Desert Angel





I was a Sergeant in the Air Force temporarily stationed in the Middle East.  My first week there I was getting the 1st class tour of the base and let me tell you it was huge.  One part called Viper Area where they kept most of the munitions and missiles was I’d say about 45 minutes to drive around and was almost all desert accept a small road that went around the perimeter.   An Airmen was showing me around the grounds when we stopped at small pile of stones stacked about 2 to 3 feet high with a ring of stones surrounding it.  I also noticed a set of dog tags set on top along with a pack of cigarettes.  I asked about the strange sight and was told it was a monument for female airmen who was killed in that exact spot.  Apparently a group of troops were messing around playing water tag in Hummers.  The young  airmen was racing in her vehicle and hit a ditch.  The Hummer flipped over and landed on top of her crushing and killing her instantly. After her funeral, her fellow troops built that monument and placed everything she had in her pockets on it.   Ever since, troops have clamed to have seen her ghost patrolling in that area every now and then making sure everyone was driving safe.  Now I being the skeptic didn’t believe much in ghost stories but it kind of freaked me out a little.  One very dark night I was in charge of a squad in the Viper area.  I and another Sergeant were driving around checking on sensors when young female airmen named Nichole at the command post radioed stating that she had just picked up a vehicle on the inferred camera resembling a Hummer driving near sensor 312.  We were checking sensor 522 at the time so we really had to punch it to get over there.  When we arrived on scene, we found nothing, not even a vehicle track in the sand.  I informed Nichole that we found nothing and to double check the area.  She came back very excited stating she saw the same Hummer now near sensor 102.   I began to doubt Nichole’s senses because it would take at least 20 minutes to get from 522 to 102.  We jumped in and raced over to 102 and once again found nothing.  No tracks, no vehicles…nothing.  I started getting upset because I thought Nichole was messing with us and was about to tell her so when she came back on the radio claiming to have seen that same Hummer now near sensor 425.  Now I was very angry because not only was it impossible to drive that far in that short of time but now we would have to drive all the way across the area to investigate.  I radioed back practically yelling that she better stop screwing around and that her jokes weren’t funny, but she called back almost in tears that she wasn’t kidding and everything she told me was true!!  Hearing the sincerity in her voice I really hit the gas wanting to find out what was going on.  I must have been doing close to 50 when my head lights picked up a female airmen on the side of the dirt road waving her arms up and down in a slow down motion.  I hit the brakes to go find out who that was and that’s when I noticed the 3 foot wash out in the road up ahead. At the speed we were moving, we would have been killed if we hit that wash out.  My partner and I went back to investigate and thank our guardian angel, only to find there was no one in sight.  I even used my thermo imager which would pick up any kind of moving heat in the area and still nothing.  It was then, I started to think back to the story of the young female airman who died in the Hummer crash and chills began to run down my spine.  Could this really be her ghost and she’s out here on permanent patrol duties kind of watching out for us?   I gave my partner a look of disbelief and he shouted back at me saying “Don’t even think about telling this to nobody because they’d throw us in the Looney bin.  We walked back to the Hummer just in time to hear Nichole radio back saying you guys aren’t going to believe this but that Hummers back at sensor 329.  With a sigh, I grabbed the radio and just said one word, “Disregard.            






My Story In Shuyler Falls NY





My name is Kristin. I'm 22 years old, and when I was growing up (ages from about 4 - 7 or 8, I'd say) we lived in a green house in Schuyler Falls, NY which is right outside of Plattsburgh. That area has a couple of old cemetaries in the woods and my stepfather owned about an acre of land, with the main house and the shed on it, plus plenty of room. At the time, I lived there with my brother who is two years younger than me, my mother and my stepfather. I was thinking about that house today and tried to research it, to see if I could find anyone else who'd had experiences there. I know I'm not the only one, because that house is somewhat legendary in the small town. I was talking with an old friend from school and he was shocked that I'd lived there, because he'd been in that house (after we moved out of it, it became one of those local hanging out places, where kids went and partied and vandalized) and it had scared him to death. Which is saying something, because he's the type of hot-shot guy that is afraid of nothing.

Anyway, I'm writing to tell you my story in hopes of finding someone else who knows something about the house. What happened there, and if anyone else has had similar experiences. I've been thinking about it since I was a little girl, and have wanted to return but it's presently occupied.

Several things happened while I lived in the house, here is what I know:

1. My mother found, in the basement, a very small ring. It was wedged between two of the bricks, so it was actually in the wall. She took it out to keep it; it was a simple, pretty band, but too small for her to wear on her hand. This is when, by her estimation, things in the house started to get worse.

2. We were excavating a large part of the backyard - it was too hilly and my parents wanted to build a deck, maybe put in a pool. So as they were digging, they found a tombstone. It was broken in half, and digging stopped pretty much immediately after that, as they didn't know how to proceed. They certainly didn't want to dig up any bodies or anything like that!

3. At the time, I was having a lot of dreams and I spent a lot of time alone. The only real vivid memories I have are from walking in the woods behind the house. I spent a lot of time in the graveyard there - it was all little children's graves, for some reason, and I guess I just felt a connection to them and to the cemetery. In some respects, I was the only person not 'targeted' by the things that happened in the house. My mother was tormented by giant rats, my brother's bedroom became covered in insects. I don't know whether or not my stepfather was bothered by the things that happened, because he had a heart attack and died in bed one night.

4. There would be sounds moving when no one was there, TV and lights coming off and on. My brother's bedroom was covered with ladybugs one day - no other place in the house, only his bedroom. My mother got rid of the bugs, re-caulked the windows, and it wasn't a week later when flies infested the room again.

