A Story to Share

By: Queenofdammed28@aol.com

Well first of I just want to say I have always been able to see and or hear ghost for a better word. This all started when I was about 9 or 10 when my great grandmother passed away. I was asleep in my room and I suddenly awoke to find my nana there(this is what I always called her) So I asked her what she was doing there. I thought maybe she had come to visit and was surprising me, I got a surprise alright. Nana then told me she was there to say good bye , that she was ready to go home now. She kissed me on the head and walked out of the room. Well here I am still thinking she was just there to visit went back to sleep.
The next morning I asked where Nana was and my family told me she was still at her home in Florida and we were living in Indiana at the time .I told my family no she was here she told me good bye last night when did she leave. Right about then my family started getting a little freaked out. My mother called my great aunt whom Nana lived with and was told she had just died in her sleep that night.
I still to this day talk to my Nana she usually comes to visit me when things are going rough or I just need a little pick me up. We were always very close. The one thing I always find odd though is after these visits I don't remember them, then a family member will be looking for something or say something that kind of wakes me up I guess you could say and I suddenly either tell them where the object they seek is or just pass on the message that Nana says hi.
Nana's death is not the only death I have predicted my great aunt whom Nana lived with died a few months after she did, and I sweat to anyone who asks it was of a broken heart. Same thing with her she came to say goodbye.
My ex husband did not care to much for the fact that I still sit up in bed and talk to Nana, he didn't belive me at first either.
I think the rest of my family started to belive after I had predicted more then 5 deaths in our family.
Does anyone else have things like this happen to them? I have grown used to it by now but it still doesn't make it any easier.
I have many other stories about things I have seen or heard. This is just the first that started it off. I seem to attract them like a magnet now is this normal?
Thank you for letting me share this.

Ghost on Miller Road

By: Assunta9581@aol.com

It was a hot summer day, I was driving down this road when I came upon a man riding a horse directly in the center of the road, on the yellow line. He and his horse were fully dressed in some sort of extremely old time war uniform. I didn't think anything of it at the time because I was running late. Actually I kinda got angry at this man because he was going to get the horse killed riding him in the center of the road like that. I figured the outfit was due to some sort of a memorial or something like that. I did think it was strange how when I passed by him, neither he or the horse made any notice of me like I was not there. He sat atop his horse straight up and proud as if he were some sort of a general or something. He did not look ghostly, like see through or anything. He appeared to be solid. not to far down the same road is an old war cemetery. So I figured it was somebody paying tribute to the dead soldiers. Anyway off to my sisters house I went. when I got there, I told her what I saw. When her husband overheard me telling her about the man he said that it was a ghost I saw. according to him many have seen him on the same road. I knew he was right because he described the man and his horse to a t. Not that he had seen him but what he has heard from other people that have. I even called the police to see if there were any kind of special memorials going on, where people in costume would be riding around. they said No there wasn't and I told them about the man I saw and they didn't know anything about it. Strange, maybe you can give me some insight on this. was he a ghostly rider. Do ghost sometimes appear solid? this will forever haunt me.
 i drive this road very often and i have never seen him again.

Going Haunted Housing

By: tgrunst@yourstarnet.net

 This happened to me over 20 years ago but I remember it very well.
  I was about 16 years old at the time and I was dating who would later become my husband of 19 years. Unfortunately we were divorced about a year and a half ago but we are still friends, but that's another story.
  One day he came home from work and told me that we were going to go to an old house that he knew of and had been to with some friends of his a couple of years before because another friend of his was talking with him at work about haunted houses and they decided we should go that night. well, his friend showed up that night with a date with him. She must not have known what was planned because she was all dressed up and was wearing high heels while the rest of us were in jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes. Anyway, we went out late to this old farm house out in the middle of no where. When we got there we checked out the barn and out buildings and we found shovels and other farm tools but the weird thing is that everything was hanging up from ropes tied in nooses. We thought this was weird but didn't pay much attention. When we went into the abandoned house the front door opened easily.
 As we went into the house we saw crosses and crucifixes all over the walls. There was no electricity to the house so we were using flash lights. We noticed stacks of old papers in the living room. There was old news papers and while we were looking though the stacks of papers we found the lady's diploma from a catholic shool and other important papers that had been left there. There were still cups and other dishes left there too.
 The guys decided to go upstairs and have a look around while us girls stayed downstairs to look around some more. Part of the roof had rotted away and there were bird feathers all over the stairs but not one bird dropping plus even though all of the papers had been left there for many years not one mouse or anything had chewed on a single piece of paper.
 On the living room wall you could tell that a crucifix had been hanging there because the wall was dirty and where the crucifix had been it was black around it but where it had hung looked as though it had been freshly painted. We found the crucifix clear across the room as if it had been thown off the wall and it had landed face down.
 The guys had only reached the top of the stairs when we heard what sounded like a glass bottle exploding right beside us. We of course were screaming our heads off when we heard this. We were standing at the bottom of the stairs at the time and the guys said they barely heard us. They came down and we all looked around but could find nothing out of place and no broken glass.
 At this time we decided to leave! We went to the front door which we had left open and it was closed. We pulled as hard as we could and it just would not open, then, all of a sudden it opened.
 We ran from the house as fast as we could. When we got into the car which was parked right outside the house we looked up into one of the upstairs windows and we all saw what looked like a light on and a woman sitting in a rocking chair rocking back and forth.
 We later found out that the lady that had lived there had been a very religious person and had told people that there was something evil in her house and as the story goes, one day whatever it was that was in her house had gotten so bad that she just up and left and left all of her belongings there as they had been the day she ran out and had never returned to reclaim anything. Needless to say, we never went back and we never went haunted housing again....

