My Experience with Hauntings in Noosa QLD Australia





I lived in Noosa for a long time, well i moved there as a child of about 4 years and left when i was 18.

Noosa is a kind of tourist destination mostly populated by the wealthy.I have heard a few rumours of covens of satanists on Mount Timbeerwah not only by christians but also but pagan's and wiccans ( a wiccan who found her pet goat beheaded in her yard 3 days after it went missing).Also the very much haunted 'Old Murdering creek road'.Also rumors of kittens and dogs thrown off the mountain onto the barbed wire and tree's below.Apparently this happens on fridays,saturdays or sundays.

Anyway what happened to me has nothing to do with those cases but to do with the forest reserve that faces the front of my previous house and home at 125 Butler street Tewantin (suburn of Noosa).As a child ,i would often walk through the forest,there is a boardwalk but i prefered roughing it in the bush, one particular day we found a potato bag with a dead dog in it.During my late teens, i went through a phase of the wiccan religion.One day i was chanting out in my garden,i never did it again because i was chased into my house by something that i couldn't see.Late one night i was dragged from my sleep by my arms,once again by something i could not see.I have also witnessed a sugar jar move by itself and smash on the ground when nothing was within 10 metre's of it.

I suggest digging up info on Noosa, because i want to know if anyone else has experienced this.

I now live in Brisbane, apparently one of the most haunted places in Qld in possibly the most well known gang neighborhood, sorry no haunting here yet :P



My Spirit Friends and Family




I feel kinda funny telling you these things because frankly most people don't understand and if you tell them they get freaked out and don't understand. I moved to Goldenvalley Aroizona almost 5 years ago and my 2nd night here i noticed some ligths out the window that i can not discribe. They are and were the most brightist and awahing thing you would ever see. I watched them for months on end lo and behold I turned around one evening to look up into my light in my room and seen the most hansom manlooking back at me with the most brilint smile you could ever imagine. We had more encounters then I can name and at first I thought this satan devil his self could of be behind this smile. They many of them turned out after time to be the most heaven sent beings in my life. The talk to me in their own way and always look out for me and give me more love in more ways then people ever could. Theres never a item lost in my life thats including me. If I am out in about they make sure what road Iam on I am never lost I can't began to tell you all these spirits do for me. Ever where I look they are there and always with a smile or a loving thought and always ready to help. It was not always like that I had ti gain their trust.They have never said where they are from.<but do they need to? My life down here on earth is to (as crazy as it may sound is to bring spirits from earth bound deminsions and lower places back to god the loving Father) So therse spirits were right on the money .



Dirt Road in Hamburg





I am at Henderson State University, but I am from Hamburg, AR, best known for being the boyhood home and current town of residence for Scottie Pippen.  However, what happened to me didn't involve any sports.

At the south end of Hamburg is a restaurant, and along the south side of this restaurant is a dirt road.  This road goes for about 100 yards, curves left, and then is straight for about four miles.  This road is where the "spook light" (will o' wisp) resides.  At first, I didn't believe, but I've been about 25 times, and there were only about three times when I didn't see it.  One time in particular was extremely creepy.  About three miles down this road, the trees get thicker, and you cross over two small wooden bridges.  This is where you would normally see the white-bluish light, just floating along through the ditch, and every now and then crossing the road.  Once you cross the bridges, the trees open up, and Highway 52 is a about half a mile in front of you, but there are rarely any people on it at night.  I was with my family looking for the light, and we were heading towards Highway 52 (which means that for three miles behind us, there is nothing) and we saw the light about 100 or so feet behind us.  It started to cross the road, but stopped in the middle, turned a reddish-orange, and started coming at us.  We took off.  It got back in the ditch, turned bright red, and chased us to the end of the trees, and we could still see it glimmering when we got to the highway.=








i was researching on google for similar experiences and noted one story by someone that lived in the same area as me in germany (hohne) a place where british army now lives which is situated near bergen-belsen concentration camp and the camp itself was a place the ss soldiers lived. I lived on camp in a flat from the ages of 6-9 so i dont know much about the origins of the flat however something was not right with it. It was the exact same desing as the rest on camp 3 floors with 2 flats on each floor a cellar and an attic. Everyone elses flat had a cellar that could be accessed from the front door and going down some stairs or from climbing down ladders at the side of the flat on outside. Ours was different however ours was different, when you opened the door to the stairs leading to the cellar they had been CONCRETED over with a variety of old junk such as lawnmowers belonging to nobody pilled on top, and on the outside instead of the cellar there were two small rooms the one on the right hand side had chains with cuffs at the end hanging from the wall with no way into the usual cellar format of the other flats. Once in a while my parents would have a function since my dad was in the army and i would stay at home watch tv go to bed ect. However on a couple of nights i would make myself a drink or some toast and on bringing it to my mouth my arm would freeze i could move rest of my body but couldnt move my hand to my mouth. Also we were on the top floor for flats all there was was the attic above us, however regularly i would hear running about, banging and footsteps and whispering above me while lying in my bunk bed.



Old Lady Haunting






After reading some of the stories on your site, I decided to share mine with everyone. And I'm so glad to see that there are many people that have seen, heard, or had other experiences with ghosts and spirits. That means I'm not crazy!

Some coincidence, the year of my experience was 1994. I was 28 and had just moved into an old farm house with my three young children.

One night while the children were at their grandparents house, I kept hearing something that sounded like footsteps upstairs. Of course, nothing was there that I could see. A few times after that, I would hear the door in my livingroom open and close--I had a couch infront of the door because I didn't use it!

One night, while sleeping, I just woke up. Didn't know why, then I saw something move by my bedroom door. I sat up and watched as an old woman, dressed in a white night gown with the lilttle bonnets they used to wear, walked over to my bed and sat down at my feet. I couldn't move! I just sat there and stared at her, then she was gone.

