Animal Spirits


I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I, too, have stories of beloved pets

coming back to say their last good-byes. I only had two experiences

with this, though.

I can't recall, exactly, which one came first, so I'll tell you in as

much detail as I can. Both experiences happened while I was still

living in my grandparents' house. And I was about 13, going on 14, when

they happened.

We had an adorable cocker spaniel/poodle mix named Brandy. She was a

tiny, black furball full of love. Unfortunately, Brandy came down with

epilepsy. Every time she got excited, she would end up going into a

literal fit. It took a lot of love, hugs, and soft words to help her

out of her fits.

One day, I had to go into the hospital for emotional problems. I stayed

there for three weeks. My last day there was both a happy and sad one.

I was leaving behind new friends, but I was going to see my old ones

again. When I got home, I went upstairs to my room. On my way up, I

saw Brandy sitting on the landing, waiting for me. I bent down to pet

and kiss her on her little head. The last thing I remember telling her

was "I love you". Then I walked up the rest of the steps to go to my


A couple hours later, my best friend, Angie, called me. She told me she

was sorry to hear about my dog. I asked her what dog. She answered,

"Brandy." I said that Brandy was fine, and that I had just seen her not

too long ago. She thought I was nuts. Then she told what had happened.

A week before I was to get out of the hospital, my mom took Brandy to

the vet after the most severe fit she had ever had. That's when my mom

made the difficult decision to have Brandy put to sleep. I wasn't to

know about it until I got home, otherwise, the treatment at the hospital

would have been for nothing. After I got off the phone, I searched the

house everywhere looking for my beloved cockapoo. As it would seem, she

was nowhere to be found. I confronted my mom about it, and she

confirmed my fears. That night, I went to bed with a heavy heart.

But, that wasn't quite the end of Brandy. She came to me in my dream a

few days later. In the dream, she was a puppy again. She was frisky,

playful, and happy. I started crying in my dream, telling her I loved

her, as I hugged her fiercely to me. Then, the dream ended, and I woke

up crying. Brandy came to tell me she was alright, that she was happy,

and good-bye.

My second story has to do with my full-bred German shepard named Yoko.

Yoko was like a mother, friend, and guardian angel to me and my younger

sister. She would never let us out of her sight. Everyone loved her

like she was an actual blood relative. There even came a time when Yoko

needed our love and attention in order to survive. One summer, on July

4, Yoko had escaped from our backyard, to get away from the firecrackers

that everyone was setting off in our neighborhood.

We were out of town that weekend, and when we came home, our beloved dog

was missing. My uncle Dennis had been house sitting at the time, and he

told us what happened. Yoko was missing for about two or three days,

until someone called to tell us she had been hit by a car. She had been

taken to the vet immediately after that to have a broken hip mended.

We spent the rest of the summer pampering our poor girl. She couldn't

get up to go do her duty outside, so any messes she made had to be

cleaned as soon as possible. We had fed her, laid by her, we did

everything we could to make her comfortable. And, in the end, it paid


Unfortunately, Yoko's death was an early one. She was only 13, but

still had a lot of life in her. What did her in, ironically, was not

old age, but poison. We normally left her in our backyard for the

night. But one night, she came into the basement via a small window

under the back porch. Fortunately, the dryer was directly beneath this

window. She jumped down, and climbed the basement stairs. She somehow

got her paw up to turn the door knob and push the door open. After

that, she came up to my mother's room and started to scratch at the

door. My mom woke up to this, opened the door, and found a sick Yoko.

She was foaming at the mouth at this time. My mom went downstairs with

her to keep her company and give her comfort. I guess they both knew

there was no hope this time. Around 8 o'clock the next morning, Yoko

died in my mom's arms. It was a very hard time for the whole family.

We all loved her so much.

Then, one night, when I was 13 years old, I was upstairs all alone.

Everyone was downstairs doing one thing or another. Our other dogs were

even downstairs. I was in my mom's room, with the door closed, watching


The room was situated where the bed was facing the door and a crib. The

floorboards are also very old, and so creak in certain spots, like the

foot and right side of the bed.

