Apple Valley Private Residence

By:  personal experience

Hi there -
I think I may have contacted you a year or more ago about this but I left the job that I was sending emails from and we would not have had any contact beyond a couple of quick emails.
We lived  in Apple Valley from 1977 - 1981 or 82 (actually think it was early 82... )   It was several years of terror for me.  I saw things, heard things (outloud), things moved, I was pinched and my sister had an "imaginary friend" who talked to her.  My mom didn't really believe me but to tell you how uncomfortable it was for me.... I spent the better part of 5th and 6th grade sleeping outside of the house in a sleeping bag. 
If I remember correctly, when we moved in the house had been empty for some time.  I remember being told it had been a model home at one time that eventually turned into a rental.  If I remember correctly a single father of a tween girl bought the house from us.  It's hearsay but I heard they abandoned it a few months later.  I've often wondered if the things that terrified me had found someone "new" to terrify.  I'd love to verify this but I live over half a continent away now. 
My step father dropped by a few years back and said that the house was empty, the front door was wide open, the picture window in the front was broken and that the wallpaper my mom had so carefully put on the walls was peeling off.  He said it looked really quite sad. 
At any rate, please feel free to drop me any questions you might have and I'll do my best to recollect.  I think there are lots of things I have conveniently "forgotten".  ;-)

Dad's Voice


My father died in 1999,  I was going to the cemetery to put some flowers on his grave a few weeks afterward when I thought I saw movement in the backseat of the car. (this was my father's blue l985 Marquis).  Then I heard a voice say "take care of my girl".  It sounded like my father's voice, but I thought I was imagining it.  I went to my mother's home afterward and told her of my experience.  She said Dad always called her "my girl".  This was the first time I learned of this......

Fear of Sleeping


My names Jodi im 20 yrs old from Australia and have been reading the stories on your site for years and thought, what the heck ill right in one of my own. This isn’t that much of a scary story, it just freaked me out a bit.
This happened back when I was 17, I was dating this guy, we will call him steve, anywho one night me, steve my sister and one of his mates all went out on a double date. It was about 11 when we ended back at steves house, me and my sister decided to bunk down there for the night as I was to tired to drive home. I was the first to turn in as I had to work the next day, the boys and my sister decided to stay out on the back patio for a while. I was in steves room and I must have dozed off, when all of a sudden I woke up but I couldn’t I couldn’t open my eyes, I tried to  open my mouth, but I couldn’t! At this point I was literally crapping myself! I didn’t know what to do so I started to panic. Then all of a sudden I started feeling really sick, then had a mental picture of a man in the door way. I knew at that point that this thing was not nice. I kept saying over and over in my head “dear god please make it go away” a minute or so passed and the sickness started to go away, I was able to open my eyes and move again. In a split second I made a run for the back door, told my sister we were going and had never been back to that house since. I may have just had a bad dream but I am almost certain that it was real. I told my sister what had happened on the way home and she told me that she that she had and eerie feeling the second that she walked into that house.

My Childhood Story


My name is Virginia Ernst and I am now 20 years old and live in Freedom, Indiana. I grew up on the Southside of Indianapolis. I mostly lived with my Grandmother throughout the first 5 years of my life. But I always lived not too far away from her. My Grandmother house was originally built as a Saloon. I don't know what year it was built in, but my guess would have to say close to or about the mid 1900's.
I'll start off by telling the story as to why I think her house was haunted. One night, while the house was still a Saloon, two men had gotten into an argument upstairs over a woman. The outcome of the argument was one man was murdered. We strongly believe that his spirit had never left that house and that his murderer was a red head. I will get to as why I think that later.
My first personal experience happened when I was about 9 years old. My younger cousin and I were going into the basement to finish a project that we were painting. As we got half way down the stairs we both saw something that appeared to be a man back about 50 years ago by the way he was dressed. We stood still and back up about two stairs and watched to see if it was a burgular or if it was actually a ghost. The next thing we saw was a neuce hanging from one of the beams in the ceiling and a chair underneath it. The man stepped up onto the chair and put the neuce around his neck. When he kicked the chair out from underneath him he disappeared into thin air. Needless to say, my cousin and I never went into the basement alone again.
My Grandmother had several experiences in this house. She had a little dog that loved to play with rubber bouncy balls. She was walking past the basement door one day to go into the kitchen and she heard something being dropped down the basement stairs. She opened the door to find a little boy boucing a little blue rubber ball down the stairs. The young boy looked back at her and he disappeared. She went to the bottom of the stairs to retrieve the ball and put it in the cabinet. The next day she heard something else being dropped down the stairs but this time it was a more solid sound. She looked in the cabinet and noticed that the blue ball was gone. Not thinking much of it since she had several young grandchildren, she opened the door again to find the same little boy, but only this time bouncing a marble down the stairs. Again, the little boy looked back and her and disappeared.
My Grandfather had passed away in this home sometime in 1997. He died in his and my Grandmother's bedroom. When my Grandmother came home from the hospital she had went upstairs one night to go to sleep. She always slept on the right side of the bed (if you look at it from the foot of the bed). She had rolled her head over to the side that my Grandfather would sleep on and she saw an indention in the pillow. It was an indent of a head as if someone was laying next to her, but there was no one there.
The man that had been killed in the fight when the house was still a Saloon, us grandchildren started calling him "Turk". I don't know why, but it just seemed to fit. But this is why I believe that he murderer was a red head.
When my mother and aunt were teenagers they would always sneek into the bathroom to smoke. On several occasions they couldn't get the bathroom door open. My mother and aunt are both red heads. On several occasions also, when one of them would go to the bathroom they would get locked in, and there was not a lock on the outside of the door.
One incident was when two of my older female cousins and my older brother went up to the attic to get something for our Grandma. As they were all making their way down the stairs my brother was the last in line. My brother is a red head (he was the only true red head out of the 3 of them). As he was coming down the stairs he felt something grab him from his wrist, forbidding him to go any further down the stairs. My cousin that was in front of him turned back to see what was going on and all she saw was my brother leaning in mid air with his right arm being held by something that wasn't there. My cousin tried to pull him free, but to no avail. Fianlly, he was released and they never went into the attic again.
Now, after my Grandmother passed away in 1999 the house went up for sale. Well, it had three different buyers and they all just left it. So, in late 2001 the city decided to tear it down. The house is no longer there, but two of my older cousins and my aunt live right across the street from where the house used to be. We believe that Turk may have traveled over to their house. Because after Grandma's house was tore down we started hearing heavy footsteps walking across the hall upstairs and up and down the stairs late at night. And no one goes upstairs. At this point, the upstairs was still blocked off.

