My Ghost Experiences




I moved from Illinois to Wyoming for my own personal reasons, lived in Wyoming for about a year without any problems until my fiancee at the time and I had a falling out. I moved in with my current boyfriend in a different house/apartment, and things became incredibly weird almost immediately.

Within the first week of living in our new apartment, we were sitting in the kitchen talking, when his phone rang. He answered the phone and looked up at the cabinets, I looked over at the empty Pabst beer can we were using as an ashtray and saw it drift about six inches towards the edge of the table. I forced my boyfriend to get up and sat where he had been sitting, trying every possible angle that he could have leaned on the table to make the can move like that. It wouldn't move again any way that I leaned on that table, so it couldn't have been either one of us.

At first my boyfriend thought I was just being paranoid, when he looked over at our cat Dustbunny. She had been laying in "her chair" very calmly, half asleep, until I started freaking out. When he saw that she was looking a couple of inches above his head, eyes rather large, he felt something literally reach through his skin and grab his stomach. Whatever it was didn't let go until he crossed the Wyoming/Colorado border.

Recently we've been inspecting the walls (the apartment hasn't been fully renovated since at least the '70's) and have found some rather disturbing things. For one, the bathroom door has chain locks not only on the inside, but outside as well. The bedroom door in the very back of the apartment locks on the outside only and has no doorknob; should that door be closed and locked, anyone inside the bedroom has to wait for someone to come back and unlock it.

The bathroom and bedroom are by far the scariest places in here though. The bathroom door looks to have been kicked in by a very angry person, and the wall leading back to the bedroom has human nail marks all over it.

More recently, which has definitely scared me, there has been blood showing up without explanation all over the bedroom walls, in very distinct patterns. The only theory my boyfriend and I can come up with, based on my bouts of sleep paralysis and the unexplainable damage to the walls, is a possible rape and murder long before we moved in here.

Luckily, we're moving to Colorado at the end of this week.




My Old House





When I was growing up we lived in a house in Laureldale (suburb of Reading). We had a door at the bottom of the stairs and our family would be in the living room and the door would open. My dad always said we didn't close it properly. So we would go slam the door shut and here the latch click in place and later as we were all in the living room watching TV the door would come open again.

One night as we came home the door to the enclosed front porch was open and again my dad said one of us didn't close it all the way. When we walked in, the inner door to the living room was also open. When we walked in the kitchen every cabinet door in the kitchen stood open.

My dad had his "den" in the room behind the stairs and he had put a drop ceiling in it. We were not allowed in this room unless given permission, but on numerous occasions my dad or mom would walk in the room and one of the ceiling tiles was moved.

Later we moved out of the house and sold it to my mom's sister and her family. One night my aunt was downstairs and my uncle yelled down to her from upstairs "When are you coming to bed". She said soon but it was almost an hour later before she went upstairs. As she turned the corner to walk down the short hall to the master bedroom, there was a figure of a man standing just beyond the doorway. She said "I'm coming, I'm coming" but when she got in bed, there was my uncle sound asleep.



Roosevelt High School in St. Louis




My husband's family knows of the bones coming up through the ground.  His step-brother in law was practicing football and tripped over what turned out to be a coffin that was resurfacing.  His father was also present when a femur bone was excavated and determined to be a human bone.  Two of his cousins who attended this high school went to the 4th floor with some of their friends and reported actually being able to hear what sounded like people banging on the door as if trying to escape.  There was a fire that killed everyone on the 4th floor which is why it is blocked off.  No one knows how the fire got started and (according to local legand) the nearest 3 fire stations that could have been there and probably saved the lives of some of the people on that floor, could not get their station doors to open for the trucks to get out.  A station about 5 miles away had to respond and by the time they got there, it was too late. 

I also have experienced "Stella" at Six Flags in the theatre during one of the shows.  It was rather comfortable in the tent, although we expected it to be very hot.  Myself and the person I was with suddenly felt a cold draft and then it stayed directly behind us.  We kept hearing someone talking in that area, but the theatre was practically empty.  We finally got up and left.

Anymore questions, please feel free to ask.



Shadow Man




Roughly four years ago, I moved to another county in a very rural area.  Each day, I drive just under 50 miles each direction to get to work.  In the mornings, along a long section of highway, there are no houses, lights and at 5:30 am, very little if any traffic. 

The other morning, I had awakened quite early and had left to start my commute approximately fifteen minutes earlier than was my customary time. I noticed immediately how abnormally bright the countryside was thanks, in part, to the full moon.  It was only after the cloud cover lifted and the entirety of the moon's brightness illuminated the road ahead that I saw something that didn't fit.  I wasn't exactly certain what it was but I knew that it didn't belong.

