Ghost in Bingen, Washington




This story is completely true.  You can give me a lie detector test and I would pass!!!  My siblings all remember this house and the many things that happened there.  The ghost was a woman and if I had space and time I would tell you how I know this.  Anyway, I am the daughter of Mexican migrant farm workers.  We worked in fields all summer long, migrating from place to place in search of work.   We stayed in one room cabins, old beat up trailers, whatever the landowners had for us.  One summer, we were all astonished when we were loaned a beautiful home, with a bay window and a view of the Hudson River, to live in.  It was located in Bingen, Washington.  I could tell you many stories about that house, but this is one of the wierdest.   I was 9 years old, everyone else went to work, and I was left behind to care for my youngest sister, about 5 then, and my baby brother, 3 yrs. old.    One day, I ran them a bath, put them in the bathtub and went to look at the view out the bay window in the living room.  The bay window had a narrow shelf just below the window sill and on there sat three large ornate bottles of colored water.  One red, one green, and one blue.  I picked up the green one and shook it, watching the sediment float to the bottom.  I had a good grip on the bottle because, as I said, I was shaking it.  Suddenly, I felt this creepy feeling come over me like a huge wave.  My heart began pounding and I felt like I could hardly breathe. It gives me the creeps even now to think of it.  Someone came up behind me.  My hair was in a ponytail and someone blew softly at the base of my neck, causing a sort of a prickly sensation that ran all the way from my neck to the top of my head - like electricity.  Then the bottle slipped right out of my hands and crashed to the floor.  Like I said, I had a good grip on it but it slipped and fell.  As the bottle hit the floor, my little sister and brother started singing this little song in the bathtub.   I went to see, and there they were, sitting face to face making sawing motions on their little necks singing "cotchee..cotchee.. cotchee.....  (then rubbing mock tears from their eyes) .. boo hoo" ... repeating the sawing motion and the mock tears, singing the song, over and over.. "cotchee cotchee cotchee... boo hoo."    The Spanish word for knife is "cuchillo." 



My Eerie Experience





I feel kind of silly writing this, since I haven't talked much about it since it happened. I'm seventeen now and still can't come up with any explanation other than spirits. I have always been a believer, and hoped to one day have my own encounter with ghosts. I never thought it would be as terrifying as it was. Eight years ago (Summer of 2000), my dad's family was having a reunion, and we all decided we would stay at Oak Island Beach in North Carolina. (I'm not sure if that is the exact name, I know it was something with "Oak" in it.) The week we were there, the weather was very fickle. It rained most days and the sun was only out three or four times. Most of our time was spent indoors. My parents, sister, and grandparents shared one condo. My dad's brother and sister and her family shared another and his step siblings were in the third with their children. One night, while it was storming, my cousin Josh and I went to his condo to play video games and watch TV (Everyone else was in our condo, playing cards and drinking.) We played "Dino Crisis" and an X-men game and decided to watch cartoons after about an hour. We spent another couple of hours just goofing off, when the storm really started to pick up. We were sitting on the couch, talking and laughing when we heard a creak on the balcony outside. Neither of us is scared easily now and we weren't then either. I looked out of the sliding doors, but everything was pitch black. We went back to our conversation, and had no more interruptions for a couple of minutes. When a bolt of lightning lit up the beach, we saw a man standing on the balcony, dressed in a trench coat. He seemed to be looking out at the sea. It all happened so suddenly, we didn't believe what we saw. No matter how skeptical we were, we weren't about to go and check like I had with the noise. After a couple of minutes, we noticed the door was fogging up. Not the entire thing, just a little patch about six feet off of the floor. We were very spooked now. During the next bolt of lightning, we both saw the man, standing against the door, looking in on us. He screamed and I screamed and we jumped over the couch, headed for the door. We yanked it open, and as we did, we heard the sound of glass breaking. We didn't look back, just ran across the parking lot to the other condo. When we came in, we were soaked and out of breath. Our parents started to freak, asking us what was wrong. When I told them, they laughed and brushed it off. We kept begging them to call someone but they refused. After about a minute, they got fed up with it. They grabbed us and their umbrellas and dragged us over there. When we went in, the place was just as we left it. The door was intact and no one was on the balcony. Not even a foot print. I know I didn't imagine it. I believe that the spirit was drawn to me for some reason. My cousin has had no other experiences that he has told me about and I have had quite a few, but none as intense as the first. Anyone that has had a similar experience, know that you are not alone. Finding this site has opened my eyes to the world of ghosts and those that have been affected by them. Thanks.