The Ghosts's of Sumner St.


Let me fill you in with a little bit of detail before I start.
Sumner street has alot of death young and old.
Most of them death were gang related killings and murder.
I grew up here watching people die in front of my house.
As years passed by and fifteen years later strange encounters started to happened.
It was like these souls had no where to go but into our house.
My room is on the first floor and one summer very warm outside early morning my windows I always sleep with it opened. I woke up to seeing mist floating in-mid room.
I stared at it for five minutes and notice it started receeding so I tried to touch it and a face apeared before it vanished out the window. After that day strange things started happening Like my electricity went out so I had to go into the basement to turn on thru the breakers ,when I notice the mist reapeared in the basement I ignored it but as I turned around and started for the stair I woman figure appeared and it was a full body aparation she had on a dress like what you see in those beethoven like movies she was young and what the hell was she doing here it dont make sense.Since that encounter I do not go into the basement again I have notice something weird to I was sleeping one night I felt crushed and then I awoke but I couldn't move I knew i was awake I struggled so hard and you even know your trying but your bodie doesn't move until you finnally broke loose of what ever it was holding you against your will. I ask myself til this day could it be like when one spirits leaves another one enters. In CAMBODIA the word for that is pronounce as G-AO-P meaning one for one soul for soul it needs one to give one for eternity.

Interesting Story


My best friend told me this story not too long ago. I get chills thinking about it. She is 21 years old and has lived in this house her whole life. This house is small, and quite odd. Its windows are very long and they almost reach the floor. They are crank-windows so you can tell that the house is some what old. She said when she was very young the windows used to scare her because they were so big and open. In the middle of the night she would crawl in bed with her parents and before drifting off to sleep she would constantly see three men outside of her parents window. She said there was a short, a middle and a tall one. They were dressed in black and had blurry-white faces. She said the thing that used to scare her the most is that the tallest one had a very large top-hat on. This was on going and eventually she had gotten used to seeing them. She never said anything to anyone. Still remembering it as she grew up, she put it off as a child's wild imagination. Recently, her!
! and her family were gathered in the living room doing "remember when.." conversations and she had brought her childhood story up. Everyone laughed except for her older sister who said "What?! I used to see three men in the hallway outside of mom's room. I could never see exactly what they looked like but I remember they wore black and the thing that always scared me the most about them is that the tallest man always had on a top-hat."

Private residence Haunting in Oregon


My name is Kaniele and I wanted to mention another place in Eugene, OR that is haunted.
I was staying with my cousin (almost 6 years ago now) at her apartment in downtown Eugene. I was with her when she decided to rent the place and having seen it prior to her moving in there was something decidedly "creepy" about the closet in her bedroom. 
I helped her move in and met the neighbors downstairs who said they had also noticed something "weird" about the stairs that led to the second floor (the stairs were interior and led to my cousin's apartment, they also backed my cousin's closet. This was a converted single family home prior to the owners deciding to rent.)
She (my cousin) moved in without incident but also has a thing about being in denial with "other-worldly" presences. I returned to my home a day after she moved in but went back to see her again the next weekend.
She worked the 9-5 shift at a health-food store so I was left by myself for the day and being that I'm more of a night person I never heard her leave. I was sharing her bedroom and the closet was on her side of the bed.
I got up sometime around 11 am and as I was doing my morning yawn and stretch I distinctly heard someone say my name from somewhere around two inches from my ear! I could feel breath on my neck! To say the least it scared the bloody hell out of me. I thought though that it might be one of the people from downstairs because we had all made fast friends by this point.
I went down said "Good morning" to everyone and asked who had played the prank on me. They adamantly denied doing anything and when this happend to me four of the five people living down there were at work at the time. The fifth person (who was home at the time) was a woman and the voice I heard was definitely male.
I don't know what haunts this home but I don't think it was an unfriendly spirit. I think it wasn't too happy about not being properly introduced really, and I never heard it again.
 I've lived in haunted homes for most of my life (being from New England really increases your odds on that) and I've always had a sixth sense about these things but being that I was so new in Oregon at the time it was quite hair-raising!
Thought I'd send this along to give Eugene more ghostly facts.

