The Mirror (Ghost Story)




My name is Pete, Im 14 but this story took place when I was 12. My grandfather is in the scrapping/hauling business and often helped businesses clean out there old junk, but he liked to take little things that they were going to throw out that he thought might be useful. I had been complaining that I needed a mirror for my room. It just so happened that my grandfather was called in to clean out a clothing store. My grandpa cleaned up their building and came upon a mirror, he asked if he could take it and the manager eagerly told him he could take it, we would soon find out why the manager was so happy to be rid of it. The mirror as a full length mirror with a beautiful, what I think, was mahogony, frame. It was a great mirror but had one very big flaw that my grandfather had not noticed; you could not clearly see yourself in the mirror. When you looked into the mirror everything was completely blurry, like in those Claritin commercials. My grandpa dismissed it and said someone probably did something wrong when making the mirror and that he could throw it out for me. Im not quite sure why but I wanted the mirror anyways, I told him, "No, itll be fine, I mean its not that bad and I just need to be able to see if my clothes match" A few days went by and I used the mirror just to see if the color of my shirt matched the color of my jeans, because that was pretty much all you could see; color. One day I was trying to look past color and see what my new hoodie looked like on me, while looking deepy I noticed something that should have been noticed from the get-go but its a mistake we all make; I never noticed the things in the mirror around me, just myself. Everything in the background was clear, just the image of yourself was distorted in the mirror. It was so weird, like something out of the twilight or something. Somehow I managed to put it out of my mind, I mean I didnt see the harm a mirror could do. I went to school and all that other not so fun stuff that I had to do, then returned to my room, sat on the bed and began trying to get a rock out of the bottom of my shoe, it was stuck in one of the little rubber grooves. I managed to pry the rock out and it went flying across the room and hit the mirror, it was a very suttle crack in the top left hand corner of the mirror. I didnt throw the mirror out though because it was just a small crack, and for some reason I still felt drawn to the freaky mirror. I put on my iPod and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and got dressed then looked in the mirror. This was the first extremely strange event; the crack in the corner was gone, it was completely repaired, it was like the crack had never existed. I quickly turned the mirror around because I no longer wanted to look at it, but I was so strangely fascinated by it that I still failed to throw it out. I returned home from school that evening to find the mirror facing the right way again, I simply figured my mom did it. I sat on the bed and began my homework. Have you ever walked into one of those glass walls in a fun house, how it seems to vibrate in its frame and make a really weird like "Boi-oi-oing" sound? Well that is exactly what I heard, I looked around and saw nothing out of place, but in the corner of my eye I saw a reflection in the mirror. I looked over at the mirror and all of a sudden I seen two translucent palms smack the glass on the mirror, and heard the "bo-oi-oing" sound again. I jumped up. It happened again, I watched as the glass shook in the frame, I flung my ball point pen at the mirror, not quite sure how it was going to help but hoping it would, straight at the mirror. A large crack appeared in the mirror and spread down the middle of the mirror until it reached the north and south edges of the frame, this is the super freaky part...The mirror seemed to explode at me, I closed my eyes and shielded my face, I could feel the little glass shard slashing my hands. When I felt all the glass had fell I opened my eyes and looked at my hands to see the damage; they were fine, my hands didnt seem to have so much as a scratch on them. I looked at the mirror and saw no crack, no visible damage whatsoever. This was the final straw, I tied up the mirror to my bike and grabbed a shovel, I headed to the cemetary which wasnt far from my house. I entered the cemetary, I didnt care who could see me, luckily noone was around, I began to dig a hole, it took me about a half an hour to make a suitable hole but i finally did. I thrust the mirror into the hole, making sure to brake it but not allow any of the pieces to get outside the hole. Ah to see that mirror actually shattered was an amazing feeling. I began placing the dirt over the mirror, this took all but 15 minutes, I stomped on the dirt to make sure the grave was like sealed. The mirror was out of my life, and it has been ever since. I really wonder what was in that mirror, I know this story sounds extremely unreal, or perhaps it seems like I'm crazy, but I assure you that what happened to me was real, even though I wish it were all a bad dream. The other oddity is, in the exac spot where I buried the mirror; a tree grew. It's no normal tree, it seems to remain in perfect health although most of the trees in that cemetary are dead or extremely unhealthy. And when looking at the base of the tree, there are two knots that look like hands, just as I had seen smacking against the glass. I wish you could see it but Im not giving any information on its location for fear that someone may find the mirror, probably fixed, and for the ultimate fear that what ever is in that mirror will be let out.




White Eagle Hotel




My family and I recently stayed at the

White Eagle Hotel in Portland, Ore.

