Hauntings in Mass


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      I lived in home that to me was haunted. We know of a little boy that had burned to death (playing with matches with other children) then he somehow made it to the kitchen area of the house while being built and burned to death. His name was "Toni". He liked to run up and down the stairs and hide things all around the house and open/close the shower curtain (of course while you were in there!). We would hear his laughter and smell smoke when he was around. He was never mean but we always knew when he was in the room. There was also a tall man who's presence was known too, we would hear a snickering mean laugh and talking like angry words and the man tried to hurt a parent when he was in bed. I remember laying in my own bed and my brother in his when we heard a yelling and choking sounds. When we got to the doorway of the parents bedroom we heard and saw our father gasping for air and struggling to get "something" off of him. Then in an instant we all heard a loud bang at the base of the bed and then a very cold breeze almost run by us then loud banging like stomping down the stairs and a door slamming down to the basement. I remember coming home from a camping trip one time and walking into the house where the cellar door was blown out from the inside out and down in the gun shop there was a little room within that room that was just an open space under the house that was surrounded by rocks and dirt. There was a latch and very large lock on that door and that too was blown out from the inside (but there was no way anyone could have gotten in there  because it was a one way in one way out space. My parent called a priest in to bless the house and the priest came but stopped short at the threshold and pointed into the house on the right side and said that the gate was right there and he WASN'T allowed in because the evil spirits would hurt him and he just simply said  "good day" and walked away! I have been out of that house for 25 years now and still have dreams and nightmares of that house. The house was sold in 1991 and any occupants that have lived there,  as far as I have learned, has not lived there any longer than 14 months at a time. There have been several owners for that home and I am almost positive the house now sits empty again. I would love to have that house checked out to find out the whole history of all the strange things that have occurred there (as a child to present time)



I Think My House Is Haunted


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I think that my apartment is haunted, because things disappear mysteriously and I never see them again.  Its just my things that disappear not anyone else.

For instance, I was knitting and dropped a knitting needle.  When I went to pick it up it was gone.  I have searched under the furniture and all around and it has never turned up.

I have other miscelaneous things that go missing as well.  I live with just my husband who is was a widower before he married me.  His wife died suddenly here in the building.  I sometimes wonder if she wants me to give him up and go away.





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In the late 70's my family lived in Louisville, Ky. My daughter was unable many nights to sleep in her room because something kept pulling the covers off of her bed, we all witnessed several times a covering that was in a stair well fall for no apparent reason. It would fall down a small flight of stairs' make a turn into the kitchen area and come to a stop in an upright position. There was also the presence of a medium size gray cat that would travel down the stairs and just disappear.Once while we where all in Florida,  on vacation ,my neighbor comment that she thought we were all going but saw one of the boys in the front bedroom looking out the window. I assured her  we had all gone on the trip and no one else had a key. Nothing in the house was disturbed during our absence.

These things seem to follow me from house to house but have not been harmful. There was one house that something was angry because we were renovating the old house. We believe it was the original owner of the property who had passed on but had to sell the property against his wishes.

I have had a difficult time writing this  as the wrong letters kept appearing on my computer.



Loved Ones


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I've been a member and fan of your site almost since the beginning and, while I had one paranormal experience in 1973, have had nothing happen to me even though several dearly loved family members and friends passed over.

That is until recently.  First to provide some background:

My 87 year old mother needed round the clock care the last year of her life.  I was in a position to go to Florida and spent that year as primary caretaker of her, cooking, cleaning, helping her get around, taking her to her dr. appointments, making sure she took her meds, setting up her dialysis every day... even to changing and feeding her when she became totally bedridden.  My siblings decided they wanted Mama in hospice so her care could be discontinued so she could pass so I was basically sent home "for a vacation" so they could do that without my interferance.

In that year I would take her to the dr, hospital, for tests, the store... and she always sat in the back seat behind the passenger.  She liked my car and would comment on how comfortable it was (she gave us our inheritance and one of the things I bought was my Prius).

Anyway, she died on Nov 3, 2007 just 9 days short of her 88th birthday.  Because of problems with my siblings and the fact Mama wasn't lucid at the end, I did not go back down to see her.  I felt the year I spent with her taking care of her daily needs and wants was enough memories and I did want my final memories to be of her dying without being aware of where she was or who I was.  I also did not attend the funeral.  I did not need to go and the unavoidable abuse from my siblings was more than enough reason to stay away.  So I mourned Mama in my own way and have no regrets for those decisions.

