Edna Collings Bridge



By: elliotvoge@yahoo.com


 I go here whenever I'm in need of a scary place to go. I'm writing to tell of my personal experiences at the Edna Collings Bridge. I have been on about 6 different occasions. First of all, its a covered bridge, out in the middle of nowhere. Its just where the road forks. Due to the lack of street lights you MUST pay attention to in FRONT of you and BEHIND you. If a car comes and you are in the bridge with your lights off it cannot see you and you may get hit. Also, on a side note, there is a house just 150 yards away, so many people travel to the bridge that the man who owns the house, has been known to shoot at cars who turn around in his driveway. Yes I did say SHOOT. So go down the road a half mile and pull off to the side if you need to turn around.

As I said, I have been the the bridge several times. When I go it is usually around midnight. One of my aunt and uncles experiences at the bridge provided some scary physical signs of the paranormal. They took themselves and two friends to the bridge. They drove a white full-sized van with leather interior (this is relevant) to the bridge. They got there, turned off the lights, honked three times and waited. They said that you could see little movements, shadows moving around, nothing major (things people see anytime you go someplace "haunted"). When you go everyone should stay quiet as possible to hear footsteps and other creaks. A lot of the sounds in the beginning may be from the bridge settling. After they sat in the van for about a half an hour in silence, they all had felt what was to be described as if someone had gotten onto the back passenger's side corner of the van and jumped on the bumper. The leather in the van would make a squeaking noise if someone from inside the van had moved. There was no squeak. That was about the most major thing that happened to them AT the bridge. They left and pulled up to a gas station a few miles up the road to check the van to see if anything had happened. There was a tiny hand print caked in mud near the gas tank cover... on the passengers side. My uncle put his hand next to it on the van and when he pulled his hand away it pulled the dust off the van, the hand print had added more dirt to it. So who ever touched it had wet hands at the time. When they got home they put their daughters hand up to it to compare sizes thinking maybe she had touched it. Her hand was double the size.

I have gone and personally had weird, nauseating sensations. You almost feel like your dizzy and you don't quite feel all there. That could just be me psyching myself into feelings things. We put a bobble head up on the dash to see of movement really occurs. It rarely moved. However, on my second-to-last visit we had something freaky happen. My aunt was driving there were four of us. We heard what sounded like deep footsteps, unlike any we had heard on the other visits. There was a little dark shadow my aunt and stepsister claimed to see bob behind the tailgate of the truck bed (which makes sense if a little girl died). This is the really scary part. Your supposed to hold your keys in your hands because the little girl likes to play tricks on you by hiding your keys. When you start up my uncles truck, the engine will start to turn over, a second afterwards the dash lights up and then the stereo lights up (mind you this all happens in like 3 seconds, and he drives an 05 chevy). We were sitting in the truck, all of a sudden there stereo light comes on, the dash lights up, and the engine turns on. My aunt peels out of the bridge and my uncles like "what the hell are you doing?" My aunts hands were shaking and she said "I didn't start the truck". She claimed she was cupping the keys in her hand when the stereo lit up and she let go, after that she had let go of them and then the truck started. Instinctively she threw it into drive and left. Haha, she couldn't drive home.

The last time we went, my uncle and I got cocky and decided to lie in the bed of the truck outside in the bridge. We went into the bridge and didn't speak to each other until we left. While we lay there we put the bobble head up on the tailgate. It didn't move but very VERY slightly. The worst part of the entire experience was that (upon talking about it afterwards) we both had heard voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying but it sounded like an old man's harsh voice, then a little girl would whimper or let out a faint cry, then a dog would bark. But it was all so faint. This scared the shit out of me. The story is that, fyi, the little girl was left to swim in the creek with her dog, and an older man came up and murdered her. I know I heard those three sounds, all fitting the peices to the story. I hadn't discussed them with my uncle until we had left the bridge, and HE was the one who mentioned hearing it! So I'm like AHHHHh i heard that too!

Freaky stuff happens. other things I heard is that, one guy drove in and got spooked so he turned on his car, threw on his lights and floored it out of the bridge. He hit something that looked like a tall man, a shadowy figure. He (being a brave soul) got out and checked and there was a huge dent in the hood of his car, but no one around. There was supposedly a police report filed too. I heard someone else went in and when they left they went to that gas station too and there entire car had been keyed or something. They filed a police report too. You can see what's in that bridge. If something is there close enough for you to see you can see it. That car, would have seen a person come up to key it even if it had been snuck up on. Alls I'm saying is give that bridge more credit than you got. Its a wonderful site, deserves recognition. It's legit.




He Still Works There


By:  Anonymous




I work for a large corporation that has been in business for over 100 years.  This company now has many facilities throughout the world.  I, however, happen to work in the original building the company built almost a century ago.  Part of this building is a manufacturing facility, and no doubt there must have been many deaths, as there weren't the strict safety standards and provisions back then that we have available now.

I have had 2 strange and very different encounters there within weeks of each other.

The first encounter happened around lunch time.  There is a tunnel that connects our main building with the cafeteria and clubhouse across the street.  You have to go down into the basement of the main building to access the tunnel.  Then once you reach the other side you can either take the elevator up, or go through a set of glass doors and take the steps.  As my coworker and I walked through the tunnel towards the glass door, we were alone in the tunnel.  However, when I pulled open the door I could see quite clearly the reflection of a dark haired young man wearing a blue and white striped shirt right behind me.  I held the door open as you would if you knew someone were entering behind you, but no one followed behind me.  I turned around and there was no one there - anywhere.  My coworker said I looked like I had seen a ghost and I told her that I think I did.

The second occurance was even stranger.  Part of my job is to maintain inventory for our company store.  This storeroom houses items used by building maintenance and housekeeping.  It is located in the basement of the building.  I happened to be down there by myself one afternoon labeling shelves.  You could see the door to the storeroom from the aisle I was working in.  That door always slams shut when someone enters or exits.  I never heard or saw the door open or close.  But, someone was standing there watching me.  He would disappear if I looked straight at him, but out of the corner of my eye I could see him standing there, wearing a light blue lab coat with his hands the pockets.  He appeared to be older, from what I could tell,   He was balding on top, and what hair that was left was mostly gray.  I tried to ignore it.  My boss would think I was nuts if I went back to my desk refusing to work on account of ghosts.  So, I kept on about my business.  Again, I felt like I was being watched.  I looked out of the corner of my eye again, and there he was, hands still in pockets, but about 10 feet closer this time.  I told myself I was just creeped out from being down there by alone - the place is very old, dirty and creepy.  However,  a few minutes later I "looked" again and he was only about 15 feet from me.  I made an excuse to be finished down there for the day.   I didn't feel any sense of malice or anger, just being watched.  To this day I wonder when I'm working down there if he used to do my job in years past was just making sure I kept things the way he liked them.  I think I got his approval.





Haunted House in White Center


By: mmeland@hotmail.com


in white center there is a house just a few blocks from the funeral home that is haunted. my family lived there in  the sixties. from 1967 to 1968. a women was murdered there. we experienced several scary things. pounding on the floors from under the house. screams late at night. fuses kept burning out one Friday night while my brother and I were watching television. after a couple of times of doing this it happened again. this time we went top change the fuse and discovered that the main power switch , this time was pulled down. that switch was so rusted it took both of us to push it back on. One night we came back after dinner. It was dark in the house. When we unlocked the door we heard someone or something jump down from something in the kitchen and heard footsteps running out of the room. When we turned on the lights a chair was pushed against the refrigerator and our family cat was on top hissing and totally terrified. Its hair was standing up. The cat ran in the bathroom and would not come out for hours. I was happy to move away from there. I wonder if the current owners have had any trouble?    



