Haunted House

By: earthwalker43@yahoo.com.au

I lived in this haunted house, In Geelong, Victoria from 1982 to1990. I saw the spirit of an old man often, he  told me his name was Joe, and he had built the house and died in it (in my room, yet!) he was a calm presence, and his being there never bothered me. he would often "joke" with me and slide a heavy vase from one side of the mantle to the other...usually if I was watching a scary movie!!  I grew up seeing and feeling the presence of those who have passed, so I wasn't frightened by him. He did, however scare my boyfriend, and on one occasion chased my friends "date" out.. it was warm summer evening, no breeze, nothing to give logical cause to the reaction when my friend brought this particular man in the house. the moment he entered the house the windows rattled, the door between the hall and the sitting room swung violently back and forth, the lights flashed on and off constantly. as soon as the man left, peace was restored.

My Ghost Stories

By: arbnjhd2004@yahoo.com

My first encounter with a ghost was when i was about 11 or so.  I was at my friends house sitting with her on the couch watching tv while her dad was making homemade chocolate ice cream.  My friend and i were sitting a couch cushion away from each other and her cat was in the middle.  The cat all of a sudden jumped up and ran like never before making this hissing noise.  After that my left side of my body got so cold and her right side got the same way.  When he entered the living room where we were he immediatley told us to get up as fast as we could and walk away.  He never would tell us what he saw but then again i am wiery to know.  Later on he had told us of a time when he was fixing the fences when he saw a black man in sunday dress leaning up against the tree ahead of him and the man just timped his hat, smilled and disapeared.
Another ecounter was right after my grandmother had past away.  My grandmother had gotten sick from a blood clot in her leg and had to be hospitalized.  None of us kids were alowed at the hopstial to see her and that is were she died.  After hearing the news my step brother and i were sitting outside in our backyard (my grandmother had a trailer in the backyard so my step father could take care of her) and looking at the window of her bedroom.  Then my step brother asked me if i saw her standing in the window and i just smiled and said yea.  My grandmother then waved and us and told us she loved us and left us just as fast as she had come.

Las Vegas Spirits

By: LINFRAROD@aol.com

Las Vegas, NV
The home we used to occupy had a ghost.  It was the original owner of the home.  He had many cats and when I purchased the home, it was full of cat pee so I had to re-do everything.
When I was alone, I could always hear a cat meow in the upstairs playroom fireplace.  I could never find the cat.  I would "feel" someone watching me all the time and was scared to be there alone at night.
Two of my children described the same man, who would sit at the end of my bed at night.  They would see him just sitting in the chair watching us sleep.
When we moved, I found a picture of the man who owned the house before I did.  My girls were shocked and both said at the same time, 'Mom!  That's our ghost!"
We were very glad to move away.  He didn't follow us.

