By:  Rich Peacock

Do you believe in ghosts? Angels, maybe? Well, I never did. Until my buddy Ollie died about fifteen years ago.
At the time, I was working in public relations at a medium-size airport in the West. My friend Ollie was the airport police chief. Our other best friend, Floyd, was the airport operations manager. Several times a week for lunch, the three of us would get in one of the airport vehicles and drive out to a spot  near the main runway. We’d watch planes land and take off while listening to country-western music on the radio. We’d sit there and eat our brown-bag lunches, exchanging good-natured ribbing and trading away lunch items we didn’t want. This lunch-time routine at Chez Runway continued several times a week for more than ten years. Ollie, Floyd, and I were inseparable, especially between the hours of twelve and one (OK, maybe more like 11:45 to 1:15).
One day in 1990, Ollie called me into his office and closed the door.
“Richie,” he said, “The doctor told me today I’ve got cancer. I’m gonna die”. Tears welled up in my eyes. We hugged and said we loved each other. Then, as we regained our composures, we discussed Ollie’s medical condition. It was pancreatic cancer, one of the most difficult forms of cancer to treat. Ollie’s doctor gave him about six to eight months to live.
Ollie seemed determined to get the most out of his remaining months. He kept his sense of humor. One day Ollie, Floyd and I were having coffee in the airport coffee shop. Ollie had just gotten back from a routine visit to his general practitioner, who apparently hadn’t heard from the oncologist about Ollie’s cancer. Ollie related how the general practitioner had said, “Well, Ollie, you’ve got a clean bill of health!” Ollie found it hilarious that a doctor could find him in perfect health while he was suffering from terminal cancer.
And then there was the time over coffee when Ollie was putting saccharin in his coffee (he was diabetic). While he poured the pink packet’s contents into his coffee, he said that he had read recently that new studies showed saccharin might cause cancer. Saying this in grave tones, a grin suddenly flashed across his broad Irishman’s face, and he blurted, “But, hey, who cares—I’ve already got cancer!” When he laughed his whole body shook, just like the proverbial St. Nicholas.
Summer came and Ollie was still coming to work, sometimes with the help of a cane. I was his chauffeur and personal attendant, driving him around to his errands and taking him to local points of interest. Sometimes we talked and sometimes we were silent, just enjoying each other’s company.
Summer turned to fall and Ollie began putting his personal affairs in order. He came to work less and less. Sometimes I’d visit him at his house and fill him in on all the latest airport gossip. Ollie was getting weaker and weaker. We tried to pretend Ollie wasn’t sick, but the cane was an ever-present reminder of his illness.
Sometime in mid-December, Ollie got a second wind and came to work for a day to join Floyd and me for the traditional runway lunch. I drove, as always, and I opened the back door for Ollie. He gingerly got into the car, dragging his cane with him. Floyd sat in the passenger seat in front.
It was to be our last lunch with Ollie at the airport. It was just like always with the three of us. Ollie horsed around as usual, yanking my shoulder belt back around my neck in an attempt to strangle me. He knew I startled easily and delighted in tapping the back of my head with his cane. Occasionally, he’d doze off for a few minutes.
After lunch, I drove Ollie home from work for the last time.
Ollie started going downhill fast. On December 15, Ollie’s wife, Paula, called me and suggested I come over to the house. When I got there, Paula asked me to call the priest for the last rites. After doing that, I went to Ollie’s bedside. “Well, Richie, this is it,” he said. “Doctor says I’ve got some bleeders down there. It won’t be long now.” We said we loved each other, and I went outside to wait for the priest.
The priest came and we all gathered around Ollie’s bed for the last rites. I kissed Ollie on the forehead and went home.
The phone rang at about 5 in the morning. It was Paula, Ollie’s wife. Ollie had passed away just moments ago. Paula told me that Ollie had not wanted to die on the 15th, because it was Floyd’s birthday. So he willed himself to live until the 16th.
On the day after the funeral, I met Floyd outside his office at lunch hour. In a way, we dreaded going out by the runway to eat lunch, but somehow we both knew we had to do it. Our hearts full of sorrow, we got in Floyd’s car and drove out to the usual spot and parked.
We ate our lunches in silence. We couldn’t seem to find much to say. Suddenly, we heard two loud, distinct raps on the trunk lid of the car. Floyd and I glanced quizically at each other. There it was again—rap, RAP!
Well, Floyd and I needed to see for ourselves what was going on. We both got out of the car, and looked all around it and under it. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It couldn’t have been the wind blowing something into the car, because there was no wind. There was nothing in the trunk except for some road flares and a fire extinguisher.
We got back into the car. There it was again—RAP RAP RAP!!!
Now, you have to understand that Floyd and I are technical people. After all, we were working in operations at an airport, not in some New Age candle shop. Floyd was ex-Air Force and trained to believe in scientific causes and effects. But to this day, Floyd and I are convinced that those raps on the trunk were Ollie’s cane—Ollie’s way of telling us from the other side that he was still with us in spirit. Knowing Ollie, he’d be grinning, too, knowing he’d scared the living daylights out of us.
Floyd and I went back to our desks with an odd mix of feelings—sad at missing our dear friend, but buoyed by the new knowledge that friendship lives on after death.

The Woman in Green

By: Cissydk@aol.com

I have had 2 experiences with what I think were Ghosts.  The first happened when I was 20 years old.  I had My first Nursing job, and I was getting ready for work at 5:30 AM.  I was in the bathroom brushing My teeth, when I saw a Woman go by the bathroom door into the Living Room.  I thought it was My Mom, and I remembered that I had to tell Her I needed Her car that day, so I walked out of the  bathroom and started to tell Her, but the Living room was empty.  My cat was sitting on a chair under the Living Room window, and She suddenly stood up, was looking at a point behind Me into the Hall.. All Her hair and her tail stood on-end, and She was making a really wierd sound.  I got scared, and  sat in My Mom's Rocker and was afraid to look behind Me into the hall.  After a few minutes, Nickie (the cat), turned around a couple of times, Her hair went down, and She laid down and went to sleep.  I then felt all was OK, and I continued getting ready for Work.  PS. I told My Mom and My Sister what happened and they laughed at Me.. HOWEVER, I went out with My friends that night, and when I got home, My Mom and Sister were piled in the same bed!.. Do You think I saw a Ghost? I call Her "The Woman in Green," because She was wearing what looked like a Green nightgown... I have NO idea who She could have been...

