My Horse Named Shadow

By: Anonymous

One summer afternoon
Living on a large MA farm in the fifties was lonely, and it didn't help that my Mom had died when I was 9 and my Father was working either in the fields or barn all daylight hours and more. To teach me values and responsibility, my Dad purchased a small easy going horsefor me to spend my days with. Shadow, my horse, was truly my shadow, we became so close, spending many hours daily, riding throughout paths and fields. I loved her dearly, and in a horsy way she returned my love.
The land my Dad's farm was on had many cellar holes dating back 200 years, and as an adult I have studied much about local history, in this area. I knew of two early graveyards in this area, many stones with my family name, and stones that recorded the deaths of large families all in the same month.
I found a grown in path deep in the woods that my Father had told me was once a busy road with many houses along it. But in the 1950s there had been no traffic there for over 120 years. Now I have told you my Shadow was the most gentle we walked that narrow path for the first time, shadow's head arched and her glossy skin rippled, as if she were cold (August). There was a sharp bend ahead and the closer we got the jumpier Shadow became, stepping sideways and then just refusing to move at all. I began to get jumpy myself! Just as the other side of the bend came into view, the gentle horse reared like a wild stallion and I was thrown, landing with my head very close to a large rock. As all this was happening, there was a loud laughter resounding through the wood with an even louder echo!!! At this point, hitting the ground I think I kind of blacked out for a brief few seconds. What might have been a minute later, I became aware that I was lying on my back facing Shadow's stomach over my head with her back legs behind my head. This wonderful beast was covered in a white lather and was breathing very,very hard, but even in that second I knew she had saved me from something most terrible. I grabbed her reins and slowly got up on my feet. I tried to calm her and stop the spin in my head while I looked around me in confusion. There was dirt kicked up in a complete circle around me. There were many tracks mixing with crushed leaves and ferns in this circle, I was in tears at this point hugging Shaddow, despite her sweat, I could see something unworldly had definitely happened, for there were other tracks mixed among the horses hoof marks. I know it was over 50 years ago, but in my mind, as clear as yesterday.................claws and tiny hoof prints, and claws, in the circle again and again......(hoof prints like a baby deer, but only two, like it was hopping.)
Well, Shadow and I walked home slowly and before long her head dragged low and she started to limp, I was little better, and still dizzy. Until now, I had never told anyone about this event, my Dad would never have believed me and he was too grief stricken and depressed at that time from my Moms death to hear much of anything I said.
I remain convinced that Shadow saved my life that day in those dark woods, but still wonder what kind of an animal can laugh and walk with claws in the front and tiny deer hoofs in the back....Do you think it is still there????

Stationed In Germany


I am in the US army and at the time of the story was stationed in Darmstadt Germany. I was living with my wife, two cats and our puppy, in the army family housing in Darmstadt. We had often seen our cats staring at things that werent there, watching things move around the ceiling. We just kind of shrugged it off as if it was spirits, they had done nothing to bother us.
One night I and the puppy went to the bedroom to go to bed. The room had a kind of creepy feel to it, and neither myself or my wife liked being in there in the night with the door closed. This night My wife was doing something loud so I had closed the door and had fallen asleep. Then soem time later I was awoken to our puppy yelping like something had hurt her, my wife came in the roo and we found the poor thing in the closet, scared shaking. It was then that the room filled with the smell as if something had been left rotting in the room, it just smelled of rotting death if that makes sense. We checked everywhere for what could have caused the smell but there was nothing, and the room had no vents or open windows, so the smell just kind of appeared. It went away on its own but I was really freaked out and never was in there with the door closed after dark again.