Thanksgiving my son wanted to spend the holiday with me and his sisters so I drove to Columbus, GA to get him and then took him back.  On my way home after dropping him off I was sitting in MAJOR traffic on I85.  It was about 8:00 pm, dark and a bit rainy.  I looked in the back seat and Mama was sitting in the spot she always sat in when I took her somewhere.  I looked away, then looked back.  She was just sitting there like she always did.  I said "I'm just headed home, Mama.  I took KC back to Columbus"  When I looked again she was gone.

I don't know why she visited me.  I can't say that I miss her nor do I have any need to see her, we were not close althought she was my mother and I did love her.  I was closer to my Daddy, he was the parent I adored and spent time with whenever I got a chance.  But Mama is the only one I've seen.  I know she was terrified of dying and fought it with every ounce of her being until she lost the battle.  But I often wonder just why she chose to visit me.  I guess I'll never know.

Anyway, I enjoy your site and the newsletter.  I wanted to share my sighting with you since the subject of loved ones coming back was this month's topic.



I Can See Things


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I relized when I was very young that I could see things no one else could, when a freind of mine was killed during a tornado. We were about five years old and after the storm he and his sister appeared in my bedroom. Over the years I saw them very often and just thought that it was because I saw the tornado carry them away. But later I discovered that was not the case. When I was 12, my family moved into an apartment complex. We had a two story apartment, that at first seemed normal. On night, I had a dream in which I kept being told to look in the attic. The problem was the attics only had openings in the even apartments, ours was an odd number. A short while later, I started hearing footsteps, but no one was there. One night, I followed the sound of footsteps down the stairs and in to the livingroom. There I found a elderly lady rocking in a chair. Then she just walked away and disappeared. I became use to her appearences and it never bothered me. A few years later, we moved in with our grandmother and great grand mother. The was a nice srea of woods behind their house were we liked to hike. My great grand mother use to tell use stories of a hunter who went into those woods and never came out. As kids we use to laugh it off as a myth. One summers day we went hiking with some of our friends, Once we got into the woods I had this feeling like something was following us. It was a scary feeling, not like any encounter I ever had. After climbing a cliff, we were walking around when something rip my bracelet off my wrist. At this point I convenced everyone it was time to go home. We got lost one the new trail we discovered and came across a man, dressed in a white shirt and what looked to be purple pants, who appeared to be building a fire. He explained how to get out of the woods and walked us part of the way back to the entrance. Then looked at me and said I have to go finish my hunting now. Upon later dicussion, we discovered that he fit my great grand mothers discreption of the man who never came out of the woods.  While this scaried everyone else I kind of knew he was just stranded. For many years, I experienced many strange events, something would move items and then put them back. Or appear before me while I was outside, I became use to it. It had happened all my life, But in 1995, my husband and I moved in a house, london, ky. This house seemed normal at first, but after a few months we began hearing footsteps through the house. Then a shadow chased my sister up the stairs from the basement. It seemed to just be because it was an old house, until one morning, someone said hello to me. I was the only one awake. Every one said i was hearing things. Until one night, we left town to visit family and left our roommate home alone. As night fell, it began to storm, when the storm knocked out the power, our roommate began hearing footsteps. Then she hear someone say hello, and ask where I was.  At this point she left. The next morning I called to check on her and someone  or something picked up the phone and laid it down. I could hear voices talking, but when we got there the house was empty. The phone was laying in the floor off the hook, and our roommate arrived home shortly after us. Her aunt told us she had been with her all night. A few months later we moved out and never heard anything from the new residents about hearing things. But the strange thing was a few years later my daughter started talking to people who no one could see. Apparently it is a family thing.




My Ghost Story


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I wanted to share my current experience. My beloved mother passed away on Feb 1, she was 81 and had alzheimers and cancer. It was about a week after her passing when she started to come around and visit me! I will go to bed early to read and my boyfriend will be watching TV with the dog. One night I heard him come into the room and plop heavily down on the bed. I looked up and swear I saw a butt print on the bed, but nobody was there. I suspected it was mom. She then started giggling and bouncing up and down on the bed in affirmative. She comes by about once a week and does this. I know she is here other times too. Recently she uncovered a crystal pendant I'd been missing for about the past two years. I t really bothered me that I could not find it, and one day all of a sudden I spy it lying on the carpet in plain sight, where it had not been before. I was flabbergasted and started crying, and thanking her. I swear the photo of her on the wall winked at me!

