The Spirits in My House


My parents bought the house we currently live in around 7 years ago when i was around 11, I never really liked it but there was nothing that seemed out of the ordinary or strange about it at all.
One day around 4 years ago i was walking from my room and down the stairs, the hallways is very small and the stairs are very steep with an attic directly above the stairs on the landing. I reached the top of the stairs when someone push me hard in the back and i fell down the stairs with such a force that i hit my head on a pot vase at the bottom of the stairs and it smashed.
My mother was in the kitchen, so there could be no one upstairs- i looked up at the time but becasue i hit my head so hard i had a purple haze over my eyes and i couldnt see a thing for about 5 minutes.
After that nothing particularly frightening happened- i had a thick carpet and a bunk bed with a tent underneath it, and at night id hear footsteps always take the same path, from the landing down the room and to the bottom of my bed, then my bed would start to rock as if someone had grabbed the bottom and was shaking it.
This was frightening at the time, but being about 14 i was too afraid to look most of the time, on the odd occasion i did look i couldnt see a thing, but whenever i look it stopped, only to carry on when i looked down again.
I eventualyl became so used to this that it didnt frighten me anymore.
Then my parents swapped rooms with me when i was about 16 becasue mine was bigger, they never mentioned seeing or hearing anythign strange in there, but i was happy enough in this new room becasue i never heard any footsteps in my room again, id sometimes hear them on hte landing but theyed go into my old room, i never mentioned it to my mum and dad but they never ased if id been waking around and never mentioned heasring anything at all.
About 7 months ago i got as double bed and moved it across the room so i was lying in a place, then things began to get a bit strange.
One night i had a dream, i was in my  house but it was decorated differntly, i dreamt i was walking behind a man as he walked down my stairs, I didn't see his face at first but for some reason i knew everythign about him  that he lived here and had a wife, 3 children and a brother who had a mental disability. Even thoguht i knew this i did not know his name.
I followed him down the stairs and his brother was in the hallway, he asked where his wife and chidren were becasue he had not seen them all day, just under the stairs in my house there used to be a pantry, but the door was taken out so it's just an extension to the room now, bit in my dream it was a pantry, and his brother opened the door, and his family fell out and to the floor, all dead- at this point his brother lunged for him, no weapon in his hand but terrifying none the less- the man turned around and i got a full view of his face- up to now i know this seems like a stupid dream from someone whose been watching too many movies, bt somethign already didnt seem right. As the man turned aroudn to run up the stairs he saw me becasue i was standing striaght behind him. He actally stopped and looked at me, as if i scared him becasue he hadnt expected me to be there.
i grabbed his hand and ran back up the stairs, straight into my room and told him to climb through the window. My room was again the same except for the furnishing.
I couldnt see him at thispoint becase he was behind me but as i rached the window i woke up.
When i woke up i couldnt remember any of it for more than a few moments, i had forgotten all about it and everything seemed the same as usual, if i ad remembered it althoguh somethign had seemed wrong at the time i probably woud have dismissed it as a nightmare becasue nothign out of the ordinary was happening in the house.
That day i was in the house alone, everyone was at work. I was sitting on my bed on my laptop, when i heard a terrible noise from downstairs.
The door that leads from my kitchen to my front room is very large, it has glass panes and is incredibly heavy.
It is so heavy that when you open it you can feel it opening in my room becasue it is directly underneath.
I heard it open and then it slammed shut with such a force that my bedroom floor shook.
This happened 5 times in a row and i began to get frightened so i went down to see what was going on.
I went in the front room and everythign was the same as normal- i checked the house and there was no one in, all the doors were locked, even the kitchen door was locked, the cats have a habit of jumping on the handle to try and open it, but because its such a heavy door they just end up falling and, worried theyed get hurt we lock the kitchen door when no ones downstairs.
I checked the glass becasue the force with which the door was shutting i thoguth it woud have shattered, but nothing was out of the ordinary, even the cats weren't agitated and the dogs were asleep.
I went back upstairs and began taking to my boyfriend online, i'm not easy to scare as a rule and i quickly put it to the back of my mind.
About an hour later i went to get some food, i waked into the front room and my basset hound jumped up, wanting attention, i looked into the kitchen after playing with her for a few minutes and saw a face through the glass.
