Nellis AFB


Had to tell you about this Paranormal experience that happened last night. I was house sitting for a friend on Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, in base Housing. He had told me before that he had seen a figure move from his hallway to his living room about a year ago but had never had another experience since then. Last night, July 15th 1998, I arrived at his house around 5:00pm from work. I placed all of the things from my pocket into my hat. I placed my wallet, keys, sunglasses, and pager in the hat so that it would be quicker for me to grab everything the next morning. I did some laundry, made dinner, and watched a movie. I did not touch anything in the hat the entire night. At about 1:30am, I was awoken by a pounding sound, like someone was at the door. I got up, checked the door, but no one was there. I went to the bathroom, and returned to the living room where I was sleeping on the couch. As I entered the living room from the hallway, I noticed a small black object in the middle of the living room floor. It was almost pitch black in the room except for some light entering through the window, so I had to idea as to what it was. As I slowly approached it, I saw that it was my pager, standing on end, in the middle of the floor! I knew that I had placed it in my hat at 5:00pm, but here it was 1:30am, and it was on the floor. I placed it back into my hat where it was and laid back down to go to sleep. The next day everything was in order. I did some "experiments" with the pager to see how many times it took to drop it on the floor and have it land on it's end. The pager is side heavy due to the belt clip on it so it is impossible to make it land on its end. I can't explain this incident. This was my first "real" paranormal experience, with exception to experiences with a Ouija board.

Communication with the Dead


I really can't say that I've had a definite encounter with a

ghost, but I've had a few strange experiences that make me question

whether or not I have some kind of empathy with the other side.

The first strange thing that happened to me was when I was 6

years old. My best friend in the world was killed when the van his

parents were driving overturned on an icy road. My family was in the

process of moving to another town, and my first grade teacher from the

school I was leaving called them to inform them of the terrible news.

I didn't hear any of the conversation. After my mother got off the

phone, she sat me down and said, "Billy, I have something I need to

tell you." Without so much as a pause, I said, "Buddy's dead isn't

he?" My mother's look was one of almost fright. She said, "How did

you know that?" I told her I didn't know how, but that I just knew.

About one year later, my mother's Uncle Bob committed suicide.

He was very dear to her and to the rest of us. When he was alive, we

would visit him on weekends and he always made time for the kids. We

went sledding, snowmobiling, fishing, and always had a complete blast

with Uncle Bob. When he died, it was kept from the kids that Uncle

Bob had committed suicide. We thought he had just died of old age or

whatever. Being seven years old, I didn't question why he died, I

just knew that he was gone. One night about a week after his funeral,

I had a dream. I was riding in the passenger seat of Uncle Bob's

pickup with him at the wheel. As we drove along, he looked at me with

a pained expression and said, "Billy, why did they let me die?" I

woke up and told my mom about the dream and she told me it was just a

dream and to go back to bed. I found out years later that Uncle Bob

had had cancer and had taken his life with a mixture of prescription

drugs and alcohol. The thing that struck me was the dream. I had

never forgotten the dream. I still cannot believe that a seven year

old could feel feelings of guilt over the death of an uncle who he had

assumed died of natural causes to cause a dream of that nature.

I didn't have any other strange occurrences until I was 23 years

old. I became estranged from my father's side of the family due to

differences with my father. My grandmother, Faye, was very close to

me as a child and young adult. She served as my guardian for several

years and we had a special bond. At the time of my estrangement from

my father, my grandmother, who was ailing with lung cancer and

diabetes, was basically forced to choose sides and we stopped talking.

I knew that she didn't have much time left to live, but with the

situation with my father, I knew that when she passed nobody would

inform me. I had just returned home from a business trip to Europe

and was sleeping on my couch when I was awakened by a buzzing/ringing

sound in my ears that was growing louder in intensity. I opened my

eyes and tried to move. I struggled to move, but was paralyzed as I

lay on the couch. My first thought was that I was still sleeping, but

I blinked my eyes several times and knew that I was awake. I was

still paralyzed and the buzzing/ringing sound was still in my head

when I looked up in the corner of the ceiling of my living room. I

can only describe what I saw as a nebulous, greenish, glowing cloud.

I have never felt fear like that, ever. I was so terrified, I thought

I would go crazy. Then, suddenly, I just knew that it was my

grandmother. I don't know how I knew this, I just knew. My fear

instantly faded and I closed my eyes. The ringing in my ears stopped

and when I opened my eyes again, the green cloud was gone.

I got up and turned on the lights and sat awake the rest of the night.

I was afraid to call her house because I really didn't want

confirmation that I'd been visited by an apparition, as I really

didn't want to believe it could be true. About a month later I called

her house and her husband's voice announced that it was his residence.

