My Personal Experiences




In the wooded area just behind my house, I have had three encounters with a particular apparition.

It appears to be the spirit of a rural resident, about middle-aged.

He is not harmful, although it can be unsettling to be by yourself outside at night and see him standing there, staring at you, or walking around. When he appears, the air becomes noticeably colder. I don't know the history of the area, nor can I find it, but I strongly believe this ghost was once a resident of Alabama who lived on the plot of land my family owns now. Also, at times you can hear voices even though you're the only one outside, and they always seem to be right next to you.

In the past, I have seen several more ghosts. Once at my old home, when I was about 11 or 12, I noticed my room was freezing despite it being a warm night and the air conditioner was not on. Then, I saw a tall man in a trenchcoat towering over my bed with this crazed look in his eyes. (next to the bed, not over it)

After I assured myself I wasn't dreaming, I hid myself under the covers and punched at the apparition. He disappeared, but I awoke with a fever a few hours later. I know that my old house had several residents in the past, so I believe it to be a long dead resident come back for his house. I've also heard several footsteps at night before and a little after the incident, and whenever one went to check the sounds no one was there to make them.

Also, at my old place of residence, I have seen the ghost of an old woman who used to live in the house across from mine. When I was coming home from school, I saw an old woman standing in the family driveway of my home. It appeared my mom hit her with the van, but when I got out to check, the elderly woman had vanished into thin air. This may have been the first ghost I have ever seen.

These are just some of my more notable experiences.



Our Nuisance Haunt Story




     My family and I have lived in our home since 1991, a small brick house in a suburb of Fort Worth.  The house was built in the seventies, and the area that we live in used to be a part of the lake, but they drained forever and a day ago, long before the house was built.

     We had always noticed little happenings since moving in.  One night, we were all awakened by a dictionary that had been sitting in the middle of our kitchen table for a month was swept off the table and slapped on the ground.  Another time, a stack of boxes that had been sitting in our den all summer long suddenly fell over while we were watching television.  No one was near them at the time.  The T.V. mysteriously turned itself on and off all the time, the faucet would turn itself on (We never left it on.  My mom's a science teacher and is very, very adamant about the environment and not wasting water, electricity, etc.).  

     It's been a bunch of little things like this, growing up, until high school started and things started getting more intense.  One night, I had woken up and gone to go get a drink of water in the kitchen, and when I turned around to go back to my bedroom, I saw someone move across the hallway into my parents' room and lean over my mother.  My sister has asthma, so I thought it was her waking my mom up to tell her she was having an attack.  When I went in there to give her her inhaler, there was no one in there except my mother and father, sound asleep.  I went to my sister's room and couldn't find her, so then I went and woke my mother up.  She said that my sister had gone to stay at a friend's house after I had fallen asleep.

     Another time, my dad was watching T.V. downstairs while my mom and I were out grocery shopping.  He said that he saw a young woman walk across the doorway of where the kitchen leads into the den.  He thought that we were back and it was one of my friends from school, but when he got up to help us put away groceries, the house was empty. 

     I was on the swim team in high school, and I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning and drive myself to the local junior college so we could use their pool.  It was always very dark when I left, and when I was pulling out of my driveway, I saw someone behind my truck in the rear view mirror.  It was a young woman with platinum blond hair and wearing a yellow sundress.  When I looked back, she was gone.  She wasn't a typical 'ghost' in that she wasn't transparent, or wispy, but I saw her as you would see someone right in front of you--solid.  This was in December, and my neighborhood is mostly a demograph of forty and up, not a whole lot of people with teenagers or young adults, so the chances of a young woman walking around in a sundress in the middle of winter are very, very unlikely.  It had to have been a ghost.

     My mother and I were playing Scrabble in the den one night when we heard someone key in through the front door, come in, and slam it.  My mom and I weren't expecting anyone.  My dad was in Arkansas visiting his brother at the time, and my sister was also at college in Arkansas, so it wasn't either one of them.  I went upstairs to see who it was, but never found anyone.

     September 11, 2001 happened during my junior year in high school.  Shortly after it happened, my dad was laid off from work, had to have two surgeries, and my mom had to pick up two extra jobs to make ends meet.  I was starting to get stressed out about ACT's and college, and my sister had just left for school, which was a big change.  I believe that is my entire family's stress as a whole that put out more negative energy that fed whatever it is that seems to lurk in my home.  Things started happening much more often, and larger in scale. 

     One night, we were all awakened again by what sounded like someone tossing handfuls of nuts and bolts down in the spaces between the walls.  A few weeks later, my sister was visiting home from college and was talking on the phone in her old bedroom that we had turned into an office.  She saw someone walk across the hallway from the doorway.  When she described her later, my sister said that she had light blond hair and was wearing a yellow dress.

     I'm a very, very heavy sleeper.  I've slept through tornadoes.  So when I started being woken up in the middle of the night by loud footsteps on the carpet and heavy breathing, it bothered me.  Things continued to fall off shelves in the middle of the night, pictures on the walls would tilt suddenly or fall off the wall altogether.  Around this time, I left for college in Arkansas, and my mom and I would talk on the phone and she would tell me the things that were happening.  One night, she and my father were walking the dog down the street, and my mother, who is something of a skeptic, smelled something really bad.  She said, "What is that awful smell?  It smells like something's rotting."  And my dad told her, "I just saw a dead man."  My mother said, "What do you mean?"  He said, "I don't know, I can't describe it.  But I just saw a dead man, leaning against that fence."

     I graduated from college this past year and moved back home, trying to find a job.  On one of the few nights when my mom didn't have to work, we were in the den watching the news when someone pounded on the other side of the wall, five times.  It sounded like they were taking their fists and just hitting the wall with all their might.  I ran upstairs to make sure it wasn't my dad banging his cane on the wall for help (he was recovering from another surgery), but he was fast asleep.

     Our dogs will start barking at things in corners or in thin air, and watch things intently that neither my parents or I can see.  At night, especially if I'm home alone, I can hear things moving around in the kitchen--chairs scraping the floor, cabinets being opened and closed, voices speaking.  I know it's not just my imagination because the dogs will wake me up barking at the sounds.

     I'm a highly organized person, and due to the nature of my parents' occupations, I'm home alone a lot.  So when things start getting moved around, I notice, because I'm a little OCD and I don't like things being moved unless I'm the one doing the moving.  Stuff gets moved around on my desk all the time.  My favorite pens and drawing pencils, charcoals  (I'm a Writing major and a Interior Design minor, so I've got some pretty high-priced supplies) disappear, get moved around, placed in different drawers so I have to hunt for them.  Templates get knocked to the floor, stories I've been working on get shuffled or papers go missing (I write everything in longhand before I type it up, so this can become very frustrating when I suddenly and missing a chunk of my story), things of that nature.

     My dad used to bowhunt, and he has a deer mount in his bedroom.  It's been in there since we moved into the house.  One night, Dad was out of town, and I was sleeping in my mom's room to keep her company.  We kept hearing a clicking sound, and then something sliding, but we ignored it because it was 2:15 am and we both had to be up at five.  In the morning, when we turned on the light, the deer mount had been turned completely sideways.  We turned it back, and it hasn't been bothered since.  That was in September.

     The other night, I was asleep (I mentioned that I was a heavy sleeper, right?) when I woke up because my dad was screaming my name.  I went into his room and said, "What is it?"  He and my mother had both woken up because they had heard something fall in the kitchen and break, and didn't know if I was still up or not, so they wanted to see if it was me.  I went into the kitchen, but couldn't find anything that might have fallen or broken. 