My Many Stories

By: Anonymous

Well, about 14 years ago I left my partner, I was looking for somewhere out in the country so I could get away from people I knew ...so I rented a old converted Methodist chapel, no one had lived in it before and it was set in some lovely countryside, surrounded by hills, about 24 miles away from where I live now.
It took me a day to clean the place, as it had not long been converted into a living space, and there was lots of plaster dust and wood shavings everywhere, it was all open plan with the chapel windows at one side converted into arches - leading to a wonderful new conservatory which was the length of the chapel. I fell in love with it, as did everyone the first time they visited.
It also has a bit built on the back which was the toilet/bath/shower room. My bedroom was the gallery and a new gallery had been put on the side - which became my daughters bedroom and the vestry type of room by the door became my sons bedroom. The landlord had left the pulpit in and had used the benches & pews as sort of shelve seats around the walls.
Everyone who visited me thought I had won the pools - it was before the lottery. I loved it. The front door was oak and the original door of the chapel, the back door was by the bathroom and was an addition to the property. I did not believe in all that rubbish about ghosts and things........
Well to begin with when things started happening I thought maybe I was hearing things as I was very depressed ...within a month I thought I was having some sort of crazy breakdown. But I did not understand why I was O.K. at work ...I just heard things - strange noises - in the chapel - like men mumbling...and footsteps like a small child. I am worried about going on as people will all think I am crazy.
Well, as I said I kept hearing things and then things like the cooker clock kept pinging at strange hours, then I would go to bed and hear a child running down in the living area. These were regular occurrences.
I was on call some evenings and some days ( I worked for a help line and we took the calls in our homes, sometimes - redirected from the office) and I begun to realise these noises were happening mostly at either 3.00 am or 3.00 pm. I still thought I was going insane so I did not tell anyone. I kept sending the kids to visit their Father at weekends, as I was worried about my mental health.
Then the atmosphere changed and I felt there were people in there with me. I would get up in the morning and find my children's toys on the floor or the pots and pans on the floor, by now I was really frantic I did not know if I was doing it and if I should go to the doctor.
Nothing happened while friends stayed. I began to get seriously scared for my mental health. More and more was happening at weekends and I was frightened to go to sleep and when I did I thought my bed was shaking as if someone was trying to wake me up!!
Then I started inviting friends to stay just so I was not alone, I would make lovely meals and get a bottle of wine and invite people to stay over as once they had had a drink I knew they could not drive home.
I regularly invited people to stay at weekends.
One weekend while we were all sitting down to eat at 3.00pm ( there were 4 of us) we heard what sounded like a child running up the stairs, my friend David jumped up and said - “someone is in here” I was that used to hearing the noises, and I was strangely embarrassed, you would think I would be glad someone else could hear it. I made a feeble excuse. But he went on to search the house. After we had drunk a couple of bottles of wine I began to tell them about the noises. I did not tell them about the toys and stuff, and they all made fun and we all decided it was silly and we carried on having a drink, one of the other guys then began being silly in the pulpit and calling on imaginary ghosts - everyone was laughing including me, as by now they had me believing loneliness had led me to imagine allsorts
Then after lots of laughing we all decided to settle down for the night, as the chapel was open plan, nobody really got undressed and we had had a lot to drink, we were all laughing from the beds and settees and saying goodnight to each other - shouting things like good night John boy...goodnight Mary Ellen, and giggling and saying it all over again when the front door opened! It was made of oak and over 100 years old and was extremely heavy, even the wind could not have blown it open - Lee got up and closed it and we all began laughing again, after the initial fright, and we started the good night sleep tight John boy thing again and the back door opened - well this was a new door which was always stiff to open and close, in the extension and the smell of strawberries was incredibly strong. I had smelt this many times before in the chapel but thought it was bubble bath or something my daughter was using.
Lee got up again and asked if someone was playing tricks on us - but we were out in the country and the nearest neighbour was 10 minutes walk away - my landlord.
I said it probably was.
So we all got up to have a cup of coffee. It was just past three in the morning when the back door and front door started banging open and closed over and over again. It felt like forever but it was probably only about 6 times.
No one moved,
no one spoke.
When it stopped no one mentioned it, David just went out ( we found out later he went out to see if anyone was in the lane) we did not even question where he had gone and I just made more coffee for everyone.
We all sat there when David returned we began to talk about how late it was ( as if nothing had happened )- I cannot explain how surreal it was and then the lights began to flicker - I started mumbling about earth tremors ( as if we get lots of them in Wales! all my friends were from the Midlands) and power cuts, when the car started up outside - I am really not joking here - My friends all ran out and all the windows were open on the car and it was ticking over - with no key in the ignition. By now they were all convinced someone was playing silly tricks on us and David and Lee sat in the car until dawn to try and catch anyone, that might be out there.
Nothing else happened, so at breakfast we all laughed about how some country person had decided to give us a fright. (But the lads never visited me again) and everyone went home much much earlier than they had planned.
When they had all gone the phone kept pinging as if it was about to ring. So I really thought maybe some bad weather was on its way. Later in the afternoon I kept feeling like someone was watching me but I kept telling myself it was just my imagination.
More and more I was encouraging my friend Jane to stay over. I began to hate being alone. One afternoon while the children were still at school I was telling Jane about some of the strange things and a picture flew off the side - it made us jump and we laughed and put it back - it flew off again as it someone had pushed it. Again silence we did not say anything, then we heard scratching beneath the floor ( we found out later the landlords cat had recently had kittens so I still believe it was one of them) but we freaked out and rolled back the carpet and found a trap door, and a welsh bible, with children’s writing in it, we put it back and then the dorma windows in the roof began to shake as if they were going to come down on us - we ran out of the house and went into town to meet the kids. Nothing happened then for a few weeks which was really unusual as by now things were happening on a daily basis - I have missed so much out but I am not trying to write a book
I am trying to shorten this .....some time later ( and by now I was looking for a property in the nearby town.) it was the summer hols so again I sent the kids off, as they had never mentioned anything I believed that it was only happening when they were asleep or out of the house) I was sitting alone one evening and looked up and saw a sort of pale blue-ish mist on the ceiling and then hundreds of flies started falling out of the woodwork it took me two full days to vacuum them all up. Loads of things happened that summer. And the fly thing happened twice.
