Ghosts in my Home

Growing up In Gardena we didnt have ghosts it was a quiet town. But at the age of 6 we had strange things happening in our house. One of these was a visitor in all white glowing with a bright white light that surrounded him, I mean you could feel it vibrate from his body... and he would hover above the ground in our hallway between our living room and dining room holding a bookand in his hands.. My dad tried to read it, and the mysterious visitor heldit out for my dad, but the light was so bright, he couldnt, my mom said seh read it but never told us what it said. But the air around him was all static charged and warm when he would vanish. He would just show up every now and then. And repeat the motion of us to read the book.
The second event was a bit  scary- we had a dear family friend that was my grandmothers neighbor- her name was Rosie and we called her Grandma Rosie, well her nephew sent her to a nursing home because he didnt want to deal with her anymore, he prefrred to travel... My younger brother and I, we jsut hated to see her there in the place...and we didnt want to see her like that, it was so hard  to go. Well one day she died, natural causes they said.....her nephew had her cremated, and didnt tell us, until after he had done it. We were brokenhearted..we missed our grandma Rosie and our grandmother Bea was so upset she had just lost her best friend. Well about  a month later, the phone we had in the back of the house by the bedrooms rang and it was a seperate number from our main phone, so I answered it and I heard just static but very loud static and whispering and clicking sounds. Because I couldnt make out any voices, I handed the phone to my mom, she said hello? hello? and then my mom said, Rosie is that you? and then you heard through the static, Belle? Belle? where are my babies? how are my babies? So my mom answered, Oh Rosie, we love you so much, the babies are here they miss you but are ok, please take care Rosie we love you so much and  we miss you..Then Rosie said, "Take care of my babies- I love my babies.." Then my mom handed me the phone and I said, I love you grandma Rosie, and then there was static and voices and clicking on the phone line again, then it went to dial tone.
My younger brother and I were called "Her Babies". Rosie never had kids and it was only Rosie and her nephew who treated her with little love. Everytime I tell this story, I remember her and how much she loved us. I am 39 now, and I hear her voice like it was yesterday.

Story for the Website


I have a story. My grandmother died recently, about 8 months ago actually. Since she died there have been a lot of mysterious things happening. My grandfater has reported seeing her twice, having actually talked to her. Once the day after she died, and the last on their wedding anniverary in February. He also reports that when he's sleeping he feels her grabbing his toes to wake him up, something she used to do all the time when she was alive. Me and my mom have since moved in with my grandfather for various resons and I have to say, I have had some experiences myself. As I'm writing this I'm pretty sure she's in the room with me.
The first of my experiences happened while living in my old house. I had just drove to my grandpa's house for the first time(I had my learners permit) and  I had a dream that night, she told me she was proud of me. Then next time I heard anything from her was a few weeks later, I had decided to start collecting Vinyl. She had an old record player but I wasnt sure if it worked, I asked my granpa and he said no, it doesnt work. I had a dream that night where she told me "Dont listen to you Papa, he doesnt know what he's talking about. The record player works, take it." The next day I went to my grandpa's house and me and my mom were trying to get the record player to work. My mom turned it on, and it did nothing. We went back upstairs, and I was like "She wouldnt have told me it worked if it didnt." So I went back in the cellar and turned it on. I just put a record on it, and it just started working, just like that. It sounded perfect.
More Recently I have felt her rubbing my back one night. And I have felt her presence. My whole family was here on my grandpa's birthday and there is a picture on top of the tv of my grandparents at my parents wedding. It never falls over. It kept falling over, if someone tried to make it stand up, as soon as they werent touching it, it fell over.
That's all for now. But I'm sure there will be more. Thanks for reading.

My Stories


I find your web site stories amazing and thought provoking. Used to be I found it difficult to believe 'ghost stories' I would hear from friends and family. I thought it was just wishful thinking on their part. My youngest sister and her husband claim to have many experiences with spirits. Anyway, on to my own story. My parents were the caretakers for a women's club in Pomona, CA for twenty-four years. They lived in an apartment upstairs in the clubhouse, which was 102 years old. I was the Philanthropy Chairman and vice-president of the club for the last five years it existed. The clubhouse had a large hall that was rented out for wedding receptions and other events. My mother died in her sleep in the clubhouse in 2003. I was forced to take over her duties as the club manager to help my dad out. Several weeks after mom passed away, on a Saturday night, a birthday party was happening. I was in the big hall talking to the two DJ's while they set up their equipment.! It was their first time at the Ebell Club. Everything went as normal that evening, but at the end of the night, one of the Security guards came to me and told me that one of the DJ's had ask him who the woman was that stayed on stage all night watching them work. He then described my mother, even down to her beautiful painted nails. The party was for a Mexican family and all of the guests were Hispanic, my family is Caucasian as was the woman they described. My mom was only 4' 11 inches tall with beautiful silver hair. She always dressed like a million dollars. The DJ's had never met her nor were they aware that she had died in the building yet the woman they saw had to be mom! Mom loved the Ebell Club very much and I could understand her wanting to be there. I will tell my other story later, I'm too emotional right now. Thanks for your time.