     So, yeah, nothing truly frightening, just bothersome and interesting.  My mom and I treat our ghost as more of a humorous, nuisance presence than an actual threat.  I just wanted to share my experiences with you.  My theory is that she was a young woman who went out for a day at the lake years ago before they drained it and accidentally drowned, and doesn't know she's dead, and all the things that keep happening to my family that causes us to produce negative energy (sickness, stress over not finding a job and the economy, cancer, etc.) gives her more energy to display more paranormal activity.




Scary Ghostly Website




I have a terrifyingly true story.  I had been a fan of a popular website that purports to share real ghost stories.  While reading this particular site about a Haunted Place in Gilroy, I realized that I knew the answer to one of the Hwy. 152 mysteries. In 1977 I had witnessed a horrific accident that definitely is the cause of the haunting of the woman ghost who screams at truck drivers.  I wrote to the site with my story.  Nothing happened although the website shows that updates are made almost monthly, the latest one being June 2008.  Strange I thought.  Surely these folks would want to know the reason for a perplexing haunting.  So I wrote again.  Nothing.  My messages simply went off into the void of non-existence.  Meanwhile many more poorly-spelled, grammatically obscene stories appeared on the website.  Very strange.  I can only assume that this web-site is not all that it appears to of being authentic but no responses to supporters.  Perhaps I have been writing to ghosts!  I hereby testify that this story is completely true.  Do with it what you will.  I am sure it will go where my other messages went...nowhere.



Southern Indiana





As  a little girl growing up in a small town in Southern Indiana.....Ill never forget one story my Grandmother  told me...My  Grandma was a small women stood  about 4ft 6 or so made her living  ironing clothes  for 10 cents or a  quarter apiece...She raised 4 boys in a small 2 room house...doing the best she could in the feed her sons clothe them  they rarely had shoes to fit......Very poor....When I was young..Id walk over an visit her  in that house wed sit on the swing an shed tell me stories.   This one stayed with me for all this time...In mid Jan..a blistering snow strom,,,,,in the midst of the depreesion  (40s)  Towards midnight..She heard a knock at her door...When she opened the door...there stood a  Indian lanky  very thin an she knew he hadnt eaten for days,had a thin  blanket around his shoulders.....She told me she wasnt frightend...He asked only  if she had some food....She told him she didnt have much but she would see  what she could find.She went into the kitchen..all she found was some small crusts of bread...She wrapped them..returned to the she offered the bread..the Indian  reached  for the bread an said Bless vanished.She stood ther on the porch alone




True Ghost Story





I am now twenty years old and a university student, and have always THOUGHT I've experienced paranormal activity at my parents' home in Tucson, Arizona, but this past year was my first solid experience.

When I was about seven years old, my family and I moved into house that wasn't very old (probably built around the 1950s) but it definitely had a creepy feeling to it. An old couple lived in the house before us, and I remember visiting the house when we were thinking of buying it, and looking at the room that was to become my bedroom. It looked as if it hadn't been touched for years, and there was a single picture frame in the room containing a photo of a young soldier. The room seemed to be a shrine, a tribute to him. The old couple told us that was their son, and he died in battle.

Growing up in that bedroom, I'd always had weird sensations and an overall creepy feeling, as if someone was always watching me. One night, I awoke at about 3am to my usually very calm dog barking her head off at something in the corner of my room. I immediately flicked on the lights, and she continued to bark, her eyes locked on something that just wasn't there. I got a very eerie feeling and slept on my parents' floor for the rest of that summer.

Other kinds of activity persisted in the house, but nothing significant. This past year my great grandmother died of old age, and my mother was her caretaker. Just a couple of weeks ago my mother was up late and was in our family den watching TV. My brother and I no longer live at the house, and my father was asleep in my parents' bedroom. My mother, who has no belief in the paranormal, claims she heard my great grandmother yell her name. My mother looked around and saw no one. She was terrified and ran to my father.

Last March I had my first sighting of a ghost. I traveled to Belfast, Northern Ireland with a small college church group (including my boyfriend). My boyfriend's sister was living in Belfast at the time doing mission work, so we decided to take a trip out there for a couple of weeks to work with her. We stayed in a local hostel, which seemed to be quite old. I stayed in a room with three other girls. It was an extremely small room with two bunkbeds. I was sleeping in the bottom bunk of one of the bunkbeds. One night, I slept facing the wall, and I woke up in the middle of the night and as I was shifting away from the wall to get more comfortable, I saw the figure of a young man (probably around twenty years old) standing at the foot of the bed. He had blue jeans, a green and white striped shirt, and no visible head on his shoulders. I was in complete shock, and immediately turned back toward the wall in terror and put the blanket over my head. Eventually I fell back asleep.

The next day we visited my boyfriend's sister at her house across town. She lived in a narrow three-story house with three other roommates. I told her about the ghost I saw and she was not surprised at all. She told me that they have a ghost in their house as well, named Blaine apparently. She said that her and her roommates had been hearing unexplained noises including footsteps, but always ignored it. But one night, one of the roommates brought a friend over who had experience with ghosts (apparently this person spent his leisure time talking to ghosts in a Belfast cemetery). This person, immediately upon walking into the house and having not been told about the unexplained noises in the house, said to the roommates, "You guys know you have a ghost living here right?" One of them said, "We figured, but we just ignore it." After wandering the house a bit, the person told them, "You don't have to call it an "it", it is a "he" and his name is Blaine. He has a white beard and overalls, and he resides on the second floor." This really freaked out my boyfriend's sister, but she still tried to ignore it. However, one night, she was on the first floor in the living room, waiting for her friend to pick her up to go to a pub.

She was the only one left in the house because her other roommates had already gone out for the evening. As she was waiting, she heard footsteps slowly descending the staircase, which was out of her view. She knew it had to be Blaine, so she immediately screamed, "NO, Blaine! Please don't come down here!!! I'm about to leave, please just wait until I am gone!!!" And immediately the footsteps stopped.

My boyfriend's sister is now back in Tucson and out of Belfast, and none of us have had any paranormal experiences since Belfast.




Buzzing Noise and Blue Lights





About twenty years ago, I had a very unusual experience.  My parents were staying at my house overnight so I gave them my bedroom and decided to sleep on the pullout couch in my living room. My son, who was going to law school at the time was studying in the kitchen which was adjacent to the living room with a doorway set on an angle so that you could see only part of the living room.  I watched television for a while and then decided to go to sleep.  I was sleeping on my stomach and just at that point between waking and being asleep when the bed started to hum and buzz.  The noise got louder and louder and became deafening.  I pushed myself off the bed as I felt like I was getting a feeling of being shocked and at that moment I heard a very loud crack followed by a puff of bluish gray smoke about the size of a child and before I could do anything else it was followed by a second crack and another gray shape - just a rough outline.  At the exact same moment my son and I ran toward each other as the shapes were between us, they just disappeared.  We stood looking at each other in shock and then started running around the house to make sure my parents and my daughter who was sleeping at the other end of the house were okay.  We checked the basement and started feeling all the walls and we found nothing.  We stayed awake the rest of the night and told our family the following morning what had happened.  We all thought maybe it was something electrical so we had an electrician check the house the next day.  He could find nothing to account for our experience.  To this day my son and I get goose bumps when we discuss this and I have never had anyone else tell me of a similar experience.




Ghosts of Beaverdam Plantation, Knighdale, NC





Once I was metal detecting in a field behind Beaverdam Plantation main house. I was down digging something that I had detected and someone asked me what was I doing? I told them I was trying to find the thing that I detected with my metal detector. I got up to chat with them and there was no one there. I looked all around and my friend was across the field. I took my ear phones off and the only sounds I heard were garbled voices of years past. This happened to me several times. This did not scare me off, I went back to Beaverdam many times.