The kids returned - one evening ( about 5.00) I had to attend a meeting and had took some of my work friends back to the chapel to feed my kids and let them know I would not be home until 8.30 and to make sure they were OK and to remind them if they needed anything to call the landlord ( we had an arrangement to check on the kids and my daughter was 15 so you don't think I abandoned them!) there was a knock on the door I answered it and this young guy was there, he was really nice and asked how long I had lived there, so I told him - just a few months and he said " I used to go to Sunday school here, I would love to see inside, can I come in?" He went on to explain he was the farmers son from down the hill, at the dairy farm and he was training to be a teacher in Shrewsbury and was not home very often, and he was going back in the morning so he would love to come in a take a peek as he could not imagine anyone living here.
As he was so nice and I had a houseful - I welcomed him in and showed him around, one of the women I had brought home with me were nearly drooling over him and one in particular Tina was really doing her best to flirt!!! I showed him around which did not take long a it was open plan. He told me that where I had the converted log burner ( Bottled gas) there used to be a roaring fire in the winter, he felt the pews along I the walls and said "I would have sat on one of these" I explained that we had to go out soon and he left asking if could he come again he said he knew a lot of history about the place. Well as I knew the farmer, and he seemed so nice and Tina was by now making it so clear she was really interested, I said yes and asked that if he did come he must let me know in advance, I was thinking he could tell his father to contact me. He left saying see you soon and we all waved to him as he walked up the lane..
Well after that Tina was now just going on and on about him, none of us could remember his name and I promised to find out for her.
For a few weeks I could not get rid of Tina, she would come for any little reason, and kept on at me to find out about him.
Then something happened at her home and Tina asked could she stay with us, she stayed for a few weeks while I helped her find a flat - even though I was not doing very well finding a new place of my own.
Tuesdays she would go to college and often strange things would happen but only on a Tuesday! but if I am honest I sort of got used to it and did not mention anything anymore to anyone. Then she moved into her new flat and wow .....the chapel went crazy ... every night my bed would shake, every night strange noises …but now the child’s footsteps had stopped and it began to feel bad in there. Tina still kept on at me to find out more about the guy who had visited - she wanted a name and hopefully a date
So one day I saw the farmer on his quad bike and I waved him down, he was a real nice guy and had taken my children lambing earlier in the Spring
Well I asked him how his son was.....he looked at me and said I don't have a son. So I explained...he looked at me as if I was a bit of an idiot and then he went on to explain someone had played a trick on me. No one would have gone to Sunday school in the chapel for a least 55 years so if the guy had been to Sunday school there, he would have to be at the very least 60. and as far as he knew there was no teacher training college in Shrewsbury. I was so embarrassed and as I walked home I got angry, maybe it was the same guy who was playing tricks on me - making noises, maybe he was even coming into the house while we were asleep!!!! I walked into the house in a right temper and I swear I heard a man laugh!
My children suddenly got really cheeky and naughty - very different to how they were before. My daughter would not speak to me - AT ALL for 4 weeks!! My son was angry all the time. I sent them away more and more at weekends.
A small fire started one night by my bed, it went out when I got up in panic - no scorch marks! I started believing I was going mad again. I would hear men’s voices mumbling - there was a really oppressive feeling in the house. Even a friend Steve said he felt uncomfortable in there and had loved visiting before. Jane stayed over more and more often and now she was hearing things too - now I knew It wasn't me.
I am not sure if I am telling all of this in the correct order …..
Lots of things happened but it felt BAD =- not like the more innocent things previously, like pots and pans being moved and pinging clocks. Things would be moved all the time. The smell of strawberries would float past you just before the door would fly open. My car started up on its own ..outside on a few occasions ( I took it to the garage, the mechanic thought I was nuts - I made him check the ignition) It got worse and worse I was desperately trying to find a three bed house to rent in the town. . . Well Things kept going from bad to worse....my life was a mess I was not getting a proper sleep, my children had turned into horrible monsters and things kept happening. I will not repeat it all because I would be here forever - but it ended one night when I was sitting alone. I got a fear I still cannot explain and I could not move from the chair. I knew I was heading for hysteria, so I phoned my friend Steve who lived in the town and just said “Steve, I am scared will you come over?”
The phone went dead - I sat there for about 15 minutes the fear rising and the air was freezing and there was the blue mist on the ceiling again, anyway Steve walked in and started screaming and lifted me up threw me in his car and drove back into the town at about 80 miles an hour! - down country lanes!!! When we got to his house I asked him why he screamed ( we did not speak in the car) He told me he did not really know why but he said when he walked in he had a feeling that we would both die if we stayed in there!
I slept in his room I was too scared to be alone and I think he was too but I still have to laugh - Steve is 20 odd years younger than me and the following morning his parents looked like they were going to have heart attacks when they seen us both come down the stairs! ( we did explain - well sort of, its hard to explain that sort of thing)
..I found a new home not long after . But that was not the end, the day I was leaving a really old woman ( she had to be 80ish) knocked on the window I went out to see where she had come from - she had walked from the top of the hill - way beyond the landlords house and said “I always meant to come down and meet you, so when I heard you were leaving, I thought I would come by and say goodbye“. I thanked her and apologised that I could not even offer her a cup of tea as all my things were packed she smiled said “don't worry” and as she walked away she looked back at me and said in a really spooky horror film type of way - "you were never lonely here were you? they will miss you"
It freaked me out but I was leaving and really happy.
A few weeks later I was with lots of friends and their children and Jane was there and was asking how I like my new house and we were chatting away and she said “bet your glad to get away from those ghosts“....and my daughter who I thought was playing but was actually behind me piped up - “did you see them too?”
It turned out they had seen a young girl often in the mirror who smelled of strawberries and that she was trying to warn them about a bad man who still lived there, who made all the noises and banged the doors - they thought they were protecting me by not telling me!!!!
Whether you believe me or not is up to you and I am wondering if I should even have put it down in writing in case someone who knows me reads it.
But my kids were back to normal - nice people as soon as we moved into town and they have since told me of all the things they heard..... but they seen stuff too! I never did. They thought it only happened when I was not in or asleep!!!!