Haunted House in Richland


By: jessicag@conoverinsurance.com


My husband and I when we were dating stayed with another couple at her grandparents' house to house sit.  The house is one of those OLD houses with two wings in it.  My friend and her boyfriend stayed on one side and they put us in the wing on the other side.  On our side there were two bedrooms Ours and then a master and a bathroom that connected to the master and also went out into the hall.  If you opened the door to the master bedroom from the bathroom or from the hallway they are both bricked off.  The room is sealed off from the rest of the house.  We asked our friend what had happened and she said that her grandparents didn't like to talk about it.  While we stayed there many strange things happened, all on our side of the house, footsteps in the hallway when everyone was asleep and one night my now husband and I woke up at the same time and he said "honey I think someone doesn't want us here" It felt like someone was standing at the end of our bed and they weren't happy.  Needless to say we left the next day.

A couple of years later her grandparents sold the house.  About a year ago they got a call from the new owners asking about the room (seriously who buys a house with a blocked off room?)  Well I guess that they had put there little boy in the room that my husband and I had stayed in and they little boy kept getting really sick, they checked the house for gas and all other sorts of leaks and couldn't find anything.  They finally moved him out of the room and to the other wing of the house and he got better.  The ended up locking up the room and using it as storage.  One day not to long ago they came home and they couldn't find their dogs, well they finally found them, both dead in the room that we had stayed in.  The funny thing is that the room had been locked. 

Anyway creepy creepy house.




Haunted House - Glenelg South Australia


By: arjmasters@hotmail.com


In 1989 I lived for close to 12 months in a house in Glenelg South, South Australia. I lived there with my Brother who was aged 20 and I was 17 years old. It was an old bungalow with beautiful lead light windows in the master bedroom and lovely woodwork throughout the home. In the 1940’s a laundry and toilet were built onto the back of the house and it was in this area that I am convinced a spirit person was residing. Many strange phenomenons occurred whilst living there. Lights would turn on and off by themselves, clocks would tick backwards, things would go missing and turn up in the most peculiar places, our dog would freak out for no apparent reason and many people who visited felt very uncomfortable going to the back of the house. My girlfriends would ask me to escort them to the toilet and have me wait in the laundry for them as they were petrified of the energies they felt in the back part of the house. It was quite scary. My Brother was a sceptic but by the time our lease was up he was convinced that something wasn’t right in the back part of the house. I felt that the spirit person would not travel past the kitchen door up the hallway and people could feel a shift in energies when walking down the hall, they would mention this to me even though they did not know about any of the phenomenon which I and others had witnessed. I still drive past that house on occasion and wonder if the new occupants ever feel anything in their home – it has been fully renovated now and has a spa at the back of the house.



Haunted House


By: danielly_belly@yahoo.com


I believe my old house that I grew up in, was haunted, and still is. I had lived there for approximatley 14 years, and I encountered a few strange things. When I was a child I had heard people talking in my house, when everyone would go to sleep, I would hear creeking, and someone walking up and down the stairs. I had even seen a young woman in my house several times. I have heard a woman's voice aswell, but it is mostly murmuring, so it is hard to understand. I have moved now, but I still think there is a prescence in that house. This house is in Murrieta, California. It is right near Shivela Middle School. There is also a house in the neighborhood that is right across from our house, it was where we would always pick up our mail, in the mailbox. The house's property is a part of where the mailbox is set, but many people have witnessed seeing lights turn on in the house, or someone walking around by the window, when the house is clearly abondonded. The house is very fragile inside, so it would almost impossible for anyone to walk around inside.





By: DABBATIELLO@NewAllianceBank.com


In North Branford CT, there is a cemetery called Bare Plain cemetery,  About 10 years ago, I was with a bunch of friends in my car driving home going from Guilford to new haven.  When I approached the cemetery, the entrance to the cemetery had Fog coming out crossing RT 80.  When I saw it I showed my friends.  When I drove through the fog my car swerved.  My friend thought I did it to scare them,  but I didn't. 

Now 10 years later, I was talking to a girl at my work who's father lives in North Branford,  I was telling her my story and before I even got to the part with the fog. She new.  She saw the fog too. 

I am not sure if this has happened to anyone else, this cemetery is very old.  A lot of the graves are from 1700-1900.  Mostly in the 1800's.   Both times were at night around 10pm in the summer

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Grifftith Hall SFASU Nacogdoches Texas


By: lafreak18@yahoo.com


I was a student at SFA living in Griffith Hall in 98-99.  I am a true believer that the dorm is haunted.  I always felt it was haunted by two ghosts due to seperate experiences I had and two completely different entities.  I lived on the south wing of the fourth floor so was always having to take the elevator.  I was a night owl so always roaming around the dorm late at night.  Well one of the ghosts is a very friendly and helpful spirit from what I have encountered.  On numerous occasions, especially if my hands have been full the elevator doors would open up just as I walked in front of it.  I would check the buttons once I got in the elevator cause typically a lot of the girls in the dorm had a thing about pressing all the floor buttons before going out and nothing would be lit.

Now the ghost on the 3rd floor is a bit of an aggressive spirit.  The south wing of the 3rd floor at night is a very uncomfortable place to be.  You would walk down that hall and just get chills and goosebumps.  The hall light always seemed to be a lot dimmer than any of the other hall lights.  I was leaving a friends room on the 3rd floor late one night and decided that I was going to be brave and take the stairs from the end of the south hall up to my floor.  About halfway down this hall I started to feel very uncomfortable and started speeding up to the door at the end of the hall, climbed the stairs and went into my room.  I had already been in my dorm room for almost a year so the following is what really frightened me.  I sat down on my bed to watch some TV to try to calm my nerves a bit.  All of sudden the blinds started bang against my window; my blinds had never done that before.  My window was not opened and the air in the building  was not on so I could find no excuse for my blinds to act like that.  Needless to say I hid under my blanket and just hoped that whatever was doing it would just go away.  It did after about five minutes.  I always felt as if I disturbed the ghost on the 3rd floor that night and she decided to follow me to my room.  That is my story.




Several Stories


By: golden.firefly85@yahoo.com



I have several stories, so I'll email them all together.

1) When I was little, until the age of about five, my family and I lived in an old farmhouse in Tennessee.  Across the street was an abandoned house, a two-story Victorian-style.  The lot around it was completely empty, just trees separating it from its neighbors.

My sisters and I would go over there after school and play in the yard- we never went in the house.  I was almost six when this happened, I know that because we moved a few months later. One day we were playing hide-and-seek over there, and I hid behind a bush right near the side of the porch, under a window. 

As I was hiding, I started to hear noises from inside the house, just one the other side of the wall: running feet and a child's muffled laughter.  I thought it was one of my sisters, and since our mother told us she'd skin us alive if we went in the house (it was literally falling apart and none too safe), I got out from behind the bush and peeked in the window to tell them to come out.  It was broad daylight, so if one of them had been in the house I would have been able to see them, but there wasn't anyone there.  My eldest sister then scared the living crap out of me by grabbing me from behind, and we found my elder sister hiding about 30 feet from the house. 

When we left to go home, I looked back at the house.  It had a window in the very top, an attic window I guess, and I saw a woman in old-fashioned clothes standing there watching us.

The other stories involve the college I went to, and are both my personal experiences and stories I've heard from others.

2) I attended Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, supposedly one of the most haunted campuses in the state.  It's built right next door to the oldest cemetery in town, and almost everyone I know has had some kind of strange experience.

My freshman year, I stayed in Aston Hall, one of the original dormitories on campus.  One night I woke up and heard footsteps and loud voices in the hallway.  It was a weekend, so I just assumed that some of the girls had come back drunk and were being loud.  I got up and went to my door to tell them to keep it down, but the second I opened the door the voices stopped, and there was no one in the hallway.  I would have brushed it off as them hearing my door and shutting up, but it was our Fall Break and so a lot of the girls had gone home.  The only girls besides myself that were still there lived at the opposite end of the hallway from me, and the voices had sounded like they were right outside my door.  I decided to just go back to sleep.

