This may seem like it's not true, but it is a real experience.  When I was 10, 3 years ago, my mom went home to Texas to visit her family. 

When she came back, she brought me a doll that she had had since she was born.  It is dressed in old pioneer clothes and a bonnet, and its name is Pudding.  If you turn her on her stomach, she says "mommy", but she's so old that you can't understand what she is saying.  The doll freaked me out, but I didn't have the heart to tell my mom, so I put it in my closet.  Something woke me up in the middle of the night.  I sat up and saw that the doll was sitting on the end of my bed, smiling a creepy smile that it didn't have before.  I screamed at the top of my lungs, and my mom came running in.  I told her what happened but she didn't believe me.  She saw how freaked out I was, though, so she moved it to my little sister's room.  The next morning when I went to get my sister, she was laying in bed, trembling.  I asked what was wrong and she said she had a dream about the doll stabbing her.  She showed me her arms, and they were covered in scratches.  I know she didn't scratch herself because she was only almost 6.  I told my mom, and she said she finally believed us because the same thing that happened to my sister happened to her when she was little.  We threw the doll away, and nothing has happened since.




Cathy’s Hollar




About 20 years ago I went to my first haunted place in my life. I wasn't scared just currious. It is located in Ohio near the deer creek area. The gost is of a cathy smith, she walks down a hill in her wedding gown...the story is in the 1800's she was on her way to her wedding in a horse and buggy and someone spooked the horses and the carriage wrecked and killed her. To this day she haunts the land. She walks down the hill at the accident site on certain nights.  When I first met Cathy, I got a little scared and left in a hurry, it was my forst time. I started crying on the way home for no reason.  My aunt told me not to cry her tears but I just couldn't help it....the next day we realized she had come home with us. Is this possible? When I took her back home I didn't fo to the hill we went to a cemetary I asked her where she wanted to go home too. I got out of the car and walked straight to a grave site with a tombstone with tne name of Cathy Smith on it.  To this date she still haunts the hill and she loves to scare people. She likes to leave her site and go home with you and be in two places at once.  This was my first real experience and I will never  forget it...



My Old House




Hi. I love your site.

Ok. I lived in this 100 year old house for 4 years.

It wasn't super haunted. Just stuff happened that wasn't fun.

My TV would come on or shut off. My stereo would click on.

f I was in the living room, I would hear a cup hit the kitchen floor. I could hear it bounce around on the floor. I'm clumsy I know what it sounds like. Then I would go into the kitchen and nothing would be there. A few times when I was completely alone I would hear a horrible crash of what sounded like all my dishes hitting the floor. I only ever checked once. When I saw nothing anywhere in the house, I didn't look the second time. I was to scared.

My kids heard this one too. Always when I was cooking dinner. I would hear my front door (Old and squeaky) come open then slam shut and then someone would walk threw the house. This happened like 5 times. I would call everyone I knew. No one came over. No one was ever there. I was smiling and ready to greet people. No one was ever there.

Our cat would stare at the wall and get a bent out of shape from time to time. Never would he ever enter our bedroom. I didn't like it there either... I always felt watched and mad at.

A few times when sitting on the couch there would be a loud bang on the wall above me. There are no pipes in that part of the house.

We finally got to move. I was so happy. As a little present while my son and I were cleaning up the basement. We heard someone stomp threw the house. This is the middle of the day. Everyone I know is at work and I had my front door locked. I even have a picture of my son looking up at the ceiling as it stomped by.

I love my new house. Nobody died here.





The Cat Came Back






I've been reading stories on this site for years now....I love it, and tell everyone I know about it.  here's my story.....

we had a cat that was mainly mine, and my daughter's.  charlie would sleep every night with erin, and they were terrific buddies.  well, charlie suffered a series of strokes and had to be put down, and it was devastating to my daughter and me. both of us heard the cat within days of her passing---scratching her neck---and my daughter felt her weight on her bed beside her.  the disney movie, "tarzan", was out at the time, and erin told me that she couldn't listen to the phil collins' song from it, "you'll be in my heart" because it reminded her of charlie, and she'd just cry.  so, for over a year after that, every time I heard that song, I cried, too.  fast forward another year or so, and I was sitting on the living room floor, watching, "Tarzan" with my youngest son.  it was on TV, not a DVD, so it's not like we watched it all the time.  the phil collins song played, and I thought of charlie, but didn't cry.  seconds later, I felt the unmistakable, and undeniable weight of a cat rubbing itself along my back.  I turned, because we had two more cats by then, thinking it was one of them. there was nothing and no one there.  I just stopped cold, and knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was charlie, coming back, on cue, to say hello and give me a loving bump.  instead of making me sad, I was really happy to have her "come visit".  I am one of those who so very much want to see a ghost, but haven't yet, but I know I felt one---charlie, our beloved cat.


Forest Haven Haunt







Yard Sale Rocking Chair





      i was the age of 12 /13 ,when my grandmother bought me a rocking chair out of what she said was a yard sale.she claimed they were very glad to rid of it and she never thought to ask why,...she brought it home and i sat it in my room with my dolls in was an antique so i was leary about anyone sitting in it.i never experienced any weird activites in it ,but my brother at the age of 9yrs,was sitting in the living room where he could see it and claimed he seen it rock three scared him to where he ran outside to my grandmother crying and screaming.i was confused and my grandmother told me to keep it close and keep my door shut.later my aunt said she went into my room to get something and she also seen it move...i was getting mad thinking that there was something wrong with my chair and hid it in my closet...the last person that seen it move was my little cousin ,due to us moving to another location.she agreed to keep it in her room where she did not stay at the time,but went in and out of there when needed.she was doing her hair in her dresser mirror when she said she caught glimpse of the rocker moving then to her surprise and fright,a little girl appeared.she said she was very beautiful and in older clothing.she screamed and ran from the took her some time to calm down to tell what happened,and there i was ready to get rid of it also.the one thing that i did find out about the chair before giving it away was it hated men.due to my families curiousity,my great uncle was determined to see it and experienced it sliding away from him across the room.he was never the less very scared and left quickly.i am glad i gave it away ,and didnt think twice,...but never had it do anything in front of me..   






