Pennsylvania Hell House
Hello and thank you for running your website. I was terrorized for three years and now I can finally let it go.
In 2002 I had come into some money, just enough to buy some land and build a home. After searching for months, one came up in rural Pennsylvania. Along a lonely two lane highway with no visible neighbors, it was well under-priced, 42 acres with a pond, with a burnt out house foundation, an old springhouse / shed next to it, and a burnt out barn foundation. After making inquiries, I was told by the owners that they started a business out of state and were very desperate to move. A likely story.
The former owners cashed my laughably small check and basically went missing, referring me to a local attorney to finish paperwork. Family and friends helped me demolish a modified house trailer over the old foundation. To save money, I used the old foundation to have my little house built.
Building was a frustrating process. Virtually everyone working on the site was injured to varying degrees, the worst an experienced carpenter that fell from a ladder and  had broken his knee. At the same time, I had had a small barn built over the old barn’s foundation. On that site, equipment was constantly breaking down. We pressed on, finishing the building in double the estimated time.
On the evening of November 11, 2003, I was finally moving my things into my new home. On the third trip back, I found the house pitch black and smelling of smoke. Not having phone service yet, I tried to ring the fire department to find my mobile would not work. I drove as fast as I could into the tiny town five minutes away, and borrowed the phone at a club. The fire department came and heat tested the walls to thankfully find no flames behind them. The remote control ceiling fans in the two-story living room had scorch marks two feet in diameter around their bases. Everything was blown out, the TV, fridge, laundry, furnace, air conditioner, absolutely everything destroyed.
The firemen outside, inspecting with flashlights, found the problem. The neutral line had been pulled out of the main cables leading to the pole. The problem with that was the fact that the line was forty feet in the air, with a fenced in dog yard below, where no one could have possibly touched it. The electrics inspector had checked it twice before power was turned on.
It took more than a month to get everything back in order, luckily I am one of those people that buys extra warranties and insurance! The electric company swore that it was impossible for that line to come loose, but they did repair it and pay for a few items in the end.

New Year’s came and went, and I began noticing strange things. Being single at the time, I didn’t mind living alone, as I had lived in the remote Northwest Pennsylvania wilderness by myself and actually quite enjoyed it. This time around it was different.
I was feeling anxious, losing sleep, and generally feeling, as odd as it sounds, like someone was living with me and I was drinking way too much coffee. The behavior of my animals changed as well. My two dogs, who usually stuck to me like glue, preferred to stay outside no matter what the weather. They would come in for food then tear back out the dog flap as though their tails were on fire. They started barking and howling at nothing I could see, but I just assumed it was the local wildlife winding them up. I had a couple of retired horses and a miniature donkey that started acting strange as well. The donkey was always virtually silent, but he had began braying several times a day. The horses were becoming fearful and difficult to handle, very unusual for them. I assumed that at their age, they were having trouble adjusting to new surroundings. My two parrots, that I had a giant two story cage custom built for, had been part of our family for years and acted as such. They had stopped talking and playing, preferring to hide at the top of the cage instead of clamoring for attention.
That winter was very difficult. The gas furnace had a safety shut-off part that had to be replaced to turn the furnace back on. Several times in the dead of night, I would hear it break. Thankfully, I had a very understanding repairman that would drive through the snow at night to repair it. During the blowout, I had a small fireplace that I would use to keep me and my pets warm. Occasionally the flames would roar up the chimney as though a blast of wind came through, but there wasn’t one. Eventually, I had the furnace replaced with a different brand, only to have problems with that as well.
As the months wore on, the feelings got worse. I was constantly clearing my throat and had developed a habit of picking at my cuticles. I was having horrific nightmares, terrible stuff that my brain couldn’t have possibly generated.  I would wake up, sometimes screaming or crying, and would feel a very deep depression and sadness that would last half the day. I would come home from work to find different electrical things on, lamps, TV, coffee maker, all sorts of things. Once I came in to find the guest room bathtub faucets open full blast. I chalked it up to me just being exhausted, but others had started to feel the effects as well.
Some of my friends that stayed over in the guest room, usually as a weekend country getaway, would ask if I was up the night before because they heard things. A few had the bad nightmares I did, but I kept quiet. A good friend had an 18 month old son, the happiest baby I’ve ever met. When she brought him along for a visit, the little guy who was always getting into things refused to leave his mother’s lap. Also during this time, I had a security system that had a door open notifier That would “ding-ding!” when any door was opened (similar to those used in convenience stores). It had started ding-ding-ing all the time when no one was around or near the doors. The security company inspected the whole system and found nothing, but replaced some parts to no effect, it still sounded off at all hours.
I really became worried when one summer night I felt something poke me in the back, even though I was alone. A week or two after, I was terrified one morning to open the blinds in my upstairs bedroom, the same wall that the power came into, to find a greasy ear print on the outside of the glass, forty feet in the air, on a sheer wall. I was so scared I was physically sick. I took a photo with a disposable camera; when I got them the print was black. All the other photos were fine, and it was a bright morning when I took the shot. That was about the time that I let myself believe something was going on, but I didn’t say anything.
 I had starting visiting a friendly local bar, and was getting to know the community. When they heard that I had bought the old farm, they would give me a funny look and change the subject. When I finally asked my new friend “Fred” (not his real name) why they did that, he took me to a back room to talk and gave me some shocking news.
Fred’s father, who had since passed on, was a lifelong local firefighter. The short version of the story was that both the barn and house had burnt down twice, and there were bodies discovered, but back then they didn’t have the forensics or resources to identify them. Sadly, not many people cared about or got involved with the “boom-docks”. Next he told me that his family were friendly with the first owners, before the ones I had bought the place from, and that farming family was touched by tragedy many times. The final blow came when he informed me that the wife of the couple that I had bought it from was on husband number four, two committing suicide (suspiciously) and one that had just disappeared. Neither she nor her husband informed me of any of that.
In January 2005, the company I was working for had been struggling for some time. They were forced to close down, taken out by the corporate big boys, and I was out of a job. The local economy was not in good shape, and I didn’t fancy the idea of being on unemployment, stuck in a house I had come to fear all day long. I decided to go finish my college education. I had enough savings just to squeak by, and with financial aid I went back to college.
I spent as much time on campus as I could, but I did have animals to care for, so I had to spend time with them. My pets were virtually strangers to me. My elderly horse, who like the others went in and out of the barn as they pleased, developed a pacing habit. He usually spent most of his life dozing, but he would pace the outside of the barn sometimes for an hour straight. I tried everything I could to help them, but I worried about how all of this would end up. I had started dating someone, and when he came near the animals they would shy away, as they had started doing with everyone. That relationship ended with petty arguments and heated emotions, something that is not in my usually happy, easy going personality.
Again alone, I would be home studying when I would feel something that I still shudder at. I could feel a sense of the face of a very evil person about an inch from the side of my face. I would go outside to shake it off, and it would stop, but a few days later it would be back. There were all the symptoms of a haunting that one sees on TV. Phones ringing with no one there, cold wind with no source, ghastly stenches also without a source, the lot. I confided in my grandmother in confidence who suggested I go see someone about stress, and I did. After the first therapy session, I returned the next week to find the doctor  trying to push sleeping pills on me. I didn’t like the prospect of being in that house under the influence of a sleeping pill, especially with those nightmares, so I quit going.
I was having little accidents in the house. I was riding my one year old exercise bike and the pedal snapped. I got a nasty shock from my curling iron. I was burnt by a pot handle on the stove that had been sitting there with the stove off for at least twenty minutes. I wasn’t feeling well. I was rarely sick in the past, but I started getting migraines and heartburn. I have always been thin, but my weight dropped to 93 pounds. I was absolutely exhausted, but I didn’t have time to rest because a new problem started. I have always kept a clean home, especially to keep my pets healthy, but dust would appear in hours. I kept my furnace / air conditioner filters clean, but no result. I had the repairman check the entire system to find nothing amiss. Dust everywhere, all the time. I would come home from school and there it was again. This lasted for about six weeks then stopped as quickly as it started.
In late summer 2005, my dear old friend “Dave” (not his real name) split up with his partner of five years and came to stay with me. He was a tax preparer, and worked from home. He set up shop at my place, and I was thrilled to have someone in the house. For about a week, things were relatively quiet, but it didn’t last. I heard Dave open the guest room door and say “What?”. He then yelled upstairs to ask what I wanted. I told him I didn’t come downstairs. He went back to sleep, I sat awake devastated that the peace and quiet was gone.
The next morning, I sat   Dave down and told him what was happening. He was skeptical but listened to what I had to say. As the weeks went on, the knocking on his door continued, even though he slept with it open. One night, he came into my room screaming “What! What! What the **** do you want? God****it, what do you want” and grabbed a pillow and hit me as hard as he could with it. This was not a normal Dave. He never swore, preferring “freak”, “heck”, and “darn” -type words. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, literally. He would shoo them through the door or catch them in a cup and release them outside. I shook him and sat him down and he had begun to cry. He said something keeps knocking on his door, and after that he slept on the sofa for a week.