Scary Movies Helped Me

By: lilmaddiev@yahoo.com]

When I was a child my mother brought me to the theater to watch the movie Poltergeist and that movie at the time scarred me so bad that I did not sleep in my room for a year or so.  I was scarred of my closet and underneath my bed.  After days and days of sleepless nights (and my mother not being able to sleep because of my sleepless nights) my parents felt it was time do something.
My parents were separated and every other weekend was my fathers.  When it was fathers weekend we made it movie weekend.  He figured the only way to have me not scared anymore was to watch scary movies… and it worked.  We would sit and watch scary movies and he would put emphasis on how it wasn’t real, it was all special effects, makeup… and so forth.  So as I got older it made me a skeptic on ghosts and paranormal and there could be an explanation for everything that I see, hear, smell…. Right?
When I was about 19 years old I started hanging out at my grandmother’s house on my fathers side a lot and going to visit her (which is in Sacramento, California).  When I would sit at the kitchen table you can see the living room and every once and awhile I would notice something (black shadow) move at the corner of my eye in the living room.  I figured it was my eyes playing tricks on me, maybe being tired.  But other things started happening.  Creaking in the hallway like if someone was walking:  I figured it was house settling.  (The house was built in 1976).  Then one night I was walking down the hallway and I walked past the bathroom, right as I walked past the bathroom the bathroom sink came on.  I walked backwards and stood in front of the bathroom and yelled to my cousin, “Hey… you left the sink on in the bathroom.”
The water was on full blast and the water splashing out of the sink.  My cousin yelled out from the kitchen., “I’m in the kitchen!”  Puzzled I walked in the bathroom and I turned off the sink.  I then turned it back on and off to see if something was wrong with the sink.  In order for you to turn on the sink you have to put some force to push up the knob and to turn off you have to put force to push down the knob.  I don’t know if it was the plumbing, water pressure or what.  It just left me scratching my head for awhile.
I figured it was an old house and it was the way the house was built..  After those strange things happening at my grandma’s house I still was not a believer in the paranormal.
A couple of years later we were at the kitchen table with my grandma and my cousins and even though I felt weird bringing the incidents up I brought up the strange things that happened there.  Then my cousins started telling me that the same strange things happened to them.  We laughed about the stories and figured we were just seeing things and being silly.
Then when I was about 22 I moved into a house in Sacramento, California that was owned by my grandmother (on my mothers side).  We moved into it because it sat vacant and my grandmother was planning on selling it.  My husband is in construction and we were going to fix it up in exchange for rent.  After being there for a couple of months weird things started happening there also.
One day while I was sitting in the living room I had a drinking cup from McDonald’s on the table.  It was full and it started spinning clockwise… stopped for a minute and then started spinning counter-clockwise.  I ran over to the cup to see if it would move again and it didn’t.  The cup did have moisture on the bottom and figured it was that.
Another incident happened when my husband and I was leaving the house.  I had went into the car first and waited outside for my husband.  It was a ritual to turn off all the lights in the house and leave the porch light on.  My husband did just that and then closed the front door and locked it.  He turned around and started walking towards the car.  I looked down for a second and looked back up at the house and my husband walking towards the car… and the lights in the kitchen was on.  I know he turned them off because I watched him turn off all the lights in the house.  My husband got in the car and I told him, “The kitchen light is on.”  He then said, “I swore I turned them off”  He got out of the car and went back in the house to turn the light off.  I thought to myself, “It’s an old house, maybe the light switch is messed up.”
What was really weird was my daughter who was 2, started telling stories of seeing flying monkeys in her room.  We would catch her talking in her room sometimes and we would ask her who she is talking to and she would say, “Her friend”.  I asked her to describe her and she would just say it’s a girl.  She was only 2, and I figured flying monkeys…. She probably watched Wizard of Oz.  After all at that age my daughter was very creative imagination and told good stories and little fibs.
I finally became a believer in ghosts is when I actually saw a ghost in the house.  I was sitting in the living room watching TV and you can see the hallway to the bathroom and bedrooms from where the couch was located.  I was watching TV and light brought my attention to the hallway and I saw a white mist that was see thru.  It was clearly in a shape of a woman it wasn’t a full body, only from the head to the waist.  It floated slowly out of my daughter’s bedroom… across the hallway and into the wall of the bathroom.  My eyes opened wide as I stared at her go across the hallway.  She even looked like she was smiling at me.  I jumped out of the chair and yelled out to my husband.  With great excitement and a bit scarred I tried to tell him what had happened and he just looked at me like I was crazy.  I know what I saw and it wasn’t because I was tired.  It was like 12:00 in the afternoon!  It couldn’t of been glare or a light or shadow that could of came from outside because of the location of where I saw the figure was in the hallway where there aren’t any windows.
I had told my grandmother who owned the house what I had saw.  She had told me her brother’s wife passed away on the couch in the living room (the same location where the cup was spinning).  I figured it was her and a made feel better staying there.
I’ve tried to tell some of my family what I saw… they just think I’m crazy.  The house was fixed up and sold and since moving out I haven’t had anything weird or seen anything at all.  My daughter stop telling stories of the flying monkeys and talking to herself.
Before the show Ghost Hunters I didn’t think there were people who actually investigate the paranormal.
I wish I had the technology that they have now and I could have tried to get evidence to what I saw… or tried to debunk everything that I experienced… so I can say I’m not crazy.  Now that I’m older I’m interested in ghosts and the paranormal, trying to “catch them in the act”.

