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The Faceless


I have posted before, but I’ve decided to post another. I wanted to share with all another one of my experiences. This one is the most vivid of them all. This happen when I was young, about I’m guessing eleven or twelve years old. I was on a family vacation in Northern part of Arizona, where it was cooler, with more trees and mountains. Anyways, we were spending time camping around one night, and I decided to wander off on my own. I always like to wander off alone because I was a wild child that seeks adventure in the great wide somewhere. My parents forbidden me not to, but they were asleep so they wouldn’t know.
It was about 12:00 AM more or less when I saw the strangest thing while wandering around the tree filled area. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. Even till this day I could still remember the encounter. What I saw was something solid but yet still transparent, what I felt was something friendly yet still angry, what I smelt was something lovely but decaying, what I heard was something beautiful like a the sound of a harp, but yet at the same time something like a creepy old pipe organ. It was just too confusing.
When I first saw this, it had there back to me. What I saw was a lady for sure, with hair of gold, whom wore a red gown. A gown as red as blood, a red that I can’t truly describe because it will still transparent. She also wore black gloves, black as coal, and black boots too. From the back, she look so lovely, so beautiful, so perfect, I though what I was feeling at that moment was love! But the moment she turned around, I nearly took a dump in my pants, love changed to fear in matter of seconds. This lady had no face! She looked like a faceless witch! I’m pretty sure she probably is one. After she turn around she started to walk towards me, and started to sing “give me back my face”, over and over, as if those where her only words that she knew. Her voice was so angelic, but I just turned around and ran. I ran fast that night, faster than ever before, I swear, I wouldn’t even have a shadow from the speed I ran. I just closed my eyes, and ran. I yelled too, but when I opened my eyes I notice I never moved. I was still at the very same spot where I was. And there she stood, right in front of me… my head was up to her chest at the moment, and all I saw was her necklace, it was some kind of gold chain with a triangle shape charm with a glass or clear crystal, diamond like center. But anyways, she continued to sing “give me back my face”. I didn’t know what to do, and just stated I don’t have your face, and before you knew it, she started yelling, it was frightening yelling, she was yelling “GIVE ME BACK MY FACE!” And so I turned around and ran again… and the same thing happened, I didn’t go nowhere.. But this time, there was no faceless lady standing by me. All that was left was a dusty, scratched infested ring on the floor that I had not notice before, it was silver but strong, and had 3 holes around the inner sided of the ring, spread evenly. I still have that ring too. This has gotten too long! I must end here! Thank you for reading!



I have lived in tecumseh almost my entire life and I run a paranormal investigation company out of tecumseh now.  Years ago I experienced the most vivd paranormal encounter of my life while moving som stuff up into a friends attic.  He lived in a loft above a restaurant in town that used to be a funeral home.  The loft and attic area had been used to store coffins for purchase.  INside the attic you feel constantly as if you are being watch and can see images on the wall, obviously man made, of villagers chasing the devil as well as writing that say "W.S. killed J.W." followed by the date of the insident, which i dont remember.  There is also what appears to be old dried up blood smeared on the walls.  Well, the personal experience for me happened when i had finished helping my friend move and was walking down the stairs to the loft area.  ABout midway down the stairs something shoved me to the side as if I had been pushed out of the way by someone walking up the stairs.  My friend was already down the stairs when this had happened and i was the only person on the staircase at the time.  thats my story.

The Boss will Make Sure It's Done Right


I worked in a high rise for 9 and 1/2 years.  This high rise is right on the Grand Prix track when the Grand Prix is in town.  I was working there about 5 and 1/2 years when one of my bosses pasted away.  Well while she was alive she made sure that the building was secure during the grand prix and the system she put in place was flawless.  About 6 months after the grand Prix she passed, her name was Pat.  When the Grand prix was coming back around we kept in place all the procedures that she had established threw the years.  The week of the Grand Prix I was sitting in my office and the office had a window that looked into the loby and the outside.  I noticed a women that had a walkie talkie and was looking down at the track.  I thought odd.  She turned around and this women looked like Pat.  This can't be her.  I noticed that this woman was heading for the pool area so I left the office to follow her.  She was gone.  I searched the area there was no one.  I returned to the office and waited until my boss to come down and I told him what I had seen.  He smiled and said that was probably Pat making sure you did every thing right.  I never saw her again.

