Old Monroe Hospital../Jefferson City, Missouri


By: Chiefwapho@aol.com



Sometime ago......i was working for a Security Agency. And i was working the 4-midnite& sometimes 12-7? On many of my security walks every hour ,thru out the building. Their really wasnt nothing different than the usual checking door , boiler rooms etc etc. But one night , which happened few times on my watch. I heard foot steps in back of me . Turning around..there was no one there. Thinking that i was tired and imagined this, i let it go. ? Another night past and as usually it was quite. Then it happened again, only to say there was no one there. I let it pass for a couple of nights . The none friday night...

the same thing happened near abt. midnight? This time i heard voices and some people walking just around the corner of my security location.Upon investigating it, and the building, i found ......".their wasnt any one there"! This was written in truth as i remembered it. I only workied there for under a year. But i remember this just like it happen yesterday. I mention it to may agency that i worked for ..and they laughed and said hi hhi , i was losing my mind. O well.The question ?Do i believe in Ghosts? You bet. I am originallly from the east coast. Where i come from ...Dates back to the Revolution  etc etc etc. Thanks again for letting me add to experiences of what i heard .




My "Ghost" Story


By: Mooey21@aol.com



I just came across your website from a random search for something else, and began reading all the wonderful stories your readers have shared.  It inspired me to send in my own story that happened just last week (June 2008). 

I should start by giving a little background.  I live in North Carolina and my fiancee and I have been renting the mobile home we live in since September 2007.  I found out in March that I am pregnant with my first child and my fiancee's third.  In May I found out it is going to be a girl (my fiancee's third), so we both decided we should name her after his late mother Mary Helen.  She passed away 4 years ago and she is very, very missed by the whole family.  We decided to name our baby Mary Helena in honor of her and call her Helena just as his mom went by her middle name, too.  Now, ever since I met my fiancee and heard stories of his mother from other family members, I have wished very hard that I had been able to know her before she passed away because I am sure I would have fallen in love with her.

Well, one day last week in the early afternoon, I was sitting on our bed and was online using my laptop.  Our black lab Brodie was laying on the foot of the bed in front of me and our cat Mocha was perched on the back of my computer desk's chair which sits across from the foot of the bed.  Being that it is a single wide mobile home, our master bathroom's doorway, which has double doors that swing out into the bedroom, is RIGHT THERE next to the bed.  And on the opposite wall from the bathroom doors hangs two large mirrors over the sink.  I had been lost in thought over the website I was on and so was startled when Brodie began barking and growling and staring into the bathroom.  I looked up at him and saw what he was doing, so I leaned forward and looked into the bathroom.  The only thing I could see was Mocha on top of the chair's back through the mirror.  It was the only thing I could think of at that moment that he would react to, maybe thinking it was another cat.  But then Mocha jumped over onto the bed and sat there staring into the bathroom as well.  She is a very vocal cat, and meows quite often.  She meowed a couple times as if someone was standing there like she does to me all the time.  Brodie just wouldn't stop staring, growling or barking though, and it began to creep me out a bit since I saw nothing in there.  I even got up and looked around the corner into the shower, but still there was nothing.  I told him there was nothing there and to stop growling.  I sat back down and continued my online perusing and just as quickly as Brodie and Mocha had started reacting, they stopped.  It made me wonder if Helen hadn't come to check up on her grandbaby and make sure I was doing okay with her (I am almost 5 months pregnant now). 

I know the deceased come back to visit and make sure all is well with family because it happened to both my mother when her mother passed away (I was 6.  It was December 1982 I believe and after returning from Tennessee after attending her funeral, my mother said she was overwhelmed by the scent of flowers, but she was in my brother's room which was as far away from smelling like flowers as a football player's socks) and my grandmother when her husband passed away (she is my dad's mom and when his dad died, she told me she was lying in bed one night and she looked up at the foot of the bed and he was standing there looking down at her and then he vanished).

I have seen too many proof positive incidences that the spirit world is fully active and interacting with the world of the living.  Ghosts caught on tape, things moving when no one is around, voices caught on tape in an otherwise empty room, eerie feelings and sensations, seeing things out of the corner of my eye, feeling cold spots in an otherwise warm room, feeling things touching me when no one is around...too many things to confirm my already strong beliefs.  I have never seen a ghost with my own two eyes that looked like anything other than a mist, but I am a firm believer that some sort of life does exist after death.

Thank you for reading and keep believing!




Port Huron


By: CTroy2@troy.k12.mi.us


. I restored the home over a five year period and finally sold it in 1999. Over that time multiple occurrences happened in the home. From having a women's voice waking me up in the middle of the night telling me that," It's in the fireplace" to finally one morning while still dark seeing her standing next to a wall with light coming from it. Upon demolition of the wall I found a closed up fireplace that contained an old cigar box full of photos. Upon closer inspection I realized that the some of the photos were of her. I found out later that her name was Katharine Dodge and while she never died in the house chose to remain there after her passing. After many attempts of trying to sell the house and having her interfere I finally burned white sage to smudge the space. This stopped a lot of the activity and the home finally sold. I had over 100 episodes with Katharine, many that my nonbeliever friends were forced to admit too after witnessing her activities. I received a call from my real-estate agent who informed me that the Korean people who bought the home from me called his office at 2:35 in the morning telling him to sell the house that they were getting out. The people left their things behind and once sold a dumpster was filled with their belongings. They wanted nothing back that was in the house. The house still stands there but is in great disrepair. I see cars around it once in a while but don't know of it's residents. Nor do I know if Katharine is still there. For her sake I hope she has passed on.