A Dinner I won't Forget


March 20 1999, my dad passed away with cancer and June of the same year, my mother passed away also.  Anyways, I have a stepsister that lives in Arkansas and my mom said before she died, she wanted to see her grandkids.  So my mom, my ex girlfrind (at the time) and myself were on our way to Arkansas.  When we got back to our homestate, we all was there at my mom's house.  My stepsister had to leave a few days later, so my stepsister wanted to go out and have a few drinks before she left, so we did.  I remember my mom sitting at the dining room table playing Skip-Bo (some card game) in her night gown and the rest of us took off for a few hours of fun.  We arrived back home about 1 am and we all went to bed.  The next morning, my stepsister woke me up (i guess i had a hangover) and said "mom wasnt waking up", so i threw on some pants and went to her room and as soon as i touched her arm to shake her slightly, i knew without a doubt she had passed.  It was about 3 days later,  my ex girlfriend and some of her family was over to the house and they made spaghetti and my brother was in the living room reading the paper, all of a sudden, my mom's bedroom light came on and the bathroom sink came on FULL blast and i (somewhat chicken at the time) went to look and no1 was there and as i sit here and think about it, it still gives me chills.....Thankx

Faith in Jesus


I have always believed in GOD,  but have not been a devout Christian.  We went to church as youngsters, but haven’t been avid churchgoers since.  One evening I was putting my daughter to bed.  I always stay with her until she falls asleep.  She had fallen asleep, and I was just lying there contemplating on getting back up when I saw this white orb appearing very small and getting larger.  Then it would disappear, and another one would take its place just to the right of the other one.  This sequence happened three, maybe four times when I finally started feeling brave and said outloud, Bring It ON!  Now you have to understand that I thought possibly these were angels or Passed on loved ones that were trying to communicate with me.  As soon as I said this, both orbs appeared and started getting bigger.  1 or 2 seconds later, to the right of these 2 orbs,  I started seeing something else.  Lets back up.  These orbs were the size of a baseball and they continued to grow bigger after saying bring it on.  I was very curious to see exactly what it was I was seeing.  Then just to the right of these 2 orbs, a deep, dark, and bright purple light appeared.  It was the color of a black light, but much more vivid.  This purple light continued to grow about the size of 2 maybe 3 heads worth.  As this light continued to grow, the 2 white, transparent orbs continued to dissipate.  After the purple, oval shaped light stopped growing, and the 2 white orbs disappeared, I looked again at the purple figurine, and what I saw would have brought me to my knees had I been standing.  Looking into this brilliant, beautiful purple oval shaped mass, I distinctively saw our great Lord, JESUS’ face.  I can’t tell you how humbled I was Looking into our LORDS face.  As I said in the beginning,  I have always believed in GOD, a higher being, but sometimes it takes actually seeing, to believe.  This is an experience that I will never forget, ever.  I now know that I had better watch my actions more carefully because in the end,  I will have to own up to my sins.  I do hope this story does indeed enlighten and encourage those individuals out there that there is something definitely better than this place we call life.  AFTERLIFE! 
One other note before finishing,  I am now a complete believer and noone will ever be able to convince me otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghost Experience

By: Ghost Experience

I recently experienced quite the night in Edson, a music building on our campus at Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA.  A small group of my friends and I decided to stay the night in the upstairs area of the building.  Around midnight, we began to call out to the ghosts, asking for their presence.
As we waited a cold breeze shot up the elevator shaft and music chairs and stands began sliding around in the choir room below us.  This continued for almost five minutes and then stopped.  Other things we experienced that night included knocking on doors, doors opening which were previously locked, voices and piano sounds from locked rooms, and lights and fans turning on by themselves.
Other students have experienced basketball noises coming from the choir and band rooms, which used to be the basketball court for the campus.  Other students have seen aspirations of ghosts and the sounds of other instruments playing from empty rooms.
Upstairs in the attic, there is just storage.  However, the attic used to house dorm rooms for students involved in athletics.  Upon going up there, you can still see the lines on the floor where the walls used to be for the students' rooms.
I am currently a senior at BVU.  I plan on spending another night with the small group in the building again soon to attempt experiencing more.

