Unseen Force

By: tmassingill@hydro-tex.com

I was reading though several stories today on your website and one in particular sparked a memory of an experience I had when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter.  I may have shared this story with you once before, but I don’t remember. 
I remember that night just like it was yesterday.  On evening in early 1994, my husband and I were watching TV on the couch when I decided to go to bed.  I blew out a candle I had burning on the kitchen table and then headed to the bedroom.  It wasn’t too long after I crawled into bed that I was abruptly taken over by this unseen force sitting on my belly. My daughter began to move very violently and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I looked out my bedroom door and could see this flickering light coming from the living room.  I figured my husband fell asleep on the couch and forgot to turn out the halogen floor lamp we had sitting behind it. I began to scream as loud as I could for him, but nothing came out my mouth.  The harder I tried to scream for help, the harder the unseen force seemed to push down on me. I began to pray, I prayed like crazy, asking Jesus to protect me and to protect my unborn child. I kept looking out the bedroom door, seeing that flickering light and hoping to see my husband come running in, but he never came.  The whole incident lasted for what seemed like forever, but when it was over, it was over just like that.  There was no more pain, I could breathe and my daughter was at peace. 
That’s not the end of the story though. I got up from the bed and headed to the living room to tell my husband what had happened.  No sooner then I left the bedroom, of course, I found him sleeping soundly on the couch, but the halogen light behind it wasn’t on. The flickering light I kept seeing throughout the ordeal was the candle on the kitchen table.  As explained in the beginning, I blew this candle out before I went to bed and I know I did because I have always been very cautious about burning candles. The candle had somehow rekindled itself and burned all the way down to the wick. Apparently the glass votive had gotten so hot that it broke and sent flames from the wick onto the table and place mats.   The entire top of the table was on fire, placemats and all. I started screaming at my husband to wake up.  He jumped off the couch to find me trying to smother the flames out with a kitchen towel. The apartment started to quickly fill up with black smoke. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and put the fire out.  After it was all said and done, we talked about what had just happened, trying to make some sense of it all. I was certain the unseen force was trying to kill me and my baby. I thought it was holding me down so that when the fire spread through the apartment, I would die from smoke inhalation, or worse, burn to death.   My husband thought that whatever it was, it was trying to warn me, that it was trying to wake me up so that I would discover the fire.  But I swear I was not asleep. At some point, I thought maybe it was all just a bad dream, but then it dawned on me, if it was just a dream, how was I able to see the flickering lights coming from the living room, which turned to be flames?   What I do know is had I not gotten up when I did, it wouldn’t have been long before the whole apartment would have been filled with smoke and fire and we all would have all perished.  Guardian Angel or evil spirit?  I guess I will never know. 