A few hours later, I woke up with someone pounding on my door.  I opened it to find two of the girls who hadn't gone home, roomates, completely hysterical.  They came in my room and told me what happened:  They'd been in bed when Amy's printer started printing on its own.  The computer had been on, so Amy got up, stopped the printing job, and turned off the computer, then went back to bed.  A few minutes later, the printer started up again even though the computer was off.  This time Amy turned off the printer, unplugged it from the computer.  Erin her roomate was awake by now, so they both laid in bed waiting to see what would happen.  Not too long after, all hell broke loose.  The printer started printing, all the lights (the overhead light and both the lamps) blinked on and off, and the blinds started blowing around like the window was open in a heavy wind.  When the blinds started moving, Amy looked over at the window and felt someone grab her shoulder.  We found out a little while later that a girl had killed herself in our dorm, back in the 30s or 40s.  We think that's who they saw.

My sister went to Millikin as well, and as a music major she spent a lot of time in the Chapel because it had practice rooms in the basement.  One night she was down there practicing for her recital the next day, and she was the only one in the building, which she knew since a security guard had had to let her in.  Anyway she was practicing, and heard footsteps in the chapel upstairs.  She stopped playing, and the footsteps stopped.  When she started playing again, the footsteps started again, moving down the stairs toward the practice rooms.  She kept playing, and eventually the footsteps came right up to the door of the room she was in-- there was even the shadow of someone's face on the little window in the door.  Then there was nothing, and the shadow disappeared.  She called security to see if they'd let anyone else in the building, and they said that no, they hadn't.  This same thing happened several times, and after a while she refused to practice there anymore.

In my senior year, I took a photography class.  The darkroom was in the basement of one of the buildings bordering the cemetery, so I spent a lot of time down there.  I was down there working on my final one night, by myself.  One of my classmates had been there with me for a little while, but she'd left to go get a drink from the vending machine upstairs.  We had the radio on to keep us company, but it wasn't very loud or anything.  Anyway I had my back to the entry "tunnel" (a small twisting hallway built to keep as much light out as possible) when I clearly heard the door open and close.  I thought it was my classmate, so I started talking to her about the print I was developing at the time, which we'd been talking about before she left.  She didn't say anything, so I turned around to see that there wasn't anyone there.  A second after I turned around, the safelights (red lights that don't hurt the photo paper) all turned off at once, which is impossible since the switches are spread around the room.  I was very surprised so I didn't move right away, but after a few seconds the room got very cold, and I could sense someone standing very near to or right in front of me; I could also feel someone's breath on me.  Then all the lights turned back on, including the non-photosafe ones, and the temperature returned to normal.  I was still standing there, frozen, when my classmate came back with her drink.  This all happened very quickly, she was only gone a couple of minutes.  After that I refused to work down there alone.

Also, a girl was killed in a nearby park my freshman year.  There isn't much to this particular story.  She was killed and dumped in the pond in the park, and if you walk by the pond you'll hear splashing when the water is completely still, or someone crying.  A very close friend of mine who doesn't shake easily or believe in ghosts at all told me he saw what looked like a body in the pond, just floating underwater.  He says she was faint, but visible; this was a few years after her murder, so we went to the library and looked up the story in the archives-- he confirmed that the murdered girl was the girl he saw in the water.





Haunted Experience in Listed Haunted Place


By: mystictimberwolf@yahoo.com


I wanted to say that I liked your website and would like to add something. the listing that you have for the traverse city "hippie tree." that is actually far enough from the actual buildings and people can walk to it. I am a native of traverse and grew up with family members who used to work at the state hospital while it was an assylum. sadly i was always dissappointed by the hippie tree. however there are two sets of tree's by the creek just in eye view of the school. they are known as the largest tree's in michigan. as warped and old as they are. in the evening when the sun is setting the light gives it a nice eary glow and you can hear a whisper from a man in the north tree. also the beloved cow of the patients and state hospital was buried on the property with a stone with its name, date of death and small bit of information listed. that can be found over by the children's school on the hospital grounds. follow the unpaved path that goes just past it and not far is the headstone. if any one goes on the grounds even the walking area there are bits of the old hospital everywhere and a great area to investigate even though you cannot go into the main buildings. there are several in the back you are allowed to walk up to and look at. frequently if you watch for a bit, you will see a woman walk by the window upstairs or she will wave at you. this can be seen at night or even during the day. I take alot of walks personally on the grounds. i feel very at home there and was happy to see you had it listed on your site.

when the fire accured in the central grade school, my mother and aunt were students there. it happened on the third floor. even till now they do not use or allow others up there. some staff store a few things, however none of them go further then the first few rooms. not all of it has been repaired. just cleaned. a tour will be allowed with an appointment.

according to my dad, on sawyer road, there was a woman walking home since her car broke down and she was hit. people have spotted her mainly on mist filled nights or late evening when the light begins to change. she may be the one who some will say they see a lady with a cloth on her head and a candle in her hand. some feel she is looking to see what happened to herself or that she is looking for her car since its no longer there.

after reading all this, i appreciate your time you took. thank you




Banning Mill, Carrollton, Georgia


By: solestridrummer@gmail.com



I am writing to you to submit Banning Mill, in west central Georgia, as a haunted site to investigate.  In the 1990's the old mill was rented out to college students for apartments and I had several friends who lived there.  Besides closets with cold black holes (and the feeling that someone was in them looking out at us) objects in the apartments would often be moved by unseen forces, and one back staircase in particular was haunted... going up or down it many times I could feel something behind me although I was alone, and once some thing tried to shove me down the stairs.  In the 1970's it is said a lot of LSD hippie parties were held there and perhaps some of that weird psychic energy, combined with the misery of long-gone mill and factory workers from the 1880's-1930's has combined to create a strange atmosphere.

I am including a link to an official site about Banning Mill, but the site does not mention any hauntings. Go figure.


I live in New Mexico now, but still believe Banning Mill is a place where paranormal activity could easily be found.




Ames Road, Amston, CT


By: tischofer@comcast.net


I recently rented a cottage on this road.  I stayed there for one year.  Strange things happened there but I just thought it was me.  I ignored most of it.  I was going through some tough times and would always be awake between 3-4 am.  I was completely awake when a women said something in the room.  She said "Matt".  Also during that time scratching and noises were heard at night.  It was probably Mice.  During this time on another day, I heard something pass right by my window.  The window has an air conditioner which was not too insulated so I heard it really well.  It sounded like a horse galloping right by the window.  I thought it was a deer, but do deer gallop?

Other times I was always conscience of shutting lights off to keep the Elec bill down and the lights were on a couple of times when I klnow I shut them off.  I ignored that too.

So, I went to COmcast to pay my bill and the gut there says" oh, you live on Ames road, did you know it was haunted?"

I said yeah right but he said to look it up and I found your site.

Sounds weird but hey thought I would share.





Carlisle Barracks



By: Jeffrey.Bobo@us.army.mil


Have worked here at Carlisle Barracks for 20 years.  Our office was located in the Old Commissary/Commissary Warehouse (Bldg 315) I arrived at work early one morning several years ago (and of course it was around Halloween) anyway, I proceeded to unlock the front door of the bldg, entered and proceed to unlock the door to office area.  There are steps leading up to the second floor. I got a glimpse of someone passing at the top of the stairs from left to right going into another office area that was located up there.  I found it odd because I was the only one in the building as I thought.  I decide I had better go up and see who was there.  As I proceeded up the stairs, a strange feeling overcame me and in the back of my mind, I heard, or sensed not to proceed any further up the stairs.  I tried to go on up, but the feeling became more pronounced and I actually got the feeling or sense if I did that something would happen.  I decided at the time, not to go any further and heed the voice in my head and just go back down the stairs.