Haunting Childhood Experience




 I want to share something that happened to me when I was probably about 6-years-old. I grew up in Lancaster, PA, which is where this took place. It was the very early 90's, late spring or early summertime, around 11pm.

My dad and I had just gotten back from Hershey Park. When I was this age I liked to play a game: pretend to be asleep, so dad will carry me in. This is exactly what I was doing, only tonight my dad didn't come around to get me- he left the car and went inside the house, figuring I'd wake up later on my own. I was kind of mad, so I just sat there in the passenger seat pouting for a few minutes. This is when I noticed something at the edge of the driveway by the shrubs and the small trees that lined the beginning of the steep, wooded hill that was our backyard. It was to the left, by the side of the house and our back porch. What I saw was a slightly bright, glowing lime-green light that reminds me now of sawmp-like, thick radiation gas (does that make sense?). It's height was approx. three feet; width about one foot. I remember feeling very confused, rubbing my eyes, knowing that there was no way this could be part of the shrubbery. It didn't do anything spectacular- but I just sat there very still, staring at it, and it began to look as if it was moving very slowly closer to the edge of the driveway. I started to get scared, and forced myself to get out of the car and run the few yards to my front door. When I got inside, I told my dad what I saw. He went outside to check things out, but when he came back in he said he hadn't seen anything. I might've been able to let this memory become forgotten, if it hadn't been for what I saw the following day. The next afternoon, I went to the spot where I had seen the light, and on the ground was a small circle of dead or burned grass, I couldn't tell which.

This experience may not seem very exciting or interesting, but it is a memory that has haunted me for quite some time. I'm 24 now, but this still bothers me. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who may have heard of something like this happening before.

I also have a few more (interesting) stories that have happened to my mother and aunt, an ex-boyfriend, and my uber-skeptic fiance, which I would love to share later!




Hauntings in Porterville




I lived  in Porterville

there is the ghost of a woman there

my friend saw her on the stairs, she said she was wearing a floor length skirt and blouse, she was almost transparent.  I have seen shadows on our walls, lights flashing in our bedroom and outside in the hall.  I have seen flashes rush by me while at my computer, out of the corner of my eye.  On mutiple occassions there has been strong smell of a females perfume with no adverse affects to me (I am allergic to perfume) in my dining room area where my computer is located.  Where my computer is located is off the living room (front door there) and a patio door is off of the dining area that leads to a back yard with no access for others to get to (the gate is locked and the only access is a narrow side alley way).

Also there are many stories of the hospital (sierra view) being haunted.  I worked there for 5 years and have heard many stories.  I know that the old OB is suppose to be haunted with a baby crying, the old surgical area on the first floor (there is storage and offices there I think now) is suppose to be haunted by a woman who goes into rooms and if you follow, there is no one in there.  I have heard half a dozen stories or more but cant really remember them clearly.




Little Girl Story




When I was little girl the house me and my family lived In was huanted It had seral ghost In It but ones we hear the mast was of alittle girl and her mom .they in between our house and another house beside the we lived in anyways the little girl who was prababy about 5 was playing with mathes her mom was down in the basemet and the girl caught the upsiars on fire and her or her mom could get out they burnt in the house.We check some years later to see who they were her was wanda and the girls was susan.

My aunt also had ghost in her house which was even creper then my house there was always strange thing that happened in her house blue would appear on the walls and doors of a room that you was in stuff would go flying across the room and no one would even be near what went flying across the room .You could walk up on  her front proch and get a cold chill i hate going over tgere as a child.



Mayberry Road





Westminster, Carrol County, Maryland. Off of Rte 140, Mayberry Road. I was heading east in my car, with a friend, just before dusk. We were just fooling around, wasting time, and were always curious what was down that way. Just before we got into the "village" (basically just an old run down strip of homes on either side of the road), we came up on a young girl. We both saw her, but not until she was at my driver side window, pretty much just standing in the middle of the road. I thought i almost ran someone over! It took us a second but we realized that something wasn't "right" about her. She seemed to be wearing clothes from an older time period, and just stared straight ahead as if my car hadn't just flew by her face at 40 mph.  Everything about her was a greyed out color, Not "misty" or "transparent" just grey. I looked in my rearview mirror, she took a step from where she was and was completely gone. I have been pretty sensative to these things since i was a child and the girl with me saw the exact same thing. I would love to find out more about her.




Friendly Haunted House




i dont know if i am psychic or something, but this is my story.

i am 13, and we live on a ranch... a long time ago, my brothers were in their room, and my brothers lab started barking at the corner of the room.

well, now, that is my room, and i feel a presence in that same corner. it is a protective grandmotherly feeling.    one night, i was in my bed, and i heard two guys talking.

i muted my tv, and i still heard them talking.  i walked out to the hallway, and the talking stopped. i checked all the tvs, but none were on.....and as soon as i got back in bed, i heard the talking again.   

my grandpa was italian, and he LOVED to cook......and i feel his presence, and i KNOW he is in our kitchen. i am a singer, and my grandpa was too. when i sing, for some reason, i am drawn to face the kitchen when i practice. and i actually SEE his face! :/     but it doesnt freak me out because i loved my grandfather. and sometimes, we will hear pots and pans clinking, and the compactor will start up for no reason.

i had a poodle, who was deaf and followed me everywhere. i had her for nine years, and we had to put her to sleep.   my aunt bought me a new poodle, but i can feel my Tori (my old poodle)  still following  me. and every one in a while, Dolly (my new poodle)  will bark or growl at something behind for no reason. then she will follow it with her eyes..

and also, my great grandma is in my mom and dads room protecting them above their bed.

i know this because i feel it. my brother and me are the only ones in our family that can.      oh yeah, and the grandmotherly feeling in my room, is some old lady that is protecting me, but is SERIOUSLY FREAKING ME OUT because i can see her out of the corner of my eye.





My Experiences with Ghosts




I grew up in a small town in Minnesota. The house I lived in was an old farmhouse which was moved into town. There was always odd things going on which couldn't be explained. If you happened to be in the house by yourself that's when you would hear things. One time while I was downstairs in the basement (that's where my bedroom was) by myself I heard the front door open and footsteps walk across the living room into the kitchen where the door to the basement is located. I thought it might be a relative visiting so I went upstairs and there was no one there. I looked around and then went back downstairs. After a little time I heard the footsteps walk back across the living room and the front door open and close. One time when my family and I were upstairs watching tv we heard a crash from down in the basement. My mom canned a lot of stuff at that time and it was stored on shelves downstairs so we thought one of the shelves had given way. We looked everywhere downstairs and nothing was out of place. Another night while watching tv we had dishes drying on the counter in the kitchen. All of a sudden the silverware literally flew off the counter across the kitchen. We all were in the same room so no one "living" could have done it. There also was the feeling that you were being watched by something every time you were alone. It tended to freak us kids out so my dad started calling whatever it was "George" so that when things happened we could just say "Oh, that's just George".

My mother also told me about her great-grandmother's house also being haunted. She told me that at night when everyone went upstairs to go to bed that's when things would happen. There would be the sound of furniture being moved around and someone scrubbing the floor. If you went downstairs, sure enough, the furniture would be moved to a different spot. Also the sliding glass door would open and close by itself. After I was born she and my dad went for a visit. I was asleep in a crib in their bedroom and my mom woke up after hearing a noise. She looked over at the crib and saw the side of the crib go down and the mattress move like someone was bending over taking a look at me. After a little time the side of the crib then went back up and the rocking chair by the crib started to rock. She told me it was my Aunt Diana who had died before I was born coming in to take a look at her niece.








