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Bridgeport, CT


Hello, my name is Rosé.  I lived in a house in Bridgeport for 13 years.  I moved out leaving my daughter and her family there.   
When we first moved in, we were persecuted.  From banging on the walls to clanging radiators.  Kept drumming everything up to it being an old house making peculiar sounds, till one day, the dishes broke, bricks flew off the kitchen wall and two of my three children sat up in bed simultaneously speaking in a language similar to Spanish that I made out to be Italian.   After seeing this, I had the children all sleep with me. 
But the banging and clanging continued.  After about 2 months of this, I was not only scared but I was angry.  We had nowhere else to go.  At the top of my lungs I yelled out to something I didn't believe existed, "we are not going anywhere!  This is our home!  You leave!".  
The next few nights were quiet and then I dremt of a short man who spoke to me in heavy accent explaining who he was and that this was his daughters home and he was upset we were there.  Upon waking in the morning.  There was an unexplained 5X7 picture on our kitchen table.  It was that same man in my dream.  I still have the picture to this day.
Nicholas became our protector through the years, and my ability to talk to many deceased increased throughout the years.  I've always communicated with the other side but only through dreams.  This home taught me lots.  Nicholas warned of intruders on our property and even saved our lives when the home next door went up in flames onto our home.  He slapped me awake and I woke my children.  The home did not burn due to the asbestos material that was shingled over it.
Many spirits have passed through - perhaps because this home is near a radio station and across from a huge cemetary.  My communications with the other side are rather sharp and my children and grandchildren are safe with Nicholas presiding over the home.   Please publish this so that people understand that not all Spirits are bad Spirits.  Not saying that I haven't experienced bad ones slipping through, but that there are some awfully kind ghosts.  They just don't understand they've passed on and hold claim to the dwelling where they may have resided.  And if not themselves, then their loved ones. 
Make sense?

Grandma's Rocker


Back when I was very young (I am in my mid 50's) I would sometimes spend the nite with my Grandparents.  It was an old house in the San Fernando Valley in Calif. that my Grandfather and my greatgrandfather built themselves in the 1920s.  One room that my Greatgrandmother died in was always closed.  It was left as it had been and was always cold even when it was hot outside and in the rest of the house.  I would see faces looking in the windows and my Grandma would tell me when you die every thing was the same except you were with the other dead people,  When my Grandpa died I was offered some of the furniture.  We were in my Grandpa's room when the light on the wall clicked off.  No one was near it.  My frend was so scarred he wouldn't go back into the house.  We took several items including a very old rocking chair that had belonged to my great Grandma.  For years our lights would turn off by themselves.  This was witnessed by many people.  One nite my wife got up for the bathroom and came back totaly scarred. She said the rocker was rocking.  I went to investigate and found it rocking. Thinking maybe she hit it or something I stopped it and held it for a secound.  It started rocking more and more.  When I told my wife she came out and threw the rocker breaking it. It went to the garage and were had no more trouble with lights turning off.  My Daughter who was living with us died tragicaly leaving he son with us.  For 2 weeks after her death our kitchen light turned of and on every once in a while.

Around the Hospital


Hi my name is Tyler and I live in Georgia. In the town of Moultrie around the hospital, that seems to have some serious negative energy. A friend of mine used to live at the end of this road, or at least where the paved road ends, and quite often there were strange noises heard coming from the woods. I'm native to this area and some of the noises I've personally heard were not anything that I can explain. Other than that, and I am a deeply spiritual person, I believe that there is a pure evil force that exists in these woods. There have been rumors of animal sacrifice in these woods and my friend that lived there said he once discovered three rocks with a "K" inscribed on them, indicated a Klan place. I have experienced this evil that lurks here first hand, and believe me the feeling that it gives is indescribable and it is also very powerful. I believe it to be one  of the places that the fallen angels landed on earth, but I am a Christian and that makes me think the evil is a demon. The woods have several houses inside of them and the main part of the worst feeling is a little lane that cuts through the woods going to the right when you near the end of the road. If you walk down this lane, you get the intense feeling of someone watching you with a very demeaning look. I have experienced a choking feeling while halfway down the lane, and that was with other people. I dare not step foot into these woods by myself! I've done it before but it will never happen again.
Anyway thanks, and nice site, just thought I would give you guys some more information since I saw nothing listed for Colquitt County.

Kind of a Ghost but More Like a Spirit


my mothers mom passed away 2 weeks before my marrige in June 1974 it was a big loose for me,,,,anyaway about 2 weeks after the wedding i woke u and sat right up and there was my grandmother standing there sourrounded by a black void she was dressed just like she always was and she talked to me my wife who was in medica school at the time took the flashlight and shined it in my eyes with no response from the puples,,,,nanny told me that she came to me because i was the one who would visit her and spend tme talking and having coffee. she said that everything was o k and we would be together again and she would not be back after she left she told me she would nt apare to anyone else. when she left i just lay back and was asleep. my wife always said that it was the weirdest thing she ever saw. she said that the only way the eyes wouldn't contract from the light was if i was dead or brain dead.  i have not been afraid of death eversince this hapened. i dont think she was a "ghost",,i believe it was her spirit saying so long for now snce she said we would be togethr again ,,,,this is the only para normal experience i have ever had

VA Beach VA


I lived in a house in VA Beach, VA from 1977 to 1979. The house is a tri-level house with the master bed and bath in the lowest level. In the master bed room the electrical connection for the dryer is in there. There was a space in between the dryer and the wall approx 20 to 24” wide. One day while cleaning house, I had stacked a pile of metal hangers on top of the dryer. The stack was only about 6” high and stable. The dryer was not on when I bent down to pick something up off the floor in the space between the dryer and the wall. When I was bent down the stack of hangers were ”shoved”, as one would take their arm and forcefully “rake” the hangers to slam against the two walls, on top of me while bent over in that spot.
My father was at the foot of the bed and I thought he threw something at the stack to cause them to pile in on top of me. I asked him angrily “what did you do that for?” He held his hands in the air and said “I promise, I did nothing, but I saw what happened” and my sister was standing in the doorway with her eyes wide and her jaw dropped and she said I saw the whole thing and Dad is telling the truth”!
The story was that 2 family members died that lived in the house. One was a minister and the other was their son whom it was said was a drug addict. One of them died in the house but I’m not sure which one it was. All the neighbors testified to what I just stated about the previous family that lived there.
My mother has some story’s of her own and it appears that the spiritual presence that occupy’s the house is favorable to women and spiteful to men. We were never fearful but there were many strange occurrences while we lived in that house. The most disturbing event was the one I just described.
I like telling the story because it validates the reality of ghosts. I can without a doubt say I believe in spiritual existence on this earth.
Thank you for the platform, or forum to tell my story.

