Ghosts and More Ghosts

by DSp1051

I have been interested in ghosts ever since I was a little girl. It started when my family (which at the time was my mother, father, brother, and me) moved into an old house. For some reason my parents began to fight all the time (they never fought like that before or after that house). My dreams became nightmares. The dreams were that of my toys coming to life and coming for me (which is very scary for a little girl). Then one night as I lay in bed looking at my door I saw her. It was a girl or maybe young women. I could see through but still see her. the only light in the room the light from the moon. She did not glow that I remember. This is the one time I remember seeing her, but my mother told me later that I always would tell her about seeing the ghost. To say the least I was glad to move. Next time I would be at a haunted house would be prom night this year '98. I had just meet this girl (we later became good friends). I took her home on prom night to chage out of her dress. This is the frist time I walked into this girls home. I felt the presents in her home. I did not tell her or ask her about it. But that night when the subject of ghost came up she said, "My home is haunted by a little boy. He followed us from another house. He usually just truns the tv on and off." But she has also seen the little boy and all the pictures with just her in the taken at her house have blurs or lights across them. JUST THE ONES WITH HER. Another time that I was able to feel the presents of a ghost was when at was at my great-grandfather's house. He had just died. I was about 16 when this happened. When I was little I would spend every summer up there (he lives in NY and I live in LA). When I was littl e we would sleep in the basement which was an apartment. I was never afraid of any part of the house until my mother and I went up there to clean the house at with the help of my Aunt Sherry, Uncle Mike and his wife (all these people slept in the house as while as my mother and I). My Uncle Mike and his wife slept in the basement. She would NOT go down there without someone else. The basement did not bother me, but ever time I would hit the top two steps leading to the second floor I would feel a strong presents. The second floor had two bedrooms and a bathroom. While after a while of getting the feeling I stopped going up stairs. It was getting late and I had to take bath (which was upstairs), so my mother told me she would go with me. She sat on the bed of my great Uncle (who had passed away 8 years ago). the bed faced the stairs in such a way you could only the top 2 -3 stairs. Before this my mother and Aunt Sherry had been making fun of me because I would not go upstairs by myself. While I was in the shower my mother heard footsteps. Thinking it was my Aunt she got up and walked to the stairs. There was no one there and my Aunt was on the phone in the kitchen and was not able to be the one on the stairs (by the way my Uncle and his wife were not even at the house at the time).

I will quickly tell you something my mother told me oneday. Her brother died of cancer on the day she went into surgery for breast cancer. She for some reason felt totally at peace on that day all day long. Any way about 4-5 months after my Uncle David died my mother was going through a very hard time. That night she had a dream about my Uncle. It was like no other dream she had ever had. He was floating next to her bed. He was health and smiling. She said the any thigh she can remember is that he was complaining (like he liked to do). After that night she felt much better. Not even a year after my Uncle died so did my mother. It has been only a little over a year now, but before she died she promised me she would come to me in a dream like her brother did to her. She not come yet. I think she is waiting for the right time. Thank you for your time.

Campus Ghost


Hello, my name is Rebecca and I used to attend Point Loma Nazarene

University, or as it was known up until this May, Point Loma Nazarene

College. The school has a very interesting history. The campus used to be

the site of a utopia of sorts run by a woman who created her own religion

from many ancient world religions. She built seven different enterances to

campus to symbolize the seven different religions and people would enter

the campus through thier respective religion's enterance. She also built

on campus the first Greek Amphitheater on the West Coast.

Anyhow, she lived in a house on campus, that has since been relocated and

had a basement added on. She lived upstairs in a small room with a little

coupala (sp?) on the second floor. One year she went to Sweden, I think it

was Sweden, and while there was hit by a car or vehicle of some sort. I

believe it was a car though. Anyhow, she was in bad shape, yet she made it

back to the USA and to San Diego. She spent the rest of her life in that

room and eventually died there.

The house is now the site of continual paranormal experiences. It has been

exorcised repeatedly to no avail. When the campus was first purchased it

was supposed to have been exorcise by many different religions, even

thought the current school is Wesleyan Protestant. Students regularly

spend Halloween in the house, yet always leave very soon.

Some friends of mine spent Halloween in the house. I thought about

spending it there with them, but by ten o'clock I was way too freaked out.

We were already hearing wierd sounds and the elevator was giving us

grief-showing up and doors opening without our request and all. I was a

Journalism student and the student newspaper office is the in the basement

of this building and when we were unlocking the door to get in that night

I felt the floor raise up under my feet. No one else felt it but I did and

it was really unnerving.

Anyhow, that night I left and went home and spent the night with some

friends, but the people who did stay went through a terribly tramatic

experience. They went out and rented some horror movies, hoping to bring

on a paranormal experience. I think they even rented Exorcist, which

everyone found really amusing and thought a good film. Well, the VCR,

which really never had problems before didn't work that night and the

picture kept having problems. Finally the phone rang. One of them picked

it up and there was a monotone, berating voice on the other end that told

them, "get out. get out. leave my house and don't come back." Or something

to that effect. They immediatly dropped the phone back on the reciever,

and bolted out of the house, leaving backpacks, homework and whatnot in

their wake. They left everything there except car keys. They existed the

house via back stairs that led up out of the house from the basement, so

one had to come from below ground level to above ground level. Then, as

they came up out of the house the four of them parted and two went around

one side of the house and vise versa. Now the house is built symmetrically

on the ground floor. One enters into a hallway flanked by two rooms,

flanked by really big windows. Well, if you stand on one side of the house

and your friend on the other, outside both of you, you can look through

the window, through the room, through the door, through the hall, through

the door, through the room, through the other window and see your friend:

| | | |

You |Window Room Door Hallway Door Room Window| Friend

| | | |

I hope that makes sense. It is integral to the next part. So, two of them

were standing on one side of the house and two of them were on the other

side of the house, both pairs could see the other pairs. And then this

banging began. Someone was clearly banging on the windows, very loudly,

almost as if someone had gone mad. Just this incesant banging as if a

person had both fists raised over their head and were hitting the window

with them with all of their body put into it. My friends jumped in their

cars and sped away off campus and didn't come back on campus until the

following morning when it was light.