The next day I went down the road to a friends house and was telling her and her mom about what had happened. I was then told that by the description of the old lady that it was the old lady, Mrs. McNeil, who had owned the house. She and her husband had both died there. He was upstairs when he passed away, which would explain the footsteps. My friends mom said that Mrs. McNeil was a very freindly person and she was probably just checking to see if I was friendly also. Maybe she was welcoming me into their home!?





One of My Several Experiences





When I was 19-years-old (I am now 37) I lost my fiance' and the love of my life in an automobile accident in September of 1990. I was deeply depressed and overcome by grief as we were so very close and had planned our life together and he had recently put a downpayment on a house (that he was going to surprise me with) according to his mother. Anyway- New Year's eve a few months after his death, I had managed to pull myself together to go out and have a drink at a local bar and ran into his brother. I missed my fiance so much and felt like I should drive out to his place to at least be near where he was (used to be) in my case. I went in his room and laid down on his bed, I found some comfort in this strangely enough. I then got up and went out on the porch. I was in the house alone as everyone was out celebrating the New Year. I stood on the porch and it was so deathly quite and was standing there crying grief striken because I missed him so much. Then the wind started blowing, really blowing and I thought I heard someone call my name.

I thought I was going crazy, but then I heard it again and again. It scared me so bad that I bolted off of the porch and got in my car and raced down the drive way. While I was driving away, I felt in my heart that it had to be him trying to comfort me. I have felt his presence on several occasions.



Runyon Park of Lockport Illinois





One night my friend, my mom and i went to runyon park because we heard of the so called "hauntings" but we mostly went to walk the trails. well we went there around 1pm and we walkk up the hill to where the flag pole used to be, it was raining really hard and it was humind, but when we were by the flag pole we all got freezing cold. after that we went back and walked to the grave yard and we took a video off of my phone. the video did not come out good it came out really blurry and disturted there was glowing around the sight right night to the grave yard. when we came closer to the grave stone on the far right we say a dark figure laying down with its feet up against the gave stone. we ran out of there and we were planning on leaving. so we went threw the main park and stood on the bridge for a few minutes and suddenly we heard loud humming (sounded like a female) it sounded like it was right in our ear. when we got to the middle of the bridge the flowing water got really choppy and loud, it started hitting hard agains the bridge. after we left a few nights later in my  mom's room a burnt out light bulb had turned on in the middle of the night at exactly 3am, and at 3:01am the night shut off and didnt work again. we may have brought a spirit home, seeing that my friend had yelled a very old looking shoe for a long time. 




The Sandman




When I was a young, still in grammar school, my family and I moved in with my mother's new husband in a small but old house. The house had two floors, a ground floor and a full basement. For about three years, the basement served as a play-room. It was also used for storage and laundry because of a another walled off room, which had a kind of cement closet attached. To be in that section of the basement was to be totally seperated because the door to the room would always seem to be shut even when my mother was doing laundry. She believed the door was old as was the house and that old houses have quirks like that because of re-adjusting. This all made perfect sense, and yet she always seemed to be slightly frightned when the door would shut hard on it's own. It got to the point where anyone that had to be in that room did whatever they had to do very quickly and then got out in a hurry, especially at night. It was about two years into living in this house that my sister and I would play a certain game in the playroom at the same time every day. There were no clocks in the basement, but it seemed like at a certain time (I think it must have been around 4p.m.)my sister and I would get a sense of urgency to hide. When we hid, we were silent because to be found was bad. The thing that searched for us wasn't human, but it had a human form. It was a black mass in the shape of a human, very definate in that it was there. It would crawl through a crack in the laundry room door, the same door that would shut on it's own opened on it's own just enough to let this thing through and then it would close again. Once it got out, it would search for us. We always hid in the same places, places we found were safe. I would hide under an old bed that was kept there to serve as a couch or spare room for guests if need be. My sister hid in the toy chest which was large enough to fit her inside and close the lid. She watched what was happening through an enlarged hole in the front where a lock for the chest used to be. We called this thing "The Sandman" because to be touched by it was to have whatever part of your body touched to feel like it had "fallen asleep". You know that slightly painful prickly feeling you get in your feet if you sit a certain way for too long? When you were touched, the feeling wouldn't go away until the sandman went back through the door. Believe me when I say that I personally would go to great lengths not to be touched, and whatever the thing was it didn't seem to have the ability to reach any further than a human could. This went on for about a year befor our play-room turned into my parents bed-room. They rebuilt the interior on that half of the basement and put a lock on the laundry room door. I still am not sure why they put a lock there, I don't recall being taken seriously about the sandman or if we even told my mother. I have asked her if she remembers hearing us tell her about it, but she has no memory of the thing in the basement. She only remembers the door closing on it's own and admits that she hated to be down there alone because she always felt like something was watching her while she did laundry. This makes sense to me because I was always positive that whatever it was we saw originated in the cement closet, which was directly across from the washer and dryer. I don't remember even the adults being brave enough to go into that closet, it was longer than it should have been and had a dirt floor. There were no shelves, just an overhanging light and a wooden door with a latch. That latch was always fastened and that door never opened on it's own. I think if it had my mother very likely would have demanded that we move. She was a skeptic but she was no fool and trusted her intution without a doubt. I think that may have ultimately been the reason for the second lock. For years after we left that house (we moved when I was about twelve) I would think back on the year of the sandman and wonder if there was some explanation. I considered that maybe I had created a game and my sister went along just to play with her older sister. I can clearly remember seeing the thing, and the feeling of it touching me, but my logic tried to determine a more reasonable explanation. A game made up by a kid with a very active imagination made sense. That's all I believed it was until years later, when my sister and I were adults. One day for no real reason, she asked me if I remembered the sandman and the play-room in the basement. We talked about what we remembered and she explained for the first time what she would see happen through the hole in the chest. About the black shadow of a thing she saw the same time everyday crawl through the laundry room door. Being as she was completely enclosed she had no memory of the feeling of being touched, just of seeing the thing searching and going back into the laundry room. When I told her what it felt like, she suprised me by saying that explains why she remembers me crying sometimes after the thing was gone and she crawled out of the chest. I spent a long time trying to believe it was something I made up as a kid despite my vivid memory of the sandman. Now I believe there was something very real in that house,  and I'm not the only one.