We all believe in ghosts and are very

interested in them.  While there we heard

a woman scream, a locked door that became

unlocked and open by itself, knocking on the

outside wall where there is only brick, the

locked door between rooms 1 & 2 slammed,

toilet paper came off the holder and rolled

around the toilet, and we heard creaking and

foot steps in the hall way and on the stair

case.  No one was there.  My daughter and I

stayed in room 1.  My son and his girl friend

were in the hoodoo bash room.

I understand there was a man named

Sam who died in room 2, next to our room.

Do you happen to know which room the girl

called Rose was murdered in?  Any info you

have on the history of the place would be

most appreciated.  This was a very quiet

night as far as guests go, we only saw one

man.  The bar was shut down for Christmas.



You are missed Carryann





Hi, first I want to say that I love your web site and have read every story on it. I did send a story about going up in my house in Pepperell Ma. that was haunted by this ghost named Charlie now I wanted to write a little about my brothers ex girlfriend (Rhonda) and her sister (Carryann) that was killed by her evil boyfriend.

I say her boyfriend is evil because when I had met him for the first and last time they had been staying at my brothers for a night and then going back to Canada and he was so very  creepy!

I was partying with everyone until Carryann's boyfriend had woken up and he gave me the creeps so bad that I had to leave and wouldn't go back over until he fell asleep again.

I told Rhonda that I thought that he was a bad person and that the vibes I was getting were really bad and that I just thought that he was evil... she said she thought he was too and that she never liked him.

I'm really good at reading people if I don't feel comfortable around a person then I know they can't be trusted but this went beyond feeling uncomfortable.

At work one day I received a call from my mother saying that Carryann was killed by her boyfriend. She had planned on leaving Canada but couldn't find her card to leave and she needed that to go through the boarder.

I think that he had found out that she was planning on leaving and in a drunken rage hit her on her head with a bat and then strangled her to death. She had a big head wound and he did strangle her... she was a strong healthy person so we think she would have put up a fight but not if she was knocked out.

I just broke down and cried... that poor girl had such a hard life. They lived on the reservation and it is a hard life for them all. They don't have allot of job opportunities and they drunk allot because there is really nothing much to do there other wise.

Well she drank and drank until she was so drunk that people would take advantage of her (men) and the girls mostly didn't like her because of it.

 After work that day I went and bought all her sisters and myself teddy bears they were all different colors but the same kind of bear (mine was maroon) and I was crying on the way home and told Carryann that I was so sorry that he did that to her and that she didn't deserve it. I also said that I had bought them all a teddy bear and the one that was mine was really for her but that I would keep it for her.

It just really broke my heart that she had almost gotten away from him if she had not lost her card she would have left the day before he killed her.

I had given the teddy bears to her sisters and we all cried together and I kept the one that I was for Carryann and I put it up on my entertainment center. A couple of days later it was gone. I never did see it again so I think that Carryann took it!

One day my boyfriend and I were playing a game of dice and we started talking about Carryann and he was saying mean things like she was a drunk and I told him to shut up that she had a drinking problem but she was a very sweet person that loved children and I was kicking his butt in dice.

I said Carryann is helping me kick your butt because you're saying mean things about her... I said the only way that you have a chance in winning would be if you got all six of the same dice.

Well we went in the other room to have a cigarette break and when we came back all the dice were changed to all ones! He was like you did that... I said no dummy I was with you remember!!! I said see she's letting us know that she is here so you better say you're sorry! He did!!!

Rhonda was having a baby with my brother and we had a baby shower for her. Well at her baby shower when she was opening her gifts we all heard someone say WOW and it sounded like Carryann and everyone in the room heard it and it wasn't any of us that said it!

It was Thanksgiving and I was in the kitchen when I felt a cold breeze go right through me. I thought oh my brother must have his door open then I realized he didn't and there was no windows open either. I knew then it was Carryann. I went into the other room and my mother said she thinks that Carryann was visiting and then I told her about the cold breeze!

We (my brother, Rhonda, me and my boyfriend) were watching the football game and we all really get into football. I was like Carryann give us luck we know your here with us but give us a sign and the picture that she had given Rhonda fell off the wall!!! The Pat's won the game that night too!

My brother had broken up with Rhonda and now my baby niece who I miss and love with all my heart is in Canada with her mother hopefully I will be seeing them soon but anyway he had another girlfriend Katie that was staying with him and her first time sleeping in Rhonda's bed without my brother sleeping next to her she said she felt someone pushing her out of the bed!

It happened seven times until she said fine I'm leaving and went and slept on the couch with my brother. She would not sleep in that bed alone again!!!

