Restless Spirits

by name withheld by request

My maternal aunt and uncle are constantly being hounded by

spirits. Objects would be missing only to wind up in the most obvious

places, an occasional sighting, and a lot of noise at any time of the

day. I truely believed in these stories having paranormal activity occur

in my family before. The stories they could tell you could last for days

so I will only relay my personal experience at their home.

I was 18 at the time and we had planned a waterskiing trip which

would require us to be on the road by 5:00 a.m., therefore, I spent the

night so we could just leave that morning. Jason, my cousin, and I went

to get some videos. We watched the first movie fine and enjoyed it very


While I knew that they had spiritual encounters frequently, I

was not at all uncomfortable in their home. I never felt,"cold spots,

shivers,or someone watching me". Needless to say, we plugged in My Life,

(Michael Keaton---boring,)once I got settled on their hide a bed

sectional couch in the basement. Next thing I know I heard someone

upstairs banging the drawer in the kitchen. (Their drawers are on

gliding tracks so if you let it go,the drawer will close then bounce if

it hits hard enough). I opened my eyes to find the movie and lights off

and Jason was snoring next to me. I had fallen asleep during the movie

and didn't even realize it. I rolled over and tried to fall asleep

again but the noise continued. As I came to, they began dragging chairs

back and forth, banging drawers, running up and down the hall. Keep in

mind, this was all happening directly above us so it was very loud. At

this point, I really started to get scared and began pinching myself and

holding my breath to make sure I was really awake and not dreaming it.

It was so loud though that there is no way I could have imagined it.

I then covered my head with the blanket and plugged my ears. I

thought, "why am I plugging my ears, that's my only defese!". So I got

the courage to unplug them. I didn't hear anything for a minute but then

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They would stop and then run

back up the stairs. I wigged! I woke my cousin up, which was no use

since he was so used to them he fell back to sleep instantly. I found

the TV remote and turned it on. I hid under my blanket and made a

perfect square with the covers so the only thing I could see was the TV

screen. I began talking outload letting the spirits know that I would

sure appreciate it if they didn't run in front of the TV screen. I

stayed up all night but I never saw an actual ghost-thank God!. I

finally got the courage to uncover and I saw a light on in the stair

well. I unplugged my ears and heard legitimate noise, my aunt getting

ready for waterskiing. She came downstairs and said, "Noisy aren't

they?, Have you been up all night?"

The waterskiing trip was great, I heard, considering I spent the

entire day sleeping in the cab of the truck.

My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins have seen them. They say the ghosts

are in the form of several different children. My Aunt has done all the

checking she can do with land archives but it has been farmland clear

back to the 1800's.

The way the ghosts would run back and forth, I think they were

the children goofing around. I am 24 now and no way in hell would I ever

spend another night there.

P.S. Just wondering... if someone was to walk in on those noises

happening, would the actual drawers be pulled out and chairs being

dragged? I wonder if they are noises that are familiar to us but

happening in another demention. Maybe you may hear the familiar noise

but never see the drawer open. for though.

The Farm

by name withheld by request

Here's my story.

I'm from holland so my english is not very good.

I moved to a house in a village nearby. an old farm. about 100 years


A piece of that farm had allready been redecorated by the former


When I cam inside and walked to the first floor there came a creepy

feeling over me. It was like someone was looking at me and touching me

at the same time. At the moment it was cold there but outside it was 30

degrees. There was one place on that floor which was very dark. It was

behind a room. a little place 2.5 meters by 50 centimeters.

Everybody in our family that came near that place started getting cold.

So nobody would come near that place again. Everytime I came there I

was afraid and the feeling that somebody touched me came over me. The

lady that lived in that house for over 50 year's used that place to put

her most valuable things and that lady didn't want anyone to come near

the house. Maybe it's here who tries to scare me away from the hiding

place. Although I was afraid I still went there.

One day there was an electric failure(?) so al the lights went out.

At that moment I was standing near THE spot. All I can remember is that

that strange feeling came over me again and I fell on the floor.

I thought I was awake all the time because I walked through the house

but my parents told me that they found me lying on the floor and that I

have been "away" (they said sleeping) for over an hour.

