Which Haunted Battlefield?

By: suemorr@bu.edu


This happened roughly 25 years ago, but I can't recall which battlefield my friend and I were in. I've often thought of this event, and I'm curious if anyone could ID the place.
We took what we called the "Civil War Battle Tour." We went to Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredricksburg, the Wilderness – those mostly in Maryland and Pennsylvania but some in eastern Virginia. One cool, rainy morning we were driving along near a Civil War battlefield, or maybe through one. It was a small road with one lane of traffic each way. It was beautiful countryside that this city girl seldom had seen. There were these large open fields with small copses of trees. There was no one else around, and I don't recall seeing any cannons or artillery as they usually display in Civil War battle sites, or any houses for that matter. I pulled the car over onto the shoulder and we decided to walk a bit. We walked down this small hill to a level, flat field. It made you feel like a child when you just wanted to run and play in the grassy green field. There was a small copse of trees to our left and right, but the green field ahead of us. We ran down the hill, then started to walk ahead. It was at that point that I started to get this very strange feeling.
My friend was about a hundred yards ahead of me, but the more I kept walking forward on this field, the more uncomfortable I got. "Don't do this," my mind screamed at me. "Turn around."  I tried to ignore it and keep walking, but it became harder to do. I turned around, expecting to see something but all I could see was the car parked on the hill's road. I tried walking forward again, but the feeling got even creepier and it was harder to even take a step. I finally stopped and yelled to my friend that we should walk back because it looked like it was going to rain. I never told her about the feelings I got there, and I could tell by her attitude that she wasn't affected by the place at all.
I would love to know this was. I don't think it was Gettysburg because we had stopped at the museum beforehand and rented the audio tour equipment, and the place seemed to have cannons everywhere you stopped. It might have been Antietam. I've been checking Mapquest and Google maps and I see several places that have fields and trees off a small road like Rodman Avenue.
Has anybody had experiences at Antietam?


My Stories

By: jennifer.duddington@wolterskluwer.com

I wanted to say that this site is awesome.  I really enjoy reading these stories and would like to share 2 things:
1)       I worked at the Ridglea Theatre in Ft. Worth, TX for a couple of months.  We were part of a theatre company doing a play up on the 3rd floor.  I was the house manager which meant that it was my job to greet everyone at the door, pass out programs and ensure that the theatre was clean before we opened. Standing at the door to the theater: to my left was a men’s and a women’s single stall restroom.
The theatre was set and I wanted to use the ladies room before we began to let people in to be seated. I asked our stage manager to unlock the restrooms.  When I was done I grabbed a stack of programs, opened the theatre door and began to greet the patrons. My stage manager came up to me and asked if the woman was out of the restroom yet. I was stunned and said huh? I never saw anyone go in there.  She said she saw a woman go into the restroom right after me and she herself needed to go before the show started.  I tried to push open the door, but it was locked.  I knocked lightly and got no answer.  I figured that whoever was in there would be out shortly and blew it off.  My stage manager came back again about 10 minutes later and asked if the woman had come out yet.  I said no, because I was watching who was coming and going and never saw anyone come out.  We decided to use the keys and unlock the restroom to make sure she was okay, since she was not responding.  We unlocked the door, pushed it open and there was no one in there.  I know for a fact that the door had been UNLOCKED because I had just used the restroom. How could the door lock itself? It was a deadbolt.  You have to use a key to lock it from the outside.  I was standing next to the restroom the entire time.  I also worked the spotlight for the production.  To get to the lightboard and spotlight area, I had to climb a small flight of stairs and crawl into a small nook above the seating in the theater. This part of the theatre was extremely eerie. There were a lot of props from other theater companies stored up there.  There were always feelings of being watched. Luckily there were 2 of us up there at all times.  I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure.  I think that would be a great place to investigate.  With the owners approval of course.
2)When I was about 11, I was staying over at my best friends house and had a nightmare. 
My dream was. . . .  I was out running errands with my mom and we decided to head home to start dinner.  When we got there, my step dad’s car and my brother’s car were in the driveway. My younger brother stayed home because he didn’t want to go with my mom and I.  My mom and I walked into the house but no one appeared to be home.  All rooms were empty and there was no one outside.  We thought this was really weird, but decided to go ahead with cooking dinner anyway.  I suddenly smelt incense or something in the air and went looking around the house to find out where it was coming from.  My mom and I walked into the living room and on the coffee table was a small candle that was smoking. It wasn’t lit, it was just smoking like it had been blown out.  It was wrapped in a strange little piece of cloth and it smelled like sulfur.  “somehow” in the dream I knew that my step dad had bought this candle at a flea market from an old guy that was wearing a robe. I remember seeing this old guy in my dream but his face was void.  So at this point, my mom and I were scared because we didn’t know where anyone was. . . although it looked like they had been home what with the cars in the driveway and the candle incident.  We went into a bedroom and sat on the bed thinking and worrying about everyone because we couldn’t find them.  At the corner of the ceiling (where the ceiling and the wall meets) I saw a black nail peeling the ceiling back like a can of sardines.  The next thing I saw was a creature with horns and an ugly face laughing at us. 
I immediately woke up and was crying. . Almost forgetting where I was.  I was so scared that I just ran out the front door and ran home.  I woke my mom up and we said a prayer together and I never experienced that dream again. We didn’t go to church growing up, only because my mom worked all time.  I just wondered what the significance of that dream was, if any. It was really odd that I could make out the scent of the candle in a dream or remember in detail about certain things. It just felt like it really happened.

