Real life Horror Experience






My name is Prasad Chavan. I am from India. I have a personal Experience of Ghost.

It happened at the village called SINDHROT which is on the outskirts of the BARODA city in Gujarat state. Me and some of my friends went on a short trip to sindhrot for a fun as it is famous place for the near by city couples for entertainment and getting some loneliness for romance. we were 9 friends on 5 vehicles. all were coupled except me as my bike was having some starting troubles and no battery power and to be frank, i even didnt had any girl in my life those days. we started at 5:30 PM when its not at all dark. city gets dark after 6:30 pm. it was a very narrow road without any dividers for the opp side traffic to pass by. so we had only half the road to move ahead. we were going all one behind another with a distance of 5-6 feets and a pretty low speed. after crossing the border of the city we entered the village area but still was 1 km was around 6 pm and every thing was visible till your sight reaches. the road was very narrow and very straight and was followed by trees on both the corners of the roads. both the sides were covered by muddy mountain type peaks which are generally seen on the mountain highways. in all the 5 vehicles we had, i was on no. 4 and the distance and speed was almost same as mentioned earlier. no.1 and no.2 and no. 5 couple didnt see anything which i and no. 3 had seen passing the same way with same speed.

Me and the couple ahead me saw a girl standing on the opp side of the road under a tree. standing still, looking very straight. i reduced my speed and same did the couple ahead me. no. 5 overtook us. and we stopped looking at the girl just in front of her. she was wearing a kurta pyjama with a chunri. her hair and chunri and the lower part of the kurta was blowing in the wind. (BUT THERE WAS NO WIND AT ALL). everything in her was shadowed. her face was half built. half eyes, half nose, cut lips. as if some body left a statue of a girl half made. she was making a whispering sound saying go back go back dont enter the village with girls....her voice was echoing. the girl with us on no.5 couple saw and heard her and burst out with a cry. somehow we managed to convince her and go ahead with the trip. we told her not to tell anybody about what we saw as it would spoil their moods.

we went ahead and found everyone waiting for us...we rescued on their questions saying that my bike brokedown as everybody was aware with the problem of my bike. finally we reached the village at around 6:45 pm. parked our bikes at a corner and went inside. after a small walk we found an overbridge where we decided to rest for some time. all the couples found their spots for romance and went in different corners. we 3 of the victims stayed together and were leaning into the river from the bridge walls. it was almost 7:30 pm and all dark. while we 3 of us were leaning towards the river, i felt like somebody is opening arms and trying to pull me inside the river. i gave it up and told other two what i felt and they said that they also felt the same thing. meanwhile all couples from every corner of the bridge gathered on one spot in the middle of the bridge and started staring at one anothers faces without saying was really a very unhealthy climate which was giving a kind of anxiety and restlessness. the victim girl in us broke the silence and asked what happened to the couples. a guy from one couple said that he was sitting with his girl friend on a corner and felt like somebody is pulling him inside the river. he literally felt the touch of hands on his back and his shirt all out of pants and creased. a girl from another couple added the same feeling and the third accepted to have the same feeling. the victim girl started crying and told all of them about what we saw and heard earlier.

It was now almost 7:50 pm and the weather started chilling. nothing but the darkness was seen all the four sides. everybody was scared by this horrible real life event and rushed towards the bikes to get out of this hell. all bikes started hurrying the roads. my bike was not having headlight, so i asked one of my friend to be with me to help me spot the road...a little ahead, Truck came from behind and blowed horn to find some road to go ahead. my friend who was driving besides me moved ahead and full of scare he drove very fast and went out of sight. truck too passed away and as this was quite less scary for anyones wonders my bike borkedown and what i saw was the same bloody spot exactly under the same tree where i saw that witch. i tried hard to get out of it, but was not able to start it or push it ahead by hands. i was fully scared to death. i took my hand on the back carriage to hold the bike from back to push it ahead. my hand felt a soft touch. i turned back and saw that the same girl was standing behind with a hold on the bike. it was the most horrifying scene of my life. i lost my breathes for some seconds and my bike fall down. i stood straight, senseless, my body stiff, hard and icecold. my eyes saw nothing but that witch in front of me. she whispered with echo- 'Go Back and never come here with a girl'....' i leave you because you were the only person without any girl.' and she disappeared in the dark. after a second i came to my senses and found my bike fall on the road and me standing alone in the weird place which had only thing Darkness. i was still scared but was aware of the fact now that she wont harm relaxed a bit, and as god blessed me, my bike started in the 4th kick. i rushed out of that place somehow. after crossing the village borders, i found my friends standing outside a mulitplex theatre which was newly built in that area especially for the couples who can go there rather going to that village. i went to my friends, freshen up myself, had a cup of tea and told them what happened. no body believed meata first go...but one of the ciggaratte shopkeeper, was listening me and jumped into the conversation supporting me saying that its true. when asked, he admitted that 6 months back some group of 5 came here out of which 4 were boys and one was a girl having a relation with one of those 4 guys. her boyfriend hired a hut from the villager and took the girl inside and had sex with her. she was knowing that her boyfriend brought her here for sex and was ready for that, but was unaware of the fact that his friends are also going to have a taste of her with all legal permissions of her boyfriend. she tried to escape but was unsucessful and was raped by all four again and again for the whole night. later on in the early morning she committed suicide in the river. her dead body was found after a weeks time exactly under the bridge with eyes wide open and face all swollen and crashed from different parts.

she does not appear publicly everytime. she becomes visible only on moonless nights which was unfortuantely the night we were there. she harms the boys who bring a girl with them along with other boys. and warns the lonely couples not to come here and play with a girl. but this happens only once in a month on moonless nights. rest days she is not visible but is active in those areas.