Stevensville School District #2

By: cliffandkris@andiamo-tel.com

I have worked at the school now for 6 years.  I have had several experiences.  The first thing that happened was in the high school at 1:00am cleaning up a volleyball game.  It was just me and a co-worker.  I left the gym and went to get some tools out of the tractor shed.  I thought it would be safer to walk through the high school instead of around the building.  There is a sencor light and an alarm in that building.  The light is supposed to go on when you pass the sencor, it did not, and the alarm somehow set itself, because I checked it earlier and no-one was there sence 11:00pm. 
The thing that took me off gaurd was just how fast it really happened, but how slow it seemed.  I saw in the dark a black mass come down the ramp from senior hall toward me.  It was as if it was over taking me.  I know this sounds crazy, but I had a hard time breathing, and felt like I was smothering.  I got the strenght to throw my right arm up and say, In the name of Jesus Christ I bid thee to depart...It disapated and went away.
The next thing that happened was quite a while later.  Aside from the usual bumps on the library walls in the high school when you are there alone, I have had some expieriences in the Jonior High School ( the old high school, built in 1901).  I have had a basketball thrown down the stage steps at me from in the dark.  The ball bounced down the steps and I heard every ping sound until it hit the floor, rolled out of the partially open door, rolled to my right foot, spun and stopped.  There were two ladies working in the kitchen on the other side of the gym, who saw me running toward them, and could tell just how shooken up I was.
I was touched in the middle of the band room on the second floor by what felt like I brushed up against someone.  The windows were closed, and i was in the middle of the room.  The cold spot on my arm were I was touched stayed cold for quit a while.
At Christmas this past year a banner was torn from a door without being ripped, and the tape was in the shape as if it were still wrapped around the door.  The strange thing about that, I was there alone, and myself and two other co workers waled past that banner more that 20 times, and it never fell.  The tape wasn't ripped or broken.  it was crumpled in the middle, and I heard it from another room, as if someonbe grabbed a hold of it. I heard it tare free from the door.  When I looked out in the hall there it layes clumped up as if someone did grab it. I looked around and no-one was in the building.  I told whatever it was even if they are mad they have no right to touch me.  I stuck the banner back up using the already attached tape, and it never came down again.  I told the teacher of that classroom the next day, and she said it was up when she came in.
I have heard a little girls voice say "bye" come form the J.H. gym.
I heard a tapping on the bathroom wall, 5 small knocks when using the bathroom.
Resently I heard a small hum in my left ear when hanging up a dust mop...Hum Hum Hum!  It sounded like a little girl.
The strangest thing that happened was a set of twins came out of the gym from the after school program, picked me right out from the rest of my co-workers looked right up at me.  the one said, you know this place is haunted don't you.  I said well maybe, why.  I didn't want to scare the other kids.  He said, well I saw it. His brother joined in I saw it too.  I asked was it a boy or a girl, and almost simotaniously they said...girl.  The first boy said she walked across the stage with a knife in her hand, and the brother agreed.  He said, yeh she did and OI saw it too.  I just told them wow, and they left.
I have heard walking and shuffling on the roof of three buildings.  The Vo-ag bulding, the High scholl wood shop, and the New Elementary gym.

Spirits In My Home

By: Royce.Kennedy@kindredhealthcare.com
As far as I know all the action started after our dog, Max, died in August 2000.  He did not leave us for quite awhile.  In the early morning when he needed to go outside, he would come to the edge of the bed, take his head and lift my husbands hand to wake him.  He would do this quite often after he died.  We could feel him jump up on the bed and walk around.  We have a 3 bedroom house and when our grandson came to spend the night, he would sleep in this particular room with his Papa.  One night while he was in bed, to go to sleep, he got up and went to his Papa.  He told him he heard a dog sniffing in the room.  That settled it for me, as far as, it was not our imagination.  My husband would see him walk around the house, until finally one day he was gone.  However, there were other things that were happening during this time.  While I was asleep, in the bedroom I mentioned, I was awakened to someone taking their finger and tracing my lips.  When I opened my eyes and looked, it looked like vines all entwined.  There were limbs as if they could be arms and I felt that one of them had traced my lips.  I knew if I blinked it would go away and it did.  There have been things to be moved and go missing, to show back up later.  When I would sit on the couch during this time, every night someone would stroke my hair as I sat on the couch watching TV.  It seems a lot of activity to be in the laundry room, also.  We have heard on several occasions someone come in or out of the house from the garage (we have a wooden screen door there) and the screen door slam.  What is strange about this is when we let it slam, it will bounce on the door jam several times.  When it is slammed by ? it does not bounce any.  The garage door is closed and no one came come into the garage to do this and no one else is in the house.  I keep the laundry basket in the laundry room closet and one evening I was sorting clothes to do laundry.  I thought my husband came in and squeeze my butt.  I let out a scream because it startled me and turned around to tell him not to do that.  No one was there and when I looked out the door he was in the kitchen.  There was no way he could have done this and get back to the kitchen in time.  My granddaughter spent the night one night.  She slept on the chaise in the great room.  She told me that sometime in the early morning the laundry room door was open and she could see a shadow.  She thought it was me doing laundry but it scared her and she covered her head.
One night I was in the office doing some work and I had left the TV on in the great room.  I kept thinking to myself I needed to go turn down the TV.  After the second time I thought this I heard several loud noises.  Since my husband was in bed I thought he had gotten up mad because the TV was loud and turned it down.  Plus slamming the bedroom door.  It did not sound like a slam but that was the thought that passed in my mind.  When I went to look the TV was down so low you could barely hear it.  I asked my husband the next morning if he had gotten up to turn down the TV, and he said, no.  A couple of weeks ago early one Saturday morning, no one was up and I heard the noises again.  I did not get up to investigate since I knew they were at it again.  I'm sure it isn't finished.  Until next time.