5. My grandmother was visiting one weekend and two things happened when she was there - first, she was in my bedroom cleaning and poking around, and she swears to God that one of my dolls moved on its own and lifted up out of its bed to stare at her. Then, she was talking with my mother in the kitchen (I was eavesdropping from the stairway, because I was a nosy child), and a light that was over her head - one of those tube-shaped fluorescent bulbs - swung down behind her (as if one side of the brackets came undone) until it was perpendicular to the ceiling, and then shattered. The bulb part was facing away from her, so she wasn't injured by the flying glass, but it was still quite a shock.

6. My uncle came to fix some roofing for us. My family left to do some shopping, and he was fine with working on his own. He had a twelve pack and a hammer, it was all good, you know? We came back to find him sitting outside, visibly shaken and almost ghost white. He said he was never going back in that house and left. He never said what happened to him in there. After this happened, my brother and I were afraid (and so was my mother, I suspect) so my mother called the family priest to come see the house, help us say prayers, things like that. I don't remember what happened, exactly, but my mother tells the story like this: in no uncertain terms, the priest told my mother to leave the house, sell it, get out now.

7. Finally, one night, it all became too much for my mother. She was fixing a late night snack of toast, and when she turned around to get it, there were two giant rats on the countertop, staring at her. She said they had evil eyes; no matter how much she screamed, they did not leave. She is deathly afraid of rats, so this was finally the last straw. She packed us kids up and left - we stayed with our grandmother until we found a new place. Not long after we left the house, my uncle died in a car crash, so we never found out what he saw in there.

That's it, that's my story. I'm really curious about that house. No one in my family believed in ghosts before that house.






Hello, I've written in before, about Jasper and other spirits, well there is a latest edition.

On sunday the 18th of November, the family car died, his name was Sam.

Sam was 14 years old, and much loved, and now missed.

anyways back to the story >.<

The day after he died, my mum heard Sam 'Slurping' or grooming, then a sneeze, which he did ALOT as he had a cold before he died.

The day after I heard a meow, and rustling of paper, on a stool which he sat on alot.

But things got weirder, whenever I talk to my boyfriend Kyle [who is 18, so I cannot tell my parents about him] the spare room goes cold and I hear rustling, also I have started hearing footsteps in the attic and doors slamming, there are no doors in the attic, so I don't know where the sounds come from.

Also I have found that one of your 'ghosts in the news' stories is connected to my family, It's the story about the hauntings on a navy ship[i think]  with the two faces or three showing up, one of them has the second name 'Meehan' Which spookily is my second name, I have also found that he is on my dads side of the family, and of Irish blood, ever since I found that out, I have felt like somethings watching over me, protecting me.



Several Different Stories




I met my now husband in August of 2000.  I moved in with him in February of 2001.  I would occasionally stay he night with him before I moved in.  He had a roommate at that time.  We would have strange little things happen, lights flicking on and off, doors slamming when everyone is in bed and the front door is locked.  One night my husband and I went to bed.  Nothing unusual had happened that night.  We both woke up about the same time somewhere between 2-4 am.  I had a dream that we heard the front door slam. In my dream my husband and I got up to go “investigate” and found nothing, we were walking back to the bedroom and I happened to turn around in the doorway of the bedroom and behind him stood and old woman with frazzled gray/white hair in a white nightgown holding a butcher knife above my husbands head getting ready to strike and that is when I woke up.  My husband woke up just a few minutes after I did and said he had a nightmare about a crazy old lady in white who was trying to kill him.  Scared the crap out of me. 

Also, out by where we used to live is an old church that people turned into a house.  When I first started dating my now husband he was telling me about this house and that it was used for satanic worship etc., I of course didn’t believe him, he took me out to this house, I rolled down the window of the truck and first of all this (corny) black cat appeared out of nowhere and meowed so loud, then you could hear chanting coming from inside the house, needless to say we high tailed it out of there. 

We used to go for hikes in the woods in the same area.  On occasion we would find an odd bone here and there, we just chalked it up to animal bones but now as watching all these crime shows I am not so sure.  We had been on several occasions to the same spots.  We went on a hike one day and came upon an old cemetery from 1889, there were fresh flowers on the grave and it was completely fenced in with no gate, someone would have had to hop the fence in order to place the flowers where they were… I was totally creeped out.

Recently my mother in law passed away (April 2007)  We brought home some things from her house before it was sold.  We brought home this toy slot machine, (she loved to gamble) it worked the first couple of times the kids played with it after that the lights just stayed on, they are still on and it is November 2007.  The rose we took from her funeral has not fallen apart or turned black, it simply dried up. His mother was a very religious woman, who had total faith in God.  She very much believed in angels and was a dear and wonderful woman.  I feel her presence and my husband and oldest son have dreams about her almost on a daily basis. I have asked her for signs of her presence and on occasion do receive them.  The day after she died I had to go to her house to pick up some things and was there alone.  I was never afraid of her, but as I was leaving her bedroom where she passed I knew she was there watching me go.  In the days before her death, she would be staring off into the corner of the room and one day she made a very odd comment, “ I didn’t know they wore uniforms”.  I assume she was speaking of angels as silly as it sounds.  Like I said she was very religious.  So much so that when the Nun came to give her the last rites, she said “I am not afraid” and didn’t speak another word before she died.  She did however, wait until all of her children were there with her before she finally let go. She wanted all of them around her and to be in her own home.