No mention of my grandmother. I knew at that time that she was gone.

I really believe that she was trying to let me know that she had

passed and was just looking in on me.

Ghost Horse


I keep my horse at my grandmothers house with her three horses. She has a lot of land that is mixed with woods at some points. One day while i was there, my grandfather came down from the feilds on the tractor and walked into the house, where i was having lunch. He told me to saddle up Piper (my horse) and catch a loose horse in the upper feild. He said that Shade (his solid black mare) must have gotten out again. I went to the barn, saddled Piper, and got the rope. I rode the ten minutes to the upper feild and stopped. I didn't see anything. Now being a seventeen year old girl, i'm not very willing to wait around, so i turned Piper back down the hill and started the ride back. Before i had gotten ten feet, i heard crunching behind me. I turned around in my saddle.

A huge pitch black stallion, with a long flowing main and tail, stood in the middle of the feild. I had never seen the horse before, and guessed that it belonged to one of the other farms in the area. Piper senced it and turned around. I started after the horse, and it began to run. when i came close to it, i tryed to rope it but missed, i pulled the rope back and tryed again. this time i got it. I told Piper to stop, and she did. the horse pulled angerly on the rope in my hand. It snorted and reared. No matter how much the black horse bucked, Piper knew not to move. suddenly the animal vanished, right in frount of me. This scared Piper and she started to back up. I pulled up the empty rope and rode down the slope as fast as Piper would go.

I told my grandfather, and he didn't believe me, he told me not to make up stories just because i didn't catch it. but i know i saw it. I had rope burns on my hands from the black horse pulling so hard. It's been almost a year and i haven't seen it since, but i actualy kinda want to, just to prove to myself that it is real.

A Family Haunts My Family


It was the summer of '94 when my sister

and her then boyfriend decided to move out of their apartment. The

apartment that they were living in located in Norfolk, VA. was also

haunted. But that wasn't why they moved out, my sister has 3 kids and

the apartment was just to small. I am 16 years old, and I was always

interested in ghosts and mysteries. I decided to stay the night one day

there. I was sleeping in her kids rooms which are my nieces and

nephews. It was about 1 am when the sound of a toilet flushing woke me

up. I listened for a couple seconds and I heard the toilet flush again,

and then again after that. It flushed 3 times in a row. The bathroom

was right beside the bedroom door in the hallway. I got up to see who

it was, I noticed the bathroom light was off so I turned it on. No one

was in their and the toilet was still running from the last flush. I

stood their a second thinking who was in here. I glanced into the room

I was sleeping and saw all of my nieces and nephew was sleeping, I

opened my sisters room door, and her boyfriend and her were both

sleeping. I glanced into the room I was sleeping in once more and saw

the figure of a man standing in the back corner of the room looking

down. I couldn't tell what he was wearing because you could only see

him waist up. Surround him was this white mist. His hand was holding

his wrist on front of him. I was startled yet wanted to know who he

was. I approached the room and the mist closed in and he was gone. The

only thing left was what a little bit of mist, it looked like cigarette

smoke and you could feel the presence of him still. I was too scared to

stay in the house, my mind started wondering about all this stuff and I

was scaring my self so I stayed outside on the curb and sat there till

morning thinking about what happened. I told everyone what happened but

no one believed me. I tried but they wouldn't believe it. That was my

first ghost expeirence, the second happened at the new house they moved

into. It is also located in Norfolk, VA. It was a newly painted one

story white house, with a big patch of grass and then woods for a

backyard. When I got in the house to help them move in I got this weird

feeling like this place just isn't right. My neice Alex was playing

hide and go seek in the backyard with her brother and sister. While

getting a box off the moving truck and walking down the ramp I heard her

scream. She screams a lot, but this was the "help me" scream. I

dropped the box and ran over to see what was going on and she was on her

hands and knees by a 1950's type car, which looked like it was in a

fire, it was burned all over. The doors and the tires were gone. She

was on her hands and knees crying, and I asked what happened and she

kept trying to tell me what happened but she was crying to hard to

understand what happened. I picked her up and carried her to the front

porch. I sat her down and she calmed down and I asked what happened.

She told me that she climbed into the front seat of the car and hid in

there. She said, that she was sitting on her leg so she got up to try

and move, and something was pulling her hair behind her ear. And she

got up to try and run, but something put a hand on her sholder and held

her down for a second. Then she screamed and whatever it was let go.

