Graveyard Incident


When I was twelve years old, my aunt came to visit us in Kansas. She

was interested in the old west gangs, so we were checking out the sights

with her. We ended up going to check out a memorial to some famous

group of gangsters that lived there. It was in a graveyard with walls

around it, and the memorial itself was in the middle of the cemetary.

When we were done, we all piled into the van and pulled away. As we

drove down the path, I noticed a dark haired, pale little boy kneeling

down in front of an obscure little grave. I thought it was strange,

because he was dressed in black pants and a long sleeved black shirt and

it was the middle of July, about 100 degrees plus outside. I turned

around and mentioned something about him.

"I know; isn't that weird?" my grandma asked.

My mom and dad turned around, and asked us what we were talking about,

as did my aunt.

I turned around to point him out, but he had disappeared. My mom, dad,

aunt, and brother had all looked in the same spot my grandma and I had,

but only we had seen him. We went back and looked for him, but could

find no trace of him. There is no way he could've been anything but a

ghost. There were no trees or bushes for him to hide behind, and he

would've had to scale a wall way on the other side of the graveyard to

get out any other way than the way we were going. The little grave he

had been praying in front of was very old, and the lettering was

unreadable. I've always thought it was his.

Kissing Ghost


1st off, my parents are divorced and my dad lives alone in a house that

was built 400 years before the civil war even began. Needless to say,

its the house has seen its share of owners. Many have died in the house,

in just about every room. When you walk into the house, you get a

strange feeling. I go there at least once a week. When I sleep there, I

sleep downstairs. So does my dad. Upstairs is used for storage only.

that's it. Everything else we need is downstairs. I know we used to

sleep upstairs, but I could barely remember that. Recently my father and

I were talking about this over dinner. He told me, "I know I never told

you this, but I figured now's the time. You probably want to know why we

never go upstairs. A couple years, ago one night (a was with my mom at

the time) I was sleeping upstairs. I awoke in the middle of the night. I

felt like I was being watched. I thought it was a burglar, so I sat up

in bed. At the bottom of the bed, I saw the "butt imprint" of a person

as if someone invisible was sitting there. I laid down and put the

covers over my head. The next thing I know is that I felt a dead wait on

my stomach (The ghost actually sat on top of him!). I put his haid out

of the covers, and noticed he could only move my head. I felt it move. I

looked to his left and right, only to see invisible hand imprints on the

matress. Then I felt like it was about to punch me in my face. I don't

know why, I just had that feeling. So I winced, pushed my head as far

back as I could, ready for it to hit me. I turned my head to the side,

waiting. And then I felt a kiss on my cheek, and it dissappeared. The

wait just dissappeared. I felt it wasn't truly hostile, but I knew what

I had to do. The next morning I moved everything out of the 2nd floor."

When my dad told me this I was shocked. I felt something was wrong with

the house, but I was shocked. To this date, I've never had any huge

experiences like that. Sometimes, small things move when I leave the

room and come back. Example- I set a glass of water on the left hand

side of a table. I leave the room and come back. Its now on the right

hand side.

Haunted Happenings


I live in Omaha, NE. There are some things that I wanted to add to your list.

1. Council Bluffs--there is an historic cemetary where the wife of General Dodge (a famous historical figure) is buried. Near the cemetary, the General built a monument--a large bronze angel in memory of her. The statue has not turned green with verdigris, it's completely black. It's very peaceful there, and the Black Angel seems to be radiating welcome and comfort. However, in the cemetary there is something that feels like anger and hate concentrated. It moves around the cemetary, but is usually centered in the older part.

One night, some friends of mine were driving there, since they felt it was very strong that night and wanted to see what was up. They drove up the road behind the cemetary, and my friend saw what looked like a black animal limp across the road. No one else saw it, but immediately after, a gigantic black something opened up in front of them. Tonya said it was like the mouth of Hell. Jodi hit the brakes and stopped right in front of it. Then they said they saw it reaching for Jodi's baby daughter, who was in her car seat sleeping. Jodi threw the car into reverse, and as they drove down the road backward, the thing did not pursue.

2. My experience with the dark and scary side was on a summer night when I was driving aimlessly around town with Tonya. We were driving through a neighborhood that I had heard about some creepy goings on. A few years before a friend had told us he was sitting out in a school playground at dusk. He saw a truck drive into the parking lot there and park. A man got out and walked off. A few moments later, a rough dark outline of a man got out of the passenger's side. It turned in his direction, and lifted its head, as if it were scenting him. He said that he'd had enough, and took off running.

I wasn't exactly sure where this schoolyard was. I wasn't familiar with the neighborhood at all, and was a bit lost. We turned onto Mockingbird Lane since I was sure this led out to the main road. We came around the curve and saw the school, a modern type brick grade school. We couldn't see the playground as it was in back. When we did come in sight of the playground, we both started screaming and crying in terror--the playground equipment looked like enormous charred bones sticking out of the ground. We sped on, in a panic, intent on getting the hell out. Later on, after catching our breath, we decided that we might be able to handle it now we knew what to expect.

