Update: The Harrison Church in Topeka Kansas


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I thought you may want to update your information on the Harrison Church at S.W. 16th and Harrison - It is not abandoned, and hasn't been for about four an half years now, as one of the owners I can confirm this...

One other thing I can also confirm is that the rumors of it being Haunted are not rumors at all, the activity there is real and pretty consistent. As I can not be there on location on a regular basis I hired Caretakers to care for and watch over the building - maybe I should have told them about the Church's reputation before they signed on and moved in, but I did not I decided not to put things in their head that may have otherwise not been there. Well it only took about two weeks before I started getting calls asking me for information on the Church and if there was anything they should know due to some strange things happening in the Chapel. I dispersed some info in small quantities, again not wanting to make a mountain out of a mole hill, however the mountain showed it's face all on it's own, and one of the Caretakers for a lack of a better explanation, was temporarily possessed while someone that claimed to be a former preacher from the 50's sent over a message rega rding a double murder that took place in the boiler room and upper loft of the church.. Ooops, guess I should have been a little more forthcoming with my information.

Lucky for me and my business partner the Caretakers have not as of yet been spooked away, in fact they are intrigued and while investigating and trying to verify the information they were given 'that night' they have found a way to live among the 'regulars' that pass back and fourth through the Chapel on a daily basis. Yes it's hard to believe for me also, but what scares some makes others curious - Me? I'm happy in my own home far far away from the Church *smile wink*







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In 2001, I had accepted a short term work assignment at through a temporary employment agency working at the famed Humble Building, and I had the pleasure of working with the staff of what was now called the ExxonMobil Building in Houston, Texas, as an Administrative Assistant, and my office was on the 32nd floor.

My job with ExxonMobil required working on several projects and on some days, I had to take several trips to the copier to prepare a perfect original copy, which sometimes required frequent trips to the Reproduction Department, on the lowest level in the basemen to make several copies of documents to be distributed at the meetings that my managers had during the year.

The first few times I rode on the elevator of the ExxonMobil building, to the Reproduction Department, I rode the elevator down to the Lower Level (LL) to deliver the pages to be copied, and another ride back up to the 32nd floor.

On one of the many rides I took on an elevator, I felt a warm hand touching my left cheek, and I heard a male voice calling me Mam. I could see no one standing there, and I felt a chill move up my back into my neck, .then I caught a glimpse of an apparition move from behind me into my line of sight. The man was taller than me, and was wearing a hat, and wore a holster with a gun.

"Mam, Can you please tell me what year it is?"

I felt chills running up my neck again.

I had heard voices from ghosts many times in my life, but never once did I have the ghost of a famous person speak directly to me.

I answered him. "The year is 2001."

Can you see me? He asked.

"No" I answered him as I closed my eyes.

"My name is Captain William B. Travis, and I need to know who won at the Battle of the


"Santa Anna won." I answered.

Captain William B. Travis then lowered his head and mumbled failure.

"You and all the other men, women and children who died at the Alamo, are heroes in

the history books of Texas." I told him.

"Raise your head and feel proud that your life story and those that died at the Alamo are written in the history books that are used in our children's schools."

You need to know that the Alamo fell to Santa Anna, but your lives go on, and Captain, the children of today are able to read about you and the history of the Alamo on any computer, or any book on that subject.

He then asked me with a puzzled look on his face, "What is a computer?"

Captain William B. Travis disappeared from the elevator as we reached the lower floor, and after that day, I saw him frequently riding on the elevators, but he seldom spoke.

He acknowledged me with a fingertip on the brim of his Captain’s hat.

I believe once he knew the truth about the Battle of The Alamo, he could go on with living his spirit life at the ExxonMobile Building, until he could go forward into the afterlife.

As far as I know, a few people still believe in ghosts, and more often encounter them in the most obvious of places, like in the ExxonMobil Building on Bell Street in downtown Houston, Texas.

To this day, Captain William B. Travis still rides the elevators and greets the women with a smile, and a fingertip to the brim of his Captain’s hat, but few of the people that ride the elevators are aware of his presence.

Have you seen Captain William B. Travis when you rode the elevator today?


My son had just entered the Art Institute in 1992, and while he attended college in the daytime studying Music and Video Business, I was taking evening classes in Applied Photography.

The instructor was a teacher in Basic Photography, which I was taking to earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree. I had her as my instructor the first quarter of school.

Miss Monroe asked my son and me if we wanted to make some extra money by cleaning her bi-level townhouse every Saturday, and my son and I both liked the idea of making extra money.

The first day we arrived at her home, she began to tell us about the two ghosts that also lived in her home. The ghostly pair were a father and son. The father was a doctor who knew he was dying of cancer, and wanted his son to agree not to marry a woman who he was engaged to, that was of Hispanic descent, and had planned to marry against his father's will.

The son wanted his father's approval but did not receive it, and left to go back to University of Texas. The son had driven in from Austin, Texas, where he had been attending the University of Texas, and he could hardly wait to get back to his fiancee, so they could be married.

His father died knowing that his only son was still planning to marry the same woman that he had disapproved of, but what he did not know at first, was that his son was killed in an automobile accident while driving back to Austin, and the marriage never took place.

Thinking that his son had married the woman, he refused to talk to him, when his son died, and came back to explain to his father that the marriage did not happen, his father refused to allow his son to enter the house, and told his son to stay out in the garage.

Miss Monroe told my son and me the story of the ghosts of the father and son, and asked me if I could walk with her through the house to see if my son or I could pick up anything on either ghost and tell her what I felt from the visit.

My son decided to continue his house cleaning while I walked with my instructor to an upstairs bedroom, that she furnished with a double bed, and a desk. Then when we arrived in the bedroom, she immediately asked if I could pick up any feelings about the bedroom.

I told her yes, I could hear the father talking to me. I could not see him at first, but when he moved further away from me toward the other side of his bed, but I could hear him speak.

He told me he had heard about me, the woman who could hear voices of people who were no long living, and then asked me about his hobby and what it was that he loved more than anything before he died.

I received a thought in my mind that had to do with orchids, and when I told him the thought I picked up from him, he became frightened and stepped farther away from me.

He also asked me to give a message to the woman who lived in his house, who was standing right next to me, to buy more Pop Tarts, because that is what he loved to eat.