Later on, the sun was down and we were all in the kicthen at the table

having a drink. Were all sitting there talking when the faucet turns on

full blast! We look at it like "What the ____!?" in about 5 seconds

it cut off. We check the faucet to see if something was loose, and we

checked all the pipes and it was all fine. We got spooked out by it

and decided to all go out to dinner to get our minds off of things. We

got back it was around 11pm and the kids were half alseep so they were

put to bed. We decided to finish unpacking the tomorrow and to just

rest tonight. We were wacthing a comedy special on HBO, when I saw a

little girl run down the hall in the corner of my eye. I got up and

looked there was nothing there. I thought I was just seeing things or

it was carlights or something like that. I sat back down and started

watching tv. 5 minutes later we all saw a little girl standing in the

hallway in a nightdown, with little bows around the next. She was

looking down at the floor, it looked liked she was thikning. Then she

looked forward down the hallway and ran down the hallway. We were

spooked be exicted about this. Usually all we saw was vapor or shapes

like a ball moving around the ceiling. We didnt go to bed untill the

sun came up. The next day we went downtown and got information on the

house. The car in the back that had been burned was the site of a

murder. A man getting home from work, was beaten and stabbed to death

beside his car, then stuffed in the truck and the car was set on fire.

He had a wife and little girl. The wife was stabbed in the kitchen and

the little girl was killed in the hallway. I guess this explains all

the weird happenings. I hope you found this intertesting.

A Few of My Experiences


I've live in my house since 1975. Lots of things have happened, not bad

things, but unexplainable are some examples:

1) One night, when my daughter was about 4, my husband and I were

sitting in the TV room watching Johnny Carson. We closed the door to

the TV room so that we would not wake my daughter. We suddenly heard a

loud BANG on the closed door. We both jumped up to open the door

thinking that my daughter had awaken and ran into the door. When we

opened the door, there was no one there and my daughter was sound asleep

in her bed.

2) My husband used to keep aluminum chairs hung on big nails on the wall

in the garage. We would hear them fall on the concrete floor during the

night. In the morning, we'd go into the garage to pick them up and they

were all still hanging on the nails on the wall. None of them had


3) Sometimes when I'm cooking, I feel a hand on my shoulder or on my

hip, or a tug on my blouse. I turn to look thinking its my husband or

one of my daughters, but no one is there. This has happens often...say

about 4 times a year.

4) My husband tells me that he feels and hears somebody sneaking up on

him. He turns quickly thinking that I'm trying to scare him, but there

is no one there.

5) We had a piano. I would sometimes hear the sound of the deepest note

on the piano early in the morning. When I wake up and I can still hear

the ringing of the note.

6) I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night. I open my eyes to

glance at the clock, and the room is suddenly turns dark. My

husband says he has also seen that but he never told me until he

overheard me telling my sister.

7) I have a heavy candle holder that holds 4 candles. A friend came to

visit me one evening so I lit the candles. When I went into the room

where the candles were, the candle holder was on the floor and there was

no candle wax on the floor. It's impossible that the candle holder fell

over because it was in the middle of the table. My daughters were

visiting their father (we were divorced by that time) and it was just my

friend and I in the house.

8) Another time, another friend and her son visited. It was late one

Saturday night and her son had fallen asleep on the small sofa in the

living room. I asked my friend to stay the night so she wouldn't have

to wake him up. She agreed and sleep on the other sofa in the living

room. I went to bed. In the morning, she asked me why I was making so

much noise in the kitchen during the night. She asked me if I was

making tortillas, or sandwiches. I told her that I never got up during

the night....that's when her son said....yes, stella, I saw you standing

on the doorway looking at us! friend said she saw me, or saw a

shadow of someone standing at the doorway looking at them. It was not me

because I never got up and we were the only 3 people in the house.

9) About 3 weeks ago (6/98) my cousin was visiting from California. We

had planned get up early and go visit some relatives on Sunday morning.

We had stayed up very late on Saturday night, so when Sunday came

around, we wound up sleeping late and not getting up. When we got up,

my cousin said I kept him up all night with all the noise I was making

in the kitchen during the night. He said he woke up several times to

the sound of pots and pans, the sound of beating eggs in a bowl....he

actually thought I was up making breakfast so that we could get an early

start. He got up, went to the bathroom, and when he came out of the

bathroom, he saw the kitchen light turn off and the pots and pans

silence. He went into the TV room where my husband and I were sleeping

thinking we were trying to play a trick on him. He said "Hey, are we

leaving now??"....but both my husband and I were sound asleep. The only

other person in the house was my daughter, and she was asleep in her

room with the door closed.