Anyway, as I said, I was all alone, watching TV. All of a sudden, the

floor started creaking at the foot of the bed. I tried to listen for

any toenails scratching the floor, and heard none. I wasn't really

scared, just startled. I then started calling our other dogs' names to

see if it was one of them. I got nothing back, but a creak in the floor

on the right side this time. I crawled over to that side of the bed to

see what it was, but there was nothing there. Then I remembered, those

were the only two spots Yoko would sleep in the room. I felt quite a

bit better about her now after this experience. I knew she was okay.

My Strange Experiences


When I read your story I had chills down my spine. I feel like I have

found someone who may relate with what has happened to me a few times.

I am going to tell you about three incedents, two are related.

First, in the mid to late eighties, I was driving in my car with a

friend in West Carrollton, OH. It was around 9 or 10pm and we were

bored so just driving aimlessly. We were in a residental area not too

far from farm land and nearing a cross road. I tell you this because it

may be pertinant. All of a sudden the atmosphere in the car changes, it

feels thick and our hearing changes, sort of muffled. I looked at my

friend to see if he was noticing anything and his eyes were opened wide

and he looked pale, scared. I looked ahead and under a street lamp I

saw a small black figure. It appeared to be about 4ft tall and wearing

a full length cloak, and it was waddling in a way. I noticed that as it

walked under the lamp there were no shadows, no highlights, no low

lights. Its like it absorbed the light as it walked under it. I again

looked at my friend and asked if he saw it. His mouth was open and all

he could do was shake his head. I asked him what I should do. Should I

slow down, speed up, turn around? I really felt odd at that time. I

watched the figure cross the street diagonally in front of me and then

turn the head of the cloak towards us. It seemed to startle, and walk

faster. I got the feeling that it realized that we saw it and we were

not supposed to. It crossed between two cars and through a fence, not a

gate, the actual fence and disappeared. I had taken my foot off of the

gas pedal because I had run out of time to turn around, but the car

wasn't really slowing down as much as I thought it should. When we

passed the area where he had disappeared the atmosphere change back to

normal and our hearing came back. I stomped on the gas and we were out

of there. The next day we went back to the same area in the daylight to

look for the gate he must have walked through and there was no gate at

that area.

The next two incidents are somewhat related. I was in an apt in

Portsmouth, VA. I was asleep and I heard a voice in my head that there

was someone in my room watching me and I needed to wake up. The voice

was urgent and I felt like I was swimming aginst a current trying to

wake up. When I was able to open my eyes the was the form of a woman,

around 5-5 or so, and she was all dressed in white, the style of that

day. She had very light blond hair and pale skin and was wearing dark

sunglasses. She was standing very close to my face just looking at me I

blinked my eyes several times to see if I was still dreaming. She was

still there. I didn't have a bad or a good feeling about her, she was

just there. She eventually moved backwards into the wall and

disappeared. About six months later I heard the same urgent voice in my

head, same swimming sensation and when I woke up there was a figure in

white again, but this time holding up something that looked like a

window screen. I blinked my eyes again like the first time. It was a

male figure this time, same blond hair, in a similar cut, short and

curly. He lowered the screen slowly and had a smile on his face like

some people do when they get caught at something. He also moved

backward into the wall and disappeared. I have not experienced them any

more since that time, but I did move out shortly after the second


I hope you find these interesting. If you have any clues for me to

figure this out I would appreciate it.

