Two Incidents


By: Anonymous



Here are two incidents that happened when I was a small child and then later as a teenager just entering puberty (I am a male):

(1) I lived in this house from my birth till I was about my early 20's and to my knowledge, no one else had lived there except my family.

I don't remember exactly how old I was, maybe 6 to 8, and I was walking down our hallway from my bedroom that I shared with my younger brother, and as I passed my Mother's room I looked in there (there were no lights on in there or reflecting into it), and I saw a glow of light and standing in the glow of light was an older woman wearing a high neck dress with a brooch.        

I wasn't scared, just confused and finally went into the kitchen to eat with family members, some time later I told my Mother what I saw (it might have minutes, hours, days, weeks later, I don't remember), and she got out our old family photo albums, and I correctly picked out a picture of my great-grandmother who I had seen in the glow of light.

I was to find out years later from my aunt that this was my great-grandmother's old bedroom, and she had died in that very room (back then, more people died at home than hospitals, which were fewer back then).

(2) I was playing some game (cards maybe) with my younger Brother in my Mother's bedroom (used to be my great-grandmother's old bedroom long before I was born), and while we were playing, the door knob to an un-used room turned and then turned again (as if someone was turning it), and my brother was frozen, but I jumped up and with NO fright ran through another route, and looked all through the other rooms for someone there, and I found NO one there, later on as I got much older, I wondered if it was a poltergeist (possibly caused by me), or a spirit in there that turned that door knob that night.

Other than a few OOBE's that I had much later as an adult, I have had no other incidents in my lifetime except those two incidents.




Trenton NJ Haunting




I was on your site regarding NJ Hauntings and wanted to report one from my old house.  I bought the house from my uncle by marriage, Joe, who inherited it from his cousin Josephine.  She lived there with her 5 siblings since the early 1900's.  I did not know any of the history before I bought it.  One morning when the alarm clock went off I turned it off and flipped over on my side to wake my husband.  Standing next to the door was a boy who looked to be in his teens.

He was dressed in old time garb, like knickers, high socks, a shirt with buttons and fuller sleeves, a cap, and he was carrying a gas light or lantern.  He stared at me and I remember feeling frozen and I was trying to wake my husband up.  The boy had a glow around him.  As I stared at him, the image started to fade until the room went black.  It was really scary.  A few months later I mentioned this to my Uncle and he said oh that boy - that's Keats (which was a nickname).  He died in the house in the back bedroom when he was a teenager from pneumonia.  My Uncle said or it could have been the boy's brother who also died young while swimming in the Delaware River.  Both of them were buried from the house.  They had the viewing in the house also for a few days.  I only saw him once and to this day I swear to it that it was a ghost.





The Haunted House




The guy who wrote the book Haunted Decatur, and the other Haunted books has never mentioned the house I lived in for four years in Decatur IL.  We moved there when I was 10, and lived there until I was 14.  It was a big plantation style mansion.  It was pretty cool because for one it had a tree growing right through the middle of the porch.  It also had a very long hallway closet, and a small solarium.  All the rooms were huge.  The most haunted areas were the pink bathroom, (pink tiles, and a huge pink bath tub.), the basement and the second floor storage room.  There was a grave stone in the yard which said FRITTY. (Assumedly this was the grave of a dog.)  The basement was so eerie, and scary, but it was where our parents expected my brother and I to play.  When you went own usually it was fine, but the longer you stayed the more you felt the presence of multiple entities closing in on you, and when you finally got frightened enough to leave it seemed as thought they were chasing you up the stairs.  We were afraid to turn off the lights, but my dad always made us go back and turn them off.  (Bla, bla , bla, $1000 a month electric bill).  I told you it was a big house. 

The pink bathroom connected my bedroom with my parent’s bedroom.  (We never got to use that big tub because it leakedL)  It always seemed like a scary room, and I hated my room, because it scared me too, I used to go sleep in my brothers room when I could not sleep in my own.  The feeling of entities was always in that bathroom, but one day I went up to use it and forgot to turn my bedroom light on before opening the pink bathroom door.  A screaming terrifying ghost sped right for me, in a tattered pink night gown, it was a skeletal figure, with long grey ghostly grey hair, almost like something out of a movie.  In fact my parents blamed the sighting on the movie Ghost Busters.  I slammed the door, and avoided that bathroom for months.  I resolved to never ever open the door without turning the light on in my bedroom again. 

Another thing that happened in that house was my friend and I were playing in the room at the end of the hall, adjacent to the storage room, and taking turns running up and down the hallway well I was about half way down the hall way and she’s right behind me when we heard a growl that would remind you of a hell hound or something. (We never had a dog.)  It set us dead in our tracks and screaming.  I have been able to hear and feel presences and entities ever sense.  I never saw anything like that ghost in the pink bedroom again though. 








Temple Tx



I am a 62 year old white male who has lived in Temple off and on sence Birth and would like to add a few places not mentioned thus far that are haunted in the Temple area,one being the old post office in down town Temple, The cities Library now I believe. Another is the cemetery on North main St. ,another is that portion of the cemetery That the oweniville road road cut thru, The head stones can still be found "I think" between the roadway and the Railroad Tracks about 30 yards before making the curve to the right to go over the tracks. As a Youngster I can recall my head light on my motorcycle eluminating the figures of two people standing by the Headstones ,one being a female dressed in a long ankle length dress w/ruffled collar and cuffs, hair appeared to be long and done in a bun that was on top of her head ,She was white and looked to be in her 40s or 50s , The male was dressed in a very old fashioned suit and was in the same age range ,also white . Upon getting to the part of the roadway where they were near, they faded away. That sparked my interest about Ghosts and I soon found that my friends were like minded about such things so one of the Cemeterys that we visited was in a part of Bell County that is now part of Still house hollow lake . There were four of us  on a Friday Midnight in nov that saw a black figure that vanished in to the tallest Monument in the cemetery and before we left we spotted two more black forms  by far that was one of the creepiest places around. not long after our visit there the Corps  flooded the area.

I recall another place that we visited Near Salado Tx where we saw a blue light that floated thru the Cemetery , This was a well known event by seemed like all of the kids back then.

I recall visiting a hangmans tree near Salado as well where there was supposed to be ghosts of those who had lost their lifes that lingered there . I have more recollections but these are some of the more noteable ones.