When I told Miss Monroe what it was the ghost had said, she and I both laughed, then she began telling me how her warm Pop Tarts would disappear from the kitchen counter, after she warmed them and left them on the counter to cool.

I told the doctor that I enjoyed talking with him, and he said okay, but that he was afraid of me because I could hear him.

Where was the other ghost, the ghost of his son? The father told me, his son was living in the garage because he had not forgiven his son for even thinking of marrying a woman he did not approve of.

When we left the house to go outside to the greenhouse, I could smell the orchids, although nothing was in the planters except dirt, but when I looked up toward the doctor's bedroom window, he was standing there watching us, and making doubly sure that his son did not leave the garage and follow us into the house.

We opened the garage door and we both heard the sound of shuffling feet scurrying away to hide. The son was leaning against the far wall of the garage.

The ghostly son's question took me by surprise.

When was his father going to let him back into the house because the garage was cold and damp? I told him I would ask his father.

The moment I came out of the garage and looked up toward the bedroom window, I heard the father say no, as he shook his head.

The son apologized to his father out loud again, and the father refused to hear his son speak.

The conversation then ended and the father remained in the house looking out through his bedroom window, and his son remained in the cold damp garage, waiting, and hoping his father would change his mind, then they both faded away, and I could not hear or see either ghost again before my son and I left to go back home.


For years, I drove a Ford and Escort was its name, and it was great throughout but the air inside would not get cold.  So I asked my boyfriend, Tom, to take me to buy a car, that I desperately needed, because the air conditioner in my Ford Escort was going to cost more than the car was worth to fix, so we went to Chuck Davis Chevrolet, to look for a pretty new car to buy.

I saw a Geo Metro that was maroon inside and out, and it would be a perfect car for me to drive, since it was small, and a gas saver, but Tom wanted to drive it, and the air conditioner was not blowing very cold.  More Freon would be needed so the air would blow cold air, and I fell in love with that little car.  Tom kept bugging me, to buy a larger car, a red 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier for both of us to drive, and if I could not pay for it, he would give it to his daughter, Tracey, but I would not agree to that.  I wanted the little car, then Tom went to see the salesman and ask for the keys to the red Cavalier.

He wanted to take it for a drive, so what could I do? I had once loved this man, and he was stubborn, and when he insisted that I buy the red Cavalier that day, he let me borrow $500 to add in to the down payment, and I put down $500 too, and the dealer gave me a rebate of $500 more.

It felt like dream, and I wanted to scream………. as I waved goodbye to the Geo Metro, all I wanted was to strangle this man’s neck, because I ended up with the red devil car, and not the little Geo Metro I wanted.  Oh what the hell?

The man named Tom drove the new Cavalier home, and I drove his old truck, and my new Cavalier had a dent on its butt which I had not seen, but the man named Tom knew…………… and did not tell me.

The salesman told him the story about that the red devil car that had been a former drug car that was owned by drug people, which was seized by the law and the FBI broke the trunk to see what they could find but that was why the trunk had a dent in it. and now the red devil car was mine, and I hated it.   I tried to give it to Tom, but then he did not want it. Two weeks from the day I brought home the car, I backed up into a tree, and broke the car trunk latch.  So I went to buy another trunk latch and I fixed the damn thing, but when I went to eat in Sugar Land, the red devil car was hit from behind. 

Another dent to see, what was happening to me? I tried desperately to give the car away but I was stuck driving a devil car from Hell.

Some time went by, and I went out to eat again. I stopped for some gasoline in Sugar Land, and a pickup truck plowed into my car in the gas station stall and the man was 86 years old, and did not see my car.

Another $600 damage and the other driver’s insurance paid with a check, and I had saved to fix the bumper, because this had made me upset and sick.   

Tom chose this stupid car, and he should have taken it home with him for his daughter, since he chose this devil car, it should be at home with him, and that is not the end of this nightmare car.

One morning I was driving to work, and about a year had passed since the car and me had been in any other car accidents.  A stupid man ran a stop sign and ran into the red devil car again.  I was not hurt, but I could see, the devil car was struck again and I could only cry, because it was not my fault.  The man ran a stop sign and refused to pay the debt.  When I got out of the car to try to exchange information with the other man, a ghost came out of the car and stood beside me on the street.  I did not recognize the man, and he did not look like a devil.  I ignored him, and I prayed no one else could see him.

A policeman was called to take our information, and the other driver cried that I was at fault.  He told the policeman, that while I was driving down the street, that he assumed that I was supposed to stop in the middle of the street, and let him go by, because that was the way things were done in Mexico. He ran a stop sign, and he lied to the policeman to keep from paying for the $3,000 damage on my car. My insurance paid to fix my car again, and that man won because he did not pay for the damages on my the devil car. 

Three years have passed, the devil car won’t die, as long as it is red the devil car gets wrecked.  So then I painted it blue, no crashes yet, then I painted it white, then black.  The car had not been hit, but cops would follow me when my car was black. So I painted the devil car an angel white.  The car looked bright and there was no devil car around, and the ghost appeared to be gone.  The car had not been hit, but people driving around me would frown on my paint job. 

I was told by many people that I had spent too much money, painting my car different colors.... that I should have left it red, but they did not really know the sadness that I felt inside.

When the maroon little Geo Metro moved into the building across the driveway, I saw the lucky driver that bought the cute little car.  He said that he bought the car at Chuck Davis Chevrolet the same day, that I brought the red devil car home to Fresno, because I did not get my way, and because the curse of the red car had followed me for years.

You see the story is not over yet, I still have to say I bought the red car in June, and in July, I had my first stroke.  And here it is 4 years later, the car was parked at home, the cold air went out and then I went out and bought a beautiful 2004 Pontiac, and I had  massive stroke, and my brand new Pontiac went back to the dealership.  In 2005, an attorney called me to say that they are going to sue me since the red car was painted black.  The attorney has asked why I painted it, I did not know what to say…. I tried for years to forget the reasons why… and now the curse is back, what can I say?

The attorney wanted me to pay for the paint job that I gave the Red Devil car.. to keep the curse away, and now the car is gone, and the curse is gone away, and the ghost is gone but now I don’t worry about it, because I cannot drive anyway and the attorney has stopped threatening to take me to court for $6,000, when my sisters told him we were filing Harassment charges on him and his company, because I was now living in a nursing home, and I have seven years on my credit report for the “repossession” of the devil car, but that will soon be gone too.