Carryann's mother was told by Physic that Carryann was around for a while because she was angry that she was murdered but she was finally at peace. I think that they can come and visit when the want to but nothing has happened lately. Hope you liked the story it is all true.



A New Haunting





hi my name is kat and i was a sailor on the ship the uss kitty hawk i cant tell you that much about the history but i can tell you from first had experience its haunted. i know it was burned down at some point and rebuilt from parts of the constellation so not only could it be haunted from the original parts of the ship also can be haunted from constellation parts on it. How do i know its haunted you may ask well one night cleaning the floors in the mess decks the draws and cabinets kept opening no matter how many times i closed them so then i was like ok maybe the sway of the ship is opening them before i realized they have a locking mechanism to them to prevent the sway from opening them the only way to open them would be to really pull them open i was freaked to say the least but never said anything to anyone about a 2 wk's later i was in a unused freezer cleaning it for storage use and a very chilling air started to sweep back and fourth through the air kept making me shiver i how ever once again in my head came up with reasons but the freezer isn't on anymore had not been used in years as a freezer its was storage for dry goods and paper goods. Another time in the same freezer i could hear the adjoining freezer door creak open however its also a unused freezer and the only other person down there with me was asleep on the stair well

In the dry storage area i was painting i returned the next night to find my paint spilled over and brushes laying out i was the only one with keys to the area

i finally mentioned to one of my senior chefs and he told me that those freezers i was so spooked in actually in war time way back when was used as a morgue  and the cabinets that were opening and closing was cause by a chief that was on the ship who food poisoned himself and many fellow sailors so bad that many passed away

there was also i little girl that was lost on a tour and never found

they say that the broiler rooms and engine rooms are extremely haunted and some of the berthing's this i believe cause even in my three short years on the kitty there was three deaths

one from a guy who fell to his death rolling out of top bunk and breaking his neck

another i was part of trying to rescue ia mechincist   a pipe busted in a engine room and he drowned

there was also a huge fire in which a sailor died

if i in just three years was witness to all this i can only imagine how haunted it really is

there's also rumor that theres a huge hole from a long long time ago that was sealed off in it there is opposed to be body's and a car of a caption and his prized positions he couldn't bear to leave behind

its a place worth looking into especially since the kltty hawk will be getting decommissioned this year

im so sorry about grammar and spelling





My Personal Supernatural


By: harmeet.mehra@gmail.coml


Hi iam from pune.... this is an incident that has happen with me personally......

till date it haunts me...

there was this recurring dream i had for almost 20 years of my life and i use to tell my parents about the dream and how often it comes......... it was not haunting me though ..... in the dream  i use to see a  bare land where there was a family (  man wife and 2 kids) who was just staring at me........  thats its........ after 20 years i was driving down Karve Road... there is a junction where there was an emply land near SNDT College.... IT WAS AN EXACT REPLICA OF MY DREAM THE LAND WAS JUST LIKE THAT .. AS I DORVE BY I  COULD FEEL MY DREAM COME ALIVE.... IT WAS THAT VERY SAME PATCH OF LAND..... BARREN AND EMPTY........ what killed me was i turned cold as ever........... if you know what a blind spot in the eye is .... i felt like that......... the only thing i could see was the land....... i some how parked my car aside and came back to a commercial place like Karve Road in Pune this was a prime property  but yet  ... unoccupied........

I some how thought i should find out about the history of that land, so with a help of a friend i found out the history ..... to my shock.........

the land belonged to a family( I dont wish to give the name) the head of the fmaily wanted to build a dream house there... but some vicious people and family members eyed on that land.........

they some how managed to corn the man and take waay the land..... years have gone by .... it seemed like a curse... nothihg has every come on that land and ..... no builder is either ready to buy that property... finally now its with the SNDT College in Pune........

Then i wondered what was the connection between me and the land and the dream...... i wrote about my experience and later went to a  ( Dashbhuja ) ganapati temple prayed for the realize of the troubled souls of the family......

i still remember them , and their faces ... god bless their souls......






I have recently come across your web site and i thought i would let you no what happened to me? I have kept this a secret for over 45years now and i think its now time to tell. When i was a child of 9 years old i was invited by my auntie and uncle to go on a weeks holiday to Cornwall in England for 7 days. We were to stay in a caravan while we were there.

During that week i befriended a boy about my age and his family were staying in a chalet

On the last night there was a film on tv that we both wanted to watch and as the tv sets were only in chalets i asked my aunt/uncle could i stay and watch it with my friend? They both agreed on the proviso that i came straight back as soon as the film had finished..