10) Most recently (father's day weekend), we went out of town. We asked

a friend if he would come over to feed our pets, get our mail, pick up

our newspaper, etc. He said on Friday night, he came over to feed our

pets. He went out the back door to feed the dog, and when he tried to

re-enter the house, the door was locked. Luckily he had the key to the

front door in his pocket, so he went around to the front of the house,

unlocked the door and went straight to the back door. The latch was

latched!!! He yelled out "Is anybody here? Its me Roland?" He thought

somebody was in the house and locked him out because it seemed

impossible that the latch would latch by itself!! That same night, he

left 2 lights on per my instruction. Saturday morning when he came to

turn them off, the lights were already off. He said he thought that we

had given our housekeys to somebody else and that that person had beat

him to it and turned off the lights. No one else had the keys to our

house and he knew nothing of the stories I've told you.

These are the stories that come to mind, there are others. What ever

spirit is in our home, he has never tried to hurt us and we are not

afraid. We named him Charlie until recently...we decided that the

spirit is female because of the kitchen activities....we renamed her

Charlene. What do you think she wants? We've become so accustomed to

the noises and strange happenings, that we don't mind having Charlene in

our home. My daughters have never been afraid, not even when they were


The Coat


Dear whoever is about to read this. My name is sasson jacobs and i'm

living in sydney Austraila now. This is my true story and it's preety

frightening for me.Ten years ago i was driving my car in malaysia. That

night it was raining heavily and there was much thunder. As i was

driving i saw a woman standing at the side of the road.I pulled over

next to her and asked her if i could give her a lift somewhere. All she

did was smile and walk towards my car. So i figured that she wants a

lift so i quickly got out and out my coat around her to keep her warm

and opened the car door for her. Once she was in i walked around to my

door and got in and started driving.I asked her where she lives or where

she's going and all she did was point me her directions.. i was a bit

nervous becasue her behaviour was weird with not talking and just

pointing me the way but i thought not much of it at the time.So after

about 15 minutes or so we got to a preety larger house and i said "is

that your house?" she smiled again and nodded and she opened the door

and got out. I watched her knock on her front door and the door opened

and she looked back at me and smiled again and then walked in the door.

So i reversed my car and drove to where i was going which was home. On

the way home i remembered that the lady was still wearing my coat from

before so i decided that the next day i would drive back and pick up my

coat. So the next day i drove back and i knocked on the front door.

After about 2 minutes i could hear foot steps comming down what sounded

steps... Then an old lady opened the door and said "may i help you sir?"

and i told her how i dropped of her daughter of last night and i forgot

to get my coat from her.. So the lady told me that she has 9 daughters

and asked me for her name. I told her that i dont know it but i can

describe her.. The lady told me to come in and to look on her wall.

There she had 9 large pictures of each daughter and asked me to point to

the one i dropped of last night. So after looking for about 30 seconds

or so i said THAT ONE.Right there mam i said. The lady looked at that

picture and then looked at me in a strange manner. Then she said "you

must be mistaken sir,thats my daughter ammy u point to, she died 11

years ago" at that poit all my hair was standing and i just refused to

believe what she had told me.. so that afternoon the ladt took me to the

cemetery and was going to show me her daughter's grave stone. As we

walked there she pointed and said "there, there it is sir" My eyes

couldn't believe what i just saw.I saw my coat over that lady's grave..

and i read the name and it had a little picture and it was the same girl

i dropped of the night before...When i could stop shaking i took my coat

and returned home in a state of shock.. Now i life in australia and ever

year on the day that i picked up that girl and took her home,every year

on that night when i wake up in the morning my coat is mysterically

lying over me like a blanket..It brings chils, and always makes me

wonder how come.. I live alone so no one could play this prank on me.. I

tried to get rid of the coat. I threw it in the beach. The next day i

woke up and the coat was hanged up neatly and dry in my closet...

Well that's my story.. my fingers are shaking right now.. well if u

have any questions u would like to ask me pls dont hesitate to email

me..Thank you for your time..

The Cornerstone Home


I live in southern Michigan, and used to work at a home with people who

had suffered traumatic brain injuries. The house was very old, but had

been totally remodeled. It had 6 bedrooms and a full size basement with

a pool room attached to it right off the kitchen. Every person that has

worked at this house has had various experiences with these ghosts.

I worked third shift from 11:30 pm until 7:00 am. One night I was in the

living room dusting off the T.V and tables when I heard by partner call

my name from the kitchen, I asked her what she wanted......then I heard

her call my name again. I walked through the living room and into the

kitchen. My partner was out in the pool room getting supplies out of the

closet and the door between the pool room and kitchen was closed. There

would be no way for her to have made it that far into the pool room that

fast and I would have heard the door shut had it been her.

Another night a few weeks later I was walking down in the basement.