In 1966, my parents bought the largest house on Fairbanks Street in the Lindale Subdivision on the north side of downtown Houston.

My eldest sister, Lindy, was graduating from high school, going to her senior prom, and preparing to go out into the world by working at her first job, and she was ready to go, and my second sister, Rosie, was also older than me, and was in her the 11th grade and still had her last two years of high school, and she was due to graduate in 1967.  I was called Laurie, and I was going to the same high school, but I was only in the 10th grade and I still had a lot to learn about high school.

Rosie and I rode the city bus to and from school every day, and always had tons of homework to do, so when we were able to finally get home from riding the city bus to our bus stop, we walked home from out there to our house which was about three-fourths of a city block, and walked inside the back yard to be greeted at the back door by our black cocker spaniel puppy named Putty.

Daddy was almost always at home waiting for us, except that in 1966, Daddy had become ill again, and Mom and Lindy took Daddy to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital by city ambulance, and Rosie and I had to fix our after school snacks, finish our homework, fix supper for ourselves and Mom and Lindy, and then take out the ironing board and iron our skirts and blouses for school the next day.  Rosie was always smarter than me, as she always ironed her clothes for the entire week on Sunday, but sometimes one of her clubs at school called a club meeting, and she had to iron a blouse that night to wear the next day.

Rosie and I would read movie star magazines, or do our homework, and listen to our 45 records playing on our record player, while sitting on our double bed, and we would roll up our hair in giant pink rollers to get ourselves ready for the next day at school.

I was the first person to see something moving in our bedroom, and I told Rosie that I saw something, but I could not see a clear picture, and she said she could not see anything at all, and she took it all in stride.   Rosie was pretty cool about it, but I was concerned, and I wanted to talk to Mom, but she had gone to see Daddy, and was not there with right then when I was afraid.

Rosie and I were both singing to one of the 45's on the record player, and I stopped when I saw the two ghosts standing inside the big blue fan blowing air in one corner of the room.  The ghosts were embracing and kissing, and had a hold on each other tightly.

Then, I noticed that the male ghost was wearing a gray civil war uniform, and the hat of a captain, and a sword in a scabbard hanging on his waist belt, and the woman was wearing a  green ball gown with full skirt filled with petticoats under the skirt, and her bodice was dark green velvet.  She appeared to be crying, as they held each other tightly.

Rosie could not see any of it, but I described everything I saw that night, and I told her that it was funny to me that I could see them, and we were learning all about the Civil War in my American History Class in 10th grade.  I had found that similarity to be strange and funny.

I finally got the courage to tell Mom when she got home from visiting Daddy at the hospital that night, and she told me that if there were ghosts, they were not going to hurt me, and left it at that.

I saw the couple several times after that day, but they never once paid any attention to me.


My family of six lived in this house on James Street, in Houston, Texas, and it was a great place for us to grow up with a fence to keep our Putty dog in, to my little brother having his own bedroom and bathroom, and my sisters and I having our bedroom and bathroom.

The middle bedroom was large and had three doors, one that could be entered from

from the living room, one door that could be entered from the kitchen, and the third door could be entered from a long hallway to my brother’s room that passed right by the second bathroom, that was complete with to a shower stall, for three young growing girls.

This house was perfect in every way, except that it had a secret that no one in the neighborhood remembered except for the owner, who told my father, and me, only because I was listening to the owner telling my father, about a man who had been killed in the middle bedroom, and the murderer had never been caught.

When I heard the owner telling my father about the murder that took place in our bedroom, I couldn’t wait to tell my sisters.  I suddenly felt fear knowing that my sisters and I were going to be sleeping, in the same room, where a man had been murdered.  This was not good news, and I felt fear and excitement at the same time.

When we finally moved into this house, it completely took me by surprise when I saw the ghost standing in the living room, when the owner was showing my parents through the house.  It was not my first encounter with a ghost, but it was the first time I had an encounter with the ghost of a man who had died in our bedroom.  He was still there, and he didn’t know why, and he didn’t know how to ask why he was still there, only because he thought he was still alive. 

After we moved into the house, the ghost watched me walk out the front door to school or when I played in the yard with our dog.  I could see him standing at the window right behind the bedroom curtains, behind the curtains in the living room, or when he was standing at the front door.  He followed me everywhere I went in the house, but he never followed me outside our home. 

Since I was still a kid, I thought he was old, in his late 20's, or 30's, but I didn’t know for sure, and I never thought to ask him.  The ghost was not a pest, but he did not understand why he was still here on earth.  I could see through him when he stood next to me, trying to talk with me, and I felt chills going up and down my back.  I told my father that the ghost was talking to me a lot, and that I wanted to go and hide from the ghost, so that he would not talk to me.

One day when my brother and my sisters were home, I hid in my brother’s bedroom closet, and waited to see what would happen if I stayed hidden.  The ghost could not find me if he could not see me, or so I thought.  Little did I know that the whole  time I was hiding in the closet, I felt so secure, and warm sitting on a pile of my brother’s blankets, and extra pillows, and when my father asked all my sisters and brother, where I was and nobody knew,  but Daddy finally found me hiding in my brother’s bedroom closet, and he asked me why I was sitting on the lap of a ghost. 

I screamed “No!”  I jumped up and ran into my father’s arms, and I told him I was afraid of the ghost talking to me.

My father hugged me, then took me to my room, wiped away my tears, and told me to always remember that ghosts cannot hurt me.  They only want to know why they are still here on earth. 

Daddy then told me said that the answer that the ghosts needed was something only God could answer, and I suddenly felt a feeling of peace.


It was so difficult to understand what exactly was happening to me the very first time I heard a man’s voice in my head. He spoke loud and clear, warning me that he was just waiting patiently for me to slip just one time, and that was all he needed to take over my body.

I had just climbed up to the top of the baseball bleachers at Moody Park, a city park, just 4 miles north of downtown Houston.  It was a great view from 12 feet above ground, and the ship created, in my 12-year old imagination, moved quietly through the waves, I looked around from the crow’s nest of my ship.

I christened it "Laurie’s Ship." 

From where I stood, at the height of 12 feet, I called out to my brothers and sisters standing in the baseball diamond, to look at me. I was he Captain on my own ship, and I could see everything, from where I was standing.  

After I looked out in one direction, I started turning my body to look another direction, and as I moved my right foot to the edge of the top bleacher seat, where there was no back wall, and my hand slipped, and I lost my hold on the rail.