A Haunting in Southwestern Alaska

By: andigirlk@hotmail.com

I was born and raised in Alaska. I come from a family that has a lot of hidden psychic abilities.  Ghosts and hauntings are nothing new or strange to my family.  I wanted to share my experiences while growing up in Southwestern Alaska as a child. 
My father worked for the Federal Aviation Administration.  My life was similar to that of a military brat in some ways.  I lived in government housing which was located a ways out of our small town.  We ordered food and other items through commissary, and we had free travel benefits if we chose to use the old F.A.A.  C-130.   We lived away from the town and our neighborhood had a feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere. 
When I was little we lived in a four-plex apartment building.  Our family was young and growing.  My mother was so grateful when she found out that after another family moved away, we would be moving into their house.  The F.A.A. housing in my neighborhood consisted of:  four-plex apartments, duplexes, and about seven single family homes.  The houses were originally across the river, and were used by Air Force Officers and their families.  The houses were a simple Cape Cod, New England style house. 
Our old house was located in the middle of the compound.  It was build in 1931.  We moved into the house during the 1970s; so the house was only forty-five years old at the time.  The house, except for having changed locations, has retained its original structure.  The inside on the other hand, had underwent several make-overs to keep up with the times. 
When we had moved into the house during the 1970s, the carpet on the floor was a thick, multi-colored shag carpet.  I didn't mind it so much as a child; however, after looking at some old, family pictures, I realized how awful that old carpet was with the colors of:  harvest gold, burnt orange, and brown.   The living room walls were a light, harvest gold, and the furniture was in shades of:  gold, burnt orange, and brown.  It truly looked like a hangover from the late 1960s and early 1970s.   It would nauseate many people now; however, my mother claims that it was very vogue at the time. 
There were three children in our family, one boy, and two girls.  It's very ironic that the last family to live in that house had three children, one boy, and two girls as well.  The house had four bedrooms;  two downstairs, and two that were located upstairs in the attic.  My parents took a downstairs bedroom, as did my brother.  My sister and I took the bedroom on the left side of the attic.  My mother wanted to the use fourth bedroom as a sewing room, and for additional storage. 
My sister and I liked our room at first.  It had a very cool closet that we used as a play house.  There was one feature that really creeped my sister and me out.  It was the removable storage walls that were covering small parts of the eves.  Since we were in the attic, just under the roof; the storage area was just under the eves.  When the doors were in place, you couldn't really tell that the storage area was there.  If my mom or dad had to get something out of the storage and left the small doors ajar,  the crack of mysterious darkness left a creepy vibe throughout the room.  My mom had used the storage on the west side of the attic for holiday decorations (Halloween, etc.).  The storage on the east side of the attic was used for our food storage.  Mom kept non-perishable items there like:  canned goods, ketchup, condiments, rice, taco shells, paper towels, and the like.   Each of us kids dreaded having to open the creepy storage area to fetch things for mom.  It was so dark, that we needed a flashlight to fetch the requested item(s).
From a young age, I loved Halloween and would look forward to this spooky holiday.  I think even at a young age, I would occasionally love a good scare.  When I was only five years old, I begged my mother for the record, "The Haunted Mansion" put out by Walt Disney.  For those of you unfamiliar with this, it was a record that Disney created to tell the story of the, "Haunted Mansion."  It was based on the popular ride that is located in both Disneyland and Disney World.  The story isn't too spooky; however, the other side had some sound effects that were quite terrifying to me as a child.  It included the typical stereotypical sounds of a haunted house:  ghosts moaning, chains rattling, cats fighting, and awful blood curdling screams.  I did not like that side of the record.  A neighbor girl, my sister, and I used to like to scare ourselves by listening to that side.  Occasionally we'd really get brave and turn the lights out.  I usually ended up crying at night, telling my mom that I was scared.  She knew what I was doing and would tell me that it was just a record, and that if it bothered me so much, she would start hiding it from me. 
The record was put away and forgotten for a while; however, things started happening when I was around six years-old.  My brother who has always been incredibly sensitive towards things started to see things in the house.  He had the larger room that was across from my parent's room.  My sister and I were by ourselves in the attic.  My brother said that he saw an evil looking man that was dressed in a black cloak.  He was a tall, harrowing looking man.  He would visit my brother's room and other parts of the house.  When my brother mentioned this to our parents, they dismissed it as his imagination, or that it was just a dream.  My brother began to hate the house, and my sister and I began to get the creeps as well. 
My sister and I were glad to share a room together, because the room on the right side of the attic; the one that was used as a sewing room/hobby room, gave both of us the creeps.  Neither of us could explain why, it just did.  We were more comfortable with our room; however, it was always cold.  My mother would bundle us up with quilts, especially during the winter.  We both got scared from the noises we heard at night.  They were pretty non-descript at first.  Our parents said that because the house was older, we were probably hearing the settling, or the furnace. There were other times when my sister and I would hear the stairway creaking and footfalls, long after everybody else had been asleep.   We were in the attic, so the creaking stairway was even more creepy to us.  We learned to sleep with a night light on.  I took things a step further.  I refused to fall asleep facing the wall.  I wanted to be able to see the doorway.  I would never walk up to my bed.  I always stood a ways from the bed and jumped in.  I didn't want anything to touch my feet.  There were times when my sister and I were so scared that we used to sleep together in one bed.
I remember looking forward to my first book order at school.  I told my mom that I wanted the book and record set about Georgie, the friendly little New England Ghost that lived in the Whittaker's attic.  Even though, I was scared of ghosts, I felt strangely drawn to the book.  I loved my book and record set.  I remember telling my mom that my room was in the attic.  The other side of the record contained poems and songs that were entitled, "Mother Ghost and Other Nursery Rhymes."  My sister and I both enjoyed that record; however, there were a couple of rhymes and stories that bothered us, mainly my sister.  The first was the poem, "A Goblin Lives in Our House," and the other was the story, "In a Dark, Dark Wood."  My sister and I both agreed that, "A Goblin. . ." reminded us of our house.  We didn't like the man screaming at the end of, "In a Dark, Dark Wood."  Once again, the book and record became old news and we moved onto other things. 
Something really strange started happening when I was six and seven years old.  Records were still very popular in the 1970s.  I found some of my parents' old 45s.  I started listening to songs that were popular during the early late 50s and early 60s.  We had a burnt orange swivel chair in our house.  Out of nowhere, I started envisioning a strange middle-aged couple in my mind.  I know I didn't see a vision; however, the impressions that I received in my mind were very real.  The mental visions would start when I would descend down the attic stairs.  The staircase overlooked our living room, and the orange swivel chair was in clear view.  On my way downstairs, I would look over at the chair and envision this couple.  The man was heavy set with a belly.  He was bald in the middle and had light brown/gray hair on the sides.  The woman was quite plump, and had red hair that she wore up.  She had a long straight nose, but was otherwise quite attractive for a plump, middle-aged woman.   As the days progressed, and I continued to envision this couple on our orange swivel chair; the names Hughbert and Helen came to my mind.  I have a cousin named Helen, but other than that, I didn't know anybody with those names. 
Hughbert and Helen began to take on a life of their own.  Each time when I would look at that orange chair, I would catch them in a different mood.  Their countenances would literally change.  Sometimes they would look happy.  I would occasionally envision them hugging each other.  Other times they looked sick (almost yellow or light greenish), or sad.  The scariest of all was when they would look angry, or enraged.  The look on their faces was quite scary.  I knew it was all in my mind; however, even at the young age of seven, I would wonder why these people would pop into my mind.  It always occurred when I was climbing up or down the stairs that led to the attic, and while I looked at the orange chair.  As these strange mental occurrences popped into my head, I mentally gave them children.  I thought that they had four children, two boys and two girls.  I got the distinct feeling that something awful happened to one of the children, a daughter.  I also felt that the daughter was a teenager when that tragic event happened. 
While I was having these mental dramas, that occurred without explanation, my sister was having troubles of her own.  She started seeing a little girl.  The little girl was blond and had appeared to be in black and white.   The thing that scared my sister the most happened in the middle of the night.  She was restless and woke up.  She looked over to the east side of the room where I was sound asleep.  She claims that she saw my spirit sitting on top of my body.  This really bothered my sister and she told my parents about the experience.  Again, our parents dismissed this as the product of imagination, or a dream.  My brother and I believed my sister.   My brother continued to see the evil man that was dressed in black. 
In the late 1970s my mother woke up from a horrifying dream.  She told us that she was laying in bed with the feeling that she was being watched.  When she looked up there was this man dressed in black, who was standing by her closet just leering at her.  Although he didn't say anything, he appeared to be menacing.  My mom said she was upset with my father, and was wondering why he let this strange man into our home.  After that, mom said she woke up.  My brother and I to this day believe that it wasn't a dream.  We both believe that our mom saw the same man that my brother would see throughout the house.
My mother decided to go back to work in 1979.  She hired her cousin, a kindly, older woman, who had never been married or had any children of her own.  Marie was truly a nice woman.  She was devout in her Russian Orthodox faith, and lived a village that was located only about ten miles away from our town.  Marie was kind to us children and we really liked her.  Marie lived with us during the week.  She was in charge of looking after us children during breaks, after school, and housekeeping.  Her room was the creepy room on the right side of the attic.   Marie never mentioned any creepy experiences to us; however, she seemed more than anxious to return to her village for the weekend.  My sister and I decided to snoop around in her room one day.  We discovered some Russian Orthodox icons that were discreetly placed on a small shelf.  Maybe Marie knew what us children had been experiencing in that house.
While growing up, my family had many happy times in that house.  During the day time, the house had a friendly, loving feeling to it.  However, sometimes in the evenings, and at night, it seemed to take on a more creepy, even rarely a sinister personality.  During our family get-togethers, my brother, sister, and I frequently mention our experiences in that house.  The majority of our memories were good.  We all agreed that there were many times in which we felt uncomfortable in that house. 
My mother has always loved to celebrate the various holidays; Halloween was no exception.  I still remember the year when my mother invited several of our childhood friends over for a Halloween party.  We were all having fun when my mom suggested a game of hide and seek in the dark.  At first it sounded like a good idea; however, I ended up being the one that was it.  I remember getting the chills when I groped around the dark house looking for my family and friends.  It turned out that they were hiding in the laundry room together.  I almost started crying when they jumped out and scared me.  I didn't like that game.  When I was a pre-teen and teenager, my mom used to let me have slumber parties.  My friends all loved my house, and would look forward to staying the night.  They always wanted to tell ghosts stories.  I didn't mind ghost stories; however, none of my friends knew what I went through in that house.  I'm sure if I had shared some of my stories, they would have thought I was lying, exaggerating, or crazy.  I also didn't want to scare them away.  I wanted to keep my friends, and to have them come over and visit.  Alas, I just listened to the ghost stories, and tried my best not to think about them after the slumber party was over.
I grew up in a nice, Christian family.  I believe that because of this, I found it hard to believe that my family could fall victim to a haunting.  We prayed and put our faith in the Lord, so being interrupted with dark images and terrifying feelings seemed out of place.  I now believe that my family, particularly the children, have been blessed with the ability to see and interact with the Spirit World.  From a Christian point of view, I believe that God doesn't give us anything or any situation that you can't handle.  I know that the Lord felt that we could handle the situation.   We continued to love, help, and work together as a family.  We didn't lose our faith, or let the spooky things that went bump in the night challenge our spirituality.  If anything, our faith in God, the plan of happiness, and life after death has grown stronger.  I believe in several types of spirits;  angels (the benevolent, loving spirits), lost spirits (those that find it hard to progress beyond this world of cares), and demons (those evil spirits that have never had a body).  I believe that my family has witnessed and interacted with all three kinds.  I also believe that ghosts (spirits) are nothing to fear.  The good ones are there to help you; the lost ones may need your help; and the evil ones need to be cast out. 
My only regret is not fully understanding the situation that we were in.  I still wonder if there really was a Hughbert and Helen.  Why was I able to envision them and their family?  Believe me, those are not typical thoughts of a six and seven year-old.  Who or what was the dark man?  What about the little girl?  I may never know the history of the house, land, or its previous occupants.  We moved away from the small town years ago.  We all have families of our own.  With the exception of my sister, we all live in the same city. The Federal Aviation Administration auctioned off those old houses, and have since built nice, new, modern housing.  My dad claims that the houses sold for a very reasonable prices.  I often wonder who bought our old house, and if they have experienced our ghosts.  My hope is that if those spirits were restless or ill-at-ease, that they've found the guidance and help that they need.  I hope they moved on to paradise. 
Late last summer, my husband and I moved to an older, established neighborhood in our city.  Our house is located along a creek and has many nice features to it.   My husband and I were both drawn to it from the beginning.   It is only forty years-old, and the people who have lived in it before us, said they were quite comfortable here. They lived in the house for twenty-five years.   Upon moving in, we had a problem with flies, and soon discovered that our home was haunted.  My brother who is a seer, claimed that we had five or six ghosts.  Our home was blessed and it's been comfortable ever since.  If we do have any spirits lurking around, I'm sure they are of those beloved deceased members of our families.  Who knows maybe experiences in our home will lead to another story.        


