Also Had Ghostly experience at the Duarte Old Spagetti Factory

9 years ago my husband, another couple and myself were seated at a table near the kitchen. When the waiter brought our drinks to the table, the tray beneath the drinks very forcefully flipped sideways and the drinks fell all over the table. The waiter was dumb founded and said we must have flipped the tray but none of our hands were anywhere near the tray. I had  a perfect view of the tray and can vouch that it flipped all on its own. We told the waiter that we thought the restaurant was haunted, he said he was new there and did not know. When he returned from the kitchen, he confirmed that he was told that it was haunted. 

Haunted Spot in Salem Oregon


All right i have gone through your list ad i think you have done a good job but i have lived in Salem most of my life and there are some you have missed.
The first one is the Home Town Buffet at 636 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR this is a personal experience.
When i was there with my family I went to use the bathroom. As i was in the stall I heard someone slam open the door and run in. I peaked out the door and was a woman in a pure white 50s style dress run by me and into the last stall. She had pure white skin and pure white clothes as was her hair. I got out and looked around. All the stall doors were open and when i looked in them all of them were empty.
 I have heard stories around that the original owner killed his wife and never got convicted for it. That is all i know on that.
Another one is an apartment were i currently live. IThere has been a lot of unusual happenings and so far i am aware of 3 separate entities. There is a former owner who was murdered in the apartment i currently live in. I have been walking home and seen flashes of light in the windows and have felt cold winds when no windows or doors were open. My door just randomly slams open and shut. And recently I have been not able to sleep till midnight or 3 am when things start crashing around my room. When i look up everything is back in order. Another one is a boy who lives in a different section of the apartment. He doesnt bother you but he use to play with my little sister (whos 1) and has talked to me before. Another one i know who the person was. It was this girl who was raped, abused, and killed by her parents. This happened about 3 years ago and i had to move into the apartment. I found many toys randomly in my room that would move around while i was sleeping. The showers and sink fixtures will randomly turn on to scalding hot. And once our closet(which had a glass mirror on it) started shaking and shattered.
That is all i know about but hope i have more to tell you soon,

Glenville Haunting Experience


While I was working in pickens hall one summer I was on the 4th floor making sure all the  dorm doors were locked after the summer clean up and all the lights were out. I had heard that the elevator would sometimes go to each floor and open then shut and go to another, And I had also heard that someone would pear out then go on. But I was never really a believer until I experienced it myself. I was checking the last two doors closest the elevator and I heard the elevator ding. It startled me because I knew that all the other workers were already down stairs. So I glanced around the corner and the door opened and just as quickly as it opened it shut again. Then I heard it open again on the floor above me. Needless to say I took the stair that day.

My Outing


Thanks for the collection of info of the area. I have had numerour experiences but the one that I remember most was one night I went with my then boyfriend to his school at night because he had some work to do. He admitted he was scared to go there on his own at night because it felt strange so this six foot three man needed the support of a small 5 foot three woman...anyways, off we went. To get to his room we had to go through the auditorium, up the stairs through the balcony. I felt a bit uneasy but with a light heart I stayed and helped him in his room for a while. I became thirsty and told him I would be right back that I was going to the teacher's room to get a soda. The room was dark except for the light of the soda machine. I put the money in and was facing the door that faced the auditorium. The soda fell with the usual bang to the bottom and suddenly I heard a mans voice yell GET OUT! from the auditorium. I quickly but calmly turned around and told my boyfriend it was time to go. He asked why and I said I would tell him once we got into the car. As we drove away I told him what happened. He was freaked out and told me others had seen and heard a man and childern in the auditorium. The school is no longer in use.

Ohio Experience


there is a house  outside of green camp ohio that is haunted by the ghost of the evil person who is buried on the property.  The grave is right beside the house (on the right side if you are looking at the house from the street.  The story is that this person was so evil they put a white fence around his grave and a planted a tree at all four corners of the grave to keep him in it! 
The house has a two toned doorbell when you ring it both tones will go off, if you slam the door the second tone only will go off.  There are times when if you are sitting in the front room you will hear the door slam and the tone go off even though you are looking at the door and nothing happened!  ALso if you are sitting in the front room reading you will feel someone walk past you quickly.  My brother and I used to live there as children/teenagers.  I distinctly remember a few different times when we were in that room on the couch reading and would both look up startled at the exact same time by the "ghost" as he walked past us!
The ghost has also been known to knock/tap on the window of the front bedroom (no trees or bushes near it that could have done the persistent tapping).
Also anyone walking or playing close to the grave that is on the property will get nauseated and have to back away!
these are all things that have happened to me when i lived there between 1985-1992

One of My First Experiences


 One of my first experiences with ghost was when I was about 5 or 6. I was in Texas at my grandma's house with my brother, and cousin. We were sleeping in the living room and I heard kids playing in the back-ground, then I heard a man call my name. I thought everyone else was up and my grandpa was waking me up. I stood up and opened my eyes and there was no-one there. It was also silent. I thought it was a dream, but then I heard kids again and a man's voice started to call my name again. I now knew that this wasn't a dream. I ran to my grandparents room and told them there was a man calling my name and that there were kids playing. My grandma said I was having a nightmare and to go to sleep. I got into bed with them and went to sleep. About an hour later my cousin came into the room saying that a man wouldn't stop calling his name. My grandma thought maybe it was a coincidence and told us to go to sleep. Nothing ever happened to my brother. A few weeks later we got a call from them telling us that they were moving. My grandpa had gotten up at about 1:00 am to let the dog outside and when he turned around all of the dog's squaky toys started squeaking and there was a women standing right in front of him. (and it wasn't my grandma.) They found a house and started moving as quickly as possible. We came down to help them (we lived in Oklahoma at the time) and my grandma told us there was a family that lived in the house and the dad and kids all died in a house fire! We never found out who the women was though.
Thank-you for letting me submit my story to you. This is one of my scariest but I have lots of others.

All My Life

For as long as I can remember I've been able to feel and see spirits that no one else could. It took me many years to discovery what this ablity was and that I wasn't alone.
I don't remember my first "ghostly" experience very well but my mother does. She's told me the story many times. I was 3 years old and we were visiting my grandmother at her home in East Boston. I walked into the back bedroom (my grnadmother's room) and then back into the dining room and asked my grandmother about the man in her room. She asked me to describe him so I did. She turned to my mother and quietly said, 'She has a gift.' She handed me a photo of her and my deceased grandfather and asked me if that was the man. I said yes but he was skinnier now.
My grandfather died of a brain aneurysm, a complication from a bout of meningitis in 1952. 34 years before my birth.
One year later when I was 4 we moved into a new home (directly behind the house was the cemetery). We lived in that house for the next 14 years.
There was a very heavy, eerie feeling that surrounded the stairs. Something watched you from the base of the stairs while you were in the living room or at the top of the stairs. Every so often there was footsteps and the sounds of someone falling down them. When you went to investigate nothing was there.
The basement was the worst place. It felt like something like a vice grip was squeezing your chest. I could never go down there. I was apparently the only one that felt it. My sister told me after she moved her room down there that she never quite felt alone and she'd get this odd headache then smell something really awful (my dad made sure everything was perfectly safe before she moved everything down). There was no explainable reason for her experiences.
I've had experinces outside the house as well. In cemeteries and other peoples homes. Recently I began to investigate haunted places in New England with my friends.
Since moving into my current residence in 2005 I haven't had any experiences at my home.