Old Apartment

By: teesapizza@gmail.com

When I first married my husband we lived in a very old apartment 
building that I believe was built in the early 1900's.    They are 
still called Keocatan (sp) Courts apts in Hampton VA.  It was not only a haunted place but evil place to live.  My husband who is in the navy was out to sea on a Med Run when Lights would turn off and on and the TV would do the same but not at the same time.  So, I knew it was not the electricity, but somthing else. I would see shadows 
when no one was home but my dog and I .   I had the worst nightmares 
in that apartment.  Nightmares of demons trying to get me, windows 
flying open and shut, doors flying open and shut.   Knocking all the 
time on the wall next to our master batheroom and bedroom,  It sounded like a child that needed help.  I was pregnant at the time with my first child, and felt so overprottective that at one point I called the police to make sure a child was not being harmed only to find out that nobody lived there.  I am creeping my own self out thinking about it.  It was a horrible experience.  I no longer live there, but you might want to check it out.

Toddville Mansion

By: bunnie9911@yahoo.com

Before the Toddville ( List Mansion ) was torn down a bunch of us got together and went out there one halloween. We had already been inside in the day time. There was a bar missing off the back door so you could fit thru. We had all heard the stories about the murder and how there was suppose to be a safe with money and jewels that were never found. This was in my younger days wouldnʼt do this now but they bet me I wouldnʼt go in by myself. Of course I did there is a walk that went across from the back to the front on the second floor. There was also the stairs that lead down to the first floor from the garage. That is were the murder happen. I went across the walkway flashed my light at them so they knew I really went in. Had to be careful if the neighbors heard us would call the cops. Anyway after I came out everyone was freaked out. Said there was another light behind me as I was going across they swear someone else or something else was in there with me. They could have been messing with me I donʼt know everyone swears they saw it. I read someone else had a story on this cool website about the mansion.


Stonehenge Goldendale Washington

By: embcancer@yahoo.com

I am writing to you because I strongly believe this place is haunted by many different things. When I was 6 years old my mother and my aunt decided to play hide and seek with some friends one night. They told me to sit on the center stone and wait for them to get done playing. While I was sitting there waiting for them to finish, I saw a young lady and a young man appear out of no where dressed all black, their clothes looked like they just stepped out of a picture from the 18oo’s . I couldn’t see their faces. The young lady waved to me as they passed. I ran after them to see where they went and by the time I got to the edge of the hill they had disappeared. I ran to tell my mom and my aunt what I saw. They didn’t believe me but after that night I never saw them again. They were harmless entities but I believe there is much more that is going on or has gone on there before. I have heard stories that people used to do rituals on the center stone. That they would slaughter cows and use them to put curses on people. I have heard stories from my aunt and some of her friends about noises and things they have seen when they were younger. So this might be something to check out. Most of these occurrences happen at night.