Never did find out what or who was up there, but I do remember seeing a Shadow person, a black mass up there and it scared me or at least made me think twice about investigating further




Spanish Lake Missouri


By: dave_linda1611@hotmail.com


This house has been investagated by a paranormal team and found it is haunted by 23 different indivuals. The one most seen & heard is of a little girl who ask about her Mommie and speaks of a little doll. Other sounds such as footsteps, cold spots, hot spots, flash's of lights and being spoken to are often reported. You can see a lady standing in the upstairs window when you approach the front door and feelings of being watched. The animals on this property have been reported of chasing after something unseen - up the dinning room steps back into the atic which is blocked off. There are times when the animals on this residence will not even go into the backyard but will sit at the dinning room window and growl and bark. The animals that have died while living in the residence can often be heard jumping off of beds that are no longer in those rooms, hearing dog tags jingling and on christmas eve they've heard their past pets howling from the basement back door. The animals that died were Siberian Huskys and Alaskan Malamutes. So howling for those breeds are a way of speaking.

Smells of perfume are smelt when the woman of the residence is away. Curtian rods being taken off of the hooks, shelfs falling off the wall and the items being thrown to the other side of the room have happened. The residences are not sure of what was once on the property prior to the house being built 80 years ago. Orbs, Strange lights & streaks of orbs are seen in any photo taken of the house or photo.

This day the residence is still occupied by the owners whom had it investagated reciently. They will remain in the home for none of the above are threatening nor harmful. They said that they wish they could help the little girl find her mommie, for she is appx 4 to 6 yrs old, Wears victorian clothing, has long hair kept in bananna curls and likes to peak around the corners and play.

One of the owners dogs has slept in a corner at nights under a table where the little girl has been heard and seen sitting.

 I am the woman of this residence and let me tell you years ago it scared the hibbie jibbies out of me.

Now my husband and i have become accustomed to it and it no longer bothers us lol.

My husband has also seen my father apear in the doorway of where he'd be sitting, scolling at him.

My husband never knew my father for he'd passed away several years prior to me marring.




Parent's Fable?



By: lynchy0520@hotmail.com


 Just browsing through, but I thought that I'd share a story that was relayed to me by my parent’s years ago...

 When my parents first met they found themselves driving home from a college basketball game in Syracuse, New York.  Unfortunately, the man that was to become my father, experienced engine trouble and was forced to pull his car over to the side of the road. 

Now I know that this sounds like a typical "parking" story, but they pulled over near a local cemetery, because there was a snow storm coming through and traffic was heavy because of the game.

My father, to this day, swears that as he was looking underneath the hood of his car, while my mother was still in the passenger seat, he was approached by an elderly gentleman who asked him if he needed assistance.  Being young, on a date and probably late for curfew, he accepted.

My father stated that he then returned to his car, turned the ignition when the man stated to "give it a try now" and amazingly, the car started.  My father stated that when he exited his car to thank the man, he was gone.

The unusual aspect about the whole encounter was that when my father said that he tried to track the man down by following his footprints, he found none.  No footprints, no tire tracks, nothing at all in the snow.

Like I said, maybe this is an excuse given to my grandparents years ago that carried over into the next generation, but my parents swear to it this day.



This is at Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes Kentucky


By: mustang_boy2003@yahoo.com


I Use to work at the Alice Lloyd College, in the Hungry Den. I saw a lot of stuff, from like a woman Walking around in a white dress some times she call's out your name. I've also seen a little girl who was playing and singing ring around the rosie. I saw her and asked what was she doing in the Kitchen when it was Closed and when I turned away cause someone Was yelling for me, and, I turn back around and the little Girl was Gone.. I ran to the Exit Door and Looked around, and, all the Door's was locked. The little girl was no where to be found! On the 3rd floor in the old cafe.. three other people and I. at closing. time we put flower on the floor's, and, Windows cause we though someone Was stealing food from the cafe. After that we would Drove by and seen a man and a woman sitting there in the window.

the only people had a keys to the Door was us and the campus cop's. we pulled over at the top of the campus bypass and watch. to see if someone was going in, and, out of the building. we waited about 30min's..

we went back down there and the Doors were fixed the way we had them!

so we open the Doors back up to see what had happened we seen little kids hand prints. on the windows. All the salt and pepper shakers was on one table.

On the Window We seen letter's ( Jc ) wrote! then around the tables we seen little children foot prints.

then we called campus cop's to see if they had made there rounds. They told us that they hadnʼt Yet.

so what I haft to say about the College. ( It is very Haunted.) 




England Story


By: ivanyamine@aol.com



This story may sound a tadge on the weird sound, however I swear every word is true.

To give you some backround, I live in the South of England, in the Thames Valley. A rather over populated area around London. When I was 11 (24 now) my Dad and Stepmum moved house, when we went to view this particular one I developed a blinding headache almost the moment we stepped foot into the house, a full on thumping migraine. The pain was so bad that I was physically sick. I was rather peeved off about this as my best friend was due to come for a sleepover and my dad used his mobile to cancel the visit. Well, as soon as we left the house and drove a few yards down the road my headache completely cleared... anyway, despite this my Dad decided to go for that one.

A few years later my little sister was born. I had always had bad feelings about the house, never heard or saw anything but I would feel VERY uncomfortable at random times. I put this down to my overactive imagination. Anyway, after little sis was born, I had been rudely awoken by her crying. After a while I decided I was thirsty so I got up to go downstairs and get a drink. Now, because of the uncomfortable feelings I would always turn every light on on my way and avoid looking around too much. On this night, as I turned at the bottom of the stairs, walked down the hall and flicked on the kitchen light I saw what I can only describe as a little man running into the shadows betwen the fridge and washing machine. It was about 3 ft tall and definately was moving on two legs like a person, except it was more like the fawn in the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe to look at. As well as this I also HEARD the tapping of feet (hooves?) as whatever it was scarpered.

Needless to say I legged it back to my room rather quickly. However, now I think about it the poor thing was obviously more frightened of me!

One more story if I may?

I now live in the SouthWest of England, land of cider and Stonehenge. I live with my boyfriend in a lovely little bungalow which is very very old. It used to be three kitchens for the BIG house next door. My bedroom is one old kitchen, my living room is another and the kitchen and bathroom is another one. To get to the toilet and kitchen you have to walk past the shower room and I always feellike I am being watched from this room. I get the feeling that it is a girl, and I seem to get a mental image of long hair and a longish blue dress with a white apron, sleeves rolled up and a slightly p-d off expression on her face. She doesn't scare me though, I kinda feel sorry for her, because she must find it strange seeing naked people in the shower in HER kitchen!

Thanks for taking the time to read my stories. If anyone wants to comment, please feel free to email me at ivanyamine@aol.com.






Pennsyvania Haunting



By: . HARLOCK@wi.rr.com

My husband is relating a story here:

When I was a sophomore in college, my father moved to Carbondale PA to run an episcople church there.  He and his wife bought a house that had been converted from a barn at some point in its history, and which also happened to be right next to a civil war era cemetary.  The house was in  the hills above Carbondale and the whole place was riddled with ruins of houses, cemetaries, mills, a glass factory, you name it, it was out there.  I've never been in a place like that since.  It was amazing. 

Anyway, as I said, the house was a converted barn, so it had the barn shape and only a converted hay loft divided in to two bedrooms and a bathroom for its upstairs.  The "hallway" connecting all three was a walkway that fronted each room and ended in stairs which hugged the north wall of the building and came down behind the fireplace which sate in the northerly center area of the room.  It was quite attractive in a rustic sort of way.  All hardwood fixtures and floors, with the chimney of the firplace plastered cobbles. 