By: dan1758@sbcglobal.net

I am a former resident of West Greenwich,Rhode Island.
In my teenage years,I would spend a great deal of time at Carr's Pond.My friends and I would camp,swim,and hang out there on a regular basis.One time,I was alone.I was walking my dog down a path to the pump house.Along the way,my dog strated acting up.She was walking behind me and kept whining.I turned around and there was a teenage boy standing behind me.His hair was brown and his chlothes were tattered and he looked wet.He stared at me with a cold strae.I looked at him and I turned the other way for a split second.I turned back and he disappered into thin air.I hid behind a rock and then went running back though the paths and I have never went back since.It has haunted me for many years and I believe I saw a ghost that day.I later learned that a teenage boy,fitting the description,had drowned in the pond a few years earlier.

My First Paranormal Experience

By: monismile87@yahoo.com

i must have been around 8 or 9 years old when my first paranormal experince began.  My sister, brother, my grandma and I all slept in one room, (different beds of course).  It was a normal night and I just fell asleep like always.  Hours later I woke up for no reason and saw a person sitting in my grandma's bed.  i tought it was my grandma praying since she would always pray (very catholic lady), but then I started to realise that my grandma was sleeping.  I just stared at whatever that thing was and noticed it was looking right at me.  I know for a fact that it was woman because she had long hair and the body of a woman.  but her face was burned and disfigured.  The only thing i did was just stared at her, she sudenly got up and kneeled down next to me. Eventually I feel asleep again.  I woke up what seemed minutes later to find out that I was somehow on the other side of the bed, how did i move without standing up I had no idea, I tilted my head up a little so i could see what time it was when i saw that same lady right next to my head stroking my hair!!!  As disturbing as it may sound I was not scared so I feel asleep for the last time.  I woke up the next morning and asked everybody if they were in the room last night, then i asked my grandma if she had been praying that night, everybody including my grandma said no.  That was the last time I ever saw that lady but from that day on almost all of my relatives that lived in that house have seen the same woman I have, only difference, they have been scared right out of their pants.

Not My Son

By:  tmassingill@hydro-tex.com

One night many years back, I was sleeping in my bed, when I was awaken by what sounded like little footsteps moving across the living room floor.  The house was pitch dark, but when I looked in the doorway there was moonlight shining through the window in the living room, so I was able to see that there was a figure of a small child standing in the doorway looking into my room.  Assuming it was my son, I quietly asked him what was the matter and if he had a nightmare, there was no answer.  I asked again and still no answer. Still thinking it was my son, I figured that he was just sleep walking so I got out of bed and headed towards the door to pick him up and return him to his room.  When I reached the door, the little figure just disappeared. I quickly went into my son’s room, and there he was, all tucked in and sleeping soundly.  It didn’t look like he had moved an inch in his bed.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but I was trying to figure out a logical explanation.  But I kept coming back to the conclusion that I must have seen a ghost. It couldn’t have been my son, there was no way he could walk, must less run from my doorway to his bedroom and me not see him.  After that night, I had a strange feeling like someone was watching and following me around the house.  I would even close my bedroom door only to wake the following morning and find it open.  I asked my son and husband on many occasions if they had opened the door in the middle of the night and every time they both answered no.  I never saw the ghost child again, but as long as I lived in that house, I always felt that he was there with me.   I learned through my neighbor that several years before we moved in that a young boy who lived close by was riding his bike in the street in front of our house and was hit by a car, the driver got out, picked him u, sat down in my front yard and held him until the paramedics got there.  He died in her arms before they arrived.   

