Parent's House




I’m a big fan of you’re website, I love ghost stories although I’m not really sure I believe in ghosts. I do however believe things happen that we can not explain. As such in my parent’s house. It is a old house but cute 3 bedroom 1 bath I know right one bathroom.. any way, we moved into it when I was in the fifth grade and sometimes I would get goose bumps, the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up and I would look around as if I were being watched never did see any one but this happened about twice a week. I would tell my parents and they’d be like you watch to much TV or it’s just you’re imagination playing tricks on you. Mine and my sister’s chore was the dinner dishes clean up after supper every night, sometimes we would have to do them alone on one such occasion while doing the dishes the above happened but nobody would be there just the feeling of being looked at would come right out of the blue. Sometimes I would feel the air like someone had walked behind me my gown tail would sway as if to be in some wind but there would be no wind and it would stop right after it started this has went on for years but we never saw any one it was only a feeling. Then one night I woke up out of a deep sleep just sat right up in bed and in the darkness barley lit by the bathroom light on I could see the silhouette of a man in the kitchen right out side my bedroom door I was so scared I could not move I couldn’t even breathe I was so scared I guess you could call it sheer fright. After I focused on him and realized what it was he was gone and never saw him again. My parents still live there and still not believeing this happened.

After getting married and moving out, I have a brother 31 and a sister 33 who still live there with our parents, my brother had a job with a company who makes power tools where he drove the delivery truck and every day he would come home for lunch. On this particular day our dad was in the shower with the bathroom door open and the doors to the house locked (he was home alone) our dad is a disable veteran and in 1982 the rolls swapped mom went to work and dad became Mr. MOM and he’s the best.. any way back to the story, he heard my brother unlock the front door, the storm door slam shut and walk through the living room thru the dinning room and into the kitchen so daddy hollered from the bathroom “I’ll be out in a minute son”. Well when daddy got out of the shower to no avail our brother was no where to be seen. The house was just like daddy left it before he got into the shower.. he called my brother on his cell phone and asked him why he left, my brother informed him he had never been home that morning he was no where near the house at that time he was delivering parts in another city 2 hours away. Now this is my dad who does not for one minute believe in ghosts but he will not discuss what happened on this day any more. He never talks about it when it’s brought up he either leaves the room or changes the subject. To this very day things come up missing, move by themselves, TV’s go off an on, lights flicker on and off, but daddy says this is due to old electrical wiring of the house and old houses make sounds. Even our cats and dogs used to do weird things like they were looking at something that wasn’t there, my chow would always growl and show her teeth when she would come inside. Mom’s cat would hiss and screech and then run outside but our daddy was like aahhh it’s crazy and say you know how cat’s are.. whatever they don’t act like that unless they have a reason or being scared of something..

We never could see any thing though only the one time I saw the outline of a man in the kitchen that was it. People say cat’s and dog’s can see things us human’s can’t so maybe there is something there they know it.

That’s my ghost story thanks for letting me share it with you, I hope I’m not crazy.




Plainwell Michigan - Michigan career and technical Institute haunting




I think your web site is totally amazing.  I was recently looking at your Michigan hauntings page and came across my old school, Michigan Career and technical Institute.  I attended the school from Jan 1995 to March, 1996.  I have experienced what you described as shadow figures and, actual physical contact with one of them.  I don’t remember the actual room I stayed in but it was my dorm room the entire time except for the last 6 weeks.  How it happened was myself and my roommate were lying in bed and just starting to get that in and out of sleep feeling when out of the blue I felt something grab a hold of my hand and at first I really didn’t know what was going on my eyes were closed and as I opened them I saw a shadow like hand holding mine I jumped up and as I did my roommate told me he opened his eyes and saw a full human shaped shadow figure in our room.  It all happened so quick I flew out of bed and hit the light to see my roommate hiding under his covers and we both at the same time said what the hell was that. And the next morning at breakfast the people below our room were really pissed because they said that somebody was bouncing a golf ball in our room all night long and yes I had my clubs with me but after the shadow figure we both went to sleep and woke up in the morning with the sense that something was watching us.  Dam it was weird.  To this day I have always wondered about he Dormitory at the school.  I always wondered if somebody had been killed there or something.  Any way great site and if you ever go there to investigate I would love to tag along. 






Possibly Haunted Road?





Hi.  I travel a parkway back and forth to work.  The stretch between my town and the next town is very peculiar to me.  Sometimes I believe the stretch is haunted.  You see, one morning , I was getting readty to leave for work.  As I got in my car, I had a very uneasy feeling.  I was to the point as to where I tried to call my husband to tell him I thought something was in the car with me, but I could not get ahold of him.  I tried to shake the feeling off and went on to work anyways, hesitating to even look in the rearview mirror.  About 10 miles from my town I was behind a truck in which a box fell off.  I went to get over in the other lane to dodge it, and must have hit a slick spot.  I wrecked my car, thank goodness I wasn't hurt.  The cop at the scene said I was lucky I didn't flip it.  He also said that if I had slid another 4 inches, i would have went into the other lane and possibly been hit by an oncoming vehicle.  After I wrecked, the uneasy feeling I had left.

A couple months later in the same place I had a blowout.  Don't know for sure why, but it happened.  If that didn't beat all, I had another blowout a week later on the same side of the car.  At the same place, but on the opposite side of the road.  Now I get an uneasy feeling when I go thru there.  Coincidence>? Or perhaps the road is haunted.....





Steel Magnolia Antiques, Homosassa Florida




About a year ago, my girlfriend and I were shopping in this store in an old house.  All of a sudden, there was a loud crash in a locked wood and glass curio cabinet.  It sounded like lots of glass objects shattering.

Neither of us was within an arms length of the cabinet.  My girlfriend said that she saw something from the corner of her eye move to the edge of the middle shelf and fall to the bottom of the cabinet.

When the owner came and unlocked the cabinet, we couldn't find anything that was broken or that had fallen.  We asked if the store was haunted; she said that she didn't know, but she had some issues with the front door opening and closing seemingly by itself.





The House Behind Lum's Restaurant





A woman I work with told me a ghost story months ago that I just can't stop thinking about. If it's true, and I'm convinced that it is, then she was a participant in one of the most fascinating paranormal stories of all time. By my friend's estimate, the year was 1972 or 3.  She was in her twenties and unmarried at the time. She had started hanging out with these four guys who shared a rented house that stood at the corner of Wilson and Sulphur (I think) near Highway 44 here in St. Louis. Now at this point I have to issue a disclaimer of sorts- that my friend (whom I'll call "Joan") has ever told a lie. She seems very straight forward and honest and simply not prone to exagerration of any sort. Anyway...she remembers her first time at the house and how something went whizzing by her. When she mentioned it to her host he told that she hasn't seen anything yet! Some time later, she was at a table in the house (in the kitchen or living room I think) and an ashtray lifted off the table as if moved by some unseen hand, and started circling her. For a second she could not believe her eyes. Before long, she was seeing something levitate every time she went to the house! EVERY TIME! Once it was a lit cigarette that was lifted which put everyone in a panic because they were afraid that when it landed a fire could start. The consciencious ghost thoughtfully put the cig in the glass of the man who had been smoking, which prompted the smoker to ask aloud if "they" didn't like him smoking! In fact, Joan and a friend spent the night there once and claimed to have gotten no sleep whatever- there was so much to watch in the house; things moving,things levitating, or both- that there was just too much to watch! Once she was talking to one of the guys who lived there about the haunting and he told her that's nothing; that she she come by late one night close to midnight. Well, it came to pass that they were playing cards one night when Joan heard  something that sounded like crying. She got up and walked around to where the stairs to the second floor were, looked up, and saw a little girl! She was in pajamas and pig-tails and holding a doll or teddy bear. And she was crying. Joan said that when she focused her eyes she could tell that the girl was slightly transluscent. The girl then opened her mouth in what appeared to be a scream and silently and gradually (yet quickly) dissappeared.                                                                                    Eventually Joan asked the guys what they knew about the house's history and it turns out that they were renting the house from an older man (say in his 50's) that was the nephew (?) ofa couple who had been murdered in the house roughly twenty years