When my middle child was born, she couldn’t sleep in her crib, (in the same house as the crazy old lady) not fifteen minutes after I laid her down she would be screaming. I think the crazy old lady woke her up.  My husband and I moved out bed to the smaller room when my daughter was born and moved the kids into the big bedroom.  I couldn’t sleep if the closet door was open I felt like someone was staring at me.  Since we bought our new house we haven’t seen her.   One night while I was pregnant I was home alone because my husband was working third shift and, I saw headlights in the driveway.  They went out.  I thought my husband was home early and waited for him to come in the door.  After a few minutes nothing, so I went and looked out the window and there was no car there. About an hour later I heard knocking at our back door.  We didn’t use the back door at all.  Everyone that had been to our house knew that. I was sooooo scared I thought someone was trying to get in, and at that time I didn’t really know any of the neighbors well enough to go to their house and was at least an hour from my mothers. 

I know this was long but I had to get it out.
























The Baby Ghost




Back in 1993, I was buying my first home.  The oldest son of the woman who owned the house was acting as executor, so he was at the closing.  My first son, at the time was 2 years old and I had left him with my mother while I went to the closing to sign off on all the paperwork for the house.  After all the paperwork was signed, the man who was the seller, said to me that his youngest sister still lived there and would be getting all of her things out in the next few days.  He told me not to mind her, that she was a little strange and that years before, she had found her baby upstairs in that house dead in a "pool of coca-cola".  I had no idea what he meant and frankly thought that was a strange thing to say to someone.  So, my son and I moved in and started our life in our new place.  I had forgotten all about what that man had said to me until about a year later.  It was a Saturday morning.  I always had to get up very early on the weekday mornings for work, so on Saturday mornings, I would sleep in until my son would come wake me to make breakfast, usually around 7 AM.  This particular Saturday morning, I woke up on  my own to find it was 9 AM!  I was a little upset because I felt like I was a bad mother for sleeping so late.  I ran out into the hallway and said to my son, now about 3 1/2 years old, "why didn't you wake me up? are you hungry?"  He answered me "it's okay, mommy I was just playing with the shadow of the baby".   Needless to say, I instantly remembered what that man had told me a year ago at the closing.  My son went on to describe what the "shadow" looked like and how tall it was and how he wasn't afraid of it at all.  He said when I got up, it ran into his bedroom and disappeared into his  chest of drawers. 

So, we got over that and even totally forgot about it because it never happened again.   In the meantime, I had gotten married and had another son when my first son was 8 years old.  Both my first son and I still had no thoughts of this ghost experience whatsoever and had totally forgotten it had ever happened  -  until one Friday evening when my second son was now about 3 years old, which puts the time line about 8 years after the first experience.  My first son and my husband were out at the store and my youngest son and I were getting ready  for bed.  I was already upstairs in the bathroom and was calling my youngest son to come brush his teeth.  Remember, there is NO way he knew anything about this ghost story because I happened way before he was ever born and my oldest son and I had totally forgotten about it.  Anyway, I call him to come up and brush his teeth and he  comes running full blast up the steps, past the bathroom and into my older son's bedroom laughing and yelling "mom! mom! it's a baby! and I'm chasing him! look!  a baby mom!" I followed him into my older son's room and my younger son was standing in front of the chest of drawers, pointing to it and saying "the baby went in here, mommy, the baby went in here"!  Well, at that point the whole memory of what that man had told me at the closing of my house all those years ago and what my older son had experienced all those years  ago came rushing into my head.  Could this be the ghost of the baby that had died here in this house?  We never saw it again.  I wonder if it only shows itself to little toddlers.




Experiences in My New Home





I've written here before about my friends house and my childhood house in Ottawa, Illinois.  At 15, my family and I moved to Oliver Springs, Tennessee.  We bought a beautiful brick house that was built about 20 years ago.  From what I know, our previous neighbors didn't have any experiences they would consider paranormal.  The only thing I remember my dad telling me that was odd was the wife of the family who previously lived here broke out in hives one day.  She tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing would work.  I believe this went on for several months.  After months of having these hives, the husband took the wife to a local church and asked the reverend to baptize her and say a cleansing prayer.  The hives stopped after that.  After we moved in my mother began breaking out in hives.  She has had hives before when we lived in our previous house, but they were minor.  The hives she experiences now are severe, sometimes the size of a grapefruit.  I don't know if this has anything to do with the paranormal, but it is quite interesting. 

I myself, have not had too many experiences here.  Whatever experiences I have had, started almost immediately after we moved in. One experience I do recall also included my mother.  It was 2002, and I had just come home from school.To have the story make sense, I have to explain the layout of our house.  The way our house is constructed, there are two levels.  The bottom level contains the recreation room, the laundry room/bathroom and the door leading to the connecting garage.  We then have the foyer with two sets of steps.  The second set of steps leads to the top level.  When you reach the top of the stairs, the kitchen it straight forward, the living room/dining room is immediately on the left and on the right is the hallway which leads to the hall bathroom, and three bedrooms.  When I got home, I walked up both sets of stairs to the living room.  I came into the living room, about 3 feet with my back facing the stairs and stair railing.  My mother was on the couch facing me.  As we were talking, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a dark, shadowy figure walking down the stairs.  It did not look like a normal person.  It was pitch black, but the shape of it made it look like a tall man, around 6 feet with a long-brimmed hat.  I turned around, and it was gone.  I turned back to my mother, thinking it was an illusion and she said, "did you see that?"  I was amazed.  I had never had an experience with someone else in the room.  I told my mother I saw it.  She described to me what she saw and it fit exactly what I saw. 

My sister told me that one day while she was in the kitchen, she looked out the window which faces our backyard and our neighbor's backyard.  She said she saw a figure, which looked like a man in a bright yellow raincoat with a yellow hat.  She said it disappeared as soon as she saw it.