Paranormal Experiences


Hello - I want to submit 2 amazing experiences that I witnessed that involved children.  Many people believe paranormal occurrences experienced by children are harder to explain away because they do not know about the supernatural and have no reason to lie or embellish their stories.
The 1st one involved a friend's son who was about 4 at the time.  My hubby had surgery at a very old Catholic hospital which dated back more that 100 years and he had been placed in a  private room with a private bathroom to recover.  We were in a part of the hospital that dated back to the 1940s.  My friend and her son dropped by to check up on my hubby.  He was sleeping off the anesthesia and me, my friend and her son were sitting in chairs next to the bed.  I was chatting with my friend and her son was looking across the room into the bathroom and he started smiling and he waved.  We thought he was waving at my hubby and his mom told him that Mr Rob was sleeping and could not see him wave .  What he said next stunned us!  He said, "Mommy, I'm not waving at him I am waving at that lady in the bathroom" - - the bathroom was empty!  She told him no one was in the bathroom and then he said, "yes there is,"  and again looked over in the direction of the bathroom and smiled and waved again and said, "her name is Karen". We were both creeped out because he really looked like he was seeing someone and considering that we were in an old hospital there's no telling how many people died there. 
The 2nd one involved my son.  When he was about 3 1/2 he started seeing "the babies" as he called them. It started one night when I tucked him into bed.  As I started to walk out he began to giggle and wave at the ceiling.  I asked him what he was doing and he said there were "babies" and he pointed to the ceiling.  I asked what they were doing and he said they smiled and waved at him and made funny faces or played peek-a-boo with him at night.  He didn't seem at all scared, in fact, he enjoyed it.  I chalked it up to imaginary friends, however, over the course of time it became more real for him and for me.  Many nights he woke me up because he was laughing so loudly and even talking to the "the babies".  He told me once that he never got scared at night because when he felt scared "the babies" came to help him go to sleep.  In fact, he NEVER cried at night and NEVER came to my room at night asking to sleep with me - those of you with children this age know this is amazing!  He would sometimes insist that I lay down and watch "the babies" and he would make me wave and say hello to them. I would indulge him and do it but again I really thought they were imaginary. These visits continued for about a year and finally one night I wanted to push for more information so I laid down with him and brought up the subject of "the babies" and I asked him how many there were.  His answer made me both very happy and sad - truly a bittersweet moment in my life. He said
"there are 4 and they said they know you mommy".  The reason this was so shocking was that what my son did not not know, of course,  was that I had suffered 4 miscarriages before we adopted him.  I was happy that "the babies" had come to let us know they were ok and happy and that they liked their adopted little brother so much and took care of him by comforting him when he was scared at night. Sad, too, because I could not see what they looked like but I believe one day I will meet them. My son continued to see "the babies" for about another 6 months and then one day he told me as he was getting into bed that the babies were "finished" - that's the word he used.  I ask what he meant and he explained they were finished because he was a big boy and could go to sleep by himself now.  He has never seen spoken of them again.