After the film had finished i started to make my way back to our caravan, Half way along the chalet block there was a large gap with a high wall at the end were all the rubbish was placed in the bins,

As i passed the gap i noticed something out of the corner of my eye, i looked around and saw what looked to be a large semi circular object that was brown in colour and seemed to be off the floor as i could see the back wall under it,

I don't remember much after that until i woke up back in our caravan, I had soiled my trousers and wet myself and didn't no how i got there nor did my family they found me laying on the floor outside the caravan.. I was told to go to bed and forget about it until tomorrow.

The following morning we were going home and my uncle bought the local paper to read on the journey, after a while he said to me, do you remember that thing you saw last night? i said yes and started to cry again, don't worry he said, then leaning over the car seat he showed a photograph of an church alter, and in the corner was the exact figure i saw the night before in the alleyway between the chalet block? It was thought to be that of a 900yr old monk in the praying position maybe that was why i couldn't see his feet? who has been seen on numerous occasions..  Although 45yrs later i actually live near the church in newquey i am still very reluctant to  visit    



An Interesting Experience




THIS HAPPENED TO ME IN THE SUMMER OF 2005, it happened in May, around the time of  my birthday. I decided to take the week off and pay a visit to Fort Nelson, the royal armouries museum on the outskirts of Portsmouth (UK).

This is a fort built to mount artillery in the 19th cantury, around the time of the American civil war, it was built to aid the defence of Portsmouth against a resurgance of power  and percieved threat from the Franch at the time.

In the fort itself there are several tunnels that lead to gun batteries on the edge of the fort, only one of these is open to the public though, this also leads to the magazines where shells for the guns were stored.

On this day there were few people around as it was a mid week work day. There was a light breeze comming off the sea and as I decided to explore this tunnel on my own I noticed that the breeze grew stronger as I got close to the magazine.

Once inside the tunnels I started to get the feeling that I was not alone as it appeared and I turned around to look at where I'd come from.

There was no one there with me.

In the corridor of the tunnel I came to the magazine rooms, these all had large heavy wooden doors on them. There were tree of these doors and all were pushed closed but not latched shut, I had the same feeling of a presence again and turned to check behind me, at that point the breeze turned to a rush of air pasing me for a second.

I initially thought it was a gust from the surface but one of the large doors began to open, the reason this surprised me was that it was against the flow of the breeze in the tunnel.

I was a little apprehensive but not really scared and decided to call out to see if there was ay one there, no answer.

At that point I thought that someone was playing a trick so took a step to find who was playing with the door, as I did, it slowly closed and the next door slowly opened against the breeze.

I decided to ask if whatever was there minded if I took some photos, the door stopped moving.

The camera I used was a small 35mm film camera, I took three photos along the corridor.

The first was completely black as if the lens cover hadn't opened, the second showed the door slowly closing and the third showed what appeared to be a shadow or faint human shape at the end of the corridor against the entrance to the corridor.

 I knew nothing of this till I had the photos developed, all I knew was I'd had an experience with something that I think was paranormal.

Just after this I came across a guide in the gun battery at the end of the tunnel and I was about to ask if the site was haunted, when I noticed that  she was leading a group of kids around, I chose not to mention it in front of them.

I asked another guide covering the gate about ghosts on the site, she said no one was really sure but there was a rumour that the ghost of a worker who died in an accident whilest the fort was being built, was supposed to inhabit the tunnels.

Perhaps this is what I came across?



Capt. Charlie





In Southport North Carolina, Capt. Charles Swain manned the bald head lighthouse untill ir was decommisioned.  Upon rettireing Capt. Charlie settled in to a life of leisure.  Over the years while working on bald head island he had salveged wood from wrecked ships to build a house.  The house wad owned by my faimly for about 6 or 7 years.  The reputation of the home can be easily be heard from any resident in Southport. "Capt. Charlie's House" is a known "Haunted House" through out the area. When lilving there many occorences of unexplined things happened.  Much of the furniture in the home was orignal from the estate of Capt. Charlie's Inculding a particular rocking chair which Capt. Charlie would sit in and watch the ships go by on the intercostal waterway.  This rocker has the tendincy to be rocking by itself, as if someone just got up, when noone has been in the room.  In the main sitting parlor which has 6 windows, the blinds have a habit of going up by themselfs all 6 at once. Footsteps can be heard up stairs when noone is up there,  on one occasion a witness saw full body appirations. Both Capt. Charlie and his wife spent most of their lives in this home.and died here. It seems to me that they decided to stay at the home they loved so much. The home has a secure feeling, the feeling of being watched is always present, but it's not a evil or bad feelin, it's like your being watched over, protected.  Things which have been lost suddenly reappear in ovious places, things get moved just enough to notice, lastly when you start talking about Capt. Charlie or the Baldhead lighthouse activity increases like Capt.Charlie is getting excited.  The home is now privatly owned by an aquantince of the faimly, I don't know if any activity still occurs but I don't see why It would stop as the house seems to draw them and they seem to me to be very happy in their home watching over the people who live there. One last thought, the home was built of timbers of ships which wrecked many of  which had much loss of life.  Could all those whose life were lost have been imprinted on all those timbers

giving the house itself a "Haunted" feeling? Who knows. I do know that two sprits reside in the home and they seem very happy  caring for the residents!










