18 Years in a Haunted House

By: bludaisy33@msn.com

When I was 7 we moved to Erie Pennsylvania. It was an old carriage house to a mansion that sat in the middle of the block. It was very old yet very comfortable to me, a 7 year old.
I remember my mom wigging out. I remember a distinct story from my mother in my later years that stuck with me ever since. She claimed that one day while myself, my father and younger brother David were all at a movie and she was the only one at home. It was about 3 in the afternoon...I even remember what movie it was. The Goonies..I was a HUGE Corey Feldman fan, lmao! Anyway, she was down in the livingroom watching television when she heard loud footsteps upstairs. As the footsteps went past the chandelier hanging above her head the fixture would shake. She brushed it off and assumed one of us was still home, maybe not going to the movie...she went to the stairwell and called for David and I...No one answered. When we walked in the door 45 minutes later she about passed out.
Later that summer mom and dad hired a guy to build a foyer in our house. As he was tearing away the walls and ceiling he found an old ax tied to one of the rafter beams in the ceiling. It was wrapped in old, old ropes that disinegrated as you touchd them and had a brown dust all over the blade ...She assumed was blood. Shortly after that the same guy was putting in a new furnace for us (mind you, this was an old, OLD house so the basement was dirt, even had an underground railroad that was used by slaves in the late 1800's) he found bones...My parents freaked out again and went to the Erie County library and use the microphish machine (remember, these were the early 80's) They discovered thru documented news clippings that there was a missing 2 year old girl from our residence 15 years earlier! My mom started to panic...but according to them were in no financial position to move.
Months went by and my brother started waking up screaming, comming out of what seemed viscious nightmares...he swore to God that he was seeing a little girl soaked in blood hovering above him and sometimes even pounding on his window. These same dreams went on night after night for years! He also swore to God that he would see a bright white ball of light zoom from his room right into my room.
Now the only thing I can ligitamately remember is waking up in the middle of the night out of a dead sleep, sitting up and seeing about 20 people standing around my bed. Trust me, I know I was awake..You know when you are dreaming and when you are awake. I was awake...I wasn't scared. Not at all. Infact, I still remember almost 30 years later this extreme feeling of happiness and comfort I felt as I looked at these people...it lasted only about 30 seconds...and I never had the same thing happen to me again.
WHen I turned 18, my mom and dad were finally able to buy a house elsewere. We ended up in a a susburb not far from there...Mom dies less than a year later and dad killed himself.
Thats my story and I swear to God, it's all true.

A Song for Mary

By: alica.korenic@ri.t-com.hr

Here comes my second story... (Like someone remembers there was the first one?) It happened to a relative of mine but I've been somewhat included, enough to be sure it's actually true - I'm quite interested in the paranormal, but not very gullible.
It would be silly to use a «close relative» through the whole story, so lets call her Mary. I'm still Alice and English is still not my first language, so excuse me if I write something weird. Language-wise weird. The story itself is weird but it's meant to be.
So. Back in the 60's Mary had a big love in her life, one of those almost melodramatic relationships, with deep feelings and fiery fights. Verbal fights, no violence here. They've been together for a few years, both soon to graduate and everybody were sure they'll live happily everafter. But they had one of their pride-driven fights over some petty reason and stopped talking to each other. For days, that turned to weeks, and months... Both finished their education, each went back to home town, got job. Months turned to years. Too stubborn to make a call, or maybe afraid. I never understood that, but that's me.
After few months Mary was sure Peter doesn't love her, anyway. After few years he was just a painfull memory and she married some guy. It probably was love too, but she never told me «when my darling husband took me to dinner yesterday», it was always «when my darling Peter took me to dinner in 1966.». Well, yes, it's wacky but Mary is still my favorite relative and when I moved from my home town years ago we stood in touch, making phone company extremely happy.
About two years ago she mentioned there is this rather uninteresting conference or something like that she should attend. And she wouldn't but it will be in Peter's home town.
«Oh, you hope to meet him?»
«Please, of course not. He probably doesn't remember me. Or wouldn't recognize me, I'm so old.»
«Well, he wasn't getting younger either. Don't you worry about that. Only, he could be married you know.»
Not a widow like me.»
«No, not a widow. A widower, maybe. That would be nice.» (I was joking of course.)
«Yes... I mean I would prefer my husband is alive but...»
«I know.»
and so we chatted on and she decided to go becuse she likes small towns on the Adriatic coast. Not because there is hope. Of course not.
Few weeks later Mary called me from her room in a hotel in the small town. Not a word about sea, or weather, or conference.
«Last night we had a dinner. And Peter walked in! The band is playing, people talking, laughing, I suddenly feel an urge to look towards the door and there he is! Walking in... I'm afraid he's ill. We are much older, I know - it's him I'm sure – but so pale and his hair is gray. He had such great, dark hair.»
«Yes, you told me that. Well, what happened? Have you talked at last?»
«No?! What are you waiting for? Another forty years?»
«You don't understand, it's... well, he just sat there, across the room and looked at me. I looked at him and then turned my head away.»
«You're crazy.»
«I know. Wait, I'm not. It's just, you know, I was among my colleagues, talking and... I could not just bolt up and attack him. After all, I'm a lady here, it's his job to stand up and come to me.»
«Now I can almost understand what was happening between you two. And?»
«He kept looking at me, so I looked there. And he was so sad, and pale. So sad. It was going on for a while and people started to get on my nerves, really. Kept asking me something and I really wanted to...»
«Stare at him?»
«And then he got up, went to the band and asked for a song. Singer announced «This one is for Mary.» and they started to play and I tought I'll die. He ordered our song. I was too shocked to cry. As they played we kept looking at each other. The song finished and soon after that he got up and went away.»
«I could not stand this any more. So I went outside too. Not after him, just outside.»
«Well, thank you God.»
«But he wasn't there. Went home I guess. I asked receptionist about him, but naturally with all those people coming in and out he couldn't tell... I walked around for a while and the musicians had their break so I kind of asked them if they are native here and do they know this gentleman who ordered that song but they couldn't remember him. They remember playing the song and it was for Mary but couldn't remember who ordered it. They weren't locals so... The receptionist is local, I'll ask him tomorrow.»
«Ask him what?»
«If he knows Peter.»
«That's silly.»
And then we talked this over and over, Mary kept complicating the matter, I kept saying she should call him already. She didn't. She stayed for the damned conference for few more days, looking around, hoping, Peter never showed up again, she went home. With heart broken again.
The situation dragged for about two weeks and we spent small fortune on phone bills. Finally, Mary looked for his phone number. He wasn't listed, only his brother Daniel.
«Maybe he was just visiting that day.»
«Maybe. Call his brother and ask. He'll be visiting again, right? You can ask, nobody will bite you.»
«I'm making a fool out of myself.»
«Oh, please, call him or forget him.»
«I can't forget! I've been trying to forget...»
«Then call!»
And she called. Peter's brother simply and somewhat coldly said there's no Peter in their house. Mary apologized, ready to hung up when Daniel said:
«You wanted to speak to my brother?»
«Yes, your brother Peter.»
«My brother died in 1982.»
Mary couldn't speak. She broke into tears, freaking poor Daniel out. He couldn't just hung up to some strange lady who is crying over the phone, so he handed the phone to his wife. Without any explanation. After shocking her too Mary regained self-controll and they had a long talk. It turned out that Peter never got over Mary. He led a lonely life, never had any significant relationship, often mentioned «Mary» and how she forgot him. Apparently, Mary had such a mythical status in Peters life so Daniel and his wife invited Mary to visit them.
As soon as she finished talking to them she called me and I was quite shocked to hear that the guy who is ordering songs around is actually dead.
Mary went back to Peters town, met his family, visited his grave.
«I hoped he could do that again.» she told me. But he didn't appeared this time. Nothing supernatural happened, «just the wind made this sound as I was standing there, like someone's crying. I know it's my imagination.»
Before she left they gave her Peters diary. After few days of reading it, she phoned me and said seriously she wants to die. As official family freak I made speech about «different concept of time in afterlife» (like I can know that) asurring her Peter can wait some more time. And an angry remark «Suicide is for cowards, anyway.» It took months before she was better.
All this time, as I write, I hear snoring from bedroom. And I don't mind. I really don't. 