Route 9




This relates to a home in Georgetown, Delaware – a private residence on the grounds of the University of Delaware Agriculture and Research Center on Route 9.  My mother often experienced lights going on and off in the house by herself and several times felt someone touch her only to turn around and find there was no one there.

Several years after we moved into the house, I was headed up the stairs and heard someone jumping on the bed in one of the bedrooms. I quickly ran down the stairs to tell on my sister and surprisingly, my mother reacted by whisking me out to the car and off to my grandparents where we stayed until my father returned home. Why? No one else was in the house. My sister was at a friend’s for the day.

Another time, my grandparents were over for a visit and I asked if I could go upstairs into my bedroom and get my new record player so I could show it off. I reached up and got the record player out of my closet and as I walked across the room, I walked through a spot that was freezing cold. I also felt as if something was moving through me. I dropped the record player and ran downstairs in tears.

As we got older, the activity pretty much stopped, but it was very active for the first five or so years we lived in the house. My mother once met another town resident who told her they knew of a young boy who had died of an illness in the house. She thought that might’ve been the presence we experienced.



Polksville Cemetery




A few friends and myself visited the Polksville Cemetery on the outskirts of Salk Lick, Kentucky, to investigate the "glowing" spotted by man locals in that area.  However, when we got there (appx. 9:30

PM) we began to hear sounds originating from both the cemetery and the wooded areas surrounding it.  The sounds were of footsteps and laughter as well as one sound that could only be described as a mumbled groan, like someone trying to speak but couldn't.

At approximately 10:00 PM we began to see a strange mist that seemed to follow the fence around the cemetery.  A few moments later we saw what looked like a glow in the outline of a man (about average build, possibly 6' tall) standing in the center of four trees that come together in the shape of a square.

As we left, the mist seemed to follow us out for the better part of two miles before it faded away.

We had more experiences there and if you would like to know feel free to ask.  We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this.  Most paranormal sightings websites have questions to ask and I understand that you need to verify the validity in the information so we're more than happy to help however possible.

We're not ghost hunters, we're a small paranormal research group.  We don't go out looking for floating caspers, we simply document our experiences for others to read and we believe in the supernatural.



Sapula Ghost Sighting




Hello my name is Amanda and I have lived in Sapulpa, Oklahoma my whole life and was looking at your web site. I noticed you have not listed any haunted places in Sapulpa but I KNOW there are at least three places you should have listed in Sapulpa. I personally KNOW for a fact that the SOUTH HEIGHTS CEMETARY and GREEN HILLS CEMETARY in Sapulpa are haunted. I have visited these two cemeteries most of my life and have seen four different ghostly figures in them. My grand parents once own the house I grew up in and my cousins have also seen them. South Heights has three of them. The first one is an elderly man who walks around the cemetery grounds in a long gray coat and knee high boots and is some times seen with a hat and cane. He has a long gray beard and is friendly. He is the old grounds keeper. The second and third are always seen in or around the "tower". One is a male figure in old western style clothes and the other is a woman in a an old style western dress. The man has been seen hanging from the tower ceiling (which has since rotted away) and the woman has been seen inside the tower and outside the tower always crying. I have yet to find any historical proof however that the tower was ever used as a hanging site. In the Green Hills Cemetery there is a man in black. He has been seen by many people including some of our local police officers. One of which has refused to ever go back to that cemetery.  They recalled going on an alarm call at the moseleum. When they arrived they saw the "man in black" run into the building. The audible alarm was sounding loudly on the moseleum so they attempted to open the door to it but it was locked. All the doors to it in fact were locked and there are no windows to break or open. The officers noted that there were footprints in the dew on the grass that led to the doors as well that did not belong to them. They called for a key holder to come out to the building so that they could check the inside of the building. The key holder showed up and the did a search of the building finding no one inside and nothing disturbed. But the eery part about everything really came when they checked the outside of the building. They checked the wiring to the alarm to see if they could turn the alarm off with out going through the company and found that the wires to the alarm had been cut so they called the alarm company labeled on the wiring housing to see if they could turn it off. The alarm company told them that the alarm had been deactivated many years ago and should not be on at all! Then like some one had flipped a switch the alarm went off on it's own! The other place I know to be haunted is the Sapulpa Police Department. It is rumored that it is built on a old indian burial ground. I have personally witnessed type writers writing with no one around them and have heard strange sounds coming from the cells when they are empty late at night. These are just a few places that you may want to look into for your web site.