Right then, It felt like someone had pushed me from behind, and my hands slid from the off the top rail, and boom, I landed on the ground knocking the wind out of my lungs, and hitting the back of my head hard enough to see stars spinning above my head.

I felt my spiritual body rise up, and very slowly move away from my body, and I felt free. I felt light, and I felt like jumping up and down, and all around.

I already had forgotten that I had no human body, but I looked around me, and I saw me on the ground trying to breathe.   I was discovering it was like to live without my body.


I heard a woman talking to me.   She told me that she was my grandmother, my Dad’s mother, Matilde, to call her Mama and that she was with me to tell me that it was not my time to go to Heaven, and that I needed to go back into my body.   My grandmother walked my spiritual body back to my human body, and asked me to lay my spiritual body down into my human body, and I discovered, I could not connect with my human body, and I kept floating up out of my body.

When my grandmother asked me what was wrong, I told her there was something moving under me inside of my human body.  That it was a man and he was yelling at me, that his name was Melchor and that he was here to keep me from being alive again.

My grandmother then heard Melchor tell her that he had been following me for many years waiting for this day, when he could finally take my body away from me, and I would be dead, and he would be alive again.

I watched my Grandmother stick both her hands into my human body and pull out Melchor’s spiritual body, and pushed him away as hard as she could, then gently laid my spiritual body down into my human body, and I connected with my human body again.  Suddenly, I felt the pain in my lungs while I was grasping for air.  I could not catch my breath.  My grandmother instructed to wait patiently, and my brother would come to help me.

She then told me that she had heard in Heaven about the man in black called Melchor, who was a monk with a black hat and a black robe, and who had died in the 15th century by hanging.  Melchor had been trying for many years to take over the bodies of people who had suddenly died.

Mama told me that she would always be near me, in order to protect me from Melchor and others like him, and gave me a kiss on my forehead.  She said that I would see and hear strange things throughout my life, that would frighten me, but could not hurt me.  

My Grandmother then said goodbye and faded away.

My older brother grabbed my right hand and pulled me up onto my feet, and told me everything was going to be okay.  He gently pulled leaves out of my hair, then he stood in front of me and looked me in the eyes, and told me not to tell Daddy. 

I said I won’t tell Daddy, I promise, and I started walking towards Daddy's car, holding my brother's hand, and Daddy took one look at me and asked me what had happened to me, and I told him nothing, but somehow Daddy always knew what happened, so we never said a word to Daddy.

I remembered later that my brother did not pay any attention to the man in the black robe, if we were both alive, and as I looked again from my brother’s face to the man in black running away from us, it became obvious that the man was "see-through" like a ghost. I did not understand, but the feeling of peace was with me.

I could not say anything at all about what had happened, and as we sat in Daddy’s car and drove out of Moody Park, I looked outside the car window, and saw Melchor shaking his finger at me, and his mouth was moving, but I could not hear him and I could not read his lips, then he slowly faded away.


In 2001, I took a trip to visit cousins by marriage. I enjoyed visiting Steve and Vera, in Midvale, Utah, because they were happily married, and lived in the oldest, most beautiful house on Allen Street in Midvale, Utah.

Vera’s mother had died a few years before I went to visit there that year, but I had the pleasure of meeting her in years past, on other trips to visit Steve and Vera.

The ghost of Vera’s Mom returned to protect Steve and Vera’s property and the family, and for some reason, she had taken an instant dislike to me and my son, but I still treated her with respect and kindness when she was living, and came to visit Steve and Vera, and I was there too.

When I went to visit Steve and Vera in March, 2001, I slept on a small futon-like couch in the front room, and I had planned to stay for a whole week, but the first night I was there, I heard the voice of Vera’s mother asking me so nicely to leave and go back home, and she thought it was better if I went home.

I told her I was very sorry that I could not remember her name, so that I could address her by name, and she stated that it was fine, and that I was not going to be there long enough.

I had planned to stay for a week, and I was sure something bad was going to happen while I was there, because I could feel a queasy feeling in my stomach, but I never told Steve and Vera, that Vera’s mother had been to visit me.

During my visit to Midvale, the daytime hours were fun. We took a trip to Wendover, Nevada, taking a few quarters I had won in a layover stop in Las Vegas, on my flight to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Steve, Vera and I had fun playing slots, but we never won anything more than a few dollars back from the nickel and quarter slots.

When we came back home that night rather late, I finally fell asleep on the front couch again. I had been visiting Steve and Vera for about three days, when Vera’s mother came to tell me that third night to tell me that the man I lived with, had poisoned my favorite dog, called Jumper, and all 12 of her puppies, and they were all buried before I got back home.

I told Steve and Vera that I felt that something bad happened back home, where I lived with the man I once loved, and who I thought loved my precious dog, Jumper, and her 12 puppies. Vera’s mother also told me that the man I live with had shot Jumper’s brother, once in the hip, and once in the head, and that if that man could kill animals, there was a thin line there from there to where he could possibly kill me also, if he ever thought that I might be in his way. She then added that I could be next. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, and I felt it all the way to Utah.

I called the airline and changed my flight to go home, to check on my precious dog, Jumper, and all I wanted was to check on my precious dog, Jumper, and I left the next afternoon on Thursday, to find out that my feelings had come true. Jumper and all 12 puppies had been poisoned, and when I first confronted Tom, he was surprised to see me, and was busy chasing Jumper’s brother around the yard. The dog was limping, and bleeding from one hip. I ask him who shot him and he looked at me directly and lied. He told me the man in the mobil home to the side of his sister’s property had shot the brother dog, and because it was injured, Tom had to finish killing him off. Then I heard gunfire from Tom’s 22 pistol, and the male dog yipped and then died in his sister’s front yard.

I thought back to my trip to Utah during the early part of that week, and in all my rushing home to save Jumper, her 12 puppies, and her brother, and I did not save any of them, but I learned from Vera’s mother. She helped me figure out the truth about my life, my relationship with a man who kills pet dogs, and the reminder that this man could easily turn on me.

The ghost of Midvale, Utah saved my life and opened my eyes to the truth, and also told me that in July of that same year, 2001, I would have a double stroke, and I would lose Tom to another woman. I thanked her for the information and I flew back to Texas to face my pain, and greet my new life without Tom. I knew I would succeed, and the knowledge and the pain I gained along the way had made me stronger and ready for any new challenge.