Another Experience Regarding My Grandfather

By: crimson_artist@hotmail.com

After sharing my last experience I feel compelled to tell you all more,
This one also involves what we perceive to be the spirit or leftover energies of my Grandfather
In this house my sister, brother and I had lived in for many a year with my Grandparents, unfortunately my Granfather passed on devastating us all, after this my Grandmother spent a lot of time away from the house, I believe it was because it was too painful.
Now as anyone in my family can tell you my Grandfather was less than perfect, being an ex-miner he had very old fashioned beliefs when it came to women (oddly enough this view was never pushed onto myself he always pushed me to be strong and stand up for myself) and so he would expect dinner on the table at 5 o'clock and the t.v to be left for him to watch before he would have a few drinks and go to sleep (please keep in mind this was after a hard days working on the house) on one particular night my Grandmother had caused an argument and my Grandfather threw his plate across the living room and it smashed against the wall, sad to say my brother and I had become used to this kind of event, then the argument continued in the kitchen where he put his fist through the glass topped table promptly smashing it as well, now I will always remember this day as being July 20th as it was 2 days before my birthday,
A year or so after his passing my brother sister and I were sitting in the living room watching television, we were startled to hear a smashing sound coming from the very same room, we turned the light on and looked around, there were no pictures missing from the room and the Dog had immediatley hid under the coffee table (something he did whenever my Grandfather used to get mad) My brother shook it off and said that maybe it was the neighbours having a row and the noise carried, I agreed and walked into the kitchen to get a drink, I was more than shocked to see my Grandfathers cup in front of the kettle with the sugar pot and teabag tin out of the cupboard (we all swear down that we had not made any warm drinks that night) I put the things away and put a glass on the table and turned to the fridge to get the milk, my brother walked into the kitchen and yelped then I heard another smashing sound, I turned to see the glass I had placed near the centre of the table (so it had not fallen off by mere chance) smashed on the floor underneath the table directly below where it had been, as thought it had fallen through the table, it was then my brother said July 20th and I remembered that the table my grandfather had broken had been in exactly the same place, I think that he was so angry that night that he had left behind some kind of energy that re-enacted the same event the next year... at least I'd like to beleive this because I don't think he would purposely scare us.
On another note our family moved and I now live with my Boyfriend, one night I was lying in bed thinking about whether or not my Grandfather would have liked my boyfriend (his opinion had always mattered to me the most) and the smell of tobacco and brandy entered the room and I felt a huge sadness mixed with happiness in my chest, my boyfriend asked me what it was because neither of us smoke... and that night I thought I had dreamt this but maybe it was more, my Grandfather appeared and I started crying saying I knew he wasn't supposed to be there, he smiled and nodded and said 'don't worry it's fine' hugged me and said 'he'll look after you... and that's all I ever wanted.' since then I have had a strange peace knowing he has passed on and he is truly happy.

Checking Haunted Places

By: dancergirl06@sbcglobal.net

My friends and I went to Cypress Valley cemetary in Vilonia, Arkansas.  We come to your site often and have tried out some of the places and have gotten good response!! 
We parked our car out front and went into the gate around 3:00 in the morning.  There were four of us. There were two guys, and then my best friends and I who are girls.  The guys went in first and we followed soon after.  Immediately entering we all had a very strange feeling come over us.  My best friend and I decided to go back to the car and let the guys walk around and explore some more.  We were alone in the car for nearly 20 minutes with the windows rolled down because we were smoking when we started hearing screams from the distance.  They sounded like they were coming from a woman.  We saw no one else there.  Then a few minutes later, My best friend saw two men's outlines walking on one end of the cemetery.  She assumed it was our guys so she called their cells which when they answered the lights from the phones showed us that they were on the complete opposite end.  There is no way they could have made it over there that quick. 
When we finally decided to leave, they got in the car and we sat for a minute.  We had the windows rolled down, but it was about 68 degrees outside so it wasn't cold at all.  We all felt as if the air conditioning was blasting on us, but there was no source of air.  It was very strange.  We all felt sick until we got about 20 miles away.  Strange thing kept happening to us later the next day. 
We go "ghost hunting"  almost every weekend and have been to many places and this one was by far the scariest place.  It just felt uneasy.  Very Dark. 
Just thought I would let you know!!