Angry Ghost




i am 26 now this happened to me when i was around 13 maybe 14 years from a large family with 4 sisters and 1 brother we lived in a 3 bedroom semi detached house...all my sisters and myself shared 1 of the big bedrooms and my brother had the little box room which is where all the strange activity was goin the youngest of all the girls and would always hear my sisters telling there friends about strange things happening to them when sleeping in the box room....which i didnt believe until i experienced it for brother was on holidays with an auntie..... so i was allowed my friend to sleep over.... we was out until around 9 oclock then we come in had tea and then went upto bed in the small box room...... my friend slept on the pull out bed and i slept under the bunk bed after chatting for hours we finally fell asleep....but i was woken with what felt like hands attacking my face like a smoothering feeling with two hands in quick movements gougin or scramming my face i put the duvet up over my face but it was still attacking me........ i quickly  sat up in bed but i was still being attacked i was hitting out with my hands all i could feel was icy cold air the room was also icy cold but still whatever it was wouldn't relent i put my hands over my face but could still feell it attacking me through my hands..... i could feel how angry it was i was very frightened by now my heart was beating so fast i jumped up from under the bunk bed and was still being attacked i quickly hit the light switch and it immediatley dissappeared but the room was still very cold.....i tried to wake my friend but she was fast asleep i left the light on.... then went into my own bed in my room...when i woke the next day i didn't have a mark on my face and ask my friend if anything happened to her but she said no she had slept well and only woke once to pull the duvet over her because she was cold.....

im from the uk wales



Older Home





hi. i just wanted to share a story. i moved into an older house i bought from a couple a few years ago. the lady told me they had heard voices in the house, but nothing else had ever happened. i moved in and after a while, i started hearing the voices. they were like someone was in another room with the door closed. i could hear voices, but could not make out what was being said. later on, other things started happening. i would be asleep at night and i would be awakend, as if someone was shaking me. several times, i woke up to what felt like a child jumping on the bed. i have never actually seen anything, but i have gotten up in the morning and the cushions on my furniture will be flipped up or the toilet paper will be off the roll in the floor. i have also heard a childs voice. i have had freinds over and they hear the voices, and on one occasion a freind was here, when the tv just turned off. i have talked to the couple i bought the house from, they say nothing like that ever happened to them. they bought the house from an older lady, who was a widow and had the house built. i have always been interested in ghosts and ghost stories, but never experienced anything until i moved in here. i live out in the country, and my house is across the road from an old church cemetary. there is also supposed to be an old indian burial ground in the area. i have hiked through the woods and neighboring properties, but haven't found anything. i've never been scared of any of this, just more interested. i started working a night shift about two years ago and haven't experienced anything since. i kind of miss those experiences. i was checking out your website and thought i would share my story.





Ghosts of Baghdad


By: Anonymous Soldier


i would love it if you guys added to your ghost story collection in iraq. i was deployed there in 2003-2004 at the baghdad international airport. when my unit was there, there were many strange goings on that occured. first, in the hangers, there was a very dark "impending doom" feeling, it was extremely uncomfortable to walk around alone at night any where in the hanger or ajoining building. feeling like someone was right behind you while walking, strange noises and creeks. a soldier had actually commited suicide on the rooftop of that ajoining building. soldiers were camped out in this building and it was extremely dark and dreadful, its like death was hanging around. the whole airport area had actually been bombed and dead iraqi bodies were collected throughout the airport area. walking around outside anywhere at night became a dreadful experience. soldiers were encouraged to stick together "battle buddy", because of the war and also because of the strange feelings. many soldiers complained of many restless nights due to feelings of overwhelming anxiety and or nightmares. i, myself know for a fact of occurances. i woke up more than a handful of times because some "unseen presence" was touching my hair or pulling it. this also happend  to another girl in my room with me. i can not express how strange and frightening that was. also, on my b-day, i became deathly ill and no one told me what i had came down with, i ended up staying at a national guard unit medic station for 4 days, and while there was very ill and having strange "hallucinations" of ghosts and strange vibes, but wasnt on any medicine that would induce any kind of hallucination. something woulld wake me up repeatedly and i was by myself, while walking to the toilet "port-o-potty" outside, feeling like someone was right next to me, in the building where i was sleeping there would be drafts of cold air and no window near by me. other soldiers told many stories of different things, ranging from noises to cold spots, to  feeling uneasy,hearing un-human noises like growling with no type of animal present, some one walking behind them to turn around and see nothing and feeling like there was something watching you. all in all this has been the most haunted place ive been. considering the history and circumstances, i can understand why. i wanted to share this with you. hopefully you will post it. im sure your readers will be interested.



My Room





 am a 19 year old boy living with my family in an apartment. well its all rented and we been stayin here just for about 6 years now. its a small apartment, 3 bedrooms a hall, kitchin and dinin room. everythin was jus normal at the begning we were pretty much happy about it all.It started from the time i got committed, was truely in love me and my better half talked for hours on the phone even during the night. and then one night it just so happened tht i was really depressed about something and i was tellin her how lonely i was, i was lyin face down on ma bed talkin to her on the phone, and then suddenly i felt some1 sittin beside me and i jus could see a dark form when i turned ma head!! it was late in night so the lights were turned off, i tried ta get up. i couldnt, whatever it was, it had a hand on ma back pressin me back on the bed. i tried ta call mom or dad, but the words simply couldnt come out. my girl, she was screamin on the other side, somethin about me mumblin things! and then i tried ta get up again with all my force, nd this time the dark form let go and sat straight up! i was really really cold!! i turned the lights on immediately but found no1 in the room!! mom, dad never belived anything. BUT it was not long when they decided to belive me,WE have a cellar parkin lot, which is like a basement to the appartment, i was with ma dad nd we were tryin ta get the car out!! suddenly dad stopped and asked if i said somethin, i denied, then we both heard it!! it was somethin like a raspin kind of a voice. it was weird, really really weird!! we looked around but there was no1!! we started backin away and then some1 screamed right in our ears, " dont u dare leave me alone" ... then it became so cold!! nd the cold swept by and then it was all back to normal!..

we never tried sharin this wid anyone! thought they might think we are jus insane.

nd after that these things started occurin frequently, specially in my room, always kept hearing someone bangin on the bathroom door, but every time i opened it, it was all empty inside!!

and then the most amazin thing happened, that made me respect the "shadow"[ thts what i started calling it]. i was driving all alone that night, really bored, and sleepy, nd i din know i just fell asleep as soon as i opened my eyes i saw a truck speedin right at me! i had no time to react! but i had a feelin tht some1 placed a cold hand upon mine on the steerin wheel, and turned the car, i missed the truck by inches, ma heart was hammerin against ma chest, and then again the cold feeling crept over, nd then the whisper " dont worry, your fine" i turned immidiately to see what jus whispered and again, there was nothing!. i smiled to myself and the cold feelin was immidiately turned all warm and comfy!!

        this my story, i know theres some1 watching over me! i don kno who it is, u know?? i hated the feeling initially, but then when i welcomed it found everythin in ma life goin jus fine!! i think i finally found a friend who i can trust to be there for me when i need him!




Mount Holly






I was looking through your archives of places in PA that have hauntings, and the only post on Mount Holly Springs came to mind. Maybe what I heard, felt, and even saw is related....but I doubt it. Let me start at the beginning:

On June 9th 2007, I was staying the night with my girlfriend right off the main road of North Baltimore Ave. and Butler St. Up on the top of the hill on Butler St. is a medium size Methodist Church that my little brother had Cub Scout meetings at. Behind the church is a small park merging with a wooded area. This wooded area is in the process of being torn down for a housing development. At about 1:45ish on the morning of June 10th we decided to go for a walk up to the park and woods. We had never heard of any kind of activity aside from daily bikers, and walkers occasionally losing bearings on the series of winding paths.

