The Little Girl in My Bedroom.


I remember when I was younger, I met a young female ghost in my room. I was ten years old, and in a foster home at the time. I remember I had come home from school, and heard a heavy breathing coming from the corner of the room, I was laying down on my stomach coloring when the breathing started. I looked around and saw nothing, I even held my own breath to see if I was the one that was breathing so hard, but of course it wasn't me. I got up to see if it was my younger sister trying to scare me, and I found no one. I started to worry, and I didnt know what was going on, I thought I was going crazy. I closed my closet door, which happened to be a mirror, and I clapped my hand over my mouth to stop myself from screaming my head off. there in the reflection of the mirror, was a little girl in a white church dress, I could tell she had been crying because her face was awash with tears, and her eyes were blood shot. she had her hands behind her back, but then she pointed at me. I wanted to scream at that moment, but instead I fainted. when I woke up, I had a blanket over me, and it was dark. my foster mom came in with a platter of the dinner she had made. "come on honey, you have to eat before you go back to bed." she told me, I was wild eyed, I knew I was because she was staring at me funny, she told me that I looked scared, and in fact I was. I asked her if she had gone to church with her little girls, and if they were crying for some reason. she replied no, saying that they hadnt gone to church that day, which scared me even more. now I knew that it wasnt my little foster sisters in my room, but a ghost. I never told my foster mom or anyone else about what happened in the room, I thought they would shun me, and send me to an insane asylum, I hardly knew them but I still had thoughts like that. the only person that I confided in was my Grandma, who I called Nana, for as long as I can remember. she died on July 16, this year. I miss her so much. I remember that she told me, that the ghosts wouldnt hurt me, especially a little girl. she told me she probably didnt want to die, and needed help to rest in peace. that eased my fear of seeing another ghost, only a little. when she died, I thought I might see her one more time, but she hasnt appeared before me yet. I dream about her alot, and miss her with all my heart. I never saw that little girl again, but I hope she can rest in peace, along with my nana.

The Old Biker Man


In my old home, we had several ghosts. One was a young boy (blond hair, about 14 years old) who loved to pull the shower curtain back and watch you take your shower. Another was my favorite. He was an old biker who stood 6'2" and had multiple gun-shot wounds to his chest and abdomen. He seemed pretty harmless, but loved to joke with people.
One night (September 2007) he decided to make a believer out of my brother. He had told me his story the night after it had happened, and I just smiled and laughed.
He said that he was just lying in bed and had just put out a cigarette. He started hearing tapping on the window and his closet door, so he tried to ignore it. Then, he had heard rustling of papers or something to his right. He started to get freaked out and flipped the light switch on. (I do believe at this point that he turned whiter than the biker man himself) To his suprise, there was a piece of tin foil, once crumpled into a ball, now floating in mid air unfolded completely. He then turned off the light and everything stopped for a few minutes. All of a sudden, there was noises coming from the living room that sounded like someone was running into stuff in the dark. He went, looked, and nothing was there. He checked on everyone in the house and all was dead asleep.
Needless to say, he slept in my mom's room!

Calculating Ghost


This happened about a year ago.  I've lived in the same house for 13 years and my son and I knew there was a presence there because we could feel it.  We called it Pierpont.  Well anyway a year ago I was ordering food from a company that supplies  food for 6 months at a time.  The represntative came in and we were figuring the order when suddenly his calculator begain to add on it's own.  The man said what is going on and I said oh it's the house.  Once I said that it stopped.  Then about 20 minutes later when we were finishing up it begain to do it again and he looked at me and I told him to tell Pierpont to stop it.  He did and it stopped.  Well it turns out that in 1965 there was a German lady who lived in the house and she killed herself. We were told from 1965 to 1967 they had 11 different families live in the house and all moved out rather suddenly.  I would here whispers late at night, you couldn't understand what they were saying but one was female and one was male.  If you walked into the living room it would stop.  I told my boyfriend about the voices and he said well the lady is Mable and we're guessing the male is Pierpont.  Things will still disappear and show up some where else but  the whispering stopped right after we got our little puppy.  The animals will sit up or stair at place that as far as we can see no one is there.  They don't seem to bother us and I feel very safe.

Ghost Cat


For some of my family we have the ability to see and hear ghosts, I’m part of this group.  While I was growing up I would remember my grandmother having conversations with relatives that were not there.  She would tell me that her sister, brother, or other relative had just passed on and that they came by to tell her (most all of my relatives live in Germany) and sure enough the next day she would receive a phone call from someone telling her and so and so had passed away.  During my time growing up my grandmother and great uncle would watch me after school and I had a close attachment to both of them.  My grandmother would always take all of the stray animals in, especially cats.  She had a special way with them and would sit and have conversations with them.  Many people do not understand that some people can hear what an animal is saying; my grandmother was one of those people with that special gift.  I am no different, not only do I sense and talk to spirits but I have a special connection to animals, especially cats.  My husband and I often find ourselves with a stray or hurt animal at our door step.  We have always taken them in and either found home for them or have made their last memories one of love and comfort.  For some time we have noticed what I call shadow cats around our house.  These cats often will have a smoke like appearance and will often just disappear in front of us.  We have two cats of our own which are both black and they do not disappear.  One night as I was sitting on our back porch I looked down to find a rather large black cat looking at me.  I would have noticed this cat if it had walked up my driveway.  The face of this cat is like no other cat I have seen and the eyes were a solid black color.  To say this cat was black is like saying your tires are black.  It was if you could put your had through the cat and actually feel it, like running your hands through some sort of rich liquid.  It looked at me meowed once, turned and walked down the driveway.  I immediately followed the cat when I reached the edge of the driveway this cat was nowhere to be seen.  I believe just as we look after the living strays that come to us it seems we also have cat spirits that seem to be drawn to us also.  Once again we had a stray that wanted to be reassured and noticed.

