Two and half years ago I met my partner Jungle (Peter) and at the time living at his old place, this only happened on the one occasion but being a ex paranormal investigator I know a spirit when I sense them, now my partner one day was mentioning about two of his brothers that had passed on and one of them didn't treat his woman too well, and I said to him I had no respect for those type of men, now later on during day I was watching tv and to let you know my partner's place was an art gallery and there are paintings everywhere now where I was sitting there was a coffee table in front of me with junk on it and there were paintings going up to near the roof on the walls, now I was watching tv and out of nowhere one of the very top paintings not a big one just dropped inches away from me on the coffee table, I sensed straight away that Wayne (the one who didn't treat his woman
well) warned me, there was no one else in the room!  Also later when we were asleep in bed he has long canvas up behind the bed post on the wall, now during the night one of them just fell on top of me for no reason and I got the message about Wayne I was worried about Patch our cat she was laying near me I was worried she got hurt she must have shitted herself and jumped for it, something has just sprung to mind she has a sensitive back now I wondering if she did injure herself a little!
So I know now not to talk to Wayne like that.
Now I have a haunted car to check out Friday night let you know if I pick up anything!
A woman died in the car with her two dogs chewing on her and unfortunately they died in the car with her!
Her energy will still be in there as my mate has already sensed nipping from the deceased dogs!

Spirits in Greenwich


After a change of jobs in the early 1970’s I moved away from Greenwich, Connecticut, and ended up living about 50 miles away from my girlfriend.  We would see each other on the weekends and I would end up driving back home late at night.
One particular evening I was too tired to drive home, so I asked if I could stay the night.  She lived with her brother, who was very protective, but he graciously let me sleep in one of the former bedrooms, which had been converted into a ‘sitting room,’ even though some of the other family members shared bedrooms.
I stretched out on the sofa and, as is my practice, entered a state of meditation prior to going to sleep.  As I entered the meditative state, I began to hear voices.  It seemed as if two men were talking.  One voice said, “What are we going to do with this guy?”  The other answered, “Oh, I don’t know.  Why don’t we make him jump out of a window?”
I opened my eyes and sat up to see who was there, and saw and heard no one.  Perplexed, I lay back down to return to meditation.  As soon I started drifting off I became aware of the two voices again.  This time they had positioned themselves behind my head, and were laughing what can be described as an ‘evil laugh’ into each of my ears.  I rapidly surmised that I was being annoyed by spirits or ghosts, and started to use protective measures I had learned.
I ‘thought’ to the spirits that I was unafraid of them, for I knew that they could not harm me without my consent or participation.  Then I asked them to go away; they didn’t, so I visualized my body as surrounded by a brilliant white light (some people call this “the light of Christ”).  Then I caused the white light to expand out from my body a few inches at a time until I had filled the whole room with this light.  The laughing sounds slowly faded away and when the room was full of light, they stopped completely.  I then went to sleep.
In the morning I told my girlfriend the story and she was shocked as she said, “Oh no, I forgot!  That’s why we turned that bedroom into the living room; no one could sleep in there without having nightmares!  We heard that a former tenant had committed suicide by jumping out of the window!”

The School Accident


My name is Aaron and I am 13 and this is something that happened.
This is a thing that happened about a year before the event. One morning I had a shiver and it was a huge chill. That day a friend of mine got there knee caught in a wire fence. It made me think that it was sum kind of sense.
Every year at school there was a gathering I think in a place named gauler (cant spell it) it had some cheap rides for kids and later in the day it had horse racing this was the second time I had been there (I remember once going there and my dad won like $25) there was a jumping castle near a fence and there was a cheap go-cart area. My sister wanted me to go on the jumping castle but I had that shiver so I didn’t. I went on the go-carts instead.
There was a huge wind sum kind of mini tornado and the jumping castle lifted off the ground and bounced along the ground. My sister said she saw the rope tear. A girl about 12 years old was bleeding out here ear. She died…
The first Day at school after that we had a memorial of here I kept a brochure or wat ever it was it had her picture I felt a deep sadness.
A year later I was at school and I was able to read outside with my friend. I was at the bricks and I was bored I looked at the uniform shop and saw a figure it was see through and it had colour it was the girl that died I felt the same sadness and depression she appeared near a classroom that had her brother in it she was looking right at me… 