So we drove back, and it was still horrible, but we took care to brace ourselves. We actually drove into the parking lot and sat there, trying to get a feel of the place, to know why it was that way.

We noticed a dark shape moving along the equipment and figured it was the thing that our friend had seen. We lost sight of it except for a few glimpses of it moving around by the fence. Then Tonya realized what it was doing as it started moving faster. She screamed at me to "GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!" It was cutting us off from the road! I got my old '82 Mercury Lynx to peel rubber the whole way out of there! I wasn't thinking of anything but getting away from it as it ran towards my car, dropping all pretense at subtle stalking as we were obviously aware of it's intent.

I am just thankful that it never touched the car or us, since Tonya had the idea that it could have followed us home, as it might have with that guy driving the truck years ago.

I hope you will add this since it all happened exactly as I wrote, and maybe if you know anyone who wants to check it out and might be passing through the area, I'll give them directions, because it's still there.

A Banging Wall


This experiece happened to me and a co-worker at his home in Southern California in the spring of 1989. He had invited me over to his home, which was only a few blocks from work, for a bar-b Q dinner he and his mother were having one day. We had an enjoyable evening, and it was getting late, myself being without a car at the time, the busses had stopped running. So they offered to have me sleep there for the night on the couch. "Bob" and I decided to stay up and watch televison, his mother, retired to her room, which was next to the living room, where we were, for the evening. Around 2:30am, there was a very loud banging on the wall next to us, the wall that seprated her room from the living room sounded as if someone was striking it with a large, solid object. The force of the banging was strong enough to vibrate the concrete, ground level floor. (I was sitting in a chair, and I could feel the vibration from the banging through my feet.) It startled me, and I looked at Bob and said "What the hell was that!?" He said that it was just his mother telling us to keep the tv noise down. His mother was in her sixties, and she suffered from a heart condition, how could she have enough energy to bang a solid wall with such force that it would send vibrations through a concrete floor? At that moment, she ran out of her room into our room yelling at us inquiring why we were banging on the wall. Bob and I looked at each other, "We thought it was you." he said. He mentioned that it must have been an earth tremor. I didn't sleep well that night, I remember hearing strange sounds, like tapping on the window, or an object sliding across a smooth surface. The next morning at work, I looked through the local papers. There was no mention of any tremors in the news the following day, and I asked a few people who lived in the area if they expericed anything. No one I asked said they experieced anything unusual. I still don't know just what caused the occurance on that night, but I told my co-worker, that from now on, my visits to his home were limited to daylight hours. I moved from Southern California soon after that night, and I never seen or heard from Bob again, but to this day, I'm still not sure if what happened on that night was really the result of an earth tremor.

Ghostly Problems


I am not sure how to begin this, so I will just start explaining my situation.

I moved into a 70+ year old apartment with my roommate. We were talking about

hearing little things in the night. She had said she thought there was a

ghost, of course my response was "nah". I turned to goto the bathroom, not

even stepping foot thru the threshold, the medicine cabinet swung open at me..

not a slow swing..more like when someone opens it ..with a little force. This

is just the beginning. One morning, my roommate calls me at work, totally

freaked out. We just had our locks changed on our doors. Our landlord doesnt

even have a key. She said she was stepping out of the shower, when she heard

our front door open, and footsteps across floor, stop then the door closing.

She went out to look, and our door was locked and chained( a habit we both

have after one of us leaves). From the sound of her voice, I could tell she

wasnt feeding me a line. But the straw that broke the camels back was one

night around 4 am. I couldnt sleep for the life of me. I was sitting on the

couch. I got up, lit two candles on ledges on either side of our fireplace.

For some reason I looked up, one candle was flickering then it would stop and

then the other one would do it. This ping pong effect went on for 10 min,

finally i said stop it..and they both were still..i got up and blew them out.

I decide now I can sleep...I get in bed..and close my door all the way

shut...key word here is shut...I turned over on my side towards the wall, back

to the door. All of a sudden there was this loud slamming noise. I havent been

that scared in a while( another similar incident happened while I lived in

another state) I felt so violated and scared.Something insided me said do not

turn over, and I didnt. I finally turned over, and my door was wide open. door

against the wall. I sounded like some one burst into my room and slammed the

door against the wall with a hand. This whole time my roommate was dead to the

world, she didnt hear anything when I talked to her the next im just

waiting for what comes next..and im not looking forward to it. Now the similar

incident...I was living in NYC with my husband(now ex), I was up late again

cruising the web. I get to bed around 2:30...Just as I lay down and closed my

eyes..something hit the window directly maybe a foot or two in front of me..we

had blinds..but you could hear the dull thud of a hand behind the blinds

hitting the window...with that abnoxious sound blinds make when you hit or

bend them. Just so you know..we lived on a 5th floor walk up...with the fire

escape on the other side of the one could get in our bedroom

without falling to the pavement belowr..let alone doing it without waking our

dog up(she was fast asleep, then started whining after the noise) Please help

me here...I am close to my wits we getting that feeling

again...and some cold swirling air...(airs off) Its not a good feeling either...

Thanks for your time

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