Granny's House






Now, before I start I am only eleven years of age.  Yet I have had more paranormal experiences than most.  The setting for all of these stories is Knox county, TN.  The first experience I had was when I was five.  My family had just moved and me and big sister were at my Granny's house.  I was sitting in the dining room playing with a deck of cards.  I felt someone enter the room so I looked up there was a little girl about two with curly brown hair and green eyes.  She looked a lot like my cousin Adrian so I started talking to her.  Asking questions like "I didn't know you were here" and "Did Aunt Cindy drop you off".  My sister came in who at the time was nine and asked who I was talking to I told her Adrian was here and she said Adrian wasn't there she was at a doctors appointment today.

My next experience happened when I was ten.  I was again at my Granny's house.  I was in the living room watching television.  Then I looked at the doorway that leads to the front door, the hall, and the dining room.  Standing there in the doorway was a man that looked about 45-55, he was smiling at me lovingly.  He had light red hair and one of those long mustaches that curl at the ends.  He also had on a nice brownish colored suit.  It was kind of hard to tell because he was kind of faded like he was taken out of an old photograph.  In addition to that he was very tall.  I called for my Granny to come to the living room.  I described the man to her and she went over to the shelves that held some photographs of her family.  She picked up a really old one.  When she showed it to me it had the man I just saw, the little girl that looked like my cousin, a girl that was about 5 with long brown hair, a boy about 9 with short red hair, a girl that was about eleven who looked like me (long blond hair and blue eyes), and a women about 47 with long blond hair.  I asked her who they were.  She said they were Greenberry, Elizabeth, Dorsy-lee, Yale, Rebecca, and Ruth.  Greenberry was my great-grandfather.  Elizabeth, Dorsy-lee, and Rebecca his children.  And Ruth his wife.  Ruth was surprisingly my Granny's name and that was her family and the reason she wasn't in the picture was because she was very sick at the time.  Also she mentioned the reason I was named Rebecca was because Granny had showed her that picture right before I was born.  I was shocked that I looked so much like people I never new.  The I remembered that the man was smiling at me I told my Granny and she just sighed and said he always loved Rebecca, he loved us all but Rebecca was like a miracle.  She was born with bad breathing and they thought she wouldn't make it.  He always did that and I know why she was like an angel it was always herself last and others first.  Dad always admired that in a person. 





Man In Woods


By: anonymous



I had a very strange thing happen to me this past memorial day weekend.

I am a dental hygienist,  I have worked for 20+ years. I am currently  in the Philadelphia area working. My home is in Johnstown Pa. I am a home owner and go back on the weekends mostly to maintain my yard by cutting the grass, and things that most people do outside their homes particularly in the summer time.

For years I had been taking the grass clippings, in the woods, behind my house. We had some new neighbors move in and place no trespassing signs along the edge of the woods.

Last Summer I had started taking  the grass clippings out to the North Fork Dam area. It is a heavily wooded area . There is a tiny graveyard at the lower end of the Dam 15 or less headstones. "Becky's Grave" is what I can remember this place being called.

After i cut the grass on Saturday evening this past weekend sure enough I drove out to the North Fork Dam area near the graveyard to dump my grass clipping.

There is a tiny bridge at the entrance and a gate across the beginning of the path that leads to the grave site..

I decided to go for a walk on the path that leads to the graveyard out of curiosity, is 5 or 10 minute walk. I was standing in the graveyard at 9:00 pm when I saw a  I can describe it as a white, glowing, shadow of a man.  a very old man with a wrinkled face, a hooked nose , and a pony tail with a small bow tie on the end of it. He was wearing a night shirt with a ruffled collar and buttons down the front.

He walked right past me 20 feet in front of me on the edge of the woods along the path. He turned to look at me without any kind of  emotions. and then kept walking.  I normally don't see things like this The entire thing lastly about 10 seconds .

I wanted to send you this email





Message From Beyond Or Just An Odd Occurance?




Birthday Wish From Grandma?