I have a ghost story for you,Back in the 1990's I moved into a apartment that an old girl friends mother had just moved out of in Lancaster PA. Not many problems at first, but after about a month I started hearing foot steps going up and down the stairs leading to my 2nd floor apartment.Was curious enough to get up and investigate,but always' found nothing! Then one day I was shaving in the bathroom,right next to the bedroom and I thought I heard my closet door shut in the bedroom. This apartment was an old place and had old door knobs on the doors that were hard to work right. you had to use a little bit of force to shut these doors right. Sure enough the door was shut when I knew I had left it open prior to going to the bathroom to shave! One night late when I was sleeping I thought I felt my covers move,it woke me up! I just layed there in bed for awhile thinking what it could of been,(my bed room was totally dark,I couldn't see my hand in front of my face),then all of a sudden my covers  started to be pulled down over  my chest real slow!!!! At first I thought it may have been my toes curling up and pulling them down but I held my whole body still including my toes and the covers kept being pulled down off my body!!! I'm telling you, I've never been so scared in my life!!! I wanted to turn on the lights real quick but the light switch was on the wall down at the end of my bed,and in order to turn the light on,I would have to be  face to face with what ever was doing this!!!! NO THANK YOU!!!! I ended up turning over on my side and it all of a sudden stopped!!! I remember laying there for a long while trying to build up enough balls to turn on the light.Finally decided to go for it,did it and of course, nothing there!!! I also have seen shadows,quite frequently. About three feet tall,walking across the door way entrance to my living room! I always felt like somebody was there with me,when I knew, there was nobody there!!! Very spooky stuff!!!!! Was very happy to find another place to live shortly after!!! Hope you enjoy the story!!!                                            




My Haunted Story




A few months ago, I was working at the county sheriff's office, located in the basement of the courthouse. I had heard stories from the other employees about the place being haunted by a few different ghosts, but just never paid attention to them. One night I was on graveyard shift, and the garage door slammed. Now, this door is a huge, heavy door that is locked 24/7 and is only opened by a key. It is also monitored on both sides by cameras. So the door just slammed and I got scared because I thought maybe someone had broken in. I went back to the cameras and no one was there! The camera clearly showed the door opening and slamming, but nobody around it! I then went and checked the door and it was tightly locked!

Another experience I had was another night when I was on graveyard shift. It was the end of the shift, around 7 am. It had been a very quiet night, almost too quiet. The jailer went into the women's cells to serve them breakfast. In the woman's cell, there is the sleeping room with a couple of bunk beds and a toilet, and right next to that, connected with a door is the day room. Anyway, the ladies asked the jailer if there was anyone brought in last night. The jailer said no. They were all shocked because all of them clearly heard a woman crying in the day room!





My Ghost Story




I was about nine years old and living in an old house that was about 100 years old. The man who owned the house, actually died there. Well, my room was his when he was alive. I woke up, feeling like someone was watching me, so I looked and there was a man sitting on the end of my bed asking me why I was in his room. I didn't scream, I was too scared to, and just sat there. After about a minute he got up and walked out of the room and then dissappeared at the foot of the stairs.

The only times I ever saw him, were from outside. And he was in my room looking out my window and stared at me.





My German Ghost




I wanted to tell you about a strange "event' that occured here in my home last week.  I've had things happen to me ever since I was very young, but since my husband and I moved away from home in 1999 it seems as though I have something following me. Everywhere we have lived there has been occurances that are not able to be explained.  So here we are in Germany (only been here 2 months) and so far it had been quiet in the house, up until last week anyway.

I was home alone, my kids were at school and my husband at work. I was here in the office doing some class work.  All of a sudden I hear this crash downstairs. I figured it was something under the stairs falling since I had been digging through boxes looking for a photo album.  I didn't think much about until a couple of minutes later when I heard something turn on. All of my hair seemed to stand on end as I started down the stairs. I didn't want to go down there but I new I had to to find out what was running. To my shock I saw that it was my hairdryer laying on the bathroom floor TURNED ON. This was no accident. Let me explain the set up in my bathroom.  On the right side of the sink is a towel holder thingy but it has 4 hooks so you can put your hair dryer, straightener etc on it. My hairdryer has a loop on the handle and I use that to hang up the dryer, and the cord has to run under the sink to the outlet left of the sink. So how in the world was my hairdryer on the floor under the outlet on the left side of the sink switched on?!  I turned it off, laid it back down on the floor, and bolted back upstairs. I left it there for my husband to see when he got home, and I didn't touch it for 2 days. Just let my hair airdry.  I startled me that bad.  So far this week it's quiet but it is only Tuesday and now that things have started up I know it will continue. Hope you find this interesting, I sure did.





I Had to Move




well there a place in california in the city of westminster...its a st.called la pat.ive live there all my life there was some good an bad expiriences.There certain apartments that are really haunted..13811 apt.2 is the most haunted one that place is really haunted beacuse i grew up ion that place ..every night at 12;00 u can hear some one coming down the stairs ive had an expirience where i even saw a doll get up n walk towrds me..its was freaky..From what ive heard those apartment back in the 80 not sure of the yr.but alot of people died there from gang shootings n stabs..apartment number two is the worst because a man  live there n from what they tolod me he was into some trouble with some gang menbers n so he couldnt deal with it n hung him self....every night u can hear some one walking on the second story apartment when there really isnt anyone home..ive heard it cuz i used to live there n everytime i waould saty by my self ive expirienced that same are theres more apartment that are haunted for example apartment bulding 13826  apartment number 3 that apartment is haunted by a lil boy who we like to call junior he wasnt a bad ghost but he sure did loove to scare everyone that went to visit.even the pool in that place is haunted every night u can hear splashing n some one swiming n there no one there swiming hrs are from 10 am to 7 pm even the managers has to come out n check to see if its the childrem playing but like i said no one is there..wel hopefully u guys belive me because of all of those expiriences i had i had to telling u its been pretty scary living there so check it out..