I've Seen Things


My name is Candace and i'm 20 yrs old. I've had experiences all my life pretty much. Ranging from seeing faces in the dark when i was little to hearing voices. (at one point in my life i thought i was truly crazy) Well anyways i had never really came up against anything that had truly scared me. I mean i would get chills but that would be about it. Well when i was younger we moved alot. The longest we were ever in one house was for 6 yrs. I hated that house. We moved there cause my mom was pregnant with my little brother dustin (now 10) and I remember the first time i stepped into that house. I felt sick...i had to leave. I told my mom that i didnt want to live here. Well she got mad and told me to deal with it. So i did. Nothing really unusual happened for a couple of weeks. Then things started to go bad in our family life...problems with outside family members drama and so forth. It was pretty bad...I now understand that some of it was my fault...not intentional of course but i couldnt help it. You see a couple of months before i found out i was adopted. I never knew. I felt like i had been lied to...betrayed. i had a lot of anger and i was extremely depressed. I think HE fed on it and used it to manifest himself. Well to excape my depression and growing resentment twords my mom i would read. I was always with a book. It was my excape...HE didnt like me reading. At first i would just get the normal being watched feeling which i was used to because of my other houses and some friends houses. Then it progressed to "shadows" moving in the corner of my eye. When i would look it would of course be gone. Things got worse family mom went into labor 3 months early...My dad completely lost any faith he had. Thats when things went really bad...for me atleast. My bed sat on a cold spot. I always assumed it was because it was underneith the window. I have a fear of closets was because of that house. There was something in that closet. during the day i was fine but at night i HAD to sleep with my back flat against the wall. If i rolled over in the middle of the night and slept on my stomach i would immediatly wake up and roll over with every hair standing on end. Some times i would wake up with scratches on me...I had a very bad nail biting probelm at the time. I would wake up every now and again to a male voice screaming WAKE UP!!! I've been pushed into my dresser by HIM. I was even slapped once. I've had my things moved. HE was even in the shower with you know how unnerving it is to be in a steaming hot shower and get cold chills...knowing that HE was watching you. Eventually we moved out. We moved to another part of town to a brand new house with a big back yard so my brothers would have room to grow. We got dogs and everything was going pretty good.I had no bad feelings about this house. I was extremely comfortable and let my guard down (in the old house my guard was so up i could tell when someone was coming down the hall or even going into different rooms) We have a golden retriever named Ivory...she's very very protective of me and my brothers. Well I was asleep in my room i would guess somewhere around 3 am I was dreaming...My family and I (mom, dad, nathan, dustin, and grandma) were outside on the back porch. Ivory was there and so was Tanner (our pit like dog) I was in the porch swing and Tanner had jumped up there with me Ivory was on the porch sleeping. Mom dad and grandma were sitting in the chairs and the boys were playing on the trampoline. well one by one everyone goes inside til its just me and dad. Then he gets up and goes inside. well i get up and go inside to get a drink then i go back out side. I call to Ivory and usualy she'll either look at me with that bored..."what do you want know" look or she'll just wag her tail. well she didnt do either of those things. so i call to her again and this time i lean over and touch her. She's cold. I go inside and tell my dad that she's dead. He goes out and confirms it then we go get some blankets and wrap her up and we bury her on the edge of our property near a magnolia tree(magnolia's are my favorite) well wel bury her and go inside. its night time now and i'm in bed (still dreaming) and i hear the back door open (We have the latch handle doors and Ivory can open them...if only she'll learn to close the door) then i hear scratching at my door and then my door opens. i dont think anything of it til this smell reaches me...the smell of decay. it was horrible i open my eyes thinking damn Ivory what have you rolled in now? there she is standing right next to me she's been dead for months...i can see her was coverd with worms. then i wake up and my grandma walks in to wake me up and the first thing she says is what died in here? Well what i didnt know was that they made an appt with the vet and Ivory has hear worms. And my last and final story (sorry i didnt think it would take this long) In the same house as the last story it was just me and my grandma (my dad was working out of town so mom and the boys were visiting) and Ivory stayed inside with us (unusual cause she'd rather be outside unless i'm home alone for a couple of days) Nothing unusal had occured in several months since that dream...other than family problems centered around me and mom (we found out that she was sick and was becoming increasingly violent due to drinking cause by her depression and anger) well i was asleep in my room (since i've moved out of the old house my fear of closets has decreased with a few exceptions) I was sleeping on my side and rolled over in the middle of the night. I kinda sorta woke up when i felt a slight pressure on my chest. I kinda waved it off and rolled back over. Well this happend several times til the pressure was so great i was having difficulty breathing. I opened my eyes and i was looking strait above me and i didnt see anything (about that time Ivory started clawing at my door-the house had started to settle so my door was hard to open-) then i looked down at my chest and i saw from elbow down of and was semi see through and a greenish tint. with long claw like nails...I screamed...I have never screamed over anything before. then i started struggling and then Ivory came busting in and was on top of me she's heavy. well i make her get out of my room as soon as she calmed down i went back to bed and immediatly fell asleep. well i woke up around 8 the next morning grandma was outside smoking and she asked me if i heard screaming...i told her it might have been me and i told her about the "dream" i had. then thinking nothing more of it i went inside to change out of my pjs while i was changing i happend to look down at my chest and there were 5 half moon marks on my chest...I tried to see if i could match them with my nails...there was no way i could do that to myself.