It was pale, and had dark marks around its eyes, there was no body, just a face, looking striahgt at me. I had never seen anythign like this before, but i had always thought that if ghosts did exist then they wouldnt be able to see us, that they would look through us- but this face was looking straight at me.
As soon as i saw that face my dream came flooding back, straight away i recognised the man who i had tried to help escape in my dream, at the time i was so scared i didnt think about it too much.
I was so frightened that i burst into tears and ran out of the room to the phone, i phones my boyfriend who came straight down because I was so upset.
He had a look around but neither of us could see anything anymore.
Since then things got even stranger. Every night when i went to bed i began to see a white figure beside my window next to my bed- never the full figure, just an arm or a leg, but it always walked up and down the side of my bed all night, and if i left a plastic bag beside my bed it would actually crinkle as if someone was stepping on it. Although this understandable firghtened me at first, after a few nights i didnt feel frightened anymore- i noticed, in fact that the figure always appeared more clearly and for longer depending on my mood.
I was down a lot at the time becasue of family matters, and whenever i was feeling low it would appear the same night, and the more upset i was feeling, the longer it would be waking up and down the side of the bed. I began to enjoy it being there as it made me feel safe, but i never once tried to talk to it or touch it, which i regret now. I never saw his or her face, but i have the feeling it was a male. I began to think it was the man from my dream i saw in the kitchen, and began to look into what could have caused me to have such a strange dream then see what i saw.
The only explanation i could find was that if a traumatic event was replaying itself and i moved my bed and got in the way, when i was half asleep i may have interfered, but i am no expert which is wy i am sendiong the story to you.
At the same time things began to happen that werent so good- my boyfriend and my sister both said they had seen a dark figure in my parents room, at the side of the room near the wall, but I could never ever see this- i coud only see the white figure when i was alone at night- my boyfriend even told me he could see the black figure in my room a few times, but i could never see anything.
The only time i have ever seen anythign which i would presume to be a ghost was a couple of years earlier i visited a run down manor and took some photos, on one photo some figures appeared that i could not explain- i sent the photo to a well known analyser who speciallised in fraud ghost photographs and told him everything he asked, the weather- the camera- the other photos i took, but he could provide no explaination other than it was genuine, i will attatch this photo in the email.
I decided to take photographs around my house to see if anythign showed up- i took photograph after photograph and uploaded them to my computer to look- i could pick nothing up at all there was nothing on any photo.
I then remembered when i fell downthe stairs a few years before, and decided to take a photograph there.
I stood a t the bottom of the stairs and took a photograph up, including the attic roof. I uploaded it to my computer.
At the top of the stairs there was a figure, i could not make out wether this one was a woman or a man, it was a head and shoulders, but the figuer was wering a hood, and he seemed to be looking directly at me, just like the man in the kitchen, although it was not the same man. I then took a photo of the attic door when i plucked up the courage, becasue i was starting to feel very scared.
I took a photograph of the attic roof and the most terrifying thing hapened so far.
On the door, which was plain white to the eye, was strange dark patches, and when i uploaded them to my computer i could see somethign that terrified me- the woman from my dream was on the attic door- the dark patches made the shape of a womans head and shoulders, looking very drawn but definitley the woman from my dream, i lightened the image to see if anything else showed up, and at her shoulder, where i expected her arm to continue, the dark shape became thinner, and, feling horrified at the time i actually realised it was a bone- i began to study the photograph futher and around the rest of the door, i could clearly make out the other little dark patches- these pathces were smaller and too clearly made out the unmistakable shape of 3 small skulls. At the time i closed the computer and didnt bother opening it until the next day, i was too scared and frankly felt too ill to eat or sleep for a good while, it wasn't so much fear as a terrible depressing feeling that made me feel ill.
The next day i waited until my sister went out the room and showed my mother the photo of the attic, my father was out working at the time, and, after studying it properly she became so frightened she called him to come home.