Dave started experiencing the same things I did when he was alone in the house. The phone ringing, the “ding-ding” of the door notifier, feeling sad and anxious, the dogs not wanting to come in to eat, et c.. Dave was always proud of his mega-healthy, organic, exercise every day lifestyle. He began to drink, even though before that he referred to alcohol as a poisonous liver killer. He decided that he would like some pet chickens. We bought a dozen and settled them in. I had owned chickens before, and knew that I had to keep them in the stall for a week or two so they wouldn’t wander off when they were let out during the day. When we did let them out one Sunday morning, they scattered screaming in all directions. Six were found at the neighbor’s farm two miles down the road, where I told the farmer he could keep them. The other six were never seen again, probably eaten by wildlife.
One evening, we were having some wine on the side porch next to the old springhouse / shed. The springhouse was underneath the shed, with steps leading down to it without a door. We were having a whining session about ex-boyfriends when there was a sudden bright flash, as though someone was welding. Dave saw it directly, I saw it reflected in the sliding glass door. There was no power to that building, and we ran in the house and locked the doors. We stayed up that night, saying very little to each other.
About this time, one of the most annoying things of the whole ordeal showed up, flies. Houseflies, in every room, I was swatting up to ten a day, and I would hear Dave swearing as they landed on him at night, waking him up out of what little sleep he got. He got over his aversion to killing things pretty quickly, and one of us would never see the other without a fly swatter in our hands. We both kept the house spotless, and what straw manure from the barn that wasn’t taken to the garden center I stored way at the back of the farm. I kept the barn in show condition, and it had less flies in it than the house. We checked all the screens and the dog flap, there were no openings. We started blaming each other, arguing about who brought what into the house.
Soon after the flash in the springhouse. I was leaving class and turned my mobile on. Dave had left several messages, and I rang him back directly. He said he was parked on campus and for me to meet him. When he got out of his car he was sickly white and pulled up his sleeve. There was a bruise on his arm, and then showed me bruises on his leg and ribs. He said that he was in the downstairs toilet having a pee when something shoved him from behind hard enough to knock him over into the toilet tank and sink. He flatly said that we were going home and packing his things, and asked me to do the same. We argued in the house as he was packing. He begged me to leave with him, but I couldn’t. Where was I supposed to go with dogs, horses, and parrots?
Communication broke down between us after he left. Phone calls would dissolve into an argument about my safety. The last time he contacted me, he was living with his mother.
The winter of 2005 / 2006 was horrible. Along with everything going on, my parrots had begun to scream this unholy, ear splitting noise in the middle of the night. It got so bad that I found an avian specialist. He was absolutely at a loss, telling me that birds are instinctively quiet in the dark. We tried several methods to get them to stop, to no avail. Soon afterwards they had also began flying into the cage bars, one eventually injuring himself. I found a sanctuary to send them to, and with a lot of tears I left them there. From what I am told they have recovered.
One evening, I went to see a holiday show on campus along with some older students. We made plans to go out for drinks after. Since I don’t drink & drive, two of them that shared an apartment offered to put me up for the night. Since it was very cold and windy, I brought the dogs in and slid the aluminum locking panel on top of the dog flap. When I came home the next morning, I found my front door ripped to shreds. The glass panel was virtually opaque with scratches at the bottom, and the wooden frame was gone. The pet door panel and step below was all scratched as well. They had never done anything like that before. They were so reluctant to come in the house that I built two large heated boxes outside for them. They refused to stay in the house for more than ten minutes.
By the middle of 2006 this thing was running my life. I cut my classes down to part-time. I got a part time job at a campus book store, but again I had to go home to care for my animals. I would waffle between numbness and rage. When I was numb, I would ignore all the things happening around me, turning off the TV that came on itself, hanging up the phone with no one there, staying up at night with the presence around me and just staring or reading. When I felt rage I would scream and swear as loud as I could at the thing, throwing things and getting into a right state.
In August 2006, I took the opportunity to join a study abroad program at college. I had arranged for a couple I had known for years to stay and look after my animals. Two weeks later, my parents phoned to tell me that the couple had left, leaving an excuse of an ill relative. My gracious parents saved the day, tending to the animals twice a day, so I could complete the program. I never bothered to contact the couple after that, not only angry that they left me high and dry, but also I didn’t want to know what experiences, if any, that they had. They made no effort to contact me either.
My experience abroad was amazing. I found out later that I was staying in an ancient building that was on the site of an abbey where monks had lived. The second I dragged my bags into my room I got that “warm fuzzy” feeling that I hadn’t felt in years. We had a few days to settle in, and the first day I fell asleep around seven p.m. and didn’t get up until noon, something I never do. For a short time, I was really, completely home. I met a wonderful man and we fell in love quickly. I felt confident enough to tell him my experiences. In his culture, the supernatural is more accepted than in the States, and not only did he believe me but he encouraged me to work through my traumas.
I returned to America and immediately set things in motion. I found good homes for my animals, sold what household goods that I could, and found a trustworthy real estate agent that would sell my place without direct contact between me and potential buyers. I sold the place for next to nothing, and I didn’t care. I am now happily living abroad, sharing my guy’s business and having a great life. I do miss my family and friends, but I do talk and email to them daily and come back to visit when time allows.
This is my story. This is what happened. There are many more incidents at this place, but I feel that there is enough here to explain what I have gone through. Thank you for listening. I hope that if there is anyone unfortunate enough to go through what I have that this story will help them as well.