When we got to the church we decided to go into the woods, my girlfriend had her phone and watch, I had a knife, and a watch. When we walked into the woods within moments of us entering the woods the light  from the street lamps in the park suddenly vanished and everything was pitch black dark. But not daunted by it, we kept walking and after about 5 uneasy minutes I paused and told her"hold, quite", I heard a distinct sound of something moving around in the brush, and it wasn't in one place, for a bout 30 seconds while I was listening it would change from in front of us, to the left or right, and at one point from above. My girlfriend turned on the light of her phone and it wasn't working correctly. The light was unusually dull and flickered every few moments. At this point we still kept walking until we began to hear a dim and almost distant voice, and we knew no one else was there, no cars had been in the parking lot fr the church or the park, and no construction was being done at night. Once we reached nearer the construction sight( I think) we saw a blueish light to the left of our position. I have always been unable to catch my bearings with the compass on my watch. For some reason the magnetic field doesn't work properly in those woods. I think we where facing South East meaning the light came from the North East. But at the point of the light we just turned around and ran. The moment we got to the tree line the lights for the park reappeared. We kept running and when we got onto the Church grounds, my girlfriend's phone got a message from her calendar reminding her with only two words: "Hell's Yes" This was at about 2:30AM. We then went home and didn't talk about it till about a week later. We returned to that park several months later with a very similar experience, but more forceful. I think whatever haunts or occupies the woods, is angered by the housing development that's tearing it down.

Thank you for reading this, and if you ever have a chance to visit Mt.

Holly, I recommend you visit these woods around 1AM to 4AM.




Paranormal Activity in Our Home





We have had so much going on I don't know where to begin.  Several years ago our family noticed strange happenings but were so far apart we would let it go.  Keys being misplaced and than turning up where we first looked.  Seeing a mist over the top of the refrigerator, being tapped on the shoulder, the feeling of being watched and of course the footsteps.

2006 we renovated our entire home.  This is when things got really noticable.  We were all hearing our names called.  The kitchen cabinets were slamming but most of the time when our backs were to them.  I got  touched on my head and my back.  Computers turned on by themselves.  We started looking back at the house when we would leave to see if there was any movement.  One night we came home and all the lights in the basement were on when we came home.  One night my husband came home ( noone was home) and he heard all this noise upstairs, like the t.v. was  blaring with some kind of game show (alot of voices) when he hit the foyer, everything went silent.  He was very upset.  He swears he saw a civil war man on our deck, but I think he was in the house because he headed towards the cabinet or pantry that was slamming.  My children and I saw an orb bigger than a softball come out of the pantry went across the top of my slider and it was gone.  We were all downstairs watching television when we heard running in the hallway, of course no one was there.  I was sitting at the kithen table about 2:00 a.m. when all of sudden it got really cold and it felt like someone was standing over me scowling at me.  It  did not feel good.  My husband was sitting at the table and he felt a pounding on the table and the table vibrated.  Another time I was sitting at the table and out of the corner of my eye I caught a shadow go under the table so I thought it was my dog, when I looked nothing was there.  Then it sounded like something was being dropped down the vent next to the slider.

That christmas the tree was next to the computer.  I am on the computer about 3:00 in the morning when the tree started shaking.  It was unbelievable. I have been keeping a log all the way up to this month.  We have had so much happen and are still having things happen.  Some time may go by, but it happens again.  We have all seen shadow people.  I can hear a knocking that no one else can hear.  I know that we have something going on in this home.  It could be the land for the civil war came through here, plus I have spoken to others in the area who have also had paranormal activity happen to them as well.




Some British Ghosts





My parents' house in Stratford upon Avon is modern, built in the 1960s and as far as I know nothing stood on the site of the house previously. Nevertheless, several of us have seen strange things there. The living room on the ground floor is at a right angle to the hallway which leads to the front door, and from one of the armchairs you can see up the stairs which come down onto the hall. Several times my parents and I have seen a figure come down the stairs and turn the corner towards the door. You see it only just out of the corner of your eye, but once I saw enough to have a sense of a flurry of skirts as the figure turns. When my brother and I were little my parents would think that we'd got out of bed and come downstairs and get up to tell us off only to realise that there was nothing there. Our old neighbours (the house is semi-detached) got very angry with us once and wrote a long letter complaining of banging around in the early hours of the morning and particularly of the sound of the French windows being opened and shut repeatedly when in fact we had all been soundly asleep.

One time towards Christmas when my mother had hung all of the Christmas cards on streamers against the wall I saw them all billow out into the room from the wall though there was no breeze and nothing else moved. Our cat would sometimes watch something tracing the same path down the stairs to the hall, though there was nothing to be seen. The only time I was actually frightened was one New Year's Eve when I was up in bedroom - I must have been about twelve - and with everyone downstairs talking I suddenly heard footsteps outside my bedroom scuffing the carpet. That made me scream and my dad rushed upstairs and said 'Where was it?' These events seem to have got fewer and further between as time passes and I think it's years since anyone has seen or felt anything now.

The other times that I believe that I have seen ghosts it has been very much on the model of the earlier sightings at home, a shape out of the corner of your eye which you take to be a figure and only realise after it has gone could not possibly be. One night I was in the main corridor of my school, a big nineteenth century building, and quite alone, when I felt like a boy had walked past me. I had a flash of a dark jacket and white collar as he went past, and after a fraction of a second I turned round because I hadn't seen anyone come towards me and it's a long corridor. There was no one there. I even hurried back up the corridor because the only way for him not to be there would've been to go up a wide wooden - and very noisy - staircase off to one side - which in any case was for masters only - and there was no one there either.

My mother and I once saw a ghost together when we were visiting a country house - we were in the stableyard going towards one of the outbuildings and I saw a woman in a white dress go into the building before us. When we went through the door ourselves my mother said, 'Where is she?' because there was no one else there. My father and brother hadn't seen anything.

The only other time I have been frightened by something ghostlike was when I was staying at an old house in Yorkshire. I had gone up to bed at about one in the morning and couldn't sleep, so I was reading a book of cartoons that was on the bedside table. The reading light was on, and as I was in the middle of reading I felt all of a sudden absolutely terrified and unable to move. I felt like the worst thing in the world was standing behind me and I daren't move. I've no idea how long the feeling lasted, it felt like ages but could have been only half a minute, before just as suddenly it disappeared and everything felt fine again. Some years later I heard that behind the panelling of this room the owners had discovered a disused staircase leading to the small attic room known as 'The Mad Woman's Room' -  the precise story behind is a mystery, but it was a family secret some time before the nineteenth century, and being told to Charlotte Bronte on a visit is believed to have inspired the fate of Rochester's wife in Jane Eyre. I'm not sure though that the horrific almost evil feeling I had could have anything to do what sounds like a very tragic story.