I've had ghostly experiences and commune with spirits every now and then , would love to share more sometime.


My Ghostly Experiences


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I've had many experiences with the paranormal in my life.  The first time that I can recall every having a ghostly encounter was when I was living with my Aunt and Uncle in Warrenton, NC.  I was home alone and doing my homework at the kitchen table when my golden retriever started to act a little funny.  He kept jumping in front of me and growling at the backdoor.  It was a glass sliding door leading outside to the deck.  I got up because I thought that maybe he wanted to go outside but instead I saw the transparent head of and Indian just moving across the deck.  We were living in a trailer about 5 feet off of the ground so I believe it must have been walking on the ground beneath the trailer.  I screamed and jumped onto one of those free-standing freezers that we kept in the kitchen. After a second or two it dissappered.

When my mom remarried, she moved my younger brother, my younger sister, and I all the way to Cape May, NJ.  That's when things got wierd.  We were living in an apartment above a hardware store while we waited for our stepfather to get us a bigger place.  My sister, stepsister, and I stayed in the same room while my brother took the living room.  Every night we could hear the sounds of a person wearing heavy boots walking on the ceiling.  What got us scared was that we were as high as the building went and there wasn't even an attic above us.  Another time our parents were out and we were all in the living room watching tv when we heard the sounds of someone running from the front door to a computer chair in the corner.  The chair spun around and it sounded like someone jumped off of it and ran into the kitchen.  The kitchen light turned off then everything was quiet.  We all kind of looked at each other then ran into our room screaming.  We all slept on the same bed that night.

Things got worse when we moved.  We were in the same neighborhood, just a bigger house.  My mom began to experience things in the new house as well.  My stepsister had a history of talking on the phone in the middle of the night and one night my mom swore she heard the phone being dialed.  She called for my stepsister to go to sleep but she got no answer.  So she went to our bedroom and saw the she was asleep.  When she went to find out where the dialing was coming from the phone was thrown at her from the living room.

I would always hear my mom calling me and she'd say that she wasn't.  Sometimes I'd think that I saw my brother run into another room but he wouldn't even be there.

When my baby brother was born it was if he could see things that nobody else could.  Sometimes he would follow things with his eyes and laugh until whtever it was went towards the basement door.  Then he'd cry as if someone was hurting him.  Sometimes we'd see and hear people in my brother's room and then they'd look at us and vanish.  My mom wanted to move.

So we moved and hour and a half away from that house.  The first thing that happened to me in that house was after my baby sister was born (now there were 8 people in my family).  I was babysitting her one night and was changing her diaper in our very cramped bathroom.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw my brother enter the bathroom and I could feel him standing behind me.  When I turned to tell him to get out nobody was there.  I thought it was strange but I didn't think too much of it.  I accidentally dropped the diaper onto the floor and when I bent down to pick it up I saw my brother's feet and legs.  I jumped back but nothing was there.  I grabbed the naked baby and ran out.

Then one day I stayed after school for a party with my club.  I was talking with my teacher then I wandered off with my friends.  About 5 minutes later she came to me and asked where I went.  She says that she asked me to go and get the food from the back and that I had followed her in there but when she turned to hand me the food I wouldn't take it.  Then when she turned around again I was gone.  She didn't see me leave even though the door out was right in front of her.  I thought it was probably a different girl because I had been with my friends the whole time.

After the party my friend had to use the bathroom so I went with her.  When she was done we both stood and fixed ourselves in front of the mirrors.  A girl walked in and went into the stall behind me.  We were going to leave but I had to spit my gum out to I pushed open the stall behind me and jumped back and said sorry because the other girl was supposed to be in there.  Nobody was there.  She couldn't have left because she would have had to go passed both me and my friend to leave.  My friend looked at me and I knew that I wasn't going crazy.