After this had happened I wasn't afraid anymore for that place and I

even got the feeling that whoever was there go's with me everywhere.

Sometimes when I'm eating, the basement door opens and it get's a bit

cold. I don't mind. but the rest of the family does.

There are several other things that happens round the house that I can't

explain. The dark place in the corner has been put a plate to.

No matter how good we place that wooden plate. It always falls off.

I now know why.

The New House


Here is my ghost story. I recently moved into a brand new house, 3 levels. For about the first month, things were going as normal as could be. Of course there were a few creepy sounds, but hey, it was a new house, and it was setteling. About a month after we moved in, the strange things started happening. Don't get me wrong, its not like im really scared of it, its just something that is very different and sometimes gets to be annoying. The first incident was the cookie jar. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich. I was getting the bread and i happend to look at the teddy bear cookie jar. It looked normal, facing forward. I made my sandwich and went to put the bread back, and i looked at the cookie jar again. This is the funniest one. The head was facing forward, and the body was facing the wall! I was laughing so hard! My sister thought that i did it to joke with her. After that, they started to get a little different. For a few years i have played the Clarinet. Im the only one in my family that is able to play it. I was sleeping one night when i woke up at about 3 am and heard my Clarinet! I didn't recognize the song, but it sounded so pretty! I thought that maybe my mom or dad had known always how to play it, and we just practicing it. I went down to the basement (where i practice at). I still heard the music, but there was nobody there. The music sounded just as quiet as it had upstairs. My Clarinet case and music was just where i had left it. As soon as i opened my case, the music stoped. My clarinet was there, just like i had left it. I was just a little creeped out. But it was late and i was tired. I've gotten used to the music, (it happens every sunday at exactly 3:17am) but i still dont know what it is. There have also been other things. I was eating an apple, and i sat it on the counter to go to the bathroom. I was home alone, and when i came back, there was a HUGE bite taken out of it, in a place that i hadn't started eating yet. I got sorta ticked off and yelled "Well now you can have it!" I threw it away. Nobody else has noticed anything weird, but me. Sometimes i would find mirror messages when i took showers too. You know how when the mirror fogs up. Well, the first one i thought that my sister might have done it, but i locked the door, so she couldn't have came in. It wasnt exactly a message, but the letter H. That was also the first time i had seen the thing. I went to wipe the mirror, and for a few seconds, there was another face in the mirror, it wasn't a normal face, but it wasn't ugly or scary, and im not sure if it was a he or a she, but it was definantly something! i wasn't really scared, just startled. Of course, as soon as i called for my mom it was gone, and i had wiped away the proof (like she would have belived me anyway.) On thing that happens to my sister is that whenever she decides to play video games, the sega is moved to a different spot, and the adapter is no where to be found. (it always turns up in about an hour, in the original spot it was in, even though we looked there first, and it was NOT there.) I am sure that it has something to do with the land the house is plotted on, because from my back yard, i could see the other new houses. And there was one house in perticular that always drew my attention. No one had moved into it yet and it was supposed to be empty. The workers left the lights on all the time, so that isnt what bugged me. What bugged me was the fact that my dog couldn't wait to go outside, and i went out with him. I looked up at that house, and there was a woman, wrapped in a towel in the bedroom window, she looked at me and then walked twords the bathroom. I knew that no one lived in that house yet, the stickers were still on the window, there was no furniture, and there still wasn't any carpet! Somebody lives there now, and i haven't asked them about anything weird in their house, but im pos. that im not the only one in this neighbor hood who is experiencing strange things.



Hello, My name is Kat.

I used to work at Wal*Mart in Wareham Mass. One morning I went into work

about 5:30 a.m. to open the snack bar. I was walking back from clocking in and

I turned around for some reason and then I noticed just a head, the face of

the person was the only thing I could see. I thought it was one of my friends playing

a joke on me, but no one was around. I walked away for about 2 seconds and then I

walked back to where I was and the face was gone. On that same day, I was sitting

in the back of the snack bar doing my college homewrok, because the store wasn't

that busy that day. I shut off the lights in the back room, so I would not

waste electricty, and I looked up for one second and saw a very bright light, yes the lights

were still off. Then when I looked up the bright light was gone.