My wife and I had something very strange happen. Last November on her 30th birthday, she was in the bathroom getting ready to go out. She has her grandmother's jewelry box that plays music. Her grandmother died on January 1, 1994. This jewelry box hadn't been wound up for at least 3 years or more (we had to replace the missing wind-up key). It would play briefly a few times after we wound it up, but I assumed that it was just a small amount of force left on the notched drum.

For some reason, it began to play briefly on her birthday last year and then stopped. It hasn't done that since then. I wonder if it could have been a birthday wish from her grandmother. 





My Haunted Life




Mind you I'm only eleven years old but, I've had an abundance of supernatural experiences.  My first encounter I can remember was when I was three years old.  I was in my Parent's room an the computer playing a game while my Dad was getting ready to go out somewhere.  When my Dad tried to walk out the door it shut.  He opened it and tried again but, it shut.  He called for my Mom to come to the room.  When she walked in Dad tried to walk out but, the door shut again.  My Mom said "Grandma Kelly doesn't want you to leave," she was just playing around.  Then she said "Grandma Kelly let Ben leave it's alright."  My Dad tried to walk out and the door didn't shut.  I asked Mom who Grandma Kelly was and she said that she wasn't my real Grandma, just an old lady that used to live in our house.  Also the chair on the front porch would rock back and forth for no reason.  Turns out that was "Grandma Kelly's" rocking chair. 

My next experience happened when I was five.  My family had just moved to a new house near the older house where the previous occurrences happened.  My Mom was rocking me to sleep in our red recliner.  I looked at my bedroom door and saw a foot.  I wanted to tell my Mom but, I just couldn't bring up the courage to. 

The next supernatural experience occurred when I was seven.  I was playing by myself with a soccer ball just kicking it back and forth.  I kicked it to hard and it rolled behind the house.  When I started to go get it the ball came flying from behind the house.  I thought it was my sister so I called her name.  No answer.  So I thought it might be our neighbor Charlie who at the time was eleven.  I called his name.  No answer.  I walked to the back of the house and on the back porch was a girl that looked about ten.  I ran into the house and didn't go outside for a week.

My last experiences happened this year.  I was in my room listening to my new mp3 player.  It had this cool recording thing.  I tried it and listened to it but, my voice didn't come through but, I heard people in the background.  Then in about April I was listening to music on the computer when the music would skip and go all weird.  I felt something in the room.  I thought of the name Vince because I know nobody with that name.  I said "Vince, quit that it's not funny." It never happened again. 

Last but not least last week I was text messaging my friend JT and then I had no bars so I thought I should go outside to try to get bars.  When I walked out on the back porch I was holding my phone up trying to get a signal.  I must have looked pretty stupid because I heard giggling.  I turned around and there was the little girl I saw when I was seven.  She had long blond hair and really blue eyes she was about 4'8 so I was about 7 inches taller than her.  She continued giggling and pointed to the holly bush.  I walked over there and I had all bars.  I looked to where the girl had been to say thanks but, she wasn't there.  I have had more experiences but, they are mostly noises in the house and seeing things in the corner of my eye.  See I have had too many experiences when I was young and now I am very paranoid about my surroundings.








Haunted Places - Personal Story




Albuquerque, NM 

We bought this house in 1993.  There were numerous large scratches on the door frames, from the previous owner's large dog. 

Everything was fine until we started to put in a pool a few years later.  After the first day of digging, a large black or brown dog was visible from the corner of your eye.  It would follow my son whenever he was home.  Whenever I was home alone, it would follow me.

We finally filled in the excavation, topped it with a sand-filled frame, and put the pool on top of that.

After a Doggy Funeral, the haunting stopped. 




The House That Wasn't There




One of your stories reminded me of this one.

In 1947, my dad was working for a small electrical company in north central Arizona called The Arizona Power Company.  This company had been around the Yavapai County area for a good fifty to seventy years; had brought electricity to most of the townships between Route 66 to the north, and Phoenix to the south, as well as cities in the western part of northern Arizona to as far east as Winslow and Holbrook.  With World War II receding into memory, the company began looking forward with an eye toward expansion.  Two or three other small companies rebuffed their advances, but one, the Flagstaff Electrical Company, was receptive to being acquired.