Sad Little Ghost-Girl


This happened to me while I was living north of Great Barrington, Massachusetts somewhere between 1966 and 1969.  We had moved there from the mid-west when my dad changed jobs.  We were living in a very old house close to an ancient cemetery.  The house was 3 floors (not including the basement), enormous and once had a verandah all the way around it.  The attic was huge, dark and mysterious -- all floored in with rough floorboard.   It had a tiny window near the chimney and a trap door in the ceiling leading out to the roof.  My parents forbade me and my siblings from going up there and never told us why.
My bedroom faced south (the front of the house) and was the only occupied room in that upstairs wing.  At that age (I was between 12 or 14 years old) the old house gave me a galloping case of the creeps.  Even on the brightest days, parts of the house could be dim and drafty.  Winters are very dark and cold there; at that time the house was heated with forced hot water that came up from the basement furnace.  As the steaming hot water traveled its way all over the house through copper pipes and baseboard radiators, the noise was phenomenal.  There were only 4 thermostats for the entire house, so at the far end of any hallway there would be a sharp cracking, banging noise as the cold pipes and surrounding woodwork expanded with the inflow of heat.  In the middle of a cold, dark, windy night in January the sound could wake you out of a sound sleep, heart pounding and hair on end as it echoed all over the dark house and up the staircase.  There church down the street had an ancient clock tower that struck every hour, adding to the strangeness.  Sometimes I would awaken with a start in the middle of the night, feeling as though someone were watching me as I slept.  It would be a long time before I could go back to sleep.
It was on one of these nights that I had a “dream” about a little girl, standing at the foot of my bed, watching me as I slept (I say “dream” because to this day I’m not sure if I was awake or asleep, having fallen asleep before this happened).  She looked to be only about 8 years old and had long, shoulder-length dark hair that was braided, plaited and tied with ribbons in a hairstyle I had never seen before.  She was wearing what looked to be a pale pink dress, so formal that it looked like some sort of party dress.  It was pulled up at each side with large satin bows at her hips and had all kinds of fancy laces, buttons, ribbons and what looked like little puffy sleeves at the shoulders that went down to her wrists.  The skirt stood far out, full on either side of her and went past her knees.  It looked as though she was wearing lacy pantaloons, white stockings and old fashioned little shoes, like slippers.  She held her hands folded, one cupped over the other, on her waist.  The overall effect would have been very beautiful for a little girl but what struck me were her eyes.  They were large, dark and looked like she had circles under them.  She was too thin and her face didn’t look at all healthy; I could see her cheekbones.  She was not smiling; she was very serious and sad.  She just stood there, watching me. I was too terrified to say anything; then she slowly bowed and made a slow, graceful curtsey.  It was a beautiful gesture, like something a ballerina would do.  She slowly stood erect again, slowly walked to the closed door, turned its knob and went silently out into the hallway outside my bedroom, closing the door behind her.  That’s all I can remember.
Long after this I was outside the house, almost directly below my bedroom window where that massive verandah had once been.  There were low-growing coniferous bushes of some kind I was exploring around when I tripped and turned my ankle.  I sat on the ground where I fell, rubbing my ankle and trying to find the rock I’d tripped over so I could dig it out and get rid of it.  The rock was large; as I dug away at it with a stick and kept digging deeper the rock kept going down and stopped about 8 inches under the earth.  I dug all around it and realized it was a tombstone, about 18 inches long by about 10 inches across and maybe 3 inches thick.  I was able to lift it up and check both sides of it; the surfaces were blank and lying face-down under about 4 inches of soil.  I left it alone.
My parents said they didn’t know anything about the tombstone so I decided I wouldn’t tell them about the little girl in my dream, either.  It was about this time I decided to try and figure out why they didn’t want us up in the attic.  I went up there when no one was around to try and see what I could find.
There was absolutely nothing up there from what I could see by the dimness of the one bare light bulb that switched on with the pull-chain just within my reach.  I had also brought a flashlight so I could see into all of the corners; nothing was there.  I was about to leave when I noticed something sticking up out of the insulation material that had been put up there decades ago for the ceiling of the floor below.  I dusted layers of debris off it and stifling a coughing fit looked closely at what was in my dirty hand.  It had once been a hat box covered in rich yellow silk.   The remains of a crushed hat in what I now realize was a Victorian style was still inside.  It had been richly covered in the same shade of yellow, almost golden silk flowers.  It was designed to fit a little girl.  I went farther into the corner and found nothing else, but my foot scraped the heavy dust and uncovered something lying flat on the wooden floorboard.  It was a round metal circle, with more round metal rings inside it of increasingly smaller diameter to the very center, which was open.  It was an open space about 10 inches across.  There must have been more than a dozen of these graduated metal rings, each separately covered in what had once been white cloth and sewn with 4 long pieces of heavy cloth tape from the outer ring to the smallest ring in a large X.  I had no idea what it was.  I put both things, the crushed hat in its hatbox and the strange ring thing, back where I found them.
Sometime after that discovery my parents were at an antique store in Great Barrington to look at furniture.  While they were occupied I went to a lady who worked there and described to her what I’d found in the attic besides the hat.  She said the strange ring thing was a set of hoops for a little girl’s hoopskirt, and they were common in the mid-1800s.  That would have been the era in which the house I was living in was built, I thought.  So something happened to a poor, sick, lonely little girl living in that house back then.  No one would tell me about it and I never learned anything more than what I mentioned here, but she had visited me late one night in my dream and evidently didn’t want to be forgotten.  We moved back to the mid-west in the summer of 1969 and never came back to Massachusetts.

Ghost Experiences


It all started with one day i was sitting in the apartment by myself watching t.v. and i was focused solely on the television set. I happen to glance over at the chair that was beside me and there was a man standing behind it just staring at me. I closed my eyes- he was still there. I then looked at the t.v. and out of the corner of my eye i was still looking and still seen him standing right there. Something tells me this was my Grandfather.
Now; just recently, my Grandmother got towards the ending of her life and she got very sick. She had so many surgeries and so many procedures that she just finially wanted to stay at home; and be on Hospice( A program that you get on; what they do is they take you off any medication that you are on, schedule you to use a very intense pain killer and give you a specific medication for your death so that you do not feel it. Well, She was enlisted under Hospice and just kept getting continuously sicker. She had fallen a lot as she has gotten older and looses her balance often. She had fallen the last time that she went into the hospitol. When she fell she was getting up durring the night and she hit her head (I believe on a metal chair that was in her bedroom) She had almost died, but she had not. She was on blood thinner which she would of bleed to death but it was not working for her and she did not bleed to death. She survived for quit a long time after that and then she slowly started to shut down. When she was passing you could hear her attempting to breath throughout the whole house. Finially she had passed. The doctor had diagnosed her with Cancer and said that it was spreading fast and they told her that she had not only but a month or so to live. She passed away.
My grandfather had passed away before i was even one yr. old and now i am turning 19 in Dec of 08. My Grandmother and Grandfather had unconditonal love. She was alone for 18 amost 19 years after he passed. In my heart i believe that he came for her for her final minutes she had left.
After she had passed away, I took over her bedroom for about 5 months. Durring that time i seen black figures; orbs; and replays of all the times she has fallen. I took showers for a while and heard nothing but the water and my Grandmother calling for help and she was allready gone. I dont hear the calling for help anymore while i am in the shower; but i feel somebody right outside of the sliding door of the shower; standing very close.
I got a cat that is 8, almost 9 years old and she has been acting up very strange just walking around and staring at me and just sitting there. Also; my dog was a puppy while my grandmother was passing and he would not leave her bed side no matter what. He also has been acting strange too.
Well, right after my Grandmother died.. about 2 years after; My fiancee,mother, and i painted her bedroom over again. That whole week since we had painted the room, my mom has been seeing a black figure lurking around the kitchen. She seen this figure for a week. One day i told her that i been seeing a man standing in the living room in the middle of the living room. We matched up stories and i think we been seeing the same person. Well, about 5 months before that- I been seeing a man standing up on the first step of my staircase upstairs and my mom seen a black figure walking into my brother's bedroom and she had a "bad" feeling of it.
Today; the 21st of November of 2008, I told my mom i been seeing "Orbs" in my bedroom. The orbs are of light color. Yellow maybe orangish yellowish. She told me that last Wednesday, which is i think the 18th, my mom told me that she seen some black spirit standing in front of my bed.
I do not know how to connect all of this. I dont know what to think. I want to know anybodys opinion on this whole story the best way possible please.