"House Inhabited"





Every house has its own way of settling. Distinctive creaks, distinctive groans. To some it is a sense of comfort, others it is a nuisance, giving owners the idea that there are repairs to be made. It seems the older the home, the more it settles. It leads to a rhythm that most people grow accustomed to. My house has such a rhythm. It is comforting and peaceful, never foreboding or bothersome. there are familiar creaks and groans. You can hear the pipes rattle here and there despite the insulation and every now and then the sound of little feet scampering across the roof. But in my house, you also hear footsteps in the hall at night when all are asleep. You also hear your name being called when there is no one else home, or when someone is there but not the person who's voice you heard. In my house, you hear the loud banging of something heavy hitting the floor upstairs, only to find that a securely placed object has somehow landed several feet away from it's original resting place. Lights come on with no one there to turn them on. And our dog and cat watch someone pace the entrance way quite often, never scared but curious, almost as if they don't know why this person has not stopped to pet them. There are sightings, but not frequently. When there are sightings, they are very distinct and un-ignorable. Our inhabitant is male. How do I know? I feel it. And I have seen him, both from a distance and up close and personal. This man has made himself known to the women in our family. While in the kitchen one night, cleaning and putting away the remnents of dinner, my mother saw who she assummed to be my father step off the bottom step of our stairs and walk into the living room. How do I know that it was not him? I was in the living room at the time and there was no one there to walk into the living room. My mother was convinced my father was playing a joke on her and that I was in on it, with him hiding and waiting to scare the you know what out of her as he often liked to do. She looked in every room downstairs and my father was no where to be found. She called for him and he had been upstairs in the bathroom, occupied the entire time. A few weeks later, my mother was alone in the house, again working in the kitchen, when she felt someone lay their hand on her shoulder. She went cold and then she felt a gentle squeeze. This has happened several more times since then. She lets it go, saying it is our friendly inhabitant saying hello. As for me, well, I have seen him come down the stairs. I have heard him step fro the bottom step onto the parque wood floor of our entrance way and then I have seen his back walk as he walked into the living room. When I follow, he is gone. I have seen him peeking out at me from behind the partial wall between our living and dining room, his hat very visible while the rest almost blurred and transparent. This happens more often than not when I am alone in my house. I have also been awakened by a man's voice in my ear, almost yelling my name. It isn't my fathers voice. But it is male. I hear my name being called when I am downstairs from the upstairs bedroom while my dad is upstairs. But he has not called for me and swears by that. My most interesting moment happened late one night. I was asleep, but awoke when I felt someone staring at me intently. The hairs on the back of my neck raised and I knew someone was in the room with me. I rolled over and not one foot away from my own face was his. He was transparent, his face whitish, like it was formed from smoke. It was just his face, nothing else. It was like he was watching my while I slept, like this was a habit of his only this time I woke up. the face was friendly enough, but it was enough to cause my heart to leap into my throat. I had to slowly reach around him, the air was freezing, and turn on a light. When I did so, the face went away, but the feeling of him was still there. I sat up in my bed and I spoke to him.

"I am fine with you staying here. I am fine with you living with us and being with us and I am fine with the occaasional sighting, However, what you did just now was not ok. If you watch me, I don't want to know. I don't want to see you like that. You scared me and now I can't sleep. So, stay if you like, but DO NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

Since then I have only felt him with me in my room. I am never uncomfortable, but I am always watched. I know that much. I feel that much. And while I know he has made himself known to my mother, I feel as though he has attached himself to me. I am never alone. Even when I am alone in a room, there is always that feeling of another presence. This is no matter where I go. And while that does not scare me, I can say that at times, it is QUITE un-nerving.









Hi- I just wanted to share my story and to be reassured that I am not going crazy. I moved last summer to a small town in Maine. The house that I moved into is one of the original houses to this town- it is almost 250 years old. There was nothing out of the ordinary with the house until about 2 months of being there. I did some laundry and before I went to bed upstairs, I threw the clothes into the dryer- I know, not the brightest thing to do. Anyway, I got up the next morning and went downstairs and the dryer was still going. The clothes should have either burned or the motor should have caught on fire. This was 8 hours later and it was like I had just put the clothes in an hour ago. 

The dryer has worked fine since.

On another day a few weeks later, I woke up and the coffee maker was on but I had not set it up to do a delay brew. It was not hot so it had not been on long. The coffee maker has worked fine ever since.

The other day I came home and the storm windows upstairs were all

down- I had gone to open the windows to let some air in because it was warm that day. That night, however, they were calling for an early frost and temperatures in the 30's. The storm windows had been up ever since I moved in and no one has a key to the house but me and I had them installed the day after I moved in.

I do not have a bad feeling about the house, I feel like it is someone that may have lived in the house in years past that is continuing to look out for the house that they once enjoyed living in.




Hair on End





Heres my story. This sent me running with my hair standing straight up.

 It was in the summer and an elderly neighbor of mine had had a garage sale. It was getting dark and she had gone in her house for the night. I stayed outdoors to help her pack up things after the sale. I picked up military hat that was laying on the table getting ready to put it away, when suddenly I felt and heard a "hey!" in my ear. I was the only one outdoors at the time. I threw the hat down and ran into my!  The next day I told the neighbor about it, she laughed and said that was probably her husband because the hat had belonged to him, he was deceased. 



Growing up in Moraine





The small house where I grew up in had an entity or "ghost" if you will and he inhabited the upstairs of the home, which is where my bedroom was.  I call him a "he" because that's what I felt he was.

Every night soon after going to bed he would play games by bumping the bed, making it shake.  Not violently, but just if someone was kneeing the side of the mattress.  I would say out loud enough!  I want to go to sleep now and it would stop.

My bed was up against a wall just below an air vent.  One morning just after waking up, still half asleep and still lying in bed, I was looking up at the vent when suddenly one screw came loose from the wall leaving it dangling on the other.  Then suddenly the whole thing fell out heading directly towards my head.  I was absolutely frozen in sheer terror!  At the last possible nanosecond it flew a good 5 feet from the bed landing on the wooden floor leaving a sizable gash.

I don't believe my ghost had anything to do with the vent falling off of the wall, but I do believe he saved me from it.  After that, I had a new found respect for him and I would sometimes talk to him even though he couldn't talk to me, at least not that I could understand.  I was also no longer afraid of him after that.

There were two rooms upstairs, my room and a pool room / entertainment room.  One night while watching t.v. downstairs, my friend and I heard a very large crash with the sound of pool balls knocking in to each other.  We raced upstairs to find everything in order, including the pool balls which were still set in their triangle as if ready ready for a game. I told my mother about that but she told me it was our "active imagination" at work.

As if to prove a point, a few nights later my mother was with me watching t.v. downstairs when the exact same sound occurred.  I just looked at her and said I told you!

Every time you would walk down the stairs it was as if someone had their face pressed up against the back of your neck making the hair literally stand up.  I think my ghost was trying real hard to communicate with us.  Also, my mother became afraid to go upstairs after she heard the sound of the pool table being slammed.





Fort Carson


By: Anonymous


I'm writing in regard to Fort carson Colorado and would like to keep my name left out of this report should you post it on your site.