My Mom is a skeptic to beat all skeptics, however the story she came back from vacation with still makes the hair stand up on my neck.

My Mom, Grandfather, youngest sister Barbara and Barbara's friend Karl went to Gatlinburg, TN for a week.  This has always been one of our favorite places to go as a family, and we always stayed at the same hotel.  This year the hotel did not have our usual rooms available, so they took rooms in the new part of the hotel.  It is further from the older section of the hotel, and up more in the woods.  They had been there a couple of nights, and everyone was already sleeping, except Mom who had just showered.  Granddaddy and Karl had one room, and Mom and Barbara shared a connecting room.  Mom laid down and turned off the light. Within a few minutes, she felt the bed go down as if someone had pushed down on it.  She called "Daddy" thinking he might be in trouble or wanted something.  No answer, so she assumed Karl was messing around, trying to scare them.  She rolled over and there at the foot of the bed was a small, very pale, person with long white hair.  The eyes were like shark's eyes, and they were just staring at her.  Childlike, but not a child.  She put the covers over her head, and tried to wake Barbara, to no avail.  After about a minute, she peeked, and the specter was gone.  She turned on the light, and you could see where something had been sitting on the bed.  My Mom was terrified because she saw it with her own eyes, didn't believe in ghosts, and felt that it was not a 'friendly' visitor.  The rest of the week was uneventful, but we have not been back for vacation.



Used to Live in Haunted House




When I was 15-30 I lived in a house that was built just before the Civil war, I never told anyone about this because I thought they might think I was crazy till my sister said she had the same experiance. Late at night after you would goto sleep I would wake up to my shoulders being shoved deep into the bed and very heavy breathing in my ear, I had to almost fight to sit up. This was in the old Rogers home place in Loganville Georgia located on Hwy 78. One my Senior class ring disapeered for several years I thought a old girlfriend stole it, it appered on a tv  probally 5 years later AFTER I flipped the house upside down.




Ellington Air Force Base, Houston Texas





I am an Air Force Security Forces Member (Military Policeman) assigned to Ellington Air Force Base in Houston, Texas.  I have been stationed all over the world, and have come to expect that any base has its share of haunted areas, but just yesterday, I finally experienced something that I could not explain.

I was doing a normal security check of one of the maintenance hangars at around 11:00 am. I went into the building, which is notorious for being a "creepy place" to the cops, being as they have all heard or seen strange things inside.  I walked upstairs and noticed the door to the women's restroom was open.  I thought this was strange, since I was the only one in the area.  Thinking one of the workers left it open, I walked in to see if anyone was inside. 

As I entered, I noticed a strong smell of what I can only describe as human body odor.  I thought this was very peculiar, since this was a well maintained building, and, well, women just don't usually let themselves or their areas smell like that.  The more I walked in, the stronger the smell became, to the point that I drew my weapon thinking a transient or drug addict displaced from the recent hurricane may have broken into the building seeking shelter.  I cleared the entire restroom, finding nothing out of the ordinary.  As soon as I finished my walk, the smell suddenly went away and was replaced by the usual smell of floor cleaner and scented air freshener that one would expect in a military bathroom.  Finding this odd, I left the restroom and continued on my checks.

I entered the men's restroom and didn't see anything strange.  While in the restroom, I head the "call of nature" and decided to take a short break to take care of business (hey, we cops are human, too!).  When I finished I went to put my gear back on and suudenly heard the sound of an older model dot matrix printer going off in the office next door.

Again, knowing I was the only one in the building, and also knowing that we don't use those types of printers in the Air Force anymore, I found this to be extremely weird.  I went into the adjacent office and was met with only silence.  I looked around, but could not find a dot matrix printer, or any other printing device for that matter. As I puzzled over this, I suddenly heard a sound behind me that sounded like a "disapproving sigh."  I spun around to face whoever did it, but saw no one in the room but me.  I then collected myself, headed for he door, and left the building as fast as I could. 

I went to the main gate of the base and discussed the incident with a friend of mine.  As we talked about it, a retired gentleman entered and asked for a base registration.  We asked him if he worked on the base a long time ago and if he had ever heard of any strange stories about the hangar.  He smiled and said, "You heard the printer, didn't you?"  He chuckled and told us that there used to be a man that worked in that office named Sgt. Reynolds, who died suddnly at work, and it is rumored that if you are in the building alone, you can hear him up in his office, finishing up hislast project we was working on.  The gentleman also advised me not to go in there alone anymore, advice that I will gladly take to heart.








Ive been a fan of the stories on your website for years and always wondered whether I should place my own experiences on here, the first happened when I was a young lad and isn’t a massive proof of a ghost story – though at the time it was terrifying.

When I was 11 (im now 27) I went on a school trip to Aston hall in Birmingham England. During those days of the 1980s one of the things they got you to do in those old house tours was write with quills, using proper ink wells. This always led to a tremendous mess hands being covered in ink and one lad who wiped it on his face by accident. Anyway myself and this lad decided to try and wash our hands in the toilet to try and get this ink off somehow. It was toward the end of the day and in January if I recall correctly so it was already dark outside as we came out of the toilets after unsuccessfully trying to wash the ink off. As we came out into the main hall we noticed our class had already left the building to board the bus. I remember the room as cold but this being January standing in a high ceiling old house and me being a skinny 11 year old boy that could easily be explained away. I never saw it first it was my companion, I felt a hand grip my shoulder and spin me around. My companion was pointing his hand shaking. I followed his finger, there was a staircase of some description and bobbing its way down was a pale light like shape neither something like yellow/green in colour. What it was I don’t know but I do know that we weren’t alone in the room anymore. Both of us turned and bolted out of the doorway out of the house and back to the bus were the teacher was immediately concerned as both of us were pale and shaking. I only saw it for a second or two and certainly not long enough to ascertain a positive identity. It may have been a light from upstairs (but that doesn’t account for it moving) it may have been a torch but I couldn’t see a wielder of it. Whatever it was scared me half to death at the time. That was enough.

My second experience and the one that made me decide to tell you guys happened only a few weeks ago and was much more intense. I moved into a new flat about four months and moved in with my dog which naturally enough requires walking. I walk the dog early morning when its still dark as theres not many people around and my dog is a big soft hearted coward. I take her out the house to a large well lit park where she can run round and I can play hurling. To get to this park I cut through a trail path that is lined either side with trees. I have taken this route many a time. Im quite sensitive to the supernatural not good enough to know who or what but definitely enough to know when something’s there picking up a presence or feelings etc. I’ve always felt this energy walking down this trail an oppressive feeling almost of being smothered I have felt it on two separate occasions taking the dog out enough to make me grip my hurl tighter and walk faster but nothing overly serious. However I haven’t seen anything though I have felt the presence of some form of entity. It was different though on a Thursday morning two weeks ago. As we had just passed the entrance to the trail the dog stopped dead. Just stopped and was staring down the mud path at nothing. She lowered her front half as if she was about to pounce and growled actually growled, she has never growled before barked yes but not growled. I looked down the walkway but couldn’t see anything. But the feeling of oppression was back upon and it was stronger than the previous times – much stronger. And I knew there was something there and I could feel that it was coming closer towards me there was something in this trail with me and it wasn’t pleasant I could feel it. But irish heads are stubborn and I raised the hurley in my hand like a weapon and began to back away whether this was the right thing to do I don’t know. My dog who has cowered from cats before now didn’t want to go I had to pull her back forcibly by the collar as she barked down the road. I muttered a blessing/prayer to myself as I backed out onto the pavement proper. Once I was away from the trail the feelings of oppressive rage subsided quite rapidly. None the less the dog didn’t get her walk that morning and I havent been back down that trail since. I don’t know what was in there with me, whether an elemental, or psychic residue or ghost or whatever, I don’t know whether it was evil or whether it was just angry at that particular point. I don’t know whether it would have hurt me or not. I do know that ive never felt so scared in my life and I haven’t been back down there since with or without the dog