My Friend's House


This story is about my best friend Brittany's house.  Anyway, The previous owner died in the bedroom that is now her mom's. They always felt like there was a spirit in the house. And this one time when Brittany and I were alone in the house, we were in her mom's room watching tv when there was a series of loud bangs on the glass door in the living room. We rushed out and there was no one there. We even went outside to investigate and came up with nothing. There was no way any body could hide without us finding them or get to the road in time. Well a few weeks ago, they were taking pictures for fun and orbs began appearing. I'm talking lots of orbs. Different sizes and densities. Its crazy. Well Brittany and I decided to do a "ghost hunt" and try to find out who was haunting her house. When Brittany was trying to make "contact", I took a picture of her and there was, no joke, about 25-30 orbs above her head. I got so emotional. it made me cry. Not beacause I was scared but because it was amazing. Well we went walking through the house and took a pic in her mom's room. When we loaded it ont he computer, there was this smoky gray thing on the floor by the bed. We cropped and enhanced it and it was the figure of a man! We could make out the brim of his hat (it looked like an old civil war generals hat), his eyes, nose and his beard. He had his hand up like he was waving. It was amazing. That was about a week ago and we haven't been able to do another ghost hunt because of our work schedules but were gonna schedule more.

Ghosts from India


Hi....I tried sending you my experiences before, but I don't think you put them up, or they never reached you...whatever.
Anyway, I have plenty of stories to tell you, and I'm putting them down in chronological order.
When i was younger, about maybe 4-6, I don't remeber how old I was, I was visiting some family friends with my parents. We used to live in Harare, Zimbabwe at that time, and these friends lived in Mutare.
Mutare is a hilly sort of a place, and their house is on one side of the hill, and opposite on another hill almost at the top is a church. You know how hills are joined together, there's a dip between the two peaks. Well, I was sitting outside in their lawn just looking at the hills opposite, when I saw a white human figure flit down one side of a hill and up on to the other hill and went upto where the church stood, and then disappeared. I know what I saw, I remember it like it happened yesterday, and I know it was a human figure, only no human i have ever heard of can go so fast on no road......and that too on a hill.....

Another time, a year or so after that, I was visiting India(thats where i'm from), and was staying at my mom's sister's place. They were in Dhanbad, a liitle place towards the eastern side of India. well, I was standing in their dining room , when I saw the face of a lady with wild long black hair slowly form in the sideboard, and then disappear again. It was only later when I was much older and they had moved from Dhanbad to Delhi that I found out that that house was haunted, and they had many experiences there too!!!!

After that nothing happened till I was about 15 years old. we had now moved to India, and were living in a small town called Panchkula, which is right next to Chandigarh. For those of you who don't know, it's about 250km north of Delhi.
Well, I used to take my incredibly brave, sometimes to the point of stupid, dog , Jock, out for a nice long walk every morning about 5. Now to describe the setting. I used to take him on the main road between two sectors(colonies), and on either side of the road are houses, with no space in between them.
I was on my way back home one september morning, when I saw that the road had a lot of cows all over the road, and the cowherd was walking with them on the side of the road( a common enough sight in the early hours where the cowherds take their cows for grazing). I didn't think much of it, except that the cowherd was dressed in dark trousers, with a blue floral shirt(definitely strange for any cowherd, as they don't wear trousers, but a 'dhoti', but never mind that). His hair was also long, covering his neck ,and almost came upto his shoulder. Well, they were walking pretty slowly, so I decided to overtake them. It was like this: this man was on the side, right next to the curb, my dog was in the middle, and i was on the side of the road. As we were overtaking him, he turned his head and looked at Jock. My brave,brave dog, who I have never seen to be afraid of anything, gave out a yelp and jumped to the side. I quite comically tripped over him, and fell bump on to the road. I looked up straight ahead at the man. He had walked a little ahead and was looking back at me. I can't descibe the look. it was the starngest look I've ever seen. I can't explain it, but it affected me immensely. i brushed off the incident, and got up, overtook him again, and walked about 10 paces when Jock stopped to do his business. Mind you, just 10 paces. I turned to look back, and to my surprise found that the cowherd, and all the cows that were all over the road had completely disappeared!!! There was no way they could have gone. There was plenty of light at this time. I was wide awake(who wouldn't be, after a vigorous walk). And if anybody has seen a cow walking...well, you know how slow they are. Where did they go? After that I tried to go at exactly the same time, but i never saw them again.Strange,huh?