An Unsettling Visitor

By: c59442@bellsouth.net

I was traveling cross country with a group of activists.  We were all about eighteen.  We stopped in St. Louis, MO to spend the night in the gym of a high school, because we were having car trouble. I was one of the last ones out of the shower, so when I went to spread out my sleeping bag, I had trouble finding room on the floor.  One kid offered to share his space, so I did.  It was uncomfortable, being wedged in with so many people on the hard floor, and I couldn't sleep.  I was just about to doze off, when I spotted a little dark haired girl across the room, propped on her side, her head resting on her hand.  I was surprised to see her, because there were no kids traveling with us.  I poked the guy next to me, and started to ask him who the kid was. And then I realized that I could see through her, and that she sort of glowed.  She was sort of superimposed over one of the people who was sleeping on the floor.  The next to me took one look, and then buried his head under his pillow.  I squeezed my eyes shut and tried not to look again.  But of course I did.  And there she still was, a mischievous grin on her face, as if our fear delighted her no end.  Her form wavered slightly, as if she were an image being projected from some ghostly movie projector.  I wonder who that little girl was, and if she met her end in that school gymnasium.  I coulnd't sleep a wink, after that.

Deja Vu

By: speedy9747@aol.com

Deja Vu, as defined by Meriam-Webster, means 1 a: the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time b: a feeling that one has seen or heard something before2: something overly or unpleasantly familiar. 
I have experienced this phenomena in spurts for most of my life but have never experienced it quite the way I did the weekend of the Cinco De Mayo this year.   On the Thursday prior to May 5th, I had a strange dream about a lovely old farm house out in the country.  It was very realistic and filled with vivid details.  It was a farm that I had never seen before and one that elicited a feeling of belonging and home. 
On the Saturday of Cinco De Mayo I found myself in the mountains of Tennessee lost  A local gas station owner had given me directions, but somehow, I missed a turn and found myself alone in a very rural area.  As I searched for a safe place to turn around, I had that swimming-in-the head feeling that usually accompanies my Deja Vu.  As I pulled in to a small field, across the clearing I saw the very same farm that I had dreamt of two nights prior.  My jaw dropped when I remembered how accurate and detailed my dream was. 
I sat in stunned silence for a moment; staring at this house and actually enjoying the peaceful vibe that had engulfed me.  I heard a slight tapping on the car window and almost jumped out of my skin when I realized that an elderly man was standing there.  He knew immediately that I was lost and provided me clear directions. Before I left, he made a comment about how I reminded him of his sister who had passed away more than 15 years ago due to cancer and how he had inherited the farm from her.  I am still not sure what to make of this incident but it was a very interesting feeling.  Thanks!

Haunted Land

By: GreenAjah21@aol.com

Let me start by saying I never believed in ghosts and even now  I still have a hard time with the idea. Although I do admit that now I am not as fond of where I live as I once was three months ago and do not like to be home alone. I should start by saying I live in Dalzell S.C. which is a tiny suburb of Sumter S.C. My husband and I live on a large piece of land that his parents own and have lived on for years. My husband has lived on this land all of his 33 years and instead of leaving he was so attached he built a house here and I have lived here only a few months. This first started over a year ago now when we were first dating. I was at his house alone sitting on the couch, when a white cat shot past my vision down the hallway. I am positive it was a cat not only then but now because I saw it more than once. I was so excited to see he had a cat I jumped up and went to find it. Well, I didn't and when he came home and I asked him about it he said he didn't have a cat. Well, I saw that white streak of fur about four more times right after we started dating, I was freaked but I never saw it again so I kinda forgot about it until recently. I just put it up to my imagination. Well, it wasn't until right before we got married that the subject of the white cat came up again but how it came up is what really freaked me the most.
Our house is just a short walk from my husbands parents and we eat lunch on Sundays and spend a great deal of time at his parents house. Well after lunch one Sunday my father-in-law told us he had to tell us his latest, "haunting story". Well, I was shocked to hear that he was watching T.V. and was facing the hallway when the bathroom light came on. Well, no one else was in the house except my mother-in-law and she was in the bed asleep. Not only did the light come on but someone walked into the bathroom and closed the door! Being the commando he is he jumped up and ran to the bathroom opened to the door and the light was on and no one was there. Well, everyone at the dinner table got completely serious after the story but they also looked a little guilty when they saw the horror on my face. I was then informed that this isn't the first time stuff like this has happened.
It started with my husbands parents first night in the house. They went to bed and when they were both almost to the point of sleeping a person screamed right underneath their bedroom window. They said it was the scream of a woman who was not just letting out a yell but screaming like she was getting beat or attacked. No words were spoken just screaming. So, my father-in-law jumped out of bed and went to run out the door but was stopped by my mother-in-law and just a few seconds later it quit. Well, he wasn't brave enough to go searching that night but they didn't get any sleep at all that night.
Nothing else happened until my husband was a child and then there were three things he and his brother say happened. The first is that my brother-in-law when he was a teenager was sitting up late at night in the kitchen eating when a man who looked Latino in origin walked down the hallway. He was wearing a large hat and one of those things that wrap around your shoulder that you use to hold bullets. The man stopped, looked at Jimmy, nodded his head as if to say HI then turned and walked into the refrigerator. The next thing that happened was to my husband. He was playing cards with his sister when she got up to take a shower. He started reading a comic book when someone entered the room. Thinking his sister had finished her shower he looked up and it was a little boy older than him with blond hair.  He said he just stared when the boy just disappeared in thin air. Ummm, of course he ran into his parents room and had to be talked into sleeping in his own bed for about a week later. The third thing that happened was when my husband was older and a friend was over to spend the night. They were almost asleep when a large bang was heard in the kitchen and everyone came running in the house not just my husband and his friend. They got to the kitchen and every drawer and cabinet was opened not just open but all drawers were open the same amount of length and every door was opened the same degree.
So now to what happened to me recently, well we have a cat now. So I haven't seen any ghost cats but about three days ago, I was sitting on the couch with the cat in my lap. She was asleep but for some reason looked over my head and her eyes opened wide. Well this shouldn't have suprised me except that the lights were out in the living room and were on in the hallway behind me. So I looked into her eyes which are huge and I saw movement above my head in her eyes. I jumped up because I was the only one home and ran as hard as I could for the door, but looked behind me on the way out and nothing was there. Maybe it was overreaction. That is what I keep saying and my husband says. I still do not like being home alone now because I swear what I saw in her eyes was the figure of a man leaning over to pick something up off the floor in our hallway and straighten back up again.
So I do not think our house is haunted but I will bet our land is by something.

My Ghost Soldier

By: SWEET4CLAY@aol.com

I delivered Newspapers with my Dad at an old army barracks, in Sackets Harbor ,NY. The old barrack's are called Madison Barracks. They are all apartments now. Well I delivered to this one buliding. Everytime I went in, I got the feeling someone was watching me. This all happened about 2:30-3:00 in the morning.  It was never a bad feeling. One morning I didn't take my flashlight with me, as I was heading up the stair's, I looked over my shoulder and saw what looked like a flashlight beam. There were no light's on in the building. The next morning I saw the figure of a man, dressed in Army cloths. I know more than once I felt someone touch my hand as I went up the stair's. This solider I believe kept from falling down the stair's one morning. As I started to fall,I felt someone grab me, and it was just me in the building. Now I beileve it was my ghost solider.