Another University of Calgary haunting story


Hi, I was browsing your site today and came across the following page:
I've been looking for info on hauntings at the University of Calgary residences and this is one of the few stories I've come across.
I stayed in the University of Calgary residences for a church youth camp for a week in August 2003, when I was 14 years old. The university hosts a lot of camps and sessions of this sort. I was in Kananaskis Hall, which I believe is usually used as the girls dorm. I stayed on the third floor - I don't remember the room number. It was the last room on the left hand side of the hallway, in the lefthand hall if you were entering through the stairwell. Since it was the last room in the hallway, one wall was just painted cinderblocks, not drywall. As described in the other University of Calgary story submitted, there are two closets set into the wall on either side of the door and there is generally two beds, two desks, and two chairs. My room lacked the second desk and chair.
I shared the room with another youth camp participant for the week. One of the first things we encountered about the room was the door's ability to open and close by itself. Kananaskis Hall is not a new building by any standards. The doors on the rooms across the hall from us swung naturally inwards when left open and the doors on our side naturally swung out into the halls because of the slant of the building. However, our door did not behave as it should have, given the physics of gravity: left unshut, it would swing back and forth at an increasing pace until my roommate and I would either shut the door or jokingly ask it to stop. Once when I was in the room alone during the day, I was reading on the bed and fell asleep. I very distinctly remember closing the door. The residence doors are by no means light - they are quite thick and heavy with fiddly locks. I woke up to the door opening with no one visibly there to open it. It freaked me out pretty good and I made it a point to try to never be alone in the room.
The one chair in the room was right of the foot of the bed I slept in. It was probably about 30 years old and was one of those old square cushioned ones with the armrests and gross plaid upholstery. My mother attended the university in the 70's and she commented that the decor of the dorms had not been changed since she went to school there. When you sat in the chair, you would leave a butt impression in it that would eventually fade. Every night of the week I stayed in that room I would awaken, convinced that there was someone sitting in it. I was pretty sure I was just psyching myself out, being away from home and whatnot, but on our last day my roommate confided in me that she would awaken with the same sensation. Every day, without fail, there would be an impression in the chair when we got up.
We agreed that it was dumb, we were just jittery teenage girls. I went back to school in the fall and told one of my friends that I had stayed in the dorms at the U of C. My friend participated in a lot of math and science camps and had attended one at the U of C that summer as well. She retailed to me the story of one of her own friends that also went to camp - apparently her friend had stayed in a haunted room at Kananaskis Hall. She gave the details of the haunting and they mimicked my own experiences completely. I asked if it was the room at the end of the lefthand hall on the third floor and it was indeed the same room. I asked my mother about the hall and she claims there was a girl who hung herself in a closet in her dorm room in the 70's, but this is the same story usually given when you hear about residence hall hauntings. Kananaskis Hall has been a girl's dorm for a while, but when I talked it over with my roommate we both felt that whatever was in our room at night had a distinctly male presence. Perhaps it was a pervert ghost who would rather watch young women sleep than young men?

Mom Checking on Her Baby


Well, I was 17 at the time and living in South Jersey. I spend much of my time in the evenings and weekends babysitting. At this time, I had been babysitting a couple's 3 kids, and the youngest was still in a crib.
The Mom of the 3 suddently passed away of a cerebral hemmorhage, leaving the Dad with much to do to say the least. The week after the funeral, he called and asked me to watch the kids for him one 1970 Friday evening.
I got the kids settled and proceeded downstairs, turned on the TV, and was sitting on the sofa watching it when I heard a noise upstairs. So I slipped up the stairs and peeked in the baby's room. There, I couldn't believe what I saw. The Mom was standing next to the crib, looking in on her baby girl. As clear as day, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe this story myself! She turned to me, with a blank look on her face not frowning or smiling, turned around toward the closet and walked right through the door!
To say the least, my Mom had to spend the rest of the evening with me, and she had to be the one to go up and open that closet door, I sure wasn't going to!
I continued to babysit those kids throughout the summer, but never had another "visit" from their Mom, although I was finally able to share it with her husband.
Since I had that experience myself, I am a firm believer of those types of "visits" that's for sure!