Saint Rose College


I am going to start this off by saying that I dont know if I believe the

story that I am going to tell you. I have a friend that attends Saint Rose

College in Albany, New York. This College has a long extensive history

about hauntings and things of the supernatural.

I guess it was the end of the semester and everyone had pretty much had gone

home for break. Every dorm has a RA(Resident Assistant), well anyway they

are the last ones to leave the dorms and to make sure everyone else has

left. This one girl was alone in her room and was packing. She heard

someone calling her, thinking it was another student who needed help went

looking for the person who called her, she checked the whole dorm and it was

empty. When she got back to her room every piece of clothing that she put

in her case was all over the room. On the mirror was written in coal "You

are no longer welcome" Needless to say that she went screaming to her

parents who were waiting outside. The police said it was just a college

prank, but the investigation said that all the students that had left

approximately 2.5 hours before the incident occurred and that one door was

locked from the inside and the two back doors had been sealed for the break.

I would appreciate any feedback others might have.

The Haunted Railroad Tracks


The story was, that a schoolbus filled with children, back in the 1930's or 1940's, had stalled on the tracks, and the bus driver tried in vain to get the bus going again. Ten children were killed when the train collided with the bus.

The story I heard was that you could drive to that location, shut your car off with the engine in neutral and the ghosts of the children would push your car up and over the tracks out of danger. I had to try it for myself!

I have a black car, a stationwagon, and decided to take talcum powder with me to sprinkle on the back of my car to see if any handprints would show up.

Now, there were two carloads of us going, me, my two daughters and my husband in mine, and my sister, her two children and boyfriend in hers. She has a white car.

I arrived at the site first, so I was anxious to try it. I wiped down the back of my car so there would be no fingerprints, no dust, dirt or anything.

I sprinkled the talc and put my car on the other side of the tracks. I put my car in neutral, took my foot off the pedals and the car moved! It moved quickly toward the tracks, up over the bump and down the other side, well out of harms way!

I was so excited I got out to check the back of my car and there were the tiny handprints! Plain and clear, and so, so tiny! The prints were so perfect, you could see the lines of the palms, and the swirls of the fingerprints!

We were so shocked! Then, the four of us heard childrens voices... loud and clear, like children playing on a school ground. We listened in amazement, then it stopped abruptly!

This place is very rural, and there wasn't anyone even near there! We had heard the children! I wanted to try it again, so I wiped off the handprints and talc off my car, put new talc, and tryed it again, this time, only with me in the car.

My kids stood behind the car, hoping to see a ghost or something, and my husband stood infront of the car, now scared and not wanting to be in the car to do it again...

This time, the car went even faster, and I heard the tailgate of my station wagon squeak when it was being pushed in! Up and over the hill again, I got out, and there were several little handprints, not only on the back of the car, but down the sides towards the back doors! And, there was one big handprint on the side! (the sides had also been wiped down!) Could this be a handprint from the bus driver? That's what we think...

By this time, my sister and her family had arrived and wanted to try it. The same happened to her car... but of course we didn't powder it, knowing they wouldn't show up on a white car.

When her car was pushed over, we were shocked! No handprints, but there were little blood droplets all over her trunk! They continued down the sides and there were blood droplets on the inside of the car where her daughter had the window down on the back door! We were all shocked!

None of us, except my husband, was scared. It's not scary, it's a very sad, somber mood out there. I had an incredible feeling of sadness.

Before leaving, I felt like I had to walk among the trees and bushes lining that little road, so I did. About halfway down the road, I heard terrible sobbing, gut-wrenching cries from children. I had to leave. Only two of us heard the crying.

I will never forget the experience I had that day. I took photographs of those handprints on my car, and they are very clear. Those poor little children who died that day have obviously vowed not to let anyone else die in that tragic spot.

Pictures coming very soon (I have them, now I just have to find them)

My Imagination?