Strange Mist



I work in the telecommunications business and spend a lot of time in houses that have been remodeled into doctor’s and law offices. I supply our customers with phone systems and computer networking equipment. In most of these houses everything has to be put in the basement b/c the houses were built before data networks and phone systems were around and that is the best centralized location for them. Anyway, I was had a work order to remove a system from a real estate agency in a nearby town b/c they were going to base their operations out of their home branch.. This seemed odd to me b/c this was a reputable and successful agency. This town was also experiencing a lot of growth. I met on of the agents there late one afternoon and she let me in. It was strange that they had moved and not taken any of the furniture. I went to the basement and removed the equipment from the wall. I then went back upstairs to round up the phones. The agent that let me in was still there and asked me how much longer I was going to be. I thought she was just pushy and had somewhere to be. I told her I had about 10 minutes left. After I rounded up all the equipment and boxed it up, I went back to the basement check if I had turned off the light. As I stuck my head in the basement door, the light was off but there was enough natural light in the basement to make things out. I then saw at the base of the stairs, what I can only describe a solid cloud of smoke or mist float from on side of the basement to the other. It was floating about 3 feet from the ground in a straight line but was not moving at a very fast pace. I do not typically believe these type things, but I do believe my own 2 eyes. This did not scare me as much I thought it was cool to see. As I was leaving, I told the agent that I was leaving and she told me to wait and that she was coming with me. Come to find out when I got back to the office, my head tech knew that it was haunted and that’s why they moved. The agents had seen objects moving around their office since the moved in 2 years ago.

The Angels Word

By: sissylyne1@yahoo.com

My name is Trinity. I am 11 years old. This story I tell you may be a little freaky but at least it didnt happen to you. I am using my friends E- Mail so ask questions if u want we live next door so she can ask me or she might know. Well this is how it begins. I was 4  years old and I was laying in my bed. I woke up and asked my mom if she would let me lay with her and she said yes. So i went to my moms bed and my mom was in the kitchen washing dishes.   After a good 10 min. I said " Mom, The angel in the corner of your room told me that everything will be O.K. Then my mom said " What angel ?  and that was the story. It was a pretty creepy expierience. 

Ghost Story at my House

By: chaney64@msn.com

at my home, from 3 am to 4 am, when you look out into the back yard, you can see our animals buried back there and the animal killed in the back yard behind ours roaming around in our back yard. I'm sure they come out anytime but this seems to be the best time to clearly see them. one night when my cousins and myself were having a sleep over we stayed up all night. its hard but can be done. any way we were in my room when we heard something outside so we looked out the window and saw white figures about the sizes of dogs and cats. they are in the trees and walking around in the back yard but when one of us screamed they disappeared. I say that the neighbors animals must roam too because there were Mexicans who lived back there and would buy lots of farm animals like goats, chickens, and pigs and would kill them.  they would sometimes eat them and cook them in a large fire in the middle of the back yard. they would also bury them. they were forced to move when someone called the cops on them. one week after they were gone my grandmother and I walked out to the very back shed which is next to the back yard of the neighbors and she went in the shed and I swear I saw a goat walking in the corner of their yard and It sounded like a goat too. I screamed and it disappeared. after 10:00pm I will not go into the back yard. I won't even sleep with my window facing the backyard open when its hot.
if you have anymore questions or concerns: my email is : lhindry@yahoo.com my name is Lacy

Haunted house in McKenzie, TN

By: Christy@deltafaucet.com

There is a house in McKenzie, TN that I know for a fact is haunted. My best friend and her family rented the house about twelve years ago and lived in the home for a short while until they had their own home built and moved into it. The house is located on Cherry Street just down from Bethel College in McKenzie. The house was built over a hundred years ago by a man who was affiliated with Bethel College. He had moved to the area because of the college and built the house for his family. The man and his wife had a daughter (don't know how many other children they had) who grew up in the house and went on to marry and raise her own family in the same home. The woman lived there until she was elderly and her health was failing. She eventually died in a hospital or nursing home and the house was turned over to Bethel College and then sat empty for a short while. When my friend and her family moved into the house, they were the first ones other than the family who had built it, to ever live in the home. My friend immediately did not like the house; it was a two story brick five bedroom home that had very old dark rooms. When she would find herself alone in a room she always felt like someone was watching her or that someone else was in the room. The family dog acted strange in the house too; it would act as if someone was in the room and as if it was watching something or someone walking around the room even though no one was there. The dog would also growl during these times it would "see" something. After living in the house for a little while more unsettling things started to occur. My friend's elderly grandfather came to live with them and stayed in a bedroom on the first floor since he was unable to use the stairs. Soon after he moved in he began telling the family that while they were away at work/school that an old woman was in the house. Her father would search the home and find no one. Her grandfather would tell them that he had saw the old woman come in the front door, she would not say anything to him and would go up the stairs and go into the bedroom on the left at the top of the stairs, which coincidentally was the elderly woman's bedroom when she was alive and living in the home. My friend and her family didn't think much of the grandfather's story until more sightings and unexplained things happened. They would her loud bangs and such in the house, thinking there might be an intruder her father would always check all the rooms and not find anything or anyone. One evening though when they were all down stairs and heard one of these loud bangs, and her father went to investigate he found a baseball bat laying in the floor in the same bedroom upstairs as the old woman was seen entering. The bat had been pulled out of a basket that had several other bats crammed into it and the bat appeared to have been thrown across to the opposite side of the room and was lying in the floor. No one was upstairs when this happened and it could not be explained! Another incident happened in the middle of the night. My friend's older brother (the old woman's bedroom was his bedroom!) had left to go stay the night at his girlfriend's so he wasn't going to be back until the next day. My friend was asleep in her room with the door open as it always was when she all of a sudden woke up. She turned and looked and there in her bedroom doorway she could see a man standing there looking at her. She thought it was her brother so she started calling his name in a whisper as not to wake her parents. She called his name a couple of times but he would not answer her. The man turned from her doorway and started down the hall. Just then my friend remembered that her brother was not there and immediately began to scream for her mom and dad. After telling them what happened her father searched the house. All doors and windows were locked, nothing had been disturbed and there was no one in their home!! The last major incident that took place before they moved out happed to my friend's mother. She was home alone in the living room one day watching TV when she heard the back door to the house come open and shut. She then heard foot steps walking through the kitchen, into the dining room, then turning and walking down the hall toward the front of the house. The foot steps stopped at the basement door in the hall and she heard the door open, the light switch click on and she then heard the foot steps bound down the stairs as if the person was skipping every other step on he way down. She thought it was her oldest son but didn't remember hearing his loud car pull in to the drive. Wondering why he was in the basement she got up and went to go see what he was looking for. When she got to the basement door it was open and the light was on but there wasn't any one down there (there was no other way in or out of the basement other than the door in the hall). She turned the light off and shut the door and went back to the living room and sat back down. Not long after she sat down the whole thing happened all over again. She heard the same foot steps, following the same path through the house, again the door to the basement opened and the light clicked on and she heard the same footsteps bounding down the stair. She got back up and went to the basement doorway to find yet again the door was standing open and the light was on but no one was down there. This time she went outside and sat on the porch until someone finally come home. She did not tell the rest of their family what had happened to her until they moved out because she knew that they would have refused to stay in the house.
After they moved out and into their newly built home, I spent the night and had my own experience in the new house the next morning. My friend, one of her brother's and I were watching TV in their new living room and I heard a swoosh noise and at the same time saw out of the corner of my eye a black figure of a person moving very fast out of my friends bedroom around a corner into the bathroom. Her brother didn't see the figure but he heard the swoosh sound. My friend had her back to her room so she didn't see the dark figure nor did she hear the sound we heard. It freaked me out and for a while my friend was worried that the ghosts had followed them to their new home but fortunately there were no other incidents (that I know of).