Sedalia- Hotel Bothwell; Sweet Springs- Old City Hall

By: tonylear76@hotmail.com

I used to be the Assistant General Manager of this hotel, and there have been many more happenings in this establishment than posted.  I covered many shifts for the different staff members that called in, all hours of the days and nights, and when weather was bad, I would stay there rather than drive the 25 miles home.  During that time, I personally witnessed a lot and heard even more.
-In the breakroom, next to the laundry room in the basement, I was taking a break one late night and felt someone's hand run across the back of my neck.  Figuring I was just imagining things, I ignored it, until someone asked me where the scratches on my neck came from (unfortunately, there were no pictures to document this). 
-It was also not uncommon for there to be nights when the service elevator (the old manual crank kind) would be heard running up and down the elevator shaft.  Sometimes it would actually be doing this with no operator, other times it would be sitting still. 
-You would be either cleaning or inspecting a room for soon to be guests and hear one of the doors open and shut. 
-One of the housekeepers claimed that about once a week she would clean one of the rooms and make the bed, go out to her cart to get the clean towels and when she came back in, it would appear that someone had sat on the freshly made bed. 
-We had one doctor that like to stay at the hotel for long periods to study the paranormal activity, and I can't remember which floor it was now, but he insisted on staying at that particular floor, in the same room due to all of the occurrences (I want to say either the ninth or tenth floor).  One thing he often talked about was a strange odor, that of an unclean person (which has a very distinct odor) would appear in his suite when he was the only person who had been in there for hours on end and would in fact be the only one on that floor. 
-There was a bartender that worked there that refused to close up the bar in the basement at night alone as he had witnessed on several occasions a woman wandering the halls, at a time when the bar was closed and no patrons were allowed down there.
-One of our housekeepers and myself witnessed a man walking in the basement wearing what appeared to be a suit from the 20's.  We started to go up the stairs, and when we turned to see if he was still there, in a hallway with no exits to either side (a matter of maybe two seconds later) he was gone.
 And yes, there was one particular floor that was haunted (it was the one the doctor always stayed on). 
 That place is a hotbed for paranormal activity.  The owner at the time (I don't know if it is still the same man) was very reluctant to make this information known.  He didn't want this type of reputation to come to the hotel.  It used to be a senior care center for many years before being renovated back into the hotel in the late 1990's and was rumored to be a great spot to find mobsters and all sorts of interesting characters in the first half of the 1900's. 
 In Sweet Springs-  my parents owned this building while I was in high school and there was an old man who had allegedly died in the apartments above the business we ran (a bar and restaurant).  It became commonplace to hear what sounded like someone stomping from the back side of the building in the apartments upstairs (where we lived, and knew no one was up there) all the way to the windows on the street side, every door opening and closing as the steps passed by them.
 Hope these are of some aid to you.

Kingston; Fort henry.

By: a-beautiful-disaster-xo@hotmail.com

This year they started to do a "Fort Fright" Halloween Hauted house in the fort playing around with the Ghosts of the fort; my friends and i were early and it wasent open; as we talked to the coordinator he told us how hard they worked and how he wanted to hear feedback from what we thought of the fort. So when it opened we went thorough the haunted house when we came to the tunnel with he displays of the rooms (wich are sealed) in one of them there was a man in uniform placing chlothes in the closet, he looked friendly the man looked at us smiled and continued on his buisness we left when we came back the man was gone. After we went through the Hauted fort we talked to the coordinator once again, and told him we liked the less hostile touch of the man in the room. The coordinator looked very confused and informed us that they can only open those sealed displays once a year with construction workers to take down the plexi glass to clean. Beside the coordinator was a tour guide that had been working in the fort for quite some time and said that we had probably just seen theghost of the fort; he had only seen him once and said he seemed very friendly.


By: dnd61392@aol.com

We live with a ghost. We have been in this house for 8 yrs now and things happen. He isn't a mean one but he lets us know when he is around. He never liked when our dogs were caged as puppys.He always let them out of the cage. I even bought special cages so this could not happen and it still did. Things always get lost until you scream where are my keys and then they are right where you looked the second or third time.My husbands dog who was a rott (she just died) always wound up wearing his tee shirts.No holes or rips in it while it was on her. We had a hard time getting them off her because they were so tight on her. My husband blames me and I blame him for dressing her but neither of us would do it. I do not go upstairs where my son sleeps. He will not stay in the house by himself nor his friends ither.We will hear my husbands daughter talk upstairs but she lives with her mom. Doors open and close. I have gotten use to some of the things happening. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