Dad had been working in an area east of our home in Prescott, called the Verde Valley.  The company had been engaged in a savage battle with the Federal Rural Electric Agency for the past eighteen months for the right to supply electricity to the residents of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and several other small communities, and had only recently been awarded the contract for electrical construction in those areas.  One Friday, he came home a bit agitated, yet excited, and told mom that he had been offered the foreman's position at Flagstaff, but as there were loose ends to tie up, our family had about a month to consider the offer. 

Mom wasn't too pleased as we were just getting our house built.  We had just gotten running water into the kitchen, and we were working on the bathroom, putting fixtures in as they were offered on the market.  In 1946 and 1947, the country still had not fully converted to civiian goods, and everything was at a premium.  There was also the question of me.  I was a junior in high school, was doing fairly well, and had just acquired my first boy-friend.  I wan't too enthused about moving.  My brother was in first grade, and he was considered moveable.

The folks talked about it over supper, and decided to take the company up on its offer of a month to decide.  There was just so much to work out.  Early the next day, a heavy pounding on the kitchen door awakened all of us.  Dad went out to find that it was his boss, who had big news.  Dad was to report at Flagstaff the following monday, and we were to be moved up there, kit and kaboodle within two weeks!  Dad's protests were brushed aside, so we got ready to move.

He went on up the following monday; mom, my brother Lorin and I went up the next day to look for a house.  What a nightmare!  No houses anywhere, and the only way a person could get into a local apartment complex was to be working for the government.  No exceptions. We finally found a one-bedroom, summer cottage outside Flagstaff.  It had a wood stove, no heater, an outhouse, a woodshed, and we had to haul our own water.  Primitive, but turned out to be one of my favorite homes. 

We moved on election day which was a stormy, gloomy day, and I started school the next day, but the folks agreed to keep looking.

One day, a few months after moving to Flagstaff, mom happened to be driving down a street she hadn't tried before in her house search.  She found one.  A very nice, frame house.  A penciled sign tacked to a stake in the front yard stated it was for rent, those interested were to call a particular telephone number. Needless to say, mom was elated.  It was close to town, close to the high school as well as the grade school that Lorin attended. She was so excited, she didn't wait for the school bus to pick Lorin up, but picked him up herself, then went down to find dad. 

All three of them went back to the house, parked  the car, and then walked around the house.  It was about two bedrooms as far as they could tell, a large living room, a big kichen, and I believe it had a fireplace.  Mom was overjoyed to see it had hardwood floors.  There was a large garage in back, and all in all, it was perfect!

We were a happy group at supper that night.  I was happy because living five miles out of town put a damper on my social life, and Lorin was happy to be able to walk to school.  Mom fairly flew through her housework the next morning, because she wanted to get to town to rent the house before it was taken from under us.

She decided on the way into town to drive by the house to check the telephone number. There was a problem.  No house. Only a vacant lot. Disbelieving her own eyes, mom drove around the block, in fact, she drove around several blocks, trying to make sure she had the right one.  Each time, she circled back to the block in question.  Same thing. No house.  No sign in the yard, nothing.

Dad and Lorin were stunned that evening.  They had walked around the house.  They had peeked in the windows, in fact, Lorin was saying recently that he could still "feel" the window sill on his fingers when he leaned on it to look into the house.

A few years later, I married a boy from my high school class at Flagstaff.  He had lived in Flagstaff all his life, and mom asked him about the house.  Both she and dad described it in detail to him, but to their surprise, he could not remember there ever being a house on that lot.  His dad was a local carpenter having had built most of the houses in Flagstaff, and to make sure, my husband asked his dad, giving him all the details my folks had provided.  His reply was that that particular lot had never been built on, and he knew of no plans to ever build on it.

It that is so, what did the folks and Lorin see that day?