Crestwood Nursing Home


I live within walking distance to an old abandoned nursing home. Before its closure I would pass it and a great deal of sadness and neglect would over come me. I know in my heart that place is haunted. After it closed its doors in January  2008, when I travel pass it, the feeling has increased. I would like to go inside the nursing home but until I get permission I am afraid I can't. I went into the parking lot last night and I saw lots of lights on and a glowing red light in the smoking room. I got out of the parking lot as quick as I could because that erie feeling almost made me cry.
I have always had the gift of knowing a place is haunted. My oldest daughter has the same ability. We can enter a place and KNOW it is haunted just by our senses. One day I will be able to go inside that nursing home and hopefully it will help the poor ghosts/spirits have validity.

Jennie Wade House


This summer (2007) my daughter and I went on the evening
ghost tour which begins in a field about 3 blocks from the
house.  Everyone in our party saw a ghost about 50 feet in front of us.  The ghost was about 4 feet tall and started moving toward us. The ghost remained present for almost
20 minutes.
We then went through the house.  On the the teenagers in our group held her digital cell phone camers around the corner of the stairwell.  A perfect image of a more slender ghost with a very dark head stood midway on the steps by the railing in the picture.  Once in the basement I
got up from a bench to move to another and was tapped on my left shoulder.  I was eager to leave and had the same
shoulder tapped mid way up the exterior cellar steps.  No one was near me either time.


By: Anonymous

In Marysville Washington, Grove Street there is a row of duplexes near Allen creek. One night i was in one of the duplexes witch was my aunt’s house. Everybody was asleep except my aunt and me. My aunt had a large diamond shaped mirror on the wall and she looked inside the mirror and we both saw a black figure walking back and forth in her kitchen. That is not all we saw or heard. We Bothe took a daring risk and went in the kitchen. When we went in the kitchen my aunts hair was blowing behind her. We heard a moaning sound; we both thought that we should get out of the kitchen. The next morning we brought my dog princess over. At about 3:00 we heard 3 loud bangs! My dog princess went in the room and started barking at the bedroom. She layed back again and every hour she went in the room then barked. In the next few minutes we saw an old lady wearing a white gown and a cane.

Texas & Beyond


We lived in a small farmhouse with a huge backyard and beyond the fence an even larger pasture, I was 11 years old when we lived there and we (the kids) would always explore the backyard especially at night and play hide and seek all of the time. One night in this big backyard I was alone and looking out at the pasture when suddenly I felt as though I was being watched and I turned my head to look at the house when I saw a transparent man looking at me and then he disappeared a few seconds later. My uncle had died when I was 4 so I assumed it was him watching over me and ventured into the house and went to sleep. A few months went by with no strange happenings when I went over to a friends house and spent the night with her. We had a little slumber party and ended up sleeping in the living room when she woke me up at about 3 in the morning apparently scared out of her mind and told me she had woken to go to the bathroom when she felt something that made her hair stand on end and then saw a shadowy tall figure of a man with a pressed suit on, no hands or feet, and some kind of burlap bag over his head with a rope tied twice around his neck so naturally I thought she was kidding around trying to scare me so I got up and ventured in the direction she was pointing when I felt this strange sensation and boom-like magic there he was. I ran back and told her that I too had seen it and she ran into her parents room and got them out of bed and naturally they told us there were no such things as ghosts and told us to go back to sleep. We lay in the living room a long time just watching this thing pace back & forth and waiting for dawn so we could finally get some sleep and about 5 in the morning the visitor disappeared and we fell sound asleep. Never in a million years if someone would have told me this would be the beginning of a 19 year haunting would I have believed them but that is exactly what happened-not just to me but to my friend also. It seems that this ghost visited us every night at the same time for almost two years at first just pacing the halls then turning things off and on, changing tv channels and radio stations, swinging things on the walls; just little annoying things that at our age would scare the crap out of you. One of the scariest nights I can remember was one at my house-we were sitting on my bed eating ice cream when we both got that spooky feeling and fell silent and we smelled something burning for a second and then we heard the most guttural scary movie growl I have ever heard in my life to this day, we threw our bowls and ran into the living room where I felt the need to spill the beans to my parents. Of course they told me we were crazy and that our imaginations were great. A few months later I was still insisting to them that something evil was in the house and they kept telling me the same thing and began asking me if I need help like counseling or something but I kept fighting with them about it, by this point even my brothers thought I was insane. A few months later my parents decided to move because I stuck to my story and they were hoping that if they got me away from my friend that my imagination wouldn't work overtime. We moved about 65 miles from that town to another farmhouse that was even older than the last one. The same thing was happening only instead of pacing back and forth the figure began to float to my bedside lean its head to the side and make noises like it wanted something from me. This was a nightly ordeal for a few months and then it began to start touching me-I could never see it's hands but I could feel the icy cold prickle sensation that came with it working it's way up my bed to my legs up my body and even surrounding my head-most nights I was too afraid to move and afraid to cry out so I lay in bed silently weeping. This went on for quite sometime too and then it began to lay in the bed beside me and touch me off and on all night as though it was testing me to see if I was scared and trust me I was terrified but when 5 a.m. rolled around – poof he would vanish. After a few months of this and a ton of lost sleep I finally got the nerve up to throw a pillow at him and whisper yell at him, you know things like what do you want from me and he began to put his head to the side even more and grunt hummmm hummmm as if he was replying "what" (remember the figure always had on a pressed pin striped suit, and some kind of burlap bag over his head with a rope that showed to be strung around his neck at least 2 times) so I never saw a face or heard him speak anything other than the hummmm hummmm's it was doing that night but shortly after my temper tantrum it left. Finally a few nights of peaceful sleep until I was awakened by heavy footsteps in the foyer going through the kitchen which was not like him at all and then the burned smell again and I was so afraid that I would hear that growl again that I remember thinking my parents will surely find me dead in the morning from a heart attack. To make a long story shorter here a list of things that happened – After that night I never saw the burlap ghost again but strange things and sounds and figures would keep me up all night it was like an open portal in my bedroom- I would wake up scratched up, heavy breathing in my ears, pressure on my chest, racing black silvery balls across the ceiling, red eyes racing through my room and disappearing, laughter, waking with my arms bruised as if someone had grabbed me, something cold that I always assumed to be a hand because I felt something like a huge ring hit the bottom of my foot grabbed me by the ankle and almost slung me out of bed, a Bible was slung across the room and landed on my bed as I had taken to the habit of filling my room with religious items, and one night so much activity in my room that my younger brother was awakened and came in only to turn white and start screaming and to this day he will not tell me what he saw. So on to the future…I turned 18 (still struggling with this haunting or whatever you call it) and joined the military and it still followed me. Even being stationed in Iceland it was still up to no good and my best friend who was also my room mate would say things like something is not right and it was doing all of it's little tricks again like turning things on and off but she seemed fascinated with it so I told her the entire story and she didn't seem to mind she just wondered what I had done to have this happening to me. Finally a few years of peace without one thing happening. I am now 24 and live with my boyfriend in our 3 bedroom 2 bath house and nothing another year of peace when he tells me one morning that he felt like he was being choked in the middle of the night and he has some bruises on his arm. I say nothing because I don't want him to think I am crazy but it keeps happening and then I wake up, look at the clock and it's 3 a.m. again and something is breathing heavy in my ear! I got up and went into our guest bedroom and nothing so I fall asleep for what seems like a few hours but when I wake up it is only 40 past three so I attempt to get up and I can't move-something is strangling me and hitting me all over, I struggle to get up but can not move, I can't even scream; this went on for about 15 or 20 minutes and poof the struggle was over. This time the attack is so severe I consider calling a team of specialists out to see what it is but I never did. Shortly after that my boyfriend and I split up and I moved to Oklahoma to be with my family and nothing has happened since. Once in a while I get a strange sensation but I don't think about it twice and just keep doing what I am doing and it has now been about two years since anything out of the ordinary has happened. There are many more things that happened during this trying period of my life but for me to write it on here would take a year at the least. For those of you whom read this and think I'm crazy I can only say that maybe someday my little brother will tell me what he saw.