Two Men and a Lady




This true story took place in the early 1970s over a three or four year period.  When I was five years old my mother and father purchased their first house. I remember helping them move (as much as a five year old can). I was sent to our new basement to perform some medial task. When I went down there I saw a shadowy silhouette of a man walk along the wall opposite of the windows. He seemed to have what would be his back to the wall and acted as if he was afraid of me. At the time I was not afraid but bewildered. I told my mother of this, and it was dismissed as a childs imagination.  

Some time later my great-grandfather was visiting us and I had to sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag. I was awakened that night by a loud crash seemingly coming from our kitchen. As I lay there in the middle of the night I saw the silhouette of a man walk down the hallway passing my open door going towards my infant sister’s room. The silhouette was illuminated in that it looked like the static you used to see on old televisions that were on an open channel. It was translucent but very defined in the darkness.

On another occasion I saw the same type of silhouette walk the same way only this time it was the figure of a women in an old-time type of bell dress.

The last time I saw one of these things I was awakened by the male figure. He was in my room and walking towards me. Only when he got to a certain point he started over from the same place as if there was a glitch in time. this went on for many minutes and then he was gone.

It would be easy to dismiss these events as the overactive imagination of a child, but as my sightings diminished my sister who was now about five began to tell my mother of the same types of sightings. I remember her asking my Mom if she could have a Halloween costume like the dress with lights that the lady who comes into her room at night wears.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the sightings but when I got older my Mother told me that they got a good deal on the house. It seems that the former owner was a low-level member of organized crime. He turned up missing and the bank foreclosed on the house. At approximately the same time my parents closed on the house his body was found in the trunk of a car. Also our neighbors said there was a young man living there that was openly involved in the occult. He stayed in the bedroom that became mine.

Anyway, I can't prove this story. I know it happened just the way I said it did. I see similar stories and many of them are about children seeing the same types of things. Maybe children have the ability to see things adults can't. I apparently lost the ability to see them while my little sister continued to see them for a few more years. Who knows maybe you could have these things in your house right now.      



Ghost Skeptic




I'm sharing this story with you with the disclaimer that I am a ghost skeptic -- that I can find logical explanations for most "ghosty" phenomena described by others. But since this story is from my significant other;-)...well, I've got to honor that!

My dad, Henry, died about 10 years ago, after falling ill at home with what turned out to be an aortic aneurysm -- he was rushed to the hospital but died a few hours later when the aneurysm burst. My partner and I rotate between her home and my home, which used to be my parents' retirement cottage.

A couple of years ago, after our relationship became serious, my partner confided to me that she could feel what she described as a friendly but eerie presence in our garage. She noted that our dogs and cat, while not at all afraid of the garage -- the opposite, actually -- nonetheless stayed out of certain parts of the garage, as if they were walking around something.  She also recounted going into the garage when I was at work to find the old radio on inside, on a local talk-radio AM station. (We never touch the radio, but it's still plugged into an outlet on Dad's work table.) This unnerved her so that she found herself talking to "Hank," telling him, "You've got to stop that, Hank -- you're scaring me!"

When she told me this story, I told her about a similar incident, before I'd known her, when I'd come home one day for lunch to find the old radio on in the garage. This had unnerved me too, but I chalked it up to a mouse accidently switching the radio on while scuttling around the workshop, or some other equally non-otherworldly explanation. I'd also told her that, when he was alive, my dad's garage was his "man cave" -- he wasn't allowed to smoke in the house, so he'd sit out in one of the bays with a Swisher Sweet, watching the neighborhood activity; or he'd be busy tinkering in his workshop area.

Other than my one radio incident I honestly do not sense that my father is present in the garage -- I don't have the hair-standing-on-end sensation, the feeling of coldness or of being watched, or anything like that. I've never had another radio incident. Every once in awhile I'll come upon one of his old Swisher Sweet cigarillo holders on the lawn...keep in mind, he smoked a lot, so it's not unreasonable that a non-biodegradable plastic thingmabob like that will surface once in a while.;-) But my partner feels "Hank" in the garage most of the time, as a protective presence who takes a real interest in any project she's working on in there. And she'll even talk to him from time to time. I kid her that "Hank" likes her because she's like the son-in-law he never had when he was alive.;-)  But she won't let him listen to Rush Limbaugh, his favorite show, on the old radio. "I like you, Hank," she tells him," but not THAT much." 




Small Experience






I was at my friend Jennifer's house and her house was built in the late 1800's-early 1900's or so. In the day, everything's  normal, but at night it just seems a little off.

Her houses layout is like, the backdoor is used as a front door. You go through the backdoor and your in the sunroom. Theres a doorway directly to your right, and a few feet to your left is another door that goes into the downstairs barthoom that Jen's stepdad put in a few years back. The bathroom has 2 doorways, almost like a hallway with a toilet and a shower.

You go through there from the sunroom and you end up in their familyroom. If you go to the door that was to your right, your in the kitchen.

When your in the kitchen you walk past the fridge about 4 feet and theres 2 door ways, one straigh ahead and one to the left going to the pantry. In the pantry there's a 'secret' stair case that lead up to the upstairs bathroom. If you go straight you end up in the dining room. When your in the dining room, theres two ways to get to the main staircase. To the left is the familyroom connected to the bathroom, straight ahead is the second family room. Either way you go through, you either go right or left in whichever room and you end up at the main staircase. The main staircase is next to a massive stained glass window. about 15 feet high and 8 feet wide. It goes up to just about below the ceiling. There are 3 landings. One close to the bottom, on close to the top, and one at the top. When you go up you can go straight into jens room or turn left and go into her parents room. If you go straight about 7 feet right before jens room, you can go into the second hallway, theres a closet there which is under the attic stairs. Turn right and continue down the hallway about 4 feet and infont of you in the bathroom that has two doorways :]. Stand there and turn left and look left and theres the attic stairs with the door closed and locked because of bats. Go straight past the staircase and your in Jessica's room (Jen's older sister).

Thats the layout. The attic upstairs is finished btw. theres still bats and stuff though.

Okay, so eveyrthing is normal during the day like i said. It starts getting eerie at night. Like, i'll go downstairs alone at night but i dont stay for long. I've never had a self-concious problem with people watching me or like feeling like their watching me through a window or somthing, but in her house i feel like somthings watching me from the cieling. NOT a window. The kitchen and sunroom is the only place i feel... safe in. Like, not watched. Probably because the sunroom was an addition to the house? Anyway.

One night i slept over at jen's and around 2 AM the door that i made sure was completly shut (habit :P) suddenly propped open and creaked as it always did. my feet were uncovered at the time and i felt somthing brush up aganst them like somthing silky and free. I turned the map on and nothing was there, Jen asleep the whole time.