My Dad

By: tbelle184@aol.com

I've always been interested in ghosts and have lived in several houses where there have been more than a few strange occurences, but this one definitely stands out.  My dad died in January of 2001 very unexpectedly and at the age of only 45.  It was very hard on my family and me, but we're doing ok.  Anyways, it last year in April of 2006 and the day before I was going into surgery (nothing serious, but I'd never had surgery before and I was scared.)  The morning before surgery I was praying that everything would turn out alright, and I (in my head) asked my dad to give me some sort of audible sign that he was watching over me and that everything would be alright.  No one else knew about my request.  That night at around 11 pm I heard a loud pounding noise, as if someone was pounding with their fists on our big glass bay window at the front of the house.  The dogs started barking and I assumed that it was my mom locked out of the house, so I laughed and told my sister to let my mom in.  I walked to the top of the stairs which led down to the foyer as did my sister, who wanted to know where the noise was coming from.  Just then my mom walked into the foyer from the kitchen and asked what that pounding noise was and thought it was me or my sister trying to scare each other.  Once we figured out it was none of us pounding we looked out the windows but no one was around or outside.  My neighborhood is very quiet; all of the kids are under 10 and it was pretty late on a (cold) Sunday night, so I highly doubt it was some kid trying to play a prank.  I'd like to think it was my dad giving me a sign that things were going to be ok, which they were in the end. 

My Grandpa and Jake

By: jcavalcante@rochester.rr.com

Hi, my name is Carie and I have three stories to tell. The first one is about my grampa. I am 25 years old now, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Many years ago my grandpa died, and he had this huge funeral. He had so many friends and family, and I remember waiting in line to say goodbye to him at the funeral home. When I finally got there, I saw his face and this feeling of sadness so bad I had to run away. I still dont know what it was that made me go, but I never properly got the chance to say goodbye. That night I had a dream that I was flying over this lake that we all loved to go to,  it was fall, the leaves were changing color, and it was cold but it was beautiful, and I looked to see whos hand I was holding, and it was my grandpa. I felt so safe and he told me how much he loved me. I woke up and felt much better. The next day, my family and I went to breakfast, and my brother and I sat in one booth and my mom and dad were in another. I went over to mom and dad to tell them grandpa came to visit me and about the dream, and I dad put his head down and tried to fight back the tears. He looked up at me dead serious and said he had the exact same dream. I believe to this day it was my granpy saying he was ok.
It was a few years later, I moved to a different town with my then boyfriend, and I was walking home from work one night, it was around Halloween. It was very dark and I had this bad feeling like someone was watching me, so I turned around and I saw this man following me about 10 feet behind me. Then all of a sudden I smelled this strong smell of tabacco smoke from a pipe. Not even a minute after that a lady I worked with pulled into the driveway in front of me and asked me if I needed a ride. I quickly jumped into the car and looked for the man, and saw him jump behind this huge tree to hide. The only person I ever knew that smoked a pipe was my grandpa. I know he was watching over me, protecting me. There was no houses or any reason for the smoke to be right infront of me, exept my grampa. I could just feel him. I knew he was there. A few weeks later, there was a guy that got arrested for stalking and raping girls on the exact same street.
The next story I have is about my favorite dog Jake. He was my best friend when I was growing up, and I loved him so much. My brother and I used to go and ride our bikes up and down the road alot, and one day, we were doing just that when we heard my mom scream. Jake got hit by a car right down the street. We rushed him to the vet. I sat in the back, he was in my arms, bleeding all over and shaking, it was horrible. I just kept telling him how much I loved him and we were gonna save him. He died in my arms. It was so scary, I was only about 12 or 13. So, time went on, and my brother and I were riding our bikes on the same street, and we rode past the spot Jake got hit and in the ditch right next to spot was a hundred dollar bill. As we stood there in disbelief, not knowing whether to pick it up or not, we heard very faint barking, and there was no other dogs around.  My brother and I split it and to this day we believe it was a gift from Jake. I have many more stories, but I will write them another time. All the stories are true. They have definetly made me a believer. 

Ollie Hancock(Ghost of my House)

By: nikkirox13@yahoo.com

(This isn't particularly about me, it's more about my parents.) I was only two years old when my mom, dad, and I moved out of the trailer park we lived in into a two-story house. It was one of our first weeks in the house when my parents noticed some weird stuff going on in the house. One night, while I was asleep upstairs, my parents were sitting on the couch in the living room watching television. All was OK for a while until around 2 in the morning when they heard a big crash and the french doors all of a sudden drew open (the french doors are double glass doors leading from the living room to the soon-to-be toyroom for me). Then the doors automatically shut. They of course got up to see who had broken in or what happened to cause the crash. They ran into the toy room to see only nothing- nothing on the floor from where something had fallen to make the crash, no person, nothing. As scared as they were we all still live in the house today along with my sister Staci, who had not been born when this had happened. Occasionally, we hear noises and things are misplaced but that's about it. We had also found out that the person who had lived in our house before us had died in her bedroom of the house. Her bedroom was our toy room.

The Roof

By: katz_rule_94@hotmail.com

The story is when i was little i'd always put my hands up to the roof as if it was like i was being huged.and mum told me that i'd always talk to joan. (joan is my grandma and dad told me she died before i was born) funny thing is that i remeber all of this i remeber once i said "i miss you" but mum said that i'd always be happy after i spoke to her.
now i'm not saying that this is a ghost but i think that it was my grandma's spirit contacting me.
ever since then i've been so interested in spirit's.