Haunted House in Franklinville NY


By: LevibatteryCSA@aol.com



   In 1997 I bought a house in Franklinville, NY, it had been vacant for 3 years prior. The people who orginally built the house back in 1907, use to have a green house in the back yard, the foundation of the green house was all that was left when I purchased the house and property. In the 1940's through the 1980's if you needed flowers this was the place to buy them there was a store built on the garage and extra buildings used at the nursery.  

  At night one could hear, someone nailing the planting flats together and dropping the nails in a tin can. When they finished their task they can be heard walking up the basement stairs, when I opened the door to the basement, their was no one there.

    On occasion in the morning one could smell the sent of lilac, or a older's person type perfume. Once in a while you would see a headless dog with a curled tail, lite brown in color walking down the stair case in the house.

   In the spring I replanted the flower gardens, and I would be visited from time to time by a black and white cat, when I was watering the gardens at dusk. I would turn the hose on the cat, and it would disappear. After that summer the cat never reappeared.

  My new girlfriend soon to be my wife moved in, November 2004 she recalls it to be a chilling experience.  She experienced being touched by something, and when she turned to see what touched her on the back deck, nothing was there. In 2006 we had new wallboard put up on the ceilings and walls and repainted the entire house outside and inside. We changed all the colors. Since that time we have not been bothered or visited.   




Ghost Experiences


By: blue.disco_river@yahoo.com

      It seems that my house has alot of paranormal activity. It intersts me and I continue to figure out why things happen to me and not anyone else in my house. My house is in the middle of a forest and it used to be Native American Territory.

Indian Man:

I was typing on the computer and chatting with my sister while this happened.

I looked out the window and I saw a translucent, bald indian man running right to left across my backyard. I was stunned and asked my sister if she had seen it but she hadn't. I was afraid that she thought I was making it up. Soon after my friend saw the same thing while she was visiting; this verified my account. The odd thing is that where I live, Native Americans used to live, so it's very possible that something happened where my house now stands.


I was wandering around my house at about 2:00 in the morning last summer. I decided to do something productive so I got online and started to google information I needed for a report. An odd feeling washed over me and I decided to google "Murder on [my road]" and before the results turned up I heard a voice about three feet behind me say "That is me".

      Naturally I was scared out of my wits and I got off the computer. This seems so coincidental that it must be fake; but it is 100% real. Let's just say I never searched that subject again!

Demonic Chanting:

I was sleeping one night. I had a really big headache. I drifted into an uneasy sleep, but I wasn't actually asleep; it was like I was in both realms. I heard a chanting in my head and all around me. It grew louder and it was a deep voice chanting unintelligible unknown words. It was almost screaming in my head. I don't remember feeling anything but fright. I was able to make out some of it but I'm too afraid to say. I think it was demonic chanting. When I awoke I was cold, very very cold.



Ft. Smith AR House


By: Phyllis.Marble@oldcastlematerials.com


In 1975 I spent the night in my future husband’s house on 41st in Ft. Smith, AR.  He hadn’t told me about the house before that night. It was a cold December night, had sleeted and snowed.  We enter his house and turned up the furnace to an already warm house, I almost froze to death that night, I had blankets and decided to sleep near the vent.  I never did get warm.  The next morning all the cabinet doors were open, needless to say I’ve never had anything happen like that before. I was not welcome in the house; I didn’t have to be told, I felt it. 

 He told me later that, he had excavated the basement when he remodeled the house and found human bones; the house had once been occupied by a doctor and his wife during the Civil War.  I suppose many people had died in the house.  He said he’d always ask the sprits before he remodeled any of the rooms, if he didn’t doors slammed and the cabinet’s doors would be open.

 He said you could hear footsteps down the stairs to the den, cabinet doors and drawers would be left open in the morning; he found an old (tin) metal picture behind the fireplace of two women and he call one of the Mrs. Brown, he thinks it was her still in the house.

Needless to say I would NOT live in the house, when we married, he moved in with me.



Ghost Dog


By: bill.mitch@btinternet.com



The following did'nt happen to me but to a friend of my wife, it happened a few days ago  late May 2008.

June was taking her dog for an early walk around 7-30am along our local beach Seaton Carew Nr Hartlepool England. The beach was very quiet she was throwing a ball for her dog to chase when she heard a noise behind her she turned to see a Golden Labrador bounding up to her carry a stick in its mouth the dog greeted June's dog then came up to June wagging its tail and very friendly, she patted it and made a fuss of it, it was a beautiful animal with a shiny coat and obviously well cared for. The Labrador dropped the stick wanting June to throw it, so she obliged and threw the stick about 30ft away it bounded after it but as it got near the stick the Labrador vanished into thin air gone completely absolutely no sign of it. June was baffled and could'nt believe that something could disappear on a flat beach before her eyes.At this point the hairs on June's neck began to bristle as she realised she may have had a supernatural experience.