Another thing that creeps me out is i hear creepy noises coming from the attic around 3 AM. Like somthing thumping, and i dont think bats wear heavy working boots.

Another thing is (i dont know if they where lying about this or not) but Jessica said she and her mom once say a young girl walk down the hall and top at the second landing going down, and looked out the window and sat there facing the street, like she was waiting for somthing or somone. I havent witnessed this girl but i do hear a young girl talking when the wind blows aganst the house. Once, i thought i heard somone say "oh, your home!" and i turned to jen and asked her what? she said she didnt say anything.

I know the description of the house wasnt really needed but you wouldnt really understand it if i just started rambling on about things. Thanks  for reading.

P.S. Where the girl was suposidly seen looking at the window, when Jen's stepdad was making repairs to the floor he foudn a half of a heart locket jammed in the floorboards. He still cant get it out so he just made the repairs and left it as is.

Interesting Fact: George Bush's Grandmother lived in the house and i think was the original owner.




Haunted Boarded Up Church on Bangor St in Kingsburg, CA





There us no Bangor St in Kingsburg, CA??  I grew up there being born there in May, 1942 & graduating from Kingsburg High School June 1960. I also have ghost stories to relate told me by reliable people.  The houses mentioned were built in the late 1800's or early 1900's.

1) I have window washing blind cleaning business A-1 Mobile in Fresno, CA.  A few years ago, I was washing windows at a 2 story house near Fresno City College and the now Burlington Northern (formerly Santa Fe) rail road tracks.  I was told by the present owner, a lady, that a particular room upstairs was haunted by a teenage girl ghost.  The girl had been hit and killed by a train when crossing or playing near the tracks years before.  The lady said she had learned to talk to the teenage ghost and tell her to settle or calm down when she became too loud or rowdy like you would any young person during teen years.

Strangely enough, a underpass was constructed for cars and students at Fresno City College after 2 students were killed by trains while crossing the tracks.  A male student was walking to his car while listening to music with earphones and not paying attention.  The other was the last of several cars friends racing each other one behind the other to beat the train across the crossing.  The last car was hit and male student killed.

2) While visiting a cousin and husband in Hiawatha, Ks a few years ago we visited his empty 2 story birthplace home in the country.  He related stories of a family gathering where several adults were at the dinning room table playing a game after dinner. His uncle was sitting near by in a easy chair. smoking a cigar when the rocking chair in the middle of the room began creaking and rocking back and forth.  The surprised uncle opened his mouth and the cigar fell to the floor causing laughter among those present.

3) Also mentioned was that the house was frequently rented to college students or ministers.  He was presently visiting the house frequently to make sure it was not used by transiant people.  All room doors windows, kitchen cubbards, drawers were close each time he left.  Upon returning the next day, there was usually an upstairs door ajar and kitchen cabinet doors and drawers ajar. His wife remarked, I wonder if it's your recently departed mother. 




Jerome Hotel in Jerome, AZ story and home in Gilbert Az,




I am serving in the US Air Force in California but my family lives in Az. I tried to post this Jerome Hotel Experience but the Site wouldnt work so i thought i would paste it for you to read. So here it is:

On my Girlfriends 21st Birthday my mom set up a night in the Jerome Hotel for my mom/my gf and myself. She booked 2 rooms...31 and 33. Before we left i had heard the place was haunted but not much more. We arrived in the hotel and from the beginning the air inside was very thick and harsh. When we got into our rooms they seemed pleasant and nice. I was laying in my room when a strong scent of Flower Perfume came across me. My mom and gf were getting ready but all doors were closed and they didnt have anything that came close to what the scent was. Well I moved into my moms room and they went outside to smoke. Inside the bathroom it sounded like someone was scuffing their shoe in the bathroom and than the Pulley system that used to give medicine was heard in there as well. Come to find out that system had been removed years ago so again i went hmmm.... They came back and i explained what happened and they made jokes as usual. When they started to make jokes something began to touch my arm. Something very cold and it wasnt threatening but it was moving up and down. My mom came over and said she felt a cold spot that continued to move and thats when i said DINNER TIME WOO! We can back and my gf wanted to take pics with her camera on a tri-pod so dust wouldn't get kicked around. Well what we found were 3 orbs constantly around me and nobody else. The final phenomena was outside we heard what sounded like a shovel being dragged across the cement. When i went to look there wasn't anyone out there and come to find out my mom and i were the only ones to hear it..My gf did not hear it on all 3 of the occasions it happened. This place is definately haunted. Stay there and ask for rooms 31/33. It has a great old feel and the elevator is worth the stay even if you don't experience what i did.

That was fun....As for my home experience. We moved into this house when i was 15 years old. The first night there i saw a man and a women standing in my doorway holding hands than walk away. I figured im just seeing things right? Wrong... My Next experience is I was in bed (top bunk only one in room) and my head and pillow started lifting off the mattress..i said stop it and it stopped...Talked to my mom about what was going on and I wasnt the only one experiencing things. My mom heard stuff dropping in the bathroom and breaking but when she went to investigate there wasnt anything. Her closet light would turn on for no reason. I would turn it off when she wasnt home and as i was walking out it would turn back on. My Door would slam shut for no reason and TV would turn itself off and on continuously when i was in Iraq. My Brother has seen someone come up and down the steps and my gf has heard little girls playing in my moms office but when she goes in there isnt anyone inside. The creepiest thing i've experienced is I was up on the computer and at about 3 am (dead time i know) it sounded as if a train was going right through my living room and a little boy was being choked. We have trains that go by the house but they are NEVER that loud and the fact it sounded like a lil boy was being strangled freaked me out. 2 weeks later my mom was up with me and i told her to mute the tv and this time again loud as hell and instead of a boy it was a lil girl.......This phenomena happens in spurts. When i moved out of the house it died down but in my apartment i saw a black shadow looking around the corner in my apartment. my roommate woke me up one night asking if i was in the hallway because he had just seen a man walk down the hallway into my room. I know im haunted. Ever since i was a little kid living in chicago with my grandparents during summers i would see and hear things. The stuff just started in my house again. My mom was asleep and someone turned on her overhead light that can only be turned on by a remote contr ol that was in her dresser drawer and than she said it sounded like someone opened the front door. Freaked out she ran downstairs but the door was locked...... Also i lost my remote control for my tv/cable box for almost a year...when i asked my mom to get me a new one finally the new one turned up....It was found on top of her bed covers in her room...she came in and asked if it was mine and when i used it to turn on my was it....and that was the only controller that worked for my tv.....Thought i'd share this with you.... My brother/mom and I get weird feelings when something isnt right in the house. I tend to see a lot of things that many others dont along with hearing things as i said with the jerome hotel story. I hope you believe my storys because I always love to hear others 1st hand experiences.