My Haunted House

By: bella146977@yahoo.com
      Hi! I came across this web site and although I may sound crazy, I'm telling you, my house is haunted! The background on this started as soon as we moved in. My family lived in NY but for a lot of reasons started looking in PA for a nice house. They met a guy who had property with just a barely finished shell of a house on it. We saw it, was definitly on undisturbed ground. Turns out the owner contracted Lymes disease so badly it crippled him and he never got to move in with his own family. Ok, so flash forward, we do some minor construction so we can move in. The first couple of weeks, nothing but we're going back and forth from NY. Then one night, I'm all by myself playing cards. Ok, nothing exciting about that. Then I get that creepy feeling like if I turned around someone would be there. No one was but that feeling didn't go away. So, I get up, go maybe 5 feet to the sink and when I get back, my cards are all turned over. I know that doesn't sound like much but then in my head I hear a voice saying, "you're not alone here". That's when I knew the house was spooked by something. Now, time goes on, I tell my family that when I'm there alone, I keep getting that tingly feeling. Next thing you know, the cd player turns on by itself. A christmas tree we couldn't pull off the wall came tumbling down. All of our forks went missing and my mom found all of them in a neat pile in the basement a few months later. We got a dog (a St Bernard) and she would freak out for no reason. One time as me and my mom were sitting at the table she got up from sleeping, started barking like crazy in the center of the room and literally dragged me then my mom into the dining room all the while fiercely barking above the table we were sitting at. After a few minutes she stopped, layed back down and went to sleep. She did this another time when my sister was asleep and wouldn't stop till she got off the top bunk bed. Same result, after a minute whatever she saw went away cause she just stopped. Numerous times, you hear someone walking around upstairs and when you go to check it out, nothing. When you sit at my kitchen table, you swear you see people walking from the back to the front of the house! It's like you see it and when you focus it's gone! I mostly get that tingly feeling but my dad is really suffering. He goes to sleep on the couch every night and boy has he seen ghosts. He has seen so many floating as he tries to explain it. One time a women tried to hand him a stack of papers but he freaked and she got a sad expression and faded away. He says they never seem to be bothering him or to want to hurt him. He mostly says they act like they're just passing through. People who have stayed here over night have all said, "is your house haunted?" they say they see images in the dining room and kitchen and feel like there is someone right over their shoulder. It's like you're never alone here. We took a picture for Christmas a few years back and in the background you can see something. I don't know what. It looks like a women hovering in the background. She's older, white shirt and her hair is in a bun. I don't know if that means anything. There's been tons of other things that have happened over the years. I nicknamed my main ghost Jack for no other reason then to give him a name. So when especially weird stuff happens I always say "Jacks here" cause after all this time I'm used to it. It's not like the ghosts are here to hurt us, more like they are being playful at times and other times just passing through. If you asked anyone in my house they will tell you it's haunted. By what I don't know. The ground under here was solid rock so I don't think it's any kind of sacred ground. Other people have said maybe the ghosts came with us. I'm 31 years old and I would have remembered if any previous house was haunted. One was in fact but we only lived there for two weeks until we couldn't take it anymore. That was 4 houses prior to this one so I don't think it just hung out and didn't do anything for all those years. So, I know this isn't like amazing and I'm sure you hear things like this all the time but believe me I'm telling you the truth. Maybe it could be worse and we could have evil ghosts but I guess as long as they don't hurt anyone and they just freak us out we'll be ok. We're all used to them now so... anyway, that's my story.