Ghostly Encounters


By: barbara_vu@yahoo.com


I've experience quite a bit throughout my life when it comes to the paranormal.

It all started at my old childhood house:

It was a three bedroom, one bathroom home in Garden Grove, California.

If you were to drive by and look at this house, it's a cute, little home in a good

environment.However; the things I've experienced sparked my interest and curiosity about the afterlife.

Everything and every room in the house felt awkard whenever I walked into it.

I shared the middle bedroom with my younger brother who was only 4 at the time.

Once a month, I would have a nightmare of a girl sitting on our pickett fence, with

red eyes aglow, staring at me with such a baleful expression. She didn't seem happy

that our family was there, nontheless, us kids.

The strange part about that was, whenever I would have these awful dreams, I would

wake up to find my little brother crying as if someone had really hurt him.

I never really took the nightmares seriously, though.

We had an old, rusty swing set that we loved so much. I was only 10 at the time.

During the daytime, everything would be fine and no strange feelings would occur.

However; once nighttime falls, our backyard would be off limits.

My mom wouldn't let us go to the back and play on summer nights and she...well,

never told us why.

One night, my mom forgot to turn off the water hose so she kindly asked me if

I would do it for her. The idea of it was already bothering me, but I didn't take anything

paranormal into consideration.

So, I went down, straight to the back of the house..and the walk there felt like eternity itself.

I had a strong, eerie feeling that I was being watched and followed.

I bent down to turn off the hose and had a fear so strong that it made me tear up.

I ran into the house and swore never to do the favor for my mother again.

Another awkard time was one night, my mom was taking a shower and I was

in my room watching t.v with my little brother.

I heard her call my name so I came to see what she wanted.

She asked if I could go to the towel cabinet and grab her one.

When I did...I walked up to the door in pure darkness...and I saw a hand, a woman's hand

with pretty red fingernails.

I immediately thought it was my mom's hand, but the strange thing was..

it was translucent. I mean, you could see right through this..person's hand!

So, naive as I was, I thought I said..."Mom?" and instinctly handed her the towel.

A split second later, the towel dropped to the ground and the hand was gone.

My mom then opened the door and looked at me, saying.."Barbara, what are you doing

honey?" And I simply picked up and towel, gave it to her and said..."Nothing, Mommy. Nothing."

That experience never did scare me, but instead it sparked my interest as to why

I was seeing and feeling things.

There were much more when it came to that house such as, if you are sitting in the

living room watching t.v., at the corner of your eye, you will see a dark figure walking up

to the front door. Immediately, you would assume someone was here. So, you

troddle over to the door to find that no one there. It happens almost every week...to

everyone in my family.

I loved that house, but I didn't love being followed or the feeling of being watched

while taking a bath.

After spending most of my childhood in that house, we moved to another city nearby.

Now THIS house is quite dramatic.

I am 19 years old now..and I lived in Georgia for three years to finish up school.

Coming back, strange activities started happening, especially in my new room.

My grandfather passed away three years ago and my room used to be his room.

At night, getting home from my boyfriend's house, I would hear the floor creeking.

I just assumed it was someone walking around, but to find that no one was out there.

I remember one night, laying on my bed with the lights out and just the t.v glaring,

I fell asleep and woke up to see a pair of transparent, vieny legs pointing my direction.

I knew IMMEDIATELY who they belonged to. Grandpa.

Grandpa was watching over me and that didn't and still doesn't scare me.

But...there's another presence in the house.

A girl, I assume. I came one one night from staying at my boyfriend's the previous night.

I left the door opened because I was planning on changing and going to say hi to my parents.

While changing, I have a habit of looking at the door to see if anyone would walk by and

see me change.

So, I looked a few times, and when I looked the last time...at the right side of my door,

I would see this little hand waving frantically at me as if saying hi to me.

So thinking, I thought it was my teenaged cousin, Diane.

I peered out the door and to my surprise, I saw Diane coming from the LEFT side of the hallway, and not the right.

Now, THAT freaked me out.

There's been alot more since I've been here, but my stories are getting too long

and I do not want to keep you for any longer.

I do have one more story though. I was playing chase with my cousin inside the house around 10pm one night and I hid in my room. After two minutes, I grew impatient and

ran out to the family room  and at the corner of my eye, I saw a girl figure run away from me.

So, I ran after it, thinking it was my cousin..to find that of course, she came out of her

room a minute later and gave me a look as if I was crazy.

Now, I have done tons of research on the supernatural and paranormal.

I'm not more a skeptic. I discovered that people who were born in the month of

October, are extremely sensitive to these things. I'm actually glad.

Now, I am traveling all over the country in hopes to find more answers!

Thank you for reading my stories and I appreciate your time!