By: ninmah@comcast.net

Hi. My name is Bonnie. I am happy that interest in the paranormal is becoming more pronounced; I have always been interested in it. I am writing to recount poltergeist activity I witnessed years ago because no one I have told has believed me. It all happened in and around the kitchen in an old house in Hingham, MA.
Water faucets would turn on and off of their own accord, heavy cast iron pans would jump up and down on the stove.
One day I was getting breakfast, and I left an opened box of Cheerios on the counter. I heard noise, turned around to witness Cheerios fllying up out of box, and dropping back in. It lasted for a few minutes, the flying Cheerios, and not one spilled onto the counter. Another early morning, I looked out the window into the garden. A man dressed like a 19th century street peddlar (ragged clothes, worn blude jacket, scarf, and a stovepipe hat) was there, performing some kind of choreographed movements with his arms, not random movements. I watched him for a while, turned around; when I looked back he was gone. I have never heard of poltergeist activity like this.
Anyway, I am glad to have a chance to relate this story to a believer. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eagle Falls Ghost in Washington

By: jillkestle@comcast.net

This story is true and happened to me.  I have already posted this on all about Ghosts but, have not yet heard anything about this place other then my story. 
Maybe someone out there has had a similar kind of experience or even Paranormal things happen at this place. 
What made me want to add my story here is when I read the story about Tacoma - Point Defiance Park -5 Mile drive, this story grabbed me and was almost disturbing to me because it is so closely related to mine about a little girl
looking real except having no eyes and smiling then disappears.   I was
searching here to see if there was anything from my spot at Eagle Falls.
July 27/2003
Skykomish River Ghost
Eagle Falls off Hwy 2 Cascade loop a few miles past Mt index WA
To see a picture of Falls goto
I went to this favorite swimming hole of mine on the Skykomish River.  This is
a very beautiful swimming hole, almost lagoon like, where the river flows with
falls into a pool of deep colorful water and under the water on the side of the
walls there are huge giant flat rocks that drop off down where you cannot see
the bottom.  The Rocks above have been carved into stair like settings that
become flat and then go down into where the river wall is.   Across the river
which is only about 50 feet or so there are rocks where people can climb to. 
There is a rope swing tide to a tree on this side also.  It is a popular spot
for people to swim in the summer.  I particularly like this place for swimming
and floating on my raft with flippers so I can move faster to swim up the
currants to the falls better and ride the river down.   This brings me to my
story.  I was headed towards the place where I was going to do just that and
noticed there were two people to the right of me a man and a w
omen one sitting next to the rope swing and the other climbing up the rocks, and
to the left of me there was this little girl about 6 or 7 years old standing
about 3 feet away from me on the edge of the rock by the water with her head
turned slightly and just smiling at me.   I am swimming still almost to passing
her and notice she is still smiling so I smiled, waved to her and said hi, she
still smiles at me but says nothing back.    I looked at her again this time
into her eyes, we had our eyes locked for a second and that is when I noticed
her eyes were very dark to the point where I could not see her eye color they
only looked like black holes almost hollow like.  Everything about this girl
seemed normal except for her eyes, she had a cute little swimsuit that was lime
green with little white flowers on it and a little ruffle around the waste, she
was tan and had golden blonde shiny hair that came down past her shoulders and
also had bare feet.   She was alone, there was nobody
 above her or next to her.  I was thinking maybe she was standing there watching
her mother swing from the rope swing or something but as I swim a little bit
past her I suddenly turned to look back because I feared her being to close to
the edge and wanted to let her know to step back but as I turned to do this she
was gone.  Now I was wondering how she could climb the rocks that quickly and
how she could be completely out of sight when I only turned for a second then
looked back, surely I would of noticed her walking away at least if she did
climb the rocks or even if she had fallen in, I would of heard the sound of
water splashing.  I was only a few feet away from where she was standing and I
quickly went to the area where I saw her and nothing I looked above and further
back where some people were sitting by some trees and looked down along the
banks where some other people were sitting and with kids and none looked like
her or had blonde golden hair or the same bathing suit on.
  At this point of feeling very confused I felt a cold chill come over me and my
hairs on my arms were standing up.  I felt a sadness and chilling feeling and
had a vision of that same girl falling into the water and drowning.  I even felt
some pain and a little bit of anger type emotions right there where she stood
while I was still trying to see if I could find her.  I thought where were her
parents? Why was she all alone?  So I swam back to my spot by the river and told
a friend I was with what happened and I pointed to the rock she was on.  He said
it sounded and even looked like I saw a ghost from the way I was acting.  I
asked him if he would go back with me to look for her and he said no way that is
to creepy I don’t want go over there with you.  I am thinking this is crazy and
in daylight even.  I am going back to see if I see her I said; determined to
find her I swam back to the spot where it happened and looked all over the area
where people were sitting and still no litt
le girl in a green bathing suite.  I started looking in the water to see if I
could see anything down there, nothing.  And the girl across the river that I
thought was her mother was not she was with the guy on the rocks still.  Then
again I get the chill and I am feeling sad and start becoming afraid of this
spot and swim away from it again, thinking this doesn’t make any sense then
wondering if I am the only one who saw her, did the people across the river see
her?   This is a wide visible area where you can see everyone around you, am I
losing it?  Then I remembered those eyes she had were actually hollow, the smile
she made and just kept smiling at me, how she didn’t move from the time I swam
towards her stopped, made eye contact, said hi then kept swimming only a few
feet further then turned around to say she was to close to the edge or where is
your mother, somebody should be with you.  I truly believe what I saw was an
entity of some sort and perhaps a little girl might of fell into the river and drowned
right where she was standing.  I have heard some stories from here of people
dying at this spot by swinging from the rope swings
and jumping from the high cliffs which happened right across from where she was. 
I also believe I would not be so disturbed by this if it all seemed normal but
it didn’t and for some reason she didn’t seem to fit in.  I wrote to ease my
mind and maybe to just get it out somehow.   If anything at all I will probably
never know why she picked me to see her but I will never forget what she looked
liked or how she stared at me and smiled for so long.  Maybe she was looking out
for people swimming in the river, who knows; well this is the end of my story. 

Fiddlers Green

By: amber-0792@hotmail.co.uk

Up until I was around ten, my mum, sister, dad and I lived in a house called Fiddler's Green, which was in Lanner, Cornwall. The house must have been around fifty years old, and was originally two cottages joined together, meaning it was fairly big. To begin, the only things that would happen would be the odd cold spot, and often I felt like I was being watched. Another time my mum went to use the downstairs bathroom, leaving my dad in the kitchen, when she heard a man cough loudly outside the door. Thinking it was my dad using the study, she shouted something, only to hear no reply. When she left the bathroom, there was no one outside, or in the study. When she went back to the kitchen my dad was at the same place. She asked him if he had followed her to the bathroom, which incidentally wasn't near the kitchen, and he said he hadn't moved. There was no one else in the house at the time apart from me and my sister, and we were in bed. Another thing that happened was when my mum, my dad, and my dad's friend were sat in the kitchen late one night, when they suddenly heard an almighty crash from my bedroom upstairs. My mum says it sounded like a full grown adult being thrown to the floor. Thinking maybe my wardrobe had toppled over, or I'd fallen heavily out of bed, they ran upstairs and found me fast asleep, with nothing out of place. Later on they even got someone to check the chimney in my room, to see if a stone had fallen down it, but they found nothing. To this day, we don't know what that crash was, or indeed, who made it. The most unexplained incident, however, was the sound of a singing lady. My mum and dad were asleep in bed and they were woken by a tuneless humming outside their bedroom door. There was no way it would have been me or my sister, as we were only young and it was quite clearly the sound of a woman. The sound came along the corridoor, from my room, and gradually disappeared downstairs. Another time, my mum, sister and I were inside my mum and dad's bedroom, helping my mum fold up some laundry. My dad was outside mowing the lawn, and we could see him from the room. After we'd finished, we went to open the bedroom door, which was shut. We couldn't get out. The door had no lock on it, and wasn't jammed. There was no draft in the room as it was an airless summer's day. It felt like someone was standing outside holding onto the handle to prevent us from leaving. My mum, who was obviously stronger then me and my sister, tried the door too, but there was no luck. In the end we had to shout outside to my dad to come and let us out. He opened the door easily, and there was no sign of it ever being stuck. We left that house when my parents seperated, and I found out from someone that knew the current inhabitants that they too were experiencing strange things, such as their child's toys being turned on and off during the night.