This is a real time haunted place to visit. but you will see her troublesome only if you are with a group of boys and your girlfriend with you. This real life incidence may seem to be very dramatic and unreal. but its a fact. which at least i cannot deny to have faith in the invisible world of the ghosts between the earth and the sky.

Thanks for the patience to read it with hands on heart.












 I was in my father's computer room playing on the net when i felt as if i was being watched. Looking up i saw a girl peeking around the door frame at me. She wore a plain white gown and had long brown-black hair tied in a braid covering half her face. She was only there for a second then she was gone but i guess she wasent finished with me later on i had a dream she was talking to me she told me her name was Francis Sarah S.(i couldent make out the last name) but to call her Sarah she told me she was tied to the land around my house. When i woke up i told her she was welcome here like George(our other spirit) if she wished to stay and i think she has.




Springfield Missouri




When I was 23 to 25  years old, 1979 - 1981, I got married and we moved into an old 3 story home, with a basement, in the old part of Springfield, Missouri. The home was built in what I would guess to be around 1910 to 1925? The home was once heated with coal from the basement. In the basement I always felt like I was being watched. We spent most of our time on the first floor.

One night I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I walked out of the bedroom into the hallway and noticed in the living room that the tv set was on. I looked at it and it was only static on the screen, and the sound was turned down. My thoughts were that my wife was tired and turned it down instead of turning it off. When I got back into bed I woke her and told her that I turned the tv off. She laughed and said that she turned the tv off. She insisted that I get up and check thru the house to make sure all doors were locked and that no one was in the house. I did and all was fine. ....A few months later, my wife had taken vacation time from work and went to St. Louis to visit her relatives. That Saturday night I was alone and was drinking a few beers and listening to music in a room next to the living room. All the lights were off and I had lit two candles. It was just after midnight and I decided to go to bed. Turned the stereo off and blew out the candles. I walked into the living room and I froze in my steps as the tv set was on, only static and the sound was turned down. I was afraid to look behind me as I stared at the tv set. I finally looked behind me but nothing was there. I immediately walked thru the house turning all the lights on, lookin under beds and in closets. Nothing was discovered. I was not even going down in that basement! I went to bed and locked my bedroom door!........A few months later it was springtime. I knew of a place down by the river that was being plowed up by a farmer. I had been finding arrowheads in the plowed field. My wife and I went to the plowed field and I found some arrowheads to bring back and clean off with an old toothbrush. I could see my wife in the kitchen making dinner as I sat in a chair cleaning the artifacts. Before I had set down I pushed the power button on the stereo so I could listen to the rock radio station. After about 5 minutes the sound went off. I thought that it was the station just going off the air for a few minutes. I finally decided to put an album on to listen to. I looked up at the stereo and the lights were off.

I hollared at my wife and asked if she turned the stereo off? She said no she did not trun it off. I said that the lights were off. She came in and stood in front of the stereo. I got up and stood next to her. The power cord was contected in the wall power socket. I took my finger and pushed the power button and the stereo rock station came on. I told her that the only way that it could have gone off was the power button had to be pushed. She said that this place is haunted and we have to get out of here. We lived there 1 more year before moving.



Thanks Grandma





I live in an average suburban home built about 30 years ago. I also live in the oldest city in America, St.Augustine. I don't know if that has anything to do with the things I have seen in pictures taken in my house, but maybe. I think the first thing that happened was what my sister recently told me. She said that last year she started seeing a white misty lady in the hallway if she went to bed too late. She felt that this lady was some kind of housekeeper or nurse and that she was telling her to go to sleep. A couple weeks ago, I was looking at some pictures on my computer that I had taken a couple months ago with my digital camera. I had never really looked at the pictures too closely, and soon after, my camera started taking weird pictures and then it died for no reason. So, I was looking at the pictures and I saw one that had my sister and my cat in it. We have a widescreen computer so it zooms in on the pictures and for the first time, I noticed that she was standing next to a glass cabinet and I saw a figure in the reflection. It was a black figure that looked like a man wearing a tall hat. I saw another picture of my other cat drinking out of the toilet. On the side of the toilet, I saw a large cat's face. My cat's head was in the tiolet, so it couldn't be his reflection. About a week ago, I was talking on the phone with my friend in the garage and my cat was in there too. Suddenly, he started staring at the wall when nothing was there. His eyes got all wide and he flattened his ears back and fluffed out his tail. He does that when he's scared or mad. I got the creeps really bad and ran out of the room. Also, when I was about five years old, I lived in Jacksonville with my dad, grandma, and sister. My grandma started having health problems and died soon after. My dad, sister and I moved around for a while before settling down with his new wife in St.Augustine when I was about 8, but now I'm 14 and I just started feeling like whenever I'm in the kitchen, My grandma is with me. She loved to cook when she was alive. One more thing that happened was I went out into the garage and closed the door behind me. I picked up a big basket full of laundry and walked back toward the door, only to find that it was already open. I walked in and said," Thanks Grandma," and the door closed again.