A few years after this, I was at college in another small town. I didn't see anything, my friends saw it, but I felt the presence. Our exams were 4 days away, so to study, one of my friends set the alarm for 5:15. Anyaways, we went off to sleep. I was awoken roughly by my two friends, who asked me if I could see anything at the window. I couldn't. Now the window is right in front of the bed, and we were on the 3rd floor.thre are no balconies or any footholds in this building. Parneet was a light sleeper, and she had woken to the alrm going off. She saw the time, and saw that it was 2a.m She asked my other friend Neeraj if she had set the alarm for that time. She saidno, and don't bother me, and went off to sleep again. Being a light sleeper, Parneet was unable to sleep again. Her eyes fell on the window, and she saw the head of a lady at the widow, just the head and shoulders portion. She thought that some object in the room was throwing a shadow on the window, so she looked about the room and saw nothing could cause that kind of shadow, when suddenly she realised it wasn't a shadow. You know the kind of figure you can see when someone is just outside your window peering in.That was what it was . She quickly woke Neeraj who was sleeping next to her, and showed her the figure.Neeraj saw it too, and they both got the fright of their lives when the head turned to one side and back, and then turned again and back. Parneet told neeraj to wake me up quickly. Neeraj switched on the light, and woke me up, and asked me if I could see anything at the window. I looked but there was nothing there. Parneet looked at the alrm clock again , and this time it was showing 5:15. Neeraj refused to sleep in that room again. Parneet and I did, since it was our room anyway, and neeraj had only slept their coz she was studying with us. Anyway, we asked around, and no one said anything. But the next night was the haredset night ever. The room ,after abot 10-11 at night, had such an evil presence in it.We were so terrified that we couldn't even use our attached bathroom alone. we had to go in together. The whole night we couldn't sleep, and we wouldn't dare switch off the lights, and spent the entire night huddled under a sheet with our heads covered, with Parneet muttering prayers all the time. Finally, about 3 -4 in the morning, the feeling went away, and we were finally able to sleep. Parneet told her boyfriend about it. He was staying in a town abot 50km from our town Before he went to sleep that the next night, he prayed that whatever was bothering her, should come to him instead. And it really did. he said some sort of a prayer and banished it. SAfter that neither of us ever felt anything in that room ever again.

A couple of years after that, in the same hostel,I was staying in another room ,this time on the second floor. I was sleeping alone.All of a sudden I heard a slight knocking at my door. I checked my watch, and saw that it was around 2am. I shrugged it off when I heard the knocking again. I was just thinking who it could be at this hour, and was about to gte up when my bed shook. i thought it was an earthquake. So I got up and opened the door. There was  a girl siting and studying in an area in front of  her room, at right angles to my room. I asked her if she felt the earthquake, and she said no. I then asked her if she had knocked. (she was NOT the type to play jokes)she said no..I then asked her if anyone else had knocked..she said no. Needless to say, there was cetainly no earthquake, so what else could it hjave been?

ok, one last one. A year or so after that, I had moved out of hostel and was know staying as a paying guest. I had just discoverd this site, and had taken some print outs for night reading. Well, all of a sudden I got the creeps. i thought I had probably done enough scary reading and swithched off the light to go to sleep. I did eventually go to sleep. but I woke up all of a sudden around 2(what is it with this time????!!!!). Now we have two doors in india. The outer door is a mesh one, which is obviously to keep locked and allow for cool breeze to come in at the same time. The wooden doors are on the inside of these and are left open for the breeze to come through the mesh one. well, I was on the first floor, and there are stirs leading up upto the terrace, out on to which my door opens. no doubt anybody could come up if they wished to. But when I woke that night, I felt someone outside my door, but i could see no one. This was a well lit night, the moon was shining, and if anyone was there I would have seen him/her.
 i can tell you, that gave me the creeps, and I always slept with both doors shut after that!! A few days later . I found out that the house, and all others in that area, had been built over a cemetary. Strange enough , I sopped feeling scraed once i found this out!!!
I have not had any experiences since then. I think that this is due to a very powerful prayer of our Hindu religion. I used to say that prayer every morning and evening for almost a year. even tough I don't say that prayer any more, but about 4-5 years have passed since then , and I haven't felt or seen anything since.

F.E.Warren AFB


I have a couple of stories from my time stationed at F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne Wyoming.  Sorry no pics as digital cameras and the internet were not around as much as today. But here are my stories.
F.E. Warren AFB is stationed in the Town of Cheyenne Wyoming AKA Cheyenne Indian territory.  Back in the days of Cowboys and Indians it was an Army Calvary fort, of course there are many stories of the deaths caused from the fighting between the two units.  My story is true although it did not happen in one of the older buildings it was still on the land.  I was lying in my bed resting on my stomache when I heard my door open, this is strange because we had button combination locks and I didn't hear the clicking.  I looked around, no one was there and my door was closed.  Suddenly I felt someone lie on top of me, it was a weird feeling but I did not panic, I simply told it that when it was finished it could leave, the weight lifted, I heard the door open again, although when I looked around it was closed of course and nothing ever entered my room again.
My other Air Force story happend out in the Missile sites, there are 100 to a base and I was stationed out in Nebraska 3 hours from FE Warren.  These sites are surrounded by farms and ranches.  One night I was resting in bed when I heard my bed creek, suddenly it felt like an animal the size of a small pig was walking on me, it didn't last long but it sure did scare me as I had no where to go, I was stuck out in Nebraska in a missile silo surrounded by a gate.