Haunting in Duxbury Vermont


By: grimrmc@comcast.net


We bought the house from the niece of Leo Morse in the Fall of 1999. Leo lived here his entire life.  Shortly after we moved in we heard strange footsteps on the second floor when we knew no one was up there.  During one such incident, my husband, myself, my two children and a couple friends heard someone walking across the floor in the upstairs bedroom as we all stood in the living room below.

One night, when I was taking a bath, and was lying back in the tub with my eyes closed, I suddenly felt very uneasy, like someone was staring at me.  There was no one in the bathroom with me.

My son, while still in high school, had similiar experiences of being watched by someone who couldn't  be seen.  Our television has also turned on by itself on more then one occasion, or channels have changed with the remote sitting out of everyone's reach.

In the Fall of 2007, my husband had just walked upstairs to go to our bedroom when I heard him hollering at someone and asking what he wanted.  We all ran upstairs to where my husband stood in the door way to our bedroom. He was staring at the back wall of the other bedroom, pointing to no one and yelling, tears in his eyes, for someone, who no one else could see, to get out.  This lasted for several minutes until the man ( who my husband said was in his early 30's, brown hair, clean shaven with round, wire framed glasses, dressed in a flannel shirt and blue jeans with the bottoms of the legs rolled into cuffs) disappeared.  It was a very restless night that night and my husband, who was not drunk or on drugs and isn't prone to hallucinations, doesn't like to talk about it much but is very adamant that it truly happened.

We haven't had any more "sightings" since then but I still hear footsteps and unexplained bangs and thumps  coming from upstairs every morning after I get up and I know my husband is still sound asleep in our room.



My Experiences


By: vic_firth.girl09@yahoo.com


my name is Andrea im from  NM and im 17. ive had numerous experiences throughout my life wit the paranormal. ill start from the beginning i suppose. before moving to Deming back in 2000 i lived in Hatch which is about an hour away. We used to live in  what we called the white brick house near the park and not even half a mile from the schools (hatch is very small). anyway...living in the house was my mom my very abusive dad who i call Alex i dont even call him dad my 2 older sisters and my older brother and me the youngest. i dont remember the experinces in any specific order but i remember them as if they happened yesterday they are all VERY true believe if u want. we had a certain room called the back bedroom that no one really liked to go in at least not alone. this room had a extremely strong presence in and it was only when u entered you could stand in the doorway and look in the bedroom and feel nothing but as soon as u stepped in that all changed. you feel  like your being watched by one great evil spirit or a great number of evil spirits. u would have to leave it was so uncomfortable. we couldnt even get any of the dogs that we had throughout the time we lived there to enter that room. While there was that room there was also other things that happened in the rest of the house. One night my mom swears up and down this happened and so does Alex. One night they were getting along(rare occasion i loved these nights) my mom had put all four of us to bed so her and Alex had some alone time and were relaxing together in the spa talking one night. in the middle of their conversation both my mom and Alex saw the shadow of someone walk past the doorway of the spa room. my mom thought it was one of us that had gotten up in the night and went to check in on us only to find us all snoring in bed. Her and Alex then asked us the next morning if we had gotten up and none of us had. Another time me and my oldest sister were playing in what we called the second kitchen that had a room off called the craft room. my mom paints ornaments in there. we suddenly smelled a strong perfume that didnt smell like any perfume made today. then we heard a conversation between maybe 4 or 5 people. we looked in and saw 5 older upper class people in clothes from the early 1900's time. i remember one man specifically he was bald with a brown beard and a looking glass eye piece like the rich people would wear back in the day. he was wearing a black penguin tailed suit