There were only the two bedrooms, which my sister and step sister occupied upstairs, and my father and his wife had a large alcove off the kitchen where their "bedroom" was.   I was visiting them over Christmas break, and I was sacked out in front of the fireplace with the two dogs, and from where I lay I could see the entire gantry/walkway, as one side had only the railing as its buffer.  I was reading a book in front of the fire, locked in place between the two dogs, when the walkway creaked, as if someone was putting weight on it.  The whole house did this whenever anyone walked so you got used to now sneaking around.  I looked up and saw no one, so I figured it was settling or something like that.  But then the weight shifted, the way it does when someone walks, and that's exactly what it sounded like: someone walking toward the stairway from my sisters room.  Again I looked up.  Again, nothing was there.  The dogs were now alert too, there eyes following the sound.  The walking continued down to the stairway, came halfway down the stairs, and stopped behind the chimney.  Then nothing, except the dogs jumping up and going to the spot behind the chimney where the noise stopped.  I was shaking at that point, but I got up too.  I looked, saw nothing, and went back to my bedroll.  I lay awake a long time after that, waiting for it to happen again, but it didn't.  And the rest of the time I was there, nothing happened. 

I asked my dad, and the girls about it the next day.  My dad said his wife Debby thought the place was haunted.  The girls weren't aware of anything happening the previous night.  I don't know whether I beleive in ghosts, but that left me wondering.  I think most ghosts stories are urban legends, but I can't explain what happened that night.  So I tell the story and let people decide for themselves. 

That's my story.  Thanks





Lawrence Douglas County Housing Authority


By: kalamatai65793@yahoo.com


I was a resident at the main site in lawrence housing authority for three years. On one occasion my bookshelf that was full of books tilted and dumped all my books on the floor. The hallway light would turn on and the smoke alarm would go off waking myself and my three children in the middle of the night. When I would file a complaint, maintenance would say it was electrical and yet it still went off without any batteries and the hall light came on when there was no bulb.





Who was He?


By: georgiaflessa@gmail.com


I have been having strange things happening to me since i was a child and continuing into adult hood.  But i have a query which is based on this incident and i would love if anyone could give some feedback.  In 1999 during the summer I had an experience which up today i really can not find sufficient information on what it was.

I had just returned home around 2:00 a.m. in the morning, and since it was very hot i opened all balcony windows and shutters to allow a breeze to come into my 3rd floor apartment.  As i was laying down reading a book with my cat, i felt as if someone was looking at me I turned and looked out on the balcony and saw a man about 6 foot tall dressed all in black with shoulder length hair. Believe or not but my first thought was, wasn't this guy hot since he was wearing a long black raincoat..... his features i couldn't see.  I ran out of the room with my cat which had started hissing before i even saw him.  Left the apartment went downstairs out on the street.. trying to come up with a logical explanation to what it was that i had just seen. After  a while i calmed myself down by concluding that I probably had drifted off to sleep and dreamt the whole thing.  Seeming like a logical explanation i  went back up to the apartment and when the sun rose i finally fell asleep.  Around 10 in the morning my cousin which lives on the first floor of the apartment building woke me up... she wanted to share something with me.  She wanted to tell me that she had seen the strangest thing and just couldn't explain it.  She told me that around 2ish in the morning as she was on the phone with her boyfriend, she saw this guy on her balcony. which fit my description down to the hair and raincoat... and when i asked her what did he do ..... her answer is that he drifted upwards... and by drifting she meant that he seemed to be floating upwards. She compared his upward motion very similar to superman's. 

I have been trying to find out what this guy was.  So if anyone has any sound information I would be more than grateful if they could share with me.




Skyscraper Building at Loyola


By: gemini.25@hotmail.com


I wanted to provide an update on Sky at Loyola in Chicago, since I obtained my BA from the school.

First off, that building is extremely creepy. There’s an elevator bank that provides access to the upper floors, but it’s dismantled. I’m not sure why they don’t fix it and just cut off access to the upper floors, because students have to wait forever for the two functioning elevators before/after class when it’s really crowded.

All entrances to the upstairs are blocked off, but being the daring students we were back in the day, three of us snuck up to the upper floors. It’s the creepiest place ever, and I will never forget my experience. We went on a random weekday around 7 or 8 at night, when the building was essentially vacant. If I can recall correctly, we snuck in through a back staircase. It was like walking back in time to the 1950’s. Rooms were set up like antique dorms. There was old, dusty shag carpeting (yellow I think), and antique desks and chairs. Nothing looked like it had been touched in ages. I think there are about 3 or 4 top floors that are vacant, and we almost got to the top. As we were hunting around, we kept hearing footsteps (completely freaking us out) that seemed as if they were in the hall, extremely close to where we were. I don’t think they could have been from another floor, and even if they were, a) we were almost at the top and the floors above and below us were vacant and b) it was later in the evening after classes, and there really weren’t any students or faculty left in the building. Needless to say we hightailed it out of there.

During my time at Loyola, I also saw random lights in the top floors that were vacant. I was told about the priest/nun story as well, and supposedly they shut down the nun dorm after the one who had the affair with the priest hung herself. I’m not sure if that’s a true story or not. Regardless, I can’t understand why the school never remodeled or touched those upper floors. It’s valuable space, but yet it’s all sectioned off. We were also told if we got caught sneaking into the upper floors, we’d be expelled. Loyola definitely keeps the story and those floors under tight wraps.

Just thought you'd be interested...




Love of a Dog


By: jeanne.rector@usmc.mil


I have had 2 White German Shepherds so far in my life time.  The first I got when I was around 5 years old, his name was Snowball and I loved him so.  He lived to be 13 years old.  We had to have him put to rest as he was getting old and as German Shepherds do he was having hip problems.  I was around 17 when this happened and was highly upset.  For many years afterwards I would hear snowball come into my room circle and then lay down next to my bed.  We eventually got another dog a Belgium Shepherd, Charlie who is still alive, he would come to my door at night when I would hear Snowball's ghost and Charlie would whimper.  Although after a while I stopped receiving the night-time visits and Charlie started sleeping on my floor. I then had a dream of a large field and Snowball was there playing with other dogs some of which were dogs I had known that were put to rest as well.  Then when I was around 20 I received another White German Shepherd Xena.  Charlie and she were great friends.  Charlie is a chubby guy so when he would eat Xena would block his bowl every few minutes and growl as if telling him to slow down.  We moved a few times always keeping the dogs close by and usually inside.  My parents purchased a 5 acre lot off of a main road which scared me because the dogs where very curious and always escaped usually into what ever neighborhood we lived in.  One evening I came out to find the gate wide open.  I started yelling for Xena and Charlie.  Eventually Charlie came to the back gate with his tail between his legs and whimpering.  I instantly knew something was wrong. I yelled inside about what I found and took off up the road in my car only to find poor Xena laying dead on the side of the road still warm.  She must have come running when I called and not paid attention to the road as she was very obedient.  I again was very upset.  That evening I cried myself to sleep and was out pretty deeply when I felt something with four feet jump up onto my bed circle and lay next to me, this was at my house where I have no dogs.  At first it scared the daylights out of me and I froze in place.  Remembering what happened with Snowball I cautiously said out loud "Xena its ok baby girl you can go play you don't need to watch over me anymore I love you!" of course I started crying again yet the feeling of her laying next to me dissipated.  I dreamt that night of again the field with the dogs, now more dogs I had known that had passed away including Snowball and Xena were there.  It was the best feeling dream I have had in my life we played ball and ran in this field and I woke up knowing that Xena listened to me as she always had in life and moved on to her heaven.  Although sometimes Charlie still scoots back from his bowl of food and looks at it as thought Xena is blocking him from chowing down.






A Visit from My Mother


By: Adr1125@aol.com



I’ve wanted for a long time to put down on paper the experience that I had that “awakened” something inside me that I have tried to ignore my whole life.

Let me start by saying that I have always been sensitive to the emotions and feelings of the people around me. I can remember being a little girl and “knowing” what the adults around me were thinking and feeling. Being a child with a child’s logic I often mentioned this to who ever would listen much to my mother’s chagrin. Just random things like if someone was lying or had done something dishonest.

But I digress, this story is about the single experience I had that took that gift and magnified it times ten.