A True Haunted House


Hello, I seen your site and wanted you to know of a true haunted house .
When I was little we moved from the city of toledo to the country into an town called Liberty Center .The house was very old and needed alot of work even the old barn .My two sisters and I didn't like the house much because we always had the feeling someone was watching us.Now to keep this story short I will tell you we seen alot in that house . People walking down the upstairs hallway and disapearing into thin air. A women hanging from the rafters in the basement coal bin. We have heard voices and couldn't find the people that were talking. My sister had dishes crash at her feet at one time. My Mother awoke in the middle of the night to see red flashing lights in the windows. When my sisters and I were old enough to move out on our own my Mother and Father got a divorce . My little Brother whom was born into the family while living in the house was now 8years old. My Mother remarried to a man none of us liked but withstanded for her sake. This man went crazy one day and shot my Mother in the face and my brother twice  in the stomach and once in the wrist. He then put them into the car and drove them to the nearest hospitol where he pulled them out onto the concrete in front of the ER doors.He parked the car and walked to the bus stop . The security gaurd grabbed him and arrested him. He later told the press the voices in the house made him do it. He was later proved not insane.
   Now my Mother still lives in that old house and my brother now in a wheelchair for the rest of his life does as well. He is now 22years old. Us kids have begged my mother to move but she refuses .Now there have been people tell my Mother that there is a porthole from this world to the next in the upstairs closet. That closet stays warm even when that room is ice cold in the winter. Other spirits have been seen in the house sence all of this has happend . My grandmother , grandfather and my sister whom died in a car accident leaving her kids behind. This is why I do beleaive in spirits and not only that they do show themselves to me in other places . I didn't like the gift because it does scare me but i have learned to live with it.

Clearview City


I used to live  in Clearview City, near De Soto, Kansas.  This place used to be army housing for the Sunflower Ammunition plant nearby.  There are stories that many of the units there are haunted, but I know from my experience living there that my unit was host to a presence of a 30-ish man.  My kids and I always felt a presence.  One time, a friend of mine was in the kitchen cooking.  He turned around thinking I'd just pulled on his shirt, but when he saw that I was sitting in the living room, he freaked out.  He said, "Someone just grabbed my shirt!" 
We all saw shadow people out of our periferal vision.  One day, I went to my walk-in closet, where I had a mirror leaned up against the wall.  I took a digital photograph into the mirror.  This closet always seemed to be the epicenter of the presence, as it was always cold, year round.  To our dismay, we saw the misty, white face of a bearded man in the mirror.  My kids said, "Well, it's probably just dust or something." So, about 5 minutes later, we took another digital shot of the mirror.  He'd moved!  The face was still there, but it was on another part of the mirror. I was convinced. 
Some time later, I met the previous tenants up at the local watering hole by chance.  I knew that their young son had tragically died while they lived there.  I told them that I thought the apartment where I lived,  and they had previously lived in, was haunted, but that I didn't think it was their boy's spirit.  The mother agreed with me.  She said it was haunted when she lived there too.  She saw the shadow people, felt the cold spots, sensed the presence just as I had.
My son claimed he saw red eyes through the window in one of the abandoned units near ours.  I don't know why this place is rife with activity, but I suspect is has something to do with the strange goings on at the nearby Sunflower Ammunition plant from years before.
When I moved out, I invited my ghost to come with me if he wanted, as I was sort of used to his presence.  At the next house I lived in there was ghostly activity as well!  My best friend was alone there one day while I went into town, and she heard someone say, "Dorothy".  I was telling this story to the kids and one of their friends said, "Dude!" (But I'm female).."I heard someone say 'Dorothy' too one time!  My landlord never knew of a Dorothy who lived there, but she indicated that the house had been moved there from a location in Lawrence years before.  Maybe there is a seperate ghost from the one that was at Clearview.  My boyfriend always saw shadow people there, and one day, both of us as well as my oldest son were sitting in the living room when a glass candle holder literally flew off my entertainment center and landed at our feet, a good 5 feet from its original location.  On another occasion, I was alone and there was this disconcerting 'sonic boom' type noise that shook the house.  I never did figure out what that was, but it scared the hell out of me. 
I've moved again, but so far this new house has had no activity.  If that changes, I will post it here.

Gates Pass, Tucson, Arizona

17 Apr 69 at the stone picnic hut on the hill above the parking area, a friend and I had a fire going at dark. We were at the opening awaiting our ride back to town when we got chilled and turned toward the fire pit.  At that instance, the fire flared up and a dark shadowy evil looking figure was standing with us.  It scared the hokiest out of us and we run down the hill to the parking lot at the same time as our ride showed up. No one was up there.  Our friends thought we were crazy, drunk, or high but there was a ghost of some sort there.