Saint Francis Hospital

By: softballmsw@insightbb.com

I have worked at Saint Francis Hospital in Peoria Illinois for over 20 years.  I have seen one of the nun ghosts on the 7th floor where the laboratory was when I worked there.  The morgue was also on that floor.
I was working third shift one night as a phlebotomist.  At times, we took the back elevator, (service elevator), to the floors to draw labs when needed.  As I was walking down the hall to the elevator, I saw a nun getting on to the elevator.  I yelled out to her, " Please hold the elevator Sister."  The door started closing.  Thinking she did not hear me, I hit the down button as it closed.  The door opened up but there was no one on the elevator.  There was no where else she could have gone for it was a dead end hallway.  To take the stairs, she would have had to walk past me.
This was a strange night and took place many years ago.


By: Pennsyis1@aol.com

on a trip this past summer at Gettysburg   it was early in the morning  I was at little round top  I was at the 20th Maine marker    walking back on the road  just below the new York monument  I smelled tobacco smoke   there was only one other person there  and I am sure he was not smoking   he was near the monument  but there was no wind blowing


By: suzyu98@verizon.net

My father died here at the family farm, 9-8-85. I have a friend who slept over with her children one weekend, in 2004. She had never met my father, but describes a man of his description, shaking her shoulder and awakening her. He said something to her, and also stood and watched her. I also credit his presence in October 2004, when my exhusband set fire to our house. I know that my father was there, and kept the fire from flaring and burning down the house. We only had smoke damage, and minor fire damage in one room. It smoldered all day, and the fireman could not figure out why it did not burn down.

Ghostly Encounters

By: riverqueensaloon@yahoo.com

On March 14, 2001, my husband died of lung cancer, at home.
His presence is still being felt, in the home and the bar, next door, that we own. He messes with the Jukebox, people who are working when no one else is around, and at the house, he can hold me when I sit in his place, flys in the bathroom window, but no where else. Light orbs on the walls, and moving things around. He is not bothering anyone, but we kind of like having him around. On Monday, Feb. 25, 2008. A new spirit appeared, of a friend, maybe, that just passed away. She had white hair, and stood right in my bartender's face. That was a little spooky, but there may be several spirits, who are there.


By: crimson_artist@hotmail.com

Here is one of my stories of paranormal activity.
From being very young my brother and I had always experienced things we knew were not normal, but of course our Grandparents (whom we had lived with since we can remember) brushed it off as childish imagination, as did we as we grew up we saw less and less unusual happenings.
It all began again when I was 15 years old (my brother at this time was 17) and our Grandfather had passed away, my entire family reported seeing him the night after he passed away, now my family has its sceptics and its believers and everyone of them reported seeing him laughing and looking much younger and healthier than they had ever remembered, he smiled at them all and said goodbye, now my brother and I had not seen this apparition, so we brushed it off as their subconscious projecting an image they all wanted to see. Of course we were believers, but we thought if anyone would have seen him it would have been us for we had been there for him when nobody else had been.
Well our thoughts came to reality one night around 5 months after his passing and this supposed collective haunting, my brother and I were up in his room playing on the p.c my grandmother was out and my little sister in bed, now my Grandfather (or Dadi as was his nickname) always enjoyed his music and always had it on extremely loud, we were laughing at something or other on the internet when 'John Lennon: Imagine' began playing very loudly downstairs... well at first we thought it was a cruel joke by our neighbours (this particular song had been his first choice for his cremation) and so I being the braver of us stormed downstairs to find it was indeed coming from the office room that was my grandfathers, I walked into his old room to find it was freezing and there were no windows or doors open and the CD player was not on and the music was still going, then there was a knock on the back door (usually our neighbours used our back door) and the music stopped, my brother was now downstairs with me and we thought that it must be one of our neighbours there to complain about the noise so he unlocked and opened the door, (opposite the door was an outside toilet) and as my brother opened the door he froze, his face paled and I could tell there was something wrong, I looked outside to see nothing but incredibely shaken by the music I slammed and locked the door, turned every light on in the house (bar my sisters as she was seemingly sound asleep) and sat downstairs waiting for my grandmother, to this day my brother will not tell me what he saw outside... but I doubt it was the friendly spirit of my grandfather coming to say goodbye... the reason I believe this is because the morning after my little sister said 'do you believe in ghosts?' I didnt react and merely asked 'why?' she then replied that the night before 'Dadi' had been in her room when she was crying about his passing telling her to shush that everything was ok and he was happy... also my neighbours (who were really quick to complain) never mentioned any loud music coming from our house so I really want to know why only us heard this music and more importantly... who had been outside when my brother had opened the door?

Haunted House in Ar.

By: winnmill@windstream.net

There is a two-story house right in the center of town that I lived in in 1958 or
1959. It is known as the Old Van Dalsem House. Both my cousin and I experienced odd things in that house. There were many times that we would hear footsteps (such as a man wearing boots) walking from the up-stairs front
Bedroom toward the back bedroom to the left of the stairs.
My cousin also said she saw an old woman in the back yard.
I went to see the psychic Carol Pate this week and showed her a picture of the house. She said she felt it was a soldier from the Civil War era. Also she said that many horrible things happened on the property. No one ever died in the house, so it is connected with the land it sits on. We stayed there only about two or three months and moved to another location in the same town.
I also found out that I am a psychic medium (have had many unexplained
Things happen through the years.) This soldier is not threatening- he does not know he is dead. Wish the house was mine so I could try to help him.
All this has been burned in my memory for nearly 50 years.