I'm stationed at Fort Carson As an MP. The past two nights  Myself and a few other MP's had been going to the old hospital here on post to scare some onf the rookies that we have gotten. Well the last night  we where there on of our patrols was hiding and waiting to scare the other guys in the hospital, and some how was locked in a closet and couldn't open it. Well at the same time some of the guys were outside and heard a loud scream. When the individual that was in the closet finnally got out and came out he was white as a sheet and told us he had got locked in a closet only he didnt lock someone else locked it. And started blaming the guys outside we were all laughing. We started making fun of him for screaming like a girl. He told us that that wasn't him screaming. he thought it was us that locked him in a closet and then was screaming to scare the crap out of him. the night before a few guys had went in the hospital and i never realy went back there because i just get a bad vibe from the place even when i just drive buy the place. any ways we go in there and  and we go to this room everyone calls the blood room. every time we go in there theres new  wet blood on the floor and walls and ceiling. then  i think that there are making someone mad because the same night that we were doing this there was a phone call to a room in a nother building where suppoivly a guy killed three people and the call happend we were told buy creditable sources that the call was staticy and he thought he heard some one talking and then it went dead. when these guys went to check it out the building was secured except one door and when they got to the room where the call had come from the door was locked and no one was in the room. And some nights when i've driven past the hill behind the new hospital i've seen things walking on the top of the hill. But also many other people have reported thigns like noises,and lights and childrens hand prints on the back of vehiclesand one of the guys were telling me they had a trained dog with them and they threw his ball down the hall way of the hospital and the k9 wouldn't even go down the hall to get i i think they said that was in on of the hall ways to the morgue or insane assyleme side but i wasn't accually there for that. Other people have reported seeing someone hanging thems selves off the watch tower at the old jail to but i dunno about that one. Only one i'm for sure it could possibley be haunted is the hospital cause i've accually been there and witnessed it. I didnt much belive in ghousts and that kinda stuff used to think it was a joke but when i was in high school my mother bought a house in the town i'm from in the mid west that had been built and used as a hospital and hotel and everything inbetween in the 1800's and some pretty non explainable things happend when i lived there throughout high school. The house was since condimmed and torn down an turned into a parking lot and plans to build a church fellow ship area on top of the ground. but thats all i got. thank you.





Forney Road, New Lebanon, OH



Hi. I see that you have a listing for Forney Road on your site. I grew up in New Lebanon and have always been afraid of this road. Local legends always talked about a "hook" man that would come after you and kill you. When I was a little girl, the "hook" man was a friend of my neighbor. His name was Henry and he was a crotchety old man. He may have chased a few kids away as he didn't like people snooping around his property which I can't blame him. Something happened to his hand and it was replaced with a hook. I was never afraid of him.

As kids, people would take us down this road and tell stories and scare us and it was fun. As I got a little older, I realized there are 2 parts to Forney Rd. One part is west of Lutheran Church Rd and the other is east. You have to make a slight right then left coming from either part. The part of Forney Rd just east of Lutheran Church Road has a very old grave yard. When I was a kid, I went to that graveyard but hadn't gone all the way down the road. Years later when I was sixteen, I had a horrific dream about a house that set on Forney Rd that had a long lane just to the right of it. I'd never seen this house before and just thought it was the dream, you know how dreams can put you in a place that doesn't make sense. Anyway, I delivered pizzas for a place in New Lebanon at the time and I went in to work and was telling about my dream and was laughing and saying that if we ever got a delivery for Forney Road, I was not taking it. We all laughed. We didn't start taking "delivery" calls until 4:00. The very next day at 4:00 the very first call we had was a delivery to Forney Road, of course I was the only delivery driver working that night so I had to take it. I answered the phone and the person asked if we delivered to Forney Road. I asked my supervisor and he laughed and said yes. We didn't deliver East of Lutheran Church Rd but I forgot to ask what part of Forney they were on. I reluctantly took the order out to the house. When I got there it was the house in my dream. Nothing happened of course but I was freaked out the rest of the night. I worked at that job probably a year after and never again had another call for Forney Rd.

Again, years later, I had a friend of my husband told me he was buying a house on Forney. It was that house. I don't remember why but he ended up not buying it. For some reason this house kept coming up. I haven't been back down that road since.

Nothing paranormal happened but I thought it was eerie that this house kept coming back to me even though I had initially never seen it before. I would love to know if something happened in that house or down that lane as my dream was extremely evil. It was a white two story farm house sitting on the south side of the road with a long lane to the right of it as you look at the house.





Dow House in Dow City, IA




The home was built in 1850 by Simon E. Dow. He was a prominate man in Iowa, and was at one time the mayor of town. There was two horrible fires that destroyed the barn and parts of the house, but is was rebuilt. The Dow's had 6 children. Three of which died while they were babies. The oldest daughter died shortly after her graduation of high school. The youngest son died at the age of 5 of TB.

The summer I was giving tours I had seen a ghost of a small boy through the door. When entering the servants quarters, you have an eerie feeling of anger. Something tells you to leave. I took every tour through this room and EVERY group said the same thing. In the early morning you can smell the smell of bacon cooking in my kitchen. At night you can see a woman on the balcony walking back and forth. Mrs. Dow would reportedly walk out onto the balcony in the evening to call her children in for bed. The balcony is currently very fragile and cannot be stepped on. The barn or carriage house was rebuilt after the fire. The upstairs was where the field hands would sleep. A tall man has been reported as sitting on the top of the stairs removing his boots.

Other than the servants quarters the house is very warm and inviting. Having spent my summers there as a pre-teen I can say, the spirits that inhabit the home are very nice and it is not at all a scary place.

**Note: It's on the national board of conservation. Website:




Buck Buck Cemetery



Buckskin cemetery on Buckskin road is one of the most haunted places in Defiance County. So much so that even the local Sheriff's office will chide you or deny existence of these happenings just to keep people away, but ask anyone other then the sheriff's office and all know of "Buck Buck" and warn you not to go to this place.

There is...something (some call it a large bigfoot looking thing, and others say that it is an overpowering feeling of extreme danger that makes you want to run away) that is in this place. And only the very foolish do not take heed.

Large handprints appear on cars with dents around them like something was pushing very hard, yet no sound is ever heard and nothing is seen. People are shoved roughly to the ground and sprains are common. Strange lights and movement are seen inside this cemetery at night even though the gates are locked and the fence is too high for anyone to crawl over or under. Neighbors report on some nights, moaning's and cry's are heard coming from this graveyard and that is when the neighbors close the blinds and lock the doors and windows. Pets are brought indoors as some have vanished never to be seen again and others will steadfast refuse to go outside again after dark. One pet dog refuses to even enter the part of the yard that faces this place and has tried to bite people that attempt to take him into this part of the yard.