Every time I hit the 3rd step from the bottom I almost always got a

chill run down my spine. The bosses office was downstairs so I would go

down and vacuum and dust. The doorway at the bottom of the steps had a

door that you had to keep propped open with something heavy or it would

shut on its own. On this day I opened the door and propped it open with

the heavy metal troll ornament that we always used. While I was

vacuuming I kept feeling like I should look over my shoulder, and I felt

if I did that I would see someone or needless to say I

didn't. I kept feeling compelled to look so finally as I was about to

turn the vacuum off and have a look around I heard the door slam shut, I

wiped around and the troll ornament had been slid about 3 feet away from

the door and the door slammed shut. I opened the door and went upstairs

and never went back down there to clean for the remainder of the time I

worked there.

Other co-workers would say they saw someone out of their peripheral

vision walking from the kitchen into the pool room and when they would

look up there would be noone there. We also had the police out quite a

few times because we would see someone walking around the windows

looking in. However when the police came out and looked at the snow,

there were never any prints.

As I researched the history of the house, I found that before it became

a home for the TBI patients (traumatic brain injured) that a old couple

used to live there along with their children. The old man's grandfather

had built the home and it used to be used to help transport slaves in

the underground railroad. I found in the basement where the hole used to

be leading into the basement area of the house. Other research showed

that at some point there was a group of slaves making their way through

the tunnel going to the home when the tunnel collapsed and they were

killed. The spirits in the house never tried to hurt anyone, just their

presence in the home made everyone feel uncomfortable. Needless to say,

we went through a lot of help that way, and that was the deciding factor

in my resignation from the Cornerstone Home.

The Ghost on Christmas Eve


My roommate and I are best friends. We live in Columbus, OH. My

roommate grew up in Battle Creek, MI. We used to go visit her dad and

stepmom over the Christmas holidays every year. We'd stay in the house

she grew up in.

I believe it was 1990 or 1991 that this happened. My roommate, her

younger brother Todd, Jen, one of her stepsisters, and I had been in

Jen's room wrapping gifts.

A quick word about the layout: There is Jen's room, Shana's room (Shana

being the older of the 2 stepsisters), the guest room, and a bathroom,

all opening out onto a small landing. The doors to the rooms kind of

"surround" the landing, almost like the arms on an asterisk, rather than

being across from one another in a four-square type pattern. I don't

know why, but I always found this layout somewhat unnerving; it almost

"felt wrong," but I didn't think much of it. Also: in years past,

Shana's room had been Ardith's room as she was growing up.

Okay. So we finished wrapping our gifts and walked out of Jen's room;

first my roommate, then Jen, then Todd, and me in back. We turned out

the light in Jen's room as we left, but I think the light in the hallway

was on. The door to Shana's room was open and the lights in there were

out, but as I passed I thought I saw someone standing in there out of

the corner of my eye. It appeared to be a woman of medium height, with

dark hair turned up and away from her face (kind of in a "Gibson girl"

sort of hairstyle), in a pale gown. She seemed to be standing with her

head down, as if she were looking at something on the floor several feet

away from her, and her hands clasped in front of her. This was all very

quick, and when I turned my head to look directly at this, there was


I felt a little edgy, but I figured it was because it was Christmas eve

and the air was full of the anticipation that you feel on Christmas eve.

The next day, we went to my roommmate's aunt and uncle's house for

Christmas. There were lots of happy small children, lots of gifts were

exchanged, there was good food and someone played the guitar for us all

to sing along to. A good family Christmas, in other words.

Midway thru the proceedings, I went to ask Uncle Norm if I could use the

phone to call my dad and stepmom, who at that time lived in Washington

State, to wish them Merry Christmas. Uncle Norm said that I was welcome

to use the phone in the basement.

The first thing my dad said to me when I called him was, "Your Aunt

Bernice died last night." Aunt Bernice was my mother's sister. I

didn't know her very well; Mom's family lived in New York, and since my

mother had died in a car accident in 1974 (in which I was also

involved), we had kind of lost touch with her side of the family.

Anyway, I only recall meeting Aunt Bernice once, when I was 11, a couple

years after the accident.

I was quite freaked out by this news, and had to go wander around the

woods near Uncle Norm's house for an hour or so before I calmed down.

I can't say for sure that that was Aunt Bernice I saw in Shana's room

that night. Maybe it was; maybe she came to say goodbye. I don't know.

I felt no malevolence from what I saw. She was just there, and then she

wasn't. I know nothing about the history of the house I saw her in,




Hi again--here is another ghost story for you. This is one that came

from my paternal grandparents.

My grandfather emigrated from Lithuania to New York in 1911 or 1912. He

married my grandmother, the daughter of Lithuanian emigrants, in 1925 I

believe. They found a house for sale at a good price, offered for sale

by two Polish brothers who seemed very nervous. So my grandparents

bought the house and moved into it.