So Many Stories from My Virginia Home

By: candidatenext@yahoo.com

Hi there - absolutely great site!  Looking back, there are a bunch of stories I could tell.  But I will pick out a couple spanning different stages of my life.
(1) I remember this one with clarity, as if it happened this morning: I was laying in bed when I was about 7 or so; it was a Saturday morning (strange that I remember that).  I opened my eyes and at the bottom of my bed was my grandpa, except that he was transparant.  I could see the lines of him - it was very detailed, like a pencil sketch - but he was completely see through.  He was disticntly talking to me - I could see his mouth opening and closing like he was trying to tell me something really important; then his face started getting bigger and bigger - as if he was getting closer but he wasn't - and he kept getting more and more animated in the way he was trying to tell me whatever it was that he was trying to tell me.  I freaked out and took off; never figured out what he was saying, but it was pretty cool to see him.  So many things happened in that house; none of it was particulrly disturbing or anything - we would see people ducking into our playroom and closets (a kid in a yellow dress was the most frequent one), locked cabinate doors would open by themselves, but it wasn't remotely disturbing.  My Mom woke to find an Angel sitting on her bed in that house once - very cool.
(2) Fast forward 25 years - skipping a ton of stories - we had our first baby; she was about 4 months old, and we had just moved her to her room from ours.  In the middle of the night as I was drifting off to sleep, a woman's voice litterally yelled in my ear like she was right next to me 'GET UP!!!'; needless to say, I did and I ran into my baby's room and checked her breathing, and woke her up - I don't know for a fact that something was going on, but I'm pretty sure the woman prevented something bad from happening.  I've heard her several times since, and I appreciate her help. I don't know who it is, though.
(3) We now live in PA, in a house that from time to time appears to get kind of active - it isn't consistent and seemed to happen more when we first moved in: it seemed like we had 'ghost kids' with us.  We wouldhear kids whispering in our ears from time to time (as if they were right next to us), see them upstairs in the hall, hear them giggle, hear kids say 'Mommy?  Daddy?" from the stairs once our kids are asleep; even my daughter has asked who keeps walking by her door when its not us.  Again nothing scary or disturbing, but kind of interesting I suppose.  
Thanks for listening.  I have so many of these, especially from the Virginia days as a kid.  Keep up the good work.

Short Story

By: VanessaW072@aol.com

Hello, as I told you before my name is Vanessa, and my family and I use to live in a haunted house.  We would listen to the radio in the mornings while we were getting ready for school, and it would shut off. So one morning we didn't turn it on, and it came on.  We turned it off and it still came on. We unplugged it and it still came on.  My Dad who didn't believe in ghost at the time use to come home and all the dishes in the kitchen would be out of the cabinets and we would get in trouble. Until one night he was there alone and was woken up by noise in the kitchen. He walked to the kitchen in total darkness and saw something blacker than the dark and about 4ft. tall. He turns and go's back to bed and puts the covers up to his eyes and what ever it was turn and went to his room it was so heavy that he said it shook the house. It walked up to the end of his b ed and looked at him for a minute and turned and went back to the kitchen.  He has seen alittle girl looking over his stepson one night. So many thing have happened out there. We have a lot of them historical markers outthere on and around that land of cowboys and Indians who lived and died outthere.  I believe that the girl is one of the kids that the Indians kidnapped, because so comes from the church across from the back of our paster. and their is a marker there telling you about the kids being taken by the Indians. 

Recent Experiences


I have had a handful of previous experiences with ghosts, but the most memorable happened in April this year.  Growing up, I had a favorite aunt & uncle.  My aunt was the one who spent time with all the kids, took us to fun places like the zoo and encouraged those of us with a creative side to develop that.  We shared a love of cooking and sewing. She & my uncle took me in for a few weeks when I was about 24 and trying to save a dying early marriage.  She lost a 2.5 year battle with cancer in April at age 77. My husband and I attended her memorial service a few days later.  Just as her very close family entered the church and took their seats up front, I saw her.  My husband was sitting at my right and she was on the other side of him.  She disappeared after a few seconds, but I had a very intense feeling she was still there for another few seconds after that.  This was totally unexpected, but very comforting.  I have not yet told this to my uncle or cousins (they live some distance away) but will at some time. Many of my own family  do not believe in ghosts, thus my hesitation at revealing my experience.
A second very recent possible experience involves my 23 month old grandson, Luke.  His father was killed when he was about 10 months old.  Although my daughter and her children no longer live in the same place, recently Luke refuses to go into the kitchen and their new house when it is dark.  He appears to be very frightened of something.  We wonder if it might be his dad checking on him!