Seeing is Believing





My brothers & I have raised over 60 dogs the past 23 years. We like dogs ;O)

It was 1987,,, at the time we had mostly Redbone Coon Hounds. One day some of them got out of the yard by accident. We got them all back immmediately except for the mother "Sundance". I searched high & low for her for weeks. When a hound showed up at the local dogpound,,I'd be there only to be disappointed that it wasn't her. I searched for her non-stop except when it was raining because I knew that she would not step out into the rain,,that was just the way she was. I was determined to find her,,we had her kids at home also. She used to curl up in the chair in the corner of the kitchen & sleep. That was her spot that she liked. One day I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to Martin who was sitting across from me,,behind him in the chair I saw my Sundance. It was like she had been sleeping & woke & slowly lifted her head & looked right at me. It was incredible.I could see her red coloring but could also see right thru her & could see the brown chair behind her. She was transparent. I did not imagine this & it wasnt like I thought I saw her out of the corner of my eye,,I DID see her clearly & for about 12 seconds or so. When I looked at Martin & looked back,,she was gone. I think that was her way of telling me to stop looking for her because she had come home.



Rented House





We've rented a house in Middleburg, PA for almost four years now. The house was built in the 1800's by our landlord's grandparents.(Our land lord is close to his 80's)

The upstairs is VERY haunted. EVERYTIME we use the staircase to come down, it is second nature to look back at the top when you reach the bottom because you can feel something staring at you. We have a "feeling" that it's a young girl. Even strangers who come to our house for the first time express this same feeling. Once, without being told about the presence before hand, a friend was touched on the arm by it.

Also, one time it locked by husband upstairs with it! The door that accesses the staircase can only be locked/unlocked on the outside of the door by using an old skeleton key which we keep hung on the wall (INSIDE the staircase) I remember him pounding on the door to let him out. The door had been locked on the outside but it was 3am and myself our three year old son was asleep.

All the "regular" stuff happens to. We hear walking upstairs, sometimes crashing up there. I'll be in my study upstairs, reading, and I'll be so annoyed at the noise I'll walk out to yell out my husband to find him outside in the yard.

I've heard rumors the the house, in particular our attic, was a cival war hospital. I'm not sure if that's true but I definitely know it is haunted.

The odd thing is, that while you get that creepy feeling whenever you walk down the stairs or hear something walking upstairs, you're comforted by it at the same time. Like I said, we've lived there for a number of years so we've come to accept it as a daily part of life. I often wonder though, who the entity is, what their story is.....

Well, that's my story, thanks for letting me share!




Personal Experience with Haunting




I am sending you this email because I myself have had encounters with spirits also.

I was 16 at the time and this happened at my own home. Not sure if this is still an occurance or not at this time but when me and my family lived in the house we encountered some very evil spirits. The back bedroom was unable to be slept in because of how strong the pressence was. There were nights that either me or my parents were awaken from a dead sleep and seen aparations above the beds which looked like a person holding a knife or object of some kind. And there were nights that we would wake up to see a line of dead people outside the window. My father even encountered the face of the devil in the back room. There was a night when I was either 16 or 17 that my mother sent me and my father outside after a broom she left by the 16 ft flat bed trailer we had and when we went out there I myself felt a strong evil presence and when I turned around I looked a demonic figure in the face. I can't discibe the figure but the face was that of a man/beast. The house is now sold to another man which is now living there if you would like to know more email me back and I will try the best I can to answer your questions.





My Weird Ghost Story




This happened to me when I was about six years old so I cannot remember every detail, but I know that it happened and to this day freaks me out. I went to this family reunion and as a kid I just remember being really bored and not knowing anyone there really. I decided that the crowds and all the noisiness was really bothering me so I went into this back room of my great grandfather's house. I remember playing with my Pokemon action figures and I heard someone open the door. I looked up and a woman had entered the room. I remember talking to her and us introducing ourselves. I only talked for a short while and she said that she had to go and left. I don't remember thinking anything of it until I saw my parents horrified faces when I told them that I had seen my aunt Monica. They got a picture album and made me find which one was her and I showed them. Then they told me that it was impossible for me to have seen her that she had committed suicide years before I was born. I had known nothing of this previously so needless to say I was very scared. There was nothing unusual about the meeting that I remember, but I have no spoken of it since because it is very strange to me.