Things were fine for an undetermined amount of time, and then my

grandmother began to notice that small things would disappear and then

reappear somewhere else later on. The first incident of this was one

night when Grandma was doing the dishes. She had taken off her wedding

ring and set it on the windowsill right in front of the kitchen sink.

She was quite upset later to discover that her wedding ring was gone.

She searched for it everywhere, but couldn't find it. A few days after

this, she was making her bed in the morning when she found her wedding

ring--in the sheets at the bottom of the bed.

My grandfather confronted the two Polish gentlemen about these

occurrences, and they told Grandpa that their brother, Stanislaus, had

died in the house, and after that strange things had happened to them as


My dad, my older brother and I went to visit all our relatives in New

York over Christmas break of 1975. This is when I first heard the story

of Stanislaus.

After we returned home to Washington State, to our puzzlement it seemed

as if Stanislaus had come back home with us. Just like what happened

with my grandparents, small objects would disappear and then reappear in

strange places a few days later. Things like a set of hex wrenches

would disappear from the garage and turn up under my bed. (What use

could an 11-year-old girl who knew nothing about mechanics have for a

set of hex wrenches?)

We regarded Stanislaus with humor, and joked about him quite a lot. He

seemed to be mischievious more than anything else; he never seemed to

want to do anything harmful. It was almost as if he just wanted


I do recall getting in trouble with my then-stepmother some years after

this--she was a little weird and would accuse me of stealing things from

her, which I never did (it must have been Stanislaus again). There was

a lot of tension in the house for a couple years--I am aware that

poltergeist-type activity can occur around adolescents in tense

situations, so maybe it *was* me and not Stanislaus. At any rate, she

had yelled at me pretty good one day, and I went out to the garage (for

some reason I was convinced that the garage was Stanislaus' favorite

place) and tearfully begged him to stop.

And he did. I have to say, in a way I sort of miss him. I hope he is

at peace now. Both my grandparents have passed away by now, so maybe

they're all hanging out together now!

Childhood Ghost?


This happened in Arlington, VA when I was three years old up until I

was four years of age. I lived in either a town house or a single house

with a small family containing just my father, my mother, and myself. I

don't know if this was a real ghost encounter, a nightmare, or my

imagination, but it was something I experienced. It was my bedtime and I

was laying down on my bed, facing the doorway. I had my eyes closed and

felt my bed shake. I opened my eyes and looked around my bedroom and saw a

dark figure moving around. The figure to me, looked like a giant, headless

chicken and was approximately six to seven feet away from my bed. I was

scared and began to yell, scream, and cry. As soon as I did this, the

figure disappeared.

My mother came into my bedroom to see what I was screaming, yelling,

and crying about. "What is it?" my mother asked. I was too scared and

speechless to answer her question, so I said nothing. After trying to get

an answer from me and not having any luck, my mother left the bedroom. The

experience didn't stop there. It was many nights later the second time the

experience happened. It was my bedtime and I was laying in my bed, but

laying flat on my back staring at the ceiling instead. I was listening to

my parents argue outside my bedroom when suddenly, my bed started shaking.

I was laying their frozen at first as my bed shook harder. The bed then

stopped shaking. I looked straight ahead and saw the figure again. That

time, I didn't yell, scream, or cry, but I was pretty scared.

The third time the experience happened was when I was four years old.

Unlike the other two occasions of this experience, this one didn't happen

at night. It happened during the day. I was awaken in the morning either

naturally or by my bed shaking. I looked around my bedroom and of course,

saw that same, dark figure moving around. The figure vanished a few seconds

later. My father came into my bedroom and wanted me to get ready for

preschool. I tried to tell him about seeing the figure, but only I didn't

refer to it as a figure, I refered to it as a "chicken with its head cut

off." My father didn't see to believe me or know what I was talking about.

Since that morning, the figure was never again to be seen.

The House on Cheyenne


When I was between the ages of 9 and 11, my family lived in a small,

one-story house on a street called Cheyenne in Tacoma, Washington. I

have never researched the history of this house and several families had

lived there before us. It was not extremely old, but I had three

strange experiences there. First, every morning when my sister and I

got up at approximately the same time each day, we would here a loud

sound going across the ceiling of my room, like a woman walking in high

heel shoes. It was disturbing to us, but our parents, never having

heard the noise, laughed at our overactive imaginations.