I had experiences with this ghost before I knew it was a ghost. I was

downstairs in the student newspaper room typing an article and I heard

people upstairs running around, and it sounded like people were upstairs

playing basketball. So, I went to the elevator and got in and, since the

house is on the National Register of Historic Places, I felt it my duty to

tell them to go away and stop playing around. What if they broke

something. So, I went in the elevator and when the doors closed I

immediatly had this apparant feeling that I ought not be in there. So I

came to the ground floor, I got out, holding the door and I said, "Hello?

Is anyone here? Well, you need to leave. This is a National Historic

Monument and you need to leave. This is not a place to play." Then I went

to the next floor, the second floor, and said generally the same thing. If

anyone had been on either floors they would have heard what I had said on

the other floor, but I wanted to make it clear. Then I got back on the

elevator and felt really bad on the way back down. I went back into the

newsroom and got a Bible and put one on my computer and I held one in my

lap, luckily someone came soon, because after I went downstairs I heard

the running again, but it stopped and it felt like it had stopped for the

night, and then the elevator had come down, the doors opened and closed

and it went back up, without my calling it. Very unnerving. So, later I

told someone that I heard somebody running around upstairs and they told

me what had been going on for years.

This all takes place, all of the stories I know first or second hand, in

like a three week period or so. So, this next one just compounds the

others. Two of my friends had been downstairs typing their stories in the

newsroom and all of a sudden the computers froze up and an alarm clock we

had down there went off and the radio came on. Then a picture starting

scanning onto the screen. Now, the scanner had been broken for what, two

weeks? And it wasn't even plugged in. So, this picture scans onto the

screen and my friends are really just about ready to die, this is so

wierd. So they wait and then the picture appears and it is of another

utopia era building on campus that has a spiral staircase that leads from

the groud to the roof. The picture is of the staircase and the gate that

is ALWAYS locked and chained shut is open and the gate is laying aside.

So, my friends delete the picture and bolt.

Two more stories I know about the place.

This one is another one that happened in the app. three week period. One

of the friends who had experienced the scanning incident was downstairs in

the newsroom with a friend who had previously graduated from the school.

He does not believe in this sort of thing at all. (Well, now he does.)

They were hanging out talking in the room and doing some work.

The room gets all outside light from, I think, three windows at the bottom

of 8 foot wells which are guarded by three to four foot high guard rails

around their edges. In short, if anyone were to try to get to the bottom,

it would be a long (11-12 ft) painful fall as the wells are only about two

feet across and three feet wide.

So, my friend and her friend are chatting away and all of a sudden they

hear a smack of a fist, a big "wham!" kind of sound on one of the windows

and they look up real fast and see a man with blond hair upside down in

period clothing quickly whisking (read:rising really, really,really fast)

upward out of sight. So fast they barely saw him. They left. They looked

all around the well but didn't find anybody or anything and there really

is no rational explanation for how someone could suspend themself upside

down into this well, smack the window, and get away fast, in period

clothing. Really wierd.

Finally, this one is just an ongoing occurance, but the room where the

Purple Lady, (the woman who died,) died is now the campus radio station.

They have Christmas lights up there and all kinds of stuff. Well, they are

constantly having windows open up, Christmas lights flicker, the room get

cold, equipment stop working and then start up again and all kinds of


I guess this is not as bad as it used to be before the house was moved. It

used to be across the street and down a block or so and supposedly things

were really bad then, but I have no first hand knowledge of that.

However, I would definetly nominate this for the register. The place is

wierd. The campus is wierd and definetly haunted. I have heard that the

theater on campus is also haunted-bad.

As an interesting sidenote, Spalding of Spalding sports equipment fame

lived on campus in a house he had constructed in the shape of a turtle

facing the sea. He believed that when one died they would become a turtle

and go toward the sea. Also, many of the buildings have purple balls on

top that light up. When the Purple Lady was on campus they would turn the

lights on so everyone knew she was there and many sailors remember coming

to the area of Point Loma and seeing these purple balls glowing on the

coast. Also, this lady brought over lots of Cuban and Dominican (I think)

children to populate her utopia. The place is wierd and definetly haunted.

Have fun. Let me know if you need sources or information.

Oh, I forgot, after my experiences with the house I had trouble sleeping

for weeks after. I would wake up in the middle of the night and see a dark

shape like figure in my room. Scared the hell out of me. I slept with my

Bible pressed close to my chest and before I went to sleep each night I

took two Nyquil in hopes of not waking up. Scared the HELL out of me. I

slept with light on a lot, which didn't make my roommate too happy, but I

explained to her what was going on she dealt with it. I was really,

really, really scared. I don't ever want to be in that building again at

night alone and I haven't been since my experience with the people running

around upstairs. I only go in with people and I don't let them leave my

side. Really. When I was leaving a meeting for the student paper once, we

had all been talking about "her" and making jokes and laughing and really

ridiculing the situation. I was one of the first to leave and I walked out

of the room and it just felt evil. I went from complete laughter to

jubilation and dread. I walked right back in the room, told a friend how I

felt and we walked out together with a group of other people. I can't

explain it well, but I was totally laughing and cracking up. Just having a

ball and making light of the situation and when I walked out of the room

it was as if someone had slapped me. I was downed immediatly and I won't

ever cross that woman again. I respect her greatly and I don't ever want

to cross her path. She is not to be messed with. Everyone now really

respects her. We have a student from Kenya who attends at school and she

painted a picture in memoriam of "her" up on the wall and no one really

ridicules it. If they do other people will let them know exactly how real

this is. I don't even want to experience that again. It is not something

to play with.