The House in Detroit




THE HOUSE IN DETROIT  in 2001  I moved into a house in an area in Southwest Detroit known as Mexicantown. My best friend had died in 1998, and my Dad in 2002. I never had any personal experiences with the paranormal, till we moved into that house ,which was over 85 years old.Although my Mom saw the white  smoky form of her dead Aunt, when she was little, coming up the stairs at her, when she got up in the middle of the night. They laid bodies out in their own homes back then, around 1930.that was in Rochester New York.

    Anyway, I was 45, and had been living in the Detroit house for a few years, when I started hearing voices talking upstairs, when I was home alone. I could never make out what they were saying, but it seemed they were men, 2 or 3, arguing about me. I also heard heavy footsteps,( the floor creaked really bad, the wood was really old.)and windows opening, but would be scared to death, and go upstairs ,armed with a metal pipe, thinking someone was breaking in, to rape or kill me.( it WAS Detroit), but no-one was ever there. No-one else ever heard anything. I've heard that seeing ghosts sometimes runs in the family, like my Mom, but I hope my daughter never does. Anyway, One of the scariest thing that ever happened to me was that I was in the kitchen at night, my boyfriend was in the livingroom watching T.V. and nothing would take him away from that !, but I was cooking something, and heard my name,"Andrea" spoken right behind me. I walked into the livingroom, and asked ,"did you call me?" but he didn't. Also, I would lose something, and look everywhere for it, 3 times, even, then find it sitting right in the middle of my bed, where there was nothing 2 minutes before. Also, this Teddy bear I had with a music chip in it's paw, went off by itself one day 3 times, hours apart. and nothing was touching it, or up against the paw. It never happened before, and never since. But the Scariest thing happened in the kitchen again, when I was home alone one day, I hated going in the basement, and I always felt watched when I was down there. I had to go down there for something, and hurried back as quick as I could. I was standing in the kitchen, fixing my lipstick in my compact mirror, and behind me in the mirror, I saw a black hooded figure. There was nothing even remotely that color in that room, and it scared me to death. I also got cold spots in the house in 90 degree weather,(and we had no A/C, and no door open at this time, or fan on. I stood in the cold spot and felt like someone came up behind me and poked me in both sides with ice cold fingers. I don't think that my friend or my Dad would have scared me, but maybe they were doing the little funny things, (ex: teddy bear, misplacing items) to let me know they were looking out for me, and maybe protecting me. My Dad brought us up Catholic, and I*'m sure he's in a good place, so was my best friend. I now went back to going to Church every Sunday, and hope that my Faith will protect us from further dark spirits. My Daughter (now 13) and I moved out of that house, and my ex-boyfriend, would never admit if he DID hear anything, or see anything, he's one of those "if I can't see or touch it, I don't believe in it", type of people. I hope he never does, either, he's got a high blood pressure problem. So far, I've not experienced anything in my new place, and I hope I never will either.




True Story: The Running Girl


By: [


I only have one ghost story in my life, but I still think about it often.  About 12 years ago I lived in Westland, MI, where I was born and lived until I was 32.  Westland is as boring a suburb as you can imagine, and my encounter was about the only thing interesting to relate from my neighborhood.

I was driving home late one night in late December.  Anyone who has spent a winter in Michigan can tell you that it gets very very cold, and the night in question was one of the coldest I remember…it was hard to even breathe when you were out in the bitter wind. 

It was probably just after midnight, and I had just spent a few hours with one of my college friends working on a graphic design project that was due shortly after our return from a short holiday break.  I was only about a block from my house and was driving very carefully because the streets were icy and narrow, any swerve would cause me to collide with the cars parked along the residential street.

All of a sudden, I became aware of a flash of white in my peripheral vision, off to my right.  I looked very quickly and saw a girl in white running down the sidewalk, a flowing white nightdress trailing behind her.  She was pale and had long black hair, which also blew wildly in the harsh wind.  She was obviously not dressed for a Michigan December and I remember distinctly noting that she was BAREFOOT!  She had a red ribbon tying her hair at her neck in a loose pony-tail.

I still remember that there was a strange quality to the vision, as if I was seeing an old memory, there was some strange “otherness” to it that I can only attempt to describe:  she seemed to move at a slightly slower speed than normal, but not quite as slow as you may describe as “slow motion”…also, I have no recollection of any sound at all during that brief moment, not even the sound around me, like the car engine or the wind gusting…

I looked back and saw her again, her pace now leaving her almost behind me, I had turn my head to spot her.  Again, I couldn’t look for long without risking an accident, so I slowed the car down and tried to spot her a third time.

She was gone.

I did not see any doors closing on any of the nearby houses or any other persons in the immediate vicinity.

I stopped the car near the corner and, after pondering for a few seconds, got out to investigate.

I went to the area where I had seen her.  It had been snowing pretty steadily since sunset and the sidewalks were covered with about 3 inches of fresh snow.

There were absolutely no tracks, either on the sidewalk or the lawns nearby.