My Personal Experience


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 I used to live in Ohio when I was a little kid. I had what my mom thought was an imaginary friend, but I could see him/it plain as day. I didn't know what to call it so I didn't ever talk to it, but we would play in the woods and under the bridge down the road for years. I would see it walking around the field and creek across the road and I would go join it. As I got older I realized that he was no natural being. I can't describe him even to my husband and family but I can never erase him from my mind. He wasn't pleasant to look at though if you get my drift. He was a solid creature and wore a cloak even in the hottest of weather. He was no see-thru spirit. He was really my only friend. When I became a teenager, he became more and more sinister and I began to be afraid him. He would lift me up out of bed and I would be paralyzed. He never physically touched me, but somehow I would hover. I got really scared. One night, I was in bed and I smelled him come in. (not a pleasant smell either) He lifted me up, my bedroom window lifted up, and I began to float past him feet first out the window. My room was on the second floor. My mom had lined the flower bed beneath my window in rather large rocks and I just knew he was going to drop me. He disappeared as my lower half went out and I screamed and somehow broke free and twisted, grabbing the sill. I felt him waiting below me so I pulled myself back in and ran into my mom's room and slept with her up until I left for the Army at 17. She never asked me why. He followed me to Virginia. I would come home to my barracks room in the evening after work (no roommate) and all the windows would be open. I got married awhile later and he followed me there. He didn't seem as sinister anymore, just like he wanted to tell me something. After I had my daughter, he started getting scarier. My grandmother, Rosella, had died a couple years before I had my daughter and when he would get too scary for me, I would smell her perfume and the smell of roses and he/it  would leave. My ex-husband was a non-believer so I never told him but he did ask me if I smelled roses one time she was there. (I am guessing it was her....who knows for sure?) I met my current husband in Kuwait when I was deployed. He/it followed me but ever since the very moment that I laid eyes on my current husband, I haven't seen, smelled, or felt him one single time.

  I know this sounds crazy. I finally told my husband about it all and he was very supportive and is just happy that he/it isn't around any more. I hope you don't think I am nuts, but it felt good to tell someone else. What on Earth do you think was happening to me?


Listed Haunting


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Springfield - Panther Creek Subdivision - Since Panther Creek was founded, reports of mysterious footprints of a large cat have been reported. Also, people have claimed to have seen a large leopard or such in the wooded area around the area. Growling and sometimes roaring can be heard near the creek itself.

I just wanted to let you know that this one blew me away! Last year my husband and i were driving down route 4 right in front of panther creek. all the sudden this black animal runs across the highway. it was almost shadow like. we both were freaking out because we knew it wasn't a deer, dog, fox, cat, etc. this shadow/animal was the size of a leopard or panther. we just couldn't understand what we just saw. the entire time we were trying to think of what animal just darted across the street.  this was in broad daylight too. but the animal just wasn't clear enough to make any sense. and now after reading this it gives us chills just thinking about it!! i called my husband in to tell him what i just read and he remembers that day like it happend  yesterday. both him and i are believers in spirits and hauntings an things like that, and have always interested us. :) this story has put a smile on my face. i know now that what we both saw had to be what others have reported.




Personal Experiences


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    I would like to tell you some of my personal experiences with the paranomal. when I was about ten years of age we were living in Trinity Springs,Indiana. I lived with three other sisters and our mother. Will, our mother decided to go for a walk to a friends house that was about five miles give or take a few miles. To kids it seemed to be a long ways from home. On the way we had to past this cemetary. It always gave us the creeps to walk near and we would run past it. To keep the creepy feelings down, mother would always get mad at us for doing it. When we arrived home the door was standing wide open. Mother told us to stay outside just in case someone was in the house. We did as we were told and I watched from the door way in case the police needed to be called. After about ten to fifteen minutes we all went in, ate supper and went to bed.

    It was about midnight, when something pulled down on the edge of the bed. I thought it was our dog wanting up under the covers with us. I stuck my foot down there to help her up. When I did an hand grabbed my left foot. I pulled my foot back quick before I knew it my foot began burning like it was on fire. And the hand rushed up my sisters' leg searching for my foot.And of course I screamed . Mother came running into the room wandering what was wrong. I told her ,all she said was: You just had a bad dream go back to sleep. She went back to bed. I jumped from our bed all the way into the hallway, I was not willing to put my foot on the floor next to the bed. When I returned to the bedroom, I looked under the bed to see what was under there and seen nothing there. Soon as mother was a sleep we jumped up and grabbed something to try and protect ourselves some how. Soon as we went to sleep this person would grab,hit or pinched us. When daylight broke it quit and we got a little sleep before mother would wake us up for breakfast. When we walked into the kitchen our mother ask us how Diana got the bruse on her arm. We told her and she blamed us for fighting.