The Old Cook House in Norman, OK




I lived in a farm house on 10 acres. Old man Cook built the place and lived there until his death. He was also a drinker. We moved in the place in 1980. Strange things happened from the time we moved in until the time we moved out in 1986. Late at night things would move around in the garage like someone was working on a car out there. Then you would see shadows of men pass by the front windows, then the door knob would twist back and forth like someone was trying to come in, but the storm door would be closed. You would see shadows pass down the hall way during the day. The day we moved was a cold March day I started a fire in the fireplace to keep my small children warm while we packed the car. They started yelling at me telling me the puppies were burning up. I came in and heard like a new litter of puppies whining. I told them that was not possible as there was no way a dog could have her puppies there. It emptied out into the garage. We heard cats meowing in the attic. I would go and check and no cats would be there. This place was unsettling to say the least. My daughters have been back out there in 2003 late at night they said, there was a man standing in the door way. This place had been vacant and partially gutted. Since then the place has been totally demolished.





South Australia





 Anyway, this haunting took place in South Australia and you're welcome to post it. As I said, I tried submitting it through the link for SA but no luck. Guess you can cut and paste it or I can resubmit it but here it is.

In the summer of 2007, I was visiting my boyfriend Angelo, in Adelaide. We'd gone to Port Elliott one day and decided to book a room and stay overnight at the Royal Family Hotel. The building was definitely old and we opted for the basics with no ensuite bathroom. It was comfortable and charming with a great band playing that night and we had an excellent time. What was weird was that when we'd checked in that afternoon, we were given our key and after putting our things away in the room, I told Angelo I was going to pay a visit to restroom. Angelo waited outside on the second floor balcony while I went off to the ladies room. I still had the room key with me and I'd left my bag in the room so when I stepped into the bathroom stall I made it a point to try to hang the key up on the peg on the inside of the stall door. The ring was too small to hang on the peg so I carefully positioned in with the oversized plastic tag on one side and the key on the other. It was a bit of chore actually to balance it just right without it falling but I finally got it to stay. I did what I had to do and collected myself and reached for the key and it was gone! I knew for sure with no room for doubt that I'd put that key there and I would have heard it if had fallen and hit the ceramic floor tiles. No one could miss that! I was the only person in there as a woman had left the stall next to me and washed up and left. I'd heard the key rattling but I assumed it was her keys. I looked all over that bathroom, even going as far as glancing into the toilet. They were way too big to get flushed down and I thought I was losing my mind. Of course, I dreaded telling Angelo that I'd had the keys 10 whole minutes and lost them, not to mention having to ask for another room key from hotel management. I told the manager maybe someone had mixed them up with their keys and took them cause I really thought he'd think I was crackers! Angelo was amazed I could lose them so fast as I thought I'd surely hear his thoughts on that and I did, rest assured, lol. Then it occurred to me that being an old hotel, perhaps we had some playful ghosts. I'm an intuitive empath so when I heard my inner voice tell me I should check the bathroom again, I decided to give it a try. I came out of there with the keys in my hand! They were positioned in the very same place and the way that I'd put them there! I mean they were in the EXACT position in that stall as I had placed them in with such difficulty before. No one could have known they were like that but me and no one could have taken them while I had been in that stall. Angelo and I were both a little freaked about it to say the least. As we walked downstairs to the pub, we passed an employee who was coming up. I stopped her and asked "Do you have ghosts here by chance?" expecting to hear a giggle and a polite "no" with a head-shake but to my surprise she said "Yes, we do actually. A little girl and a little boy." I asked if perhaps they like to play tricks on the guest and the answer was "yes". So, if you decide to stay in this haunted hotel, watch your keys and if something comes up missing, most likely the children will return it if you walk away and come back, who knows with these playful little imps. Tina Anderson, Houston, Texas USA.







I lived in a house right or Wilshire and Western in the 80s.I lived with my boyfriend and his band and one other girlfriend too.I always felt anxious there.

The guys rehearsed in the basement,But the scraiest place for me was the stair case leading up to the bedroom.I had a real fear of something bad happening to me on the way,and always ran to the top.

Later on we had some old business owners tell us that an old woman had died in a 3rd story of the house that was no longer there.I had dreams of a 3rd story with a woman in a wheel chair.I'm going to try and google the address.definatley a haunted sight,Water and gas stoves at full blast when we were'nt home,Thanks for listenig.




"Ghosts and Hauntings"




These are my paranormal/ghost sightings, I guess, that I've had in my life.

On October 31, 1975 (Halloween, of course), my father died of a massive heart attack.  I was just five years old, and he was only 36.  He and my mother had been divorced for two years prior to this, and it was a messy divorce.  I didn't see him very often after that.  The night after his funeral, I had gotten up sometime in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  As I was sitting on the toilet nearly falling asleep again, I noticed something walking past the bathroom door, towards my mother's and my own bedroom, which I shared with three of my sisters.  I knew without a doubt it was my father.  He wasn't actually "walking", but more like "floating", very slowly, and I can remember I had this overwhelming feeling he was very, very sad.  Right after this, I froze - and started to have awake flashbacks of some of the times my father had done nice things for me.  Like, once my brother built a snow fort with tall walls, and put me and my little sister in it.  We couldn't get out because it was too tall, but our dad rescued us and afterwards gave us each two of those little packs of SweetTart candies.  Another flashback was when some of the neighbor boys took the grate off of a sewer and put me and my little sister in, then replaced the grate.  We screamed forever, but again our dad rescued us.  I never told my mom or any of my siblings about this experience, fearing they'd never believe me.  But about 20 years later, my older sister and I went on a weekend trip together.  As we were about to go to sleep in our hotel room, out of the blue she asked me if I'd ever seen our father's ghost after he died.  I relayed my experience, and she told me hers.  Again, it was right after the funeral, and she'd stayed home from school because she was ill.  She said that when she woke up from a nap, she saw my father standing in the doorway of our bedroom, just watching her, with a very sad, sorrowful look on his face.  She said he remained for maybe five seconds, and then "drifted" down the hallway.  After this, we asked each of our other siblings if they'd had similar experiences, and our older brother and sister had very similar experiences.  My younger sister was only three at the time, and denied ever seeing anything and told us all we were nuts.  But our experiences were all very similar and all happened right after the funeral, so we have no doubt of what we saw and felt.  All of us who'd seen him said we felt this incredibly sad feeling eminating from him, and we believe that he was feeling guilty for leaving my mother for another woman, had all but stopped seeing us kids, and left our mother basically destitute.

In 2000, my grandmother died.  After my father died in 1975, my mother had her hands full with five kids, she and my grandfather became almost like our second parents.  We spent many, many weekends with them at their house.  A special treat for us was when we'd go to "The Dime Store", as it was called in the '70's.  Candybars were all $.10, and there were many other treasures to be had for just $.10.  Every time we went to their house, we would beg our grandparents to take us to the dime store, and they always complied with pockets full of dimes.  Very soon after my grandmother passed away, I began finding dimes EVERYWHERE.  In my car, on the school bus I drove, on the sidewalk, on the street, in my house, just EVERYWHERE, and only dimes, not pennies, nickels, or quarters.  Again, I asked my siblings if they'd been finding dimes as well, and sure enough, we'd all been finding dimes in either common or really strange places, like in our shoes, or in a cookie jar, or in a candy dish.  All places where my grandmother used to hide dimes for us to find.  My grandmother had wanted me to have her prized mink coat after she passed away, and it hung in a cold closet for a long time before I took it out one day and tried it on.  In each pocket, there was a dime.  My two children are also benefactors of dimes, as that is by far the coin they seem to find most often, either in the house or when we're out somewhere.  We all believe that Grandma has been tossing these dimes down from heaven, just as a way to let us know she's still around, and we cherish every one we find.