A former Defiance College Professor and his son tried to document this, and returned the next day visibly white and shaken and both have refused to speak of what happened to this day. If asked they will go pale and deny it or just turn and walk away refusing to say anything. The last we know of them they moved over three and a half hours away from here and when asked why, they replied "you already know why."

Whatever resides in "Buck Buck" cemetery does not take kindly to strangers nor to people who stay after dusk, and will even play tricks on you during the day by causing you to see movement where none should be. If you decide to visit this place and this happens to you, take the warning and leave quickly or you too just might end up as one of this "thing's" many true believers.

Location: At the dead end of Buckskin Road in Defiance County Ohio




Another Ghost Story




Hello - I recently submitted a ghost story and wanted to submit another.  This one is about the experiences I had while living in the first house my hubby and I bought. 

The Haunted House on Mine Hill ----My hubby and I bought our first house in 1998.  It was a cute cottage style house on a picturesque street called Mine Hill.  For the first 18 months or so things were normal but suddenly we started having weird little things happen.  The 1st thing - and admittedly the oddest - was that everytime I washed my face at night I would take off my top so I wouldn't get makeup or water on my shirt and when I had my eyes closed I would feel a tickle on my back always on the left side right by my bra strap.  This was so strong a sensation that the 1st time it happened I though it was my hubby  joking around and I was scoulding him saying that if he caused me to get cleanser in my eyes I would get him! After I rinsed my face off I turned to playfully reprimand him and no one was there!  I finished up and walked into the bedroom and ask him about it and he had no idea what I was talking about.  This happened almost every night!  I just eventually got used to it.  It wasn't really spooky because there was a playful, teasing feel to it.  The next thing that began to happen was that very late at night the TV would sometimes turn off by itself.  We also began to hear very loud crashing sounds as though pictures had fallen off the wall  and when we went to investigate nothing would be out of place.  Things only seemed to happen when my hubby and I were home but finally, we had an occurance when my mom was visting.  She and I were sitting in the living room talking about my grandfather who had been dead for about 10 years years - he was a BIG believer in the paranormal - and we suddenly heard the oven timer go off in the kitchen.  Odd becasue we were not cooking and that timer had not been touched in a long time because I always used the microwave timer when I cooked.  I got up and turned it off and we were both saying that it was so strange especially given the subject of our conversation so we return to the living room and just as we are about to sit down the timer goes off again!!  We both were amazed because you can excuse away the first occurance but to have it happen twice is crazy!  The next weird thing was I began to hear a man call my name from another room, for instance, if I was in the living room I would hear a man call my name from the bedroom.  It was faint but distinct and this would happen only when I was alone.  When I told my hubby he sort of jokingly said that our ghost must be male and given that he tickles my back when my shirt was off he must like me!  As absurd as that is,  it did freak me out a little I must admit!

So this stuff continued to happen the entire time we lived there but we just kind of got used to it. After living there for 6 years we started to consider moving up and buying a nicer house.  The first night we talked about selling our house the smoke detector in the hall went off at three in the morning.  We jumped out of bed  in a panic and we found that everything was ok.  The next day we checked the detector and changed the batteries just in case there was a problem with them but a few days later it happened again.  In fact,  it happened so frequently that we took the batteries out and only used the the detectors in the kitchen and living room.  I finally came to the conclusion that this was the ghost's way of saying he did not approve of us leaving!

We sold our home in August of 2004 and the movers were packing everything up and we decided to go around to the neighbors and say goodbye and what our next door neighbor told us explained it all!  We were chatting with him telling him about our new home and how we would miss this house because it had been our 1st home  and he said that the previous owners ( he remained friends with them after they moved)  felt the same when they moved.  He said they had raised their children there and told him that would always love the house because of the wonderful memories it held for them.  Then he said something that absolutely freaked me out.  He went on the say what a tragedy that about a year and a half after the previous owners left that the man had been killed in an accident!!!!  As my hubby and I walked away we looked at each other and we knew both who our ghost was. The previous owner had died about 18 months after leaving the house and that's when our paranormal experiences began and all long my hubby had said he felt it was a male ghost....I cannot explain this but I do know that nothing like this has happened since we moved to our new home.  Oh and by the way, the only person who tickles me now is my hubby!





3 Spirits





So far I have 3 spirits in my home. One is a man who appears in a black sillouette and I've had 4 people confirm it. 3 of which have had him stand over her more than once. My best friend has had him stand over her 2 times, she also claims that the spirit followed me to my new home. My mother says that I have a Gardian Angel, but I'm not sure. I was wondering if you could verify. So far, he has stood over all of my friends and one has even heard him yell.

I also have a weird feeling when our shitzu died. She died on my mom'sbed and ever since I feel like I'm beeing followed and watched. This only happens when I go in to my mom's room.

One last one is when my kitten died, she was hit by a car and killed. Before she died I would let her into my room and she would walkon my computer desk. I have had a few experiences dealing with her. After she had died, I was lying in bed and my computer mouse moved causing my screen to come on. This has happened twice. Also, she used to sleep on my bed and after she had died, I was in bed and the space between my legs, covers and all, made a depression as if she was lying down. It frightened me very much so I jumped out of bed and turned my light on and she was sitting on my bed.  I have since switched rooms and since has been freezing cold in that room. I also get the feeling that I am being watched.



My Old House





In 1971 I was 9 years old and about to move from the area of Midway Airport in Chicago to a brand new house in the suburb of Palos Hills.  Ours was the first house built in a brand new development.  When we first looked at the area it was a large farm with a apple and pear orchard.  The roads had just been put in and they were selling the lots.  We bought a lot on 84th ave directly across from the small orchard.  As they were building our new house, our family would go to the site and take home movies and pictures.  My folks were very proud of their new house in the Burbs.  As they excavated the site for the basement, they uncovered numerous Indian artifacts such as pottery, tools, and arrowheads.  When we closed on the finished house, my Grandmother and I stayed the night in the house and the rest of the family came the next day with the moving truck.  During the first night I kept hearing footsteps.

As the years went on, we all would hear footsteps and creaking steps on the stairway and upstairs hallway.  Several times my Dad would come into my room and tell me to stop walking around at night and I would tell him that it was not me but the ghost.  I could hear the footsteps actually come into my room and I would hide under the covers so my Dad thought it was me walking the floors at night.  As I hit my teen years and would stay up late, I could hear the front door open and then the footsteps go upstairs and down the hall.  Funny thing is the front door was locked with a dead bolt so it actually didn't open but you still heard it open.  I began talking to the ghost when he would come in to the house at night.  I would say hi to it, and goodnight to it when I went to bed.