Haunted Places in Michigan

I've checked out one of the places on your list, and I can recount my experience for you.
In Livonia, the little cemetery at 5 mile and Farmington.
Last summer a friend of mine decided to gather a couple of our friends together to go check out this haunt. The cemetery is located across from Livonias city hall and police station, I live within 2 miles from it. The cemetery itself is open to the public with a small fence around it but open gates every hundred feet or so. Yet, I doubt the police will be thrilled about people hanging out in the cemetery in the middle of the night, if they take notice. So a somewhat low profile is necessary if your checking it out. I'm sure if you have a camera and claim your just taking some photographs of the cemetery at night, you can easily talk yourself out of any confrontation without any reprimand. Anyways, the road is normally busy, and depending on what day it is may be low to medium traffic at that time of night. Either way, my friends and I went out on a weeknight, and the roads were all relatively empty. We parked our two cars in a parking lot around the block and walked a short distance to the cemetery itself. Two of my friends stepped just inside the gates and stayed relatively in the light, the area is fairly well lit with streetlamps. A couple of our other friends walked to a place about midway through the cemetery and took up point there. My friend who planned the trip and I headed all the way to the back of the cemetery and took up places near the back fence where we could survey the whole cemetery from. The cemetery is pretty shallow in depth and only about three times as long in length perpendicular to the road, in all an easy space to watch the entirety of.
So we took up places by about 11:45 and the road was completely free of traffic. Everyone waited and watched until about 12:10 and there were no signs of any ghosts. In all some people claimed to have had creepy feelings, which is normal for being in a cemetery at night I suppose, but no activity that night. After that we hung out in the cemetery until about 12:30 when we decided to head out. In all, no ghost dad and three girls (we originally heard it was two girls with the dad,) but who knows.. The timing might not have been right, or any other numbers of factors.
On another note,
In Redford, St Agatha School closed down for quite a long time, and has recently opened as an elementary school I believe called "David Ellis Academy West". It appears to be getting horrible reviews and may be closing down again within the next few years. Anyways, all the kids I knew who went there while growing up have all claimed it was haunted and extremely creepy. Many of them say all the real activity would go on at night though when there were no witnesses. Anyways, that's all I know about that.

Manchester Hauntings


I have lived in Manchester for most of my life, at least 30 years.  Though you only have one listing for Manchester there are many more spirited places there.  I have lived in various different houses in a particular side of Town, that I now is spirited. 
There is a home that When I was a child I lived there with my Mom and brother on the second floor.  My bedroom was the corner room that over looked the intersection.  The two walls facing the street were all windows, that has since been made into solid walls.  Most nights I would would hear someone knocking on the windows, as if someone were walking by and knocking as they walked.  There was a tree on the corner but it is not near the house nad the branches of the tree did not come close to the windows or the house.  My Mom would tell me it was the branches, it was not.  Every night was dreadfull because we knew they would come back.  Some nights  my brother and I would sleep in the bath tub, it seemd the safest place.  Every night I would hear someone walking up and down the stairs from the second floor and the third floor no one lived upstairs and the staircase was located between my room and my Moms room.  The staircase was closed off by a wall at the top, and was used as my closet.  On various occasions my Mom and I would be watching TV in the living room and a shadow of what looked like a man would walk between the windows.  I would be most afraid at night.  Things would disapear and reapear making you think you are loosing your mind.  Next door was a Catering business and in the basement there was a tunnel that connected our house and the catering business.  It was really creepy down there, with cold spots and moving shadows.   Accross the street, I was told used to be the police station.  
I have lived in two houses next to each other.  In the first of the two I lived in, the attic door was in my bedroom closet.  I would see it moving and hear growning noises like someone was locked it the attic.  If you stood at my bedroom door I could hear the washer and dryer going as if it were out side my door running it was very loud.   If I opened my door to listen it would stop, I was not doing laundry at these times.  In the basement on the wooden door that goes to the hatchway there were claw makrs on it, as if someone was locked in their and tried to claw there way out.   The bathroom sink would turn on by itself and sometimes you could hear someone going to the bathroom when no one was there.  Other times you could hear the toilet flush, when I 'd go upstairs to see who it was no one was there.  Many times I saw a man walking around out side  and inside the house.  I believe he was the previous owner.  Everyone knew him as POPs.
In the second house, next door there were happenings as well.  One day I came home and was standing in the kitchen and heard the TV on in my daughters room down the hall. I would start walking down the hall to go trun it off and it would stop.  Then I would hear the TV on in the living room.  I turned to walk back down the hall to the living room and it would be off, and again would hear it on in my daughters room again.  After a few more times I got  irritated and just yell to "Knock it off, Stop turning the TV's on" and it would stop.  Sometimes at night I could see swirling clouds what would resembe lightening on my ceiling as if a storm were brewing and hear rumbling noises like thinder.  Then the voices would come in whispering tones.  It seemed like it lasted for hours but from the time it started to when it ended it would have been an hour.
As far back as I can remember I have felt and seen things.  These are just a few of the spirited happenings and places where they took place in Manchester.   Manchester has a rich history of the Cheeney family and the silk mills.  I also believe that there was Indian tribes in this area as well as burial grounds.  It is a high energy and spirited place.  It has also been a long time since I have spoken about it.