My First Tale





Well It seems that I have more than one to tell so I will tell the very first one. When I was very young and still using a crib, myself and my family lived in England. One day my mother came into the room only to find my brother, who is 18 months older than me, and myself laughing hysterically. She looked above my crib to my wind up mobile and found that it was wound up so tight it was playing fast. My mother asked my brother what was so funny and he replied "Big man with ring-a-ring". Which ment the big man with an earing. Well she knew that my brother nor I was able to reach that mobile to wind it up and she was the only other one in the house.. A few days later she was talking to some of the neibors and they told her not to worry that it was the old gardner and he loved to play with the children. And he had been dead for about 100 or so years.....



The Garage




this is my ghost story i hope you will add it.

when we first moved into this house, there was a large blood stain on the garage wall. my parents said it was paint, but i didnt listen to them. i firmly believed it was blood. maybe a year or two later i was in my garage with the big door open, when i heard a was evil-sounding, but at the same time it sounded like a 6 month old.I got outta there really quick! i was home alone so there is no way to explain that laugh. i heard one time the next day, only fainter, as i was in there. i stayed that time. two days later i walked into my room. it was messed up! someone had taken my two year old brother's cd(he slept in my room) out of my radio, and the radio station had been changed. i put the cd back in and changed the station back to my normal one.i left it on. 15 minutes later, i went and the cd was playing! assuming it was one of my brothers, i turned it off. that afternoon i went in with my book (im a bookworm)and laid down on my bed to read i had not noticed it but it was off when I came in though no one had been in there. About five minutes later it turned on. I was surprised but though it must have been a freak thing. That night however I saw a second person in my brother's crib I began to pray to god and it immediately disappeared. I haven't seen anything since and don't want too but it is my belief that someone died in the garage and is was haunting our house  but its gone now and I definitely don't plan on getting it back!




My Mother





Hi, I come from a Caribbean family mostly catholic but as you all may know in the island's culture the occult forms part of our religion as well. The women in my family seem to have a special connection and special way of seeing things. Since my great grandmother and I'm sure before her as well. My mother and I used to talk about spirits all the time and one day I said to her mother you know I am very scary so if you are going to contact me in anyway after you die make sure you do it through my dreams. She laughed and said ok. My mother passed away at the age of 47, still young due to cancer. Almost a year after she died one afternoon a decided to go home early from work because I did not feel good. When I got home at 3:00 PM I laid down on the sofa and was almost sleep. It was almost like I was sleep in the outside but awake in the inside and suddenly I saw my mother standing there in front of the sofa just looking at me smiling,not saying anything she looked like she used to look when I was little she had her bid sunglasses on like the ones used in the late 70's. And she was giving me two things. One was a triangular rock with a symbol on it and a red white and turquoise feather. At the same time I knew she was dead but I was crying and trying to reach for her from the couch suddenly I woke up when my body slammed on the couch I was suspended on the air. It was a very weird experience. All I could think of was that she wanted to contact me and she did not want to scare me. But till this day I don't know the meaning of my dream.



My Husbands Father





My name is Trista Taylor and I live in Kokomo, Indiana and my husband chris' dad died about 4 years ago in an apartment building. Well we moved into the same apartment building this he passed in (only downstairs from the actual apartment). One night i was up kinda late and I saw my husbands father walking down our hallway and into our bedroom, I followed him but when i got to the room he was gone. well the next night i went to bed early with my children and woke up the next morning to my hair (which was down past the middle of my back, i hadnt had a hair cut in 3 years) 6 inches shorter then what it was when i went to bed. The strange thing about this is we had just moved in and i didnt have any siccors in my apartment at the time. I knew he was there because of his son and his grandchildren but did he really have to cut my hair. Alot of strange things happened there, my heat would get shut off in the middle of the night and it would be freezing in the house in the morning, my husband would set his alarm clock to go off when he had to go to work but it would go off at 4:39am which is the time Bill (my husbands father) died. I just thought i would share my story with you. Needless to say i moved out of there about 8 months after i moved in. It really freaked me out. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, Email mr back if you have any questions or comments.