Haunted House

By: BGAIL4454@nctv.com

 back i 1978 my husband and i bought a house in the country to raise our children we has seven to gether . we never thought any hting about the house being haunted , my husband was not at all sensitive , on the other hand i was . i had lived in charleston when i was younger , had started with ghostly experiences there . i wasnt sure of what was happening to me , it scared me i was very young and had no understanding of the paranormal what so ever .  i faught against it because i didnt understand it  at all . i heard voices call my name trying to find where they were coming from was scarey no one was never there when it happen , i always felt something was with me . mostly after that i begin to have preminitions , and dreams that were coming true in detail .   so we moved in the house and itstarted from the get go . while i was making dinner with a friend one night i heard a male voice call out my name , my friend heard it as well , we were looking all over the house for who ever had called me , again to find no one in sight . this would happen again several times in the 20 years we were there . we had a ghost that we called the hall way ghost too . we dont know what or who he was we know he would pass down the hall way wearing a long dark looking rob , taking the same path each time we saw him . it was like the rewind of a old movie . this was there the entire  time we were in the house too . he was harmless didnt seem to want to commuicate . we had a haunting in the master bed room that was different . this ghost wanted something and scared us all to death trying to get it across . it would wait i was almost asleep  and hit the wll above my head and bump the foot of thebed jarring me wake , i had became sleep depribed and wore out . i asked it to please leave me alone after a while it did , i still felt it there i would lay in the bed and watch the door open and close it was thstrangest thing to see . alot more happened here more than i can tell in one story . this haouse is still in my family today , it burned in 2005 , but is still in tack walls and all . it is unrepaired and all grown up but i bet you it is as active as ever .

Haunted School

By: egfgold@cfl.rr.com

I used to work at the Kreamer Elementary school in Bellport, NY on Long Island.  There were numerous siting's of a young boy in the second grade hallway by myself, another nighttime custodian and a first grade teacher.  He had very strong powers, He pushed a door closed behind me while I was cleaning bathrooms one night and caused me to stumble and dump a bucket full of cleaning solution down the front of me.  I yelled at him that it wasn't funny, to stop this game and I could hear him giggle at me.  When we would lock up at 11:30 p.m.  I would look back into the building and down the main hallway and I saw his shadow run across the hall, I actually thought we locked up a student in the building the first time.  The other custodian, who had worked there for twelve years told me not to worry about it "He lived there"  It totally spooked me because this guy was not the ghost believing kind.  We decided that the boy, because he was so young,  hadn't gone to the light yet and told him to do so.  His spirit left.  After about a month he returned but was calmer and not so spiteful with less powers.  The teacher investigated at the local library on micro films and there was a second grade boy named Roosevelt that died of a brain tumor the year he went to school there.  They actually planted a tree in the courtyard in his honor the year he died.  I always felt him around and no one that worked there that I told about him ever questioned the story because they too had experiences they couldn't explain and felt a presence too.  I would swear to this story because I know it to be true.  Thanks for listening.

Hauntings in Fulton Co.

By: zalucki_stylz@yahoo.com

The Union Cumberland Church Cemetary on Union Cumberland Church Road also known as State Route 1125
I grew up on this road.  My brother and i used to walk the road at night.  Us and some other kids that lived on the road used to dare each other to go into the graveyard at night.  The graveyard was quiet during the day and I had walked through it often.  The first night something strange happened I noticed strange lights dancing in the back row of the cemetary.  Over the years I have seen the ghosts of a little boy, a young woman, and numerous other unrecognizable spirits.  I am now grown and I have moved off of the road but I still live in the area and during the summer months me and my husband still visit the graveyard.  I haven't seen any spirits of substance but I have seen the lights and my husband and I have both seen white mist floating above some of the older graves.
This is not the only report of hauntings on this road.
The house I grew up in, also located on union cumberland church road, was haunted by my great grandmother on my mother's side.  The house was her house until she moved to just a mile down the road.  She was closer to my mother than anyone.  Once she died my mother was devastated.  About a year after her death strange things started happening at our house.  The front door would open by itself, the tv would turn on and off by itself and the volume would turn up and down (this was one of the old floor tvs that did not have a remote).  Eventually my grandmother started appearing to us but she only played her "jokes" on people she didn't like before she died.  Around five years after she first appeared to us my mom was getting ready for bed one night.  She set down on the bed and started reading her bible.  Her grandmother appeared and set down on the bed beside her.  She told my mom that my mom would be okay now and it was time for her to go home.  We never saw her again after that night.
Another well known haunting in my town is that of my local high school, Fulton City High School.  I have first hand accounts from teachers and custodians of the haunting which I will pass on to you once I find the newspaper article.

I Feel His Presence

By: ginnyjerry80@snowcrest.net

I don't know if this qualifies as a 'haunting,' per se.  My husband passed away last April 28, and of course, since I am alone in our house, I feel his presence everywhere.  This is not unusual, I know. I have had a couple of unexplainable occurences, though.  The first one: whenever I remove the bed linens for laundering, I take a pillowcase and completely dust the entire wooden headboard of my bed, picking up the few items I keep there and replacing them after dusting.  One night, after I'd done that, I got into bed and found a shiny dime placed right in the middle of my side of the headboard. (I don't keep money in my room).  I picked it up and it actually felt warm to the touch. The date on it was 1980, which is the year my husband and I were married.  This incident actually occurred on June 26, which would have been our 27th wedding anniversary.  The second incident happened about two months later.  I was walking in my driveway, thinking about whether I should try to sell my late husband's new truck by myself or let the local dealer sell it on consignment, when I heard what sounded like a coin fall out of my pocket.  There on the ground was a new-looking penny, again dated 1980.  I picked it up to put it back in my pocket--then realized my pants had no pockets, and I hadn't been carrying any coins anyway.  I kind of smiled to myself, thinking of those cute "pennies from heaven" stories I'd read (not believing in them myself.)  I put the coin in a small 'memory urn' I bought to keep beside my husband's ashes.  It contains a few treasured keepsakes, including our wedding bands.  A couple of weeks later, I was pulling wet laundry from the washing machine when I again heard a coin fall, this time inside the machine itself.  It was that penny, or one with the same year.  I thought I'd forgotten to put it into the little urn when I'd meant to a couple of weeks before, so I went right into the house, opened the memory urn--and there was that first 1980 penny.  Again, I'm not sure these incidences qualify as a 'haunting,' just odd things that I cannot explain away.  I am a believer in the paranormal, albeit a somewhat sceptical one.

I Lived in a Haunted House

By: julesgriswald@yahoo.com
Ponca City, OK - A house I used to own was haunted.  It was a very small house so you could hear everything that went on from my bedroom.  I've heard footsteps walking across the living room and kitchen when I was the only one home.  I'd see the ghost of a lady (maybe in her mid 40's) with long curly dark hair, in my bedroom several times.  She would always just be standing there watching me.  Once I woke in the middle of the night and she was sitting on my bed watching me.  She always looked very mean!  Scared the crap out of me.  My daughter (who was about 4) got out of bed and wanted to sleep with me one night.  When she got to my bed she wanted to know who the mean lady was in the corner watching us.  I told her it was just the shadows.  My small son also saw her in the living room one night.  He thought she was me.  I know of only one man who died in the house.  He was my ex-husband grandfather.  The house was his and we bought it after he died.  I don't think it was him haunting the house. 