The Newspaper Boy




 - - - I was 16 years old when I saw a ghost. I had always believed in the paranormal because I came from a family who was, well, "sensitive" to the paranormal.  My great-grandmother was a psychic and a tea leaf reader, my grandfather had many paranormal experiences throughout his life and my mother is also a believer with many stories of her own.  Maybe having this unwavering acceptance of ghosts, etc made me more likely to see a ghost but whatever anyone else says, I know this was real - so here goes....

I was sleeping very soundly one summer night and suddenly I was awakened.  I don't know how or why but I was wide awake and fully conscious.  I was on my side facing the wall.  I laid there a few minutes trying to go back to sleep.  Feeling uncomfortable,  I rolled over to my other side and that's when I saw him.  I had left my closet doors open after deciding what to wear the next day and standing just inside my closet was a little boy.  I saw him VERY clearly.  He was about 8 to 10 years old, he was wearing dark colored shoes, greenish colored tweed knickers (those old fashioned short pants that button just below the knees), a cream colored shirt with suspenders, and a tweed newspaper boy hat.  He was just standing there with his arms at his side and no expression on his face.  He looked just like the kids you see in those old movies who are selling the newspapers on the corner.  Even though I was a believer,  seeing this so clearly stunned me and my first reaction was to cover my face.  After I composed myself and worked up the courage, I looked again and he was gone.  I never saw him again and, in fact,  have never seen another ghost again but I have  had other paranormal experiences.  I will be submitting my other story soon.  It is about the many unusual experiences I had living in the first house my hubby and I bought.  I no longer live there but I will never forget living there!  If you are interested in reading it I plan to title it "The Haunted House on Mine Hill". 



Wierd Happenings and Such




This tale is a tale of two houses both connected by the same spirits. The first house, has multiple sprits and an uneasy feeling when you have been in that house for a while. My husband and I were always wondering why people would move in and out of the house next door, now we know why.

The last set of neigbors were really nice people who had a child.  One night as I was taking the dogs out they had some of their belongings and were rushing to the car.  I asked them what was wrong and they said that they felt and eerie presence and say a woman in the mirror. The friend that was there with them said that he could see spirits.  She wasn't evil but there were other ghosts in that house that gave him the chills.  Like I said I didn't believe them.

I didn't know what to expect. I thought they were full of it, but too many things have happened. As it turned out a woman and her family lived in that house in the 1800's. The woman died there on September 17th and her son and husband moved into the house next door. Our house.

I talked to the friend who can see the spirits.  He said that she keeps looking out the front window of her house to look at ours. He also told me that the son and husband who moved next door also died in that house.

Thinking back of all of the wierd things that have happened in our house when my husband's sister and her kids were here.  The kids would be afraid to go in the attic because they saw "demons".  Not to mention lights going on and off by themselves and the feeling of being watched all the time.

I asked if was possible if she was trying to get back together with her family and he said it was a good possibility.

Then that night the most horrible experience happened.  It sounded as if someone was trying to break into our house. The banging noise from downstairs made my husband and his brother go get the gun and a bat.  They went downstairs and said that the noise was coming from the furnace room.  They opened the door and immediately the noise stopped and they felt a cold draft.

Either she came over here and got trapped or one of them got stuck in that room. 

Now I get the creeps when I am downstairs and I refuse to go into the house next door because I know that they have something evil in the basement of their house.  I have heard it and felt all jittery and anxious to get out of that house before something bad happens.

I never really believed in this stuff.  I was more of a if I don't see it, it doesn't exist. Boy was I wrong, there are some things that are better off not being known.





Air Force Ghost




I was stationed at K.I. Sawyer AFB in northern Michigan from 1984-1989.  I was a security policeman charged with keeping a watchful eye on our nation's military resources.  Nightshift duty could be a spooky experience, depending on where you were posted. During my time there, I had several experiences that I can't explain. The most prominent was the night I was posted at 29A. This guard's job was to watch an opening in the fenceline where the alert fighter jets would taxi out of in case of a response. It was a great post during the daylight, but got darn right freaky at night! Especially because you were alone. The midnight shift was dragging on as usual. I was sitting in the glass encased guardshack scanning the two fencelines when on the north fenceline I came upon a ghost. It was "walking" east next to the fence. The apparition was semi-transparent, white if you had to give it a color. I could see the fence on the other side of the ghost. In the few seconds it took for me to comprehend what I was seeing, I did notice that it didn't have any legs from the knee area down. I grabbed my rifle and radio and got out of the shack. It was gone that quick. I thought about calling my control center, but what was I going to report? I'd be the laughing stock of the men I worked with.  I later learned that many years before I was stationed there, two policeman in that area were having a quick draw contest with their handguns. One guard accidentally shot and killed the other. Maybe it was the ghost of the DEAD COP?  I never saw it again.



Ghost Story






you may not believe me but i had two encounters with ghosts I live in MI and when I was 11 me and my parents bought a new house. a couple months later when we finnaly placed everything where it goes it started. i was getting up for school after my dad woke me up I shut my door to get ready and when i was about to leave my room i shut off my light before i opened my door(i wouldnt have done that saying i was scared of the dark then) I thought that my dad was in the kitchen with the light on out there but turns out he wasnt so I opened the door and found the house was dark and I suddeny saw this huge black figure run across the living room  I knew it wasnt my mom or dad because my mom was asleep and my dad was down stairs and I doidnt hear any footsteps so I hurried and shut the door. when I came back out my dad was in the kithcen I told him what I saw but he didnt believe me. To this day I think it was a ghost . the other encounter was I was at the library with my friend we were online and she claims to see a lady dressed in white go behind the book shelves. I didnt think nothing of it because I thought it was just a lady dressed in white I mean whats abnormal about that. 10 minutes later I saw the same lady dressed in white Iam guessing she saw me because she went back behind the bookshelf so me and my friend ran to the same shelf she went behind and no one was there at first I thought she went out the back door so we checked all around the library and all outside the library and couldnt find her. But what I found was as soon as I went outside it turned suddelny freezing cold .