Ghost Stories from the Set of "CONJURER"


REAL LIFE GHOST STORIES – FROM THE SET OF CONJURER Camera operator Todd Marshall heard a woman crying on the floor above him. It was an afternoon during the third week of filming the indie thriller CONJURER. “I could hear a woman sobbing upstairs,” says Marshall. “The sobbing had an echo quality to it.” Marshall climbed the narrow staircase of the antebellum farmhouse to investigate, but no one was there. When Marshall asked other crew members about the sounds, no one else had heard them. CONJURER is a Southern gothic chiller about a grieving couple who relocates to a rural farm, and encounters disturbing occurrences surrounding an old cabin with a dark history. The primary location of CONJURER was a vacant 350 acre farm in the small town of Whitesburg, Georgia. Whitesburg resident Patrice Jackson, an amateur ghost hunter, first showed director Clint Hutchison the farm when he was scouting locations in January of 2007. “It was perfect for our story,” says Hutchison. “From the moment I saw it, I knew we had to have it.” A fan of films like Robert Wise’s THE HAUNTING, THE SIXTH SENSE and THE OTHERS, Hutchison never anticipated that he would be stumbling onto a real life ghost story. Jackson told Hutchison about an eerie feeling she had when visiting the property alone, and shared her belief that the civil war era farmhouse was haunted. “It’s a feeling that is hard to describe,” says Jackson. “Even though you are supposed to be alone, you KNOW you are NOT.” Jackson reported seeing an unusual number of vultures circling the location on several occasions. Hutchison didn’t think anything more about it until he took director of photography, Ken Blakey, out to the property on a tech scout in March of 2007. “When I went in the place I immediately felt the presence of a melancholy woman,” states Blakey. “I felt her follow us all around our location scouting investigations with not a shred of malice, but a slightly anxious and wistful feeling.” Hutchison and Blakey had been friends since working together in 1999. In all that time, Hutchison knew Blakey to be nothing less than level-headed and practical, with a sarcastic sense of humor. He had never mentioned a belief in ghosts or the supernatural. Hutchison was surprised to have the seasoned cameraman make such a comment, unprovoked, with no prior knowledge of the house. “Ken said that he sensed a presence in two particular areas of the house,” says Hutchison. “When I raised an eyebrow, Ken told me, ’I ought to know… I grew up in a haunted house.’” Blakey’s perception that there was something unusual about the property was not unique. Many other crew members reported strange occurrences on set. Early one morning before the rest of the crew arrived, set dresser Jon C. Kay and art department production assistant John Anderson were walking in the field behind the old farmhouse when they were startled by the sound of a horse whinnying directly behind them. They whirled around, and found nothing there. One night, when production designer Roland Heart and art director Windi Robinson were working inside the house, they heard a strange, repetitive creaking sound inside the walls of the house and in the downstairs bathroom. “When we went into the bathroom, the sound was coming from the bathtub,” says Heart. “It sounded like it wasn’t underneath the tub, but inside it. Only the tub was empty, and there was nothing there.” Eerie events were not limited to production personnel. Whitesburg Police Chief, Juanita Howell, visited the set and took photographs. She later noticed strange orbs in the images. Howell had also experienced uncanny occurrences on the property long before the CONJURER team arrived when using the empty farmhouse for police training exercises. “We heard noises upstairs,” says Howell. “When we went up, nothing was there. Then we heard noises downstairs. Again, when we went down, nothing was there.” Howell described the noises as sounding like a “box that hadn’t been opened in a long time” or “an old door being opened and shut” repeatedly. On a night when the production was filming a gunshot scene in the house, key grip Christopher Birdsong reports an incident that “freaked [him] out”. “I was sitting next to the monitors in one of those set chairs, when I felt light headed. I felt like I was falling out of the chair. So much so, that I sat up and shook it off. I thought maybe I was just exhausted, but I felt wide awake. So I decided to stand up and walk around. On my way out the door, someone asked me if I was okay and I explained what happened. [Whitesburg Police Chief] Juanita Howell started asking me some questions about what I felt. When I asked her why, she said, ‘Because that is a sign of a presence in the room.’ She told me that many people feel a sense of vertigo when a spirit passes through them.” Birdsong emphasizes his own cynicism about the paranormal. “Now keep in mind I am super skeptical when it comes to stuff like that but I cannot deny what I felt nor can I explain it.” Like others on the crew, Birdsong also heard noises inside the walls. In an even more striking incident, Marshall recounts that on one afternoon, he glimpsed strange figures in the house. “As I sat on the dolly I could feel the presence of three other people. Again I thought it was just set fatigue. For a brief moment my mind's eye could see three Confederate soldiers in their dress uniforms, kind of like a quick hologram or projection on smoke. The oldest was an officer, because I remember a gold sash around his waist, tall with kind eyes and two other soldiers in gray uniforms carrying something to him from behind. I blinked and they were gone.” Realizing that skeptics might suspect these testimonies of being a marketing gimmick to promote the film, Hutchison emphasizes the sincerity of everyone involved. “I did not experience any uncanny events myself, but I know and trust all of the people who did,” says Hutchison. The director was so intrigued, that he asked his colleagues to write down their experiences, and he has begun to research the history of the farm. The production plans to do video interviews with those who had the uncanny experiences. Production designer Roland Heart relays one last incident that occurred when he was working on an old cabin set that the production built as the titular conjurer’s abode. In the film, the cabin is an ominous presence situated a couple of hundred yards behind the farmhouse, on the edge of deep woods. “I turned around, and an older gentleman was standing there, staring at the cabin,” says Heart. To this day, Heart does not know the identity of the man, or how he came to be on set. As the elderly man gazed at the cabin, he told Heart, “It’s just the same… same as it always was.” Heart politely informed the gentleman that, although built of antique lumber, the cabin had been newly constructed for the film. The man seemed surprised by this. He told Heart, “It looks just like the one that used to be right there.”
ABOUT THE PRODUCTION CONJURER will be released on DVD on November 25, 2008 and will air on Showtime in early 2009. CONJURER won Best Feature at the 2008 Dixie Film Festival, Best Horror Film at the Illinois International Film Festival, Best Horror Feature at the 2008 Action on Film International Film Festival, and the Directorial Discovery Award at the 2008 Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival.