My Supernatural Experiences

By: fatepeace121006@hotmail.com

Hello, my name is Renee and I am 22. I have had the blessing/curse of sensing the dead since I was a little girl. I want to share some of my experiences with everyone.
       1. When I was younger, about ten, I lived across the street from an
old(1600-1800s) cemetery in Exeter, New Hampshire.There was a playground right ext to the cemetery and my dad and I would cut through the cemetery to go to the playground. One day we were doing just that and we saw a girl that seemed to be limping around the cemetery in a long dress. This was in August. We really didn't think anything of it until we bumped into her coming back through the cemetery on our way home. Judt to be nosy we started talking to her. She said her name was Susan and that she was from Alaska.
She had an apron on and was picking up acorns. When I asked why she was doing this she told me that they didn't have acorns where she came from.
After a few minutes, my dad and I started home. I shook her hand which felt really cold, and turned around. I tured around no more than ten seconds later and she was gone. There was nothing for her to hide behind. The next day I went back to the cemetery. Almost in the exact spot where she was standing the day before there was a grave. The inscription said that the grave's occupant was named Susan, she was born in Nome, Alaska, she died at the age of 15 of some leg disease, I think polio, AND SHE DIED IN 1813!!
       2. My family moved to Illinois when I was 11 and the house we lived in was a station in the Underground Railroad.The secret passageway started in my closet upstairs and traveled down into our unused coal cellar off of our basement under our backyard. I would go into the passageway ( I was the only one who knew about it) and hide from my parents. Several times I would hear breathing around me or feel hot breath on the back of my neck. I also felt like I was being stared at. Also, I would wake up at night sometimes and hear shackles clanging around or see a large male figure at the foot of my bed. This house is now a bed and breakfast, so I wonder what the guests in my old room have!
       3. I went to Catholic school in Iowa for a couple of years. One time during halftime at a basketball game I went to my locker to get something.
My locker was about ten feet away from the school's chapel. Out the corner of my eye I saw that there was a faint light coming from underneath the chapel door. I peeked inthe window and there was a candle burning and what looked like the shadow of the lower half of a person hanging from the rafters. The door was locked from the outside and only the religion teacher had the key and she wasn't at the game that night. I later found out that several years before, a female student found out she was pregnant and hung herself in the chapel.
      3. My ability didn't start to cause me any harm until I turned 18. A few months before my 19th birthday I was hanging out at a park with my then boyfriend (he's now my husband) and 3 of our friends. We were down in a valley like area in the park, just talking when all of a sudden I felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach. My friend asked me what was wrong and when I told him, he gave a strange look and then told the rest of us what had happened there. In the 1800's, a teenage girl was killed in that park by her father becuase she was pregnant with an Indian's baby. he had stabbed her in the stomach. I went home that night and on my stomach was a two inch long mark that looked like a knife wound.
      4. My friends and I kind of started a ghost hunting group and we went on one mission to a playground in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, asbout an hour away from where we live. The park was named after a little boy who was brutally murdered in the 70's and whose killer was never found. We went there at night of course and had to go through a little patch of woods to get to the park. We passed a very odd looking tree and started snapping pictures with our digital camera. When we got to the park, we noticed a temerature drop of about 30 degrees, no breeze, no noise at all, you couldn't even hear any city noises. We started to go into the gazebo in the center of the park but an invisible brick wall or something tried to prevent my husband and I to go in. A friend of ours finally pulled us in and we started to look around. My husband and I both have Wiccan blood. At the time, our son was about 15 months old and was safely asleep in bed at home with the babysitter. I was also pregnant with twins. We weren't really sure what affect our Wiccan blood would have on our children. The twins, usually calm, started kicking like crazy like they were trying to warn me about something, and on the jungle gym I saw two little boys, the apparition of the little murdered boy with glowing red eyes, and right next to him was my son! I looked at my son's image and he made a gesture like he wanted me to leave right away. We took the hint and left. When we got back, the babysitter sadi my son never woke up once but cried out in his sleep about the time I saw him in the park. We looked at the pictures of the tree and the park and saw orbs, shadow figures, a weird looking gremiln like thing in the tree and red eyes on the jungle gym. To this day, my son, who's now 2, talks to someone who isn't there, points up at the ceiling and says the boy's name, talks in his sleep. I think the boy finally found someone to play with. My now 8 month old twin daughters haven't shown any sign of inheriting the family secret. . . YET!