Hi. I just stumbled across your site & thought I would share my story. I am a total unbeliever of ghosts & the afterlife (although I would love to be proved wrong) & believe there's a scientific explanation for everything. What happened to my girlfriend of the time & myself in 1992 has left me scratching my head though.

We were both living with our parents still at the time. I was 21 & she was 18. Some nights we parked the car in various locations just for somewhere to go & the night in question, we parked up down a country lane in a village called Ratby just west of Leicester.

We were parked a mile down a deserted path under a large tree with a hedge with a gate behind us & open fields in front. It was after midnight when all of a sudden, the car lit up as if someone had switched a light on. About 10 feet to the right of the car, a large fire had shot up out of nothing in the grass. My girlfriend was obviously scared & saying lets get away from here but I had to satisfy my curiosity & find out what caused it. Looking back, I maybe should've drove away immediately but I got out & looked up the tree, went through the gate in the hedge & checked all around thinking maybe some kids were trying to freak us out but I satisfied myself there was nobody about. We just drove off & left the fire burning.

I have tried to explain it away to satisfy my mind. Could a spark have ignited dried grass? Could it have been a discarded cigarette etc. The grass was wet as it was drizzling that night & although my ex smoked, she swore she wasn't the cause & it wasn't something that smouldered & grew bigger anyway. It suddenly appeared about 3-4 feet high in a flash seemingly from nothing.




An Uncles Reassurance




 I just sort of happend upon your site and thought to share some of my own experiences.

In my short 18 years here on earth, I have experienced quite a few.. well some tell me thats a bit of an understatment.

Although there are a couple that have really stuck in my mind, in this email I will only mention one.

I was fifteen when this occurence happend.

The first one happened in the summer of 2005, in a little trailer in Jaffrey, British Columbia.

Before I start my story I have to say that the Uncle mentioned had passed away in 1997, due to overdose.

My mother and I had gone out there to visit my Grandparents for a few days, just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

While staying with them (my grandparents) my mother sleep in her old bedroom and i sleep in their old computer room.

So during one night there, I had been reading ghost story books and as it neared about 10 pm I decided I would turn the light out and try and sleep.  As it turned out sleep was near impossible because I had freaked myself out so bad. A half an hour later I crept to my mothers room and asked her to sleep in my room with me, seeing as the bed I sleep in is significantly larger.

So as she fell asleep, I finally started drifiting off not long after. While I was in that in-between-state of awake and sleep I felt as though, someone was standing directly above me, so in this state I opened my eyes to a pitch black room save for this figure I had felt. I could see what he was wearing (cowboy boots, jeans, a jean long sleeve collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows) and I remember him saying "don't worry it's only us" and I looked over to my right and there sort of arguing with eachother were my two uncles who are still to this day alive and kicking. Just as I was looking back I physically felt the sheets being tucked up around my neck, (to let you know, I had left them down at my waist because it was unbelievable hot) this sort of spooked me a bit into wakeing up. Thinking it was my mother who had done that I quickly looked over to find her sound asleep not having moved an inch from the time I had fallen asleep. a few minutes after calming myself down I myself fell back to sleep.

The next morning I told my mother about my dream and after I had explained what the man was wearing, she got this sort of shocked look on her face, and told me that was what my Uncle Greg used to wear.

To this day I still have little things happen to me in that room that we sort of attribute to my Uncle Greg and his sick and weird sense of humour.

 Thank you for taking the time to build a site like this one, where people like us can share our own ghostly happenings.

Take care!