With,Or Without My Nightlight


Well,the first time I had a ghost experience was when I was 10 and in 4 rth grade,that was last year.I have a nightlight(ssshh,don't tell anyone!!)but that night my nightlight wasn't working,I really like my night light,its like protection to me.So that night it wasn't working and I had to sleep without it wich I truly did not want to do but I had to..I share a room with my sister but she was sound asleep when this happened and if I had woken her up she would've killed me..Anyways as I lay in bed I looked over and I saw this black figure standing near my bed,it had no face just a body no details just a black body..It was in the shape of about a 6 foot man,my mom said it was probably Dad but I would've atleast seen the color of his shirt and pants even if I didn't have my nightlight on,and plus he doesn't wear all-black he never really wearsone solid color..But then another night when I didn't have my nightlight on again I saw it again,only in a different place..It was same looking,same standing position,only in a different spot of the room..Then one night of this year I had my nightlight on and I had closed my eyes and kinda fell asleep then I woke up I don't know why and for 10 seconds I saw this women in a ragged white night gown or dress I truely don't know what it was,and it was hafly-floating and had her arms out to me..And I must not forget these 2!!My mom had told me that her mom used to go "Tsssk,Tsssk"and it used to annoy her alot.Anyways I was in bed and I heard it "tttttssskkkk,ttttssskkk",I really started cracking up and I ran downstairs and slept with my mom until my sister got home.And one more,one night I was istting there reading when my sisters covers started going up,and down like someone was sleeping in there,I shuttered and kept on reading..Nothing has really happenedsince the women in the white dress,but I'll let everyone know if anything else does happen(i also experienced hearing voices once)

The Butterfly Collection


This interesting and somewhat scary story did not happen to me

personally.It happend to my parents not long after they were married.

not having yet enough money to buy a house they lived in an apartment.

The story goes thatmy dad was working late one night so my mom was left

alone. She had a terrifying dream that night. She had drempt that a dog

was coming towards her,and it din't have any eyes.She told my dad about


A boy that used to visit my parents often was a strange boy.He would

go into my parents bedroom and would be talking to someone, but noone

was ever there.He always said the same thing.''Mr. Jones may I see your

butterfly collection? Even though the boy was kind of weird,this spooky

statement made my dad wonder.He checked out the background of the house.

To his surprise; there was once a Mr Jones who lived in the apartment,

and owned a butterfly collection and a SEEING EYE DOG.

Military Base in Germany


I was stationed with the First Armor Division. My company was the 501st

AG, it was in the German town of Ansbach. The barracks we lived in were

very old, I had a "scratching in the bricks outside my window that dated

to 1883. I lived on the third floor, and my office was in the

basement. I was told that they once were stables, this I believed

because you could see the hinges still imbedded in the rock. My job was

to process the unclassified military correspondence, this included the

faxes that came in. I would go to work at 4:00A.M. I would pick up the

messages at the message center and process them for delivery. On one

night, there was a "party" going on up stairs, and I was invited, but I

had to go to work at 4:00, so I didn't go. The "inside" doors to the

basement were two metal doors that are usually locked with a chain. I

don't usually lock it when I am working, but if there is a party going

on sometimes it is wise, to keep from being disturbed. Well, I am

sitting there working through the pile of messages and I suddenly hear

the door open, that is, I heard the subtle sound of the hinges squeak.

I figured that some one is coming down to bother me since I was the

"working stiff" tonight. Many people will say they can "feel" when some

one is coming up on them even though they can not hear them, and this

was the case. I stop working and ws looking at the door, so when they

got up to the door I was prepared for them to jump around the corner and

try to scare me. I waited and waited but no one came around the

corner. So I got up to see what was going on there, I looked around the

corner and saw that I had locked the door, that is the padlocked chain

was on my side and no one could get in without me unlocking the door.

For a second there, I thought I could smell hey, but I am not totally

sure, but lets say, when everyone came in to work that morning they

could tell I was visibly shaken.

My Mother and Uncle's Story


Ok now this isn't my story though I went to the haunted house in question I did not have as strong an experience as my mother and uncle. These are their stories.