Strange Night





Several months ago I had an experience while I was working. I work as a courier at night and as part of my job I enter one of the local businesses in Tombstone, AZ near the old Bird Cage Theatre. Many times after entering the dark building I would smell a very flowery perfume like odor just inside the door. I never thought much of it, thinking it was probably an air freshener or flowers or such, even though I would only smell it once every week or two. Then one day I recalled a tv show I'd seen about the Bird Cage Theatre's ghosts where they'd mentioned smelling a flowery perfume backstage from one of the dance hall girls or actresses. I decided next time I smelled it, I would take a minute and track down it's source. Well, not many days later I entered the building, and there was that odor again. Only at the front door. That made it very easy for me to go over that area very carefully looking for any air freshener, or anything that could be responsible for the odor. Nothing. The odor was strongest right at the door, and there was nothing physically present that could have caused the odor. I kind of smiled to myself knowing what that meant. I had to go to the rear of the building before I exited the front door again, but as I left I noticed the odor had vanished except for just a slight hint where only a moment before it was very strong.

Well, it's been months now and the odor hasn't returned. Last night something new occurred that freaked me out. At the time the original incident happened I had a lot of personal problems in my life and kind of put the incident behind me. It's been only recently that I've appreciated what happened and only within the last couple weeks that I even told others about my experience. As I approached the business last night I noticed the manager was inside working late. I thought this would be a good time to tell her about it as it is very rare that she works late enough to be there when I come in. I got to the front door, put the key in the lock, opened the door and stepped in. But as I went to pull the key out of the lock it wouldn't budge. I tried turning it every which way to pull it loose with no success. Then it occurred to me, "Could the spirit be telling me not to tell of my experience with her ?" I began to wonder if spirits can read the mind and thoughts of others. I even thought, "Okay, I won't tell her, is that what you want?". Nothing different. "Do you want me to tell her?" Nothing different. All this time I was telling the manager, "I can't get my key out of the lock." After about five minutes of me trying to loosen it and getting nowhere, the manager comes over and pulls the key out as easily as a knife through hot butter! I stood aghast with my mouth wide open as I witness this. I then told her of my past incident, and how strange it was that the key, which I'd never had any trouble with in the past, would do this now.

As I left the building I feared I may have angered the spirit somehow and she was letting me know. Then I started thinking if the spirit really wanted to cause me problems she cold have done it the night before when the manager wasn't there to help me. After a few hours at home it hit me how funny I must have looked trying to pull that key out and the expression on my face when the manager did so easily. So I am hoping the spirit was simply having fun with me. But I still wonder if spirits can read the thoughts of the living or put thoughts into your mind? Seems like I'd heard something about that on one of the ghost tv shows. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this. I will have to return to this dark building alone every weeknight as part of my job and would like to better understand how to deal with this spirit.





Strange Things




I did not experience this myself, it happened to my mother a couple months ago and she told me about it after it happened.  What happened was a couple of moths ago my mom was preparing for a party in our kitchen at about 9:30 pm.  Me and my brother, who was about 11 at the time were both at the house at the time.  I was upstairs and he was in the living room.  My mom told me that she was washing dishes and that she looked up at the window in front of her and she saw someone walk by the hallway behind her.  She immediately thought that it was me because of how tall the person was, she she called my name and told me to do something for her.  After a couple of minutes she came to look for my brother to ask where i had went.  He looked at her like she was crazy and told her that i hadn't been downstairs for about an hour.  She called me down noticeably scared because she thought someone was in the house, but we could not find anyone.  This happened once more to my mother, but more noticeable.  She was washing clothes and had to walk through the kitchen and saw someone poke their head out from behind the counter.  She of course thought that it was either me or my brother, but when she checked she found no one.  She called me immediately and told me what had happened and now we believe that a ghost is i the house, but it doesn't show itself regularly.  Two other things have happened since then.  One happened a couple months after that,  me and my brother had a friend over and he had gone to the bathroom on the second story of our house, no one was up their at the time but when he came down he said that he had seen two red eyes down the hall near my parents room.  He immediately ran downstairs and we told him about my mothers experiences.  The other thing that happens more frequently now is that our dog starts to growl at something in the hallway.  She sleeps in our parents room and sometimes she will get up and walk around the room and then she will stop in the doorway and growl at something in the hallway, but when we turn on the light there will be nothing their.  It has been a couple of months since anything worth reporting has happened, but we believe that it is a friendly ghost and nothing harmful will come of it.




The Butterfly Ghost




I have been a huge fan of this site and here is my story. I always believed there is a fine line between the paranormal and coincidence.

My mother died suddenly in the spring of 2005. Shortly after that my second child was born. I always wondered if she could see my daughter. I always asked for a sign. A little while later while vacationing, my whole family was swimming in a lake. A very large yellow butterfly flew and sat on my beach chair. I walked towards and joked to my wife that maybe it was my mother watching her grandkids play.  As I approached the butterfly it made no attempts to move. In fact I stuck out my hand and it crawled on. I sat on the beach chair for about 15 minutes with this butterfly on my hand while it just looked out at my kids in the water. It eventually flew away. I chalked that up as coincidence until later that night.

My sister called me. She’s a big believer in the supernatural. She called to tell me she got engaged. As we talked and I got details I wanted to tell her about the butterfly. But before I did I asked her a question. I asked her if she noticed anything strange before she was asked to be married (she was proposed to on a beach). She said no but then paused and said “actually there was a large yellow butterfly that followed us the entire walk we had.” I told her my story and we are convinced it was our mother in some form.