earlier. It seems that one of the couple were woken up in the night and went downstairs. It was there that they were confronted by an intruder. A struggle ensued. The other spouse came to their aid but both wound up being killed. It was immediately after the killings

that the intruder saw the little girl at the top of the stairs. She was, no doubt, sobbing and hysterical and he killed her too. Since Joan has told me this story (last September I think)

I've been trying to reasearch it a little and have had no luck. I have tried to recreate the story in the same order it was told me, detail for detail. There are few details I can add. Joan said that there was faculty from St. Louis University studying the house for

some time back in the 70's. The investigation did tape record the reaction of people who had never been in the house before (these people did see these amazing feats). Unfortunately she does not know if any video footage exists.  She also said these four guys seemed to enjoy bringing girls to the house for the sole purpose of exposing them to these scary happenings! Whenever these girls would cry and claim to have seen something these guys would sometimes say that they had seen nothing! The thing that gets me about this story is how nonchalant everyone involved seems to have been during these occurances. I can't believe anyone would take such a spectacular haunting for granted. And it makes me wonder just how many other stories are out there, just as spectacular maybe, and just as unknown because the people involved are just taking it for granted. Another detail I must add is this; this house, sadly no longer stands. I'm not sure when it was raized, but it could have been standing as recently as 2005. Back in the 70's it stood in the back of Lum's Restaurant. Today, the house and restaurant are both gone, and a new hotel (A Drury Inn) has been built there which I believe is now open. She has long since lost contact with the four guys (which she met while working at a bar called Sub-Station 8). Hopefully posting this story will help preserve it and bring more details to light.





The Voice that Scared Me Half to Death





The story I'm going to share with you happened in the year of 1996, my then husband and I with our daughters were renting a house in the south valley, upon going into the house I got a feeling we were not alone. It wasn’t a scary feeling, but I just knew something/someone else was there…I especially felt this feeling in the back bedroom across from the master bedroom, and no matter what, that room was ALWAYS cold. We ending up turning this room into my daughters play room, which mind you they hardly ever played in since it was so cold.

I had just had my second daughter she was only 3-4 months old and this is what happened…

I had went to sleep that night and I was feeling exhausted so I put her in her bassinet next to the bed, she was still hungry so I propped her bottle (yeah I know, your not supposed to do that, but I made sure there was a blanket under her face so milk didn’t drip into her ear). And then I feel asleep, upon waking up in and out of sleep, that we mothers do, I seen her bassinet swaying back and forth as if someone was rocking it, not forcefully, but as if someone was just gently rocking her. So I literally sat up to see if I was seeing things and it stopped. I then got out of my bed and went into the bathroom which was right next to bed to see if maybe my oldest daughter was there but nothing….

Time had passed and my youngest daughter was about 5-6 months and I had laid her in her crib in my oldest daughters room to sleep, they shared the room since the 3rd bedroom was too cold to put anyone in there. And I had fallen asleep, and around 3 in the morning, it felt like some one shook me and whispered in my ear get up! go check! Even saying this, I get the chills, because it scared me half to death, I was even so scared I couldn’t move, you know when you want to scream, move, but you are so scared you cant do either. So I was laying there, than I heard loud "get up now"!! So I jumped out of bed and instinctively ran to my daughters room to check on them and there was my little one laying in her crib, she had spit up and it was blocking her air way, so I immediately picked her up and cleared it all and she began crying…All I can say is thank God someone was there with me to wake me up and  to tell me... move it lady! Otherwise I don’t know what would have happened?....

All I know is there is someone watching over all of us! And I thank my lucky stars he/she was there that day to wake me up and tell me to check on my babies! 




Uncle Fred




Well, my story happened in 1985 when I was 15 years old.

I lived with my parents and sisters in a small town in Germany. We had  a large house and a workshop with living space on the second floor. My bedroom, my parents bedroom, a bathroom and a large storage area where part of the living quarters above the workshop.

My bedroom was right next to the unfinished attic room. We kept old furniture, toys and all kinds of junk in that room. As kids we used to play there during the day but at night the attic room became spooky and I always kept the door to my bedroom locked.

It happened one Sunday morning in November. My usual Monday-Friday routine was getting up around 6am, feeding my horse and cleaning his stall, getting breakfast and catching the school bus. On Sundays I could sleep in but was often awake around 6am because it was my usual time.

This particular Sunday I also awoke around 6am. I squinted at my alarm clock and heard the church bell ring in the Sunday morning. I thought I had been awakened by a noise and I stiffened when I heard a loud and clear knock-knock on my bedroom door. This was the door that led to the attic room. I was immediately terrified because there simply could not be ANYONE in that storage room. You could only get into the room by walking through my bedroom and I sure as heck hoped nobody had entered my bedroom at night. My parents bedroom was beside my room on the other side. There were no other doors leading to this attic room.

I listened - terrified- to more knocking. It sounded exactly like a person knocking to be let into a room. It was loud and clear, fast and impatient knocks. My mind raced with possibilities: burglars, someone who had a very long ladder and climbed into a window, murderes, ghosts???

I pulled the duvet over my head and lay in bed trembling. This could not be happening.

After a couple of minutes the knocking kind of faded. It had been loud and clear but now it was quieter and seemed further away. I decided to make run for it. I leaped out of bed and ran into my parents bedroom. They had been sound asleep and listened to my tale of "someone knocking in the storage room".

My Dad grabbed a flashlight and followed me. We stood in my bedroom listening. Both my parents and I heard the knocking but it was now fading fast. My Dad unlocked the door and turned the light on in the storage room. There was nothing but our old furniture and stuff. We heard the knocking one more time - then nothing.

My parents confessed that they did not know what it was. They went back to bed. I decided to get dressed and feed my horse. On my way back into the house, the phone rang. It was my cousin telling my that my Uncle had passed away at 6am this morning. He had been suffering from cancer for a long time.

So, it seems like Uncle Fred paid one last visit to us. He was very close with my parents but I was the one who heard him knock. To this day I wonder what would have happening if I had said "Come In".



Waking or Sleeping




This story happened to me about two years ago. I live with my husband and a couple of cats in Alberta, Canada. My husband was working out of town a lot - for months at a time he was only home on weekends.

I awoke one Saturday morning to a strange noise. Actually it wasn't so strange - it was the beep-beep of our alarm sounding at the front door. We had had an alarm system installed some time ago and someone entering the front door would set off a little beep-beep even if the alarm was not turned on.