I was raised by a single parent and have a younger sister who is disabled (developmentally delayed). This incident happened September 27th 2002. I was 23 years old had just broken up with my boyfriend and moved back home. That morning my mother and sister had went out for a late breakfast and I heard them come back at around noon. I went upstairs to say hello (my bedroom was the entire finished basement, the door opened to the kitchen). My mother mentioned that she had a head ach and was going to go lay down. Thinking nothing of it I returned to my room to finish the movie I was watching. Not twenty minutes later as I was sitting on the couch in my bed room, a voice whispered in my ear “Run now!”

I jumped up startled and looked around to see where it was coming from. At that same moment I heard a crash from upstairs, somehow I “knew” from my mother’s room. 

I ran up stairs to find my mother on the floor at the foot of her bed.

After hours in the hospital the doctors finally told us she had had a massive stroke and the outcome didn’t look good.  Exhausted physically and emotionally, my sister and I went to our aunt’s house to get some sleep.  I had been up for twenty four hours at this point and feel asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow on my aunt’s sofa. At 2:30 in the morning, only two hours after leaving the hospital, I awoke with a start. Sitting by my feet was my mother. For a second I thought I had dreamed the last day’s tragedy, I was so happy to see her. But when I looked closely at her she was transparent and seemed so sad. She looked as if she had been crying, and that made me cry. She then started to talk, but what’s weird is that I heard her in my head. She told me she was so sorry for leaving us and made me promise to always take care of my sister. She said she loved me and my sister very much and wanted us to be happy and I would see her again. At this point I was crying so hard that my aunt and cousins came running in the room. They later told me that they heard me talking to someone but I was in the living room alone in the dark.  My cousin had even turned the light on and said I was just crying and talking to the empty space on the couch. At the same time all of this was going on the phone rang. My Uncle answered it and it was the hospital. My mother had stopped breathing on her own and no longer had any brain activity. They had pronounced her brain dead at 2:30 am and were calling us for us to come back to the hospital.

Since that time I have been like a paranormal tuning fork. (Sorry I couldn’t think of a better analogy) I can’t walk past a cemetery without picking up little things about its residents or having one try to get my attention.

Well that’s it for this story, trust me I have more, but this one was long enough by itself. Thank you for allowing me to share.





Haunting in Van Nuys, CA



By: caryndf1@att.net


In 1992-1994 I worked at Captain Ed's Head Shoppe located on Van Nuys Blvd. between Sherman Way & Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406 (This place still exists today)

After hours, late one night, with the store completely closed and void of all customers, I was sitting quietly talking with a co-worker. both of us heard loud foot steps on the hardwood floor. There was no mistake the footsteps we both heard were made by boots and with the store having all hardwood flooring that was very old, (it's still there!) the floor creaked with each footstep getting louder going back and forth from one end of the store to the other.

My co-worker said that there was a man who had an affiliation with the store, his name was "Bill", nicknamed "Crazy Bill", for some reason unbeknownst to me that died. Where/how he died I also do not know however, there was no mistake of what we both heard.  As I was told, Crazy Bill was always known to wear cowboy boots and he used to pace the store. My co-worker actually knew "Crazy Bill".

With the exception of my co-worker and I whispering to each other and the footsteps pacing, the place was quiet to the point you could hear a pin drop.

The footsteps kept pacing back and forth and they came right up to us and stopped. At the same time, little bells on display hung with decorative little ropes on the ceiling began to jingle. (The bells are also still there)

This,  I personally witnessed "several" times throughout the time I worked there. "Always" late at night and after closing time.

Captain Ed Adair, who was the owner of the store, not long after I was hired, died of Leukemia. My co-worker had said at other times he saw an apparition of Captain Ed Adair walking fast through the store, as if he was in a hurry and then he would disappear. This is just heresay as I never witnessed this occurance myself, but at the same time... my co-worker was a reliable source and not prone to lie or exaggerate. If he said it happened I believe it!

I also later came to find that Captain Ed Adair was a close friend of Crazy Bill.

Lastly Captain Ed's Head Shoppe has been there ever since the mid sixties. When you walk in the place to this very day, it's like walking through a time warp. Every picture/poster on the walls are the exact same way they were in the sixties.








By: funkychicken1600@hotmail.com




I attend Austin High School and the Spanish Teacher wrecked on her way to school during the summer time not during the school year.

I was told this by a teacher who knew her.

Many experiences occur near the library and office area in the Middle School part (The middle school and high school are the same building)

One teacher was in the middle school office late at night by himself and one of the phones rang and the call was coming from the phone beside him. (There are two phones on the desk in the office)

Mr. Montgomerey committed suicide about 4 years ago.  A teacher has seen him walking the hallways and a couple of times in the green house.

My brother attended Franklin College and claims that there was no haunting in the place you claim but there was once a gas leak which did in fact cancel class.

He’s not into ghost stories though.

I live a mile from Bridgewater Cemetery and experiences I have had was that when I left there was a handprint on the outside of my windshield.

My brother and his friends have seen glowing eyes in the back of the cemetery.




Jingle Bells?



By: kingsfan4@prodigy.net


I've written to Shadowlands before several years ago looking for answers regarding a possible poltergeist in my home. It was just one incident, but I still cannot explain it. However, the latest thing that happened to me was of an auditory nature. It was late at night, and I was doing dishes at the kitchen sink. I suddenly heard the sound of jingling bells behind me. They were quite loud and I heard them a couple of times - that is, they jingled for a few seconds, then stopped, then jingled again. It sounded as if a cat or dog with bell on its collar was running towards me. However, the ringing was louder and clearer than the usual tiny bell that barely makes any noise on these kinds of pet collars. When I heard the noise, I turned around to see if my cat was coming into the ktichen. I called her name, and looked around but saw nothing. I looked around the house and couldn't find her. And then I remembered I had put her outside about an hour or so before that! And I don't have any other animals.

I don't know if it was the ghost of a cat I once had, or another manifestation of the poltergeist I once experienced. I actually was badly traumatized by the death of my cat a few years ago. He had been poisoned, either purposely or not, by consumming antifreeze, which shut down his kidneys. I never found out who did it, or if it was an accidental case of the cat, who would go outdoors and around the neighborhood, lapping up someone's antifreeze from their oil pan under their car. I mourned his loss, and I took it hard. I guess felt guilty for not bringing him to the vet sooner. His sister is still with us, and is the cat that I had put outside that night.

I suppose I'll never know the origin of the bell sounds. Yes, they sounded like a cat's bell collar, but much louder and clearer than that. Plus, my deceased cat hardly wore a collar - it kept coming off!




My Cynical Fiance and the Ghostly Girl



By: meganbechtel@gmail.com


My fiance says he doesn't exactly disbelieve nor believe in the paranormal. He is, however, very cynical and makes fun of me for having these interests.

He had an experience almost exactly three years ago that has made him a little more... open minded.

It was not a 'dark and stormy night' but it was a late, dark, and chilly mid-October night in north-western Georgia when he saw what he believes was a ghost.

He was getting kicked out of a 'friend's' house he'd been staying at for a week, and went to hide his belongings in the woods, which was really about a few acres or so of trees that separated the subdivision and the local Kohl's. He returned to the house to use the phone, and after making arrangements, proceeded back to the woods with the evictor's dog by his side to claim his bags.

As he was making his way through the woods in complete darkness- save for his lighter he used as a mini torch- he thought he saw what looked like a person a few yards ahead. Convinced he was just seeing a trick of the light, he moved foreward confidently. The closer he got, the more concerned he became. It looked like a person, deffinately. But what would some random person be doing standing out in the woods at this chilly hour? Using his lighter to see, he crept closer and was happy to know the dog was still by his side. Closer, he realized it was a teenage girl, wearing what looked like a white dress. He called out "Hello?" several times with no response. He got up to about three feet away when the realization came that this young lady was neither moving nor speaking, and with confusion and adrenaline he turned and ran back out of the woods to the somewhat-comfort of the house.