Apartment Haunting Norfolk VA

By: sammniamii@hotmail.com

Hello. Last year I sent in a story about my boyfriend Mother’s house and the events that chased me away from there. Now I’m writing in with a new set of events from my new apt. Just under 2 years ago we moved from one old building to another old building about 2 miles away. My end of town is old; the Oceanview section of Norfolk, VA. Many places down here are 50-100+ years old, the area is full of history, some of it dark and unsettling.
From the very first second I walked into the new place, I knew it was an old school. Later I found out, yes in fact is was the Old Oceanview Elementary that had been replaced sometime in the 1940’s. Since the beginning, I knew something "else" was in the building. Within the first week of moving in, I sat alone in the living room and heard the sound of children laughing, from directly in front of me in the middle of my living room. I still am not sure if it was from outside, upstairs or what, but it was slightly alarming. A friend who visited shortly after also reported she felt a child grab her hand as she walked into the apt.
A few months later, I was home alone again, but getting ready to head out. Allow me to give you a bit of a layout. The apt is laid out in an H shape, with a long living room space, which leads thru an archway into the kitchen/hallway area. That narrows down to a hallway with a pantry on the left and the bathroom on the right just before the bedroom door. The bedroom, 12x14, is isolated from the rest of the place. You cannot hear anyone knocking on the front door from the bedroom. The building is made of brick, concrete, with plaster walls and a wooden raised floor. Technically the ground floor is below ground level. Anyways back to the story.
I was in the bathroom, just getting out of the shower. I had the bathroom door wide open, it blocks the hallway otherwise, and in the kitchen/hall section was a large dresser w/ a 45 gallon fish tank. In the reflection of the tank you could see into the kitchen. As I flipped my head down to wrap my hair, I looked into the fish tank and saw a tall male standing in the kitchen. I quickly stood up and ran out, checking the kitchen – no one but the cat and me were the only ones in the place. I went back to the bathroom to see if I could figure it out – I never could.
Several more months later, my boyfriend, myself and the cat were in the living area end of the apt. All the lights were off in the other end and everybody, including the cat, was off the floor or sitting down. Suddenly I heard a noise from the other end of the apt like the sound of a foot dragging across the carpeted floor. I looked at my boyfriend who was looking at me – neither of us knew what made that sound. The cat acted off all evening, following us closely.
Two days later, the sound repeated but this time we; BF, myself and cat, were in the bedroom and off the floor, the other end of the apt was dark and sealed up. Again the foot scraping the carpet sound, as clear as day.
About this time we started leaving a light on in the front part of the apt at night – we are both grown adults, 27 and 31, but something gave us the creeps: the archway leading between the two sections of the apt. If you sat in the bedroom and the living room was dark, you will get completely un-nerved looking into the darkness of the archway. Myself, my boyfriend and several friends all felt this. If you sat in the living room and looked into the bedroom, you didn’t feel anything. Also at this time, my boyfriend and myself started getting strange “I’m not alone” feelings if you were in the bedroom but alone in the house. Several times I would get up and go looking into the living room to see if my boyfriend had come home only to find the place locked up and empty. He would do the same if he was home alone.
The last two major items are creepy. First, as I explained before, if the bathroom door is open, but not wide open, it blocks the hallway. One night my boyfriend was using the loo and I was in the bedroom with my cat, watching TV. I got up, turned off the TV and left the room, closing the bathroom door just enough to get by. My cat was right on my heels. We sat down and started watching TV in the living room. A few minutes later my boyfriend joins us and asked me if I passed by twice. “No, why?” He stated that just before I walked by the door, out of the corner of his eye he saw a pale female leg pass by the door. I told him that I would have had to move the door to pass, plus the cat was with me and if I passed twice, he would have seen me 3 times, not just twice. He doesn’t know what he saw that night.
Last major thing was the very next night. He was in the bathroom shaving and I was standing the in the hallway, with the door open, blocking the hallway. I was talking to him and out of the corner of the my eye, I saw a pale white, sharp clawed female hand wrap around the doorknob then pull back around. I stopped in mid-word and the boyfriend asked what I saw. I told him and he looked past the door – nothing there.
Since then I have done a full-blown ritual cleansing on the apt. That very day the place felt better and all the weirdness stopped: no sounds, no shadows or shapes, no major creepy feeling from the archway. BUT… only within the last few months has some strange things started up again… mainly misty shapes out of the corner of my eyes. I guess it’s time for another cleansing. Thanks for the time to tell my tale, sorry it was long, but it had to be just to get out. Thanks and keep up all the good work on the site.

The Read House of Chattanooga, TN

By: speedy9747@aol.com
A great addition to your haunted places index
The modern day Sheraton Read House, which sits in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, was originally opened in 1847 as the Crutchfield House. The Crutchfield House was a family owned business profiting on the booming railroad industry coming from the "Gateway to the South" the Chattanooga train depot. By the time of the Civil War, the Crutchfield family had divided loyalties and the hotel was sold shortly before the war. When fighting swept into Chattanooga in 1863, the hotel was commandeered by the Union forces and converted it into a hospital.
Legend has it that room 311 is haunted by the a murdered prostitute. A Union Soldier, most likely wounded in battle, enlisted the companionship of a "working girl." Apparently, all did not go well. No one can say with any certainty what happened other than the girl was brutally murdered.  Since the hotel was under the control of the Union Forces and the victim was most likely a Southern sympathizer, the soldier it is doubtful that he was ever punished for his crimes. 
Ironically, the hotel survived the brutal war only to burn to the ground in 1867. A doctor, John T. Read, persuaded T.G. Montague and other investors to build a replacement hotel on the site of the Crutchfield House in 1872. And it has been suggested that once the hotel was rebuilt, the prostitute returned to the very room where held her last breath in an effort to avenge her death-or perhaps she never left.
Even today, visitors and staff have seen bizarre apparitions or have heard unexplainable sounds coming from room 311. On more than one occasion, hotels guests have left in the middle of the night, too frightened to stay in the room any longer. Staff members have been confronted with firing and have still refused to go in room 311. Since the reopening of the hotel in 1872, the reports have been so frequent that it has become company policy to not use that room unless no others are available,or it is requested.

YorkTown, Virginia

By: yvonne_t69@yahoo.com

When I moved to Virginia my first job was working in a baptist church in Yorktown
my coworkers would tell me to visit the battle field it was a nice place to visit. one day I decided to go
on my lunch break I would go for an hour it was only 3 min. away I started
driving along the main road entering the entrance of the beach when all of a sudden the gages in my car started spinning around and around I didn't not think it had anything to do with the surrounding because I was driving a old car the further I
enter the beach area the car would pull to my left towards the bridge and water making it difficult to drive I finally came to a parking lot and turned around
going back to work this hole time it felt like 20 min went by my watch
had stopped and the car dash board clock was not working when I finally got closer
to my job the gages went back to normal and my watch said 2 o'clock when I left at 11:45am it felt like I enter a different zone I did not mention anything to my coworkers I ended up going to work 2 hours late back from lunch. I decided to go to Yorktown for lunch again and the same thing happened.