Marsh Road

By: klo0007@yahoo.com

My friends and I live in Wisconsin and it is usually pretty boring here so we look for fun things to do. Well, we heard about Marsh Road and that it was haunted so we decided to visit it. Some of my friends had already been there before and claimed to have heard noises  and had handprints on their car that were from the "ghost children" trying to get help. According to them, there was a murderer that lived on that road and he would murder the children that walked the road. It seemed like it would be fun and I'm basically obsessed with haunted places, so I decided to take a ride there. The first time I went, nothing happened except for a couple things I heard. But, the next time I went was totally different. We got onto the road and heard whistling right away as we usually heard. One of my friends could hear children singing and crying. As I looked outside I didn't really see anything except for a quick glimpse of what I thought was a girl in a white dress, and I saw the same girl twice, but I could have just been paranoid or mistook a tree or something for a girl. We got to the end of the road and decided to turn around and go back through it again the other way. Like what some people say happens, it actually did seem longer the second time we went through it than the first, and things were getting even creepier than before. My friends kept saying they saw something dark running with our car on the side of the road among the trees. We eventually reached the paved part of the road and the driver decided to stop, saying something was almost telling him to stop. So we stopped and looked around. I stared out my window waiting for something to happen, but nothing occured. So we started driving again and right at that moment something happened that no one in the car was prepared for. I was sitting there when someone said they could see something up ahead, unfortunately I was way on the other side and the windows were really foggy so I couldn't see a thing. Next I knew, everyone gasped really loudly and the two girls in the car started to cry. My other friend was freaking out and laughing(he had been to many other haunted places so seeing something scary didn't really do much to him but even he was shaking). I was completely confused as to what was happening. Everyone was just freaking out and the driver sped up the car really fast. Eventually, when everyone had calmed down(well a bit), they told me what had happened. Apparently, one of my friends saw something on the side of the road and thought it was an animal, and told us to look at it. As our car got closer, they noticed that the figure was crawling like a human, and as we got even closer, the figure got up on its legs and started running towards our car. They told me that the figure looked like a baby who was all dark except for its eyes were glowing, and I believed them because they all reacted at the same time and gave the same description of what the "baby" looked like. The strangest thing they said about it was that it was solid, it wasn't transparent like other ghosts and you couldn't see through it. I was the only one in the car who hadn't seen the "baby" and I was very disappointed but almost relieved because I could see how scared everyone had gotten from that experience, and just seeing how scared and affected by it they really were gives me proof enough that they really saw what they saw. Even after that experience, we still go to Marsh Road to see if we see the "baby" again or something else. If anyone plans to go to Marsh Road, be sure you aren't scared easily because usually at least something occurs.(and it is best to go around midnight. nothing really happens during the day, and it is located in weyauwega).

Some Haunted Places in Missouri

By: lancesterling@netviscom.com

i wanted to share these places with you. im very sorry that i dont recall the exact location of danforth or the name of a ghost or other details but still these are very real! there is a cemetery near strafford mo called danforth cemetery and it is well known to be haunted. there is a church in it that burned to the ground a few years back yet the trees just feet away from it were left unscathed. rumor has it that satanic cults and worship use to go on there. mt. sinai cemetery and shiloh cemetery both in the countryside between strafford and marshfield out towards fordland. both are very haunted, apparitions are common as well as orbs and strange noises at night. wilcorp in billings mo is a glue factory built over the spot of an old 2 story house. its located right by the train tracks.  back in the 1800's a woman who had many children lived there. local legend has it that she killed all of her kids by forcing railroad spikes through their ears. i worked at the plant for about a year. if you went into the warehouse anytime at all, you could get "felt up" and sometimes sticks of glue and other things would fly through the air and hit you. this is where i wanna kick myself b/c i forgot the ghosts nickname but nearly every day when the plant closes the computers are shut off. the next morning when you come in they would all be on and a persons name darn i cant recall it ...it would be typed in large caps over and over on the computer screens. if you call the plant they will usually deny it b/c they dont want any attention but its definetely haunted. last but not least is the james river monster that lives at beercan beach. this is a common party spot on the james river in strafford. you take division east out of springfield several miles  you will cross hwy 125. continue straight ahead for about 3 more miles. as your coming down a steep hill theres a church on your right, turn on that farm road and take it to the first cross road and turn left. follow the winding farm road a few more miles and beer can beach will be on your right. its not marked so you have to know what to look for. again im very sorry i dont have more specific details at this time. its on the same road the the "holler"
that may help. my friends weho live near there use to see a ghost or something there often and i didnt believe them until one night when something was running around my car in the tall grass making growls and glowing eyes. i nearly wrecked my car before i got it out of the field. the last time i was there was 2 years ago and early one morning my buddy and i walked over to the river and saw a whirlpool going up and down the river.
this is in a place where the water doesnt move and a fog was hanging out over the whirlpool. it had the shape and appearance of a women in a flowing gown. after watching this for several moments the fog suddenly was sucked down into the whirlpool and dissapeared. we about fell over backwards when we saw it. my personal belief is that its a banshee. within a mile of this area there is an indian burial ground with several mounds, an old one room school house from the 1800's and a kkk compound also from the early 1900's there is a cave and spring with petroglyphs that appear to go back to prehistoric times. it looks like a timeline with the pictograms evolving in detail and at the end there are latin inscriptions but its never been deciphered. there is even an old still in a hillside carved out of the rock face, used to store and make whiskey probably around the turn of the century. believe it or not there is also the remains of a totem pole in the area. its very weathered to the point you wouldnt think anything of it unless it was pointed out to you. in all, there is a ton of neat stuff in an area only 2 or so square miles. hundreds and hundreds of arrow heads have been found in the vacinity too. in all its a very unusual area and not too many people really know about it.
happy ghost hunting!