He called his father and told him what happened, and when he came to pick him up, demanded that he accompany him back in to the woods to get his bags. He showed him where he had seen this apparation, but of course, nothing was there.

He has said that at first, thinking it over, he thought it could have been maybe some crazy and/or drugged out girl just mindlessly being in the woods. He expressed that the county he was in is a huge meth county, one of the worst and has even been on A&E shows due to its epedemic.

But more thinking lead him to believe and actually admit that he thought it was a ghost. I was actually excited to hear him say this!

Three  years later, in this present day, he still unenthusiastically admits he belives he saw a ghost. The "woods" he experienced her in are now completely torn down, to make way for yet another commercial establishment in the quickly growing county.

Personally, I remember seeing TONS of shows about Georgia hauntings; Cival War related and other. I once considared that maybe this girl died in those woods, from whatever cause, and her spirit was restless because she knew that the woods would be cut down and that maybe, she wanted her body to be found before some wal-mart-type-thing was built on top of her grave. John also feels that the reason he saw her was because he was on her same emotional level, and was mentally 'open' to experience her.

That last part is just creative wonderings, but the fact remains that even skeptics can be humbled!




Queen Mary Haunting



By: ivorywire@gmail.com


When I was little, my cousin was married near the Queen Mary.  The reception was held on the Queen Mary.  I, along with another kid, got bored at the reception.  So we roamed the halls of the ship.  We went everywhere.  At one point, there were two doors with a small opening between them.  We could see inside.  There was a swimming pool, but I don't think it had any water in it.  The lights were on.  It sounded like the room was full of people chanting.  When we opened the doors, there was no one there.  I stayed the night on the ship, and I didn't know it was haunted.  I didn't even realize that the chanting was coming from ghosts.




Standup Fan in Bathroom


By: JudiWaller@aol.com



When we lived in Killeen, Texas, outside of Ft Hood, Tx., at least 12 years ago, I got a call from my stepmother that my dad was probably having another heart attack. I was praying in my bathroom later when the fan turned on. I felt warm and wonderful like everything was going to be okay. After about 3 minutes...seemed like forever..the fan turned off on it's own. I did check out all the buttons and nothing was stuck so can't explain it .Told my dad when I saw him and he said that with his first heart attack he saw an angel with wings right outside his hospital room He always thought it was a guardian angel I hope it was






By: kpresnall@valleyb.com




I just wanted to tell you about a place I used to work at that I, and many other people think is haunted. This building is called Fridley Theatres Springwood 9. It is located in Ankeny, Iowa.

I worked in this building for well over 2 years and experienced countless times strange happenings. The most famous incident happens about 3 times a year. At night we have one person stay to close the building and shut all the projectors and the lights off in the projection room. That person has to wait until every customer has left the theatre, and no one is in the parking lot. We do a clean sweep of the whole complex inside and out. Sometimes after that person is done shutting things off and is doing office work in the managers office, the projectors will turn themselves on. Movies will start playing and not at the beginning of the movie. Sometimes it starts at the middle or during a loud scene. Sometimes we hear running up and down the flight of stairs to the projection booth.

3 people were in one of our theatres and witnessed a strange figure on the ceiling when the lights were dimmed. We started to run out of the theatre in fear to find that the door would not open. The lights went out completely. About 30 seconds later the lights would go up and the door would open. There is no lock on the door, nor do they stick that tightly.

A man did die a few years ago in one of our theatres of a heart attack. He was watching a batman movie with his teenage son. His son thought that his father had nodded off to sleep, but when the movie ended his father did not wake up.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me back. I would love to discuss this in more detail. I did leave a lot out in case you were not interested.




True Ghost Story in Maine


By: molly1cat@verizon.net




I have so many stories that I don't know where to begin, and to keep myself and everyone else from being overwhelmed, I will share just one at this time. This happened to me about 12 years ago, maybe 13. At the time, I was living in a one room efficiency apartment in the basement of an elder couple's home. This is in Old Town, Maine.

One night I left a dim nightlight on in my bathroom, which was directly across from my bed. It was well after midnight when I opened my eyes from a light sleep and saw shadow movements on the wall right next to my bed. (My back was turned toward the bathroom that had the light on). I was startled, as I knew nobody else was in my room. I lived alone, no pets at that time, either. I slowly turned around, afraid of what I might see, and hovering right below the ceiling in the bathroom, in full view, was a big jet-black cloud. It was so black and stood out so well, there was no mistaking it for anything else. I lay there in shock at what I was seeing with my own two eyes. It stayed there, unmoving yet undulating in one spot, then it just disappeared right before my eyes!  To this day I have no idea what that was. That was sure fire proof to me of other beings in the universe besides just us humans. And thank God there is!




Bouncy Bouncy Bed



By: loona@widomaker.com


This happened to me 49 years ago, when I was 13 years old. It still raises the hair on the back of my neck whenever I think about it. It was my first experience with the supernatural.

We lived on an old farm in the middle of nowhere on the Kansas prairie. My sister and I slept in a downstairs bedroom next to my parents' room. It was summer time and the moon was full, sometime after midnight. My sister was gone, visiting my Aunt and Uncle and I was alone in the room. I was on the verge of falling asleep when something started bouncing on the bed beside me. It bounced from my head to my feet and back again, several times. I jumped up and ran to my mother's door, calling for her to wake up and come see. She got up and came with me to my room as I explained that a mouse or something was in my bed. She pulled back the sheets, lifted the pillows and looked around in general but found  nothing. She said whatever it was, it was gone now and I should go back to bed. I went back to bed and so did she. Several minutes later, it began again. I tried to ignore it but the bouncing just became heavier and faster until I was scared out of my wits. I again ran to get my mother. Again she came to my room. This time she pulled the bedding completely off my bed, threw the pillows on the floor and beat the mattress with her hands. She got on her knees and looked under the bed, she looked inside the closet as well as all around the room.

"Are you sure you're not just imagining it because Kathy is gone and you're alone?"

I assured her I was not imagining it and after remaking my bed she turned out the light and told me to go to sleep and not to awaken her again that night.

I was so scared I just lay on my stomach with my face buried in my pillow for a long time. Just as I started to believe nothing more would happen, it started again. Remembering my mother's stern warning I just lay there shaking as the bouncing went from light tapping to violent banging, rocking the whole bed. Suddenly, it stopped. I lay there, afraid to move, waiting for it to start again. Then I felt something tap me firmly on my back. I jumped and turned my face to see who was there. The full moon was illuminating the room well enough for me to see that no one was there. The next thing I knew something slapped me so hard across the cheek that it stung. This time I got up and ran screaming hysterically to my mother's room. I told her what happened and she took me into the living room, turned on the light and saw the large red welt on my left cheek. This is when she first explained to me about "things that go bump in the night". She gave me a rosary to hold in my hand and we went to my room and prayed for a few minutes. I went to sleep and nothing more happened........that night.