Mother and Child

When I was 15, we lived on a farm for a couple of months. The old house was everything but spooky! We had actually enjoyed living there.
One night we were all sitting in the dining room and my baby sister was lying in her pram sleeping, there with us. Then out of the blue the baby started crying, my mom got up to get her out of the pram just to find her still sleeping, yet there was still a baby crying. I have always been the crazy one in the family and told them not to worry, I'd go take a look in all the rooms. When I walked out of the dining room the baby stopped crying. I looked into all the rooms anyway but found nothing.
Later that night, my father came waking me and asked me if I would change rooms with them. My baby sister was crying continuously and wouldn't sleep in their room. I slept in the main bedroom since but nothing bothered me and I just figured my baby sister was full of crap. Exactly a month later, I was woken by my sister's crying. I thought it strange that I could hear her as the room that my parents and sister was in, was way down at the end of the house. I opened my eyes but couldn't see anything and proceeded to falling back asleep. All the while this baby just cried and cried. After what seemed like hours, someone started to sing to the baby. The baby still cried and the singing got more intense. And suddenly stopped. That happened once a month. We moved a few months later, right into another haunted house. But that's for another time...
My parents had found out that somewhere in the mid 1900's, a woman had suffocated her baby in that room. The baby had been buried in the threshold of the bedroom door. I share this because it's kind of sad...

My Close Encounter


Scared out of my Mind
For the most part I try to be objective about things. I try to find a logical explanations for things that otherwise can't be explained but unfortunately that all flew out the window when last year around Christmas I decided to get a part time job working at a hospice/retirement home. I was looking for a little extra cash for the holidays. Anyways I worked as security on the grave yard shift on the weekends. My job was to sit at a computer and watch for distress calls and such from the elderly tenants as well as do rounds every two hours where I had to walk throughout the whole complex, each tenants door had a little plastic swinging piece that I had to put in the up position that would tell the caregivers if they had left there room. This place was huge it had 4 floors with extremely long hallways hundreds of rooms and every night I would have to walk down each hall on each floor. When I first started everything seemed to be fine but after a couple of weeks just around Christmas time when I would go to do rounds as I was walking through the halls and flipping each rooms plastic thingy I would just get this over whelming feeling that someone was watching me, following me and even some times as if something was just glaring at me. Also for no reason it would get extremely cold as if someone just lowered the thermostat by about 20 degrees. Like I stated in the beginning I like to think of things very logically so when I started to feel these things I would just say to myself that its just because its dark, because I'm the only one awake and that I was just freaking myself out. But thats only where it started. So when I wasn't doing my rounds I was sitting at a computer monitoring the cameras and such, and on one night in particular I was sitting as I always do and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a pool ball drop and roll right above my head. I checked the cameras and from what I could tell no one was up. Then I realized that there is a pool table room right above my head. So I ran up stairs figuring I would for sure find someone up roaming the halls or something and as I checked the pool table room the door was locked, the lights were off and no one was around. So just to be sure I unlocked the pool table room and looked around and everything was right where it should be. So at the point I was not really scared but more intrigued and was trying to think of a way I could explain the whole thing. But anyways I went back down stairs and tryed to ignore what had just happend. As I'm sitting at the computer I feel what I can only explain as a pressure change in the room as if someone had walked right behind me in my chair. At the same exact time all the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got really cold again. So I whipped around in my chair and no one was there so I got up and looked all round the office area and I couldnt find anyone or anything. So as I'm coming back from looking around I hear what sounds like someone punch one of the metal mailboxes that are located a few feet away from my desk so loud and so hard that it made me jump. (A small counter seperated the mailbox area from my desk area) I then heard foot steps coming down the hall towards me so I ran around the corner expecting to see the nurse from the other building that comes to relieve me for my rounds every two hours and no one was there. At this point I am freaking out, not thinking logically at all. About 5 min later the nurse comes to relieve me and I just had to get out of there so I went out back to have a cigarette. To get to the smoking area you have to go through the garage area where there is a garage door and a normal door right next to it. So I rush outside light and cig and call my Fiance (now my wife) and start going off telling her everything that had happend. Just as I started to say that "whatever is happening is freaking me out" something hit the the garage door directly behind me at this point I almost crapped myself. It was loud enough to make me yell out. So I ran back through the door to investigate and what I found will forever haunt me and I will never forget. Hanging on the wall were three hooks about 3 inches tall and they were holding up a bunch of what looked like to be wooden trim for carpeting. They were anywhere from 7 to 10 feet long and some how two pieces had lifted off of the hooks (keep in mind they were at least 3 inches tall) and looked to have been thrown at the garage door. The garage door was metal but not solid metal, like the ones that give way. So at this point I am freaking out, I go back outside call my wife back and told her what had just happend and that this sh** was ridicoulous and not a second after saying that again I heard what sounded like something thrown at the garage door again. So this time I wasnt as quick to open the door and investigate so I told my wife I had to go and I slowly opened the door and as I did I heard what sounded like all the wood trimming fall to the ground sure enough as I opened the door and looked in all of the trimming had lifted off the hooks and had landed on the ground beneath. One piece laying with the other two that had been thrown against the the garage door. I have no reason to make any of this up and as I stated before I am the type of person that trys to think things out logically. I even put all of this in my nightly security report just trying to ask for an explanation anything that could explain what I had experienced. I hesitantly showed up for work the next night and my boss had responded in a email saying that not to worry that it was just there friendly community ghost. I also found out that the reason I got hired was because everyone that had that job before had quit, sometimes even quitting in the middle of a shift and just leaving. Now I know why. Please if you have any feed back or questions I would be more than happy to respond.
Sorry for it being so long but I had alot to tell.