My Poodle Topo


This all happened many years ago.

When I was about seventeen years old and still in high school,

my parents bought me a miniature poodle puppy. He was just

a little, round white ball of fluff (about eight weeks old) when

we got him. I decided to name him "Topo" because as a child

I had liked to watch the mouse puppet on the Ed Sullivan show.

The years went by and we moved, the family split up with my

brother and one of my sisters leaving to get married, my parents

divorced, but Topo always came with me. He was a very bright

and happy little animal whose favorite game was "Hide The

Frisbee". I would send him upstairs to wait while I hid his frisbee

in a closet or cabinet, with the door ajar just a tiny bit. Then I'd

yell "Topo!" and he would come racing down and search all

over the living room until he'd found the frisbee and dragged it

out of its hiding spot.

One day when I'd just given Topo a piece of jerky treat and

told him what a good boy he was, he was prancing happily

around- then suddenly keeled off to one side and collapsed.

He died of a heart attack, the veterinarian told us afterward.

Topo was eleven years old when this happened and it really

broke my heart.

A few nights after he had died, I was lying in bed in the dark,

still missing him but not really thinking about it at the moment

as I had other things going on in my life also, when I heard

the old familiar scampering noise on the carpet next to my bed

(the run- and- jump he always did to get up there). Then I felt

the little feet padding up alongside of me on top of the covers,

and the sensation of Topo sort of curling up and cozying in

next to me the way he had always done. I remember stiffening

up because I was just a lttle afraid (though I don't know why)

and I didn't want to open my eyes to see if anything was

there. I have always been nervous about the thought of

seeing spirits or whatever.

I now feel he was just letting me know that he was fine and

as as far as he was concerned, life was still going on as

usual. But again, events happened, we moved once more .Now

I myself am married and have my own family, living in an entirely

different part of the country, and I still think about Topo. I

wonder if he moved on too, or is still rambling around in his old


My family's Experience with Ghosts


To some degree, I have inherited from my father's side of the family, a

psychic ability to see or sense ghosts. One tale I have to tell is about my

Great-Uncle Gord when he was walking home from work one night. It was at

the height of the depression and my uncle was working where-ever he could.

He and my aunt lived up north near Haliburton, Ontario and he had to walk in

from the main road and travel along an old lumber trail to get to his house.

This particular night, it was the middle of winter and all my uncle wanted

to do was to get home. He was walking along minding his own business when

he saw a gentleman approaching him from the opposite way. "Cold night", he

said to the man. The man never answered him, but kept his head down and

walked on. My uncle thought nothing of his impoliteness and went on his

way. Not more than 1/2 a mile from his home, he saw the same man again,

travelling in the same direction. There was no way this man could have

walked that fast through dense brush without my uncle seeing him again. The

trail was U-shaped and ended at the woods or the main road. Once again my

uncle greeted him by saying "Good evening sir". This time the man looked up

and he had no face. When he arrived at home, his face was as white as a

sheet and his wife was concerned for him. The next morning, he decided to

check out whether the man might have gotten lost or frozen in the bad

whether. When he got to where he had last seen the man, there was only one

set of footsteps - his- and none going in the opposite direction.

As for myself, my first experience with a ghost was when I was five years

old. I woke up suddenly in the night and looked at my closet door which was

closed. All of a sudden a man on a horse came riding out! He got to the

middle of my bed and stopped, looked at me and tipped his hat and calmly

rode out through my bedroom window. This was not a dream as remember every

aspect of this experience even to the appearance of my room highlighted by

the street lights (and it wasn't the street lights either!) Since then, I

have become quite sensitive to the psychic world but unfortunately, I cannot

contact them at will. They come pretty much when they want. Hope you found

this interesting.

Haunting in My Home


My Name is Julie and I am 39 years old, married mother of two.

I grew up in a haunted house and remember feeling the joy of being

free of a presence, when I moved into a new home with my husband.After

so many years of bizarre experiences, you just couldn't talk about,

it was nice to have some normalcy in setting up housekeeping. It did

not last forever though. We moved into our present home three years ago.

I did not feel a presence right away. Believe me it is a feeling you

never forget and recognize immediatly when it returns. One night I was

carrying an armload of clean clothes to be put away in my room. As I

opened the door to step in, I gasped outloud. The overwhelming feeling

of an evil hate-filled prescence pulsated at me from the far corner of

the room. I was frozen with fear and confusion. Instead of stepping

backwards out of the room,(I still don't know why I did not), I jumped

into the open closet door and flicked on light. I just felt if I got

that light on I would be safe. I peered out the door, and though there

was nothing to see, I knew in my heart IT was still there, radiating

it's evil towards me. I knew by experience I could not give into this

fear. I said I'm not afraid over and over and faced that corner of the

room. I felt it diminish, and when I said the Lord's Prayer, it went

away completely. I did not know what all that was about, or why it was

there but I chose to ignore it. It had other ideas. This happened in

Aug. '96. The following June '97, I had trouble sleeping one night.

Around 5 a.m., I felt sharp claws run up and down my right foot, twice

quickly. I jerked my feet up in horror. I felt the same malevelant

presence next to the bed. I layed frozen to the spot, even too scared

to get up and use the bathroom. I couldn't even nudge my husband awake.

I felt if I moved it would pounce. So I laid there, kidneys aching till

daylight. All day my right foot was tender where the claws had run

across my foot. The next night I slept with slippers on. Two months

later, again around 5 a.m., I woke from a deep sleep already saying the

Lord's Prayer even before I was fully awake or realized what was going

on. I felt the presence inches from my face and dared not open my eyes.