Bear in mind that on one side of this section of highway lays a 100+ acre tomato field and on the other side there is a 100+ acre pasture for dairy cattle. Both of which were quite empty and quite visible at this time of morning under the full moon.  I fixed my gaze on the dark object that did not belong as I approached at around 60 MPH. 

I am unable to provide specifics beyond it was very dark, very distinct and had the form of an averaged sized human male. It politely stayed on the highway's shoulder until I passed and then through the rear view mirror, I watched it stride across the highway before disappearing in to the tomato field. 

I said nothing about this to anyone that day, but on the following morning's commute, I drove with anxious anticipation through that section of highway with nothing remarkable. I rationalized that my prior experience was nothing more than tired, morning eyes being tricked by the remarkable brightness of the moon and the many unusual shadows it had created.  That is, until a friend had called me during my lunch hour concerned about her husband.

According to her husband, he was driving down the same stretch of highway at roughly the same time I had been when I first noticed the shadow man the morning after my experience, when he saw (thanks in part to the still abnormally bright glow from the almost full moon and limited cloud cover) what I vaguely described earlier.  My friend was concerned that her husband was overly stressed due to the new financial strain of her recent unemployment. I assured her that her spouse, though he may be overly stressed, was not hallucinating as I too, had seen this shadow man just the day before.

I have driven that route for the past four years with no remarkable experiences, but in light of the recent events (no pun intended); I will be more observant and expectant during my morning commute. I will keep you posted if anything additional occurs. 





The Alcatraz Ghost




Although everything in this story sounds impossible its 100% true!

About five years ago, my family and I went to San Fransico. My parents had lined up so many ideas. But the one idea that caught my brother's interest was going to see an old abandened prison called Alcatraz. Myself however as a 6-7 year old was the oppiset. I was still scared of the dark and going to an old dusty dark abandened prison wouldn't help anything! Since my brother really wanted to go, my parents made me come!

After sailing for what seemed 2-3 hours we came to a small island with a large building on it. My parents told me the large builing was Alcatraz. The name just gave me spine tingling chills. Once I stepped inside I felt a strong presence coming from practically every jail cell. I felt like a million eyes wer watching me walk. I had told my parents several times I wanted to go. My parents though never answered, they were concentrating on the tour. But I could tell I wasn't the only scared one, my brother and many others who were in the tour had seemed pale. They shivered when ever they passed a cell and didn't comment.

When we reached outside our tour guy told us to roam around freely. My brother went up these outside steps to see what was in a window. When he came down he was as pale as snow! We asked what was wronge. My brother told us that inside the window was a man, that had a nose like a bird, and that he was chipping his way out of one of the cells! Right away we knew it was true. So my father and I decided to look for our selves. When we got up there no body was there. But I had the same feeling of a presence over me that I had earlier, and when I was about to leave I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a man, that fit my brothers decreption, but he was dead! His body was bloody and he had rot all over him!

4 years later- I researched the history of Alcatraz, and found out that many men were killed in their escape, 2 drowned. The man I saw had been shot in the back! I now believe my family is phycic because of the fact that my dad, brother, and myself saw a ghost or spirit before!


Concrete Ghost Story




I have several ghost stories, but the one that I feel most concrete on happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My parents, twin sisters and I lived in a house in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. The house was only 10 or so years old when we moved in and, as far as I know, wasn't built on top of an old burial ground or anything which perplexes me even more as to why I was visited one night by an apparition.

One night, I was laying in bed. It was probably about 10:00 p.m. as Mom was still up watching T.V., but we kids were in bed sleeping. The bedrooms and one bathroom were situated on one end of the house in a lower-case 'y' shape. Mom and Dad's room was on the bottom of the 'y' the bathroom branched of from the middle. My sisters shared a room on the opposite end of my parents' room and my room was at the end of the bend of the 'y.'

Dad worked nights and Mom stayed in the den most nights so she left the light on in the bathroom so we kids could find our way if we needed to. I could just see the light on the wall from my bedroom since my room bent off of the main hallway. I awoke to my heart pounding and the hair on the back of my neck standing up. At about that time, my sisters screamed and I saw the shadow of a little girl running down the hallway. I jumped out of bed and ran into the den with my sisters to tell Mom.

I asked the girls what they saw because I knew what I had seen and didn't want to taint their story. They said that they saw a little girl in a night gown or dress walking up the hallway from my parents' room. When the little girl turned to start walking into my room, they screamed and she ran back down the hallway and disappeared.

The description they gave was that the little girl had wispy hair and big eyes, but from the nose down her face was vague in detail almost blurry. She wore a gown of some sort that was opaque and blurry like her face. This described the shadow I saw to the last detail. Also, when the girl's shadow ran past the light on the wall, she seemed to be smiling almost as if it all were a game.

I never saw the little girl again, but from that night on, I constantly heard footsteps in the house sometimes accompanied by heavy breathing. I also thought I saw something peeking out of my closet at me, hiding behind the clothes. I couldn't go to sleep at night unless the closet door were closed before I lay down and some mornings it was open when I woke up.