Norwich University


hello, my name is Joseph, i am a cadet at Norwich university, i was hoping to offer you an update on the hauntings at Norwich. i noticed that you have the story about the cadet and his brother hanging himself, and that the room was boarded off. recently they rebuilt alumni hall and that room that they two cadets hung themselves in is now open again for students to live in, although since the rebuilding of the barracks i have heard there is much less ghost like activity.
also when i was a Rook living in Wilson hall (first year cadet) i woke up one night very late (around three AM) to see another cadet sitting at my desk, staring at the wall, i decided not to alarm the ghost that i had noticed its presence and quietly close my eyes and go back to sleep, i never saw him again for the rest of the year. but i am positive it was not my roommate because my roommate was Hispanic and the cadet sitting at my desk was Caucasian. also my room was locked and it was not possible to jump in my window.
Another night when i was doing security duty in Plumly armory, myself and two other cadets heard a voice saying "help me" faintly, we believe it was female, we checked every room including the bathroom we thought it was coming from with no result.
I hope these entries can help in your database.

My 3rd Ghost Experience


This is the 3rd ghost experience I have had. I sent the other two to you. Close to the five year anniversary of my mother’s death, I was staying at my parent’s house. My mother came home from the hospital so she could die in her home five years earlier. My father had since remarried and his new wife’s birthday was a few days before the anniversary of my mother’s death. My step-mother’s daughter and family were visiting. They had bought a mylar butterfly balloon for her birthday. It was filled with helium and had a weight tied to the string so it couldn’t float off far. Everyone was gone one afternoon except for my sister and myself. I was sitting at the kitchen table while my sister was cleaning up in the pantry. The balloon was sitting still near the kitchen table. It wasn’t resting on the floor. It was floating so that it was maybe six inches from the ceiling. As I was talking to my sister, the balloon started floating across the kitchen towards the door to the living room. There is about a 4 to 6 inch clearance from the kitchen to the living room. The balloon floated down enough to enter the living room. It then lowered down so that the weight was a few inches off the floor. It floated across the living room and floated up and landed on the rocking chair. My sister’s cat was in the living room at the time and was freaking out at this. I told my sister what had happened and she went into the living room to calm her cat down and brought the balloon back to the kitchen. We were both sitting at the table and the balloon did it again. Only this time it floated over to the stairway and started to float upstairs. We walked over and watched it go upstairs. It turned to the right and floated towards my sister’s bedroom. Jokingly, my sister said, “ It’s Mom and she liked me best.” We went back to the kitchen. A few minutes later I went upstairs and sure enough the balloon was in my sister’s bedroom. It had floated over by her window. All the windows upstairs were closed so there were no drafts. I went back down stairs and told her what had happened. About 15 minutes later I went up to get the balloon. I went into my sister’s bedroom and it was gone. I walked back down the hall and the balloon was in my Father’s bedroom next to his bed and it was on the side of the bed that he slept on. The butterfly was facing the bed. As I stood there; the balloon slowly turned to face me. I freaked out a little bit and called my sister. She came up and agreed that it was eerie. We went back down stairs and left the balloon there. About a half hour later I went up stairs again with the thought of getting the balloon. I looked in my Dad’s bedroom and it was gone. I looked in my sister’s bedroom and it wasn’t there. I went down the hall and looked in the bedroom I was staying in. There was the balloon. What was freaky this time is that it was right in front of a framed picture of some photos of all my cousins and brother and sister and all of our children at a family reunion at our cabin. The balloon was about 3 or 4 inches in front of the picture facing it. I called my sister upstairs again and this time she was unnerved and made me take it back downstairs this time. After that the balloon never moved from the kitchen any more. The house belonged to my grandparents, ( my Mother’s parent’s ), before my parents moved into it. Both my grandparents have been dead for over ten years. While we were staying there that week, my oldest son was sleeping on the couch one night and said he had a dream that was the realest dream he ever had. He said my mother was sitting on the couch with him and told him she didn’t like the new painting over the fireplace. She told him she wanted a painting of a loon instead. Loons were my mother’s favorite bird. My son didn’t know this fact at the time. This happened several years ago and we haven’t had any more strange incidents since then. We aren’t sure “who” it was, but my sister insists it was my mother.  