Grandpa's House




My grandfather had his house built in the Holiday Hills Neighborhood I believe he was the 3rd house for the new neighborhood. Upon his second wife’s death due to a nasty incurable disease (tumors) I believe she died about 1978-1979 I was so young I don’t truly remember the year. But the important part is that WE believe my Grandmother Nancy haunted the house after her death. We returned to live with our grandfather in the meantime my mother had gotten pregnant with our little sister who was born in Feb.1981. She never saw pictures of grandmother and we never told her of us seeing grandmother as the years past and our sister turned 2 or 3 she ran crying to our mom about a lady lying in papaw’s bed and demanded to know who she was. We would see her when passing their bedroom either lying on her side of the bed or sitting in what we think was her favorite chair. Now later in years when our Great Aunt got sick our mother cared for her til her death in this same house different room where she was wheelchair bound she had a cowbell to ring when she wanted or needed anything when she was in her room. Upon her death after they came to take her body the cowbell was ringing and lying on the bed our mother had it on the dresser to get out of the way when they where removing her body. Now after all this if you don’t believe, read this last one after my grandfathers death the house was sold my little brother still tend the yard work until the new occupants moved in. After letting them get settled in my little brother returned to speak to the new owners about continuing to do the yard work, the Lady of the house then proceed to inform him that they were reselling the house because their little child was seeing an older big tall gentleman in a dark green suit wondering the house. My little Brother then informed her that they did not have to be scared that it was just our grandfather. He was almost 7 ft tall and before taking ill weighted a good 350 plus pounds and most scary part was he was buried in a dark olive green suit. We have not stayed in touch with any of the other occupants or buyers since then so I don’t know if they still haunt that house or not I like to believe that the new occupants understand that the house was built for them and I hope they continue to reside there even in death.   





Knocking From An Empty Room




I wanted to write in regards to the "urban myth" status of Mariposa Elementary in Redlands California. In 2003 myself and two friends went to Redlands to check out a number of places we found on your site. We went to Prospect Park, the Hillside Cemetary and Mariposa Elementary (roughly in that order). To this day the only thing that I can say was anything like a true experience of a 'ghost' or anything of that nature was at Mariposa Elementary.

Upon finding the place we walked around for a while, looking for the nurse's office and generally checking things out. We went to the playground since the entry had mentioned something about the swingset, but nothing came of that. After a while we found a building that we tought was the nurse's office so I knocked on the wall. Nothing happened, so I tried again before deciding that it probably wasn't the right place. Finally, we found the office and walked around it, checking it out. The backside of the office is almost entirely windows, so you can see into the office quite easily, and we could tell that there wasn't anyone in there. We went back to the front and my friend Alex knocked on the wall (which was much more resonant than the one I had knocked on). He knocked three times, with a fair amount of space between the knocks. What happened was a prolonged silence followed by three very loud, very distinct knocks back from the inside (which, emperically, had already proven to be empty). We all got that undeniable chill and my eyes started to water (as seems to happen when I get scared) and we booked it across the field and out of there.

What everyone asks me is if it was simply an echo, but the nature of the time between his knocks and the returned knocks was something which easily defeated that explanation. The idea of a custodian being in an unlit, clearly empty, school nurse's office at 2.30 in the morning could only be accounted for if he had been sleeping there...behind a box or something...with the intent on scaring kids. I can't possibly reconcile that idea.

I'm not saying that this is a bona fide ghost or anything, but I think it deserves to be bumped above the "urban myth" status simply because of my first hand experience.



Haunting in Kellyton, Alabama




In the 1970's my grandparents lived in an old farmhouse located in rural Kellyton, Alabama.  As a child I spent MANY holidays, summers and any vacation time there. 

The house had a semi-circular driveway made of gravel.  Concrete steps led up to the wooden full porch, to the front door.

I slept with my grandmother on these trips to our "old home place".  Grandmother's bedroom was located at the front of the house, with the porch right outside her window.

At night when we would go to bed is when the activity would begin.  As we lay in the darkness, we would hear a car  pull up on the gravel drive.  Very audible.  Next, we would hear the car stop and the car door would open and close.  You could hear the door close.  All of this was followed by footsteps on the gravel drive, then footsteps on the sidewalk; until eventually you would hear the footsteps on the porch.  Pacing back and forth across the porch.  Sometimes, the ghost would sit on the porch swing and swing for awhile.  It never tried to scare us or do any harm.

The first time I heard these events, I asked my grandmother what was going on.  My grandmother replied that an old couple had lived in the house years ago.  The husband passed away and the wife moved out of the house.  She died a few years later.  My grandmother told me that it was just the "old man" looking for his wife.  That he meant us no harm. 

My grandparents lived in that house for years.  I can recall the events just like it was yesterday, because it was almost always a daily happening.  I guess you could say that when we moved, we were a little sad.  The "old man" had become a part of our family without knowing us.  But we always hoped that he would find his beloved wife.  He hunted for her for years.