We moved into Little Washington about three years ago. Everything was

cool untill we acually settled down in the house. This is a very old

house.Lets say about 200 years old.Slaves use to live here and the

slaves slept in my room.(no joke) Everyone was gone gone that night. I

was in my room at the time. While I was listening to my music and I

started to hear creepy noises coming from downstairs. As I walked down

the stairs to see what the noice was I saw shadows moving up and down,

back and forth.Black and white shadows.I was all the way downstairs and

the shadows seemed to disappear.I decidedthat it was nothing. I sat on

the couch waiting for my mother to get home and then it started up

again.But, it was only one shadow.It was coming into clear vision now.

It was a teenage boy(White) dressed in tan overalls.I had goosbumps all

over now. I asked him " What do you want?" I could see his lips move but

he was silent. Dead silent. Still I see him at night, the same time the

same place. He is walking up my stairs and then he stops and looks

back.And disappears. He is always trying to tell me something. But I

don't know what.Did he did at that certain place where he stops? What

happended to him? I have questions that I will never know.

Grandmother Watches Over


I remember when my son was only a couple of months old, I was rocking him

to sleep and telling him about my grandmother who had passed away (about

seven years earlier), and telling him how she was my best friend and

overall the greatest woman in the world to me. As I was telling him how

proud of him she'd be if she was still around, I felt a hand rest on my

right shoulder, but there was noone there. From then on I know that she is

keeping a watchful eye over my son and will aways be there for him.

My Grandparents' Ghost


I am an open minded housewife and mother of a three month old girl. What

I am telling you happened before my meeting my husband. I was staying

with my paternal grandparents for my Christmas college break. My

grandmother and I were up talking late one night. She startled me by

saying I suppose I should tell you about our ghost. Just that blunt. At

first I thought that she was having fun with me. But one look at her

face changed my mind. She explained that they had a resident ghost who

was the previous owner of the house and trailer park surrounding it. She

said he was gentle and loved to play pranks. He watched over my 5 and 2

year-old cousins with grandfatherly love. He made his first appearence

to my grandpa. Their washing machine had suddenling quit working. My

grandpa is a contractor and amateur electrician. He went to investigate

the problem. The machine was indeed in working order. As he decided to

look at the water source he felt a chill. As he looked done at the

faucet that supplied water to the washing machine, he saw that it had

been turned off. He called my grandma at worked and asked her not to

leave him alone with the house guest again. She had already had

experiences with the guest. Grandpa was a die hard skeptic until the

guest opened his eyes. My first experience came the night after

Christmas. I was sleeping in the spare room with Snikers the cat when I

felt someone enter the room. The cat was not agitated, she seemed to be

being petted. I felt a chill as I felt something pass over me. I felt a

protective watchful presence that just wanted to meet the other guest.

I later told my grandparents of the incident. As we were talking, the

guest made his presence known, he flikered the ceiling fan light, and

moved the phone cord. My grandparents informed me that this was his

simple way of saying hello. What a way!

That Feeling of Dread


Ok, let me just tell you that I come from one of those infamous "Stephen King Towns." I could go on forever about the "happens" in my town.

As luck would have it I live the middle of "paranoia" central. I live in a valley (please no Valley-Girl jokes and/or GreenValley Songs) My house is surround by cliffs I'd say about 100ft high, and completely covered with trees etc. I live right next to this old covered bridge, it is almost 150 years old, and yes it can still hold automobiles, the bridge is known as the "Gudgeonville Bridge" cause Gudgeonville is where I live. People always come down and visit the bridge there is dozens of stories about the bridge. The one that I know for a fact is true is the one about the little girl.

One night about ten years ago, I was about 7 at the time, my aunt and uncle were at my house babysitting my sister and I for the weekend. (Obviously my parents were out of town.) My sister and I were in her room talking or playing or something ( my sister at the time was about 16) We heard my aunt start screaming from downstairs, my sister ran down to see what happened and when she reached the kitchen, she saw alittle girl standing in the dark corner of the kitchen. The girl disapeared.

Then about 4 years after that my sister was upstairs in my parents room, they were once again out of town, and the little girl appeared. My sister was so scared to go to sleep that she eventually just passed out because she was so exausted,-from shaking.