Once, I was running through the kitchen and the dishwasher door swung open and tripped me. I know that Mom always latched it to make sure something like that didn't happen and I feel like it was maliciously purposeful that it opened just as I was running up on it.

This continued for the next several years until I verbally confronted the footsteps and then nothing ever happened again. I don't know why the spirit or spirits decided to stop harassing me, but I never experienced anything else; at least not in that house, but that's for another time.



Trip to the UK




It wasn't long ago that I travelled to the U.K, a typical tourist wanting to see anything and everything. It was this trip that changed my life completely.

My brother (Ethan) and I were visiting Hampton Court Palace, it must have been late evening at least and there were still a few other tourists milling around the gardens, there were also a few "guards" standing alert making sure that no one went to far as to touch anything.

Ethan and I began heading towards staircase that would take us to the second story. As we walked past one of the corridors, the door at the opened. We thought nothing of it to start with, until it opened and revealed that no one was there.

Ethan was 4 years younger then me and was only 16 so he, being a boy wanted to investigate. We walked into the room, expecting to see a couple of people looking around or even kids playing hide and seek, instead there was nothing so we decided that it must have been the wind. After all it was a cold breezey day.

From this room you could over look the maze, a couple of kids were running around playing with there parents who were trying to get family photos, upon looking i noticed something move in the mirror beside me, i turned around, Ethan was already out of the room, un-interested in the history side of things. I turned to look back out of the window but the curtains had been drawn. Confused i went to leave the room, until the door creaked and almost closed. I froze, (being a crybaby ha!) I just couldn't move.

When i came to my senses at what i was doing i just laughed it off. I walked back out into the corridor, Ethan was talking to one of the guards a few metres ahead so i wanted to look at some paintings. I went into the next room, it was like a parlour almost with fabulous artwork and a beautfully engraved fireplace. As i looked at the paintings i felt something tug on my sleeve, i turned but nothing was there, i brushed off the feeling and went back to the painting. Again something tugged on my shirt, this time i turned to see a woman in the parlour with me, but she was sitting down. She seemed dressed up so i thought she might have been performing a play about th history of the Palace.

I slowly moved to stand infront of her, to look at another painting, the door was also diagonally infront of me so i know this sounds weird but when i turned around she was gone. I pulled my jacket close around me and left the room to meet with my brother.

Soon after this we returned to our grandparents house, had dinner and a shower then went to bed. My bedroom was next to my brothers room but our grand-parents room was downstairs.

It would have been about midnight when I heard my brother get out of bed, i was still awake reading. He tip-toed out into the upstairs bathroom, i know because he left the light on when he came out. About half an hour later I put my book down and rolled over to turn the light off.As i did I saw someone standing in my doorway.

Thinking it was my grandmother i asked if everything was okay. There was no answer just a low humming noise that seemed to be coming from the figure. I asked again incase she didn't hear me right but still there was no reply. I then heard what i thought was crying and the figure moved its hands to its face. I went to pull the covers off of my bed to go and see what was wrong, i still thought it was my grandmother.

But as i sat up the figure backed away, still crying, i knew it was looking at me, straight into my eyes. I felt a cold chill go down my spine at this stage and as i spoke again the figure vanished and the humming noise stopped.

Over my entire holiday i encountered the same figure at lease six times. Each in different situations. The scariest  however was when i was in the shower.

It was late at night because i had gone out to the pub with a couple of my cousins and her friends so it was around 2 a.m.

I was just standing in the shower washing my legs when a shadow difted past the curtain.

I quickly pulled back the curtain but nothing and no one was there.

I got out of the shower about 5 minutes later and dried myself off, when i picked up my brush i noticed something really strange. The hair on it was a dark auburn colour, but my hair is blonde. No one else in the house has dark red hair either so it made no sense.

As i began to brush my hair i cleared the condensation from the mirror, as i did so i looked up, in the reflection a saw the same woman i had seen in Hampton Court Palace. Scared out of my wits i grasped hold of the sink and stard at this lady. Her hair was long and it was auburn, she looked angry in some way but the expression she held was full of grief, i turned to look but she had gone.

This was the last time i ever saw her in the spirit, but since flying back home to Australia i still get the feeling she is with me, because  sometimes when its late at night, usually after midight i hear a soft humming  and my hair brush always has auburn coloured hair in it, even after i've already cleaned it.




The ghost of Rontignon





Village of Rontignon, southern France, about three years ago.