I repeated the prayer until it was gone.Five days later I was in my room

and heard the strangest sound at ny window. It was a keening noise like

a cross between a baby bird And a screeching animal, with scratching

noises. I went to look, I wasn't frightened, but figured it was nothing.

As I walked away from the window, it got louder and faster. I stopped

then headed out the room. By now it was so loud and persistant, I had to

look. It was really putting up a fuss now, but when I pulled back the

curtain, it immediatly stopped. I mean cut off like with a switch. And

I noticed my son had left his headlights on. It was like I was supposed

to notice that. But I could not figure why an evil spirit would be

helpful. The following day, My daughter noticed the dog acting very

strange. He was hiding in the hall way in the dark, eyes bulging,

looking terrified. My daughter said he had just run out of the kitchen

as if he were afraid. He began to run about the house looking for places

to hide. Anywhere but the kitchen. In all his 6 years, he had never

acted this way. We even tried to lure him in the kitchen with cookies,

which never fail to entice him, but he would have none of it. This went

on for 45 minutes. Then all of a sudden, he was fine. Even wandered into

the kitchen to see if the cookie offer still held.

The last episode was this past January. I was sleeping face down, arms

above my head, When I was jolted awake by sharp claws digging into my

arms. I was paralized with fear and tried to get my husband to wake up.

I tried to nudge closer to him, but couln't move. He always seems to be

in a deep sleep when these things occur. I have heard of phsyic sleep,

and wonder if that is why I can't wake him. Nothing has happened since,

But it seems to be more active during summer months, and anyhting could

change I guess. It isn't a constant feeling of presence. I think it

comes and goes at will, and only shows up to remind me it's around. I

can only guess as to it's motives.

My husband and I went on a haunted ghost tour one night and joked that

we hoped none of the ghost would hitch a ride home. That night as we

lay in bed watching T.V., still talking about the night's adventures,

almost on cue, something hit our window hard. We both bolted upright

and stared at each other. My husband went outside to look at the window.

He said the window was fine, but there was a claw mark in the

sreen, which is still there to this day.

The Friend's House


i seen your page and i wanted to share my happenings with you,my names

is michelle and the first happening isnt about me its about my

step-fathers friend he had known for years. we whent over their one time

to help them clean their house because it was new and the previous

owners i guess had forgotten to but anyway when i went to the basement

to look for some paint,and rollers, i had this weird feeling of being

watched it wasnt comfortable in that house at all. you know when you go

into a normal house you have that comfortable feeling but at that house

i didnt. when we were there that was about the creepiest thing that

happend however when we left and when ray left (my dads friend) tina his

wife and their son brandon had expeirienced some weird stuff like one

time when their was a electrical storm brandons toys went on by

themselves yet they were not electrically operated.tina would often see

shadows on the wall things would move by themselves etc. when tina had

brought a friend over they were in the living room talking for awhile

,when tina left to go to some laundry. well her friend was talking to

the entity that was haunting that area first off she said that tina had

no reason to be afraid she was there to take care of the family. however

this entity also said she hated children. i find that strange to hear

because she said she was taking care of the family yet tina had a child

her son brandon. i think it was a demon.

The Civil War Battle


I am a true ghost beleiver but I' ve never really seen one before,

UNTIL LAST WEEK! I was at the Gettysburg battlefield. I was just taking

a hike through the area where Pikett made his famous charge. I was getting

pretty tired and it was late so I decided to spend the night there. Luckily

I had a sleeping bag in my backpack. I settled down and was almost asleep

when I heard booms in the distance. I thought it might be thunder so I began

to pack up and head home. As I was packing I looked over at a clump of trees

and saw figures all in a line. There were thousands of them! I could barely

make out a Confederate flag that one a them was holding. Then they began

to march towards me. For some reason I just stood there. I stood there so

long they past right through me. Moments after they past I heard and saw

thousands of little flashes (musket fire). After a few minutes of that thousands

of Confederate soldiers came hobbleling back to the clump of trees.

I could here Union troops in the distance shouting Fredrieksburg. And then

it dissapeared. I ran like heck back to my car and told myself never to come

back again.

Japanese Spirit


I am a senior enlisted member in the U S Navy. Being stationed over sea's for most of my twenty plus years in the service, I have seen alot of strange and ghostly things. This particular incident happened to me while I was living in Yokosuka, Japan. My wife and I had just moved into a small japanese house set on top of a large hill over looking the city. The house was very old and must have been there pryer to the war. One night while I was sleeping, I was awaken by the feeling of a strange presence and the sensation of something or someone sitting on my chest. As I opened my eyes I saw an elderly women sitting on my chest and chanting in Japanese. I could not move my body nor could I breath. My body slowly started to curl up into a tight ball. I tried with all my power and strength to free myself to no eval. I had actually stopped breathing and was on the verge of passing out when I started praying to God, this did the trick. I was released and the older women vanished. This incident happened twice more. I was reluctant to tell my wife about it for fear that It would scare her, but by the third incident she knew something was up and she questioned me about it. I told her what was going on and she being japanese herself knew of this type of spirit. According to her this spirit is common in japan and is thought to cause many deaths in that island country.

My House


This is about the house I live in with my boyfriend and two other friends....It's not a 300 year old castle, or built on a least we don't think it is....It's just your average NJ ranch house, that is approximatly 40 years old, and some interesting things have been happening here for at least half of its existence....Aside from the almost everyday feeling of being's the rest....

This is a long one..