After high school, I enlisted in the Navy.  The last weekend I lived in the house before I went in the service was when it happened.  I was getting ready for bed for the last time in this house and I went to the upstairs hall bathroom.  It was dark and as I entered the bathroom I flipped on the light.  As the light came on and I looked in the mirror, there he was plain as day in full color.  Standing next to me and just back of my right side was an Indian!  He was a full body and looked as solid as anyone, wearing a loincloth.  He was just looking at me in the mirror.  I was frozen in place for about 5 seconds just looking at this vision in the mirror.  I then spun around to look directly at him and there was nothing next to me.  I looked back at the mirror but he was gone.  I never felt threatened all through the years and I guess he showed himself to me because I would actually talk to him and maybe he knew it was my last night in the house.

My folks sold the house and moved two years later but they sold the house to a cousin.  My folks never told them about our Ghost.  In 2007, I returned to the house for the first time in 24 years.  I had to ask if they ever "Heard" anything in the house at night.  I was happy to hear that they have heard someone walk the stairs, hallway and back bedroom almost every night since they bought the house from my Folks.  My friend the indian is still on watch.  Research showed the land was actually the land of the Potowatami tribe so I am guessing he was a Potowatami Brave.





Univeristy of Michigan Bersley Dorm




This is my experience at the Bersley Dorm in the fall of 1991.

I was a senior in high school visiting a friend who was a year older and a freshman at the Art School on University of Michigan’s North Campus. We slept in her dorm room which she shared with a roommate who was gone for the night. I slept in the top bunk and when night came, we drifted off to sleep.

…I woke to a solid thump on my forehead by a palm. I jolted upright and looked around the room. Looked below at my friend Karen sleeping soundly. I then got very afraid. I believed in spirits. I slowly drifted back to sleep, but was suddenly put under a trance. I couldn’t open my eyes or ‘get outta’ my body. I screamed on the inside and all around me I could hear the effects of a party going on, there were voices of people laughing and having a good time.

I then felt a cold hand move up and down my body, like a male thick hand feeling my breasts and private area up. It was a cold, tingly feeling. I was going crazy trying to open my eyes and scream . Then as quick as it came, it left.   I opened my eyes and looked around. Nothing but dark quiet. One whole side of my body was cold to the touch. I felt so exposed and vulnerable.

Of course my friend was knocked out with sleep. I laid back down and remained awake until the morning and promptly left.



An Experience




when I was 16 I woke in the middle of the night , I lived in a Trailer court in painted Post Ny . I was awakened by a Noise coming from the living room, I ran out to see what it was and someone around the age of 25 to 30 was sitting in a reclined state in my fathers chair, I froze scared out of my wits then finally had enough courage to ask, Do I know you , he said I am your brother Philip.

I ran to my room screaming and I woke my father up by screaming.

he ran to my room asking what was wrong with me I said there is someone in your chair.He ran out to see who it was he came back and stated to me there is no one there were you sitting in my chair? I said no a man was he said well come look and I went to see that the chair was still reclined back as someone was sitting in it. as to this day I remember it very well.

when I told my Mother of my experience she informed me she had a Miscarriage a few years before I was born and she had named him Phillip, I had goose bumps !




Creepy Basement




      Well how do I start this very weird story. Well I guess from the beginning, I work at a place where I have to go to the basement to get supplies and ect and everytime I go down to the basement I am o.k. in certain area's of the basement. I get to an area that just gives me the creeps and I get goosebumps and I just have a weird sensation through out my body of someone watching me or in the room with me. I decided to do any experiment and I took my camera down to the basement and just take pictures of the whole area in the basement and when I got to the creepy or spooky part of the basement I just had a weird feeling that someone was there with me and I am so scared to go to the basement alone I have a friend of mine go with me and he would follow me through the basement while I am taking the pictures and I was about to take one last picture of this door way that freaks me out from the inside of the dark room. I was focusing on the door way and I backed up to get a better view and I felt like I ran into a box or something and so I moved to one side and it was still touching me and then I moved to the other side and I said---- Ed what the h*** am I backing into and he said - what I said- what am I backing into or what is touching my back, am I touching a box or something and he said what are you talking about there is nothing behind you

      I looked behind me to see what was touching my back and there was absolutely nothing behind me and I said-- OH SH**!!!!! Oh my God - Oh my God and I turned off my camera and ran back up stairs. But the wierd part was when I got home and I went to bed and the next morning I decided to see what my camera had on it for pictures and if there was anything that is not normal that should be in the photo's and all of them was just fine just pictures of junk in the basement!!! Until the one picture that I first took of the door way that leads into the spooky room that freaks me out everytime I go down to the basement. I stood in the hall and took the picture of the door way that leads into the spooky room and there is something in that picture..... When you first look at it you really see nothing.... until you start to zoom in and then that is were all sh** breaks zoom in and from what I can see is a young man about 25 - 30yrs old just sitting there with his knees up and his arms across them and just has his head tilted just a bit and looking right at me as I was taking his picture. You can see his hair parted on the side and eyes and nose and shape of his whole face. I will send you the photo and you tell me if you see what I see. But the funny thing is when I felt something touching my back was taken shortly after this picture of the young man was taken and that would have meant he would have been behind me when I was taking the last picture because my back was to him when I took that last picture and then freaked out and ran back up stairs.




Ghost Cats





I have two stories that I would like to share.  I have wondered if it is because I love my animals so much that God has allowed two of my pets to visit me after they were gone.  I guess it is something that I will understand when I have left this earth.  My stories are as follows:

I have loved animals my whole life and lost my cat, Domino, whom I loved dearly, several years ago. I had him for 15 years and he was about 17 when he died due to complications from kidney failure. After he died I got two kittens from a local shelter. I named them Joshua and Caleb. They would often wake me up in the mornings, jumping on the bed and running across me. There were many times that I would lie in bed after waking up and close my eyes, not wanting to get up. I would then hear a noise like one of my cats jumping on the bed and then feel what I thought was one of them walking around on the bed. When I would look around to see which one of them had joined me there would not be anything there. This has continued even though I moved to a new location.