My two other experiences deal with apparitions and deceased

grandfathers. The first time I had gotten up to use the bathroom in the

middle of the night. As I was pulling toilet paper off the roll I saw

something move out of the corner of my eye. From my bathroom you could

see straight into the kitchen and I had not shut the door. There I saw

a flowing shape and I could vaguely distinguish features of my

grandfather who had passed away approximately three years earlier. He

looked like he was dressed in robes which were being blown in a strong,

but slow wind. I was so shocked and frightened by what I was seeing

that I went into hysterics. The last thing I remember is a sharp pain

as my hand came down forcefully on the corner of the countertop. The

next morning I awoke in my bed with no recollection of the night before

until I put pressure on my hand while getting out of bed and discovered

a red, tender spot where I had injured it the night before.

The last thing that happened was again at night. I was awakened by

whispering. It was very urgent and it took me a few minutes to realize

that it was coming from outside my dreamworld. I roused myself,

thinking my sister was in my room. When I opened my eyes, I saw a blue

light in the shape of an orb at the foot of my bed. It changed shape

and I could see the face of my great-grandfather who was alive and lived

in Salt Lake City. He was whispering something. My first reaction was

to scream, but no noise would escape my lips. Then I heard him say,

"Tell them I love them". The orb disappeared instantaneously and after

a bit of shaking and hiding under the blankets, I fell back asleep. The

next morning we received a phone call that my great-grandfather had died

during the early morning hours, approximately the same time that he had

appeared in my room.

Lost Love


This happened to me in a dream, but it wasn't a dream you

know what I mean? It was as real as I am here typing this right this minute.

I grew up in a very strict family, if I gave a look that wasn't suitable, I

would get slapped. I tell you this to help you better understand the

circumstances. When I was eleven years old, I had my first, true puppy love.

His name was Jody, he was so cute, he was a cuter version of Alfalfa on the

Little Rascals, anyway, I met him at my church, my grandfather is the

preacher, I started looking forward to going on Sundays so I could see him.

On his eleventh birthday he received a three wheeler, that evening while

riding he went over a railroad track, flipped and died that night. My

grandparents called to give my mother the news, I was in my bed watching

"Jaws" the movie. She came into the room, turned on the light, said, "Jody

is dead" turned the light back off and walked out of the room. She was that

cold, I was hurt beyond anything I have ever felt. A couple of weeks later,

I had the dream that wasn't a dream, I was standing in a beautiful green

valley with a crystal stream flowing through it. I felt a strong presence

and standing by the stream was Jody with his arm stretched out to me. We

were talking, but not with our mouths, it was with our mind, he wanted me to

cross over the stream and come with him. I knew that if I went across with

him, it would mean I would die, and be with him, I wanted to go so bad, I

reached out to him, but could not go across. That was the last time I ever

saw him, though I have longed for him to reappear, I wonder what would have

happened had I crossed that stream. I have had a lot of other experiences,

nothing totally outrageous, but true, and definitely supernatural.



I have a story to tell about that happened to my girlfriend's family in the house they use to live in. Sara, my girlfriend, use to live in a neighborhood called Woodlake which was rumored to have been built ontop of an Indian burial ground. There have been many strange things occuring in that house. For instance, they have a touch lamp downstairs next to the stairway that turns itself on in the middle of the night and even sometimes in the day. A bathroom door will shut and lock itself. One time Sara's mother was home alone cleaning the house when she heard a loud noise. She went into the room she thought it came from and found her son's chest of drawers knocked over on the floor. No wind could have done that. But these were the least strange of the happenings in this house. Sara's father seemed to have had a few encounters with the spirit responsible for this mischief. One day Sara's father was fixing lunch in the kitchen when he saw a figure in the corner of his eye. He glanced up asuming it was Sara. It wasn't Sara he saw, it was a slightly transparent figure of a little Indian girl. She smiled at him and then walked around the corner. He followed her around the corner but found nothing. He then went upstairs and asked his sons if they had seen Sara and they told him that Sara wasn't even at home. Sara's father has also been teased by the little Indian girl. He has told me before that he would be walking around the house and would feel someone tug on the back of his shirt and find no one behind him. One night he was asleep and felt someone messing with the hair on the back of his head. He told his wife to stop and he rolled over to find that she was facing the other way sound asleep. That same night he said that the room got very cold and he had to go get extra blankets. Another experience with this spirit was when he was sanding around the windows upstairs with an electric sander. He went downstairs for a break and was talking to his son downstairs who was the only other person home. They both heard the sander cut on and start sanding. He ran upstairs to find the sander going crazy on the floor. Sara herself has even seen this spirit. One night she said she awoke from sleep because of an eerie feeling and she saw the girl standing by her bed and soon vanished.