My Father-In-Law and Borhter-In-Law




I have had several dreams of past relatives that have past but this dream was reoccurring. Let me start from the beginning.

My father in law and brother in law were fishermen for many years and their boat was lost out at sea long before either my now husband were married. My husband in fact was in high school at the time. The boat or the bodies were never found so it left a lot of questions for the family.

   My husband never got over the guilt of not meeting them at a harbor some where down the coast line to make sure they got there because before they left the had to replace the fuel pump.

   Just keep in mind even though i and my husband were married I had never seen a pic of either one of them. My mother in law kept them packed away.

   Well years later of being married to my husband I started having a dream about a man standing on the shore above the boats. He looked grotesques and I knew hew was not of the living because his skin was green a slimy looking. He was wearing a black stocking cap, Jeans a flannel and a fisherman thick jacket. I would get frighten and wake up. The same dream kept on happening till finely through fear I asked him what he wanted.

  Suddenly I was whisked away which felt like an out of body experience, and I was standing on a rock in a hidden alcove along the shore. The tide was out and there were several of these rocks were sticking up out of the water. I looked around then down on the rock I was standing on and I see two skeletons lay on the rock.

  Next thing I knew they came together and forming 2 skeletons. In awe and frightened, I started to see there mouthes move but heard nothing in my ears but heard them speaking in my head.  They told me to tell everyone that they are fine and happy and to make sure I told the family to stop wondering and to move on with their lives and that one day they will see them again. Next thing I knew, I realized it was my father in law and my brother in law. After speaking to them and receiving the message they fell apart and rested on the rock that they were standing as if they never came together. Heart racing I was shown the path to a trail in order to climb up and out of the cove half way up I awoke.

  It took me a few days to sort things out and tell my husband what happened. At first I described the man on the docks the one with black stocking hat, jeans ect. He said that it descibed his dad the day he left for his final fishing trip. Remember I had not seen a picture of him yet. I told my husband what he told that they were ok and happy now. I told him t the details of where I was standing and what the cove looked like. He said that the coast guard  looked in a spot as described  in my dreams but never found any bodies or the boat.

  After telling my husband I have never had a that dream again. I have always known I helped my husband close a chapter of guilt that had been eating him for years. i believe the main message was for my hubby. I just recently finally got a good picture of my father in law and it was him in my dreams. Just looking at the picture took my breath away.


Sorry for the long post but all is said is true.




Haunted Place




In rural Grant City Missouri my friends house sits on a hill and every thursday night we here and feel strange things.

it starts out that around 11pm we here the sound of a child bouncing a ball against the wall and gigling.  shortly there after we here the front door slam shut and feel a ice cold draft go through the front room.  we then here heavy footsteps on the stairs and once they reach the upstairs the ball stops and you hear a child scream.   Then the footsteps start walking into another bedroom upstairs and you hear a woman scream.  you then hear a thud and a rope swinging.  finally you hear a gunshot and a thud of a body hitting the floor.

my friend and i did some reasearch in newspapers and found that back about 75 years ago before my friend and his family bought that house there was a farmer and his family that lived there.  the article stated that one thursday night around 11pm he came in out of the fields. He heard the ball bouncing against the wall and flew into a rage.  he went upstairs and killed his children then when confronted by his wife he hung her and then killed himself with a shotgun.  the investigators at the time thought that he was depressed because the farm was not producing any crops.