Oh and i forgot to mention 2 things
1) at the old house when i felt the most scared at night i would see emerald green eyes looking at me in my room and would immediatly feel safe. not human animal...wolflike. all my life i've been obsessed with wolves...if you've any interest in dreams i've got some pretty interesting ones and i'm pretty good with interpretation.
2) at the old house (there is something wrong with that entire area) My youngest brother nathan when he was little he would go up to one tree...only one...and start "talking" to it.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I was born in Singapore in 1951 of British and Australian parents. We lived in various cities in Malaya (now Malaysia) during the 1950’s, 60‘s and 70’s.
In 1957 we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, where we stayed until mid 1975. We moved into a company owned house at Freeman Road Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The history of the house is as follows: 
It and the house next door, (no 17) were built just before WW II by the late Dato Gunn Lay Teik, a then well known Architect. ( who, became an early Malaysian High Commissioner to either Australia or Canada.)
He built them for his daughters.
During WW II, the two houses along with a large semi detached house immediately behind, on what was then known as Golf View Road, were taken over by the Japanese Army’s Secret Police, known as the “Kempetai.” (equivalent of the Nazi Gestapo)
The 2 houses behind were used as Kempai Tai offices and the three in Jalan Freeman became Senior Military officer’s brothels.
The women in the brothels were both Asian and European, the latter being drawn from a pool of captured civilians and military nurses. (”Comfort women” was the term used by the Japanese) 
Male military P.O.W’s were used as gardeners and cooks etc.
These “staff,” if they fell from favour, were executed and some were obviously buried in the ground surrounding the houses as some years later we did find scattered human remains when excavating the gardens for new orchid beds etc. On the advice of our Doctor who identified them as human in origin, we quietly re buried the remains. He said that if word got out as to what we had found, we would never get any Malay or Chinese domestic staff to work for us.  
After the war, the houses were returned to their owners who, knowing what the Japanese had used them for, promptly put them up for sale.
They were all bought by large company’s (at bargain prices,) who used them to house senior expatriate staff.
Gunn Lay Teik was no different and in 1947, sold his 2 houses to the company my father worked for, for $ Malay 36,000. (At that time, around 11,000 Aust pounds each.)
They 2 company houses were 3 bedroomed houses, of 2 storey, double brick construction. There was also a long narrow room forming a roof over the carport at the front door. This room was to play a significant role in what we were to experience over the following 10 years.
In our house, this room was turned into a large walk in linen press and storage area. To enter it one took one step down. When we moved into the house in early 1957, the first thing my mother noticed was that this room was extremely cold, as if it was air-conditioned. In tropical Malaya, a non air-conditioned room this cold, is not normal.
Our dogs would never go into this room and when passing the entrance to that room, always hurried past with tails between their legs. One could never really stay in that room for very long. It had a very uncomfortable atmosphere.
However sometimes after running around playing and getting very hot, I would go and sit on the step at the entrance to the room, to cool off. (I was 5 years old and knew nothing about ghosts at this time.) 
The main bedroom, on the extreme right had side of the upstairs part of the house (as one faced out towards the main road) had its own full bathroom and the other 2, also upstairs shared a bathroom via separate doors leading from the bedrooms to the bathroom. These latter 2 were adjoining each other. One was on the extreme left hand side of the house and the other at the back with windows looking out over the back lawn. This eventually became my room.
All doors were heavy, solid teak with solid brass latches. Windows were hinged teak framed and had a bamboo awning type blind that rolled down over the window to give shade from the sun.
Downstairs was a separate formal dining room, lounge room, kitchen, toilet and downstairs storage room as well as a storage area under the stair case.  The lounge room opened up onto a rear verandah area (remember the temperature was over 85 degrees F plus all year round.)
As per usual European Expatriate practice of the times in India, Malaya, Indonesia and Hong Kong, expats had domestic servants to look after the house hold chores. All expat houses built prior to the early 1960’s had separate servants quarters on the property. This house had a 3 roomed building, with shared kitchen and bathroom/toilet and car garage building sited at the rear of the property, about 20 meters from the main house.            
About 3 months after we moved in, funny things started to happen.
The first incident was the appearance of a white cat, which followed the LAST person who went into my parent’s bedroom at night. (the bedroom at the right hand side of the house) 
This cat made no sound, but appeared from nowhere and scuttled into the room as the door was opened. (This bedroom was air-conditioned.) A thorough search of the room failed to find the cat, but next night, there it was, entering again. (at the time, we had no cats.)
This cat was seen every night until my parents moved to the middle bedroom, which was nearer to the room that my younger sister and I shared. Their old bedroom was then turned into a guest’s room. Over the years, visiting guests who stayed over night with us, also saw the cat.
Then one evening when we returned from an evening out to find a heavy, teak cupboard normally in the upstairs passage was at the bottom of the stairs, just inside the front door. It took 6 men to carry this piece of furniture upstairs next day.
This cupboard “walked “ downstairs many times over our occupation period. Sometimes it “walked” during the night when all were asleep, other times during the day when everyone was out.
One evening, about dusk, my mother, looking through the lounge window, witnessed a woman with long red hair, wearing a sort of white night gown, standing near the front gate. She thought that this was unusual and walked out the front door to go talk to the woman. As she walked across the lawn, the woman walked away and went behind the hedge, which formed our front fence. When my mother got to the gate, she looked in the direction that the woman had walked and saw nothing.
Three nights later, my father saw the same woman walking into the entrance of the servants’ quarters.
He followed her but found no sign of her when he entered the building. She was never actually seen in our house, only on the front and back lawn and in the servants’ quarters. But she was regularly seen in the house next door (number 13) and also in one of the houses behind.
The occupants of both these latter houses often saw her sitting on the edge of the bed brushing her hair. But there was never a reflection in the mirror. When spoken to, she would turn her head, smile and slowly fade from view.
We also saw an emaciated man in a military uniform.  He was seen in our house, both upstairs and downstairs as well as outside.
One evening my mother saw what appeared to be a body lying under a shroud, in the front garden. About 8 years later, I also saw this figure, for want of a better word, on the back lawn at first light one morning and again at about 3.00 a.m. on another morning. (The 2nd time I thought it was a patch of moonlight on the back lawn, but then realized later that day, that the moonrise occurred during daylight hours.)
From time to time, we would also see an old Chinese woman in the lounge room. She was wearing a white starched linen top with black “pyjama” pants cut in a traditional Chinese style.  (This used to be the standard Chinese domestic staff uniform in the immediate pre and post WW2 era. We referred to them as “Black and Whites.”  By the 1960’s, the next generation of Chinese female domestic staff had abandoned this tradition for more colourful pyjama suit type clothing. )
One would look up from reading a paper or book and see this old woman standing in front of you, smiling, She would then fade quickly from view. She was only seen in the lounge, in broad daylight, but never when there were a lot of people around.
I remember one night, being constantly disturbed by a raging thunderstorm with flashing lightning and loud thunderclaps. Only there had not been a storm at all. I went out of the room to the bathroom and noticed that the skies were starlit and clear. But on going back into the bedroom, found myself being kept awake by this storm. At the time, being half asleep, it did not occur to me that something was not right about what I had witnessed. It was only later on thinking about what had happened did I realise that it had been several days since we had had a thunderstorm.
Many times my mother also witnessed a heavy, black material bound telephone cord (the telephones in those days were large, heavy, black “Bakelite” units. The cords were very stiff.) swinging back and forward violently through a 180 degree arc.
If she ever took an afternoon nap, she was frequently disturbed by the sound of a small trumpet like horn being blown in her ear. She also used to have her permed, curly hair, pulled quite hard when she was brushing it.
Sometimes we were disturbed by the sound of sand being thrown against the bedroom windows, but there was never any sign of sand on the lawn under the window concerned. This sound used to go on for hours at times, but could only be heard by someone who was in the room. If we sent someone outside to look, the sound could be heard from inside, but the person standing outside would witness nothing. 
Periodically, closed doors would open and shut. All door handles in the house were of a lever type. We would see the lever move to open the door. If you put your hand on the door handle as or just after this happened, invariably one would feel a warm hand underneath yours and you could not move the door handle in the opposite direction. This never lasted longer than some 20 seconds or so and the handle would become free again and the feeling of the warm hand would cease.
From time to time, we would hear sounds from the kitchen after the servants had finished for the night. Investigation would often find all elements on the electric stove turned on.
We later had an LPG stove put in and the problems ceased, but not the noises. We often heard the sound of pots and pans clashing and clanging during the night and also the sound of a large number of China plates being dropped and broken, but all was in order when we went to investigate. After a while, we ignored the sound.
It was quite common in my bedroom, to feel the bed being gently rocked, this was quite soothing and usually sent one off to sleep.
Periodically, the door from my room that opened into the bathroom, would be violently hit from the bathroom side. Remember that these were solid teak and very heavy and were fastened with solid brass sliding bolts.  The blow was very loud and the door would actually bend toward you as it was hit.
My father is a big, heavy man and he tried throwing his weight violently against this door once. He did not move it and when he contacted it, the sound was that of a muffled thud. Quite insignificant when compared to the sound of the blow that the unknown and unseen entity gave.  I always thought that the door was being kicked, but a “mere mortal” would break his foot if he kicked the door that hard
One evening, when in my mid teens, I arrived home from visiting a friend. As I walked down the drive, I noticed that the lounge room was lit up and a man with shiny, neatly combed black hair and wearing a khaki uniform, was sitting in a chair, with his back to the window and reading what appeared to be a newspaper. I got the impression that he was Asian and thought he was a friend of my father come to visit.
(Later I recollected that the furniture I the room was different to what we had in there.)
On entering the house, I found the whole house, including the lounge, to be in darkness, the rest of the family having gone out and the servants retired for the night.
Thinking back, I think this man was probably a Japanese Military officer. I only experienced this once and my parents never did.
From time to time we would also hear a woman’s voice calling out in terror and being answered by a raised male voice. Both were speaking in a language we did not understand (my father learnt Japanese a few years after we moved in and one day suddenly realized he understood what was being said. The woman was calling out “No, No, please no, not that” and the male voice was rebuking her for some misdemeanor.)
It was then that my parents realised that what we had seen and experienced were most likely the spirits of those who suffered there.             
After finding this out, we began to suspect that the cold room I described earlier in this narrative may have been used as a place for the ill treatment and execution of prisoners.
My father learnt that after the war, health authorities advised that the original septic tank was too close to the house and a new one had to be installed.  While digging the new pit, workers had dug up human remains.
We left the house in 1967 to move to a new house nearby. The next occupant, also working for the same company, also experienced funny things but did not actually see anything strange.
The family who occupied no 17, experienced similar goings on. The woman with long red hair was sometimes seen in their master bedroom.
They also used to see a small Japanese Army truck, with open rear tray area, driving up their driveway. In the back were 6 Japanese soldiers sitting, 3 a side, facing in towards the middle, rifles between their knees. When someone went outside to investigate, the truck and occupants had vanished.
The family’s (in no 17) dogs on several occasions, also dug up human bones from the garden. In the interests of preserving the local peace, they also quietly re buried the remains and said nothing. I did not find out about what they had experienced until many years after they had left Malaysia and returned to England. 
The company sold the houses in the mid 1970’s after my family had left Malaysia. The houses at 15 and 17 were torn down and a large mansion built across the boundaries of both properties.  However, this was demolished after a few years and since then the 2 blocks have remained vacant. In 2008, they are STILL vacant. This is prime land in an inner suburban area, but the land is still vacant.
The house at no 13 is still standing, but is abandoned and ½ the roof has collapsed.
We wonder just what was found when the site was excavated for the new building.
Also, the reason why the new mansion was also demolished and the blocks left vacant? Maybe the souls of those poor victims still occupy the site and are not at rest and re appeared in the new building.