   My sisters and I told our neighbor about the experience. She told us about a home that stood in the same place that had burn down with three children inside while their perants had went to town to a bar. The eldest child tried to keep the fire going because the house was getting cold. When she was putting wood into the wood stove a piece of coal had fallen onto the floor. She hid under the bed. She though that her perants would get mad at her for what she had done. All the children had past away in the fire.

   Here is one more: When my grandmother was still around she lived in a house that was haunted by grandfather(husban). He had past away in 1959 when my mother was five years of age.From black lung because he was a coal miner. At night you could hear him walk down to the basement and back up the stairs. If he seen that you had no covers on, he would cover you up to keep you warm and safe.


Possibly His Mother


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My friend, his girlfriend, and myself were all sitting around watching a scary movie one night in his apartment. After the movie, we discussed supernatural things we had experienced before. Both my friend and his girlfriend said that even if the ghost of a family member appeared to them and meant no harm, they would still be horrified at the sight. I, on the other hand, had said that I wouldn't be, seeing that I have had experiences as a child and that I wasn't afraid of them(as to whether or not they were ghosts of past family member is not known to me, I was too young to remember details). I stayed the night at his apartment a few nights later. While I was laying on the couch, my friend came out from the bathroom, walked through the hallway (which is mostly visible from where I slept on the couch), and into his room. After he shut his door, it was almost completely dark. As I rolled over and faced the hallway, I saw a faint white figure of a woman from the middle of her torso on up. Her hair was short and black and she had broad shoulders. As to whether or not she was infact a she isn't for sure, I just got the distince feeling that what I saw was female. It stayed floating in the hallway facing me for a few minutes before fading. Now honestly, I was slightly freaked out, but I didn't feel threatened. I rolled over and tried to go to sleep. A period of time that seemed like a few hours passed and I had finally gotten into that half conscious state of sleep. Slowly I started to develop a strange feeling on my right shoulder and back (I was facing the back of the couch with my back to the hallway). I heard a calm woman's voice say "How are you feeling?", and I responded immediately, "I am very tired, please let me sleep." The movement of my mouth jolted me from my sleep, and the feeling on my shoulder and back had disappeared.

The next day I told my friend about what I experienced. He burst into tears as I finished the story. To my surprise, that night was the anniversary of his mother's death. After discussing it with my friends, I wondered if it was infact his mother, why would she appear and speak to me and not him? They suggested that the fact that I was not afraid of the paranormal and that I had admitted it a few nights previous was why she came to me.

That was about a month ago. Since then strange sounds and odd visions are seen in his apartment occasionally. The slight sound of egg shakers or moracas are heard moving around the living room. I've heard it pass right over my head before and circle around in the kitchen.



Santa Cruz, CA - Red Room Restaurant/Old Santa Cruz Hotel


By: tina.qura@gmail.com


This is the site of the Old Santa Cruz Hotel. This is an old house now converted into a restaurant/lounge.  I had an experience there back in August 2007.  I went to use the women's restroom.  I went into the first stall and noticed that the toilet paper cover was opened, so I went to the next stall and noticed the same thing.  So I went back to the first stall, I closed the door.  I heard footsteps as if someone had entered the bathroom.  The footsteps got louder and it almost seemed as if someone was pacing back and forth in front of my stall.  I looked under the door and realized there was no one else in the restroom other than myself.  Being the logical person I am, I thought maybe it was someone walking upstairs, not even realizing there was no upstairs.  Upstairs would be the roof.  As I was ready to open the door to my stall I could almost feel a presence, as if someone was standing right in front of me.  I couldn't see anyone but I felt someone there. Very close!  I left and went back to join my part for a dinner and never said anything about it.  The waitress who was very chatty started talking about the restaurant and the history behind it.  It was an old brothel house in the 1800's.  She then revealed that there was a ghost there.  She said it was a ghost of a young prostitute who was very unhappy and decided to hang herself in the backroom which was now the womens restroom.  I almost fell out of my chair.  I couldn't even believe it!  The waitress claims that it's a friendly ghost and that she likes to mess around with people.  She also claims that the ghost constantly opens the toilet paper covers and they are always having to close them.  Hence, why the covers were open when I went to the stalls.  I quickly told the waitress and the rest of my party what I had experienced.  The waitress believed me but the rest of my party thought I was nuts.  If people want to go there and experience it themselves.  They should go in alone.  She won't show herself to groups.