"I Love You"

By: deadmen327@gmail.com

This is another series of events that happened just last year.
The first person to experience it was my sister. The day after visiting my grandma's grave for the first time, as she was getting into her car she noticed that someone had written "I love you" in a heart in the dust of the dashboard of her truck. My sister automatically knew something was weird since she has the only key for the car.
The day after that, when my mom came back into her classroom after lunch, she looked at her computer screen and in the dust on that it had the same thing. My mom knew something was up since her room was locked and no custodians were there that day.
The final event that happened was one night, about 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas, when we were coming back from a trip to Disneyland. Since it was late, my sister, her boyfriend, and I all fell asleep in the backseat, as did my mom in the passenger seat. When we all woke up, my sister quickly noticed that on the window, in the fog that appeared on it due to our heavy breathing, someone wrote "I love you" in a heart.
Since no one was awake, except my dad who was driving, we all automatically thought it was my grandma.

III Corps Headquarters Building (UNCLASSIFIED)

By: vwhalen@earthlink.net
I have been working in the III Corps Headquarters Building now for 5 years. For the past 3 years I have been working swing shifts so half the time I am working at nights and until recently I have been working mostly alone. When I am working alone at night I like turning off all of the main overhead lights and only having a few smaller lights on along with the computers. I also work in a secured area which means I am behind locked doors with a security system that allows me to hear and see anyone approaching my location. I know if there is anyone else at my place of work or not. Our floors have metal plating underneath the carpet so we are able to hear anyone walking up and down the hallways and we can tell which way they are traveling.
Late at night I will be working on my computer and I will hear somebody walking around in the hallway or in another room. I know I am the only person here so I would get up and investigate to see who else is here. I search the area many times and I have never been able to find anyone around. The air here in the basement is usually warm with no movement at all but I have walked into cold spots and got goose bumps on my arms and think nothing about it. Once I go back to my computer I will hear the footsteps again and again until either I get up and go looking for who is making the sounds, or until around 3 to 4 in the morning and they will stop for the rest of the night. This does not happen every night just every so often. I also have asked other people who works here and when they are alone they too hear the footsteps. But they tell me after a few times they started leaving all the lights on and made sure there where other loud noises so they could not here the footsteps.
Last year around November I found the Texas Ghost Hunters & The Shadowlands web sites and I found out that our security guards had reported strange things that have been happening to them during their building inspections. I started asking all of the guard’s one at a time and by ourselves to insure they would not be able to talk to each other and come up with the same story. I found out most of the incidents that accrued happened separately and over duration of time but for the most part the incidents were the same. When the interviews were over I made arrangements for one of the guards to walk through the building with myself.
Around 1:30 in the morning we went to the upper floor. We were walking in the hallway when the air started to get thick, it was harder to breath and the air was cold. Both of us stopped at the same time and I looked at the guard and notice that he was grabbing his chest and looking nerves. I asked him what was he feeling and he told me the same thing that I was feeling. I told him to take a few step back and then he started filling normal so I did the same thing. By stepping in and out of the area I was able to find out is was just a small area that was cold and it was slowly moving. Eventually it went away and we continued on. We then saw a black figure at the end of the hallway; it looked to be about 4 feet tall. We compared the height off the wall it went by and then compared it to ourselves. This location was by an area that we are able to see from the top floor to the bottom. We tried to catch up to the black figure but it was quick and by the time we got to the end of the hall it was gone. We then saw another black figure on the second floor for a few seconds before it disappeared as well. I wanted to continue on but the guard refused and he wanted to leave the area so we left.
This is not he first time I have seen or dealt with these black figures but this time it has intrigue myself enough so I want to start a Ghost Hunting group in the Copperas Cove area so I can continue the investigations. The next time I will have documented proof either way. I would like to go out with another group that are already established and maybe pick up some pointers before I start my local group. If any group would take me out of a few investigations please contact me.