The Dark Man




well,i don't know where to start but um, i had some experiences in the house i still live in now.(22 yrs) i am  now 24 yrs old.I still dont understand why it happens.I cant really remember the first time it started.but i was about 12 yrs was late at night around 1:30 am. and i always slept on the couch. one night i woke up to the sounds of footsteps running around the house.I was so scared i couldnt move. i just prayed to god for it to be over.well i ended up passing out to sleep from how scared i was.a couple weeks later,same time at night i was asleep.and my feet were hanging over the arm rest of the sofa.All the sudden i felt a hand grabbing my ankle and with my eyes still shut i was thinking(what the hell is that) i opened my eyes to look and my leg dropped from the air as if someone let it go.I was SOO scared i slept in a ball the rest of the night.Than some weeks passed. another late night had come.And i had waken up to a sound of someone dragging something heavy towards the kicthen from the hallway.Thinking it was my brother i had jumped up to scare him once the sound was right around the wall from me but when i looked,nothing. once again i passed out with fear.than things started to get real serious.One night,around 8-10 pm.I was in the living room waching tv thats next to the back door to the backyard.And we had those blinds that open side ways when you pull the string.Well half of them were missing so we used a bed sheet to cover that section.But it only covered half ways.Well the light from the tv was hitting the ground where the sheet didnt cover.And the blinds were a lil open so you can see into the backyard which was real dark.Than all the sudden i saw a man in all black walking towards the side as if going towards the door.than it stopped were the tv light was hitting.I could see its black tabi shoes.(ninja boots)So i got up still looking at them and reached for the sheet and pulled it and the feet just vanished.My heart STOPPED!! i froze unable to move.Some time had 2 yrs.And i got home late one night with my mom and we were at the door knocking.No one got up.The light from the kichen was on and it kinda gave light to the hall.well as we nocked a lil harder.someone was leaning over the window inside.And as well had those blinds with a few missing on the end.I looked but saw it was all black.Thinking it was my bro i started cursing at him to open the door.My mom got the keys out and started opening the door.right before we rushed in the shadow was still there.I ran in and just felt something run right threw me towards the kichen.It even blew my long sleeve shirt open.I stopped and didnt know what to think.One day mid afternoon, i was alone reading a book and i heard the bathroom door shut HARD.I got up to look but it was open.All the doors were open. since it wasnt night time i wasnt as scared.But that night,alone , i just got done washing my hands and i started down the hall when i felt something over my shoulder.I turned slowly and saw a black hand reaching up behind me and when i turned real fast all the way it ducked down and vanished.I stuck against the wall unable to move for like 10 min.Than ran outside till someone got home.This was when i nearly had a heart attack.One night i was wating for my uncle to get home because he is a truck driver.I was in the small living room on the couch(where my leg was grabbed) and laying down facing the door.Theres two windows next to the entrance door.well i had the feeling i was being watched.It was so strong.Seemed like everything got quiet.Than all the sudden a black shadow darted which really looked like it was floating across the window as if it was coming to get me.I had jumped up so fast towards the window when i saw it, when i got there i felt face to face with something so powerful.It passed by so fast but yet saw everything.It looked like a skeleton.I saw the skull it looked so angry and had like spikes,or spicky hair.and it looked like it had a ripped sleeveless shirt. i saw the bony skeleton arms and seemed like it had short horns on its shouders.I saw the the jaws and everything. but when it all happened that very moment my heart REALLY did stop.I was about to faint cuz i tried to run but my legs felt like they had fallen asleep.And my left arm went completly numb.Its really hard to explain that very moment but i can still see it in my head.people think i was just imagining it but i saw it as i was looking at my self in the mirror.That could be the reason i have a heart problem today because it scared me almost to death.Literally! When i have company come over,they always tell me they feel like there gonna see someone walk by the back door.And they dont feel right sleeping at night here as if there bieng watched.Footsteps i do hear alot.Loud and clear.Every now and than the man shows up.But usually where i dont see him.My sister had a serious encounter with him twice.Here at home and when she had her own place.She woke up one night to someone on top of her choking her.But she couldnt see anyone.when it stopped,she screamed for my mom real loud.She was real scared.She didnt sleep alone for months.somtimes i know hes here,but he dosent make a move.I sometimes dare it to but than i feel like i cant handle it.Its just to strong and powerful.People dont believe ghost exist but they really do.Hard to believe,but they do.But a long time ago,my sisters played the ouija board here and thats when things changed.But who really knows.I dont know why it got me more than my other fam members.Well got to much to share.But i'll be back .And if anyone had this same problem.Please share.I dont understand why this happens.





The House I Grew Up In




I grew up in a house in Somerville, MA that had something “living” on the third floor.  The third floor is where the bedrooms were, attic and a crawl space.  The crawl space was in my sisters closet and in the 14 years I lived there I never once went in to see what was in there.  Just being in my sisters closet was scary.  We would play hide and seek in the house and hiding in my sisters closet never lasted long.  Whenever I was in there I always felt like something was up there waiting.

Being on the third floor was odd, it was like a sound proof area.  All sound from outside or downstairs never seemed to penetrate to the third floor no matter how loud.  We always got an uneasy feeling being up there, especially alone.  Everyone in the family has had an experience with the shadow as we now call it.  When I go back to Somerville to visit my sister and pass by the house I find myself being unable to NOT stare in fear up to my parents old window.

It’s strange because it never tried to harm anyone and yet I’m still terrified of that place.  My father saw it walking around my room late one night and he followed it into my sister’s closet.  One night I was upstairs doing homework, I was 13 I think.  Then I got this cold uneasy feeling and I was frozen in place with fear.  I kept telling myself “GET UP!!!! RUN!!!!”  I sat there for a few minutes then bolted down the hall and stopped at the stairs and looked back and saw it in my doorway.  It was a shadow looking thing with red eyes and it started coming down the hall towards me.  I bolted downstairs and never told my family about it until a few years ago.  That’s when we all started talking about our experiences.  I had always been uneasy up there but that was the first time I ever felt I was in danger.  We moved to Phoenix about a year or two later but even now, 20 years later I can’t pass in front of that house without being afraid, when I go back to Boston .






Hell's Church




I really enjoyed your site ! As to "hells church" yes that place is creepy . I have many family members burried there I was actually just there a week ago. The piano playing is very true myself sister husband and grandma have heard this. Also I have a few family members that attend that church but they kinda creep me out so I stay away. When I went last time a week ago I was taking pics and stuff and I heard meowing but saw nothing but this kitty poped outta no where so fearing some nasty kids may harm the kitty I took this cat home . I just home it brought nothing back with me haha. In my home " I live in cartersville"

im right at the indian mounds. My house/land here has to be cursed also in 2002 the previous owner of my home was found dead in my living room floor he was found a week after his death " thanks good for new flooring". Anywho we had no clue of this till 1 year after we bought the home. Anywho my daughters room now cause she's a new baby we never used this room there was no need for it but we would shut the door and 2 sec later it was open again. So I would shut it and lock the door and no more than 2 sec later its open again. I we pretty much gave up lol also at night you can hear foot steps in the hallway/stairs. Everyone who has lived here has had the worst of bad luck . I thought it was just us but nope all of our neibors too. I make jokes telling my husband what the etowah indians must not like me here cause my dads damn near full blood cherokee somehow I was not blessed with his genes lol. Anywho 1 owner dies in house owner 2 losed everything he owned and then us we never had any reall bad things happen till we moved here in 1 year I now have 3 urns due to deaths an its just been bad luck one after another but our surounding neibors said everything was good with them till they moved here. I really think the lands cursed we have tried everything I think somes helped but only a little I keep gargoyles on my house now lol...

anywho thought id share some things and I enjoyed your site.




Cedar Rapids Iowa, Haunted Location



It is my personal testimony, that this location is indeed

Haunted by thing or things of a foul nature.  There is a current resident living there, who I have made no attempt to contact as I avoid even looking at this House

whenever possible.  I lived there with my brother and my niece for around a year I suppose, and was often to spend the night alone there. 

On many occasions in the bathroom I could hear scratching from the closet door, only to find no evidence of Mice or other rodents in the closet.  Infact we put

a mouse trap down in the closet with plenty of food, the food went untouched and the trap un-sprung. 

A light covering outside detached from its base and nearly struck my 2 year old niece in the head, and while this could be natural it has always been odd to us

how far the covering landed from the light (Almost 3 feet).