As I stated before, I've never experienced anything paranormal with another person.  My mother believes in spirits and ghosts.  My grandfather, my mothers father, died of lung cancer in 2004.  My mother was very close to her father and was there when he died.  About 6 months after he died, we began to have problems with the phone and phone jack.  While we would be on the phone, the phone would cut out.  This happened quite often.  One time, after the phone cut out while she was talking, my mom went to check the phone jack. The phone jack for the living room is actually in the kitchen and is on the wall, about 5 feet up from the floor.  When she went into the kitchen.  the cord was pulled out of the jack and the cord was hanging on the jack from the small piece of plastic that you push in to release the cord from the jack.  There is no way the cord could hang like that if it fell out.  It had to be put there like that.  This happened several times over the next few months.  Over time, it became a joke.  We would say, "grandpa Zirkle pull the cord out again".  About a year after it started, it finally stopped. 

I've not really had any other experiences.  I have had a strong sense of being watched.  This has occurred for nearly the entire time I've lived here.  When I first moved in, my bedroom was on the lower level in the recreation room.  I would hear things, but I could never say it was abnormal.  I would also see dark black blobs on the ceiling which I always shrugged off as my eyes playing tricks on me. A few instances while I was in the downstairs shower, I would hear objects falling to the ground.  When I would check to see, there would be a shampoo bottle, shaving cream, just random things that fell to the floor.  About 3 months ago, I moved to one of the upstairs bedrooms which used to be my twin sister's room.  In the beginning, I had not noticed anything strange.  My sister said she used to have bags fly around the room and experience other strange noises.  I've not seen anything in that room, but I have heard some noises which were unsettling.  But what is the most unsettling is the constant feeling of being watched. 

I am terrified of paranormal activity and I do not want to experience any of these things whether they be peaceful or not.  If anyone has any information on this or could tell me what it means to have the being watched feeling, feel free to e-mail me. 



Ghost Story of My Dad's




I would like to tell you about a ghost sighting my dad had when he was a little kid. He told me that one time, when he was a youngster, he was lying in his bed at night when he noticed an old man walking across his room and disappear behind the chiffarobe (a large, box-like closet seperate from the wall.) As he walked by he looked at my father. He said it scared him so much that he put his pillow over his head and slept that way the rest of the night. Perhaps the strangest part is he learned the next day that the old man who lived across the street from him had died the previous night. He thinks his ghost was what he saw walking across his room. The event put such an impression on him that he sleeps with his pillow over his head to this day, although now it is out of habit rather than the intense fear which originally caused it.



House I Lived In




I spent the first 20 years of my life in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  The last house we (my parents and I) lived in had something going on there.  We were told that the property used to be an old Indian cemetery and also that the big tree in our front yard was the “town hanging tree”.  The occurrences we experienced are as follows:  Weekly and sometimes 2 or 3 times a week,  noise could be heard starting in the area of where the attic entrance hole in the ceiling was located.  This hole was located over the east wall of our “back bedroom”.  Then it sounded like someone walking or shuffling their feet and the noise would always come to where ever my Mother was in the house.  It sounded like the “person” or “apparition” was wearing either moccasins or house shoes.  Our house faced West.  As you entered the front door, the living room was on the right (or South side), our bedroom to the left (or North side).  There was a short hall going thru the living room back to the back bedroom which was located in the Southeast part of the house.  Our kitchen was in the Northeast part of the house.  We had a small screened-in back porch attached to the east side of the kitchen and our bathroom was attached to the east side of the back bedroom.  Sometimes in the hot weather my Mother (my Father died when I was 13) would move her bed into the living room because there were more windows to open and it was cooler in there.  We had no air conditioning back then.  But regardless whether my Mother slept in the living room, bedroom or occasionally on the screened-in back porch, this “shuffling” sound always went to where she was.  It always happened at night.  Sometimes early evening and sometimes in the middle of the night.  Our house was old and drafty so during the cold months she would close the bedroom doors going into the hall to keep the heat from our open heater more into the bedroom.  If this door happened to be closed, we could hear the shuffling and then the door would swing open.  Our dog would first start pricking his hears up when he’d hear the noise start and when the door would swing open by itself, he’d jump up, bark and look very confused because there would be nothing there.  We had many overnight visitors and most of them heard these episodes.  Several of our relatives were scared to spend the night with us after hearing all of this or by what other relatives told them they heard. 

We sold this house in the middle 1960’s.  I have no clue if the buyers experienced any of this or not.  We were afraid to tell them before we sold it.  We figured we wouldn’t be able to get rid of it if we did.  This “thing” never hurt anyone and we could never see anything but we definitely heard plenty.  Some folks tried to tell us it was my Dad trying to get a message to my Mother but that isn’t true since a lot of this happened before he passed away.  The house has since been demolished, the tree cut down and the hill they both were on has been leveled down. 





Saint Joseph MI




In 1998 or 1999 I lived in the upperstairs apartment of this house. I lived by myself in this 2-bedroom apt. There were many nights where I was up late at night watching TV in the living room and I felt like someone was watching me. I've only experienced that in one other house that I've lived in. After about 2 months of living there I was sleeping in the bedroom just off the living room when something woke me. I had not been drinking, or doing any drugs, or anything. My bedroom door was wide open and I knew something was there, but I couldn't see anything. I was lying in the direction where I was facing the door. The only light in the room was an alarm clock which was also facing toward me. The next thing I know a transparent image came toward me and a face appeared in front of me within a foot or two and disappeared within a few seconds. It scared me but I actually went back to sleep. The next day I told a few people at work and a couple friends and family. The more people I told the more I felt crazy for telling people. So I stopped telling people. I lived there for about a year and never saw anything else. I ended up moving into the downstairs apartment and lived there for about 2 years and never had any problems.

I know the person who moved into the apartment right after I moved out. I never told him about my experience. He lived there for about a month, when one day he stopped by to talk and said that the place was a little strange. I just said "yep" or something like that, but still didn't tell him. About two weeks later he stopped by again and told me that he saw something the night before and explained it to me the exact same way that it happened to me. The only difference was that he was sleeping in the living room.