Gertie the Ghost pays a visit!

By:  Anonymous

I attended Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas not too long ago.  During my senior year, I stayed a few months in a private dorm in the Patti Cobb girl dormitories. 
Many people say that various parts of Harding campus are haunted by the ghost of Gertie - a girl who died by falling from a bell tower on campus back in the early 1900s.  She has been known to haunt the old music building, the brick pathway that cuts across campus, and the bell tower (which has since been detached and placed on campus as a landmark).   One other thing she is said to haunt happens to be the Patti Cobb dormitories.  There is debate as to whether or not it's Gertie or a different ghost entirely, but either way one thing is for certain - Patti Cobb is haunted.
I had heard about this prior to moving into the Patti Cobb dorms, but I was told a different story about how she only haunted the first floor dorms.  I was given a dorm on the third floor.   It was a private dorm that had no connecting suits to it.  I had my own private bathroom and the room was not shared with a roommate.
At first I was thrilled with not having to share a bathroom with anyone.  Then I started having strange feelings at night.  I would find that I would hear noises in the hallway at times.  Of course, being a dorm, I passed it off as silly girls wandering the hallways at night.  No biggie.
But then I started having strange feelings in my room.  There were times I would feel as though someone was sitting at the edge of my bed.  Sometimes I felt as though someone was standing there starring at me.   The doorknob would also jiggle at various points during the night.  I normally tried to ignore it, thinking maybe it was an RA doing nightly dorm checks (the university has a strict curfew), but there would be times that it would happen at 3 in the morning when any sane person would already be out of the hallways and in bed!   The few times I opened the door upon hearing it jiggling, there would be nobody in the hallway.
Eventually I moved out of that room and moved in with a girl a few doors down.  While I still could hear the occasional freaky noises in the hallway at early morning hours, the feeling of something un-natural being in the room and the doorknob jiggling ceased in my new dorm.   I found out later from an older friend of mine, however, that she had lived in the exact same dorm room that I had scary issues in.   When she lived in there a few years earlier, she and a friend of hers were sitting around talking.   She was sitting at her desk and felt someone hug her.  She turned around to see her friend starring at her with wide eyes.  "What happened?" she asked.  "I just saw a ghost behind you!" her friend replied.
To this day she swears up and down that Gertie gave her a hug in her dorm room - the exact same dorm room that I had so many freaky encounters in. 
And people wonder why I get paranoid being alone in a house at night.

Ghost Story from a Friend

By: Anonymous

A close friend of mine had an interesting experience I thought I'd share.   She used to live in this old house located in central Arkansas.  It's been abandoned for years, but her grandparents still own the property it stands on.   I remember going over there to help her and her mother move stuff out of the house.  It was really old and falling apart.   The entire place just had a major creepy feeling to it. 
She mentioned to me while over there that as a child, she remembers having an experience with the ghost of a little girl that dwelt there.   There were several things that she mentioned about the girl, but the one I remember in detail is one incident when my friend was very young.   Her mom had just tucked her in to bed and was turning off the light.   A few minutes later, the light switch flicked on by itself.   My friend screamed for her mom to come.   Her mom turned the light off again, only for it to be physically flicked back on.   Finally the mother said very sternly, "Please stop that and let my daughter sleep." to the ghost there.   The light did not come back on afterwards.
My friend updated me on the ghost a few weeks ago.  Apparently her grandparents finally decided to tear down the old, ragged house that once stood there and make good use of the land.   After the house was destroyed, the little girl apparently made her way to the grandparents' house!   My friends' grandmother has noted seeing a little girl running around the house out of the corner of her eye.   She does not believe that the ghost is malicious, so she doesn't mind it so much, but she has no doubt in her mind that it's the same ghost girl from the house that they used to live in. 

My Visit to 13 Stairs

By: wrennad@aol.com

Earlier this night I was rehashing past visits to a cemetery in my hometown of Naugatuck Ct, called Guntown when I remembered a visit to Iowa when I was 17, so back in 2000.
I went to visit a friend and spent only a few days. My friend, having been to "13 Stairs" ( I just recently found out it's real name, Pleasant Ridge) many times told me about it and we decided to make a trip of it. There were four of us in total. Three teens and an adult. My friend told me the stories about bodies being buried in the steps, about the graves being mostly young children, about possible Satanist activities and the like before we arrived, so I was prepared.
We left a little after 11:30pm, arrived there shortly after midnight without any problems finding it. I think there was a gate but it was open. We parked a few feet from the steps, with the car facing them. The moon was out but it was still fairly dark so we brought flashlights. We went to check it out only, to look around some and take some photographs.
It was around winter so it was cold and windy. We were the only ones there, no other cars in sight at least. We made our way up the stairs and into the cemetery. It was eerie. I kept getting those deep chills up and down my spine that kind of make your body jerk and a definite feeling of being watched. I know my friends complained of the same and wanted to leave minutes after arriving.
One claimed to have heard their name being called and being touched, like someone was tugging on their clothing and seeing shadows move around the tombstones. I didn't experience any of that myself but I was weirded out all the same. We walked around a bit, not too far from the stairs themselves and took some photos of the graves. After about 30 minutes, and it being well after midnight, the others were ready to leave. This is where the freaky thing happened.
To our knowledge we were the only ones there. There weren't any other cars visible nor people. After having a somewhat disappointed time, in my opinion, we made our way down the steps and toward the car. We had the flashlight on by then and lighting our way when my friend saw something black on the ground. We rush back to the car and turned the headlights on and right at the bottom of the steps in the parking lot was a huge Pentacle traced out in what looked like black paint.
I know it wasn't there before we climbed the steps. The car was parked so the headlights would light up the bottom of the steps so we could see them. There was nothing on the ground beforehand. By then my friends were screaming and crying and pulling me in to the car. I snapped a photo or two and then we sped off. I do recall the car stalling once before we left.
I waited until I got back home to develop the film, only to be told that there was nothing at all on the roll. It was a roll of 24, all of which were of the cemetery and the roll was completely blank. That irked me.
The Pentacle thing was crazy. Were weren't drunk or high or anything stupid like that and I know the 4 of us couldn't have imagined it and it definitely was not there when we first arrived. I'm not saying ghosts did it either. For all I know, there could have been some kids there already and decided to mess with us. I heard it gets vandalized a lot.
It's just what we experienced that night. And my friends who are from that area were horrified for a few days about what happened and mentioned some rubbish about going to hell.
 It's a little hard to believe and I wouldn't have either if I wasn't there but I thought it was interesting and felt like sharing. I'd love to go back one day. I'm not sure if this is a haunting or anything. More of a strange happening at a haunted place. Anyway, thanks for listening. I wonder if anyone else ever experienced that? I thought it was strange.