Creeps Me Out

By: allente@cvn69.navy.mil

Recently I've become very interested in the paranormal. During my youth I wouldn't have gone near anything resembling a ghostly subject, and even to this day I am not comfortable with certain aspects of the subject. My family, it seems, is very prone to visitations from the netherworld, and I was now exception. The following is my story as told my by mother to me, due to the fact that I was too young to remember.
In 1979, my mother, father and I moved to Shape, Belgium. My dad was stationed at an Army base near there. Staying off post, my father got us a small apartment above a butcher shop in a rural area not to far from the base. It was small and I remember the layout and vague concepts of living there. You entered our apartment through a door in the garage that was beneath out apartment. A short winding staircase took you up to the second floor. The first door on the left, was mine. I was around the age of 4 or 5. Continuing down the hall, you had the second and third doors. The second on the left was the entrance to the living room, through there you went into the kitchen. The third door, was my parent room. Their room had a slanted ceiling and a skylight. The odd thing is, I can remember that much about the house, but I don’t remember the occurances that both my father and mother recited to me verbatum on different instances, separate from each other.
My room, had a small window in it. Other than my bed, it was virtually empty. My brother hadn't yet been born so I had the room to myself. We had a small beagle named Tabby that slept in the living room. My parents, on countless occasions, said that I would sit in my room and play at night by myself. I talked to what they called my "imaginary friend". A lot of kids those days had them, so it seemed normal to them. Until one night, while sitting and talking together on the couch, hearing me play and laugh in my room, they thought they could hear another voice speaking back to me, answering the questions I would ask it. I was a child so they knew from the deepness of it, that the voice did not belong to me. My father leapt up from the couch and ran to my door. When he peered through the small window, he siad I was stading there, looking directly at the door and at him, smiling and waving. The voice was gone. He entered the room and looked around, finding nothing. Upon going back to the living room and dismissing the incident, it started again and ended in the same result. This continued for a few months until we moved. Also during that time odd things with our pets (every pet we had) began to happen. But those are another story. As are the stories of orrurances with my younger brother and sister years later in different parts of the country (U.S.) When I have more time, I have one last story that I remember vividly myself that still to this day creeps me out.

A Ghost story from Acton Maine

By: edsylco@midmaine.com

The place  is a part of Mousam Lake The ghost seemed to be quite playful. He appeared in several locations on the west side of Hubbards cove mostly three camps. When he appeared to me very early in the morning he was in a period dress of the 1920's.
In My House he would turn on and off lights open and close doors even if there was no wind the cellar door would open and then close then the exit from the kitchen the door would open then close. Until one time the cellar door opened and every body felt cold. I told him to get the Hell Out and he did not come back for two to three years. My neighbor had two teen aged girls that had come up from Massachuetts for the weekend and to go to a wedding. they were getting dressed at sundown and he appeared to them.
They left the house and did not stay overnight as they had planned.
After about two years he appeared back in my house and never did anything except walk thru the house and out the door. Most everybody in the house just went on with what they had to do. I sold the house and never told the new owners of the visitor. But later found out he was still around. The house has been sold at least two more times. I ask some of the older people around the area and no one seems to know of any tradgity