Haunted Capri Place.  South Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.





 The Capri seems to be a very active place and needs paranormal investigators. The building was actually a hotel with a theatre build in the 1910's. The builing of coarse was stripped of its former beauty. It is now suites.

 My brother use to live in one of those rooms about five years ago. He tells me one time when he was lying on his bed watching t.v., that the phone reciever on the wall across the room slowly floated off the hook and settled on the table. My brother freaked and thought he was loosing his mind! On another time when he returned to his room he noticed the phone cord was ripped from the wall and a big mirror was moved from the wall to the floor on the other side of the room. Another scary experience he had was when he used the elevator to go to his room. When the elevator opened he notice footprints imprinting onto the carpet leaving the elevator! My brother was not alone on that elevator ride!! These ongoing experiences made him stay in the lobby for several nights and eventually he moved out of there. There are alot of stories from other tenants to be told!





Little Creature




Hi, My name is Christina, When I read your story about the little creature you saw when you were 3, It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My daughter is 6yrs old, in 2005, when she was 3 years old she started telling me that in the morning when i would go outside to feed the animals she would see a little mas at the end of the hallway, he wouldnt move but he woul call her and ask her to go play with him in the livingroom, by herself she said he would tell her only her not her brother who was 5 at the time. She never went because i know now, she felt unsafe. She described his as being about 2ft tall with a beard, At night when she would sleep, (she slept in the same bed as her brother) she would wake up crying saying someone was on top of her, for a while we thought it was her brother's arm or foot. Then we started watching her and staying up all night to see what was going on, She would wake up screaming scared that something was hitting her. At that time we had a little chihuahua and she would sleep with me, ( we slept in the same room kids and us). At night Panchita (the chihuahua) would wake up growling, and jumping to her bed and trying to climb the wall to get to something, im sure she was protecting my daughter from whatever was trying to hurt her. One day I sprayed holly water all over the little trailer we lived in and raised my voice saying "leave this home, Leave us alone and never return you cannot have my daughter leave her alone." She is protected by god and by her parents." Never again did she say she saw anything like that, we moved out to new home last year and she has been fine,Just one incident, she and her older brther said they saw people (shadows) walking in and out of their rooms, they didnt speak of go near them, the kids thought we were having a party, which we werent, After that they have not had any more incidents, I hope it's all over for them.



My Grandparents Visit My Dreams





I often have dreams where my grandparents visit me. Just a couple of nights ago, I dreamt that I was talking to my Grandma and my Great Grandma through this old fashion telephone. I don't know a thing about my great grandparents, not even their names and in my dream, my Great Grandma introduced herself to me as Mary, or Mary Ann, Marion I really don't remember too well.... and out of curiosity, because my dream felt SO real I emailed my dad and asked what my great grandparents names. He replies the next day saying it was Mary. How cool is that?

Another thing that happened to me early this year. I don't what I saw was my Grandpa, my spirit guide, or a ghost. I am in the military and we are down in Georgia doing some training. I have a room to myself. This one night, I was listening to music on my iPod. I know I was drifting off to sleep but I know I was conscious enough to see the music selection on my ipod (I was trying to skip some songs I didn't want to listen to on my play list). With the glow from my iPod, it looked as if some guy was looking right over me, as if bending down to wake me up or something. It really started me because at first I thought it was someone waking me up because we were having a formation and I needed to be there but then I remembered, I had a room to myself and no one has the key to my room. SO THAT started me awake. It could have been my grandpa, because he wore glasses and whatever I saw had glasses on because the ipod light reflected off of it. BUT the structure of the persons face wasn't my grandpa unless it was a younger version of him AND this was in the dark so I can't tell WHO it was. I don't believe it was a dream because who dreams up stuff like that and not recognize the person? AND I could still see the outlines of the furniture in the room and I know I was changing the songs on my ipod... I wish I knew who it was that I saw.