Our Haunted House


I didn't know about your site until today and it dawned on me that I have a haunted house and have a fun story to tell about it. We have some renters moving out of it this week so you are welcome to stop by and see it anytime after July 7th. 925 Mercer St. Boise Idaho off 37th and state St.
OK , Our house isn't scary haunted like s lot of the places on your web site but I thought I would share our story regardless. This house was built by "old man Hoffman" with his own hands in about 1952. There is a large "H" in brick outside on the chimney. We bought this house in April 1990 our daughter was born inside the house October 1990. Which maybe started something. In the 10 years we lived there Strange and unexplained things happened. Both of my daughters saw a figure of an old lady a few times. One time this figure was floating above one of my daughters. My son son a dark figure at the front door inside the house when he was 3. I instantly grabbed a knife and went to the door (which was locked) I carefully opened the door waiting to protect my family, nothing was there. Awhile before our oldest daughter had a preteen birthday party our Neighbor from across the street told me of the story of how Old man Hoffman died in his house of a heart attack sitting at his kitchen table. Well, after telling my husband what I had heard, my husband couldn't help but teasingly tell the girls a dramatic version of the demise of Old Man Hoffman. As he said the words in a very scary manner how old man Hoffman died and was ending in, "and all of a sudden right here on this very table (this was not the same exact table) he was DEAD!" with the words "DEAD" Our lights went out the girls screamed as someone said that we turned the lights out to scare them. they stopped screaming. We said we did not.. How could we, standing here in front of all of you? The screaming started up again. So we investigated and called the power company. There was no wind that night as a branch had fallen on a line that knocked out our power at that precise moment and the power of the old rock house behind our house. Story I heard after this incident after telling my neighbor what happened was that Old Man Hoffman loved to play practical jokes on the kids. He would hide behind trees and toss firecrackers at the kids feet and laugh so hard at their fear. I wondered if he had that night. Our daughter is now 26 and when I talk to her and her friends they still remember that night and tell me the house is haunted. I also have a friend that is sensitive to the para normal who I never told these things to. When she came over to our house she asked me if we have any ghost in the house because she saw an old lady busy in the kitchen. She said the figure was faint but she could tell it was an old lady cooking and she looked very happy. I just assumed it was Lady Hoffman.
Not so scary but true accounts. I haven't been inside this house for 5 or more years so I am curious of the feeling I will get.

Regarding Lizzie Bordens House

I had the pleasure of staying at the Lizzie Bordens house while it was owned by its previous owners. My mom surprized me for my birthday by renting Lizzie and her sister's room which are connected. My friend and her mom joined us on this trip. We took the tour that night of the whole house and it has one of the most terrifying auras. When it hits night at this house you can feel just anger. It is a scary feeling. While we were on the tour many couples tried to use cameras and video cameras, with no luck. No cameras or anything electronic was working no matter how many times they would change the batteries. During the night when I got up to use the bathroom. I heard giggles coming from the bottom of the stairs. The stairs that I had to cross to get from my room to the bathroom. The bathroom was right by the guest bedroom where Mrs. Borden was killed. There was also a guest book to sign and as I went to sign it in the morning I got curious and began to read some past enteries. It seemed other people had also had trouble with electronics and some staff had heard giggles on their radios when no one was in the house. I can tell you for a fact that house is haunted.