 with a white button up underneath. he looked somewhat pale but not very transparent. he turned his head slowly and looked straight at me not my sister and nodded his head and continued to speak with his company. i ran to my room and stayed there the rest of the day. We had a organ in the living room along with a drumset and Alexs guitars(were all musicians). Amps would turn even when they were unplugged the organ played as though a very experienced pianist were playing it piano was one thing none of us really learned how to play so it obviously was none of us playing it. there wear times when the dogs would follow something we couldnt see down the hallway to my mom and alexs room. My older brother one night got up to get a drink of water in the second kitchen and thats where the laundry room also was. Hes 22 years old now and still swears this is true. he saw a tall figure standing by the washer and dryer (near the back bedroom) and he felt it as a evil being. it just stood there glaring at him but never moved as if it was frozen but with the evil expression looking at him wherever he moved. he figured it was Alex and said Please dont hit me Alex im just thirsty and getting water. the figure never responded and he went back to bed. the next morning he asked Alex why were you so mad at me last night? Alex just looked at him and said i was at the bar last night ur f**king stupid. My other sister said she was walking by the back bedroom one night and swears she saw a black figure out of the corner of her eye standing straight up against the wall and it tried to grab her with its arms but couldnt reach as if it was restrained.After Alex left we moved out of that house into a little apartment. theres only been one thing happen to me there. i got up in the middle of the night to get something to drink and as i was going back to my room i saw what looked like a blue broomstick shaped object lying on the floor glowing an intense blue. i booked it back to my room and went to sleep. i dunno if this is paranormal or us just being weird but my mom says that when were were all asleep (me and my older sister shared the room across form my other sister and my brother) she says we would all have a conversation in our sleep even across rooms! i would talk to my brother in my sleep who was in the other room and he would respond back and we all shared the same conversations. after the apartments we moved into a trailer not too far from the white brick house. this house was always said to be haunted cuz the man who used to live there died of a heart attack in either the yard or the bathtub and he had two dogs that died of mysterious causes after he did. it was almost as if they died of a broken heart. there would be nights when we could here the clicking sounds of a dogs nail on the lynolium tiles by the front door. i was in my room reading one night when my whole dresser just fell over. no reason for it just fell over. me and my friend rosario and my sister were all in the living room one night when were heard a window shatter come from my room. we never found a single shard of broken glass in the house or outside (even though the sound came from inside.) i would always see the shadow of some walk into the laundry room and no one would be there when i looked.  the night my great grandmother  passed away was the last experince i had in that house. i was very very close to my great grandmother and i was a mess when she passed on(i was nine years old) that night i slept on the couch which was right next to my mom rooms and she left her door open. on the wall above me was the light switch. i was still somewhat crying and half way asleep when something made me sit straight up. i could see in the kitchen a faint white figure with no features circling around the island counter, then i looked at the couch and saw my great great grandma sabre and grandpa albert (they were my great grandma who passed that nights parents). They passed away in the late seventies. i was born in 1991. i only knew what they looked like from pictures, yet i knew it was them without a doubt. i turned on the light and they were gone as was the figure in the kitchen. my mom called me from her room and said whats wrong and i didnt respond for some reason but i heard her. i left the light on and fell asleep. i woke up again and my mom had turned off the living room light when i fell asleep..there on the couch was my grandparents again so i turned on the light and they were gone. i felt scared yet comforted when i saw them. the next morning my mom asked why i kept turning on the light last night and i told her grandma sabre and grandpa albert were on the couch and my mom believed me 100% and i told her i was scared yet comforted. she said they were here to tell me  Mimi (my great grandmother) was in a better place and its ok to let go now. they were comforting me with the death of my grandmother. My mom also has had some experiences of her own. She used to work at the bar as an extra income to help support 4 kids on her own and still go to college. one night she was serving a couple when all of a sudden her hair lifted as if some one was running ther fingers through it and lifted it lightly by the ends. my mom was the only one behind the bar. the couple she was serving saw it too. my mom told her boss and he said that one night he was closing and had already locked all the doors when he was about to leave he walked into the bar area and saw a couple at the bar having drinks. they simply faded away and he left. thats it so far theres probably more to come that i will share later on.. Thank you hope u find it interesting!





My Ghost Experience


By: kodochafan88@gmail.com


  I was doing a rehearsal for a dance routine (even though I'm not much of a dancer) and the director told me to move down a bit on the stage. I moved down toward the end of the stage and felt tears come into my eyes. I didn't know why, and continued with the rehearsal.

Before the end of the rehearsal, I was told to sit down along with the rest of the group onstage. I felt like sobbing and brushed the tears in my eyes away. Out of nowhere I got a sudden chill in my back, and the first thing that I thought of was a man with broad shoulders, long black hair that reached up to the back of his neck, and dull brown eyes. I felt like someone was behind me, watching me. I whipped around, and there was the man I'd seen in my head. I didn't know what to do, and I tried to tell my friend next to me what I had seen. He wouldn't listen and after much pleading turned around with hesitation.

His hair on the back of his neck stood up and I saw him shiver. He turned to me and frowned, saying that the man was looking at him. I turned and saw the man was looking at my friend and I, and tried to ask him why he was there. He smiled weakly and walked offstage, down the stairs. I told my friend what had happened and he guessed it was someone's parent. I agreed and, when we were released, went to the bathroom. Everyone else had left, and the "director" was in the room that I had rehearsed in, talking on the phone. When I approached the hall that led to the bathroom, the lights started to flicker. I felt a cold shiver crawl down my back, but wasn't frightened. I was crying for some reason. Then the man appeared in front of me and said, "Good job." He turned around and a staircase of light appeared in front of me. He walked up it slowly, smiling broadly now, and I tried to follow him. The man reached the top, and I put my foot on the staircase. As soon as I did, it vanished, and the man and staircase were gone. I believe that that man was my father, whom I have never met. My mother thinks I was hallucinating and has taken me to see several pastors.

They don't know about what I have seen. I don't like to think about my dad dying without me knowing him, but when I think about that afternoon, I feel better about it. I still think that he was going up a stairway to heaven, and that now he watches me and loves me.



My Story


By: demel@kcnet.org


Just wanted to pass along something that happened to me as a teen.  Our home never seemed to scary.. but a few things would happen on occasion.  The one that sticks in my mind most happend like this.  Its very brief.

 I was about 15 or so,  and was in the family bathroom.  It was a small bathroom.. the bathtub was behind the door, and the sink was opposite from it.