I stood there for a minute and then walked around the perimeter in a circle covering about 40 feet.  This was definitely the spot I had seen her, but there was no tracks but my own.

In the weeks and months after this first happened, I tried to write the experience off as a trick of my mind, but I have never had any other “visions” since, and I have now accepted that this was a ghost.  I didn’t know the people on that street and never investigated who this girl might have been.  Thanks for listening.



A Voice Calling My Name




I was having a normal day untill... I stayed up until around 1 Am. I was tired, but stayed on the web-site I was on and answering mails. I was scared, because it get's so cold in the computer room at the time when no one is in there with me... as I was typing in stuff on my profile, I felt a chill threw my whole body. So, I was so scared to go out in the living room to get a blanket, but I did any way. It felt like there was a spirit watching what you were doing in that room.... all the other rooms feel that way too. My whole house feels that way.  So, as I was typing more on my profile, something said my name "Michala...." I got freaked out, and stayed on the computer. And I always see things in the mirror, when I am brushing my hair. I see me, but much much sadder, and brighter blue eyes, and a modern time like. I always draw pictures of 'me' but let's just call that person... Isabella... but now, I have scratches on my hands, and you can see my vains! I didn't even do anything to get them scratched! But... me and my friend are doing research. She said this spirit she talks to at this haunted house wants to kill me because I remind him of 'Isabella' But I don't know why he does.... I see him in my dreams telling me "I will kill you" But he is a blonde boy, my age. It's creepy!!!!!!!!




Freaky Encounter




for years, me and my friend halley were best friends. like we were inseperable. our parents would even let us have sleepovers together, since we literally treated  each other like a sibling, but with less argueing (not that we didn't have our disputes.) so we've known each other since we were six. now we are both sixteen, and i was starting to develop a crush on her.

but anyways. we both were always firm believers of the supernatural. there has always been this stretch behind some houses in our neighborhood. no kids would DARE go into the ravine, because there was this neighborhood story that some bodies were found there, and that crazy stuff happened there when kids walked through. one kid even claimed he saw the devil, but we never believed him.

so one night, we were walking home, and i was working up the guts to tell her how i felt. then she tugged my sleeve and whispered 'what in the world is that?!' and pointed. the ravine usually is fairly well lit at night from the house lights, but it seemed pitch black. there was a sort of sillouhette  of a man, but he had... the best way to describe them were spikes protruding from him. it had a menacing aura, and everybody i know will admit that i seem to pick up vibes better than anyone else they know; i've gotten us out of all kinds of crap. so, without even relizing it, halley ended up telling me, but i walked between halley and it and got out my knife. now, i do remember being scared as all get out, but somehow calm. i wasn't comforted much by my loose, dull, two inch blade. but then it seemed to envelop me; i couldn't breathe or think,  i just remember thinking about how here was NO WAY in hell i was going to let anything happen to halley, and it was off of me, and was almost repelled by us, and then like the flick of a switch, it was gone. this all took place in a matter of maybe two minutes, but according to Halley, I was yelling at it, and was bigger in stature than usual.

since then, i have been noticing the finer things in the occult ( noticing figures, shapes, ethereal movement) and we have been an inseparable couple.



Ghost Experience




First I want to tell you about myself.  I've been seeing ghost since I was a little boy.  I am not the type of person that every noise or every shadow that I see it is paranormal.  This is the first time that I'm going to tell my story.  I never told my experiences to anyone because I was afraid that people would think that I was strange or a liar. I speak Spanish so please forgive me for their mistake in my writing. So here is my story:

a.. This story was in 1970, I was 11 years old.  Sometime when I used to go to the store was a girl that was so cute that I got a crush on her.  I didn't know where she lives.  One night I went to my best friend house and we was at the front porch talking and to my surprise that girl was in the living room, so I asked my friend about her and he said she was his sister best friend and they was going to school tonight to see a movie about child birth.  So I told him about my crush and if we walk them to school so I can know her.  So we did and we talked for a little bit.  We arrive at school and the girl and my friend’s sister went inside the home room to watch the movie.  Five minutes later this girl came out and said that she can not see the movie because she don't have her parents signature. So to make a long story short she and I were walking around school talking.  We end up on the back of the school next to the fence on the ground was an old tree.  Behind the fence the ground goes down about 5 feet and after that, is an open field with tree and very tall grass.  We sit on the old tree with our back touching the fence.  We were talking and around 10 minutes later she gets the shills.  She looks to her left and right and then she keep talking.  A couple of minutes later I was talking and she gets the shills so she looks to her left and right again and then she keep listening to me.  I did not ask her what's wrong because I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable.  So I keep talking and in a couple minutes later she gets the shills but at the same time I get the shills too.  Again she looks left and right and then she continue looking at me but then she looked behind her and what she saw she got so scare that she went to scream but she couldn't, her eyes was wide open and her mouth too but no sound. Next she takes me my arm and put her face on my shoulder so I look back and I saw a woman coming to us.  She was floating on top of the grass.  When I saw her I got up so quick that I became loose from the girl.  I looked at this woman and her face looks like she was very angry and very hateful.  She was wearing a very or fashion dress.  The color of the dress was purple and blue.  The material of the dress was like silk but of a very heavy material.  I kept looking at that woman and she kept getting closer to us. I don't know if she was looking at the girl, at me or the two of us.  They expression on her face was so hateful that until this day I never forgot.  So I was looking at this woman and then I looked at the girl and she was paralyzed of fear looking at me, so I'd look back to the woman and she was getting closer and closer and the same time I was feeling shill on my back and I fell that my stomach was burning.  I believe that we had a guardian angel watching over us because with out hesitation or thinking I grabbed the girl arm and pulled her up and ran away.  We did not stop running until we reach the parking lot.  When we stop at a parking lot the girl started  crying, my friend show up and asked me what happened and because was other people around I told him that she's not feeling well and she probably is getting the flue.  I took a girl home and to my surprise her mom knows very well my mom.  I told her mom that she is not feeling very well. I didn't say what really happened.  Her mom put her hand on her forehead and said that she was very cold.  So I went home.  Two days later I stopped at her house to see how she was doing and she said she was feeling better.  I didn't mention anything of what happened at school so after a couple of minutes later she said to me “Tony, did you really see that woman that was coming to us?"  Because I didn't say anything about a man or woman I know that we did see the same thing.