Dark Shadows and Disembodied Voice


When I was young, my grandmother owned a very old, rustic country summer home in a small village about 3 hours away from a large city where I grew up.   There was nothing particularly threatening about the outside of the house.  To a casual onlooker,  it just looked like a quaint old house, much like the majority of the houses in the village.  During summer break from school, my parents would send me there since my grandmother always took her vacations there, far away from the busy life in the big city where we all lived.   Though I missed my parents a lot and didn't get along well with my grandmother, I still, for the most part, enjoyed the large garden with its old apple trees, a berry orchard, and a large vegetable garden. 
The inside of the house had a very different feel to it.  First of all, it was definitely very old and somewhat musty because it went unused for a large portion of the year.   In one of the bedrooms where the wallpaper was peeling, you could see several layers of different color wallpaper, which makes me think that the house was owned by many people before my grandmother, though she had for many, many years.  Though it had a sink, it did not have a toilet or a shower (instead there was an oddhouse outside and an outside shower for summer use).
There was one room in the house, which was added sometime after the original house was built.   It was a slightly newer, open space with many windows, painted in a pleasant pastel color.  It was located at the very back of the house.   For some reason, my grandmother insisted that this particular room is where I would stay.  If you were to simply look at it, you would find absolutely nothing threatening about this room.   However,  for some reason, I was terrified of staying there.  My parents always remarked that unlike other children, I was scared of nothing.  I always slept with the lights off, never had any incidents where I was scared to be alone and never had any childlike fears such as a monster in the closet, etc.   So, my parents found it highly unusual that being 8 or 9 years old, I was absolutely terrified of this room.   I would beg my grandmother to let me sleep in the bedroom in the main part of the house, but she always just told me that I was being silly and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the room.  Yet at night, with the lights off, I couldn't help but hear unusual creaking sounds, knockings, and what sounded like footsteps after my grandmother had gone to bed.   Having never been scared of anything, I would pull the blanket almost all the way over myself, except for my eyes, out of which I could see faint black shadows moving along the corners of the room.  I tried so hard to convince myself that I was just imagining things but the extreme uneasy feeling never let up.   I felt like something in the room could physically hurt me if it chose to.
I told my parents and kept asking my grandmother about the room but my questions were sidestepped, and I was always told that I'm just imagining things and maybe it's because the room is sort of isolated from the rest of the house that makes me nervous.  And of course, I got the usual explanation of "it's just the house settling, etc."   Since the house had no hot water, they couldn't blame the water heater.
Things would go on like this every summer I was there... On a few occasions when I was allowed to sleep in the bedroom in the main part of the house, I felt much more at ease and was able to fall asleep much better. In the other room, the uneasy feeling would keep me awake for hours--which was highly unusual for me since I never had trouble sleeping anywhere else.   Yet though significantly weaker, the effects of that negative energy permeated the entire house.  To wash up before bed, we would heat water in the kitchen in put it in a basin.  On numerous ocassions when I was washing my face or giving myself a sponge bath (since the only shower was outside), I had very strong feelings of being watched to the point where I would do what I needed to do as fast as possible and would turn to look behind me, expecting someone to be there.
One particular occassion, I remember very clearly.  It was broad daylight and my grandmother went to the local market to buy food while leaving me at the house by myself.   I was about to go outside to the garden, when I heard a loud female voice clearly calling my name from the living room.  Utterly confused since I was supposed to be the only one in the house, I went to investigate.  My grandmother was still out and I confirmed that I was alone.  Then I heard the same voice again, calling out to me urgently from another room.  I was really freaked out and almost ran out of the house but made myself go and see if anyone was there.  I saw no one.
When my grandmother got back from the market, I told her what happened and she told me many people imagine someone calling their name when they are home by themselves.  Even then, I thought it was an odd explanation since I never had an occurance like that before... And actually, I haven't had an occurance like that in the nearly 20 years since then. 
Sadly, since I was still a child, I never found out the history of the house before my grandmother finally sold it after she was too old to maintain it.   I don't envy whoever owns it now though...

Weird Things after Fiance's Death in our Townhouse


My fiance' had just died in our townhouse,this was in 2002. He had shot himself in the head. I went back later,because I couldn't go back there for awhile after he died. Anyway I went back and I kept feeling a hand brush across my forehead. One night I was in bed and was about to fall asleep when something grabbed my foot and was pulling it downward. I freaked out! I was the only one in the house! Then I had a friend come over because I was afraid to be alone because of these things happening. My friend was downstairs and I was upstairs coming out of the bathroom and a dark floating figure floated right by me. It almost ran into me and would have had I not stepped back. It telepathically told me it was not here for me and that it had gotten what it wanted and also It would not look @ me directly. I somehow felt like I was protected by God and the thing was actually afraid of me!  I didn't feel scared.
Later on in the month I took a bunch of pictures of the townhouse inside,because I wanted to remember the good times where my fiance' had lived and been very happy together at one time. I was planning on moving,because the memory of his death was just to much for me and I always had this creepy feeling there since he had died. After I got the pictures developed(there were 120 photos in all of several different rolls of film of different things and then the one that I had taken pictures of the inside of the townhouse) Out of all of those photos I had taken 3 of the exact place where he had died. In ONLY those 3 photos were what appeared to be flames right in the place where he had passed. It almost looked like the portal to HELL,seriously. To this day I cannot explain those pictures. They were taken with a very expensive camera. No other photos I had developed before or after that had ever had those flames in them like that!! Just the 3 that were of the exact location of his body when he died!