The strange thing was that I woke up but my body seemed to be still asleep. I could not open my eyes or move. My mind was perfectly awake though and I thought how odd it was that someone would open our front door this early in the morning. We always came into the house through the basement after parking our cars in the attached garage. I knew it was sometime after 5 am even though my eyes would not open and I couldn't check my bedside clock. I was home alone and my husband was due back this evening. I was thinking while laying on my back and willing my sleeping body to come back to reality that my husband must have come home early as a surprise.

But I really wanted to get up and check.

I have heard of a phenomenon called sleep paralysis and I am pretty sure that's what I experienced.

Next thing I hear water running in the master bathroom next door. Now, I really want to open my eyes and find out who is in my house. At this point I am 90% sure it's my husband but this state of not being able to move while my mind is fully awake - is very disconcerting.

Then I feel someone gently touching my hair. I have a bad habit of hogging the bed when my husband is out of town and I had rolled onto his side of the bed and was laying on his pillow. I am sure that the hand touching me is my hubby's hand. He is trying to get me to move over and make room for him in bed.

With the touch, the spell of sleep paralysis seems to be broken. I open my eyes. It's just after 5 am on a sunny summer morning. I am completely alone in the house.



4 Sale by Owner




I call my story 4 sale by owner,  we were driving into the country going to a friends house, it was a gorgous spring day and the sun was warm our friends lived out in the country it was a inside family joke that I was such a city girl that I felt like I was deep in the country when we went for a visit

because of the fact we were surrounded in trees.

But as we were coming around the corner we noticed a sign For Sale By Owner,  we called the number on the sign when we got to our friends house and they said come right over.

We drove down the widing driveway to a line of trees that camoflaged a wet water creek that surrounded the whole property around the house.

We pulled up to the garage and I felt consumed with the fact that I wanted the house, we had not even been talking about moving let alone "to the country".

The walkway was cobblestone and there was a bridge over a koi pond to get to the front door

the closer that I got to the door the more I felt the funny sensation of being pulled.

We met the owners of the house and the funny part was that the owner tried to talk us out of wanting the house at all.

THe next week the sign was down and they said they had changed there mind and that they were

not going to sell the house.  6 month went by and our friends talked to us about the fact that the house was up for sale again.  This time we went through a realestate person and so they did not know it was us until we closed.

The seemed a little shocked but it went through with in  a week of the close we were moving in our new house.

The first month went by with little going Then I noticed the small stuff like we had a large amount of

silver ware after just a little over a month we noticed that we only had 5 forks we replaced them and

then again with in weeks we were down to 5 forks again.

My husband commented that it was funny that it gave us enough to eat with for our family but not to have any guests,

This went on the whole time we lived there we got to the point that we would by forks at the

Sams Wholesale Club in bulk.


Then the other stuff started to happen ,  noises, doors slamming at all hours of the night the small children were afraid to sleep in their room so we got a air mattress  and put in our room.

Fire alarms would go off at 3:00 am Door bells would ring and no one would be there the radio would go on full blast,. Tv would go on  The temperture would either be freezing or the weird appliances would be left on " like the oven on 500 degrees. 

My children were ages 2 a set of twins and 10 was my oldest daughter,  my children started hearing voices and seeing things walk past them.  My son came running down to me one morning and said

and old lady was in his room and that she had told him if he did not shut his eyes and go to sleep

that she was going to pour sand in his eyes.  You would go to the bathroom and the water would come on full blast.  Our dog would growl at the wall, or be in a terror to get out of the house when most dogs want to come in.

One of our worst nights of being kept up with all the noise in the house the banging and shaking of our bedroom door was like something was on the otherside ready to tear it off. but when my husband would go to open it it would stop and there would be nothing.

The next morning we were looking at the door and talking about what had happened the night before when re realized that there were scratch marks all over the molding ABOVE the door.

This was a little unsettleing. Shortly after that we had another bad night and through the banging and door slamming we could hear our Rotweiller that had a kennel under the stairs that she slept in every night barking like she would like to attack something.

THe next morning we found her dead in her kennel we took her to the vet to find out what had happened he said he would have to autospy the dog .  He called a couple of days later and

wanted to hear again how we found her .  HE said that it was like she had been hit by a car or beaten to death. We were sure that what was living with us had done the damage to our dog.

At this point we decided to turn to the church,  I called my dad and he brought with him a group of ministers from the church to pray and read from the bible unwaviered at what we had told then we

were experieceing He was there for about 30 minutes when doors starting slamming and the front doore slammed open. That they took the bible and with reassurance told me that they would continue praying for us. But they felt like they were in danger. So they left me and my 3 children alone

to be stalked and fear struck until my husband returned from work.  It was like it was mad and letting me know that that was not acceptible.

Things continued to get worse or at least no better. 

One night I was woken up by fear I felt like I was being hovered over in the room like it was right on top of me. I stood up and started to go to the bathroom and threw up where I stood.

THe next morning I started to get up and I was body sore like everything hurt, I stood up and was just stretching when my husband looked at me and said what the hell happened to your legs

My legs were a black an purple color from the knees up to the groin on the inside of both legs

I never figured out what happened to me but my guess was that it was him.  And if he could hurt me and hurt my dog he could hurt one of my kids.

I got online in desperation and started to search.  It wasnt easy most of the sights were kind of scary looking and I was afraid of what kind of people I might be calling I did not want to be on tv or to have the press here. I felt like an ashamed victim of abuse keeping our secret and covering the bruises and acting normal in public even though We go to the point that we would go to the park to take naps with the kids just to have some peace/ Its like they steal all your energy and make you not think clearly so that you do not fix things or finish things that you started.

I found a group and counseled with them he gave some advice and told me to start a journal

of events he also told me to take pictures if I thought I was having a problem to see if I would catch anything on film

On one ofternoon We were having a particularly noisy afternoon and I wore the camera around my neck for easy access.

One of my friends had come over and we were talking about the fact that I was tired of living this way that I wanted my life back and that I wanted this over .  We heard aloud crash and I turned and took three pictures in the liiving room one right after the other.

I looked at my digital cameral when I had finished and what I found was one of the pictures had a dark red ball on it I definatlly thought I had found something so I went straight to my computer and I emailed the pictures to the investigator.  He called me back that night and said who is that in the picture and I was dumbfounded I did not know what he was talking about

He said pull up you picture and enlarge it I did and what I saw still sends shivers down my spine

because now what had been scareing me had a face You could make up his whole upper body

and the red ball that was in the middle of the picture was his fist that he was swinging at me

while I was trying to take the picture. 

The crew came up shortly after that they had to fly in and they stayed over night

They took several pictures and evps and recordings took temp readings and alot of data

and interviews with all in the family including one of my friends who had witness a lot of the problems in the house

The crew went out for a break and to discuss the house in our garage my friend went out to get a soda out of the fridge and approached them with questions on what they thought

THey had brought a medium along he looked at my friend and said there is not only one spirit here but many he told my friend that he stopped counting at 200.  This was extremly overwhelming to me

And I figured that was it there going  to come in here and tell me they will pray for me and they are going to leave and all hell is going to break out

They did the job and said that they thought they had cleared the house

and they went back home.. Everything seemed better for a while.