  c.. I don't know if any of you had the same experience that I did and if you did I would like to know about it. After that experience, this girl and I lost contact with each other because her family move and then my family move. If she read this story she will know and maybe she can get in touch whit me.    This is one of many others experience than I had with ghost.  Many off my experience with ghost I was lucky to have somebody with me so I



My Grandparents Basement




I'm not really sure where to begin; I have many awful accounts and a lot of background to base them on. Well, ever since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed staying at my grandparent's house. They live two states away, so it was a big treat to get to see them and enjoy their house for a few weeks. While my grandparents still lived in the house, a baby died in their home with the parent's present, but that is the only explanation for these occurrences.   They are delightful people and I love them dearly, but their basement is definitely haunted by a negative energy. I often have to sleep in the extra bed located downstairs. I stay in that basement annually and every visit I get very, very sick. I am a relatively healthy eighteen year old that never gets sick enough to even vomit, but each time I sleep in that basement I acquire strep throat or stomach flu and if not either of those, something makes me vomit no matter what. This negative energy is simply named, "Fred" and is considered a joke by both my grandparents and also my great grandma who has a room in the basement where she lives. Fred used to do simple things like turn lights on and off before I was born. He has always kept a close watch on me, though. At night I would stay up until 4am because I felt his presence watching from behind and I was afraid to turn off the lights and go to sleep. I could definitely feel something watching me whenever I was in the basement; it was just more frightening at night when everyone was asleep. One night I went upstairs to get something to eat and I caught sight of the shadow of a head and shoulders passing across a beam of light on the wall. My heart jumped and then I rationed that it must have been my own shadow, until I took a step forward and recognized my own messy hair and facial structure in the new shadow. Later, I lay in bed with the lights on at 3am trying to decide if I should go to sleep. Finally, I turn the lights out and lay my head on the pillow. As soon as I do my bed starts to shake violently. I am so scared my mouth goes dry and I am unable to move. In a burst of courage, I jump up and turn on the light. The shaking stops and there is no visible culprit. The family cat refuses to step foot in the basement and my uncle, my brother and my mother feel the unpleasant ghost lurking there. One day while only my great grandma and my grandparents are staying in the home, they are discussing Fred and how ludicrous the idea of him existing is. My great grandma goes to descend the staircase and yells in spite, "I'm coming down stairs, Fred!" Suddenly, the round glass light fixture at the bottom of the stairs bursts into a million pieces. Recently, my grandparents have replaced their ancient furnace located downstairs and the ghostly happenings have stopped. I am still wary of the basement, and I am still frightened by the memories that were created there.



When I was Young




I was only 10 or 11 when I actually saw something I couldn't explain.  When I was 4, I remember hangers moving in my closet one night.  I was to young to know about ghosts and such. The boogie man was more my frame of mind. But other than that I can't say I had any other experiences until then.

My parents seemed to enjoy buying old houses and restoring them.  We would spend a few years on a farm house and then they would sell when they found something new. I suppose this is where I learned to enjoy old things as well.  This particular house was a bit more primitive than the ones before.  It had no plumbing and was pretty much the same I believe from the time it was built.  This was the 70's and the people we purchased the house from were the original owners and their family built the house and barns.  I often marveled at the prospect of using the outhouse in the middle of winter. 

From the moment I entered this house I felt uneasy.  The house seemed dark and not homey.  I was more comfortable outside in the old barn than I was in the house.  As work began in the late summer we lived in a travel trailer because there were no modern conveniences.  I was fine with this arrangement, we worked on the house when dad came home from work and on weekends.  Eventually the seasons changed and winter was coming.  Dad managed to get the new windows in, insulated and sheetrock.  The plumbing was in and we finally had a real bathroom. 

My story really begins here.  This house had only two bedrooms that were upstairs and they had the slanted ceilings.  We later added on, adding two new bedrooms and a bath.

I can still feel the odd feeling of presence.  At 10, I'm sure I didn't know that, but now I do.  Before the room was finished for me and my two sisters we would play up there when the weather didn't allow us outside.  Sometimes I would stop at the doorway and feel very uneasy about going in alone.  I remember my sisters looking at me strange and bursting into the room without hesitation.  My oldest sister asked me why I looked that way, the only thing I remember saying is that a baby died here.  I guess she thought I was trying to scare her.