Jefferson Hotel Experience 3/25


In November 2006 my friend Patty asked if I wanted to go to Jefferson and stay at the famous Jefferson Hotel.  I said yes, then she tells me we're going on November 19th and we're staying in their most haunted room, number 19.  That scernio seemed creepy in itself!
The Jefferson is as quaint a small town as you'll find.  The hotel was no exception;  reminded me of my grandmother's house.  Warm, cozy and creaky.  We checked in, put our stuff in our room and decided to take our cameras and see what we could find while it was still daylight.  We chatted with the owner of the Cypress Coffee House across the street about his experiences and he let us take pictures of him and his store.  We felt honored because he normally doesn't let anyone other than the folks on the ghost tour do that.  We took about three pictures and our cameras died - typical for ghost hunting. 
We took our cameras back to the room so they could charge up for the ghost tour that evening and then we were heading downstairs for dinner.  Before we left Patty wanted to see what kind of activity she could coax out of the room.  I believe a woman is to have committed suicide in the room.  Patty was asking her to make the chandelier move, write on the mirror, make some noise.  While standing there, we noticed the temperature in the room kept going up.  Curious, I checked the thermostat and the temp had increased to 6 degrees warmer than what the thermostat was set to.  So I turned off the heat. (each room has it's own climate control).  Even with everything shut down, the temp continued to increase at a steady pace.  At that point we decided it was a good idea to leave the room and have  dinner.
While waiting for our table in the hotel restaurant, we were chatting with the host.  We asked him to tell us some stories about the hotel.  We didn't tell him what room we were in, but he proceeded to talk about room 19 first.  He said people had experienced noises, smelled cigar smoke, the chandelier moving and temperature changes.  Patty and I looked at each other and busted out laughing.  The poor host had no idea what was so funny until we told him what room we were in. 
We did sleep with the lights on that night, just in case.  Other than hearing a few noises, it was an uneventful night.

My Home in Sweden


My name is Malin, I've just turned 21 and I live in Sweden. In my parents house I've experienced some strange things that I really can't explain. My sister and I have always felt that there is a presence, other than us. My parents doesn't believe in that kind of things and have always told us that it's just our imagination. One of the first things I remember is that my father had gotten this stuffed animal that looked like ET, he got it from his students as a present. I must have been about four years old an had recently seen the movie with my sister. And for some reason I thought that ET was the most scary thing I've ever seen, so I didn't like this doll at all. In our basement there are a lot of different rooms and in one of them we had a huge box filled with stuffed animals. Every time I went down there I took the ET doll and put it in the bottom of the box, under all the other stuffed animals. But the next time I went down there the ET doll was lying on top of the others again. This happened repeatedly, every time I went down there. It didn't matter if I waited two days of two minutes. I of course asked my sister and my parents about it but they swore that they had nothing to do with it. Of course it could be so that they lied to me every time I asked them but I find that hard to believe. Anyway, I solved the problem a couple of years later by giving the ET doll to one of the guys in my class.
I constantly heard, and still hear, cracks and other sounds in their house, footsteps and sometimes voices. They've always been there and I guess I got used to it. But it took a few years before the next "big" thing happened. I was 15 maybe 16 and had moved down to the bedroom downstairs. I didn't like sleeping downstairs but it was either that or a tiny room upstairs. One day I was sitting on my bed, writing in my diary, when I heard a knock on the door. I was surprised becuase I was alone in the house and hadn't heard either the car nor the door open. I said come in but when no one entered I got up and opened the door. But there was no one there. I thought it was strange but went back to my diary. I had hardly time to pick up my pen before I heard another knock. This happened a couple of times and really scared me so I locked the door and crawled under the cover. Then I heard scratching outside and froze, just to hear "meow". One of my cats. At first I thought that it was my cat who had caused the knocking but I've never met a cat that acually can knock that hard.
Another time I was in the bathroom upstairs. I had just finished washing my hands and was outside the bathroom when I remembered that I left my watch on the shelf in front of the mirror. I turned to go get it and took a step into the room when a bottle of lotion literally flew of the windowsill and landed infront of my feet. The window was closed and there was no wind to speak of outside. If the bottle had fallen of the windowsill because it was placed unstable it would have fallen right down in the cats litter box but instead it flew almost 13 feet. I calmly went out of there, closed the door and got in to my room and looked that door. I have also seen a boy in the basement, a teenager. He's not transparent at all, he looks as real as you and me. I've only got short glimpses of him but I know he has brown hair and green shirt. For some reason I most often see him around Christmas and other holidays. I wonder why? Even though some of this things scared me i've never felt threatened so I guess whoever or whatever is present in my parents house doesn't want to harm us.

A Couple of My Experiences


The first one is from a show my band played in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Rave - Eagles Ballroom.
Theres a service elevator on the left, front side of the building, now used by bands to bring heavy equipment up and down floors. my name is Josh Van Ess, I play rhythm guitar in a band called Of Hatred, based out of Stoughton, Oregon, and Madison Wisconsin. My band played the second floor stage for a Viva la Bands show in 2007 (CKY, Cradle of Filth, and GWAR). while I was hauling my half-stack guitar amp into the shady-looking elevator, the door tried closing automatically on my head. this wasn't an electrical problem because the elevator door and gate are manually operated by pulling ropes. once in the elevator, i closed the door and the gate, pushed the UP button on the control panel, got halfway up, then the elevator had a seizure. it jerked to a stop, and the dim light bulb flickered, then turned off for about a minute and a half. one of the staff said it was just an electrical problem, fatly wiring, rats chewing on wires, shady stuff like that. another, more seasoned staff informed me that the wiring was brand new and sealed, and I probably encountered one of the many local apparitions and didn't even know it.
The next one is from Stoughton Wisconsin, where 2 of my band mates lived for most of there lives.
On one of my band's photo shoots, we took a walk down a bike trail that has a foot bridge leading across the Yahara River. We started down North Division Street, and took the bridge across the river. In the middle of the bridge we all had the urge to stop and look North East out onto the water. it was about 11:30pm, late spring. needless to say we all stopped at Cheap Shots, one of the local bars on South Division Street to learned about Old Man Weary and other such ghost stories.
I don't believe in Ghosts. I don't mind being dared to walk through a cemetery late at night, or sit in dark rooms to prove people are ignorant and wrong. But this whole damn down is haunted. The entire Stoughton length of the Yahara River, the River Side Cemetery, all the old warehouses and plants off of South 4th Street, everything.
you want to be scared, this is the place to be late at night.