I don't know the history of the house or anything, but I am interested to find out if anyone died there. I'm not sure how to find that out though.


Remington Hall, Fort McClellean






After several witnesses reported strange happenings our group, Alabama Haunted ,was asked to come and investigate.

 One witness was local plumber who was working on some of the pipes in the basement. He chatted with a man that was standing close by till that man disappeared as he talked to him.  Another witness was a lady who was attending a wedding at the hall. She was in the powder room and turned to see another lady in the mirror watching her. Thinking she was in there alone she looked around and saw no one else in the small room. And one of the waitress had a heavy door to opened and then close for her as she carried trays out to the dining room.

Shadows have been seen moving in one of the corridors in the day time by others. And someone speaking with a heavy German accent can be heard sometimes.

Upon investigating we had several personal experiences including equipment being turned off constantly.  Heavy footsteps on wooden ramps, and no one there. We could account for all members of the team at that time and no one was in the immediate area. One of the EMF meters was laying on a wooden table as we were setting up a camcorder and it started registering something near it. After checking the area at this table , there were no electrical outlets or wires close by.



Lady in Yellow Wilmington OHIO




In 1989 my husband lived on North Wall Street. He and several other contractors shared this house for several months. There was a lady dressed in circa 1930-5 clothing loved strong perfumes, and hated for the doors and windows to be shut. After numerous times of returning from work to find the house open and windows open, the owner nailed the windows shut. The next night when they returned from ABX the doors and all the windows were OPEN. My husband saw her several times. I have a letter he wrote to me at the time and we had several telephone conversations about her.

The Historical Society were I worked has several spirits.

A Civil War solider, a small girl, are two I know about.

Contact me for more information.

The town is full of hauntings but the locals dont talk much about them. The Wickersham home on South South Street just south of Truesdell is active with sightings of Mr. Wickersham. He was a local builder and this was his home, in the 1800s.



Mapes Hotel





When I read about the unknown ghost at Mapes it sent a chill thru me. My Aunt Mickey Brown loved the Mapes casino and told me when she died that she was going to take up residence there. I used to laugh when  she told me that . I will laugh no more.  She was on social security and old age pension and never had enough money to make ends meet. I would drive from San Francisco to spend a weekend with her and she would take $20 go with me to Mapes and she always and I mean Always  won at least 100.00 to 200.00 dollars on that trip. She always played a certain machine,a dime machine by the door. This was the only time she would gamble,on the one weekend I would drive down to go with her.  I feel better now knowing that she is happy in her after life because I believe it is Mickey that is in that casino.



Strange Experience




Hi, my name is Rhonda. I worked in the operating room, assisting an orthopaedic surgeon.  Our surgery usually started around 7:30 am, I live about 30 miles from the hospital.  I got a late start that morning so I was speeding down the road. I was passing by a county park that was enclosed by a fence.  There was this huge catipilliar truck that took up the entire area from the road to the fence.  There was an older man with white hair . gold t-shirt, and blue jeans on, waving his arms up in the cab.  I assumed he was tring to slow me down. Then as I aproach him I think maybe he was having a heart attack.  At that point I was beside him and could not see up into the cab , it was too high so I was looking out my side mirror hoping to be able to see up into the cab as soon as I cleared the equipment.  As soon as I cleared it and could no longer see the yellow f the equipment I looked in my mirror again and he was gone as well as the one ton piece of equipment I just cleared.  I stopped my car in the middle of the road, got out of my car to look down the road. Nothing, there ws nowhere for him to go, as the park is half a mile long, with a fence all the way around it. Needless to say I totally freaked out. I called my mom cring and she told me not to go to work that it might be a sign I could be in an accident.  To this day, I don't know why this happened.  I did go onto work, but did not get over  ten miles an hour.  I've had other experiences ever since, I was about six, so I totally belive in ghosts and Angels, but this was pretty extreme.


A Mother's Story




Well, I have been reading your site-wonderful by the way! But I digress, I have an experience to share with you.

I was a single mother living with my sister in a four bedroom house in Copperas Cove, Texas. My infant son and I shared a bedroom. My son was prone to ear infections and upper respitory infections when he was younger, when he was sick I would put him on the bed between me and the wall to check on his breathing. One night I was drifting off, holding my little baby's hand-when I felt like someone was crawling up the bed. I had a Siamese cat who slept on my pillow up until her death (at the ripe old age of 14,) but I had thought it was her who was coming to curl up on her pillow. I glanced up above my head and there was my cat with all of her fur standing on end! Than I felt a paralysis crawl over my entire body. I couldn't move even my toes! To say I was terrified for my baby and myself was an understatement!

Now I have not been what you would call religious my entire life, but that night I remembered every single prayer I could think of. I repeated the Lord's Prayer, the major Psalms, and four Our Fathers. Think I even said a few Native-American and Hebrew prayers too. I kept feeling something trying to rip my hand away from my baby. After saying these prayers in my mind-I commanded whatever was holding me to leave-it wasn't invited-to depart my dwelling. I looked at the end of my bed and there was a shadowy figure staring at me and my baby with such malice that thinking of it still makes my heart shudder. The figure turned and walked out the window. After this figure departed, I turned on every light I had in that bedroom. I checked on my son and he was blissfully sleeping. The room smelled like burnt matches, and burnt hair.

I yelled for my sister, she came running thinking something was wrong with the baby. I told her what I have just written here, we both went to the window and on the floor was a set of foot prints burned into the parquay wood floor, along with hand prints on the oak windowsill. I am 30 years old now, and I still remember the feeling of something traveling along my body, trying to break the hold I had on my son's little hand. My son is 9 now, and I check on him frequently. And get every house I live in blessed.