A Ghost Story


For a while now my sister has lived in a house a few blocks away from my parents house (I live with my parents.) I would go over there to babysit my nephew when my sister had plans.
Some nights I would sleep over there.
Her house has always had a creepy feeling to it. A thick feeling to the air.
My sister had just had knee surgery and wasn’t able to take care of her son, so I was spending the week over there.
The first couple nights were fine. I didn’t mind at all. But the last night I stayed there I was in the living room watching TV when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.
It looked like a shadow.
Before I say anymore I better tell you the layout of my sister’s house. When you walk in you can go to the left and down a hallway.
The open doorway to the left leads to the kitchen, the kitchen has another entry as well. The first door on the left is my sister’s bedroom, the only door on the right is a bathroom, and the door at the end of the hallway belongs to my eldest sister (when she’s there that is.) On the other side of the kitchen is a set of glass French doors and lead out into a game room, an add on to the house. The doors are always kept closed and locked at night.
The only people in the house that night were myself, my sister (the one on the mend) and her son.
So anyway. I saw a shadow. At first I thought maybe it was my sister getting up to ask me to get her something. But the shadow simply vanished before I could get a closer look at it.
I shrugged it off as me being tired.
I laid down to go to sleep.
I woke a couple hours later. It was around five in the morning. I didn’t know what had woken me. I was sweating badly and I felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I was propped up enough to see the French doors, which were across the room from the sofa.
What I saw that night is engraved into my brain.
There was an old woman outside the doors. She had her hands pressed against two of the glass panels and her face against another. Her mouth was open in a scream.
I was scared beyond belief because I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I could do nothing but lay there.
And then the door began rattling. The woman was shaking it.
A shadow came out of the kitchen, and the woman vanished. The shadow vanished after that, and I could breath again.
I don’t know what the shadow was, but it did make the woman go away. I like to think it was my guardian angel. Who knows.
That’s my story, it’s all true!



When I was about 8 or 9 years old I was playing with the neighborhood kids hide and seek. Now mind you we had a lot of places to hide and  we were only a street over from a cemetary. I went to hide in a dog house  that was empty or so I thought.  I look back and saw a boy's shadow that had a afro and shorts or what look like shorts. I got out because the kids I was playing with were hispanic.   When I went to take a look back in the dog house it was gone never said anything.  Then about a year later we moved to a ranch that my dad worked at.  that ranch was scary at night. One night my sister-n-law and my seven brothers and sisters decided to play hide and seek.  We the three girls were at a big three story house that was creepy in it self we were sitting on the porch looking at the garage in front of us when we herd a voice that sounded like my older brother saying come here, we couldn't see anything it was pitch dark in there.  My sister-n-law said lets go see I said NO!! she said why I said we can't see them.  Then as my sister-n-law was about to start walking into the garage my brothers come from the opposite direction, I said see. we told my brother but he thought we were playing around.  So then we took off to play hide and seek at the other side closer to our house.  We started to hide in the open garage where they store the tractors, me and my sister-n-law where hiding by a tractor when I turned around and that boy'sshadow from the dog house was there.  I tried to touch him but couoldn't reach him, when I told my sister-n-law to turn it was gone. How ever when we looked up to that creepy three story house there were these translucent figures on the steps of that house then we saw another one closer to us it slid from one end to the back of a tree. I know that it was the same boy from before but all the others we saw. Well I know that other things happen while we lived there for three years. However not as an abundance like that night. My mother always said that that ranch was haunted.