She just looked at me and said I was stupid.  Weeks later the room was ready for us.  It was exciting to move out of the trailer and have some real space but I still wouldn't go upstairs without someone with me.  I would make a point of going to bed when my sister did.

One Night my sister went to baby-sit for our neighbors down the road.  I knew I was going to be alone in the room and tried everything to stay up until she came home.  Mom and Dad made  was sure I went to bed.  It was a long night.  I stayed awake with my covers up around my neck.  Around 11:30 I heard my sister come home. I was relieved to say the least. Up to this time I was scared.  Don't know why really just didn't feel right about this room.  When I saw my sis get into bed I felt safe and fell to sleep.  I don't know what time is was or even how long I had been asleep.  Something woke me.  My covers were falling off my bed.  I remember pulling them back up around me and being almost mad that they weren't staying up.  I guess I was half asleep because I had just readjusted the covers again when they slowly began to pull away from me.  At this point I opened my eyes and at the foot of my bed was a figure of a lady with a long full skirt.  She looked misty but diffidently a human shape.  Her dress seemed pink in the moonlight.  She stood there and stared at me.  I couldn't move.  I wanted to scream or run but couldn't move.  I remember trying to yell to my sister but nothing was coming out of my mouth. Finally I just made the decision to run and jumped off my bed and ran through her to my sisters bed.  When I looked back the figure was gone.  Sis didn't know what was going on. I told her what I had just seen and I just wanted to stay with her tonight.  She knew I was scared because I never ask to sleep in her bed, ever. 

The next day I tried to recall everything I'd seen the night before.  Sis said she thought she had seen something too, but she was more asleep than awake.  She said she thought she saw a misty cloud in front of my bed and then me running over to her.  I have never tried to find out any history of the house, we moved a year or so later and it didn't seem to matter anymore.  Since then I have had several experiences.  Most of these involve dreams that come true.  I still have those feelings of uneasiness.  Usually when I enter a home I've never been in before I can kind of sense if the house is OK or not.  It's like I critique the home before I will enter again.  Sometimes I want to know more and sometimes I don't!






Experiences in My Birth House




Things happened when I was a very little boy.At the age of 4 it started and already felt,that our house had something particular.Before I knew about the existance of monsters or ghosts I already was scared in the house.Until my 10th year I always slept with my mother in the same room,but I never asked for that and I never told about my fear,such things go by themselves.

One night at about 3pm a big painting fell from the wall with a loud bang.My father couldn't believe it but yet it happened.

In the dark I spotted,that the ceiling corners of the room we slept in,were not always the same;in 1 of the 4 corners once I spotted s.thing having the shape of a human head with a cap.Other times in that same corner it was not quite there an sometmes I couls perceive a faint light there,if I concentrated painstakingly on that.

Another time I couldn't find my mother in the house,although she was there(my father was at work)Seemingly she was nowhere to be seen,until I heard the kitchen,and yes,one of the little doors of the sink unit was fingerthick opened,I walked towards,opened the door and....there she was sitting, completely hunched together underneath the sink drain!!We'll never know,what had happened there,the only thing my mother cryingly said she had bumped her head,growing older I thought to myself:hadn't there been another explanation?But you know as well,such things are taboo to talk about!

After darkfall I sometimes could hear faint noises on te stairs and on the upper gangway.And some months later again after twilight,a thunder was coming up.There was a huge lightning strike,right in front of the house(10 meters distance)with an undescribable loud blow!Which made my promptly dive into the bed in the room I was.

Later we moved out of the house and now I'm 61 having been returned to my birth place and I heard that the same house had been standing twice vacant for a long time and the folks moving in,didn't stay for long,a brokerdid confirm this to me,after telling him.

The odd thing is,my fondest wish is to return into that hose,but I can't get a mortgage.After moving out of that house all things in my life went wrong(nothing but prevations and hardships,no job,no partner efc!!!!)

I think,I've arrived at the following conclusion:The ghosts in the house we harmless,quite in the contrary,they had been trying to warn me,NOT to leave the house




Lost Little Girl




My name is Helen, and I'm a rational wife and mother of two.

I have experienced psychic phenomenon ever since anybody can remember, "seeing" things almost before I could talk.

This is my most recent experience, We moved to our house in 1991, From the moment we moved in I felt a presence. Occasionally I would hear footsteps upstairs, light ones like a child running. My mother when she was alone in the house would also hear them. After the birth of my first child, a daughter this increased. When my daughter started to talk she would come in the night or cryout, that Jamie had woken her up to play ( Jamie is my niece, so to evie any girl of about 3/4years with blonde hair was Jamie at that time)

I wondered at this but since she was not afraid I didn't worry.