Hauntings and Ghosts





i  have alway's been sensitive to the paranormal . it stared when i was a teenager . at first i was affraid and felt i wasn't alone and if i looked behind me i would see what i feared there behind me , so , i ran from the gift . when something was wrong in my family i could feel a sense of dread , to find later a death or a accident .  later after i was married and moved to charleston s.c. . my husband and i were in the air force and we rented many places . the first place we had  was a small two bed room trailer . my huband woke me up one night talking . i thought he was talking in his sleep cause he did alot of that . the next morning he  told me he tried to wake me up , he said he saw a little baby girl standing at the foot of the bed wanting me to pick her up . the really threw me a loop , he was't the kind of person to tell things like that .if he said it you knew it to be true . later i found out i was pregant and i had a misscarrige .. later we moved to summerville and up greated to a bigger place  i meet a few friends there , and  were got settled in . we had been there a few weeks i found i was pregant again , this time all went fine one night right before going to bed , i heard a male voice call out my name , i answered back with no responce , then he called out to me again , i wasnt scared , i thought it was my friend looking for his wife . we lived in a trailer park , the homes were real close together , i walked out onto the poarch   to see if i could find who ever was calling me . there was no one there . this continued to happen even after i moved back to my home town . we bought a house in ware shoals .sc. and the same thing happed there . this house was really active . we had a ghost that  we called the hall way ghost . we would be sitting on the sofa watching tv., always unexspected we would see a tall dark figure pass down the hall way . this went on the 20 years we lived there . the master bed room had a different ghost he was very vocal and loud , hitting the wall above my head as i was falling asleep , bumping the foot of the bed and scaring me to death . it was if some one would get him all worked uo cuse it was more active at times than othere times . we never figured out where all this come from . most people in my family were nobelieveres . can you tell me about this name calling thing? that always got to me cause your name being called is personal .




He's Still Here




Hello, i would like to share with you my experiences.

About 3 years ago we moved into a fairly old house that an old man had not long lived in and passed away we heard that he was a nice man.

he still had all his personal possesions still in the house so oviously we disspose of them.

One night my mum and dad were talking about moving this mans pictures off of the wall and putting their wedding photos and mine and my siblings baby photos up,  then shockingly the next day thay had mysteriosly been put on the wall in the place that we were going to put them. This wasnt the only thing that happend, also i would often hear voices in the middle of the night, when i couldnt get to sleep i would hear a faint voice asking if i was ok at the time i just thought this was my mum or dad hearing me get up and asking if i was ok but to my disbelieve it wasnt! also things went missing and after a few weeks or so they would suddenly reappear which was very strange. Once i was trying to get to sleep under my duvet and i came out as i thought i heard something but i looked up and on my curtain was a shadow that quickly went straight across it i knew that this wasnt my shadow because i moved back to where i was before and it did not do what i saw the first time. Me and my family also often hear running up and down the stairs but just ignore it because if we think about it, it just frightens us more, but we have now learnt to live with these paranormal experiences and after 4 years are still living in the same "HAUNTED" house.




Myrtle Creek OR.





Well this story Started a few weeks ago when Me and my fiance came home from my mothers house, where were staying for a few days, and my future sister in law told us about a few weird things that had happened while we were gone. One thing that happened was a series of noises in our room at like three in the morning when we keep our door locked and we had the key. After she told us this my fiance said "That explains the butterflies in my stomach" and explained she had a dream about a ghost that used to live in the house and was getting upset about something she could not remember and he wanted us all out but was just doing small stuff like I said above.

The thing that has made us want to know more about this whole ghost thing was when our nephew and my fiance both said they saw the first ghost.  Well a few days later we were headed out from our bedroom to head out to smoke and my fiance jumped and said there was a new ghost and this one isnt nice it was right out side our door on the stairs just staring at our door with his mouth wide open like as if he was about to scream.

The story really gets interesting when a few nights later after we got done cleaning up our room my fiance and I lied down to take a nap and before my fiance dozed off she said "we aren't alone." I was almost asleep when she grabbed me and held me tight she was still sleeping and when I woke her she said she wasnt gonna move. I asked her if I should turn on the light and she said "yes." she then rolled over and started talking in a monotone and staring off into space. She spoke like she had no purpose and would only answer questions and wouldn't speak otherwise. She kept talkin about a ghost that was in our room and wasn't leaving. She told me that this ghost wasn't gonna leave until he got what he wanted, and what this ghost wanted was blood. I kept trying to get her to stop talking like she was but she would not stop. Finally she closed her eyes and when I went to wake her up she was talking normally again and had no recollection of what she had said.   

We have been looking online to find information about this kind of Ghost but have turned up nothing. If you could help us out it would be great.