Ok I just realized this story is getting pretty boring, maybe because I have had to tell it to a million people, I swear up and down that it is all true though, ok maybe I can remember one that will give you the chills. I know love reading a good scary story, isn't odd that people almost like to be scared? Anyway... here we go.

I have always been interested in Witchcraft and supernatural things and always believe everything. Well I was really getting into witchcraft and some of the things actually worked. My friend Michelle and I tried different spells etc. The scariest thing is that the same thing happened to us about three nights in a row. I was lying in bed, which is right next to the window, and I heard this light tapping sound on my window, light but a distinct sound, like fingernails tapping. I got really freaked and ran downstairs and attempted to go to sleep, this I love about some people's stories is that immeditly after seeing or hearing something strange they just jump back into bed and go to sleep, bull. Ok now you are all skeptical about what I heard, it was the wind, or it was a branch, wind or no wind there are NO trees directly next to my house, I mean for God's sake I live in the middle of the woods why would we plant trees next to our house! I told my friend Michelle what had happened and see was soo freaked that she almost started crying because the same thing happened to her.

Then one night, actually about three nights in a row, yet again, I kept waking up at exactly 3:00 in the morning, and I would wake up with that really dreaded feeling, you know, where your eyes start to water, and your skin crawls, and your throat gets tight, and when your ears are straining to hear any little sound, a whisper, footstep or scratch. I was super thursty and I really didn't feel like staying in my room, so I went down stairs to get a drink, I was heading back up (planned on getting some covers and seek refuge on the couch) this is where it really sucks and I am getting scared all over again recalling it. Ok I always skip the first step on our stairs because we have this iron railing that is loose and when you step on the bottom it rattles. So as usual I skip the first step and as I was making my way up the stairs I was probably about 4 from the top I hear "BOOM!" like something actually almost jumping on the bottom step, and then the shrill sound of metal on metal and the railing started rattling. I almost didn't know what to do, I was so scared I don't remember ever running to my parents room. I woke them up and told them what happend. My parents, well my mom believes me, she knows I wouldn't lie about something like that, plus she'd be one to talk alot of freaky stuff has happend to her. All that I can think about this incident is what was behind me.

Ok this was a mistake I going to babble on forever now, well my friend Amy lives in this house that is extremely haunted. My friends brother won't even tell us about the house because he is too frightend. Amy was having a sleep over and until that night I had never been to her house. Amy was giving me the grand tour and she took me to this room at the top of her stairs, (this house has like 4 staircases it is huge). I step into the room and I got this really dreaded feeling, but everyone discribes "hauntings" as being very cold. But what I felt was heat, like pressure all around me pushing down on me, it was almost sufficatting. The room was even odd looking the ceiling slanted down all the way to the floor and there were two very small windows where the ceiling and floor met. Later on my friend Michelle (a different Michelle) was like "Come on I want to show you the room that is haunted" and she took me to that same room.

Sometimes I hear about people and all this really scary stuff that happend to them and I think, how the hell can they function normally? Then I realize I am one of those people.

A Visit from Great-Grandpa


My mother was very, very close to her grandfather, who would be my great-grandfather. He died six months before I was born. One day, while my mother was upstairs putting laundry away, she walked past my room and saw someone out of the corner of her eye. No one was home at the time other than her, me in my crib, and my older sister playing in the backyard. So she stopped, backed up and looked in my room. There was her grandfather, standing at the foot of my crib, looking down at me!

At the time, I was 6 months old, so he had been dead a year. She was so scared, she ran downstairs and tried to calm down. She never told anyone about this incident except for my father. About a year later, my mom's cousin called to talk with her. She had recently had a daughter of her own, and told my mom, "You're not going to believe this, but I saw Grandpa standing next to my baby's crib!"

My mom had never before told her of HER experience, but it was the same! My mom told me she believes that the reason for him doing that was that he was such a loving, family man he simply wanted to see the family babies that he didn't live to see...