When I was heavily pregnant with my son, I was resting in the evening, Daughter was asleep, Hubby was out house was empty, Then I heard her wake up get out of bed, run along the landing, jump on to the top step and call "mama",

Thinking it was Evie I replied "I'm in here dear" expecting her to come in for a cuddle. There was no sound or movement so I heaved myself off the bed and went to see her. There was nobody there, I looked in her room, she was tucked up in bed and fast asleep. This happened to me quite often after this I would hear the little girl calling her mama. I went to see a medium and told her, she said the child was lost and next time I should go to the bottom of the stairs and tell her she needed to go into the light to find her mum, and then I should recite the lords prayer. So next time I did this, since then no more footsteps but I still occasionally feel like I'm being watched. I hope the child found her mum and is at peace now.




Recent Haunting




    As I write this,12-9-07, My event took place about 2-3 weeks ago.

I rent a room in a 2-story house upstairs in the san fernando valley of CA USA.

    I was dreaming quite comfortably (I don't remember the dream) and I heard the sound of my keyboard keys being quickly typed on, IN MY DREAM.

Mind you the desktop pc is only about 10 whole feet from my head. This sound woke me up and I looked towards the keyboard and continued to hear the rapid typing noise. I did not feel uncomfortable, scared, or threatened in any way. I have very bad vision and turned to put my eyeglasses on to verify what I was obviously (now fully awake) hearing.

I put them on, trying not to startle whatever it was that I could not see (there was plenty light to see with) as I really wanted a verification that the keys were actually moving. As I turned back to look at the keyboard I saw a last couple of keys move and then it

stopped. I never saw a presence or even felt one of any kind.    The

chair, of course, was right in front of the keyboard & it never moved.

I got up and walked the couple steps to the desk and punched a few keys myself to , again, verify that I actually heard and saw this take place.

As if I did not know what my keyboard sounds like.

    I then stated out loud that I did not know who or what it was but that I did not like people messing with my pc and that whatever it was it should go.

    Afterwards, I thought maybe it was a guide or friend of some sort and simply wanted to make it's presence known. I have no idea. I did leave akelpad open a couple nights in a row but there was no activity. I have since replaced the keyboard as it was old and dirty & I didn't really like it anyways. But not because of this incidence.

    I read a Sylvia Brown book recently-'Exploring the Levels of Creation' ( I think after this took place), and she states that everyone has AT LEAST one spirit guide with them at all times.

    I am sure this is the case, but since I don't know this person nor have they made any contact directly with me in my entire 41+ years of life, do I even care.

I mainly want to leave my body. I don't like sleeping OR mundane BS dreaming. But, generally speaking it is an alarming process which usually takes me by surprise and which is generally accompanied by unknown presences. Apparently I just need more practice and concentration.

    I did it very well at the tender age of 7 but without any specific direction or input on the matter it was a failed enterprise. What  a shame! As my light body or maybe it was the guide's, lit the living room up through the door of my room as I was standing in an out of body state.

    In any case that is my story as paltry as it sounds.

I can't wait to face a real haunting-boo hoo






Singing to Ghosts




My tale is a bit convoluted, but I’ll try my best to be as concise as possible.  About 5 years ago I was living in a small two bedroom apartment in one of the older areas of the city with my six year old son.  Most nights after putting him to bed, I would play music to sing and dance to (a great stress reliever for me).  On several occasions my son would shout out to me asking if I could play the music louder.  Thinking it to be a bit of an odd request, I asked him why.  All he would say was that it would help him sleep.  Well, I figured if he wanted it louder, why not…I’ll play it louder.  Also, on several occasions, while I was singing I would get the strangest feeling that there was a presence in the room.  Not a good or bad feeling, just an eerie “knowing” that someone/something was in the room with me.  Out of nowhere I got this urge to sing towards my couch in the living room.  I felt silly at first, but at the same time it made me feel better.  All of this became a regular custom but not something I gave any thought to.

A few months after moving out of these apartments, I was visiting a friend that still lived in the building.  We were looking through some pictures he had just developed and came across one that caught my attention.  It was a picture of me and my boyfriend in my old apartment and right behind us was a white shadowy (kind of like fog) figure standing behind us.  When I mentioned the peculiar shape to the group one of my other neighbors stated, “Well, you know, the person who moved in after you only lived there a month.  She said the place was haunted.”  Just then my son walked in from outside and he said, “Haunted?  Are you talking about the old lady in our apartment?”  To say the least, this threw me off a bit.  I asked him what he meant.  He says all nonchalant and with a straight face, “Oh, you know, the old lady that used to stand at the foot of my bed at night.  Remember, how I asked you to play your music louder?  Well, that’s because it would make her leave my room.”  I had completely forgotten about his requests to play my music louder and my strange urge to sing to my couch.  But, looking back it made sense.  Also, that couch was up against the wall that was shared by my son’s bedroom.  Not sure if that means anything, just another interesting tidbit.  Either way, we were all wide eyed and gaping to his revelation but it didn’t seem to bother him a bit.  He just grabbed a drink and went back out to play.



Sunday Night Sighting




About 4 years ago, my then boyfriend and I went biking on a Sunday.  We're distance cyclers so 55 miles later, it was getting dark and we were hungry.  We had never been to this restaurant together, but we'd both been to the Harmony Inn, in Harmony, PA - and agreed it would be a great place to stop along the way home.  The place is old, and is reputed to be haunted. 