About five years ago my Uncle Pat was friends with a young couple who he still knows today. The lady of the house, Rocsan, lived with a well-to-do doctor ( her husband at the time ) in a very large 3 story victoren house in Greene. This house was inhabbited by a rather troublesome ghost. Many members of my family have had incounters with this specter that have sometimes been less then friendly. The ghost, which my uncle named Clide, would move funature from room to room on a regular bases.It would mostly move the dinning room furnature from the from the dinning room to the kichen. Foot steps were heard rather often but probably one of Clide's most prominent sighs of being around were swarms of flies. In the dead of winter swarms of flies and cold spots in an other wise warm house would appeare. in my mothers experince in the bathroom she saw the flies and felt its pesence ( she ran screaming down the hall until she got back to the bedroom where she beged my father to look in the bathroom).The cloud of flies that almost intirly blacked out the bathroom light. By the time my father reached the bathroom l(ess then a minute later) where a cloud of flies had once covered the bathroom light only a few dead flies remained. But Clide was more then just a swarm of flies it would open locked windows and it even opened the fire place. In my experience ( if you can call it that ) I had gone into the wood shed to get some well wood for Rocsane. And I can't explane it (at the time I knew nothing of the ghost ) I felt a presence like something was watching me and I remember rushing out, and feeling rather frightend. Also one of my uncles friends reported seeing some one open the curtens and look outside from the attic, but no one was inside the house. After some investigation my uncle uncovered that there had been a murder in the house. The victum? A young women who was murdered in the kichen and then her body was draged into the woodshed.

The Civil War House


About 10 years ago I had been seeing a guy who stayed with my cousin in his Grandma's home... The home itself is very old and it was built at the time of the civil war. There are rummored to be tunnels all over the property that were confirmed by his grandfather before his death. The tunnels as we were told were used for the underground rail road .... But My cousins granddad had filled most of them cause he was afraid that the kids ( and we would have! ) tried to go into them!

Anyway as I said before the house is and was in very bad shape!!!!

I did not like it over there it seemed to have a "feeling" to it! Not happy I would always feel not one but several spirts in the house!

One day I had gone to get my (then) boyfriend, I made sure to call ahead of time so that they would be ready when I got there!

As my luck would have it they were not ready! Now in the upstairs of the this massive home is a door that leads to the outside and then to some steps, the door has a sheer curtin on it. Being the impatiant woman that I was I honked the horn! Now my boyfriends room was by the door ( the door leading to the outside was 5-6feet from his room) I noticed a shadowed figure standing on the inside of the door; thinking it was my boyfriend ( my friend saw this too) I honked agian! Then the firgure seemed to kinda pull the curtin off to the side as if too look out at that VERY MOMENT MY BOYFRIEND AND ALL THE OCCUPANTS OF THE HOUSE CAME OUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

Thinking that maybe someone else was inside I asked who was upstairs My cousins reply was No body we just came out!

My friend and I both looked at each other and got the hell out of there !

Later I found out from his grandma that the house had a history, Once in the upstairs room thats no longer used, she saw the aperition of an old balck woman cleaning somthing unkowen she was dressed in rags turn of the century rags.... The grandmother just looked at her and said that the war was over, the figure just faded!

Unkowen spectors would walk in and out doors!

The house still stands, And Im sure it was grand in its day but now its almost in ruin although to my knowledge people ( my cousins gran) still lives there.....