My Experience and a Friends

By: Anonymous

I have been reading Shadowlands for years and look forward to the updates every month or so.  I submitted a story a few years back called "dark shadow named herb" which was my boyfriend at the times experience.  Not long after that I too had an episode happen to me...twice!  Let me give a little background on his house.  He was actually in a separate room in the back of his parents property in Southern Ca.  The house was build in the 40's or 50's.  Anyhow, this room had a lot of negative energy I believe due to all the drugs done there and who knows what else, it just had that feeling. They no longer live there and I know they had that room torn down before they moved.   Well, one morning I was awoken to the sound of someone loudly clearing their throat in my ear.  At the time, there were 2 twin beds in there, so we were not sleeping right next to each other.  I awoke with a start and looked over at my boyfriend and he was sound asleep.  Later that day, I mentioned it to him and he looked at me like he had just seen a ghost, ha ha!  He told me the very same thing happened to him that morning and he awoke with a start and looked over at me and I was sound asleep! 
Another time in that room, I woke up (I know I was waking up!) I looked at the clock and it said 7:10 am and I had this weird feeling, heaviness I guess, and I tried to move but was frozen!  I tried to call out my boyfriends name but of course nothing came out (I have read so many other stories with people saying the same thing!) then all of a sudden I kind of flew up, like when you pick something up you think is going to be heavy and it's not and you almost send it flying through the roof.  I was a bit freaked out.
This next story a good friend of mine just told me yesterday.  He has had many experiences with the supernatural in real life and in his dreams.  He told me that years ago (over 30) his sister had lived in the projects here somewhere in LA and she had just had a baby.  He also mentioned that a lot of people have died there, O.D.'s, shootings, natural death, you name it, so spirits are all over.  Anyway, his sister said to him "isn't my new son beautiful" and my friend at the time was drinking, not drunk yet (he has been sober now for over 20 years) and said something very mean to his sister.  He said "that is the ugliest black ass baby I have ever seen" and just walked into the house.  Not a second later he said a force came up and hit him so hard in the middle of the back it sent him flying into the dining room table where his friends were playing a game.  He yelled out "who the hell hit me" and they all said "there aint no one behind you".  His sister was a witness, she saw him being pushed from nowhere and said to him "I bet you never say something like that about my son again!!!!"  And he sure hasn't. He said his back hurt the rest of the night!  I'll share more stories later.  Thanks!

My Guardian Angel


I’ve read several stories on here and they are all very interesting to see.  I have a couple of my own.
The first is of my guardian angel.
I was 13 or 14 at the time and my dad was working replacing the shingles on our roof.  It started raining and my dad and the other guys working with him put plastic on the roof to keep the water from getting in.  It didn’t work.  Pretty soon I was in charge of all the pots and pans we put down to catch the rain.  At the age of 13 it was rather difficult to “pry” me away from the TV.  Well, that day I was watching TV and keeping track of the pots and pans.  After a while I started looking at a snow globe that we have had for a long time.  I keep looking in that direction and thinking to myself “you know I haven’t played with that thing in a long time”.  I actually felt compelled to go and flip it over.  The first 5 times I looked at it I just shrugged it off and went back to watching my program, well, the last time I looked at the snow globe, I couldn’t look away and finally decided to go flip it over…for old time sake.  The moment I flipped it over the ceiling caved in around me!  The couch were I was laying, as you may have guessed, had so much insulation that if I would have stayed several bones in my body would have been broken.  When my parent’s asked why I got up I couldn’t explain it.  All I could say is that something kept pushing me to go.  That’s when I realized that it was my guardian angel looking after me.
The second story is not mine, but my dad’s story.
I ended up joining the military and moved to Ramstein Germany, after a year of being there, my dad called me one day and told me my Grandpa passed away.  When I was finally able to take leave and go home to visit, my dad started talking to me about what happened with my Grandpa.  My dad said that he went to bed that night and woke up in the middle of the night.  When he looked at the foot of his bed he saw a man standing there.  He said that he tried to scream, move, blink, anything, but he couldn’t…he just laid there staring at this person.  He said he couldn’t see the face, just the body and cloths this person had on.  The next morning he got a call from my aunt saying that grandpa passed away.  My dad went to the funeral and the viewing and he said when he saw his dad in the casket he was wearing the same clothes as the man at the edge of his bed.  It was then my dad realized that his dad was just trying to stop by and say good bye. 
I hope these were worth the read thank you for letting me share. 

My Home is in Norfolk VA


In my very own house I have been home alone with ALL ELECTRICAL device turned off due to a major power outage. And so i would lie in bed awake and constantly hear conversations between people and no one is home but me. This would go on for days and days then i decided to look at the maps of my neighborhood and i found out that my house was where an very old farm was during the time of slavery and so when i tried to talk back they voices would be quiet then after a little while they would start up again. Since then things have been rearranged and my trading cards have been moved and relocated when no one was around plus i had put in a security camera in my room to view the scene during the night but each morning the tape is blank but before i go to bed i KNOW I AM recording since i even test it too but even that seems to not be on the tape.

Real Ghost Story


While staying at my boyfriendʼs house, in a small affluent town in Rhode Island I have witnessed doors opening on their own, cold breezes without windows being open and footsteps when there is no one else in the house. There is a general overall creepiness in the main hallway in the house and the mirror by the stairs has been known to reflect shadows that arenʼt really there. Stairs creak with no one on them and the feeling of being watched from the sitting room through the French doors can be uncomfortable at times. Other times, like during the Holidays you have the feeling that the house is a lot more crowded than it really is, but it is a warm welcoming feeling. I know that the women that owned the house before my boyfriendʼs parents, died in the house and most of the activity seems to surround what used to be her bedroom and her sitting room. There have never been unwelcome feelings, or anything that can be construed at evil, mean or scary. I like to think that she is still around looking after her home and keeping an eye on everyone that lives there now.