Playful Haunting


My name is Austin, and I live Very close to the Stones River Battlefield. We built our house here in summer of 2001, which is what makes this haunting a little weird. Nobody has died in this house, nobody left etc. They were just always here. Anyhow, when I was about 9, I remember one night waking up to a kid talking to me. I looked down and the figure of a young boy was standing at the foot of my bed. Naturally, I was scared shitless. Since that one incident I have had regular experiences, but none of them malicious. I have even grown fond of the ghosts and consider them  welcomed guests in my house. For the longest time I thought my younger brother were the only ones to experience it, but recently my grandfather moved in with us, and just last night (Wednesday, march 27), he commented about the spirits. This brought things to a whole new light. My friends have also experienced things when staying at my house, but like I said, most of it is playful. For example, one time we were trying to make it move something, and we turned around to find that the tv had turned itself on. As I rose to turn it off, we heard a noise coming from my room, so we went in, and found one of those nail-and-glass impression thingies with a hand impression on it. Needless to say it was way too small for anyone in my house to have made it. On occasion we have even coaxed them into playing games with us, such as guessing numbers by rapping against the wall and playing with our electronics. On several occasions we have taken photos with hazes and even the figure of the very same boy I saw all those years ago. Now, at age sixteen, I am almost sad to be moving out in a couple years to go to college, because I will miss my little playful friend whom I have grown so fond of. These experiences have also helped solidify my faith that there IS life after death. I write this letter to let people know that not all hauntings are malicious, and as is the case with my brother and I, sometimes they are even quite enjoyable, like a friend who never goes home.

St Augustine Lighthouse tour


During a stay in St Augustine in Dec 07 I was on the lighthouse tour and during part of the tour I pulled out a chair to sit down and the tour guide saw the chair pulled out from underneath me. I had just told my daughter that I never got any good experiences from the house behind the lighthouse so I was not going to take pictures. I was wrong.

True Paranormal Stories


   The first story concerns an apparent zombie I encountered while driving home late one night. It was about 1 a.m. and I was driving home from my girlfriend's house on a dark unlit road. About one hundred yards ahead I saw a shadow figure lurching into the street and weaving. I thought it was probably someone drunk, so I slowed down. The shadow figure then stopped in the middle of the road and kept swaying back and forth. I slowed down to about 5 mph, because I didn't want the person to fall into my car. As I drove past I looked at him through the passenger window and all my hair immediately stood on end. This guy had all the physical features of a black man, the afro hairstyle, thick lips, large cheek bones, but he was white as a sheet of paper. Inhumanly white. Also, all his clothes looked like they had been bleached white. Worst of all, his face was all screwed up and twisted sideways, and his mouth hung open a good six inches, much more than physically possible. My immediate reaction was that the guy was dead. I drove away, a bit freaked out, but I still looked back at him in the rear view mirror. He slowly turned toward my car and when he was directly facing me, two beams of intense white light, like laser beams, shot from his eyes and flew into my car.  There were no other cars around and no streetlights on that road.
   The second story concerns a ghost hunt I did at Galster Park in West Covina, CA which is listed on The Shadowlands. I initially did not know the park was haunted or listed on your site. The first time I went there, upon entering the park I heard a loud scream as if someone had fallen down one of the hilly trails nearby. I walked to the edge of the drop off and called out, but no one answered.  There was no one there, but one of the trees at the bottom was shaking crazily back and forth, not swaying with the wind, but very rapidly trembling as if in fear. I thought maybe a coyote got a rabbit, so I went down to check it out, but there was nothing there. At home that night I was looking for local haunted places in So Cal and I saw Galster Park on your site and read about the screams heard there.
I went back the next week with my ghost hunting kit, and we walked the trails. Everything seemed normal, until I got a caution reading on my ELF meter. So I did some temperature checks, and in that very spot the temperature kept reading 28 degrees over and over, even though everywhere else I pointed it ranged from 69-72 degrees. So I got out my digicam and tried to take a picture, and all of the sudden the digicam didn't want to work. It was freshly charged and the memory was fine. Finally, the digicam clicked halfway, and then a large
black X appeared on the LCD display and the camera shut down completely. I went home and looked in the manual and could find nothing about a big black X on the LCD. I called the factory and their tech support people told me the camera didn't have the capability to make such a mark, and they had no idea what I was talking about. The next day, the camera started working again. I looked to see if there was anything in the one picture I thought I had managed to take and there were a bunch of strange swirls and orbs in that picture.  I have since moved away, so I haven't gone back to Galster Park, but that was a strange episode I'll never forget.

Weird Story


Hey Dave.  You got a weird story.  Mine is getting weirder by the month.  That's why I'm e-mailing you.  To tell you my story.  But if there's another way to get this on the Shadowlands, please tell me.
My 'Feelings'
Over the past eight years, I have thought something haunted the confines of this house.  Being twelve years old, this is SCARY.  My experiences are short lived, but they pop up randomly.  However, I still have two long-term 'gut feeling' places:  My parents' room, and the basement. 
Ah, the basement.  Said to be the makeshift fortress in times of danger.  I think there is DANGER down THERE.  I am one to be afraid of the dark, but there are feelings I get.  Feelings that tell me to get out.  Almost... a communication from my location.  The basement has been home to incidents experienced by me and my slightly older sister.  My experience is weird.  I went downstairs to retrieve something for my mom, when just when I was near the stairs, an opaque dark shade of gray temporarily blinded me.  Whilst running up the stairs and wiping my eyes, I swore I heard something.  My sister heard something, too.  she was on the downstairs computer, once.  It had basic features.  She SWORE she heard something whisper something close to her name.  My sister sprinted upstairs as well.
Finally, my parents' room.  I come in on rare occasions, like when the light and TV is on, or when my mom or dad are watching a good movie.  My room is on the end of the hall.  Ugh, I know.  I need to pass my parents' room.  When I pass their room, I see strange things at the end of the bed.  I see dark, almost impish figures.  Once, I could've sworn I've seen red eyes.
Now, for the sound.  It is very creepy, yet inconclusive.  I have no idea of what the sound actually is.  Once, when the family and I were in the living room, I heard a broom sweep in the back of the house.  Weird part?  THERE WAS NO BROOM IN THE BACK OF THE HOUSE!  Plus, just today on 3/20/2008, I heard something in my room exhale.  I know it wasn't me.  That had freaked me out.  The 'feeling.'  I think I may have actually been touched.  Once, when I was eight or nine, I was watching a show on Urban Legends.  I felt something run something gently down my back.  It was around ten or eleven, but I got up anyway, and I went to the living room, where I found my mom.  I told her what happened, but she said it was just the curtains.