Another Personal Story


Hi - I've visited your site off and on for a couple of years, but I had not read any of the stories until today.
I work at a housing complex in southeastern Louisiana. It's HUD-operated low-income housing, and the site is about thirty-five years old. Some residents tell me it was built on part of a pasture and part of a cemetary, and in fact there's a large, unused area of grass and scrub trees called the Horse Pasture. I've been unable to verify the cemetary part, which they may be telling me because they know I like creepy stuff. ;)
Anyway, I started suspecting the main office here is haunted about a year ago. Over the years it has hosted schools, dances, provided space for Administration and Maintenance, and this is where the residents can come to pay their rent or to report any problems. We also host things like Bible study and various arts and crafts groups. Because we have residents who come by, sometimes to conduct lengthy business, we have childrens' books and a few toys in the lobby.
Much of what goes on I have put down to the electrical system being older than me and just ... wonky. We started joking that the building was haunted, but it seems to be more truth than joke. Doors will open and close by themselves, there is a coffee maker that needs to be unplugged at night because it turns itself off and on, and occasionally we'll hear things like children laughing or people speaking in whispers. I am setting about conducting a formal investigation of the haunting after what happened Friday.
My office has a window that looks out into the lobby and out the front window. There's a small table where we always put the toys when they get scattered around. One of them is this thing ... I don't know how to describe it, but it's a big plastic caterpillar covered with large buttons and knobs that light up and make different sounds when you push or turn them. Since it's right next to my window, I'm used to hearing it when the kids are playing with it. I hadn't heard anyone come in the front door, but I heard the caterpillar go off. It was quiet for a few minutes, then played some more sounds. I went to my window to see who was out there, but there was no one I could see. I blew it off until I was looking right at the toy and it began to make noise by itself.
Thinking it was just faulty, I looked for a switch and I thought I'd turned it off. Until it started making noise again. It did this at random times for over an hour, including right before we locked up for the night, when a co-worker and I were both watching.
I have also been in the building late at night and heard printers that we'd turned off start up and run blank paper. Disconnected lines on the multi-line phones will light up and ring, and our printing calculators will advance paper without being touched. Some of this may be faulty wiring or other non-ghost occurences, but we've come to the conclusion that the place is haunted. If you want, I will keep you posted about what I find. Tonight I am trying an EVP method I've had some success with - leaving a DVR on automatic and leaving it overnight in an empty room.

Che Cosa


This is John, the owner of Che Cosa.  I have heard from many people about us
being listed on your website.  I just checked it out, but realize you do not
have all the full stories about things that have happened at Che Cosa.
For years, my employees have told me about things that have happened to them
at work.  Someone tapping them on the shoulder in the basement, people calling out their name, hearing noises etc, when no one has been around. 
I've never witnessed anything until recently
I was down in the basement one night after closing.  I kept hearing footsteps coming from above in the coffeehouse.  Very distinct footsteps walking through the coffeehouse.  I would go upstairs and no on would be there.
The next day, I was standing behind the counter talking to customers and telling them about what happened the night before.  I was joking saying if there really was a ghost, I wish he would make himeself known to be just so I would know.
About a minute later, all of the cookies and stuff in our display case came crashing down.  I was standing right there and customers saw it.  We thought the gladd shelf had dropped.  When I opened the case, saw all the plates from the 2 shelves on the bottom of the case, with all the cookies, muffins and stuff also on the bottom.  One thing, the shelves did not fall.
They were perfectly intact.  It was like someone pushed everything off the 2
shelves.  Like I said, I was standing there when everything fell so I know nobody did it.
Thought you might like that story.  I don't know if you are the guys that came to my coffeehouse a few years back, but if you guys would like to check
out the place, would love to have you.  We are planning stuff for our 10 year anniversary in October, would be great if you could come by and see what's going on.