After some years in an apartment, my father decided to buy a house in a smart and peaceful area in a quiet suburb. He found a recent house, no older than twenty years old, and bought it. He has been living there for several months and everything appeared to be quiet and normal, until a night of summer where strange things began to happen. This night, my father went to a party at friends’ with his new wife and he let at home my sister aged 16 and brother aged 6. At about midnight or two a.m., my sister was awoken by noises of steps at the end of the corridor. She thought my father was back, but she wondered why the hall’s door didn’t make any noise as usual. As she opened her bedroom door to see what was happening, she saw that the lights in the kitchen were lit and heard someone walking in circle in it steadily. She called : “dad” ? And then, suddenly, the lights switched and the steps began to run in circle in the living room in the complete dark. It lasted for minutes and stopped suddenly. My sister was found in state of half shock few hours after when my father went back. There were neither evidences of burglars nor anything. Few days after, the whole family noticed that lights and TV worked by themselves and heard doors slamming. My sister saw a sort of human shadow going from the living room to the kitchen and heard regular knockings on her bedroom’s shutters.

One day, my father’s wife’s grandmother came home to care about my brother. While she was watching TV, she saw the lights in the hall turning on and off in a steady way. As she hadn’t been told about those strange events, not to frighten her, she thought it was a joke of my brother. But to her surprise, my brother was deeply sleeping in his bed and the lights kept on turning on/off by themselves. The door at the bottom of the corridor was opening and slamming whereas there were nobody and all the windows were well closed. As a devout catholic, she refused to listen her fear, stood before the slamming door and screamed : “I am not afraid, I won’t move up from here !”. Just she ended the phrase, the door slammed a last time, the lights kept lit up and everything stopped. She became the new witness of those strange happenings.

After weeks of fright and lights mystery, the grandmother went to the church to fetch some blessed water and watered all the walls of the house with it. And since this moment, every happenings stopped, as suddenly as they came.

A day, my father investigated in the city-hall and discovered that the former owners were an unhappy couple. The old man died of a cancer and his wife committed suicide… in my father’s bedroom. But it seems that applying some blessed water on the walls made the ghost disappear. For years after it, my family lived there happy and we definitely got rid of this freaky presence.  

Campbellsville University Fine Arts Building




My name is Tony.  I have lived in Campbellsville all my life.  When I was approximately 10 or 11 years old I was playing behind this building.  There use to be an old play ground there and a grave yard which is still there.  Out of curiosity, I decided to walk over to the grave yard and look at the tombstones.  I was standing directly in front of one of the stones, on a gloomy day, when a light came from out of nowhere and lit up the entire stone.  Needless to say I lost no time getting out of there.  I did not go back for an investigation.



My Friend






During the last week of October 2007 I had gotten word that an old friend of mine who’d I had grown up with and worked with in high school had very unexpectedly passed away. I was shocked by this and felt so guilty that I had not kept in touch with him within the past year or two. I went back and forth but finally decided that it would be best for me to go to his funeral. I went and it was so hard for me, I didn’t know it was going to be open-casket. Needless to say I took it pretty hard for awhile. About 2 or 3 weeks after the funeral I had the strangest dream, one of those dreams where you swear it’s really happening until you wake up. It took place during the day and it was beautiful and sunny, and I was walking cross the parking lot to my school. All of a sudden I felt so emotional and started running towards this person. I never saw their face but for some reason I knew it was my friend. I hugged him and I remember him whispering “Everything’s ok. Everything will be alright.”  The next morning when I woke up I felt much better and started to reach a healthy level of grief. I think it was his way of saying goodbye. A couple of weeks after that I was home by myself and went downstairs and once I reached the foyer I could have sworn I saw the light on at the top of the stairs (it was the middle of the day, no lights were on in my house) and saw a shadow of a man standing there facing me. It took me a second to realize what I had seen, so I turned around and looked up the stairs but nothing was there. Somehow I knew it was him checking up on me and even though it caught me off guard, I got the most comforting feeling from seeing it. Later on that day I noticed that he had finally gotten his headstone in the cemetery (I drive by it everyday, and had been checking everyday to see if he had gotten it yet).  Since those two experiences I haven’t heard anything from him, but I feel so much better that I had had them.