My Encounters with the Supernatural
Brooklyn, New York
By:  bayviewboy@hotmail.com
My first encounter with the supernatural happened when I was just a toddler. My parents and I were living in a small apartment on the first floor of an old two-story house in Brooklyn, New York. I remembered being in a crib and looking at the wall opposite my crib. I could see something that appeared to be a window to another world. I could see a beautiful landscape of green grass and trees and rolling hills with people walking around. I would see this on separate occasions. I cannot remember any specific details or who the people were but they would be moving around this landscape continuously. I don’t remember feeling any fear from what I was seeing. When I related this to my mother as an adult she said that now she knew why I was always pointing to that wall. To this day I can find no explanation for what I saw and why.
As a teenager living in a three-story brownstone house on Bergen Street I remember one night being wakened up and hearing my mother choking in bed. She was trying to tell us that she could feel two ghostly hands trying to choke her to death. As she struggled with this unseen force she would kick and try to scream. My father being an ordained minister at the time started to fervently pray out loud over her and after what seemed an eternity the unseen hands let my mother’s throat go and my mother was able to breathe and calm down. We later learned that a woman who was renting a small room upstairs had her room full of all kinds of idols, candles and occultic paraphernalia. Needless to say she was politely asked to move the next day.
Puerto Rico
As a pre-teen I occasionally would take trips to Puerto Rico with my mother to visit my grandmother and aunt. They lived in a small country mountain community called Monte Bello which in English means “beautiful mountain”. One night I stayed at my aunt’s house and slept on a couch in the living room. The house was mostly made of wood and faced a main road. The couch I slept on was very near the front door of the house. All of a sudden in the middle of the night I was awakened by noises of chairs being moved in the kitchen. Everybody was asleep and the only other two people in the house were my aunt and cousin. The noises stopped and I quickly went off to sleep again. I then was awakened one more time to noises of chairs being moved around. This time the sound was coming from the front porch of the house. I remember peeping through a small hole in the door leading to the front porch and seeing no one out there. The next few nights I started getting these asthma attacks that didn’t go away until I left Puerto Rico.
Viet Nam
I was stationed in a little support base in the mountains of  Duc Pho way up north of South Vietnam. I worked in the Colonel’s mess hall that prepared meals for the officers of the base. It was part of the Jungle Brigade of the Americal Division. It was an infantry unit that had helicopter support for troops going out on patrol. We lived in what were called “hootches” surrounded by piles and piles of sandbags for protection from incoming rockets and mortars. It seemed like a ghost or malevolent being was haunting our compound. There would be shadowy figures lurking around, reports of rapping’s, whispers and things that went bump in the night. On one occasion as I was taking a shower in one of the stalls I heard someone come in the door, turn on one of the showers but when I went to look around there was no one there.  We finally decided we had had enough and scheduled a séance in the dining room of the mess hall. It was after hours and there may have been six or seven of us there. Three of us decided to observe from a safe distance. We were in total darkness when we saw this white glow in the shape of a person hovering above the séance table. Needless to say everyone ran out of there except for one soldier who was having a conversation with his “dearly departed mother”. With all the death and dying and pagan religions of that area it was no surprise that these manifestations occurred on a regular basis.
San Antonio, Texas
While living in San Antonio I worked for a group called the Criminal Justice Information System. This group developed a system that was similar to the NCIC Criminal Justice Information System used on a national basis. I had been assigned to the county jail to code information from the files of the identification section onto the computer. I later trained new people on this coding system in an old building across from the Bexar County Courthouse. This building was known as the Legal Professional building which in the 1920’s used to be a police station. One day as we were taking a break from the class I remember sitting at a desk and my hand suddenly took a life of its own and grabbed a pen that was nearby. It started writing under its own power on this sheet of paper. It wrote only one word: “MANGEL”. To this day I don’t know what the word meant and have found no one that did. Perhaps it had something to do with the history of this old building. After this I never had another bout of automatic handwriting.
Vineland, New Jersey
One day while living on East Avenue in our old house we were watching a special program on Hollywood ghosts in our basement. This part of the show was featuring the hosts of the show with some guests in a live séance. Apparently they were trying to conjure up some old Hollywood ghosts. All of a sudden we heard this crashing popping noise come from upstairs. We all ran up the stairs to find that one of the bulbs in one of the lamps in the living room had burst. There were pieces of glass all over the place. I later read that this is usually a sign of Poltergeist activity. Somehow by watching that show it opened up a doorway to demonic forces. We never again watched this type of show in our house.
On another occasion I came home from work around 1:30 in the morning. Everyone was asleep and I had the habit of lighting a scented candle in the dining room. We had a small dog that slept in the kitchen adjacent to the dining room and sometimes his scent drifted into the dining room. Well after I lit the candle I went downstairs to my room to take my clothes off and prepare for a shower. When I walked through the dining room I noticed the candle was no longer lit. I thought maybe it was a draft coming into the dining room that blew it out. This was an old house and was very drafty. I proceeded to light the candle again and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When I was done with my shower and came through the dining room again the candle was no longer lit. So not thinking about anything I lit the candle again and went downstairs. I came upstairs again and lo and behold the candle was out again. I finally gave up lighting the candle and said to myself that someone or something didn’t want that candle lit. So after that day I never lit another candle during the night again.
One day in the same house I was outside doing something in the yard and I remember standing just outside of one of the dining room windows when all of a sudden I hear a woman call me by my childhood name that only my mother and wife knew. The voice was as clear as if someone had been standing right beside me or in the window. I turned around and saw no one. My mother lives in Florida and my wife wasn’t home.
Another time I was half awake in bed in the bedroom in the basement and I had my left foot exposed. I felt someone very gently touch my big toe with their thumb and forefinger. When I looked up there was no one there.
My wife Julie was the one that experienced what I’m about to relate to you but since I was in the same room I decided to include this too.  It was on a bus trip that we took with a local church group that we had this experience. We were visiting the Mall of America and we were staying at the Thunderbird Inn motel. The theme and decor was all Native American and it was located right across from the mall. Well one night as I was sleeping soundly my wife who was in the next bed with my daughter said she felt someone sit down on the edge of the bed on her side. She thought that my daughter or me had gotten up for some reason and sat next to her. To my wife’s surprise we were both in bed fast asleep. As she looked in the direction of where that someone was sitting what she saw horrified her. She saw this black thing sitting on the edge of the bed. She described it as a shadowy black hooded figure. My wife being a devout Christian blurted out the name of Jesus. No sooner had she said this that the figure got up and just went right through the door (without opening it). Needless to say it took her a long time to fall asleep after that even with the lights on the rest of the night. 

My First Paranormal Experience: Pirate Ghost or Mischievous Ghost?

By: nicoleabonito@yahoo.com

Last night started as an ordinary night excpet for one thing, and that was the fact that my best friend Peaches was sleeping over for the first time.
My 7-year old son Nicholas was in the shower singing happily, Peaches was lying on the couch downstairs because she was feeling ill, while I was upstairs in my son's bedroom picking out books for bedtime.
I chose Spooky Hour, a Halloween-type book for Nicholas to read because it was simple enough for him to get through (in addition, he is drawn to Gothic or paranormal stories about ghosts or aliens, UFOs, etc.). Just for some additional background, my son also told me when he was 6 that he was a pirate in his last life. I don't even know where he got the idea of reincarnation.
So, I had Spooky Hour in one hand, and then picked up a story book called Flying Sails written in 1920 in my other. This book is one in a series of old books that my mom bought from a library years ago, adorned with beautiful illustrations typical of that era. This particular book was sea-themed with stories such as Gulliver's Travels.
So, I was thumbing through Flying Sails, trying to find a short one because they all seemed to be a little too lengthy for a bedtime story. I was not deeply involved in reading it, I was only flipping through it looking at the length.  (I was not distracted and was completly aware of my surroundings).
Then, as I was about to put it down and choose another book, all of a sudden the overhead light went out.
I knew instantly it was not a power surge because the nightlight was still on, and I could see my bedroom light was on and hear the TV downstairs.
My second spontaneous thought was that the bulb burned out, but I knew that wasn't the case because I did not hear that Pop! or see the blink of the light go out.
I then looked at the wall where the light switch was and noticed that the switch was, to my surprise, in the down, or "off" position. This was not a loose switch. In fact, I tested it right then and there. Not only was it a new, tight switch, but it also makes a click sound, which I would like to add, I did not hear when the light went off while I was looking through the book. Then I felt a chill go down my spine.
I wasnt scared, but I felt I needed to go tell my friend about it because she is very much into ghost-hunting. I would like to add that we had not been discussing ghosts all day so it was not at all in my mind at the time of this occurrence (this was not due to an overly active imagination).
Calmly, I walked down the stairs and went up to her and said "I think there is a ghost in Nicholas' room."
Peaches said she wanted to go into his room so she did, and laid on the floor with the books on her stomach. I left her alone for a few minutes and then she called me in and asked if she looked like anyone had touched her. I told her that her chest was bright red like it was sunburned and her right cheek was too. She told me that she had felt some pain there.
Because I had told her about Nicholas' previous life as a pirate, her theory was that this ghost was a pirate from my son's past, like maybe this was the Captain of the ship he was on and he had to fight him to be Captain of the ship.
When my son got out of the shower, I asked him if he remembered telling me about being a pirate and he said yes. I asked him if he wanted to be Captain of the ship and he said 'I WAS the Captain." I asked him if he would want to be a pirate today if he could. His answer was, "No, because I don't want to die that early." He said this very matter of factly like it was the most normal conversation in the world for a mother and son to have.
I changed the subject and we read our bedtime stories ( I chose a different book by the way to read to him) and then we went to bed. He woke me up in the middle of the night to tuck him back in because his covers fell off, but all and all, it was pretty much a normal night from that point on.
This morning after my son left with his father, Peaches insisted on performing some sort of ceremony burning rosemary in his room, and told the ghost that it is welcome to stay as long as it does not harm us. She had pictures out of my son and me, and talked to the ghost about how Nicholas is a 7 year old boy and to leave him alone.
I hope he/she was listening! I guess we will see.