THe report came to us from them and some pictures they caught a red and yellow like blob over my

daughters bed and several pictures with white misty areas The picture of the outside looked like a strange fog with dark white lines all through it

They said that they would rather not send the EVPs because they felt they were too disturbing and that  it would scare me to badly.  The voice and what it had to say was vile and violent and that

hearing would only make things worse still coaching me that showing any fear is what they feed off of

Soon after it all started again as though he had gone away and came back when the coast was clear

My husband and I were stressed to the max he felt like he could not protect us and that he had failed us all.  He could not cope with that, and working his work schedule SO a 14 year marriage was down the tubes,  LEaving me alone with the kids in that house was almost to much to bear so I decided I would sell it.  THe realestate agent said he thought it would sell quicker if it were empty

So we moved out and rented. The expenses of both houses was a great stress and the realestate people would call and complain that there was something wrong with that house the same things were still going on they were just scaring off anyone who would enter Doors slamming we had a fixed radio in the kitchen it would wait until someone was in there and go off full blast light flickering

water turning on.  The garage door actually slammed down and hit one realestate guy and then

several would complain that the phone and the car battery would die after being there

It go to where no one would even show it.. whatever was there was so mad that I left it took it out on anyone who entered,

The house soon went into foreclosure, and ended up being sold on line to a family from out of town

The guilt of knowing another family was now bein g tortured was awful

THease things are real and for some that have an entity that is or was not pleasant in life remainded

that way in death.  We have since moved on but not at the expense financially , emotionally .

My youngest daughter at the time has Emotional blindness that they feel she saw something that has made her choose near blindness than to see.  Thease marks stay and we are still dealing with the scars of living in that house.  We have had some experiences since but not to that degree.

We are trying to learn as a family how to deal with it.  Its hard to go on its like you were kept captive

by the most evil thing you can imagine and that you got away but you are constantly looking over your shoulder for his return..  I am remarried now and have 2 more children one who has already experinced sighting. I worry that she will be effected .  My twins are 11 now and still hesitate to go the bathroom with out the other one.  They still sleep together out of fear. We would like to put this all behind us but some of the peoples advice to us is that this is our calling and that we are supposed to help the dead move on and help the living through our experience.  And that If I would do that they "the dead " would not be so frustrated and act out.

I feel like I am still healing from the other house The group that had come to help listed in there report as a multiple spirit haunting with one malevent entity.

If anyone has had this happen it does not just go away its stuck in you soul.  I often wonder how different we would all be had we never been touched with this I m sure it is a part of my journey

 I m just not settled on what I am supposed to do with it and how to move on with out fear

once it has touched you and left marks and killed your protection the fear is there and for them there does not seem to be any accountablility.




A Ghost Named Emma



My family and I moved around a lot in my younger years, mostly because my mom couldn’t stand to stay in one place very long. The last house I lived in before I shipped out to the military was an older house, and my room, as well as my grandmothers room was actually part of a wing added on a few years after the house itself was built. It wasn’t very long until I realized that something wasn’t right with that wing of the house. It was in Florida, in the middle of the summer, and yet my room, and my grandmothers room was always chilly. We never ran the air when we weren’t in the house, yet it never got any warmer. Yet the empty room next to mine would always boil. Eventually one day my door, which was opened a few inches, slammed closed, and my dog came running up and barked over and over again at my room. I knew something was in my room, something not very nice. At night my bed would shake, and I kept telling myself it was my imagination. But one time it seemed that the legs of my bed were actually lifting off the ground, and so I ran to my grandmothers room and slept with her that night.

The moment I knew that at least that wing of the house was haunted was when I was walking home from school with a friend. He said that he had never been to my house, but when I went to walk through the open garage door, he was still on the side walk. I asked him what was wrong, and he simply said he couldn’t go in there. I asked him why, and he said, no one has been in that house for years, and that someone died there. He didn’t know who or how, but his family always told him to never go near that house.

That night I decided to get to the bottom of it. I heard of spirit writing, and decided to give it a try. I pulled out my sketch pad and let my pencil move without thinking of what it was doing, and I started to ask questions. I asked “Is there someone here?” “What is your name?” “Are you friendly?” and the like. The three things that I saw on the paper was a “Y”, the word “Emma” and what seemed to be a scribble of a person lying down pointing at a cloaked figure. Whatever I had sensed before seemed less frightening then. As if I wasn’t dealing with some pissed off poltergeist, but more of a Casper the friendly Ghost. But as I went to bed later I fell asleep quickly, but was woken up by something banging on my wall. There was a dark figure in the corner where the noise was coming from, and as I realized that I wasn’t dreaming it stopped. But the figure was still there. It was almost like it was staring me down. I was terrified, but I tried not to show it. Finally the figure screamed “GET OUT!!!!” and flew towards me, but vanished before it got to me. I ran out of my room and slept with my grandmother. But after that night I slept in the living room, in the other wing of the house that I had never felt anything out of the ordinary. I only entered my room during the day, and only to get my clothes, or a CD, and it was always cold. I never even used the bathroom on that side of the house, because the last time I tried to shower there, it kept stopping, and this dark slug dripped out of it. I know that was probably just something wrong with the pluming, but it was still creepy. I shipped out the next summer and have never been back (my family moved to a small apartment after I left).  I know that someone named Emma died there, but I’m sure she wasn’t the one tormenting me, but instead the black figure she had tried to warn me of that night I made contact with her.



A Haunting in Basic Training




Hi, I told one story already, but I have another perhaps more creepy than before.

As I said in my last story I shipped out for the military the summer after my first story occurred. Well half way through training I developed a fever of about 104 and was sent to another squadron, the 319th. It housed the “Quitter’s, Crazies, and Crippled.” I guess I would be considered a cripple. I was sent to the dorm for those who were sick, sense most were contagious. It really was a blessing to be there after all the hell I was put through in the first half of training. I could finally sleep in, watch TV, even talk to boys (We weren’t supposed to, but no one would stop us for fear of whatever we had). Well one thing I first noticed was that all of us were in one bay, and no one ever even went into the other bay. I asked why, but most of the girls didn’t know. The self proclaimed “dorm chief” who had been there the longest, said “Some girl had a seizure over there. Before she always said there was a ghost, and that we should stay away. But one of the other girls here at the time locked her in one of the lockers and wouldn’t let her out. We were all in the day room and didn’t notice. But soon her screaming and banging got so loud we could hear it over the TV. We finally got her out, but she was passed out. So we called for a TI and they got her to the hospital.” I was very freaked out at that story, and I guess dorm chief could tell. So she quickly said “Don’t worry about it, she was more of a crazy than a cripple any way, always has been. And I think she suffered from seizures long before she even joined. There’s nothing over there.”