 There were many things I debunked for myself, or at least I tell myself I did.

A screaming and crying noise from the furnace vents, resembling a small child: I put forth that this may have been a cat in Heat, yowling near the laundry exhaust.

 A white blurry feminine figure in the wall (Yes, in the wall) I think this could be an eerie but natural refraction of light through the window in the bedroom I had.

Understand I was awake and in terror at this event, unable to move and alone in the house. It looked like someone halfway up the wall next to my bed leaning over

and looking at me, I passed out at sunrise, again with the sun rising a refraction may have changed or stopped from the nights shadows and lights.

We once came back and found a dead bat in our trash can.  It was on top, smelled horrible, and could have easily flew away, we don't know why it died, we used

no rodent poisons, only traps with spring mechanisms.

 We left approxiamately one month after this next thing.

A social worker was here for this, and did see this happen.

Our niece was playing in the dining room by her own as her mother and the Social worker talked about how the case was shaping up.  Out of nowhere a small bouncy ball did a slight jaunt to our niece, it came from behind the wall where we couldn't see.  We'd never seen the ball, we'd never let our niece have a toy

that easy to choke on.  We  left there in the year 2001.



Perry County-old united mine workers hospital





I have worked here for about 3 years now and at least once a week someone has a story to tell of something unexplainable that has happened to them.  I work on the 2nd floor.  My old boss (she retired) saw a woman up here roaming the floor often.  Other coworkers and my husband have all saw this woman.  Our radios and calculators will go off and on by themselves.  My calculator would just randomly start adding numbers and this would go on for a few minutes, other coworkers have had this happen to them as well.  One Saturday a friend was up here working by her self and she heard footsteps up and down the hall but no one was there.   Another coworker saw a mans face in a window but when she went to investigate further nothing was there.   I was told that a little girl was seen in a window on the first floor.  A lady was driving down Combs Rd and saw a small child playing in the window.  It was late so she called and one of the maintenance men went to check it out and no one was there.  It seems like there is always something going on here that you can’t explain.  Just this morning a couple of girls were here early and a door kept opening and shutting. 



Personal Haunting:Mifflin County - Lewistown - Arts Ridge - Sitting Stones




Follow Catherine Street Up To Klondyk Rd Which will take you up a big Hill with houses and people living in them along the road, till you get about half way up, there is a gravel lane which at the end of the lane you can take a right and leads to an occupied house, but if you follow the lane about 200 feet it leads to a dirt road and you're forced to leave your car because the gate is closing the road off most times. (Only once did we walk up in during the day where it was open, the road follows the whole way up the ridge, which eventually leads to an abandoned mansion and eventually out at Tiny Town, then out behind the Uni-Mart on Valley Street) One night me and my boyfriend and his brother and a 2 friends of ours were partying up at the "Sitting Stones" which are these big stones which are room for about 4 people to sit at right at the top of the ridge, and beneath the stones is about a 100 ft drop to a bunch of rocks. On the night of March 13, 2008, we all were sitting on the stones and it was about 12 AM, and we weren't looking for paranormal activity we are just a bunch of kids looking for a place to party where we won't be seen. As we were all sitting at the rocks after about 30 minutes of sitting there Our friend started talking about spirits and how the Mifflin County Library has a cave behind it that 2 girls got killed at(which is right at the base of the other side of the mountain. And the Jewish Cemetary, which is about 5 miles from Arts Ridge) And my boyfriend started talking about if there are any spirits that they should show themeselves, and our friend was talking about how when my boyfriends brother and him went up there earlier the day before they were talking about how they could imagine my boyfriend sitting down on the rock and falling down to the rocky bottom. (which is weird cause when we first got there I attempted to put my arm around my boyfriend cause I felt scared and he freaked out and threw my arm back cause he said he was sitting right on the edge and was afraid of falling. (I personally felt scared just walking up the ridge and told everyone before we got to the stones, but they all just called me a scardy cat). Our friend kept talking about how if there were any spirits that they'd pick him first to throw over the edge because he's black, making a joke out of it, then he went into detail and my boyfriends brother said stop, and he kept going and my boyfriends brother kept saying stop, stop until finally our friend stopped and my boyfriends brother said dude I feel something and our other friend agreed, and so did I and so did my boyfriend and my boyfriends brother said he felt it when we started up the ridge, but he just didn't want to say anything, and it just got worse. (Before all that started, the whole time I was sitting there I felt like I was being watched, by more than one thing, and I kept feeling like something was going to appear either across the drop on the other side of the ridge, or in the drop where all the rocks were, or behind me, I felt like it was going to come after just me, like it targeted me) But after my boyfriends brother spoke up we all decided it was a good idea to leave the area and get back to the road, so we all ran down the side of the ridge, along the way my boyfriend almost fell, and his brother went to grab a tree (it looked like a sturdy little tree) and it broke and he went sliding down the ridge, I, who was right behind him went to grab him, but I couldn't. He reported to have felt as if something had ahold of him. After we ran down the ridge we got out the lane and got on Klondyk, none of us spoke for about 5 minutes, then I said what was that and my boyfriends brother asked us not to talk about it, please. There's something up on that ridge, we've visited it once since then and took pictures and from that we had our friend park at the bottom of the ridge because the gate was closed, and my boyfriends brother took a picture right in front of the car and an orb appears in the picture, then once we got near the sitting stones again, we found a grave for something like a small animal or something, and at one point we were standing at the top right after the road ends, and we all felt this prescence, the same as that night and we snapped a picture quick and whats in that picture is it looks like smoke (note: no one was smoking and no fog was present that night) and deriving from the smoke you can clearly see a girl with long hair in a long dress and a really messed up face, it gives you chills just to look at it. And there are things around her which look like maybe a man, a horse and a carriage. Just looking at the picture gives you chills and an eerie feeling. I still have the pictures saved on my computer. There is definately something on that ridge, none of us want to visit the abandoned mansion at the top of the ridge, and may I mind you at the end of that road is Tiny Town (Which is rumored haunted) and at the bottom of the ridge on the other side is the cave behind Mifflin County Library, where two girls supposedly haunt after being lost and dying in the cave. The property is not posted for tresspassing and we never got in trouble or cops called for being on the ridge. 






San Francisco California


By: hauntedseer


this is the first time I've seen your site, I think it's interesting to finally see someone believes in odd people like me. this is my true story. when I was young my mother and I lived in S.F. Ca. it was an older place 2 story walk up. I was afraid of the ghost of an older man, for a while. then one night my mom brought home groceries. she couldn't find the string in for the light. it hung in the middle of the room. I was afrraid to go inside with her. so I told her to ask the ghost. she looked at me and said you ask. so I did. the light came on. My mother put the bag down looked at me strangely. then walked out of the room. the odd thing is she used to write true stories for Fate magazine. I have always seen stirits and the sometimes the future. thanks for listening.

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