My Scary Story





Hello my name is elizabeth and im 15 years old. i really never told anyone about my experience because im not sure if it was real or a dream. ever since that night i became afraid of dolls and today i don't like dolls at all. when i was 4 or 5 my uncle gave me this doll she was really pretty and it had a green dress and blonde hair. it wasn't plastic it was made out of like cloth and it was like 3 feet tall. i had another doll that looked the same but it was orange with brown hair.i would always put my dolls on this table and i would organize them.  i really don't remember well but i remember i would be alone in the living room playing tea with them and the little lamp was turned on and that afternoon while i was playing with them, when i turned around i heard one of them speak to me. i got so scared because i actually heard her speak and i ran to my parents room and started crying. that night i couldn't sleep so i just kept my eyes closed and when i opened them the green doll was on top of me and i screamed when i turned around all my dolls were on the floor and i ran to my parents room and started crying and they told me it was only a dream and took me back to my bed and al my dolls were sitting on their place. i got so scared that i couldn't sleep and i turned toward them and just stared at them and the green doll's leg was moving and hitting the table i started crying again and ran to my parents room and slept there. the next morning my mother took all my dolls and put them in a plastic bag and put them in the attic. everytime i would be alone in the living room watching TV i would hear footsteps in the attic but i would ignore them and one day me and my dad were watching TV we heard the footsteps he told me to go upstairs and check if my uncle was up there and i went and nobody was there. i kind of got scared and told my mom she threw the dolls away and after that i didn't hear footsteps.4 years later when it was my little sister's birthday she got the same doll and after that i got scared that my mom had to take the doll away. Not really long ago when i was reading a book my night lamp turned on and i turned it off and it turned on again i got mad and decided to disconnect it but then i noticed that it was already disconnected. i got freaked out and just decided to sleep and forget about it. After that i woke up in the middle of the night because my drawers were opening and closing i turned my night lamp on and as soon as i turned it on all of  the drawers closed really hard and nobody was there. the other night when my cousins were her we were chilling in my room and the door was closed. we were talking and all of sudden we heard someone slap my door really har and at first we thought it was my mom or my dad but we opened the door and nobody was there. sometimes i have a bad feeling that someone is watching me and i guess im ok as long as it doesn't bother me.




Urban Ohio Area House





If you check out the "Haunted Ohio"  book series you will find my personal home's story.

The house was built in 1816 and always rumored to be part of the underground rail road. Elders in the area have many stories as do people that I have grown up with that have experienced things in my house. I grew up here and renovated it about 10 years ago. We have several ghosts, both inside and outside. I have photos and evps to prove it.

The main ghost I believe is Sarah Dupler a female doctor that would have lived here during the civil war. Her first husband died December 26th 1863 leaving her with 4 children to raise. Her husband was buried at our local cemetery with her family and she later was mistakenly buried on the wrong plot. She walks the stairs and hallway as tho she is waiting for her husband to come home. Her figure is white-ish and friendly. There is another here, I beleive a man, a dark figure (maybe a slave) We see dark shadows moving aound the porch, outside the windows etc as tho he is being protective. There is also a female child, she likes to play hide and seek in the upstairs closets, and play with my childrens toys. Electronics sometimes turn on or off by themselves, things will be moved, doors will close and open, footsteps, someone moving out of the corner of your eye, etc. It is fun to live here and the farm is named "Hauntedhills Farm" . If you would like more information you may contact me.



West Sussex UK. Haunted cottage





I thought you would like to know about a couple of things that happened to myself and my brother when we bought a 17th century cottage in 2001.

We were lucky enough to buy a detached stone cottage in the middle of the West Sussex countryside , which had been a farm workers cottage for the Leconfield estate for hundreds of years.

It was a in need of a lot of work,with no close neighbours and surrounded by fields, myself and my twin brother bought it and went over and collected the keys from the estate agents on the day of completion.

We took a friend over to have a look around and  went upstairs, when you get to the top of the stairs you can look down a central hallway which goes right down the middle of the house, on your left is a single bedroom and on the right is a double bedroom, you walk down the hall and have another bedroom on your left and another on your right,and then at the end is a bathroom, all three of us went into the bathroom and stood there talking , my brother turned around and looked down the hall, and watched a black cat come out of the single bedroom, run down the hall towards him,and run into the bedroom on the right,just before you come into the bathroom. He said " A black cat just ran down the hall into that bedroom!" .

We all  went straight into the bedroom,which was totally empty of furniture with no other exit and no black cat!.

A couple of months later we needed to start renovating the cottage and had to get an architect to draw us up some plans, I asked him to come around at 8 am  so we wouldn't be late for work. 

Myself and my brother were downstairs in the front room,which has a big window looking across the road in front of the house,and across fields.

It had gone past 8 am and we thought the architect must be lost as it was hard to find,  we just caught something out of the corner of our eyes as we were talking in the front room, looked towards the window and both watched a man walk  past the window,wearing a long brown coat and a large brimmed hat, we thought it was the architect,but couldn't understand why he was walking in front of the house when front door was at the other end of the house were you park your car. 

We both looked out of the window and couldn't see him, I  opened  the front door and there was nobody there, we both went outside,were you can look in both directions for Half a mile across fields,and see anybody walking or running, with nothing to hide behind , he had just vanished.

 It  all happened in a matter of seconds and it was totally impossible to walk past the window and vanish,even if he had jumped in a car or on a motorbike and driven off, we would have seen him or heard him.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and it was the architect, we asked him if he had walked past the front of the house, and he said he had only just arrived in his car. Thinking back about what the man was wearing, he was wearing similar clothes to what a country gent would have worn during the winter in the late 18th century. Weird stuff !.