Childhood Experience


Hi Dave, I want to share a couple events that happened to me when I was around 7 years old.  About 1 year prior to my family getting ready to move from our apartment to a house, one night I woke up in the middle of the night to find my bedroom light on  and it was always "lights out" growing up.  I sat up and looked over at the lamp on my dresser and I had a statue of Jesus that also was on the top of the dresser, the statue started to move forward & side to side.  I was so overwhelmed with fear I couldn't scream until it got to the 
very edge of the dresser and finally the words "MOM" came out.   My 
mother came running in my bedroom and I told her the statue was moving and I woke to my bedroom light on.  My mother took the statue and the next day when I brought it up, my mother said it never happened and she didn't know what I was talking about, even to this day, 33 years later, she denies it never happened.
After we moved into the house (I was 8 then) strange things started happening to me there.  At bedtime I would hear numerous voices chanting (talking over each other) to the point I would have to put a pillow over my head to get to sleep from all the noise.  Sometimes I would wake my mom up and tell her & the next day when I would bring it up how I couldn't get to sleep, she would deny it ever happened and say I never woke her up.  Also, in the my room of the new house, I was able to turn my head upside down and when I would lift my head up, my room was rearranged totally different.  I would invite some 
friends over to show them but they weren't able to see "it".  
Needless to say, I stopped talking about it to prevent people from thinking I was nuts.  Does it sound crazy??

Father's Presence?


Since I was very young, I've seen or experienced quite a bit of "Ghost" activity.However, since I figured that I was probably "nuts", I kept what I saw to myself.
However, on Valentine's Day 2000, my father passed away in a hospital in Hayward,Ca. He was 60 years old.
The first week after his passing, I felt his presence at his house, where he and my mother,now passed, lived at for over 30 years.
On one incident, I was sitting at a computer in their living room, when I felt a cool breeze blow by me, the computer froze, and from across the room, a tall stereo speaker dumbed over. The speaker had been in the same spot for nearly 10 years and the computer wouldn't shut down or respond in any way.
The next incident was, their door bell ringing, with no one outside after opening it.Same day a minute later, my fathers framed picture flew off of the television set or wall ,somewhere, I never did know and landed face up on the floor. He was there in  that room,I could feel his presence.
Anyway, I also heard the jingling of car keys and smelt  cigarette smoke in the garage. After two weeks or so, the activity seemed to drop off and I began to see him in dreams only. I remember seeing him in a coffin full of clear water , where his coffin lay flanked by lit torches in a chapel with no walls and no mourners, just me. He lay staring up at me through the water. I reached in and sat him up. He then stood before me, dry, and asked without his mouth moving, "Where's your momma"? There's more to that dream and other's would follow.
Is there anything to: pennies? Though I was the only one in my family to have experienced what I did, my mother ,who became ill soon after my father passed,mentioned that she kept finding pennies in her bed and in her shoes. I did as well.
Today, the house which they lived in for so long, is no longer in our family. I sometimes wonder if my father came back there after we had moved our mother out. If he came back to his empty house looking for my mother.
On the anniversary of his passing, February 14th of this year, our dishes in the strainer shook, in fact, it woke up my wife and she had me go into the kitchen to take a look. Since, it had already happened earlier that same evening , it came as no real surprise. Nor, did her fork being picked up and dropped over and over again on dinner plate, while she talked on the phone in an other room. I watched this happen . One night only , and then never again. My Father had never been to our house, but, my mother had and since she passed away June 2006, I guess she brought him over for a visit?
One last thing, Earlier on the night that my mother passed,as she lay on a hospital bed, knocked out on morphine, I whispered in her ear for her to: "go be with dad", "go be him, now", "no more pain and sorrow". Within a few hours, she left to go be with my father. She had a combination of health issues, one was Parkinson's disease. She fought a good fight, as did my father against Cancer.His last words were to me: " take care of your momma", "if I can't count on you, who then, can I count on", " I can't be here anymore".I remember his voice, I guess , I always will. I know that they are together, or hope anyway.

Great Aunt Vornie


Okay, I have two, both fairly short.
The first one is about the house my dad lived in as a kid; located in Parkman, Maine. It was a huge mansion, built in the late 1800's, complete with horse stables as that was the only form of transportation then. It was used as a Town Hall, my Great Aunt Vornie was the town clerk. It was the first place in town to have an indoor toilet, they were fairly well off for the time period. Anyway, Aunt Vornie was shopping one day and found a clock she liked. It was the kind that chimed every hour, but it wasn't large, just a small one that she sent on top of the mantel in her bedroom, this clock had to be wound every 12 hours for it to work. Eventually, Vornie got very sick and every morning my dad and my grandfather would go downstairs to check on her expecting to find the worst. It wasn't until one night around 3:00 AM that the family dog just out and out howled, blood curdling creepy as hell, howled. They were sure she was gone when they heard this, when they went down to check on her, she was gone. The creepy thing was the clock on the mantel had stopped at the exact time that the dog had howled. For months after Vornie died that clock would chime at the time that Vornie had died, no one ever wound it up to make it work after Vornie died. To this day my dad refuses to buy anything that chimes. The house eventually burned to the ground because a couple of kids had been playing with matches. After the fire had been put out, my dad and my grandma were sifting through the ashes looking for anything they could save. The only thing they found was a bible, it didn't even have burnt edges, it was completely untouched by the fire.
The other story I have is about my grandpa on my dad's side. He died from lung cancer in the late 70's. My grandma says that one day she was walking from her bedroom to the kitchen and right there in the hallway, she stopped and whatever was standing there wasn't letting her by. After a couple of seconds she realized it was grandpa and he was just saying hi. Eventually, the prescence faded and she was able to walk through. She says he didn't scare her, but I'm glad he hasn't shown himself to me. Sorry this was longer than I thought, hope it's not too boring!