Scariest Moment


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I have always had weird experiences in my life that many people have never had or do not believe. The scariest one occured when I was 12 years old.It was the spring of 1986. We lived in an old neighborhood in some cottage type houses.  One day I was home alone shortly after school doing my homework when suddenly I heard a man breathing very loud and deep. It sounded like he was struggling for air. I was in my room and the restroom was across the hallway from room and that's where the sound was coming from. I immediately turned off the square electrical fan that I had on thinking maybe it was malfunctioning. As soon as I turned it off, the heavy breathing got louder. There were no open windows so it wasn't coming from the outside. I became very scared because I knew that I was the only one at home and there was certainly someone breathing very loud right outside my room. I ran out of that house as fast as I could and waited outside until my parents got home from work. My brothers and sister were due to arrive as well. When my mom returned, I told her what I heard and she totally believed me. She said that when we rented the house they were told that a man was stabbed to death in that house. Could it have been his echo of his last moments ?


St.Paul Caves Personal Experience Back in 1992


By: ghstrdr230@gmail.com


Hello Me and 5 of my friends entered them caves about 2 weeks prior to the 2 deaths in 1992, I heard allot of stories about the caves prior to going there and just had to see them for myself not knowing truly what i was getting myself into or what i was up against! Well the cave we entered was huge and seemed to go on forever until we came across another cave that was about 6 foot or so off the ground to enter into it, From what my friends told me it was rumored  to be the  Cave  called  "The  Stairway to Heaven"  well  none of my  friends would enter it, they would not enter this cave they all refused saying it was haunted and that no one will go into it for that reason. Well I didn't care or heed their warning about entering that cave and had 2 of my friends help me get up into the entrance of it, It was a very weird cave it wasn't very wide maybe 6-8 foot wide by 8-9 foot tall and the weird part is the cave looked like a stairway or sorts but more like a human ribcage all the way up i went all the way to the top which led to a landing at the top, When i got on to the landing there was an altar with weird symbols carved into the walls and altar and there was also another entrance to a smaller cave next to the altar which was only maybe 5-6 foot wide by maybe 4-5 foot high at most i had to crawl thew this one it ended at a dead end that was basically street level which was about 1,000-1400 foot above where we entered the caves!

so i u turned and went back to the landing that led back down the spiraling snake like cave, it was very scary up there i felt like something was watching me and as i was sitting on the edge about to jump down to the stairway so i could get back down to my friends that were waiting on me. Well as i sat there all of a sudden something pushed me hard from behind and it wasn't possible for anyone to be behind me, there was no other way in or out but the way i took and it was to small for anyone to get past me, so in short i know i was pushed by a spirit or whatever that wanted me out of there and it tried to basically kill me being the cave i climbed was very high up and i slid all the way down the stairway and was pushed again out of the cave onto the main cave floor where my friend were. So at that point i was scared and wanted out and told my friends what happened and they didn't believe me till they looked at my back and there was 2 perfect sandy hand prints showing something pushed me hard. I had bruises on my back for about 2-3 weeks after that, but we all ran out of there as fast as we could after they seen the hand prints and then all of a sudden we started hearing talking and weird sounds that couldn't be normal, so we left and never went back again... 2 weeks later we heard on the news that the 2 kids died in the caves that we were in the exact same cave!! They were found in the area were i was attacked by whatever was in there. well thats my experience of the caves in st.paul mn.  I wouldn't suggest anyone ever going into them caves ever not after what happened to me and all them poor kids that lost there lives in them caves!! Them Caves are highly haunted by something and its definetly not friendly!




Dad's House


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I have seen some unusual things in my dad's house. I have been haunted over the past three years.

It started one night while i was lying in bed, unable to sleep. I heard footsteps in the basement. That happened for a while, but then it got worse. The footsteps began approaching the stairs. eventually, they reached the top of the staircase. since then, i have almost always slept with the light on. The light didn't keep the ghost(s) away for long. One night, I heard someone running up the stairs, and running into my room. I felt/heard a hand hit my bed before it retreated back to the basement.