Several years ago, I had a crush on a man who lived in a neighborhood where one of my sisters lived. He worked as a prison guard, and as a constable, to fill the hours of his day doing things he loved to do.  As the years went by, he married, divorced, and then had a live-in lover for a few years, and eventually became a loner, and lived alone.

But in spite of all the bad things I had about him, I heard through the neighborhood grapevine, that all he ever wanted to do his whole life was to be a police officer.

Because this wonderful man had Crohn's disease, which affected his bowels, and he was only able to serve in the capacity of a constable, which I had heard was a great way to gain experience as a police officer, and protect the neighborhood.

After several years of working as a constable, this wonderful man also had a terrible secret that he carried with him throughout his life. He had a terrible disease called Crohn’s disease, and later the doctors discovered he had cancer that was found and removed in several surgeries.

On April 21, 2003, my sister called me to let me know that this great man had been hospitalized for a few weeks, and had died on April 10, 2003.

It came as a tremendous shock to me.  The soft-hearted little man with the big round glasses, that I had fallen in love with, had died.  I hung up the phone. I sat down on the bed, and cried my eyes out into my pillow. It was soaked from my tears.

Later that night, after I had regained control of my emotions, I spread some blankets on the carpet in the living room, and played some of my cassette tapes that reminded me of him.

That is when I first realized how many ghosts were sitting on the blankets with me, and that was when my sweet little man, Duane, that has just passed away, walked into my apartment through the bedroom closet door, with his round rimmed glasses and a smile for every one there in my apartment that night.

 All the ghosts that were in my apartment that night called out his name in unison, "Duane?"  “Hi!”

I looked up and looked around my room, but I could not seen anyone, until

I heard Duane speaking to me.  He called me by name, and told me he had to wait for a long time after his orientation into Heaven, before he could get the permission to come back to earth to visit his mother and his aunt, and some of his neighbors, and me.

Duane came to visit me every day after he completed his what he called "have to do's in Heaven.”

He stayed for a few more weeks, and then he faded away. The other ghosts that were in my apartment that day, never let me know again that they were still there in my apartment.

I never heard from Duane after he came to tell me that he had met a woman named Carole whose parents lived in a house next door to my parents. She was planning to be his best friend, and she could give him a personal tour of heaven.

That was the last time Duane came to visit me was sometime in late 2003, and I miss him very much.

With Duane visiting me less and less, I missed him so much.  I could sometimes hear him singing to me, or whispering gentle words of love and encouragement, then he didn’t come back for a long time, and I began to adjust to living without him, but I never stopped loving him.



Addition to "The Windsor Haunting"


By: jan.ron@cogeco.ca



I am writing this as a footnote to my previous story “ The Windsor Haunting”.

Approximately ten months ago my husband stared a new job out of town. He lived and worked away from home for five months.

Now, as I previously stated, I always feel quite at ease here at home and so the incident I am about to relate came as quite a surprise. However, it did not “scare” me as much as I would have thought.

We had gotten up early the morning my husband left. It was about 10AM when he got on his way. I've never been much of a morning person and so, as I didn't have anything pressing to keep me up I decided to take a nap. My bedroom is rather bright, and so I choose to nap in the basement. It is almost pitch black down there and very comfortable. My husband had it set up that way when he worked nights.

Well, I was lying there in the dark and heard to my amazement the faint yet unmistakable strum of a guitar! I kept my cool and tried to rationalize how this was possible. I remembered that there was indeed a guitar resting against a corner wall. My brother had given it to my husband several years ago. My husband didn't play but even so it was a source of entertainment to try for the couple of times he picked it up. It had been in that corner for a long time since. Anyway, back to the incident. I finally decided lying there to turn on the light to gather my bearings. Several minutes later I thought, “this is silly,” I turned the light out and sure enough, several seconds later, I heard the strum once again! I swore and jumped out of the bed more annoyed at the disturbance of my nap then scared.

I am beginning to accept the fact that we are probably not alone here. Seemingly, there is no malice.

My brother, who gave my husband the guitar passed away in August. His loving and heartbroken wife claims he has visited her. He was a firm believer in the afterlife and I'm sure if there were a way to come back, he would. They say that as we get older we become more childlike. I believe that is true. We become more aware and accepting of the reality that is as fascinating as it is incredible!




Bump in the Laundry Room



By: williams_s_a@yahoo.com


I don't have any pretenses towards seeing the unexplained. But some things do make one wonder.

The other day I was in my laundry room, putting some stuff on hangers, and hanging them on the door frame, between the laundry room and the breakfast nook/kitchen. I turned to my left to do something and out of the corner of my right eye thought I saw a dark, man shaped something stroll into my vision, in the kitchen/nook. When I looked back to check there was nothing there. I didn’t think there would be, as it wasn’t that clear and really quick. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. It took a second or two to register that the shirts were swinging back and forth as if someone had moved them to get by.

At the time it was no big deal, and didn’t scare me. Now that I am thinking about it it’s kind of strange. Just thought I’d mention it.



Ghosts Experiences


By: bjeffery@pasty.net


my name is ben.  i live in Laurium, michigan.  my first wife and two young daughters died in a house fire in elkhart, indiana.  i saw their spirits and work and they also followed me around.

when i moved back to michigan, i lived an old house that was built in the 1860's.  i have seen spirits there also.  i saw the spirit of the old lady who died in the house. i also saw spirits of copper miners roaming around the house.  i would hear voices in the basement and footsteps in the main part of the house.

i also can sense spirits anywhere they are.  i can see spirits looking out windows of houses in this area.  this area is full of haunted dwellings. 

i am glad that i found this site.



House in Valentine NE


By: tlangsto@csystems.com


I grew up in Valentine and moved to North Platte when I was in 6th Grade. I had a friend that I would visit in Valentine every summer and I would stay in their house for a couple of weeks.

The family went to a rodeo one night and I chose to stay at the house and watch TV by myself. No big deal, I have been hanging out in the house for years although, this is the first time I was alone. I was downstairs watching tv and I heard a baby crying. I thought it was probably coming from outside and ignored it. Then I heard it again only louder. Well, this time I got up to investigate. I realized that it was coming from the stairwell going upstairs. As I approached the stairs, the crying baby clearly became louder and I poked my head around the corner of the stairs and it stopped. I went back to watching tv and within a few minutes, I heard another noise upstairs. I sounded like a cart rolling. That was it, I decided to check it out. I went upstairs and there was a cart at the end of the hallway that was, earlier in the day at the other end of the hallway. I did not hear the crying anymore however.