Things that have Happened to me

By: RDJarrett@coosahs.net

I have a few stories of the things that have happened to me all my life and would like to share them with everyone.
For as long as I can remember back I have had these dreams of a old women rocking a baby and saying to this child " It's alright Zora" now this in it's self is wierd because this is my sisters name and I had never meet this women. My grandmother was also named Zora and she died way before I was born so I never got the chance to meet her either. When I was around 6 I had this dream all the time and would always wake my sister up just to make sure she was there thinking this lady had taken her. But on one night when I was waling my sister up this women was right beside my bed rocking and saying the same thing as in my dream. I had to shut my eyes just to make sure this was only another dream. When I looked the lady was still there and I was sooo scared before I got the chance to wake up my sister she was sitting up in bed and asking me why this women was in our room and wanted to know who she was. I was amazed that my sister was seeing the same things that I was seeing.   I'm the youngest of 4 and was always told that I was having nightmares and with my sister seeing the same thing I felt so much better. After about 5 minutes the lady disappeared and I couldn't sleep in the room anymore. We lived with our aunt and all 5 of us shared a room so that was impossible. About 3 days after that happen my family got out photo albums and were looking through them when I was looking at the lady from my bedroom. I just started crying and telling my mom about what had happened only night before. I asked her who it was and she told me that it was my great-grandmother and that the baby she was holding was my dad.  WIERD becasue after that day I never had that happen to me again.
Second story: When we moved out of my aunts house we moved into a apartment not to far away. It was Halloween and one of my brothers were grounded and couldn't go trick-or-treating so we decided to watch the Friday the 13th Series ont he Sci-Fi channel. We got into watching the show when we heard someone in our kitchen and got freaked out becasue no one else was home with us. So together we went to investigate, as we were heading toward the kitchen we heard the noise again it was like someone was in there cutting something so we turned all the lights on and no one was there. We turned to go back in the Frontroom to watch our show when we see something fly across the Dining room. As we were turning around there was a man who started to run after us with a knife. I think my brother screamed louder than I did. The knife went flying toward my brothers head and barely missed and hit the wall. We ran outside and across the street to wait for our parents to get home. When we turned around and looked at the doorway to our apartment there was the figure of a man standing there. Later on we founds out the apartment we lived in had used to be bigger and had a basement apartment that was condemed because a guy was killed there.
Thank you all for reading this a I appriciate being able to share this with soemone.

Who Scared My Dog


I've always had an interest in the paranormal but maintain that I could be standing right on top of a ghost and never notice. I'm about as sensitive as a brick with these things, but there have been some unusual incidents that might be paranormal - or they might not. It's always wise to keep an open mind with a dose of skepticism.
I used to live in Indonesia and had a dog. We bought him to guard our property but his temparement was more suited to a spoiled companion animal, since he was more playful than fierce. One night, for no apparent reason, he howled. I had never heard our dog howl, not before nor since, but that night he howled his heart out. At the time I assumed he must be hearing another dog howling somewhere, inaudible to my human ears and
thought little of it. It might not even be linked to the following event.
My husband and I worked full time and the dog was home alone for most of the day. One evening, I came home and could not find the dog (who would normally be doing full-body-wags at the gate to greet me) I searched the front garden and the entire house and finally found him behind the bathroom door, trembling.
It was two hours before my husband came home and the dog was still trembling. I thought he might be ill but aside from the trembling he also behaved very strangely. He categorically refused to go into the front garden and would not even enter the hallway leading to it. When my husband came home there was no enthusiastic running to the gate, he refused to go near event the front door.  If I carried him into the front garden, he'd stay there but stick by me so closely as to have me falling over him. If one of us (I or my husband) went into the house, the dog would rush into the house, too. Basically he would only be in the garden or hallway if BOTH of us were there with him, but given the choice, he'd rather hide inside the house.
I had no idea what the matter was and figured that something had scared him outside. Kids can be cruel so I wondered if children had thrown stones at him through the fence (he had a habit of barking at children). I put this to one side and over the next day he seemed to have gotsome of his old courage back.
Three days later the street was alive with cars and people dressed up, carrying food, visiting a neighbour opposite. My husband (nosey) dropped by to ask what the event was - turns out our neighbour's son had died suddenly and in Indonesia people come to visit the grieving family a specific number of days after the event (3, 7, 40)  and this was the third day. I realised then that the son had died the same day my dog had his little 'episode'. Could he have seen the deceased returning home? The bathroom door (behind which the dog had been trembling) is the furthest point from this neighbour's house and the dog used to while away his hours in the front garden (barking at kids) and get in and out via a dogflap and was never found inside the house when I got home. (more interesting things in the garden). I'll never know but we've not seen him behave like that since.
I converted to Islam while in Indonesia and this requires daily prayers. Now, for these prayers NOTHING interrupts you. If you are called or your baby is crying or someone knocks at the door, you finish your prayers and then go see what the matter is. The prayer is the priority and nothing interrupts you (except emergencies like the house is on fire, obviously).
Well I noticed that at my mother's house, whenever I started to pray I would feel heat on my back, like someone had a heatlamp on right behind me. It was quite bizarre, particularly for someone who always feels cold. It would start the moment I opened my mouth to begin and would last the entire prayer. When I'd stopped, it stopped.  I had never felt this in my home in Indonesia, only in this house. Again I didn't think a great deal of it (could be imagination, right?) and it was rather pleasant (although sometimes did feel a little TOO hot). I even joked that if I started to feel the cold (The UK is not exactly tropical) I could just start my prayers and warm up.  I was certainly never threatened by it. Well one evening, I was home alone and as I began to pray,  I didn;t have the heat but I had an overhwelming feeling that someone was behind me, watching me. RIGHT behind me. I turned and saw no one but couldn't shake that feeling. I had begun my prayers and couldn't inerrupt but this feeling of someone behind me was too strong and was too distracting and started to frighten me that I moved my prayer mat so I could stand right in front of a wall so NO one could be standing behind me.  Some say that when a Muslim prays, there are two angels behind you. In fact, when you finish you greet them by saying  "peace be upon you" over each shoulder. I had put this down to some superstition but now wasn't so sure,  but that doesn't explain why I only felt this at my mother's house.
On my last day at this house, I was getting my things together, ready to go to the airport. I had everything except my watch. We hunted high and low for it. I checked my room and even lifted the mattress off the bed to see if it was underneath or had slipped between bed and wall. No sign of this watch anywhere, so I decided to leave without it. I made a visit to the bathroom and then went back to the room for one last check before flying 7000 miles and there, on the edge of the bed, the one whose mattress I had lifted up,  was my watch - how could it have got there if I'd lifted the mattress only 5 minutes earlier?
So nothing spectacular, no sightings and no conclusive proof but odd nonetheless. I do believe I may never see a ghost since I don't think I'm capable of it. I'm envious of those who have seen the benign sort, although evil ones can just get lost - want nothing to do with  evil.