The Lady in Blue


In the winter of 1990, the pipes in my house froze and broke, causing

my house to flood. I was only ten years old at the time, and it seemed like

everything was going wrong that year. My parents and I were forced to leave

our home for a while, so that the house could be repaired. Our insurance

company rented us a house not to far down the street from our house. The

minute I walked into that house, I knew someone other than my family would

be inhabiting the house. The house had already had furniture there. I

couldn't stand being left alone in that house for even a second. One day

when I came home from school, I walked into the house and realized that

even though no one in my family was home, I wasn't alone. I turned the t.v.

on and went over and laid on the couch. After a few minutes the t.v.

started to change channels by it's self. I knew I wasn't doing it because

the remote was way across the room on top of the t.v. The numbers on the

t.v. didn't just change up and down either, they were changing from one

number to the next as if someone or something was touching the actual

numbers on the remote. I jumped up scared out of my witts and turned off

the t.v. Then I went down the hallway to my room and closed my door. About

five minutes later I heard music comming from the living room. I walked out

of my room to see what was going on. When I reached the end of the hall I

saw a lady in a blue dress swaying back and forth to the beat of the music,

dancing. I stood there in amazement, because I could see right through her.

After a second she saw me and turned to face me. A tear started roling down

her face. Then she started weeping heavily. I walked over scared and slowly

and asked her why she was crying, and what was she doing in my house. She

looked at me and smiled a half smile, and then she just fadded away. The

music stopped at that same instance and I just stood there staring into the

empty space were she had been standing. Every night after that I would hear

light foot steps in the hallway.

One night after the strange appearance of the lady in blue, I wolk up

out of a cold sleep and saw her standing there over me crying. I sat up and

asked her again why she was crying, she said something to me that Ill never

forget. She Said, "It will be alright little one, don't be sad." Then She

faded away. The next morning the telephone wrang, Both my grandfathers had

been rushed to the hospital. The had both suffered heart attacks at about

three'o clock that morning. That was the same time I woke up and saw the

lady in blue.

Children in the Well


When I was 14, I was dating a guy named Brandon. His house was built on

an old indian burial ground. Well, over the years people came and went.

One family built a house and a well. They had two small children. One

day the children were playing around the well and the little girl fell

in. Her brother went in after her to try and help her. They both fell

in and nobody found them for days.

When my boyfriend moved in, he was younger, I'm not sure how young, but

he was playing with a toy car that you had to push with your hands. He

let go of it for a minute and the car started driving itself. He would

always feel people with him.

When I was over at his house, it was during a thunderstorm. He was

playing his guitar. I could hear laughter, but not loud enough to make

me think that it was a ghost. When a really big bolt of lightning

crashed down, I turned and looked at my boyfriend and I saw the figure

of a small boy and girl standing where the well is buried beneath the


My Ghost Experiences


I usually don't tell people about my experiences because they tend

to bring strange looks or criticisms but after viewing your pages I feel

comfortable telling it.

In order to understand the story I have to give a short background

about my family and me. In the house there is my father, who refuses to

believe in paranormal activity, my two brothers who simply ignore it, my

grandmother who I don't share my experiences with so as not to scare

her, and my mother who, like me, is usually the target of the activity.

The majority of paranormal activity took place when I was around

13-15 years old. I would be in a room and then suddenly be overwhelmed

with fear. Not the type of fear you get when you're a kid and you don't

want to go into the cellar alone, absolute horror. I would quietly get

up and go into my room, and usually I would cry because of the abrupt

surge of emotion. I can remember using this very computer in my parents

room when it got very cold and that same fear came over me again. I had

to leave the room, it was too hard to bear.

It was shortly after that I began to see the spirit. I was sitting

in the parlor looking down the hallway when a grey and white blob, sort

of a rounded off triangular shape, moved across the hall from my room to

my parents room. I was scared but I got up and went down the hall anyway

to see what it was. I looked in my parents room and saw nothing, then

when I went in, that same sense of fear hit me again. That night while I

was in bed I saw two greyish white orbs appear near my door then blink


There are so many other thing that I experienced in that time

period. My mother was praying the rosary in her room when her door

slammed (shaking the walls) shut and her light went out. I ran to open

the door and it actually resisted for a second then opened. We came home

one day to see her bible thrown accross the room, the only other person

home being my grandmother. Since my mothers door had been shut all day,

it also couldn't have been the cat. My grandmother also reported hearing

banging all day long, and once something let the dog into the house,

from behind a locked door. I would wake up and night freezing only to

see that my sheets had been folded down off of me. I would fix them and

then wake up hours later with the same thing.