My Wifes Story




It all began after my first son was born in Jan 1998. not long after my grandmother past away and about 6 yrs after my wifes dad had committed suicide. My wife and i were visiting my grandparents often so my pap and gran could see there 2nd and only granchild they could see normally due to my brothers problems with his ex wife. Like i said not long after my gran had died we would still find jelly beans in her favorite chair(which is where she always hid them from us boys so she could eat her favorite candy while watching the news). Well my wife and i lived in the country where my family always used to go but gran always stayed home after she got older just to keep a eye on her house. my wife and i were in bed asleep when my wife woke up and saw  the closet door which was maybe 2 ft from the edge of our bed open, and out walked a little old woman/man with a walker, walked through our room and out the door to the hallway. with my newborn baby on a heart monitor which is what originally woke my wife, she jumped out of bed to check on the baby only about 3 ft from our bed in the same room. this in turn woke me and as she began to tell me what had happened i went back to sleep being i was working two jobs so she did not have to work, and could stay home and raise our little boy.  when i returned from work that night around 12:00am  she tryed to tell me about this little old person who walked out of our closet, in a full size walker (the old kind from about the 50's or 40's). i kind of laughed it off because she has always told me stories of her and her family who have witnessed things of this nature. after about a couple weeks or even a month she woke me scared to death saying something about two people who were standing over my sons crib just looking upon him.  i imediatly got up to check on him to find she already moved him to our bed. this is how scared she was. well the next day we talked about it again and after describing what she saw i could only come to the conclusion that one of the people she had saw was my grandmother she described her normal older farm dress to a T. and her mother insisted that the desciption she had given of the other almost perfectly described her dad years ago. after thinking about it for some time we had come to the conclusion that her father just wanted to see his grandson he never got to see, and that gran just wanted to see nicholas one last time. That we know of.  a couple of years  later after my second son was born my wife had caught my older boy now 4 talking to himself outside in the middle of the day and when she asked who or what he was talking to or about he said nobody mommy.  later that night he had aksed her if she remember when she asked him that question and she had said yes. he had replyed he was talking to "bucky". my wife suddenly got a cold chill and asked him where he had heard that name and he said he told me. she kissed him good night and ran to tell me what nicholas had been doing earlier and what he said to her just a few minutes ago ( bucky was her fathers nickname). two years later my youngest boy was about two and he was sitting in his bed one evening while my wife was cleaning his room, and she noticed he was queitly laughing to himself and looking at the other end of his room. when she said something to him he laughed and waved bye towards the corner of the cielling. when my wife asked brenden who he was waving and laughing at he simply said "pap". she aked her where he went and he pointed up and said the sky. again she ran to tell me that my son was laughing and waving bye to pap, and i laughed saying he just has a small memory of him some how, and then she told me it was brenden, who had never met my pap.   not since then have we seen or to our knowledge my children seen any thing of that nature.




Personal Experiences




Thank You.  Several years ago, I worked as a Security Office and my first assignment was at SISEMAGRAPH, CORP.  I had to turn on the outside security lights and I had no idea how to do this. No one showed me and at dusk, I went to the basement and tried to figure out which switches to flip. As I was studying the system, I noticed out of the corner of my left eye a tall male figure. He placed his right hand on my left shoulder and pointed with his left hand which switches to flip. I did as he directed. I "thanked" him and left but never went back down by myself. I mentioned this to my co-worker and she said that at times when she was checking the floors, someone would walk on the back of her shoes and take them off. This building was sold to BANK OF OKLAHOMA.

Also, I have worked in several hospitals and nursing homes and experienced acivity which many of my co-workers confirmed that they also experienced. Again, Thank You. If any of your readers are interested in additional information, please contact me via email. 



Some Ghost Experiences




Just thought I'd share these.  I didn't think I'd remember so much (and this isn't the half of it!) until I started writing it down.


When I was around four years old we lived in house in South Plainfield, New Jersey that used to creep me out.  My parents and I were the ones mostly tuned into things; my brothers never seemed to have anything happen to them.  Anyway, one of my first memories of that place was being asleep and waking up six feet above the bed.  No joke.  I heard my mom call me from downstairs, I woke up above my bed and came crashing down a heartbeat later onto my bed and then I bounced to the floor.  My mom made a comment about jumping on the bed but didn’t believe me when I told her what happened.  My mom and dad also heard a loud knocking on the front door late one night.  When they went to investigate the door was wide open and my folks both contended that something bad had happened.  That was a Halloween night.  The next day they found out that my aunt had her throat slashed by her crazy husband.  Luckily, she survived.  The weird thing is that the exact same night (the slashing made this stick in my mind) I had a nasty dream with what looked like “The Grim Reaper.”  It was walking down the stairs towards us in the living room.  It wanted to take one of us away.  I woke up terrified.  It could be I was sensing the same thing as my parents.  The basement was naturally creepy and I think it may have been a fear cage scenario, but I always swore that I could hear shots being taken on the pool table when nobody was down there.  I don’t know anything about the house’s history.  I wish I did.  I think it might have an interesting one.

I also remember seeing my brother’s doppelganger leaning at the edge of my bed.  I only knew it wasn’t my actual brother because this doppelganger had huge, disc-like, glowing green eyes.  Seriously, I remember that one clear as day but I’m not convinced it was a spirit or ghost energy.  I just can’t explain it.

Possibly the most profound experience I have had was when my grandfather died when I was 19.  The family was off doing something funeral-related and I was left with my dog, Max.  I had an instinct that “something” was going to happen and I said out loud, “Grandpa, just don’t scare me.  I’ll go crazy.”  About 20 minutes later Max was looking out into the kitchen from one of the bedrooms and wagging his tail.  I stooped down to pet him and said “Whatcha see, buddy?” and when I looked up to where he was staring my grandfather’s form was just disappearing in the doorway.  He was transparent and was wearing the same rumpled, grey pants I always knew him to wear.  I wasn’t scared by any means.  I think I actually just stopped in wonder for a second and smiled.  I just couldn’t believe my dog had seen him first!




My House when I was Little





My story starts out when i little. My father help build his house and it was huge when your little and one day i was in my room folding clothes and i heard someone whistling and i turn around and saw a grown man's hand in the door way like coming up the stairs to grab ahold of something and i thought is was my dad playing with me so i turn back around finishing my chores and then i turn back to see if the hand was still there and it was not. Then a few years later i was in my room trying to fall asleep and i saw a black figure just stood and watch me and it walked slow to the widow and vanish. But i was not afraid of these two things that happen but what really scared me was about a week when i was little i saw a white figure in the woods going back and fourth and coming closer and closer and i knew that was something not to mess with and i ran to the house.

Not long after that happen everything was quite and my parents got a divocre and i live with my mom and after a while nothing out of the blue happen until I turn 17 then the weird stuff happen again. my mom and i live in the woods and there are a few houses around us and what was the weird thing is that i felt like someone is wacthing me all the time and one night while my boyfriend was going home we both heard someone throwing rocks at my kitchen widow. I was inside and he was at his car and i went to ask him did throw a pebble or a rock at the kitchen widow and he said no. we looked around and nothing was there.