 I was raised in South Hadley, Massachusetts.  My story is a 100% true story and there are many witnesses who have seen or at least heard our ghost Harry! My mom bought her house from her brother when he divorced and that is where Harry resides. MA. very young children my cousins and I played at their house and witnessed crayons flying through the air, doors opening and closing, radio turning on and off...we saw alot and we told our parents scared half to death. They never believed us kids saying to knock it off and go play. Well when my mother bought the house and my brother and I moved out my mom saw some strange happening of her own. She could not accuse us kids of hiding things on her and trying to make her crazy! LOL! We had grown up and moved out. Well I lived w/ her for awhile w/ my oldest son and he was such a scary cat we had to think of a name for our ghost so my son did not know what we were talking about for fear of him never being able to sleep again. Harry seems to be a friendly enough ghost. He has never harmed anyone that I am aware of. He almost gave my husband a heart attack because my hubby was a non believer of ghost. Well it didn't take him knowing me long to figure out that Harry was VERY real. His first sighting of something strange was when I dropped off my middle son at his dads and he had left his plastic bag of cars in the middle of the floor. My hubby went to pick it up and saw what appeared to be invisible hands rummaging through the bag of matchbox cars. There was no other explanation. He had to believe. Then we moved in w/ mom for awhile and the chimes would chime all by themselves...things go missing and reappear all of the time. My mom used to think we hid things on her. One night we heard walking in my moms room above us at like 3am. Why would she be up. We were laying in our bed and when we looked up thinking it would be mom there was a whitish gray form at the bottom of my bed. We hid under the covers so afraid. Nothing harm anyways...Harry lives w/ my mom still and she has been all by herself for over 25 years and Harry acts up mostly when my brother or I (who now live in VA) go home for a visit. I feel like he gets jealous and acts up. Like a kid for attention. Many of other crazy things happen w/ Harry around. Just thought I would like to share that