In February, I lost Caleb, who was only 5 years old. He had been sick due to a bladder obstruction since early in the month but that had cleared and I put him on the new food that the vet recommended. My roommate arrived at home after work one day and Caleb was running ahead of her, excited to get the little bit of canned food he would get every afternoon. All of a sudden, he collapsed and seemed to have a seizure. My roommate rushed him to the vet, whose office was only 5 minutes away, but he could not detect a heartbeat. Needless to say, I was devastated when I found out what had happened. About 2 weeks later I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of Caleb's meow, which was very distinctive. I sat up in bed and saw what looked like Caleb except for the fact that he was glowing. I could even see the stripes that he had. I put my hand out to touch him, the glowing dissipated and he just faded away. I think that he came back to visit me because of the deep sadness that I had due to his loss. I still miss him but I am glad that I was able to give him a good home for the time that he was here. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.




Ghost in My Old House






Years ago when my family owned this house, me and my older brother on two different occasions saw the same ghost of a woman.  When each of us saw her we were alone.

My experience was on a new years, I was home alone and everyone else was out celebrating.  I was 13-15 years old at the time.  I was in my basement (furnished) and around 2am I heard my mom call my name loud and clear saying my name and calling out that she was home.  I ran up the stairs to the main floor of the house and looked around and no one was home.  I went out side figuring she went to the car, and her car was not there.  So I go back in the basement to turn off all the lights because I was freaked out, and went and was watching tv in the upstairs family room, and no more than 10-15 min later after being up there i see a woman wearing a dress like this  but white (not exact but similar) with her hair up in a bun/pinned up standing right in my kitchen.  She was standing there like she was walking by the door and stopped with her head turned looking over her shoulder in the room at me like she was trying to make sure I was alright.  I was froze staring at her for till she turned her head facing it forward and she moved down the hall.

My older brother saw the same woman but her whole body was facing him and he said it looked like there was a fan pointed at her and her hair was down and blowing around and so was her dress.  She did not call to him in my mothers voice like what happened with me.  Also unlike me once he saw her he hid his head in the pillow, and only saw her for like 5 sec before hiding.

I know friends that would stay over would say that they would hear foot steps at night like someone was walking around (which is the area directly below where I saw the woman) 

Also me and my brother would always get a strange feeling like we were not the only people in the basement and like there was something bad down there.  previous owners use to play with Ouija boards in the basement.  One time door closed by itself going to the basement (door knob was on backward so you had to turn the knob to close it)

Also before moving out of the house there were a few times where the floor would start shaking.




Ghost Story




I lived in Dubuque Iowa up until I was 3yrs old. It was me, mom and my sister who is only 13months younger then I am. We stayed at my grandparents house for a while, until my mom got us our own apartment. My grandparents house was down in older Dubuque, though most of Dubuque is old! It was off of Lincon Ave. Right across the street from an "old folks home". The house was beautiful, big white house with black trim. Still is, well it was last year when I was back. My grandma had 7 kids, one of which was my mom. Of course I was so small when we lived there I dont personally remember encountering anything. Though the stories could go on forever between the seven kids (my aunts and uncles) and my grandparents. They eventaully sold the house when I was oh about 11yrs old. And that was about the time they started telling me stories. Guess they never figured I was old enough to hear them. The one that sticks out in my head the most is one my grandma told me. (who has since passed on, MISS YOU Grandma!) It was early one weekday morning and everyone had gone to work or school. She went down stairs and layed down on the couch, which was pushed up against a half wall that led up the stairs. Her head being next to the bottom of the stairs. she closed her eyes and layed there for a moment in silence, until she heard someone slowly coming down the stairs. She thought maybe my aunt who was living with her at the time had not gone into work that day, so she called out to her, "ande?" No one answered, "Bob?" my grandpas name she called out next. Though she knew it couldnt be him, as he was off to work at 4am and had been long gone for the day. The foot steps stopped, and she felt something lightly brush their hand, or whatever it might of been over the top of her head, just barley touching her hair. My grandmas first language was spanish, she learned english later in life. When she felt this brush over her head, she freaked out and the first thing out of her mouth was "lord protect me!" in spanish. She jumped up swung around to face the staricase and heard something moan and thump back up the steps, but nothing was there! She herself ran out side, in her pj's hair a mess for all the neighbors to see!

When the house was sold, after basically raising 7 children in it they figured they didnt need such a big house and wanted a ranch style home in their old age... they moved to Norman Oklahoma. The house was sold to a family with 2 small children, a husband and a wife. An aunt of mine and an uncle of mine still resided in Dubuque Iowa. When my aunt got married the whole family went back to good ol' Dubuque for the wedding. Old neighbors, of the haunted house on Lincon house were invited to the wedding and old friends too. The day after the wedding us girls, my 3 aunts my mom and my sister and my who was 14 now went out for lunch. We met the next door neighbors that they grew up with at the resturant. A while into chatting one of the neighbors that my mom and aunts grew up with living next door said they knew the people who lived in the old house on Lincon and were in fact pretty good friends with them. She suggested that if we all wanted to she could see if they would let us in and show us around, let us see what they had done with the place as far as remolding and redecorating. Everyone agreeded and were all excited to go back to the home they grew up in. We had it arranged to go over there that evening for drinks and a tour! Of course all I was drinking was apple juice! We arrived the family showed us all around and it brought back so many memories, mostly for my mom and aunts as I was so little when we did live there. When the tour and memories were over we all sat at the table for some drinks. Just wrapped up in conversation, laughing remembering when the mother that lived there sat quietly for a moment sort of staring at nothing. I remember her blank expression. It was like she was trying to think of a way to bring up soemthing that may be offensive or that she may be thought of as crazy for talking about. It sort of broke in the conversations and while everyone sort of sat quiet for a second taking a sip of their drinks the mother jsut out of no where asked..."when you all lived here, did you ever hear a baby crying or a woman crying?" Everyone sat quietly and answered no. Even though that was a lie. the mother continued "yeah we have an infant and thought many times that it was our child crying from the other room, but our 4yr old was holding him one day and the crying was coming from upstairs, and we were all in the living room." So the mother continued on with her stange noises and cold spots. All the while none of my aunts nor my mother say anything. Shortly after that conversation begins we all leave. I later asked my mom why no one told the lady any of their stories about the house being haunted and she said that when you buy a house you are supposed to tell the buyer everything about it, even if you sound crazy if you tell them something like we think its haunted. And that house was def haunted. There was another time when I was 18yrs old when I went back to visit my aunt in Dubuque, from Denver which is where I live now. Dubuque is a pretty friendly place and so we drove by the old house on Lincon about 8 in the evening on a summer night. We got brave and decided to go knock on the door and see if the person who lived there now, (we werent sure if it was the same family) would let us in to look around again and reminice. To our surprise a woman answered the door, and we didnt recognize her. It was a new family living there. We said who we were, and told her it was ok if she didnt want to let us in because we were strangers and it was sort of an odd request. She smiled and laughed and said no of course come in! She walked us upstairs showed us all the rooms. My aunt had an experience in one of the rooms upstairs where she swore she saw a figure of a woman with long black hair in a white night gown on several occasions. This room was always the coldest rooms in the house, no matter how hot it was out (No A/C) that room was always freezing and the closet door never stayed shut, and was even colder. When we got to this room, it was a baby nursery at this time, and my aunt not thinking sort of got a chill and said "uhoo this is the ghosts room, Ednas." (She named her) My aunt sort of looked at the lady like oooppps, and the lady was like oh no this whole house is haunted. We hear crying and moaning and steping up and down the steps, cabintes open on their own we hear doors open and shut. This is the 3rd family that has lived there, including my own. All of which agree the house is haunted. I cant wait for our next adventure, maybe Ill be bold enough again to go knock on the door and see who lives there now, and ask for a tour! Im 23 now, so its been a while! There are so many stories and I hope I havent bored you with this. I could go on forever telling the stories my family has told me. I think it's be way interesting to have one of thoes ghost hunter shows go investagate it, and see what they find! Thanks for listening!