Fort Wayne




My family and I lived in a house in Fort Wayne Indiana.  Every time the shower was turned on you would hear the sound of a child talking and laughing.  When the shower went off, the talking and laughing stopped.

Many other incedents happend during the time that my family lived in the house.  About 1 1/2 years. We learned to just get along with the ghost or what ever it was.

Later, after we sold the house and moved to another location in Fort Wayne, I found out from a friend who worked at the time for the city police department that a small girl who lived there was left by her parents.  The girls mother killed herself and her dad was so sad over her death that he hung himself.. We believe the hanging took place in the house!!

I have many more stories, because the ghost has followed me for the last 15 to 20 years to every house that I move in to.




Grandmother's Ghost is Visiting




This is a stressful time for my 12, to be 13 on April 7th, daughter.  On Saturday night, she experienced an odor as her bio dad relapsed and smoked "something other than pot or cigarettes" during her weekend visit.  Thankfully she lives with me and my boyfriend and does not have to go back to her bio dad's apartment! 

She has been experiencing visits, sights, touches and sounds.  Tonight I also heard a singing sound that my daughter heard.  Then I felt a breeze:  My daughter next told me that my mother had just walked past me and sat in a chair.  I had thought it was my mom.

Ironically, as a child I was able to see, hear and feel "ghosts" but my mother told me that they were not real and that even if they were real that I should not allow myself to experience the realities but rather tell myself that it wasn't real.  Now my mother is visiting us!

Now what do we do?  We're confused.  I want to be able to hear see and feel again as I did when I was a child.  I support my daughter's abilities and try to reassure her that she is okay. 



Morris Chapel, Niles Michigan




I have 2 personal experiences with Morris Chapel.

1. When driving by in about 1994 on our way to a Halloween party with my mother and two friends we saw men in brown hooded robes walking down the aisles with candles lit. We did not stop.

2. A group of 9 of us entered the Chapel. We were all 16 to 17 years old, friends of our lived at the end of the estate. We entered in through an unlocked back door. Went in, searched downstairs, nothing but water in the fridge. Noone had the guts to checkout the bell tower.

As we got outside one of the guys with us said it was stupid and acted like he was going to throw a rock, just then the bell rang 3 times. We all ran off and one guys watch had fallen off. When he was fixing it after we had all ran about half a mile, he said "ummmm guys, this is freak.... my watch says 9:37. Why did the bell ring twice at like 9:32"

We were curious if the people living on the estate had seen us and had some sore of automatic bell ringer or what... true story


My Aunt's Ghost Haunting




My Aunr Terry, from my fathers side, lived in Oklahoma. When I was about 16, she came here to Memphis, and she told me about a house that she lived in. She said when her husband and kids moved in, there was a barn out back, and she said when she walked in there, there was an upside pentacle, on the barn floor. After she saw that, she never went back out there. One night when everyone went to bed, my Aunt Terry heard the dogs barking in the kitchen. She went into the kitchen, and watched her dog bark at a corner in the room. The next night she went to bed the tv in the living room came on by itself, and she said it did it every night. So one night she decided to unplugg the tv, and she went to bed as normal, and the tv still came on. Then one day, after everyone ate dinner, they were all sitting in the living room, my aunt looked out the window, and saw a pair of red eyes. Her husband saw them to, and it really freaked them out. On another night, my aunt and uncle, and the kids were leaving to go see a movie, and on the porch stood a beast, with read eyes, and half his body was human, but the rest of him was like an animal. She desicribed his hands and feet as hoofs. Well, after they got home that night, my aunt and uncle made the kids sleep with them, and Katherin, started to get really sick. When my aunt and uncle tried to take her to the hospital, the car wouldn't start, so they had to push the car all the way down the street, and it started right up. The doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with Katherin. My aunt and uncle decided to move. And every morning the car wouldnt start when my aunt had to go to work, untill my uncle pushed it down the street. After my aunt and uncle found a new place to live when they got every thing the owned out of the house, Katherin got better immediatly, and the car never gave them a problem, and the tv never came on by itself again.