I live in a house, in Manville, NJ, and have lived here for 4 years. When I first moved in, I rented a room upstairs where the land lord, Lisa lived also. Two friends, Joe and Brian lived in the basement apartment. Lisa told me of strange happenings which went on before my arrival, things like echo's of whistling in the shower. Also, in one of the bedrooms in the basement, whomever had that room as their bedroom, never wanted to sleep in it and never specified as to why. This same room is the one where a former 'boarder' shot bullets through the ceiling for no apparent reason. And ironically, Joe and Brian always slept out on the couch instead of in their rooms....and they had NOT been told the stories of the strange sounds etc.

Three years ago a few friends moved in with me, and Lisa moved out. Stranger things began to happen. My one cat, Toby would sit in the above mentioned room for hours on end and scream at the the wall . We would bring him upstairs, and he would proceed down again to scream and growl some more. A few years ago one of my present roommates would be awakened by an odd feeling that he was being watched, he opened his eyes and saw a white silouhette only inches away from his face....staring at him. About the same time frame, I would have a repeated dream of a civil soldier walking down the hallway by my bedroom door. The odd thing was a friend who spent alot of overnites would share with me the same dream. Being of Cherokee descent, I asked my step mother, who is a medicine woman, what I should do. She instructed us to "clense" the house, which we did. Things got better for a while.....

Then.... last year, shortly after my best friend passed away, the stereo turned itself on, at 1 a.m. at full blast, jumping back and forth to different settings (cd, tape) it stopped at CD and played Metallica....the same evening the bathroom door was shut and the light was on so when my fiancee woke up and heard the water running he naturally, assumed someone was in the bathroom... I discovered the next morning that the bathroom was empty! Four of us live here now, all of us have seen or experienced similar things at different times.

In the past 4 weeks we have individually been in the basement and experienced a phantom "cat?" leaping off the stairs and then disappearing. The most recent incident(s): We all have at one time or another witnessed a white, smokey figure or blob floating nearly playful peeking and ducking behind doorways. The past few days we and friends alike have all witnessed some kind of energy force (like static shock from the carpet) only it's been above the counter in the kitchen and by the bookshelf in the livingroom (not carpeted - wood floors). Or the feeling of someone grabbing your hand......also, a strange scratching noise witnessed by three cats and three humans in our upstairs livingroom.

My sister was visiting several months ago and saw a tall man wearing who appeared to have been wearing a 'Zoot Suit', broad shoulders, dark grey, wearing a sharp cut, tailored suit. Today my sister and I are visiting and we discussed the strange happenings, dreams......we have discovered that this male figure is essentially the same one I saw 3 or 4 years ago in my dream, and my friend's dream. Our home is only 40 years the best of our knowledge no one has past away here. Though, the house has never been occupied by your typical "family".

Before Lisa bought the house in the early 80's, it was owned by a "belly dancer"...(of all things) who had teenage children. When Lisa bought the house and was cleaning everything out, she found in the loft in the garage, what seemed to be a mini-prostitution room, equiped with old matresses and pornography magazines. We have talked to our neighbors...Al and Gert, they are in their 70's or 80's and have the oldest house in the area...they informed us that the civil war troops did in fact cross over the soil which rests under our home today.

Also, 3 of us who live here and 2 other visiting guests have experienced being "touched" a sort of tingly sensation...always on the back, shoulder or side.

As I said before, I am of Cherokee descent, and very spiritually sensitive and have had many a ghostly experience from the time I was 2 or 3 years of age. I know there is some thing or some one here, but am curious as to who it is. Or who THEY are. I can also tell you that many many of our friends who have felt quite uncomfortable upon entering the house, especially the basement.

We would like to find someone who would be interested in investigating these unusual occurances. I am an animal health technician, and have 2 dogs and 4 cats, among other caged animals, and all of them seem to be sensing things and reacting to things which we cannot see. My roommates are concerned and interested in solving OUR 4 year old mystery. Can you help?

Mess Hall


WHILE Stationed at N.A.S.Norfolk in the early seventies I had a

personal close encounter with the mess hall ghost ,but I am a getting

ahead of myself . the way this story goes is that back during I

believe the Korean war, there was a sailor murdered in the mess hall,

while eating his noon meal , and everyone in the mess hall must have

been named SCHULTZ because no one " saw , heard, or knew any thing

in the crowded chow hall . (ha. ha.) Any way this had to piss the

ghost off more than any thing else.

Moving ahead to my own story , I was having a late night snack in the

"hall" One night, with some Navy buddies when we got to talking about

the ghost . I forget what the unfortunate gentlemans name was,but at

that time we knew and so being sailors we just had to challenge him to

make his presence known. He then proceded to do just that , there was a

tooth pick dispenser of the flip top kind and no one was any where near

it all of a sudden it flipped by its self and through a tooth pick. at




Here's one of the many ghostly occurrences I have experienced. Though

many have sent chills along my spine, none has ever frightened me the

way this one has. It is the only time I have actually been attacked my

an unseen presence.

My best friend, Angie, and her family lived in an old farmhouse far out

in the country, several miles from my home. The valley where their home

was situated was a beautiful, scenic area. Trouble was, from the very

first time I entered the roadway that led through this valley, I was

overtaken by a chilled, uneasy feeling. It was as if there were some

type of dark cloud that hung over the valley, though this was more an

inward feeling than an actual physical manifestation. There was an

uncomfortable feel to the area, as though one were constantly being

watched, and the feeling that you were trespassing on forbidden ground.

A large portion of the land in this valley belonged to Angie's family,

and there were constant struggles among the family with the uncle who

maintained control of the land. There were at least four houses, and a

church, controlled by Angie's uncle, which either remained empty and

unused, or were only rented for short periods of time. People rarely

stayed long in this valley, and were usually the victims of one type of

bad luck or the other while living there. Angie's husband was at the

time unemployed, and so the family was forced to stay in this valley,

since they were able to live there rent free for several years. Bad

luck seemed to plague her family. Accidents, sickness and money woes

were common.