I've enjoyed reading the stories on your website - there are so many, and I do plan to read them all.  Thanks for reading this.





Haunted Dog Kennels - Basrah, Iraq





I worked in Basrah, Iraq from 2006 thru 2007 as a K9 Handler on a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program, located in a small camp that was near the Basrah International Airport.

The camp itself was a fairly desolate place, surrounded by tall concrete blast walls on all sides with look-out towers on each corner and was located in a low-lying salt marsh area.  The bottom half of the camp would flood during the winter months, and our "backyard" was littered with the wreckage of numerous armored personnel carriers and tanks that were destroyed presumably back during the first Gulf War.

The only permanent structure there was a bullet-riddled concrete building that was being used as a maintenance shop.  It had apparently been the headquarters of an Iraqi General during the war, was bombed, and then rebuilt and used by U.S. forces for awhile.  Our dog kennels were located in a secluded area behind this building.

The kennels themselves were made from an office trailer (like you'd see at a construction site) that had one main doorway, with one large room on the right, another one to the left, and a non-working bathroom in the middle that we used as a storage area.  Each side of the trailer had four kennels that were made from metal bed frames and long lengths of 1" square tubing welded together - making it look something like a jailhouse from an old Western movie. 

The place was absolutely filthy when we moved in - a South African company had originally been there, and had lost their contract after a series of bad incidents.  The first being that one of their dogs that was brought in from a different location had been literally torn apart by the others there that roamed freely inside the fenced in yard area of the kennel, and the second had been that one of their K9 Handlers had left his dog unattended inside the back of their truck while he ate lunch.  The dog overheated, went into seizures, and died en route to the nearest Veterinarian located at a British military base in the area.  Both dogs were buried near one of the observation towers (Tower #2), and the ground there bore a distinct impression where the grave was dug.

All in all, the kennels pretty much gave me the creeps, and it just was not a place that you wanted to be after dark (partially due to the fact that we received rocket and mortar attacks frequently around dinner time, and there were several diesel storage tanks uphill from the kennels - and no cover to be found anywhere!)

Not long after we moved in, a strange series of events began.  I kept my yellow Labrador Retriever (an Explosives Detection Dog) in the right half of the trailer, and my German Shepard (a Dual Purpose Explosives Detection / Patrol Dog) in the left half, and the other K9 Handler vice versa with his two dogs.  One morning as I was unlocking the front door of the trailer, I saw through the opaque safety glass on the door a yellow "blur" streak by.  The inside of the trailer was complete pandemonium -  one kennel door had been completely torn off of the wall and was still latched to the door on the Yellow Lab's kennel, which was now completely wide open.  Water bottles and dog food were scattered everywhere, and there wasn't enough time to clean up all the mess.  We loaded all four dogs into our Toyota Four Runner, and headed to the Front Gate to start our shift.  Later on that day I got everything cleaned up, and secured the Yellow Lab inside his kennel using a heavy chain and a combination lock to keep his door shut.

What I saw the next morning floored me.  I "felt" something racing around inside the trailer as I unlocked it, and opened to the door to see nearly an identical scene as the day before!  This time the chain and the opened combination lock were laying on the floor, and the Yellow Lab was free and running around all over the place.  The other dogs had gone crazy and their water dishes and food bowls were scattered everywhere, and the place was in a shambles.

Once again we loaded all four dogs up, and saved the mess for later.  When I had time to return later, I cleaned everything up and tried for a good 10 minutes to get the combination lock to open by yanking on it and pulling on it.  No luck - the lock worked as it should, and remained locked no matter how hard I tried to force it open.  As I put the Yellow Lab away for the afternoon, I checked and re-checked the chain and combination lock.  It was secure as could be.  I spun the dial and checked again.  Everything was locked tight and I even said out loud, "OK, Wiseguy... now try it!"

Returning that evening, it had happened again - the Yellow Lab was free and running around, and the lock and chain were laying on the floor!  I simply couldn't believe my eyes...

We had brought the locks with us from the U.S. and the other K9 Handler was the only other person that knew the combination.  I had the truck that afternoon, so for him to get into the trailer required him to leave his post at the Front Gate, walk a few kilometers to the kennel, somehow unlock the outer fence door (I had the only key with me) then walk across the yard, unlock the combination lock on the outer door of the trailer, remove the chain, and then unlock the Yellow Lab's kennel and set him free.  None of it made sense - the dog sure as heck didn't memorize the combination, and the other guy had been too busy all morning to play any practical jokes...

We ended up swapping dogs around, and nothing ever happened again - until we hired an Air Force K9 Handler to fill in so we could take vacation time.  One evening he went into the trailer while I just outside the door, and he came right back out and was literally pale as a ghost.  He was shaking and muttered a few expletives and finally told me what had just happened... He said as he stepped into the small closet (the old bathroom) to get a bag of dog food, he turned and the fire extinguisher that had been under the sink somehow had moved itself right into the middle of the narrow doorway.  Listening to his story, I absolutely believed that he was telling the truth.  He knew nothing about the problems we had with my dog getting loose under mysterious circumstances - and he sure as heck would never would go into that closet again while he was there. 

After 16 long months, we were finally going home.  On one of the last days there I was standing in the doorway of the trailer talking to the other K9 Handler out in the yard.  I had just fed my two dogs, and turned to see how they were doing.  For a second I had no idea what I was looking at!  The door to the left half of the trailer was completely closed right next to me - there was no sound, no motion, no nothing.  Up until that instant I didn't even know the door still worked.  It had been open just a second or two ago as I walked through it and now it was unexplainably closed for no reason.  The windows in the trailer were stuck shut - there was no breeze inside, and try as I might I couldn't get the door to shut on it's own again.  It was just another one of those "weird things" that seemed to happen here periodically, and I could never shake the feeling that someone or something supernatural was responsible for all the mischievous events that we experienced there...

Stay safe!




Haunted House in Wittensville KY





We had only lived there 2 months when I saw the first of two ghosts. I was taking a nap in the back bedroom when I was awakened by something, There was an old lady with white hair in a bun and she was wearing an apron. She was standing in the door way, just staring at me. I gasp, too scared to speak. She then just vanished. Another time about 10 years later after the death of my husband I saw her again. Something woke me and there was the same little old woman. I wasn't afraid of her but I was scared speechless whe I was awakened by a man standing at the side of my bed he just looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. He was wearing a green bomber jacket and a hat , he was very tall and actually very hansome. When I tried to scream but couldn't he just faded away still with the same look on his face. Well I always felt as though someone was watching me. There was other people that saw people including my grandson. Behind our home there is a family cementary and I later sold the house and now the present owners see and hear voices and also say that at night their bed shakes. This is a true ghost story.