I mentioned my experience to the family and they said that had dealt with the cart before, footsteps and other noises but not the crying. For whatever reason, I had a hard time staying there after that. I would get a really deep sinking feeling in my stomach late at night that felt like something bad was in the room with me. Anyway, it was a very old two story house that was probably built in the early 1900's. My mother had told me there was a child that had passed away from crib death.





Indian Bridge Road haunting in Callaway Maryland


By: akenlon@gmail.com


Was talking ghosts and hauntings with one of my co-workers last week and it seems that an encounter of mine might have been a haunting. Indian Bridge Road was the road I took to get to and from Matt and Kelly's house when we were living there. Late one night (we're talking about O-dark-30 here) we were on our way back from DC. Kier was asleep in the passenger side and I wasn't too far behind her. I was to the point where I was about to wake her up and have her talk to me to keep my mind engaged so Mr Brain didn't decide to say "@#$% it, I'm out of here", punching the clock and heading home on me.

Hit a particularly dark stretch of the road and a white dog with reddish eyes tore across the road almost right in front of me. One very loud F-Bomb (surprised y'all didn't hear it) and a screeching of brakes later and Kier and I are now walking around the car to see if we hit the dog or not as neither one of us can remember hearing the sickening thud that means we have just pounded some poor person's prized puppy into pavement paste.

Sorry, couldn't pass up the alliteration there.

Anyway, no dead dog carcass, no blood, no fur in the grill, nothing.

Kier remembered seeing the dog as my expletive awoke her in time to see it disappear in the blind spot right in front of the hood so it wasn't an image conjured by a overtired mind, there was something. We gather our nerves and talk for a minute and we figure that (a), it was an albino with the totally white fur and the pink/red eyes, and (b) that was a damned lucky mutt that didn't end up as roadkill.

Year and a half later, Dennis my co-worker tells me about the ghost dog that haunts Indian Head road.

Seems that there are two types of sightings. One, you see the dog watching from the distance any night accidents (regardless of the health of the accident victims, scraped knees and bruised ribs are just as likely to attract it as is a fatality) or two, you see the dog and nothing happens.

With my story and the compared notes of others who have seen the dog, it seems that the likely reason for the type "two" sightings may indeed be a warning that you are about to prang into something. Certainly after I almost hit the dog I woke the hell up from adrenaline enough to get home fully alert. I know I was even awake enough to watch an episode of Babylon 5 when we got home.

Certainly makes you wonder. If this encounter with the paranormal was shrugged off by my wife and I as a mundane "almost running over a dog" incident, how often do we come across the paranormal and don't even notice it because the actions of the paranormal entity/incident do not fall outside of our concept of normal.






Salem State College Haunting???


By:  Anonymous


I am writing to you to clarify the story you have listed on your web page about the haunting at Salem State College Theater.  I am leaving the boys last name out of this in that this was a horrific event which disturbed the local area for quite some time and his family is quite possibly still around. Please be mindful that this boy was a friend, a classmate and playmate to those of us who lived this event and as you can imagine for a mother to lose her son her little boy in such a horrifying and unexpected way leaves deep scars, please for the sake of others be careful what you print! You may post what I have said however, I do not want my name mentioned and I would hope you’ll leave this story as plain and simply tragic it truly was.

Your first version on the story is closest to the truth. It was 1967 or 68 and the boys name was “not” Tommy or Timmy, and he was “not” a teenager his name was Carl and he was about 8 or 9 years old. He was a friend of mine, we used to eat lunch together everyday at Horace Mann Elementary School on the Salem State College campus. The short version of the story is that Carl tagged along with some other kids (I believe some where older than he) to goof around in the college auditorium after school. They were up above the stage and seating in the cat walk area and somehow Carl ventured out onto the open ceiling beyond the cat walk, he was not more than 9 years old and had no way of knowing that suspended ceiling structure and tiles would not hold his weight. Soon after venturing beyond that cat walk he fell through and dropped 40 feet onto the seating, he sustained terrible injuries and died within –I believe- the week. The school was in shock and the local community as well from this horrible tragedy occurring out of something as common as young boys venturing where they should not have been.

I don’t know about Carl haunting the college theater beyond urban myths and tales, I lived across the street from the theater for 35 years after the accident and heard nothing. Carl was a “good kid” and a friend to myself and others, he would certainly not harm anyone, nor be malicious in any way, his personality would be far more inclined to be a kind protective spirit if it were there.






Salem State College Haunting???


By:  Anonymous


I am writing to you to clarify the story you have listed on your web page about the haunting at Salem State College Theater.  I am leaving the boys last name out of this in that this was a horrific event which disturbed the local area for quite some time and his family is quite possibly still around. Please be mindful that this boy was a friend, a classmate and playmate to those of us who lived this event and as you can imagine for a mother to lose her son her little boy in such a horrifying and unexpected way leaves deep scars, please for the sake of others be careful what you print! You may post what I have said however, I do not want my name mentioned and I would hope you’ll leave this story as plain and simply tragic it truly was.

Your first version on the story is closest to the truth. It was 1967 or 68 and the boys name was “not” Tommy or Timmy, and he was “not” a teenager his name was Carl and he was about 8 or 9 years old. He was a friend of mine, we used to eat lunch together everyday at Horace Mann Elementary School on the Salem State College campus. The short version of the story is that Carl tagged along with some other kids (I believe some where older than he) to goof around in the college auditorium after school. They were up above the stage and seating in the cat walk area and somehow Carl ventured out onto the open ceiling beyond the cat walk, he was not more than 9 years old and had no way of knowing that suspended ceiling structure and tiles would not hold his weight. Soon after venturing beyond that cat walk he fell through and dropped 40 feet onto the seating, he sustained terrible injuries and died within –I believe- the week. The school was in shock and the local community as well from this horrible tragedy occurring out of something as common as young boys venturing where they should not have been.

I don’t know about Carl haunting the college theater beyond urban myths and tales, I lived across the street from the theater for 35 years after the accident and heard nothing. Carl was a “good kid” and a friend to myself and others, he would certainly not harm anyone, nor be malicious in any way, his personality would be far more inclined to be a kind protective spirit if it were there.