I Feared for My Life

By: hendrix83@peoplepc.com



By: billy29085@googlemail.com

I was the Caretaker of the Royal Academy of Dance in Battersea SW London, I was locking up one night and on walking through the top floor, I say a man in fireman's gear walking across the studio. When I switch the light back on the person had vanished.
Another time was walking through the 1st floor heard the piano going in the studio and some one walking around in the studio , so I walked in music stopped no one in there, when i turned the lights off and left the piano re started playing.
I was walking around the 3rd floor on another night and some one said Billy can you help me so I said cause I can, then thought I was the oonly one in the building.
I took a medium around the building she collapsed in the downstairs studio, studio 10. Said a man was hanging in the corner of the room. I pointed out that the room is smaller at it was bigger once so the man would have been hanging in the middle. We Left.
I have been around with a mate with night vision cameras and meters. we found large orbs in studio 10 on the ground floor which where dancing around me. We have film of them. And on the top floor we filmed a very large flash of light on camera, to the naked eye nothing was there.

Cloverleaf House

By: bambi0083@yahoo.com

I lived in a  two story duplex on Cloverleaf for sixteen years. I loved this house very much until one day things started to change. My dad died in that house in the kitchen when I was three years old. When I was in middle school my two friends would come stay at my house for the weekend so they can see all of their friends. Then my best friends brother started to talk about Ouija boards and praying to satan to possess him. When my mother found out she refused to let him come back to our house. Shortly after not talking to them anymore, that's when things got more interesting. I would invite friends to come have a sleep over and when we would walk up the stairs they would start freaking out and saying that there was something wrong with the house and would want to go home. I started to become more frightened and the more  frightened I got the more I saw. I started to see my dead father standing behind me in the bathroom mirror and I saw him sitting on my mother's bed. I felt someone hug me and say I love you. My mother and sister started to see light rods shooting across my deaf brother's bedroom door. He would sit up late at night laughing and staring at something in his room. One day I saw a man inside my brother's room by his bed. This man was in dark clothing and had dark hair. I believe that my bedroom was the main place for these spirits in the house. My bedroom door would not open and it was not locked. One night before we moved I was sleeping and got woken to voices and noises and objects coming off shelves. I heard two women's voices outside my bedroom window that was two stories up. They were saying "should we get her?" Right after that I saw the door rattling like as if someone was trying to get in. In the hallway I heard a loud noise it sounded like a train going down the hallway. Things in my closet were falling off the shelves and the hangers were swaying back and forth. I tried to wake my daughter's father but he would not wake up. I was so scared, I felt a cold draft go down my back. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend nothing was happening. I opened my eyes and saw a light rod moving like a wave in the corner behind my door. I got out of bed and ran into my mother's room and she was still asleep. All I could hear was my brother laughing. The night light in the hallway was flickering. The next day I woke up and on the back of my bedroom door shaped in the wood grain was a man's face with a beard and a helmet from the medieval days. That face was never there before! That morning my next door neighbor was walking across his living room and cut his foot on a metal tear drop shape. It burnt a hole in the carpet and it didn't come from the celling. We have no idea where and how it got there. After all the incidents that happened in that house we felt it was best to move. To this day when I drive by the Cloverleaf house I get chills and feel scared like as if what ever is in the house is still waiting.

A Full House

By: Mary-Anne.Smyth@Hays.com

I think that what you are doing on this site is a good thing. People need a safe place to talk about these things and to know that they are not alone...or insane :-).
I will try and give you the short version of a many years worth of strange occurrences...although it's not that short! :-):
When I lived with my parents, my bedroom was next door to my nanny’s room. She lived with us into her late 90’s and died in her bed of natural causes, with her family around her. Even before my nanny’s death, her room had been associated with strange goings on.
When I was around 11, I stood outside the bathroom and heard my mother talking to someone, when I opened the door; she was on her own. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she was talking to our ghost but not to worry, as it didn’t mean us any harm. I asked her what it said and she said that it was a man who whispered her name, often when she was upset, so she found it comforting.
Feeling left out, when my parents went shopping and left me in the house alone, I stood at the top of my stairs and told the ghost that I wanted it to contact me so that I could help it in any way I could. I didn’t tell my parents and nothing happened that day. The day after however, when I had forgotten all about it and was packing my suitcase to go on a trip, I heard a man whisper my name very gently. I knew my parents were downstairs. I froze and I can still remember the goosebumps that rose on my body. Then the voice, a little louder this time, repeated my name and I shot down the stairs with a speed I never knew I possessed. This incident opened a door that has never completely shut.
To this day I regret offering the ghost my help and being too scared to follow through but this wasn’t the last we heard of him. My mother and I often heard something thudding down the stairs at night. Later we found out that prior to us living there, a sick man had lived and died in my nanny’s room and while he was alive, he used to bump down the stairs on his bottom, as he couldn’t walk very well.
We later came to realise that he was one of many that occupied our house with us. When my nanny got sick, she made us hang blankets on all the mirrors and shut all the curtains as she said she saw people in them. My mother slept in the same room as my nanny towards the end and every night was “lively” with activity, getting worse as my nanny neared the end. My room being next door, i heard some of the "activity" myself.
The night before my nanny died, my mother told me she was in the bathroom and saw a small old female mourner, hunched over and all dressed in black, holding her hands in prayer, going into my nanny’s room.
Since my nanny died, the activity in her room has continued and I know that she is one of the entities that reside in there too now. An old boyfriend of mine (A total sceptic!), who had never been told about this history, stayed over in that room and in the morning he told us he had had a terrible nights sleep. We asked why and he said that he could have sworn that something had pushed him out of bed during the night. I think my nanny was trying to tell me something as he turned out to be a jerk! J
I still hate going into that room and can always feel the presence of “something.” Furthermore, no matter what I prop the door open with, it always closes behind me. Even though my Nanny’s presence is there too, I point blank refuse to sleep in there under any circumstances as I remember the sleepless nights I had in there too well.
I sometimes wish I had never opened the door to this part of the Universe, as it’s scarier to be a believer than a non-believer.