Our Apartment


I recently came across the website:  I was shocked to see that in Lovejoy, GA there were apparitions.  I too had an experience but didn’t think much about it.  Especially after everybody looked at us (my mother in law also saw it) as if we were crazy.
We used to live in a new apartment complex.  One day I was sitting on the counter eating lunch and my mother in law was in the living room.  As she came towards me to get to the kitchen, we both saw a man going towards the room at the end of the hall.  Our first instinct was that one had broken into the apartment.  We did get a chill, but at the time we didn’t seem it was a big deal, we just figured it was the fact that we had gotten scared.  I grabbed the phone and we walked towards the hallway, when we looked, we saw nobody.  We thought they had gone into the bathroom or the laundry room.  When we saw nobody, we looked in the closet of the room, but again didn’t see anybody.
After we came to our senses, we realized that nobody could have entered because we would have heard the door and the alarm go off.
Two guys that slept in that room told us afterwards that they would have trouble sleeping for a long time.  On occasion, they would here the water running, but they thought it was the other one.  After sharing these experiences, we came to the conclusion that this was paranormal. 
We called the leasing office and asked them if anything had happened in that apartment or if they knew of thing of this nature in that area.  They obviously thought we were crazy and replied that they didn’t know anything.
Now that I have found this, I feel relieve that now thanks to this, my family believe us.  Far be it to say that when our lease expired, we moved out.
Thank you for  letting me share my story.