A Haunted Hotel in Maryland




I was hoping to contribute this true story, as experienced by my husband. We’re curious to know if anyone else has had an experience in this hotel, which we now call The Haunted Hampton.  My husband doesn’t believe in ghosts or spirits, but I do!  So, I was anxious to contribute this story . . .

The (Haunted) Hampton Inn, Elkton, Maryland

The Hampton Inn on Warner Road (off Rte 279) has a haunted room, which is #417. My husband stayed in this room while on a business trip in March 2008. He frequently stays at this hotel while in Maryland, but never had an experience like this until he stayed in Room 417. This was his room for three nights, and for the first two nights he was very restless and didn't sleep well (this is not normal for him). On the third restless night he realized that he was hearing noises inside the room (not from adjoining rooms). These noises were hangers moving around in the closet, the refrigerator door opening, noises from the bathroom and the sound of a glass being set on the nightstand next to the bed. The final thing that really spooked him was that something grabbed his side as he lay on the bed trying to ignore the sounds and fall asleep. He was not imagining any of this! He could still feel the sensation on his side after jumping out of bed. He looked around the room and checked the deadbolt lock on the door and all was secure. He considered packing up and checking out--but it was 3:00 a.m.! He eventually fell asleep and checked out the next morning. He has since stayed at the hotel, and was offered the same room upon check-in but he refused it. The hotel clerk wanted to know why, but he didn't want to sound foolish and wouldn't elaborate on his experience. For the record, he didn't believe in ghosts or spirits until this happened! We believe that someone must have died in this room (heart attack or something?) and their spirit is trapped there. We dare anyone to stay in this room! It is creepy!



A Small Story




Last year, I was living in an apartment on the far northwest side of town, in Chicago, IL, and had one experience in an apartment that for the most part was pretty quiet but for this experience.  I had lived in a frighteningly active apartment on the far northeast side before this occurence, so this didn't totally freak me out, but....

I was sitting in my living room, on the couch reading.  The sun was reflecting through the blinds, which I had halfway closed, and the TV, which was directly in front of me and perhaps 8 to 10 feet away, was off.  I sat reading for quite some time, and at one point looked up and into my reflection on the TV screen.  Sitting a few inches from me was a woman, with a pageboy hairdo, perhaps in her early 40's, with glasses on.  I could see her curves as she sat, so there was no mistake she was a woman!

I turned instantly to my left side, irrationally expecting to see someone sitting next to me in my locked down apartment, where I knew no one but myself had been the entire day.  No one was there, of course.  I looked back into the TV reflection again and she was no longer there.

May I point out there was absolutely nothing in that apartment that could have made such a reflection, I was on the 2nd story so there was nothing inside that could have reflected that way, no nearby trees, etc.  It was a bona fide experience.

I used to be sitting on the toliet and peeing and it used to make me very very uncomfortable to leave the door open when I did - I felt that someone was watching me and it was intense.  One day I had to go and said the heck with it, what was wrong with me in needing to close the door when no one was there and there was absolutely no way for me to be seen from any window or door.  So I'm sitting there peeing and at the threshhold of the door I saw an orb, a white orb, small, no more than 4 inches in diameter, for maybe 4 or 5 seconds before it left.  I am told when an orb stays close to the floor it is usually an animal, but my feelings of being watched were so intense, and if the feeling was coming from the presence of this orb I don't think it was any kind of an animal.  I never felt scared, by the way, just felt highly uncomfortable.  I have always wondered if it was the lady or some other human that had a tie to that house.  Once or twice out of exasperation I yelled "Leave me alone, in the name of Jesus Christ!", to try and make it stop, but it never did.