Well I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. One night, I my bed springs kept poking me. I really just wasn’t comfortable, so I went to change beds. I didn’t want to take all of my bedding off and remake another bed, but I remembered that a bed in the other bay already had bedding on it. I wasn’t thinking that some other sick person had slept there, my mind was still sort of feverish. So I just walked over there a fell asleep. I remember that it got really cold, and when I woke up I felt the same feeling I used to feel in my old bed room, that something was there. Now not to sound melodramatic, but a lot of people do die in basic training, mostly suicides. It’s not like half of a flight will off themselves by the end, at least a few people a month try, and usually one will succeed. So I knew probably a few people had died in that dorm, and I knew at least one of them was there. Whoever it was pushed me off the bed. I felt this cold hand go around my neck, and I could feel the breath of something screaming at me, but I heard nothing, and I saw nothing. I passed out eventually. In the morning I woke up and was still on the floor by the bed. Went to the latrine, and then went to the sinks to wash my face. Looking in the mirror I saw bruises on either side of my neck, and my wrists had small cuts on them. I didn’t tell anyone, just pulled down my sweatshirt sleeves, and told everyone that I fell down when they asked about my bruises. On my last night in the 319 I went back to the other bad and slept in that bed again, mostly because I wanted to know if what I felt was real, or just some feverish dream. I felt something there looking at me, eventually I saw it too. It was a grey figure, sort of like smoke. I had no fever, so I knew I wasn’t imagining it. But soon I sense that it wasn’t looking at me anymore, but through me. And then I had a vision, almost like a dream, of a girl sitting on the floor where I first saw the smoke. She took the razor out of her shaver, and was crying, she dragged the razor down her arm multiple times, each time more violently. She seemed to die, but then walked up to me after and showed me how deep she dug into the arm. I then woke up, went back to my old bed, and tried to tell myself that I wasn’t crazy





Ghost Story


By: Anonymous




For most of my life I lived in Sherrill, NY (Home of the Mansion House and the infamous Oneida Community).  The house I lived in with my family is about a quarter mile from the Mansion House but it was built after the Oneida Community had dissolved.  The thing with most of the houses in my neighborhood is that they were built mostly for the workers of the Oneida Factory.  Most of the houses look very similar, in that they have 2 large windows in the front on the second story and a large front porch that spans the width of the house.  It kind of gives the houses the appearance of having a face.  My house was one of the only ones in my neighborhood that had a different appearance.  Not sure that really has anything to do with the occurances or not, but I thought it was worth noting.

My family moved into the house when I was 6.  Nothing happened for the first year or 2 that I was there, but one night something did happen and that was just the beginning.  Before getting into this, allow me to first give a little bit of a layout on the house.  The front door has an entry way that opens on one side to the living room, and on the other to the dining room.  The dining room, in turn, leads into the kitchen which has a side door and a small porch, the kitchen also has a door that leads to the basement, it also has a door that leads to the den, then den in turn has another door that leads back out into the otherside of the living room, so the house is one big circle.  Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Back to the story.  My first experience with the presence was about a year and a half to 2 years after we had moved in.  I was sitting in a chair in the corner of the living room.  From this corner I could see the entry way to the front door and beyond into the dining room.  I was watching a movie, my little brother was sleeping on the floor and my parents were on the couch in the middle of the living room (no line of site to the dining room).  All the lights in the house were off, and the only light was from the TV.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a pale figure come from the direction of the kitchen into the dining room and lean against the wall of the entry way looking into the living room.  It actually seemed like he was looking at me.  This night my dad was wearing light grey sweat pants and a white sweatshirt, so I looked at the figure dead on and said "Dad?"  My dad said "What?", and I turned and looked and he was sitting on the couch still.  I turned to look back a t  the figure and it turned around and walked back out to the kitchen.  I told my dad that I thought someone was there, and we got up and turned the lights on in the kitchen, and looked around the rest of the house, but found nothing.  Strangely, I wasn't really scared about it, and didn't dwell too much on it.  Nothing else happened (at least that I can remember) for several years.

When I became a teenager things started picking up again.  I think it may have been because at this point I began relating my original experience with friends.  Odd things would start happening.  The first thing that I remember was that it appeared to my friend.  We were coming into the house from outside, and we were walking through the den into the living room.  He was in front of my and as he opened the door to enter the living room he stopped dead in his tracks and then started walking back into the den.  He turned around with wide eyes and said that there was an old man sitting in a chair in my living room.  I went in there, but there was nothing there.

I would always hear strange noises in the house, mostly in the kitchen.  It would sound like there was someone in there walking around.  One time I was in the kitchen with a different friend and we literally heard someone walk around the parimeter of the kitchen, while we were in it!  We just looked at each other, as if to confirm we both heard it, and then left the kitchen. 

Many times I'd come home at night and everyone would be in bed, but it would sound like the tv was on in the living room.  I'd go in only to find that the TV wasn't on, and no one was even awake.

Usually I wasn't afraid of these things, but there were 2 occassions that did scare me a great deal. 

The first was when I was 16 or 17.  I was home alone, it was the middle of winter, maybe 7 or 8 at night.  I was just sitting in the living room listening to music (in the same spot I was in when the original encounter occurred) and I suddenly became very afraid.  No reason for it at all.  I was totally fine one moment, and the next, I was terrified.  I looked down the length of the living room at the wall in front of the door to den and (bear with me, this is going to be almost impossible to describe in text) I saw movement in or along the wall.  I didn't see an actual shape, but I was looking directly at the wall, and I saw movement right where I was looking, it was almost a shadow, but not quite.  Very strange, but it scared me severely.  I ran out the front door of my house (which was seldom used) because I was too scared to go out the side door.  Like I said, it was the middle of winter, and I didn't bother to get a coat and I was wearing only a T-shirt.  I had no plans on where I was going to go, but as I walked out the front door, I saw a friend of mine that by chance was walking across the street. 

The only other time I got freaked out was when I heard a voice whisper my name.  I was downstairs getting ready to go to bed, and I was walking up the stairs I heard a very faint voice whisper my name, I then felt a presence like something was following my upstairs, but it stopped once I got in my room and closed the door.

Other than that it was mostly just sounds, and on one occasion, I was outside by my pool at night.  From the pool I could see one of the windows in my room.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the light in my room go on.  I looked up and it stayed on for a few seconds and then went off.  The next day I asked everyone in the house if they had gone in my room and turned on the light, no one admitted that they had.  The weird thing is, that that was the only time anything anomalous had ever happened upstairs in that house.

In later years things kind of began to wind down, and for the last few years I lived there, there was nothing happening.  My family still lives in the house, and I've asked my brothers if anything weird ever happens.  A couple of them said they've heard sounds  that would suggest someone was in the kitchen or the living room, but upon inspection no one is there.  I miss living in that house, and I always liked the idea of sharing it with a ghost...Except for the one time when it scared me to the point of leaving.