Salt Lake City


I lived in a home in North Salt Lake City that my children and myself had many experieces over the years that we never could explain other than the supernatural.  My husband, myself and two children lived in this house for over 12 years. There is a family that now lives in the house and I do not want to cause them any problems by giving out the address of the house, I will say that the house is located on Fifth North.   My children attended Jackson Elementary school when they were young and graduated from West High School. 
My daughter was sleeping and thought she heard her name called and when she opened her eyes, there was a man with a beard sitting in a rocking chair holding a hat in his lap.  My daughters bed was hung from the ceiling with chains and her bed was four feet from the floor.  My daughter said the man turned his head towards her and grinned at her.  She also said that the rocking chair was even with her bed and was four feet off the floor.  She told me she pulled the covers over her head and when she peeked out of the covers he was gone.
My son told me of a man with beard and top hat sat on the end of his bed, my son heard his name called and when he looked in the direction of the speaker (the man sitting on his bed) the man grinned at him.  My son pulled the covers over his head and when he looked out the man was gone.
I was alone in the house for a few days and on two different nights I was awoken to the sound of music, violen and tinkly sounding piano, the lights were on in the kitchen and frontroom, as I entered the kitchen from my bedroom the music stopped and the lights dimmed and as I entered the frontroom the lights dimmed and I found myself standing in the middle of the frontroom in the dark.   I heard footsteps in the stairwell and when I got to the bottom of the stairs the lights were on upstairs.   I started walking up the stairs and with each step the lights got dimmer and about at the fifth step it was now dark upstairs.  I could write about many other things that happened at this house, we never felt anything evil with our experiences at this house, and it was always our own fear that scared us.

Nitecap Inn Palmyra, Wi.


You may want to do some investigating on the history of Nightcap Inn in Palmyra, Wi.
I had heard rumors of a ghost haunting this place many, many years ago. I myself had
a strange encounter at the Inn. I had heard stories of an elderly women that haunted
the bar and restaurant here, a kind soul that didn't want to leave.
A friend and myself stopped in on a Sunday afternoon to have a drink at the bar and
although I had heard the stories years prior I hadn't given it a second thought until I
had a strange occurrence in the ladies room.
I left the bar and went into the bathroom, after I had washed my hands, I reached out
to open the door and although I had indeed unlocked the door I could not open it. I must
of struggled with this door for what seemed like an eternity and felt foolish, until it turned
to panic. I thought to myself, my friend will help me out here eventually, but to no avail.
Finally, I spoke outloud and said- o.k. now, you can let me out and the door creaked
open like there was never a problem and just as I finished the sentence. At this point my panic had turned to fear and my friend had asked if I was O.K. after returning to the bar, he said that I was sweating and was very pale. We finished our drinks and left.

My Experience


When i was about 7 I was sat in my auntie's house. Whilst they were getting the christmas tree down from the loft I trotted up the stairs and sat underneath the loft . As my Auntie was handing the christmas tree to my mum she sudennly dropped and it was so close to hitting me on the head but suddenly a shiver went down my spine and something pushed it away from me and left a red line down the wall . Also when my Mum was pregnant with my older brother she was sat on the bottom step in my aunties house and saw someone walk across the landing and thought it was 1 of my auntie's but they were both sat in the kitchen when she shoted my aunties name it just looked at her and went in my auntie's bedroom . When she got in the kitchen she was shocked to see that both of my aunties were perched upon there chairs drinking there tea ! The house that they live in was once really old cottages and I have allways wondered if anyone died in them. I am only 11 and I can remeber that day like it was yesterday , I still wont go upstairs in that house by my self as my aunties often hear bang's when nobody is in the house but them . Shadowlands and haunting's is a fantastic sight and i allways look at the real experiances x .

Little Girl Ghost


I don't know if she is real or just my active imagination--
I have caught this figure of a little girl many, many, many times, out of the corner of my eyes, over the course if 19 years in my home. She looks about 5 or 6 years old, Caucasian, wears a long white night gown, with long sleeves, and one of the colonial style sleeping caps. She has long dark wavy hair. She is usually  in the tiny hallway of my--get this---double wide trailer--which we set on this spot ourselves, deep in the woods,  19 years ago. When I turn to face her, she is normally (?!) looking at me but is quick to fade, or move into my daughter's room. There's no 'typical ghost' stuff---no crying, no talking, no sounds at all--just a brief vision on my part, a blank stare on her part, and that's it--she's gone. The occurrences aren't frightening--never have been. It has never occured to me to have them investigated--still doesn't---I just thought I'd share my 'Little Girl'. One more far as we know, there has never been a house on this was farmland.



First off, I would like to tell you I love your site. I actually live in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. In Pasadena.  I attended George Fox Middle School and My Father attended when the mentioned Ghost Principal was alive and there.  It is definately true she is there but I have never been there after dark, but I have seen students walking in the basement level fall on their face for no apparent reason.  We just laughed like all kids do.  I actually live in a haunted house about 20 blocks from the school. We do not like people to visit at all though. It gets on my dads nerves.  The smithsonian has come out to take lead scratchings of the tombstones in our back yard. There is a small graveyard of settlers from the 1700 and 1800 there. most of them died from a plague.  There is a book in the library of congress called "The Bonds of Earth" that is written about the families that are buried there.  The only true "ghost" form we have seen since living there is a little girl in a white dress. She seems happy and is always smiling.  We have never tried to get rid of her cause we feel she belongs there just as much as we do.  Our animals do act crazy sometimes and there used to be a locking door to our front room that would always mysteriously open by itself. My father finally replaced it with a sliding door that is always open anyway.  Sometimes the doorknobs turn and things just dissapear, like toys and small things.  In fact, while cleaning my room a few months ago (which I do almost every week) I found an ET Shrinky Dink with my name written on it just laying next to my door.  I havent seen those things since I was 6 or so.  I actually feel at peace in that house. I moved away for about 3 years until my mother passed away suddenly.  and yes, I can hear her walking around sometimes too.  She had cancer but died suddenly of a heart attack in the home.
I guess the most important thing is not to fear what you do not understand. I just talk to them when I feel their presence and have never had a problem.  Once again thanks for your site, it is awesome.