Rhode Island


My husband and I purchased a house in Exeter, RI in 1982.  Shortly after we moved in, I happened to be sitting in the living room reading my Bible while everyone else was asleep.  This was a small 4 room single story house with an attic and a crawlspace for the basement.  The attic had a couple of sheets of plywood on the east side of the attic to use for storage, but on this particular night, I heard heavy footsteps on the west side of the attic.  All that was there was studs and insulation above the ceiling.  Regardless, no one would be in the attic anyway.  Just before Christmas, not sure which one, 1st to 3rd, I think, my husband was over by the Christmas tree in the living room, my 2 children, our kitten and I were in the kitchen, over 20’ away from the tree.  We heard the decorations on the tree “jangling” and my husband yelled to the kids to get the kitten out of the tree.  When I told him the kitten was sleeping on the kitchen floor near us, he said, “that’s strange because it was just as if someone lifted the tree and dropped it.”  That’s how he described the movement of the tree.  Our living room had a large opening, 8’, between there and the kitchen and from the beam in between, I had a wind chime snowman hanging.  This was a few days after the tree incident.  The kids were out playing with friends, my husband was down the street visiting a buddy of his and I was preparing dinner.  I had all the doors and windows closed; it was winter and all was closed, no drafts.  I was sitting in the living room watching TV while I was cooking dinner and all of a sudden the wind chime started clanging and when I looked up, the snowman was swinging rather hard.  I walked over to it and noticed a long blonde hair hanging from the very top.  There was brand new garland looped along the beam around the snowman chime and it was at a height of 7’.  My husband was the tallest in the house, 5’9”.  I believe it was the following summer/fall when one night, my son, who was 8 years old, woke up when I came home from work (about 2am) and asked me for a drink of water.  When I came back with the water, he said he just saw Uncle Puddy standing at the bottom of his bed (he slept in the top bunk).  This was his great uncle that had died a year or so previous.  I asked what he looked like and he said he just had a blank look, no real expression, didn’t say anything and then he “faded”, that was the word he used.  My son said he faded slowly until he was gone. My son said he was almost as tall as the ceiling, but his great uncle was only about 5’6”.  But that would explain the long blonde hair if this thing was that tall.  He did say the man had long hair, his great uncle did not, funny though that it used a familiar face.
At the time, even though we lived in Exeter for 5 years, I did not hear the stories about Mercy Brown, but my husband introduced me to Nellie, the supposed witch buried in the Witches Grave in West Greenwich, not far from where we lived in Exeter.  He told me a story about a house that burned around a woman in her bed and she was untouched.  Think that was in Greene or W. Greenwich as well.  He took me by where the house was and there was still part of the chimney.  He told me about the legends and when we were dating, he took me by there during a bright, sunny day in March 1977.  I knew absolutely nothing about this legend (I was born and raised in Scituate, RI, heard enough about the Foster spook places).  As we got near this place I began to get an uneasy feeling.  I noticed that the woods on the left side of the road all looked dead and the woods on the right side were budding, looked healthy.  Then he says they call that the Petrified Forest, the left side, because the trees all seem to be dead, and then we came upon the Witches Grave and the boarded up “church”.  He told me that the woman was suspected of being a witch so they cut out her heart and buried her there and the epitaph on her stone said something about “watching and waiting for you”.  He said he and a friend had broken into the church a few years earlier and found all satanic paraphernalia, that it was NOT a Baptist church by any stretch, even though it was started as one.  It dated to the 1700’s if I remember the date on it.  They do have it buckled up tightly with a warning of an alarm company logo.  On this journey, the church and graveyard were on the right at the corner.  On Halloween, the cops watch it closely.  Many times they have made people leave as there has been a lot of activity in that graveyard, whether it be curiosity seekers, Satan worshipers or what have you.  Not sure how true this is, but my husband told me that the town department of public works had to continually check on the witches grave because there would be dirt dug out in front of the gravestone in a perfect circle and they would go and fill it in, this was supposed to be an ongoing thing.  There are a couple of other stones with very odd sayings on them, kind of creepy actually, like …here I lie, where you will be…”.  As we followed the road to the left, he asked me if I ever heard about the Professors’ place.  I said I hadn’t and he told me about it.  Not far down this road on the left was an old wrought iron gate with a hand written sign that said “Keep Out”.  Behind this gate was a very narrow driveway covered with trees and brush.  He said the professor was an eccentric who never left, had all his food, etc. brought in by helicopter.  My husband also claimed that there was one incident where 2 brothers were on a double date and they had been on this road, been drinking and needed to relieve themselves, so they stopped just beyond the gate and walked into the woods.  Supposedly, 1 brother came out screaming and babbling that “It took him, it took him!”, the other brother never came out and the surviving brother ended up in an institution.  He also said that on certain nights just beyond this gate, you could see a small boy run across the road in front of your car.  He claims to have seen it one night when we drove through, I didn’t.  One night in 1977 he decided to take my best friend and her husband to see the witches grave, so we hopped into my 1963 VW bug with our wine and weed and went to the graveyard.  We parked with the headlights on the graveyard but no one wanted to get out, so we sat there just looking.  If you’ve never been there, you have to realize it is very rural and woodsy.  The West Greenwich PD was not too far from there, but within 1 minute of pulling in and parking there was a cruiser with 2 West Greenwich officers right behind us.  They must have been parked on the side of the church.  They ordered the 4 of us out of the car, frisked the 2 guys, said they were looking for something that someone had broken into the church with, but it looked totally enclosed to us.  They never said a word about the beer and wine bottles in the car or the bag of weed on the front seat.  They ordered us to leave the premises for our safety; that was unsettling.  For the first time in the history of me owning that VW, it wouldn’t start!  The guys pushed me out onto the road and it started right up, not from jumpstarting, but from turning the key on!  We proceeded past the Professors’ house and it was really weird, there was a yellowish “glow” snaking through the bars of the wrought iron gate, very strange.
I used to like buying these natural wooden trolls from the “troll shop” in East Greenwich.  Don’t remember the name of the store.  It was run by practicing witches and on one Halloween, the EGPD had received word that the coven that worked out of that shop were going to be at a certain place in the woods to perform a human sacrifice on a 16 year old girl.  Whether it was a hoax or not, I don’t know, but the police were ready and nothing happened.  There are lots of these legends and stories in all of New England because of it’s history.  I adamantly do not believe that ghosts are the spirits of the dead, souls are eternal, when they leave the body, they don’t hang around, they either proceed to Heaven or Hell depending on the decision they made before death.  I know these “things” exist, I have had experiences with them, but I believe they are demons portraying the deceased.  Don’t forget, many angels were kicked out of Heaven with Satan and they have their part here on Earth.
I have lived in Maine since 1989 and have lived in 2 haunted houses here, 1 in Richmond and one in Wayne, that was an intense house!  First the house in Richmond.  Five years or so before we rented, a man in his late 20’s was living there with a woman in her 40’s.  For some reason, she thought he was cheating on her so she went out to the garage where he was working on his car and started accusing him, then she shot him.  The house is a split level ranch with a garage next to the house (no one was allowed in the garage and there were a couple of cars covered with tarps inside).  He came around the back way and up the stairs to get to the phone in the kitchen.  She met him at the upstairs door and shot him twice more, killing him.  We moved in in 1991, she was released from prison, I want to say around 1995 or so, not sure exactly when.  The current owner at that time told us he was having trouble renting it because people heard or seen things, we told him we were not deterred by that.  A neighbor told us a young group of Satan worshipers lived there because of what happened and they could be seen doing rituals, etc. through the picture window in the living room.  In the basement was a second kitchen, bath and 2 bedrooms.  Someone had left several bags of clothes and toys like they had left in a hurry.  The only incidents that occurred while I was there had to do with the telephone, maybe because the young man couldn’t get to it, who knows…Anyway, we found a small cassette for our answering machine, erased both sides and put it in our machine.  I was working at the PD a few streets over and 1 day when I went home for lunch, the machine was blinking, indicating there were 2 messages.  When I listened to it, it was of a man singing the GREETING, playing his guitar, saying the number they’ve reached and asking them to leave a message.  The second message was a woman saying “this is the ????? residence, we’re not here…”, etc.  These were left as MESSAGES.  When you dialed a number on the bedroom phone, you could hear the “dialing” on the living room phone.  One night while I was the only one awake, I was reading my Bible and all of a sudden, the living room phone started making the dialing sounds.  I picked it up, no one was there, went in the bedroom, my husband was in the lightly snoring stage of sleep. 
The house in Wayne should have been investigated.  It was the most blatantly obvious haunted house that I have ever been in.  It was right on Rt. 133 across the street from the Wayne PO.  It used to be part of an estate, this house used to be the stagecoach inn  The carriage house and other buildings had burned down years before.  The house was over 150 years old.  The landlady explained that people heard/saw things and she wanted to let us know ahead of time.  We told her that that wouldn’t stop us from renting.  The house had been made into 2 very large apartments, both 2 stories, it was front and rear.  Our side, the rear, had a large living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and bathroom downstairs.  The dining room and bathroom had doors connecting to the other side but were secured closed.  The stairs went up by the front door and there was a small bedroom, 2 large bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.  Ours was the south bedroom, my daughter had the small middle bedroom and my son had the north bedroom.  Following is the track of events in this house.  My son did not have a key to the door yet, so we left the window below our bedroom, unlocked and he would climb in that way.  He worked for a construction company and had been away for the entire week and was coming home that Friday.  My husband and I went to bed and before I fell asleep, I heard the window open, about half a minute went by, heard the kitchen cupboards open (my son always headed for food when he came home).  I hadn’t seen him all week so I decided to go downstairs and visit with him.  The house was completely dark until I put the light on at the top of the stairs.  Halfway down, I heard a slight click and saw the glow of something like a lighter coming from the dining room which we didn’t really use for sitting, and I said, “Hey kiddo, how did your week go?”  I didn’t get an answer.  When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I looked in the dining room and no one was there.  I went through the entire house looking in every nook and cranny, turning on all the lights, no one was there.  I went back to bed, and within a minute or two it sounded like someone absolutely trashing my son’s room.  It was loud!  I went in and everything was in its place.  Shortly after that, the people in the front half of the house moved and another family was in the process of moving in.  It was night time and they left to get another load so no one was there.  My daughter asked me to go listen to something in the downstairs bathroom that had the connecting door.  I went into the bathroom and you could very clearly hear someone breathing slow and deep.  Because my daughter, even though 16 years old, was scared, I told her they were probably “fooling around” (having sex) since the kids weren’t with them.  She didn’t really believe it but she tried, it was better than the alternative!  One night my husband and I went to visit my parents in Dresden, about 30 miles away.  We got home at 11:30pm and my daughter was absolutely terrified, sitting on the couch and couldn’t move.  We had 3 dogs at the time and like I said, we didn’t use the dining room which was between the living room and the kitchen.  She said she heard noises in the kitchen, like someone was doing dishes, opening and closing drawers and cupboards and the dogs kept looking at something in the dining room and growling with their hackles up.  She said they would do that, then come running to her with their tails between their legs, then go back and growl and an invisible intruder.  It terrified her because she couldn’t see anything.  The phone was about 8 feet from where she sat on the couch and she said she didn’t call us because she was afraid to leave the sofa.  Not long after that the most chilling thing happened.  We had been in the house from the time we got home from work, about 5pm, been there all night, the phone never rang, had one right next to my bed.  The next morning, my daughter woke me up.  She’d been getting ready for school when she noticed the answer machine blinking so she hit play.  She made me listen to it.  Those little tapes are 20 minutes long each side.  This message took the entire 20 minutes and did not say date and time message was received.  It sounded like someone had left the kitchen phone on the counter while doing dishes and cleaning in the kitchen.  At one point you hear a man clear his throat.  You can hear dishes and silverware, drawers and cupboards being opened and closed.  And it goes on like that, then at one point, and writing this is making the hair on the back of my neck stand up, you hear a deep throated, very spooky male laugh, hahahahahaha, then you hear the kitchen noises continue and it stops at the end of the tape.  I am a born again Christian, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  Because He is in me, He, through my faith in Him, has enabled me to rid demons, just as He gave that power to His disciples.  I walked around the house firmly and strongly stating, “By the shed blood of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave!”  There was never another sound heard, it was gone, it couldn’t stand up to Jesus Christ.  When we moved out, I mentioned to the landlady these events and she said she wasn’t surprised.  All her previous tenants had had similar experiences.  She said one couple lived there where the wife was a teacher and she was in the dining room grading papers and her husband was upstairs in bed, woke up to smell food cooking.  When he went downstairs, he found his wife sound asleep on her arms at the dining room table and nothing cooking…