Baums Bridge Inn...Kouts, Indiana

By: b.andy@comcast.net

My name is Bashia, and I worked as a bartender/server at Baums Bridge Inn (and the Penguin Lounge) the summer and fall of 1999, when it was owned by Tom and Ruth. According to the newspaper articles that Tom had hanging on the wall...a man murdered his mother, in what is now the main dining room, at the fireplace. I don't remember specifics, such as, weather she fell and hit her head on the stone fire place, or if he murdered her and her body fell at the fireplace. The fireplace still stands in the dining room (between the banquet room and the main, non smoking, dining room).
As you enter the main door of the Inn, if you turn to your left, you enter the main, non smoking dining room...and the first thing you see is the fireplace. It's Gorgeous. There is a small hall in front of you (as you enter the dining room) where the restrooms are located, and a door to the banquet room. When the banquet room was not being used, the linen hops and clean linen was kept in there. (table cloths)...Us girls were TERRIFIED of the banquet room. I remember how we would argue about who was going to take the party or banquet in that room. NONE of the employees wanted anything to do with that room. No matter how big the tip may have been. When we would have to throw our dirty linen into the linen hops, we would run down the hall, throw the door open and toss the table cloth into the hob. We would NOT go in there. The feeling of the room itself was unbelievable. Very heavy, almost like someone threw a wet blanket on you. And it was the darkest dark i'd never seen in my life, excluding the fact it had 3 windows. If we had to go in there to get clean linen, we would have another server go with us.
I've had several personal experiences there. When we would end our shift, and the restaurant part of the Inn was closed for the evening, we servers had to set the tables, fill the salt and peppers, make sure there were clean linens on the table, roll silverware, and make sure the floors were tidied up. MANY times the other server and I would come in to start our shift, to be met by Tom to discipline us for not doing out work the night before. We would look at him with amazement on our faces and say "We did in fact do our work, we did it together" (as we didn't ever want to be alone in any part of that place at all)..it then would be shown to us how salt shakers were tipped on the tables, the sugar packets would be removed from the sugar caddies, silverware that we rolled, and placed on the tables the night before, would be unrolled and strewn about the tables. We would then proceed to explain to Tom that we had in fact done our work the night before, and if he didn't believe us, to start checking our work before we left. And he agreed. Finally, he realized that we were in fact doing our work at the end of our shift, and it was something or someone, unseen, causing the disarray.
Using the restroom down the hall of the banquet room was a very scary thing too..only ONCE did i use that restroom, and NEVER again. I'll tell you why. It was a single person restroom, I was in there one night, doing my duty, and the light went off, on its own. I was the ONLY person in there...and it was pitch black. Then suddenly, I felt as if i weren't alone. I jumped off the toilet, yanked up my pants, and out the door i went. I didn't bother tucking in my shirt or putting my apron back on until after I got back into the kitchen. I was pale white according to my co-workers, and had to take a short break to gather myself. The cook, being female, went in to check to see if maybe the bulb burned out, and the light was working fine.
A couple days a week, i would open the bar, and bartend from 11am till 4pm then switch to serving. Every time I would open the bar, behind the actual bar would be in disarray like nothing was done the night before. Beer bottle tops would be thrown all over the floor, utensils dirty and in the sink...glasses stacked from the bar to the glass rack (approximately 3 1/2 feet high) so tightly, i could barely get them unstacked. Alcohol in the well was completely moved around...etc. I would ask Tom who closed the bar the night before, and he would always reply with "I did...why ? whats wrong?" and I would shrug it off as not to make the boss mad. LOL...I would then talk to his wife, and she would assure me that she and Tom had cleaned the bar and restaurant the night before, and everything was perfect when they locked up.
One night, we had a party come in, who didn't want to use the banquet room, but the smoking room, that over looked the kankakee river. It was quite a large party (approximately 25 people) so 2 servers handled it..myself, and another server. I remember clearly, like it was yesterday, the straw that broke the camels back for my working there. She and I were carrying plates of Alligator bites to the table for their appetizers. She was in front of me with 2 large plates, and I was in back of her with 2 large plates. All of a sudden, I see her jerk backwards, and Alligator bites are going everywhere. She turned around, looked at me, her chin quivering, and she said "Bashia, something just slapped the bottom of that plate !"...She was truly scared. I'd never, in my life, seen anyone that afraid. After that had happened..all night, that night, she and I were tormented by an unseen force. Our aprons would become untied...our shoes would become untied...we would feel something touching our hair...the salt shakers of this party, had the tops screwed off and just set back on top of the salt shakers, ruining their meals, and we had to comp them. One lady of the party was tripped going to the bathroom. It was unbelievable..and the very last night I worked there. I apologized to Tommy and Ruth..who were unbelievable bosses, but I just could not continue working there. They told me that they understood, had a huge turn around when it came to servers and bartenders and exclaimed i was not the only one they've lost due to these "unexplained" circumstances. 2 days later, this other server quit.  It was not long after this that Tom and Ruth closed Baums Bridge Inn (and Penguin Lounge) and put it up for sale. It has since been purchased, and is open for business by different owners.