An Encounter




In 2005 of November when I was in 7th Grade my Grandfather passed away and I never got to say good-bye to him. Me and my Mom were supposed to visit him in the hospital but we never got the chance to. A couple weeks had passed and one night I was trying to go to sleep but something kept me awake. I smelled something by my vent that is by my bed. It smelled like smoke. So I checked every single room figuring where the smell was coming from, but nothing. So I went back in my room and the smell was still there. When I went back to bed, I realized that my grandfather used to smoke cigars. I didn't really tell anyone about that night. A couple days later from that experience, i had a dream about my grandfather in a store with my mom, but I was the only one that could see him. That i told my mom about and she just told me that he was making sure that I was okay. Since now that my grandmother passed away in March of this year and I didn't get to say good-bye to her, I hope that she comes and visits me once in awhile, too. Well that's my story of my encounter and that i hope that someone can relate to my story somehow.




Spirits and the Dying




Dear Dave last night while at work myself and a coworker experienced what we believe to be a person communicating with a departed loved one. The person in question does not have an altered mental state. We were doing rounds and we were checking on our patients. We got to the door of Lillian's room and she was very peaceful lying in bed when she began to gesture with her hands to a force or being we could not see. As we watched silent from the door she began to speak. After several minutes I approached Lillian and asked who her friend was she turned her head to me and with an expression as if in a trance she said this is my husband and he has been away driving a truck. I thanked her for the information and she turned away and continued with her visit. We continued to stand at the door and watch several more minutes passed when the curtain by her bed moved on it's own as if someone were pushing it out of the way. To come closer to her bed. She continued to gesture as if the person or spirit were now standing right next to her bed and holding her hands. I felt nothing fighting and if this was the spirit of her dead husband then his spirit was only there to comfort her . We left continued our rounds. When I checked in on her later she was in a peaceful sleep. I thought you might be interested in my story.                                  



Next Door Neighbor




This is an absolutely true account of what happened to me, my brother Darren and our friend Lee. At Sharpley Rd in Loughborough, UK.

We were all sleeping on the floor of my room as lee was staying over, because our mums were working at the local pub together. It was about 1 am and Darren and I were just getting to sleep when we heard this scraping coming from the bedroom of the adjoining house. It was like someone was digging a spike high up in to the plaster on the other side then dragging it down in an arc to the floor boards. This would just happen again constantly, to the point where you thought it might actually come through!!

Like I said, we were awake but Lee, who was sleeping at our feet, was out cold. We tried to wake him by shaking him but nothing worked. Then the smashing started, it was like a grown man throwing dinner plates at the wall, one after another!

Then banging and crashing started, all the time the other noises continued until it all built up in to a crescendo of noise!!

The next thing to happen would haunt me even to this day; we heard a very loud, piercing scream! The only way I can describe it is a scream that was in the film “Trainspotting”. In it a woman’s baby dies in its cot, and when the mother finds it she screams. Well take that scream and times it by a 100!! Lee would still not wake up, through all of this, which was strange on its own!!

Anyway, we were that worried, we got our mother up who promptly rang the police who arrived shortly after.

They could here all of this from the outside but with all their combined efforts to get somebody to the front door nothing worked! They ended up breaking the door down, and that’s when all of this got super spooky. They found nothing, the house was empty, and there was no smashed cutlery, no mark down the wall. Nothing.

The police left and it all stared again. This time Darren and I were terrified, still lee would not wake up.

We just lay there wide awake waiting for sun-rise. When it finally came, as if on cue, the first bird we heard that Sunday morning ALL the noises stopped instantly, and at the very same time Lee woke up. Wondering what all the fuss was about!

This story is 100% true! Thanks for reading.





Lisbon Me





I live in an old house in Lisbon. We occasionally hear strange noises, one person will hear other people having conversations when no one is around. We also have cold places in the house. On occasion the living room or the downstairs bedroom will be four or five degrees colder then the other rooms of the house. Sometimes my husband claims that he sees strange blurs and movements out of the corner of his eye. If we do have ghosts I don't feel that any of them or threatening. The other day I was sitting in the living room watching TV when I swear I heard someone yell from the kitchen. They said, "I'm waiting....!" as if someone was in the kitchen and waiting for someone to finish getting ready to go and they weren't moving fast enough and they where getting fed up with waiting. I said 'what's your problem?' because I thought it was my husband getting home from work and he wanted me to go someplace with him. When I got up to check it up there was no one in the kitchen and my husbands motorcycle wasn't in the garage as he had taken it to work that morning. My kids, 12 and 14 will come down from their rooms and ask us what we wanted when neither my husband nor I have called them.  We have a dog and she doesn't seemed bothered one way or another.