Haunted Michigan Personal Experience


Hi there
My name is Darcey from Jackson,Michigan, writing to you about a location on the Haunted Michigan website....In Vanderbilt, a very small town wayyyy up north in Michigan, there is a cemetary listed, called Fox Tower...My family has a cottage on Lake Louise, its about 2 miles from the cemetary can see the tower that is adjacent to it when you look across the lake...its very interesting,t he whole area, really. Anyway, when my cousins and I were teenagers we would take paper and crayons and do gravestone rubbings at the cemetary, some of them were from the late 1800s and and very cool to look at.  We never went at night though, too creepy for me...there are even some spots in the cemetary that I wont even step because the ground is so soft and I dont want to imagine what would happen there!  Well, our cottage has been around since the late 1950s, and my uncle, mother and aunt used to visit the cemetary as well.  My uncle Paul was about 14 and he and a friend used to go to the graveyard and look UNDER the headstones for small items families used to leave there, like coins and pieces of paper, which my grandfather warned him against but he never listened. One day they were at it again and a fairly large headstone he was standing next to tipped over out of nowhere onto his foot and broke it.  He never went back after that.  Kind of creepy!!!  Anyway, the area is beautiful and during the day, the graveyard is a pretty peaceful place, set back in the woods, but even after going up there for nearly 23 years, I will never head there at nite!  Just thought you might enjoy that story!

These are Ghosts


I wanted to share my story, but wasn't sure how.  Well here it goes. First off I will tell you who all was there. My sister, my mother, my two nephews, my brother-in-law, my son, and myself.  We all went out for a drive to see these freaky houses. Well we ended up going to a cemetery that is reported to be haunted. We all got out (although my nephews chickened out and stayed in the van) my son, who is 2, started shaking really bad and saying 'it's cold' which he never says. My son never gets cold. Well we were walking around, and my sister had my video camera trying to see if we could catch something on film. About 20 minutes go by and we were just about to go when out of nowhere it started to get freezing cold. It seemed to follow us out of the cemetery. As soon as we got out of the cemetery it was warm. Well it freaked us out some so we left. We decided to drive back, and my sister and I got out of the car. Coming from the cemetery was this really cold air.  We said a prayer and left.  We then decided to go to another cemetery.  We got out of the van for a little while.  Well in this one spot if you held the camera up you could see 'lights' moving.  I know for a fact it wasn't car lights because I also got those on tape. Besides you could see the car lights when the camera wasn't on that spot.  You couldn't see these 'lights' with the naked eye. My mother was holding my 2yr old son and he starts to get cold again and says mommy look at the bugs and he pointed in the direction of the 'lights.' I never seen anything like them.  We freaked out some (and the fact that the cemetery isn't hidden and we were afraid someone would call the cops) so we decided to leave.  When I got home I looked at the footage I got on my camera. I got the same 'lights' in both cemeteries. The only problem is you couldn't see them from the camera in the first one.  In the 2nd cemetery the 'lights' seem to be dancing, and then it looks like they attack each other.  I fully believe that I have caught ghosts on film.  I know there are skeptics out there who will try their best to disprove it, but I know for myself that these are ghosts. I have found no other explanation for them. For the fact that they are different colors, they move every way possible, and I just don't believe they are bugs. I do have to say that I am a believer that something was trying to reach out to us.

Strange But true


late 1988 me my wife and 1st son {2 months old] were living in a small town in Ohio. mercerville was very small and everybody knew everybody we were living with my parents who were longhaul truckers on this night a friend of mine was staying overnight and we were  going job hunting the next day my mother and father were leaving about 2am and me and scott went out to say goodbye[[ wife and child were asleep[ i had lived here from the age of 5 to then 20 and never had seen anything weird but on this night as i was handing my dad his breifcase he was standing on the trucks driverside rail i saw a tall slim figure with a old style hat carrying a large square object walking toward us they were parked by the road so it was walking down the highway i asked my dad who could that be he turned to look and saw the same thing i did clean through it it was a human shape no face no feet it passes about a foot from us dad jumped down and went after it  about another 2 feet it just disapeared right in front of us we search around the neighbbors house that it disapeared in front of  but found no trace scott and mom saw the same thing years later and 2 more kids long after we all moved i bought a book about the area in this book it explained that the neighbors house had been a funeral parlor we knew that but there was a picture of the original owner about 6 foot slim wearing a wide brim hat holding a hugh square bible the apparation disapeared in front if this house

The Distance is Relative

My mother and father were taking care of one of our relatives. This summer she passed away. The day before I had a feeling something bad was going to happen, but I dismissed it because I was at work. There everyday is a bad day. The next morning, my husband and I where on our way to work and my parents called to tell us Roena had passed away. At that time, I knew my feelings had been right.
Since her passing our family has been contacted many times by Roena. She likes to tickle the feet of my father and brother. My parents had to stay on at the house to watch over things until her son got out of jail. I have seen and sensed her many times. Once in the hallway, I saw a shadow and its reflection pass in front of the mirror. Just a couple of days after the funeral, my parents reported that something was causing the magnets to fall off of the refrigerator. She has come to my mother in dreams. In the most recent dream, she was telling my mother that Randy was getting out of jail and we (meaning her and my mother) needed to get the house ready. That morning, his older brother called to say Randy would be home that day. I am glad that Roena is contacting us because we miss her and love her very much.
Her youngest son just got out of jail. He is now staying in her house by himself. He hasn’t reported any abnormal phenomenon yet.

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