Now at 18 i saw a little boy with blode hair about the age of 2 outside of my living room window had his back turn and ran to the back side of the house and this happen two or three nights ago. so i will never know what will happen next.





The Things We See





I grew up in a small community in a old Farm House ,I've seen my fair share of spirits...the man that owned the house before us he was a Large Black Man i was sitting at a desk doing my home work with my mom and i turned around and there he was standing in our door way in overalls a black and red plaid shirt and a straw hat one hand on his hip and one on the door way...before that my uncle Weldon had been killed in a car accident when I was young about 3 or 4 yrs old we could hear him in the kitchen...crashing the dishes walking threw the house you could hear the foot steps or at least our mom and dad told us it was him every morning when we got up our back door would be unlocked and  standing open this went on until i was a teen and it just stopped except for when my mom and I were standing in the kitchen and we saw a large ball (orb) of mist floating across the yard by the time we got out side to get a better look it was of my dads brothers came to live with us he was dying (emphazemia)my sis and i would take care of him we asked him when he got to Heaven if he would come back and tell us what it was like ,it was about a month after he passed that we got woke up by him he was sitting on the edge of my bed whispering my sisters name           Bessie ,Bessie ,Bessie..she was frightened and said very loudly what do you want !!!! got up and got in bed with our parents and he was gone, he never came again.... when i was young  7 to 8 yrs. old we were coming home from the store the cemetery is just down the street from us there was a funeral in progress we didn't know who it was for ...we had just pulled into the driveway and gotten out of the car when Mrs.Weaver came walking down the road i remember my mom saying oh Mrs. weaver i want to talk to you (she was an elderly lady) my mom reached in to grab another bag of groceries and by the time she turned around mrs.weaver was gone well she thought Mrs.weaver had cut across another neighbors back yard but she was much to old to move that fast ...we saw her son the very next day My mom asked him how his mother was doing, oh Mrs.Pruitt we had her Funeral yesterday...the very day they were Having her funeral we saw her walking down the road wild huh...and i've got many more but i've got a little girl requiring my attention 



California Condo




My sister Brittany and I had just moved out to California. We had just come from the movies with our boyfriends and decided to bring the guys to our condo. Brittany and her boyfriend Kevin went into the kitchen to talk and DAlvin and I sat on the couch and cuddled. After a few minutes Dalvin and I fell asleep, and Brittany and Kevin were still in the kitchen when  I woke up to Dalvin  screaming like a girl. I asked him what was wrong he told me that someone was strangling him. I looked at his neck and found red handmarks. Brittany and Kevin where quiet and I knew something was wrong. I walked in the door and Kevin and Brittany were frozen in their place while looking into the hallway. There stood a little girl with a rope around her neck. Her face was white with blood stains all over. She gave all three of us an evil grin then disappeared. We all decided to forget it but we did move to another condo. I still get chills thinking about her. It was the scariest moment of all our lives. 




The Rocking Chair




This story happened about 5 years ago.  I went with a couple of friends to one of their aunts house to house sit for the night.  We weren't aloud upstairs to sleep. so we all stayed down stairs.  They had no animals at all.  All night we heard noises upstairs like a ball bouncing back and forth across the floor.  That was scary enough.  Our friend whose aunts house it was was sleeping in the downstairs bedroom.  My other friend and I were in the living room. We ran to her and was like... we need to leave this house is scary!!!!!  She just said go back to sleep it was probably nothing.  We were like no come out to the living room with us.  So we all ended up in the living room there were two couches a big soft rocking chair. My two friends were on the couches and I was on the floor.   Soon we all fell asleep. We left the lights on.  I was in a deep sleep...when all of a sudden...the rocking chair slammed back really hard and woke me up...I sat straight and faced the was rocking really hard...I screamed at the top of my lungs and I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest.  Both of my friends woke up to me screaming and they both acted like it was nothing.  Ever since then I am scared of everything scary!!!



My Scary Story




      My personal experience was my last apartment I lived in. My first born was 2 years old and I seen my son looking down the hallway, he looked for about 2minutes and then when we were leaving he waived bye. I asked him who were you talking to he said "my friend". I didn't think nothing of it. Another time it was 2:40am and I woke by the sound of my son's toy sword. It only makes a noise when the sword is swung. I heard it 3 more times, So I got up to see and the sword was standing straight up against the wall. I was freaked out. A couple of nights later I was woke up to another toy playing once again it was 2am, it kept playing so I went to see about it. I had to look through his toy box and when I finally found it, it turn itself off!  Another time I was sleep on my back and I felt tapping on my feet, I thought it was my son but nothing was there, that happened twice. I had another son and when he turned 1 1/2 years old He also looked down the hallway and waived bye to someone! I MOVED OUT!!



My Paranormal Encounters




Everyone in my family firmly believes that our house is haunted. We bought it from my grandmother after my grandfather had died of cancer. Now, about my grandfather: He was very young when he died about 55 years old and he also owned a plumbing company. We believe that it is him and another old man who haunts the house.

The first paranormal encounters in the house was minor, just a strange sensation on the upper floor, kinda like someone was watching you. This sensation was magnified in my brothers room where you always felt like you were being watched also, lights in this room always behaves oddly and flicker or goes out at random times. I for one, believes that it is the original owner who haunts that room for unknown reasons. The most frightening encounters however, happened to me. About five years ago I was trying(in vain) to fall asleep, the whole night I had been twisting and turning and just couldn’t sleep. After some twisting and turning I eventually turned to face my room, for some reason I opened my eyes and saw something that scared the bejeesus out of me. A person, completely white but with a pitch-black head stood besides my bed looking at me. I believe that it was my grandfather who was watching over me. This apparition has been seen outside of my room too. One day my mom was doing some gardening when she heard someone walking up to our front porch. She looked over her shoulder and saw something white, she thought it was my father and paid no more attention to it. She then went to the bathroom where she discovered that my dad had been in the shower all the time, he hadn’t been out side at all. One more thing happened about five years ago; at that time my room was outside of the main house, in its own separate building. Many night I would hear this strange thumping sounds. It sounded almost like dropping a bouncing ball on the floor, the thumping sounds came at faster and faster intervals until they eventually went away, only to start again a couple of minutes later.  Have more paranormal encounters to tell you but I will do that some other time



My Grand-Mother's Story




I do not know where or to whom I should send this story, so I'm sorry if this is at the wrong place.