Rockford, IL - Twin Sisters Park


It’s weird that I found Twin Sisters park woods to be considered haunted because that’s the only place that I’ve ever been that I saw, without a shadow of a doubt, something that I considered to be supernatural. 
My friend, Brendan, used to live just a few blocks north of Twin Sisters and we would often go up to the park to smoke cigarettes because we were around 15 at the time.  Brendan and I had gone down there one night (between 2 and 4 AM) and we were just messing around outside of the shadows of the hills (the “Twin Sisters” are actually two large hills that are almost identical in every aspect.  There is a storage garage just south of the hills that has a really bright light that casts shadows of the hills a good distance beyond the hills.  When you’re standing there, because the light is so bright, you literally can’t see anything in those shadows, it’s like you’re staring at a big black blank chalkboard.)  Anyway, since this is a spooky situation, we had to see who had the fortitude to walk into the shadows.  I was first to walk into them and once my eyes adjusted it really wasn’t that bad.  He followed and we were there for maybe 30 seconds or so and proceeded to walk through the rest of the park.  We got about 50 feet or so outside of the shadows and we heard rustling in the woods.  Being freaked out, we investigated.  We weren’t even close to the woods yet when a black dog came running out, playfully, but still it spooked us (don’t worry, that isn’t the spooky part).  The dog wouldn’t come over to us so we started walking away, looking back every few seconds to make sure the dog wasn’t following us.  At one point we both looked back and the dog had run in to the shadows and no more than 2 seconds after the dog ran in to the shadows, a full grown man came running out of the shadows after us.  Mind you, we were in the park, alone, and had just come out of the shadows where no living creature had been no more than 3 minutes before we headed on our way.  He was a good distance back so we just thought, “OK, a man running in the park at 3 AM…weird but sure, why not”.  We just sat there for a moment and see where he was going, but he just kept a straight line for us.  We started walking quickly the opposite direction, he kept running at us.  We then started sprinting away from this man but he was gaining on us way too fast for a couple of football and basketball players.  At one point, we looked back and he was still running, nothing else moving around him, and then we looked back again and it was the dog again.  We kept running but finally got out of breath and I remembered that I saw on TV somewhere that if you stop running, the dog will stop chasing you because it thinks you’re playing.  So we stopped and the dog turned and started walking off to our left. 
I, to this day, can’t figure out how it happened.  There was nothing in the shadows that was alive, once we were in there, we could see very well.  The dog ran in, a man ran out, then out of nowhere it was the dog again.  I know people imagine strange things but I know what I saw and it wasn’t something that I had ever seen before, have seen since then, or probably will ever see again.  I’ve honestly never been that scared in my life. 
Anyway, that’s my experience in the same area.  I never knew it was considered haunted until now.

St. Gertrude


Ive had a paranormal experience at St. Gertruds Bible class building in St. Clair Shores. I was volunteering there one night in 2007. There were a couple people in the building at the time. It was just before classes started around 6 p.m. all teachers were in the church with students. I was given the job to pass out papers to all the classrooms upstairs. I had heard it was haunted and I have to admit im not a skeptic. Anyways, I went upstairs to do my job. All the lights were off and for some strange reason i didnt turn them on. I wasn't thinking about the claims. I was just thinking about finishing my job. I passed out the papers to a few classrooms when I heard a sound at the end of the hall. It startled me, then i heard it again. It sounded like chairs moving. In the next couple of minutes I heard footsteps and a weird noise that resembled writing on a chalkboard. By then I was overly creeped out so I fled downstairs. I told somemone what had happened and they agreed to go upstairs with me. We went up their and the light was on in the room at the end of the hall. That was the only light on up there. No one was in the room. 

The Blair-Amis House in Fort Smith


I renovated the Blair-Amis in the Belle Grove Historical District of Fort Smith during the early years of this century.  The house was built as a Christmas present by banker William Blair for his wife, Mary, in 1895.  William died in 1903, and the house was sold to Dr. John Amis.  Dr. Amis, his wife, Jane, and five of their children lived and died in this house during the next 67 years.  As each member of the family died, his or her funeral would be staged in the front parlor.  Shortly after I purchased the house, workmen were tuckpointing the exterior and one asked who the old woman was who kept peeking at them through the lace curtains in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  The aroma of cigar smoke could occasionally be smelled in the back parlor, lights would go on and off, and pocket doors closed at night, would mysteriously be open the next morning.  The family cat refused to use the back stairway where on more than one time the rustle of petticoats would be faintly heard.  The sound of a woman crying could sometimes be heard in one of the rear bedrooms and foot steps in the front entryway.  More than once, the rattle of tea cups could be heard in the kitchen.  Although I have lived in several Victorian houses, this was -- without a doubt -- one of the most haunted I've ever been associated with.  It sits vacant it is never-the-less strangely occupied. 