Things were definetly weird but they got downright scary when I

found out whatever it was began to totally focus on me. Everywhere I

went in the house I had the feeling that someone was right behind me.

One morning I was half asleep on the couch when I felt someone poke the

side of my head 3 times. I opened my eyes and nobody was there (my

father and brothers were asleep in their rooms and my mom was in the

shower). On another morning I was combing my hair when I heard someone

whisper my name at the door. It sounded like a very young child, most

likely female, but I opened the door and crossed the hall to see if my

brothers were calling me but they were both asleep with the door closed.

Then came the day when it all ended. I was eating breakfast in the

kitchen (which was being renovated) and this horrible moan/growl came

out of the air right next to my face. That same feeling of fear overtook

me again and I started crying. My mother was drying her hair in the

bathroom, my father and brothers were asleep (again), my grandmother was

downstairs, and the dog was outside. There was nobody who could have

moaned like that in order for me to hear it over my mother's hair dryer

if they were down the hall. I went down the hall and told my mother what

happened. When she saw that I was crying she went into the parlor and

looked at the couch. She yelled at whatever it was I couldn't see and

told it that she didn't know who it was and didn't care but she wanted

it out of the house right then.

Things went back to normal and the activity slowed down almost

completely. The night after she threw the ghost out however, I had a

terribly sad dream. I was looking out over a big open field by a river

watching a little girl running around. Suddenly she fell and didn't get

up. I got closer to where she fell and when I did I saw that she had hit

her head on a rock and was dead. After I woke up it hit me. The place in

the dream was the lot my house stands on today. There is an old stone

wall running through most of the neighboorhood that was present in the

dream, as well as the river we live by. I asked my parents what had been

here before the houses went up and they said it was just grazing land

for cows. I couldn't help but wonder if the little girl who died in the

dream was actually the person whispering to me. Maybe she wanted help

and my mother threw her out.

I'll probably never know because the noises and apparitions have stopped

altogether. Once I saw some thing I had hung on the wall swinging on

thier hooks, lights would go on and off, but nothing major seems to

happen. I honestly regret that I was too scared then to realize that

maybe someone needed help, especially if it was a child.

Storm, My Beloved Horse


hi my name is clark ,this is my first kinda werid thing thats happend

about to mounths ago i had a 12 year old mare die about 2 days later i

started seeing her out of the corner of my eye and feeling nuzzles and

her laying next to me in bed like she used to then about 2 days ago i was

sleeping i woke up feeling a nuzzle from a horse i woke up nothing was

there and today i was aeaken agian and this time i saw her she just

stood there and that faded away i see her alot like she wants me to know

shes safe or checking on me.

Ghost Story from Gatlinburg


My husband and I decided to get away for a weekend in January of 1997.

I made reservations at some cabins we'd seen on a prior visit. They

were new cabins and looked really nice.

When we arrived everything seemed fine-The owners were friendly and the

cabin was beautiful. It had a livngroom/kitchen area downstairs with a

bedroom, bath and jacuzzi. The upstairs loft also had a bedroom and

bath. We decided to sleep in the loft. And, like I said, everything

seemed fine.

We went to dinner and visited the shops. When we got back it was pretty

late. After we'd been ther about an hour I suddenly became violently

ill. I can't explain it except I'd felt fine one minute and the next

minute I was sick. The sickness lasted maybe half an hour and left me

just feeling weak and tired. It was then that I began to get his really

bad feeling, but I wrote it off to just being sick. I felt like

something wanted us to leave. But I thought it was probably just this

virus I'd picked up. SO I went up to the loft to get some sleep. My

husband staid downstairs watching TV. Since it was a loft, there was

just a half-wall between us (and the stairway).

Later that night I heard moving around downstairs and I heard the toilet

downstairs flushing. I also heard the one upstairs flush. I was groggy

and just wondered why my husband was moving around so much and why he

was going in BOTH bathrooms so much. But I was just dimly aware of it

all at the time, like when you're barely awake.