My Mother


My mother passed away a little over four years ago.  Since then, we have seen her.  Usually in dreams, and my father has actually seen her many times in their home.
My mother had been sick with congestive heart failure that took a turn for the worse for about two years.  My dad cared for her day and night.  Finally the last trip to the hospital was supposed to be a routine trip to remove excess fluid.  On the way to the hospital, my mother made a prophetic statement to him that she would not be coming home again.
When she was given the diagnosis that no further help was available to her and she was to be sent home with Hospice, she refused and decided to die in the hospital instead of at home because my father had to continue to live there and she did not want him to find it hard to stay at their home. 
Nine days of excruciating pain from a failing liver and kidneys and unable to get her breath, she succumbed to death only after the last of our immediate family visited her on that day.  It is as if she waited until she had seen her husband, children, grandchildren, and son-in-laws before she was ready to go.  Ten minutes after the last visitor, she breathed her last. 
Oddly enough, the grandfather clock at my parent’s home stopped on the exact time of her death.  My father has refused to rewind it. 
After 60 years of marriage, my father has been so lost.  For the first year, she appeared to him frequently with a smile on her face and one time told him “I love you deeply and just want to make sure you are ok.”  She still appears to him, just not as frequently as the first year.  Recently, my sister and father found a picture she had painted and had it framed to give to me for my birthday.  My dad saw my mother the morning they gave me the gift and said she was holding a shopping bag with a wooden frame sticking out from it with a huge smile on her face.  He said they communicated without talking and he knew she was happy and proud I was getting the picture.
I have seen my mother in dreams, but only one stands out as a possible contact with her.  In my dream, I was looking through the picture window at my parent’s home and saw sitting in her chair with my father standing over her talking and smiling; as if he was catching her up on recent events.  I went inside the house and she looked at me and smiled.  I remember how peaceful she looked and so healthy.  I remember saying “Mama!  How can this be?  I saw you in the casket at the funeral home!”  She just smiled at me and said “Well, sometimes these things just happen.”  I replied, “Well, I don’t care how it happened!  I am glad to have you back.  I have missed you.”  With that, I woke up.
One other time, after an extremely frustrating day, I was walking in a corridor and thought I heard her call my name.  She said “Susie.”  I actually said aloud, “Mama?”  But she was not there.
My sister says she has dreamed of her but has never actually seen her.  My son slept in mom’s bed about 6 months after her passing and said sometime in the night he felt her sit down on the side of the bed.  He knew it was her because he could smell her perfume.  My nephew recalled a dream he had the first Thanksgiving holiday after her passing.  He said that in his dream, he walked out of his upstairs bedroom and she was in the hallway.  He said “Let’s go get some turkey Granny!”  He said she replied “Now Mark, you know I cannot go downstairs with you this year.  But know I am here.” 
My family feels that she is around us all the time.  I know she is with my father the most because he is terminally ill and misses her so terribly.  I feel comforted knowing she is waiting for his time to crossover. 

Wacked Stories


My name is Steve....*dramatic pause*.....anyways, I have two experiences to share. The first one happened in the early 1980s. It was an old, abandoned farm house in the middle of nowhere ( Southern Alberta ). Anyways, me and my father ( when out hunting ) would stop to see if there was anything of value ( ie. newspapers,magazines etc. ) Now, remember these places were deserted buildings ( we didn't feel we were doing anything wrong ). Now back to the story. I had bad vibes even before we even went into the place. It was sense of dread which I'll never forget. But what happened in the basement was very strange. While me and dad were down there we heard the voices of children upstairs yelling. Remember this was in the middle of nowhere - nothing near by. No people, no towns - nothing.
It was clear as a bell. Then after a few seconds ( which seemed like ever ) I called out "hello anybody there"? No answer, nothing. I ran up the steps to see if anybody was around - nothing.
My next tale is even more wacked. This happened during the mid 90's. The house were I now live was originally the old local school house/post office. It has alot of history.
Anyways, one night while I was about to fall asleep I felt a hand on my back,as in someone coming up and giving a warm tender pat ) I wasn't drunk/stoned or on meds. This happened. I still can't understand it.

My Ghost Story


I had just moved in with my parents after a break up. I was up late one night watching television in my room when I decided I needed some sleep. I got up switched the TV off. It was when I laid down that I started to feel an angry energy consume the room; I then started to hear a growling sound coming from my left side. Needless to say I nearly pee’d my pants. The growing continued until I worked up the courage to get up, the light switch was to far away so I turned the TV on again and it stopped. What was weird again was that I had been watching one channel and when I switched it back on the television was now on a different channel and had the Simpsons on. I tried to con my dog cocoa into sleeping in my bed with me but she wouldn’t budge.. she wouldn’t come anywhere near my door. When my folks woke up the next morning they found me in me asleep in on the couch in the lounge room.

Rockford College- Burpee Building


My mother is a current janitor working at Rockford College, and one of the buildings she is assigned to clean happens to be the Burpee Building. There, she and some of the other ladies that work with her, have lunch in that specific building every work night.
A while back, she told us that during her lunch break, she saw what was a female figure walk passed the room they were in. She said she wore a blue dress and had blonde hair. The room has a mirror that faced the only door of the small area.
She said, and I quote, "I glanced at the mirror (a habit of doing when in your in that room a lot,) and saw this thin, transparent figure walk past the door. I thought it was one of the other girls that was walking by, but it wasn't until I realized that no one that night was wearing a blue dress or had dyed their hair blonde. I walked out to see if it was a trespasser, but saw no one in the hall. I called security and asked them if they allowed any blonde, blue dressed girl in the property. They denied doing so, confirming my suspicions that it was possibly a ghost."
This is just one of the stories that she has told us during the last two years of her encounters with the Burpee ghosts.

Grandpa Told Me


Once, when I was about four years old, my family and I were spending the night at my grandparents house. when I woke up, I went downstairs and everyone was standing around the fireplace, looking very solemn, except for my grandfather. My father crouched down next to me and told me that he had passed in his sleep the other night. I just looked at him and I said, "I know." "How do you know?" my father replied. I said back to him, "Grandpa told me." Explain That!