Haunted House in Seaford, De





My Family rented a old house on Arch St. in Seaford. We lived there from 2001 to 2007. I finally decided that we needed to get out of the the house one reason was it being haunted. I have felt and heard some things so did my daughter. She also seen a black apparition in my sons room upstairs once. But, most of the activity seemed to center around  my son who was 2 yrs old at the time we moved in. Not too long after we moved in I was putting my son to bed one night as we got to the top of the stairs he stopped me he was looking into my bedroom ( he was only 2 at the time) he said "mommy there is a man in your bed" I said what do you mean daddy? ( even though daddy was working) he said "No mommy there is a man in your bed and he's stealing your covers cause he's cold". I did not see anything and not from lack of trying. So I put him to bed and went back down stairs. I had also heard noises comming from his room at night thinking he was up playing around and when I would go upstairs to check he would be in his bed asleep.I also had relatives who had spent the night downstairs in the living room and could hear what sounded like a child playing. My Mother had heard this one night and went to check on my son and he was asleep. I had someone shake the bottom of my bed at night when I was asleep. I was also laying in bed one night I couldn't sleep I heard a small child run into my bedroom and run back out so I got up and checked thinking again it could be my son and as usual he was asleep. Then, as my son got older it got worse. The bathroom was downstairs and he was so scared he wouldn't even come across the hall into my room and get me to take him to the bathroom he would urinate on his bedroom floor at night. He woke me up one time shaking me and screaming that there was a man in the house. I told him and his half sister to stay upstairs. I grabbed a knife off the shelf in my room (my husband collects knives) and went downstairs there was no one there. I checked the doors and windows no one had come in. Then he really started opening up to me and telling me what he could see. He said that there was a man a women and two kids a boy and a girl there. They all had holes in there heads. And he was very scared. I tried to comfort him the best I could and made sure I made the house as comfortable as I could for him to live in until we could find something else. Then someone I work with took me home one night. not knowing exactly where I lived she followed my directions. When we pulled up infront of the house she said " This is the house that man killed his whole family and his self in about 15 years ago." I said What? she said yea shot them in the head. She did not know anything about what was going on in the house or what my son had told me. At this point I was so afraid I didn't even want to get out of the car and go inside. I had goose bumps everywhere. What really motivated me to get my family out of there was the night that my son was thrown against the wall by something. I was upstairs cleaning when I came downstairs my son was sitting in the corner of the dinning room with a terrified look on his face and his shoulder was red. I said what happened? My son said that some man had thrown him against the wall. At about this time my stepdaugter came out of the bathroom trying to tell me what she heard. She was taking a bath at the time and the bathroom door was right where my son was standing when it all happened. She said that she was getting ready to come out of the bathroom and she heard my son say "whats your name?" and then she heard a growling sound then a loud boom. My son could not explain to the cops what the man looked like other then he was all dark. At the same time when I found all this out I checked on the dog who was underneath the kitchen table shivering. This is a dog who usually lets you know when someone is in the house.  Not too long after we moved out . I also have pictures the first one taken by my mother and the last thing we had on ours minds at the time was to try to find a ghost. I could not beleive what was in the pic. It was a face of a man. I also took other pics of my kids and they have orbs in them.




The Car




Hi I find your website incredibly eerie and addicting!  I have a little eerie tale myself. Ive always been open to "other" worlds, etc.  Okay, so like 5 or 6 years ago my friend and I were bored late one night in Madera California, looking for trouble to get into lol. We remembered this old cemetary out on Ave 11 and decided to go out there and investigate. We were so serious we went to the grocery store and bought flashlights and batteries, the while bit. It was past 12 when we made it out there. The place is PITCH BLACK! Gates and fence twisted...etc needless to say our courage drained immedialty and we didnt even get out. As we were leaving I saw a bright light coming ahead on the opposite side of the street, at first it didnt seem to move but as we came closer it started moving towards us. We realized it was two headlights and as soon as our car reached the other car, someone (or something) threw something at her windshield. We were screaming and she braked her car...we got out of the car to inspect any damage (there was none.) I looked up to see where the other car went, it had stopped not to far behind us and FLIPPED A BITCH! Seriously, the car started comin back our way. We got in her car and were flying! We didnt even stop at stop sings until we got back into town and I was too scared to look behind to see if it was still chasing us. My heart dropped to my feet, I felt so sick and scared I have never been so f'n scared in my life. I was screaming at her not to stop until we got into town. Like I said I dont know if it was our overactive imaginations or some kids playing tricks on us but I have never been back there or experienced anything like that again. ( so far...) Id like some feed back. Also I was born and raised in San Jose ca and some freaky stuff happened to my family when I was a baby and we lived in this old house. Weird. Im getting chills thinking about it again!




My Father





Hey everybody....My name is Aaron...I live in Moberly,Mo...I am a paranormal investagator.I've been doing this for about two years now.I believe that if you die a horribble death,or if you commit suicide and maybe you regreted it,and nobody found the true story,then I think your soul stays around to tell the real story of what really happened. ...I go to homes and cemeteries that are claimed to be haunted by eye witnesses who have heard or seen something they can't explain

I've been doing paranormal research ever since my father's strange death in Marine,IL in 2001...Newspapers say my father committed Suicide in our home,But I know thats not the real story.I know my dad didn't kill himself..He wasn't that kind of person.He loved life and he enjoyed making people's day...I think somebody who knew him came after him..

I came home one night from work to find my dad on his bedroom floor and his pants were pulled down and he was moaning as if his was in pain.I asked him. What happened and if he was alright? I'm thinking he might of fallen or had a stroke while getting dressed. He was alomost 50 years old.All he could do was moan and yell,but seem to have trouble talking.I called 911 and the EMT showed up and rushed him to the hospital.The doctor said that my dad was coughing up some kind of slim.They did some tests and it showed that the slim was antifreeze( what you would put in a car)The doctor asked me was my dad suicidal? I told him no..I think if my dad wanted to kill himself he would choose a better and faster way to go.Especially since I had a lot of guns in my room that wern't locked up and ammunion was laying all over the place.It would of been real quick,but instead this doctor is trying to get me to get me to believe that my dad chose to lay on the floor for 4-6 hours and wait for a slow death in God awful pain.The doctor said that my dad's insides were all ate apart from the antifreeze and there was no way of saving him and he had less than a day to live....Everyday I look back on that night trying to peice together what little bit I still remember.Trying to think who might of done it and why,but most of all....How? You don't just walk up to someone and give them a cup of antifreeze and say "drink this"....I think it had to be planted in something that my dad either ate or drank

Years before this terrible night my dad and me were talking one day about someone well known in our town who pasted away and how this person got a fancy and exspensive funeral.We both thought it was silly to spend so much on a funeral,but as we both laughed my dad told me told that his last wish was that if anything ever happened to him he didn't want an exspensive funeral and all he wanted was to be cremated and have his ashes sprinkled all over the property of our home because his garden was his pride and joy,so we did.Now eight years later I have been told by people who know the new owners,and they have said that strange things have been known to happen in the house

I've see several cases of people who bought a old house and lived in it for years and nothing ever happened,but then they get the idea to remodel the house,and as soon as everything is done strange things started happening,and then they think their house is haunted and can't figure out why because it didn't start until after they remodeled the house...Thats because if it's an old house it has a lot of history to it and there's probably some stories of things that have happened in the house that you wern't told about,and whatever happened in the house was so long ago that everything was quiet,but when you start knocking out walls and changing the house your also changing the history of the house,and whatever happened in the house during it's history...If you know that one or more have died in the house years before you bought it, then that means a peice of that person/persons is in the house because that was were they entered rest,and a memory of the house is in that person,and if you change the house then your changing the memory of the house that someone once knew

I am so suprised how many people tell me that they think their house is haunted just because they hear the floor creek with sounds of foot steps in the middle of the night...I tell people this doesn't mean your house is haunted...It could be the walls and floors swelling and shifting do to temperture changes or the house could be still settling like most homes do,and if the foundation is very good you'll know because you'll start to see cracks in the walls and the basement will start to leak.Then I tell them thats what all the creeking sounds were,but if someone ever comes to me and says they know for sure that their house is haunted then I suggest that they go to the local library and look at the old archives or newspaper clippings and do some research on the house to know for sure,but if they find nothing it will give them some peice of mind




My Grandmother Came for my Uncle








OK Ghosts



I've been able to sense spirits for a long time, and believe that the ability to do so was handed down to me from my grandmother. The strange thing with me, though, is that the sightings and experiences come in sudden rashes that last anywhere from a few days to a few months, and then stop as suddenly as they came.