Tony's Spirit

By: RissLuvsRain1994@aol.com

Just recently a beloved friend of my moms named tony died of lung problems. I belive in ghosts alot. Me and my friends used to have a club called ghostly girls and we hung out at recess  and told stories of our expeiences. One day i was in the kichen with my mom and my sister and the cabinet was closed very tightly and it opend and stopped just before it hit the wall. Like dead stopped. Then i was in my room like a couple of days later and My ceiling light crystal cover was tigened very tighly. It began to fall and stopped in mid air for about 5 seconds and then smashed on the floor. I belive that this is tony's spirit that is with us. I dont care if he is in our house but i did pray for himj to give me a siughn that he loved me and that he will always wach over me the night  before the cabinet opened. He will always be in my heat foreve and thank your for letting me tell you the story of my exprences.

The Imp

By: aeseeke@yahoo.com
This event happened to me many years ago. I can't remember much as most of my childhood memories are clouded in fog but I was younger than 11. Anyways, I was either asleep or just about to be asleep when all of a sudden I became alert. I knew I wasn't alone. I looked up and I could vagely see something that looked like a small person in my room. He was looking at me and smiling. I was a bit of a whimp back then (and when it comes to paranormal, sometimes I still am) and I was scared out of my mind. He was talking to me, I can't remeber what but it  was gloating I think. He was just having some fun either at my expense or he was just wierd. lol. So anyways I finally got up the nerve and yelled for my mother who eventually came in and turned on the light. The second the lights were on I couldn't see him any more. I still knew he was there. My mother said I was dreaming or some such nonesense and she left turning the light off. And once again in darkness this guy was visible again. He laughed how he could only be seen in darkness. Eventually he left.
Maybe a year later he came back for a short visit, and I noticed that in semi light he was transluscent. He pretty much acted the same as before, a chatty fellow and left shortly.
I have always wondered about this guy, I've read about Brownies and stuff and he kind of resembles one but I doubt he was one. If any one's had a similar experience or knows what the heck happened please get back to me.

Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs, PA

By: annrozsi@cablespeed.com Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs, PA

My family and I spent every Thanksgiving, for about 10 years, at the Riverside Inn, in Cambridge Springs, PA.  During the last year I visited there (2001), only my daughter and I went to meet family from Connecticut at the Inn; my son and husband remained behind at home.  During our visit my aunt and I asked the owner about ghosts.  She related that they once had a wedding party book a suite on the third floor.  Within a half hour or so of checking in, the mother of the bride came to the front desk and informed them that she wanted another suite.  She stated that whatever was in that room was "unhappy" with them being there.  They had a psychic visit after and she indicated a particular area of the Inn was haunted.
When we returned home I immediately told my husband and son that they weren't going to believe it, but the Inn was haunted.  My son interrupted me to tell me that he knew exactly which area was haunted..........and then pinpointed the exact same area that the owner had identified!!!
Flabbergasted, I asked my son how he knew that was the correct spot.  He replied that when he and his sister would explore the Inn, they always got the "willies" whenever they approached that area, so they avoided that suite.  He said those particular rooms never felt quite right, and he just got a very uncomfortable feeling as he approached them!!!

The Sandra Wooding-Limon Story: A Story of a Haunting in Bakersfield.

By: JazmaPika@cs.com

The Sandra Wooding-Limon Story: A Story of a Haunting in Bakersfield.
As told to Paul Dale Roberts
As I sit here pondering is there life after death.  I can only assume, there must be an afterlife.  Einstein came up with the sound theory that E = MC2.  Energy can be converted into matter and matter can be converted into energy.  Energy is a substance that cannot be destroyed.  All information from energy is sustained for eternity.  On one website, called "Ask a Rocket Scientist", I asked if Earth were to be sucked up into a blackhole, would that mean that all information on the existence of mankind would be destroyed?  The history of Earth would be gone?  The answer from the rocket scientist was 'no'.  Due to the fact that energy cannot be destroyed, it can be altered, but not destroyed.  So all of the tidbits of a scathing email that you wanted to send to your boss, you deleted it from your computer, but it still exists in the vastness of cyberspace.  On the quantum level we are all energy creatures.  Break us down to atoms and on the quantum level I would be able to place my hand right through your body and out again.  Henceforth, in Star Trek we see the scattering of our atoms through a teleporter and reappear again intact with Capt. Kirk ready for battle.  So, if our matter bodies have intelligence, then why can't a pure energy being have intelligence?  Why couldn't the aura that surrounds our body consume the intelligence that our physical corporal body has?  When we die, the aura leaves our body.  The aura is our soul.  A soul that may decide to follow the light into the next realm.  An energy realm, we may call it heaven, we may call it hell.  Or a soul that refuses to go into the light and remains on Earth, with unfinished business to attend to.  We call this a haunting.
As a writer, I am a conduit for people to tell their stories.  I listen, I make the decision that a story will become immortalized through my writings.  On a particular night at Cache Creek Casino, at Club 88, a woman by the name of Sandra Wooding-Limon asked for me to write a story of a haunting that happened to her.  A haunting that she can't get out of her mind.  As we talked during the music that the band Masterpiece was playing, songs like "Body Talk by The Deele", "Chase Me by Confunkshun" and "Good Times by Chic."  She was familiar with my paranormal investigations via H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California.  This is the story she relates to me:
At the age of 7, she lived in a home in Bakersfield, California, off a street called Bel Torres.   Her home was situated across the street from the neighborhood park.  The home was not elaborate like the Amityville Horror home, it was a simple 3 bedroom house.  There she lived with her brothers and sisters, her mother and stepfather.  When she first moved into this home, she was automatically scared of this house.  When she moved in, she felt this eerie feeling.  Night after night, she felt a presence as she tried to sleep in her bed.  She felt someone was standing over her bedside.   As the hauntings continued, her bed covers would be thrown off of her.  This was too much for a little Sandra, she insisted to have a night light on.  She had a harder time falling asleep.  She would be afraid to sleep.  She would see shadows walking near the hallway and across her bedroom.  The entity or entities seemed focus on her.  While she felt the hauntings, her sister, age 6 was not disturbed and would sleep soundly, while all the while she was being terrified by this unseen force.  When the TV was on, the walking shadows seemed to make their presence known even more.  The doors would move on their own accord and the cabinets would open and close on their own.  One night, she turned around and the rocking chair kept rocking on its own.  This was too much for Sandra.  Her family knew that Sandra was going through these traumatic disturbances and after one year, the family decided to move away.  Sandra was absolutely terrified and it didn't help when she also heard on the news that the Zodiac was at large.  At this young tender age, she was terrified of a hooded serial killer that was stalking his prey, that prey was 'people' and the ghosts that were in this Bakersfield home.  Sandra is now an adult woman, but thoughts and memories of this home still haunt her to this very day.  She will never forget a particular storm that came into Bakersfield and during that night the hauntings came on very strong, her bed covers were taken off of her, the shadows on the walls were everywhere and the cabinets kept slamming open and shut during the storm.  Not too long after the storm is when her family decided enough was enough.  It was time to move.  After having this experience and moving away from the house in Bakersfield, she was terrified to go to her grandfather's house.  She didn't know if the house was haunted, but it seemed to be haunted.  Her grandmother died in the house and her grandfather would have a shrine that included lit candles and many patron Catholic saints near and around the lit candles.  This in itself was spooky.  She related to me that her grandfather always kept the house dark, she would hear things move around in the house, when there was no one there.  Her aunt lived in her grandfather's house.  Her aunt was strange, she was into the gothic lifestyle and had black lights, psychedelic paraphernalia in her dark bedroom.  Sandra now strives to seek out the positive, she likes a lot of lights, she avoids the darkness.  This childhood experience has effected her life to this very day.
Sandra due to the nightmares of her childhood experiences once consulted with a now defunct paranormal group called S.P.I.T. (Stockton Paranormal Investigation Team), but didn't feel satisfied with their counseling.  She feels if her story is told, it may eliminate the inner demons of her traumatic childhood experience.  Good luck Sandra, your story is now told.
As I close this story, I only wonder if spirits may use the writings of others as their conduit to tell their story.  Once in Rolling Stone Magazine, there was an article on the fact that Jim Morrison of the Doors had appeared to many people after his death.  Well, this story wouldn't have phased me, except for the fact that my first wife Karen Jean Walker/Caruso had related to me that she sat on a couch with Jim Morrison.  Jim told her to accept life and embrace it. Of course this was the spirit of Jim Morrison, because Jim Morrison had died years ago.  When Karen told me this story I laughed.  When I read the Rolling Stone article, I almost fell out of my chair.  Could Karen be telling the truth?  In 1999, I had a dream that I saw my mother, who died in 1987.  In this dream, my mother had a strange looking man sitting behind her with glasses and a brief case.  My mother told me to tell the story of my father's connection to Mickey Cohen, a well known gangster with ties to Bugsy Siegel.  Behind her the man standing behind her said: "Please tell the story."  I never told the story, until now.  My father a former tax investigator opened up a case that was pending since the 1950s.  The reason it was pending is that the government accountant investigating the case was killed by the mob for trying to collect on State taxes.  My father who just handled a case in collecting State taxes from the Church of Scientology, that also owed federal taxes to the IRS, took the challenge of reopening this case.  When meeting the mob in Los Angeles via a corporation that they owned, the mobsters took my father out to dinner and wrote him a check.  It was an easy collection of State taxes owed, but a government accountant in the 50s lost his life over this matter.  Perhaps the deceased accountant didn't want his life to be forgotten and consulted my mother to tell his story?  I don't know.  I don't know if my over active mind created this appearance of my mother and the strange man behind her.  Was that strange man behind her the accountant?  Then why didn't he tell me his name?  Or does he feel confident that anyone looking into this story, will discover his name and complete the history of his encounter with the mob.  Perhaps I am the conduit for living people and deceased people to tell their unfinished stories.  I am here.  I am listening.