Nursing Home Ghost


I work in a nursing home in a small town in northwest Ohio, which shall remain nameless (also, I am just learning how to use a computer so please forgive any errors !).I am a night shift nurses aide, we work from 5:30 pm until 6 am, so we see it all.We (the aides and some of the nurses) are a pretty close knit bunch, so whatever spooky stuff I have heard from them I know is the truth. These instances pale in comparison to the stuff I've read on this website, but I feel compelled to share it anyway.My first experience occured a few weeks after I started working nights .I happened to be the only person sitting at the nurses station,reading. For some reason I happened to look up and see someone standing in the hallway in front of one of the ladies' rooms.I thought it odd, since I had never seen the occupant of that room ever stand up .On second look,it was too tall to be a woman but I couldn't make out any features, there are only a few lights in the hall, so I got up to see which resident had gotten out of bed .When I did there was no one there.That freaked me out.My second experience scared me more because it happened in broad daylight. Our shift had just started and as I was walking down the hall,I saw this white THING go running accross the hall from one room to the other. That scared me very badly,I don't think I went anywhere alone the rest of that night.Some of the aides have heard someone call their name when there is no one around.Also there is a ghost that plays the piano in the dining room at night.I have never seen him though, and hope I never do.The creepiest thing is that before one of the residents die, one of the other residents will report seeing a "man in black" or a little boy wandering around.One of the other aides I work with,Janet(who also has a ghost in her house, but thats another story),told me when she worked day shift,one of the residents had just died and she was packing up the ladies' things and one of the nurses was in there too, and a vase of flowers on the dresser, (and I quote Janet here)"lifted off the dresser by itself moved about three feet in the air then fell to the floor and shattered everywhere ".I would've soiled myself,but Janet's a tough cookie, so I give her credit for that.Also there is a ghost nicknamed "Shadowman" who is probably who I saw the first time,and countless other stories that I've heard secondhand so I won't repeat them because I'm not sure if they're true.I know my stories aren't as scary as some of the others I've read here,but they're scary enough for me! I also have another story involving me as ababy, but I will save that for another day.Anyone with similar experiences, plerase e-mail me at!

Taco Bell


Hello, my name is Louie. I live in Minnesota, and used to work at a Taco

Bell, in Hastings Minnesota. While I worked there, many friends and

co-workers of mine, along with myself, heard, and seen very strange things

that could not, and still can not be explained. Here are some examples of

the things that we have experienced there. Keep in mind, this Taco Bell is

fairly new, 6 years old to be exact, and it was built over a empty lot.

First thing,m it started out that we would here a small puppy barking in

the back of the store, when there was no one, or nothing back there at all,

except our dry food storage. We also noticed that the barking would not

stay to one particular area, it would move around the store, depending on

wher you were, and the volume of the bark would vary as well. A couple of

times, a co-worker of mine and I even ran out of the store, without

finishing our duties, due to the noises. Another noise was that of a

little girl, talking very low, and mumbiling. This happened to my

co-worker, as he went into the bathroom. He heard the voice of a little

gorl say something to him, he then ran out of the bathroom, scared to

death. At the times of these noses, the store was closed, and all

entrances and exits were fully secure. The store is also very small, so

there is no way for a person to "Hide", and try to fool us. Another

problem that soon developed after the noises became more prominant, was

that of objects being knocked off shelves, and what not. Dishes would be

knocked off the racks for instance. One of the biggest peices of evidence

of all the disruption was pictures that we would try to take in the store.

We would have our "Employee of the Month" picture that we wouyld try to

take, and the picture would turn out blurry, with green stuff all around

the person, and the rest of the picture. If we took the picture outside

though, they would turn out fine.

If you have any more questions. Feel free to write me back. Thanx for the

web page, I think it is very informative, and helps a lot of people

understand things they would other wise not beleive.

My Son


I have already given two previous stories of my experiences. But they

don't cover the whole spectrum of what I've seen and heard. Do our

children somehow inherit a gene that makes us more sensitive to the

unseen world around us? I've often thought so. I'm no exception to it.

Neither are my sisters, nor my son.

I've always been able to feel certain vibrations caused by the emotion

that comes from different types of people. It goes the same way with

our unearthly visitors or guests.

I used to live in an apartment not too far from my grandparents' house.

Our guests, one wanted, two unwanted, caused quite some scenes. Before

I have said that I have an over-active imagination, and part of this is

due to that. But I believe in what I have felt and heard, never saw.

The one ghost we liked was of an old woman. For some reason, the name

Gloria popped into my mind when I thought of her. I considered her my

guardian angel during this time. My mother and step-father would have

these horribly nasty fights almost on a daily basis. We figured it was

caused by one of the remaining two ghosts. We called this one "the

nameless one," and he was as mean as the Devil himself.

Now, I'm a terribly sensitive person, and the fights had a very bad

influence on me. I was stressed all the time, couldn't sleep, etc. But

Gloria was always there to comfort me. There were nights when the

fights would get so bad, that I would almost have a nervous breakdown.