Ghostly Bathrooms





Well when I was is 4th grade my friends and I were obsessed with paranormal. Now  the bathroom in our school was supposedly haunted so being the kids we were we went in there a lot. During lunch my friends would go to the bathroom in pairs they would come back saying that they heard whispering.So one day I decided to be brave with my friend. so while I went to the bath room my friend was washing her hands so she asked me if I was singing something. I said no then later she said she saw a person and I walked out and saw nothing to find my friend scared to death.



The Hotel Planter La Conner Washington State






my great-grandmother & father owned it in the early 1900's, and my grandmother grew up there- they used to bed in her in a drawer in the sideboard so they could keep an eye on her while they ran the lower floor of the inn!

my grandmother visited in the 80s, the owner was a charming woman who had many stories of the place being VERY haunted. the spirits were all benign, but there were audo, visual, and physical manifestations - the most interesting being a room where the bedcovers were always rumpled as if someone had laid on them- no matter that no one had been in the room, or how many times they were straightened. they also saw a women in long old-fashioned skirts walking the halls that they nicknamed 'the white lady'. my grandma did not know who that spirit might be.

a few months later my family took a trip up there and visited as well. we took along an aunt on my father's side (that lived in tacoma) who turned out to be quite sensitive to the place. she sensed all sorts of weird anomolies & 'cold spots' and was traumatized to no end by the courtyard (my grandma later said when she was very little a fire broke out in the henhouse, and she watched dying chickens burning alive in the courtyard. i guess her horrified feelings stuck there for many years)

we took a long & interesting tour of the place, including the 'rumpled bed' room, had lunch with the owner, and left. once outside, my mother, with her ever present super-8 camera, took a slow panning shot of the hotel exterior, lingering for a bit on the haunted room...the furthest window to the right looking at the hotel from the front. everything seemed normal when she took the film (we were directly across the street, our whole party of six was looking while she filmed it, and saw nothing unusual) but when we got the film back and watched it at home...there was a white figure of a woman in period dress relaxing with her arms on the windowsill. well you can imagine how much we TRIPPED when we saw that...i think we almost burned out the film watching that section over and over again.

after that my mom started doing a lot of research, ransacking old family photos and spending hours searching old newspaper microfilms at the public library- and she found out who the 'white lady' was. it was her great-grandmother addie, who was quite famous in her time. she was a designer for butterick patterns, and known as 'the angel of sing-sing' because she helped save her beau from death row after he was falsely accused of murdering his employer (the death turned out to be accidental). she later contracted cancer and died in the hotel in- you guessed it- the 'rumpled bed' room where we filmed the ghostly gazer. apparantly my grandma was too young when it happened to remember or possibly not born yet...can't quite remember myself.

after my mom figured it all out she sent copies of all the articles and photos to the owner of the place and she said YES, that was definately the spirit she had seen there.

the current website for the hotel is and it looks like the present owners are promoting it as a far more upscale and genteel place than the quaintly antique and haunted place it once was.



Haunting at Redwood Elem in FOntana Ca.




I am a custodian in the fontana school dist, I was a custodian at Redwood elementary from 1999 to 2001, This happened in a span of one week before I transferred out of redwood elem to alder middle school.

 It was winter time but I cant remember what month. My work partner and I were monitoring restrooms at the end of the day, to keep kids from going in messing up the restroom before they go home.

we were standing on both sides of the door when two little boys asked if they can use the restroom we said OK but be quick. as we are standing there the whole school seemed to empty out, but the two kids in the restroom. So, we opened the door and shouted in the restroom for the kids to Finnish up. after a couple of minutes, no one came out. So, both of us went in and said time to get out but there was no one in there. We looked at the floor in the stalls and saw no feet. So, we thought the kids were playing and standing on the toilet seat. There were three stalls. So, we opened the first stall no kids, then the second stall, no kids so on the last stall we opened it quickly to scare them but there was no kids. So, my partner said I saw nothing and left the restroom. since it was my restrooms I started to clean them. Latter on that night we were in the staff lounge eating lunch. when my partner crys out ouch stop that I said what wrong he said I hit him with a advil pill. I said how can I hit you with a pill I am sitting right next to you.

Just as I finished that sentence an other pill beamed him in the head. And a fan in the top right corner turned on all by its self but it wasn't plugged in and then it turned off. My partner got up and left the lounge. I stayed to Finnish my lunch. The last thing that happened that week was towards the end I think it was a Thursday. We were in the staff lounge again eating lunch and it was raining outside when we heard a scratching and taping at the back right door on the south side of the room. it started lightly but got louder. So, my partner and I thought it was those two kids playing with us. So, we stood on both sides of the door waiting for them to make the noise again. And once they did we swung the door open to scare them but there was no one there my partner took off after them I he saw them running around a building. I saw nothing but when he took off all I could see was his foot prints in the rain and no others. He swearers he saw the boys But I didn't see a thing. I just heard the scratching and tapping on the door. After that we both left that school for different schools.



Stories I have Experienced





I grew up in a house that was full of layers of ghosts dating from the early settlers of western Virginia forward. It had been a log cabin on the frontier of Virginia on the old Wilderness Trail that Daniel Boone took to Kentucky. Later this became the Carolina Post road for the post coaches of the later day. It had been added to 3 times---and the original cabin walls were visable in the basement under the newer and oldest part of the house.

As a child I did not ever want to be alone and was very aware of them in our end of the house---used by the post coaches in poor weather as a refuge for passangers and coachmen. The original was built by a minster who came to teach the indian children. There was a graveyard in the woods---and a ghost or 2 on the grounds. 