I was bent over the sink.. washing my hands.   I felt something grab the back belt loops of my jeans, and yank them up. (as anyone would do when their pants ride down a bit)  The thing is.. I was in there alone.. and I was shocked.  I even checked behind the shower curtain, knowing there wouldnt be anyone in there.

Another time, when I was in bed there was a pounding, as if someone were putting down shingles on our roof.  My sister and I had the only 2 bedrooms upstairs, so I knew there wasnt anyone upstairs besides me and her.  It was so loud, that my mother came to the foot of the stairs and yelled for us to get back in bed.

These are just 2 of the stories I remember. 

And on a side note,  I visited the "girls dormitory"  in Academia, Pa.  It is mentioned in your Haunted places in Pennsylvania.  I took a picture threw a basement window.. (the floors by that time had fallen into the basement of the building,  and has since been torn down)  When the photos came back, I found orbs in the photo.  No sunshine was able to get into the window I took the photo threw.

I am from Lock Haven Pa,  and my Daughters attended McGhee Elementary school. THe older one was in 2nd grade in 1996-97 school year.   I never heard of the haunting there, until I read it in your section.  I also confirmed it today that it is true, via a teacher that taught there.  It has now been sold to Lock Haven University, but is being rented to the school district, due to other schools being renovated.




Recent Experiences


By: lindaparq@yahoo.com


Hope all is well.  I started writing this last week or two but it just disappeared so here I am doing it again. I enjoy reading experiences on the Shadowland because it gives me some comfort that I am not alone in this. Though I have had many experiences I would like to share these two:

1. This was in August or so of 2006. My nephew, then 12, myself and my boyfriend were on the town pier in my town catching sea crabs. (called rati locally) They were at the entrance of the pier and I was at the head looking out into the ocean. After a while they both came to join me and we just stood there looking out into the sea. Oh! I need to mention this was around 8 at night, it was already dark but the moon was out. Anyway we didnt say anything to each other just stood there, a little while after they got to where I was I saw a shape on the water so I started looking more intently.

It was about 15 feet out and it got closer and closer and i could CLEARLY make out the shape of a ship. It looked old, like nothing we have today. It wasn't too big and it had 3 sails.  It wasn't transparent, it just seemed like a grayish, dark shape. I looked over at my boyfriend and my nephew and saw them looking in the same direction. They both looked shocked and I could see that they saw something but none of us spoke. The ship was now getting closer and closer when it got a little closer my boyfriend said do u see that and I said yes can u see it too? My nephew said yes it's a ship, before my boyfriend could answer. I got scared because it just seem to be getting closer and closer and not sailing but just appearing closer and closer.

Just then a car light shone where we were as someone drove up to the pier and the image disappeared.  We were all shaken. We drew up our nets and headed home immediately.

2. This second incident concerns my deceased mother. We were all used to my mom seeing and feeling things.  She also had the gift of knowing more or less what  would  happen before it did because of her dreams. Not in all things but some. Well from the time we were kids we knew there was a "companion" with my mother. She always knew when someone would die in the family, or when an outsider would die a violent deat because the little boy would touch her soulder or appear at her window. She said he never spoke just stared. He appeared to her as a little white boy.

Well this went on for years but it wasn't until a little over 2 years ago that i saw "him". This was after over 30 years of hearing about him from my mom and knowing he was with her. It was a few months before her death and I think that's why he was appearing more frequently.

Our family home was like 3 minutes walk from my from my work. At lunchtime instead of going to my home i would go to my mom's and be there  while the kids would be there for lunch before going back to school. This day however, i was a little late so when i got there it was after 1 in the afternoon so she was there alone. The kids had gone back to school. I sat in the living room watching tv and she was in the kitchen. She the left and went to the bathroom, a few seconds later i plainly saw out of the side of my eye a little boy walking out of the kitchen into the direction of the bathroom. I was shocked. I screamed for her. I was more surprised than afraid I think. She came running out saying "what is it, what  happen?!" She thought something was wrong with me. I said "Mom I just saw a little boy follow u out of the kitchen into the bathroom!"

My mother nonchalantly said, "oh him. He is always here, sometimes he goes in the room, sometimes other places. I thought something was wrong with you." She then turned on her heel and went into the bathroom as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I always believed her but I think this was when it really became real for me. She died a few months after that.







Several Haunted Houses

By: hankypanky@lightbound.com


I once ( around 1976....over 30 years ago) lived near Indianapolis, IN.

I believe that all of the houses on that corner are haunted. They are all doubles, so three structures equal 6 residences.

 The things I witnessed are too numerous to mention, but included electric wires in the basement hanging and sparking one instant, and intact the next, lights going off and on for no reason, stains on the walls that no paint could cover, strange noises, cold drafts...even in warm weather. One item attached to the wall (a gold colored letter "C" ), could be removed, carried out to the trash, I even watched the trash truck collect , but it would re-appear the next day attached to the wall. (this occurred on several occasions!!! We finally left it alone !!!) Once, I saw the kitchen being flooded as water was gushing out from under the sink...when I screamed for help, my step dad came to find the area was dry and intact !!!