Then, all of a sudden, I would feel this sweet calm come over me. I

would somehow confront my parents, and the fights would stop. It seems

"the nameless one" hated quiet days.

I will never forget the day Gloria saved my life though. It was an

unusually quiet day. I was alone in my room, when all of a sudden a

mental picture of the worst fight between my parents came to me. (This

particular fight never happened, though.) I tried extremely hard to

push this image from my mind, but it wouldn't leave. It kept pushing me

to the edge of a breakdown. I started rocking back and forth, and

crying. Then this little voice came to me. It told me to try to calm

down enough to call my friend. I ended up calling Regina, and told her

what happened. She knew enough about the apartment and my experiences

to believe me.

Gloria saved me that night. Afterall, I used to be a suicidal young

girl. And I was almost pushed back to that edge.

It seems, though, that Gloria wanted to show herself to others more than

to me. One morning, somewhere between 2 and 4 a.m., I woke to my sister

crying and asking to sleep in my bed with me. Being as tired as I was,

I allowed it. But, I became more aware of the situation as the seconds

went by. Why would she want to sleep in a twin bed with me? More

importantly, why is she crying? My sister hardly ever cried in her

life, unless someone really hurt her.

She told me she had just rolled over in her bed, when she came wide

awake. She turned her head to her right, and saw what she described as

an old bag lady, with her hands reaching for my sister, approach the

bed. My sister covered her face with the blanket, then pulled it off to

still see this woman coming toward her. The next thing my sister knew,

she was beside my bed, crying.

The third ghost, however, has been seen by only one person. My other

younger sister, who's almost ten at this time. She claims to have seen

him in the bathroom while she was taking a bath. (Imagine finding

someone watching you while you bathe!) She screamed hysterically until

my mom came into the room. He was nowhere to be seen.

I've often heard things on nights when I was home alone. There would be

this popping sound, like an aerosol can bursting, in our bathroom

closet. But, upon inspection, nothing had been touched, popped, fallen,

or burst. Everything was as it was before.

Plus, we had this triple-doorway system in the house. There was a

doorway from the foyer into the living room, a doorway from the foyer to

the hallway, and, next to it, the doorway from the living room to the

hallway. Each were connected to one central door jamb column. There

was a door in the doorway from the living room to the hall, which was

closed most of the time.

On certain nights, you could hear something small, like bb's, being

thrown at the door. When we moved in, there were bb's lodged in the

door and in the jamb. It seems they were from a previous tenant, an old

man, who used to like to shoot his bb gun at the door for some reason.

However, when we checked the door on these nights, there were no fresh

marks on or holes in the door or the surrounding area.

Another thing I'd like to touch upon. Can infants actually see those of

their relatives they had never been able to meet, due to that relative's

untimely death? I believe so. My son, for instance, has been

exhibiting some rather strange behavior for quite some time now. My

fiance and I regret that our son and my fiance's father had never met.

But I honestly don't think this is true. I think they have met, and

still meet. The first time I noticed this behavior was when he was

three months old. (He's five, going on six, months now.) He was always

an alert baby. One night, I was sitting with him on my lap on the

couch. I was playing with him, when suddenly, his attention was caught

by something just above my head. There was a window behind me, but the

blinds were closed. As this something moved, so did my son's gaze. He

tured his head quickly to the right, toward our bedroom doorway. Then

he whipped it to the left. It was like something or someone was really

trying to get his attention.

Every now and then, I'll catch him talking (or trying to anyway) to

someone who isn't there. He laughs at the air, etc. I believe it to be

my fiance's father. Afterall, Charles would have loved our son dearly

while he was alive.



When I was a senior in high school, my grandmother was diagnosed

with pancreatic cancer, and came to our town to get treatment.