When I really woke up it was early morning and just getting light

outside. I looked around the room. I saw what I believed to be my

husband standing at the dresser with his back to me looking through my

handbag and the other bag on the dresser. Since the other bag was like

a little first aid kit, I thought he was looking for some medicine. I

thought he must be sick,too. He already had his jeans on and was

wearing a white thermal shirt. I started to ask him what he was looking

for. When I did I moved my hand (I tend to talk with my hands) and my

hand hit my husband. He was lying right beside me! I looked back at the

dresser ready to scream- some man was in our room! But the man had


I woke my husband up. Everything in the bags was like we had left it.

My husband asked me what was all the moving around and flushing. Was I

sick all night? I told him I thought it was him. That's when we agreed

this was a wierd place.

But how could it be haunted? It was a new cabin! We thought about

leaving, but we decided to get out and have some fun and relax a little

and then see how we felt. After we got out of there things were

better. We spent a day enjoying ourselves and returned that evening.

But then I had the same bad feeling and WASN'T sick. We decided to

listen that night and see if our minds were playing tricks on us.

As soon as the lights were out we heard footsteps downstairs. My

husband flipped the light on and took off downstairs. It really sounded

like a person down there. Both the doors were locked and nothing was

there. He came upstairs and turned out the light. There went the

footsteps again and they came UP THE STAIRS. We turned on the lights.

Nothing. I wanted to leave. I would've slept in the car. But he was

still skeptical (HOW?) so we stayed (with a lamp on). I barely slept.

All night you could hear water run, moving around, etc. Finally about

daylight we were both worn out from hardly any sleep and decied to pack

up and go on home. It was the day we were supposed to leave anyway.

We never went back there. We've driven by it. I don't know if anyone

else has had a similar experience there or not. Maybe an old cabin was

there before. All I know is I WON"T stay there again.

Grandma's Buried Secret


This story was told to me by my grandmother, of an incident that

happened to her when she was 13 years old. My grandmother is now 84

years old, and has got to be the sweetest, kindest, most precious

little ole' christian woman that you could ever hope to meet.

In 1927 my grandmother lived on a small piece of farm land in East Texas

with her mother,father and younger siblings. At the far end of their

land, there remained the ruins of an old shack, the old shack was never

entered or explored due to it's dangerous delapadated conditions.

The old shack never really crossed any ones mind, it was a normal day to

day sight as it was passed by many of the family memebers daily during

the course of their chores.

One day while heading up the pass towards the old shack, to tend to her

chores, my grandmother, stopped near by when she beleived she saw

several figures emerging from the old shack. She thought to herself, no

one should be on our land with out permission not to mention in that old

shack, they could be injured.

As she emerged closer to got a better look, she did indeed see figures

emerging from the old shack (not sure how many) Each of the figures were

clearly seen down to the last detail of their clothing.

Each wore old dusty dirty overalls, long cotton sleved shirts..and each

carried a shovel in their hands as well as an old cotton burlap type

bag. This in itself might not be so odd, but each figure that she saw

had no visible head.

One by one she watched as each figure dug a small hole into the earth,

and in the hole they dropped in the sack that they had carried and then

suddenly disappeared.

I asked my grandmother was she frighted at what she saw. She has always

said that she never felt any fear at all, and that she felt that she was

meant to see what she did.

She told her parents what she saw that day, and knowing that she was

not a type of child to make up such crazy stories they did beleive her

and left it at, the Lord works in such ways that we sometimes can not


My grandmother continued to live on the farm for a short time later, and

never experienced any further strange experiences.

Over the years my grandmother told this story to friends and family and

several people have gone back to the old site where she had seen these

ghosts.. thinking that perhaps these ghosts were buring money or

something of importance. Each visitor to this area, had always felt cold

and uneasy and was spooked away before they could ever dig around.

I've asked my grandmother if she ever tried to go back there to dig

around, as I felt and she has felt too, that since the ghost let her

see them, that they would let her come back again to perhaps see what

was burried there.

She never went back..

Many many years has passed since that time and now she is unsure of the

exact spot of her ghost sighting.. I guess she will never know what

was burried or the purpose of what she saw.

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