By: classiccars@hintonet.net


in the late 70's  we lived in a house that everyday late at night we would here Hammering all through the house. the story was; that years ago someone had got murder there and we no for a fact at one time a young male had cought fire there while burning trash out side and burned to death. The last night we lived there ,my wife & i was in bed , we both was wokein up by the sound of several loud car Horns, we went to the front door and seen 4 sets of car lights comming & horns a blowing from the south throu a paster {feild}  where there has never been a road of any type , needless to we left there quickly that night with out takin anything with us. about 2 days later we went back and moved all our things in the day light hours.




Haunting Note


By: catmac37@gmail.com



Hi! I was reading your site about haunted places in Kentucky, and am amazed at the detail you all have.  I studied Supernatural Folklore at Western Kentucky, and you've got your hauntings spot on.  I did have one thing I wanted to mention.  There is a listing of a haunting at Helm Library by a student that died from falling from the 9th floor while opening a window.  Actually, that person was one of the Librarians.  He fell while I was a student there.  They think he had the flu, and got hot so tried to open the window, then passed out and fell from the 9th floor.  An acquaintance of mine was walking past the library at that time,  and actually was hit in the back of the legs by the librarian's glasses.  No one heard him fall, leading them to believe it had passed out.

Anyway, I don't know if you need to make any correction, but thought I'd let you know.  It is creepy to think about him still being there!

Also in Kentucky... Around 1915, My great, great uncle boarded with a woman who apparently began haunting her house after her death.  The house was located in Lebanon Junction. There are newspaper articles about the hauntings, and the house was featured about 25 years ago on a tv show called "That's Incredible". 



Her Imaginary Friend


By: Stephina37@verizon.net


at the time my daughter was 3yrs old, and my sister had miscarried her first baby. my daughter had started talking about a friend she had by the name of tiffany, when ever something got broke she would say tiffany did it. at first we all thought itwsa cute, but it started to get out of hand. things started to break, her toys would be all over the place. we were thinking she didn't appreciate her toys any more and used hare imaginary friend as an excuse. one day we noticed she was kinda sad and i asked her what was wrong and she said tiffany said shae was leaving to go home with her mom soon. of course we thought she was tired of playing this game. my sis ter had moved back home because she had a miscarriage and the father of her baby had left because she lost the baby. she had no idea about this imaginary friend cause it was no big deal to us, we didn' tell her about it. one night i had just got off from work and i went straight to my room. i noticed my sister was sitting up in her bed, she told me to come here. i went to see what she wanted and she said, she had just seen this pretty little girl dancing arond her bed, now two weeks before this my daughter told my mom and i that tiffany was dark skinned and had white burettes all over her head,with a white dress, white shoes and was happy all the time. well that is the exact same little girl my sister saw dancing around her bed like a little ballerina. just before she left my sister's room she told her that her baby is fine and told her to stop crying, the she wasn't there any more and the i told her about my daughtre's imaginary friend raelizing she wasn't so imaginary. 2 days later we asked my daughter where is tiffany and she said she went home with her mommy and then told my sister that her baby is okay............. is that wierd or what?




Jane Addams Hull House


By: BonnieEugene@aol.com



There is most definitely a presence and evidence of this on the upper floors of Hull House.  I was a theatre major in college, and directed a play on one of the upper floors.  It was always very cold and depressing; I used to arrive early and be there by myself for awhile to set up but after a while, I just would not come in.  There was also the sound of a baby crying.  Now, in the play I directed, there was supposed to be the cries of a baby, but the haunting by the baby would never come on cue- it always was heard, however.  I will never forget this experience.  And even then, Hull House staff were telling everybody that there is nothing there, and this is just a story; may be, but something is definitely there, and it is not a good entity...very dark and threatening.




Black Black Ghost



By: RoadRashWeasel@mac.com


My friend and I are artist . Right now we are working in a Big Mansion in California. Some times we have to work at night so we can get into certain area's we can't access during the day because of all the construction going on. We already new strange thing were happening in the house like, voices , our names being called out, radio's and ipods shutting off, stuff flying into the living room like a piece of a 2 by 4 or a-frame ladder just falling over right in front of us. And this happened during the day. Anyway this particular night we had to gold leaf a ceiling in the main hall.  And keep in mind , there is no electricity in the house  our  3 shop lights are run from an exterior power source. The rest of the house is dark. So after applying the gold size to the ceiling we had some drying time so we  decided to take a walk down the dark hall. I had brought a digital voice recorder so that hopefully we could pick up some of those voices we had heard. We had one flash light between us .

We stopped to talk about a finish another artist had done. This was in a small hallway off the main hall about 200 feet from were we were working. All at once we heard a box move in the living room. Like it was picked up and dropped. So we walked in and I was  around  to turn on the digital recorder. We walked to over to the fire place in this living room that is very dark and as I started to place the digital recorder on top of the fire place mantel , I just turned completly around to face behind me and across the room about 40 ft away from us I saw the most incredible BLACK BLACK figure I've ever seen. It was so black it looked like it was back lit or something . It also seemed to have a soft sorta look like black velvet and it also seemed flat .


it move to its left about 25 ft. in a half a second {kinda like a cartoon} It feels like its looking at us hard but there's no eyes. It waits again for both of us to acknowledge it, then is moves through 

a   glass door and out side We didn't fallow it. We were speechless. 

We had to get our work done so we set up the digital recorder in the living room and  went back to finish gold leafing for another 4 hours and believe me the the big action didn't stop there.




Experience in Arlington, VA


By: twoboys4us@verizon.net


Hi.  I've been searching around to see if I can find any other experiences like mine, but I have been unable to find another person or instance of a paranormal experience at this location.  This past summer, my family and I were visiting Washington, D.C.  We stayed at the Sheraton in Arlington, VA.  From the top floor pool, we could see that we were only a couple blocks from the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetary.  The hotel, while a very nice hotel, is not located in the best neighborhood.  I remember reading information from the hotel about being safe and being sure to lock the door.  We always leave the bathroom light on with the door cracked when we stay at hotels as we have small children and like to have some light through the night in a strange place.  The first night, I was awoken by a loud hissing sound.  As I looked up, I saw the image of a man's face crossing the doorway to the bathroom.  At first, I thought someone had broken into our room.  I firmly told my husband to get up.  He told me he heard it too but that it was our son breathing loudly.  I knew it wasn't and demanded him to wake up again.  At this point, I realized it was not an intruder.  I laid back down and heard tapping on the air conditioner unit to my right.  I then smelled a distinct smell of cigar smoke.  We were in a non-smoking room.  It lasted several seconds, and then the smell was gone.  I then went back to sleep.  I truly believe I experienced a ghost in our room.