Pet Spirit Story

By: rannabear@yahoo.com

I love your website, and check in often, but never got around to sharing my own story until now. I've never seen a ghost, but occasionally feel them. Considering it freaks me out, I'm glad I only occasionally feel them!
My strongest story involves a favorite family cat. I grew up in a very animal-friendly house in MA, with cats, dogs, birds - you name it. One cat we had, named Joshua, made sure he gave me attention whenever I was home from college. He'd sleep in my lap, play with papers in the trash basket in my room - little things the other two cats didn't bother with. My last year of school Joshua threw an embolism which paralyzed his rear-end, and the decision had to be made to put him down. For several trips home afterwards, I would think I heard someone playing in my wastebasket, only to turn around and find myself alone. I'd shrug it off and go back to whatever I was doing. One trip home, I was in my room, door closed (anyone who is not used to sleeping under a cat pile doesn't sleep, so I'd closed them out), light out, trying to sleep (but not asleep yet). All of a sudden I felt a cat jump on the bed and take two steps towards me - and then disappear.
Figuring I'd missed somebody and closed them in with me, I got up and turned on the light. Then searched the room - no cat. I think Joshua was saying goodbye - I never heard anyone playing in my basket, and no more jumps onto the bed. But there was no mistaking the jump or steps I felt that night! He was a good cat.
Thanks for letting me share - feel free to post this, if you want. Any story which helps someone feel less alone and/or afraid is a good thing! I would appreciate leaving my name out, though.
Cheers! You are doing a good thing, helping people.

Personal Ghost experiences.

By: roserutcoskey@yahoo.com

I have three different residences that I hae lived in that there have been ghosts present !!!
My first experience happened at  Apartment 10 in York Creek Apt. in Comstock Park, MI ~~~~ There were a couple of three or four year old children that were in my hallway one evening saying "mommy, mommy!"  Then another evening they were at the side of my bed and just said "mommy" once !!!
MY second experience was at IN Apple Tree Estaes in Grand Rapids, MI ~~~~~ There were small children running down my wooden hallway floor - I always though t it was my children - but I'd get up to check and my children would be knocked out !!!
Then lastly I was in my present home at Also in Apple Tree Estates in Grand Rapids, MI -  - A man walked down my hallway with boots on , it sounded like - -And he stood at the edge of my bed - - Noone was home !!!

My Tale

By: littlegreenfarie@yahoo.com

hi i have a story for you...
Ok, me and my family believe in the pharanormal very much. Well one afternoon I was home with few of my friends while my mom was at work, I was sitting on the couch watching tv and talkin to my big brother. Well i looked away for a minute to see if someone pulled in the drive, cause it looked like someone did. Well i just sat there and looked out my window to see if someone did. Well there was no one there. After a minute i saw a black figure walk by my driveway into the shed. So i told my brother to look out there and tell me if he could see the same thing and he did. Well later on when it got a little darker out we kept on see the figure walk by the window or just stand there and look at us. Well one of my friends thought we were messing around to freak him out. Well he say in front of the window and didnt see anything. He doesnt believe in the things we do....But later that night my mom came home and i told her about what we saw and everthing...And then i remembered i lost my little brother ealier that year. Well after a little bit my friend saw the same figure me and my older brother did. And he started freaking out. Well ever since my brother passed away we have saw that figure on nice summer days or on cold winter nights......