I have had many, many supernatural experiences since that night but none has scared me quite as badly as that one. Thanks, Carolyn



My Attraction to Haunted Places


By: flamingice86@hotmail.com


Some of my friends often joke that I'm attracted to haunted places; I dissagree. I never go out of my way to go somewhere just because it's hanuted. Usually, I've been to the place several times before I learn that it is or may be hanuted. There are really only two hanuted places that I go to frequently, neither of which are frightening places.The first is my aunt and uncle's house. They live there with their two daughters. When I was younger(around 7 or 8), before I heard my aunt mention that the house might be haunted, I was staying there overnight. Most of the activity seems to happen in the bathroom, one bedroom, and the living room. I happened to be sleeping in the living room. It was very late at night, and I woke up to the sound of voices. They were incredibly faint and sort of blurry. I could almost tell what they were saying, but the most I could ever catch at one time was part of a word. My first thought was that someone was still up and talking to someone else. I walked through the house a little, but everyone was alseep. I went and found my dad, woke him up, and told im that people were talking and that they were keping me up. He got up and looked around the house to see if anyone was talking inside, then looked around outside in case someone was outside on the sidewalk in front of their house. He couldn't find anybody. I asked him if he could hear the voices too. he was quiet for a few minutes, then said that he could sort of hear a few voices talking, but that he couldn't tell what they were saying. He told me to try and go ack to sleep, then left. I got back in bed, fell asleep, and didn't give the night a second thought until many years later. Their older daughter was telling me about how she, her sister, and her mom were starting to think that the house might be haunted. She mentioned a few minor incidents, then told me that at her last nirthday party(a sleep-over), her friends mentioned to her that they had heard voices talking from the living room all night. At this time, nobody had told the friends about the suspicion that the house was hanuted. They thought that my aunt and uncle had been talking in the living room, but later when my cousin asked, they told her they had gone to bed at the same time the girls had. A little while later, it dawned on me that what I experienced so many years ago with the voices in the living room could have been a paranormal experience. I told them about it, and they agreed that the voices I heard were just like the ones my cousin's friends had heard.

About a year ago, I think my house might have become the temporary residence of a poltergeist. I'm in my mid teens now, so I would have been the perfect age for attracting one at the time. The incidents were very minor. It started out as footsteps from upstairs. The floors in my house are very old,a nd they creak and squeek when you step in certain places, and I've learned to identify who was walking where in the house by listening to their footsteps and the accompanying creaks. The footsteps I heard were different than everyone in my family's. They never seemed scary or intimidating, just unfamiliar. They were always in the same place. The upstairs hallway and the very top of the stairs. I heard them while I was in the bedrooms at the endof the hallway, and when I was downstairs. They would always take a few steps, then stop. This happened every three or four days for a few weeks. After a while, the poltergeist extended it's territory to our kitchen. The only thing it did in the kitchen was open and close the cabinet doors. I've checked the kitchen for drafts, or anything else that would cause te cabinet doors to move, but couldn't find anything. It was never a problem, other than when my mom would blame me for leaving the cabinet doors open when I knew I had closed them. Once or twice I would walk into the kitchen just as a cabinet door was opening or closing. After about two months, the poltergeist moved on. Nothing has happened like that since. I mentioned the incidents a few times to my parents(who didn't believe me, of course), but since they only happened when I was alone and weren't particularly frightening, I never mentioned them to anyone else.

 As a studying actor, I spend quite a bit of time at my community theatre. That theatre is known in the local acting community by its ghost, Francis. Many, many years ago, a woman named Francis fell to her death from the catwalk while working on some of the backdrops. Almost immediately after, small incidents began occuring. People heard whispers and groans behind them when they were alone in a room. This happened to me twice, the first time when I was looking for cleaning supplies during the strike of a show. I was leaning down to look under a counter, and I heard someone whisper something in my right ear. I looked behind me quickly, but nobody was there(plus, if anyone in the building had wanted to scare me, they wouldn't have kept it to a whisper. They would have screamed bloody murder in the hopes of inducing a heart attack.). A few years later, I was sitting in the green room while everyone else was still working on costumes and makeup. I heard a loud, deep groan come from one corner of the room. It wasn't a bad groan, like a groan of pain. It was more like the way one might groan if they were woken up by someone banging two pots together a few inches away from their head. My friends and I also discovered that Francis is particularly interested in the technicians. While teching a show(apperating spotlights), I myself, as well as other members of the lighting crew had the doors to our lighting booths either opened, or pulled on. In one incident, I was talking with the crew over our headsets when I heard one of them call to someone else "What do you ned?" There were a few seconds of silence, then they both screamed. I asked them what was wrong, and after a moment, one of them explained that the door to their booth had started to open. They thought it was the Crew Chief and asked what he needed. When the door opened the rest of the way, nobody was there. At the same time, the blades of a small fan in the room started turning. They made one or two rotations, then stopped. Upon further investigation, they discovered that the fan wasn't even plugged in. I have never been seriously afraid of Francis or what she might do, though she has shown that she can be rather fierce when people doubt her existence. She broke the ropes on one of the lifts and the actor who was on the lift fell to the stage. He was only a few feet above the stage floor, so he was perfectly fine(he actually started laughing before shouting that he was okay), but we were still pretty stunned by the fact that the ropes broke the second after someone shouted "Francis doesn't exist!"





Shadow Story


By: ateworte@yahoo.com



I have been looking around on your site for awhile, mainly trying to help myself understand something that happened a few years back, I have decided to submit my story, in hopes that perhaps someone else has had the same experience.

In the first week of May 2005, I was in Germany with my mother, specifically in a small town in Munich (Muchen) Germany. The small town is called Furstenteldbruck. We were staying at a hotel, one which we had stayed at before, it is a family run hotel, on ground and buildings which have been in the family for over 500 years. Oddly enough though, I don't believe that the ghost I saw had anything to do with the property buildings or ground... it felt like he did not belong there.

It was early in the morning 2-3 am'ish and I was sleeping beside my mother, when I suddenly woke up... admittedly I felt the urge to go to the bathroom, but the second I opened my eyes, I froze, everything froze, my heart, breathing everything, I was literally paralyzed with fear. This was because over in a dark corner, I saw the outline of a man, he was all dark, (the image), and warning a suite with a hat of some sort, the lines of the suite I could clearly see, but not those of the hat... I could not see his face, but I was also horrified to look at it, afraid that he may look up at me. For although his body was partially pointing at me, he was in Ernest staring at my mother... I cannot explain why, but I was extremely afraid.... not for me, but for my mother, somehow I felt extremely fearful for her... I laid awake staring at the man, frightened to death he would look at me, or move towards me... eventually I fell asleep. I did not tell my mother about the man, I didn't tell anyone. Somehow I felt that I knew the man, the suit the body size, everything looked like a old photograph that I have seen of my grandfather, a man who died before I was born, when my mother was only 9 years old.

I did not think of the incident again, truth be told, just telling it, or even writ ting it, sends shivers up my spin, and gives me extreme goosebumps, like standing on a ledge.

Then in October of the same year (October 19th to be exact, 3 days after my brother's 21st birthday) my mother suddenly became gravely ill, collapsing twice, she was taken away in the ambulance, the last time I ever saw her alive, for she died 8 hours later in the hospital, it took 16month for the coroners report, but my mother died of a blood clot, which had begun in her right leg and traveled up, breaking up into 1 med and 5 smaller clots, eventually blocking the arteries to her heart, causing her heart to stop. At that exact time she died, my father had just arrived back to the hospital with an overnight bag which I had packed for her. She was in the ICU and my father had to call in to get into the ICU, when he did, the nurse was talking with him, and suddenly a code blue rang out... the nurse abruptly hung up on my father... 15 minutes later, a nurse came out to tell my father that my mother had just passed away... she had been the code blue, her heart had stopped just as he arrived.

My dad came home and got my brother and I,  my mother had passed away at 11pm, and we were there at midnight, I could not huge or touch her for the first 20 minutes, shock, but also I felt scared, the same type of scared that I did when I saw the man in the hotel, just to a much lesser degree.

Some people may say I'm crazy, but somehow I think that the 2 incidents are related... I am confused by it to... was that my grandfather... did he come to warn my mother... to see her... to 'collect her'.... I have no idea. I have never seen a ghost before in my life, this I guess you could call more of a extreme shadow... I have left the story alone for a long time, having told only my fiance, begging him not to ask me any questions, because discussing is scares me.

I leave it alone, because I am horribly afraid of seeing the man again... will I see his face... will he be there for me... or for someone else I love. I have no idea. Someone I feel/know that the two incidents are related... and I am not sure if I was fearful for my mother because the man was there for her... or if he was fearful for her...

That's my story, one I will not tell again anytime soon, because I just can't shake the fear that reliving it may bring him back.

I did not see the man again, having stayed at the same hotel, in the same room in the past May with my fiance.

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