She stayed in our home for awhile, until she was moved to the hospice

to die. A few years after her death, I was working as a carry-out

for a local grocery store during my summer off from college. One day while

I was sacking an order, I looked up and saw a woman waiting for her

groceries to be sacked several stands in front of me. She resembled

my grandma...her body, her hair, her mannerisms. I kept glancing up at

her. Right before she left, I caught a profile of her and it really

looked like my grandma. I hurried sacking my order so that I could get outside and

see her face more clearly before she left. As I approached the big

glass windows before the doors to go out, I saw her driving off in a car. She

looked right at me and smiled. I swear it was my grandmother.

I knew it couldn't be, because I didn't really believe in things like

that, but when I got back inside, I got a big was like someone

dumped ice water on me. I suddenly realized that this day was the exact

anniversary of my grandmother's death. I truly believe that she was visiting me.

I have never seen the woman again.

My Grandmother's Visit


Back in 1977, when I was 5 years old, I required surgery for a

hearing problem I had developed. The morning I was to have the surgery,

my parents were at home with my younger brother who was only a year old

at the time. But my grandmother was at the hospital to comfort me. She

accompanied me from my room into the pre-op room where I was to wait

until the sedatives I had been given "kicked in" and I would be ready

for surgery. I remember laying on the gurney thinking, "I feel so wide

awake and alert. I'm supposed to be falling asleep for surgery." I

looked to my grandmother and said, "How am I going to fall asleep?" She

said, "Just close your eyes and you'll be fine." So I did and that was

the last thing I remembered.

This was not an overly exciting thing to have happened, but it's

one of those memories that I always carried with me.

Fast-forward to 1997.

My parents took my wife and I out for my 26th birthday. During

dinner, I began recalling some of my earliest childhood experiences. I

told my parents the story of my hospital visit (which apparently I had

never done before) and my memories of grandma being with me the morning

of my surgery and how she told me to "just close my eyes and I'll be


My mother looked at me with a frozen, blank stare for a second

or two. Then she said:

"Your grandma wasn't at the hospital that morning. She

was home with us and your brother."

"No." I said. "She was there in my room and in pre-op and just

told me to close my eyes."

"Your grandma was with us that morning," she continued. "The

hospital called and told us that you would be going in for surgery that

morning and we realized we didn't have time to get there to see you

first. When we told your grandmother, she panicked and became very

distressed. "He's just a little boy!" she told us. "Someone needs to

be there with him. You can't let him go in alone."

Well, somehow, some way, my grandmother was with me.

The Visitor


From the time I was about 15 until I was 19 I had a demon "visitor." I

would have a dream where I was just lying in bed, but could sense an

evil presence in the room. When I woke up, I would still feel the

presence, which was right next to my bed.

I would pretend to be asleep in hopes that it would go away. (This

stems from my childhood. I figured that if you pretend to be asleep

then the "monsters" would get discouraged, because what's the point in

trying to scare a kid who was sleeping!) It would gently stroke my hair

and sometimes my cheek for a while, then the presence would fade. The

room would be bone-chilling while the demon was there, and when I was

touched it felt so cold that it burned.

Nothing else ever happened. I wasn't molested or used sexually in any

way, which is really puzzling. I was touched so softly, like a lover's

touch. But, the presence in the room terrified me. Deep down, I know

that if I had reacted in any way, the demon would take it as an

invitation and who knows what would have happened. If it had been a

"friendly" spirit or an angel (which I've also had an experience with) I

wouldn't have had the feeling of terror that I did when I was a teen.

About 5 years after the last incident in my bedroom I was briefly

tormented by a demon again. I was going through a divorce and was under

a lot of stress and had a nervous breakdown. I don't remember much of

that night, but I do remember lying on the couch under a blanket and a

quilt shivering and crying that I was too cold and couldn't warm up, yet

my body was sweating from the covers. It also felt like my entire body

was being stabbed by icicles. For about 20 or 30 minutes I prayed and

demanded that Satan leave my presence in the name of Jesus Christ. I

finally warmed up, but the stabbing pain I felt took a couple of days to

fade; as if I were actually stabbed with a sharp object.

I haven't had another "visitation" since then. I do know that God's

presence is protecting me.

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