Remus, Michigan


Our house is 107 years old and there have been sightings and noises since the early 1950’s.
There is a young girl about age 5 to 7, a young man and an older man as far as we know.  The grand daughter when she was about 3 ask me “what’s his name” and pointed into room behind me.  I said I don’t know ask him.  She then became shy and left the room.  She obviously seen someone or something  too young to have been coached.  The husband ask me what the youngest daughter was doing upstairs.  She wasn’t even home at the time.  But he saw a girl run across the header at the top of the stairs.  He tried his level best to find an explanation for what he saw because he wasn’t a believer in spirits.  I believe he saw the young girl he never did find a reason.

New Home with Previous Owner


After an exhausting few years of searching, I found an older home with all the criteria that we'd been searching for. With only one owner before us, the elderly woman was selling her home to live with her son, leaving behind a home filled with memories of a life well-lived. Her children had married and moved on and her husband had died twenty years ago. As she waited on the back deck, my husband and I walked through her home. While a lot of updating was needed, the house was sturdy and well cared for. I felt at home here and we bought it.
The first night in our home my daughter woke us up in the middle of the night to say that there was a man in her room-we were there in seconds and saw nothing. He was described as a man with a checkered shirt and long blonde hair and my daughter said he was looking at the things on her dresser.
For the next few weeks, the smoke alarm between our rooms would wake us up in the middle of the night. Upon our first inspection, we could see it had no batteries in it.
The most unnerving part of this ordeal was when the alarm wasn't going off, I was awakened out of a dead sleep by a man screaming at the top of his lungs. It was a long, drawn out "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and it was a scream filled with rage and frustration. The worst part was that as I looked over, my husband was steadily snoring away. While he heard the alarm, he never heard the screaming. I was terrified.
I did a little detective work and came to my own conclusion. A girl that I worked with had, years before, worked with these people in the resorts. (We are a large honeymoon resort area) The gentleman who owned the house was an entertainment director and had blonde hair that he wore on the long side, as a lot of musician's do. I do believe that he was who my daughter saw that night. I also believe that he remained in this house after death, unable to leave his wife. I think that when she left, he was confused and disoriented...angry at this sudden change.
I was doing laundry in the basement and I walked through the odor of a cigarette being smoked. I knew that it was him and I knew I had to handle it somehow. I explained to him where his wife went and why-that she was with their son.  I told him exactly where she was and how to get there. Only a town away. I told him that he couldn't scare my daughter. I designated our rocker in the living room as his. (We never sit in it. I just dust it.)   I told him that he was welcome to stay but he had to behave. And I told him that it was OK to move on and wait for Fonnie.
We had some unexplained occurrences after wards, but the screaming ended as did the smoke alarm and sightings.
If this didn't happen to me, I would have been very skeptical. I listed the occurrences as they happened and thought that I was going to have to seek help. My coworker assured me that he was a great guy in life and I do hope that he is at peace. Sometimes I do still have the feeling that he is here, but I feel as though he's looking over us rather than hating that we're here. I recently found out that his wife has cancer and she's in her 80's. I wish her the best but I think that they will definitely be together again. It's amazing how much energy there is in the power of love.
I felt like I had to tell this story somewhere to preserve it...thanks for the opportunity to share my experience...

Ghost in Old Log Cabin

South of Columbia, KY sits an old log cabin, built in 1815, overlooking a wide creek.  It was built on a KY Land Grant of many acres, and stayed in the family until the 1990s.  The cabin has the original mantel on the large stone fireplace, and the antique clock which sat there in the 'old' days is once again sitting on it, although not ticking.  The room is as it was when it was built, with only damaged floor boards and broken windows replaced.  The old logs are exposed, and the beamed, board ceiling intact.
On a quiet night, when the creeks is not running so high that it drowns out faint sounds, you can hear the sound of a rocking chair moving back and forth, as though someone was sitting and rocking next to the fireplace.  It is not a frightening or disturbing sound, but relaxing and comforting.  After telling one of the original family members about the experience, I was told that his great-grandfather sat every night by the fireplace, and rocked until he was ready to go to bed.  Apparently, he still does.  This is a contented ghost.

Peter; Guardian Angel


When my grandmother returned from Missouri, she had quite an interesting story to tell the family. When taking a stroll thru the park, she noticed a man eating peanuts, throwing the shells on the ground and he was wearing a trench coat and a brimmed hat, so no one could see his eyes.
Later on, she had lost her purse so she told the city lost and found if they had it. They didn’t have it so she returned to the stores she had been at. Later she came back to the Lost & Found, fortunately someone had just turned it in, she asked what the person had looked like and they said he was wearing a trench coat and a brimmed hat.
She then returned to the park to thank the man, but he was gone and so were the peanut shells.
Could this be my uncle Peter, who ate peanuts all the time, and passed away two years before the incident?????