One weekend, I went for an overnight visit. I was to sleep in the

living room on the couch. We sat talking till about one in the morning,

and then everyone retired to their respective rooms. Being prone to

insomnia, I sat quietly, reclining on the couch, reading a magazine, and

waiting to feel sleepy enough to turn out the lamp situated by the

couch. Over a period of time, I became increasingly aware of a rustling

noise coming from the corner of the room, opposite the couch. I could

clearly see into the corner from where I was sitting, and nothing was

visible. At first, I thought that the noise might be created by a

wandering mouse in the old farmhouse. But then, I realized that the

sound was coming from about a foot and a half off the floor, and as I

listened, became louder and more active. I could consciously feel a

presence in that corner, growing stronger by the minute. It was a very

unpleasant sensation, with a sense of evil permeating the area around

the noise.

Suddenly, as I sat there, this presence, sensed though unseen, seemed to

rise out of the corner, spread out, and settle over me. I felt

smothered, pinned to the couch. I could not move, and could barely

breathe. I struggled to sit upright, and call out, but was held totally

immobile and speechless by the enveloping presence. Realizing that this

attack was somehow evil or demonic, I began, in my mind, to pray,

calling on the name of Jesus, and binding the power of the entity. For

a short time, the presence became even heavier. Then, as I prayed, it

seemed to loose some strength. Finally, I was able to speak aloud, and

began to whisper my prayer out loud. As I did this, the presence seemed

to struggle, and then, suddenly abated. It was gone. Needless to say,

the remainder of the night was sleepless, as I sat there praying, and

awaiting the family to rise. When the family finally stirred, I caught

Angie in the kitchen fixing coffee, and making sure her two children

were not around (I didn't want to frighten them) I began to tell her of

the attack. In the middle of my story, Angie interrupted me with the

exclamation, "You've felt it too!" She went on to tell me that her

husband Ed had been awakened on several prior nights, sensing an evil

presence in the corner of their bedroom. Though it had not attacked him

physically, he had suffered hours of terror, awaiting daybreak, frozen

with fear in his bed. On two occasions, they had been awakened

suddenly, to witness their toy poodle, Sassy, being attacked by some

unseen force. The poor dog had been lifted from her spot on the bed,

gasping and choking, suspended in mid air, as though being strangled by

an invisible hand.

This was not the only manifestations in this particular valley of this

unknown evil. Angie's aunt, who lived in the same valley, had been

disturbed in the night by unexplained sounds, and by the vision of an

Old Hag, faced coated grotesquely in war paint, telling her that death

was approaching for both Angie's aunt, and her family. These

manifestations drove Angie's aunt and her family from their home.

Later, a group from a local church were contacted to come and bless the

house they had vacated. It was a newly built house, and the family had

hopes of returning there. Starting in the basement, the group began

praying, binding the evil spirit and anointing the house with oil. As

the traveled through the house, members of the group encountered cold

spots, and could feel the entity retreating upward, floor by floor,

until they reached the attic. There, the presence was "cornered" in a

dark area of the room. The group, praying in earnest, closed in on the

presence, and, just as the leader of the group entered the dark corner,

taking authority over the spirit, and demanding that it go, a loud "POP"

was heard, and tinkling glass. The spirit was gone. But there in the

corner of the darkened attic, a huge, full length mirror, stored there,

had shattered as the entity escaped.

Angie and her family moved soon after these occurrences, and thankfully,

they have not been followed by whatever was present in the valley.

Unfortunately, her aunt has not been so lucky. Though the family

returned to their house after the "exorcism", within months, the entity

had returned. The aunt, terrorized by the strange happenings there,

suffered a nervous breakdown, and as a result the family has moved

permanently from the valley.

Grandma, My Cousin and Me


My grandma had 3 children and my dad was one of them and she would go and stay with all of her children at 6 months at a time. It was time for my grandma to leave our house and go to her daughters. I remember waving goodbye to her and thinking that this may be the last time I see her since she was 72. After she was gone for awhile we found out that she was inflicted with stomach cancer. Unfortunately it spread fast and she died in November about 4 months after staying with us. I remember that night being in my bed, the bed she slept in while she was here. I was laying there sobbing from losing my favorite grandma. I had a lamp at the foot of my bed on a small table, while laying there....... the lamp turned off. I held my breath. First thing that came to my mind is that my grandma came to me and turned it off to let me know she was ok, at least thats what I hope happened. This bedroom of mine in my parents house has had its share of odd happenings. My lamp turning off the night my grandma died was just the first one. Another time I was just about to fall asleep and I felt my body start to slowly rise from the bed. Being that I wasnt quite asleep I knew that I shouldnt be doing this! So I quickly opened my eyes and felt my body slightly bounce back on to the bed as if I was let go. I didnt know what to think and I just pretended that I must have been dreaming or something. This bedroom has such a strange oder to it. It smells old. No matter what my mother and I tried we couldnt get rid of the smell. The other rooms don't have this smell. Then I find out not to long ago just this year in fact, That my cousins' son had an experience in that bedroom. When they were visiting me one time about 5 years ago my cousin's son J.P. was playing with a Sega game in that bedroom and he told his mom that something pushed him backwards by way of his forehead on the bed he was sitting on. If you knew this kid you would know he wasnt the type to lie or make up that story. Another time when I was living across the street from my place of employment My sons girlfriend asked me if I had seen anything strange happen in the kitchen because she had heard cupboard doors shut when no one was in there. Then one summer day about 4 of us were sitting in the living room of that apartment and all of a sudden the water from the kitchen sink turned on. We all looked at each other knowing that no one there was in the kitchen. My sons girlfriend said to me, " thats what I'm talking about. You have weird things going on in that kitchen" I slowly went in the kitchen feeling awfully spooked and saw the faucet on. The fixture was the kind with one arm that has to pivot to the right or left for hot or cold. You also have to pull up on the handle to turn it on. The apartment wasnt old so there wasnt anything of previous dwellers of years ago.

