but i am the first to explore it. i am 24 now with alot of stories but would like to share the first big thing that ever happend to me i was 14 or 15 and had been seeing ghosts out the corner of my eye for a few years but just for a second and then i didn't see them anymore until one night when i went for a walk at about 10pm i was almost home and was walking by the train tracks that run behind my house. movement in the weeds that grow a few feet from the tracks caught my eye i stopped walking and looked to see what it was and i saw a pair of red eyes looking at me i was a little scared because it was the first time i had seen a ghost like that and i started walking home again i kept looking back to see if it was still there and i saw it creep from bush to bush then i didn't see it anymore when i got home i was still thinking about how weird that was i went to get a glass of water and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up i turned away from the sink and saw these strange creatures they were about 2 feet tall and stood on 2 legs but they looked like animals with strange faces and bushy dark hair that made me think of a lion's mane their bodies were a soft brown color they had long claws there were alot of them at least 2 dozen just walking around the kitchen like they were working on something and didn't care if i was there watching i was pretty relaxed now and was just watching them bewildered at what i was seeing then i heard a child's voice say "that thing scares me" i looked to my left a saw a little girl with blond hair wearing a blue dress she was pointing across the room i looked to see what she was looking at and saw the thing from the train tracks it ran at me like it was trying to scare me but i didn't feel fear i told it "your not scary" and it stopped and just stared at me i noticed that the little girl and most of the creatures were gone so i stood there staring at this thing that was staring at me it looked like alot like the creatures in the face but it was as tall as me [about 5'8] had human looking hair and grey skin as i stood there looking at it i remeber thinking "why does it look like that it's human im sure of it" after a while i relized it wasn't going to leave any time soon but i had to go to bed so i just walked away and it followed me to the hallway that leads to my bedroom and it stood there and watched me go down the hall it was still there when i turned around to see if was there then it vanished before my eyes i went about my normal routine before bed then turned out the lights and got comfortable i was drifting in and out of sleep and sensed someone come in my room they pulled at the covers like they wanted to sleep in my bed so i moved over thinking it was my shy and timid cousen who was staying with us for the week and i felt the bed move like someone got in and layed down but when i went to make sure they had some covers there was no one there i jumped up and turned on the lights then went to see if anyone was up but everyone else was asleep so i went back to bed but it took me along time to fall asleep because i wasn't sure if it was that thing i was so sure was human or something or someone else and i draw the line at sharing my bed with visitors that aren't living and breathing. that is all of this story i hope you enjoyed reading it oh and i love your site it's one of my favorites



At the end of May this year I saw one of my best friends at a Doctors .appointment I was taking my son to She was there to have a cat scan done .She was diagnosed with cancer last year and we hadn't seen much of each other. I almost didn't recognize her .She had hurt herself last year  breaking her pelvic bone  and something else I think . That was where the cancer had began. A month later she was bed ridden I stopped by or  called  almost every day or every other day to make sure her and her sister had all that they needed . I got a call one morning from Caps sister telling me they were at the emergency room .Cap had gotten sick and at that time they were running more test .The results came back she had cancer through her entire torso.The hospital sent her home to die. A nurse came in and administered nerve blockers and pain killers to take her out of the pain. the last two weeks of her life she was incoherent . Her sister and I had many discussions about where Cap was at in her head during those last days .One night I was laying on my living room floor and had fallen asleep. I  was  on my stomach when  I had nodded out. I was awakened by three pushes on my back just above my butt . I flipped around to look behind me thinking my husband had maybe come home  . There was no one there .I went into my sons room just to make sure , even though there was not enough time for him to run back into his room and get back into bed, he was sound asleep. I immediately new it was Cap and laughed out see earlier that same day I had stopped by to check on her .I had helped her sister and nurse change the sheets or something like that and was helping move   Cap around on the bed. I had put my hand just above her butt and made the comment out loud that I was touching her butt .  A few days later my friend lost her battle to cancer .We had a potluck in her memory at the park .a few weeks later It was on a Saturday .The next day Caps sister and Caps boyfriend called and wanted to come out and play  Fuse ball {table soccer] which we were all avid players of .Spending many an hour playing, laughing , and having fun. Cap and I used to team up and heckle who ever was on the other team.When they got here they rang the doorbell and I answered it As soon as they came in and closed the door   the doorbell rang again I asked them who else they had brought and they replied  know one I opened the door and know one was there I walked directly out  the door and walked around every vehicle  and everything knowing there was not enough time for someone to ring it and take off without being seen. We all knew at that  time it was Cap  Even my husband who is convinced that there is no such thing as ghosts said and I quote[I would have never believed it had I not  been standing here]