I am bored at work on the graveyard shift and I got to reading some of the horror stories on you website. I have one I would like to share.
It happend like 7 years ago or so (I think I was 14 or 15). Anyway, I lived in Maryland and we would go on camping trips with family and friends. We went out to the C&O canal trail in Sharpsburg. What happend one night was this. I was camping with friends at the same spot that we have for years. At our campsite there was a cement block in the ground with two metal things sticking up like a crank or something. I never knew what it was nor did I care two much. There was like 6 or 7 of us camping that night, I was sharing a tent with my friend Sara, the "guys" were in a tent of their own, and another slept solo in his own tent. I was just falling asleep when I heard a shriek like an owl getting attacked or something. It was very low and far away, so I paid no attention and went back to sleep. The shrieking started to get louder and louder, closer and closer, I was scared so I woke up Sara and had her listen she heard it too. At this point I could tell it was definately a woman screaming. We were 3 miles from the nearest campsite so I knew no one was around. Sara and I started hollering for the guys and soon as one said "what?" the screaming stopped. We ran to their tent and stayed there the rest of the night.
     The next day we explained what had happend the night before and everyone said they didnt hear anything except our screams for them. Creepy, but thats not it. When we awoke the guy that was sleeping in his own tent woke up to his tent completely flipped upside down like a strong wind blew it over but he was still in it and I dont remember it ever getting that windy in Maryland. We went caving that day after "the night", and we were walking down the trail to get to the caves. I was a few yards in front of everyone and I saw a woman coming towards us. Given there is only one trail and no way to veer off unless youre going into the woods. She was dressed in a long black dress that looked like she was from a ;pmg time ago with long hair that was so white it looked like it was silver. I said hello to her, she smiled and said hello back and we continued in opposite directions. When the rest of my group caught up I asked them if they saw that lady, they said they didnt see anyone and that I was going crazy. I shrugged and we went into the caves. When came out, one of the guys was crawling out and saw a shadow like someone was trying to come in. There is only one way out or in this cave. He said "excuse me", shadow didnt move. He said it again and still the shadow didnt move. He continued on and we crawled right through this "person" trying to come in. We left that day and I hadnt returned.
     I did some research on that area and apparently there was a hermit that lived out there by herself, when people started coming to that area, kids started to disappear out of the villages. When they returned they were pale as a ghost and the first person they saw the kids dropped dead. Literally scared to death. The blamed the hermit and accused her of withcraft. The caught her and chopped her up into pieces and put each piece of her body in cement, covered it up, and put the next piece in, so she couldnt pull herself together. They then buried the cement block containing her pieces in the ground where the campsite we stayed in. I guess thats what that cement thing was that I mentioned earlier.
     I did go back there a few years later(I was 18 or 19 now) to try my go at camping again. The cement block was completely gone, Im guessing it scared too many people. The first night I went back, I was lying in my tent with my boyfriend at the time and went into panic attacks, hyperventilating and everything. We left in middle of the night and I refuse to ever go back again.
*This is a free campsite that is open to the public, if anyone would like to explore it themselves, it is at Snyder's Landing on the C&O Canal in Sharpsburg,MD across the Potomac from Shepardstown, WV.*