I grew up in a small town in wv called ClearCreek.This was where i had lived all my life.We lived kind of out in the mountains,but our house was in a 4 acre field that had been in the family for years.The house was kind of old.When you walked in the front door,there was the living room,then you could go left and you were in the kitchen,go right a bedroom.Now if you went into the kitchen and made a left there was a bathroom and a bedroom.This bedroom was were i slept.There was also a dirt basement were i would routinely here strange noises growing up.One night i woke up in bed late one night,I turned over,and as I did I saw a white figure coming towards me ,kind of floating in the air.I jumped up and ran down the hallway towards the figure.I didn't want to but it was the only way out .I slept in the living room a few nights. And it never returned but growing up I saw and heard many strange things   

The Toowong Cemetery Experience

By: Anonymous

this just happened to me just recently (2/08/08) when I took a ghost tour of the Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane, Australia. First of all I would like to keep myself anonymous, secondly what I saw is true for I did some research to see if anyone else experienced what I saw that night and, as it turned out, a few people over the years saw it, too.
It was cold and partly windy night when I turned up at the gates of the Toowong boneyard, Brisbane's oldest and biggest graveyard. There's a lot of strange stories connected to this boneyard like a vampire (there's only two boneyards in the world that got fair dinkum vampires-Highgate in London and Toowong in Brisbane), the bleeding grave and a walking statue...yes, a wandering statue.
  Anyway the tour barely began as our hostess was introducing herself when I saw "something" standing among the trees. It was solid and black. It was standing there watching us. I saw it but I thought I was seeing things, excitement that might have sparked off my imagination but as I walked past this spot, there was nothing there to resemble that figure but yet it was real as you and I. Wasn't until a few feet ahead, I heard a weird CLANG sound, right next to me as if someone was banging on a pot or whatever. I thought it was the sign post rattling but there was no sign post anywhere.
"Now that was f**king weird," I thought as I hurried on, looking behind me. Most of the night I felt we were being followed by something as I was tail-end Charlie (best place to be on a ghost tour-at the end of the line). Things started to get a bit stranger like the cold wind I felt touching me yet there was no wind blowing. The same thing happened again two nights later when I felt something touching my neck IN MY OWN HOME, or seeing things at the corner of my eyes but when I turn around there'll be nothing there. I thought I was ready for the mad house at one point.
I know that I saw something so I researched it and as it turned out others saw that same black figure at the SAME spot where I saw him/her/whatever the hell it was and heard the same CLANGing sound I heard so I didn't imagined it at all...I hope I didn't...That's my story. I've other great spine chilling tales which I will put up ASAP but this was the first experience I had in years, except for the ghost of my dog came back for a few nights to bark goodbye to us.

The Baby Monitor


my name is tina, i'm 33 and i have a story i would like to share with you and your readers. i have been experiencing "strange" things for many years now, but have only been sharing them for just a few. people who don't believe always have the need to find something wrong with the ones who do. my mom was one of those people. she would roll her eyes and say i was crazy or had i been drinking. the day she became a believer was one of the most beautiful moments we've ever shared. this is our story...
my mom had surgery on her foot and was using a walker to get around. i was at her house helping her with laundry and such and had laid my son down in the bedroom down the hall for his nap. mom was kicked back in the recliner and decided she would also take a nap. all my chores were done for the time, everybody in the house was sleeping so i went out to get in the pool. i turned on the baby monitor in the room where my son was sleeping and brought the other piece outside with me. my mom lives out in the country, no neighbors close enough for monitor to pick up any other signals from a phone or another baby monitor. it was so quiet in my moms house i could hear the tick-tick-ticking of the clock in the room where the monitor was. all the sudden i heard a womans voice so clear and loud it sounded like she was speaking into the monitor. she said "PEEEEEEP PIE    PEEP PIE". i sat straight up and just listened for a minute-frozen. i was thinking that didnt sound like mom--if he is awake why didnt he make any noise before or after the woman spoke? why didnt i hear mom get up or come down the hall with that walker? questions were flowing through my head so fast. as i was getting up to walk into the house to check everything out i heard her again say "PEEP PIE" at this point i start to run to the door to see if my mom is still in the chair in the living room. i got to the door, snatched it open, and there was my mom still reclined back in the chair with a really strange look on her face. i guess i had a strange look on my face too because she said "what? whats the matter? who's here? who were you talking to?" i just looked at her and couldnt say anything. she asked again who i was talking to and i said nobody, why ? she said that she heard a woman talking and she thought she was dreaming.  she opened her eyes and the woman was still talking so she knew she wasnt dreaming. having to always have an explanation for things she then assumed i was on the phone but looked around and saw the phone & my cell phone were on the kitchen counter. that was when i came in the door and she knew it wasnt me. i said " you heard that too?" "yess" she said with a very strange look on her face. so i went down the hall to the room where my son was still sleeping and looked around. nothing out of the ordinary, nothing out of place. i came back down the hall and told my mom he was fine, still sleeping, and hadnt moved an inch. she was a little freaked out but she started asking me questions about my great grandmother who often visits me and the places that i go. i never met my great grandmother in person but i've had many run ins with her spirit through out the years. my mom didnt want to believe that grandma visits her too, but after that day she started to believe. not only in ghosts and spirits, but in me too. thanks grandma daisy

Runaway Terror


Having had quite a few "experiences" in this lifetime, here's one I'd like to share and it goes alittle something like this:  At the age of 17, having had a turbulent childhood, I ran away from home.  With no direction known, I followed the wind and ened up in New Jersey.  A couple with a boarding house extended me thier friendship and a place to call my own, in exchange for housekeeping duties.  From the moment I placed my foot over the threshold, something did not sit right with my soul.  I had the edgy feelings, could hear noises when noises should not have been heard, and it always felt as if someone was standing right at my shoulder watching everything.  After a few months, I told my friends about these occurances and lo and behold they had a few things to add to mine.  For instance, the wife would hold running conversations with someone, while she was sleeping, on the end of the bed or sometimes beside her the impression of someone sitting could be seen.  Strange!  But the final breaking point for me was when I was doing a mopping of the 3rd floor hall and landing.  On that day, the feelings were at an all time high, my feeling of aggitation was peaking, the hallway was darker and creepier than ever before, you just had the feeling something was going to happen.  All of a sudden, as I was mopping, the galvanized bucket slid across the landing and toppeled down the stairs.  As I stood up straight, it felt as if someone placed two hands on my back and shoved me hard.  If I had not grabbed onto the handrail,I would have taken a bad tumble myself and as GOD as my wittness, I know I saw a dark figure floating out of the corner of my eye and when I jerked around to look, it dissappered into a corner of the landing.  Poof! It was gone. I think the mop and bucket are still where they landed ,today.   And all you saw of me was the smoke from my shoes as I ran, never to step foot on that property again.  I've had other happenings but never one as violent as this.  I thank you for letting me tell my story on your site. Peace!