I Told You So!

By: karendawson_36@yahoo.com

These aren't ghost stories, they are more outer body paranormal experiences.  I do have witnesses to them.  Back in 1994 I was stationed at Kadena AFB Okinawa Japan.  I was sleeping one night and had a dream I can remember to this day.  I was standing on the the porch of an older black mans house with the view of some mountains behind him.  I saw a blast of light from an explosion coming from the mountains, all of a sudden a train that was filled with women and children that had been blown up came out of the mountains and through the old mans house.  In my dream there were dead bodies all in the back yard, in trees and on the ground.  I woke up horrified wondering to my self why I would dream such a thing, I told my friend about the dream and both of us wondered why.  The next day when I got to work I started reading the newspaper and front page news in Egypt a train carrying mostly women and children exploded while coming out of the mountains and went through an older Gentlemans house.  They didn't know where the bodies were.  I stopped breathing as I read this story, this scared me as I had never experienced any ESP this powerful, I have feelings sometimes, or can  sometimestell what someone is thinking, but this blew me and my friend away. I could not have heard about this a head of time as we were on a small Japanes Island with no cable tv at the time just AFRTS the military channel.
The Second big experience happend in 1998, i had come back to Cheyenne Wyoming after 4 years on Okinawa.  My father moved out there with me to watch my daughter as I was going back out to the missile sites.  We had been there for a week and just moved into a trailer so we had no cable hooked up and had to watch movies.  One night I dreamed I was in California and there was a massive mud slide, I told my father of the dream the next day.  We thought nothing of it until the next day his brother Cliff called us and told my dad that the Pacific Palisades in Santa Monica California where my dad lived for 28 years slid down into the ocean.  A massive mud slide of course, my dad looked at me right away and told me what Cliff had said, all I could say was "I told you so".

Experiences of a Lifetime

By: dspig@ptd.net

I have a sister Janette who has dealt with paranormal experiences over her life; she sent this site to me via email. I inturn thought that I would share my feelings and some of my encounters with you.
Some of the stories that I read from your site were very convincing while others sounded a bit like a hoax. Although my experiences would sound like the later to many people I swear that I believe all that I've seen to be true although unexplicable.
As many of your stories my experiences also started in childhood. Mine I believe may be a result of troubled years reflecting child abuse and fears of daily trials. Perhaps my aparitions were given portal because of the fears. I remember back as far as my early adolescence living in a house that sent a chill in me and fear to go to the upstairs alone. Now my very human predator used to lay wait for me in the long narrow hallway around the wall from the stairway which accounts for some to the fear. However, this person was not always present in my home. The feeling was always there. I remember at night I slept in an antique frame bed handed down through the family, I would lay very still and that bed would shake like it had a vibrator attached. I heard sounds and footsteps. Once, when a teenager I was alone in the house; I wanted to wear a jacket that was stored in a third floor attic closet. I went up the enclosed stairway to the top thinking of nothing but retreving my jacket. When I stepped onto the floor an old wind-up antique victrola record player started playilng a very creepy song called Fernando's Hide-A-Way. I have hated that song since I was a baby and my brothers would play it to frighten me and make me cry. I ran out of my house frightened by the song and about ten blocks to my best friends house. When I got there her mother (known as the gypsy lady) was havin a seance in her kitchen, the table these people were standing around rose off of the floor and knocked me down. I bolted from there too.  To this point most of my experience was sound, and physical experiences, I had not seen any apparitions.
During my second marriage in my late twenties, my husband and I bought an old log cabin which was hand-built with logs and stone from the land it stood on many years earlier. It was beside the Chilisqaukee Creek on old Indian grounds. This is where I began to see apparitions. Both frightening experiences and enlightning experiences. Many things occurred; an unseen force put a large dent in a metal cabinet in the laundry room right before my eyes. My little 3 year old step daughter would not stay in her bed, she would crawl under the bed to sleep, or hide in a closet. One night I found her under clothes in a laundry basket in the laundry just outside of her bedroom. This area of the house seemed to be the most effected. It was here that one afternoon while putting clothes into the washer that I felt a cold hand on my shoulder; I was alone in the house at the time. When I looked behind me I saw a black hooded, robed figure, I do not remember a face, Nor do I remember this figure being much taller than me at 5'4" height.  I do remember getting very scared, I looked away and then it was gone. A small bathroom was also off of this room, I recall once while taking a morning shower hearing animal growling and scratching at the bathroom door. These sounds disappeared when I began reciting the Twentythird Psalm.
One night while I was sick with the Flu and spending the night on the sofa; I remember awakening to an apparition "copy cat" that looked exactly like my husband in his pajamas in the bedroom doorway; but he was transparent. This also dissappeared after a breif encounter. Our life together in this house was rocky and I thought perhaps I was loosing my mind. I did not do drugs and only drank socially everything that was happening was very real. On final memory I have was I believe a result of my depression which I was falling into; I had come to a point that I did not want to leave the house. I also knew in my heart that my husband was having an affair. I one night after contemplating ending my life; sought God through deep prayer and called the 700 club to ask for the prayer-line to praky for me. The same night while I lay in bed alone in my dark room a light started to shine in the corner across from my bed; it grew brighter and was in the form of a bright white light ball that floated across the room and hovered at my bedside. I was not frightened and reached up to investigate; I felt a hand from out of the light take my hand and I heard a mental message say that everything would be OK. The light then just went away. I was left feeling cleansed, happy, and pure as if touched by God himself. I wanted to go tell the world that life goes on and we are meant to be holy, I couldn't utter swear words, and put down my cigarettes. This cleansing phenomina unfortunately was temporary and I slid back into my old ways after a few weeks. The divorce occured, we moved out of that house and my life went on. The OK part came a few years later when I became a mother of my own child for the first time, then I went to school and became a registered nurse. I fell in love with the man that I am now married to and we have been together for 20 years. That was the last apparition that I have seen.
Until my nursing career took me into some old nursing homes. I tend to always work the night shift it fits into my life style. One night while working in a home in Lewisburg, Pa. I saw a stange occurrance. A helium birthday balloon floated out of one resident's room, traveled down the center of a long corrider as if being held in the hand of a child it bounced along hitting the ceiling at times and floating down but in a straight line it moved down that hallway. The balloon took a turn at another resident's room and went inside. This resident started screaming to get that out of her room; by the way it was her birthday. The same nursing home was the place of violence one suicide hanging, and another murder suicide occurred there during the three years that I worked there. I have other stories; but this is enough for now.