Post My Own Stories

By: disneystar7@msn.com

Hi. I saw this site and read the ghost stories and was interested to post some of my own. I just turned 16 and live in Pennsylvania. I've moved seven times and ever since moving to PA, I've lived in a haunted house. I also believe myself to be clairvoyant; I can sense the presence of a spirit right when I walk into a house and sometimes I can see the future in my sleep where eventually I'll experience 'Déjà vu" of what I saw. Now, on to the stories.
When I first lived in PA, I lived in Effort, therefore I call my first PA house the Effort House. I was 11 at the time I think. It was the first night we spent in that house and me and my younger brother, who was 10, slept downstairs in the playroom since our bedrooms weren't set up yet. We slept in our sleeping bags while surrounded by moving boxes. Now with the layout of the room and nearby; the front door is right there by the room and at the very corner of the room nearest the front door is where there's a sliding glass door to enter the room. Now, I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and just by chance decided to look over into the corner with both the doors there. And right there I saw a white full body apparition (talk about a once-in-a-lifetime, very rare experience!). It was of a little girl; she took three steps out from the corner (luckily not towards me) and then she disappeared. While we lived there my mom purchased the computer I use now, and it came with a web cam so ever since getting it she's taken a picture of herself in every house we lived in. Now, besides me and my younger brother, we lived with my mom and her mom - our Gram; and her and my mom never believed the house was haunted since it was still new and we were the second or third family to live in it. But what proved to them that it was haunted was the picture my mom took of herself there. The computer was in the playroom in the corner across from this ghost's corner. And after taking close inspection of the picture I noticed standing there in the corner, was a black outline of that girl; and her face skin was white and I could actually see the little black features - her mouth, nose, eyes, etc.; this surprised my mom greatly.
The next house we lived in and rented was this old duplex (the Duplex, as I simply call it) located in Stroudsburg between the main streets there. The second I walked in I knew somebody "else" was living here. I had multiple experiences there. The first experiences were little things, as I see them perhaps. Every night while trying to sleep I would hear someone walking around upstairs in the attic and it was always right above MY room. Sometimes in the wall opposite my bed I think I would see a face in the wall. And sometimes me and my brother would hear someone walking up and down the basement stairs. Plus, the basement was very creepy since there seemed to me initials of people written on the wall down there in red. Now, I had two major experiences there. The first was the first day we spent there. It was just me and my brother, both of which who previously spent our first night there and slept in his room. Now, at some time in the late morning I was in my new room next to his, trying to get things in place in there. And the layout was that it was a narrow hallway; the stairs to the downstairs taking up most of the space. Then the bathroom door almost right across from the stairs, my brother's room next to the bathroom in the corner, then my room - right across from the stairs, and then down the hallway was my mom's room - the master bedroom. And right before entering her room to the right there was a space in the wall where there was the door to the stairs to the attic which the stairs to the attic where right above and parallel to the second floor stairs. Now, I was on my way walking to my room from my brother's when all of a sudden I saw a shadow, which with my bedroom door open, no curtains with the sun shining and the sunlight hit the very opposite wall from my room in the hallway. I saw the shadow on the wall there and it was kind of small but I could tell it wasn't human, and then all of a sudden it moved! Scaring the crap out of me so I ran back into my brother's room and told him to shut and lock the door. The second time I remember distinctively. I was home sick from school (I was in the sixth grade), and it was on a Thursday and around noon. I wanted to watch a movie but I had to rewind it first, so the screen was all blue and stuff. So, while waiting I decided to go the computer. Not even a minute after getting on I heard a giant crash/thud from upstairs, scaring the snot outa me. So I quickly grabbed the phone nearby and ran into the kitchen and running to behind the fridge (which was actually the side of it but that side had an empty space since the basement door was there. So I called my mom at work and was crying into the phone to her, scared to death. She just told me to go to the neighbors who lived in the other side of the house. But I couldn't go out the front door since it was right across from the stairs and I didn't want to have the chance to see something; so I ended up going out the back door in the kitchen. I spent most of the time over at the neighbors. Once around 3:30 I decided it would be safe to go back since in a half hour - at 4:00, my brother would be home from school. So I started walking around the side to the back door since the front door was locked and I didn’t have the key. But while going back I suddenly heard something that sounded like knocking on glass and it was coming from above me so I looked up and saw that someone was knocking on either my brother's, mine, or my mom's bedroom's windows; except I didn't see anyone, but that's all it took and I headed straight back over to the neighbor's.
The last place and the place I'm living in now - a trailer - is also haunted I think. I've had very strange happenings here. One time it was while I was taking a shower in our master bathroom and we have a towel holder hanging from the shower stall door which holds six towels and there were two spots open; just enough for the two towels I used: one for body, one for hair; and then there was an extra towel folded neatly on top of a hamper near the shower. After the shower I took my towels and went into the master bedroom - my mom's room - and dried off and got changed. Afterwards I went to hang my body towel up but then I saw that the place was taken by the towel that was sitting on the hamper and it seemed to mysteriously hang itself, which startled me a lot. Other times I've heard someone walking back and forth in my hallway at night when I'm trying to sleep and my mom's already asleep. Once I was home alone when I heard a little girl giggle outside my bedroom door. And this one night when my one best friend slept over, she stayed out on the couch while I was in my room (I wasn't being rude, my room's VERY small). She was trying to go to sleep some time after 1:00 in the morning and then she heard something like footsteps heading in her direction and then she felt a cold spot on her arm and then the other even when her whole body except head were covered with a blanket. Last she heard a knocking on the living room window next to her and a woman singing outside that same window. The very next night she slept over again (it was a weekend), and at some point way before anyone went to bed I was using the bathroom in the master bathroom with my mom and friend in the kitchen at the other end of the trailer. Then suddenly I heard a noise that sounded like someone sitting on my mom's bed since it was noisy; and my cat was in the bathroom with me when it happened, so it couldn’t have been him. Right after that me and my friend back into my mom's room and she started taking pictures with her camera phone. Afterwards we found some evidence in the photos. There were three that stood out from the rest. One had an old lady in it and we could actually see her hair up in a bun. The second had a man in it who was pointing at something. And the third looked something like a hand reaching out towards the cell phone.
Anyway, there are my stories. Hope you enjoyed...

That's My Experience

By: mark.freudm01@gmail.com

I had a ghost experience about 5 years ago in Minneapolis in a brownstone
studio apt. near loring park.  It was about 5am and I awoke with chills and felt frozen.
The first thing I saw was an old man at the foot of my bed who said, "hey, hey you-
is your light on?" As soon as I saw it, it disappeared.  I lay stunned for about 5 minutes.
I then heard a loud crash in the small kitchen behind me. I got up to see what it was, thinking
it was a plate that fell off the counter or something.  I got to the kitchen and found a glass
had been tipped over in the flat sink, and was rolling back and forth on its side around the
drain and then came to a rest.  I was shocked because I had washed the glass the night
before and left it upside down to dry in a FLAT surface.  It still shocks me today when I think
about it.  I told a few people about it and one person made sense of what the old
man said- the apartments are quite old and have milk doors in the kitchen.  If you had the little door
open and a light on, it meant you needed milk.  So strange.  Well, that's my experience.

Opened My Eyes

By: Honeylair@aol.com

And i would like to tell my story. IT started when i was in the living room after midnight, and i felt that there was someone behind me in the room so i made a video in the dark on my mobile, little spots of light appeared on the screen and where moving about the screen, this went on for three nights. and we have had many strange things happen in this house over the 2yrs we have been here. so i then set up a security camera in the living room after dark and set the monitor in bedroom. and settled down to watch the monitor, well it all started to happen almost strait away, we had many, many orbs some bright and big others small and faint my partner looked on the web and found the west yorkshire paranormal group. See got in touch with them and there paid us a visit. there confirmed that something was here, and there saw the orbs for them selfs.they decided to come back three days later and do an all night sit in, using their own equipment many things happened that night, from the glass moving to bangs and many orbs were seen. They are coming back at a later date for more tests it is very strange when you see and hear, this things as they happen. but the orbs seam friendly and sometimes playful it has truly opened my eyes and given me many reasons to believe death is not the end. i hope my experience helps other people if it is happening to them. thanks for taking the time out to read this. i will answer all genuine questions anybody has to ask thank you for now  