The most recent rash started about two months ago. I had started staying with my boyfriend at his apartment in a Creek Indian community. Early one morning, at about one or two o'clock, I got up out of bed to use the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom washing my hands, I got the distinct feeling that a woman a little shorter than myself was standing behind me, and she did not want me there. When I turned around, I felt it run past me into the kitchen. I went back into my room where my boyfriend was laying down, and told him what had happened. I was so upset by it, he called into work for the next day so that he could have his grandfather come out to smoke the apartment to get rid of any spirits that might be in there.

Things quieted down for a while, but not for long. We had been visiting with one of my boyfriend's friends, who lives in the same community, and were walking to his grandfather's house (same community, again). We were walking past one cluster of apartments, and both of us happened to look in the same direction, behind the building that lies in front of the building his grandpa lives in. There are clotheslines behind many of the buildings, and this one was no different. The only thing strange was that there were clothes on the line -- at around 1 in the morning -- and a woman with short curly hair was pulling them down. We didn't think anything of it, but then just seconds later I turned to see if she was still watching us, and didn't see her anymore. I took a couple of steps back, to see if maybe it was just the way I was looking, but she was gone, no lights were on in any of the surrounding apartments, and the clothes were still on the line. I looked to my boyfriend, and he said something to me like, "Did you see that?" We both took off running to his grandparents' house and found his grandma still awake. We told her what we had seen, and she told us that the woman who used to live there had three kids, and would accuse them of pulling on the clothesline when all three were in their rooms playing.

The third thing that happened out in this community recently occurred while I was house-sitting for my boyfriends' grandparents while they went out to a powwow. I was there alone (my boyfriend had to work the late shift that night) with the dog from about 4:00 until around 1:00 in the morning. The first thing that night happened while I was in the back bedroom on the computer listening to music. I heard a girl's voice behind me, trying to sing along with the music. It sounded the same as someone trying to sing along to a song that they don't know the words to, just kind of loudly humming along with the words. I turned around, and of course, no one was there. Later on, I was in the kitchen looking for something to drink, and heard something bump into a sack of tin cans that was hanging off the back of one of the chairs in the kitchen. Once again, no one was there, but the bag was swinging slightly. While I was still in the kitchen, I heard someone walking around in the living room, or maybe looking for something, but you can see into the living room from the kitchen, and no one was there; even the dog was in one of the back rooms.

The dog was what really freaked me out, though. He's usually a very calm, mellow animal, but that night, he kept running up to me whining, and tried to get out of the house on several occasions, even though I'd let him out numerous times already. He also wouldn't let me leave him in a room alone later on in the night, like he was scared to be in there alone.

I've heard many people out here talk about spirits "passing through" places like it's a normal occurance. Maybe it is normal for those who have lived out here all of their lives, but it's going to take me a little getting used to.




Plato-Glencoe-Ferguson's cemetery and McCall Hall in Crookston.






Plato-Glencoe-Ferguson’s Cemetery

I grew up in this area and have visited the cemetery once with friend’s when I was in high school the fall of 2002.  We heard the rumors and what not about the place and decided to give it a try, basically the only thing that happened was my car dying at the end of the drive out, pretty scary for some thrill seeking kids.  More recently however a college friend and I were scrolling through this page and it surprised me to see it posted.  This prompted us to do a little investigating.  The first time we investigated the cemetery (early summer 2008) we only had a camera and an old tape recorder that caught mostly static.  We basically got disappointed not catching anything but a few orbs but as soon as we got within ten feet of our vehicle we heard dogs howling, and they sounded extremely close, which made us get out of there quickly.  Basically we were terrified to go back until one day we decided to do it again(late summer 2008), this time with a video camera and a regular camera.  We walked through and hung around for nearly an hour, we tried counting the trees but we weren’t sure which group they were.  We both had feelings of being watched and this weird feeling of not being wanted there.   After it was over and we returned to our home we looked through our films and pictures looking for anything, orbs, evp’s ect.  What we captured pretty much made us wet ourselves, as we looked onto a strange ball of light fly across the camera weaving in a boomerang shaped form, 15-20 seconds after that a flash and the light flew by again, faster than the last time.  It wasn’t until we got it onto a computer, slowed it down frame by frame and noticed a little fingers in the shot just before the light came by the second time.  These fingers flashed in a millisecond, and we tested the camera we used in every possible way to duplicate it, couldn’t even get close.  Basically, we believe we have evidence but are not sure what to do with it.

McCall Hall

It’s weird but myself and the same buddy who was with me in the cemetery both lived in this building our freshman year at UMC.  We had stereo’s turn on to static channels, tv’s shut off, and we always heard strange noises.  A guy who lived on the second floor told me he woke up to a girl standing in his room by the door, thinking it was his roommates new girlfriend he brushed it off and went back to sleep, until a half hour later when his roommate came in.  He asked his roommate about the girl and the roommate said he was out of town and just got back, so no it wasn’t his girlfriend or anyone he knew for that matter.  After it clicked in his head that his door was still locked and his roommate used his key to get in, he ran down and told everyone about it, shaking and scared.  I have had my own experience with the spirit as well.  One night in my room, the same room where the stereo and tv would switch off and on, I was typing a paper for a class and something moved across the mirror behind me, when I looked up to the movement in my mirror I saw what was a hazy grayish/white outline of a young girl, after that my window slammed shut and my blinds started rattling.  We tried to catch her on film in the following weeks but never had success finding her in the building when we wanted to.

Sorry about the length of this email but I figured you guys might want an update on the stuff we’ve experienced at these places.  Love your webpage, hopefully I can discover some areas that are haunted and add to the list.






Stucky Bridge in Meridian Mississippi Story




I am Lindsey Ware, a resident of Lauderdale county in Mississippi. I live within 30 to 20 minutes of Stucky's Bridge and I have visted your site Shadow Lands a few times this year. I have a story about the Road in which the bridge lays on. Back in the summer of 2006 my brother James Ware was on his way home from a girlfriend's house and had to use the now closed road leading from Meehan Savoy to Point Wantia road as a way to get home. There is a church on the end of that road coming out on to Point Wantia Road and my brother told us the story of what he saw. As he came to the stop sign he looked out into the graveyard and saw a light ,or orb if you want to call it that, over a grave and it was not moving. James turned his truck off and looked over at the orb as he was becoming aware it was not a glare from one of his headlights. The orb, as he reports, started to move slowly towards the fence by the road, which was just a few feet from the driver's side of the truck. He started his truck back up and sped off because it scared him very badly. I had a feeling he was not making this up because he was shaking and fearful telling my mother, father, and I the story. To this day myself nor my brother have been to the bridge or that road since. I've heard stories about the bridge, but this was the first story I have heard of being near the bridge, not on the bridge itself. I thought I should share the story that my family encountered with you. Thank you for reading this.





The Photo that made Me a Believer




I am an Army Veteran with eight years service under my belt. In December of 2002 I received orders to be reassigned to Fort Rucker, Alabama from California. My best Friend, Scott, and I decided to road trip out. Our big stop was New Orleans for a three day visit. The second night in town we went on one of the walking ghost tours of the french quarter. The third stop on the tour was a house that sat kiddy-corner to a convent/nunnery. I beleive this may be the LaLaurie House you have listed, but the story I was told goes slightly differently than what you have posted.