Old Man in a Rocker


I grew up in the same home my mother & her 2 sisters had grown up in at Fredonia, Kansas.  I slept in the same bedroom they had shared.   As a young girl I was often awakened by the creaking of a rocker.  I would see an old man sitting in a low profile, wicker backed, oak rocker, rocking & looking out the front window.  He wore a long white nightshirt that came down to his shins, was barefoot & had longer, thin, white hair down to the neck of his night shirt.  He was alway barefoot.  I never saw his full face, only a partial profile, but it appeared he had a mustach.  It never upset me & after many years I told my mother she might think me crazy but told her what I had seen for years.  She calmly looked at me & quietly said "Oh you too!! Aunt 'Carol ' saw him all the time when she was a girl"!!  I often wonder if others see him there.  I am a firm believer in spirits as my deceased husband often touches my hair when I am sitting quietly reading, day dreaming or trying to go to sleep.

Seven Gates of Hell and Raymeyer's Hallow


I have been back through the Seven Gates of Hell recently, it was quite a hike and there were about 7 of us.  We didn't go all the way back, in fact we don't know how far back we went, but the paths were quite treacherous, we stopped when we came across a huge ditch in the path.  Also while walking a long I noticed off to the left of the path what seemed to be a long white building, I told everyone else and they seen it to, but when we flashed the light on it nothing was there.
Raymeyer's I have been to as well, not to the house but the area close to it, around the woods.  My brother has seen a white apparition fly down the hill really fast.  I have heard numerous accounts of people seeing someone hanged from the neck from a tree whom don't even know each other and who live in different parts of York County.  I have talked to someone who seen a little girl in a white dress in the woods.  Someone else even recounted about a group of people dressed as witches coming down the hill around surrounding there vehicle.  Another story I heard of a vehicle not starting up, and these are all people that I know myself.  On the site, the story of Reymeyer's isn't include, but apparently Reymeyer and another individual had a disagreement so Reymeyer whom was a witch put a hex on the other guy's crops, the guy became angry and burned a section of his house down that he was in.  Another story was that someone wanted gold that he apparently had and burned his home.  It has been said that if you go into the basement where he was burned alive you can see a black outline of his body.  This place and its surroundings are the real deal...eventually you will see something.

Haunted on Melrose Ave


I used to live in a house that I believe is either haunted or was visited by a frequent ghostly visitor.  It was back in 1999, on Melrose ave.  Me and my room mate at the time were renting a house on that street.  Apparently there had been no previous strange or paranormal experiences before my moving in with my room mate.
Well, it all started shortly after I moved in.  The one day I was home by myslef, watching tv.  I went into the kitchen to get something and heard what sounded like foot steps above me.  I thought it was just the boards creaking.  So I thought nothing of it.  That is until the sounds kept happening.  It did'nt just happen when either me or my room mate were alone.
It also happened when we both were home!  So it could'nt have been any one's imagination.  There was also the feeling of not being alone, and/or being watched.  It was quite creepy and unnerving.
A few times I'd be spending the night alone in the house.  The foot steps would start up shortly after my room mate left, leaving me to deal with the ghost all by myself!  I was very nervous, but never scared though.  One night in perticular, I was spending the night alone when I heard the foot steps and felt something watching me.  I had to be up early and was very tired.  After a few terrifying moments I yelled, "Ok, that's enough already!
 I need to sleep cause I have to be up early!"  Well, I guess the ghost understood cause the foot steps stopped as soon as I was finished yelling at it!  However, the very next day they started up again.  So I learned to just deal with it.
  A few months later was October, halloween was quickly approaching.  I knew what that meant.  It meant that the paranormal acivity in the house would increase.  I was not looking forward to that part of Halloween.  The night before Halloween me and my room mate could'nt sleep for whatever reason. 
(I'm like my dad, I can fall asleep any where, any time.)  So to have troubles falling asleep was highly unusual for me.  So me and my room mate decided to go sleep downstairs in the living room.  We went downstairs and noticed something strange.  The sensor light was on and there was no way or reason for it to be on.  We checked the ground to see if there was any sign of any person or animal that would've set it off.  We found nothing.  We thought that it was just being kinda defaulty or the wind blew something by the light to cause it to go off.  So we dismissed that incident.
  Finally it was Halloween morning.  I woke up with an uneasy and in awe of some thing supernatural in the air.  It had almost an electric feel to the air.  That was to be disturbed by the motion sensory Halloween decoration going off on it's own accord.  It went off by itself, right infront of our eyes!  We bolted up the stairs, freaking out about what we just saw!  That set the tone for what the night was about to bring.....
  Halloween night was going alright.  There was'nt as much for activity as I had originally thought.  I was relieved about that until my room mate left with some friends to go out.  Yikes!  So I called one of my friends to go do something.  I was supposed to stay and hand out candy, but I thought, no way!  As I was waiting for my friend to come pick me up, I was getting more and more axious.  No matter how much I tried to calm myself down, I was getting extremely anxious and scared.  Finally I decided that I had enough. 
I waited outside for my friend.  He picked me up and we went out for coffee.
  We talked for hours.  Finally we were both really tired and decided to head home.  When I got home, there was no foot steps or feelings of being watched. I got ready for bed and fell into a deep sleep.
  Shortly after that night, we moved out.  I was kind of relieved and sad at the same time.  I was relieved to not have to hear those awful foot steps, but sad in a way.  I was starting to get used to living with the ghost.  I would go by the house every now and again and wonder who's living there. 
And if they ever experienced what I experienced.  Maybe some day I'll know the answer.