When we arrived, the dining room was closed but the bar was open, and still serving food.  There was almost no one in the place.  We sat down and ordered drinks.  I then excused myself to go to the restroom.  I exited the bar to the entryway (the building appears to have been a house at one time).  The dining room was across the entryway, and the doors were closed.  The bathrooms and a staircase to a 2nd floor were on my right.  As I looked around for the bathroom, my attention was drawn up the stairs.  There, I saw a woman, who appeared to be wearing an old-fashioned high collar dress, and an apron.  I couldn't see all of her, especially because I was looking up.

She seemed to glance down at me, and then she walked through a closed door. 

I wasn't scared, but excited.  I went back to our table and told Dan that I saw the ghost!  I described her, and he told me, "No - the ghost haunting this place is a man, everyone knows that."

Now - four years later - I want to take my son to the restaurant, as he is very sensitive, and interested in the paranormal.  To gather information about sightings there, I've been looking up haunted places.  Come to find out - that although the restaurant is famous for its male ghost, employees often see a woman near the entryway and staircase - mainly before closing time.




Something Quite Odd




I have been experiencing something quite odd on and off for the last seven years. I don't know how to feel about it. It is something that happens when I lay down for the evening. I begin experiencing this tingly sensation in my temples. It begins in the temple that isn't in contact with the pillow. IF I allow it, it will spread to encompass my entire body. It is not the normal, I am so comfortable tingle. I know the difference. It feels quite UNcomfortable actually, as if I am letting something in that I should not. I usually start to panic and drive it out. The reason I panic is the sensation increases in intensity in my groin area. No nice way to say it so I just put it out there. I am a rational person...I KNOW this sounds like lunacy. I honestly do.

I know the exact time this started occurring. It wasn't a gradual thing. It was the summer of 2000. We lived in a very disturbing house that had a nasty presence inside it. What it was, I don't presume to know. I never saw it. I wish I could say the same for my 3 year old daughter. We lived near a military base, Ft. Bragg, to be exact. We were close enough to the training area that we could feel the artillery explosions they used during mock battles. So when my young daughter came to me to tell that a bad man was in her room that would pick up her bed and drop it. I assumed she just felt shaking from artillery. I did not take her seriously. To this day, I deeply regret that. I told her it was just a big butterfly flapping its wings outside her window.

Early one morning I was putting away laundry. My daughter was at my mothers for the day, perfect time to catch up on housework. I went into her room with a full basket of laundry, only to find her bed clear on the other side of the room. Fear shot my heart straight into my stomach, I knew at that moment, she was telling the truth. I RAN out of her room. I had a feeling if I would have looked over my shoulder at that moment, I would have seen something. But I was not brave enough to test the theory. There is NO WAY she could have moved the bed herself. After a few minutes of basically hiding, I am ashamed to admit, I got angry. Angry as hell. Something was in there and it was bothering my daughter.

When I picked her up from my mothers, I began to ask her about the bad man. Her response still has the power to give my the chills to this day. She told me he comes into her room at night and tells her that I don't love her. I asked her what the bad man looked like and she said: "a scary dinosaur". She was three at the time. Too young to intelligently lie about something of that nature. I felt sick to my stomach. I didn't know who to go to for help. I ended up going into a forum for the paranormal on the Internet. I was told by some other individuals to say The Lord's Prayer. I am not particularly religious, so I had to look it up.

At the time, I am sitting in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon. In fact, I was sitting in direct sunlight because I was beside the window. I didn't even say it out loud really. I was basically mumbling it to myself as I am reading through it. I didn't even FINISH it before I was attacked. Something jumped onto me. I could not see what it was. It just basically felt like pressure, like being underwater. My ears even popped in. My vision was distorted as well. wavy as if you were looking over a hot grill. I did not experience a temperature change. My groin area was tingling like crazy. I was terrified. It was not my intent to confront the thing in that moment, I was merely researching. It lasted for what seemed like ages, but in reality. was probably only a few seconds.

That was the start of hell inside my house. No longer did it confine itself to my daughters room. You could hear it walking thought the hallway at times. That's when I began to have the sensations at night as if something were putting a tingling pressure on my temples. In that house, nearly every night this would occur. My husband is Roman Catholic, and a critic. He would not call me a liar, but it's hard for him to understand my fear when he is not experiencing anything other than uneasy feelings. I was going through hell. I was terrified to the point where we decided to move.

On our last night in the house. I heard it coming down the hallway. I poked my husband and asked him if he could hear. He crankily told me to go back to sleep, we have a long day of moving tomorrow. Then he said the one thing that whatever it was, did not like.

"There's nothing there anyway, your mind is playing tricks on you because you're tired."

Immediately the dryer in the hallway turns on, by itself. He became so still. I asked him very sarcastically if my mind knows how to turn on the dryer, think of all the years I wasted turning it on by hand. Then I asked him what should we do. And quickly he replies NOTHING I'm going back to sleep. It should be noted that those who helped us move, ALL experienced something in that house. In the interests of time, and not writing TOO much of a novel here, I'll spare you the details.

Once we moved, things were better. However from time to time, I still experience the tingly pressure on my temples. I cannot find any other story on the web, or from people I have talked to, who have experienced this same thing. Is there any significance to the temples? I have never figured out if it was something trying to protect me from the thing in my house, or the thing itself.

you have my persmission to post this email AND my email address as I am open to hear suggestions and comments from the other readers of your site.


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