The story goes that shortly after the Louisiana Purchase a married couple moved into the house from France. The Gentleman of the House was a doctor who quickly became popular for his skills. The Lady of the House was an Artist and always enjoyed throwing parties. People would gossip about how she would change three or four times in an evening, apparently just to show off. The couple seemed quite normal and lived in the house for over a year, they blended into the community nicely.

One evening, during one such party, smoke started bleeding into the house from the kitchen. The local authorities responded (this was before there were any fire brigades) and found a slave chained to the stove. The slave admitted to having set the fire hoping it would allow her to be found, or else burn the house down. When questioned further about her motives, the slave explained to her interrogators that earlier that afternoon she had been in the garden picking vegetables for the evening's meal. The Mistress of the House was on her balcony with a young slave girl of about 6-8 years combing her hair. The girl accidentally tugged the Mistress's hair with the comb and the Mistress screamed at the girl, threatening to kill her if she did it again. Crying, the girl continued to brush her Lady's hair. Again the comb snagged, but this time, in a fit of rage, the Lady of the House sent the young slave girl over the third floor railing. The girl hit the garden bed in front of the slave woman from the kitchen and died on impact. She was ordered to bury the body where it lay.

After the Mistress of the House was ready for her party she confronted the kitchen slave over keeping silent about the little girl. The slave refused, threatening to tell the party guests, and so her master chained her to the stove.

When the kitchen slave finished her tail a couple of men went into the yard and quickly found the girl's body. The married couple were placed in the sitting room on the ground floor and told to remain there while the rest of the house was to be searched. Top to bottom, the authorities scoured the entire home for any other signs of abuse to slaves but there was none. Just as they were about to return to the ground floor someone heard a sound from the roof. Going out on the roof they found a small 10x10 shed, locked. Word spread quickly about the scandal while they were trying to get the lock open. Finally, around sunrise they got the lock of the door. Cracking open the shed everyone there was assaulted by the heavy smell of death and decay. Hardly a sound came from inside. When the smell cleared enough the men entered to find the place strewn with the Mistress's "artwork." Slaves were strewn all about the room, mutilated. Some had their skin peeled off in areas, others had body parts amputated. It was a gruesome scene. When they cleared out the room one slave, who's arms, legs and tongue had been removed, wiggled his way off a shelf (they assume) for fear he'd be missed.

When they finished the task of clearing the roof, everyone returned to the ground floor only to find the couple gone. No one had seen them leave, and no one would ever see them in New Orleans again.

This story was told to us by the tour guide as we stood mere feet from the house's front door steps. The small garden the slave girl had been buried in could be seen through the fence on the side of the house, along with the balcony she'd been thrown from. When the story was finished, the tour guide walked us across the street to the convent and began telling us the story of the next site. On a whim I turned away from the convent and snapped a picture of the house from across the street. It was a beautiful shot of all four stories, and even the roof of that small shed could be seen cresting the fourth floor awning. As I took the picture a chill ran down my spine and I got that hair-raising feeling of being watched. I quickly turned back to the tour. The tour ended an hour and a half later on the 6th and a half floor of the Bourbon-Orleans Hotel (another creepy story).

About two months later I was going thru my digital copies of the pictures from that night and I found something that both scared and intrigued me. The shot of the house from across the street was not empty. Standing on the third floor veranda was the clearly defined image of a woman in a ball gown glaring straight at the camera. You could see the house through her, but you could also see every detail of her; the ruffles that lined her dress's red bodice, the fancy gold stitching of her skirt and even a comb in her hand. It chilled me to the core. There had been nothing there when I snapped the picture. I closed the file immediately and didn't open it again untill four and a half months later when I saw Scott. This time the woman in the picture was wearing a green dress and she was on the other side of the veranda, but she was still glaring directly at the camera. Scott tried to tell me that I just didn't remember where she'd been because it had been so long, but that wasn't it. The next day I showed my little sister and the woman wasn't there at all. Then, a week later I showed my cousin (who, like me has an interest in the paranormal) and the woman was back on the veranda in a blue and green dress and slightly off center. It was different this time, though. The picture seemed to have faded a bit, as if submerged in shallow water or hidden behind a thin fog. The only thing that was truely definable was the woman's face, again, glaring directly at the camera.

I tried submitting the image for study by a couple of paranormal investigative groups, including TAPS of the TV show "Ghost Hunters". The image wither would not open for anyone else, or would simply not attach to an email. The last time I saw the picture it seemed to be taken through a thick fog. Not even the woman in the photo could be defined clearly, though I knew she was still there because of the color standing out where the veranda should have been. After that last viewing I could never get the image to open again. Two months went by and the image file has completely disappeared off of my computer. The rest of the pictures from that trip are still on the computer, it's just that one file gone.

Everyone is always quick to beleive when I tell them about the picture, but they are also quick to mock me for not being able to produce it. It's hard to find anyone outside Scott or my cousin to beleive me, but I will continue to tell my story. It's burned into my mind, as is the image when I'd first looked at it. To this day i feel ice down my spine when I even think it.




Bed and Breakfast





Muenster, Texas

Elm Creek manor Bed & Breakfast

There have been many odd incidences at this Bed and breakfast. About 10 years ago it was just a house built on  vacant farm land about 5 miles in the country by the Red River. It was built at the top of a hill next to a tree that is not native to the area. and there are signs of previous buildings there such as very old building foundations. It is also about 1/2 a mile from a very old cemetery where there are mostly infants and children buried from an old no longer existing town that used to be out by the cemetery. There was also a body of a woman found shot to death about 100 feet from the front gate of the property shortly after the house was built. There was a lot of centuries old furniture brought to the house as well. Shortly after the house was built common hauntings happened constantly at the manor. Foot steps from upstairs when no one was home, all the alarm clocks setting themselves in locked bedrooms at 6am when no one was home for days, sound of an infant crying upstairs, doors opening and closing by themselves as you grab for the handles, and a teenage girl in a white dress and boots would be seen rarely. then one night candle sticks were being thrown around from the candle holders. almost the instant you put it back it would be thrown back on the ground. all night long. The next morning the house caught fire and burned down. It was rebuilt from the inside out and reopened as a bed and breakfast. Only one haunting has happened since the fire. a couple staying at the manor were swimming looking at the house and a girl was banging on the window at them trying to get them to come to the house. They got out of the pool and went into the kitchen to ask what was needed. No one knew who the girl was, as no one else was home other than the innkeepers. the girl was wearing a white dress and had black boots.  other than that one haunting all paranormal activity has stopped since the fire.



Whatley House




My family has had personal ghost experiences in the Whatley house. Back in the early 70's my dads uncle and aunt rented and lived in the house. My mother has told me stories of several differen trips they took there and stayed over night that foot steps would be heard and doors would closed on thier own also she has heard a game of pool being played in the middle of the night when all was in bed. Oh yea and just incase you think I'm making this up go back and check your records of different markings in the house she says that there is stains on the front staircase in the house and when it rains it appears to be fresh wet blood.If you would like to check for reference the people that rented the house at that time was George and Vera Walters.

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