Ghostly Experiences





I've just been reading some of the ghostly experiences on the shadowlands website, and felt that I should write and share my own.

I've had several experiences over the years, that I can't readily explain. There are all the usual, hairs standing up, cold breezes, feelings of being watched etc. but two specific incidents stand out as being something more.

The first of these happened to me as I lay alone in bed, at our holiday flat, in a small seaside resort, on an Island just off the west coast of Scotland, about five years ago.

The flat itself, is a small one-bedroom property, on the ground floor, and was formerly used as a shop in years gone by. It has a pleasant feel, and people often remark how comfortable and "homely" it feels. I haven't experienced any incidents prior to the one I'm relating here, with the small exception of sometimes catching a movement, out of the corner of my eye, near the front porch area. I always dismissed this as someone passing the front door, until one night my wife looked up at exactly the same time and said "Did you see that?"  We both thought that the figure of a woman had gone from left to right across the inside of our small porch. I immediately jumped up and looked up and down the street outside, and you can see for several hundred yards in each direction, but there was nothing there.

Anyway, on the night of the first incident that I am going to relate, I had locked up, gone to bed, and fallen asleep, only to wake up with a start, sometime in the early morning around 4am. All of my senses were screaming at me that something was very wrong, and at first I thought that someone had broken into the flat or something. It was then that I tried to get up, to investigate what was wrong, and realised that I was completely and totally paralysed. I had managed to open my eyes when I woke up, but now could not even move them. It was then that I felt a horrible, huge, powerful and threatening presence, which I perceived to be in the hallway, just outside my closed bedroom door. I can only describe it as being like a large angry bull or something, pacing the hallway, breathing heavily. I lay completely motionless, still paralysed, staring at the ceiling, when I suddenly realised that the presence was moving. It had managed to get through the (still closed) door into the bedroom, and was gliding, floating, silently across the foot of my bed. The presence felt very evil and powerful, and I have to admit, that by this point I was absolutely terrified, and by the way, I am 6'3" tall, fairly intelligent, logical, well-built and not easily scared! The presence continued to move, silently across the room, to a point where the bedroom window is, and, as it made its' way through the area where the closed window is, the feeling of dread and fear lifted, and within seconds, the paralysis completely stopped, and I was able to look across to the window and doorway. Both were still closed, and there was no sign of any disturbance. It may or may not be significant that the bedroom window overlooks the entrance path which leads to an old church?

The second incident happened about 12 months ago. We have a young son now, who was about 2 then, and it was quite a nice day in the quiet village where I live, in west central Scotland, so I had decided to take him out in his 3-wheeler pram for a walk. Shortly after leaving the house, I felt like we were being watched, or possibly even followed. There were the rustle of leaves in the hedgerow or small stones rattling softly on the road behind us, even though there was no breeze. I felt the hairs rise on the back of my neck, and several times, I whirled round quickly, to try and catch sight of whatever was there, but never did. It was then that I decided I didn't want to go any further away from the centre of the village, out into the country, so I doubled back and headed for the local play-park, so my son could play on the swings etc. You'd think that the cheerful surroundings of a children's play park would have relieved the feelings, but it actually got worse. This continued for about 5 minutes, until I felt drawn to look across the field which borders the back of the park. There, about 100 yards away stands a line of trees, at the lower end of the field, this is met at right angles, by a second row of trees heading away into the distance, in a second field. My eyes suddenly focused on the tree which stands nearest the junction of the two rows of trees. This tree was shaking back and forth, rhythmically, and forcefully, as if being physically shaken. The trees on either side, as well as the row of trees heading away at right angles did not move at all. It was very still, and there wasn't even the slightest breeze, but this one tree was shaking very much, and all of the others nearby were completely motionless.

This was pretty scary, but I was determined to find out what was causing it, so I left the park, and headed down the road which would take me to a point directly at the end of the row of trees, so that I could look down the row, to see if anything could be causing the tree to move. I felt the same "following" presence all the way down the road, to the end of the line of trees, and even heard twigs snap behind us on at least three occasions, but every time I turned round, nothing was there. There was nothing to see, along the line of trees, and by the time I got there, the one moving tree had stopped. I continued walking a little further, to see if anything else would happen, but a couple of minutes later, the feeling of being followed suddenly stopped. The presence left, and everything immediately felt fine. I went back over our route, and found nothing out of order. I've never seen anything else like this since, and I still can't explain it. There was no wind to move the tree, and even if it was a freak gust or something, it lasted for several minutes, and didn't affect any of the surrounding trees.

I am happy for these incidents to be posted and shared via the website if required.

If anyone has any thoughts on either of these incidents, please feel free to get in touch!




Grandmother's Sign





Hey i am a really big fan of the site.

A few years ago i lost my grandmother it was a really hard blow for my whole family but most of all me. One day we where all praying for her soul to go in peace when something really creepy happened we had a little table in the middle of the living room with her picture in the middle and flowers on each side of the picture when all of a sudden i  show the picture moving and the flowers fell to the ground. It scared me  because their was no way it could have happen cause the way everything was set up her picutre was exactly in the middle of the table and the flowers side by side and i am the only one that saw it slide off the table and their was a big candle in front of the picture and it was not touch at all. the weird thing about it was that it was lighted and it turn off when the flower fell and their was no wind at all that night. i would like to think it was her way of  telling me she was ok.

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