Walter's Grove

By: Anonymous

I live next to a big park known as Walter's Grove. About 20 years ago, it was a lake, and many houses (including mine) were built in a circle all around it. There were even little private docks. But, the city drained the water out and turned it into a park, and they tore down all the docks. So now everyone thinks of the park as a little valley ( it's about 9 acres, I think? ) and all the houses around it are on "hills". There is one hill, known as Dead Man's Hill, and they call it that because there were a lot of accidents on that hill, back when the lake was around, it was actually a hill, and no one lived on it, there was just this patch of forest on it. People always slipped while hiking and came crashing down into the water, or a tree-branch would collapse and knock someone, who was passing by on a boat, out. I suppose there must have been deaths, but they say a very, very old cemetery is still there. My neighbors say that it's probably covered with thickets and thick trees that have grown over it. But many of my friends have seen strange, zombie like men walking around in there, people disappearing, and actual boats half-buried into the side with blood-stains, and when they came back later to check on it, it was gone. Since I live pretty close to it, I've also had some experiences. The hill always looks creepiest in Fall for some reason, the wind blowing wildy and it being so dark and eerie. There were a couple times when I was raking the leaves, I thought I saw someone, but when I looked up, no one was there. Walter's Grove is a perfect oval, but there's a small lagoon. I live on one side, and Dead Man's Hill is on the other. Between us, there is a small trail that leads to the park. Lots of people go into the lagoon part, and they pass up my house and Dead Man's trail. The very end of the lagoon is just a dump, where people litter and smoke. My brother and his friends always play there, making "booby traps" and such. One time, while they were playing, a pale woman with dark hair, sunglasses, and a red bandana ( she looked like one of those foreign Russian women ) came up and asked them "Wasn't there a lake here?" and my brother and his friends said "Yes." The woman said "Oh, because there used to be a lake here when I was a little girl" and this didn't bother them at all, because the lake was around only about 20 years ago, so it was understood. But the weird part was, when my brother and his friends turned to play football, one of them noticed the lady had just disappeared. It's a dump, and not many people can just climb over all that rubble so quickly and head on to the trail. But they thought nothing of it, being 10 year olds, so they kept playing.
My youngest brother, who was 6 at the time, also liked to play in that dump. He especially likes this one tree. It's very large, but in the center, it's broken, and the top part of the trunk is hanging over the edge. My little brother likes to climb on there and swing his legs, even though everyone tell him that the entire trunk might fall, since it's leaning on another tree. Everyone thinks that this tree broke in the middle of a storm. My little brother told me that he sometimes sees this little black-haired girl wearing a blue dress sits there too, only her head is bloody and she doesn't speak. He said that once, when he tried to climb up to sit next to her, she glared at him, and disappeared. When he sat down on it, it started to shake violently he nearly fell off. He jumped off it, and ran away.
I'm not a ghost expert, but I think maybe that girl probably died there, climbing the tree during the storm. Maybe she fell off when the tree snapped in two? I wasn't sure. But I thought it interesting how she and that other older woman (the one my other 10 yr old brother saw) both had black hair, both hung around that lagoon area, both liked to disappear, and didn't the older woman say she had lived here when she was little? On the other hand, the older woman had said there was a lake when she was little, so therefore she couldn't have climbed a tree in the middle of a storm and died. Also, no one has ever seen her since that one time in the dump, and yet the little black-haired girl is still there, sometimes. I've never seen her.
But only a few months ago, Walter's Grove received another little makeover. Half of Dead Man's Hill's massive forest was cut down, and houses are being built there. There is still a patch of woods near the steep side of the hill, where the most accidents were. But the cemetery? One of the workers uncovered a little gravestone, but they all left it, that's why the patch of remaining woods is bigger than it would be. Because it's "too steep for someone's backyard" and also because of the hidden cemetery. And as for the lagoon-junkyard, I hear there are plans to clean it out, remove everything, and it will be soon another addition to the park.
In conclusion, I'm not positive there are ghosts on Dead Man's Hill. There is definitely something creepy about it, but only about 4 or 5 of my neighbors had lived there while the lake was still there. Most of my neighbors never knew it had once been a lake. xD
It could be made-up, but I've seen strange things in the woods myself. I once came across a deer that was dead. No bullets or anything was in it, it was just laying there in a sleeping position, its eyes wide open and its tongue dangling out. It was there for at least 3 days before someone took it away, but I wondered why it hadn't rotted, why bugs weren't attacking it, why it could have died like that. I'm not sure what ghosts had to do with it, but it was strange. Someone was running through thickets that were waay to thick even for me (I was small and skinny for my age, too). Some boys from my school lived there and heard the stories too, so they stuck up a big wooden cross as a joke. The cross is still there, by the existing patch of woods. I always look at it and think about Dead Man's Hill. It's haunted, and weird things happen all the time. There are lots of logical explanations, but somehow, people just KNOW it's really ghosts. Maybe it's the strange feeling of being watched that tells them. Whatever it is, I know that after about 5 minutes of standing there, you almost always feel like someone's watching you back.

River Community College


I was reading on your site about my much-loved Alma mater Indian River Community College in Ft. Pierce, Florida, and it's McAlpin theatre being haunted and your information is slightly wrong.
There are TWO spirits that haunt THE MCALPIN FINE ARTS CENTER. The first, and most common spirit, is that of LENNY. Lenny was a theatre lover and quite fond of his time working in the McAlpin while he was alive. Sadly, Lenny died of a heart attack in the theater. I studied theatre there as a student for two years and continued to act in the department's shows for a third year after that, so I have had a quite a few experiences with dear old Lenny. He's a legend with the students, teachers, and interns in the department, but also loved. When his presence is felt, most of us say "Hi, Lenny!"
During shows and rehearsals, Lenny can often be seen up in The President's Booth, Tech Booth, and Catwalk. He's been known to wave from up top to actors on the stage mid-show. While working in the costume shop his presence is felt more often than anywhere else. He's rather well-behaved and the most mischief he's caused is to change the station on the radio or cause static. Sometimes he'll move things on people, but if you speak to him, out loud, and say something along the lines of "Lenny, what did you do with my _______?" You'll most likely be guided right to it.
The second of the two spirits haunting the McAlpin is not very nice. This is the blueish looking man that can be seen in the doorway of a broom closet off stage left. This spirit brings a dangerous, even malicious energy and has been seen motioning for whoever sees him to come toward him and the broom closet. While waiting for your entrance on stage left, you may feel VERY uneasy and even frightened. During a photocall (post show) one night, the lights went down for a moment and I ran, head-on into this spirit. I was asking "who is this? who is this?" thinking it was another actor. after no reply, I step back, never taking my eyes off the figure and as the lights came up, it disappeared. I WAS SO FREAKED OUT!
hopefully this information will help. i enjoy your site! keep up the good work!