It was a highly Polish neighborhood, and had been for years, so I have a feeling it was some old Polish lady that couldn't leave her building.  I lived there for a year and am now gone.



San Bernardino-Agua Mansa Cemetary





Me my boyfriend and our roommate went last night to go find the cemetary, well i havnt been there since i was about 10 and im 21 boyfriend hasnt been there in like 7 yrs...and our roommate has never been..well we started down the road and it is very lit up now by many other buildings surrounding the road so its not scary anymore cause its not pitch black...and well THEY MOVED THE CEMETARY!!!! The old site of the cemetary is now a trucker parking lot that is very lit up by many many lights. And the new spot for the cemetary is very taking care of, which makes it not scary anymore AT ALL! They moved it about 4 or 5 yrs ago. The grounds keeper for the trucker parking lot said they moved it because to many ppl were able to get in the cemetary and mess with all the headstones and caskets.

The stories about the lady roaming the street i wouldnt know if that still happens or not or the man walking his dog...but the cemetary its self is not scary or haunted feeling anymore.

When i went when i was little it was so creepy and i was scared out of my mind, i would always tell stories about it to my friends..but now its pretty pointless to keep it on your website cause its not haunted anymore being they moved everything to a new location its a beautifuly kept cemetary with tours during the daytime, a muesem and a chapel!

I thought i would write to you and let you know so you could update your page about this.

Riverside-Riverside Cemetary

we went last night also to this site and well they have many lights here now too...and the most scary area of the OLD headstones that are huge is now gated with iron finces where no one can enter, they have done alot to this cemetary to change its apperance from being really old and unlept to making it really nice and peaceful. we went and werent scared at all its hard to be scared with lights surronding you.



Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Henderson House, Bed and Breakfast




I had a personal experience at this Bed and Breakfast, and it was so exciting!

A friend of mine and I were staying in this B & B (The Henderson House) while we visited her daughter at nearby Ouachita Baptist University, where she is a cheerleader.  We stayed in the downstairs guest bedroom by the dining room.

When we arrived, they were setting up for a big sit down dinner and reception with round tables covered in white table cloths.  It was a big affair that went on while we were at a football game.  When we arrived back at the B&B later that night, it was late and the staff was cleaning up and putting up the tables.  They apologized for making so much noise and said they’d be finishing up for the next hour or so, washing the tablecloths and putting them away.  We were exhausted, so we each took a shower and my friend crawled into the beautiful mahogany bed, and I pulled out the sleeper sofa and settled in and watched TV for a little while.  Finally it quieted down somewhat out in the parlor, so we turned off the lights and immediately fell asleep.  I woke up some time earlier as three women in gowns brushed by my bed, carrying things.  We had gotten quite friendly with the inn keeper and her staff earlier, so I really didn’t think that much about it, and wondered why they had to put things away in our room before morning. 

The next morning, I asked my friend what the women were doing in our room the night before.  She said “what women?  No one came in here,” and she motioned toward the door where the deadbolt was still locked.  She went out to the dining room for breakfast a little before I did, and as I was walking out into the hall, she walked up to me and said, “Come here, the owner has something to tell you…….”  When I walked into the kitchen, the owner looked up and said, “So?  You saw them, huh?”  I told her I saw three women in gowns, and she said, “they are dressed in wedding and bridesmaids dresses”.  She then walked me into the parlor and opened the big old photo album, and turned to the page that showed a wedding party lined up on the staircase – it was them!”  They are seen from time to time, getting ready for a ceremony, and the bedroom where we stayed was once a porch, that leads around to the front of the house. 

Because it is a Baptist college, they don’t promote these ghost stories, as the college frowns on it, but she said many people see them.  There is also a ghost of a Captain (army, or sea, I didn’t quite get), but he haunts an upstairs room with a big bay window, and is seen often too.

It was not a frightening thing, I loved it, in fact, and hope to go back again.  They were not “see thru” people, and had I reached out, I could have touched their dresses……..maybe.

It was in September of 2006.






During the 1970s I lived in a house  in Yuma, AZ. Myself, my husband and four children lived in that house. It formerly belong to the Sheriff of Yuma County.

Occasionally we would see an apparition of a lady dressed in a long white gown going from room to room as you looked down the hall from the living room. Occasionally she had a cat with her that followed her.