There is allot of things in my life I have seen over the years but nothing has ever disturbed me quite like this. It was the weekend of break for myself and my mom and we decided to go up to OK. City to see my cousins. Everything was great I got to see some relatives and nothing seemed out of the normal. That is as far as normal went that night. While taking the 4 hour drive back..( about that much ), I noticed that the moon was very huge and blood red. Course I didn't know about the eclipse that day so if was cool to watch as we drove to Farris, which is a tiny town between Lane and Antlers.  I remember that my mother pulled onto the veterans bridge in Atoka when a couple miles down the road I happened to look up and a elderly couple was standing on the side of the road staring across as if watching something. It reminded me of the Grant Wood painting of the farmer. I remember looking at the clock a moment before and saw it was midnight. The moon was still out and still red. What makes it worse for myself is that my mother also caught a glimpse of them. I turned around shocked and sure if I turned around they would be flying behind us screaming. I've passed by several times since then and every time I get a shiver up my spine remembering what happened. I am teased a bit because I cover my eyes and wait till we pass the bridge and get into Lane.

I Wonder What is Waiting

  My dog and I have been traveling the mountains of upstate NY and Pa for Seventeen Years. So when he left me last Feb 2007, I brought him to his favorite spot. There was still snow on the ground and tracking though the woods at this time was very difficult. I tried to break ground with the pick that I carried, but the ground would not permit me. I found a nice spot and laid him under some brush beneith some trees. I told dillon i would be back.
  Three weeks past before i was able to get back to him. When I was driving up the dirt road all i cound think about was how I was going to find him. Being where i laid him down I thought I'd find him in pieces,( was getting sick to my stomack.) He was my boy and this had to be done.
  When I reached him it was just like i laid him down, thought this was wierd, he wasn't even stiff. It was like he was waiting for me to come back. It was nice being with him again even though he had passed. The rest of the afternoon off and on i dug his grave, going very deep so the wild animals couldn't dig him up. I Took off my coat and wrapped it around him and laid him in his grave. Dusk was setting in and all of a sudden i herd children moving all around me laughing and giggling. I knew this wasn't natural for children to be where we were, for the closest house was at least ten miles away. I still dismissed this in my mind as the circle they were using around me kept getting smaller. I would stop every now and than and lessen, but i could hear no breaking branches which should have been happening. Thank God I already had a cross i made, for night was now apon me.
  When I was tracking up the mountain tword my car these spirts were in a horseshoe behind me. Every now and than i would turn around to keep them behind me, but this still didn't stop the giggling.(Never herd this type of laughter before) When I made the clearing where my car was the noise finaly stopped. I popped the trunk open to put the pick and shovel in than I  leared over the hood of the car. There stood Five solid white entites at the edge of the woods. They were not children.
  For the past eleven months I have been visiting his grave to make sure his resting place is kept up and confortable.Each time im there they appear to me. I have been tossed six feet in the air once, a dark figure has drifted accross the opening, another time this figure was floating seven yards from me, herd bull frogs croaking the english language, items inside my car gone when i returned, my usa cap taken and found it the next time on dillons cross.
  I'm an educated man im not crazy, can't talk to anyone about this without people thinking im wierd or mentally disturbed. I know what has and will continue to show themselfs to me.
  I'm going to say my final goodbye to him at the end of this month, for im going to relocate to a different area for my accounting career. I wonder whats going to be waiting for me this time?

Poet Seat Tower, Greenfield MA

By: Anonymous

Please allow me to tell a little history in order for the reader to have an understanding of my event. The town of Greenfield was populated with Pocumtuck Indians, when it was first settled by white man in 1686. The settlers were repeatedly attacked in those early years. Parts of the city of Greenfield have beautiful views, and non better that what is viewed from the Poet Seat Tower on the Rocky Mountain, part of the Pocumtuck Range that runs along side of the Connecticut River. A three floored tall sandstone observation tower was built in honor of the poet F. Tuckerman 1821-1873.
Back in 1966 when I was 17 we frequently parked at the first lookout, and climbed the dirt path up to the tower. At that time there was no light other then the moon, and our dates would often try to scare us girls with many different stupid acts. I had done this trip as many as 30-40 times in my teen years and it took a lot to make me nervous. On this summer night I was there with my date and another couple. The other couple had been fighting back and forth all night, and were some distance ahead of us. We started to hear screams, like from several different people all at once, weird, as we were the only car there. Then she came running back to us screaming and hard to understand, she was shaking and pulling on us, so it was hard for us to take in what she was saying. She was trying to tell us that he had been pushed off the rock edge. Now we are running up to the tower, but still think she is pulling a fast one on us wit h her boyfriend. After all, she would never push him off and we were the only ones parked there that night. But the thing was, we didn't find him and after a search (it was very dark), she wanted to report what she had seen to the police. Be sure, that was the last thing we wanted to do, but he was missing, and she was really frightened. I was shocked when sitting with her at a police table as she told them what she had seen. She was a few steps behind him, and he was facing her, saying some harsh words, when from behind her figures ran past her and gave him a shove and she clearly saw several people fall from that rocky cliff. There were crys, howls and screams all around her (we had heard that too). A search was started, and all of our parents were called, the next afternoon he was found, but there was no evidence of anyone else. He was badly hurt but still alive, months and then years later he never fully recovered, and was no longer able to think quite & nbsp;rationally. What the officer was repeatingly asking for was a description of the individuals she had seen and she kept saying that it was cavemen, wild hair and little to no clothes, many bare bodies. Years later, she had never changed her story. I saw her not long ago, now over forty years have passed, she quietly said I think it was Indians................... you know.............ghosts..........