Lewis and Clark Monument




 You guys said to email you if anyone new anything about the monument. Well befor me and my mother moved to nebraska i was in rolled at a school called bell ryan elementry for are class filed trip we went to the leiws and clark monument as we arrived i felt really starnged like i was getting sick and stuff but then we got off the bus and took a tour that lasted about 3 hours well anyways we went all over and seen every thing there then we left well i didnt live that far away form the monument so me and 2 boys named jhon and tyler decied to go around 1:00 am we couldnt sleep and it sound like fun when we reached the monument we started to fell sick again my stomch hurt and i felt as if i couldnt breath then jhon all of a sudden fell over and we didnt no why he told us that i felt like some one grabed his leg and pulled him down then we started walking and came across three graves they where young chilldern no more then babys then i start to hear crying tyler told me that i was probley imageing it but i new i was then me and jhon went over to this little pound they use to have and when we truned around tyler was messing with thought that mabye he was trying to scare us so we acted like we didnt even notice that he was gone but then an hour had passed and still nothing he hadnt showen back up and we started to worry so we went looking for him then when we found him he looked as if he was sleeping he was up agaistn a tomb stone that said elizabeth i am sorry i cant recall seeing a last name we woke him up and asked him what had happen he said that some one hit him and then he didnt no what happend after that then we  dieced that it was really creppy there and we all left as we where leaveing i swore i saw a little girl in a pink and whit dress but i didnt say anything i jus t left.      Sorry that all i know i hope that helps a little i havent been there in years so i wouldnt be much help anymore sorry =)



Love of My Life




I have another story of a haunting that I experienced that was posted here ages ago, but this is different. It is not a haunting, I don't even know if you would consider it paranormal, but it is true and it involves a psychic, who was dead on, more than once.

Years ago, I went to see a psychic who was recommended by a friend of mine. I thought it was all just in fun and went along. She told me that I would meet my "soul-mate" and that it would be a year and a half or so, before we would really get together and that I would have three kids, a boy and two girls. She said that I was with this person in a past life and that he had come back a little earlier than I had, but we were about the same age and she went on and on. Now, I am thinking this lady is crazy, because I am already married and have a son and a daughter at the time and my husband had a vasectomy. So, how am I gonna have a third kid? I walked out of there thinking.........whatever!

About 5 years ago, I met a man at work. By this time, I had pretty much forgotten what the psychic lady had told me years before. He worked at a different location than I did, but with the same employer. I remember when I first met him, thinking I already knew him (and also thinking, wow is this guy cute) and later found out that he felt the same way. I talked to him from time to time as our job required, but no biggie until about a year and a half after we met, he was relocated closer to where I was and we started having lunch together, etc. and things went crazy from there. He was born 5 months before me and we were the same age. 

Now, the marriage I was in was horrible and I had considered leaving for some time. Suddenly remembering and realizing one night that this lady might have been right about some things, I convinced this man to go see her with me, to see where we should go from here. I guess I was kind of looking for a direction as, I really wanted to be with this man, but was in a bad marriage. Should I make it work, should I leave ???? I was confused and I just wanted to hear what she had to say. Anyway, when we walked in the door, the same psychic lady looked up at us, to greet us, and literally gasped so loud, we thought something was terribly wrong. She smiled and said, "No, no, everything is good, come on in....but I want to talk to you each separately". We were like..ummmmm ok.

She told both of us several things that were both good and bad, (pretty much all of which has happened, by the way)  but she said the reason she gasped was because she had seen a "light" connecting us at the chest (I know it sounds weird, but that is what she said) and that she had never, EVER seen a stronger connection between two people.

Needless to say, the two of us are happily married now and we had a daughter (remember the one boy and two girls thing). The minute I got pregnant, I knew it was a girl, there was no question. My husband and I find our selves thinking, saying, feeling, etc. the same way at the same time. There were times (one pretty serious) where he knew there was something wrong with me, even though he was miles away at the time and my phone was ringng before I could even call him to tell him what happened. There are times when (as an example), I will think about asking him to do me a favor, like to turn the coffee pot on or something and before I can even start speaking he will walk into the room and say "I already did it, coffee will be ready in a minute". Things like this happen to us so frequently that we are used to it and it doesn't even phase us anymore, but people on the outside see us and are amazed at how in sync we are. I know this sounds corny, but when we are seperated for more than a day or so (it has only happened once or twice) we both experience a mild paid in the dead center of our chest until we see eachother again. A very real physical pain. He doesn't go on business trips anymore unless it is absolutly a no choice thing.

I believe in life after death and have had strange things happen to me, but I didn't believe in the whole "soul-mate" thing. I do now......there is no question that he and I are one person. And I have to be honest, having this strong of a connection to someone, is both exhilarating and scary at the same time. We have NO DOUBTS about each other, but if something were to happen to one of us, I don't think the other could survive. Thanks for your time.

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