Ghost of the Living Story


I was reading the section "Ghosts of the living" and I wanted to share a story with you.
My mother, some 7 years ago, had fallen asleep on the couch of our one bedroom apartment. She woke up to see my grandfather, who was alive and well some 1800 miles away, standing about 8 feet away. He smiled at her and said, "Don't worry, everything is going to be okay." When she blinked, he was gone.
Naturally, my mother was a bit worried as to why she had just seen him, but since it was well passed midnight decided not to call and wake my grandparents up. When she finally called the next morning, my grandfather told her that he had been thinking about her.
I thought that was a wonderful story. And I'm happy to say that my grandfather and my mother are still alive and well.

My Dream

My husband and I bought a house and all seemed well. One night, maybe a week after we moved in, I had this intense dream. In the dream I was in an incompleted house and some man was yelling at me. I turned and saw the man. He was tall, maybe 6 foot with a buzz cut, grey hair and striking blue eyes. He was yelling at me saying he wanted his wife and kids back. Then he screamed at me saying "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE". It was so loud I literately woke up and jumped out of bed. I told our neighbors about my dream and they said the man that lived there before us fit that description. I shrugged it off as a coincidence. A week after the dream I received his death certificate in the mail. He died in our living room. My grandma advised me to go around the house and thank the man for helping me to provide a home for my family. That was the closest I've ever been, so far, to a supernatural experience. I still think it could be coincidence.

Paranormal Experience


I had an experience this summer that I wanted to share. My friend of 21 years committed suicide in July of 1990. I’ve always felt a resentment that he called other of our friends before he took his life to say goodbye, but he never called me. I would like to believe that it was because he knew I would have talked him out of it. I only visited his grave once shortly after he died. But this was someone that I grew up with, was a neighbor to, and basically knew from birth. We were that close.
In July of this year, 17 years later, I was out on my motorcycle for a drive and decided to drive up to the area he was buried. It was a beautiful day. Temps were upper 80’s. Winds were dead calm. Because I was coming from a different direction than I had been before, I kinda got lost. After being on the road over an hour, I pulled over on the side of the road and decided to have a cigarette. My zippo lighter wouldn’t work. So I rode on. When I came to another town, I decided again to try to have a cigarette. Same thing happened. My lighter wouldn’t work. I was getting ticked that I left the house and never realized to fill my lighter.
I finally rode into the town my friend was buried and decided to go to the cemetery. I knew exactly where he was buried after 17 years like I had just been there the day before. I stopped my bike. Again, tried my lighter and nothing. I tried to light my cigarette off my exhaust headers hoping that it might work. I saw a guy on a bicycle ride into the cemetery. Feeling stupid, I stood up and walked over to my friend’s gravestone. I stayed there paying my respects. After I saw the guy on the bike ride off, I again decided to have a smoke and wanted to see if I could get my lighter to work. My lighter worked like I had just filled it. I knew right away that there was something else involved. After I finished the first smoke, I decided to have another one just in case I had lighter problems again. Again, my lighter worked perfectly. I thanked my friend for the smoke when I left and promised I would come and see him more often.
I tried my lighter 3 more times on the way home. Pulling over in parking lots at restaurants or stores. My lighter wouldn’t work. I got home and made sure I filled my lighter. The foam inside was dry. I could tell it was out of fluid.
I’ve had dreams of my friend and other experiences similar to that. I once saw an apparition floating over my bed. It scared the bejesus out of me. When I woke my wife up, it was gone. I brushed it off as coming out of a sleep. But I’ve never had an experience like this in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon. I’ve always known my friend was there looking out for me.

Sharing a Ghost Cat Story


I lived in Arlington VA in 1982-1984 in an old apartment building that was built in the 1930’s.  It was a warm friendly place large rooms, hard wood floors and big sunny windows.  I felt at home and safe.   One night I was in bed in that almost asleep mode and I felt a cat jump up on the bed and walk up my legs to my hip then to my shoulder.  I was half asleep but I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder to see who’s cat got in to my apartment. My next door neighbor had a cat  and there were a few in the area.  I thought one slipped in when I came in and had been hiding till all was quiet.  WELL THERE WAS NOTHING THERE!  I didn’t feel afraid so I just rolled over and didn’t think much about it, but after that every so often I would feel ghost kitty hop in to bed with me.  I did let it bother me.  It wasn’t long after that I got my own cat, Murphy.   He slept with “US” and I think he didn’t mind his other room mate.  After getting to know another girl I worked with we decided to get a larger apartment together so she moved in until a 2 bed room became available, like I said these apartments were very large we had room for 2 full size beds, a dresser an night stands in the bed room.  After we moved in to the new apartment I said one night I missed the old apartment and our ghost kitty.  Her face got pail and she asked “what do you mean, ghost kitty!”  I told her about “it” jumping in to bed with me.  She started laughing them and said “it jumped in to bed with her and she thought it was Murphy and would reach down to pet him and he wouldn’t be there he would be in my bed with me and she would think how did he get over there so fast!”  Well that’s my ghost kitty story!