Harrisburg State Hospital, Harrisburg Pa


Hello. A friend sent me this link. I saw and read the entry on the State Hospital. I worked there in building 21 from 1995 till 1999. It is a 90 day co-ed drug and alcohol rehab. I was the night house manager. I would see and hear and experience many strange, weird and frightening things there at night.
When i would question other staff members if they had ever had anything strange happen to them on the night shift I was surprised at all the responses I got. Everything from noises and sightings to actually being smacked in the face by unseen " things " to being pushed from behind at the top of the old slate stairs ( This was in daylight, when all the clients were in groups )
I will relate one of my experiences to you. If you want to know more I will include my Email address.
This was an encounter with what I came to call " The Dread" because of the feelings of terror that would unexpectedly come over me when this thing was near.
     Staff offices were on the first floor as well as the women's dorms, men's dorms on the second floor. One set of steps leading to the second floor, one down to the basement with the door leading to the tunnels locked. All staff members had a key to this door, keep in mind I was the only staff member in the building from 11pm till 7am.
It always began at 3 am and would last till 5am.
I would be sitting in my office doing paper work ( my office located just off the kitchen/dinning area ) or making my rounds when the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and a feeling of absolute terror would come over me. It always felt like it was coming from outside of me in waves. Along with this came waves of  rage and hate. It always came from the kitchen area and the more afraid I became the stronger the entity would grow. It was like it was feeding off of negative emotions.
i would go into the kitchen to make sure everything was alright ( this was part of my hourly rounds ) and would feel like some " thing " was behind me and I mean right up on me and feeling like I would be attacked. The feeling would grow weaker once I left the kitchen to do the rest of my rounds but when I would get closer to the kitchen it would get stronger. Going thru the door way to the kitchen was like walking through an electric field.
It would fade and go away at 5 but each night it would be stronger. One night ( the worst ) i could sense/feel where it was but couldn't see it. I t felt like it was trying to get behind me to leap on my back. It also felt like it had once been human but now no longer was. It was evil feeling. There's just no other word for it. It felt like it had a hatered for anything living
    I had my back towards the wall with a large 4 pot coffee machine behind me and this thing in front. The machine turned on and started making nosies, the red light on the switch lit up. But the machine was unplugged. to say I was scared is an understatement. This thing had me trapped for awhile. I felt that if i moved, I would be attacked. it finally faded as it got closer to 5 and I was able to get out of the kitchen. I didn't go back in till the sun came up and the clients started getting up.
    I had many many encounters with this thing over the course of two weeks till I discovered how to get rid of it. I also had encounters with other entities while working there. I'm getting tired of typing now but feel free to contact me at " " if you'd like to hear more about my experiences. I am a former Marine, have an AA degree in Human Services and was working towards my BS in Psychology. I have done extensive research in many areas including various religions, spiritually, etc. In short, I'm not some flake looking for attention.

Face in the TV and Man at the Doorway


I believe the house I grew up in was haunted but my family all make jokes about how it was all just my imagination.  There were several different occurrences throughout my childhood nothing on a regular basis but frequent enough for me to believe that something paranormal was going on there.  I lived in this house from birth until 18 years old.  I am now much older and I still believe what I saw and felt there was real and unexplainable.
As a child I always woke up in the night to get a drink of water or a snack even sometimes.  I wasn't overweight but it was a running joke in my house that I always had to get up to get something to eat at night.  On several of these occasions I would walk out of my bedroom down the short hall and into the living room where we had one of those old TV's that when you turned them off the colors would dance for a short while and then go out.  My parents were early to bed early to rise so I know the TV hadn't been "just" shut off but I would go out and there would be a human face made from those colors that usually would just swim around when it was shut off.  I watched the TV during the day and shut it off and always watched to see what the colors did but they never made the "face" during the day only at night after the TV had been off for hours.
The second occurrence that freaked me out completely was on night I was standing at the refridgerator which was on the same wall as the doorway that lead down to a small landing which is where the back door was and the stairs to the basement were (I always felt watched down stairs and couldn't stand going down at night even with all the lights on, I could do it fine during the day but at night it freaked me out).  Anyway the night I'm speaking of I turned my head to the doorway, the only illumination was the light from the refridgerator, and there was a fully formed person peering around the corner from the side that would have been coming up the stairs.  The horrible thing about it was that at first I thought it was my step-dad but then I got a look at its face a little closer and it was his face but almost evil looking I swear it had red eyes but that could have been a miss interpretation of what I saw.  I ran back down to where all of the bedrooms were and I peeked in my parents room and he was still in bed.  I've never found an explanation of why it would have been his likeness I saw at the top of the stairs that night.

Assisted Living Senior Place

This story I'm about to tell you guys just happened to me last Saturday. I work in Recollections in a Avalon Senior Assisting Living, I'm a caregiver. This is my first time working in these type of stuff. This last month a virus was around there that took the lives of  7 residents that I miss very much. Through out time I hear other caregivers talk about experience they had. Mostly are the ones that work NOC shift. But to be honest with you guys I am not scare. Well enough about that. I always wonder if they would ever do something to me… you know scare me too. But I would always doubt about it….until last Saturday. We were all ready to have Dinner and almost all the residents were there already with the Mec tech and other caregivers….except for a few residents. While they pass the food I decided to go get the ones that were left… and it was lonely in the hall way because the ones that needed to be pick up were all the way at the end… All of the sudden when I was walking down the hall way I pass a room where one of the residents was before she die. She was the first one to die and it took a long process…anyway…when I pass the room I clearly heard the door knob turning as if somebody was going to come out the room. I thought it was Sam one of our residents that wonders around so I open the door to supposable get him out but when I did nobody was there… I just smile and close the door and pretended like if nothing happen. I guess she just did that to let me know she's still there with us… Like I said in the beginning I'm not scare of them… But I honestly miss them very much….

Haunted Niagara Falls Air Force Base


Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station is a quiet base that has a key role in the community. This small station run by the 914th and 107th has had many ghost stories over its long history. Once being a active Air Force base opening in 1928 as a municiple air port then turned over to the Army Air Corp in the 40s. The Air Force began to take over in the late 50s. But behind the quiet walls and friendly faces you meet at the main gate there are many ghost stories surrounding here. i worked on the base full time for almost 20 years until around 2003 and all my career have heard and seen many unexplained things. Many of my friends in Security Forces have told me about our CE building where a spirit seems to play games with them. Things have been reported such as whispering in the night and knocking on the glass doors while doing late night building checks. In the 90s i found this interesting and checked it out only to find to men died in the building for unknown reasons. A army sgt that had worked with SF told me of a gate shack near the Air Guard Headquarters where he seen a army drill Sgt in full dress walk around the gate and vanish. This to me is truthful because a security forces member that i worked with died tragically while being deployed and he was once a drill sgt. I havent talked to many people since i retired but a few guys were talking at the NCO club about a new vechicle search pit that was built a few years ago that has eerie feelings and sometimes things are seen on camera, but when i questioned them they seemed to laugh it off and ignore my questions. This base is not new to death we have had a Blue angel crash and die on base and our own fighters crash in the 70s and 80s. Not many people know but three guard buildings were once used as morgues in the 50s. There is said to be alot of construction on base and a body was found while digging around 2002

Berkeley Springs, WV


I have a personal experience from Cubs Loft in Berkeley Springs, WV. While vacationing there, we decided to put a recorder in the basement game room after seeing a figure. When we listened to it, you could hear someone playing either the boccerball game or pool. We tried to debunk it by having someone walk on the floor above us, but could not. We also tried to debunk it by searching the maintenance room, but cound not hear a sond even close to what we heard.