He came home and looked at the photograh- e was the only person who ever went in the attic, and he wa very quiet when we showed him.
After a while he eventually told us that the past few times he had been in the attic he had heard horrible whispering sounds, and was too frightened to go up for a lng while.
I wish i could show these pictures to you, but my computer crashed and they were lot, thankfully the fiert one i mentioned i managed to sve becasue it was stored on the family pc and not my laptop, and that is the one i have attatched.
I have a winnie the pooh cuckoo clock in my room, which the batteries are flat in and it is switched off- there is no way it would chime out becasue it has to power going to it.
It was a pendulum and 2 honey pots on chains hanging from it, around the time all this started happening in noticed that the pendulum would swing very fast or very slow sometimes, and the pts would begin to swing back and forth for no reason, but with everythign else going on i just took it as another strange thing happening but nothing i should pay significant attention to.
Being 17 at the time i wanted to take it down, and i was sitting with my boyfriend and i said " I'm sick of that clock, i think i'll take it down tomorrow."
A few hours later he shook me awake, and told me to look at the clock. The pendulum was swinging incredibly fast, and the honey pots were swinging so much the clattered together. This scared me and i shouted out stop it- as loud as i could, the pendulm actually stopped in mid swing, half way in the air, then returned to its normal pace.
That night when i was alone i was woken up by my clock chiming, it sings the winnie the pooh tune, and althoguh it had no batteries and the power was off it sang none the less, but it sang as if the batteries were going, it screeched and drawled the tune rather than chimed it, like in childrens toys when the batteries begin to run out.
This, for soem reason didnt scare me- by this point i was convinced that what i had studied was true and that a traumatic event had been reoccuring and i had gotten in the way, causing all this to happen, and to my own surprise i felt bad about shouting before- i began to think about the children i thought were here by this point, and when the chiming stopped I said i wont take it down and went back to sleep, since then the pendulum still goes fast and slow and the pots still swing but i honestly think that there is a child here playing with it.
Then something very strange happened, the white figure was pacing my room, although my back was turned to it and i was facing the door.
I suddenly felt incredibly frightened and opened my eeys to see a large balck shape hovering in the doorway. I could not make a figure out, it was just a black blob. This was the  first time ihad seen this and i immediatley found myself looking behind me to where the white figure would have been standing for help, it had ben there so often that if i was ever upset or lonely i found myself talking aloud ot it, although i never heard anything back.
Before i could, however, i saw a long flas of white streak across over my bed towards the door where the black figure was standing, liek mist but thicker. It went straight into the black figure and both dissapeared.
I have seen neither since then.  Ocassionaly i see thigns in the corner of my eye buti can never make them out- the clock still messes up now and again and the other day i was sure i heard a little girl's voice coming from the bottom of the stairs, and i hear the footsteps om the landing almost every night, but since then everythign is mostly quiet.
The only thing anyone else could see was the black figure who i only saw once, and that was the most terrifying experience of my life.
I miss the white figure, i gew very close to it and i regret not trying to contact it further, it feels kind of liek i have lost a friend.
But it was as if i pulled these things out of my dream, my dream explains why things revolved around me and the fact i am very caring by nature may explain it more as well, but why i couldnt se ethe black figure till last, why the white figure took to protecting me then vanished when it made the black figure go away and why all this happend to me i dont know.
I looked through the deeds at the previous owner of the house, and thew only thing i could find that struck me was that the frst man to buy the house shared the ame second name as me but as far aas i know he is nothing to do with my family.
It has had a very negative effect on me though, not long after everythign quietened down i was playing with my rat, not thinkgin about anythign inparticulr, just busy, and i looked out the window and saw a figure sitting in a car outside, a woman, she looked similar in transparency and colour to the face i saw in the kitchen, but she had a disfigurment to one side of her face and had blood all over a part of her face, she was sitting in the drivers wheel. a second later she vanished- since my experience at home i have found that sometimes, if i am busy and not keeping my mind preoccupied wiht thoughts i see things liek this, and this terrifies me, but it is not all that often, and has only happened about 4 times in around 6 months, but thats my story