Pottersville N.J.


It was about 1975 and my friend, Charlene who lived in Chester N.J. as my neighbor inherited her Grandmothers house right in the center of Pottersville, N.J. right across the street from a garage.
Charlene had called me and told me to stop by any time and see what she had done to the place. One morning me and my two sons drove to Pottersville for a visit. They looked forward to playing with her boy Ron.
When we arrived we got out of the car and walked to the front porch. The porch was concrete and had steps going up and down on both sides. We three stood on the porch and knocked on the door. No answer. I tried to look in the porch door window which was big but had a sheer curtain covering it. We also listened for a minute because her children were rambunctious and I new they would be noisy. Yet, it was very quiet. My boys ran back to the car and I walked down the other set of steps to peer into the dinning room. I could see all the way from the dinning area to the kitchen. It was a nice old house but no people. As I walked back up the steps and looked at the front door window I saw that the curtains were pulled back as if hands were parting the curtains yet know one was in the window! Just as suddenly as they were parted, they slammed shut! It was really spooky and it scared  me so much that I never went back!



I used to live in a trailor in Jacksonville, Alabama. It is located on private land that also has a creek and a private family cemetery lot. I had several paranormal experiences while living there. I lived there for 2 years. Throughout the 2 years, many weird things happened to me and my 1 year old daughter at the time.
There was a spirit that use to play with my daughter's toys when no one was in the room and when she was like 1 and 2 yrs. old, she used to play with it and talk to it. I never saw it. I saw a beam of light shoot across the livingroom. One night we heard banging on the side of the trailor like someone was hitting it with a piece of wood or a hammer. It started at one end, then when I went to check out the sound in that room, it shot across to the other side, each time I ran back and forth to see if someone was out there and each time it would change ends of the trailor that it was hitting. At the same time that was happening, I heard footsteps running across the top of the trailor. I called the cops of course because at that time, my ex was harassing me and stocking me, but it wasn't him. The cops drew their weapons and went through the trailor and got on top of the roof of the trailor and searched all of the land (there were like 4 or 5 cops up there at that time) one found anything footprints...nothing!!! They did find a 2 x 4 on top of the roof of my trailor.
Oh yeah, then one night, my daughter was asleep in my bed, which my room was right next to the living room. I was at the table in the living room reading. I used to turn off all my daughter's toys everynight so the batteries wouldn't run down. She had one of those Leap Frog activity tables and that thing would go off every night. Well, one night I took the batteries out...and it turned itself on. Then that same night, I was sitting at the table and I heard this carousel music playing like something you'd hear on a horse carousel. I searched the whole trailor trying to locate that sound. Well, the very last thing that I thought about checking was this Peter the Rabbit jewelry box I had bought for her because her room was done in Peter Rabbit when she was a baby. Well, it was still in the original box and packaging because I was saving it for her. Well, when I opened it, it started playing THE EXACT SAME MUSIC THAT I HEARD!!!!
I don't know if anything ever happened in that trailor. I have always assumed that it was spirits buried in the cemetery. The trailor is set off the to the side of the road and is on a private dirt road. Living there, we were the only LIVING souls on that road!

Olsbrucken Germany
By: Anonymous

Mining sounds heard deep underground at night.
They would be heard when in bed from underneath the house. I thought they
where dreams, but years later my daughter then 3-5 years old recounted the
exaxt same sounds (rocks breaking and carts rolling) when I asked her (now
13 years old). From 1997 to 2000.  



Yorktown, Va: Battlefield  While in the US Coast Guard I was stationed at Yorktown for two months for "A" school.  The Coast Guard base was built actually on the battlefield.  You walk out of some of the barracks and across the parking lot are trenches used by the soldiers.  One of the things we did was stand watch at night, and when standing watch we went around the buildings to make sure everything was still secured.  While standing watch (I had the 2:00am to 4:00am watch) I walked out of one of the barracks and heard a musket fire, followed quickly by another.  The sound a musket makes when fired is different than a modern rifle, and it was WAY too late for the Gunners Mates to be playing around. It was also too late for anyone to be reenacting on the battlefield.  The volume of musket fire rose and I could actually hear ranks firing at the same time, answered by another volley.  Cannon could also be heard  plainly in the mix.  I started walking towards the officers quarters across the street thinking that one of the officers, who live in the nice large houses on base, fell asleep while watching the Patriot with his surround sound cranked up.  As I got closer to the officer housing I realized the sound of battle was clearly coming from the nearby battlefield.  I listened to this going on for about 20 minutes.