By: anonymous

I Was going to get my friend. It had just snowed. I got towards the end of the street and I saw very faint footprints on the new snow. I looked at the footprints I had just made and looked in front of me the mysterious footprints looked like mine. My friend was running towards me. I greeted her and we turned the corner of the street and began walking she was making skidded footprints in her boots. I told her what I saw on the way she looked forward and saw skidded footprints just like hers. Mine were heading away from my house and hers toward it. My friend got a dreadful feeling that we weren’t supposed to be there. We started walking faster away from the footprints. We saw more ahead and we started to investigate it. My friend started seeing letters made from the footprints. It said V, W,I, A, M. She then realized it said, “I AM V.W.”
Then she saw something pointing to the yard ahead of us. So she went over there to see what the footprints wanted. I stayed and saw my own footprint, I screamed and told me to come here. She came over and she was freaking out, too. “I never walked here at all. “ I said half crying. She said she saw something on the grass which looked like a young girl’s body. Then we both turned and saw a barefoot print in the snow. Just one. I don’t believe in ghost but I started crying and running like never before. My friend said,” Leave us alone! You are not welcome here! We can’t help you V.W! Now leave!!!!” when we were finally safe my heart and my friends heart was beating like never before, and as I sit here typing this, I still can’t breathe as easily.

Ghost story: The Saturn St. House


I lived in this house for half of my childhood up to 9 years of age. I would say every other night something supernatural would happen in this house, if not to me than to my brother, mother or father, but mostly to me. I, personally would say this is one of the most haunted residential places in southern California. I can’t possibly list all the events but I’ll start somewhere with what I can remember. First off almost every night the same haunts would occur such as the chairs in the dinning room would be pulled back and forth against the floor. Second there would be a slow repetitive deep banging that would last for a long while or until I went back to sleep. Also dark shadows seemed to pass me in the corner of my eye in the hall way or along the walls and ceiling. Also strange otherworldly noises I could not describe would come from the kitchen and living room. Now these four events happened almost every night, but there were events that were stranger and isolated. I awoke one night and the TV was turned on and it was on no channel just fuzzy and noiseless. I got up and tried to raise the volume but it didn’t work, I tried to change the channel but it wouldn’t work either so I turned it off and stood back but it turned on once more and began to change channels rapidly. I fled the room and ran to my parent’s room and told them there were ghost in my room but they didn’t listen and send me back to my room so I entered carefully but everything was quiet and the TV was off, it never happened again. Once my mother was asleep in her bed when she awoke to find a silhouette of a man with an axe and with an oddly shaped head standing still, suddenly she couldn’t move or speak and she tried to tap my dad but she couldn’t so she shut her eyes and asked Jesus to help her and suddenly it all stopped and the figure was gone. My brother awoke one night thirsty and got up to get a glass of water so he walked toward the kitchen but he turned around to glance at the living room and noticed our giant wall clock we had on the wall when suddenly a crazed clown popped out of the clock and began to run at my brother laughing menacingly. My brother ran down the hall to our room and jumped in our bunk bed and shut his eyes and waited for a while and when he opened hid eyes everything was as it should be. One night my brother was playing with his vintage Godzilla toy in our room when suddenly his Godzilla became big and it grew and grew and it came alive and roared at him he screamed and ran to us where me my mom and dad were watching a movie in the living room he didn't say a word and told me later that night. One night I heard one of the nightly noises, the banging to be exact, So I ran to my parents room being frighten telling them about the noise but they didn't believe and told me it was the heater so I walked to the heater and stared at it I felt heat escaping it but the heater was off then suddenly something red began to emerge from the depths of it, it was, what appeared to be, two red eyes, glowing brighter and brighter. I quickly ran back into my room and jumped onto my bed and hid under the covers. Also I would be left alone on occasion and I would begin to feel strange and everything would be loud, every step I took or if I put my hand on something or dropped something it would be ear shattering and the only way to stop was to turn on the TV or radio or jump around and talk or sing. One afternoon my aunt and uncle went to check on our house while my parents and I were on vacation. Well my aunt came into the house and began to walk toward the dinning room where there would be the entrance to the kitchen and the entrance to the hallway. Well she looked into the kitchen and everything was fine but when she turned toward the hall way she saw standing a tall pale thin man in overalls holding an axe staring at her, she screamed and the man just walked slowly down the hall and out of sight. My aunt ran out of the house and told my uncle about it and my uncle had a shot gun in the trunk so he took it out and ran into the house and searched the house from top to bottom but there was no one. When my parents and me found out about it we always referred to him as “farmer john”. Well I know more things happened but I wasn't told about it or I don't remember  the one last thing  is when we moved from the house I remember sitting in the car parked outside where my bedroom window was, we had wooded blinds, that as we drove away the shutters moved up and down rapidly as if saying good bye.