A Happy Experience


I just wanted to share an incident with you to see what your perspective would be. I had an experience with a ghost that lives in our camp area in Colorado.  His name is Charlie, as they say. He is a former resident of the area so I am told. We live in Tucson, AZ and go there for the summers.
We have a fifth wheel that we use when we go to Colorado.  Our son bought it for us at Blue Mesa Lake.  We just love it there.  Well to make my story short. I was in the camper one morning and I had hung a curtain with a hook rod over one of the windows.  This fastens at the top and the bottom of the window.  A few minutes later I heard a noise and went to check and the curtain rod fell off the window from the top of the window.  Thinking nothing about it I hung the rod with the curtain back up.   It wasn't 5 minutes later the curtain noise happened again.  I was working in the kitchen at the time and went to check the noise. 
The curtain rod was off the window and on the floor but the curtain was turned around.  It was fed onto the rod backwards.  I knew that Charlie was supposed to be a friendly sort so I just talked to him and said we just love it up here and want to enjoy our vacation if it OK with you, Charlie.  I re-hung the curtain and never had a problem since. That was my encounter and a happy one.


I bought a home on the out skirts of Mulberry F>. Soon after moving in, We began to hear someone walking throughout our home, One room was the worst. Many people have come here to visit, And heard and seen a man in a dark suit with a tall top hat on. He has Or someone has pulled the covers off company and strait up in the air. Many times A man has been seen unlocking and walking in our front door, only to disappear into a vapor inside at the front door.
I, m not afraid of our guest, He knows that. And I feel he has protected me from harm 3 different times.
True story. Our home was built in 1906.

Ghost Stories


My family has lived in a 100 year old house in Atkinson NE for close to 15 years and we've had several experiences.  It's mostly smelling cigarette smoke every once in awhile but none of us smoke and once my mom and I were downstairs watching TV and we heard what we thought was my sister call something down the stairs.  We hadn't heard her clearly so we called up and asked her to repeat herself.  When she didn't answer I went up to check and no one was up there and no radios were on.  A few minutes after I came back down she walked in the front door, having just got back from the grocery store. 
Several years later when I was visiting from college I was sleeping in my sister's old room because she had claimed mine, and I had the head of my bed by the doorway (which my sister had never done).  I woke up around 2 a.m. and saw what I now think was a shadow person leaning over me, just watching me.  I was mostly asleep and just figured that it was my brother, who sometimes sleepwalks, or another member of my family coming to check on me and went back to sleep.  The next day I asked everybody about it and they said that they had all slept through the night.  I rearranged my room that day after my sister told me about when she had had that room.  She would hear footsteps at night and breathing or coughing from by her desk which was where my bed had been the previous night.
She worked at the nursing home for several years and would bring home stories of residents who called the nurses station complaining of a person walking around the halls when everyone was in bed.  Lights will go on and off by themselves and faucets will come on. 
Later, when I moved into a trailer with a friend of mine we would hear our names whispered or spoken but when we went to answer each other we would discover that no one had called us.
I work at the local Alco store in O'Neill Nebraska and we (the workers) have always joked that it's haunted.  There are a bunch of fake trees on an overhead by the fabric that is nowhere near a vent but the leaves will rustle and sway by themselves.  At closing we have to walk around to make sure everyone is out of the store and I know I turned the bathroom lights off but the next time someone goes by they will be on but no one had used the rooms.  And last month I was walking from the front desk to the clothing department to put returned merchandise away when I saw what looked like an old man with either white hair or a white hat come walking toward the service desk on the other side of the check-out counters.  I lost sight of him as I past a magazine rack and something told me to look for him.  When I past the rack and looked back he was gone.  I asked the girl at the desk if she had seen anyone and she said that I was the only other one up front at that time.  Also, when I worked at the McDonald's in O'Neill I would knock on the men's room door to see if it was empty so I could clean it and every once in a while I would hear a man's voice say "Just a minute."  I would wait and wait and no one would come out.  I'd knock again or have one of the male workers check it out and every time it would be empty. 
That's the extent of my personal experiences so far, hope you enjoyed,

My Bedroom

By: lbobbysgirl

i have seen things in my room woke up my husband he never sees them, seen something in the hall one night it was real fast going  by and was white looked like a form of a man the white was a shirt. in my bed room i would see tiney real white lights. i would see things in the room that looked like smoke rings but longer then rings  just kind of waveing back and forth, i would raise up my hand into it and it looked like when you wave your hand thru water. but my husband couldn't see it. others things also but i don;t like to tell it very hard to believe. i ask the man next door if anyone had ever died in the house, he said no.

My Experience


Im katelynn and I just moved to New Mexico from Maine. Well my friend tiina asked me if I wanted to scare myself. I said yes. Well she took me to the hanging tree in La Luz, It wasnt that scary although there was rope still hanging from the branches. and all the cows were gathered under it adn wouldnt leave. Which was creepy, anyways I was bored with that and she told me about the brige where your site says a mother and her kids haunt. But The story I herd was a school bus of kids were washed away in a flash flood, well no shitting you it worked. We sat in the car she turned off her lights and put it in nutral. And no joke the fucking car was pushed up hill. I made her do it three times because I didnt believe it, and on the third time the kids slammed on the trunk of my car and we sped off. We went back later that night and put flour on the tailgate, and there were TONS of tiny handprints. I have pictures, and we are going again on halloween.