Northlake Pythoness


Some people may or not believe this, but that is okay because we know what really happened there. In 1970 my husband and I and 4 children moved into a house that had been vacant for a year. We were so pleased we thought we had gotton such a good buy on the house. We had a big German shepard dog named Cowboy, he was not afraid of anyone or anything. However, a few days after moving in he refused to go down the hallway at certain times. To try to condense all the happenings I will tell you their order but not dates. All happened during the 11 years. After the hallway incident, we noticed that a ball of light would come down the hall near the floor. It never turned around, never came around the corner and never went higher than the floorboard. My neighbor who used to play cards with me at night refused to come over after she had seen the ball and the dogs reaction. There were funny smells throughout the years, never could we find the source. I must tell you that the upstairs is where most of the incidents occurred when the ball stopped coming. It was a cape cod home the stairs went up to a small landing at the top of the landing was a linnen closet, and to the left and right was the bedroom doors. When we bought the house the bedroom doors had a series of locks on the outside, like the former owners were locking something in. My mother and I removed the locks and the doors before we moved in. There was a man downstairs that we called Mr V, or better known as the rockman. He really did no harm, he would just nose around or lay on the couch. He seemed to be interested mostly in the CB radio apparatus. My fourth daughter used to get up at night scared and hide under our bed. This is when the strange things began happening upstairs. The woman who has shown herself from the waist up, was named Ms Funnybones. Only she was not funny. She loved tormenting the children. She would get under their beds and push on the springs, she would stroke their faces, and then she began communicating. My brother and his future wife babysat one night. John went upstairs to check on the 5th child, who was in the crib. He covered the baby up and saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked at Funnybones and turned back to the baby. He told me he said to himself "this is not real, if I

look again she will be gone, she wasn't. He waited as the bodiless woman glared at him while turning her head to the left and right slowly. As soon as the woman disappeared, so did John. They never babysat after that. Then the weird things really started. One of my daughters and I were the only ones it happened to. The other "whatever it was" was a young boy. One of these would try smothering us. It only happened when you were asleep. It would wake you up, you could feel the weight on you. I thought I was screaming and yet no sound came out. I knew as long as I could see the streetlight I was okay, and I would lie there for hours until the sun came up. It would quit. My daughter said she would try to fight the weight off, but it didn't do any good. She would get away, shaking and trembling she would run downstairs. The boy upstairs was named Michael, if he was the smotherer I do not know. Now the voices started. I knew things that would happen because a voice would tell me. How it knew I do not know, but whatever it said happened. I remember the night my friend had her baby. I was waiting up for her husband to call me and tell me what it was. The voice said "the baby is dead." Five minutess later Victor called crying and that is exactly what he said. There were many other incidents but I will not go into them. Now the fun starts. My mother who always said it was my nerves saw the truth. She and my father stayed there while we went on vacation . The next day while we were in Tennessee, my mother called. She asked if we were alright. I said yes. Same thing the next day. The first thing she said when we got home was "if I were you I would get the hell out of this house." When we were gone she said she heard the upstairs being torn to hell. It happened the first morning we were gone. She has stayed there many times and had forgot the kids were not there so she sent my father up there to check on them. He came down and told her "you forgot their gone!" While there the noises continued, the sound of a baby crying startled them, my father said that when he was coming down the hall he could hear the swish of crinoline skirts rustling. My mother got smothered. I told her to leave the lights on in the hallway, but she did not listen. My father refused to sleep in my house after that. If they came over he would sleep in the motorhome out in the drive. Now they knew I was not imagining it just because I was so young with 5 children. The noises continued and I wanted to move. Whenever I spoke of moving the noises got worse. Once it was so bad the children and I ran out the front door in our pajamas. We saw shadows behind the curtains moving and the front door opened and shut very fast. This same neighbor heard noises and banging even while we were not home. Once we came home and he was guarding the house because he thought it was burglars. We finally decided to move. Now this woman told my daughter, and showed her a vision of me being dead, that if I did not get out of this house I would never live to see another pythoness. Not knowing what this was I went across the street and used their encyclopedia and dictionary. I found out that a pythoness is a high priestess of the Delta Oracle. Then I looked up Delta Oracle and found that in the Biblical days it was a stone or rock wall that people went to and it would foretell the future. This is when we made our exit. While living there my aunt and I went downtown Chicago and traced the land deed all the way back to farmland. That was as far as we could go. Still we found nothing. We rented the house out and the tennents moved in and right out. We could not keep tennents there very long. Finally, thank God , a couple with no children bought the house. However, if you go by the house you will occasionally see a yong boy with golden hair and blue eyes waiting. Waiting for someone else to play with. Since moving from that house, we have had nothing unusual happen, no premonitions and certainly no more hauntings. If anyone has ever had an encounter or knows more about the Delta Oracle or pythonesses, please email me and let me know what we were dealing with.

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