Hope these stories are of some interest to you .



Cape Cod Getaway


By: Anonymous


During the summer of 2007 my girlfriend and I took a trip down to South Yarmouth in Cape Cod.  We were staying at a cottage that was located on a grassy area next to the beach.  The cottage was simple, kind of set up like a studio apartment, bedroom and living room together with a small kitchen area.  There were rabbit dolls and decorations all over the room which was the theme for the cottage, personally I couldn't take it.  It was creepy enough that's what I had to look at when I was trying to relax, but as my girlfriend went in the kitchen area, I was sitting on the couch and noticed one of the dolls slightly shaking back and forth.  I figured maybe something made it vibrate in the room so I didn't think twice about it.  We went out for dinner and got a few drinks and came back when it was dark.  We were settling into bed and everything seemed normal. 

I woke up in the middle of the night from a feeling of pressure on my chest.  I was sleeping on my back and the weight felt like someone was pushing me down and keeping me there.  I opened my eyes and the feeling went away.  I wasn't short of breath or anything, but it clearly woke me up.  I tried to get back to sleep but I felt terrified.  I turned on my side to my girlfriend, she was in a deep sleep.  Some time passed as I was trying to get back to sleep when she sits up still with her eyes shut and says "look at that", then laid down again like nothing happened, still asleep.  I look into the room and there's a man standing there with a gray aura around him staring at me.  For the quick moment I saw him he didn't move.  He looked like he was in his 20's and his appearance was out of the 18th century, if I saw it correctly he looked like a soldier.  The rest of the room was dark but he was clear as day.  I threw the covers over my head and later fell asleep. 



My Experience




My husband passed away in 1989 in our home. I knew the moment he passed. Emergency personnell had laid him out on the floor of my living room before he passed. When he passed there was a dark colored liquid that came out of his mouth onto my carpet. I cleaned the dark stain out of my carpeting and let it dry. There was no stain there when I got done but the stain was always back the next morning. But my experience came one night in the late 1990's. My daughter and her family had finally moved into their own home. And it was a moonless night. Outside of my bedroom window was a dusk to dawn light. It was cold out but there was no storm. But the electric went out. And as I looked out the window out over the valley all was dark. Too dark. For some reason, possibly since I was living alone in this house and it was on a hill and a little remote as my neighbors were at their main home in NY and the batteries went dead in my flashlight, I got frightened. It was the perfect night for someone to try to break in any home. It was that dark. I was lying in my bed covered up  with the blankets as it was getting colder when all of a sudden I felt someone sit on the edge of my bed. That scared me even more as I had not heard anyone break in the door or a window. And I could not see anything due to it being so black.Then I felt someone take hold of my hand as if to comfort me and the pillows on the opposite side of the bed moved. Even tho I felt comforted I pulled the covers over my head and tried to get some sleep. All of a sudden the electric came back on and I had to get up to turn off what had been on when the electric went out. As I looked at the side of the bed that I had not occupied I noticed there was and indent in the mattress as if someone had been laying there and the pillows were all askew. That was my husband's side of the bed when he was alive. I always felt that he had come to me in my time of need and provided comfort. I have often had eerie feelings at different times but this was the one time I remember so vividly.