My grand-mother learned that I was interested in the paranormal and she told me of a story that happened to her grand-mother,so my great great grand-ma.

My great great grand-mother was a Native American and married a french canadian man. They moved in into a two story house that was brand new and for a very good price. They didn't think anything was fishy really, so they bought the house. A couple of days passed, they moved in and nothing happened. But things started to get worse. The cupboards doors and the drawers would open and close by themselves, the cutlery would rattle in the drawers and they heard voices and foot steps in the house. My great great grand-mother was not scared of spirits. Being native american they had a strong beleif in the supernatural and spirits. One night she was in bed with her husband and they heard foot steps coming up the stairs to their bedroom. Great great grand-ma sat up in bed and said "We want you no harm so leave us alone!" and the foot steps stopped for that night. One night in autumn, great great grand-pa was sitting close to the wood stove, warming up and smoking his pipe when he was suddenly slapped hard accross the face! He knew it wasn't his wife because she was in the kitchen peeling potatoes. When he showed her the hand mark, they decided they had enough. 

Looking in the history of the land it was built on, they realised that the entrepreneur was a crook! The house had been built on an ancient graveyard that the grave markers had been taken off. They had the house blessed and great great grand-ma ran a native american purification ritual in the house. But I don't know if it did anything.

I remember when I was 6 or 7, my great grand-mother's brother live in that house..and I remember that un-easy feeling. It was like a weight on my chest and I knew that I wasn't welcomed there At All! It was like somebody was saying " GO AWAY! THIS ISN'T YOUR HOUSE!!". My grand-mother and my mom tried to get me to go there again but I never wanted, crying long because I didn't like the house. When my great grand-mother died, her brother moved out, saying he would follow her and he died a couple of months after. I don't know what happened to the house though.

This is the story that my grand-ma told me, my mother was also there. It's a family story.




Haunted Places








Haunted Home in Chautauqua Ohio





Chautauqua  (Miamisburg,Ohio) is a former summer getaway spot for families from the early 1900's to sometime in the 1950's. The area was also once inhabitied by the Maumee Indians. Whom lived along the Miami River. It is also rumored to be a gambling town at one time. For the most part it was a holy meeting place. There are many stories and legends about Chautauqua. We had a bought a home a few years ago there along Western St. From day one I knew the place to be haunted.(I'm a sensitive) The bad smell at the foot of our dinning room steps was demonic in nature.After hanging a picture of Jesus the smells stopped. There were scratching,knockings in the walls. I was awoken around 3:15 every morning.We'd hear footstep approaching us but none was ever there. The ghost mimicked our voices,and our pets would react in an aggressive manner  to certain areas in the home .We always felt uneasy in that house! I heard many things may have caused these hauntings,from the boy whom died while huffing gas with his friends,someone hung themselves off of our top balcony.And the old winter caretaker to the place still checks all the homes in the fall, as if they were still being locked up for the winter.He had died in a fire in one of the homes back in the 1940's.Either way were so glad to have moved from that tainted area!




Haunted Apartment




      Getting my first apartment was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, but things took quite a different turn. In the summer of 2001 we moved into an upstairs apartment, my brother lived downstairs. This house was an old house but looked up to date inside, you can tell at one time it was a whole house. Everything went fine the first year then wierd things started to happen. My first encounter of the supernatural was when I heard the lights turn on after I turned it off. After that it just went down hill. The TV would come on after we turned it off, the lights started to flicker when we would discuss the haunting issue. I got to the point where I was too scared to stay home alone when my husband worked nights. My younger brother lived with us at the time and stayed in the back room one night he heard little girls laughing and knocking at his bedroom door. He also saw a black shadow come through the window late at night. I thought to myself if this house was haunted, why didnt it happen at the beginning?  I also tried to research the house on Internet, nothing came up..I asked the last tenants who lived there if they encountered anything unusual and she experienced the same things just not as bad as us. During the course of time we lived there we can feel that there is a presence of a lady, two girls and an older man that comes through. We took some pictures and captured some faces in there, I would like the pictures to get analyzed by a professional to see if there are really ghosts captured in the photo. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and moved out. Apparently there are many unfinished business that needs to be closed in that house. 




A Few of My Experiences




 In the summer os 1992 my mother, sister and myself moved to the small town of Lawton, Michigan.  My mothers then boyfriend, later husband [Who died only 3 days after their wedding due to cancer] lived there as he rented a home that his mother owned. Before my mother and her boyfriend [Doug] were together he had spent a good 5-6 years with a woman named Sue living in the home, my mother was good friends with both of them. One day, Doug had returned home from work and searched for Sue with no success. The bathroom door was locked from the inside and as he called to her there was no answer. He then went outside and and entered the bathroom through the bathroom window and found Sue hanging from the shower head by one of Doug's belts.