 One night as my parents were entertaining and playing cards, It was brought to my mothers attention that she had been dealt the Ace of Spades every single hand that evening. She hadn't noticed, but as the evening went on....scores of hands later, Mom became afraid to even look at her cards, knowing that she would again have the Ace of Spades!!!! It was very spooky indeed !!! Shortly after that night, my mother contracted pneumonia... several times, miscarried, and nearly died.

 I almost failed the 6th grade (grades 1 through 5 and grades 7 through 12,  I was an honor student)

 At first, I suspected that the house was haunted by one of my great aunts who had lived there until her death, but after talking to several neighbors, I learned that all of those doubles were haunted. Then, I learned of a story about a little crippled girl named Sylvia  that had been beaten, tortured, raped, and murdered in the basement of one of those houses. Her attackers were all neighbors from those houses. (this is a true story....you could do some research into this tragedy. At one time I had several newspaper clippings that told of this horrible tragedy, but I've lost them over the years.)

 I was so glad when we moved from there. Our lives returned to normal, and my Mom gave birth to my baby sister about a year later. I don't know if any of those structures are still standing, and I have no desire to go near to find out !!! I know that no tenants (except the roaches) would stay for long !!!! (note: at the time, all the properties were owned by a pest control business, yet they were infested no matter how often they were treated for bugs !!!)



The Eyes of the Gypsy


By: remember-the-js@hotmail.com


When I was younger my mother and I lived in an old house that just recently celebrated its 104th birthday. The house has no interesting paranormal or otherwise entertaining history, though the resident before us, who is the uncle of a friend of mine, enjoyed drinknig himself stupid and then getting locked in the basement which is a relatively creepy place, but not paranormal, just spider infested and gritty.

My family has always had a knack for seeing "ghosts" or "spirits" if one prefers. My father claimed to see, as a child, a projection like image of people lined up like a church choir against his bedroom wall, and my mother and grandmother often see ghosts such as the soul of my grandfather's old friend Albert who stands in the back corner behind my grandfather's leather chair or walks up and down the "stairs" that are no longer placed where he remembers.

In all of our houses there have been ghosts. On Vine Street lost truckers walked through the hallways and tipped their hats, I saw naught. (This house is scheduled to be demolished.) The house behind it there was an old man, the old town mayor who used to live there, that tormented my mother's old cat by grabbing it by it's head and pushing it onto it's back. The house on church street had a man that would say my name when I was alone, and a women who looked just like my mother who would stand by the cat food dish directly behind the mirrior in the downstairs bathroom. (I used to only see ghosts in mirrors.) This ghost also told me to turn down my music when my mother was not home to hear it.

But at this house, I have really seen nothing more than the figure(s) and the eyes. It started as a cat. Everyhosue we'd ever been in there has been a cat, rumoredly my mother's old cat Gypsy who was put to sleep after 16 years to end her diabetic suffering. (I was young and believed this, but I believe now that it was something more. A demon actually.)

 We havea grey cat that loves to get underfoot so when one evening I was going to my room (without turning the hall light on because mother was in bed and I feared the light would alert her of my late conciousness and I would be in trouble), I was not suprised to see out of the bottom corner of my eye, River, the cat, getting ready to walk in the crack where I began opening the door.

I cursed at him and attempted to step over him but lost my balance, the way cats always manage to make you do, and my foot went straight through him and he vanished. I realized then that it was just the ghost of Gypsy and went into my room and went to bed.

As the months went by I began seeing the cat more and more as a wave of depression and solitude and rage formed in me. As these negative feelings built up the blob of a cat seemed to morph into a blobby worm, or larva. My mother saw it in this form, not I. Soon it seemed to be more like a big dog that one could only see out of the corner of one's eye, still grey and blobby but definately canine.

Soon my sadness was replaced by nothing but anger which I believe led to another upgrade in the demon that started as a cat.

One night I chose to sleep without a nightlight, I guess in a way to gain some bravery and a feeling of self confidence that I was lacking for a reason that I've long since forgotten, and I awoke in the middle of the night to see one light, sort of like the  beam that reflects off of CD cases and glass watch faces only without the numerous rings around it, flat against my wall above my book dresser. Due to this being one of the first times that I'd ever slept without a nightlight or the television on I assumed that it was just a reflection of the street light outside the window, dismissed it, and went back to sleep.

I awoke not soon after to see two lights now above my dresser. At first, although terribly shaken, I tried hard to tell myself that I had not seen the other one before, but it had been there. My theory almost worked until I began to notice that the two lights began spreading out a great distance across my wall to maybe three or four feet apart and continued spreading. (Whether or not I actually saw an orange line of a mouth begin to appear or if it is just something I feared could've happened and commited to memory is unclear.)

I don't remember if I turned on my night light in an attempt to dispell the giant demon or if I just trew of my blanket and ran to the light switch by the door is uncertain. All I know is I ran like crazy to the light switch. The eyes either vanished or were overpowered by the over head lights, but I was just pleased that they were no longer there.