Experiences with Some Places on Your Site


By: uphoff_amber@hotmail.com




A friend of mine recently sent me a link to your website after I shared with her an experience I had in Dallas Texas- after reading your site and discovering I may have had a few more experiences, she said I should email you to share my stories.

First off let me begin by stating that I'm originally from Madison Wisconsin (lived there for 19 years)- and I moved to Dallas Texas in 2001. 

When I lived in Wisconsin, my family and I used to take yearly trips to Baraboo Wisconsin to go to a particular apple orchard. Every year we went I always saw the same man walking along the same highway and never thought much about it (figured he was a local), I never said anything about it, other than one time I saw him walking- and a short distance later I saw him walking again on the same side of the road going the same direction and instead of thinking this was odd I immediately thought this was his twin brother- both wearing a military green jacket.  That is until I read your site.  That highway happens to be Highway 12 in Baraboo Wisconsin and I think the guy I saw every year happens to be your hitchhiker that disappears.

Now that I live in Texas I very rarely get back to Wisconsin, but I do every once in awhile.  I have a friend who actually lives in Elkmound Wisconsin.  She invited me to come stay with her for a few days in September 2006.  The day before I was to return she said she had to take me to this place, because she just knew I would love it- "you can see all of Wisconsin from up here", she said.  There was another place in Madison that we both enjoyed in High school much like that, so we got in the car and drove the 2 or 3 miles to this tower on a hill.  It was gorgeous!  You can hear the howling threw the tower, there's graffitti all over the place...and if you're quiet and still...you can hear whispering.  There was a very eerie feeling of "not being alone".  I actually started feeling sick when I was there, and by the time we left this gorgeous tower I began getting violently ill.  So ill in fact that I was sick for a week with migraines that came with projectile vomiting.  I still have migraines to this day that feel like they did that day...and I had never had a migraine that felt the way they did that day, prior to being at that place.  After looking on your site, Elkmound Wisconsin is listed with The Overlook Tower-  you may want to place a warning, whether my reaction to this place is evidence or not, that this is very real- don't go here.  The migraines and vomiting that happens is so horrible that I don't wish it upon my worst enemy.  It's now October 2007, and I've had probably over 100 migraines since September 2006, not all have included vomiting- but seriously- a migraine with stabbing eye pain isn't pleasant by any means.  I just thought I was sick- if it was caused by visiting a haunted site, people just need to stear clear- it's not worth it. (granted the view is insanely beautiful!)

Now once I moved to Texas I found a few friends that shared an interest in the paranormal.  I never "saw ghosts".  I always thought I wanted to see ghosts- I always enjoyed a good horror story, or horror movie.  A particular friend of mine- I'm assuming saw your website- because we used to venture to many of the places listed on your site to see "things".  For example Flag Pole Hill in Dallas Texas, we went to the exact location of this supposed street where things get thrown at your car- and nothing happened.  (we went nothing short of 5 times, so it's not like we didn't try...and believe me, we were asking for it- yes, we were stupid- full moon nights, midnight, halloween night- you name the stupid cliche, we went.)

That's not to say things haven't been productive in the paranormal department in the DFW area.  My Flag Pole Hill buddy also convinced me to do a late night scavenger hunt back in 2002 for Smiley's grave in Garland Texas.  He didn't tell me the whole deal with laying down on the grave though.  Probably because he knew I wouldn't do it- he just said that when we got there, he'd tell me the story.  So we get to the cemetary in Garland, and not knowing the exact location of the grave we circle the entire cemetary which is pretty dark and we had little pen lights as to not attract too much attention.  There's nothing out there.  It's darker than dark- probably because it's like 11:30 at night.  After circling the entire cemetary we don't see anything, so I cut across right up the middle- which my friend is freaking out, because he doesn't want to "disturb the dead" (he thinks walking on their graves will wake them up...more issues than me apparently), and right smack dab in the middle is a head stone that makes me look at it and it says "smiley"- nothing strange about it and I go "what's the name we're looking for?" and he goes "Smiley" (from the edge of the cemetary, because he doesn't want to come any closer), and I go "found it" and at that time I hear something walking in front of me at the edge of the cemetary (I figured a cat, or skunk or something) and I look up.  I see a shadow of a guy walking along the edge of the cemetary and I freeze.  I whisper loudly to my friend "who the f*ck is that?!" and he goes "never mind whose that, where'd that just come from?" and I look to him, who hasn't moved, and he's pointing behind me- where about 3 feet or so behind me, there's a lit, burning candle that hadn't been there when we circled the perimiter before.  I freaked out and ran back to the car.

On a completely different note the Lady of the Lake at Dallas' White Rock Lake is still a mystery to me.  I used to go searching for her.  I would drive around White Rock lake like a crazy person, and talk about her to my friends who would just laugh it off as an urban legend.  However, my boyfriend and I were driving around the lake one night, just to drive and I happened to mention her, because he's lived here his whole life and I wanted to see which version he knew.  I have no idea if this was her or something completely different or non-paranormal related, but ahead of us, maybe 300 feet or so was a sharp left curve, to the right was the lake, straight ahead was a tree and more lake.  We were joking about the lady of the lake, I honestly don't remember what was said, or how it was said- but I do remember it was in joking form, and all of a sudden the lights turned off on the car, and the engine quit, causing the car to continue to cost and we couldn't see, about 10 feet before the curve the engine and lights cut back on and we gunned it out of white rock lake.  We haven't been back- that was probably last spring...april maybe (2007)

Anyway.  Those are my experiences, whether any of them were actual encounters or not, I don't know, I'm not sure I want to know.  I know after reading your site, I'm a definite believer, if I wasn't before.  And to be quite honest the Elkmound Wisconsin posting freaked me out so bad that I had to stop reading, so I didn't get to read any other Wisconsin postings past that.  I really thought I had just developed some weird allergy all of a sudden and that's why I had gotten sick.  Me...trying to have a "logical-of this world" explination for everything.

Ok, thanks for reading.  And thanks for taking the time to put up such a great site!  It's very informative and crazy interesting!

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