Getting back to my experiences. I was in the house from 14 to 15 [I was kicked out and moved in with my girlfriend] anyway, I had two different experiences that really freaked me out. The 1st was one day I was downstairs laying on the couch zoned out watching television. I heard someone walking down the stairs and my brain registered it as my mother, the stairs were wood and Doug was a larger guy and I had already adjusted to the sounds of the house. The person passed infront of me even breaking my line of sight to the television and they passed through the living room into the kitchen and then the bathroom. About 10 minutes or so later my mother came downstairs and I asked her how she got back upstairs. She said she had just gotten up to throw on some coffee now. I asked about Doug and she said he was still upstairs sleeping. My sister had spent the weekend at a friend of hers. The 2nd, and the most freaky, was one day I had a bunch of friends over in the front yard. I had to take a leak so I went into the house [My mother and Doug were gone and everyone was outside] and went into the bathroom. I had always been nervous of the bathroom area of the house. When I would use the restroom I would leave the door open [Even #2] and when I showered I would constantly open the curtain to make sure noone shut the door on me. I also had an exit ritual, the door had a lock on the outside and my thought was always whatever might be in there, in there is where it can stay so, I always kept the door locked from the outside. I used the toilet and I locked the door, the lock being the pin type, pull it over into the hole and drop the latch down. As I then proceeded toward the livingroom from behind me I heard a "click click" and I stopped, praying what I heard wasn't what I thought it was. I then heard a "creaking" type noise and when I turned around for a split second I saw the door opening. I say a split second because after a second glimpse I ran out of the house into the front yard and stood there, frozen. My friends asked me what my problem was and as I told them they laughed at me. My cousin Carl, the tallest of us, I had take a look through the big picture window and I asked him if he could see through and he said yes. I asked him if he could see the bathroom door and he said yes. When I then asked him it the door was open or closed, he responded open.

 In 1987 [I was 9] my grandmother stayed the night at our house before going to church the next day. She was Seventh Day Adventist and an elementary school teacher. My sister and I loved our grandmother and before going to church the next morning, on her way out the door I asked her if after church she could come back and stay the night again, her reply was "Paul, I'm never coming back". Being all of 9 years old, I didn't know what to make of this, definately not what ultimately ended up happening. My parents lived on 15 acres of woods, and that night she took my grandfathers shotgun out back, put it in her mouth and pulled the trigger. For the fact that she told me what she did, I have always held a certain level of regret for not understanding and questioning her statement that morning. Anyway, I'm not for certain how long after the fact, but one night, as my sister always did when scared from watching a scary movie, bad dream etc. layed down on the floor next to my bed and slept as she felt safer, me being her big brother and all. I had rolled over in the night and awoke slightly and noticed not only my sister sleeping on the floor next to my bed and someone laying next to her running her hands through my sisters hair as they both lay facing away from me. I watched for a moment wondering exactly what was going on and then her hand paused in my sisters hair and she turned to face me and what I saw was my grandmother looking at me with glowing red eyes. I then rolled over quickly, grabbing my pillow and putting it over my head trying to go to sleep because I figured if I was going to die then I'm going in my sleep. The next morning my mother asked why I didn't wake her up, and considering in order to get to my mothers' room I'd have to step over them just to get to my door...I chose the next best thing.




2 Personal Experiences




Hi there.  I just wanted to share a personal experience with you that I had when I was very little.  Some of this is hard to remember because I was about 3 years old at the time.  I can still describe what I saw and remember it vividly, although some of the other details I had to get again from my parents, who were there.

From what I remember first is being in the car with my parents and my sister.  I always thought we were driving home, by my mom says we were going the opposite direction.  Either way, we were about a mile from our house at the time and we lived out in the country. What I remember next is driving down the country road and asking my mom what these boys were doing out in the cornfield.  My mom said "what boys?"  I pointed out into the field and said something like "right there, why are they crying?"  She told me again that she didn't see anyone.  I told her that I saw two boys out in the cornfield sitting on this big log and their shirts were covered in blood and they were crying and looking at each other like "what just happened".  I clearly remember that they were both wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans and and having blood all over them.  That memory has faded very very little since then.  Thats all I can really remember from that day.  I was around my early teens when my mom told me another part of the story I had never heard before.  We must of been talking about that experience or something because she told me what happened there in that exact spot.  She said that two kids in their teens were murdered there in that spot about 3 years before I was born.  I guess the story was that two men had been driving behind them down this road and managed to get them to pull over.  For whatever reason the two men killed both the kids with a shotgun and left them in the ditch right there.  That was freaky enough to hear at the time, but what really got me was a surprise in the newspaper about 6 or 7 years ago.  I don't really read the paper that much, but I picked it up one day and saw an article on a man who had been convicted of murder.  As I was reading I realized it was the same man who pulled the trigger on those kids.  The article describes the boys and the road it happened on and the year it happened and how it happened.  It was a true story!  I couldn't believe it, I felt so weird that day...all day.  To finally have my experience confirmed that what happened there was really true, it blew my mind!  I still have that page from the paper saved.  I wish I could tell you more but that is all I can remember about it.

I just remembered another experience I can share with you if interested.

This one happened to me and one of my friends at the grocery store we worked in at the time in my hometown (Mahomet, IL).  This was around 10 years ago.  There had always been stories about that store being haunted.  So, naturally, I wanted to get a job there!  My buddy worked in the deli and he managed to get me hired on there as well.  I remember we were closing the deli down for the night and he was leaning over the sink washing some dishes and I was standing there talking to him.  I was at the side of the sink and I looked over to my left and he turned around at the exact same time.  There are two support posts on the other side of the deli.  We saw this shadow in the shape of a man and it was solid black walk into the deli and go behind the first support post and then it disappeared.  It then reappeared on the other side of the second post (about 10 feet away) and went to the back of the deli into the dead end hall where the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer are.  We were both were a little freaked out by what we just saw but my curiousity overrid my fear and I went back to look in the cooler and the freezer and it was gone, there was nothing there.  There was a manager there that had commited suicide a few years or so before this happened.  His wife was ironicly my school bus driver years bofore.  There is no way for me to tell if it was him or not, it could of been.  That was the last time I ever saw an apparition of something or someone.  I've had other little things happen here and there but nothing like those two times.  I would love to see something again now at my present age of 28 as I'm a bit older and would probably take it a little different or have a better understanding.  Anyway, I just wanted to share those two personal experiences with you and I hope you found them interesting.  Thanks.


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