My Haunted House


Hi im Minette and I live in South-Africa in a town called Potchefstroom. Im 19 years old and a first year education student at the Northwest University.
Well the stories im about to tell you is really true and is still happening because Im still living in the house with my parents. My mom, brother, me and my boyfriend had seen it. My mom always see shadows in the corners, our ghost “lives” in the hall, living room, TV-room. Well it all started when I was in standerd 6(grade 8) when I started to stay home after school. One day I was sitting in our living room and reading a magazine called the huisgenoot I was drinking water and put my bottle down on the floor then I heard a slurping noise and when I look my water bottle was floating in the air but I wasn’t scared I just took it and put it back on the floor. In our living room is their a chair next to my keyboard and when I am playing keyboard I can feel some one sitting their next to me. Quike abdate my cousin took his own live when I was in Grade 7 and my first experience began in grade 8, my grandfather died when I was in Grade 9 and I began taking keyboard lessons in grade 9.
Well to get on with the stories the most terrifying experience was when me and Gideon (my boyfriend) sat in the dark and watched a horror called chainsaw massacre that was lasted year (I was in matric 18 years old) when the story ended I looked over his shoulder and saw a black figure coming out of the living room towards us I almost went histerical I told Gideon turn on the lights but the light switch is on the other site of the room, he held me tight and calmed me down and the figure came closer my hand was on his back because he held me to his chest my hand got really cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers and it we couldn’t move for about 10 minutes when it started to get warmer me and Gideon ran out of the Tv-room and didn’t go back there that night.
To give you a lay out of our house just the hall part we have a single story house and no basements we have a very long hall the one end at the living room door ends with a cupboard when you walk down the hall you will get our study to your right and our kitchen to the left next to the kitchen is Gideon’s room and across his room is my brothers room next to my brothers room is my room and a few meters away from Gideon’s room is our toilet and next to that is the bathroom and the hall end in my mothers room. Well one night Gideon couldn’t sleep he said he laid in his bed and heard footsteps well he always heard footsteps in the hall but this night was different he said their were two figures looking at him from his doorway the two figures had human forms he said he looked at them and they looked at him he said one figure walked away toward my room and he said I began to scream he said he didn’t care if the other ghost was still standing there he ran threw him and came to me when he waked me up he told me everything well now I know there are 2 spirits in my house. Small things all so happens around the house my dad doesn’t believe in ghosts and thinks that we’re all nuts but one day he was sitting in their bedroom looking trough cd’s and the tv came on he took the remote and turned it off and five minutes later it turned on again so he screamed at my mom and told her to come and take her ghost away. Also when you sit in the study there is always a shadow moving on the door the freaky part there is nothing that can cast a shadow.
When read the stories about the people who’s relatives that died and is whit them I realized that my grandfather and cousin could be the ghosts. O the strange thing about our hall is the floor is laid out with carpet and you can’t hear foot steps but you can always here the footsteps when its dark and everyone is in bed.
(PS. Sorry if there is any spelling mistakes English is my second language my first language is Afrikaans)         

White Lady,,,Indian Wells,,,Shelton CT.


I just read the webb site of haunted places in Connecticut and found the story of the white lady at indian wells.I sent a story to the section listed at the bottom of  page add haunted places,,,,before I found your will give you a version of it in case you do not find it,,,,,so sit back,,relax a bit ,,,and here we go,,,,,,,my name is Bill Dwyer,,,I live along the Housatonic River ,,,about a mile north of Indian Well State Park.I am 48,,,lived here 26 years,,my grandparents owned this home before me and were here in the 1930s at the time of the train incident.This is still a wooded area thanks to the park land,,,and the train tracks are still here,,,as a youngster I was told by my grandparents and my father about the kids on the tracks being killed. The story goes that at that time there was a double track system,,,,,side by side,,,,kids were sitting on one set playing cards with there backs all facing same direction.I do not remember how many kids,,,believe all were killed,,,will ask my father what he remembers,,,He was young at the time,,,,,also sat up there at times,,,should be some record of this someplace??,,,,they had there backs to one direction,,,a train was aproaching them on the other set of tracks,,,the conductor of that train was blowing the horn and waving at the kids on the other track trying to worn them of the train coming from behind them on their is believed they thought they waved back thinking He was saying hello ....because of the noise of the first train they did not hear the horn of the train on their track.Sometimes at night looking down the tracks before crossing with the back lighting of the house lights,,,,we sometimes think we see things on the track,,,,it is a dark area still,,,,,,,just a Deer??????? never knows for sure,,,

Abandoned House


Ok so heres my story: Me and a Few freinds of mine one day decieded to go to this abandonded house way on the back roads by a creek. mostly to get out of the wind becuase it was really cold. SO we went in the house and pulled some chairs into a circle and just chilled and talked, noteing that it was warmer in the house then outside. Aftera bout an hour we heard a click and being teenagers in an abandoned house we poked fun at it and tryed to freak eachother out. About 10 minuets later i heard a slight humming noise but i coudlen't tell where it was comeing from so i passed it off as the wind, sure enough 10mins later everyone just stops talking and now i can hear this singing reverberating threw the house, it hummed in your ear and it sounded like a man singing, or chanting actully. and i looked at my one freind and she says " is it just me or do you hear singing?" i told her i heard it too and my other freind said she heard humming. Suddenly Everything got REALLY cold and we should see our breath, all the while the singing/ chanting was still going on. Sure enough being really freaked we headed straight for the door. As we where walking away my one freind turns around and says to me "
theres something in the window watching us" sure enough I turn around and see this human shape in the window. We all Got really freaked and walked a bit faster.
And thats my story, that occured today so we havent' really have time to go back.

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