Neither Believer nor Non Believer

By: adam.krichmar@us.army.mil

I will preface this missive with the fact that I am neither an ardent believer or disbeliever of ghosts or the occult.  In the late 90's while I was in highschool a few friends of mine jokingly suggested we go exploring inside of a known haunted area which was located just a few miles down the highway from my house.  I agreed to the adventure and we loaded up with cameras and flashlights.  We arrived at the abandoned hotel well after dark and we found quickly that our precautionary flashlghts were useless, the fresh batteries we had installed at my house were quickly drained.  We parked under a large tree in the yard and sat in the quiet night.  We exited the car and walked the perimeter of the house.  I noticed a large shadow perched along the roof of the house where there was nothing to cause a shadow.  The darkened figure was much taller than myself and had ragged wings, a gargoyle perched on the corner of the house.  I thought this was slightly unsettling but I put it out of my mind.  We entered the house under the light of the full moon and were assaulted by graffitti and debris.  The trophy room was devastated and the floor was carpeted with broken glass past ankle depth.  The bathrooms fixtures were shattered and the walls were scrawled with red "paint" that shouted "help me...die".  We were beyond spooked at this point but I insisted we venture on.  At the top of the stairs between the master suites there was a communal bathroom.  In the midst of this mayhem and squalor this singular room was untouched by hands, human or otherwise.  The porcelain was pristine and shone in the light.  The wallpaper wasn't even slightly faded.  This room was left as if it had just been cleaned and prepared for a new guest.  At the juvenile dare my friends and myself scavenged for souveneirs.  I took 3 "do not disturb" signs, one of my friends claimed a bible.  As we exited the window that we had climbed through we made our way to the storm cellar.  As we passed the open doors we saw the lower half of a person squatting on the floor drawing unintelligble script with more red "paint".  That was enough, we ran for the car (which luckily enough started).  We raced back towards the city lights sweating heavily.  I returned later in the week to take some pictures of this structure during daylight hours.  If you remember the gargoyle I mentioned earlier, it was not there.  I doubted my memory so I called all of the party members and asked them about the dark form on the roof.  Everyone remembered it but nobody believed me that it wasn't there now.  I'm not sure what to call what I saw on the roof that night but I know it was there and I swear it was watching me.  As I began this e-mail I am not superstitious, paranoid or devoutly religious.  I was as sober as the day I was born and I saw something there.  I'm currently in the Army stationed in Korea but when I get back to Pennsylvania I fully plan to return to that cursed hotel and look for the thing that was looking at me.   

Sharing a Story

By: L3Con@aol.com

Hi I have a storey I would like to share with you.
  Here goes I am now 45 years old and my husband and I have been together for six years, well when I met him his mother had already passed on, And and his father lived next door and he grew up in this house, when he got older he placed a trailer next door and he lived there ever since. He told me she had died in 1992.  But on her death bed she called his dad in and asked if he would give the property that her son lived on to him, And his father said ok. In around year 2000 he met another lady and also learned that he had cancer and he did not have long to live.Well the new lady cond his father into getting married but did not want to live in that house, (She was not a trusting person ) So he put the house up for sale. That's when the strange things began to happen. I my self has never believed in ghost or spirits and if I would ever see one it would prob. scare me to death. Well one evening my husband and I went to bed and was watching tv my husband fell asleep and I am big on forensic files so I was watching this, we had our door shut, and just out of no were this person came threw the door and looked right at me and naturally you would look up and I did, I saw a lady in a long white gown long curly brown hair and looked at her face and soon a I did this she vanished threw the door as fast as she came in, This happened so fast so I took a second look and no one was there so I started watching tv again and kind a blew it off thinking my mind is playing tricks on me.Next thing I new it happened again when I looked her in the face it was gone again so I turned back to the tv this happened bought three times and the last time I thought to my self I am going to look at her but not look at her face and see what happens, I learned that this spirit did not talk to me with her mouth she used her mind
it was weird and hard to explain. She told me not to be afraid of her and she said her name was Millie whom is my husbands mother, Then She went away. I was not scared of her I was impressed to see her.
I woke my husband up and told him and I showed him on the door jam how tall she was and what she wore.
Any pic. I saw of her she had short curly hair, He told me That was what she was buried in.
I would get up around four thirty am for work and one night I got up and I saw her sitting on the side of Kevin (My Husband) looking at him while he sleep, another time I saw a lady with a little girl standing on a table fixing her dress, Then they started threw the day I would her someone walking threw the house and then I would see her walk by the door ways, Then other people from his passed would appear, I was planting flowers in a new flower bed one day and I looked up and his grandfather and another man was standing there laughing at me and they are already passed on also, That year flowers did not grow in that new flower bed.
by now a few months went by My father laws house was getting surveyed and he said we would probably loose most of our side yard my husband and my self was so mad, but nothing we could do. Well the day that the men came to set the pins my husband and I would be at work and we were afraid to come home
and see were these pins were. Out of no were for some weird reason I was not needed at work that day and did not half to come to work, I was able to watch the pins being set. Well the men came and I watched them as if there was going to be no tomorrow, one the final pin was set Kevin's mother came and told me her job here was done and she would not to back, WE did not lose our side yard and Kevin got his property And his mother has not returned since.
Ps. I have have learned they are here for a reason and when they are finished they will leave.