Kellars Chapel - Jonesboro Arkansas


Was just looking over your site, and wanted to comment on an experience at Kellars Chapel as young adult.  One night about 20 years ago, but my husband (then boyfriend) and a couple of his cousins, visiting from out of state, were driving through the cemetery (we were bored, it was close to Halloween…).  We noticed something reflecting on the ground, even though our headlights were not pointing in that direction.  My husband rolled his window down to get a better look, this was a manual window, by the time he got the window down, whatever we had seen was gone.  He went to roll the window back up, and it would not work.  He tried for a while to get it up but couldn't.  About this time, we were all getting pretty spooked and decided to head home.  On the way home, at a stop light,  we were all talking and not thinking about it, my husband, reached over to roll the window up, and it rolled up just fine.  We are now 37 years old, and neither of us have ever went back to Kellars Chapel.

Personal Experience



Spirit Visits - Had a Few


Very interesting web site, 1st time viewing it and I can't wait to familiarize myself with it.
I have had visists from the spirits in Detroit, Sterling Heights, Warren ,Washington,DC and in my dreams.
My mother would always tell us about spirits that she encountered when whe was a little girl growing up in Detroit.  I wasn't much of a believer back then but found her stories entertaining.
My first spirit visit happened back in the 70s. I didn't do drugs back then and still don't.  I just moved into a little bungalow on Teppert street in Detroit, right off 7 mile and Hoover.  I got off work around 10:00 p.m. that night and was ready to go to bed as soon as I got home.  I remember it so clearly,  it was fall and the night was chilly, I was all bundled up with my head under the covers.  Then I got this wierd sensation, like someone was watching me.  I laid very still and slowly peeked from under the blanket, and there in my bedroom doorway stood a man.  I was petrified, my first thought was someone broke in to rob me, I thought if I just lie still he'll grab my purse that was on the chair by the door and leave.   But the man didn't move and then I realized I could see the hallway thru him.  My mom always said to say a prayer for the spirit, she said most are just lost souls, so being raised Catholic I was well equipped. My fear was replaced by amazement, I remember telling the spirit that I don't know who you who are or what you want but may you rest in peace and perpertual light shine upon you.  By now I was sitting up in bed facing him.  He was an elderly tall slender man, grayish black thick hair, pin stripe suit and wingtip shoes. And then he disappreared.  I jumped out of bed, checked the front door and the side door.  Checked the windows.  I even sat down on bed trying to see if the lights from the outside would cast that shawdow again.  The next day, I was working in the yard and saw my next door neighbor.  I asked my neighbor who lived here before me.  He told me the owner and his father.   I described the spirit to him not telling him what I saw the previous night.  He replied, oh you found pictures of his father.  I told him no, then I asked what happened to him.  My neighbor explained that it was a very sad day, his son came home and found his father dead in the back bedroom, he had a heart attack.
I stayed in the home, lite candles and sprinkled holy water while praying for him.  Never saw him again.  My mom wanted me to move out of the house, but I reminded her that she taught us not to fear, to pray for the spirits and let them be.  If they need something more from us or they need to tell us something they will find a way.
And that was the begining of my many spirit visits. 

The Musical Ghost


At one time my husband, children and I lived outside a small town in Eastern Oregon.  We lived in a house that had been built around 1915. 
The house had a daylight basement that I think had been the servants' quarters.  It had the kitchen, a bathroom and laundry, pantry and two bedrooms. Upstairs was a living room, enclosed porch, bathroom, sitting room and two bedrooms. 
We lived in the basement area because the upstairs bedrooms weren't big enough for our bed and we didn't want the children separated from us.  They liked one bedroom upstairs, but were afraid of the other.
One day while I was home alone in the basement area and on the phone, I heard the piano playing in the upstairs living room.  We rented this house and the landlord was bad to just come over and walk in the house.  I thought maybe he had come in through the screened porch.  I couldn't imagine him playing the piano, but somebody was making music. 
So I told my mother in law to wait (on the phone) while I investigated.  This was before we had a cordless phone, so I had to set the phone down.  I went slowly up the stairs, hearing faint music the whole time.  At the top of the stairs was a door, which I had closed because it was winter.  I opened that and the music was fainter.  I went down the hallway to the living room door and when I opened that door the music stopped.  I wouldn't step into the room.  I was creeped out.  But I looked in and didn't see anyone.
After that day, I heard the music over and over again.  I almost never heard it in the morning.  Sometimes I would hear it while cooking dinner and thought my daughter was playing the piano until I saw her in the next room. 
If I heard the music, I usually went to investigate and over time it didn't scare me so much.  But the music stopped when I got to the living room doorway, even if the door was open.  I could never make out the song, just that it sounded pretty and like something formal, possibly classical. 
One day when the landlord was working on something in the attic, I came up to talk to him. He had his back to me and I mentioned that I sometimes thought I heard music.  He was on a ladder and turned so quickly he almost fell off.  He looked so surprised and his eyes were wide open.  He said, "You too?"  He then told me that when his mother lived in the house she had a caregiver who wouldn't stay because of the woman she saw playing the piano. 
I never saw the woman, but I did hear her.  I was later told a story that the house was originally built by a rich couple and the lady was a pianist.