My Ghost Story

By: kerry10154@yahoo.com

I was down in Savannah GA bringing my daughter to college, with my husband.  We were staying in a renovated row house on the outskirts. I first became of aware of something not right when the TV kept going off, but I put that off to bad connections.  The first night was fine.  The second night, I awoke around 3 am to go to the bathroom. When I got back into bed, faces started flying across my closed eyes and suddenly I saw a three story row house, alone, fully engulfed in bright orange flames. I suddenly knew something was going to happen and something crashed into me right throught the top of my head and into my body and I couldn't move. As my eyes looked at my husband for help, I saw his body was lifted up and bent backwards in a weird posture - I couldn't get any words out.  Just as suddenly it stopped and his body dropped.  A few seconds later, again, I knew something was going to happen and the same thing - something crashed through my head immobilizing me and my husband's body was bent backwards.  I must have fallen asleep for a little bit but we both woke up at around 4 am and I was babbling like a fool.  He awoke with lots of body pains. Downstairs, between the kitchen and living room, the wood floor had one section that was shaped like a rectangle, made out of different kind of wood.  My husband laid down on it and it was his exact height, length and width.  I screamed at him to get off the floor (it reminded me of a coffin) - he thought it was funny, I didn't.  That evening, I was cleaning up in the kitchen as we were leaving in the morning, when he called out to me: what did I just do?  When I told him I was taking out the garbage, he told me the TV went off.  I knew the ghost wanted us to go upstairs, but we refused. We put the radio on and on our own terms finally went upstairs.  I have a protection crystal and I brought it around the room.  When we got into bed, my husband turned on the TV and a giant eye showed up first before the TV went on!!!  I was about to get up and sleep in the airport!
My second story, also in Savannah, is in a renovated townhouse on one of the squares, that is actually on the list of haunted houses, supposedly a woman who was cheated on by her husband.  The first time we stayed there, my husband had nightmares.  We stayed there probably about 4 times or so, but this last time in May 2008, I walked in and immediately felt her presence and felt joyful.  I got into bed and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, got back into bed, and heard wind chimes tinkling away. I should have realized with the window closed and the A/C and fan going, I shouldn't have heard anything outside, but then suddenly got that feeling and sure enougth, something came crashing at me, right into my chest, leaving me paralyzed!  When it left me, I knew it was going to happen again so when it crashed into me the second time, I was trying to whisper my husband's name but instead tried to pull the hairs on his leg to wake him up!!.  I woke up, terrified and angry that it would happen again in a place I felt safe in.  The last night, i laid right up against my husband and sure enough, noises started happening and I could tell the ghost was right where it was the night before, but for whatever reason, it was not going into me that night.  There IS an area in the bedroom, by a deep closet, that always seems dark and makes me feel scared.  It's probably the husband or maybe a wandering ghost who found a receptive body to invade. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

My Ghost Experience

By: shadow.splat@gmail.com

Okay, I'm not entirely sure what it was that I encountered or experienced but here goes. I was sitting downstairs at the family computer, relaxing and waiting for my family to get home from a trip. But as I was sitting there, I felt really cold all of a sudden. Bear in mind that this occured in the spring time in California. Not a very cold time of year but it was getting fairly chilly for about 7 PM. Now where I was sitting, behind me and slightly to my left is our garage door. My brother had recently put a poster of some children's movie...I think it was some kind of Rugrats movie. Anyways, with him being about 8 years old, he scotch-taped the poster to the door. And I mean he really made sure that it wasn't gonna fall down ever. Now with it starting to get cold all of a sudden, I got up to stretch and then suddenly I heard a huge bang from the garage door, almost as if someone had run full-speed into it. The door is naturally loud from being a hollow door but I looked back behind me and I saw the poster a few feet away from the door. Not sure how it got there but it could have been what ever it was that hit the door maybe somehow knocked it down. By that time, I was scared out of my mind. Not so much by something paranormal but by a possible intruder. I carefully sneaked up on the door, and when I opened it. The only thing I saw was my father's truck parked not 4 feet away from the door. Theres no way somebody could've slammed into it. I quickly proceeded to close the door and leave the house. Upon leaving though my parents had come back and I told them of what happened, but they only pretended to believe me. I haven't heard the slamming noise since, but I still don't like to be alone near the garage door.

My Friends Dad had a Haunting

By: limecat275@verizon.net

 My friend's dad told us stories about his hauntings and they really spooked me! I'll try to tell them the best I can here, but they're not in much detail because I'm not him and he's not my dad.
He once went out with his friends and came back to find his dog, who was not allowed upstairs and never went upstairs, lock in his bedroom. He was not locked from the outside, rather the inside which is impossible for any human to do without being stuck in there himself. He picked the lock and got his dog out. The poor dog immediately ran downstairs and hid. This happened many times over and over again.
Also he used to watch TV downstairs. One night he was watching TV when the room got so cold that he could see his breath. I should mention that it was a REALLY hot day, and very humid. He was confused about this and went into the next room. Humid and hot. Suddenly the phone rang. He answered it and no one was there. He hung up and heard static. The TV was on that static channel when he did not have it on that. It was still cold in the room. He went upstairs after that.
The last thing I remember is this one:
He was going to go somewhere with his friend. It was nighttime. He turned off all the lights and went outside. His friend was waiting and looked pale. He asked what was wrong and his buddy replied:
"Did you have all the lights out?"
"Every single light in your house was just blinking on and off."
"Get in the car and drive." He came back later and everything was as usual.
Eventually he just told "them" calmly to leave him alone and that they weren't wanted here and nothing has bothered him since.
Well, that's all I've got. Ooh I'm scared now. I found your website by
looking for scary stories because tomorrow is halloween. Thanks for your