I have had friends and relatives in that saw the same thing. My own cats would bristle up and hiss as this lady and her cat would cross the hall from room to room.

I did a little investigating and found out that the entire subdivision where we lived had been built over a burial ground that was part of the wagon trains going through Yuma and across the Colorado River to California.

When we sold the house in 1980 we did not tell the new owner what we saw. He is an attorney in Yuma. He came to us a few months later and asked about the lady. He and his wife saw it too. The apparition was not bad and you never got a bad feeling from it, but too many people saw it to be our imagination.



Ghost Dog




Hi I'm American Indian Living in Green Bay Iwas a care taker for my family members I was taking care of my grand parents then my father. Well one day I was cooking in the kitchen my father was coming into on his wheel chair. Well when he was coming in the room I turned and saw a small blond dog. It looked like a Benji dog it ran right in front of him . It then ran into my bedroom wall. I asked my father if he saw it he said what  I said the dog he said yes I asked him to tell me what it looked like he told me blond small dog. . That was all I seen of it.    Then later on I had my brother move in with me he was also helping me to take care of grandfather and father. well there was no other room for him to stay in . So he was staying in basement. One day he told me he saw a older woman rocking in a rocking chair. Then saw same dog it ran to the lady and jump on her lap and then vanished.    We had several guest stay in the basement they claim they saw things. I grew up Christian so I know things do exist. My grandmother was Oneida she told me different stories she heard about different things of supernatural. She was also a Christian Lady.



Ghost A warning?




I had contemplated sending in this story for almost a year now and had even started to once or twice but then nixed it.  I decided I could finally send it, since I've read every story posted on Shadowlands.  I like all of the others want to first just take the time to say thank you for having such a site for people to come to.

In the year 2000 my husband and I moved to LaGrange, GA. to a fairly new apartment on Old Airport road.  His job had transferred him from NH and he was to be on a five day shift..five on and five off.  That meant he would not be home every other week as he was a truck driver for a major store chain.  Anyway..after being there a month or so we decided that it was a great little town to settle down in and began looking for a house.  During this time we had no incidents at the apartment.  After another two months of searching we finally found the house we wanted and put in a contract on it.  It was a three bedroom ranch with a small in ground pool located in a rural part of LaGrange.  When our offer was accepted we were ecstatic.

This is when my four year old son began falling out of bed at night.  Something he had neither done before or after living at this apartment.  Eventually this lead to him waking up in the middle of the night and I would have to go in and comfort him, which was usually fairly easy to do and he'd go back to sleep only to wake up again later in the night.  When I put them to bed, I would sit in the hallway between both of their doors (daughters bedroom was at the end of the hall which was about 10 feet long but their doors were close together).  I would have all the lights off except the hallway and once they were asleep I'd then go and get on the PC in the dining room adjacent to their hallway.  This hallway had a bathroom at the opposite end of the bedrooms and a laundry closet where my washing machine etc. were.  One night my son insisted I lay with him in the bed so i laid down behind him closest to his closet with him closest to the door.  My eyes were closed and we were both resting quietly when suddenly he half sat up in bed and said "Who is that?!"  Naturally I asked what do you mean?  He said a woman in a long skirt just walked by his bedroom door headed to his sisters room.   Of course this is the week my husbands gone so I'm alone in the apartment thinking someone must have broken into our second floor apartment.  So I got up and looked. My daughter(9 years old)  thankfully was soundly asleep so I checked her room, closet and under her bed to make sure no one was in there.  I questioned my son again and he said no one passed back by his door and there is no exit from my daughters room, just right by my sons room.  I brought both kids to sleep in my bed on the other side of the apartment that night.

Another night I sat in the hall again until they were both asleep, now keep in mind ALL lights are off except the hall, which includes their big walk in closets.. no lights on.  When they were both sleeping I got up and used their bathroom at the end of their hall.  While in their I heard what sounded like a toy hitting the wall in my sons closet which shared a wall with the bathroom.  Thinking that he woke up and started playing (which was not like him by the way)  I went in his room to find him sleeping cozily but the closet door half way open and the light inside open.  Okay so now I'm freaked out because I KNOW that door was closed and the light was off  and yes his beds right next to that closet so yeah, I took them into my room again. 