Haunted House in Greenville


When I was in the third grade our family moved to a small town in Ohio.

We rented a house on the outskirts of town, next door to the National

Guard Armory. This house gave me a creepy feeling, and I absolutely

refused to stay home alone with my brother and sister. I always had the

sensation of being watched. My mother had the same feeling, and even

felt someone breath on the back of her neck one day while she was doing

the dishes. When she turned around, no one was there.

One day my mother left me and my brother home while she went to do the

laundry. I was instructed to be sure to lock the door after she left.

Being a typical kid, I forgot to do so. My brother and I played records

for a while then he fell asleep on the couch. Shortly after this, the

back door came open about a foot. The top portion of the back door was

glass, and I could see the shadowy outline of a man with a hat on; the

kind of hat men wore in the 50's movies. I cowered behind a chaise

lounge in the corner and prayed my mother would come home soon. When

she did, the image was gone.

On another occasion, at this same house, I saw a man looking in the

window from the front porch. My mother went to check it out, but no one

was there.

The final straw was late one night after we were asleep my parents went

to bed. They were talking with the lights off, when all of a sudden

someone (something?) with a pair of heavy boots on took off running down

the hall (wooden floors). It started at their bedroom door. My father,

an unbeliever at the time, thought someone was in the house and took

chase. By the time he reached the bedroom door, the intruder had gone

down the stairs to the first landing. He was out of my father's range

of vision. By the time my father reached the first landing, the

intruder was on the bottom landing and again out of my father's range of

vision, since the stairs turned. One point my father noticed as he

pursued the intruder down the stairs was that whoever/whatever it was,

it had gone through a closed door without opening it. (There was a door

on the first landing of the stairs.)

My father pursued the intruder into the basement, thinking he had

trapped him/it. There was no exit from the basement. There was also no

intruder. My father spent several evenings trying to discover what had

made the noise, but to no avail. There just simply was no explanation

that fit. He moved into this house an unbeliever, and, after two

months, he moved out very much a believer. He spent the rest of his

life reading everything he could find on ghosts and the supernatural.

This house was something like 100 years old at the time. It had an

apple orchard next to it. Rumor had it that the old man who lived there

had killed his wife and buried her body in the apple orchard.

About 15 years later, while living in Florida, a friend of ours came to

visit. He brought with him some friends of his that were visiting from

out of state. We got on the subject of haunted houses. I told them my

story, and, amazingly, they had had similar experiences in a house they

lived in. Come to find out it was the same house!!!

No one ever lived in this house for very long. It would stand empty for

months, you would see people move in, then two or three months later you

would see them move out and the place would be empty again.

The house is now gone, and a fast food restaurant stands in its place.

I wonder if it's haunted as well?

Haunted Tavern


I am a letter carrier in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recently I took over a

route on the city's south side. Before I even got started, some of the

old timers started teasing and saying "Make sure you say hello to the

ghost" or have you seen ol Bob yet?" Being somewhat skeptical by nature

I just let these comments pass until one day in early June. I had just

entered the bar and started to hand the mail to the owner when a door

opened completely and no one came into the room. The owner (Max) payed

absolutely no attention to this until I asked if he saw what I saw.

He just smiled and said "That door will not stay closed". "My dad

owned this place since the sixties, I grew up in this tavern and no

matter what we try, that door will not stay shut. I told Max that some

of the guys at work claim his bar is haunted. "They don't know the half

of it." Max said with a smile. Stop by after work sometime and I'll

tell you all about it. Several weeks passed by and although I was

curious, I was not curious enough to visit this questionable

neighborhood on my own time. Until one Saturday in September 97 when

Max told me he was having an estate sale in the bar. He had items laid

out all over the bar area and the downstairs kitchen. The upstairs had

6 rooms that had been rented out in the 30's and 40's. but were now

dusty and empty. He had the upstairs and the entrance to the basement

closed off with that yellow tape you see on TV crime shows. I was in

the kitchen looking at a blender when I felt someone standing right

behind me. I quickly turned around and thought I saw a shadow out of

the corner of my eye. "Allright I'm ready to listen" I said to Max,

"but first I'll need a beer". The building turns out to be one of the

oldest in the city built before 1880. There was a rooming house accross

the street where workers from a local foundry lived. On payday they

would cash their checks at the tavern and cut loose a little bit. Some

professional ladies plied their trade in the upstairs rooms at this

time. In the early 20s a man died in the upstairs bathroom scalded to

death in the bath tub. It was assumed he fell asleep while drunk

although foul play was not ruled out. The presence I felt in the

kitchen is thought to be one of the ladies who ran the kitchen for many

years after she became less desirable to the patrons. The most

frightening stories happened to Max himself. In the late 1980s he was

doing some remodeling and living upstairs at the tavern. Although he

admits to being tired he swears he was standing in the upstairs

bathroom, looked sideways and saw a man in clothing from the 30s or 40s

staring at him. He looked again and there was no one there. About a

month later, he was sleeping in the bar on the floor, since he would no

longer go upstairs, and he swears someone shook him awake and said

"Someones trying to break in!" Thinking it was just a dream Max turned

over and went back to sleep until the police were at the door with a

burgler in tow! There are many more stories from several eye witnesses

which I will save for another time.

Randolph AFB


Supposedly, Bldg 900, The Air Training Command (now Air Education And Training Command) Headquarters Bldg is haunted by the ghost of Gen James Simler, a former Commander of ATC once stationed at Randolph.