Summer of '89

By: dalhia212@earthlink.net

no one has written in anything about martha's vineyard?  edgartown...
or the vicinity?
or did i just miss it in the list?
just curious...b/c i have several ghost stories/occurences from the summer of '89 when i lived on pilgrim road...about 2 miles from edgartown off the main road...my roommates and i had an unbelievable summer of surprises!  a poltergeist IN the house we rented...and ghosts walked our street at night!  i will never forget the night i was walking up the road with my roommate...we were walking and talking about our day...it was about 10pm...and as i was walking...i remember thinking, wow that fog is really rolling in tonight (at the end of the road there was a bog like area...where fog cld be seen over the area of it)...as we were walking...i recall walking a bit slower and slower...b/c as we walked there was something...a shape of a woman walking with a child who was also walking (they were holding
hands) in the distance/ in the dark...but as we walked towards it and it towards us i distinctly remember thinking how odd that there features weren't really forming and they were'nt as distinct as you wld expect b/c at this point they were probably about 25-30 ft away from us.  at that point, i stopped in my tracks...looked over at my friend (didn't say a word)...who looked over at me--on both of our faces was total "HUH!  what the??!!"  and we took off running at top speed back to the house, fumbling for the keys...ran inside the house locked the doors and were just stammering for words.."what did you see...why did you run?"  "what did you see?"
"what was that?"  we both agreed that we saw a woman and child (about the size of a 4-6 yr old) walking towards us...the woman's silloutte was of a long garb that was just not a modern silloette for 1989...slight puff sleeve, small waist, very full (hoop like) skirt that hung to the ground...though they were relatively close to us...there features remained misty, yet formed into a face...w/o distinct/solid features...and they remained in grey/white tones...(it was a very bright night/full moon no less)...
our home we rented had a poltergeist that wld turn lights on and off, open cabinets, and the refridgerator door.
we spent the first mth all not really putting it all together/talking about it--tried to justify it make sense to ourselves (not wanting to think or admit there was "activity."  once we saw the ghosts on the road we told everyone...and suddenly we were all talking about what others thought they had seen other nights...but eventually rationalized to themselves it must have been the fog moving in...or mailboxes/shadows...we tried over and over to recreate that effect in the place we saw the ghosts (that evening even)!!!  with out friends...and it cld not be done and in broad daylight we revisited the road where it had occurred...there weren't any mailboxes on that side of the street!

Ghost Panther?

By: anonymous 


A couple years ago I went to a bible camp, havn't gone back since. It was the last day, friday (at night), the day everyone plays tricks on each-other. The girls cabins are seperated from the boys cabins, for reasons not needing explanation. We were all playing around when we heard something outside. They dared me to go check it out so I did. Our cabin was closest to the forest, which made it extra creepy. I saw two small ,green lights. I figured they were an owl's or stray dog's because of the way they glowed. I ran in screaming and told the girls a bat hit our window(sweet revenge, for they put a bug in my hair earlier). You can guess what happened next.
After a while of telling scary "Booger" stories (as my grandma calls them) we went to bed, creeped out from the stories. We were all asleep for a while, even me. Then, I woke up to a growl and there was total darkness. I looked up and saw the same green eyes as earlier over me. Whatever it was seemed to suck in the light, making the cabin pitch black. It was freezing cold in the room. I touched the thing then, next thing I remember it is morning.
Now I'm a sort-of happy 14 year old with a cat, a dog, and five fish. It may be Coincidence(sp?) but I ofted get hurt on the hand I touched it with. Maybe I'm going crazy...

The Parrot Ghost

By: anonymous

Hi I wanna share my story.I live in holland.My story is about a parrot I had.4 years ago I was visiting friends.They had a bird called Tweety.But they didn't had time for him because they were always working.So they wanted to give the bird to someone else.I saw that the bird was unhappy.So I took him.The first days Tweety was quiet.I had other birds too so he slowly began to come out of his shell.He changed from unhappy to a happy bird.I never had seen such a sweet bird.Not that the others are bad.But he was special.Like a little angel.He always gave me kisses and he wanted to be cuddled.3 months later the day before he died.He was really sweet but he didn't want to go in his cage.Usually he got in it without problems.He only wanted to sit on my shoulder and cuddle him.I thought that's odd.But then i thought maybe he just wants attention that's all.So that night i went to sleep.The next day.I woke up and Looked at the cage.(my birds were at that time in my bedroom because I didn't have any room for the cages).I didn't see him .And then I was shocked.He was dead.I was upset.You know that song Bright eyes from Paul Simon and Garfunkel.The words they sing:"How could the light that shined so brightly suddenly turns so pale bright eyes.Those thoughts were going through my mind.Why,Why ,Why.Because he was so healthy.I blamed myself for it.2 years later(still wondering about Tweety) another friend had a parrot called baby.She looked a lot like tweety.But he too wanted to give the bird away.So I took her.A year later It was early in the morning.I was asleep.Suddenly in my dream I heard a bird sing.It was very loud.I thougt it was baby I woke up.The singing suddenly stopped.I looked at the drawer and i saw a parrot sitting there.So i said Baby why are you singing you know that you're not allowed to sing so early in the morning.(my birds don't sing in the morning if I'm still a sleep I learned them not to do that).And why are you out of your cage?I got out of my bed and looked at her cage.I wanted to see how that she got out.But to my suprise she was still in it.Baby was sitting very quietly.She didn't even respond to my voice.Because they always respond.She looked frozen.I looked back at the drawer but the bird was gone.I looked at the other birds and they were also in their cages.I couldn't believe my own eyes.I was clearly awaken and i woke up because of the loud singing.I went downstaires.My mom was as usually up early.I asked her if she heard baby or the others singing.( you can hear the birds sing if you're downstaires)She said no.She asked why.Then it became clear.I said I think Tweety wanted to say in his own way that he's fine.I wasn't scared at all.A little bit confussed but not scared.2 months later i heard the singing again.I woke up.But then I saw no bird.That day one of my other birds was getting sick.So I think he warned me.After that i went to te vet.The bird is okay now.Then it never happend again.Thanks for reading my story

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