Again on another night my son wakes up again but this time my husbands home and we're all asleep in our own beds.  I can hear my son crying so I go in to comfort him but he's not there.  my husband and i can't find him but he's still crying...sobbing a terrified cry actually.  in a minute or two we find him hiding under the sink in the bathroom at the end of his hallway.  he told us the mean lady won't let him pass. He had tried to come in our room but she stood in front of him.   again he described her exactly the same...long skirt, hair up behind her head and she makes faces at him.  Now I know for a fact i'm dealing with a ghostie here but husband thinks i'm just going nuts and putting stories in the kids head.  My daughter meanwhile never notices any of this and is not disturbed. 

While on the computer one night, late around 2 a.m. I hear three distinct loud knocks under my feet, one on the left in the small kitchen, one directly below my feet and one to my right.  Sounded like someone down stairs used a broom to knock on the ceiling in extremely rapid succession.  I sincerely doubt that anyone could move as quickly in the downstairs apartment and get by the furniture they undoubtedly had there, just as i had mine arranged.  I know for a fact the lady and her kids were in bed by ten at night. 

So the bank has decided that they will give us a loan on any house in LaGrange except that one because it's rural or some other bs.  So we try another place and another...  One night i'm sleeping and have a more vivid than any other dream i've ever had kind of dream/nightmare.  In it we live in the house and i'm looking for my son only to find him floating face down in the pool.  i wake up crying and made up my mind that there's no way i'm ever moving into that house so now i must convince hubby who thinks i'm nuts anyway and is determined to get that house.

Well having bought a puppy when we started looking for a house, this collie is now almost full grown size but he still has accidents so we keep him penned in the kitchen with a large baby gate.  When we go out this doggie somehow gets passed the gate by pushing a corner or whatever and is running round our apartment soo one night we're going out to dinner and hubby and I lock up poochie and set two high backed dining chairs against the gate.  Keep in mind our apartment is carpet, thick and plush everywhere except the kitchen.  When we return, puppy is looking at me from my kids hallway and the gate is still exactly as we left it, and the chairs are too!  Not one thing had moved but somehow according to loving hubby i'm supposed to believe the dog vaulted over the chair backs and somehow landed without killing himself or breaking my dining room table which was a mere foot or two from the chairs.  Yeah, okay.

My downstairs neighbors kids told me their mom was upset because i let my kids run around my apartment banging at all hours of the night...mostly after ten pm and she can't believe i let kids stay up so late, she has to get up early..yadda yadda yadda... except my kids are in bed every night at 9:00 and asleep no later than 9:30ish. 

I see a shape leaning out of the kitchen door watching me as i watch tv and tell it, come sit by me and leave my son didn't sit with me but it didn't bother my son that night.  i never noticed my dog noticing anything... the only cold spot in the house was the kids hallway, and not always..just mostly..hubby slept in sons room one day(in the afternoon) and even though we had central air complained that he sweat like a hog and had the worse nightmares ever but the place still isn't haunted and yes he steadfastly refused to ever sleep in there again.  i saw blinds move on their own...doorknobs that rattled when i was alone in the place and wasn't a teeny shake caused by some truck rumbling by, which there was some 50 to 100 feet between the side of our apartment and the road, this was a defined and voracious shaking...a definitive HELLO i'm trying to open the doooor!  But no one was in the apartment but me an i wasn't touching it.  I told the ghost to have fun cause i was going out to eat.

Finally my husband tired of trying to get a loan for that house and mysteriously everything stopped.  No more rattling of this or that, no shadows, but by now it is also true that the four of us were sleeping in my water bed in the one room that never seemed affected by the haunting.    But i noticed everything in the apartment changed and felt cozy again.  But by then I'd also decided that tornado's, large cockroachy looking bugs and the ghost belt were too much for me and we packed up and came back north.  Interestingly enough when we returned home to my parents house (which we later bought) which has never ever felt anything but perfect there were three knocks on the bottom half of my bedroom door one afternoon.  I was alone in the house...  Immediately i felt that was the spirit or something telling us we made the right choice by not getting that house.  My father believed that it was his mother who lived and died(1950's) in NC who knew something bad would happen to my son if we bought that house, especially since it all seemed to stop when we stopped trying to get financing for it and gave up on the house.  My son has never been affected by any other ghostie type stuff since then and he's never fell out of bed again either!  Feel free to email me if you choose.