These I remember most

By: jenniferkepics@yahoo.com

I've had a few ghostly occurances happen to me, but two really stand out.
The Lady With The Long Black Hair.
When I was a little girl growing up in Somerville Ma., I was around three I think. I would wake up every night because of a bad dream. I would then make my way to my parents room to sleep for the remainder of the night. I would have to pass through the kitchen to get there. The lights were out, but there was some light coming in the windows from the street lights. I would see "her" sitting on the kitchen counter, up against the wall by one of the windows "the lady with the long black hair" which is how I always referred to her. She was dressed in a long black dress, pale face but shadowy, with illuminated green eyes. She would just be sitting there and looking right at me, it always took my breath away I was so afraid of her. I would inch my way toward my mothers room with my back against the wall, never taking my eyes off her. Her eyes followed my progress across the room, I always thought "she's going to jump off the counter and get me" but that never happened. Years later my Mom told me she had had strange things happen to her in that house too but that's another story.
A Visit From Nana
Years later living as an adult in Hampton Va.
One night I was awakened by something. When I opened my eyes and looked around I was startled to see my nana sitting in bed with me ( nana had died 6 months earlier ) it was kind of scary because she was grey and just slightly transparent, also she had a shocked look on her face almost like she was the scared one. Then in my head I heard her voice saying "sshhhh sshhhh go back to sleep." Which I did. The next day I remembered it all quite clearly, and thinking on it I feel like she had been surprised that I had woken up and was looking right at her, I don't think she'd bargained on that when she'd come to visit me.

In Caldwell, Idaho

By: Contessa212@aol.com

we built our home in a new subdivision NW od Homedale rd, between Midway Rd and Lake Ave, in Nov 2005.Caldwell,Idaho..... We had been here 3 days , and during the night I heard footsteps  and water running in the kitchen..about a week after that,I asked my daughter what she had cooked, because there was a dirty skillet on the stove..Daughter claimed nothing. Many times in the months to come, I had found things moved around the kitchen, in their proper place, also water running in the night...Once a teapot whistle, and I didn't have a teapot...Another time, I was home alone with my two Dashounds.I was laying in bed about 1am, reading a book, I heard the frig open, then water running..The dogs perked their ears up, but didn't bark, like they were afraid themselves, then the noise went away...I haven't followed the history of the subdivision, but my guess is , it was farmland, and a older woman had passed away on this properity. The spirit isn't harmful, so I go about my business and respect their presence..

Haunted Family - (pt.1)

By: racedad220@yahoo.com

First of all I really haven't experienced  what "I thought" was a whole lot
of "strange or"paranormal" activities than the average person might admit to
(strange noises, glimpse's of shadows or something from the corner of your eye ,some times hearing my name called out
when there's no one else around, that sort of thing)
Although when I was a kid around the age of 5 to maybe about 10 years old,
at bedtime in that "almost asleep" phase
I would sometimes hear like these whispering voices,
usually sounding  like several overlapping but sometimes I could hear what sounded like my name.
Naturally this scared me at first, but in time I could just kinda' tune it out.
Then there's this one time when I was around 17yrs. old
I  think I saw the ghost of my then future wife's
mother, in the house she and her family lived in.
(my wife's mother passed away when she(my wife) was around 14,
A few years Later when we were married, when our son was just an infant we lived in that same house for just over a year,
some strange things happened, but like i said earlier probably no more then normal(?)    
anyway ,That's most of my personal experiences,
The real paranormal or " Hunting's "  was/is  on my mother's side of the family.
I'll try to tell these as they were told to me in the order
that they may have happened in.
My aunt Zella who was really religious and had no reason to make this up, told of this time when she was just a little girl of about 6-10 years old,
they were a poor coal miner family living in the hills of Ky.
in a small home with a "Outhouse" in the backyard ( this was in the mid 1930's )
There was this one time late at night/early morning she woke up needing to "potty" she had to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen back door,
in the living room in front of the fireplace, lye what she thought was a 'dog, that watched her as she hurried across the room to go out.
This only startled her at first because  they didn't have a house dog,  thinking she just imagined it in the dim light. She finished her potty and this time slowly walked through so she might see it better, well she then wished she didn't.
It was still there,  in front of the fire place ( that wasn't lit) she said "its body looked like a hound dog or something like that but its face was almost human like and it had what she thought  might be small horns on its forehead above its eyes".(or maybe the tips of dog-like ears?)
It did have a long dog-like snout that she swears was grinning at her with its long fangs showing while its Devil like tail was slowly wagging.
She was paralyzed with fear until she let out a scream and was finally able to run back to bed witch she had to share with her brother and sister,
she tried to wake them but they wouldn't wake up.
She stayed under the covers between the two and finally fell  back to sleep.
That morning she told them about it ,of course they laughed and said she just had a bad dream, after all she was only about 6 or 7 yrs old  and it was hard for her to explain it with that much detail at that age But she swore that it was real and she could never forget what she saw that night,
and it was a long time before she would go to the "outhouse" at night by herself again. This was just the first of many terrifying incidents her family would experience
(end pt.1)
Haunted Family (pt.2)
Sometime around the late "1960's thru the 70's" my aunt Zella, now living in Indianapolis, In.
(many years after "Haunted Family pt.1) 
She lived in a "half-double" (I think it was on Keystone av.) that one of her  daughters 
(I'll call her "Carol" ,my cousin who was about18-20  years older than me) and her family lived on the other-side of this double,  It was  normal looking house,
My mother visited her sister Zella and her family often  Sometimes I would stay overnight at my aunts when my parents would  go out on a Friday Or Saturday night.  (Through out her home and especially in the living-room, she had many crucifix's and pictures of Jesus, angels & other  christian/religious pictures & items. 
 She was really the first person that talked & taught me about Christianity,  she didn't "preach" to me,  she just told me about God, Jesus & how Satan could use his Evil )    
Anyway these events take place during the early to mid 70's,  I guess there first  ghostly experience was when my cousin Carol was up late one evening watching  t.v.  by herself  while her kids ( Wilson Jr. about 9 or 10 &  his younger sister Deb  who is 2 or 3 yrs. younger & they are my 2nd cousins)  were in their beds, as well as her husband (although he may have worked at nights I don't remember)  Late this one night she kept hearing loud noises that sounded  like it was coming from the kitchen or back porch from next door  (where her mother Zella lived) She went into her kitchen to hear  to what sounded like fighting with shouting & screaming &  glass breaking & several people yelling & screaming,  she pounded on the walls  shouting " knock it off" .  It was quiet for a few minutes then it started up again,finally having enough of the noise  she went next door & knocked on the front door where her mother let her in ,and she excitedly ask what are her brothers fighting about?!   Zella (her mom) replies " what are you talking about? the only ones here are me & your  daddy & he's asleep!  Not really  believing her,  she go's  into the kitchen  and finds nothing, she looks out on  the back porch and   no ones there, confused she says "I know I heard yelling & fighting over here!"   Again her  mother  says no one else is here,  you must have "dreamed" it   or something,  Carol agrees  maybe it was the  t.v   I  heard in my sleep.
Now,  sometime later they learn from their landlord that many years earlier,  a couple of people were killed over a poker game that fight broke out and two people were stabbed to death!                                                              Carol thinks  its their ghost she heard , but her husband (who's a preacher in a small church ) of course says nonsense to this (for now)

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