Perhaps a Witch


My story begins back when my grandmother died back in 1998.  In her will, she left her and my grandfather's house to all of her four children.  All but one of her four children already had a home so my aunt bought the rest of the house from the rest of her brothers and sisters.  My grandfather was still alive so my aunt moved into the basement of the house and left my grandfather in the upstairs part of the house.  My grandfather was very old and was unable to keep up on the house so I volunteered to move in with my grandfather to help him with everyday chores, cooking and cleaning.  Everything was going really well until my aunt started missing payments.  She quickly realized that it was more difficult for her as a single woman to make the mortgage payments for the house.  So she asked her friend to move into the basement with her to help share some of the financial burden. 
Soon after her friend moved in, I started having trouble sleeping.  I would hear noises as if someone was walking in my room.  Many nights my bed would shake as if there was a small earthquake.  There were some nights when my blanket would move down my body.  Other times, I would be in bed laying on my side and the bed would indent next to me as if someone was sitting or standing on the edge of the bed.  The indent in the bed would be so great that gravity would pull me down on my back.  I grew up in a Christian home, so I was very aware of demons and knew that this was demonic activity.  It was as if it was trying to scare me or taunt me.  I would become a little frightened but, I would say out loud to leave.  Then I would say a prayer and anything that was happening would stop and I could fall back asleep peacefully. Over time, it became routine and was no big deal.
It wasn't as scary to me anymore because I couldn't see anything, and I knew that I had the protection through my faith in Christ.  However, one night I became extremely frightened.  I awoke one night and there was a man walking around my bed.  He was very tall with long stringy hair.  He was staring so intently at me.  He never took his eyes off of me.  He just walked very quickly as if he were a pacing lion getting ready to pounce on it's prey.  But, he never touched me.  I screamed "Get Out, in the name of Christ!"  It wasn't so easy to fall back asleep that night.
I was so distraught over it that I went to my father and asked him to pray and bless the house.  For a while, everything was great.  I didn't see or feel anything.  Until one night, while I was sleeping, I awoke paralyzed.  I was not able to move my body.  It felt like there was someone sitting on my chest making it very difficult to breathe.  I went to call out but, as soon as I did, I felt a hand grab my throat.  I was unable to speak, wheezing as I gasped for a breath.  The more I tried to call out, the more the grip became tighter on my throat.  The only thing I could do is pray in my head for God to help me and it immediately stopped.  I have never been so scared in all of my life.  I never had any activity happen to me like this before and I learned not to take it lightly.  Not too long after that, I moved out of the house because I didn't want to live through that again.
After I moved out of the house, I learned that my aunt's roommate was a self-proclaimed witch.  She would practice using the Ouija board, tarot cards and other occult related objects. 

My Ghostly Friend


In my bedroom, I once experienced a black figure standing next to my bedroom door..after that alot of things started happening. My TV's would be turned off and then as soon as I'd walk out of the room it would turn back on, but this time there would be no picture, just snow. My daughters would tell me of things being in the house and I would just over look them. Lights would be turned on all over the house at night when we would all be asleep for no explanation. After this I eventually moved from the house. When I asked the neighbors about if anything ever happened there, they gave me this look like they didn't want to tell me anything afraid of scaring me. At my new home, the lamp in my bedroom would turn on by itself. The nightstand in which it sat on, one night as I slept I was awaken with this noise next to my bed. I awoke and with the light from my porchlight that reflected in my bedroom, I saw the handle on the drawer of my nightstand, moving very scared me half to death. I froze with fright, after what seemed like hours, I bravely got up and turned on the light. It or whatever was there had stopped, little did I know that this ghost did not leave me alone. I would usually sleep alone, and I remember once that I wanted to wake up from my sleep, because of a terrible dream that I was having of being attacked by this hard as I tried, I just couldn't until after a while that had passed. It was frighting. All along the lamp that I have always had in my bedroom still turns on. At this time I am thinking that maybe it has a short in it and get it checked out. There is nothing wrong with it. Until this day, it still turns on, only after praying alot and protecting myself and being strong, it doesn't bother me anymore. Although, when this was all going on, one of my daughters took a picture of me sleeping in my bed next to the nightstand which holds this lamp., and to my disbelief,there is a foggy side that looks very distrubing, but I feel that this is a guardian angel watching over me. I have taken many pictures from time to time in this location of my bedroom and many times I have gotten this foggy thing in my picture. While taking pictures of this side of my room, I also take others around the room with the same camera and nothing ever shows up but next to my bed.

My Great Grandma and Orange High School


i'd just like to say first off that i love your website and its made me feel better about my experiences that ive had. i dont feel alone. im on your website everyday reading the personal stories and haunted places that ive been. so here's my experiences:
my great grandma died when i was 8. we all called her G.G. and she was a great woman. very big and giggly. always happy. anyways... her death devasted me. she was my everything that i loved and she was gone. well fast forward a couple years later... i was about 12 and i was visiting my uncle. he lived in northern long beach and his house is haunted. it has always been haunted. my uncles boyfriend is obsessed with marilyn monroe so the house is covered in it. the ghost that lived there hated her... thought of her as a "hussy" i guess. well the pictures would turn around when you came home and the cats would freak out and cupboards would open and things would fall when they were perfectly stable from where they were. well when G.G. died the hauntings at his house got weirder. when i went to his house at the age of 12( like stated earlier) the cupboards would open(as usual) but then they closed. things that fell would be back up after you looked back at them.  we were all down stairs and when we came up one of the marilyn pictures had turned. we all just ignored it and went out to dinner. when we came back it was turned back around. no one had been home. anways.. later that night i was trying to sleep down stairs but couldnt. i felt as though i was being watched (as usual). then all of the sudden the opressive air lifted.. and i felt a hand on my shoulder as if comforting me. my G.G. used to do that to me when i would start to cry. well anyways... i started crying and i knew it was her telling me it was ok she was there protecting me. i said out loud that i loved her and missed her and i hoped she was happy. i felt a pat on my shoulder as if reassurance and then i instantly fell into a deep sleep. when i woke up i felt refreshed and happy. first time since i was 8.
fast forward again to about age 17 and i was going to orange high school... i had a friend who fought with me alot, trying to make me feel bad about myself. well she came over to my dads house and was being mean. well to give some history of the house, the old owners mother had died in my room.. she was  supposidly a very protective loving spirit. i felt her alot when i stayed there. well she went to the garage to get a drink and i heard the door shut. five seconds later i heard knocking from the door. she had locked herself out. when i opened the door she screamed at me that i had locked her out when really i had been at the other end of the house and couldnt have. when i told her about the old woman dying there she made sure never to make fun of me while there.
well i also read on your site that you listed my high school (Orange High School) as a haunted place. I'm 20 now and still remember the theatre very well and the experiences that i had there. well when i was in the theatre class the teacher knew about the stories and one day decided to let us experience the hauntings. she led us into the rooma nd locked the door and turned out the lights. the room was almost pitch black except for the light coming out from under the doors. which lit it enough to see the chairs and curtain on the stage. i paid very close attention to what was going on. about 10 minutes into sitting there i saw empty seats start to move up and down as if someone was sitting in them and then getting up and moving. and the curtain started to move. the curtain im talking about is the back wall curtain.. theres just enough space for someone to walk behind it but you still moved the curtain no matter how slow and careful you were. the curtain started to move as if someone was walking back and forth behind it really fast.
and the story of the theatre bathroom is true also. there is a big cut out in the ceiling with a big pipe hanging in it. its the girls bathroom that is like this. i know because the guys joked around and pushed me into the guys bathroom to freak me out. and it doesnt act like the girls. the door is hard to open. it taked a certain amount of pressure to open it. and then when it shuts it slams. and no matter how short or long of a time span you are in there you feel like you are being watched. the story i heard about the bathroom was that a girl in the 60's was in one of the schools plays and she did horribly. she was so devasted that she hung herself with her stockings in the bathroom. it feels really oppressive there and i never liked being in there alone.
well those are some of my stories.... i have more if you want to hear them. feel free to email me.