Personal Experiences with the Unknown


I saw a story in the Detroit News on local tales of hauntings that notes your website.  I thought I would submit my own personal experience in a house we were renting in Eastpointe, Michigan. We are just outside of Detroit, Michigan.  This involves myself, my husband and my two children. We were renting a 3 bedroom house that was built in the 50s. The history of the land prior to the house being built is unknown to me. I asked a lifelong resident across the street if anything unusual happened in the house, he had no recollection to anyone dying, etc. in the house. Other neighbors said the previous owners of the house kept to themselves, and basically made the garage into a living room with couches, satellite tv, maybe they were having problems too prior to moving out.  The house was sitting empty for at least 2 years before we moved in.
I copied my my online blog diary so I didn't forget anything as it happened. 
From my blog:
This may sound crazy and unbelievable to some, but this is not fiction, this is something that is truly and honestly going on in our house.  I am keeping this as a record everytime something happens that we cannot explain.   I am seriously thinking of having a conference with our pastor to come over and bless this house, hoping it will go away.  I only hope if we do, it doesn't somehow come back worse with vengeance.  I just saw that on cable the other night where this family had their possessed house blessed, and it came back after a month, worse than before!
  I firmly believe we have SOMETHING in our house.  I can't explain it, I never truly believed in ghosts and such, but after living in this house, I think there is SOMETHING out there!  We have been living here since May, 2005, and didn't notice anything too obvious at first.  We would hear knocking at the door, only to find nobody there.  My daughter would hear the door actually open and close, and it would be locked.  We have a Fisher Price play phone, it is in it's original box put away in the baby's closet, that rang by itself one morning.  Our internet was out Christmas Eve, which meant our house phone didn't work because we have Vonage, the house phone rang once also, we thought that the internet came back on, so we answered the phone, it was blank, again, because the internet was out.  On top of all that, we hear a voice every once in a while.  My husband was walking down the hallway, nobody was home except for him and the baby, I happened to be calling home, he heard a voice, couldn't tell what it was saying though.  On Jan 28, I heard that voice...My husband and I were in the bathroom, he was in the shower, I was doing my hair.  When he was done, I could have swore he said, "Who's there?"  So I said, "What?"  My husband never said a word, he looked at me funny and said he didn't say anything.  I told him, "yea, you said who's there?"  He insisted he didn't say a word!  Now, just yesterday, early in the morning(2/3/06), we heard a crash in the bathroom.  My husband went to check, assuming it was one of the cats in the bathroom messing around because it was my mirror and hair brushes that were knocked down off the shelf.  Nope, Angel was laying down with me, and Sylvester was laying down with my daughter, so whatever it was, it knocked my stuff off the shelf!
Today (2/6/06) the kitchen door rattled by itself. Baby and I were in the living room, cats were in the living room with us. Angel got up to inspect the door, and came back into the living room. Sylvester was on the couch.
2/10/06...this morning, we were in the kitchen eating breakfast...the baby's battery operated doggy doll started operating by itself.  To get it playing, you have to press any number of parts on it. The cats were in the basement at the time this happened.
After a little over a month since the last incident, the ghost has made its presence known again.
3/13/06. At 9:00 a.m., the baby and I were in the living room, I heard banging and a bedroom door slam shut. When I got up to look, all the doors were open.
On 3/14/06, at 3 p.m., my husband and I were sitting in the living room talking, when the side door latched shut. This is the aluminum heavy door, not the screen door.  I said to to him, someone is here, the door just closed, so he got up and looked, noone was here.  I said, didn't you close the door all the way when you got home then? He said he shut the door tight when he got home.
3/15/06.  Last night, at 3 a.m. my husband, me and the kids were all sound asleep when there was this huge crashing bang in our BEDROOM! my husband and I both woke up, thinking what is going on!  I thought it was Angel, knocking something over. After turning on the light, and making an inspection of our room and the rest of the house, there was nothing out of place. The cats can't make a bang that sounded like someones fist and a big, strong fist at that, going through the wall, so I guess it was our annoying ghost wanting to wake us up.  My husband told me this evening, he is curious to see and know who/what it is, and wishes it will show itself...I said he was out of his tree, and no way do I want to see much less know what/who it is!  It can keep itself to itself, and get the heck out of here!
3/23/06  The Pastor came by tonight, he did a blessing in every room of the house, I asked him to do one in the bathroom too, since a lot of stuff based out of there.  You know, I hope the blessings in all the rooms extended to the basement...he never went down there! Well, if we have anymore incidents...I will be paying the Pastor another call! 
4/17/06  So far, so good! No more incidents.  It has been a much more relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.  Those spirit(s) had some real negative energy, I can feel they are gone,  the whole house feels different.
4/23/06  Rob was in the garage this night working on the dune buggy, he kept hearing different noises and kept seeing shadows, so I think our little ghost or ghosts has exiled to the garage after the house blessing!!
3/12/07 We are moving out of this house, hopefully whatever it was won't follow us to the new house!