Scared the Wits Out of Me

By: Anonymous

Anyway, this is only one of the stories. I have other ones my mother's told me, but I wanna tell this one because it happened to me personally. I also have a few others that are a little more personal and emotional and I don't think I'm ready to tell them yet.
Ok! This happened to me in 5th grade, and it scared the wits out of me.
Our county and the surrounding counties share this place called an "Outdoor Lab." It's called that because that's basically what it is. It's a house in the forest with a big lake, and kids go there with their science classes to do experiments, play, learn about leadership through surviving in the "wild," stuff like that. Well, our county had this thing where all the 5th graders had to do an over-night at the Outdoor Lab. Each school was at the Lab at a different time, but either way, if you were a 5th grader in my county, you had to have spent a night at the Outdoor Lab.
It started out really fun. Since we were there over-night, we got to do bigger and more fun experiments. The day was fun and everyone was really excited.
A layout of the Lab is as follows, I haven't been in a long time so it's fuzzy but I remember the main components. We would have to walk from where the bus parked to the Lab. There was a building which was the main building, where we kept our supplies for experiments, where there were tables for us to eat, and where the offices were, of the people who worked there. Next to the building is a hugeeeee lake. Beyond that are trees, trees, bushes, and trees. Further down away from the main building and the lake is another building. It's long because it is the boys bathroom, girl's bathroom, and "zoo," all in one. Well each section is cut off from the other, but you get the idea. Then beyond that is a river/creek/stream thing, I don't know, and a small bridge, and beyond all that, amongst the trees, are smaller bridges and streams and stuff. The basic woodsy type thing. Where we were sleeping that night was off to the far, far right of the bathrooms/zoo. The boys slept on the side of the bathrooms, while the girls had to cross a bridge over to the other side of the stream/river/creek thing. Everyone was given a tent and given time to "dibs" a place to put up the tent. Then we went around a bit and before we went to sleep we were given more time to pitch the tent, get out our sleeping bags, etc. I don't know why! But for some reason, my friends and I decided to take the spot closest to the woods! I mean, this was during the time of the "Blair Witch Project" and such stuff, and we were in 5th grade. We thought it was cool!
Anyway, that night was really really fun. The people who worked at the Lab took us on a night tour, everyone was rowdy, happy. We got to sit in a huge tent and pretend to have a meeting like Native Americans used to do. No one was tired or anything!
Then came sleeping time. It was three to a tent, and I remember I slept on the far right. At some point, one of my friends, I don't remember which but for some reason I think it was Jen, tried to wake me up and asked me to go to the bathroom with her. I, being stupid and lazy and sleepy, pretended not to wake up. So she turned around and asked my other friend to go. After they left, I felt really bad about not going, and I was too scared to go back to sleep on my own, so I sat up and waited for them to come back. I sat there for, I don't know how long, when all of a sudden I heard someone mess with the tent, like, touch it, I don't know. Then the tent zipper started to go up, really, really slowly. And I did not think it was funny! I yelled out at my friends, but they didn't answer. So I took my flashlight and shined it at the tent's zipper, and I didn't see anything. No shadow, no form, no nothing. So I'm freaking out. Because I was only 10 at the time, at first I thought it was a bear. We were warned not to have food in our tent because it'll attract bears, and of course we didn't listen and had food. But I really really freaked out when I didn't get a shadow or anything after shining the flashlight. I kept the flashlight shining at the same point for a few seconds, and the zipper kept going up, but then I heard my friends calling me from the bridge. They sounded really far away because I was really scared. About two minutes later they tore open the tent zipper and asked if I was ok. Of course I wasn't OK! They told me that as they were walking back to the tent, they shined their flashlight into the woods and by chance they saw a large shadow in the form of a man standing, hovering over the tent with his hand touching it. I told them that it couldn't have been a "shadow" because I shined my light right at the tent's zipper and didn't see anything. They asked me if I'd heard anything before the zipper went up, and I said no. Now, in our tent looking out, to our back is the river, to our right are other tents, and to our left is the huge huge forest. My friends got me to lie back down and I don't remember if I went back to sleep. But I've thought about it ever since!
I guess it could've been one of the other girls, or a boy, but I honestly did not hear any movement outside. Since I was waiting for my friends to come back, I was listening really hard so that as soon as I heard them I'd be able to lie back down. I didn't hear anything before or after, the only sound I heard was the zipper being pulled up. I was soo scared. Maybe because I was only in 5th grade, my imagination might have exaggerated itself a bit and it was really a person playing a prank on me. Because my friends said that when they yelled for me on the brigde, it's not like the shadow disappeared, I think it just ran into the woods.

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