Cape Girardeau Hauntings





My Family and friends used to live in an Apartment complex call Cape Meadows. During our two years of living there we all experienced a number of unexplained experiences. In our building there were 6 units, however only four were rented and livable, the other two were damaged severely, they were used for storage of misc. items through the years. In my particular apartment, my little girl started doing strange things, she was talking to her closet one night, I asked her who she was talking to, she said "Bobby," I asked her who "Bobby" was, she told me he lived out back, by the bushes and the sand box. Soon after, my daughters TV started turning on by its self, even when she wasn't home. We would hear something coming from her bedroom, and when we opened the door her TV would be on, so I turned it off and closed the door, sure enough I heard the noises again, and went back to the room, TV was on again. This happened quite often.

  Another time, my husband and I were asleep and my daughter was sound asleep and my husband thought he felt my daughter crawl in bed with us, when he turned over to get her and put her back to bed, she wasn't there. He went to check n her and there she was out like a light. Later that night our bedroom door slammed open and we saw what we though was my little girl run around our bed, however there was nobody there again, we got up to check on her again and the gates in the hallway started rattling and it was very cold in the hallway and my little girls room, i checked the thermostat to see if the heat was on and it was running and set on 70 like always, but the temp gage read 35 degrees. My daughter was still sound asleep.

  Another incident was my husband was sitting in the living room with the front door wide open, he saw out the door in the hallway a Smokey figure of an old black man wearing torn overalls, he turned to me and said check this out, when he turned back, he was gone. That same night we went down to our neighbors apartment and told them what my husband had seen, and my neighbor described the same man sitting in his computer chair. At that same neighbors apartment, my family and our friends from across the hall were visiting and on the keychain hoder next to the door was a keychain floating in the air as if someone was taking it iff the hook, but you couldn't see anyone, my neighbor said "Hi Bobby," and the keychain fell.

 At my neighbors apartment below me, she was sleeping one afternoon when her bedroom door started knocking back and forth and the door handle was shaking, she thought it was the wind circulating through the apartment causing this, but when she got up, on the outside of her door was what looked like little wet handprints, but you couldn't wipe them dry, and the never went away.

  At my other neighbors apartment, it was a basement apartment and the two apartment above them were the damaged apartments, but quite frequently we would hear footsteps and what sounded like people moving furniture up there, these apartment were always locked and never gone into by anyone.

 At my apartment, we would sometimes leave for the weekend and go to my parents, when we would leave we turned all the light out except for a lamp in the living room. When we would return home all the lights would be on except for the lamp we had left on and we never locked our deadbolt, because we had trusting neighbors, we would only lock the handle lock, however when we returned the deadbolt was locked every time.  I was baby-sitting my neighbors daughter one day, and when her parents came to pick her up we were looking for her shoes she took off in my daughters bedroom, she pointed to the middle of the floor by the bed where she left them, but they were not there, we looked under the bed, in the closet, all over the apartment, no shoes. I told them I would keep looking they would turn up somewhere and I would bring them down when I found them, so they left and went home, I started looking again for her shoes in my daughters bedroom, and sure enough, they were in the middle of the floor. They were not there 10 min. prior.

  We had told our landlord about what we had experienced and that my little girl was always talking to this "Bobby" person, and that she told us he lived out by the bushes next to the sand box, he told us that in the 70'S a little boy about 7 years old drowned in the swimming pool where the sand box is now, he said that after the little boy drowned the pool was filled with dirt and sand was laid out over it to make a sand box, and the little boys name was Robert. He also told us that the grounds the apartments were built on was an old slave community, which might explain the black male in torn overalls.

  We experienced a lot of unexplained occurrences here but none life threatening.

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