My Experiences with Ghosts




Hi, my name is Nicole and I live in  CA. I am only 17, but I've had quite a few experiences. One of my closest friends, Marlee, is able to see and communicate with ghosts, and she informed me that both of my grandparents' houses are haunted, and also that I have a spirit that is attached to me. Anyway, on with the ghostly encounters. Most of the experiences happened at my dad's parents' house. Over the summer my mom had surgery and they offered to let me stay there until she was back at home and able to do stuff again so that i would be able to walk to work. I ended up staying there for about three and a half weeks. After the first night i started getting funny feelings, especially when i has near the hallway, and i got migraines more often than i normally do, but it wasn't until about a week later that stuff actually started happening. One night i was sitting on the couch watching TV with my grandma when I started hearing tapping noises coming from behind me, but the only thing there was the front door and a china hutch. They don't have mice or anything like that and I was absolutely positive that my grandpa was sleeping in his room. After a couple seconds it stopped, but then came back. I made sure to listen to it to see where it was coming from, and it was actually coming from the door! I quietly said, "Stop it." and it stopped. The next time something happened was a couple days later. I had just gotten home from work, no one else was there so I decided to take a shower. I turned on the shower and the battery powered radio they keep in the bathroom. i got into the shower and was rocking out to the song that was on the radio when it started going all staticky. I just decided to tune it out and wait for the station to come back it, but that never happened, by the time i got out, the radio was on a completely different station. I just ignored it and went to my room to get dressed. Since nobody was home yet I left my door open while i was getting dressed. i had my back toward the hallway and was brushing my hair when i heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall towards me (this didn't scare me because they sounded just like my grandpa's footsteps, I just thought that he had come into the house without me noticing) so I turned around to see nothing but an empty hallway. About a week and a half after that, my grandparents informed me that they were going to go to Las Vegas for five days and that I would have the house to myself. They also said that I was welcome to have friends over and have one of them stay the night, or i could stay over at someone else's house as long as I got myself to work. The first couple of days I decided to stay with friends, but on the fourth day they were gone I decided just to stay there by myself. I had been out all day and decided to watch TV for a while before I went to bed. After watching TV for about 20 minutes I decided to get my PJs on then watch some more TV. As soon as I got up to walk down the hall, i heard the dog (who was outside) start whimpering and  barking. i got about three feet down the hallway when he suddenly stopped. I looked back down the hallway and decided that he was being stupid, so I turned and started toward my room again but as soon as I took one step there was an extremely loud bang on the wall right next to my head. Needless to say, it scared the crap out of me and I took off down the hall to my room. I put on my PJs and ran back into the living room and called my dad. He was upset that I had called him so late and told my good night and hung up. I watched a little more TV then went to sleep. The next day was the day my grandparents were supposed to come home. I went with my friend Krystal to get her senior portraits taken, and afterwards invited her, my friends Phoenix, Javier, and Nolan over and offered to make them dinner. After I started cooking Krystal and Nolan went to the store, and Phoenix and Javier decided to stay and help me cook. I was making Spanish rice and refried beans, and i asked them to get me another can of beans because I couldn't reach it. they both went to the cupboard to get it. After a few minutes I still hadn't gotten the beans and asked them where it was. They said that they had put it right next to me on the counter. I told them it wasn't there and they swore up and down that they had put it there. I just told them to get me another can, they did and I finished cooking. A few minutes later Krystal and Nolan returned and a few more friends, including Marlee showed up. We all ate outside and were having a good time when Krystal and I decided to go inside to get something to drink. When I walked through the door the first thing I saw was the can of beans that had gone missing about two hours earlier! It couldn't have been anyone who was there because not only were they all outside the entire time, but we never told any of them about what happened. A little while later my grandparents came home and said that they were going to bed, but my friends were welcome to stay as long as they wanted. So at about 1 am there were only Nolan, Phoenix, Krystal, Marlee, and myself left, and we were sitting in the living room talking, but we had all of the light off because my grandparents were asleep. All of a sudden, at the exact same time Phoenix and I looked down the hall and saw a black shape almost crawling towards us. We looked at each other in confusion and shock and at that moment I felt so sick, more sick than I have ever felt in my entire life. My muscles were burning, my stomach was turning, I instantly got a migraine, and I felt dizzy, light-headed and weak all at the same time. The two of us both ran outside because we couldn't be in there anymore. Marlee and Krystal followed us out to make sure that we were okay. Phoenix and Nolan decided they wanted to go home, so Krystal offered to take them. After they left I asked Marlee to stay the night with me. She agreed, so we turned to go back inside. I was very hesitant to go back in and just kind of stood in the driveway. She told me that the only reason I had gotten so sick was that the ghost had passed directly through me. She assured me that it was not trying to hurt or scare me, that it simply wanted to be recognized. After that not much happened the remainder of the time I was there. Of course there was the occasional unexplainable noise, just as a reminder, but nothing big.

Sorry this was so long, but I just needed to get it off my chest and this seemed like the perfect place to do it. I love the website! Keep up the good work!



My Story




    Okay, well it was at my old house and i was in my bedroom it was night time and i was sitting on my bed. i was maybe about seven and had three imaginary friends but they didnt start from me just making them up.  They were just kinda there one day. It was two little twins and a little baby that i have never seen the face of.  The little girls were maybe about my age at the time, and they would talk to me and help me do things.  Like i was coloring a rainbow one day and i was wondering what color should go first and i didnt say this out loud but a voice that was beside me said put red first.  but heres what i dont understand, when that happened i was not sitting there looking at the picture i was floating up near the ceiling and i was looking down at myself but just for that minute. And until this day it still does that. for split seconds its like im taking up to anothers view and i feel diffrent like emotional wise.  I was hoping that someone  here could help me understand whats going on.








As a grandchild of a rancher from Red Rock AZ, I was often told about the man on the horse on Picacho Peak.  As it was told to me, there was a wagon full of gold that tumbled down the side of the peak that was never found by the man on the horse.  This image was seen by my great-grandfather and told to the family for many years.

Just thought I would mention this since it is a story passed down to me from my grandfather. 

The Aguirre family has been in the Red Rock area for over 115 years.  In 1992 my grandmother Rose Aguirre died in the family home in Red Rock.  My husband and I, who are hard pressed to believe in ghosts, had two separate incidents after the death of my grandmother Rose and my grandfather, Enrique.