True Haunting Story


Hi, I live in Connecticut, and the story I'd like to share with you I firmly believe to be true.
Over 10 years ago, my ex-husband and I were at the Nike missile site in Glastonbury, CT. We were out cycling very late on a warm and humid summer night. We were in the area of the site, and my ex-husband suggested riding up the hill to the site to stop, drink our water and catch our breath before heading home.
At that time there were no houses within a close distance to the top of the hill, nor were there many trails going through the thick woods. He was very familiar with the area and the history behind the Nike missile sites. Only the barracks remained and behind them was a baseball diamond. The baseball diamond is where we were.
We began to hear what sounded like kids in the woods; either partying or lost. We kept looking into the woods expecting to see flashlights or any kind of light, assuming that if someone were to be in those dense woods at that hour of the night, they would be smart enough to have something to light their way. The talking and laughing voices and the footsteps danced around and at one point we were considering leaving because we didn't want to be discovered. The sounds never grew very close, and I distinctly remember saying to my ex-husband, "Why don't they have flashlights?" "I hope they find their way out." As the sounds began to diminish, we left.
I have lived in this area of Connecticut all my life, and like my ex-husband, I am very familiar with the wooded areas of Glastonbury and Manchester. Unless you are either completely unprepared for a jaunt in the woods at night or you're just plain stupid, you don't enter the wooded areas surrounding the Manchester/Glastonbury town line at night.
What I read in your documentation of this area on your website is exactly what we experienced. This site is located in an area of town where the locals don't go wandering into the woods at night. It's too thick, too dense, and way too easily to get lost.  Thanks for reading this, and I hope you'll add it to your pages of stories!

Two Out of Nine


I believe!  When my sweet kitty of nineteen passed on, not only I but my son, who was the one who found her gone, had a hard time letting go.  She was my loyal companion and when my son was born, she would lay just out of reach to entice him to crawl.  When he started to walk, she would do the same thing.  We both loved her dearly.  The night I buried her, and I might add,in a haunted place of its own(Hell Hallow), to keep the little spirit girl company,on the way back, through the mist that had started to cover the pond and low ground, a large White cat(same color as my saffy) bolted out of the mist and stopped dead in the beam of the headlights, staring at me and then, just melted away.  I knew then she was on her way to another life,  For three days, my son would wake and tell me that Saffy had come at night, hopped up on his bed and curled up at his feet as she always did.  I attributed this to his grief and tried as best I knew how to explain  death and the passing on to him.  He never swayed from his story.  Then, after the third night, there came a knock on my door.  To our great surprise,and joy,  a friend of mine was holding a small White Kitten in her hand.  As she put the kitten down, it circled half way around my rug and lay right on my feet and stretched out to sleep.  We were over joyed, though the eyes were yellow and not blue, we knew right then and there,  our beloved Saffy was home.  CottonBall (CB)  has been a joy to us,she has done the exact same things as Saffy did, with helping my second son learn to crawl and walk, she jumps on the window ledge to come in and when I make the mistake of calling her the wrong name, she reminds me who she is, by nibbling my toes.  No dout in our minds, our wonderful, loving cat is back, to share our lives, as long as we live. 



I Have read the Story of the USS Saipan from another user. I have also placed in the Haunted places about the v-Deck in the USS Saipan. I'm trying to find any stories and any facts as I can about that Vessel.
Well here is my story of the V-deck experience which I might add that this has been my only Paranormal Experience to date.
I was in the Marines stationed on the USS Saipan from June 2000 - Dec 2000. It was late one night and I had pulled Watch in the V-deck in the early morning hours. The V-deck is a place for the Storing Conex Boxes and Vehicles of all types from Hum-vee's to Tanks. The V-Deck and you can tell by its name is the very belly of the ship. In this case it was only Humm-Vee's and Conex Boxes. To give you an Idea how the lay out was You walk down a steep ramp that is meant for driving vehicles up and down. Once at the bottom of the Ramp you have a clear walk way to the back of the storage area and on the Left and Right Vehicles nothing but vehicles packed to tight you can barely walk or maneuver through them.
Like one huge carefully packed accident. Now I would walk down the Clear path and make sure that there was nothing out of place or any one down in the area trying to tamper with things. It was Early in the morning about 2-3am or so. Light Out was still in effect. Their was a light but it was a faint light several small lights dimly illuminated the bottom of the ship. So then As I was walking I verified that there was no one there I was alone. Then I Placed my head down for a Sec. I think I was reading a magazine or something. And Then I saw it in the corner of my eye. A very bright flash of light like a photo flash. I walked over to the area to see who it was. I honestly though some one had taken a picture of me down there. But as I walked over I Saw no one. So I tried to investigate what might have caused such a bright flash. For the rest of my shift I could not find out why. There was no Bright lights allowed during lights out. There was no way that a bright light could reflect on any of the Mirrors because all the mirrors were folded in. Plus some one would have to had to walk down into the V-deck into the Ramp which is the only reasonable way down except for a long ladder on the way down.
So if any entered the V-deck I would have certainly seen it.

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