My Cemetery Story


My story Started almost 13 years ago. My best friend who was 14 had died in October of 1995, just six days after my great grandfather. Well, that next spring my mother, myself and , two of my cousins went to put flowers on my friends grave and other friends and familys graves as well. As we were doing this my mom was telling us about all the older headstones and the mauseleums in the cemetary. all of us girls decided we wanted to see this one mauseleum in particular and my mom obliged. Now I was 11 and my cousins were 12 and 8. Im now in my twenties. Well as soon as we could see this building we were so excited, it is very beautiful and huge. Okay let me describe it. If you are standing in front of it you see 4 flights of 10-15 stairs going up. Then it has two sides. On each you walk up a flight of stairs then it wraps around and then another flight whick goes right to the double doors. Now the windows are all dark and tinted so you cant see in. Well us kids went up the steps and to the left side and up to the doors. We were excited but very creeped out. I felt uneasy but decided to go ahead to the other side. My older cousin and i were chatting about how creepy it is when she looked up at my younger cousin who was climbing on the railing. Now remember all this building is stone. As my older cousin hollered at her little sister to get down. As soon as the words were out of her mouth. This heaviness fell on us and my older cousins eyes and mine locked and then the wind picked up and this horrible scream sounded and we answered it with one of our own. As one all three of us headed for the stars to get to the car. My younger cousin tripped before the stairs and fell the whole way down. My older cousin Made it all the way down . I made it a flight and a half before my feet came out from under me and i fell the rest of the way down and straight in to the wheel well of the car. We were all screaming for my mom to go but the car wouldn't start. After a few tries the car started and we sped off. NOw we get home and my mother is pissed, she calls the cemetary wanting the job of the one who scared us. But, the cemetary was bankrupt and the only person there as far as staff was the one my mom talked to. They said we were the only car that had come there that day. My younger cousin summed up what us kids were thinking when she said, "Aunt ######, I think we distrurbed the spirits.
 Well I know that your thinking that it was just somebody playing a joke. Well ive been back there severel, times and something has happened each time. The most scary was in my senior year of high school. We were trading stories at breakfast and my best friend dint believe me. So I told her we were going that saturday. Well as we were driving there she hurled abuse at me in a playful way, telling me i was crazy and being a baby and that i was stupid. I told her that she would see. Well We pull up and im driving a 95 corsica, i leave the keys in the ignition and the door open, because if stuff hits the fan im gone!!!! LOL. Well she is still telling me i am dumb as we walk up the stairs  Before the first flight ended i had a horrible feeling i knew it was going r=to be hell to pay if we went all the way up. I grabed her arm but couldn't talk. We started on the second flight and everything went quite. This plkace is in the middle of a big city!!! It was then that i realized she was holding onto me as tight as i was her. We looked at each other and i asked her "Believe me now?" She nodded. We ran back to the car. Doors slammed and were almost in tears. I was petrified that they were gonna kill me for coming back and that i brought my friend to sacrifice. These thoughts were in my head as I Tried to start the car. It wouldn't start, she's screaming Im crying. It was chaos. The car will not start at all .I had to open my door and use my foot to push the car. We got about a hundred yards away and the car started. I want to go back and make peace but i will not go alone!!!! Any one wanna go with me?
you can email but have the subject be shadowlands or something, otherwise i will delete without even looking at it.

Made Me Believe Even More


 I work at CNM, it’s a community college in Albuquerque New Mexico. I work as a security guard and have been working here for a little over six months. When I started I was informed by several employees that this college was built on an old potters field. I did some research and found out that a potter’s field was where where immigrants were buried many years ago. There is always a door opening by itself and the elevator’s run all by themselves! I was with my fellow employee doing rounds when all of a sudden a door opened up clear as day, when we entered the room there was no one inside! There are countless stories that will literally send chills down your spine. I believe in ghost’s but working here has made me believe even more!

Ghost in New Orleans


When I was nine, my mom,sister and I took a trip down to Florida to pick up a car that we were going to drive back to Colorado.The car was my grandfathers and he had passed a month before and my grandmother didn't know how to drive.So we drove it up instead.Anyway, We were driving through New Orleans in the middle of the day and we got to our hotel.It was a renovated plantation that was just outside new orleans.Our room was in a slaves quarter that was okay.I was jumping up and down on the hard wood original floors and the light started to flicker.My mom told me to stop, and I did.But the light did not stop flickering and I did not think anything of it at the time.The room only had one queen bed so we had to order a folding bed for me.The bed that I slept on was in a corner that felt uneasy. I fell asleep and remember waking up and seeing a dark figure looking over my sister and I thought I was my mom but then I saw her come out of the bathroom and that freaked me out. I still did not tell my sister what I saw.It was about seven in the morning when we woke up and the night before I remember my mom closing the bible which was open when we got there and saying the scripture which was Ezekeil 25:17.That morning my mom saw that the bible was open to that same scripture 

House in Michigan


There is a big white house that my grandmother used to live in. It's the biggest house on the block. Back when I was about 3. My grandmother heard a voice in the middle of the night saying "Can you hear me?" she ran downstairs. That same night my mother heard the same voice saying the same thing. So she also went downstairs. A few days after that they noticed how I would talk to myslef and split up my toys into two piles. They always said I told them about my friend named O My Lord. I described her as wearing a blue party dress with blonde hair and a blue bow on her head. When we drove up north I always pointed in the trees saying she was at the top of them. I asked around when I got older about the history of the house. I found out that the house was built by a judge a long time ago and he had killed is daughter and trown her body in my bedroom closet. Before my grandmother had passed and when I visited we had no problems. But while they were living there my uncle would have horrible night terrors. Only at that house though. We no longer live there. A new family does so I really can't give an update.

Correct Information for Spencer Mountains Haunted Mansion


i use to work at the haunted mansion in fact lived 3 house away from it. the information yoo have been given is incorrect. there are more than 3 ghost that haunt this place. there are more than 75 actually and the main ones is a lil girl named Sarah and a man named Samuel which is always seen wearing late 1800's war clothes and a woman named Mary which is the woman in white.  the history on it is that Mr Pharr got it built for his wife and she passed away someone did actually live in but not long and it sat empty till the late 70's it was made into a boy scout meeting building but it didn't last long and until we opened it up as Spencer mountains haunted mansion it sat empty all those years.  i have seen and heard things in fact i have some great pictures of ghost from there . it is boarded up now because all of us had to move due to the old pharr yarn mill houses were falling apart they are going to fix it up with expensive houses once everyone is moved.  so we had to let the house go. it is a true haunted house  the things that happened there over the past 5 years were exciting and incredible .  they had to board it up because someone smashed all the windows out of it. after we shut it down that finally October. but it has said that there is a lady in white that walks from the river across the street towards the house sometimes at night. i thought i would fix the UN true things that person said about the mansion because i was there i walked thru it every October and this house is one of the most haunted places Ive been yet. i just hated having to leave because b4 i had to move i was researching on it and wanted to try and set the trapped souls free. Samuel is the ruler yoo could say and he isn't letting any spirit free.

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