Take the A Train


I live in NYC.  This would occur intermittently for about a year prior to 9/11 while travelling to work, early in the morning, on the uptown A train subway.
In between the 34th Street and 42nd St. Port of Authority A train stops, there would occasionally be the most strong, nauseating smell of death (the smell of decomposing flesh as well as just about every body fluid you can think of, urine, blood, feces, vomit, respiratory excretions and bed sore odor).  I had to cover my nose with a tissue.  I looked around at my fellow passengers and no one else seemed to notice , except one time, another female passenger and myself exchanged startled glances.  New Yorkers are often seem oblivious to often unconscionable conditions on the subway (100 degree+ temperature in non-air conditioned cars in the heat of summer, screaming drunks and other bizarre behaviors, etc.) so it was hard to discern whether other passengers actually could smell this noxious odor or if they were displaying the characteristic subway rider's oblivion.
The odor was far too strong to be a dead animal and I never smelled it on the S. bound train when passing this area in the evening.  It would be gone from the N. bound train on the next day but reappear months later, in the same place and at he same time of day.  I left that job two months after 9/11 and have not taken the A train during that time of day again since then.

The Green Man Legend & Tunnel- The actual story

I was reading your site around Halloween and noticed  "Green Man", and instantly knew what the reference was. I had heard this story dozens of times by my Dad who visited Roger. Then I realized the legend was not correct. The real version is extremely depressing, but the real version in the least.
    The horrible accident occured in Evans City. Roger (unsure of last name) and his older brother were flying a kite near electrical wires next to a tree. The kite got stuck and Roger followed his brother up the tree to retrieve it. When Roger's brother grabbed the kite both boys got electrocuted. Roger's brother was killed, and Roger was severely burned. He was extremely disfigured and it was extremely hard for him to walk because of the accident. The residents of Evans City collected nearly $30,000 for the boy for his care. His older sister and her boyfriend ran off with the money, leaving Roger without the money he needed to get well. From then on, the townspeople took him under their wing, and took care of him the best they could, but without funds to do it. My Dad's Grandmother, who lived in Sewickley told my Dad and his brothers and sisters the story of the "Green Man" when they went to visit her. Roger, now an adult, walked down the road to and from the tunnel every night. The sun hurt his eyed since they had only a thin sheath of skin to cover them, so he did not go out in the daylight. He could barely walked but did so every night. People from all over came to bring him money, gum, and cigarettes, while he was on his nightly walk to the tunnel and back home. The "Green Man" came from the color his skin looked when the headlights hit him. He had been charred so badly, he was grey, so the headlights actually man him look a green greyish color. My Dad can't confirm this however, he is color blind. My Great Grandma took my two Uncles to see him, along with my Dad who was then around 12, which made it around 1957. Roger had a hole for a mouth, no nose except for a holes, and holes for ears. My Great Grandma and my Uncle Carl, then a teen, got out and handed Roger a pack of Lucky Strikes and a pack of gum. Roger talked to them for a bit, though you could barely understand what Roger was saying. Behind my Great Grandma's car were many more cars, waiting to see Roger, as there were every night. Roger was watched by the town and the police, so he never had any trouble with the visitors. My family left, and the next car pulled up to visit.
 My Dad recalls hearing of Roger's passing some years later. Whether Roger haunts the road & tunnel I don't know.

The Manor


These experiences all occoured at my grandmother's house, which is called Gwarnick Manor. Although the house isn't very big, it's around two hundred years old. All my dad's family have lived there, and my grandmother now lives there alone. There have been many different events. Things such as footsteps, dogs barking at something unseen, and the shower being turned on and off were just a few minor things. One time my uncle fell asleep in the kitchen at night and the door he was sleeping next to was flung open, waking him, even though there was no draft and it was an airless night. The same uncle also had experiences as a young child. When he was younger, he would hear footsteps from outside his window late at night, as though someone was walking hurriedly over gravel. At the same time, he would see two big black dogs sitting by his bed. Another time, my grandma was walking upstairs with some laundry, when she dropped something and bent down to pick it up. As she was retrieving it, she saw a pair of shoes on the steps in front of her, as real as a humans. She looked up and saw a long skirt and the start of a shirt, and then the figure disappeared. My grandmother swears to this day that the story is true, and says although she didn't feel threatened, she certainly wanders who this woman is. There was no one else in the house at the time, and the stairs are curved so if someone had walked down them, you would have seen. Most recently, my sister and I were in the corridor, opposite the dining room, which is locked when it is not in use. There is a key on the outside of the door. We were standing there talking, when the key started to move, as if someone was trying to get out from inside. We thought maybe someone was in there at first, but then we remembered that the key had been moving from our side of the door. Most recently, we were sitting outside on the lawn whilst my dad and uncle played badminton on the court behind us. The garden is raised, almost on a hilltop, with steps leading up to it, so the grass we were sitting on was in line with the upstairs bedroom window, if that makes sense. We were facing the window, talking, and looking in at my grandmother's two dogs, who could be seen sitting on her bed. My grandma had gone out shopping and had left her dogs shut in her bedroom. First, we saw one of the dogs start barking urgently at something in the far corner, which was out of sight from us. This continued, and the dog then jumped on to the bed again and started barking directly at us. We thought this was strange, but what happened next couldn't be explained. A white mist, almost in the form of a hand, passed over the dogs head, as though it were stroking her. She then stopped barking. We both looked at each other in horror, knowing that we both had seen the same thing. There was no sunlight that could have reflected through the window, and I honestly can't think of another explanation for the hand we had seen. I still feel scared when I go into the house.