Personal Experiences - Minnesota and Wisconsin

By: bardicgift@yahoo.com

Minnesota: Forepaugh's Restaurant
In the early 1990's the company I worked for had a holiday party in a private room at Forepaugh's.  The waiter, of course, told us about the supposed hauntings which made a nice story.  After dinner our group was given a tour of the restaurant.  We were coming down a staircase I stepped aside to allow a waitress to go upstairs past us - I didn't want to bump her as she had her hands full.  My work partner, Steve, asked from behind me "what's the matter?"  I said "What do you mean?" and he said "Why did you stop?"  I looked at him like he was crazy, and said "I didn't want to bump into the waitress."
"What waitress?" he said.
Our waiter was waiting at the bottom of the stairs and heard our exchange.  He asked me - standing rather close and not making a big deal of it - what she looked like and when I told him he gave me a funny look and said "That was Molly."
Wisconsin - The "Pink House" in River Falls
The pink house is actually written up in the book Haunted Wisconsin - but I had a personal experience there while attending UW-River Falls in the early 1980's.  The pink house is located behind North Hall and in the spring of 2007 was still painted pink.  I was dating a boy who lived there with a few roommates, and we were preparing for a keg party.  I was in the kitchen washing pitchers and glasses when I felt him walk up behind me, put his arms around my waist, and kiss the left side of my neck.  I smiled and leaned back into him but when I turned my head there was no one there.
Later that evening I was walking down the hall to the bathroom.  The hallway ran straight from the living room, so anyone sitting there could watch down the hall.  The bathroom was 2 steps UP from the hallway, about halfway down the hall.  Well, I tripped.  I didn't step up high enough to put my foot on the first stair and I fell forward.  Then I stopped.  Both of my feet were still on the floor (not up on the step), my hands were not touching anything, I was at an extreme angle forward, but I never hit the ground.  People in the living room gasped to see me just stop in mid-air.  I stopped, carefully picked up my foot (still at a real angle - like the scarecrow dancing in the wizard of Oz where you know there were wires holding him up), put it on the stair, stood myself back up vertical, and went up the stairs through the bathroom door.
Very fun website you haver at theshadowlands.net!  I've enjoyed reading my way through!

Haunted House in Mexico

By: baltazarcamacho@yahoo.com

i had a couple of experience in my grandmother's house the first time i was 8 i saw a tall figured man besides my bed. the other time i was 11 or 12, in the same house for the past 3 days i heard foot steps in the hall where the bathroom is the 2rd day i saw my grandmother waving at me. and the last time that happened i was 17 i was sleeping in another room with my brother and in the middle of the night my brother and me heard noises the door of the room is one of those doors that you push and it squeaks it opened and its hard to push that door the window opened and the chair was possessed it was moving all over the place.

My Uncles House

By: ghost_halo3@yahoo.com

Ok.. to start, i was 2 when this started(i move in with him, my uncle and grandfather, when i was 2) and still happens to this day. i am now 16. when you open the frount door to my uncles house, you are automaticaly in the basement, to the left is a room, and the stairs to up stairs. walking in and going stright you get the laundry room and the furnace room, and a randomly placed hall branching to the left. since i was 2 and still, even with my little cousins (ages 2 and 3) we see a tall lanky figure with glowing eyes. the color of the eyes seem to change every time we look, but every time we get a strong feeling of negitive energy that i can only say is total hate and sadness. about 20 - 25 years ago my uncle and grandpa(now deceased, and fighting what ever is down there) purchased the house and vast proprty surronding it. the info on it was a couple, who were very depressed that they could not have kids and supousledly kidnapped one. the kept him in the hallway, and grew to hate them locals say that the husband was a violent man, and they think he went mad and killed all in the house, but others say that the boy escaped and killed them both, and that it was his vengefull spirt still wanting to leave that was there, and the sorrow was the scar left on the the land by the depressed woman. it feels better visiting this site and seeing people with simaler problems. OH... and we had a priest come, and he said that he could not enter the hall, somthing would not let him pass, and the front door flew open, and we all left imediatly. my uncle, his wife nad kids still live there.

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