By: terrikeencoffman@aol.com
Found as tiny stray, Gypsy, my tabby, had been abandoned by her mother. We took her in and for the next 14 years, we were were inseparable. By age 14, Gypsy's health was already compromised by severe arthritis and she was no longer able to jump up in the bed to sleep with me. As time went on, the pain medication seemed to have less and less effect on her and she would often hide in the deepest, darkest closet in the hottest room in the house. She would have to lay down to eat or drink. On June 19, 2007, the vet said, 'It's time. You've done everything you can for her. Do you love her enough to put her out of her pain?"
As I held her and told her I loved her, the vet administered the injection. Afterwards, I brought her home, buried her beneath my bedroom window where she used to look outI placedangel statue on her grave. That night, I cried myself to sleep missing my best friend. The next night, I felt her jump on the bed at my feet. I sat up looking, but nothing was there. I felt her walk up by my hip and lay down. I reached out to stroke the air, feeling the cool change in temperature. For several weeks, while I grieved out of guilt of having put her to sleep, every night, sometimes just as I would climb into bed, I would feel the familiar pounce. Sometimes, she would gingerly walk over my feet and up the other side of me. Sometimes, she was content to just lay at the foot of the bed. I never saw an image, a mist, no form of any kind, but it was Gypsy. She kept coming back for weeks, to console me. I wasn't surprised.
After all, for 14 years, anytime a family member was ill, she'd get in bed with them and console them with her presence. I believe that's what she was doing - that, and to tell me, "Look what I can do! I'm no longer in pain and I'm at peace. But I'm still here. After all, this is my home!"
Now, Gypsy has started jumping in my mom's bed. (We live together.) Mom will sit up in bed, after feeling the "pounce", but nothing visible is there. It's only our beloved cat.

My Brother and My Personal Experiences

By: badgirlz_19_18@yahoo.com

When my dad, Josh and me moved into that address when I was 13, that first nite I couldnt sleep I had my bed between 2 little windows and I kept hearing old fashioned civil war boots pacing around up in the attic, I moved my bed across the room the sounds followed the bed until 1 nite I said enough, I am trying to sleep and the noices stopped.
Josh and I we seen ghost there 3 separate times when it was just me Josh in the house.
Josh was making fun of the Kiccapoo tribe and he was pushed from behind, there was no one there I was standing infront of him across the room.
I was standing in the kitchen and my Josh was standing in the dinning room there is a huge mirror, we were talking then we seen a teenager in all black clothes and she had red eyes she looked at Josh then she looked at me and then she disappeared into the mirror.
Somthing grabed my leg as I was about to come downstair and it threw me, I feel down the stairs, that time my parents were at home.
The same spirit that grabed my leg and pushed me, picked my brother Jacob he was 2 at time, the spirt was about to threw him when my mom said to put him down and he was st down.
My cousin Mindy was afraid to go into my room alone.
My grandpa and his wife had bought the house from a widow, her husband died in the house in the room I got, he hung himself, but the report said he died of natural causes. His widow said she found him haning. She sold the house to my grandpa after him and his wife got divorced and he married my grandma in 99' he let me and my dad and Josh move into the house we had no where to go because my dad and ex-step mom had got divorced.
We left the house in 01 and moved into with our mom. I came back to the house to get some stuff in 01 or 02. I got my stuff as I looked back at the house, the curtains in the room that I used to have were moving. The windows were shut and locked. I said I am leaving and you cant come with me, goodbye forever, and the curatins shut and moved no more.
The house was built in 1900. I think the house is haunted by more then 1 spirit a few nice but a few mean.

I thought I Saw a Ghost and I was not in My Body Anymore

By: Massagebymyrna@aol.com

i had this amazing experience one time at my grandma's house. we had been living there temporarily for a year, and i slept in the room my greatgrandmother lived in (and died in, i don't know). so one night i go to bed kind of late, like 12:00am. i'm falling asleep, and iam slowly drifting out of my body. a world similar to Heaven fills my eyes (i did not know if they were open or closed) and i'm levatating above a crystal clear river with lust plants below. a breeze touches my body, and i hear extremely beuatiful music. but it wasen't from an instrument. i don't know what it was. then i fall back into my body, and i am shaking with...fear?
i begin fall asleep again. this time i'm floating out of my body, and i see strange shadow people walk across my plane of sight. they are semitransparent and have misty grey specks of stuff that swirl around and form bodies. i could not tell who they were. (by the way, this house is as old as the 1930's). then i'm freaking out like no other, and i fly out of the room and into the living room, and somehow it appears to be daytime. A quit whirring noise occurs, and grows into a monsterous roar. i see my body curled up in a ball on the floor and i'm covering my ears. i see my family (alive) around me yelling at me, but all i can hear is the sound. almost like a rocket blasting off, only with scissors. then i get dragged back into the bedroom and as i am sinking downward, i see two "ectoplasmic faces" staring at me and flying away. it was just like what people talk about when they see ghosts. i hope you enjoyed my true story. i don't know how it happened

My Ghost Experience

By: voodoo_ideya@yahoo.com

I have a little ghost story for you all. A long time ago I lived with my mom and grandparents. During this time weird things started happening. Apparently I made a new friend no one else could see.
It’s name was Julie. I had no idea what gender it was due to him/her being too severely burned.
My grandma tells me that when I was about eight months old I would start staring into space a lot. Like I was watching something. As I got older I would start making weird gestures and noises like I was telling some one to cut it out. I guess s/he was my friend.
Julie never tried to hurt anyone. I’m not sure why he was even there.
I stopped seeing her when I was about two. But she’s still in the house. Some how he found his way to the upstairs house (Two story building) where my great aunt lives. The only thing she really does now is take my little cousins bottle. But that’s about it.
I don’t know any history of my grandma’s house or the neighborhood around it. But I’m convinced some type of fire broke out.
The funny thing though, is that Julie wasn’t the only spirit to be seen. The only other time one was seen was by my grandpa. This is what happened to him.
He was sleeping on the couch in the living room. He says he woke up to a little child, that looked no more then one years old, jumping on his stomach. After which it giggled and ran behind the couch.
Some years in the future I plan to have a pro go to the house and tell me more about Julie and see if the little girl is still there. Hope you guys enjoyed my little story!^^

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

By: cmac1975@yahoo.com
They have reopened this hospital in Dayton, OH.  I am a telephone guy and I have a number of clients in there.  One day I was called in 
there to work on the weekend.   When I went to the telephone closet 
in the basement My equipment was unplugged.  I plugged it back in and waited for the system to come back up, shut the door and went back upstairs.  When I got back up to the first floor my customer stated that they were working for only a second then went back down.  I went back down to the basement and plugged it back in. Thinking that it must have just fallen out  I put a tie wrap on the power cord to attach it to the battery backup and went back up stairs.  The exact same thing happened again.  I started to get suspicious this time.  I went back down stairs and my tie wrap was laying on the ground.  Out 
of the corner of my eye I saw a little girl run out of the room.  
There was no where for her to hide in the room.  I put a tie wrap back on the power cord and locked the door back behind me again, this 
time I asked out loud for her to please leave the equipment alone.  
It worked.  I have not been back in the basement since.  The place has  always given me the creeps and now I know why.