Haunted Church in Kentucky





There are variety of things that happen at the church each night. around 5:00pm a strange presence can be felt in the largest chapel in the church. This wing during this is time should be pretty much unpopulated. There is even more though. around 7:00pm- 9:30pm about(I'm estimating) things start to get a lot stranger, you can hear footsteps, footscuffing, and sometimes knocks. One thing you might be able to do is comune with the spirits in a form of knocks,me and my partener were able to manage this. 1 knock for yes two for no and we actually got answers to some very simple questions. there are at least three spirits that haunt the chapel, I detected the presence of what seemed like a male. When we exited there was a knock on the behind us with no one behind it. It would be impossible at this time for anyone to have done it seeing as the only other people in the church were my group of missionaries and they were on the other side of the church at the time. During the nights people also reported seeing strange figures "peering" in while the where sleeping. I other hand heard strange things, it sounded like a little girl and mother or older woman laughing. One of the questions I asked was if there was a older lady and a little girl and I got a yes in the form of a knock. one missonary while I was speaking with him reported that he somthing in the window. I had to keep asking for him to tell me, it was apparently what I suspected a older woman and a little girl. There was also something odd about this place, its the fact that there are strange breaks and marks on the glass and one I could only identify as a bullet hole. There were also footsteps coming down near the room I was sleeping in. I had a leader check it out and see who was up roaming around that time of night, there was no one found. The leader along with all the other missionaries kept trying to deny the fact that strange events were going on, they kept saying it was probably just their imagination. But when I went on my own untrained hunt with a friend we quickly found that wasn't true. I have not idea about the stories of the spirits but I do know that they are there. Another odd thing is that these spirits like visitors, they knock on door for you to come back and follow you around in the night, I even asked if they would like us to stay and the answer was yes(in knock form). These knocks were not simple creeks in the building, a human being would have had to make the sounds I was hearing and some of the sounds were coming from directly in front of me, meaning that there is a presence.



Haunting Story




I have a story of a haunting that happened many years ago. My husband and I live in Balt. MD. We lived at a house taking care of an elderly lady Mrs. Phillips. She was 92. He husband had passed many years before. Well her son had asked my husband to take a look at a safe that was in the basement of the house. It belonged to Mr. Phillips and he had past away with the combination. This safe was very very heavy and about 2 ft high and 2 ft wide. We had lived there for about a month or so. I worked across the street at a local convince store and would get off at 11 pm. A few times when I would get off work with Gloria. We would see a shadow in the upstairs window watching me as I crossed the street. When I would get to the side walk of the house the shadow would be gone. The first time We saw it I thought it was my husband watching for me to get home. But when I got home that night he was not home. Mrs. Phillips was sound asleep down stairs where she lived. She could not climb stairs so I knew it was not her. I was quite puzzled and began to question myself. As time went on I talked with Gloria about the shadow and she said she had seen it watch me as well. This was strange and I wondered if it could be a ghost...but I would just dismiss it as no way.

of the bed with the reflection side up all my nick side up or if had slid off all the nick Then the day came that my husband had time to look at the safe. He must have worked on it for 2 hours or more but could not get it opened. So he gave up for the day. That night while we were sleeping at about 3 in the morning we heard a loud crash in the bedroom. I jumped up and turned on the light. My long dresser with mirror at the foot of our bed was missing the mirror....It was sitting on the floor in fronnack and things were still on the dresser in place. With the exception of the small TV which was on the corner of the dresser was across the room in the closet with the extension cord still attached and plugged in. If The mirror had fallen off it would have been non-reflectionnacks would have crashed to the floor as well. Not to mention how did the TV get across the room still plugged in. We still talk about that to this day. I am sure it was Mr. Phillips angry that my husband messed with his safe. From that time on we never touched the safe again and we moved a few month later. I still wonder if the new people in the home had things happen as well.

Well thats my story. Thanks for letting me share

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