My husband and I and our three children lived in the family home in Red Rock from 1998 to 2001.  One cold February night, I was awoken by one of my dogs, whose was whining like she wanted to go outside.  After getting out of bed to let her out, she chose not to go outside, but continued to whine and pace the bedroom.  When I returned to bed I was awoken a short time later by a light on in the hallway from the main part of the house to our bedroom.  This light is a bulb with a chain on it about six feet from the ground.  Other than my husband and I who were sleeping, the only other person in the house was our three year old son, who obviously was not tall enough to switch on the bulb. Who turned on the light?  Why was my dog whining?  Also, on several occasions I heard someone walking the wood floors only to get out of bed and check that the kids were sound asleep and a coldness feeling where the sound was coming from.

On another occasion my husband was awoken in the middle of the night.  When he arose, he saw thru the curtains, toward the corrals, a man on a horse.  There was a man on the horse with conchos on the saddle like a saddle that belonged to my Tio Higinio (Gene) Aguirre who is still very much alive.  When the curtain was drawn back the image disappeared.  We believe the horseman was my grandfather, Enrique Aguirre.  My husband was so convinced that this happened, he checked for horse hoof marks the next morning.  There were none.

Many times we would come into the home and find kitchen cabinet doors open like my grandmother had been in the kitchen cooking while we were gone.

I am hard pressed to believe in ghosts.  I believe once you are gone, you are gone.  But the chills that ran up and down my spine during these incidents was real.

Just thought I would pass on my experiences since I am from an old cattle ranching family still in the Red Rock area.



Ghost in Ireland




Hi, my name is Keely, and I've sent a story before a few years ago. Since I was little and confronted with ghosts I had no idea what to do or why they were there. Now I know why they come to me so often. Most of the time its because they need some one to help them, and hear them, and since I'm what's I guess you could term 'sensitive' or 'psychic' they get attracted to me (and others like me) because we're the only ones who can really help them or actually hear/see them.

My most recent encounter happened while I was staying at a Hostel in Ireland, in the county of Killarney. The hostel used to be a HUGE mansion owned by a British Lord. Eventually it was given back to the Irish and they in turn, converted it into a hostel. There were, from what I could tell, three ghosts. One was by the stairs, and while it wasn't bad, it did make me uneasy enough that I couldn't walk alone down or up the stairs; much to the amusment of the people working at the hostel who I got to walk with me at night. Another ghost was, I believe, one of the owners of the mansion. He would often check in on the rooms that had been converted into the lounges/play rooms to make sure every one was having a good time, and the air he gave off was "I own this". I always found it funny when some one would say at precisely the time he arrived (leaning  in the door way smoking a pipe with a smile) "Is some one smoking inside? Isn't that against the rules?".

But unfortunately, there was one ghost who was not good. In fact, there has never been a time a ghost has ever really scared me, because I can always tell before I see them if the energy is good or bad and act accordingly. But this ghost caught me by complete surprise. I was talking to one of the employees in the lounge (who I'll call bob), and the entire room is covered in long windows (it was once the library). It was night time, around twelve or one, and we were just talking about nothing important really, when I saw her. She was outside the window, right behind the guy I was talking to. I tried to ignore her at first, but I couldn't really, because she was standing there, looking.

She had a black dress one, with pale skin and dark hair pulled back neatly in the center. She had a white cap on think, but she was, or had been, a maid, I'm almost positive. She seemed placid, calm looking because she stood so neatly, hands folded in front of her. And then I looked in her eyes. Her eyes were dark, and when I looked at them a feeling of such fear, and hate, and anger washed over me. She was tormented inside, completely focused on her emotions. I had gone silent, and apparently pale, because Bob sat up and asked what was wrong, did I feel ill?

I shook my head and said I was fine, it was nothing. And decided to ignore her. And then she spoke to me. She said "Let me in." Over and over, and she asked me nicely, completely contrary to the look in her eyes. I answered her in my mind "I can't." Then she started asking more firmly, and I realized that I had to come up with an excuse. I told her that I wasn't the owner of the house, it wasn't my place to let her in. But she wouldn't let up, and turned pleading instead. I knew with all my heart that I couldn't let her in, because if I did, I was the first person she would attack before going on to do something really really bad.

Finally, not able to take it any more I asked Bob to close all the blinds. He laughed then saw I was serious. He said he would, but only if I told him what had me acting so weird. Once the blinds were closed I told him what I saw, and outside, I could feel the spirit going from window to window, trying to see me again. Bob took it all well, and said that he'd met other people who could see or sense things too. The ghost tried to contact me one other time in another wing, and tried to seem nice and humble, but I knew better and simply left the room.

I don't know WHY she was so angry and full of hate, and one day I hope to go back to the Hostel and find out. She's not allowed inside the house, I know that much, but I don't know why.One things for sure though, when I DO meet her again, I'm going to be inside, where she can't come in.

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