By: donshere@sbcglobal.net

The Willard P. Hall mansion on Hall Street in Saint Joseph, Missouri is haunted.  Willard P. Hall was the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri during the last part of the Civil War.  When the Governor died, Willard assumed the office of Governor.  With the Civil War raging, he moved the statehouse from Jefferson City to Saint Joseph.  I don't know why he did that because Saint Joseph was pretty well known to favor the South.
After the mansion was used as a residence it became a rectory for priests who served the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church parish next door.  As parishes were closed in the Diocese of Kansas City - Saint Joseph, one priest took over the Sts. Peter and Paul Church and the Immaculate Conception Church (a church immediately West...about three-quarter mile away).  The pastor leased out the first floor of the house, at that time, to United Cerebal Palsey and allowed me to live upstairs to oversee the property so it would not be vandalized.
Most of the walls throughout the house were solid brick/stone construction, yet sounds of large rats could be heard scrambling wlithin those walls.  The light switches in "the old servants quarters" upstairs, where I lived, were not up and down switches...but to rotated in a circular manner.  Those switches were observed rotating, on their own, turning the lights on and off.  Dark shadows frequently covered doorways eliminating all light outside those particular rooms.  Once, when that happened, a loud scream, like that of a large wild cat (lion/tiger) could be heard and it was ear shattering.  The room on the Southwest Corner upstairs, that was my bedroom, became so cold that ice actually formed thick in the corners of the room and the walls were frosty.  Sounds of music, like a very soft harp, was heard on occassion by a number of people.  One parish council meeting stopped suddenly when one of the councilwomen, who was wearing a shoulderless summer dress, felt an icy hand placed upon her shoulder...and no one was behiind her.  And, finally, many times when it was very late at night, or very early morning, one could hear footsteps throughout the house followed by a conversation that always turned into an argument and then was followed by the soft crying of a woman.  The basement of the mansion appears to have been used for either slaves or prisoners and there is rumor that there is a cave entrance hidden somewhere in the basement that leads down to the Missouri River, a distance of about a mile and a half.  (I never found it.)  When I called the pastor, once in the middle of the night, and asked him to come over and experience some of these goings on (the icy room, a darkened doorway and the sound of a screaming large cat)...he told me, "No way.  Do you think I'm nuts?  I'll come over first thing in the morning".  He never showed up...and, I moved.  The place is still standing, but I haven't been back.

Haunting In Newton

By: pamela@hickorypark.com

Hello, I live in Newton, NC and I am addicted to this site. My story happened about 5 years ago. Me and my sister (Melissa) lived next door to one another at the time. The house that she lived in had been vacant for about 16 years. The previous owner was according to the neighbors a very mean only lady who had been sent to live in a nursing home and refused to allow her home to be sold. It stayed that way until her death. As soon as she died, her children put the house up for sell and my sister bought it. At first it was just little things that happened. Melissa and my nephew (he was 3 at the time) were sitting in the living room with no tv on and he asked her who was there because he heard people talking on the stairs. They were alone in the house at the time. The stairs were a hot spot in that house. When she was pregnant with my neice she fell (or was pushed) down them 3 times. Her family had went on vacation for the week, so I was left to take care of the animals. Well 3 days into their vacation, I went over to feed and water and I heard a horrible commotion upstairs. It sounded like the house was falling apart. So I freaked out and left and didn't return. Poor cats!  When they got home from vacation I told them what happened and my brother in law went to check and in their bedroom (which was once the previous owners)and my sisters entire closet was dumped out in the middle of the bedroom floor. Everything! Nothing else was disturbed in the house and nothing was missing. Same bedroom...my sister was sleeping and woke to an old woman walking across her bedroom floor to the window. She described her and my mother went to the library to pull old obitutaries and she showed the picture to my sister. She immediately broke down in tears because she was looking at the woman she had seen in her room. She immediately started packing and sold the home. The new owners now have similar things going on. Their daughter was pushed down the stairs and their son has seen a man in one of the bedrooms on numerous occasions. And then the came home one day to find their cat dead at the foot of the stairs! Creepy!

By: sue.huels@ngc.com

My mom had about 3 years of on and off visitations.  She would wake up around 11:00 at night with a start to see different shapes of a grayish/white "fog" which every time she would think it was smoke and her house was on fire.  Sometimes the fog was in a blue arc by her dresser, sometimes the whole room was filled up with a misty fog, other times it was 3 big ovals by her tv, and even sometimes she had a big oval on all 3 sides of her bed.  The one that really scared her was when she woke up to see the fog by the foot of her bed, then it flew over her with such a force and went through her wall above her headboard.  Mom even walked through the "misty fog" one night, because again, she thought her house was on fire and she jumped up to get her robe.  I asked her if it was cold when she went through it and she said that it wasn't and it didn't smell either.  She did see one apparition of a boy of about 18 years old.  He was standing next to her bed with his head down.  Mom said he was grayish looking and she did not talk to him, but she felt an awful sadness emanating from him.  Shortly after that we had somebody come and clear the house.  The woman who cleared the house said that since mom volunteered at a hospital, she was bringing all sort of spirits/ghosts back home with her.  They sort of attached themselves to her.  After that, mom said that the house felt very empty.  It's been 2 years since her house has been cleared and so far, so good.  I think we also brought "stuff" in because when we were kids we would play with the Ouija board in the 1960's.  Now I know just how dangerous it is to use one of them unless you really know what you're doing.  But in the 1960's you really didn't hear anything about the dangers of Ouija boards - it was just plain fun.  When the person who cleared mom's home found a ghost of a man under the stairs in the workroom, it kind of explained why my Dad and my sister always felt like they were being poked in their backs by an unseen finger.  And us kids always hated to go into the laundry room to get pop out of the fridge for supper.  We would get the pop and run up the stairs as fast as we could.  All 3 of us kids did the same thing, we couldn't wait to get out of that room!  I really think that spirit hung around since we "dug" him up in the 60's with the Ouija board.  He's gone now though and hopefully at peace.

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