The story is: In 1982 General Simler was leaving Randolph and ATC to take over as Commander of one of the other Air Force Commands, but was killed in a crash on Randolph's runway on take off while attempting an aileron roll. He loved doing aileron rolls (some pilots call them Victory Rolls) in Viet-Nam after some of the missions he flew.

General Simler was in the back seat of the fighter he and his Aide de Camp was in, and something mechanically failed on the plane as they rotated for take-off. Instead of pulling out as usual, the planed nose dived into the ground exploding on impact halfway through one of those "Victory Rolls". Both he and his Aide de Camp were killed instantly.

On the third floor of bldg 900, down the hallway leading to and from the Commander''s office are portraits of each former Air Training Command Commander. Over each portrait, is a light that lights each portrait. Sometimes after the lights have been turned out each night, a security check is accomplished at specified times. One can go back up and the light above General Simler's will be back on. This doesn't happen on a regular basis, but as if the Genral is saying, "I'm watching you to make sure you're doing your job." At other times, the smell of General Simler's cologne can be sensed in the hallway.

At different times, people who have worked in the building and the last to leave the third floor, have reported hearing footsteps following them on the carpeted floor.

Once when working in the building, I have personally seen doors, that were closed on one security check, be standing open on the next security check. This during those hours when only myself and another co-worker were on duty.

All doors entering the building, have security cameras viewing the entrances 24 hours a day, so it is impossible for someone to enter the building and not be seen.

I got used to the "feelings" and strange noises heard once in a great while, while others sometimes were un-nerved. But if you were a newly assigned person, sooner or later, General Simler "introduces" himself to you in one way or other.

A Haunting


Years ago in a small town in N.J. almost a whole city block was taken up

by a very large funeral parlors.. When it was torn down..they decided

to built 8 new houses on that property.

My mother bought one of the houses and my aunt both one too.

My moms backyard faced the area where they had the slabs for their

bodies..they had left the cement there...

It started one night...I was sound asleep and flet like someone was

shoving my arm as if they wanted to wake me..I quickly opened my eyes

and there was no one there...

Also in this room there was one very cold spot.

My dad was a tough Italian man..not into ghosts or such...He also

complained to my mom

to stop shoving his arm when he as asleep.

I always though if I ever saw a ghost I would die of fright....I didnt'

but when I saw one I was actually paralyzed with fear...

In the same room..this happened .I was sleeping and all of a sudden I

dont know why I opened my the left of my bed was a figure

floating above my little sister...I don't know why I knew it was a young

girl but I did.

There werent' any facial features...but again I knew it was a

girl...they eyes were hollow and her hands were stretched out over my

little sister...I closed my eyes hoping it would leave.

When I opened them it was still there....

I started to pray very the middle of my prayer it left.....I

never saw it again..but I was so scared for my sister.

Another occasion was when I was sleeping I woke up to a big crash in

the sounded as if all the dishes and pots and pans were

being thrown to the floor....I ran out to the kitched and there stood my

mom...we looked at each other and then looked at the floor.

She stried to defuse the situation saying it must have been from the

tenants upstairs...

I asked them the next day and they said there were asleept at that time.

We had the basement finished off and at times I slept there too..One

night I heard alot of voices and heavy footsteps all a bunch

of people walking.....I froze again...I couldn't even open my mouth to

call to my mom who was was as if I was yelling but no

sound came out of me....

Well..more happened but these are the things that really scared me..

After my mom sold the house....and years later we start talking about

the house...and my mom said she never wanted to tell me but she had seen

a little boy in the living room watching her while she was working

around the house.

She also said her pocket book flew to another room.

Now my mom is a level headed person not prone to hysterics or believes

in if she said she saw this she sure did.

My aunt also complained(in her house) that she heard someone coming up

her stairs from the basemen to the kitchen door..but thats when it


I thank God I never saw or heard anything like that again my life...

Interesting too is the fact that every house from the first one on on

the the five after..

were marred by divorces..strange all in a row.

There was also a shooting in one of them.

Oh yes I also was part of the divorce line there.

Well. that's my experience...if someone asked me if I believed in ghosts

or whatever these things were that happened ....I would laugh at

them....But seeing is believing and I would be willing to take a lie

detector test to substantiate this.....others may laugh or not believe

but there is somethings we can't explain .........What these things are

I don't know I'm not an expert..but they exist and I now believe...

Thanks for listenig...Concett

The Lonely Ghost


The story is happening in Dalmose, Denmark.

When my family, my horse, and I, moved to Denmark in 1994, a ghost moved

with us. I don't know where from, any how and why, but the ghost started

hunting me.

It all started, when my friend and I went out to feed my horse.

It was a dark fall day, so we were nearly running. Suddenly I saw something

standing beside me, and I turned around to see what it was. The thing was

like a fog, but formed like a human, a girl with face and clothes. And it

was standing right beside my friend. I was shocked, so was my friend. The

only thing we could say was: " Did you saw that too?". We wasen't sure

about the sight of the ghostgirl, so we just continued our work.

A little week after.

We were sitting in my room and talking. Suddenly something was walking

outside the window. We knew for sure, nobody, but us, were home at that

time. So we went out for a look. And there she was again, the ghostgirl.

The mystery continued for about a month, without any troubles.

But one day we were going for a walk, we heard a voice from one of the

corners in the field. The voice sounded like a child, who was crying. Since

that day, the horse were afraid for that corner.

A lot of strange things took place, and we were scared. We didn't tell

anyone, course they would think that we were crazy. So we kept it as a


My interest for horses was going away. So I decided to sell my horse.

When the horse was sold and the new owner picked him up. Nothing ever

happened since then.

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