Some of My Experiences

As a fan of anything paranormal Ithough i'd share some of my experiences with you.  My first really scary experience happened when me, my girlfriend steph and our friend claire were driving around some of our local villages and ended up at pidly golfing centre. We parked up in the car park area over looking the green. It's quite a secluded area with not many houses and alot of tree's. It was mid winter at around 7pm and we just sat in the car talking and that when i decided to get out and have a look for some stray golf balls, We had the head lights on but it was still really dark and couldnt really see so after maybe 10 mins i got back in the car. We carried on talking and laughing when claire who was sitting in the back, went quiet. Asking her what was wrong she said she thought she saw a man standing a few feet away near a fence, we laughed it off saying she was playing a joke and that. There were no other people about and no cars ect and we didnt think anyone in their right mind would be just standing around in the dark on a freezing cold night. Steph turned the car around facing the fence, we sat for a few minuets to see if we could spot anything but we couldnt, getting bored of this i suggested that we left. So swinging the car back around we pulled away, suddenly steph sped off asking us if we saw it. I didnt as i was putting my seat belt on. But claire and Steph both saw the outline of a man resting on the fence. He had no facial features that they could see, he was just staring at them. Needless to say we were all pretty scared and havent been back since.
Another experience happened at my girlfriends old house. It was haunted by a lady. Now this spirit lady didnt arrive untill after Steph and her two sisters dug up some bones when they were little, bringing them back to the house. Were her mum binned them. After  that they kept having weired experiences, This first expeience happend to Stephs mum. One day she had a friend come over to the house and immeadiatly said that there was a lady ghost here but if you want her to go then just say so. But the lady is watching over you all. This made Stephs mum quite relaxed and explained some of the things that had happened. A few weeks later she went to bed as usual, as she was just settling off she heard a whooshing sound and a lady flew around the door, screamed in her face and vanished. This scared her pretty bad an comented to the same friend about it. The friend said it was the spirit showing  herself . Pretty scary stuff.. This last experience happened to me Steph her mum and dad. It was around xmas time in the same house and we were all sitting in the living room chatting away when steph heared her cat meowing, going to the hall way where the stairs were she called fo her cat. The cat was at the top of the stairs looking in the bathroom which was around the corner, Steph sat on the stairs calling to her cat, when suddenly the bathroom taps turned on fall blast scaring the cat down the stairs and scaring steph, no one else was in the house that could of turned those taps on, later on the same evening we were sat in the living room again talking about what had happened and all agreeing that it was quite scary, when out of no where we smelt perfume waft around the room, it went past each of us and then vanshied. Nobody wore that smell of perfume, it was very musky and old fashioned.
Theres plenty more but will write them another day.



Once when I was young I lived in a creaky house. It spooked me enough but then there was night my mother left me home alone. I was watching tv in my mother’s room with the door locked. But the then out of nowhere pounding started to be audible throughout the house. It startled me and I called my mother to rush home. The pounding was soon joined by an ominous voice, calling the name “Jones” all I did was cover my ears but the sounds only grew louder. The voice and the pounding on the door didn’t stop until my mother opened the front door. Then I discovered that a man named Jones lived in the house before us but hung himself and left his wife alone and she died soon after, in a  state of depression.

Strange Noises and Hauntings


The first story I have to relate happened to other family menbers, a neighbor and my wife.
I grew up on an old dirt road in a house that had stood from the 1920's until it burned down in 1979. The road to our house branched off the main road and it was almost a mile of pitch black road with only three houses that had lights with almost a half mile between the first house and the second. It was the typical country road, up one hill and down, past the half mile mark around a turn and up another hill back into the dark for atleast another quater mile, then to our house.  The first quarter mile was ok, but when you would get to the top of the first hill you could hear footsteps in the woods, pacing you. When you would stop it would stop, if you ran it ran. As a young teenager it would scare the crap out of you, but it seemed to really like females. I never heard it hit the road but both my wife and a neighbor girl claim it came off the bank and landed in the road, my wife seen it, just a black shape that went over the bank down the other side. The neighbor girl claimed it followed her past the half mile mark and chased her through the woods and it came onto the road just before the last light before the last house before ours. She was so scared she refused to walk the last hundred yards to her house by herself.
I never told my wife (then girlfriend) about it because I had become used to it. I was almost always coming home late at night, and whether I was walking or riding a bike it kept up with me. I had gotten so used to it I would challenge it to race as I came up to the top of the hill where it would start, and whenever I called it ran, but if I didn't it wouldn't. I'm pretty sure if had ever came off the hill I wouldn't have been so comfortable with it, but like I said it would come down a little ways but always stayed in the trees, and I never seen anything, no matter how bright the moonlight was.
Another story is about this house that was five miles past mine, it was know as "The Dimm Place" by everyone around that area. It was originally a farm house that reportedly had been empty since the 20's or 30's when the original owners were found in one of the upstairs bedrooms sandwiched between two mattresses with their heads cut off. Supposedly the heads were never found. What I do know for a fact was the place always felt dark and erie, and numerous poeple had seen things from odd lights in the windows at night to actual apperitions.
The first person that tried to rebuild and live there gave up because no matter what he tried he couldn't get the electricity to work. Even with new wires and a panel box.
When I was about 8, I went there with my brother, sister and a neighbor boy. I was the youngest with my brother and his friend being 12 and our sister about 14, so being the youngest I was forced to up the stairs and into rooms first, as revenge I decided to scare my brother because he was pushing up into the attic ( can still see that room to this day) As I got far enough up the steps that I could see into the attic but noone else could I yelled "GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and turned around, my brother was closet to me on the stairs but he was the first one down three flights of stairs. Unfortunely for him he got caught on a nail on the very bottom of the last step. We all shot past him, around the corner and through a massive briar patch, he was still inside screaming, looking back I can't figure out why he didn't rip his shirt, and I swear to this day he was running in place ( like the old cartoons, sounds corny but it's true). Our sister finally went back in to get him and it was years until any of us went near that house.



A number of years ago, my father and I went to New Orleans to do some research on our family tree. After searching through cemetery records, we went to the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and started searching around for burial plots. Having a bit of difficulty, we decided to ask the security guard at the front gate to help us locate the plots. The guard was an elderly gentleman who was very knowledgeable and very glad to help us. On the way around, he showed us some of the graves of famous people and significant pioneers of early New Orleans. He told us some great stories and gave us a thorough tour. After we found the plots, we decided to call it a day and come back the next day to continue our search. When we arrived at the cemetery the next morning, we went straight to the guard shack to find our new friend. This time, there was a different man working. He was younger and not very friendly. We asked him if he would be so kind as to help us find a burial plot. He replied, "I'm sorry but I am not allowed to leave my post. I'm not a tour guide."  My father looked at him and said, "The guy working here yesterday helped us a great deal. He spent more than an hour showing us around." The guard replied, " I don't know who you're talking about mister. I'm the only guard that works this post."