'The Oddfellows Arms'


January 1999.
I had been working for an american company in Evesham in the UK. The company was based in a small industrial estate called 'Briar Close Ind Est'.
On the edge of this estate is a small pub called The Oddfellows Arms.
We all used to go to this pub now and then for a quick pint of a lunchtime. I personally used to have a pint perhaps once or twice a week there.
anyway as you go in an a fairly regular basis you tend to get to know some of the locals, there were one couple in particular that this story is about, they were an old couple, he was an ex councillor and had to use a frame to walk with, he was always with his wife, she used to drive him everywhere. (obviously he coulddn't get any where without her assistance)
It was just after the Christmas break, 1st week back at work in January, i decided to go for a sandwich and a drink at the pub, funny thing was i noticed that this chap was on his own sat in the corner, he tipped his glass to me as usual to acknowledge me. i thought no more about it. Later that day i spoke to my warehouse manager, he frequented the pub on a more frequent basis and knew all the regulars by name. So i mentioned to him how odd it was that the old guy was on his own. Astonished he replied that's impossible the old guy had died over christmas.....
I have never forgot this and some people including my wife have told me i must be mistaken, but i know what i saw, and i know when i saw him...
for all those people who know the 'Oddfellow Arms' Evesham. Perhaps some of you may remember this chap and his wife that frequented the pub, or maybe som one else has seen him too...

Update on a House in Texas


 I am recently going to a neighboring school by this house and have visited it frequently.  I never get a safe feeling while in there and recently we found a mutilated animal not like it was feasted on but just torn apart and left in front of the house maybe for some sort of omen, or a warning.  The body was ripped to shreds and its skin on the hands were ripped off to showing its appendages.  Later we found the skull of the animal adjacent to it and we noticed the jaw was removed but the skull itself was in a very clean fashion.  No blood or guts or any kind of fluids not even dirt marks, the skull almost looked like it had been washed or something.  That not being the strangest thing, I have a friend of mine who is a female who is as well extremely interested in the paranormal and she has recently gone to the house and the first encounter dealt with her and her best friend going into the house and just walking around.  The problem was that they did not even get to enter into the house.  Right before stepping on the yard the house is surrounded by large bushes, they heard a sound coming from one. (Other times that I have been with her we swore we heard steps besides us in the bushes as if being watched)  Her bestfriend said she saw a shadow and became very frightened and began to flee.  My friend was not as scared and refused and her being the determined person that she is continued to go forth, the sound was continuing this whole time, her friend left sprinting and so just to be a good friend she decided to go catch up but she was not running so fast and in her light jog she turned around and noticed a woman with bright blonde hair (this being the only thing sticking out) chasing after them and even got off the yard and continued in the pursuit.  When seeing this my friend began to run even faster and eventually ran to the church where they parked their car.  She had called me while this was happening I guess to help us believe and also she knew i was very interested and i could hear the fear in her voice.  When she returned she told us the story and one of the girls who is a local asked about what she had saw and when she said the thing chasing them had long blonde hair the local freaked and admitted that the woman who was murdered did in fact have blonde hair.  This scared and excited all of us because my friend who was chased had no idea how the woman looked or anything of that sort.  Not being enough for us we decided to go back with another group of kids who swear they know much about demons.  We were not allowed to go on because the demon group refused to get on because they swore they could just feel the evil.  Well they went back and we ended up going another day with other friends. We just heard small sounds and footsteps (Other friends stories deal with the chair in the living room that has two missing legs would be dragged across the living room).  But one day my friend being the brave girl that she is went into the house by herself one night, and she was walking around and really did not notice anything.  She made a comment expressing how upset she was that nothing was happening and a few minutes later she heard a high pitched shriek and right then she was pushed what she guess to be about four feet and pinned to the wall and then given one blow to the head. She felt mass pain in her head and her body had rapid temperature changes turning from extremely hot to cold. She stumbled out of the house and when she got home her best friend noticed three scratches on her forehead, she still has them right now this incident is very recent.  That same night her friend later called me saying that she had fallen asleep and was not responding and that she was breathing normally but her body was extremely cold.  We have not gone back yet but we noticed that activity is much higher when fewer numbers are around.  I look forward to giving you updates. Also I am from Mcallen,TX and their is a building that you speak about that the third floor being extremely haunted. I will go ahead and check that out as well and I will give you an update asap.  If you have any good sites or any advice on what to do or how to pick up paranormal activity it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much and I swear to you this is just the truth.  Were just some college kids with a huge love for the unexplained.