Unusual Stories


The house where I grew up in Tennessee originally belonged to my mother's great- grandparents.  As a very young child I would see a man standing at my bedroom door.  He was there almost every night and stood with his arms folded across his chest.  We had four bedrooms for a family of 9 so we shared bedrooms and sometimes switched sleeping arrangements.  I saw him no matter which bedroom I slept in.  He was tall with dark hair and dark-looking eyes, but it may just have been the shadows. I was very frightened of him, but didn't tell anyone in the family because no one else mentioned it, so I figured they didn't see him. 
One night my two younger sisters and I were sleeping in the room with our eldest sister.  None of us had been asleep yet and one little sister needed a drink.  My oldest sister was taking her to the kitchen, but I didn't want to go because the man was standing there.  My baby sister decided not to go to the kitchen and I was relieved because I wouldn't have to pass the man at the doorway.  After the first two left, my youngest sister decided to go after all and ran out of the room.  I stood there staring at the man trying to decide what to do.  If I just stood there he could come in and get me, but if I ran I would run right into him.
I decided to run and as I ran past him, he smiled at me.  Not a smile with teeth, but an amused smile.  I felt a rush of relief and went to the kitchen to join the other three.  When we went back to bed, the man was not there.  I do not recall ever seeing him again.
The house was renovated with two bedrooms added in the 70's.  The two additional rooms are set up like almost like a condo.  One is sunken and the other is above it with a small staircase going up to that room.  In late high school and college, the upstairs room was mine.  At times I would be lying in bed reading when my lamp would go out.  I would have to turn the switch on as if someone else had switched it off.  One night this happened three times before I decided to give it up and go to sleep. 
People in the downstairs bedroom would hear someone walking around upstairs when no one was there.  My boyfriend (now my husband) would come home with me from college and stay in my room.  I stayed in the room downstairs with my sister.  We would sit up talking and hear my boyfriend walking around in his boots in the night.  We could hear the difference in his footsteps from walking on the carpet to the linoleum in the bathroom.  He would say he didn't get up.  We thought he didn't remember, but thought it was unusual for him to put on his boots just to go to the bathroom.  Then one night we heard it when he didn't come home with me. 
Unmistakable footsteps.  Because of such a large family, we thought maybe someone was up or one of the married sisters had come over and was upstairs at 2:00 in the morning.  We investigated, but found no one. 
This happened again and again.  Footsteps, investigation, nothing.  My husband swears that the toilet would flush in the night, the radio would not only turn on, but change stations and the light would turn on and off. 
My father never believed it until one night when he was home alone and heard noises upstairs.  This was after I had married and it was now my brother's room.  Thinking some of my brother's friends had come over, my dad went upstairs to see who was making all the noise.  He said it sounded like someone was moving furniture around.  No one was there and my dad was white as a sheet when my mom got home that night.  He said, "Something's in this house."
Several of us frequently heard voices outside as if a small group of people was in the front yard talking.  It was a low murmer.  One sister and I went so far as to sneak out the back door and around to the front of the house to see if someone was there.  (Just like in the horror movies.  It was really stupid.)  We would hear the murmer until we got to the front corner of the house.  Then it would stop.  As soon as we backed up we could hear it again.  It was no louder than inside the house. 
There was a large tree in that part of the front yard and I remember seeing pictures of people sitting under that tree.  Maybe they were having a famiy reunion at night.
We nicknamed any strange occurance as "Grandpa" and just laugh about it now.  We still hear things when it is really quiet.
My father has passed away now and my mother still lives in the house.  My brother and his son spent the night with my mom and the next morning my nephew got up before my brother.  He came running back in the bedroom and told his dad to come on and hurry.  He said my brother would be so happy.  So my brother got up and went in the den with my nephew.  My nephew looked confused and said, "But he was just here.  Papa was sitting right here in his chair."  At the time my nephew was 3 or 4, but my father passed away when my nephew was almost 2.  He kept telling my brother that Papa had been sitting in his chair.
That's all I can think of with this house. 