We left the house behind in 1957 and I never went back---but I dream of it often!!!  I wonder if the current residents who have altered it so much from our time there have visitors and particularly the man at the garden entrance---who seemed to be actually mean and vindictive!!!   I wish Taps could investigate it or some other group of ligitamite investigators---or a good team of physics.

Each house i have lived in has had a presence---the most evident and maybe validated being a 1 Golf Course Drive, Tuscaloosa---but I think he was a personal ghost sent to help me in a hard time of my life. The funny thing was the neighbor's reaction when I described him as I saw him quite clearly. They gasped and said it was the former owner's stepfather who had lived there and was just as I described him when he died of TB!

I hope you have a great success with your site and will refer others as I was referred!!!



Impressionable Experiences


By: Anonymous


Several impressionable experiences:

When I was around 5 or 6 years old my family had moved from VA. Beach, VA to Danville, VA.  We moved into a small house off of main street.  My sisters eventually moved in with us and we needed a bigger house so Mom found one right on Main St.  It was a very old house with a large front porch and an open kitchen under the house it was really a neat house.  My bedroom was once I believe like a sitting room, it had no closet  My older sisters had a bedroom at the very back of the house. I had to walk thru my Mom & Dads room to get the the hallway which led to the back of the house and the bathroom.  One night I woke up needing to go to the bathroom and saw shadows against my bedroom wall. The shadows disappeared under my bed as they approached the side of it.  I was scared and was like in a trance while they approached and I could not move.  I finally was released from the trance like state and was able to get out of bed and go thru M & D's room to go the the bathroom.  As I was walking down the Hall I could see into my sisters bedroom where there was a beautiful light glowing in an Aqua color, as I walked closer to the door to the bathroom I could see into my sisters bedroom where I saw this beautiful small fairy like figure floating over my sisters head.  I really thought I was sleep walking but this was just too vivid.   I did mention this to my sisters later and they do not re call any unusual occurrences at that house.

Other encounters I have had:

My husband and I had bought a small trailer in Chesapeake, VA off of Military Hwy.  When we moved in it was just me and my husband, but eventually our children from previous marriages moved into our small trailer.  So noises and sounds of walking down the hall would be heard when we were in the shower or our back bedroom.  Well one day my husband and I was taking a shower together.  The kids where out side either at friends houses or riding bikes.  My husband and I both heard foot steps coming down the hall towards the bathroom.   Well of course we thought one of the kids had come home and didn't think anything about it.  When we got out of the shower we called out to see who was home and received no reply.  Okay so we thought they came home and left again no big deal.  Well another day we again were taking a shower together and heard the foot steps again coming down the hallway.  Well this time all the kids where not home they were away for the weekend.  My husband climbs out of the shower and wraps a towel around him and opens the bathroom door.  No one is there.  This happened on many occasions.  Taking a shower hearing the steps getting out to check if someone was there.

So  then we thought we may be hearing sounds from our neighbors but it was so loud and you could feel the trailer per say vibrate as the steps came down the hall way.

Well one night my husband and I were watching TV in the living room .  Our TV was set against the Half wall between the Kitchen area and the living room area.  We could see thru to the kitchen.  We both were watching TV and out of the corner of my eye I see the upper kitchen cabinet over the stove open slowly and then it closed slowly. I turn to look at my husband and he is turning to look at me and at the same time we  said "Did you see that?"  it really freaked us out.

On another occasion the kids were home and had friends staying with them over night.  We were sitting in the Living room about 6 of us.  And one of my tennis shoes that was on the floor did a 360 degree spin right in front of us all.  It was amazing to us all.  The shoes were on shag carpet no way they could just spin and no one I mean no one was around them.  And only one shoe turned.  Just a few minutes later a glass ash tray that was setting on the coffee table broke in half.  I mean this ash tray was clean (thank good ness or there would have been a mess to clean up). And no one was smoking or had used it.

Our Sons friend, was scared to death he said he was going home and he would not spend the night ever again. (From here after we were the people who lives in the haunted trailer)

Well we would call our ghost George and when things would come up missing we would blame him.  The kids loved that they would not get in trouble if they had mis- placed something.  All they had to do was say "George did it"

Well we eventually moved from the trailer and moved to a 3 bedroom brick home in Chesapeake also.

Nothing happened at the house until I lost my best pet.  I loved this Chow so much!  She was a beautiful Black Chow with long glossy fur I called her Onyx. We took her to North Carolina to our camp house.   She died while we were there.  We wrapped her up and brought her back to our house and buried her in the back yard.  She was just the best dog I had ever had. 

Well a few weeks went by and I was in the kitchen cooking and out of the corner of my eye I see a black flash from the hall to the kitchen.  I was like I did not see that.  But I knew it was my beloved Onyx.  I did not say anything to my husband for I didn't think he would believe me.  Well Onyx would wake me up in the morning by nudging or licking my hand.  Several morning's I would feel this and think she was still with us.  I had even seen her in our back yard and also seen her walking  towards the back door from the yard.

One day I was in the living room and my husband had gone to the back door to let our other Chow in.  Cinnamon is cinnamon in color and no way you can mistake her for a black chow.  My husband was going to let Cinnamon in the house and he saw a black chow about 20 feet away from the back door.  He turned to me and said "Honey I know you are not going to believe me but I just saw Onyx in the back yard".  I was like "You did?"  I then told him that I had been seeing her in the house and the yard and she also was still waking me up in the morning like she used to do when she was alive.  He also let me know he had been seeing her , but didn't want to let me know because he knew how heart broken I was over her loss.