Warwick Residence, Residual Hauntings and Banishings


My name is Andrew Pierce and I am a local Ghost Hunter here in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Having experience in paranormal investigation helps every time I tell my story because living with ghosts and experiencing ghosts are two different things for me.
I moved into my home 15 years ago at the age of 6.  The first night in my new house I slept in what is now my mothers room and before waking that night I had nightmares of bloody murder, massacres, and deadly beatings.  At the time I was just scared but now, after researching, I have come to the conclusion that this was a ghostly encounter.  Between the ages of 7 and 10 I suffered 4 experiences in my dreams where strange people would walk around my house, the only problem is that they weren’t living and in each of these dreams they were foreshadowings of what are now actual hauntings. 
The area with the most activity is in my basement which has been finished and where several phenomena have occurred.  The first came when I was 12 and I was headed upstairs from my computer room when I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye.  When I turned around it was a little girl huddled in the corner looking at me.  She was dressed in 18th century garb and looked like she had just left church or some sort of social gathering.  She has never been seen again but she has been felt throughout the house and even experienced once by someone who had never been in my house before.  This event occurred when a friend of mine was sleeping downstairs waiting for us to get back from a run to CVS.  She was asleep on the couch when a ghostly arm/hand touched her arm and hair and then proceeded to knock over a couple of items on the table.  When she had informed me of this I knew it was the girl. 
Another haunting would be in my mother’s room where if you are alone upstairs and my dog is not around a growling sound comes from her room.  It is entirely inexplicable but I have a feeling an angry ghost lives in there but cannot gather enough energy to support anything other than making sounds and haunting dreams.
Shortly after my neighbor died (he built the house for his children and loved my family very much) most of the hauntings disappeared and a sense of comfortability ran thorugh the house.  Everything was at normal temperature and there was no more dreaded sense of being followed or watched.  This has comforted me greatly but it only lasted for a short time.
Since that time several newer and less aggressive ghosts have entered the house and they are seemingly very friendly with my dog.  Where he used to bark at them he now is ok with them and can even be seen playing with them.  This was witnessed when I saw him playing with his ball alone but then noticed that the ball was rolling to him on its own.  He would bring it back and it would roll only once more.  Also this same ghost apparently hates breakfast because it disturbed us one time by knocking over a bunch of papers on the counter and spinning the trash can lid violently.  No explainable cause was determined as it was the middle of winter and no windows were open and we don’t have a fan in our kitchen area. 
Another ghost prefers to walk around the foyer and up and down the stairs but never seems to go past the hallways.
That’s really all that happens but I wanted to report these since they are the only real vivid ghost experiences I can recall.  You may list my email and if anyone would wish to contact my group for any such ghostly investigations you can reach us on by searching for RIGHA under groups or contacting us by my email.

Yucca Valley, CA

By: yv_ls []

We bought a house in Yucca Valley in 1988.  Built during WWII from what we were told.  2 bomb shelters.  House added onto in the years to come.  Intersting old place but nothing special other than the fact we thought we could turn it into our "Dream House....2 Story...."White Picket Fence etc."  A couple weeks after moving in, my husband & I were in the kitchen talking when I thought I saw something....a fog....image of a lady going through the dining room. Not saying a word, thinking my husband would think I was nuts.  He said to me, "Did you see that?"  My husband & I chose to sleep in the down stairs bedroom & the girls upstairs at that point.  We were in a king sized water bed.  Frame firmly on the floor so it's not logically possible for something to be placed underneath it. After we began renovating the upstairs, we moved our bed up there & girls had the downstairs to sleep.  Full sized beds sitting on regular bed frames. There was nothing on the floor when we moved our bed out.  A few weeks later one of my daughters informed us that something was under her bed.  My husband investigated & found a black & white photo as well as some silk scarfs. We called the former owner to ask if he knew who or what it might be.  He came to look.  Said the photo was of his dead wife & the scarfs had belonged to her.  A few months later my husband found a painted portrait of a young man in his work shop.  Again called the former owner.  He said it was of his dead son.  A year or so later one of my daughters saw the same image....fog....image of a lady.  "He"?, "She"?, never caused us any harm except for the fact money we hid in one place or another diapered.  After living there awhile, met neighbors.  They informed us former owners wife had died from cancer in the bedroom photo & scarfs were found.  His son...portrait found, committed suicide at the Yucca Valley Inn.  Ashes had been spread on the property according to them (neighbors) but these facts were not disclosed to us at the time we bought the house.  After living there some 19-20  years, decided to move.  Not because of spirits.  Just now that the kids have grown up & moved out on their own wanted to downsize.

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