That was the first year of the haunting.

I don't remember what order the following events happened in, but I'll try.

I spent the summer at my grandma's house, away from the fear of my dad's house.

When the school year began, and I entered middle school, the fear returned. I had several sightings that year. They included:

-the outline of a face in the mirror

-a frequent "visitor" in the corner

-a little boy crying

-an angry, elderly woman in the mirror. (i turned around and so nobody, nothing to misinterpret. I looked back at the mirror and she was still there, but transparent.

That was the end of year 2.

Now I'm in the third year of the haunting, which hasnt had as many events.

I still hear frequent footsteps, and occasionally see an orb, but one big event has happened this year. I woke up in the middle of the night, and looked toward the doorway. An old man (Japanese, I think) entered the room. He had a long white beard and a trenchcoat. He was staring at me, moving closer. He was actually floating, no leg movement, about an inch above the floor. I just watched as he came toward me, disappearing when he was about a foot away. I did not sleep again that night.

That's about it; most of what's happened to me so far. These stories are completely true, I'm not making any of this up.



Trying to Tell Us Something


By: auclair60@racc2000.com


My family and I lived on a farm in Manistee County for eleven years. It is a Log home built somtime in the 1860's. We had numerous experiences, such as a older man talking to my toddler in her bedroom. Loud knocks on the front door in the middle of a snowy night, with no one there and no foot prints in the snow. Heavy foot steps could be heard down stairs, when we were laying in  our bed on the upstairs landing. A  back door was totally jammed shut, and the only thing my husband thought he could do was cut it open. But on a windless night it just flew open, and there was a strange odor. We had a neighbor across the street tell he heard the piano playing when we were gone. I heard my name called often. We had people house set because we only heated with wood, they heard noises, saw curtains move, and wouldn't stay there again. We saw a figure in my daughter's bedroom window when we've pulled in the driveway. I had a sunburn on my back in the shape of the barn, now there were no trees or possible shadows, and we even showed a friend, and at the time it didn't make any sence, but then our neighbor came and said he saw the barn swaying in the wind, at closer inspection the main supports in the barn were almost completely rotted away. Was this someones way of tell us something was wrong. There are  more stories but these are some of the best.



Grandmas House


By: michiganlady50@yahoo.com



After checking out your website, I decided to email you. First let me say I was never known as one who really believed in the unknown or the supernatural realm. I am a true believer in Heaven and Hell. As christians we are brought up to believe that when a person dies their soul immediately is rushed into heaven or hell. It doesn't linger in between, but now I know that doesnt always happen when a person passes on.

Around 10 pm on April 2, 2005 while housesetting for my aunt at my grandmothers home in Grand Rapids Michigan, I went into my grandma's bedroom to get ready for bed, when I got such a rush of anger inside of me that lasted only for a second and then he was standing there next to the bed. I dont remember his face but I remember he wore a reddish checker shirt with what looked like a long john shirt underneath. He stood next to the bed, still and unmoving. I couldnt move, I just sat there starring at him. Within minutes extreme fear welled up inside of me and I found myself on the edge of sane and insane. I was so affarid that it took all my strenght to get up and walk out into the hallway.  I knew I had to go back home where I was safe, but that didnt happen because when I got home the fear was worse than ever, I couldnt even stay at home at night, I had to stay at my son's. I though this man followed me home.

It was almost a week later when I finally got up the nerve to look for help . I contact so many ministers and priest and not one who help me. I couldnt figure out how these people could stand up and preach the gospel day in and out and then turn away from someone like me. I recieved emails telling me to get off the drugs and that I need medical help., I still have the emails . Then I contacted a minister in Hersey Michigan and he believed in me enough that he came and blessed me and my home. I felt like a big boulder was lifted off my shoulder and I could stay at home alone at night, but even to this day sometimes I still get scared and have to leave all the lights on.

About a month after this happened I took a roll of film in and when I got the pic's back, I couldnt believe my eyes. I had taken a picture of my grandma's house and what was in the windows put that fear right back inside of me.

Sometimes we never find an answer while on this earth, but I do know one thing. Seeing that man demonstrates how thin the veil is that separates our physical realm from the supernational realm.

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