Info on WIU Tanner Hall




I was a student at WIU from Jan 1974 thru Nov 1976 and was a resident of Tanner Hall. The incident that was spoken of happened in Dec of 1973 and everyone in Tanner Hall was aware of it, since it had been so recent at that time. The student was in a water fight/horseplay and hit the elevator doors, which due to the impact and safety design, opened. It happened on the top floor of Tanner hall and he fell all the way down the elevator shaft to his death. There was a very eerie feeling all the time while in those particular elevators, we witnessed a young man go into the bathroom on a women's floor and disappear into thin air. Also a friend of mine and I were waiting on the ground floor for a pizza delivery in Tanner Hall, and were chased upstairs to the 6th floor by the same young man we saw go into the ladies room and he then vanished again when we got to the 6th floor where we lived.



Munger Rd. Rail Road Tracks in Bartlett IL




My friends and I just tried this one tonight, I just got home a few minutes ago from the trip. We stopped on the train tracks and spread a small bottle of baby powder all over the back bumper and trunk of the car. We had to try it 5 or 6 times because of cars going by and each time we got out we checked. There were a few interesting things about the night that we found.

After the first drive by, one of us actually made a mark on the bumper with just his fingertips to see how to powder would hold up while we were driving, a few passes later, we blew it off so there wouldn't be any confusion, its probably just a coincidence, but we found marks of full fingers beneath it upon blowing it off. That was our second to last pass (note that we checked after each individual pass, making sure that no one made any additional marks before we got back in the car) on the way back to the tracks, we saw a parked SUV along them, as we pulled up it drove off but reversed when we stopped. Two guys in their mid twenties talked to us about it and said they had visited a graveyard whos name I can't remember and they had actually found some cool stuff. We gave them the tip about the baby powder and said we'd found nothing here as of yet. Upon that, they said that we should turn the car off but leave it in neutral instead of just stop, we did while we talked for another minute. After that, a car was coming up behind them so they drove off to do another lap and we decided to leave.

We stopped again a couple hundred feet down the road to dust off the baby powder because we didn't want to look sketchy with it while driving driving back and found a set of small fingerprints about half the length of an adult finger, they were very thin as well. To be safe we compared finger sizes incase someone had made a mark but none of them matched (there were 5 of us, all 17 year olds and only one even came close but his fingers were still to thick) We took a couple pictures before brushing the powder off. Another thing was, there weren't any distinguishable features about the prints, on all of ours, we could see some trace of our actual finger prints, not just where they had touched.

Note: The finger prints were definately very small, similar to a childs no more than 10 or so years old, only one set was there, no definate thumb mark present but it was hard to tell, this seemed to work best with the car in neutral and turned off on the tracks. For us, it happened facing toward Stearns Rd. If anyone seeks information, tell them that several passes might be necessary and to bring enough powder to reapply if needed because the driving can blow a good portion off. We only had a little bit so there could have been more that we didn't see due to there not being enough residue in some places. Theres also a wallgreens right by where it can be purchased if need be.





My Dad




When I was a teenager I would have these dreams of my dad dying on my birthday which this was very upseting cause our birthdates were the same. I would dream every thing in great detail and it would be the same every time and this would go on for weeks and then stop. My dad was my best friend and when I had my last child she was born with special needs. So my dad told me to stay at home with her and he would go back to work and see that I had what we needed. Then in july of 05 he got sick and on sept. 4 he died not our bdate but my anniversery. My mother asked me the other day if I remembered having those dreams and wondered if it was somehow connected. My dad was a heavy smoker and did not like the guy I married and when we have arguments I can smell a strong cigarette smoke around me and my children.




My Ghost Stories




I have three ghost stories to share:

When I was 9 or 10 years old, my parents and two sisters and I lived in an old house in a little town in northeastern Colorado.  I believe that it was built in the early 1900's and our landlord told us that an old lady had died in there, but I never confirmed that.  One of the main things that happened was that our television would change channels and turn on and off by itself; we took it in for repair and they told us that nothing was wrong with it.  One night my sister and I were sleeping in the room that we shared and our bedroom door swung open on it's own - it had been firmly shut and latched that night since our parents had had some friends over.  No one was there when the door opened and it freaked us both out. A couple of times the water in the bathtub turned itself on.  The weirdest thing that I remember was one day my sis and I had shut all the doors to the kitchen and were bouncing a couple of rubber balls around to amuse ourselves.  Out of the corner of my eye, and dark, human-shaped shadow appeared in the corner of the kitchen and stood there watching us.  It disappeared and I thought that I was crazy until my sis said, "did you just see that?".  I was glad to move out of that house.

My second story is from many years later when I was in college in Greeley, CO.  I lived in a big, old house with about 7 other people and I am convinced that whatever is in that house is a really, really nasty and angry entity.  I had a bedroom off the front porch, and I would hear something bouncing a ball on the front porch when no one was out there.  My best friend woke up one night to see a grinning clown staring at her from across her bedroom and she was absolutely terrified, she slept in the living room for a while after that.  My other roommate was doing homework at the kitchen table in the basement (the house had three levels to it) and she heard children giggling from the end of the hall and saw a light bouncing around in the hallway when she was the only one there.  In the basement, even when there were people around, you could feel a nasty presence hanging out in the hallway by the bathroom.  I talked to several people about this, and people who didn't even live there brought it up to me at various points. Every single person who lived there had at least one paranormal experience. I absolutely hated that house and was really glad to move out and all of my roommates felt the same way.

My last story comes from a tiny town in Iowa about an hour east of the Iowa/Nebraska border.  My best friend and I went out to see her new twin nephews right after they were born and her sister and BIL were living in an older farm house, probably built in the 30's or 40's.  The new mom and dad were exhausted so my friend and I stayed up one of the nights caring for the twins.  My friend went outside to smoke a cigarette, and after she went outside the kitchen/basement door started opening and shutting by itself and the lights started going on and off in the kitchen. I was in the living room and the twins were sleeping on the couch, and all of the sudden I saw a dark male figure (wearing shorts and a t-shirt, no less, that's how solid the apparition was) standing over the babies, watching them.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I froze, I was absolutely terrified.  The next day my friend and I got to talking and she started telling me how she had felt a presence in the basement and had heard something walking around in the attic.  She hadn't said anything to me the night before because she didn't want to scare me, the same reason I hadn't said anything to her!  We are pretty sure that the ghost was her brother-in-law's deceased father - the apparition that I saw looked exactly like the father's picture that was hanging in one of the bedrooms. Apparently the dad and BIL hadn't gotten along when he was alive, so we think that he was visiting to check out his new grandsons.




My Really True Ghost Story




When I was 25 years old, living and working in Washington, D.C., in 1969, I was employed by a tax and estate attorney, Ira.  This attorney represented an elderly bachelor by the name of Ryan.  Ryan owned a Revolutionary War mansion called "Uplands" in Washington, D.C.  and owned an estate in Middleburg, Virginia. 

This story is convoluted, but I will try to put everything in perspective.  Ryan died of a heart attack in his estate in Middleburg, Virginia while I was working for his lawyer, Ryan was only 63 years old.   Uplands had been rented out to an attorney who fell on hard times, he abandoned the property and turned off all the utilities in the middle of one of the most coldest winters in Washington, D.C. history.  Uplands was full of priceless antiques, however, the pipes froze and burst, leaving ceilings caved in on the priceless antiques, leaving a total mess.  The mansion sat unoccupied for a year, and that is where I came in.

Ryan left the mansion in trust to his only niece, Parke Brady, the trust was tied up, and they could only afford sporadic security police.  Mr. Siegler said to me, why don't you move in, you can occupy the mansion, they will do repairs to Uplands so that it would be livable.  Did I hesitate for a minute, not me!  Living rent free in a three story mansion built right after the Revolutionary War!  Ryan was a very eccentric person, they found chests of gold nuggets buried in the celler of his estate in Virginia!