Paranormal Incidents part 2


Shortly after me and my room mate had moved from our haunted house, into our douplex it started all over again!  This time it was'nt foot steps. 
That much....  There was a few occurences.
One was when I was going for a shower.  My room mate and her daughter were both home.  My room mate was downstairs in the living room having a nap, as was her daughter.
i walked carefully by the daughter's room, as to not wake her.  I went into the bathroom, and had just stepped into the shower when I heard a very terrifying sound.  It was my room mate's daughter's laughter, in the hallway right outside the door to the bathroom!
It was scary because I knew she was sleeping, AND that she can't crawl out of her crib.  So there's no way that could've ever have been her.  I quickly stopped the water and went to her door to see if she indeed was awake or out of her crib.  To my horror, she WAS in her crib and sleeping!  I was very shaken by what had just happened.
Another weird occurence was the foot steps happening overhead.  they were less frequent in this place though.


By: Jeffrey.Falk@CHW.EDU

APRIL 2005

A very good friend of ours had died in February of that year. He was an art professor at ASU and also
somewhat of a scientist and inventor. He could wire a house or design and assemble small machines.
The morning of his passing there was a late winter rainstorm that moved through our city. It was a bit
unusual not so much for the rain but for the thunder and lightening that came with it. I had slept on the couch
that night waiting for the inevitable phone call we knew would come from his wife telling us of his death.
Around 2AM or so I was jolted awake by a very loud peal of thunder that sounded almost as if it might
come right through our front door. I sat up on the couch somewhat dazed when the phone rang. His
wife said “he’s gone”. I dressed and drove to sit up with her till dawn.
Now I sometimes do public readings of the writing I dabble in. Prose, poetry, stories, etc. In honor of our
late friend I wrote a story about him. We knew of his love for rocketry and space science but when he died
we also discovered he had some benign but mysterious obsessions regarding a certain scientist
who had defected from Nazi Germany to the U.S. during WWII. No matter. I wrote the story describing
my friend’s past but also of more recent events surrounding his passing.
In April I stood on the stage of a somewhat retro beatnik art space here in town. My good friend had
participated in many events at this place so it was odd not to see him there with us.
The lights went down. I began my story. The audience listened politely to my tale. I spoke into the
microphone and told about my dear friend. When I came to the part in the story where I relate the morning
of his death, the thunder, the coincidental phone call and all, well an odd thing happened when I mentioned
the part about the thunder. At that precise moment in the story the stage lights and the sound system blew out.
Someone in the crowd gasped.Someone else chuckled. Everyone thought I had somehow planned for the lights
and sound to go out at that point in my performance. Well not everyone. After I finished my story without lights
or amplification and received some applause I stepped down from the stage where two friends stood waiting for me.
They knew the man I spoke of. They were slightly shaken and one of them looked a little pale. “Oh man he was here!”
said one friend. The other agreed. We decided to go outside into the night to smoke and talk about what we had just experienced.
Eventually the stage lights and sound system came back on. I was last to leave that space. Before I went out the door
I turned to the stage and said “Thanks man. We miss you. Thanks for saying good by old friend.”
An Unnamed Graveyard


it was about two years ago when i was taking my two kids for a drive (2 and
3) we would always just drive with nowhere to actually go.they love carrides.i went up behind mt.saint michaels catholic school and noticed the two graveyards on either side of the road(no big deal).and kept driving into what ended up being a dirt t'd off so i took a right i have never been in that area before then.i kept driving about a mile down the road there was another smaller ungated unfenced cemetery to my left which kinda weirded me 2yr old daughter pointed out a shiny windmill towards the back of the graveyard and said it looked pretty.well being curious i took the girls home to their mother and decided to go back to that graveyard.when i arrived at that graveyard it was probably 10pm by then.when i approached the yard i noticed the windmill my daughter had pointed out was spinning.not slow but like it would if you blow on it as hard as you can.i rolled down my window and there was absolutely no breeze of any kind outside.i visited the graveyard a few times during the day just to view the headstones.there were none over the year 1936.which i found interesting.there are no records of this graveyard i have found in any public documentation or city and my girlfriend(her first time there) went up to the front of the cemetery which now has a 4ft chain link fence with no gates just an entryway and when i swung the car around the windmill was spinning just the same speed as the last time i had been there but this time there was a fog just over the grounds.and it was still 86 degress outside but when we got within 5ft of the front fence we both said at the sametime that we felt dizzy and nautous.which was weird because i had never felt like that in all the times i had been up there.we took a few pictures and all we could see in any picture of the whole site was the reflection of the little head stones,no fog no trees just field and the shiny windmill.if anyone can help me with info on this graveyard or why it is not kept up by the city or in any documents please let me know.