2 True Ghost Stories


Since I was a young child I have always believed in ghost. I have first hand experience with them, let me tell you my stories.
My family is originally from Burley , Idaho. My parents and my older brothers were all born with in Idaho. It wasn’t until 1966 that they decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada. In June 1967 I joined the family and became the only one born in Las Vegas. The year I was born my brothers started what would become our migration to Idaho every summer. I was able to join my brothers when I was 6 years old and that’s when I had my first experience with the ghost of my Grandfather who died in 1957 from a farming accident.
Every summer as my brother became older and bigger they would take on some of the responsibility of helping our uncle change the water on the crops.  Some of the water changes always lead late into the night .
Now to understand the layout of the house the attic was turned into a two bedrooms. The master bedroom where my Grandparents would sleep then outside their door was the bed my father would sleep in, needing to be close by suffering through two episodes of rheumatic fever.  Across the room by the window is the other twin bed where my aunt would sleep between them was the stairs leading down to the main floor of the house.
After my Grandfather passed away my Grandmother moved downstairs to the room off of the kitchen letting my father have one room and my aunt the other. Years later my older brother would get the master bedroom and I would sleep in the bed my father used my other brother would sleep in the bed by the window.
In the evenings after dinner was finished and the kitchen cleaned  we would sit around the kitchen table and play 500 rummy, word search, read books, listen to mystery theater on the radio, until it was time for me to turn in. I would go up stairs and lay down on my bed while my brothers would wait for our uncle to pick them up to change water.
While up stairs I would hear the bed springs on the old bed in the master bedroom squeak as if someone who had been laying down sat up then the creak of them standing the foot steps would come out of the bedroom  across the floor and down the stairs hitting the bottom step as my brothers would head out the door. Then the process would repeat in reverse when the came back.
I would go downstairs and tell my Grandmother that Grandpa had gone out to change the water with the boys. For years my brothers and cousins would tease me because I could hear my Grandfather going out to change the water on the crops every night. My Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle would tell me that it was my active imagination.
I had always believed without a shadow of doubt that what I heard was my grandfather going out to change the water. When they would tease me I would start crying for my Grandfather knowing that he wouldn’t let them tease me like they did. I would cry because I missed him and yet I never meet him in this life at least. He had died 10 years before I was born.
I didn’t get vindicated until my Grandmother finally sold the farm and moved into town 22 years later. The house she moved into was two to three houses down the street from the hospital that he had passed away in. from her front door step you can see the window of his hospital room.  She also moved down the street from the cemetery that he is buried in. 
Mean while out on the farm the new owners had their children sleeping in the bedrooms upstairs a month after moving in the children refused to sleep upstairs saying that the old man sleeping in the master bedroom  scared them every night as he leaves to change water and then come back. It was then that my cousin would call me apologizing for ever doubting me.
When the new owners stopped by for a visit and proceeded to tell them what has been going on in the house. They explained that I had grown up listening to his coming and goings every night and at the time they thought it was my imagination. They then asked the bishop of the local church to come and bless the house and explain that his family no longer lived there. They haven’t had a problem with grandpa going out to change water since.
But that isn’t the only experience my family has had with the paranormal. In October 15th 1981 just after midnight my older brother who on the 2nd had just turned 21 and was now living in Idaho working the farm with our Aunt’s family had been killed minutes before midnight by a drunk driver.  Before our Aunt and Uncle could make it to the house to break the news that he was gone. Grandma laying in bed listening for him to come home from her room off of the kitchen heard my brother come in and go up stairs to bed.
When the she insisted that he came home they helped her upstairs to prove that he wasn’t there.  But what was there was a half empty can of coke that still had a chill to it. Earlier that day my aunt had been upstairs to get the sheets from the bed to wash and had thrown all of the cans into the garbage and remade the bed.
In June of 1984 my brother would be seen once again. Our cousin who idolized him (we all did he was a people magnet. You were always drawn to him, you could tell him your troubles always feeling better when you did.) Our cousin always believed that whatever my brother could do he could do it too.
For example the family had rented a pontoon boat at Davis Damn in Arizona ,  It was my Uncle (another one) and his family and our family with my oldest brother bringing a friend. While out on the lake we’re in the process of trying to find a cove to dock in my brother and his friend (both 17) decided to jump into the lake while the pontoon was still going.
They yelled that they were jumping in and jumped and as everyone turned we see my younger cousin about 7 or 8 years old jumping in after them (thank GOD for his life vest) everyone rushed to the bow of the pontoon which  forced it to start going under with everyone’s weight on one in. In the meantime my brother is holding our cousin up by his life vest and our cousin is just grinning that he did what my brother did.
So in 1984 our cousin has just turned 16 and my brother has been gone for three years at this point. One evening while up the street at his friends house the family decided to go have pizza and invited him along. When they went to get into the four door car my cousin came around the driver side passenger door and came to a halt.
The friends father and mother said he had gone white as a sheet, when they asked him what was wrong instead of answering them he turned and ran home as if the devil was after him. When he finally told them what was wrong he said “I walked around the end of the door to get into the back seat except that there was someone already there. It was Rickie and he was holding his arms out to me as if he was going to hug me. His face held a sadness to it but you could see that he was happy to see me again.” 
A week later after one of our famous floods the night before our cousin was riding in that car sitting in that same seat that he saw my brother. The boy driving had hit a mound of dirt and rocks that normally wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for the flood the night before.  The car rolled and our cousin was thrown from the car.
They airlifted him to the hospital and after three or four days (sorry they all seemed to run together then) The doctors declared him brain dead and my Uncle and Aunt took him off life support. The only comfort for them is believing that my brother was there beside him.
I have many, many more but those are the ones that stand out to me.

Haunted Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico


The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico is haunted by a ghost named Mr. Mills.  When I stayed there when I was in the room at night I smelled cigar smoke on and off.  I felt someone in the dressing room with me and smelled a strong smell of cigar smoke in that room at the same time.  The room got cold.  I heard footsteps like heavy boots as though someone was walking back and forth.  I did not feel threatened by the presence.  I felt as though the presence was watching over me somehow.  I smelled the cigar smoke on and off at different times in the hotel and often heard the footsteps behind me the whole time we stayed there.  I asked my family if they smelled anything or heard anything and none of them did or ever said they smelled the cigar smoke or heard anything. 
I am not afraid of ghosts and have actually felt my Father, who is deceased, holding my hand at night and smelled his cologne, seen my Mother in my bedroom sitting at the foot of my bed and calling my name, seen my Father's parents, whom I have never met as they died a tragic death before I was born, standing over my bed. 