The next time I saw her coming up to the back porch I told her how much I loved and missed her and let her know she should go into the light (Per Sylvia Brown) and I would reunite with her when it was my time to go.  (Some times I wish I had not sent her into the light so I could still see her)

I now have another Chow we call her Diamond she is a light color reddish brown, when she was born she had a Black shaped Diamond on her tail (I love diamonds and have a nice collection of them) .  I told my husband that Onyx was reincarnated into Diamond.  This was when Diamond was first born.   Well Diamond is now a year old and she does have a lot of mannerisms that Onyx had.

I would like to say I love your site.  And the many contributions of story's that you allow us to submit and share with others that are believers.  Thank you for letting me share.



My Family's Experiences with the Supernatural




The Ukeleles

This experience was shared to me by my dad and his brothers.

My grandpa one night brought home three ukeleles for my dad and uncles. They were around 10 to 11 years old at the time. They enjoyed the little guitar-like instruments so much. One night, my dad suddenly got up and woke up my uncle. He asked him if he heard the ukeleles playing, and my uncle said yes. But he just told my dad to just go back to sleep. Then my dad got up again; this time the chilling melody of the ukeleles were louder, like they were playing outside their room. My dad, without hesitation, ran to my his oldest brother. But my uncle suddenly got up and told him, "I know, I hear them too." They just prayed and slept.

The Mirror

My granduncle had this experiences in the same house where  my dad's ukeleles were playing on their own.

One night, my granduncle had to use the bathroom. He was sleeping on the second floor of the old house and there was only one bathroom and it was on the ground floor. To get to the bathroom, you have to pass by this fairly large mirror. So now, my granduncle was headed for the bathroom, when he passed by the mirror, he saw this blurred, dark image and he was sure it wasn't him. After using the bathroom, he passed by the mirror, and now he can see what he saw earlier clearer. It was some man with red skin, long black hair and was bleeding all over. He just ran back up to his room and slept, scared.

Party much?

This one occasion happened in the same house where the ukelele and mirror events occured. This happened before right around I was born.

My uncle and my dad have moved out and had their own families. My dad's oldest brother stayed in the house with his new wife. They didn't have kids yet back then. My aunt (uncle's new wed wife) had a little chat with their neighbor who happened to be my second degree aunt. She asked my uncle's wife how come they weren't invited when they had a party last night. My aunt was surprised because they didn't have a party. Her neighbor described what heard. SHe told my aunt that she heard a lot of footsteps and stomping, like there was atleast a hundred people.

Later, on my aunt finds out from a pastor that their house was infested by angry spirits who were trapped in it. She had the house blessed and prayed.

NOTE ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE HOUSE: The house is located at a compound. Long ago, around the time when the japanese left the philippines (BTW, the house is in the philippines), a huge warehouse stood on the same spot where the compound is now. Townspeople said that the warehouse was a place where many people were murdered and women raped. Up to this day, the new owners of the house (who happens to be my dad's cousin) can still feel spirits. Door knobs locking on their own, doors banging, sudden change in temperature and such.  

Now we can get started with my own experiences

Ma'am are you there?

Back when I was in fifth grade, I didn't go on the school buses because my dad will pick me and my brother up. One afternoon, my dad failed to pick us up at exactly 4:00 PM, his usual pick up time. He had too much patients as a doctor and one of his patients was giving birth. So I waited at the gate where the security guards relaxed. I got thirsty but the drinking fountain was far from the gate. But I decided to suck it up and walk all the way to the other end of the extremely long hall. In my school, there was this tri-level building where the technology rooms are located. When pass by this open hallways, you'll see the balcony of the building. Then I saw a glimpse of a woman, leaning over the railing like she was looking down. I thought it was one of my teachers I said hi, but I was wrong. It was some one else. It was a lady; with long flowing dress, her hair big and her face white...all white. I was scared and it seemed like everything stopped and I forgot about my thirst. I ran back to the gate where my dad, the guards and my brother were sitting, waiting for me. I never told them about the lady until a week or so.

ABOUT MY SCHOOL: My school is located along a busy avenue in Quezon City, Philippines. People said that before the building was built, there was a field there with really,really tall grass and women was said to have been raped on that field.

NOTE: I thought I was the only one who had supernatural experiences around the school, but so did my friends. My best friend, AJ, was playing on our soccer field, behind the building. While he was playing with his soccer ball, he saw a lady in white, walking around the field. She was wandering, walking in circles, looking up into the sky like she was waiting for justice. AJ looked closely and he knew that the lady was the ghost of the building because she was atleast a foot floating above the ground.

We now call her Ms. Benitez, from the name of the building where she lurks. The building's name is Tomas Benitez Building. 




Grandpa Doesn't Like Strangers




We were at my friends house for a sleep over party and my friend said watch yourself going through the kitchen and we just laughed at her.  When we walked through the kitchen a bowl went flying off the table at me  ane barely missed.  She said that her grandpa died in that house and didn't strangers in his house(his favorite room the kitchen).When we went to the bathroom to get hair supplies we had to turn off the water and as we turned to leave the water went on again.(last time i ever spent the night there)




Sage College of Albany




I am a full time student at Sage College of Albany, where people have experienced paranormal activity. I have also experienced it at the school, but not in the building that is listed on your website.

I frequently go to the library on campus. The second floor of the library is usually empty, or only one or two people will be there. The first time I experienced activity was in September 2007. There was one other person on the second floor, but no where near where I was sitting. I kept getting a feeling that someone was looking at me or right next to me, and I could hear what sounded like breathing close to me. I took a look around and there was no one.

The second time I experienced activity was today, November 7, 2007. I was on the second floor of the library again, and this time there was absolutely no one except me. As I sat there working on a paper I heard movement behind me, and something dark came up to the side of me. I turned around to look, but once again there was no one to see. I went back to my work, and a few minutes later there was a scraping sound against the floor, as if someone was moving a chair around.

I left the library immediately- I didn’t want to find out who or what else was up there!

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