My Grandpa


This story I heard from my mother after my Grandpa's death 5 years ago.
My Grandpa was in his early eighties when he fell in the garden and hit his head. He laid in his room for about a week, unconscious, until he finally passed away surrounded by family and his caregiver.
We buried him in Tahoma National Cemetary (for veterans). Before his funeral, my mother was trying to find his glasses to put with his clothes to be buried in. She couldn't find them anywhere. My uncles and her looked all through the house, but they were never found and Grandpa was buried without them.
The next week, my mom went over to see about the cat, who we were going to adopt out to another family. The cat was outside and very upset all the week and on this day my mom was able to get her inside. My mom says she was opening the front door and calling for the cat when she got a strange feeling. She looked over her shoulder and says she saw my Grandpa leaning out from behind the giant Oak (?) tree in the front yard. He had his hands on the trunk of the tree and was smiling at her. Mom says he winked at her, and she instantly felt better about his passing and more at peace then she had all week. She let the cat in and told Grandpa that she loved him and missed him and to say hello to Grandma when he got a chance.
Then she says she noticed that he was wearing his glasses - the same ones no one could find before he was buried. Mom says she laughed when she saw that. When she looked up again, he was gone.
We packed up the house and never did find the glasses. My mom swears by the story and says it made her feel so secure, knowing her dad was at peace, and still had his sense of humor...

Animal's Abilities To See What We Are Unable To- My Dog, Bear

I have one of my own true paranormal experiences on this site about a house myself and my ex-wife rented when I was younger. I was rereading this story and was reminded of a story that involved my Black Lab, Bear. He lived to be 15 years old and truly was my best friend when I was in my twenties and thirties. I suppose my ex should have been, but Bear was much more faithful and fun to be with...go Here's my story about Bear.
  Researchers have long tested and proven that animals are more "in tune" and able to experience psychic phenomenon that humans either don't want admit to or can't see or hear occurrences from the paranormal realm. I have experienced this first hand with my dog, Bear, on one of our daily walks around our hometown lake I lived near.
  In our hometown, Longview, WA (Yes, the same town I believe Green Day wrote their song about, or so I am told) we have a beautiful lake. It's called Lake Sacajewea named after Lewis and Clark's famous Indian guide. It has bike and walking paths along with Trout and Bass which grow fairly large. It's been called Longview's greatest asset, and I believe it.
  Bear loved to walk the lake every day with me. It got us both our daily exercise and allowed us escape from the dreaded problems of everyday life, not to mention escape from the
  Along the walking paths, the town installed Memorial Benches town's people could purchase in memory of their dead loved ones to keep their memories alive. One day while Bear and I were walking the path, he stopped at one of these benches and started barking furiously at what I saw as just an empty bench. No matter how hard I pulled, I could not drag him away from this bench. I read the name of the person memorialized and wondered if it was them sitting there where only Bear could see them. I have to admit, I also wondered if Bear had lost it and was getting embarrassed by his actions. The more I tried to pull him away the harder he tugged on his leash and lunged at the bench. Apparently, he didn't like what he saw.
  Finally, I was able to drag him far enough away from said bench to make him forget about what he was so upset with, and we continued our walk.
  On our return trip, I was sure he'd make a scene again and dreaded passing the bench again. When we got to it, he walked by it without any interest in it this time whatsoever. Who or whatever had been there previously in his eyes and mind had disappeared to only God know where. We passed that bench daily before and after this occurrence with only that one time being any different from any other day. I'll never forget it. To Bear, that bench was occupied, I have no doubt about it. It was strange watching him get so upset at what appeared to me to be just an empty bench.
  Bear's dead himself now, but every so often I still walk the lake when I'm able. I still shudder when I pass that particular bench. Only Bear knows what he saw that day. I miss him terribly. He was an awesome companion and friend. I have never gotten another dog like him and probably never will. He was one of a kind.
  I have one more story about the house my mother's parents owned and an experience with my son when he was two and my Grandfather shortly after he passed away. I will write it, but should talk to my mother first out of respect to her and my aunts and uncles. It scared me the most I have ever been spooked. Not a good feeling. I hope to write it soon.

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