Hauntings, Columbia, SC, Olympia Mills


I hope that this email finds you doing well. I came across your all's website and saw a story of a haunting that I have only recently heard of and checked with my grandfather. The following is the posting that you have.
Columbia - Olympia Road - the abandoned mill - near the fairgrounds - Several years ago when children were forced to work, there was a mill that a deranged man owned. Many children died of exhaustion, and the owner put their bodies in the furnace. It is a high spiritual place, and there have been many odd happenings here, including the furnace mysteriously turning on and the sound of children crying. There is a story on this website in the hauntings section.  - November 2003 correction/update: The only abandoned mill near the fairgrounds is the old Olympia Mill, Which they are trying to get turned into an apartment complex. It would not be surprising if this was haunted.
- May 2005 update: It has mostly bee converted into apartments and the firdt model apartment was just unveiled.
My grandfather (Harold Jones Robison) was born in the 1920's in Columbia, South Carolina, and raised in the Olympia Mills area, his father, my great-great Grandfather (John Jones Robison), worked at the Mill from it's establishment to it's closing, as I am told by the family. After first hearing this story I immediately contacted my grandfather in reference to it as if anyone would know it would certainly be him. He told me that he has heard this before and that it did not happen, considering that they claim it was small children from when he was little he says he would certainly have remembered his friends being thrown into the furnace. He also told me that the Owner of the Mill was a very nice fellow who people only complained about if they were lazy. Being the researcher that I am I have also checked some of the local newspapers from the timeperiod, if children had been thrown in the furnace and it was well known the story would have appeared somewhere, however there is no mention of it in the State Newspaper that I could find.
    I do believe the Mill may be haunted but if so it is certainly not the Ghost of Children thrown in the furnace. I do know that several homeless folks have died there in the past few years, but that was after the Mill had been abandoned.
    Anyways, hope you don't mind the information, I've had a few experiences myself in the city of Columbia, S.C., at the Hampton-Preston Mansion, Robert Mills House, and Trinity Episcopal Cathedral to name a few places. But have never had any experiences at the Mill, maybe with the new apartment tenants moving in we will hear some more stories.

Hettie and Freida


Around 10 years ago I was living in a small cottage, on a property that included 2 other houses.
I work on an orchard just across the road, and the property I live on was originally owned by the Sister and Brother In Law of My Boss.
The Sister Freida had passed away some years ago, and Her Husband Victor had moved closer to His Sons around 12 months before I moved in.
One day while riding a quad bike home for lunch, I saw a Woman standing near an old disused water tank that was between My cottage and the main house.
Knowing the people renting the main house quite well, I assumed She was a friend, so I waved and thought nothing of it.
Later that night I asked My neighbours who it was ?
They had not had visitors that day and had no idea.
Some days later I was speaking to My Boss about it, and he asked Me to describe the Lady.
After telling Him all about Her, (I can still picture her exactly to this day), I was told that I had perfectly described "Hettie".
Hettie was a gardener employed by Victor and Freida some 30 years previous, and the place I saw her standing in was where the vegetable garden had been.
During part of Her time there She lived in the cottage that I was renting.
I only ever saw Her the one time, but She was also seen by a Lady I know that used to visit Me.
Once in the same place, and once in my kitchen window.
She was never threatening and seemed to be perfectly real, not an apparition but a real person.
I have since moved into the main house, and have had several experiences here as well, but these I believe to be Freida.
The Master Bedroom has a bathroom directly opposite and on 3 ocassions I have been looking in the mirror and glimpsed someone walking into the bedroom.
My Girlfriend has also had the same thing happen.
I actually feel quite secure having them around, as the feeling given is that they are only looking after the place they loved.
Not very exciting I know, but these sightings are as real as anything that's happened in My day to day life.
No Ghostly mists or see through figures, I would swear these people were actually there.
In just the last 2 weeks some other strange things have happened.
I was woken around 3am one morning by a loud noise in the second bathroom.
I looked in, and a broom that has always been kept outside the back door was in the shower.
I heard the exact same noise again a few days later during the day time, but nothing was there.
I'm not sure what these latest developments mean, but I still feel very safe and wanted to share My experiences.

Strange Happening


First off I have seen people after they have died. One of  them I didn’t really  know but  he was a friend of  my fathers .I was in bed along side my twin sister at the age of 10.My fathers friend owned the house we lived in at the time and loved he  the house. the night her and I seen him we were sleeping on the pull out sofa ,for what ever reason I had awaken and seen this guy standing in the living room just watching us. I woke my sister up and she thought it was our older brother and started talking to him, but he just stood there kind of  moving back and forth. Well that freaked us out and we just laid  there still not moving from being so scared. The next thing is what really freaked us out! About 20 minutes later the phone rang and my parents came out of there room very up set and my dad had to go identify his friends body from a motorcycle accident. we told our parents the next morning about what we had seen and we told them what he was wearing, my dad looked at our mother in shock  and said that’s what he was wearing .  I couldn’t sleep for weeks after that..never seen him again and I have never for got that either. I have always seen black shadows that look like people also, the size  range from about the size of a 3 year old to a full size man. No one ever believed me until my sister came to visit me one Christmas and she thought I was standing behind her real close and she turned to tell me to back up and it was a black shadow about 6 foot tall..she don’t  called me a story teller any more. another time, I was standing in the shower washing my hair and I felt the sides of my thighs burning and I looked down and seen two bloody marks on each side like someone ran there finger nails down my legs and scratched me . my husband didn’t believe me either until he him self was taking a  shower with the door looked and the radio unplugged its self…

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