Haunted Places - Personal Story
Albuquerque, NM 

We bought this house in 1993.  There were numerous large scratches on the door frames, from the previous owner's large dog. 
Everything was fine until we started to put in a pool a few years later.  After the first day of digging, a large black or brown dog was visible from the corner of your eye.  It would follow my son whenever he was home.  Whenever I was home alone, it would follow me.
We finally filled in the excavation, topped it with a sand-filled frame, and put the pool on top of that.
After a Doggy Funeral, the haunting stopped. 

Dark Shadow


Hello, my name is Catherine and here is my story,,it's short but I still think about it ever so often,,,
I had gone to visit a aunt Linda in Vancouver B.C. with another aunt Joan, we were there just to visit and hang out. I was comfortable for the most part and aunt Linda was happy to see us, that was nice, I never met her before and I found that we got along very well, talking and kidding around like old friends,,,well one night just as we were putting the silver were down for our early dinner, we were talking and going on and joking then just as we were putting down our plates and forks we both stopped at the same time and looked in the same direction of the foot of the stairs, and we saw something, I saw a tall dark slender figure and it seemed that it was startled by us noticing it and leaped up the stairs, I only heard one foot fall as it went up! I looked at aunt Linda and we both asked each other,"Did you see that?", and wide eyed and knowing nothing else to do we went on to placing the dinnerware in silence,,,to which both aunt Joan and uncle Don asked from the kitchen, if we were okay, cuz at first we were jabbering up a storm and the next there was only silence. We said that we were fine. The dinner went without anymore disturbances, but I could tell that aunt Linda was listening to the upstairs just as I was, I kept looking in the direction of the foot of the stairs and kept finding nothing there, it was strange that aunt Linda and I would feel it at the same time and automatically, simultaneously look at the same time at the same spot! I didn't feel anything or see anything the rest of my visit to aunt Linda's and uncle Don's house after that. That was the nice part.....I don't remember if I told aunt Joan or not but the rest still sticks in my mind that something was there watching us. I get that feeling some of the time and try to keep my fears in check. That it wasn't there to hurt us just watching. Just watching.

Ghost sightings in New York and New Jersey


My name is Carreen   I live in New Jersey, but have always wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience of seeing a ghost sighting in the Woods of Sundown, New York.  I believe the area is also considered Elenville, NY.
Anyway, about 20 years ago, large groups of my friends used to go camping at Sundown, NY  on the Mountain.  Every Memorial Day and Labor Day for several years. I had gone this particlular time with a large number of friends and we had several campsites in the vicinity to gather at.   The campsite I had my tent at was empty, but we had our supplies, food and drinks stored at ours.  It was around 11:30 at night and about 50 of us were gathered at another campsite and I decided to make the short trip back to our campsite to get something from my tent.  We had a generator there so the whole place was lit up with party lights and I had no fear walking alone through the woods to the brightly lit campsite.  As I searched through my backpack my head was looking at the ground, but as I slowly looked up, not less than 10 feet away from me, where about 20 men in white shirts of and old time period gathered around wooden kegs.  I was startled and amazed at the site.  More shocked  and in awe.  I have been scared in my life before, but nothing could have prepared me for this site.  They were motionless, just starring at me!    I turned and ran into my tent.  I was scared and sick to my stomach.  I remember praying for protection. 
I didn't walk alone anywhere in the woods the rest of the weekend.  I tried to explain to my friends what I had seen the night before, but nobody seemed to take me seriously.  We were all teenagers and they all just seemed to laugh at me.  I didn't care.  I know what I saw and I have not told this story until now 20 years later in this email.
I have to admit, I also saw a ghost outside a graveyard in my teenage years before this sighting. I grew up in Menlo Park, NJ.  My girlfriends and I cut school that day  and  walk through the graveyard to get to our town.  It was broad daylight.  As we walked down the hill to the railroad there is a trellis.  As I looked at the trellis overlooking the parkway, I saw a man in a brown coat just sitting on the ledge of the trellis.  I was immediately concerned for the safety of this man.  Was he going to jump onto the parkway and kill himself?  What was he doing sitting on the outer edge?  We all ran over the the wall to see who was there and there was nobody there on the ledge.  A ghost?  I was quite shaken.
I didn't experience any other ghost sighting until I was 31.  My husband and I moved to our newly built house in Jackson, NJ.   We spent 6 years in that house and I can tell you it was haunted.  The first week we spent in the house we had just put our heads on the pillow when we heard crashing noises louder than anything I can ever explain.  Pounding, crashing sound coming from the laundery room on the ground floor.
We ran downstairs and nothing disturbed.  That began our 6 years of frequent hauntings in the house.  My husband heard voices downstairs, toys would go off frequently by themselves, a shadow figure was seen, I was even changing my son's diaper, when he pointed to the back of me and asked who was that behind me!!!  I was quite scared and just brushed it off and said,"Oh, there is nobody there", and immediately went downstairs.
I have had other experiences, but it's late and I'll write to you again when I get the chance.
Thanks for letting me share.  I know not everyone is a believer, but as far as I am concerned and my former non-believing husband, there is a spirit world and ghosts to exist.

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