Mother's Story
By: HarrisAM@sutterhealth.org

My mother was born in Austria-Hungary in 1908.  When her parents emmigrated to the US, they left their three children behind in the care of their grandparents.  It was five years until her parents were able to return and bring the children to the US.  In that five years, my mother became very close to her grandfather and went everywhere with him.  She arrived in the US as a 13 year old, grew up and married my father.  They were a young farm couple living in rural Ohio.  One night, my mother awoke to see her grandfather standing at the foot of her bed.  He was smiling at her but did not speak.  She related that she pulled the covers over her head and then looked again and he was still there.  She then tried to wake my father, but when he awoke, her grandfather disappeared.  She had the overwhelming feeling that her grandfather had died.  This happened in the mid 1920's and at that time, international long distance was only a thing for wealthy folks.  Her only contact with her grandparents was via mail, which could take a couple of weeks to arrive.  Sure enough two weeks later, she received a letter from her grandmother verifying that her grandfather had passed away on the same day and approximately the same time that he appeared in her bedroom.  My father attested to the entire happening and this was always our family ghost story that no one ever had a reason to doubt.

Lone oak Cemetery

By: anastasia_camacho@yahoo.com

Hello.  I have personally experienced the strange happenings at the cemetery.  I have family that is buried there by the main gate.  I went to visit the graves one day.  At the time I was unsure where they were buried so I was roaming around. There is a fenced in section in the middle, right on the outside of the fenced in section is a large tree.  My family members are buried by that tree.  As I walked under it it begin to sway and move as if by a big gust.  NOTHING else was blowing but that tree.  It sounded as if people were talking.  It sounded like children.  I keep walking until I found my Aunt's grave, her name is Patsy McNeil.  When I found her grave I said, jokingly, "Aunt Pat, Make them stop scarring me!"  I laughed, but the wind and the whispers stopped.  I also had a digital camera with me.  It was fully charged but as I started to photograph the cemetery it died until I went out of the cemetery and then it worked fully again.  I hope to one day return and photograph it (or try to) at night.  Hope you find this helpful.

Located in Sugar Grove Illinois

By: spastic_tears@yahoo.com
      My parents live on a farm  in Sugar Grove. My step dad grew up here with his family as a child. On Christmas Eve in 1964, his dad went into town to pick up the grandma for the holiday. With him he took a younger daughter and his younger son. On the way home there was a terrible accident and everyone died except the daughter.  Over the years, the farm house was used as rental property until my mom met her husband. They have lived here now for 6 years, and have had many many experiences with the spirits of this home. I too have had some of the same. There are many many voices that we hear, marbles rolling down the hallway upstairs, foot noises walking up and down the stairway, clouds of light and dark smoke throghout the entire house, doors open and close, things come up missing, then are returned within days. If you are alone in the house and stand by the sink, you will soon hear a voice ask you to go away. It will repeat untill you walk away from the sink. Standing outside, if you look up into the windows upstairs, sometimes you will see a vision of a woman standing in the window. This is believed to be Grandma. I have an 11 year old daughter that has walked into the downstairs bathroom and ran out stating there is a man standing at the bathroom sink. He will only turn his head and look at you then turn back to the mirror. He hasnt spoken yet. When my parents first came here, they slept upstairs. They had to move to the downstairs room in the winter because no matter what room you are in up there, it is ice cold. We have used electric heat sources to try to generate heat, but it doesnt work. Thre also are apparitions of faces, white in color eched in the door of the master bedroom. These appear darker at times, and lighter at other. The appear to be "stuck in the wood" of the door. It is beliveed by everyone here that the spirits and happeneings of this house are all those family members that were killed in the crash. After all, they all did reside here...........And I think still do..........

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