My Ghostly Encounter

By:  o0longlegz0o@hotmail.com
I was staying at a friends house in Dampier Western Australia. I love reading the real life ghost stories. One thing that scares me more than most things is the thought of a ghostly encounter I have been terrified of them all my life have felt Like I've been watched I don't like walking down hall ways without lights on that sort of thing I think most of it has been a over active imagination. I have always had strong dreams and I feel very comfortable with nature.
So. I grew up in Karratha which is a 15min drive from Dampier. It is a mining town and there is a lot of aboriginal history there. My father and I spent a lot of time fishing and four wheel driving.
 I am not religious nor is my father but I have always been close with the land, have a lot of respect for it and found a lot of beauty in it too. It has fed us when we were short on money and provided loads of entertainment and memories.
The town has big red hills on one side and the ocean on the other. It is a beautiful place.
I left town to move to the big city about 7 years ago (I always felt like the hills missed me) and came back up for work and stayed at a friends house in Dampier.
The house over looked the ocean and was right next to a big gully that has a lot of indigenous carvings and rocks.
I staying in the lounge room which was at the front of the house with the front door opening to it. I kept thinking I saw a tall dark man with no shirt on in the corner of my eye. Around the front door and on the front patio. I though I had imagined it the first few times but as my stay moved on I kept seeing him. I could feel more than anything, that he was from the gully across the road and he was friendly, Maybe lost and maybe scared or probably confused.
One night that everyone was in bed I turned off the TV and just before I flicked the switch I saw him again just a flicker in the corner of my eye.
 I was scared not that I thought he'd hurt me just the whole real ghost thing.
I said to him out loud." I am scared, and I want to help you, please don't hurt me and if you are lonely you can sleep here next to me." Now I have a lot of indigenous friends and their saliva smells different, not bad, just distinct like one flower smells different from another that sort of difference.
 I went to sleep after I spoke to him I had work the next day and I'd told him what I needed to, so he knew, I knew he was there and he was welcome. but I was confused just like him. The whole night that I slept I could smell his breath like he was asleep next to me and facing me while he slept. I still saw him a few times before I left. I don't know why he searched for me maybe he used to watch me play when I was young. I don't know but it was a positive experience. I think communication is important with ghost situations. I'm sure everything situation is different but you and the spirit both need to know what is and is not accepted and how you both feel. Thankyou for reading this.

My Ghosts, My Friends

By: Lndrtr10@aol.com

 My story is no different than anyone else's. But at least I know my ghosts are fairly friendly.  I only have 2 ghosts in my home. The first one we have lovingly named Helen. She has been here ever since my mom and dad moved us in this house when I was not quite 6 years old. She doesn't do anything harmful, just a few childish little tricks like taking lids off cookie jars and sitting the lid in another part of the kitchen,popping the cover off the florsecent light in the bathroom, knocking stuff off walls that won't break in a guest upsets her,etc. But most of the time she's pretty laid back and won't do anything for awhile. The other ghost is a friend of mine who past away here last year. His nickname is Puddin'.  He doesn't bother anything at all. But every once in awhile I'll smell cigarette smoke and a rocking chair that I have in my bedroom will move some.He used to smoke when he was alive. Thanks for listening

My Haunted House

By: deadmen327@gmail.com

Hey, I just wanted to tell you of the numerous activities that have happened in my house through the years.
First, I'll start off with my experience. On Halloween night in my 4th grade year, I started having a really hard time getting to sleep.
Thinking it was just the after-excitement of Halloween, I went to go sleep in my mom's bed since my dad took my oldest brother to a concert that night. At about 2:00 in the morning (November 1st then), I started getting really cold. I turned around to see if my mom went to go turn up the A/C. When i turned around, I saw this white lady in a nice gown looking down at my mom. When she noticed I saw her, she looked up and smiled at me. After turning around really quick to see the time and turning back to see if she was still there, I went back to sleep. The next morning, I told my mom what happened. The first thing my mom asked me was "What did she look like?" I tried my best to describe the lady and when I was done my mom said to me "Hold on a second" and went upstairs. She came downstairs with a family album and opened it up. She pointed to a picture of her with a lady and asked "Is that her?" and in an instant I realized it was. After telling my mom this, she replied "Well, it looks like you got to see your great-grandma". The most curious thing about it was that she was standing right in front of this wooden rocking chair my mom owns that was originally my great-grandmas.
The following two stories, I'm not entirely clear on since they happened to my siblings. The first happened to my sister when was about 5. While sleeping one night, she awoke and saw my grandma smiling at her. Upon waking up, my grandma said to her "Don't be scared Karlina." My sister immediatly ran out of her room and sleep with my parents that night. An interesting note here is that my grandma died a few months before my sister was born and before my mom found out what gender she was going to be, she had a dream that my grandma came to her holding a baby girl smiling. Interesting enough, when my sister was born, she looked just like the baby in the dream.
The other story is that one night, my brother woke up to see some construction-looking guy looking down at him. I can't say I know who this ghost is since my parents were the original owners of this house and as far as I know, no construction workers died in the building of it.
Finally, when someone is walking on the floor above our family room, you can hear the creaks. Several times a day, the floor will creak even if no one is up there. Also, my dog, Rikki, always used to bark at my dad's hat rack.
The last ghost-like happenings I can remember is recently (about a week or so ago) I was home alone and my brother's dog, Riley, was in the house with me. Usually he is a calm dog that rarely gets up (big time couch potato), but all of a sudden he ran to our front door and started barking like crazy. This was totally out of character for him so i grabbed him by his collar and started pulling him back to the family room.  The instant I slightly let up on his collar, he charged back to the front door and went absolutely crazy, jumping up on our couch and running around.

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