Smokey was born in Vancouver, Washington to a mother that rejected him.  He was the runt of the litter: coal black with huge, bright green eyes.  To me he looked like the little kitten on the Tidy Cat litter bags
The lady that brought him to me had him in this huge TV box so when she lifted him out; I was totally shocked and surprised because he fit in the palm of her hand.  I fell INSTANTLY in love with him!
Later on that day I found out that Smokey needed to be fed via eyedropper.  So, for his first couple of weeks; he was transported around inside my robe; also because he shivered so much.
As he grew (he ended up being around 12 pounds) he developed this habit of wanting to be in the room with me ONLY whenever I was attempting to undress.  He also developed this extremely annoying habit of sitting across the room and just staring at me.  He didn't do this to his dad, just me.  It got so through the years it drove me crazy!  Imagine thinking that you are alone in your room only to discover eyes watching you from under the bed (because he would sneak in past you).  This was Smokey!
He traveled well too!  And boy did we travel!  Most of the time out of necessity due to either deaths in the family or just having to move but he was my companion throughout it all.
One particular time will always stand out in my mind:
My son (he was 19, my daughter was 13 but I did not have custody of her, she was the reason for the move) and I had traveled via Greyhound from Minneapolis Minnesota to Portland Oregon to move me from Portland, Oregon BACK to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (See what I mean about traveling all the time?).
We were in a rental truck on a highway in the state of Wyoming and Smokey was sitting in his usual spot--on the dashboard.  It was just past midnight and we were bless-fully going north avoiding a vicious storm that was approaching from the South.
Our sky was crystal clear.  We were riding along; my son was half asleep, when Smokey started doing that thing that some cats do when they spot a bird.  I turned down the radio to really listen.  There, he was doing it again!  Now why in the heck would he be doing this in the middle of the night?  And what birds were flying around at night?  Well, my answer was that Smokey had spotted this pale, round, beigey-colored object in the sky just to our right.  At first I told him it was the Moon but the Moon was not in the sky.  I pulled over and awoke my son and the three of us--for the next approximately 15 minutes--watched this object as it moved from our right to our left, then disappeared.
Anyway, years passed and Smokey was my companion until his dad and I reciprocally agreed to separate.  I stayed in Oregon and he moved to another state.  He took Smokey with him and we still keep very much in touch.
Again years passed and one day last month I am sitting watching TV with my two cats, Oliver Wendell and Macey Grey (who were both asleep) when just IN my line of vision I see this short, black shadow elongate around the corner going towards our (my daughter--yes, I got her back—emotionally broken but safe with me now) bedrooms.  I sat there trying to figure out what it was then finally chalking it up to my imagination, went back to watching TV.
A day later, my daughter tells me that she was in bed facing the wall when she felt what she thought was one of the cats jump up onto her bed; mind you her bedroom door was shut.  She said she didn’t move but playfully scolded them to get out of her room.  A few seconds later the purring was so loud and full of bass that it was vibrating the bed.  The vibrating lulled her back to sleep.
Sadly, it was a month later that during a conversation with Smokey’s dad he informed me that Smokey had passed away.  He told me he had sent me an email, this was about a month before (November), but I never got it because he had sent it to an email address that had just become invalid.
This confirmed what my daughter and I believed we were experiencing—visitations.  Smokey had died in November—a month before our experiences.  And as I type this up, the last experience I had was the night before last; I saw one of his eyes in his famous peeking-at-you-with-one-eye stunt.
You know, my cat Oliver reminds me a lot of Smokey, Oliver is orange but he weighs in at a whopping 16 pounds.  At four months old, he was rescued from a taped up box sat upon the railroad tracks.
As I am typing this; he’s yet again vocalizing and chasing after something--not his sister.  He jumps, arches his back and vocalizes for whatever it is.  He just started doing this around Thanksgiving.  And again no, he is not vocalizing at his sister, Macey.  As a matter of fact, she keeps following him around as if she is saying, “Play with me too!”
I love and miss you, Smokey.  RIHP



i graduated peoria high in 2004 and during my senior year i worked with the maintenance and custodial staff and one of the buildings i cleaned was the performing arts center and i was working with another custodian and i went into the back to get something and i walked by the band room and the light was off and when i passed by the light was on the custodian i was working with was in the front of the building at the time...there has been issues with the electrical system lights would flicker for no reason and have been checked out by maintenance and nothing unusual...while cleaning the stage i would get a very weird feeling like something was in the building with me but i never heard any voices due to the fact i played a stereo when i cleaned the stage...i asked about if the building was haunted but was never given an answer the question just went ignored

My Little Bugger


Okay it was around midnight. I sleep on top of the bunk bed along with my other two sisters in the same room. I had a little of a insomnia because i father has it. It was winter, cold as always, i heard my brother talk in his sleep and almost laughed because they always do that. Except for me though.
One night, i was bored and was reading my book quietly until i heard the washroom door open then close quickly.; This repeated over a couple of times during the night while i kept reading my book/. I got tired and pulled the blankets to my chin, freezing then all of sudden, i heard quick little footsteps running up the stairs, making a ruckus like a little child would when he or she is hyper and happy. Well, i sat up and hushed. I knew it was my parents or my older siblings because they were out and asleep. Then i heard nothing for awhile until i crept back to the covers until i felt a presence watching me.
In my physical sense, i could see auras and i saw one aura in the my doorway, clutching the door, looking at me. Chills ran through my entire body. Before i took a better look, it ran into my parent's room, paused, then down the stairs and into the washroom. I cursed myself knowing i was probably dreaming. Then i heard my brother gasp from his bedroom door which was directly by the stairway. I look down and found my brother standing at the bottom of the stair, looking at me with tears in his eyes which frightened me because he whispered up to me and said, "Georgina, someone is here" while pointing to the kitchen.
I sighed, knowing it was really a dream. I checked for him while he clutched his own door. I noticed the stance he was in from upstairs and almost blamed him when i heard the same walking up the stairs again. My brother just nodded and went back to bed. I looked at him weirdly and went back to bed.
A couple of hours later, around 4 in the  morning, i and the same sensation as if someone's watching me only, his or her face was right in mine. I only stare and was petrified. I went to push the child away but she or he laughs and goes back downstairs. I screamed out loud when something jumped on my bed. Hoping it would go away, my light turned on when my parents came in, asking what was wrong. (They knew i had these kind of senses and helped me develop them.) i told them everything but they just nodded and went back to bed. Half an hour later, i kept haring the same thing, running up and down the stairs, washroom door opening and closing.
That experienced happened a couple of times and by the time my sixteenth birthday, it totally stopped. Still, i shake every time i couldn't sleep.
I was living in Ontario, and this happened since i was fifteen. Also, my best friend died a long time ago when i was six a day before my birthday which was the most occurring paranormal activities.  this is true but the insane thing was; my mother, father and brother had no memories and couldn't evident what had happened. I freaked out and never slept with my door open again.

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