The next morning my mother asked me if I wanted River, the cat, to destroy my room (he's a terrorist)  because I left my door open. She'd gotten up to go to the bathroom and said that she saw two glowing eyes overtop of my dresser and thought they were River but realized that they were up too hight to be him. She never said anything about the eyes looking at her or growing or pulsing or any of the other ignorant things that hollywood shoves into movies, but she said she closed the door so that it would stop looking at her, if it was, and then reopened it later thinking that I may have had a reason for having it open.

 I never have my door open.

 p.s. After this incident I have shut off my ability to see things in hope of never seeing the demon again, though I am beginning to see the Gypsy cat once more. It worries me. And also, in my house my mother sees a girl who sits on the stairs and there is always something at the corner of my eye in the washroom where the cat stares and where the dog barks. Animals see what we cannot you know.





The Shadow Stalker


By: countdoku1@yahoo.com

  I looked on the shadow lands site recently and I was quite frightened by a story I found. its a story on the first page called "The Hat Man" and the thing that frigtened me is that I have seen the same exact thing! But of course in different places. It happened in nebraska Omaha, my home city and state. the last time I saw the thing is when I was about 13 or so, I am 17 now but I haven't seen the thing since. It happened when I was waiting in the car at the oakview mall at sunset and I was alone. But strangely there were still cars sight moving, but across the street was a shadowy figure in a 1930's-1950's hat that kept getting closer and closer to the car. i got so scared I just started crying. my brother has seen this thing as well in our neighborhood walking down the street by our house, it happened when we first moved in. Anyhow just like in the other story the figure disappeared after a few minutes. There was also another time I saw it when I was about 11 or 12. I was trick or treating with my best friend and we walking along when I saw something move. When I told my friend about it he said he didn't see anything but right after that it quickly ducked behind a car. I told some of my other friends about this thing and one of them said that they knew some girl that saw one of them. It kept following her around, she only saw it when she was completey alone. There also something else that was very creepy, I was watching a supernatural documentry and I saw the shadow stalker making a stabbing motion with a knife. I saw this documentry after both me and my brother had already seen the thing. My friend told me that this particular spirit was not a friendly one at all, she nicknamed these "shadow stalkers" the "henchmen of hell". I cannot tell if these things are in fact hostile. Also recently I had a dream with one of those things in it. I was looking for someone and it came out of nowwhere and started just chasing me. I woke up all sweaty and started to fell a chill all around my body, then it stopped.

 I am glad that i have not seen that thing since and I hope I never do again.




Unexplained Things at Home


By: rrburke1202@sbcglobal.net


Hello My name is Randy. I was reading your website and thought about telling my story to you. Where I live in Port Arthur, Texas our home was built back in the 1930s. I dont know much on history of the house othe than that my Grandfathers late wife lived in it with her first husband before he died. The reason I know it was built around the 30s is cause after I received the house as a inheritence, me and my wife was cleaning out the closet in back bedroom. We heard a thump sound on the shelf by the outer wall. When we looked there was a rolled up wad of papers. When we opened them smallers papers came out of it, which ended up being receipts for lumber among other things for the house. The large rolled up portion was the original deed to the land when they were making the city in the late 1890s. It names off the lot number and the old road name before it was changed long ago. It even has the signatures of the original owners and developers of this city. But to go on with my story Me and my wife have seen things in home not realizing what we seen until to late, like figures and shadows. We heard noises around house and cannot explain where it woulda came from. We had touch lamps in our bedroom which was the room off the livingroom, some days the light would just start lighting up in steps like someone was touching them til they would go back off and then continue till the brightest stage and stop. One Day we was in living room watching tv and All of a sudden all at once the TVs picture got distorted and we heard a deep voice, which we couldnt tell where it was coming from, and the lights on both sides off our bed came on at the same time to their brightest stage and stayed on. It all happened really quick and me and my wife both just looked at each other and we both asked at same time if each other heard that. Also we cannot explain dishes going missing from our kitchen. We had a set of Glass bowls with lids for each ranging from different sizes. Slowly through out a year one bowl including lid could not be found. My  wife at time accused me of taking them to work and leaving them which I did not do. Now to this day We have one medium bowl with lid and I think a small one left also. We went to the point of putting crosses above all the doorways to all rooms and has seemed to slow and even stop stuff from happeneing. A few months ago my wife removed some of the crosses thinking we didnt need them any more and now my little girl sometimes would be sitting there talking to someone that we could not see. She is only three but my wife didnt know if she was just playing or what. It has been hard lately to get her togo to her own bed at night, she would say things like monsters and such. The thing is she has never seen a scary movie or any such movie that I know of. Plus in the Past year and a half We been going to a Apostalic church (Pentecostal) where we removed all but one Tv in home except the one in living room just for playing games on. So she hasn't been wathcing any tv since she was 2. I dunno what to think but I do beleive In spirits good and bad. This is what led me to your site when I googled Children and spirits. Sorry for rambling on but I thought you might like our story and find it interesting. Thanks for your time and I have enjoyed your site, which is an interest to me since I was young.    



Woodruff Indiana


By: vmmb20002000@yahoo.com




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