So, I moved in with a few of my friends.  On the first day I was moving my things into the house, on Halloween Day 1969, I walked into the front foyer, which was covered with black and white squares of marble, with a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the second floor landing.  I looked up, and the chandelier started swinging from right to left, for no absolute reason.  So, what did I do, I went into the garage and cried my eyes out until someone came home.  I realized from day one that I had moved into a haunted house.

Come to find out, "Uplands" had been used as a hospital during the Civil War.  The mansion itself was at the apex of Foxhall Road and Reservoir Road, one of the most presigious addresses in Washington, D.C.  Foxhall Road, that was our address. 

I wish I had pictures of Uplands, it was so beautiful.  It was your typical "colonial style home, three stories, brick, with brick "covered patios" at each end of the house.  At the top of these two brick covered patios, were secret rooms.  The first floor consisted of the three room kitchen, a dining room, and a parlor.  The entire width of the original front of the house consisted of a library, with fireplaces at both ends.  On the second floor, there were four bedrooms, each with a fire place.  All of these rooms were filled with priceless antiques.

The original front of the house faced down to Reservoir Road, there were remnants of an old carriage road beyond a brick fence, where I suppose people of old drew their carriages up and walked up the brick stairway to Uplands.

Yes, I know this is about ghosts, and we had plenty of them!  The front of the house was the "library"  the entire width of the house.  Two fireplaces at both ends, the entire library was stocked with first edition books.  One day, we had some friends over, one of them said, "good God, the entire hair on my head has stood up!  She was freezing, but not having A/C in the house, it was very warm. 

And that's when things got really bizarre.  On the top floor of the mansion was the servants quarters.  There was old furniture stacked in the room over the bedroom of my friend Judy.  She woke us up one night about midnight, she said "there is someone walking around in the room over my bedroom."  No one, but no one could have walked around that servants quarters room. 

On the second floor landing was a secret door, in the paneling.  If one had climbed the stairs to the second floor, they would not have noticed that secret door, but we had found it when we first moved into Uplands.  The secret door in the landing led up to the servants quarters.  So, here we were four scared young women climbing those stairs, armed with a fireplace poker and little else.  LOL  Nothing was up there, no one sneaking around, no one walking in a room that was stacked to the ceiling with furniture.

With regard to my most bizarre occurrence when I was living there. The neice who inherited the mansion was staying with us.  She had my key, I had expected her to get home from work before I did.  I was locked out.  I started knocking on the front door hoping that she was there, I kept calling out her name, hoping that she was there.  What did I hear back?  Some spectral voice calling out to me "yes, I am here."  I kept saying to her -- her name was Parke Brady -- "Parke" let me in.  "yes, I am here."  This voice was so faint, I could hardly hear it.

I jimmied open the kitchen window in the front of the house and climbed in.  There was no one in the house.  I fixed myself a vodka tonic, and went into the library to just calm down.  Just then, I heard loud footsteps on the front walk, pause at the front door and walk in.  I jumped up, went into the foyer, and no one was there.  Of course, the front door was locked because it could only be opened by a key in the front of the door and at the back. 

Yes, Uplands was haunted.  I know that for sure.  How could it not be with its history.  A Civil War hospital. 

After the episode with the footsteps, I called the police.  The Georgetown police department sent these adorable cops who just thought we were being harrassed by the German Embassy who was right next door to us.  They patrolled our home every four hours, and we had no more "ghostly episodes."  Did the German Embassy just try to scare us out?  I think not.  They wanted to buy Uplands, but I do know that our home was haunted. 

And what happened to Uplands.  The Germans bought the house, and demolished it.  The antiques were sold and many of them were donated to the State Department.  I remember one day around 1975, I was working in Georgetown, and I decided to walk up to the intersection of Foxhall Road and Reservoir Road.  There in front of me, was an empty lot, just leveled.  No more beautiful library, no more 16th century teak door surrounds, no more crystal chandelier, no more eight fireplaces, no more walk in safe in the kitchen, no more "servant bells" in the kitchen, where, when we lived there, you could still see the servants bells when Averill and his wife lived there in the 1940s.

As an aside, I have to tell you about one of my room mates who lived in the mansion, Teena.  She came from a very wealthy family in Washington, D.C.  She was a good friend of Parke, that is how she got to move into Uplands.  In June of 1970, she had her engagement party in Uplands, her grandmother, Ethel, paid for the party, had sent over her butler to greet people at the front door.  Ethel, who was dripping with old diamonds, and was holding court in the dining room.  She was regaling me about the times she had been to dinner in the 1940s.  I was just so happy to be talking to Teena's grandmother in that fabulous home, I said to Ethel Garrett, "oh Mrs. Garrett, I am sure you are so unhappy to see what has happened to Uplands since you were there almost 30 years ago, you should see the kitchen, it is in terrible shape."  And Mrs. Garrett, after pulling herself up to me so that I could see her diamonds said to me "my dear, I've never been in a kitchen in my life nor will I will ever be."  Yikes.

Teena died when she was 35 years old of alcolism, her brother Mac, who was a good friend of mind, overdosed on drugs at the age of 23.  Ethel purchased a column at the Washington Cathedral for $500,000.  Ethel's ashes are entombed at the Washington Cathedral.

So, I survived a haunted mansion, and I survived a very unusual family. 

And thanks for listening to my story.



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oakdeal is a little mill town in jamestown north carolina i was rasd their. It was a world war two gun factory and now is a cottion mill well i was always told that it was hunted but i never but belived it. well three or some years back i was sleeping at my dads houes well i saw hid bed room door opened and their was a person in the door way and i was thanking to myself that mybe it was my grandmother when the door shut i got up out of bed  whent runing for the living room. when i open the door i looked around and relized that no one was thier and my greadmother was at her sisters no door was unlocked and no wendow was open andi did not hear any foot steps. That is not that only experents that i have had a oakdeal poeple have seen things in some the old homes their like lights that come on but no one has lived in the houes for three years or more and people that worked in the old mill have seen apparesions that come and go in one home you can fill someone or something pushing you down the stairs and at night when you are walking home from a party or form a firend home you always fill like some one is following you so i know i know that i did not give much deteal but it is hard to decrib so if you every get the chance come on down to jamestown noth carolina and just walke around at night and see if you see ant thing a if you fill antthing at all 




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I'll start by giving you a history of the house. We were fortunate enough to know the original owner personally. The house was built in the 1920's as post-WW I housing in McGregor, TX and was basically a kitchen and a living area. The owner had 2-3 husbands that were both stone masons and the first encased the house with natural stone and added a bedroom and bath in the 1940's. The  he passed and she remarried to husband #2 who added a hallway, bedroom and porch which was later enclosed to make a laundry/sun room in the 1950's. Then eventually building a house next door they moved out and began renting the property. Husband 2 passed and she didn't marry again. The renter before me was an elderly woman in her 90's she lived alone and had fallen. It was 3 days before someone found her. She her last few weeks of life in a nursing home. The my family and i moved in.

We lived there from 2001-2005 and during that time we experienced much paranormal activity. I never felt afraid but there was a strange sense about the place. Mostly my wife, daughter and myself would see shadow people, a few times we saw a white misty form but none of us saw any thing at the same time. It would only be one person. I, almost daily at times, would wake up to find all the kitchen cabinets open both top and bottom. We went on like this for a couple of years. Then one evening all of us were in the family room and the doors of a large, heavy amoire, where our TV was, opened all the way. We sat there with our mouths gaping and trying to figure out how it happened. All I know is all doors and windows were closed, the floor was level, and the doors had magnets to keep them closed.

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