Update to my Story


I need to update my story that I sent you last week. It was about a house by the hospital in Wetumpka, Al. We had a paranormal group from Atlanta come in this past weekend. The following are the results from that visit. They arrived at 3.00 pm. They started out walking the grounds. I was unaware that on the same property there is an old house that has been abandoned for decadesand in ruins. Two of the group were at the old house one on the side and one at the front. At the front of the house she looked at the window and saw the face of a very old woman looking out the pane. She rubbed her eyes and looked again, because she could not believe what she was seeing. The face was still there. She turned to call to her partner and when she looked again the face was gone. Myself and another team member went to the side door of the house and when he entered a white mist in the form of a person quickly went in front of him and through the wall. The face was seen at the window again a few hours later. Around midnight myself and a team member was at the old house and something round shape about the size of a softball came toward us and when it got directly in front of us went up into the air.

Update on my Story of Creepy Basement


Well how do I start this very weird story. Well I guess from the beginning,  I have to go to the basement to get supplies and ect and everytime I go down to the basement I am o.k. in certain area's of the basement. I get to an area that just gives me the creeps and I get goosebumps and I just have a weird sensation through out my body of someone watching me or in the room with me. I decided to do any experiment and I took my camera down to the basement and just take pictures of the whole area in the basement and when I got to the creepy or spooky part of the basement I just had a weird feeling that someone was there with me and I am so scared to go to the basement alone I have a friend of mine go with me and he would follow me through the basement while I am taking the pictures and I was about to take one last picture of this door way that freaks me out from the inside of the dark room. I was focusing on the door way and I backed up to get a better view and I felt like I ran into a box or something and so I moved to one side and it was still touching me and then I moved to the other side and I said---- Ed what the hell am I backing into and he said - what I said- what am I backing into or what is touching my back, am I touching a box or something and he said what are you talking about there is nothing behind you -- Donna.
I looked behind me to see what was touching my back and there was absolutely nothing behind me and I said-- OH SHIT!!!!! Oh my God - Oh my God and I turned off my camera and ran back up stairs. But the wierd part was when I got home and I went to bed and the next morning I decided to see what my camera had on it for pictures and if there was anything that is not normal that should be in the photo's and all of them was just fine just pictures of junk in the basement!!! Until the one picture that I first took of the door way that leads into the spooky room that freaks me out everytime I go down to the basement. I stood in the hall and took the picture of the door way that leads into the spooky room and there is something in that picture..... When you first look at it you really see nothing.... until you start to zoom in and then that is were all shit breaks zoom in and from what I can see is a young man about late teens to maybe 17yrs to 20 yrs old just sitting there with his knees up and his arms across them and just has his head tilted just a bit and looking right at me as I was taking his picture. You can see his hair parted on the side and eyes and nose and shape of his whole face. I will send you the photo and you tell me if you see what I see. But the funny thing is when I felt something touching my back was taken shortly after this picture of the young man was taken and that would have meant he would have been behind me when I was taking the last picture because my back was to him when I took that last picture and then freaked out and ran back up stairs.
To continue the story I went to the basement afew more times and I took my daughter and she has the senses like I do as my mother did and her mother before that and so on and on. So its runs in my family. Well I was starting to feel that maybe my friend the young man maybe moved on or was just being dormed for a while. I decided to take my daughter with me and see if maybe see could sense him, If I couldn't. Well we get to the spooky part of the basement and I start talking to him like I always do when I am down there just to let him know that we are being friendly and don't mean to invade his space and I told him that this is my daughter Jenny and she wanted to come down and see if you were here or not??? Well while I was talking to the young man because I do not know his name yet but my daughter says his name is -- Tom . She was standing right next to me and while I was talking to him. She said out loud to me----- Mom all I have to say is he better not touch me!!!!!!!! Afew minutes later all of sudden she felt someone poking at her right arm and she looked around and looked at me and then she felt poking on the back of her right arm again and she turned to see what was touching her and when she turned to see all of a sudden she felt someone touch her on her left side by her waist and then she started to scream MOM!!!! It was weird at the moment that she started to scream ------ She must of made him move away from her because all of sudden as she was screaming I felt this weird sensation through out my body from head to toe of just Tingling like when your foot falls asleep or something through out my whole body and from head to toe and then all of sudden I felt as if I was in a tunnel and I could hear my daughter yelling at me and saying MOM but she sounded like she was far far away like at an end of tunnel or something and then all of sudden I felt like I was going to pass out or something and then all of sudden I got freezing cold from head to toe and not to sound gross it cause my chest to react to the coldness and then all of sudden I could hear my daughter yelling MOM up close now and grabbing my arm and telling me that we need to go up stairs now and I just felt out of it like drained or something like that and she said why did it take you so long to respond to me MOM......... I told her I don't know I just felt really weird all of sudden and felt like I was going to pass out and all tingling throughout my body and then freezing cold.
I asked her what happen and why was she screaming MOM and she said he touched her not once but three freaking times and she got scared and wanted to go up stairs. So Can a Ghost or spirit pass through you or did he pass through me.???
Since this story I have been doing my own research and started leaving tape recorder down in the basement and asking my young ghost which I believe that he is in his teens about 17yrs or 18 yrs old to respond to me by doing thing I ask him to do. He has done pretty much everything I have asked -- I asked him to say - Donna and he has said my name in a very weird voice though but I figure that ghost or spirits don't have vocal cords anymore and they try to speak in the best way that they know how. I have asked him to stop banging on my tape player because I think he comes from a time that I don't think he knows what a tape recorder is because on one tape you hear him say --- What's this????  He makes alot of noise moving things and banging on things and just sounds like he is looking for something, not sure what the world he is doing down there. but he does make alot of noise turning things off and on and its just pretty freaky to listen too at times.
Hope you enjoy my story and I will try to attach a photo of him and I asked him his name and I heard the name --- Thomas on one of my tapes.

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